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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Those darned microns get EVERYWHERE! sad.gif

Once again started posting too late. Much fondness for all, and thanks for the encouragement. I'll get some of my fairytales posted for you guys to read. Otherwise, have a great hump day! Do the Humpty Hump!

ETA ((((PuppyKitty)))) That's awful! sad.gif

Minx, that's bumming, yet hopefully you're right about Minxlette sticking up for you. Yikes!
(((Minx)))) I'm glad your car wasn't seriously harmed, and I nearly spit tea all over my keyboard at your nickname for the lady...and karma's a bitch, sometimes, and I hope minxlette shares her interesting morning with all of her friends! heh.

Kari - that is AWESOME news about your sister! Sounds like its going to be a great, and well-deserved celebration, and I hope she's suprised and as proud of herself as your family is!

(((((Kari feel better)))) Ugh, sinus infections suck...I hope you feel better soon!! (you can always try the neti pot too ph34r.gif, of course you knew I would say that.)

Hi lore!!! can't wait to read your stories!
I am completely fascinated by Treehugger's freezer. It's like the best soap opera ever.

Seriously. I love chicks with serious mechanical stylings. Mad respect.
Minx, that is unbelievable! That lady rammed into you 2x and then had the nerve to tell you to move so she could go? huh.gif Some people. And you're right, at least the kids will have a laugh when minxlette tells them what happened.

Thanks for the health vibes, jenn!

I am proofing the most boring report ever.
Hi, peeps!

Congrats to your sister, Karianne! I know it's a really tough thing to do, especially with meth. My brother has been sober for just over 3 years now. Nobody ever thought it would happen, but I attribute it to Sam. Without him, my brother wouldn't have had a real reason to get his shit together. Now, if we could just do something about Sam's mom...

(((((((PK family))))))) Wow, that's rough. Meth does some crazy shit to people. I hope your family is okay. And I'm glad you're feeling better about your new upcoming job. Can you take pictures of some of the desserts you make? I love pretty little sweet edible things.

Poodle, I like that couch, too. It's a good size for your apartment and looks really comfy. Let me know if you need any help getting it to your place.

Wow, Minx, that's kind of freaky, but funny at the same time. I'm glad nobody got hurt, and I really hope Minxlette gives her a hard time. People and their Beamers.... aaarrruuuggghhhhhh!

(((((((( chill vibes for Treehugger's freezer project ))))))))

Jenn, that salad makes me want to start South Beach. And congrats on the weight loss!

Hi Lore and everyone else I missed this morning!

So my dentist appointment is in about 3 hours, and of course my teeth decide to quit hurting today. I'm still going in to have them look at everything again, though, because I know this pain-free spell isn't going to last, and I'm going to demand real answers this time.

Time to go get some coffee. The closest thing I've got to a lunch break is a few minutes to grab something from Starfucks and chow it down while I work.
((((((PK's dad & family)))))) Such terrible news. I'm sorry I can't think of anything helpful to say. You all have my sympathy.

Tes posted in Kvetch that her mother is in really bad shape. Some of you might want to wander over there & read her post.

Many congrats to your sister, Karianne! I admire her courage and determination to get so far in just one year. How sweet of you all to throw a surprise party for her. I'm sure she'll love it!

((((((gentle hugs & healing for Doodle))))))

Just reading Treehugger's post made me feel cold! Brrr!

Minx, that is such a bizarre story! Was the beamer new? Just imagine how much it would suck to make an insurance claim on a brand new beamer! laugh.gif

I have tons to do today. I have to write some things to my mom, check the weather report for Seattle & Vancouver, finish the laundry, pack, and run a few errands. And I have to be at the airport SUPER early tomorrow, but it's going to be soooo worth it! Weee!!!!

((((((hugs for everyone I forgot)))))
Thanks for the info on Tes, Rose. Will pop over there to see what is up.

Thanks also for all your well wishes for my sis. Diva, I know what you mean. I never thought she would get clean. Like your bro, part of my sis's motivation is her daughter. She realizes she missed out on 5 of her 7 years. I am finally getting to the point where I don't worry every time she calls me, it's hard to shake those old memories.

minx, I probably made you confused about doodle. I said infection, it might well be a stone. I think it is a stone. A lady here just had an infection, I prob. slipped & said that. In any case...((Doodles!))

Diva, I am glad your toofies are feeling better. I hope the dentist can help.

I called my dr about my sinuses. She called in some new meds.

So I am surprised nobody has mentioned our esteemed president's speech. tongue.gif
I watched the last 15 minutes of the speech last night. I had intended to make a drinking game out of it, but didn't. The only stuff I heard was all about Iraq, pretty much what I expected. I was looking more forward to the Democratic response. I was kind of dissappointed in Hillary agreeing with Bush about Iraq, for the most part. It makes me lose a little bit of respect for her to the point I'd really have to think about it if I voted for her. But still, it brought a tear to my eye to see Nancy Pelosi sitting in the Speaker's chair. I'm so freaking proud of that.

(((((tes' mamae)))) Thanks for the heads up, rosie.

Yeah, Diva, I tuned in to see Nancy sitting there, and indeed, that was emotional, but then I had to change the channel as fast as I could. Just hearing that unintelligible bafoon speak makes my blood pressure rise. Its just not good for me. I limit myself to the Dems' response, and I gotta say, Jim Webb is on fire!

Have a *sparkling and wonderful* vacay, rosie!! Wow, its just traveling time in here...moxie will be heading to warmer weather next week for her vacay too! *pouts in jealousy*

I'm getting so bored in this job, I can hardly stand to sit here. I need turbomann to get a job NOW, so I can get a new gig. I know, I say the same thing all the time, but I'm getting both antsy and tired, and long for either a new jobby job, or some time off. Or both.

Minxy, were term papers *ever* interesting? I remember being bored out of my skull just writing them! biggrin.gif
speech? he gave a speech? i missed it. oh well..i hate it when you can tell they are totally reading cue card or have a bug in the ear. which i am sure he had to do.

helloooooooooooo everybody!!!

((((safe travel vibes for
((((competent cervix vibes and good throat vibes for fj))))
((((job vibes for all)))
(((doodles kidneys stone begone vibes))))
((((couch finding vibes for poodle))))
((((diva toothie vibes))))
(((pk family vibes)))
(((travel and health vibes for all)))

and i'm spent. laugh.gif

eta: (((kari's sinus's vibes))) and (((tes mama vibes))))

i'm just full of vibes today. wait...that sounds dirrty. wink.gif
hey guys

(((((pk and fam)))) that's so awful. i am so sorry you and your family are having to deal with that. ***strength and love vibes for family pk***

also, while i'm at it, vibes for tes' mama, diva's teeth, kari's sinuses, doodle's kidneys, poodle's couch, turbo's hot water, tree's freezer (agreed with minx--best soap opera ever--now we're learning all it's dark secrets, like CUBBYHOLES!), gb's classes, minxie's car, lore's fairytales and anyone else who needs them.

is it disaster morning at okayland right now or what? i got in a car crash on my way to work. it was my fault, but it wasn't cos i was driving recklessly....i was checking my blind spot to change lanes at the exact second the guy in front of me stopped short. i slammed into the back of his fat honking suv but of course it wasn't even scratched. the guy was an asshole, too, he didn't even ask if i was okay or anything, he just went over the back of his car sternly, then said that it looked fine and drove off. my car looks fine, but it's shaking more than it usually does now. i made it to work, but i'm not sure how great my car is doing.
oh, man! ((((((((okayers!)))))))) i guess it's been a pretty rough morning! i hope everyone is safe in their travels for the rest of the day. it almost makes me want to stay locked in the house!

i do need to go get some groceries though.

ok, quick question for the apple lovers in the house: mrfj is in las vegas looking at laptops. he was going to get a regular hp or something but they won't sell him one until the 30th of this month when vista comes out. i've been wanting a mac for a while and told him to go check those out. but we're mac-illiterate... he's looking at what i imagine is the bottom of the line macbook. we'd be using it for internet mainly, but also for some pic and mp3 storage, maybe even some movie-making once the bug gets here. we usually don't run very many apps at a time.

what do you think? will this be enough for us? will this be enough RAM to keep us going with our minimal apps?
Wow. There's a lot of crappy stuff happening in Bustland this week. I'm so sorry about your uncle, PK. That's sad and scary.

(((mouse))) Sucks dude. I'm glad you're okay!!

Heh...that's friggin' hilarious about the beamer lady, minx. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are when it comes to handling vehicles (or anything, really). Geesh...

I didn't watch dubya last night either because I hate hearing his voice and seeing that dumb look on his face. Once it came on TV, I popped in The House of Sand and Fog DVD. He doesn't have anything relevant to say. It woulda been fun to turn it into a drinking game though--a swig everytime he says "bipartisan."

Sorry you're bored with your job, turbo. Quit and move up here!

FJ, I have a pretty basic desktop emac and it's not slow at all. I can't have tons and tons of huge files in there, but I really only use the 'puter for internet and music so it's no problem. I'm really happy with my Mac. I've actually become a little attached to it. It's so simple and cute! I've been using Macs forever, so I'm really comfortable with them.

I'm listening to the Dead right now. It makes me want to sit around a bonfire.
((puppykitty)) sorry about your uncle.

((everyone with job and car woes))

((doodle and her stoned kidney and pukiness))

FJ, I asked Le Boy about the MacBook and he said that you should have no problem with internet browsing, photo and music files. He said as long as you are using the included iMovie program for your video editing, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you were going to install a higher-end program like Final Cut, it could have problems. Regardless, he suggested upgrading to 1 gig of RAM (from the 512 that comes with it) because it's relatively inexpensive (an additional $75) and will make things run much more smoothly. You'd have to order it through Apple to do that. The laptop itself is the same price. Here's a link to where you'd add on the RAM.
Question. I'm applying for a job, and I'm trying to work on my resume. Well...I used to have a job that I really did love, and I was a great worker, but I was fired because of tardiness/attendance. I was really sick for a few months, plus I had a lot going on in my life at that time and it just completely fucked me up. That is the only job in my life that I've ever had that issue with, and unfortunately, it was also my favorite job ever. So should I include that job on my resume? It would look fantastic and give me a boost, but obviously, there's an issue. But if I don't mention it at all, there's still a chance they would find out because it's an organization in the same field in the same city. dry.gif sad.gif

(((mouse))), (((pk))), and (((okayers))) who need them!

i was listening to most of dubya, but i almost up and died when he talked about how much he cares about darfur and aids in africa. stupid mofo.
cool, thanks poodle!

i've been wanting a mac for a while and we're really just going to use it for the same things you're talking about: the intrawebs and some pictures and music and stuff. i think he is going to go ahead and buy it. we bought this laptop for him to be able to take with hm when he went on trips like this one, but now that i'm using it for work (our desktop is nearly 6 years old and obselete and S-L-OOOO-W so i can't depend on it for my internet voice line). so now we have decided that we "need" this one. rolleyes.gif it'll be nice to have though. now, when we get our new fancy camera (yet another purchase we need to make!), we'll just use the mac.

sorry, i skipped some people earlier trying to post that question in a hurry...

karianne, that is so wonderful about your sister. i know you were really worried about her for a while. she's a success story! was she going through a treatment program or did she do this on her own and with your family's help? either way, she should be proud of herself and good for you guys for having a party for her! i bet she'll appreciate it a lot. does her daughter live with her now?

((((pk and family))) i'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. it's really hard when people mad bad choices and they wind up hurting themselves in the end. i hope you can all find some peace now that he's gone and can't continue causing himself pain. that's really just so hard.

minx, what an asshat!!! one time, sure! it's a mistake! sorry! but TWICE! and then to have to nerve to ask YOU to move YOUR car! hahah! i would have just been completely indignant and laughed at her. i hope the kids fuck with her hard!!!

diva, i hope yur teefies start to feel better! i hate tooth isses! you can't think of anything else when you have tooth pain.

hoping doodle is feeling better! enjoy the percocet!

yikes! mister and missus boots just got in a big rukkus! they were on the back of the sofa chillin' one second and the next they were yowling at each other. the fur has stopped flying and now they're on seperate sofas sort of leering at each other and preening. dorks!

oh, that reminds me! msgb! how great that milly licked jake the other day! has it happened again? are they still on decent terms?

~$~$~$~$~$~$~~turbo-family-better-and-more-rewarding-job-vibes~~$~$~$~$~$~$~ you know, i was really touched by what you said a couple days ago about how a sucky job can interfere with a relationship. it is really sooo true. i feel so much better and less stressed right now. my job was just sucking the life out of me. now i have a renewed challenge and i'm feeling optimistic. there's a real difference now because i realize that my success truly does depend on what i put into it, whereas my old job made me feel like i was losing even when i was working my ass off to make things happen.

ok, i'm going to tackle something in the house now. i've been watching mission organization on hgtv and i have the desire to either clean out the cabinets in the kitchen or the guest room closet hodge-podge. wish me luck!!!!

and thanks polly! mrfj just called me back and there's been a wrench thrown in the operation: even though our credit with best buy has been paid in full, they have a policy that you have to wait 12 days before the account reflects the actual credit limit. so they won't give him the dredit to buy it for a few days. what a crock! they've already got the money out of our account, they're just "holding it for verification". WTF does that even mean??? they're making sure it's actually money? *farts in best buy's general direction*

eh, he's gotta go set up the trade show booth but said he might go to circuit city later (hmm, or maybe he should see if he can find an actual apple store there in vegas and buy it direct).

but thanks!

ETA again: faerietails, i think you should put the job on your resume if you're going into a similar field and could get the job based on the experience. disclosing a sickness as a reason for leaving is perfectly acceptable to most hiring managers. you might just be careful about who you name as a reference from that job. make sure it was someone who saw you in a good light... and maybe even give them a heads up that you added them as a reference and that you appreciate any help they can be. if there was a sickness involved, even if there might have been some neglect on your own part, the phone call will show that you realize you made a mistake and that you have moved past it and need some help. most people give good references in my experience (i used to be a hiring manager!). good luck!!!
FJ, I third the sentiment that the macbook would be lovely for you guys! And I'd also recommend the RAM upgrade, though you could do that later as well, by taking it to a Mac store, but it'll likely cost you more than the $75 extra when you order it off the shelf. and you MUST get the Apple Care protection plan...they're good computers, for sure, but my hard drive squeaked (literally) and blew up with 90 days left on my extended warranty, and I got a brand new hard drive for free! smile.gif If you need to run Microsuck apps though, keep in mind, you'll have to buy yourself a whole new set of software.

Oh, and one more'll have to re-format the hard drive on your ipods if you wanted to use it with the mac...which means cleaning the sucker out, and starting over. Its a bit of a hassle, but you only have to do it once.

Aww....thanks for the props, FJ. And I'm just a waitin' for something good to happen here for turboman...this week we're waiting to hear on an in-person interview in Madison, and a phone or in-person interview for a job here in chicagoland.

Faerie - absolutely put that job on your resume...its not like you have to give them a reference from there, and BY LAW, former employers are only allowed to verify employment dates if they did happen to call there. If its your best, most favorite job, you want to talk about it in interviews.
Geez! It is a bad day in here! So sorry to hear about the wreck, mouse. Poo on that dude for being such an ass to you, esp since you didn't even damage his car!

Faire, ditto on what everyone else said about the job. You have valid reasons why you had attendance issues, I think employers understand that. It's not like you just decided not to go to work. GOOD LUCK!

I know nothing at all about Macs. We need a new computer at home too, we will prob get a Mac when that time comes.

Ms gb is full of vibes & Jenn recommends getting RAM. Hmmm. It is dirty in here today. wink.gif

I am eating my lunch. Last night I made a pasta recipe that included diced avocados. OMG. I haven't ever had avocados in pasta before, but it is goooood.
Hi kari!! That pasta sounds yummy. I love avocados. Mmmm...

Garrr...I'm anxious to get the hell outta here and look at that couch. I hope it works out. The tricky thing is gonna be trying to find a way to move it. My dad is going up to the cabin this weekend, so he'll have the truck and trailer. Poooooop. I don't know if it'll fit in the XRB's van.
Poodle, if that couch is as fabulous as it looks, you'll find a way to get it! Any chance you could just pick it up when your dad gets back from the cabin? That's one of the downsides of living here - when you need to move something, you pretty much have to hire someone to move it for you...*nobody* has trucks in chicago, at least not that we know. smile.gif

((((((for all busties who need 'em))))))

Mousie - I'm so glad your okay after your rought morning!!! Stupid SUV people.
Wow...bad car day here!

Minx, that is hilarious, albeit in a strange, bizarre, almost horrifying way! One time I was with a friend...we were sitting in a parking lot driveway waiting for traffic to break so we could pull out. There was a woman who pulled up behind us and actually was trying to PUSH us out into traffic!!

I'm sure Minxlette had lots of entertaining stories to tell about THAT.

Mouse, I'm with Turbo...glad you're okay!

Poodle, I'm sending you ~~couch transport's a new one for me but vibes can't hurt, eh?

Karianne, that's so GREAT about sis! She's accomplished a LOT.

I know very little about computers, I'm afraid, so I can't really advise on that one.

I hope Doodlebug's feeling better soon....~~healing vibes~~

Okay, the ultracold freezer saga. I charged it up with refrigerant this morning...thankfully it's NOT an ozone depleting one...and it didn't do anything. Seems when I hooked up everything backwards the oil moved to the wrong place in the system (to the part that gets cold) and got sort of solid and prevented the refrigerant from moving. I was soooo sad.

Butttt...after unplugging it for the day and letting things warm back up...and adjusting the refrigerant pressures...I plugged it in this afternoon and it SEEMS. TO. BE. WORKING. Yay!

All the pipes that are supposed to be hot, are. And all the pipes that are supposed to be cold, are. I have perfect refrigerant pressures. The fan is working. There's no weird sounds. The cabinet got cooler. Unfortunately it was the end of the day and I had to leave. But in ten minutes the cabinet temperature went from 20 C to 18 C. may be premature....but I'm saying, "yesssss!"

but I won't really know until tomorrow morning....but the cabinet got cooler. We'll see if it gets cold "enough". But things are looking good now! smile.gif
WOOT!!! Go Treeeeeeeee!!! That's so exciting that you're nearly certain that the ultracold is cooling!! Congrats!

That was the news I was hoping for all day!

Oh, and turbomann got turned down in Madison, but should have an interview next week for the job here in chicago. (((((interview vibes))))

I've got my first Sacred Contracts class tonight - its all about finding your soul's purpose, and based on the Carolyn Myss book that I could never get through. My friend V. is teaching it, and says she can accomplish everything in the book in three classes by connecting with the inner child. I can't wait!!
I'm baaaaack!!! And I bought a couch!!!! The couch looks brand new and it's super comfy. Plus, the girl was cute and clean and nice, so I know that the couch has a decent history. I paid $380. Weeeeeeee!!!!

Congrats on your freezer success, treehugger!!

D'oh! That sucks that the Madison thing didn't work out for turboman. I could see you guys living there. Who knows--maybe something else will pop up in that area. ~*~*~*~employment vibes for turboman~*~*~*~

I stopped by Home Despot on my way home and picked up a bunch of paint chips for my living room. I want to paint it orange.
Wow, turbo, I'm jealous. I'd loooove to go to a class like that. I guess that's the New Agey part of me. I never heard of that book, will have to check it out. I am hooked on stuff like that.

And, I'm sorry the Madison thing didn't work out either. sad.gif But I'm sure there's something soon to happen for turboman!

~*~lucky interview vibes~*~ for turbomann.

Poodle, so very cool you got the sofa! When ya gonna go pick it up...or did you already find transport? Congrats...and I'm glad it's comfy as it looks. And, especially a nice, clean place. Like ya said before, minimal fartage! smile.gif

How cool is an orange room??!! Wow! Love it. Are you thinking more of a tangerine color or a cantaloupe color?

*Damn. I want to drive to work and see how my baby's doing! (fighting the temptation)
yay!!!! TREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! soooo super cool about the freezer! i bet it's f-f-f-rigid by morning!

(((((((turbomann))))))) sorry the madison thing didn't work out, but i'm sure there is an even better position waiting in the wings to present itself! *nudges super magical position toward center stage*

POODLE! you got the couch? awesome! and i wanna know what color orange too! i love orange! need i remind you of my burnt orange staircase with cheddar accent wall? hehehehe. i think orange rooms are a GREAT idea. i can't wait to see what your place looks like when you get it done!!!

hey, i got another set tonight!!! and this one? i really think it's gonna work out. she was really excited when i got off the phone with her. it's funny, all my sets have been on what windsup being my last call of the evening. i call at 8:30 or so, and that's the one that works! i'm so excited and this really gives me the energy i need to get up and do it again in the morning. that stuff i was saying earlier about my succes being a direct reflection of my effort works both ways: if i don't do well enough, then i'm not making enough calls. i'm proving to myself that i'm capable of doing the job.

yay! i'm gonna have some chocolate overload cack to celebrate! with a glass of milk of course!!!!!! that makes it ok, right???
Hi hi ya'll!!!

COngrats on the booking FJ!! I knew you'd be so great at this job -- keep it up!! I think it makes sense that your sells are at the end of the evening - you're loosened up, and maybe unwinding a little, and I think other people feel your comfort too, and respond to it!

Poodle!! Congrats on the new couch - AWESOME!! And a great price too! I love orange too, of course...the massage room is a mustardy orange, and now we have burnt orange curtains in the livingroom, opposite the purple wall. smile.gif

((((((doodle swift stone passing)))) I hope our doodle is okay, haven't heard from her today....

The class was *awesome!* A perfect gathering of people open to learning and sharing in a heart-centered way. Did some great meditations, and got in touch with our inner child, and we even picked out a little teddy bear to help us get in touch with our child self, and we get to keep the bears, and they were made by kids too! As for Caroline Myss' work, Anatomy of the Spirit is my very favorite, and its really accessible. I've been trying to get through Sacred Contracts for years, but its really intellectual and not...well, intuitive, like her other work, so I'm glad to have the class to approach it from an easier, more playful angle!

Tree, there's probably someone teaching this stuff in your area, Madison is so liberal...Unity churches are always a good bet (not unitarian, Unity)...that's where I first started finding stuff like this.

And now, sadly, it is bedtime, all too soon...
YAY FJ! Sounds like it's all coming together! Congrats! It sounds like you are a natural at this job and I bet you just keep on improving and improving.

And, chocolate's good for the heart! Of COURSE its okay. wink.gif

Turbo, I'm glad you enjoyed the class. I very nearly took a class on astral travel a year or so problem is actually time and energy. By the end of the day I'm usually EXHAUSTED and the thought of having to function for another couple hours seems impossible. I read New Agey books during my bus ride.

Hey...I wonder if there's a podcast I could download???? Hmmm....

But I'll have to look for something, perhaps something I could do on weekends.

ETA: I found this.

I was tossing and turning last night hoping my baby is frigid today. I'm gonna take a pic if it is! And, today I go get fitted for my wrist brace. I hope it's not TOO restrictive...although my partner at work has already said if I can't work with it he's gonna recommend they give me a month off! It WILL be REALLY hard doing this kind of work with one hand immobilized. I mean, it's my dominant hand. Not to mention that many of the common, day to day stuff I do is kind of two-handed.

I'd secretly LOVE a month off. It'd be so rejuvenating!

More vibes for ~*~*~doodlebug~*~*~ feel better soon.

And vibes for ~*~*~turboman~*~*~ may his employment situation improve soon.

And vibes for ~*~*~ everybody who needs them! ~*~*~
*YAWNs* Yeesh, I am sleepy this morning! And, I think its nearly as cold as tree's freezer out there this morning! biggrin.gif

Tree - have you heard any of the Abraham-Hicks channeled material? They're my very favorite spiritual teachings, and fun to boot. I think there's some free audio on their site, but if you're interested in hearing more, send me your address, and I'll send you some of my CDs. They also tour year round and have day-long seminars where folks just ask questions, and they say that every question you bring will be answered, regardless of whether you actually get to ask Abraham yourseld....and its true. I came with a 3 part, very specific question, and the third question of the day, I heard this man ask my question, word for word....and then 4 other people sitting near me were also astonished as it was the question they came with too! */ends morning crunchfest so as not to put off the more scientifically inclined among us*

So, tree, should we be sending you vibes for a month off?! Sounds heavenly to me too! (((((best wrist outcomes for tree))))

Not much new here this morning. I have the Planned Parenthood fundraiser tonight, which should be fun, but I'm not feeling my very best, so I probably won't stay long. I woke up this morning with my right lymph node swollen and sitting on my tongue....but strangely, only the one. I'm feeling better now, but I know I shouldn't push it tonight.

Oh, and I'm wearing my fancy new grown-up pants from Ann Taylor that I got 70% off the other day...they're wool, and lined, and oh my....they feel so warm and snuggly and nice on such a cold day! I may be ruined for other stores now. cool.gif

Hey and fondness, all!

LiveJournal was being a bastard to use. Somehow, it kept throwing my first paragraph down to the end of the post. What's up with that?!? You'd think it would be simpler. Anyway, here's one of my fairytales smile.gif
(Yes, I go as Tard_Boy in many other sections of the Internet.)

I'll have to catch up later. Byeeee~!
lore! your fairytale was great! what a fantastic way to start the day!

only i do wish it had a happier ending

good morning everyBUSTie else! getting up late again today, but not too late to get on the phone for a little while. my goal this week is to get a booking in the morning shift (9am-11am EST). so i've got one hour this morning.

i need coffee! i've got a pot of half-decaf colombian/caf cinnanut brewing now. YUM!

i'll be back!
Good Morning, Ladies & Gent!

Sweet news about the freezer, treeh. Excellente.

FJ, I am happy you're doing so well with your job! That is nice to end the night on a high note.

~~job vibes for turbomann!~~~~ I know something good's gonna work out soon.

I am tired today too. Sleepy. I wanted to call into work so badly. The only reason I didn't is b/c I have some school work to finish for class tonight, and I'd left all of it here at work. Bah. My sinuses are feeling a bit better today, but now my stomach's messed up. What is going on??? I am sick of this! Maybe it's drainage. Though I don't feel like there is much drainage. Who knows.

Congrats on the new sofa, poodley! That is really exciting! When are you bringing it home? Or did you already? Where's Shaunboy been lately?

Hi, peeps!

(((((((((( more job vibes for Turbomann )))))))))

Congrats on the appointment, FJ!

((((((( tummy vibes for Karianne ))))))) It sounds like you've got what's been going around, only a couple weeks late.

Congrats on the sofa, Poodle! I wish I could help you get it to your place, but I don't have access to a truck. You could rent a U-Haul for the day, just one of those trailers for $20. Or the giant and I know how to drive a stick (though he's better than I am) if you need help with a truck.

That's a cute story, Lore! I like how descriptive you get without getting too wrapped up in it. It sounds like it'd be fairly easy to illustrate.

(((((( Treehugger extra-cold fridge and month off vibes ))))))))

I'm glad you didn't get hurt in your accident, Mouse. That sucks!

((((((((((( vibes for it to be Friday today)))))))))) damn, it's still Thursday. At least Ugly Betty is on tonight, but 8 hours away.

Well, I went to the dentist yesterday and got some of my issues resolved. I don't have a giant horizontal seam on the front of my front tooth, but I do have a couple other teeth running into each other and scraping pretty hard every time I close my teeth. She did what she could, so it's okay. I just really wanted some acknowledgement of my problem, which I wouldn't have gotten from a hygenist. She scraped a little of my tooth off, but the problem is still there. Maybe it'll just work itself out after all.

After my appointment, I wandered through the mall and finally found a nice, plain, short black leather jacket, and it was less than half of what I was planning to pay. Everyone's got their coats on sale now, so I looked at a good time. It's pretty lightweight, so it's really only for warmer days, but at least it's something. I'm still going to try on some others, though, just in case. I saw a couple at Dayton's a few weeks ago that might work out better.

Is anyone else here watching Top Chef? Their decision last night was BS. They kicked off the 2 most consistently good chefs (one of which is a hunk, in every sense of the word) in favor of keeping the asshole and the know-it-all. Great. I guess I'm rooting for the know-it-all now.

hey diva. glad the tooth situation is somewhat resolved or at least you know it's not a cavity.

i'm with you on top chef!!! wtf were they thinking getting rid of sam!!!! he's awesome! that whole thing about him not actually "cooking" the stuff last night was just insane. he still put the flavors together and made a great marinade for his seviche (or whatever the hawaiian term for it was). everyone said his was one of the best meals. and fucking marcel was using xantham gum, for cod sakes! argh! i was mad over that one.

but i thought ilian's hair looked awesome! i couldn't believe that she shaved her head last week. i love it!

(((((karianne))))) i hope you start feeling better really fast. mrfj woke up sick this morning. he's not sure if it's the same thing i had or if it was caused by forgetting to turn on his heater before bed last night. it was in the 30s in vegas last night.

thanks for the vibes, girls.

Diva, I am glad you got your tooth issue somewhat resolved. So do you have to go back? Or will it fix itself? That sounds like a sweet deal on a coat! It is a good time to look. I need to do that myself, I've been wanting a new coat for about 3 winters now!

I watch Top Chef off and on, but my friend told me who got kicked off last night. That is ridiculous! I just don't care to even watch the finale now, b/c I don't like either of the remaining contestants. Marcel... mad.gif
good morning everyone

hooray, poodle got a couch! and diva's teef are sort of on the way to recovery? **mr fj cold go away**

tree, i'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out about your freezer.

turbo, when i was little i used to get "wee wisdom" magazine which was a unity publication....they stopped making it in the early 90's which was so sad, since it was such a great magazine for kids. mostly fiction with fantastic illustrations--i'm pretty sure it influenced the direction my life took hahaha.

gooooooo FJ! you can do it! make that booking!

lore, i'm going to read your story as soon as i get a chance.

can i get some vibes for my car, please? it's in the shop right now......i don't know what the outcome will be but i hope it's cheap. if it's expensive, it doesn't make much sense, since i've already put almost as much money into it as i paid for it originally......but i don't want to have to spend the money that i finally managed to save for the first time EVER on a new car just yet.
*looks behind the okayland sofa for doodle* Doooooodle, where are you darling?!! I hope you are resting up, and not in agony, but do come and give us an update, I'm worried....

~*~*~*~*~*~mouse's car vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

Diva - glad you got the tooth sitch under control. I missed top chef last night because of my class, but I just went and read up on - Marcel??? And Sam's out??? I don't understand. Even if Marcel and Ilan's dishes were great, Sam EARNED that spot - no drama, no silly hijinks, and he won a ton of the challenges. Stupid reality tv. I'm sure I'll watch the finale, just in hopes that Marcel gets stomped. Tom called Marcel's food molecular gastronomy on the blog - who the hell wants that?! I want food that looks nice and tastes wonderful, not some alien creation. Ah well...Top Design will be on soon, and I cannot wait to see my beloved Todd Oldham host that one!

ETA: *Clangs cowbell whilst running around the thread*

Hey ya'll...those jobby job vibes for turbomann must be working! Sounds like he will definitely have an interview soon for a job with a small pharma company here in chicagoland very soon!! All signs point to employment ahead! WOOT!
ya i hope doodle's okay!! ((((doodle))))

so it turns out my car isn't that bad. the crash knocked a spark plug loose, which apparently is easy to do since i have this oil leak and oil dripping on rubber makes it softer. replacing everything and fixing it up plus labor $152....could be a LOT worse. i still have the oil leak and a transmission leak....but it still drives fine with those things and i'm thinking of a new car in the next few months anyway so i'll just deal with it. this car is twenty years old....i don't want to invest too much in it.

thanks for the vibes
where is everyone? the board is slowwwwww today
Mouse I agree.
Yeah, I've been caught up with this silly "work" business today. Gah. But I've actually been working on design stuff, not web programming, so its actually been a good day. And in a half hour, I'm heading downtown to the loop to wander around the Watertower area a bit before the fundraiser, which is at the uber schmancy Ritz.

and YAY for your car not being too expensive, mouse!!
Hi everyone!!

I'm glad your car isn't screwed up too badly, mouse. Ugh. Car repairs can be soooo expensive.

And diva, that's cool that your teeth are okay. Dental expenses can also be a bitch.

I'm thinking about painting my living room with this shade of orange. I'm scared, but I think it's gonna end up looking pretty cool.

Tonight I'm looking at a small "entertainment center" that will hopefully be able to hold my vintage turntable and receiver. It's an ugly light oak color, but it's simple and understated. If I buy it, I'm gonna refinish or paint it. I'm not a fan of light-finished wood. Besides, light wood wouldn't look nice with the dark wood veneer on my stereo components.
mouse, sorry I wasn't here to give you car vibes! I am really glad it wasn't too bad. $152 isn't the worst, but ugh, I know it hurts to pay for shit like that.

I've been working on my schoolwork all afternoon. It is now finished. I have class tonight. Ugh. Don't really feel like going. Such is life.

I was wondering where the Doodle is also. Dooooooodlllllllleeee! Come out come out wherever you are!

Poodle, I LOVE that orange! Bright colors are scary, but they look so striking. Would you do all 4 walls? I just did my laundry room in a color that was supposed to be coral, but it came out more orange. It's not quite as bright as that color, but I like it. I know a living room is much scarier though. Are you gonna do it? What color is your new couch? Did you post a pic & I missed it? Someone earlier said something which makes me think you had. Don't you love apartment It is good for idears.

Yay for turbomann! Sounds like the job prospects are coming right along. Nice! rolleyes.gif

Well, the work portion of this day is wrapping up for me. Have fun at your fundraiser tonight, Jenn! Everyone else have a good evening! Check you broads tomorrow.
poodle! that orange is fantastic. if i could paint my apt, one room would definitely be orange. i think the bedroom, since i've already got an orange/red/brown thing goin on....and i think the living room would be green and white, and the bathroom yellow or teal...the kitchen, i dunno, it's the tiniest room and it doesn't have natural light. it's an ugly yellowish right now....maybe white with red trim? i think i need to go to the house of the gods thread now....

i got my car back, and it ended up being only $130. sweet. that was so easy and painless...thank goodness. my car still leaks oil like a sieve but whatevs. as little maintenance as possible with this long as i can drive it, i don't need anything else.

hey turbo, kari and culturehandy!
Bleh. Sorry you have to go to class tonight, kari. I always hated evening classes.

My couch is a khaki color. It'll pretty much work with any color. I'll make it more exciting with pillows and maybe a throw. Yeah, I'll probably do all four walls. I was imagining my living room with just one orange wall and I don't think it'll work. It's too square for that sorta thing.

The office meddler isn't here today, so I think I'm gonna sneak out a little early.

ETA - $130 isn't so bad. Thank cod.

I painted my bathroom a very pale periwinkle color. I didn't want a really bright green or yellow, because I wanted something that would illuminate my skin and hair. Vain, I know, but smart!!
I'm glad your car's figured out, Mouse, and that it wasn't too expensive. That's aways a relief. I do not miss the days of my old crap cars always crapping out on me, though the warranty on my car is now expired, so I hope I don't have lots of repairs to look forward to in the near future. Cars are sure an investment, huh? I don't know how people afford kids and cars at the same time.

Turbo, you're so right, Sam *did* earn himself that spot! I was really looking forward to seeing what he'd do in the final. And is it wrong that I find it kind of sexy that he's a diabetic? It must be strange to be a high-end cook with eating restrictions. I've had many a dirty thought about him. But that Marcel... that hair... that attitude... that "like" this and "like" that... and all those stupid dumbass foams... and he never quits smiling when the camera's on him, so I find it hard to take him seriously. And I prefer people to cook with real foods, not xantham gum. That's bullshit. I was so hoping they'd shave his head in the last episode. I can't wait until the reunion to see if he's really like that. Stephen was a cocky snobby asshole for much of last season, but he turned out to be pretty cool in the reunion episode, actually owning up for his mistake. I would have liked to see Elia in the finale, but I see why she got eliminated, so that's no big deal. She seemed like a lot of fun and no drama.

(((((((((( more vibes for Turbomann ))))))))))

Wow, Karianne, school on Saturdays and Thursday nights? You are one committed chic. Those 2 time periods are at my highest premiums for the week. The best TV is on on Thursdays and sleeping in on Saturday makes the workweek worthwhile.

Wow, Poodle, that is some kind of bright orange. You must be really committed to the color orange!

Wouldn't you know that the day I have a dentist appointment to fix the stuff that hurts, it quits hurting so much. I hate frigging Murphy and his stupid Law! Still, the validation felt good. And my dentist is a Democrat. That always helps.

Did anyone see the end of Shrub's speech the other night when he was walking out and signing autographs and that woman in the white suit had a death grip on his shoulder? It's all I'm hearing about now. Yeah, I thought it was weird at the time, but the media is really running with it. That lady is from MN and just got elected (she was the psycho in the MN state house who kept bringing up that damn anti-gay marriage amendment), and now she's a laughingstock. Hah! She must be freaking in love with him or something.

It's harder than BLAZES to type with this brace and I just somehow deleted everything I typed!!!!!

To make a long story short, my freezer was NOT at temp this morning...but I traced to a simple electronic problem and then it worked!

It is currently purring along at minus eighty! Yay!

Gotta cut this short because my hand's bothering me....perhaps will be back later to give vibes where they are needed! smile.gif

((((((((((((((tree's wrist))))))))))))))

but YAY! for fixing the freezer! woot!

poodle, i love that orange!! i'm excited to see your paint job!! if it were me, i'd probably pick one wall as an accent color, but all four walls as orange will be pretty sweet too. that color is very close to the orange on my staircase. i dig it! oh, and dark wood stain will look fantastic with the dark orange! i've got dark wood frames hanging on ours.

karianne, diva is right! you really have such a busy schedule! hope your school is going well tonight.

*~$*~$~yayayay for turbomann's interview! *~$*~$*~$

glad your car didn't cost too much, mouse. i hope you can keep it as long as you need to, until you're ready to buy a new one. i can't blame you. car payments suck ASS!

dammit, i'm sitting here watching scrubs and now i'm crying! grrr. what is it about that show. the last seven minutes of every episode always turn me into a blubbering mess.

if this isn't karma, i dunno what is: entering the freeway on the OTHER END of my commute TODAY, some asshole rear-ended ME. and i hadn't even stopped short. THEN HE FUCKING DROVE OFF. that's right, hit and run. i got the license plate # but my car isn't damaged--i'm a little shook up, but i'll be okay--but part of me just wants to report him for being such an asshole.

imma bump the general knowledge thread for advice.
hi hi everybustie!!! I'm back from the fundraiser....nothing like a room full of 800 mostly young, mostly female rabid feminists to amp you up....that and the two glasses of wine that made me loopy pretty damn quick. But I saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in awhile, and there were some good speeches and Rah-rahing, so its all good.

Mouse -- that's it, you had just better get your fanny out of LA and move to chicago, so you can take the train to work everyday and not worry about jackass drivers out there!

FJ, I love the Scrubs too...I don't think it generally makes me cry though - that might be the wee one hangin' out in your tummy making you cry there....

Poodle, I LOVE that color....its almost exactly the color of our orange wall o' curtains! And it is going to look so nice with that neutral couch....maybe with some purple or green curtains?

(((((tree's wrist))))

(((((doodle))) I hope you're okay, sweetie. The worry continues...

Diva, yeah, I'm a little miffed at them kicking Sam off top chef...he's the best of the whole lot.
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