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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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doodle, Mr. Austria is a dead-ringer for Louis Jourdan. And yeah. No way he's forty.

dusty!! Where've you been hiding?! Nice to see you.

And yeah, Mr. A is a big old liar!

*reminds self not to visit doodle in the winter*

Yeesh, what winter preparations you have to have up there! I get scared driving in slush on flat, straight roads here...but then I don't drive much, so driving makes me a little nervous anyhow. I have to drive 1.5 hours to a press check tomorrow for work...I'm not looking forward to it.
FJ, when i was knocked up, my doc gave me a whole list of "safe" OTC meds to take for various circumstances. Benadryl was listed for all manner of runny nose. Used in combination with the nettipot, i bet you'll be drained and sleeping well in no time! And yes, minxy is right- feel free to pregnancy bitch all you want. Little FJette is amongst her/his aunties!

So, moxieman's trip was great, and he just got home safely! Thanks for the vibes! Now, he and moxette are both napping, although she's got the aweful-coughful going on...tonight, nighttime traminic for the wee one, preceeded by a steamy bath and some vicks. She screams bloody murder if we try the saline spray, and god help us if the bulb-of-death comes out...

Ok, i'm gonna try and rest myself, unless moxette needs a cuddle nap, in which case, I'm on the clock.

Oh! We leave for vacay this sunday...i'm SOOOO excited! smile.gif

Msgb--6 months only! Holy cow!
thanks for the love, you guys.

ya know, turbo, when i was writing, i KNEW that would be your advice... i've heard you talk about the neti pot several times before and it definitely squicks me out for some reason. BUT, this is killing me and i'm more tempted than ever to go out and buy one. if i'm not considerably better tomorrow, that's what i'll do. i'm not sure about the garlic though... that might just be too much. and my belly might not appreciate it either.

mox, i called the doc this morning and they actually told me i could have some tylenol and a sudafed. yes, A sudafed. the jury is still out on whether or not it can cause defects, so they want me to steer as clear a possible. it's not so much the runny nose today as it is a NASTY cough. i mean, it's gross!!!

minxy, i hear ya. i've actually not felt too bad until this cold came on, but i AM starting to feel little cramps here and there and it's kind of scary, although probably only gas! hehe. last week at my doc appointment, the midwife said she wants to send me to a specialist to have my big ultrasound that's coming up, rather than do it in their office. she wants to measure my cervix because i had a cone biopsy done twelve years ago and that can cause incompetent cervix, a funny name for a potentially dangerous condition that could cause pre-term labor. i wasn't so worried about it last week but now as more time passes, i'm starting to get all "what-iffy". eh, i'm sure it'll be ok. and we're going to be able to find out what the little bug is soon. i'm looking forward to knowing a little more about this little bean. smile.gif

i hope my week gets better, but it's going to be hard because mrfj is leaving tomorrow for nearly a week. WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!! sad.gif i have been all sicky so i haven't been very lovey lately. i feel like we haven't been able to really spend quality time together because of it. but i'm sure i'll feel better by the time he gets home.

i read all the archives and it definitely turned my brain to mush. man, we talk about food a lot in here. i want some lemon cookies, some sage pork and some pineapple!!!!! in that order!!!!! hehe

ok, gotta go get in the tub so i'll at least be clean when mrfj gets here. rolleyes.gif
Incompetant cervix?! Wow, that's some fucked-up medical terminology. I hereby rename your cervix


Incompetant? What a strange term to attribute to a cervix. Makes me think that it's on the verge of being fired. "Cervix, you've failed to meet our expectations. We're going to have to let you go." Wonder who came up with that one.
~~smile.gif~~smile.gif~~ confidence-building vibes for FJ's cervix ~~smile.gif~~smile.gif~~

This reminds me of one time when I was getting my annual done. I was strapped up in the stirrups & the doc was all down in my bizniz & says "You have a beautiful cervix!" Definitely the most unexpected compliment I have ever received.

Hooray for Moxie's vacay! Woot!

Doodle, I am voting a big NO on Mr. Morocco. He could have won me over with the top pic (I have a weakness for glasses). But basketball jersey over a t-shirt + baseball cap on backwards = no way in hell. At least it does in RVLand.

As for Mr. Austria, I'm curious about his profile. Could you hint at some of the fascinating details? I can't help but wonder where he got his profile pic. Looks like something from a company's meet-our-directors pamphlet for investors. Or maybe a politian's official website.

I am a-feared of the Neti Pot. I'm afraid my nasal passages are too small or something.
Hi all, this is a really quick post. Figured out the nausea....I think I have a kidney stone. It would be the 2nd one in my life. Got pain in one side, throwing up, real general discomfort. Am going to lie down, but if it gets worse, may have to go to ER.
doodle, which side? if it's your right, it could be your appendix -- get to the hospital!
(((((doodle)))) Get yourself to a doc as soon as you can, my dear!

I'm becoming envious of your universal health care up there again....just got another bill from my november trip to the hospital for food poisoning, this one for $200. Fuck. me. I already payed them $150, what more do they want for 2 bags of saline?! Oh, and this one was for "moderate patient inspection." WTF? And it was the doc who basically flopped down in the chair in the room, and asked me repeatedly if I was pregnant, then ordered the $385 unnecessary pregnancy test. ass.

Minxy, you crack my shit up. We should all have vaginas as lucky and blessed as FJ!
(((((above-average cervixes for everyone!)))))

Spin class kicked my ass tonight...literally. 50min ride in the saddle. My ass hurts just sitting on the couch. I think it'll be bathtime a bit early tonight.
(((worried about Doodle)))

And for rhyme's sake, where's Poodle?!
((Doodle)) I hope you're okay.

$385 for a pregnancy test, turbo?!?! Coulda gone down to Walgreen's and paid $12 for that sucker (just to assuage their concerns- I know you know you weren't pregnant!) I hope you get rid of the couch- it's a kinda small Ikea-ish one, right? We're shopping around for a new one, but looking for a big-ish sectional.

I second the neti pot usage. I only do it when I have a bad cold/allergy or sinus thing and it works, even though I'm pretty sure I have a deviated septum or something because it never comes out the other side- it just comes straight back down, but it still makes me feel so much better, clears up the concrete-strength congestion and relieves dried out sinuses.

My parents use it pretty much every day and rarely get sick. if you really can't handle the nose teapot, you could also try just a saltwater nose spray. I make my own- I buy a nose spray at the store, then dump it out because even though it's called saline spray, they put all sorts of preservatives in there and it burns like hell. Then I rinse it out, fill it up with water (only about 3/4 full, otherwise you won't have enough empty space to squeeze), put a pinch of salt in and squirt. I just change it and wash it every couple of days. Not as good as the neti pot, but it will do. Good luck.
Hi everyone, I just got home from the ER. Don't be too worshipful of our medicare system - the lines are incredible, thanks mainly to the BC government cutbacks. I got there at 6:00 (there were people who were there waiting since 11:00!), and it was almost 9:00 before I even got a bed, and that was only because I went back into triage (by then, back in my polar fleece jacket and mittens) and practically keeled over. I told them: "I'm so cold, so sick, so tired, and I'm in such pain....I know there are people before me, but I just need to lie down somewhere." And it was totally true. I was lying on the cold, dirty floor in the waiting room, b/c there was nowhere to lay down! I couldn't get warm, I was moaning and groaning and writhing, and practically in tears from both aching and acute pains. I threw up 5 times while waiting - I was totally dehydrated, so I kept drinking water, which just made me more vomitous. So the kindly nurses bumped me (I love nurses), otherwise I'd probably still be there. Anyway, I got home around midnight.

Yep, it's a kidney stone. They put me on a saline/morphine/anti-nausea drip, tested my blood and urine, and gave me a scrip for percocet. Hopefully the morphine will last till morning, 'cause there's no drug stores open this late. Doc said he's going to arrange a CAT scan in a week, but if it passes by then, I won't need it. Everything else about me is normal (white cell count, etc.), and when I mentioned that I didn't expect this a 2nd time (b/c I changed my diet so drastically after the 1st scare 4 or 5 years ago), they said some people are just susceptible. Which is disheartening....there might be still more of this in my future. Ugh.

My nurse's name was Sonja, and she really dug it that I called her "Red Sonja, the Superhero Amazon," even though she had blonde hair and was wearing navy blue scrubs. (Though she did tell me that she had red scrubs as well.)

Plus, I had to pee in the cup twice - the first one shattered in the lab! Poor bastard that had to clean that up....

ETA: there was a huge sign posted in the ER that said all out-of-country visitors accessing the ER would be subjected to a $570 fee, payable upon receipt of services. I paid nothing, except the cab home (BFF drove me there, but had to get home to the kids), and of course, there'll be scrip fees tomorrow. But you KNOW, I do pay for my health care with my taxes - even though Americans often think we are overtaxed in Canada, the amount that Canadians pay on taxes actually is about the same as what Americans pay in taxes and health care combined.
Owwww...((((doodle)))) Hope you feel better soon! sad.gif

Turbo, I hear ya on the pregnancy test thing. I had to go to the emergency room a couple of weeks ago because I fell and screwed up my wrist, and they kept asking me if I was pregnant. It wouldn't end. And they kept insisting that I had to take a pregnancy test, even though I'm quite certain I'm in no risk of being (or getting) preggers since I haven't gotten any action in a depressingly long time. I ended up not taking it, though.

Emergency rooms suck.
Damn. ~~healing vibes for doodle~~ It sucks that you had to wait that long. In such pain! You'd think they could do something about that situation.

And WTF is up with that whole birth control/pregnancy thing? Even after a tubal I get asked if I could be pregnant! "What kind of birth control do you use?"

Uhh... rolleyes.gif

I have a neti pot. It's wonderful. I used to use it twice a day when I was remodeling my asbestos/mouse turd/plaster dust laden shack. I've slipped some, now, but I still use it when I feel a cold coming on. It sure was scary to try it the first time, though!

Does anybody use any additives other than the saline? I use one drop of grapefruit seed extract if I feel the cold starting to take really seems to clear things out better than just the stings though.

~~bean vibes and healing vibes for falljackets~~

Oh, and some advice on the neti pot...if you're already really stuffed up, it won't work very well. But when I am desperate I will use a decongestant nasal spray first....that'll at least make some room for the junk to clear out.

I'm taking off until noon today. I'm going to the doctor to get my wrist checked out. I've been feeling little twinges in it for the last several months and it's gotten worse. I had to swing a hammer and almost dropped it and it's starting to be difficult to turn screwdrivers and push on drills. I think I may be developing carpal tunnel. Just in my right hand though.

The doc's office is pretty close to Trader Joes, too, and I'm going to take advantage of NOT using mass transportation, to stop! I really want some of those frozen stuffed salmon rolls!

So I got those two tubes re-reversed in that ultracold freezer yesterday. I have a pressure test on it right now, and when I get in this afternoon, I'll check it (I'm sure it's gonna hadn't lost any pressure by the time I left yesterday) and then put the vacuum pump on it for a day or two. It has to go into a deep vacuum before I charge it up.

Ya know, my shoulder's aching some lately too. Ugh.

((((((doodle)))))) owww, poor thing sad.gif ~~~~soothing & quick healing~~~~

((((((fj's cervix))))) ~~~~stay strong~~~~ & (((((fj-bean))))) ~~~~heathy growth & strength~~~~



happy tuesday gals!

(((doodle))) ER's suck. that's all tehre is to it. I never understood the long waits, on a weeknight no less, b/c if you're ThERE, its an emergency! Hella?!?

(((FJ))) we had the "specialist" US for was WAY super cool. They ahd a flat-screen TV hanging on the opposite wall, so we didn't have to do super-duper-neck craining to see the "show." And the US tech was really cute.

Anyway, off to the land of no internet for the day. Smells all you later!
ohhhhhhhh, POOR DOODLEKINS!!!! i am SO sorry, querida! i can't believe that you went through all of that and that you are STILL going to have to wait! booo hoooo! i thought that there was some way that they could ZAP a kidney stone and have it break into leeeetle teeeeny pieces?

can you imagine being a man and having to pass one out of your boyie bits? ack.

fj, that was the perfect thing to say. just perfect. you have a natural talent.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand an incompetent cervix! sometimes things have the most bizarre names! i whole-heartedly second minx's bestowal of the most beautiful and non-complacent cervix in vaginaland on your poor berated cervix!

(while on this topic, rosiev! i can't believe the gyn said that! what did you say back? or were you too stunned to speak?)

where IS poodle???

my dutch oven is HUGE, made out of cast iron. i too am a cooking geek, and yes, i keep wiping out and seasoning my dutch oven every time i use it. i love it, it is perfect for making stock, soup, chili, spaghetti sauce, pot roast, carbonnade, boeuf bourgogione (think i mispelled that!) mr hb hates it because of the cleaning/seasoning issues. all of that said, i've got my heart set on a le creuset pot that is red and shaped like a tomato. i told you i was a cooking geek!

when i had tonsillitis along with my sinus infection and throat issues and goo dripping out of my eyes, the doctor here prescribed this stuff made in belgium that is, essentially, sterilized sea water. says so right on the can. it has this thing that looks like what an EENT sticks in your ears to look at them, but you stick it in your nostrils instead, one at a time, and squirt salt water into your nose. maybe i have a deviated septum, too, but it always just goes down my throat as well.

now, i've had sinus issues all of my life. my mamãe used to always be trying to get me to snort warm salt water. ickickick. then, later, mr. hotbuns jumped in, and kept trying to get me to buy a neti pot. (especially after the episode of six feet under where george used one and told everyone about it at the dinner table). so, i felt compelled to tell both mamãe and mr. hb about the belgian stuff in a can. not only did they say 'i told you so", mr hb says he is going to buy me a neti pot for my bday. blink.gif

minx......i read your post about pregnant women and pain and stopped cold and had to reread it and i'm still not sure.....are you preggers? i think i'm in shock.

eta: holy cross-posts!!! while i was being so very long-winded, moxie. yeufie and treehugger all posted! *waves frantically* hihihihihihihihi!!!!

muito thank you for popping in, yeufie, you doll!

treehugger, i hope that your wrist is okay and that you aren't developing carpal tunnel!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ no carpal tunnel healthy wrist vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

can i just say one more time how jealous i am that you all have trader joe's??? and that one came to where mr. hotbuns (and rosiev and sheff!!!) lives right after i moved????? dry.gif

moxie, that is way cool about the fancy US. every time i look at one of those i wonder HOW LONG it takes to train someone how to find anything in all of that! it is just one big black blob to me!

Mornin' ladies and gents!!

(((((doodle)))) What an awful night...I'm so glad you're home safely, and I hope you can send someone else out to get your scrip for you this morning. I think this is your last painful passage of the centre, and I'm thinking you'll have clear health ahead when you've moved your energy on to something new. Just a theory.

((((FJ's gorgeous cervix)))))

(((((tree's wrist)))) I hope your wrist is gonna be okay....carpal sucks. I've got the faint beginnings of it here...too much time at the mouse and keyboard, and days like yesterday when I work, then do spin wreaks havoc on my wrists.

I've got to drive out to the BFE western suburbs this morning for a press check...but I don't really mind, because at least I'm not in the office.

Hi minxy!!!
Just a quick pop in to force good health vibes upon all (like 'em or not!) Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The meeting up to discuss illustrating a fairytale (yep! original stories of mine) became basically an excuse to have a beer and geek out with YouTube and some inventions I could show him. He's kinda socially awkward, though he doesn't initially look like a socially awkward person, so when I first met him, I kept thinking that it was me being socially awkward (well, it was partially me, anyway). His wife is almost like a talk show hostess, too. There's just lots of awkward silence to get used to. Once we we're on the topic of engineering and design, he's talkative, though. I think we weren't so productive yet simply because we steered stuff toward engineering and thus our geekiness in order to stop the awkwardness.

Anyway, so maybe we'll work on illustrating something next time.

Maybe I can dump one of my stories into a blog page for you guys to read, too, if you're interested.

Gotta go. Byealll!
I like your theory, Turbo. *munches on an onion bagel with turkey* I find that I have the most physical ailments when the exterior landscape of my life is completely fubar'd. That's when I tend to get those Cod-awful cysts on my behind. ohmy.gif Uh-huh...I know that's right.

I'm listening to Rufus Wainwright's version of "Hallelujia". I think that I like Jeff Buckley's the best, but this is pretty damned good.
~~~~~~~ soothing and healing for Doodle ~~~~~~~
Oh, you poor dear thing! Such an awful ordeal. And good for you for informing the triage nurse that you were getting worse! So many people don't do that; you'd be surprised.

And as for the pregnancy test thing, my mother has worked in an ER for decades & they are taught to assume that any female over the age of 7 is pregnanct until proven otherwise. There have been sooooooo many times when they've had women test positive who could have sworn that they weren't pregnant. Charging hundreds of dollars for that test sounds pretty insane, though!!!

~~~~~~ soothing for Treehugger's write & shoulder ~~~~~~

Tes, I honestly cannot remember what I said to the doctor! Probably just thanks. smile.gif Luckily, it wasn't at all creepy because it was my family's doctor that we've been seeing for aaaaaaages. This guy knows me better than my own mother!

As for Trader Joe's, I have yet to visit ours just yet. The closest I got was eating some TJ chips while at Tes' BFF's house. And they were good, but our TJ's is pretty far out of the way for me. Sniff sniff sad.gif

On a happier note, Lore I would be happy to read your writing if you'd like to share it!
Just a quick flyby to report: I'm diagnosed with de Quervain's. I have to have a custom made splint (to be made on Thursday, I think) and then wear it for at least a month. Repetitive motion causes it.

Back to the doc in a month.
oh, thank you so much for the cervix vibes! hehe! (never thought i'd be saying THAT in here!)... basically, incompetent cervix is when the cervix begins to open way too son for actual labor, thus causing preterm. but i'm going to focus on moxie's report of a super-cool specialist US and believe that everything is ok until a doc says otherwise! i need to make the appointment now so i can get in there within the next two weeks.

and thank you for the feel-better vibes! i think they're working! i have a much clearer head today and i'm not coughing my head off. i am planning to get on the phone this afternoon. i haven't been on since last week, so i have some time to make up. i needt o strive for multiple appointments set each day this week! i think i can...o think i can... smile.gif

doodle!!!! i really hope you were able to get a good sleep with the morphine and that you'll be feeling better soon. i sure hope it passes soon so you don't have to suffer any more. and i think turbo is right! this is just you putting all the stress and heartache of the centre behind you, once and for all!

treehugger, i really hope the freezer is working correctly! i too am in awe of your mechanical know-how!

tes, i just think you're great. that's all. rolleyes.gif

hi everybustie else!!!!!!!!
Hi, peeps.

(((((((Doodle)))))))) That sounds horrible, and to have to spend hours on the hospital floor and throw up 5 times!? Wow. I'm glad the nurse could bump you, but it still sucks that you had to be in pain for so long. I hope you get to feeling better very soon, and that someone can run out for your scrips for you.

((((((Treehugger)))))) is this a temporary condition, or will you always have to deal with it?

The neti pot scares the crap outta me. No way could I snort water into my nose on purpose. I'm so glad I was born at a time when there are drugs for that stuff. Sudafed with pseudoephedrine is da bomb.

I'm thinking of going to Trader Joe's sometime this weekend. I need some new fancy cheeses and burritos to bring for lunch. And since I own the giant this coming weekend, he's not allowed to complain.

Lore, you and your friend sound cute. I always like to hear how boys get along with each other. It just blows my mind compared with women.

Hi, to those I missed!

I've got an ailment of my own now. Now I understand why my dentist thinks I grind my teeth, even though I don't anymore. When I close my jaw, one of my bottom teeth scrapes really hard against one of my top teeth. I complained that both of them hurt the last time I went in, but they did nothing about it, even after taking x-rays. My dentist insists I get a "night guard" for my teeth, even though it would cost me $500 out of pocket. Yeah, because I just have that much money to throw around on something I'd be embarassed to wear. So anyway, I'm hoping there's something they can do about these two teeth constantly scraping, maybe something I can wear at night to realign them. There's something funny going on with my bottom teeth, but everyone seems to think I'm crazy when I say so. If I don't get a real answer when I go in tomorrow, I think I might go find myself another dentist who will actually deal with the problems I complain about instead of glazing over them and focusing on stuff that doesn't matter a bit to me.

I'm back from the yonder reaches of suburban hell! Cod, print shops are SO far away from where I work...but I got an hour and a half of time listening to my audio book, so that's cool!

lore, I would definitely love to read your stories!

Tree, I think of the maladies offered in here this week, de Quervain's sounds far more elegant than "incompetant cervix." I hope the splint will fix you up! I know I should probably be wearing a brace on my mousing arm too, but I don't. ((((tree's wrists)))))

(((((doodle)))) *imagines doodle lounging in a puddle of kitties, nicely stoned on meds* Rest up, m'dear.

FJ, may you book a dozen appointments this week, and continue to feel better! And of course you can do it! Just think of how you gently counseling the client last week and moved her from a place of NO, to being open to new possibilities!

Diva, I hope your dentist takes you seriously and addresses the issues for you...I feel like especially with dentistry, you should get what you want.

Rosie, I hear you on the "assume all are pregnant" front, my cousin's a doc, and he says the same thing. Its just so frustrating sometimes, because its SO not what I'm looking for right now in my life. I've got my obgyn appt in a couple weeks, and not looking forward to his usual, "oh you'll change your mind" speech. Doc is an ass, but he's one of the only ones on my insurance that's close by, so for 15min a year, I just grit my teeth.

Okay, I should do some work now...

hey all

((((doodle)))) that's just awful.....i hope it passes (*snicker snicker*) quickly

(((tree))) that sucks!! take care of yourself sad.gif

turbo--you should convince your company to get you a wacom tablet (if you don't already have one at work). not only are they much easier to design with, they also put the hand at a much more natural position, ie less stress.

lore, definitely show us your work!

i've never gotten the "are you pregnant?" third degree from docs, but then again, i've been lucky enough to never have had to go to doctors for anything other than checkups since before i could get pregnant. *knock on wood* i would be super pissed, though--especially if it had happened a few years ago during my painful three-year stretch of celibacy. if they'd kept bugging me i bet i would've yelled "i haven't gotten laid in three years, i'm not fucking pregnant, stop rubbing salt in the wound!!" heh.

minx! i looooooove jeff buckley's hallelujah. oh, my god. beautiful.

i dunno about neti pots. i've never tried one but there's not much i hate more than gettting water up my nose so imma go with minx and say i'm afeared. sad.gif

hey rose and tessie! and anyone else who's around!

time for work
hi mouse!

Oh, don't be afeared of the neti! Really, the worst that can happen is that it goes down your throat, not out the other side...but its not like that horrible feeling of water up your nose at least for me! I actually use a 40ml syringe, and shoot it right up there!

I love Rufus Wainwright, and especially his version of Halleluja, but I do wish he'd cheer up a bit. smile.gif

Oh, and just so you know, I'm a rebel today. wink.gif I got in late to the office this morning post press-check, and the only spot left in the tiny lot was the president's pseudo parking spot. She puts an orange cone in the spot overnight so that no one parks there. I moved it, and took the spot! I figure, if she isn't in the office by 10:30a.m., its fair game. And if she's pissed, she's gonna have to tell me about it herself, since she won't officially declare that it is "her" spot. heh.
Hi everyone, quick post, just crawled out of bed a half hour ago. Am feeling quite a bit better. Still a bit nauseous and stomach-crampy, and can't sleep much even though I'm really fatigued. But the worst of it seems to have passed (hopefully not just temporarily.) I haven't gotten the scrip filled yet, so that makes me very hopeful that this stone is already on its way out. I'm not sure, but I think I feel it down by my pelvis, which means it has moved quite a bit since it came on. I'll definitely get the scrip before it hits my bladder, though!

I know someone asked about zapping the stone, but with kidney stones, they prefer to see if it can pass first, because the more invasive treatements can cause other kinds of kidney damage, so it's more a last resort.

Think I'm gonna go lie down again for a bit. Thanks for all your lovely vibes, hugs, and support. You guys are the breast! I mean, best.

~*~*~*~*~*~safely snug as a bug in a rug vibes for FJette~*~*~*~*~*~
Hi everyone!!

Oh no, doodle!!! Ugh. I can't even imagine how painful a kidney stone would be. My gallstone pain was awful and that didn't even involve a necessary organ. Sorry 'bout your snow-tranny, by the way. That's so mean.

(((FJ and all other sick busties)))

I've been checking Craigslist daily for semi-decent sofas. I'm sick of not having a couch. It's too bad that I couldn't take your couch, turbo!

$500 for a mouth guard? WTF? I don't understand how medical/dental folks justify that kind of B.S.

Hee hee...diva, it's "grammar." I wouldn't normally give you crap, but you were talking about how poor grammar/spelling is a dealbreaker. I couldn't help but giggle. wink.gif

ETA- Hooray for mouse's naughty X action!!
I kinda thought I might have spelled it wrong, but I thought it would be funny.

Poodle, you should seriously check out Ashley Furniture or Slumberland. Not exactly vintage, but sturdy and new. I'll go with you, too!


That's awesome that you took the president's spot, Turbo! And to actually get out of the car and move the cone out of the way just adds that much more bad-assness.

My tooth's all tingly now, like maybe it's been scraped against for eons. Hmmm... maybe they would've figurd that out if they'd look at the damn x-rays they insist on taking.
doodle, glad to hear you're feeling better, if even just for now. i hope you get that scrip filled before the pain comes back!

hi poodle! i'm looking for a new couch too. i'm a little leary of getting one off craigslist though. i'm like diva; i don't like thinking of other peoples' farts being in my couch, where i may lay my head. knowing my farts are there is bad enough. unsure.gif

booo, mrfj is getting all packed up and i'll be taking him to the airport in about an hour. sucky-mcsuckshack!

i love that turbo is breakin' the rules and parking in the presidential spot. hehe. that's awesome, turbo!!! you should get the prime spot anyway! i have visions of the scene in office space where he parks in the jerkboss's spot. hehe. nice.

thanks for the continued vibes. they're still working! yay!

ok, gonna go help mrfj and see if i can keep him here with me!
I've also stolen the cone that the prez puts in the spot before, when she first started doing it. ph34r.gif I thought it was funny, and it was. There was much wringing of hands that morning, when she didn't get her spot. I have no problem with the president getting her own spot...what I *do* have a problem with is her passive aggressive way of going about it, not wanting to make the declaration of spot ownership because she feels guilty about wanting a spot in the first place, and doing it on the sly.

I'm thankful, really, that I rarely drive to work...there's only 20 spots for 70 employees, and when you park on the street, you have to move your car every two hours. Its a PITA. And biking in is much more fun.

I've got no problems with used furniture - especially if its really comfy! And often you can get something nice for a lot less than it costs new -- bonus! Poodle, do you have a Dayton's warehouse there that sells the floor models?

FJ, I'm sure with your feminine wiles, you can be very persuasive for mr FJ!
Yeah, I know what you're saying about used couches. I desperately need a couch though and I don't have a lot of money to spare. I have cats with claws, too, so I'm reluctant to spend more than $500. They'll definitely try to scratch any piece of upholstered furniture I bring home. Fortunately, they know the word "NO" but, unlike dogs, they don't really obey unless I'm in the room. Oscar gets frustrated and acts goofy when I catch him scratching. He knows he's not supposed to do it, but he tries anyway. Demon cats.

As far as the farts thing: I'm sure you're touching much more disgusting stuff throughout the day. I figure, if it comes from a clean home and it's relatively new, then it can't be worse than the couches I've owned in the past. I'd also buy a vintage couch if it came from a clean, cute shop. I saw some bitchin' Danish teak/leather pieces on the Spinario Design website. I'm not really into leather, but I'm thinking about checking out the place to see what else they have.
Hey all....just on my way out the door to the drugstore.

Just wanted to say on the used furniture thing....I've been reading some stuff about how severe decrease in the use of DDT is bringing a new, rapid increase in the whole bedbug problem again! So it's prolly a good idea to REALLY carefully inspect any used upholstery pieces and mattresses before you bring them into your home. I wish I'd known that when I bought my couch, but luckily there haven't been any problems....whew!

Ok, off to get the good drugs now.
Did you buy a used couch, doodle? How old is it?
you're probably right, poodle. and i have seen a really cool sofa at a retro shop in saint augustine that i really liked. i could probably get it if i know it came from a clean place and has been cleaned. and i'm with you, we have the kitter-cats and they have completely detroyed the couch and loveseat we have now. we were thinking leather a few years ago, but i'm glad we couldn't afford it because now i'm not sure i want it. i like micro-fiber and i want a sectional for sure. with a chaise. yes, must hava a chaise.

ok, this post has been open for a while cause i had to take mrfj to the airport. boooo.

and now i have to get started working. i'm not really completely better but i think i sound ok to get on the phone.

hi to everyone else that i have undoubtedly x-posted with.
poodle, my couch and chairs (the vintage maple set) are from the late-'30s/early-'40s. They were upholstered in awful pink flowered fabric, and look like they've been sitting in an old lady's parlour for a very long time!

I wonder if it would be possible to have upholstered items treated by an exterminator before bringing them home? Just in case!

Well. Haven't taken any percocet yet, because I keep barfing. The pharmacist recommended trying gravol first....but it seems I can't even keep that down! *sigh* And the pain in my side is starting to come back, so I'm gonna need that percocet soon. *whine, whine, snivel*
I'm not that into leather, either. Except for the huge overstuffed couches that suck you in, I tend to slip off of the really smooth/hard leather. It looks pretty cool, but I think I much prefer the more vibrant colors and patterns you can get from fabric. I've currently got a microfiber couch and I love it. It cleans up pretty well, too. We don't have pets to worry about now, but when we do eventually get some (probably 2 dogs), I'm afraid I'm going to have to give up on having nice furniture.

I want a chaise, too. I think every girl does. I'm forever on the hunt for the perfect chaise, and I don't care if it even goes with anything or if I hae room for it, just so long as I love it.

When I worked in telefundraising, they actually encouraged people to work when they had colds because their voices are a little deeper and huskier. Sick days were some of my best calling days.

Hey look, it's 5:00. Time to go home!


A lot of the couches on craigslist are the ugly, poofy reclining kind, which I hate. I saw a lot of newer taupe and light olive-colored couches that would work. I would really like something with micro-fiber. I heard somewhere that cats aren't really into scratching microfiber. Has anyone else heard this?

ETA- I'm gonna look at this one tomorrow night. The girlie said she got it new on sale at HOM furniture about 3 months ago. Minimal fartage.
*places warm rice bag on doodle's abdomen & hands her a cup of tea*

Doodle, I hope the drugs are taking the edge off for you, and that you have some warm kitties hangin' out with you.

Poodle, I LOVE that couch!! It looks ever so comfortable, like you can just curl up in the corner with a good book and take a nap. Definitely a nappable couch.

*raises hand for also wanting a chaise*

I just made us some fan-fucking-tastic chicken caeser salads for yummy, and really hit the spot. I think I've really got my egg-free caeser down now. 1 clove minced garlic, juice of half a lemon, squirt of anchovy paste (optional), generous squirt of dijon mustard, salt, pepper, olive oil to balance....mix. Really tasty stuff, and if turbomann's eating salad - it must be good.

Oh, and I made a stop at Ann Taylor Loft on my way home tonight, because Squeeeeee! -- none of my pants fit anymore because I'm shrinking! They're having a great sale right now, so I got a pair of nice black dress pants, a sexy red sweater, and the hotttest pair of jeans I've ever had...they're the beautiful trouser jeans of my dreams, with a nice wide leg. I shouldn't have spent the money, but I think I deserve clothes that fit. South beach diet so far, is working unbelievably well.

Okay, my contacts are screaming at me to come out, so I must heed their call.
hehe, minimal fartage.


and not a bad couch, either, poodle! i hope that works out for you. looks comfy!! i wouldn't mind a beige-ish couch. as bad as i hate sterility in a room, you can punch up a beige couch with lovely throw-pillows of any color. right now we have ugly striped sofas covered with one brown and one off-white cover. i hate them but they cover the innards of the couch that mister boots so lovingly decided to share with everyone. i have several orangey-yellow-olive pillows and throws around, but it's just not what i want. and there's never enough seating because the loveseat is really just an oversized chair for one person. we always end up having someone in the precarious papasan or on the floor.

doodle, i hope you feel better!! i bet it's that damn morphine from last night making you ill. that stuff had violent effects on me while in the hospital. the night after spinal surgery, i refused to take any more of it because of the horrible dreams it gave me. really traumatic stuff, although looking back on it, i wonder if it was just the whole experience that caused it. but then again, once we stopped the morphine, the nightmares stopped as well. i spent the night after surgery on nothing but es tylenol because the doc hadn't given permission to give me anything else. that's how bad i hate the morphine.

ok, back on the phone... i've already had one lady give me a recipe for a ginger tea that she promised would keep my voice in shape for calling and make me feel better immediately. i'm going to the grocery store tomorrow for sure.
I think the couch looks really comfy! I agree with TJ about that you could totally curl up with a book, in it. Hope you get it!

(I love the "minimal fartage" factor, too...heh)

FJ, get thee to get thy ginger tea! smile.gif Take care of yourself, and I forgot to give you ~~gorgeous cervix vibes~~ yesterday!

TJ, hold off on buying TOO many clothes....because you'll likely shrink more! SB is a great, great eating plan.

Doodlebug, all I can say, is GAH! I hope you are feeling better sounds awful!!

~~healing vibes for Doodlebug~~

I do have a leather couch but it's sort of squooshy. I sat on like fifty or something to find something that fit me and that I wouldn't slide off of!

Well, tomorrow's the big day for me! I have to ask for "chillycold" vibes for my ultracold freezer! I pressure tested it and it was fine...I have a vacuum pump on it and it's currently down to 100 microns. Which is a pretty deep vacuum. The deeper the better.

*little known fun fact....atmospheric pressure is 760,000 microns. So I've removed 759,900 microns worth of pressure from the system*

I'm fairly happy with the progress so far. I'd love it to get down to fifty microns or less but 80 will be do-able. So if it's down, in the morning, I am going to charge it up and *hope, fingers and toes crossed* that it gets down to 80 below.
(*(*(*(*(*(super chillycold vibes for the ultracold & tree )*)*)*)*)*)*)

Yikes, tree - that's amazing about the pressure, and how ass biting cold that freezer gets. Do you have to take precautions when opening it to get something, like wear gloves?

Yeah, tree, the pants I bought today are all I'm buying for now...once 5lbs more go, I'll have a bunch of pants that will fit me alot of women, I've got the wardrobe in 3 sizes, and I've learned not to throw everything out now as I drop weight, but I'm *just* in between 12/10, and the pants I have in that range look a tad ridiculous, I believe I look like "Buelah Bagass" as turbomomma would say. smile.gif

FJ - do share the ginger tea recipe...I love me some brewed ginger and honey!!

I got a set of portable bathtub jets in the mail today - I swapped for 'em on the LUSH forum, and I can't wait to fill the tub with massive amounts of bubbles tonight! The thing is really loud, but I only really want it to make bubbles anyhow. tongue.gif
Yay for turbo's new clothes!! I love buying new clothes after losing weight. It's just so much easier to find stuff. Sigh....if I could only get back down to a size 14. Clothing manufacturers have something against people over size 14.

That salad sounds equisite!! You guys make me wish I liked meat! Seriously!

~*~*~*~even more anti-pain vibes for doodle~*~*~*~ Heating pads/compresses don't do anything to kill the pain of stones! There's really no way to ease the pain other than taking strong painkillers and/or letting it pass. Take the pills!! If the percoset won't stay down or makes you sick then call the doc right away and get something different!!

Thanks for the couch kudos! I have another one on my list just in case this one doesn't work. The other one is the same color, except it has fabric covering which I'm sure my cats will adore. Still, it's from a ritzy neighborhood and it looks clean and solid. I'm okay with a neutral color couch at this point in my life since I don't have a lot of "investment" furniture to begin with. My rug is very colorful, but it has a few tan/beige stripes on it, so it would work. The only items in my living room that I'm really dedicated to are my vintage dark brown mahogany console/shelving unit and my red blob chair. On Thursday, I'm looking at an L-shaped entertainment unit that might work for my Marantz turntable/receiver. It's a medium oak shade, but the dimensions are perfect for old components. I could refinish or paint it to match the rest of my stuff if necessary.

ETA- ~*~*~*~chill vibes for treehugger~*~*~*~

I just finished watching The House of Sand and Fog. Meh. It reminds me too much of my job. The last thing I want to do after a whole day of dealing with people fighting over real estate is to come home and watch a movie about it. Also, if there were houses like that with a slight view of the ocean for $175,000, then I'm leaving this dump and moving out to the SF bay area right now!!

ETAA- I'm watching the episode of That 70's Show just before the show officially "jumped the shark"--when Eric leaves for Africa. I can't believe that they even tried to continue the show without Topher Grace. They could have ended it so smoothly, but NOOOO, they had to drag it out and introduce a new character and ruin the whole damn thing!! Sorry, I'm a huge That 70's Show fan. I was so sad to see it die a miserable death like so many other TV shows. sad.gif
That microfiber couch looks good, poodle. I hope you get it. And I hope it's true that kitties aren't into microfiber. I have a celadon green couch with tan pipe trim that I got at Ikea. It's still in my storage unit in Chicago. I hope I hope someday I can get that stuff down here.

I went out tonight and got a little tipsy, and I still can't sleep.

(((doodlebug))) I hope you will get better soon, and I hope you're able to keep the painkillers down. When I was in the hospital last weekend, they gave me morphine, and it just made me more nauseus. I don't remember having nightmares, though. I had a few sex dreams involving strange people, however.

*~*~*total cervix competence for falljackets~*~*~*

So, guys, I just talked to my dad. His brother - my uncle - was murdered last weekend. It's a really sad and horrible end for a guy that lived a troublesome life. I haven't seen my uncle since I was about 15, but I still feel sad and feel a loss. And I feel horrible for my poor dad, who told me that he had just hoped to see his brother become an old man.

I guess my uncle was on meth, and had moved to California to find work after he got kicked out of his daughter's house for becoming violent. He had borrowed money from some 22-year-old guy, and that guy beat him to death with a pipe. So awful. It was probably drug related, but I'm only guessing from what I know of my uncle. RIP

So, tonight, I got to talk with a guy I will be working with at my new job. He really put me at ease and made me believe that I can do the job. They sound like a great crew, and I really think I will be great there. Whew. I guess we'll see on February 5!

OK - nighty night. See you tomorrow.
~~*~~soothing vibes for PK's dad~~*~~

Meth is awful stuff. It's really sad, what it does to people. PK, I'm glad, though, that you've received some reassurance about accepting your new challenge! I wish I was local to you so I could go and get dessert there in February! smile.gif

Poodle, I am of the conviction that big ticket furniture is best in "neutrals" anyway, since it's a LOT cheaper to change your color scheme by painting the walls, than it is to buy all new furniture! Way more flexible. My couch is sort of a buttery yellow which, it's so pale it reads as neutral. Here's to enjoying a comfy couch!

Turbo, yes, they use thick gloves to take things in and out. Usually they're used for long term storage of vials and samples and stuff that I'd rather not know about...heh. The freezers actually have two doors, sort of...there's the big outer door that has a latch that pulls it closed...and then once that door's opened there's a whole bunch of small doors, like cubbys. That way a person can just open the small cubby where their samples are, without letting all the cold air fall out. Ice forms in them differently too...the moisture freezes so quickly it doesn't really settle on anything very solidly. To defrost them, people take a shop-vac and just vacuum it out!

Anyway, thanks for the vibes. I'm *hoping* to start it up later this morning. And perhaps I'll know by this afternoon if it seems to be working.

YAY for bathtub jets! Was it as great as it sounds??

Doodlebug, here's thinking about you! I hope you feel better soon!!!

~~*~~ way powerful white light get well vibes for Doodlebug ~~*~~
(((((PK's family)))) That's a really tough loss for your family, PK...and I suppose you can just hope that your uncle's spirit is at peace now.

ANd YAY for confidence that you will ROCK at your new job, PK!! I can't wait to hear all about it! The people you work with always make your work experience, so I'm glad to hear that you're going to have a good crew to work with!

((((((freezer perfection vibes for tree))))) Sounds like an interesting piece of machinery with all its secret cubbies!

Ohhhhh, the bathtub jets are divine. Its a big 'ol thing, and takes up some valuable tub space, but it made SO many bubbles, I had to turn the jets off after about 3 minutes, as they were overflowing the tub! Its more bubble volume than anything else that I'm looking for - I only have a 30gal hot water tank, so I need those bubbles to keep me warm!

((PK and fam)) I am so sorry to hear about your uncle. That is really sad & tragic. Drugs, ugh.

Speaking of drugs....I am sure you guys remember about a year or a year and a half ago my sis was going through a terrible time with drugs, was in jail, etc. I have great news! This Saturday we are throwing her a surprise party to celebrate her accomplishments of the past year! She has been out of jail & sober for a year, has been working steadily at her job w/ promotions & raises, lost 50 LBs through working out at Curves...I am SO PROUD of her! We have passed out invitations to the party, we're having it at a local coffee shop. We're bringing desserts. I think she is going to be super shocked!

((doodle)) Kidney infection? Ouch! ~~~~get better vibes~~~~~ Rest up, chica. Your ER experience sounds very unpleasant. Just having to wait while you felt so bad, ugh.

Count me in on wanting a chaise lounge...I want it to take naps on in front of the tv.

FJ, it sounds like you are enjoying your new job! Sweet. That is so nice of that lady to give you a ginger tea recipe. Very thoughtful.

I think I may have a sinus infection. I don't have much congestion, and no fever. I was prescribed antibiotics for an ear infection last week. They seemed to work at first, but then stopped working. Today I wake up and my whole left cheek is really hurting, up to my eye & through the ear area. Probably should call the doc.

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