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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Ugh, Diva, I'm sorry to hear that your headache just went on and on. Yuck. Are you feeling better today? It takes awhile to train yourself not to grind, I used to grind as well - I had one of those mouth guards that I'd wear at night, and eventually, I didn't need it. Now I'm just a clencher. smile.gif But it spares my toofers.

YEah, the website sucks...I have to train this incapable fool to run parts of it so that I have a "backup" when I'm out of the office, so I've given him tiny pieces of the site to manage so that he stays current, but he effs it up everytime, and calls me at home with his problems. I'm ready to leave here for greener shores, that's for sure.

I caught the last 40 minutes of the Top Chef Finale, and I am glad that Ilan won, even if I still think it should have been Sam, just so long as Marcel didn't win it...its clear that he had no idea how to lead, or run a kitchen, and honestly, that means way more than clever food in the professional world. I'm sure marcel will get plenty of mileage out of his villian status, though.

I only caught the first 10 minutes of the design show, but yeah, Todd needs to be a little less orange, and he needs a few more pounds on him - I liked it when he was a little rounder in the face and torso - he's lost that boyish look.
Diva, sorry to hear about the headache. That sucks! Is it better today? I really want to take tomorrow off. It's just been one of those weeks. I will probably come on in though.

I saw Top Chef last night. I know, Sam DEFINITELY should have won. That is BS. Marcel may be a talented chef, but I agree...his management and organizational skills are lacking. I don't know how successful a chef can be w/o those. It bothered me that the judges said "one of these chefs may be superior in the future, but we are awarding the title to who is the best right now." Marcel, that little twerp. He is so annoying.

Jenn, thanks for the kind words about the counseling field. I hope it works out for me. I think it will, if I can just avoid community health centers. I know people who work at them and they are not the ideal work situation. Diva, I am not sure yet what setting I want to work in. I am hoping my practicum will help with that.

~~~~~~~vibes for turbomann~~~~~~~~~~~~Go TURBOMANN!
hi peeps!!!

where's doodlekins? i hope she's ok...

(((job vibes for turbomann)))

oh and fj's got a weiner-inside-her......hehehe...'weiner' is such the fun word!

(((tree hugger's wrist)))

(((diva's teef)))

ok my confidence on coloring is a bit in the gutter right now...cuz the girl who's hair i did saturday..well, she doesn't like it and has decided to not come back to me for her haircut(which blows). i still don't know what it looked like dry and now i will never know. gah. i know i should just throw this whole shebang away but it woke me up at 4:30am and i was stewing on it, y'know? C'est blerrg.

vibes for everyone....
hey guys
(((doodle vibes))) if minx or tes don't have her #, i have her full name and address from sending her those pins so worse comes to worse we can look her up and ease our worried minds sad.gif

((diva's head and teef))

TOTES jealous of moxie. MAN.

hi kari, turbo, gb, poodley, minxie, and everybody!

i got a job offer, kind's a temp position for anther apparel company, but i feel like taking it might knock me out of the job rut i've gotten into here. it's scary as hell but i kind of feel like i've been playing it too safe lately. whatchu guys think? should i risk it?
heh...mouse, I also have her full name and address and I (ahem) didn't see her name in the Kamloops obituaries, yesterday. But I'm not sure they were really up to date.

This is why I don't have worry jumps to the worst possible outcome.

Actually, that djembe should be arriving at her place any day now....I feel badly because I feel like my gift is going to be associated now, with a horrible thing.. unsure.gif

Although, maybe she's fine and is having puter issues or something. One can always hope!

I'm starting to get where I feel uncomfortable without the brace on my wrist...I have this weird feeling now, like if I move it unsupported, it'll snap. Weird. And I should get over that fear because my therapist told me that i should move it some without the brace so it doesn't lock up.

Okay, going to save, then edit. (wearing the brace now.)

Mouse, sorry, I don't know what I'd do in that situation. Is is sort of a long-ish term temp position? Is there an opportunity to become permanent?

Awww (((ms gb)))) that really, really sucks. I'm going to take the opinion that she's a jerk.

~~vibes for diva's teefs~~

~~website and job interview vibes for the Turbos~~

Minx, my gymnastics coach always said that if you get into a really HOT bath right after the exercise (before the muscles cool down) and just STAY in it till the water gets too cool, it alleviates some of the pain. But I know it's too late for that now! ~~achy muscle vibes~~

So I'm enjoying having this time off. It's my least favorite time of the year to have to go out, anyway. I'm sort of a hibernating/stay at home loner! I'm making lasagna for the bear tonight. Yum....
i think we should post a missed connection for her wink.gif
(((((turbomann job vibes))))) Hopefully he's dazzling them right now!

Mouse, I think maybe we *should* post a missed connection for ms doodle! How about:
"Pink mafia looking for activist seeking 23 yr old drummer, please report online."

Mousie, I dunno on the temp gig - is it temp to perm, or a decent length in contract? I think I'm probably the wrong person to advise on that, as we bite our nails, covering the billz on my salary these days. tongue.gif

Tree - Good to see you here, and to hear that you're adjusting to the brace! And a bath right after a hard workout is indeed the thing -- or a steam room or sauna! Of course, I'll take any excuse for a bath, so that's what I usually do.

I have to skip out of here in half an hour for my obgyn appt - wheeee! I'm so frustrated with work today, I'm glad I'll be getting out early, even if it means a speculum in my crotch.
let's do it! hee hee

the job isn't even a sure offer yet, but it would be temp to perm. i don't want another permanent apparel job, though, which is the thing. i DO want to branch out and leave the job i'm at now, but i have a feeling that i may just keep procrastinating on that and end up staying here longer (it'll be a year in may....and that is too long, since this isn't really what i want to be doing). the temp job would be freelance and as such it'd pay a lot more, and it would free up some time, and also give me a kick in the pants to start really searching for an applying to jobs i want a lot.

this is probably better suited to the working girls threads, though
Well, then mouse, with those variables thrown in - not wanting to stay where you are, branching out, and more money...sounds like a good way to make some changes to me!! And to have more free time to boot....ahhh, that would be divine!
$$$$$$$$$$$$ Turbomann job vibes $$$$$$$$$$ Knock 'em dead!

Mouse, I'd go for that job. If it'll pay you better and free up some time, you'd be able to get yourself stable while you look for a job doing what you really want.

GB, that sucks about that girl. Oh, well, there's nothing you can do so no use in fretting about it.

Yeah, were is Ms. Doodle? I think she mentioned awhile back that she actually has a friend who knows where she goes on Bust and all her passwords and such for if something happens to Doodle, so if something really bad happened, I'd imagine we would've heard about it somehow.

Hi, Treehugger! Yay for the month off!

For all of those of you who watch Ugly Betty and Project Runway... Tim Gunn's going to be on Ugly Betty for the next couple episodes! Yay! My two favorite guilty pleasure shows become one! Now if they could just work Metalocalypse in there somehow, I'd be in complete bliss.

What?? Tim Gunn's gonna be on Ugly Betty?? I must watch! It's been far too long since I've seen my favorite walking dictionary.

Mouse, I agree with every one else. All factors seem to be pointing to you taking that position. Do it! I think it sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I hope you get the for sure offer.

Tree, that must be so weird to feel like your wrist is going to snap! Is it painful?

((Ms GB)) Boo on that girl! She is probably the type that is never satisfied.
hello girls and boys!

i definitely think we should post a missed connection for doodle, but then again, we all know she'd come here first to report before going on cl!!i sure hope she's ok and that her momma or her bff is taking care of her.

mouse, i'll be the voice of reason here -- take the job! hehehe! like everyone else said, it sounds like a great way for you to break out of the job you're in now, get yourself a new routine and open yourself up to new opportunities. do it, do it, do it! of course, i'm a big proponent of taking a chance because i'm now on the OTHER side!! smile.gif

diva, sorry your head and your teef are still giving you trouble. that really sucks! and i watched the finale too last night and was so happy that marcel lost. he was such a little douchebag after it was over. not even an ounce of humility; just a continuation. now, i will be honest and say that some of his dishes were awesome looking and i'd like to try them, but he couldn't run a kitchen. he'd have a mutiny in a matter of hours. i was glad sam took credit for the hearts of palm dish (even though i think he stretched the truth just a tad! but he's cute enough that i'll forgive him...). rolleyes.gif

~$~$~$~$~~$jobby job vibes for turbomann$~$~$~$~$~$~

oh, tree, i have to tell you that i know exactly what you're talking about! i was in my back brace for three months following my spinal fusion. i was SO afraid of taking it off, even when the doc said it was ok. it was like i thought my back was going to just snap and i'd fall over like a feather. but take it from me, when the doc says to use your wrist without the brace a little bit, just do it. you need those muscles and tendons and stuff to remember how to work!!!

and yeah, i am SO jealous of moxie right now. i hope she's completely wasted on the yellowbird party boat and gets more HBI than she can stand tonight after dinner! (and maybe before!)
oh, and can i get some vibes over here if anyone's reading? i haven't had a single person show up for my appointments yet for work. i have a lady that sounded SO serious yesterday and her appt is at 6pm. can i get some bustie love to get her there??

thanks in advance m'dears!
Blaaaaaaaaaah. Today's kind of a "blah" day. I'm just extra bored for some reason.

Mouse, I say go for it!! I've been searching for land trust/planning jobs and I can't find shit. You gotta take advantage of those openings when they show up. I wish the Land Trust would've called me for an interview. sad.gif The thing that really gets me is that they have the nerve to send me newsletters and correspond with my boss (about appraisal related stuff). Stupid Land Trust. Prancing around with their little conservation easements and grants. Hmph.

ETA- ~*~*~*~vibes for serious lady~*~*~*~

I need to stop listening to Gram Parsons. It's almost as destructive as listening to Tom Waits on days like this.

This old earthquake's gonna leave me in the poorhouse
It seems like this whole town's insane
On the thirty-first floor, your gold-plated door
Won't keep out the Lord's burning rain

*swigs bottle of bottom-shelf bourbon and leans back in office chair*
QUOTE(falljackets @ Feb 1 2007, 03:56 PM) *

oh, and can i get some vibes over here if anyone's reading? i haven't had a single person show up for my appointments yet for work. i have a lady that sounded SO serious yesterday and her appt is at 6pm. can i get some bustie love to get her there??

thanks in advance m'dears!

fj, I don't know what the common procedure is, but when I worked at a job where I was responsible for getting people in to appointments, we'd call and sorta makes them feel guilty if they weren't planning on showing, and it reminds them, if they forgot.

Can you do that or is it against your "rules"?

Anyway, ~~fj appointment vibes~~

~~anti-blah day vibes for poodle~~
~*~*~*~*~magical appointment keeping vibes for FJ's clients~*~*~*~*~*~

Hi ya'll, I'm freshly back from the crotch doc...and I think for the first time, I finally found one I like. He's been in the same office for 25 years, the reeptionist is his wife, book keeping is his daughter, and his nurse is his neice! It was a really nice feeling, everyone so warm and cozy with each other, and the doc spent almost a half hour with me -- amazing considering my last doc barely spent 5 minutes. I did have to give him the adoption lecture though, when he told me he was sad one time when a patient with an unplanned pregnancy went to our org instead of to him where he could have connected her to one of his nice infertile couples. Grrrrr! Oooh, I laid into him, and when I left, I left lots of brochures in my wake, and hung a poster up in the exam room. biggrin.gif Doctors who facilitate adoptions piss me off, leaves no one to advocate for the birth mother, and nearly no room to change her mind. Ah well, I still liked him, might've even changed his opinion a little...who knows.

After walking a mile and a half home from the doc (I figured it'd take me just as long to wait for a train) in the cold weather, I think I'd like to be drinking cocktails in the carribbean with the moxie's too.

Hi tree!!

So was there no new epi of Ugly Betty last week? I missed it, and just went to to catch up, but it looks like I might not have missed one after all. And YAY! for Tim Gunn on UB!!

ETA: Turbomann's still not home from the interview that started 4 hours ago....that's good, right?!! smile.gif
oh, you guys! it worked!!!!! she showed!!!!! i got my first sho-ow, i got my first sho-ow! sweet!!! now i sure hope she buys, but i can't control that part... i'm so excited!!!!


yeah, tree, we're supposed to double confirm our people. i'd called her twice today at one number and one time on the other number and got no answers. but she called me about ten minutes ago or so and said she was on her way but hadn't done her "homework" (i give them homework to do - make a list of what they want in their ideal and what they don't want, etc. as a way to get them excited and keep it in their mind) and she wanted to make sure that was ok. i told her of course it was and just to go on in!!!!

i have another guy that is set for 7, but i'm not sure about him. he tried to cancel on me when i called to confirm and i guilted him into saying that he'd try, but i'm just not sure if he's gonna do it.

i'm just so happy i got ONE to show! hehe. the average show factor for the market i set in is about 30%, so it's not horrible that i've not had one show yet. but i was gonna cry if this one didn't happen.


good for finding a good crotch doc! that's so way important! and good for you for giving him shit about the adoption issues!

oh wow,jenn, i would think that is very good!!!

~$~$~$~~$$~prosperity vibes all around~$$~~$~$~$~
WOOOT!!!! WOOOOT!!!! FJ got her first shoooooow!!! YEAH! That's so exciting!! I'm sure you could call that other guy back if he doesn't show, and coax him back into it - I could imagine that alot of guys might drag their feet about this kind of thing for awhile before getting up the gumption to go.

Ahhhhhh!!!!! *paces around thread excitedly* I wish turbomann would just call me already, if he's on his way home....I'm dying to know how it went!! I just looked at his google earth of the location, and its actually not too bad commute wise, so that's a double bonus!
Hey ya'll!!! Turbomann JUST called me as he was leaving the interview, and it sounds like he ROCKED it!! WOOOOOT!!!! He's so excited and happy, and really for hoping for this one to work out, and its just really awesome to hear him so excited about WORK! And I would say that a 5.5 hour interview is a good sign, eh?!

Best part....they're going to let him know what their decision is on MONDAY!!!

And now, I have a handsome man in a suit coming home to ME!!!!!! *purrrrrrrr*
******runs around room clanging cowbell*******

she bought! she bought! wooooot!!!!! this is such a great feeling!


*taps foot*

where is that turbomann? i really hope this is a good thing for him! the turbos deserve some prosperity raining down on them!!!!

*does prosperity rain dance*

eta: WOOT! good job turbomann!!!! eat him up in his suit, jenn!!! we'll keep our happy thoughts flowing!!!!!
As the provisional okayland mayor in waiting, I declare this "GOOD THINGS THURSDAY!!!

Congrats on the sale FJ!!!! That's awesome!

Turbomann is totally geeked out about this job, and it really feels like its his...hooray!!! All signs point to employment!!
yayaayayayaya FJ! yayayayayyaya turbomann!

what is it with today and unemployment? the ex got a new job offer too. lawd. i haven't heard back from mine. not sure if i will. oh well, there are other things, and it made me realize how much i want to get out of this job anywya.

ima goin home. i should probably stop by the gym but i've had cramps all day and absolutely do not feel like running while bleeding. ugh.

see y'all tomorrow.

Yay for FJ's show and sale! That's such great news! So, is your income performance based? I mean, does your pay depend on if they make the sale, or just the appointments you make? You're doing great at this, FJ. Soon, you'll be a pro, right? We're so proud of you.

And WOOT! WOOT! for Mr. Turbomann for rockin' his interview! Aweskome!!!!!! And lucky Turbojenn gets a handsome suit-n-tie guy to come home to!

I am so envious of the Moxies. Sheesh. Even here, in southern Arizona, it's ~f~r~e~e~z~i~n~g!!! It has been raining a lot, and last week, it SNOWED!

I just made a new friend. A woman was sitting outside work, and I saw that her nametag said she was from Finland. I asked her about it, and told her that long ago, my family came from there. We both started speaking in our elementary Finnish and laughing, and she asked me if I would like to go for a hike sometime. She gave me her phone number. That was a few weeks ago, and tonight I decided to call her. I haven't been hiking for about a month, and I didn't know when I would go again, so I called her and left her a message asking her out to coffee or for a drink. I said it has been cold for hiking, but if she wanted to do that, we could try it. Anyway, I hope she calls me back.

Tomorrow night is my last night at this job. Then Monday, the new job starts. Eek!

I went to the doctor today, and she changed my medication starting tonight. I'm nervous about it messing with me when I start this new job. She said I need to give it two weeks and see how I feel. If I don't feel good, she will increase the dose (I'm starting at a very small dose). I told her about my concerns, and she suggested that I come to the office Monday through Friday before I start work for accupuncture. It's free, because my doctor works at a methadone clinic. Most of the clients are suffering from substance abuse issues, and studies show that accupuncture helps reduce cravings and offers a lot of stress relief. I am in a mental health care program paid for by the state, so for clients of the clinic, the accupuncture is free. They have it three times a day, 5 days a week. I think I am going to try it. I'm feeling really nervous and on edge about starting the new job. This should help some, and it sure can't hurt to try.

OK, Okayers! Anyone heard from Doodlebug yet? I'm worried sick. I keep thinking the worst, thinking she wouldn't leave us in the dark if she was able to at least post *something*.

Yay!!! Lots of good things in here last nite!

And you're right, it is COLD. Brrr...tomorrow our HIGH is supposed to be like six degrees. It's currently three degrees. Yuck.....

And normally the cold weather means money money money for me but, with this wrist, I can't take the overtime calls. Oh, well, I don't like working 100 hours a week, all hours of the night. Prefer to stay in when it's yucky.

Good things yesterday.....hmmm, I'm no longer in the drafty old shack, for the upcoming cold. And I had some buttkicking lasagna for supper last night.

~*~*doodle vibes*~*~ Where ARE youuuuu?

~*~*accupuncture and new job vibes for PK*~*~

~*~*Job vibes for turbomann*~*~ Wow, a 5.5 hour interview? WTF does he do for a living that the interviews are THAT long? If you don't mind my asking, of course.....

I was tossing around the idea of taking advantage of my time off to go visit some cousins in San Diego. Last fall at my uncle's celebration of life they told me I need to come out there more often....but how do I just call out of the blue and ask them to put me up? I can't afford to stay at a hotel that long.

So I'm not going, I don't think. I don't mind the cold if I don't have to go out in it. I'm a cocooner. Think I'll just stock up on comfort food and likker and just curl up with a blankie and some DVDS and books. My idea of a good time. I'm a loner by nature.

And I have all this leftover lasagna.

I do have to go out today....the guys at work made me PROMISE that I'd go out to lunch with them on Fridays...looking forward to that. I might catch an earlier bus so I can browse Mimosa bookstore...just love that place. I really want some singing bowls...but they're too pricey.
Mornin' skankazoids!!

Congrats to turboman and FJ!!

It's officially colder than a witch's tits in an iron bra!! It's colder than a well-diggers ass in the Klondike!! It's colder than a mother-in-law's smile!! It's colder than a feminist at the Republican National Convention!!

Our high tomorrow is supposed to be -2 and on Sunday, the high is supposed to be -6. They didn't crank the heat enough last night so I slept with a winter hat and a sweater on. I love this stuff.

I'm so glad I hired someone to move my couch.
Poodle, you sing such beautiful love songs of the north! I think when I was first brought over to okayland from kvetch by the lovely lurv, it was the siren call of "colder than a" that really made me settle in and think.."this is a really good place." Because I can appreciate the cold. I don't really mind it - I have the proper gear to go outside and not be miserable. Smartwool socks, leather boots, flannel lined jeans and a down parka are very good things this time of year.

Oh, and they announced this morning that they'll be opening the parking lots at Soldier Field this weekend, so Bears fans can tailgate (for the game in miami?)...its supposed to be 6 degrees on sunday. I think it'll be an idjits only tailgating day down there, beer goggles mandatory.

Yep, poodle, I think you have great wisdom in hiring someone to move your couch!!

Turbomann and I are both pretty excited about this job, and I sure hope he gets it - at least we only have to wait until monday to find out! We're going to go out to lunch today, just to celebrate the good interview.

Minxy, that sucks about minxman's job, and I can definitely appreciate that feeling...sometimes, when that last straw breaks, its just time to get out there and ask the universe for new opportunities - I'll be right there with him doing it for myself!

ETA: Tree - turbomann is a packaging engineer specializing in pharma...he had a one hour interview with the hiring manager, then half hour interviews with each of the other engineers, then had an hour long presentation that he had to give on a past project with his last job, and then another hour with the hiring manager....a long day, but he said he was never nervous, and really feels like the manager would be a great boss, so that's a good thing.

And YAY for not having to work in the cold right now - yet another bonus of getting some time off!
Good Morning, Skanks!

It's not nearly as cold here as it's been. I think it was 29 degrees this morning. After the cold temps earlier in the week, 29 feels down right balmy. It is supposed to be colder by Monday I think. ohmy.gif

Congrats on the good job interview, Turbomann! I will be crossing my fingers for you! That is so great you guys only have to wait til Monday to find out.

Congrats FJ on the appointment show-er-upper! Excellent!

Pk, I hope your new meds work out alright. Sounds like you have good communication w/ your doctor, that is always a plus. I know you will be a super star at your new job!

Treehugger...what business are you in? I think you should look into going to CA. Just give them a call, tell them you were thinking of coming out, and I bet they will offer you a place to stay. That is good that you are going to lunch today with your coworkers. We don't want you to fully hibernate!

Can I just express my joy at the fact that it is FINALLY FRIDAY?? Geez, this week's been a long one.
man i am so glad it's friday too.

i have THE WORST cramps right now. it feels like four or five tiny charley horses across my abdomen. kill me.

that sounds like a really involved interview for turbomann! *fingers crossed*

it's.....not cold here, i'm sorry. i mean, it's about as cold as is typical for southern california in february, but having spent the majority of the winters of my life in pennsylvania and massachusetts, where we regularly get 3 feet of snow in, like,'s not cold. i miss snow; i haven't seen it for almost two years now sad.gif

tree, could you visit your folks for just a couple of days instead of a week?

has anyone spoken to doodle? i'm starting to worry. ((((dooodle)))))
hey y'all

YAY for turbomann!! Yay for FJ!!!!

((((dooodle where are you vibes)))))

((treehuggers wrist vibes)))i kinda understand what your going thru....after my last car accident, i had to go to rehab for my left hand and wrist....i couldn't do simple things like zip up my pants or hold anything over a 1/2 lb. everything is fine now...except it gets tingly and i have to rest it sometimes.

thanks for the support, busties!!! i've been talking it over with some of my classmates and we've all decided its 'her' not me. which makes me feel better. rolleyes.gif

and today leaves me for a week to go skiing with friends. dry.gif i'm not too worried about him since i know almost everyone going and he's the one driving. but it will be weird not talking to him as often. and then kitties are gonna be clingy...gah.

thank cod its friday....class only goes to 8:45 tonite and we aren't supposed to be having that will be a bit more relaxing. maybe i'll crank out a perm. hmmm.

hi kari, minx, poodle, diva, PK!

mouse...go for the job!
Mouse - you just made my abdomen start cramping too! It was like reading about it made my guts kick in and say, "oh yeah, its *that* time of the month" grrr...I'm gonna show them who's boss and either fill my guts with thai or mexican food for lunch!

Word, ms gb on the fact of Fridayness...I am SO over working today. Just wanna go play!

((((safe travels for mr gb)))))

So are all the kitties getting along these days? I'm so glad it worked out to keep them both!

(((((((((((DOOOODLE MASSIVE HEALING VIBES))))))))) I miss doodle, and hope she's doing okay. I'm sure if something were really dire, she'd send BFF on here to let us all know.
Mouse, that is the best description I've heard about cramps. Next time the giant asks, that's what I'm going to tell him. I usually say something like I feel like my innards are being pulled out through a straw, but that's not quite right.

((((((((((( Turbomann vibes )))))))))))) That's a whole lotta time to invest in someone you aren't seriously thinking about hiring. And that's nice of them to get back to you about it promptly, instead of just never giving a straight answer like most other companies. Good luck!

I hope that girl calls you back, PK. It can be so hard to make friends when we're grown up.

Treehugger, I'd probably just go to CA, even if only for a couple days. It's for family, so I'm sure you'll do alright. It's not like you're asking to stay with people you've never actually met.

Poodle has the best analogies for the cold. I'm going to start using the "feminist at the RNC." Speaking of which, the RNC is going to be held in St. Paul. While we know that already sucks, I guess there's something in the contract about how the 6-block radius of the place where it's going to be held (which is less than 6 blocks from where I work) basically has to close down. That would mean half the government buildings would have to close during that time period since there's a "no in or out" clause. I need to find the actual article, but I hope they don't go through with it. Or maybe I do so I'll get a paid week off (yeah, right). I just wish all those dumbass Republicans would go the fuck away. Even when Shrub came, he didn't make the city shut down.

Hi, Karianne, GB, TJ, and everyone I missed!

I'm going to agree that I'm so freaking happy it's Friday. The giant and I have to go to his mom's tonight because it's his SIL's birfday. Grrr. And we have to get her something. She didn't get me anything for my birfday 5 weeks ago. We just saw them all last week. (whine) We're going to try to stay in for most of the weekend since it'll be so damn cold. It helps that the Stupidbowl is on on Sunday, so the giant can watch that while I read or make stuff.

I too am starting to worry about Doodle. It is really really odd that she hasn't been in for so long. Did anyone find out her contact info?

((mouse)) *hands over a hot water bottle covered in flannel* I am sorry about the cramps. I know how badly those hurt. Have you taken anything? Two (sometimes three) Alleve usually help mine somewhat.

Are you serious, Diva?? Why does everything within 6 blocks have to shut down? Sheesh. Yeah, I mean, are they going to pay all the people that would be missing work? Sorry you have to go hang out with the giant's fam tonight. AND buy a gift? Ugh. That blows.

I am craving Mexican food so bad. I need to find someone to go with me tonight. My ususal Mexican eating partner is having stomach issues and has been instructed to stay away from all things tomatoes, spicy, and boozy, among other things.

I did spinning at lunch. Feeling less like a slug than before. It's that time of month.

Ms gb, you've got a weekend alone with out the mister? Whatcha gonna do?
BWahaha! StupidBowl!! I love it! Thanks for that one, Diva!

Everyone at work is appalled that we're not even going to watch it this weekend. Sorry, but even the Bears being IN it doesn't make me hate football any less. But maybe I'll cook up something good...Hmmm, maybe some gumbo would be nice.

Bummer that you have to go to the Giant's *again.* I would not be able to handle that much family time. I'm glad I'm 6 hours away, and can dodge all those obligations.

Uh, I just had a chorizo burrito for lunch, and I really shouldn't have. Oooof. Those cramps are kicking me now. Not smart. MRG just makes me want to eat bad, water retaining things. Can't help it.

Yeah, Diva, we're WAY excited about turbomann's prospects...I think he's feeling like its pretty much an 85% done deal. And they're deciding so quickly because the hiring manager is going on vacation Tuesday for 2 weeks, and he wants it done before he goes....which also makes us think that turbomann's in. WOOT! I'm not sure they've even interviewed anybody else from what the recruiter has said - the job was just posted a week ago, and the hiring manager and recruiter are close friends, so turbomann got the first in on that one. smile.gif

Having two incomes again will be nice...we're going to try and keep sticking to the same budget, and make some changes around the house! New kitchen here I come!!!
It's colder than Jerry Folwell at a gay pride parade!! It's colder than Michael Jackson's balls in a women's locker room!! It's so cold that Blohan was spotted wearing undies!! It's so cold that MN property tax rates are frozen!! It's so cold that Ann Coulter and Michael Moore were caught snuggling underneath a bearskin for warmth!!

I feel totally buzzed right now. I went out to lunch with my co-workers (boss is gone) and had fish 'n' chips and 2 dark beers. I need a nap. They were making fun of me and calling me Paula Abdul.

Just so y'all have an idea of how cold it is, -12 is pretty nice compared to -57 in Tower, MN (1996), which is our state's record low. Dayum. Now THAT'S colder than Dick Cheney's heart on Earth Day.

Yeah, I'm super pissed off about the repub's coming here. WE'RE the ones that have to pay for it.

Okay, I'm ready to go home.
Oooh, poodle, I'm jealous of your beers with lunch!! I *really* wanted a 'rita at lunch, but I've been off the likker for awhile again now, and I know I would have been 3 sheets with just one, and that would make for some messy work! tongue.gif

Poodle, you're colder thans are the very best!!
It's so cold that minx has been burning her sex toys for warmth!! It's so cold that Turbo's rectum is frozen shut!!

"Colder than Michael Jackson's balls in a women's locker room" Poodle, that one in particular is Hilarious!

Yeah, Minx, but do you go flashing your cooch at men with cameras? heh.

Diva, I didn't even see "stupid bowl." That's perfect! Mr K asked me if I was interested in going to any Stupid Bowl get togethers. I said it depends where they are & what, besides watching football, would be going on there. I don't wanna watch the game. I DO, however, like chatting, stuffing my face, and drinkin' beer.

ETA: Poodle! You are making me laugh so hard "so cold that Turbo's rectum has frozen shut." !!
It's so cold that busties were seen huddled around minx's crotch to stay warm!!
Bwahaha!! That would have to be a pretty *cold* day for my rectum to freeze shut, poodle!!!

Maaaaaybe, its so cold that Minxy's wearing panties!!!

40 minutes to go...I think I can make it....
ha! I thought she was talking about your dog. Poodlekins, were you talking about Jenn or Turbo?

I thought it was funny when I thought you meant the dog, but if you meant Jenn, oh my, that will be much funnier.
Indeed, turbo!! It IS that cold!!

Gahhh!! I wish the office meddler would leave so I can escape from this godforsaken hellhole of an office. I'm ready to kick it with my fur-homies.

ETA-Ha! I meant Jenn, kari!!
Oh my. I cannot stop laughing. For some reason that statement has struck my funny bone. Poodle, you should drink at lunch more often. tongue.gif

Fur-homies laugh.gif
Hey! This is just plain ol' me!! Sure, the beer puts me in a wee better mood, but otherwise it's 100% pure-poodle, babe.
I know poodle. You are always making me laugh. You are a funny gal.

Well, peeps-have good weekends. I'll holla at yas Monday.
BWAHAHAHAHA! Your "colder thans" are right on the money, poods! You're a genius, I tell you!

For Christmas, I bought my sister some "Ole and Lena" joke books. They were so old and cheesy - she totally loved them. We sat around listening to her read aloud from the books. All of the jokes (yokes) were pretty bad, but I remember one in particular that was awful:

Ole and Sven were walking down the street when it started raining hard. Ole said, "Holy Moly, it's raining cats and dogs out here!" and Sven replied, "I know, I yust stepped in a poodle!"

duh-duh-DUH. (That was my end of joke drum sound, if ya couldn't tell).

That Finnish woman hasn't called me today. Maybe she'll call this weekend or something. I couldn't tell how old she was, maybe in her late 40's. She was really beautiful and friendly. She is also a massage therapist. That's all I know about her. Oh, and she likes to go hiking.

Today I went with Banana to the dentist. He goes to the dentist in Mexico. While he was getting his filling and cleaning, I went to my favorite silver shop to buy a cheap bracelet. It was closed, so I went to the silver shop next door (which is expensive) to poke around and wait for the cheap place to open.

I started a conversation with the lady at the expensive silver shop, who said her stuff was much nicer than the stuff at the cheap place. I told her I knew that, but I just wanted a cheap little thing and I already knew what I wanted to buy there. She had me look at her bracelets anyway, and they were all really beautiful sterling silver pieces. I looked at a few, and said they were too expensive, that I really just wanted to go to the cheap place and get a bracelet for $3.50.

She caught me eyeing one particular bracelet that was $35, and said that if I had $20, she would sell it to me. So...I bought it. Even though I didn't want to spend that much, and most of the money I had to give her was change. She was so delighted with the quarters. She kept thanking me for the valuable quarters. I thought that was funny.

Then the cheap place opened, and I went in and looked at the earrings. I saw some beautiful silver half-hoops with blue/pink crystals in them that were $7.50. I scrounged around for change to pay with, and the lady grew impatient with me and said she would just take what I had there, which was $4.25. Yayayay!

I don't know if I got ripped off, but I think the jewelry is so pretty, I don't give a frog's fat ass if it's real silver.


Have you all ever heard the song by Loudon Wainwright (Rufus's dad) called, "You Don't Want to Know"? It's very silly, and it's all about how cold it is.
Ya know, us midwestern's colder here than it is in Kamloops, even.....hehe

And the conversation at lunch was all about Stupid bowl. Ugh. But I enjoyed seeing the guys. It means a lot to me that I'm the only woman pretty much it's nice. Feels like I'm part of the group.

I didn't get to Mimosa....too cold! (I can't wear my real hard core WINTER jacket because it just has zippers and I can't do sort of "early winter/early spring" jacket has snaps so I wore that.

OMFG it was coooold. I went to Shakti instead. Got some gemstones that are supposed to be good for mental clarity and spiritual growth. I'm feeling utterly spiritual lately.

*yeah, I know....but even if it IS bogus...if they remind me to be and think spiritually, they're working!

Okay, time to start the post/edit game.....

OMG PK my brother is an Ole and Lena FIEND. "ya know, ole was driving this pickup truck and sven was riding in the back....ole drove off the bridge and Sven almost drowned cause he couldn't get the tailgate open...."

bad duh DUH..

And I'm digging the "colder than...."comparisons. I can't think of any good ones right offhand.......I'm lame.

Ya know, a couple days in Cali might be do-able! Will think about that.

And I'm not planning to go ANYWHERE till like, oh, tuesday or so...Unless I run out of likker. That would be a Bad. Thing.

ETA again...I just remembered it was asked what I do for a living...I work in HVACR. Meaning, heating/ventilation/air conditioning/refrigeration. Mostly I specialize in ultracold refrigeration but I've studied it when the weather is really extreme, especially on the cold side, but also some on the hot side, the equipment tends to break down (or in the cold case, freeze and rupture pipes) and I get called in for repairs. I work for the UW-Madison.
Hi tree!!! Yesssss it is too cold to go much of anywhere tonight!! The fridge is empty, and I should go to the grocery, but I'm not gonna. So its deli turkey and salad for dinner tonight. Its easy, and I don't want to cook!

On the way home this afternoon, I did stop at the local outdoor gear shop, and I scored a pair of Mountain Hardwear cold weather thermal tights for half price! Woot!! Of course, they're supposed to be calf length on most people, but they're still more than full length on me! With turbomann *hopefully* going back to work, it'll be back on the bike for me to and fro work, as much as I can. (not on days like today, though)

I have a variety of stones that are special to me spiritually too...I like to have a nice smooth, palm sized quartz with me most of the time, I just like holding it, if I need to just remember to be centered, or I'll use them with meditation...I don't care if they do anything or not, but I like them, and they're good reminders.

Hi PK!! (who's probably at her last night of work) Total score on the jewelry - nice work!! Shiny pretty things are always good for the soul, I figure! Are Banana's toofers okay?

Turbomann just got the call that he's got a second interview on Wednesday afternoon with the VP of the company!!! WOOT! One step closer!
Score on the jewelry PK!! And score on the thermal tights turbo!!

Yay for turboman!!!

My sister's dog's name is Lena. It was my idea. biggrin.gif

My BBF is asleep right now. She works 60+ hours a week doing TV weather broadcasting in IA, so she's pooped out anytime she has a free moment. I'm glad she was able to get a weekend off to come back home though. She had to fight for it. I guess that's the nature of working on TV.

I'm thinking I need to take a hot bath and then slip into my jammies.
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