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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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It's so not fair that people get to steal language so easily these days. Oh well, their loss. When they're expected to write a report for work someday, then they'll suffer the consequences. I hope that professors, etc., are making up for the easy research by assigning more shit and forcing people to cite academic journals. I feel really bad for the senior citizen professors that have no idea how to deal with this problem (or that it's even happening).

I've never plagiarized a damn thing. I've never used Cliff notes either.

Guess's Good Things Tuesday!!
- I have an awesome playlist of bluesy/folksy/jam stuff
- My living room is all set for the new couch (which I'll probably move on Saturday)
- My cats are really cute and squishy
- I have enough money to pay the bills and do a little poodlepad decorating
- My boss is busy all day
- XRB is back in town
Hi, peeps!

Minxy, I hope those boys get the book thrown at them! There is no excuse for that kind of shit and it should not be tolerated. I just hope their coach feels the same way, so many of them can be too lenient about this stuff. I got accused of plagiarizing once (yeah me, an English minor) because I didn't cite my sources correctly. It's an extreme thing to accuse someone of, but totally necessary if it's true.

I've got this awful pressure headache that I've had since yesterday afternoon that I just can't shake. Now that I've made a conscious effort to quit clenching my teeth, it all moved up into my bean.

Yay for Poodle's couch! I've got Saturday free, so I can help you out if you could use some extra hands.

Hi, Turbo and Lore and all I missed!

We had a little shindig for my boss' birfday today and I made homemade apple crisp. It turned out really well and it's all gone - the only thing that's gone off the whole table. I'm so glad I made another little one for the giant and me. I made it while watching Royal Rumble. My man Undertaker won! Yay!!! He gets to headline at Wrestlemania for whichever title he chooses, and he's never once lost at that event in 13 years.

I called my mom up yesterday afternoon to talk to Sam, 'cause I miss him and he always brightens my day. And then she tells me that they were a mere 5 minute walk from my work building seeing the Winter Carnival ice sculptures, but they didn't bother to stop in. Grrr! I would've loved to bring Sam around to see everyone again. Dammit. My parents just don't think sometimes. I'm going to give them a call now and see if Sam wants to talk. He said maybe 5 words to me yesterday because he was busy with his dad.
mornin! minx, that's AWFUL. i hope they don't get to play. man. that would make me so mad too. i admire the hell out of teachers cos i don't think i'd ever be able to teach.

turbo, congrats on how well the diet is going! that's fantastic! i've been being good too...i lost about 4 lbs last week, hopefully this week will be equally productive! though it means i'm going to miss out on wednesday's typical margarita night *pout*

good things tuesday:
--eating well & working out & as a result losing weight!
--the company i did some spec designs for didn't choose mine, but are going to pay me for the specs anyway (originally they stated they'd only pay if they chose my design). best client EVAR
--my leaky kitchen faucet gets fixed today!
--taco nazo's cocteles de camaron for lunch today, yum!

hi everyone!
ok we just got a random torrential rain pouring for like 5 mins...and now its

hello peoples!!!!

sorry i haven't been in ..i've tried to catch up on the archives...letsee...

((((turbo job vibes)))
((( anti sick vibes)))
(((mouse car vibes))) report his ass...hit and run is a misdemeanor in cali. and take picts of your car.
(((doodle vibes)))
(((treehugger vibes)))
(((tes and familiae vibes)))
that orange color is awesome, poodle...i love it!

i did a full weave on sat...turned out great....and my dad is coming in for a cut today. and this is the first week of hell for the next 5 months....and my friends are being sweet and wanting me to come out and play this weekend but i just don't know if i will have the energy to do it.

good things tuesday:
-i have lunch!
-its just sprinkling now is all packed for the weekend-now i hope the whole thing still goes thru for his sake!!!(and mine!)
-we have a new teacher and today we're breaking, i mean, welcoming her to our class.....we've had i don't know how many teachers/subs since we started..and now we're thinking as a collective that we're just an awnry class. or the 'evil ones'....who knows? cool.gif


Hi gb!

~*~*~*~anti-headache vibes for diva~*~*~*~

Congrats on the weight loss!! I'm currently reading "The Best Life Diet" by Bob Greene, Oprah's nutritionist, and I'm gonna read it and try it out. There are 3 phases and it's not really a "diet"--it's more of a lifestyle change. The first phase is a month long and it basically involves personal reflection, more activity, conscious eating of regular meals, drinking lots of water and zero alcohol. You're supposed to weigh yourself in the beginning and then put the scale away for at least 4 weeks because of all the metabolic and water weight changes that occur during the first month of dieting and exercise. I'm gonna try to follow the steps and hopefully lose about 20 pounds by July. Greene says that the human body is unwilling lose more than about 3 lbs. of actual fat per week and that 1-2 lbs. per week is the goal to shoot for.

I still have to figure out how this couch moving thing is gonna happen. Grrrr... I'm almost tempted to hire a couple movers.
Hooray for all the healthy lifestyles in here!!! Woot!

Yeah, poodle, I think Greene is right, as are so many other of the newly popular programs, that its about changing your lifestyle, not a diet. That's what did it for me a few years ago when I had to dramatically change the way I was eating for my health, and it took a couple months for it to "click" in that it wasn't a "diet" that I was doing, but really choosing a lifestyle to support my total wellness. It got much easier once I made that small shift.

We're out of the strictest phase of south beach now, thank cod, and pretty much just back to the way I eat already, just watching our portions a bit more. No sugar refined flours and no fruit for 2 weeks was good for us to get us going, and it feels even better to be back to "normal." Jerk marinated swordfish, pan roasted broccoli with garlic and wild rice are up for dinner at chez turbo this evening.

Poodle, I fully support hiring movers to take care of your couch...if I can afford it, its just easier for everyone. I still have to figure out what to do with our old broke-ass couch - no one will take it. I need to ask drunk janitor about that....

Diva, your apple crisp sounds divine!!!

Ms gb - where are you guys going this weekend?
hey okayers!

taking a break from calling to check in. i didn't get up on time this morning because i've basically been living in two time zones lately with mrfj being in CA. i've stayed up later than i should every night, like 2am, and haven't been able to get myself up on time at all this week. i need to be sure that i'm getting enough phone calls in each day (they'd like me to get 150 in, but the most i've gotten so far is 98) so i'm working different hours today, even though it means more voicemails than actual real live people that will book appointments. eh, my boss/friend said right now, the more calls i make the better so that's what i'll do! she can keep track of my calls, so i want her to know that i'm serious about this job and not just doing it half-assed.

i'm making sets just about every night though, but still haven't gotten more than one a night yet. i'll get there though. i'm SURE of it. wink.gif

the best thing is that mrfj gets home tonight! yay!!! i've missed him so much over the past couple of days - it's never been this bad before. he's in DC right now and should be home by 7. his parents are going to pick him up from the airport, even though i'd really love to go get him myself. i must work!!

diva, i'm four months pregnant now, thursday will make 17 weeks. that's why i'm not really sure if tomorrow will be too early to tell the baby's gender. usually, it's pretty obvious between weeks 18 and 20, and even though it's only a week sooner than that, so much can change in that short amount of time! but at least we'll be able to know if i have a competent cervix and rule out any worry of pre-term labor, which is why i'm having the US done so soon.

turbo, i'm keeping my fingers crossed for turbomann on the real in-person interview! get that job, mann!!!

eewww, minx! that sucks that your students cheated. i really hope the basketball coach is on your side. and i hope the parents get pissed too. i'd be so mad at my kid if they fucked themselves by making a stupid lazy decision like that. i hope they feel like shit.

hope the minxlette feels better soon, too!

hi ms gb! hi mouse! hi karianne! hi lore! and everyBUSTie else!

doooooooooodle, come out come out wherever you are....
fj! 4 months already? time is flying....

hi poodle....i hope to lose 30 lbs this year.....hopefully i will find time for some exercise in the near future.

turbo, your dinner sounds delish! this weekend, is heading out to utah with friends for a week of skiing and drinking(hopefully not at the same time) whilst i am at school. so my friends are determined to help me 'pass the time' by occupying my time and getting me drunk and fed properly. who am i to complain? i just hope i can squeeze in a nap. laugh.gif

i just got an 'armpit waffle toy' in a happy meal....the thing looks like a butt plug with arms and it make fart noises.....i'm speechless.
ohmy.gif huh.gif unsure.gif blink.gif
Hi FJ!! Yay for mr. FJ's return!!

Grrrr...mmmph...I have over $6,000 in a fucking profit-sharing account for work and I don't have any access to that money except possibly through some weird loan thinger and then I'd have to pay taxes and deal with all that B.S. What the hell use do I have for a retirement account right now if I have credit card debt and student loans that I'm trying to pay off? Besides, by the time I'd be of "retirement age" I'll probably be starving in a 120-degree Al Qaeda prison camp. Either that, or the earth will have melted and I'd have no survivors to benefit from my savings because human civilization will no longer exist. *grabs flashlight* In the year 2050...In the year 2050!!!!!

Armpit waffle toy? Huh?

I suppose I'll just call up some movers and take care of the couch that way. I really don't feel like dealing with the trailer and dragging the couch up the stairs.
Yeah, poodle, I've mulled over many a time cashing in my uber shitty 403B to pay off our smaller mortgage, so we can do some home improvements, but we'd lose SO much in taxes and penalties, I stay my hand. I'm terrible with long-term financial planning....someday, I'll get my shit together...when I'm grown up! tongue.gif

(((((doodle)))) I'm getting a bit worried about our fair doodle, as we haven't heard from her in days. I hope she's doing okay!

YAY for the FJs! Mr fj comes home, you'll get to see fjette again soon, and you're making sales! WOOT!

I wanna go skiing for a week too! Or on a cruise with the moxies....I just want a vacation, dammit!

Ms gb - sounds like you're going to have to find time to squeeze in a nap, with everything going on with you with work, and school and play - but only 5 more months until graduation, eh?!

I'm still around, just doing more lurking than posting because of the brace on the wrist. You wouldn't believe (well maybe you would) what a PITA it is to type with it on!

Anyway, I'm taking advantage of my half hour per day I'm allowed to NOT wear it, to post...heh. I'm such an addict.

I'm worried about Doodle, too! unsure.gif

Turbo, that's great news about the in-person interview! I shall light a candle on Thursday. What time shall I send vibes?

Minx, it must be something else again, correcting papers in this day and age....I graduated high school in internet plagerism opportunities there.

~~healthy US vibes~~ for falljackets.

Wow, MsGB...a butt plug happy meal toy? What a visual you gave me...... blink.gif

Good things Tuesday....a MONTH off work (hey, you try working a screwdriver in an electrical panel over a circuit board with only one hand and just, just TRY to not drop the screw into the works...)

Sitting reading reincarnation books and "the witching hour" by anne rice. And meatloaf for supper. If I get around to making it. Or I may just have a liquid supper. Heh.

It's really, really cold here...and I DON'T HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE! Yes!

I was told that my ultracold is still that, ultra cold. It was minus 81 when my partner called me to report. I do believe it's fixed.

Wow, lots of good things, eh?

~~anti-headache vibes~~ for Divala

And ~~vibes~~ for those who's posts are too far back for me to see without opening a new window.....

May everybody have a WONDERFUL evening!!
Hi treehugger!! How sweet of you to spend your brace-free time busting! You're a true bustie.

Seriously, where is Ms. Doodle?

Heh...Oscar is staring at his reflection in the glass doors of the entertainment center. I saw Gus doing it the other day, too. Cats are so funny when it comes to new stuff.

Soooo...I did a little research and called a mover up in NE MPLS where my couch is. The move is gonna happen on Sunday morning. It's gonna be over $80, but it's so worth it not to have to lift the damn thing, hook up a trailer, listen to my mom and dad argue, etc. The entertainment center was bad enough. My parents even argued during the process of moving the entertainment center out of the truck onto the garage floor. Thankfully, my sister helped my get the thing into my apartment and my mom stayed out of the way. Ah

Awwwww, tree, thanks for sharing your precious brace free time with us!! You must keep us up to date on your month-off happenings, so that we can all live vicariously through you!

Seriously, I am so wanting to take some real time off work right now, I am jealous of turbomann. But, when he gets a job, that's just going to free me up for looking for my own new job, so I'll just take a permanent vacay from my current job, and that's okay by me! ...Just so long as my new job isn't working on a PC. tongue.gif

Yay for movers, poodle!! A stress free entrance for your new couch is WAY better than the family squabbles!

I love it when pets are discovering new stuff - especially glass and mirrors! Your boys must just be reviewing how handsome they truly are! When we first got turbo, he would run smack into the mirrored walls in the house over and over again - funny shit! You'd be cooking dinner, and hear *clunk* return to cooking *clunk.* He'd just keep trying it, as if something might change. Now, he just checks himself out in the mirror in the morning, does a little runway walk and stretch in front of it. hee.

ETA: Minxy, my know what the answer is....BUTT FLUSH!!! *Runs around thread clanging the cowbell*

Awww, that's so sweet that you and minxlette took a nap together. All minxlette needs now is an official napping fort! ...That was the best part of staying home sick as a kid - I could make my own little fort to snooze in!
*streaks through the thread banging on the cowbell*

*thinks for a moment and reconsiders*

*streaks through the thread screaming MORE BUTTFLUSH!!!*

Yeah, and where in the hell is Doodle?!
bwahahaha!!!! *MORE BUTTTTT FLUSH!*

Minxy, you crack me up! Actually, I think someone should hire me to be a butt flush evangelist! The number of people I've sent to my colon therapist...she should be giving me commission!
*marches into thread banging cowbell*

DOODLE-DOODLE-DOO???!!! WHERE ARE YOU???!!! I hope she didn't die from the stones and then end up being eaten by Carmella and George. As we all know, that is the fate of single women with cats. *runs off to take seizure meds* wink.gif That's not the case with single men though. They die of heart attacks while getting laid. Yeah...

Grrr...I knew that Oscar would want to hang out on the top of my plastic turntable cover when I set up my stereo components and I was right. I'm trying come up with stuff that I could put on there without drawing the focus away from the turntable. Right now, I have a little 50's serving dish on there, but I'm thinking a swanky vintage ashtray would look nice. I have a lot of gigantic vintage ashtrays that I don't know where to place.

I'll be sure to show y'all pictures of my place when I get to a point where it looks drastically different. I took some "before" pictures, and I'll show "afters" once I get the paint and lighting taken care of.

I would probably be a little envious too if my spouse was able to spend his days looking for jobs. At the same time, I always hated those times when I was jobless and trying to find a place to work. It can suck just as bad to find a decent job and start anew. I prefer to look for jobs on my boss' time. biggrin.gif

That reminds me...when I asked my boss how I could access the $6,000 from my profit-sharing, she pressured me for a "thanks." Um, well, maybe it's the former Marxism-educated student in me, but that money is essentially MINE in the short and long-term. That $6,000-plus dollars that won't be accessible until the earth has melted is a piddly portion of the dollars that have been earned off of my labor. *steps off of soapbox and then runs off to MNAPA website to look for non-profit/government jobs*

Heheheh...I should tell my boss that I want to be on a 420 plan...

Poor minxlette. Geesh, I am so horrible with children. Everytime my nephies and niecoid cry, I tell them that it only gets worse. When they don't want to sleep, I tell them that they'll wish they could take naps when they're working in cubicleland. I like to think that I make up for it by exposing them to music and positive role-models and toys. When they're teens, my bro and sis are gonna go crazy on my ass.

ETA - Turbo, just so ya know, I think of you every time I take a crap. laugh.gif
So my brother, who although working on becoming worldly and cosmopolitan, calls me tonight telling me that he thinks he is close to where I live and do I have Minxlette tonight. I had no idea he was even travelling to Minnesota, so I ask him where in the hell he is. Apparently, he is in one of the Brooklyns and had NO idea that he was basically 20 minutes away from me. What a doorknob! He's with a bunch of wrenchheads from my hometown checking out a shingle factory getting wined and dined on the company dollar. Serious dorkitude. I'll let it slide since I know he's busier than hell, but if you're travelling 300 miles to the state your sister lives in and you haven't visited her in, oh...FIVE YEARS, wouldn't it occur to you to call before ya left?! Sheesh.

I told him this offence was punishable by him having to wear my bridesmaid dress. That'll set the fucker straight.

Doodle and Poodle, I hereby declare it not allowable for either of you to die and be eaten by cats. Especially because both of you have good hair and I want it made into a wig for myself. I plan on using lots of lead-based make-up that will make my teeth and hair fall out, so I figure this is a good plan.

Hells yeah, Turbo. You should be given a comission. At least a free flushie every now and then. Colon therapist...that totally made me laugh.

Colon: Umm...I'm having problems just letting things go.
Therapist: Let's use a visualization technique.
Colon: I dunno, Doc. I just feel so...EMOTIONALLY CONSTIPATED.

Bwa-hahahahahaha!!!! I had too much sleep this afternoon. smile.gif
Cowbells! cowbells! *stumbles through thread and buries his head in the couch and bites a pillow* Cowbells, yet no cows! What's a 'Wolf to do?!? *sniff sniff* Ooo! Score! Found a potato chip down here! All is right. *crunch crnch croonch*

Dooooooooooooooooodle! *sends Doodle-wellness vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*sigh* GoatieGirl is being unfair. I raced home quickly to let her use the car to pick up some meds at CostCo, and the gas tank was low, but easily had enough to get her to Costco and then to any gas station. She was upset that I left her in that "situation". There was EASILY enough to get where she wanted, and she wanted me to get the car to her as early as possible, so I didn't stop for gas on the way home. I did what I thought was right, and she's got nothing nice to say dry.gif Now I'm not all too motivated to make her dinner: spaghetti and salad. I'm a gettin' me some beer.
Poodle, I'll consider that a high compliment!! biggrin.gif

Minxy, your brother is indeed an idiot!! At least plan a lunch in there, or drop by after the wine and dine to see you and minxlette! Sometimes, boys are so dumb.

Minxy, and your colon dialog is brilliant! (and actually scarily hold all kinds of emotional baggage in your 'testines, and you indeed do a lot of letting go!)

I need someone to come to my pad and tell me how to decorate it...I'm capable of painting a wall, hanging some curtains, but our place never looks pulled together. I think we'll get things in better shape this year though, one way or another, moving or not.

Just had a lovely bath...I am loving my new portable bathtub jets - I can make a mountain of bubbles with a teaspoon of lush bubble bar, and the moving water feels so nice!
I'm totally serious, turbo!!! I have a colon obsession now!! I make sure to eat a lot more fiber these days and I always "assess the situation" before I flush. smile.gif

The XRB is gonna stop by in a little bit. No comment.

Dayum, minx, your bro hasn't spent some good quality time with you in 5 years and he doesn't even know how to get from the "Brooklyns" to MPLS even though he's from 'sconsin????!! I've always thought that MN and WI should become their own country (sans Milwaukee, which is essentially a suburb of Chi-town). Pretty much every 'sconsin kid I know has the basics of the Twin Cities down. Get that bro in shape!! Is he an older or younger sibling? My family gets irritated with me if I go a 2-3 weeks without seeing them. I'll never be able to leave MN and, truthfully, I don't really desire to. I'd maybe move to WI because it's almost the same as MN. Still, MN to WI would be a difficult transition for me.

I suppose I should make myself look less "whorish" before XRB arrives. MMph...the office meddler and I were talking about how great it would be to have "Bra-less Fridays" but then we agreed that we didn't want to see our boss without a bra on.

I'm so glad to hear that my Bustie friends are taking good care of their colons, all on account of our good friend, TurboJenn. I, myself, have been paying close attention, and I don't think I have had much fiber since I got out of the hospital. Today, I went o Boston Market and got the three side-item meal: Mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and macaroni and cheese. ALL STARCH!!! But sooooo goooood. Mmmmmm.

I, also, am worried about DoodleBug. I hope she pops in soon, even if just to tell us that she is alive. And I hope she is OK. Poor thing.

I posted in Bustie Moms of Not so Wee Ones about my conversation with Heikki about Uncle Joe - the one who was murdered. It was a good conversation. I also posted about Heikki's trial and tribulations with his new contact lenses.

Tonight, I went to Banana's reharsal for his Early Music concert playing sephardic music, which - I think - is Spanish-Jewish Music from the time of the Moorish invasion. It was really cool. I have never heard anything like it before.

NEWS FLASH! My youngest sister is pregnant! She is 25, been married about a year and a half, and found out a few weeks ago that she is preggo. I'm going to be an auntie!!! Yay!!! She is very excited and scared. She had her first doctor's appointment today (Tuesday).

I had to be the one to tell my other sister the news. My other sister is the one who has had three miscarriages. She took the news very badly. She actually screamed at me for telling her at an inappropriate time and hung up on me. She was in the car going to a friends house. But she kept asking me to tell her the news, and I didn't want to leave her hanging, even though I knew she would take it badly. I made a poor decision.

That was two days ago, and today I called her to apologize, and she accepted. She also apologized for screaming at me on the phone. So all is good.

The countdown continues to my new job! I start on Monday!

I think with this new year, although it is late for a new year's resolution, I am going to take advantage of my doctor's office's free accupuncture. It is totally free for clients of the clinic, and it is offered four times a day, Monday through Friday. I think I will start doing it along with my new job. And I will also use some of my extra money to get a butt flush. I am caught up on my bills, and I really want to try a butt flush.

Turbo - do the butt flushers offer you tips on a diet plan for before and after the procedure to keep you clean? Or do you just research that yourself? I think after this post, I am going to look it up online.

OK - Happy Hump Day SleepyHeads!!! NOW GET TO WORK!
PK--NOT YOUR FAULT. You cannot gauge someone's reaction, nor can you control the variables. Are there better times in which to engage someone who has had miscarriages? Ummm...sure. There are always better times. Our lovely FJ would be a better one to weigh in on this than myself, but honestly--if she had been sitting down listening to Yanni and playing with her inner child would it have helped tons?

And screaming at you about it making you feel as shitty as she apparently does really didn't help the situation. Don't beat yourself up too badly about this one. Miscarriages can REALLY affect some folks. It fucks with your brain and body, but this one isn't your fault. You did what your sister asked you to do, and it deferred the emotionally gun being pointed at her face.

XRB. No comment. Dayum, girl. You phunnie.
Mornin' PK and minxy!!

PK, even though it was unpleasant when you told your sis, I'm glad you were the one to share the news with her, so that she could have her most honest emotional reaction to you, rather than your sister who is pregnant, and excited about her baby. You're a good sister.

And YAY for your new job next week - I can't wait to hear all about it!

Ahhh...we return to my favorite subject - colons! PK, before you get one, do a little 2-day mini cleanse - lots of water, eat raw/steamed veggies and brown or wild rice - just eat really simply...and NO likker, sugar, wheat. Also, start taking chlorophyll capsules daily about a week before (I take them every day), you could also add beet juice capsules too, if you like. Once you have the colonic, take acidophilus bifudus for a week or so....your body will naturally tell you what it wants to eat, and your cravings should disappear. If you have any more questions, just lemme know!

Poodle, you are too funny...I'm a bathroom inspiration, eh?! I'd recommend taking a chlorophyll capsule every morning too if you're looking to improve colon health - it helps keep things moving, but green foods are always very good for us.

And poodle, we don't want Milwaukee either, it'll have to stand alone, I guess. tongue.gif
Good Morning, Babes!

Pk, that's wonderful news about your sister being preggers. Sorry about your other sis's reaction. That's gotta be tough on her, and I am sure it's hard for her to be 100% happy for your younger sis, but hopefully she will realize that taking it out on you was wrong & will apologize. Congrats on your new job! Can't wait to hear abou thow it goes.

Yay for Turbomann's upcoming interview! That's SWEET! Will hope for the best, Jenn!

Poodle, that is so exciting that you are getting your new couch soon. You will def have to post pics when you get the room all finished. So, were you able to get the $6K?

Minx, what's the status with the plagarizers? That is lame-o. I hope they get benched. What's minxlette sick with?

FJ, I'm with Jenn...4 months preggers already? WOW! Time does fly. Can't wait to find out if you are having a girl or a boy. Is Mr FJ home now? I think it was yesterday's post where you said he was coming home that night.

Hi diva, mouse, treeh, and everyone else!


I am going to do a belated Good Things:
1. Went to the grocery and finally have some good food in the house.
2. It appears that officemate is out today. Sweet Silence!
3. It is supposed to snow tonight.
4. I am meeting with my potential practicum supervisor today & will get details on what I'll be doing.
5. I finally got paid last night.

hey guys
congrats to pk's sis--and good for you, like jen said, for being the one to talk to you other sis.
banana's music sounds awesome, btw.

poooooodle, woo! no comment indeed!

hi kari, lore, turbo, minxie, & everybody--i got stuff to do, maybe i'll pop in later. no exciting news today. life is boring right now.
eek sorry nevermind
hi everyBUSTie!!!!!!!!!!!

i have news! i have news!

i have a gorgeous cervix that's twice as long as a normal one (good thing) and doesn't open when poked at (also a good thing!) bottome line, i have a healthy, competent cervix that's not going to let my BOY come out before HE is ready!!!!!!

squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i'm havin' a SON! i am so excited i can't even tell you guys!! and he's got ten boney fingers and ten boney toes and a little tiny four-chambered heart and two-lobed brain! and a penis! ACK! i have a penis in me full time!!!

it seems SO real now that we've seen him again. he's so much bigger than he was in the last test and i'm just in love! karianne, you're so right... it DOESN'T seem like i should be this far along already. but my due date is 7/6/07! i'm kind of hoping for triple 7s, but i'll be happy as long as he waits long enough to come out...

yes, mrfj got home last night, so he was able to come with me to the appt. this morning. he was excited too. we both agreed that it's just scary and stange and happy all at the same time. he's gonna be such a great daddy.

pk, i agree with turbo. it's good that you were the one to tell your sister. and minxy is right too, there is no way to prevent your sister from being upset. one miscarriage is hard enough, but 3 must be really tough on her. it would be tough no matter what, so i'm glad you told her and got the news out in the open. now she can let go of her sadness and jealousy and move on to being happy for your sis. oh, and GOOD LUCK on the new job!!! i'm sure you'll do greatabulously!

poodle, that made me laugh about the kitties staring at themselves in the glass. i could see oscar just sitting there doing it. hehe. how cute. uh, so did you enjoy your "bible study" with XRB? *ahem* hehe

minx, i think that is so awesome that you thought to have the minxlette make a floor-bed to take a nap. sometimes even the simplest things make such a difference! you're such a good momma!

lorewolf, i hope goatie-girl isn't mad anymore. i hate going to the gas station too, but if she wanted the car asap, i guess you just did what you thought was right! did you make her dinner anyway???

ok, gotta work some more. i set two appointments so far today, in 20 calls!! so i've gotta ride the wave and keep going. i think it might be the excitement and energy in my voice thats doing it!!

I can't believe it is only 11:30 in the morning, and I am wide awake already! I usually sleep right up until I have to go to work, then rush rush rush.

Last night, after Banana's rehearsal, he and I and his friend from Colombia went to my friend, Pickle's house for some beers. We ended up playing Celebrity. The two Colombian guys had never heard of it before, so they were extra excited to play. Banana and I were a team, and we kicked butt.

I got kind of tipsy last night and I ended up confiding a lot of stuff to Pickle that I normally wouldn't tell people. I mean, I trust her, but I have only known her since August and who knows if she wants to know this crap - she talked about it with me, though, and the conversations went really well.

Also, I found out Pickle has a crush on a guy I met through her at a club. She works with him, and she is nervous. They're friends right now, but she LIKES him likes him. It's cute. I bet he likes her, too. Anyway - it's all very exciting, and I will let you know if Pickle gets her guy.

TJ - Where is Turboman's upcoming interview? Did you alreay say? I must have missed it. Is it in Madison or Chicago?

FJ - you're 4 months already????? Holio Crap, that's the second trimester. How does your belly look now? Does it itch? Mine itched as it got bigger. Hee hee. Belly itcher!

ETA: Jenn! I've been reading about colonic hydrotherapy online, and it said what you just said, about the chlorophyll and the mini cleanse and stuff. Yay for clean pipes!
*throws confetti all over thread, and passes out non-alkie bellinis*

Congrats FJ, on your beautiful baby BOY, but more importantly on that gorgeous, over-achieving cervix of yours!!! I'm SO happy for you guys, I just can't stop grinning!!! And July is going to be here before you know it!

And WOOT!! for your sales successes this morning - I'm sure its the bliss in your voice that is selling, selling, selling this morning - strike while the iron is hot, right?!!!

Humanist - come baaaaackkkk!! Come play with us!

Lore, I'm with FJ on this one, you're were just trying to get home early for goatie girl!

Kari - be sure to let us know what kind of practicum you're getting! ....Unless of course, you wanted to venture north to chez turbo and do one at the adoption org I work at??!!! We're looking for students....and my BFF is the supervisor!

I've got my sacred contracts class tonight...I kinda feel like vegging at home tonight, though...ah well...I'm sure it will be great once I get there.
Yayayayayay for the baby BOY and the more than just competent cervix!

*marches through confetti-strewn room playing the kazoo*

Wowzers! Now you can buy little boy clothes and think of little boy names. Oh - I think you've probably noticed - everything for babies is either pink or blue, unless you come across the odd yellow thing for those who don't know the gender of their baby yet.

I have been having vivid dreams about babies lately. The latest involved Heikki being a baby again. I was holding him and snuggling him the way I used to. I miss that.

So - when are you going to choose a name? You know, PuppyKitty is a good name for a boy or a girl. Very neutral, yet can be masculine sounding if you just go by the initials of PK.
WOO HOO! CONGRATS FJs!!! How exciting! A boy! I am thrilled for the three of you! I was just talking with some friends this weekend about how fast babies grow in bellies. They said it is really nuts the changes you see from one ultrasound to the next. WOOT WOOT!

Hi Pk! You have the best names for your RL friends. I love it. Are things w/ you and Banana getting serious?

Hi mouse!

Well, my practicum meeting went well, it looks like it's gonna work out, which I am happy about. I ended up meeting with the head clinician there, who was really cool. I also met another intern. The site is a hospital that has both inpatient and outpatient treatment. I still don't know what dept I'd be in, but probably adult mood disorders. I think it would be really interesting & I'd learn a lot. I gotta send my resume, but all things appear to be go.
karianne - what are you studying? I know you told us before - but I don't remember. Is it Social Work? Your practicum sounds interesting and exciting.
WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO FJs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congratulations! awesome! hooray!!!
Wow, I'm so excited about the new BOY FJ that I'm even typing this with brace ON!!! Woooot! Congrats on the great news!
wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif thanks you guys! and yeah, we've actually already come up with the name. i know it sounds silly to have already named the baby in-utero, but we were tossing some around and this one just stuck! i hope he comes out looking like a jack!!! the middle name is going to be my mom's maiden name. think sunglasses, but not ray-ban...

funny, i just realized that the little FJ is going to have the initials JF!!!! hehehehe! he's opposite of his momma!

although, now i have to say, i'm thinking about PK! hehehehehe

ETA: and there's something to be said about this whole mood thing! i just got another appointment! woot!
blah blah blah. all you breeders ever do is bore the fuck out of the rest of us with your stupid obsession with being slaves to social convention. *yawn*

In all seriousness, this kid better have his head on straight. I need someone I can depend on for after I retire.
Dropping in to congratulate the FJ's on their little boy! And a cooperative cervix! Yay! biggrin.gif
Mr FJ, you better start kissing this boy's butt the minute he sees the light of day if you want him to care for your crotchety ass after you retire!!! Hee hee. Archie Bunker. Bwaaahahahaha!

I have been on a family-lovin' rampage this morning. I called my cousin, who is a month younger than me and has 6 kids - all girls. I found out that my OTHER cousin, the daughter of Uncle Joe, just got a DWI and charged with felony child endangerment. She was driving drunk with all her kids in the car. So, she's in the slammer and her kids are in foster care. I feel bad for her because she has had such a shitty life so far, but how could she do something so stupid?

I called my Gramma. She is so sweet. She talked about the snowmobilers on the river behind her house, and about seeing The Colbert Report one night totally by accident and thinking it was hilarious. I'm proud that my Gramma finds the humor in The Colbert Report, as she and Papa are big fans of Bill O'Reilly and Fox News Channel in general.

I also called my Grampa's girlfriend/companion/caretaker today. (Grampa on my dad's side). After my Grandmother died in 1992, this woman got to know my Grampa and moved in with him and has been living with him this whole time, taking great care of him.

Grampa died last month, and I wasn't able to make it to the funeral up in Minnesota. I thought that during the time of the funeral and everything, people are around to offer comfort, support, sympathy, all that, but after it all settled down, I worried that she might be feeling very alone. I was just thinking about her a lot lately, and I wanted to call her and let her know she is in my heart.

Some people in my family are being pretty ugly to her because, well, she's not Grandma and they don't consider her family, but she is the sweetest woman I have ever met. It gave me so much comfort to know she was with him all the time, and I wanted her to know that. She was so happy that I called, and was genuinely interested in what was going on with me. She asked about my new job, she asked if I had a boyfriend, and she asked if I got lonely down here in Arizona. She just kept saying how much she misses Grampa and how special he was, and how she is going to buy his house from my aunts and dad so she can keep living there. It's her home.

Then she said she would send me a package with a DVD photo montage of Grampa, a little woodpile ornament that Grampa made, and some pictures and articles from the newspaper about my Gramps. She is so wonderful. I am definitely going to keep in touch with her, because she is so special for loving and caring for my Grampa.

Anyway, enough gushing about the sweet, wonderful old folks in my life. I'm just so full of joy that I woke up early today and had time to get in touch with them.

SO - Yayayayay for new babies and Yayayay for the old-timers, too!

*marches through thread tooting a plastic bugle*

HOLY CRAP! My Astanga yoga instructor really kicked our asses last night! BFF and I are taking a primary series class, and I feel like my whole body is really pissed off at me. My goodness...sticking with this is INCREDIBLY difficult. Our instructor is just so kind and everytime I see how gracefully she moves, even just walking, I keep wanting to come back.

And then I realize that I have no ibuprofen in the house and I wanna scream. EEEEEK!!

HOLY CRAP! I'm still jazzed about the MiniJacket. Didja get a printout of how he looks? Can you post it?
BUSTIES! Sitting on ship, awaiting leave for Montego Bay! VACAY AWERSOME!


OK, this shite is expensive...just wanted to pop in and give some smackers!

Who's jealouos of moxie?!!! *raises hand*

I would much rather be headed to montego bay than dealing with the swirling shitstorm on my desk this of my co-workers was working on the website last night, and well...he fucked the whole thing up. Doesn't work at all. Tech support is closed until 9am, and I want to kill said co-worker, or break his fingers so he'll keep his grubby hands away from my website. I have worked too hard for this to have a careless twit to fuck it all up with one click.
Hi Moxie! Thanks for popping in, enjoy your vacation!!

I like the name you have chosen, FJs. I can't figure out the middle name. I thought I knew it, but the initials don't work with what you said. Hmm. rolleyes.gif

Man, I am in one of those moods where everything seems crappy. I think I have PMS. Do you ever have those weeks where everything just seems to require so much effort?? Maybe it's the weather. It is dark and chilly. Bah.

Minx, I hope you find some meds for your aching muscles!

PK, that is really cool that your Grandpa's lady is sending you those things. I bet you really made her day by calling. That is too bad the rest of your fam hasn't been able to warm up to her. I mean, geez, if he is a widower, what's the big whoop?

Pk, I'm studying to become a licensed therapist, I'll have an MA in Counseling. I like my program, but I still have my doubts, as people keep telling me how you can't make any money in the field. Duh, I know it's not gonna make me rich, but I don't want to live in poverty either. This is one of those times that it would really help if mr K had a salary job. Both of us can't be just barely making it.

ETA: ME! I am jealous of Moxie!!

Jenn, your post cracked me up. Your mood seems to be like mine this AM. "swirling shitstorm", HA!
Yeah, kari, this is one of those life affirming mornings that just forces me to realize that I am DONE with this job. I go in and tell my boss that the co-worker completely fucked the website up last night, and that I don't even know how you do that (uploading the entire site, overwriting databases) without knowing that you are doing it. And she just excuses him - "he's new at this, he's going to make mistakes." Bullshit. He doesn't care for details at all, and screws it up everytime, and he just gets pardoned everytime because he and bosslady have kids the same age and are BFF and hang out together on the weekends. Its crazy-making.

And Kari, you can make an okay living doing counseling...and I know you'll be great. I work with social workers everyday, and many of my friends are therapists as was my MIL. I think the harder thing that I see with my friends, is that you really have to work to keep balance in your life, not give every reserve of energy you have to your clients, and keep yourself centered.

Okay, off to call tech support. Those bastards better be picking up the phone now.
Hi all!!

FJ has a penis growing inside of her!! FJ has a penis growing inside of her!! Full-time!! Hahahaha!!

Congrats to your sis too, PK!! That's really sweet that you embrace your Gramma, by the way. She sounds nice.

Oh come on now, guys. XRB was just gonna come over for a bit to tell me about his trivia weekend (Lawrence U's annual nerdfest). We'll probably lay off the naughty stuff for a while.

I'm really worried about doodle now. I wonder if she had to go into surgery or something. Or maybe she's with her ma. ~*~*~*~health vibes for doodle~*~*~*~
((((doodle))))) I wish I had her phone number...the worry is definitely creeping higher now. Minxy, tes - do either of you have her number? If so, can you PM me with it?

I think the web issue is getting sorted now. thank cod. Its costing us $75 to have the site restored from back-up, but for peace of mind, I'll take it.

Oh, and turbomann has his interview today from 1-4pm CST, so if ya'll could send out some vibes, I'd appreciate it! He's really excited about this one, and it seems like a good fit. I hope I get home in time to see him in his suit. smile.gif

And I'm still so excited for the FJs and the wee little weiner!!

Hi poodle!!!
Hi, peeps.

I took yesterday off because I had the most awful headache. It ended up lasting for 3+ days. I'm making a conscious effort not to grind my teeth, but my head is still holding all the pressure and I can't make it stop. I liked things better before the dentist told me that I grind my teeth and they're all going to get fractures in them, leading me to believe I'm only moments away from looking like a toothless hic.

So anyway...

Congrats on the little Mr. FJ!!!

PK, that was so sweet of you to call your grandpa's lady. It would sure be nice if everyone else could be that nice. It shouldn't matter if she's related or not, your grandpa loved her and she loved him. That should be all that matters. And that was darn nice of you to tell your sister she's going to be an aunt. I don't know if I'd have had the guts.

Minx, what's up with the cheaters?

Poodle, $80 sounds like a very small price to pay for drama-free peace of mind. Sometimes you just have to do it. When the giant and I were stranded in California, we just splurged on our REAL tickets home and felt so much better for it. I hate to say it, but money does solve a lot of problems.

((((((( vibes for Doodle )))))))))

Turbo, that sucks about the ongoing saga of your website. Isn't there a way to lock it so nobody else can access it?

Karianne, what kind of counseling do you want to end up doing? Do you want to go into private practice eventually, or at a hospital?

I am so very jealous of Moxie.

I didn't bother leaving the house last night at all. I just watched taped TV and the "Strangers With Candy" movie. It was okay, I guess. I wish they'd have gotten the guy who played her comatose father from the series instead of the guy from the movie. Stephen Colbert ruled, as usual. We just stayed home and cooked last night, and at 10:30 some homeless guy came over asking to shovel our sidewalk for a little cash for a night at the local shelter. All I had on me was a $20, so that should get him a few nights out of the cold and bus fare to get there. And he did a damn good job of shoveling, too. Way better than our landlords.

Did anyone else watch the Top Chef finale? It went the way I wanted, but I was SO waiting to hear "Marcel, please pack your knives and go." That would have been so satisfying. I watched Top Designer, too. Todd Oldham talks like he's reading for a commercial and really needs to lay off on the bronzer. It was a pretty okay show, though.

~*~*~*~interview vibes for turboman~*~*~*~

"and the wee little weiner" Awwwww...he takes after his daddy!! (Sorry mr. FJ, I couldn't help it) smile.gif

Remind me not to go to the match website. It's always really depressing for me. It makes me do a lot of self-reflection though. You know--how would I truly describe myself? What do I want? I don't know. It's almost easier to date myself and dismiss any partnership possibilities so that I don't have to put any effort into that part of my life. Dating, etc., is so much work. I've become really pessimistic about men in recent years. Anytime a guy thinks I'm cool, I think he's a moron. Men have a tendency to be really enthusiastic at first and then lose interest, whereas women gain interest with time. I've experienced this so many times that I can't take men seriously when I meet them. They're just so unbelievably dumb. Grrrr...I wish I didn't like weiners.

ANYWAY...enough seriousness from me for today...

ETA - (X-post) Hi diva!! I'm sorry about your teef and head. sad.gif Take some moments to concentrate on relaxing the muscles in your face and head. Envision them being completely relaxed. I used to have awful headaches until I did biofeedback in highschool and learned how to truly relax. These days, I rarely get headaches 'cept when I'm hungover or I haven't had my coffee. It may feel strange at first to have your face in a total limp state when you're used to having your face very controlled, but try it anyway. When your head is completely relaxed, your face should look like Dopey.
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