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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Did you like Kinky Boots, lore? That one's on my netflix queue. I watched Friends with Money last night...good, but very depressing. But, I love Frances McDormand, so I must watch everything that she is in. smile.gif

*swipes a mug of lore's peppermint hot cocoa* - sounds perfect for this wintery day.

I just called turbomann in MI just now to remind him that the pen-ultimate Bears game is this afternoon, and to make his travel plans accordingly, since he has to go right past there on the drive back...that and the winter storm advisory. But, I'm a little annoyed with him, I have to say. He was pretty hung over and drank waaaay too much last night...we had talked about strategies for him to enjoy the weekend and not stray too far from the diet, since we're in the strictest phase right now, and he said he'd stay away from beer, and just take one bottle of wine to enjoy throughout the weekend. I guess that went out the window. dry.gif It pisses me off because I'm doing all the work to help him become healthier, and once again, he throws it out the window, first chance he gets because when it comes down to it, he doesn't care that much. Very frustrating.

Rosie - are you watching Nigella? I'm drooling over that mushroom pasta....YUM! And I'm so glad that everyone enjoyed your feast last night - sounds like a wonderful time!

Poodle, sounds like you're having a FAB weekend...don't worry, I've been doing plenty of sitting around the house for you. biggrin.gif It's been glorious. And as soon as the game starts this afternoon, I'm going to trudge off to the grocery, because I'm sure every other person in chicago will be plunked in front of the game today, and not clogging up the grocery!
We didn't get to Kinky Boots yet. Probably tonight, though.

Bummer about TurboMan's diet. I can see how he'd have the overwhelming urge to make everything go back to their normal constraints, though. It's pretty frustrating trying to do stuff for someone else's own good, too, though.
Yes, that mushroom pasta dish looked soooo good! Was that just my imagination or was she in New York? I was sure I saw the Empire State Building in the background when she was walking down the street. Anywho, I take it you are watching Michael now. smile.gif I don't understand why people think he's snobby. He seems very nice to me.

By the by, Michael is using the BIGGEST dutch oven I've ever seen! I'm talking about that red one he's using to pop the popcorn. And it's obviously Le Creuset. Wonder how much tha baby costs! Wowza! ETA: I stopped by Amazon & they are selling the LeCreuset 13 1/4 quart pot. The normal price? $425! But they have it on sale for $340. Three hundred and forty dollars!!!

PP, that kitchenware sounds hilarious! Takes me back to my childhood, too.

Lorewolf, thank you so much for the Humpty Dance post! I love that song so damn much. biggrin.gif
I think you're right, Rosie - she was in New York....I want that chocolate cake too! Yeah, that dutch oven was probably about a $300 pot. But if you like LeCrueset and can't afford it, as I can't, go to target and look for the Chefmate 5.5qt enameled cast iron pot - I got one for christmas because it was rated just as good as LeCrueset in Cooks Illustrated, but it only costs $40...and it is definitely my favorite soup pot!

I think I might make a pot of chili now too this afternoon....Michael's making it look too good, and I love to fill the fridge with easy things to just pop out of the fridge all week.

Lore, I now have the humpty dance stuck in my head. thanks. tongue.gif
*snorts her coffee at idea of snowtranny with buttplug nose*
seriously doodle, please take a pic for us!

so much talk of food.....MAN. now i want gyoza....and peppermint hot chocolate.....and crepes with coworker invented the poor man's nutella crepe, which is a warmed-up flour tortilla with nutella inside and it's actually incredibly delicious.

good thing i don't have any nutella in the house, though. i need to get my ass to the gym today, and i need to not eat stuff like that. *sigh* it'll be worth it though. almost all the clothes i snagged from the sample room are too small for me. *pout* but if any of you all are a size six-ish and have skinny arms, pm me your address and i'll send you a shirt or two!

i do feel like walking up to the asian supermarket a couple blocks away and getting some gyoza though. mmm.....if i boil 'em, it's not that unhealthy, yah?

oh, lordy. what a weekend.....yesterday i did laundry all day long (three loads!) and cleaned house, and then went out to the smogcutter for my ex's friend's birthday. it's a karaoke bar (auralpoison knows what i'm talking about--btw, ap, are there any photos of you in the photo collages on the wall??) and REALLY LOUD inside as a result, so conversation was kinda difficult, but it was fun. i didn't sing. after, the ex and i tried to go to this other danceparty but there was a ridiculous line so we said screw it and got tacos and went back to my place to watch dvds instead.

of course we slept together. god. this is getting so ridiculous. he pointed out that in a month or so it'll have been two years of this. it's not like i couldn't have stopped it happening....but i didn't want to. i dunno. it's kind of ridiculous that we aren't dating, but on the other hand it's kind of better. i can't figure it out. but i think having had some space i'm better with it. i used to get all weepy but that's not there anymore. which is good.

ah, this is the wrong thread for this. sorry.


I like to rhyme, I like my beats funky
I'm spunky, I like my oatmeal lumpy!


I am a lucky gal in that I already own some Le Creuset. Sheff got a set for me for my 30th birthday (4 items plus a trivet). I tell ya, nothing makes you aware of your mortality like getting a gift that is guaranteed to survive long after you've kicked the bucket!

Aw, Mouse. Feel free to vent. S'okay. (((Mouse)))

You know what sounds really good now? Toast. Mmmmmmm ... tooooooast ...
it's not a bad thing! i got laid!

it's just ridiculous at this point. rolleyes.gif
Mouse, I'm glad you got laid, so long as you are! And if you're handling the ex sex, and having a good time...then enjoy it. He's not an ass, he treats you well, I've got no quibble with that.

Awww...rosie, now *that's* a good hubby, that gets you LeCruset for your brithday! I've only got a 2.75qt pot, and my chefmate, but its pretty much the two sizes I use most, so I'm pretty good with that.

I'm ditching the grocery run, I think. I'm enjoying sitting on my ass and catching up on Rome episodes too much. That, and making massive amounts of soup. tongue.gif
Doodle- that little boy was awesome! I gotta admit, if moxette is anything like her mama, a good rocker will be somewhere in her life. Probably a young age, though. Turbo and my college roomie married a rocker, and he's just about the nicest guy anyone would want for a friend-in-law. And, he teaches rock guitar, so when they move home, we're signing moxette up! smile.gif Turbo is right, girl's spoken for. Tart's even bought a cute little house they can buy off the in-laws in 30 years. smile.gif

We have had the most wonderful weekend! Busy, but good busy. Lots of play, good naps, good family time. Just what I needed before going out of town next weekend. Ok, gonna run and get a snack while moxette sleeps. *MWAH* everyone!

Good afternoon everyone! Hi moxie, poodle, turbo, treehugger, mouse, rose, lorewolf, and any lurkers.

mouse got laid! mouse got laid! WOOT!!! Who cares if it's ridiculous, as long as you are getting your needs met without finding yourself freaking out?

I am charging up the batteries so I can get a snowtranny pic, but it prolly won't be till tomorrow, 'cos I don't think the batteries will be ready before sundown. Oh! And, I found an old, half-used, red taper candle to use for the nose! Not quite a butt plug, but I'm willing to bet somebody somewhere in the world has used a taper candle for nefarious purposes.... ohmy.gif blink.gif

moxie, I cannot get enough of the little guitar boy. I keep watching the video over and over, with this huge shit-eating grin on my face. I think tartlet has some serious competition there.

poodle, your thrift store haul sounds AWESOME! What do the autumn harvest bowls look like?

turbo, I'm also kinda ducking the chore of leaving the apartment today! There is a really big event for my political party, and the federal party leader is in town for it. I would like to go, actually, but I don't trust the car in the snow. (ETA: ok, I just sent a supportive e-mail to our candidate, so that assuaged my guilt.)

I *heart* Frances McDormand....did anyone ever see Laurel Canyon? She is AWESOME (and HOT) in it as pot-smoking, younger-man-screwing record producer! I think maybe I saw it right after she did an interview about it in BUST....actually, come to think about it, I own it! I should go curl up with the furbabies and watch it again.

treehugger, I did wind up having part of a bowl, yes! And cranking out Tom Petty songs into the wee hours. Prolly to the chagrin of my neighbours, but it wouldn't be the first time....and in the 11 months I've had the guitar, there hasn't been a single complaint about my playing/singing, so I guess it's all okay.

Oh yeah, here is the "official" play list of songs I would be comfortable performing in front of someone besides the cats (first 6 songs are Mary Chapin Carpenter songs, next 6 are Blue Rodeo songs...of course!):

Why Walk When You Can Fly
He Thinks He'll Keep Her
I Am a Town
Passionate Kisses
I Take My Chances
Blew it Again
5 AM (a Love Song)
I Will
Western Skies
Folsom Prison Blues
Ring of Fire
Yer So Bad
Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
Heart of Gold
Harvest Moon
Urge for Going
Big Yellow Taxi
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Country Girl
The Boxer
Slip Sliding Away
When I Reach the Place I'm Going
Rompin' Stompin' Blues
And it Stoned Me
A Horse With No Name
Dancing in the Dark
Bring it On Home to Me
Blue Suede Shoes
Lovers in a Dangerous Time
Suzie Q
Closer to Fine
Waiting for Someone
Four Strong Winds
Oh Susannah
Walking on the Moon
Hi hi doodle! That is an *amazing* list of songs that you play - I'd say you have more than enough for your performance...and when your tour stops in chicago, you know who to call. smile.gif

*puts in a request for The Boxer*

I am guessing by the strangely sportingly garbed drunk hoodlums hooting and hollering around the neighborhood that scared poor turbodoggie, that the Bears are going to the Super Bowl. Whatever, I'm so not a sports fan, and tomorrow will be funny when all my co-workers are once again horrified by my lack of interest in sports.

And I still do not know where turbomann is...I think he's pissed at me, 'cause I'm pissed at him. I just hope he arrives home safely at some point. The weather out there is fairly nasty.

Hi turbo! Hee hee! Thanks! I will put The Boxer first on my list when I get there!

I am with you on the not-loving sports thing. I will occasionally make an exception for the Canadian Football League (CFL), BUT that's because my momma was a BC Lions' majorette in 1954 - their first year! - and my dad had season tix that year....and that was 5 years before they even met! Oh, and when the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series. But sports in general...yeah. Bleargh. I don't understand men's fascination, but I'm sure there are lots of things they don't understand about us!

My best memory of my dad was when I lived in Calgary, after he got sober. The BC Lions were playing the Calgary Stampeders, so I got us tix almost on the 50 yard line. It was a small, visually-manageable outdoor stadium. The sun was out, the Lions won, and my dad had the best time ever.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~safely home vibes for turbomann~*~*~*~*~*~*~
i second the request for "the boxer".....and "harvest moon". each of those songs for me conjures up highschool memories of incredibly hot quaker boys singing. the first time i ever heard neil young an especially fetching young man played "harvest moon" at a young friends gathering i went to (weekend gatherings of highschool-age quakers in the area....everything from drama workshops to cleaning up vacant lots in west philly to having social activists come and talk to us--the community there basically saved my life in middle and highschool...but i digress) and it blew my mind with prettiness; and then "the boxer" makes me think of the five senior quaker guys singing it during the talent show the last summer they were going to be there, arms around each other, one guy in a skirt (cos that's how teenage quakers roll), just so fucking dreamy and sad. *sigh* nostalgia!

"lie la lie (PSSSH!) lie la lie lie la la lie la la la la lie!"

turbo, i used to live RIGHT next to fenway park in boston and we would always try to tell whether the red sox had won or not depending on what type of yelling we heard. it was hard, though, since they riot either way tongue.gif i don't get the sports fan thing either--why get so pumped up about something you personally didn't do? unsure.gif

lore, i admit i went to the local asian supermarket and bought myself some shrimp gyoza and ate it. it was delicious but i'm sure your homemade ones were better.
Is it just me, or does mousie seem especially ebullient today?

HBI is a powerful thing.

you shut your mouth, miss doodle!!

but i think he needs a new name. "the ex" is hardly fitting.
Its true....our mousie is under the sway of the HBI!

Now, doodle, its your turn to find some!!

Mouse, I love your stories of your quaker experiences! Such good folk.
OMG. Harvest Moon. An ex-friend of mine had toyed with a young man all weekend in front of me whilst on a class trip & had broken his heart, so of course he came to me. We sat on a sofa in the middle of a cheesy resort while he cried all over my shoulder. The song made him colapse into a heap.
Why miss mousie! Is that a blush creeping into your cheeks?

I vote for re-naming him mousetoy.

turbo, I hope yer right! And at this point, I actually really hope it's drummerboy I get it from! biggrin.gif

AP, that's just so sweet and sad.

ETA: my eyelids are drooping, I'm gonna go take a nap.
I know I'm outing myself as a non-Okayer here, but ... ummm ... what does HBI mean?

I have suuuuuch a headache. And I took some ibuprophen an hour ago, but I'm still hurting. Wah! So unfair!

[holds lighter over head for Doodle]
Still not napping, and I am thrilled to be able to demystify HBI for an innocent.

HBI = Hot Beef Injection.

As in, getting some weiner.

I can't remember where the phrase originated, though. Was it poodle who came up with it?
laugh.gif That's marvelous! I know I've heard the phrase before (was it in The Breakfast Club?), but I haven't even thought of it in years! And shortening it to HBI is brilliant.

[continues snickering]

[thinks of Doodle's snow tranny with the big red nose & snickers some more!]
He he! HBI always made me think of the days of listening to AC/DC and stuff.

Butt-Rock memories. Like when the term "porking" was commonly used.

Someone kicked over my snowtranny while I was napping!!!!!!!!!


S/he's all in lumpy pieces all over the yard.

Who would do that? Why, that's....that's....snowicide! Call the RCMP!!

*waves fists furiously in the air*

Seriously, what if a little kid had made it? Huh? I mean, how likely is it that people would think it was an adult's work? Who would knock over a kid's snowman?

*burrows into the corner of the Okayland sofa to cry softly into the pillows*

I didn't even get a picture yet.
Awwwww (((doodlebug)))

Mean people suck!
morning lassies and lords...its a gloomy, cold monday morning. Moxieman is off to DC for the day. Yes, just the day. Can I have some safe travel vibes?

This week, I am organizer girl. Gotta get my shit totally together and ready for anyone else at work to take over cause of vacay. Vacay...goddess...i need one. Woke up at 3AM with stress hives. Feh. Double Feh actually.

So, what does everyone's week look like? Me, i'm off to corral some wayward job files into submission. sound like fun?
((((doodle's snowtranny)))) Poor girl....what a mean thing to do to knock over a snowtranny! They probably sensed by her non-traditional wax nose that she/he's a feminist!

Oh and happy Roe v Wade anniversary to everybody!! I'll be going to the big Planned Parenthood Roe gala on Thursday here - always a fun time, for a good cause. I think I may be going alone this time, I don't think anyone else from the office is going, which is a bummer, but I know enough PP staff to still have a good time.

and I second the vote for calling mouse's ex "mousetoy!"

On my way into work this morning, the pro-life org on Northwestern's campus was putting up nasty signs and american flags all along the streets this morning. assholes. Evil stuff too, and of course, less than factual.

I'm not sure what my work week looks like this week, all I know is that I'm jealous of moxie's vacation!
'Mornin' Moxie, TreeHugger, and any lurkers/bleary people.

*Safe Travel Vibes for Moxieman and Peace Vibes for TurboFam* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Did your SnowTranny have any enemies? Did you notice Hir in any arguments? I doubt this was an accident. I'm sorry to hear about the loss, Doodle. I was curious to see Hir. sad.gif

This week is my carpentry apprenticeship training week. I really only need to complete one skill block to have enough to make 3rd period and get a significant raise. Yaaay! That'll be completed by Wednesday. The only other things I need to make 3rd period are enough work hours clocked and a First Aide certification, both of which ought to be done early next month. Yaaaay! Still, I can't help it, but I feel anxiety about going to classes. No real reason. There is a fellow student that has been unpleasent, but he's not even likely to be there this week. He just talks shit behind people's backs like an 8th grader. That, and I'm not the most proficient carpenter yet. That's why I'm still learning, though, of course. I mostly just feel anxious for no good reason... because I felt anxious the last several times in trining. (Oops! typo... I obviously meant 'trannying'.)

Oh, and for good stuff happening this week, tonight, a new friend here is coming over to look into illustrating one or more of my fairytales from my Six Stories of Fairytale Russia set. This guy teaches design and sketching/drawing at the university my GoatieGirl teaches at. He's thinking in the comic book direction, but I'm going to try to persuade him in the illustrated storybook format direction. We'll see how it turns out. It's all quite possibly a step toward publishing smile.gif

Also, I'm picking up my Brother In-Law from the airport on Friday after work. It's always nice to have him visiting. He's always fun, and we could use the socializing.

I hope you all have good weeks lined up smile.gif

ETA Heya Turbo! *wave* Cross-Post! (Shouldn't there be something that we have to do if there's a cross-post? like someone gets a spanking or has to down a shot of tequila?)
Poor snowtranny! We barely knew ye.
[sits next to Doodle & rubs her back]

~*~*~*~ travel safety vibes for Moxieman ~*~*~*~ I think winter finally arrived there, so I hope he dressed warmly enough.

Turbo, reclaim the American flag! The flag represents freedom, right? So that means that the flag obviously represents the freedom of choice. Take back the flag, baby!

Lorewolf, those carpentry classes sound fascinating to me. And please remember that the reason why you're taking classes in the first place is because you're still learning. There's no shame in that. Your willingness to learn is what's important. As for the illustrator, how exciting! Your stories sound fascinating & I'm sure any illustrator would jump at the chance to work on such a project.

Heh heh ... "porking"!

I will fly out to Seattle on Thursday, so my week will be structured around that. I need to do some laundry, figure out which luggage to take, blahblahblah. I'm thinking of taking my big bag because BestGalPal and I are probably going to hit the Fluevog store. Yay! I've been lusting after these babies for a while. Granted, I cannot imagine spending $300 on a pair of shoes! But you never know what I'll find on sale, right? So I better make room in my bag!

Must remember to bring passport. Mustmustmust.

By the by, winter is back in my neighborhood. Our lovely tall pines are coated in a thin, shimmering layer of ice. Not good for the roads, of course, but so pretty to look at from the comfort of home!
Porking! That it so gross!

Mouse! Congrats on your HBI. I'm with the others, if you are happy with things and he's treating you well, that's cool. Do you want to date him again ever?

Doodle, I wish we'd have seen your snowtranny! I can't believe someone destroyed it. What jerks!

Sounds like lots of you had snow this weekend. We got lots of rain. It was in the upper 30's, so it was a damp, chilly weekend. I spent it painting my laundry room.

My week is ok. I have class tonight and Thursday night, and work all week. I am having 3 lady friends over for dinner on Friday, so I need to get some sort of menu together.

~~~travel vibes for moxieman!~~~~

Lore, where is your BIL flying in from?

Hi poodle, rose v, & treehugger!
Harumph. Haters.
*dragging self in from work*

gah. today was monday with a vengeance! meetings, meetings, meetings, all of a sudden it is past 19:00, the sun is going down and i haven't done a lick of the work that is supposed to be reviewed by the sr, mgmt team tomorrow morning at 8:30. feh.

((((((doodle!)))))) rip, snowie t. treehugger, i echo your sentiment! mean people SUCK! i don't know why people do mean stuff like that.

*shakes head*

lore, that's the first i've heard of your russian stories!! are they original? what are they like? they sound fascinating! maybe your artist/illustrator friend could do illustrations that look like the things that are painted on those lacquer boxes that you can buy in russia....i cannot think of what they are called, must be a senior moment.

ooooo, rosiev! that worries me. i hate the thought of mr. hotbuns out there driving in that stuff. did they close all of the schools?? they get so paranoid there....but i think it is justified. there just isn't enough snow to justify any of the cities/counties buying lots of expensive snow/ice removal equipment for something that only happens 2-3 times a year.

why did they call it "porking"? makes no sense to me. HBI, yah, i get.

oooo oooo oooo!!! HBI!!! mouse has a toy!!! wooooo hooooo!!! ZOUNDS!

my brain is mush. i can't remember anything else except for devil ducky ouch strips and snow penises. i recently saw a photo of one of those.....i bet it was HERE, right?? and now everyone is going to laugh at me for not remembering that!

can't decide what - if anything - to have for dinner. it was/still is soooooooooo hot today! my appetite just goes away when that happens. maybe just mangoes and cashew nuts.

mmmm mangoes and cashews....that's a good dinner, tessie, yum! biggrin.gif

doodle, maybe what really happened was that the spirit of your snowtranny broke loose from its icy confines and as a result LOOKS like it's scattered all over the yard but in fact is flying around, invisible, planting the seeds of gender revolution in the brains of every snowman in kamloops!!

lore, i hope your meetng with your friend goes well, i agree, comic book style doesn't quite sound right for that project. i hope you can get him to come around. it sounds like a great project--my illustrator heart got all fluttery!

(((minxie's wrist))) scary scary--good thing you've got minxlette to the rescue smile.gif

moxie, when's your vacay start? i hope sooner than later....good luck getting everything organized! ((safe travel moxieman))

kari, you're having a dinner party? that sounds so fun.

rosie, stay warm in your ice storm! and take some pictures too smile.gif

turbo i hope you have fun at that gala--what a great thing to get to do!

i don't know what my week will be like; i think it will be uneventful. work work work, and i'm going to try to go to the gym every day this week just to see if i can have enough willpower to. i finally got my ass there last night and i need to get back into the swing of things. and i think i may drop by friend L's house after work one day to see her and pick up the buttonmaker we have joint custody of. i also want to draw more this week, and i have x-mas thankyou notes to write still *shame*

i don't know how i feel about "mousetoy".....i think i prefer just X. it's anonymous, and yet true hehe. as for wanting to date him again.....that's where we always run into trouble. i think it's something we don't have to think about, or at least we're trying not to. hopefully it won't all blow up in our faces. he's being goddamn sweet though. he is such a good guy.

he bought a new dvd player/surround sound speakers home entertainment thingie, so we got all excited about having a movie night and went and rented "sunset boulevard", forgetting that it was made long before surround sound and therefore defeating the entire purpose of the movie night. ha! good movie regardless.

okay. time to work. hope everyone's having a lovely morning.
Not to worry, Tes. It really wasn't bad. No schools were closed. It seems that the roads were warm enough to stay clear. I had some little icicles hanging off of my car last night (forgot to check it again this morning). But everything has already melted off. I'm sure Mr. HB is just fine. smile.gif I saw in another thread that it is BLAZING hot in your neck of the woods! 39C?!?! I would rather have the ice!

Mouse, I love your theory about the snowtranny! That is down right heartwarming.

Minx, good luck with getting through a week!

As for the HBI, I tend not to talk about my, uh, regular vaccination schedule here on Bust. I wonder why. Maybe because I'm too shy? But oddly enough, I have no problem celebrating the HBI of a fellow Bustie! Woo hooo!!!!

I may have earned the label of "cock tease" yesterday, however. When I woke up I felt like crapola & didn't want to get dressed. The only thing that looked appealing was a certain little nightie. You know Marilyn Monroe's famous white halter dress? Well, imagine a simplified version of that, but shorter & made from black silk. Very very sexay and surprisingly comfortable. Too bad I felt shitty, though. Sadly, the only thing that got a pounding yesterday was my head. sad.gif
Hi, peeps!

What does a person use a dutch oven for, anyway? And why are the good ones even more expensive than a Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer, even though they have no working parts?

I have never heard of Harvest Moon or The Boxer. I'm not so very well-versed outside of the rock genres, except for maybe a little bit of old jazz.

Sorry about your snowtranny, Doodle. Some people just aren't as forward-thinking as you are. Oh, and I can see you more with French Guy Part Deux. He looks a little more mature than the others.

Mouse, the ex really does sound like a great guy. It's so cool that you can do the HBI thing and still hang out and just be friends. For him, I can't think of a better kind of girlfriend than you.

My mom has a bunch of Russian laquer boxes that we gave to her over the years. They are so freaking amazing. Unfortunately, the store with the best ones went out of business years ago.

Turbo, I wasn't aware you guys had to establish paternity there, too. I guess you would have to if the fathers are going to sign over their rights. We've had cases like that, where we just needed to establish rights so he could sign them over. Such a technicality, but I guess legally necessary. I can't remember if they've even tried to serve anyone via publication since I've been working here. Sounds like kind of a BS way to get it done, but if it's just a technicality they need to run through for something much better to happen, so be it.

Have fun at your gala tonight! I haven't done any PP activities around here, but you can bet your ass I get every last one of their emails. Where I used to work as a tele-fundraiser, we had a contract with PP and NARAL to sell tickets to their galas. I was envious of them, but they were never in MN.

That's quite the bunch of stuff you got, Poodle! That's cool that you and XRB got to hang out some.

Hi, Karianne, Tes, Minx, RV, Lore, Moxie ((((((((travel vibes for Moxieman)))))))), and all else I missed!

We had a pretty relaxing weekend around my house. We went out with Poodle on Friday for cabaret and martinis. I got this awful tiramisu martini, but drank the whole thing in 4 huge gulps (followed by huger gulps of water) because I was not going to let them charge me $10 for something I didn't consume, so just on principle, I downed it. And it made me halfway drunk. We also watched some Metalocalypse, since Poodle is probably the only person I know outside of the giant who'd get it. Seriously, the most awesome cartoon ever. We hung out at home on Saturday and had a really nice bath on Saturday night followed by some really good HBI, then we didn't leave the house again yesterday (except I did for 15 minutes to pick up a pizza) because the giant wanted to watch dumb old football. But dare I say it, if there were such a thing as a good football game, it was the Colts/Patriots game. It went back and forth up until there were only 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

And now I'm here at work on a dreary Monday. Blech. I did get some shark teeth from a friend who just got back from Florida, though. I hope some spicy Chipotle brightens me up a little.

I also finally made an appointment to get this awful filling job on my front tooth fixed up. It's all rough in the back and there's a very obvious edge on the front, at least when I run my tongue over it. I wish I would have never let my dentist fix that in the first place. I liked it the way it was, chipped with a little bit of character, and a very good reminder that my teeth aren't pliers, at least not my front teeth.

hi ya'll!!

*hands tes a frothy, chilled mango 'rita*

Yeesh! I don't think I could survive those kind of temperatures, tes! ...But then again, I might console myself with lobsters, fresh fruit and giant prawns! Got any communications or packaging jobs out there? All options are on the table...scary as that is!

Diva, your weekend sounds awesome - excluding the nasty 'tini. Eeew...I can see where it would sound really yummy, though.

Rosie, I got accused of the same thing last night...but I was just lounging on the couch in my bathrobe when turbomann came home, and of course he wanted to give it to me...but I was watching Rome, so it had to wait. smile.gif

GAH! Turbomann just called and said the charity came to pick up all of our stuff today....but they refused to take the couch! Gak! That's the *one* thing that really needed to go, since we're getting grandma's furniture next week. Our oldie is slip-covered, and I guess when you look underneath, what were once small tears in the fabric, are now gaping I'm not sure what you do with a couch that even charity won't take. Makes me sad, because it looks fine with the cover on it, and its seriously the most comfy couch ever. I guess I'll list it on Craigslist and Freecycle, and if that doesn't work, we'll have to take it to the alley. *sniff*
hola peeps....purple people eating peeps....

diva...the dutch oven is great for braising meats or stocks or soups....i use mine to make spagetti sauce..yum!
and i got mine on discount at Ross or marshalls...its says le creuset but it was only 80 bucks!!! i know it was marked down or a fake but i don't works great!

laid, laid off, hbi.....hmmm purple rain? my mind's in a flurry from all the catchup (6 pages)...i really ought to check in on the weekends.

(((((doodle's snowtranny)))))if i had snow, i'd build one too....

this is registration week-rent week-last friday off for the next 5 months week....i will now be going to classes 6 days a week in order to be done by june. cod help me. oh and that phone interview NEVER HAPPENED. and they haven't called either...bastards. no matter...i'm so not worried about it.

(((((((((job vibes for all that need them...oh and safety vibes too!!!)))))))
Divala, your weekend sounded nice. Shame about the martini, but the hot bath, pizza, & HBI must have made up for it! Hope everything goes well with your tooth.

As for the dutch oven, I use mine to make chili, soup, pasta, and anything else that requires a big pot. I've thought about getting aa metal stock pot just because the Le Creuset is so heavy, but I can use the exercise. There's some sort of no-knead bread recipe out there that is supposed to be baked in a dutch oven, but I haven't tried it yet.

That sucks about the couch, Jenn. Here's hoping that somebody on freecycle will take it ... especially if you throw in the cover.

Yowza, MsGB! blink.gif Sounds like quite a week! What color is your LC pot? I heard that Marshalls had some light blue ones for really cheap a while back. My pieces are red. Originally I kinda wished that Sheff had gotten the colbalt blue for me, but now I reeeeeally really like the red.

I have news! I am going to Vancouver! The BestPals are going to take me up there while I'm in Seattle. So exciting! I've never been to Canada before! I'll be in Vancouver in exactly a week, but not for long. I'll arrive there Sunday morning and leave Monday night. We have no clue what we're going to do while we're there, but I'm sure it'll be fun!
I'm with everyone else here in the dutch-oven soup camp. Also makes divine casseroles, lamb shanks...anything where you need really even heat, and a good seal on the lid. I do also have a 14qt stainless pot for stock - if I'm going through all the effort, I like to make a ton of it. I usually use about 3lb chicken wings and 2lbs of feet, plus all the veggies, and bought from the hispanic produce market - its all super cheap. By the time I'm done with stock, I reduce it to about 5qt...I like it to be very jello-like upon refridgeration. smile.gif

Ms gb - just think, though - in 6 months - you'll have graduated!! I'm sure its going to be frenetic, but you'll be earning money for what you love doing very soon!

WOOT for Vancouver!!! You should meet up with doodle, rosie! (says ignorant american with no clue how far it is from Vancouver to chez doodle)

Thank cod for Aleve...turbo cranked my shoulder out this morning in his enthusiasm for squirrels, and its been throbbing all day..but I walked to Walgreens to get some Aleve, and now its down to a dull roar, and I think I'll be able to make it through spin class. smile.gif

*someone* will take my couch...I would hate to throw it out to the alley for anyone to take, its been my greatest napping friend, and I feel like I should take care of it respectfully.
When I had to get rid of my old couch when I moved out of my old apartment, I actually just called up my landlord to see if she had any ideas. There was a guy with a family who needed it, so all I had to do was pay him $50 to drive it away on his truck. I hate to see decent pieces of furniture thrown out to the trash when they're still very usable. I guess that's the pack rat in me.

So, what else is so special about dutch ovens besides the size? Are they made totally of ceramic with enamed on the outside, or to they have some kind of heavy metal core? I never get the chance to make large amounts of anything, so I suppose it would be a waste for me to get one.

Wow, you'll be all completely done in 6 months, GB? Would you go only into doing hair, or other salon services, too?

Actually, except for going out on Friday and the bath on Saturday, my weekend was boring as hell. I really wanted to go shopping yesterday, but the giant didn't want to come with me and I didn't feel like going alone. I'm going to own him next weekend, though.

Oh, and on good grammer in personal ads - that's one of the first things that attracted me to the giant. Poor grammer is a deal-breaker for me. If a grown man can't use proper punctuation and spelling (for the most part, anyway) and the correct version of they're/their/there, and make sense on paper, then he's no man for me. The giant's really good about it, too. Not too many misspelled words and he capitalizes where it's necessary and even uses proper punctuation. No semicolons or anything, but still decent.
I'm with you diva, I hate throwing something out that could be useful for someone else. I'm sure we'll find someone to take it. And even if we leave it in the alley, it'll be gone in an hour...there are scrappers who do nothing by drive through the alleys looking for salvageable metal and furniture, and there are at least 4 of them that live on our street.

An enameled dutch oven is a great because it has all of the best qualities of good cast iron ware -- heavy pots that heat incredibly evenly, but the enamel makes them much easier to clean, because they don't require seasoning. I am a kitchen dork.

I think turbomann's writing was the first thing to catch my eye in high school (yes, we are high school sweethearts)...the man can *write.* Especially short stories with a satirical bend. I wish he'd write more stuff. He and his BFF used to write stories together, even made some of their own movies, and I love reading his old stuff...and their Star Wars movie that they did at Age 11...priceless. wanted me to make a stew last i'm sad that i didn't. dry.gif

once i'm done with this...i can either apply for an assistant postion...(or i might do that once this receptionist gig is done with) or take more classes...esthetician ones...and since by then i'll have my cosmetology license, i can get out of that class faster since i can carry over lots of hours. wooo!

i forgot to bring lunch...well, only 1 hr and 15 min. to go....maybe i'll do a bank run and then chipotles for some guac...we'll see.

anyone got super bowl plans yet?
hey ladieeeeeeees! (get funky)

*runs around thread with cowbell*

ok, so i'm still on the archives from friday. i came down with a sinus infection or a cold or something on thursday and am still down. i've been steaming and drinking tea and rubbing vick's vapor rub all over me, but i can't take anything because of hte pregnancy, so this thing is hanging on and making me miserable!!!! i really feel like ASS! i've been coughing and now my chest and stomach are hurting. i really really hope the little bug is ok in there!

ok, so like i said, i'm back on friday's conversation still but wanted to chime in about the baggage thing! the first appointment i set last week was with a lady who's bf had broken up with her after five years because she had too much baggage. and i told her that he was basically saying he didn't like who she was... that we all have baggage and that's what makes us the people we've become. didn't she WANT someone that wanted to peek inside her baggage and see the real her? she laughed and said, "oh, fj, you're really good at this!". hehehee. little did she know she was my first appointment!!! ah, but she didn't show up for her appt. sad.gif that happens. i'll call her back and see if she's ready. something is holding her back, and it's probably the baggage dude.

anyway, so that was my contribution. i'm going to get some chicken soup and then go back to reading.

FJ!!!! (((((((super duper healing vibes for FJ)))))

Okay, now FJ, you MUST run to your local Natural Foods store, hippy healing shack or drug store and get yourself a Neti Pot. Have you left yet? Seriously, this little dude should be your best friend. Its a small teapot looking thing and you fill it with warm water and 1/4-1/2 tsp salt, dissolved. Then stick it in your nostril and you rinse your sinuses with it. Even better, if you can find it, they now have little squeezy bottles for just this purpose, which help you get a little more pressure going. But if you *really* want to banish this blerginess, and you have to really want juice one clove of garlic, and put the juice in that water...and that will kill all of the bacteria in your sinuses....I'll warn you that it can sting, and well, its garlicky, but it does work. Rinse your schnozz with 8oz warm water 2-3 times a day until you feel better, alternating nostrils as you go. And do it over the sink, with a towel at the ready for the mucus that will come out. Its awkward at first, but with a few tries, you should be able to get the water sailing through there.

Okay, I'm done on the crunchy front. cool.gif are a MASTER at what you're doing already! You have such sweetness and a kind heart, and only the best intentions for your prospeective clients! What a great story, and I'm sure you'll help her along to open to new romantic possibilities.

ms gb, I plan to avoid all super bowl plans. I'm the anti-sports fan, and I don't care a whit that its my home team playing. ph34r.gif
On the jukebox in my mind, "The Humpty Dance" has been replace by the Beastie Boys. smile.gif
[shakes booty to FJ's cowbell]

FJ, that is beautiful advice. You are great at this! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Doesn't Doodle live a ways outside of Vancouver? I'd be thrilled to meet you of couse, Doods, but I don't want to pressure you into driving for hours just to meet me. PrettyNPink lives near Seattle & I'm going to meet her while I'm there, so at least the trip won't be a total waste. wink.gif

Sheff's writing helped attract him to me. I guess that's kinda obvious since I met him here on Bust. He also writes stories occasionally and they are sooooo so good. He has this one that was written in the style of a spooky folk tale from 200 years ago that I just love! Sends cold chills down my spine (in a good way).

Wikipedia has an entry on dutch ovens (where you'll see a lovely pic of my red pot). I always thought of a dutch oven as just a pot with a lid that can be used in an oven or on the stove. I never quite understood why it's called a dutch oven instead of just a big pot!

My plans for Super Bowl Sunday? Well, that will be the second anniversary of our elopement, so I image that Sheff & I will be eating spice cake. It's a long story, but we (the BestPals & the two of us) have decided that spice cake is the official dessert of elopement. biggrin.gif
My dutch oven, and I think the le creuset ones, are made of enamelled cast iron. Its fairly non-stick, and conducts heat beautifully.

Doodle lives about four hours or so out of Vancouver.
hiya FJ! ((get better))

i'm just popping in to say that i think the "wild thing" little kid has even more competition--the ex just sent me a link to the episodes' myspace : punk band from cleveland; the singer is 7 years old!
Hello all! Quick post - just finished a quick read of today's posts. Thanks for all the snowtranny sympathies....I'm gonna go with mouse's story! This town could really use a spirit guardian like that.

Vancouver is about 350 kms southwest of where I live. In good weather, it takes me about 3.5 hours to drive from my house to doodlemama's house, including a couple of stops for gas, bathroom, etc., but I speed. ohmy.gif In weather like this, because you have to go over the steep mountain passes, I would count on anywhere from 4 - 5.5 hours driving, depending on whether they've cleared the highway and what kind of tires you have...I have shitty tires a'cos I've been waiting for my severance to get a new car, so I didn't want to invest $400 in new snow tires for one season.

(You are not legally allowed to be up there during the snow season without 4 good-condition all-season radials, at a minimum, but snow tires are much safer - if your tires are no good, the RCMP can take you off the road. If you don't wind up dead in a ditch first. Not to put too fine a point on it! Personally, I would never rely on all-seasons up there....they're too slippy, and I've seen too many city folk in the ditches. Although you could get away with all-seasons if you brought chains, but then you have to chain up on the side of the highway, in the cold.)

TMI, sorry. I need to be "putting my face on," as my mother would say (what a strange expression, now that I think about it) so that I can go out and do some errands.

Mr. Phoenix, age 43

Mr. Brazil, age 37

Mr. Austria, age 40 (looks older, but he smokes, which ages a person...fascinating profile, though)

Mr. Morocco, age 23

Whoops! Edited, 'cause I posted before I finished writing!

I feel nauseous today. Wonder if the idea of only 10 days of employment left is making me freak.
I think Mr. A is fibbing about his age...
I think so too, dusty. wink.gif
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