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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey all...this is a really quick post, because the actions of reading and/or scrolling make me totally nauseous. Everything makes me nauseous. And this is me on gravol. Nauseous but no longer able to barf b/c I can't eat anything. I tried a banana on Tuesday, but the taste of it made me gag; I got it down, then lost half of it. Tried a half dozen strawberries Wednesday (or Thursday? It's all a blur), and they don't make me gag, but they are wayyy too acidic for my post-barf esophogus. I can't even fathom anything else, except that I keep getting abdominal cramps from NO food, so I have to figure something out. Everything in the house - just thinking about it - makes me gag. I think I'm going to try strawberries again and see what happens. It's just sooooo gross.

I have barely left bed since the last time I posted here. Basically, I've gotten up either to pee, to barf, or to refill my water jug. The pain really hit me hard Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. It's not hideous now, but that's prolly 'cause the nausea has overtaken it. And I feel SO weak, likely from lack of food and all this barfing, and the drugs.

The stone hasn't passed - I'm worried it's b/c I was horizontal too long, which may have prevented it from moving downwards, but I don't know what else to do about that. I think I'm actually going to horizontal again in a minute or two.

Oh and the cats. I've been wishing they were with someone else - they've been pestering me, watching me, and Carmella especially keeps trying to snuggle and get pettings/attention, and I keep chasing her away. I don't want to be touched. I don't want anyone or anything around me.

Anyway, that's my report. Gotta go now, I think.....bleargh....
doodle-OMG honey- take care, take care! This wretched stone passing sounds like tourture and the flu all at once. (((doodle's insides)))). Anyone who says one doesn't know pain sans childbirth clearly hasn't passed a stone. ***STONE, OUT! OUT DAMN STONE!***

As for me, I'm working on getting my shite together for work, such that I don't feel remotely guilty or lackluster for leaving on vacay sunday. I will admit to feeling of panic at not being with moxette for a week, but she will be with her extremely capable grandparents, so, I have to calm myself in that regard.

Mouse! Turn the rat bastard in! FIle a poliece report, and at least any future, unseen damage will be covered. Asshat.

Turbo- SO glad the gala was rockin! You needed a moment of grrrrllll spice.

OK, I must worky work. RIght. Work. Or another thread...
(((((doodle))))) I'm sorry to hear that you're still really suffering, doodle. I wish there was something more we could do for you. I'll keep sending white healing light to you, with a laser-like beam to your stone. smile.gif

Moxie - good luck finishing up, and have a cocktail for me on your vacay!! I wish we were going with you, but I'm glad things turned out they way they did, as now would not be a good time for a vacation for us, financially. ANd I can't wait to hear all about your trip, and I hope the weather is warm and sunny!

So apparently after I left the event last night, the other 3 ladies from work shut the place down, didn't get home till 1:30am, and not only introduced themselves to the governor, but had a nice interaction with him, and he told them to set up a meeting with his assistant if there's other legislation we want to get on the table (last year, we wrote a critical adoption reform act, putting for-profit agencies and attorney-facilitators out of business)...pretty cool! And then they got majorly blown off by the president of Planned Parenthood chicago, and we'll make him hurt for that one, since he is the first one to speak about the "wonderful" partnership we have with them (good PR for PP), but does little to back it up.

Okay, well, I have asshats on the org's forum to deal with now...being a moderator with angry clients is not so much fun.
(((turbo's asshattery dealings))) Oh! I wish you guys were coming with us, too! But,a cruise isn't the ideal food environ for you or turbomann right now, eh? I will have a strawberry-mango 'rita on the deck in your honor!

Ok, I am actually totally caught up with work, but will "pretend" to work until I have to head downtown at 1:30. Time to go shower, do some laundry and go bake cookies. Yes, I'm baking cookies for a little desert-drinks thing we're having some friends over for tonight. I love cookies, and had to find a way to use up the eggs we have in the house. smile.gif

where IS everyone?!? Don't you cum-bags know its FRIDAY!!!!???!!!
Wow! Taking for-profit agencies and attorney-faclitators out of the adoption equation is major kickass! It's expensive enough to adpot as it is. People trying to get rich off of people who want to adopt is way lame! Way to go! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! ARRRRR!

Thanks for the positive feedbjork! smile.gif I'll post others sometime later. As for the ending, I looked into a bunch of other endings, and that one seemed the truest to the kind of person Feodor is. Also, you can choose to take the last words literally, or just in a quoty-mark sort of way. Also, a common intention I had with my stories in this set was to leave readers with questions instead of everything being wrapped up crystally-clear (like not in Serran Wrap with Magic Tape).

***health, justice, and jobby vibes*** Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
hey hey hey.

I have no insults today, lo siento.

Diva, OMG, when you were talking about Sam's diabetes being sexy, I thought you were talking about your nephew! I was quite confused for a moment there.

I don't have Saturday classes right now. Just Monday and Thursday nights. Going on Saturdays too just might kill me.

Jenn, sounds like the fundraiser was a good time. Young and rowdy feminists? I think that would be fun.

((Doodle)) I am so sorry you are feeling so awful! That sounds so miserable. sad.gif Rest up. I hope that stone passes soon so you can get back to normal.

((mouse)) ugh, that blows! What a jackass! I had a hit and run once, it pissed me off to no end. It did damage my car but I was so irritated that the person didn't even stop to see if I was ok. It was late at night on a quiet street, what if I'd been knocked out or something?

Poodle, I think those orange walls would look killer with a khaki couch! I like that color scheme.

Tree happy to hear about your feezer, not happy to hear about your wrist. What happened? I missed that somehow.

Minx! You are going on vaca? How did I not know this? Where ya going?

Hi fj!
Hey kari - Moxie's going on vacay, not minxy! tongue.gif I believe they're going on a cruise to warm, tropical places. Mmmmm....

I thought the same thing when Diva first mentioned "Sam," but then I realized she was talking about top chef, not our favorite toddler!

Yep, young rowdy feminists are indeed fun...lots of cheering and hooting and hollering, and its the only fundraiser I go to where I don't feel out of place. smile.gif Our orgs fundraisers are decidedly more stuffy, less passionate, and draw an older, wealthier crowd.

Lore, I'll definitely catch up and read your story this weekend - I'm looking forward to it!

I think I might take myself out to lunch today...I'm tired of sitting at this desk.
Hi, peeps!

There's something really weird going on in the ladies' bathroom at work. I sit right across from it, and I can hear everything. All 3 sinks were full of water that wasn't going anywhere, and now there's some kind of big noisy machine they're running. Hmmm...

No, I do not find my nephew sexy. smile.gif Incredibly cute, yes, but not sexy.

That's pretty smarmy that people try to make money off others who are opening their hearts and homes to children in need.

(((((((((Doodle)))))))))) Could you just try to eat some jello and broth, just to keep your fluids up?

Treehugger, that's great about the freezer, bad about your wrist. I hope it's treatable and not permanent.

Have fun on your trip, Moxie!

That's rotten about getting rear-ended, Mouse. I'm glad you caught the license plate number. Assholes like that should be charged double. I once saw a guy ram his gigantor SUV into the grill of someone's Cadillac across from the grocery store while he was parallel parking. The grill actually fell to the ground, but the guy just propped it up on the car and drove away, no note or anything. I saw the entire thing happen, got his plate number, and I hope that guy got what he deserved. The car was owned by some girl who worked in the store who barely spoke a word of English.

Hi, Karianne, Lore, Turbo, and everyone else!

What's up for everyone's weekend? The giant and I are grocery shopping and looking at bedding sets tonight, and he's taking me out for dinner (which is great since I've had to pay every single time for the last month except my birfday). Tomorrow, I'm making him go to IKEA with me, then a trip down to his mom's. And on Sunday, we're going to stay home and try to keep warm. We're going to do my taxes then, too, and hopefully have my refunds in a few weeks. I'm kind of peeved it would cost me $75 to file online because of my business (which didn't do so incredibly well this year), but it only costs $15 to do it if you don't have extra incomes, so I have to do it the old fashioned way. Feh. But this should be a pretty decent weekend overall. Payday weekends are always good.
Hi Hi Hi!!!

Damn mouse!! That assclown deserves a swift kick in the balls!! I hope your car is gonna be okay.

Heh...I also was confused when I read diva's "Sam" post. laugh.gif

Last night, I drove down to Eagan and bought an entertainment center from some dude. It's the perfect size for my stereo components and it has glass doors so the kitties won't be able to use my records as a scratch post. It's an 80's oak veneer, which is ugly as sin (my dad doesn't think so). Since it's not "wood" wood, I'm gonna paint it. I'm not sure what color yet though. Probably very dark brown. I don't really like black furniture, but it might be appropriate in this situation.

I picked out a softer, rust orange color for my living room. It's not as bright as the orange I posted before, but it's still pretty bold. I really want to paint before my sofa comes, but I don't know if I'll have the time.
Poodle, you are just a decorating diva these days!! I think a really deep mohogany brown/almost black would be nice, and then put a nice shiny lacquer coating on it...t'would look awesome with the orange paint.

Okay, I'm off to lunch with turbomann! YAY!
Where my bitches at?!! Am I talking to myself in here?

I'm home -- YAY! And the first night I've been straight home from work all week -- yippee! And hooray for the weekend ahead. We've got Talledega Nights and my favorite - Layer Cake to watch this weekend, dinner plans tomorrow, but not much else! And I haven't had a bath in, like, 3 I'll have to have a good soak this evening! wink.gif

What's everybody else up to?

(((((doodle get better))))

*wanders out of thread singing lullabyes to doodle*
yo turbo! i'm here. good for you for getting home on time tonight! and yay on your bath! sounds great! i will probably sink into the tub a little later tonight too. enjoy talledega nights. i laughed my ass off at that movie.

i slept in until 1:30 today! i was up pretty late last night, so i guess i needed it. i don't go to bed well when mrfj isn't here. i don't work on fridays, so i'm being lazy today and i know i'd better get to bed early tonight because i'm going shopping with a girlfriend tomorrow. she's coming to pick me up at 11, so i won't have to get up terribly early of course, but still.

the friend i'm going shopping with is going through some rough times. she's been with her husband for about ten years or more and they have a six or seven year old son. he went to iraq last christmas, and was gone until this past november. apparently, while he was gone, she decided she wanted to divorce him. i know they'd had some problems in the past but it really took me by surprise. we haven't talked about what happened because we haven't been able to get together since it happened. i'm not sure she even wants to talk about it, honestly, but i just want to hang out with her and let her know i support her. funny thing is that her husband also called us and we're planning to go see him sometime soon as well. i don't want to lose them as friends just because they're divorcing. he told me that she's seeing someone else, but wouldn't give me details. it's obvious he still loves her and she him. but like i said, i don't know what it was that officially made them decide to break up. so. hm. i'll just be happy goig shopping with her and hanging out.

i'm getting hungry but i don't know what i want to eat. i have a lot of stuff in the fridge but nothing is jumping out at me. i am thinking i might just order some chinese food. i have a craving for steamed veggies from my favorite chinese buffet, but it's a half hour away and i'm still in my pjs. i might jsut have to find a suitable substitution. wink.gif

anybody else out there?
Hi, all! I just want to apologize in advance because typing in this brace SUCKS. I keep hitting something that makes everything I type disappear. So I' m just typing a couple sentences at a time and then editing....that way Idon't lose it all! So this post will probably change...heh.

FJ, You're a great cheerleader! And, wow, on the sleeping in! I don't think I've slept that late in years! That's so great about supporting your friend too! You seem to be a very caring type of person. The world doesn't have enough of you.

OMG, just try, once, just using the spacebar with your NONdominant hand....for a paragraph! I feel so slow!

Poodle, I'm visualizing an espresso color.

And., I am getting TIRED of typing. And having trouble focusing. May have tocut it short.

vibes to ~~doodlebug~~ hope you are feeling better!

I promise I will comeand get caught up in the morning! I have the whole next month off! Yay!

I got to work today and my freezer had blown the circuit breaker! Waaah! This is a Murphy's Law freezer, that's for sure! Anyway, now today I replaced ALL the relays and capacitors (basically electrical compnents) so...the damn thing's basically new. It's back to minus 80.

I have to show up at work Monday to talk to the workers comp peoples and get some stugf straightened out,,,,then I'm off! I want to bake cookies.... smile.gif

To those who missed it , I'm diagnosed with de Quervain's syndrome. It basically fucks up your wrist and it's sort of like carpal tunnel but it's in aa different spot and it's a tendon rather than a nerve. Wearing a brace for a month.
hey guys--this has to be quick, we've been moving offices all day and now i'm much more out in the open and can't spend as much time screwing around on the internet as i'd like *pout*

i don't think i'm going to call about the dude. my car isn't damaged, i'm not damaged...hypothetically i could be dead, and he wouldn't know, but i don't want an accident on my record. yknow? plus it's an exercise in forgiveness.

turbo, don't tempt me to move to chicago! it's always been on my list smile.gif i'm actually gonna be there this summer for a wedding......we should totally hang out if i have time!

((((doodle)))) i hope it passes swiftly.......

((tree's wrist)) here's hoping you get used to the brace!


ok i gotta run......everyone have a great weekend! <3

Hey peeps!!

Ugh. Sorry about your friend, FJ. I'm sure it'll be good for her to spend some time with a friend though, even if she doesn't feel like talking about her situation a whole lot. It helps just to laugh and do something fun during hard times. So when does Mr. FJ get back?

Mmmmm...chinese food....I need to find a good chinese restaurant in my neighborhood. The Red Dragon is a block or so away, but it's mediocre and they don't have a lot of tofu dishes. I loooooove fried tofu, especially when it involves peanuts or cashews. Mmmm....

(((treehugger))) That sucks!! Keep that brace on.

I think I might steal your idea, turbo, and take a bath. It'll help with my MRG cramps.

I'm cleaning up my apartment so that my mom and sis can come over tomorrow. My sister is gonna help me move the entertainment center while my mom manages the niecoid. My niece gets to see kitties for the first time in her life!! It'll be interesting to see her reaction. When my oldest nephew saw my cats for the first time, he screamed in joy and ran around after them. My younger nephew was scared of them. It's so funny to see kids experience things for the first time.

Yay!! I got my New Balance shoes in the mail!! 25% off the retail price and 100% leather-free! smile.gif
HI ya'll!!

Tree! That's *awesome* that you're getting a month off!! Hooray!!

FJ, you're a good friend, and I do hope you can keep both your friends if they split up. In the couple of bust-ups we've had, we've only gotten custody of one friend from each set. It makes me sad. But being there for support (and shopping!) and a very good thing.

Poodle, you can steal my bath idea - but its friday, you know, and rules are rules, so just make sure you take cocktail to the bath with you. Its how I roll on a wild friday night. wink.gif

We're watching Talledega, and indeed FJ, it is amusing and frothy.

Mouse....Booooo for open office spaces!!! Time for that new fantastic job to materialize, right?!
Happy Friday Peeps

Ugh, orange and brown...You SO woulda loved growing up the way I did, My grandma had all the kitche crapola...She had a den with colorful vases, seashells brown couches and orange velour swively lookin chairs...she also rocked the puke green fridge matched by the orange dinner table..They also had fake fruit and strange metal sculpture art from my artsy uncle when he was in junior high I still have my Great grandma's old ashtray, it's glued together in 3 places by super glue.
Speaking of old furniture ..You know that patio furniture on That 70's Show....I can say that i've actually sat on that very model... laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif she had 4 patio chairs in green and white with the white table.

I feel ya on the Scrubs show FJ

I got every episode dvr'd and get to watch 4 or 5 before I go to bed. That show kills me..My fiancee laughed at me cos I got a little misty eyed during the show. I think that Show's making me an emotional wreck....Dr. Cox kills me the most...I can't wait til J.D. gets that Hug, or I'm gunna go bonkers.
Hi everybunny!
((((doodle))))) behave, damnable kidney thingers!
have fun on your cruise, mox!
(((tree's wrist))) i have tendinitis in both of mine. they're a bitch when the weather changes
mouse, if it's not your fault would the accident do anything to your driving record? i'm under the impression that rear-ends are always the rear-ender's fault, and hit-and-runs are crimes, oui?

boything is out of town working this weekend. so tonight is a cougarlion night, and tomorrow is a massive party of videogames at the boything's apartment, since i hang out there with his roomates that i'm friends with anyways. we will have a wii, xbox360, ps2, and a whole bunch of DSs. It should be ridiculously awesome

stats makes me want to cry. i think i'll be able to get stuff decently under control by the midterm, but that's only worth 10% of my final grade, but my homework (which is worth 40%) is currently sitting at 57%, which makes me not so happy. but the teacher is awesome, so that's something.

my friend bought me a vulva lollipop a while ago. it tastes like really,really bad artificial peach (from now on known as 'fake vagina taste'. fuzzy peach candies will never be the same.
Hey now!! No ripping on orange and brown!! When used in the right way, they can be good friends. Shawn, I can totally imagine your grandma's house. My grandma had a bunch of awful orange velour chairs. I wonder what happened to those. I'm sure my aunt and uncle got rid of all the good stuff after she died. Yeah, orange velour wasn't really appreciated in the late 80's. I can't imagine why.

I'll take any just about any color over that 80's oak finish on my entertainment center. Just wait--in 15 or so years, I'll be regretting how I destroyed such a great piece of vintage 80's furniture. laugh.gif
poodle, that site that you posted with the apt with the orange walls --- WHAT a great site! i need to go back and check around there some more. (although i can't really do much in a furnished, leased apartment. sigh)

thanks to all of you who popped into the kvetch thread to vibe me, or who sent me pms. i'm really upset about my mother. it was sweet of roseviolet to post in here to let you all know. i just posted an update over in kvetch about it, dont feel like crossposting. i won't be able to visit her until at least the 3rd week of feb. sad.gif

tyger, that vagina pop sounds dreadful. blink.gif not sure that those things are really meant to be eaten....

i'm lurking a lot, just haven't been posting. sorry about your car, mouse, but V glad that you are okay. i'm not sure, but i think that auto insurance rules vary from state to state. some states have "no fault" insurance, ans some insurance companies only take into consideration how many CLAIMS you have made against your insurance, regardless of who was at fault. (and in this case, you don't have a police report, so it would probably be handled as a comprehensive claim, not as collision. i don't think that i would report it either.

hi, everyone! turbojenn and divalla and treehugger and shawnboy and moxie (who is on vacay, it sounds like!) and fj and anyone and everyone i missed! ((((((((((okaylanders)))))))))

Mornin' ya'll!! Its pretty warm here this morning, 34 degrees, so I got up early and took turbo for a long walk while listening to NPR Morning favorite Saturday morning. And now, I just sniveled and weeped my way through watching Grey's Anatomy online....cod, that show gets to me!

(((((tes, mamae and family)))) Know that we're all thinking of you, my dear, and I'm sending you and mamae plenty of prayers and white light.

Not sure what we're doing yet today, which is nice. I need to go to the grocery, though, at some point...there's no vegetable matter left in the house.
ok, so i know there's a while grey's thread...but YEAH., what is it that makes that show so damed compelling?!? crikey, its a friggin melodrama...and i can't get enough. Tivo will be thrilled to fill UP, UP, UP with our tv this week!

Ok, i think moxette is finally slumbering...she's a pissy napper these days. Must go start packing.,

(((tes)))mamae will know your light and unwavering love from wherever you are, darling.
Truly....turbomann stumbled out of bed this morning, and sees me on the computer tears streaming down my face, and he says...."watching grey's?" Yup. And I'll probably watch it again before the weekend is out. I still have Ugly Betty and Friday Night Lights to catch up on too...

Turbomann and I have decided to venture out and go see a matinee of Pan's Labyrinth this afternoon - yay! First movie we've seen since he got fired...but we're feeling like employment is near on the horizon, so we're going to splurge!

Happy packing moxie!!!
Phew! My mom, sis, and niecoid just left. It was fun, but it's stressful to have a lot of people in here, especially family. My niece was thrilled to see kitties for the first time. It was so cute. She was following them around and making meow noises. They let her pet them, but then Oscar got a little bit freaked out after a while and hid in the bathroom. He hissed at her a couple times. Funny.

Now I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to paint this entertainment center in the middle of my apartment without the cats getting in the way and trying to jump on it. I suppose I could paint it in phases. I don't know.

((((tes)))) So sorry about your ma. sad.gif

ETA- SNL (or maybe it was Mad TV) did a skit making fun of Grey's Anatomy, where all of the characters were sitting around talking about relationship drama and people were dying of heart attacks, etc, at the same time. Ha!
Awwww, poodle that's so sweet that your neicoids loved the kitties...even if it forced the kitties to retreat. smile.gif

We just got back from Pan's Labyrinth....damn, that is a DARK movie. I knew it would be, but it was a little much for me. I think I would have been happier with a silly romance. A beautifully crafted movie, to be sure, but a little too violent for me.

And we're going out for tapas with friends tonight for a birthday celebration - should be fun.

Now, I think it might be naptime....

Add some sort of citrus smelling additive to the paint. It's pretty universal...cats HATE citrus.

Brace is still bugging me.

I wish I could type. I'm sure it'll get better. I know it already is....I haven't inadvertently deleted this post yet!

But, just to be safe I am doing the save/edit game.

(((((tesao))))) good wishes for you and your mother.

I freaking LOVE greys anatomy. smile.gif

Ya know, Poodle, I think the majority of my mouldings might be considered to be 80s oak...hehe. It does seem sort of bland. I'd prefer maple.

Moxie, happy packing!!! And happy cruise!

Tyger, have fun at your party!

I love "that 70s show" but I totally can't visualize the patio set!

Damn. My wrist is beginning to THROB. I gotta stop for now.... sad.gif

~~vibes to all who need them~~

Hi, peeps!

((((((((((((((((more vibes for Tes' mamae))))))))))))) I hope she holds on long enough for you to see her.

Shawnboy, you so rule! I can't believe you found a picture of Dr. Rockso from Metalocalypse to use for your avitar! That's currently my favorite animated show, and now I don't feel so obscure for knowing what it is.

Turbo, how was Pan's Labrynth? We're thinking about going to see it now that it's in wide release. Did the subtitles get in the way of enjoying it?

Hellos to everyone else.

We're just chilling out at home tonight watching TV. The Royal Rumble is on later, though we're probably just going to tape it and watch tomorrow. I hear that Undertaker wins. Yay!
Diva, I'm not sure I'd recommend Pan's Labyrinth...its an amazing, well-crafted movie, to be sure, but it is an old school dark fairy tale, complete with large amounts of gore, and mostly, I found the violence pretty horrifying. I thought the story backdrop of Franco's Spanish Civil war would be less of the movie - a la Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of Oz....but it was more of that storyline, with a dash of the dark and fantastic.

We're just chillin at home tonight too...but we're watching Iron Chef America....the challengers are 2 chicago chefs, so I gotta watch...strangely, this is far more compelling than the super bowl next weekend. biggrin.gif

I made a nice dinner this evening, though - chipotle in adobe/garlic marinated pork tenderloin, refried beans, and some greens....very tasty, and plenty of leftovers for tomorrow. Oh, and of course I made soup this morning too...mexican chicken soup this week...I'm in a Mexican mood today, I guess.

(((((doodle)))) I hope you're feeling better by now, my dear. Rest up, and take care of yourself. We're thinking about you here.

((((tree's wrist)))) How's the baking coming, tree?
Good morning!

It is so cold here today! 18 degrees I think when I got in the car. ugh. Me no likey.

Jenn, your weekends sound so domestic and relaxing.

I saw Pans Labyrinth also. I thought it was a good movie, but not one I'd watch a second time. Too violent. Definitely worth seeing though. Last night we saw The Last King of Scotland, which I thought was well done. Forest Whittaker earned an Oscar for sure. I told Mr K the next movie we see has to be cheery.

Poodle, I think orange and brown done right is nice too. Jenn's idea about your entertainment center sounds like a good one. I love chocolate brown.

((Tes)) I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I know you must be worried sick & that is so frustrating that you can't see her for a few more weeks. I hope everything is Ok. ((tes mama))

Doodle, are you feeling better??

Treehugger, your wrist condition sounds painful! Ouch! So you are for sure getting a month off work? That is pretty sweet. Is it paid?

I had a good weekend. Friday night I had my girlfriends & my sister over for dinner. I made a delectable, full fat, mac & cheese and a really good salad. My sister brought over a homemade ginger cheesecake. Saturday I went to the flea market in the AM, went to my mom's to pick up some stuff, and then we had my sister's surprise party that night. Yesterday Mr K & I just hung around the house, and saw a movie. It was a nice weekend, just fast! Feel like I coulda used a few more days. That's nothing new though! wink.gif

What's everyone got on tap this week?
Hi kari! *wrapes a blankie around kari* - Its 18 degrees here too, this morning, but we're used to it - its not supposed to be that cold where you are!! You're weekend sounds like it was pretty great! Was your sister suprised, and did she enjoy her celebration?! Ginger cheesecake sounds amazing...YUMMM....

Yeah, I think the next movie I see is going to have to be Catch and Release...nothing too taxing. smile.gif

I'm not ready to be back at work this week. booo. And Moxie's hopefully hopping on the cruise this morning for a week of total relaxation - I know I'm envious!

Hmmm...this week, I've got spin tonight, my sacred contracts class on wednesday, and I think I'll be spending the weekend avoiding the super bowl madness that has hit chicago. smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

Okay, so I'm rethinking Pan's Labrinyth if it's all violent and gory. Then again, I did manage to sit through that Camelot movie with Clive Owen and that stick-girl who's name I can't remember, which was gratuitously gory. Maybe it'll end up being a rental. Thanks for the input, though.

Yeah, how did the surprise party for your sister go, Karianne?

Wow, that's a whole lotta female family, Poodle. I don't know if I'd be able to take it. I can only tolerate so much estrogen in one room. : ) The only other female in my family is my mom, who isn't all that girly.

Ah yes, the Superbowl madness shall hit Chicago, and I hope you get your asses beat. Not that I care about football or anything, but if I did, I'd be rooting for the Colts to win. They haven't seen a Superbowl for a really long time.

So I guess this weekend was an okay one. The giant took me out for dinner and paid for groceries on Friday. We were really pissed off on Saturday morning, though. Apparently there was a birfday shindig for the giant's aunt, and we weren't even told about it until an hour and 45 minutes before it, plus we had to pick his mom up at a certain time, so we had no leeway about when we could get there. Grrr! I hate to be woken up and then made to rush because of someone else's agenda when they don't even bother to call us enough in advance that we can plan things out and don't have to scramble. I swear, if that happens again, we're not going at all. I hate how the giant gets treated like an afterthought sometimes. His cousin, who he talks to pretty much every day, knew days in advance and never bothered to tell him. At least we got to go to IKEA afterward and we dreamed about our future house. Yesterday, we didn't leave the house at all, just nested and watched lots of TV, especially wrestling.

And I got nosebleeds all weekend long because the air is so dry. Nothing feels grosser than blood pouring out of your nose and down your face. I'm not even going to tell you about the really gross parts.
Good mornin' peeps!!

I'm supposed to meet with my boss this morning because she'll be at meetings the rest of the day, but it's aleady 10:11, so I'm hoping we won't have time. *crosses fingers* I don't feel like talking to her this morning. Blah.

Mmmm....ginger cheesecake sounds awesome!!

Well, I spent Saturday night putting my electronics, records, dvd's, etc. in the entertainment center and clearing out space for the couch. Holy crap. It looks soooo different with all that stuff off the floor. I'm gonna wait for a while to paint the entertainment center until the couch is in there and all of my goodwill and storage boxes are outta there. I need to have the stuff off the floor right now. It's amazing how much spacious it looks in there right now. I spent yesterday going throught boxes of shit and sorting it out for garbage, storage, and goodwill. It was sorta fun to dig through my old stuff.

How's everyone today?

I'm super excited, because I discovered that Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead is gonna be playing at this year's 10,000 Lakes Festival (in July). He does mostly his old music, which is awesome. He sang about half (if not more) of the Grateful Dead's songs, so it won't be totally strange to not have Jerry Garcia there. There are also rumors that Phil Lesh plans on doing something this year after his battle with prostate cancer and a liver transplant. I would be blown away if he joined Bob Weir at the 10,000 Lakes festival. Sure, it's not a complete Dead experience, but it would be damn close, and there aren't gonna be many chances left to see those guys so close to home. It's a 4-Day festival, but I only want to do one day just to see Bob Weir. I don't think I could handle 4 days of hippies and jam band music. I need to find someone to go with me so. The XRB might go or maybe my co-worker and his wife would be interested. They'll have a baby by that point though. Anyway.... /music geekdom

Today's not such a shitty day. I was in a bad mood on my way to work, but not so much now.

Yeah, what's up with your stone, doodle? Are you feeling any better?

ETA- (X-post w/ diva) That sucks that you guys weren't informed about the shindig earlier. I hate spontaneous stuff like that. I like to get ready for things like that in a leisurely fashion. I'm glad you guys had a nice, relaxing sunday though.
BRrrr, thanks for the blanket, Jenn! We get this sort of weather a couple of times each winter, but never for long. I think anything below 30 degrees is too cold. I hope it returns to our regularly scheduled weather soon!

The party went well, thanks! We had sort of a low turn out, but it worked out just fine. We had tons of extra desserts though. I took some home, including some of the Mexican chocolate tart that my sister made. OMG. Mr K and I ate lots of the tart yesterday, but threw away the other stuff. It just was no match for the tart.

Diva, it sounds like you had a nice weekend. That really sucks about the giant's family! Geez, how annoying that you had to jump up and run out the door like that. Why do you think his cousin didn't mention the party?

Sorry to hear about the nosebleeds. I get those too sometimes, though not as badly as when I was younger.

Moxie's on a cruise? Color me jealous!

Sounds like you have a busy week, Jenn. Mine is fairly busy as well. I have a paper due tonight (that I've yet to write) and a midterm on Thursday. Work all week, with a meeting with my future practicum supervisor on Wednesday.
G'mornin' All!

So here's another fairytale I wrote. (The previous one being here.) These aren't posted in any particular order other than that dictated by whim.

(((TesMa))) (((Tess))) Strength to you both.

My BIL visited this weekend, and it was really nice. My wife's whole family is comprised of people I'd be happy to hang out with. I'm soooo lucky! Anyway, we meant to go hiking on Saturday, but we got up and motivated too late due to lots of beer consumption Friday night. Instead, we headed to this nice beach area with some more beers and enjoyed the wonderful view. We also discovered a portion of sand cliff where the ocean had eroded away some built-up sand, leaving a 9-foot cliff leading to another 6 feet of steep sand slope that was very pleasent to land in. My BIL and I took turns either jumping or kinda skiing off the cliff and down onto the sand slope. It was great fun, and we were soon doing 360s and leaping further for more drop. Livin' la vida testosterone! It was something I needed, for sure smile.gif

kari, that meal sounds delicious. i am drooling over here.

diva, you can go around to the grossie thread and tell us about your nosebleeds! laugh.gif my throat and nose have been really dry lately too--i thought it was from smoking too much, but i kind of quit on new years (i haven't smoked since then, but i do better when i don't make it absolute...i feel like if i leave myself room to slip up, i'm less likely to....make any sense?) and i still wake up feeling all gross. my eyes, too. damn dry cali.

turbo, i heard pan's labyrinth was a ton of gratuitous violence from another friend as well. i'm not sure if i want to see it.


((tree's wrist))


hi poodle, lore, everybody else!

i had a packed weekend. it already didn't have enough time in it, and then saturday night as i was getting ready to go out to my friends' birthday party, my friend m from back east called me up frantic because her boyfriend z was in town and didn't have anywhere to stay and was wandering around in the rain, as good as homeless. apparently he was touring (he's a musician) with some woman and couldn't get in touch with of course i had to put him up. i really didn't want to (selfish? yes) but i couldn't have said no. i was really pissed off since i had been looking forward to getting a lot of stuff done the next day, but instead i had to wait for him to wake up, feed him, take him to pick up his stuff, and then take him to the train station. and he ate all my goddamn pita bread while i was at the party.

seriously, he's a nice guy but i don't have a lot of patience for people who don't have their shit together. maybe it's selfish and mean of me, but i've always had control of my own life. i went to college early, went straight to living on my own from college, and since then have always supported myself on my own and dealt with my shit when i've had to deal with it. i make plans before i make final decisions, and i always have a backup incase something goes wrong. it just boggles my mind that someone could travel 3000 miles away from home without having a set idea where they were going to stay, and then freak out when something doesn't materialize. who does that??? and i mean, he thanked me a lot, but he ate way more of my food than i was expecting (including THREE of the six pitas i had bought that day and was expecting to last me the week), didn't wash his dishes, didn't fold the blankets i gave him, and left the towels i let him use in a heap on the bathroom floor. and this guy is like, 24, he should fucking know better.

UGH sorry end rant. i had to do that.

anyway, good morning
((mouse)) whether or not he has his shit together, that is a crappy houseguest.

I saw Pan's Labyrinth and loved it. I don't like movies with gratuitous violence, but, for instance, Tarantino movies don't get to me- it all depends on context. There were definitely parts where I winced and closed my eyes, but it didn't leave me that disturbed afterwards. There's been other movies that have bothered me afterwards (Boys Don't Cry, and Children of Men, which I saw over the weekend...that was a different kind of "bothered" though.) I'd say if you're really sensitive to violence, wait until it comes out on DVD so you can fast-forward or turn it off.

((hugs to all the okayers))
Mouse, darlin', I think you should tell your friend M how you felt about the spontaneous visitor, food and lack of concern for cleaning up after himself... I know I would tell my friends if their BF acted like such an ass in my home. He should have been as polite and considerate as possible, not a pig expecting the maid to come pick up after him. They both owe you an apology there.

I don't really like having most people in my space home is too much my sanctuary. Friends I'm comfortable with are fine, I can tell them to pick up their shit, or that I need an hour to just lay down and unwind by myself...but more distant aquaintances or family -- completely stress me out.

Go poodle!! I love that feeling when you find some floor space that you didn't have before...a good round of organizing is so fulfilling! I can't wait to see piccies of your place when you get everything set the way you want it!

Diva, I'm with you on the nosebleeds. I run the humidifier at home, but at work it is SO dry, and I get the occasional nosebleed too...doesn't help that the heater in my office is directly in front of my desk, and blows straight in my face all day.

I'm sorry the giant's family forgets about him - turbomann's family is the same way - we're always the last to know about anything, and then if turbomann gets news, he sometimes forgets to pass it along to me, but at least we're 300 miles away, so they rarely expect us to show up to something.

((((doodle))))) Feel better, my dear....

ETA: Yeah, I wouldn't saay Pan's is a movie that was really mentally disturbing later, but I closed my eyes alot...
*steals a corner of kari's blanket and snuggles in*

it was 26 this morning here! are you kidding me? jeesh, this is florida for goodness sakes! man! it's supposed to get just as cold tonight too. boooooo! i am SO jealous of lorewolf and the warm beach weather!!!

i just had a nice omlette though, and my belly is happy and warm.

mouse, that sucks about that guy. but i gotta tell ya, he unfortunately sounds like most 24yo guys i've known. sounds like a lot of people in general actually! i mean, i always tell people to make themselves at home, but come on! you should tell his girlfriend that he needs a few lessons is guest-iquitte!

turbo, mrfj wants to see pan's labyrinth and i've not even seen the preview yet. at leat now i know what to expect.

he's still gone. booo! he's in san francisco right now, and he's got the cold/sinus thing that i had. poor guy. he slept most of the time he was in vegas because he was getting sick and now he feels like shit there. but he gets to come home tomorrow and i'm so excited to see him. i've gotten used to him being away from me for a few days at a time, but this has been a little upsetting. i feel like part of me is across the continent!! i know it sounds cheesy but dang! and i might have hit that whole "horny" part of my pregnancy. i've had to visit literotica a couple times and even had him uh, talk me through some things the other day. hehe. i needs me an hbi!!!!!!

diva, you and the giant sound so sweet and domesticated now! i love seeing you talk about nesting and thinking about future plans. that's so cool.

good for you poodle, for getting all your stuff put into your entertainment shelf. it can make such a difference having everything in its place. i can't wait to see what you do with your space!

speaking of, i can't wait to get started on the nursery. we haven't painted the room yet, so that will be the first step. i've been checking out stuff online and in stores, trying to find lots of bugs and frogs and nature-inspired stuff, but i haven't bought anything yet. i don't know why, but i guess it just feels too soon. we have our ultrasound wednesday, so maybe seeing the baby again (and maybe even finding out the gender!) will give me the push to know this is really real!!! smile.gif

*wishes i was on the cruise with moxie!!*

hi everbustie else!

((((((((((((((tes and mamae))))))))))))))
Mouse, dude that sucks! I agree with Jenn, you should mention it to your friend. Is it a long time partner? Rude rude rude. I'd be especially pissed about the pita too! I'm very chintzy with my time. How frustrating.

FJ, I can't believe you may be finding out your baby's gender! How exciting!!! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
Sorry to hear mr FJ's been sick. Sinus stuff is a real pain. Besides hurting, it makes you so tired. I am sure he will be happy to oblige you with an HBI upon his arrival. Hee!

I am so hungry & have no food. It was one of those "scounge around in the pantry and see what you can find" kind of lunches today. I ended up with nasty mac & cheese that you make in a bag by pouring hot water in, an apple, and a V8. Completely unsatisfying.

I worked out at lunch today, in an attempt to work off at about 5% of all the desserts I ate this weekend. Thank cod we threw the remainder away, I am going to be so ravenous when I get home, I'd gorge myself.

Hi Lore! That's wonderful that you like your wife's fam so much. I am lucky that way too. Mr K's family is really great, easygoing, and fun.
I'm totally jealous of your weekend, lorewolf. Oh god, what I wouldn't give for one day of 40+ degree weather right now. I just want to be able to get some fresh air in my apartment.

Damn, mouse. That's shitty of that dude. What really irritates me is that people do this nomadic stuff and then end up in homeless/hungry situations and then expect friends and family to help out. I would love to just take off and wander around, but I don't feel right taking advantage of people. It's not fair to those of us who take responsibility for ourselves. There are these kids that sit around on the street with their dreadlocks and tattoos asking for food or gas money and it makes me really angry, because they are young and able-bodied, and they're probably from middle-class families in the suburbs and decided to quit college because they're lazy fucks and they wanted to go backpacking around Europe and now they're asking me for money. I see these kids as distinctly different from other street people. /rant

~*~*~*~happy ultrasound vibes for the FJ's!!~*~*~*~ How exciting!!

I've never even heard of Pan's Labyrinth. What's it about exactly? I'm pretty desensitized to adult-on-adult violence. I can't handle watching violence towards animals or children though.

Wow! Today's going by fast!! I guess it's because I'm in a good mood and I've actually done some work.
***Good FJ Bean-Viewer vibes*** Eeeeeeeeee!

Sorry to hear about the crasher, Mouse! Yeah, I was wondering about that situation. Sounds odd that he hadn't enough to scrape together to stay somewhere cheap, or at least to re-stock your pantry a tad. I'd have been cleaner and would have bought you some wine, at least.

Sorry about everybody's noses! Mr. FJ might be afraid to HBI with a runny nose. I'm sure he wouldn't want to drip or sneeze on you.

As for the beach weather, it's not like we were wearing swim suits or anthing. It was just a hiking alternative, really. Of course, it wasn't freezing, either, so who am I kidding?

Hey ya'll - turbomann's got an interview on Thursday!! WOooOOOT! An actual, honest-to-goodness in-person interview!! He's very excited about this one - he'll talk with a few folks, then give a presentation on one of his past projects from abbott, and he's already putting together the attack plan, and having abbotteers email him docs on the sly. cool.gif

~*~*~*~clear ultrasound vibes for the FJS~*~*~*~*

((((((sinus-clearing vibes for mr fj))))))

Lore, you can bring that bottle of wine over and stay at our pad anytime. wink.gif
Geez, Mouse, what a rude houseguest! I would totally call your friend and tell her about it. You just don't go around relying on friends of friends and the kindness of strangers, and then not act as gracious and grateful as possible about it. That boy certainly does need to get his shit together. There's no excuse for rudeness in the face of generosity. I used to work at a place with a lot of people like that, and it irked me to no end.

((((((((interview vibes for Turbomann)))))))))) Hooray for the in-person!

(((((((((((ultrasound vibes for FJette))))))))))) How many months along are you, now?

Yay for Poodle getting more floor space! I want to see all your new stuff. I think I've only been over once since XRB moved out. When are you going to get your couch delivered or pick it up? Or did you already and I forgot?

Karianne, those lunches always suck. I've had to do that more than once, or borrow money for the vending machine, which is even more embarassing. Mine wasn't so great, either. I had the most lackluster mandarin salad that I couldn't make myself finish, and a diet soda. I also had some cheese soup with breadsticks, which saved it. I actually kind of feel vindicated in eating cream-based soup since I didn't have much else after all, and it was quite a walk there and back to get it. But anyway, your desserts this week sound incredible.

*note to self to bake stuff tonight

Hi, Lore and Polly!

I wish I could leave now, but I have to stay late since I'm incapable of waking up on time. *slaps own wrist* At least my boss is gone and I can screw around if I want, even though it's felt pretty good to get a lot of work done. I've even impressed myself.

thanks for all the indignance on my behalf smile.gif

he's been dating my friend for maybe three years and generally i think he's a decent guy, i just don't think he has his shit together, or really thinks things through. i did an illustration (pro bono, back when i was still trying to get portfolio work) for his band's album cover, but of course it never got put out, and he's asked me to do other design/illustration things for them, and i've said yes, only to never hear back from him about them. to be fair, i know he has a pretty rough family life and he himself is bipolar (? some sort of mental imbalance), but if you're together enough to go on tour across the country, you should be together enough to pick up your damn towels and wash your damn dishes, especially when someone is obviously doing you a damn huge favor. i'm not gonna complain about him cos she's really stressed right now and has enough to deal with, and he did thank me profusely, but. meh.

i wanna see pix of poodle's place!

kari, that sucks about your lunch! sad.gif we've just moved to a new office building and we don't have a microwave yet, which i didn't realize when i packed my lunch. so i had to drive over to the old building and use their microwave. haha.
Ahh. If he's the bi-polar sort, like my brother is, that kinda makes sense (but doesn't really excuse). He was likely in a low, being stranded and all, and his motivation was hurting. Still a bummer for you, though.

Wooo hooo for TurboMan!!!! smile.gif What's your wine pref, TurboJ?
lore, just bring any 'ol bottle of wine on by, we're not picky!

Yeah, we're pretty excited about turbomann's interview on Thursday...I'm ready to be a 2 paycheck household again!

Spin class tonight was was the leftover pork tenderloin rubbed with chipotles in adobe and salad, as was the bath following that. A good monday night, all in all.
Good morning peeps!!

He left his towels on the floor and didn't do his dishes?! Tsk tsk...


So minx, how did you discover that these guys plagiarized their reports? Was it just obvious? Man, it must be hard to be a teacher or aide these days with the accessibility of the internet.
mornin' minxy and poodle!!!

((((((minxlette))))) Poor girlie....but what an amazing momma she has to get up and make soup before dawn cracks!!

Minx - throw the book at those athletes - that stuff pisses me off so much, though as poodle said, I bet plaigarizing is even easier nowadays in the internet era, and probably harder to detect too. I'm glad you're holding up high ethical standards for your students - they need it!

that lomo saltado sounds awesome minxy...and even better that you have a man that cooks! Turbomann's well spoiled by my cooking, and I'm just a wee bit territorial about the kitchen. tongue.gif

And I am wearing a blouse today that I haven't been able to wear for 2 years - woot!!!
Cool about the trimmin', Torbo! smile.gif

Good morning, Poodle, Minx, and anyone else up. I'm looking out at a neat-o yellow moon over here.

Plagerism, eh? Grrrrrrrrr! Yeah, that IS a slap in the face! To what extent did they plagerise? As an English and general academic tutor, I ran into people plagerising a bunch. There were different degrees of it, though. It sounds like what you've got isn't just poor documentation, though. Damn, Minx, do you know whether their coach would be on your side or theirs?
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