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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Poodle, this one is just for YOU. You know you want to join. I know I do.
This day is going super slow. I don't have anything to do either, and I don't want to help the republican with his sucky project.

Do you get personal towels for sitting on chairs, etc., at this nudist resort? I wouldn't want to sit on a surface that had come in contact with someone's privates. I suppose it's not too different from a toilet seat, but still...butt cheeks are relatively dry and probably cleaner than hands.

I'm trying to come up with old-school rockers who don't look crusty today. David Bowie looks pretty decent for an old guy, but he's not my type. I can't really think of anyone else. Has Roger Daltrey had plastic surgery at all?

Hahaha!!! I want an older ipod model, but that one goes a little too far back!
ghad turbo, that's GREAT

Re Jimmy Page: Well, compared to OTHER 60 year old men he's hot!

The only nakediditty places we go to are beaches.

If you ever get the chance, Gay Head beach at Martha's Vineyard is the greatest. Very ancient red rocks from deep in the earth got thrust up and so you have this funky roadrunner and coyote beach from mars, with the sun setting in the west, and nothing but naked men. And one or two women. there is lighthouse on the top of the cliffs you can go in.

It's a long haul though, even from Boston. Drive about an hour, get on a BOAT, and the boat lands at the opposite end of the island from the beach (20 miles of roads that are bad enough to be in rural Ireland).

Of course, they want to rename the beach -- to Aquinnah Point or something ;-)
Argh....I am so pissed. I rode home on my bike, and for the third day in a row someone is parked in our parking spot. The same person, and I've left notes everyday, instructing where the guest parking spots are. Parking in our 'hood is a competitive business, and we have a prime deeded spot...we get lots of illegal parkers because we are the second spot from the front door. I left a note yesterday that they would be towed today. So they left me a note today, with the unit number, and so I call up there with the buzzer, and its a caregiver for the elderly lady who owns the spot next to mine, and she told her my spot was the one for her unit. BAH. Fine, so I tell her that she needs to move her car to the correct spot, no big deal. I run into her in the lobby and she totally starts giving me shit about Mildred owning *my* spot, and the janitor told her that my spot belonged to Mildred. All I want is her to move her car and understand that she should park in the correct spot, and she just goes on and on...GAH. And what the hell is drunk janitor doing directing parking anyhow?
yeah, if i went to a nudist place i would have hands clamped firmly over boobies if i was doing anything other than leisurely strolling. the girls like to bounce to the beat of a different drummer...sometimes even differnt from each other. which is painful and rather odd-looking.

i just had a little anti-tipping rant over in the food service thread. i don't care if i'm supposed to be pro-tip now that i'm a waiter, i'm not, damnit, and i don't care if other people like it or if they get the shaft wage-wise because of min. wage rules (luckily i don't, thank god). i just don't like other people's opinions of me/my service being the biggest factor in my take-home pay, that's all, and nothing will change that.

heh, gay head beach, eh, whammy? sounds KINKY!!!!!

so, you yankees have a long weekend this one coming up? yay for you guys! we had our canadian one last weekend, so everyone went camping and got rained on :P

i'm listening to modest mouse right now. god, how i love them. i remember a few years ago when cougarlion had a nasty breakup with a scottish duder and we couldn't listen to them or she'd cry. those we sad days for my car stereo.

the boy was having lunch with his dad at the restaurant today, but the bugger was there BEFORE my shift, so i didn't get to harass him while he ate. he did get a fortune with something about his 'social skills' on it, so i mocked him, for we all know he has no social skills to speak of
Well, let me think. Roger Daltrey is still looking DAMN fine, Eric Clapton's aging quite well, the drummer from Bon Jovi, Tico Torres, seems to only get better with age (but he's MINE!), everyone from Pink Floyd are looking really good, Joe Perry is still a god, Bono's okay looking...

Oooooh!!! That's so annoying turbo! How rude!

Yeah, Roger Daltrey and Eric Clapton still look pretty good. I wonder if those guys have had any plastic surgery. Steven Tyler has had waaaay too much plastic surgery. He looks like Joan Rivers now.

Robert Plant does look like Michael Caine with a mullet! Michael Caine is in his 70's though, so he has a good excuse for his appearance. I dare say Michael Caine looks better than Plant. He has better hair anyway.

Actually, Jimmy Page doesn't look nearly as bad as Robert Plant these days, especially considering that he's older than Plant and was a satanic heroin addict back in the day. (still is?) He looks pretty much like a 60+ year old man should look. He must dye his hair though. I guess I'd do him, but only because he's Jimmy Page. Same goes for Daltrey. I wouldn't do Robert Plant at this point though. Eeeewww...

I know what you mean about the tip thing, tyg. I've never worked as a server, but I still think it's shitty that part of the pay depends on tips. Tips should be extra. When I worked in the hotel, they told us that we shouldn't keep tips or other "gifts." Why? If we actually turned in $5.00, I'm sure the boss lady would have kept it for herself. Whatever. We always took the tips. People would leave us beer, too.
But Tyg, you can flip that around, and believe that unlike other people, you have the ability to create *more* wealth by the service you give! I always liked the competitive nature of making people happy and making ME moolah. But that's just me.

Ok, I've cooled down now after the parking debacle...time to go give the dog a nice walk on this beautiful afternoon...thank maude there's a nice breeze out here on the lake.
Hi! This is going to be a drive-by! Sorry!

I've been missing because I've been sick and crazy busy at work. Saturday night I caught the cold from hell and it's the busy season at work (everyone wants to talk about sex at school when there's only a few weeks left). I'm starting to feel a little better. Tomorrow I have to teach 5 classes in a row (5 hours). Hopefully my voice will last. And hopefully my cough ends soon.

I'm very happy Harold won TC! I love him! And I love Dave. I hope they bring the show back. Without Katie WhateverHerNameIs of course.

Okay, I'm off to bed. I'll catch up with everyone this weekend.
Hi catsoup!

Sorry you've been sick! ~*~*~*~healing vibes for catsoup~*~*~*~

Heh...I want to talk about sex all the time, too. I'm desperately in need of an HBI or even a hearty makeout session. I'm holding out for a rock star though. :-)

What channel is top chef on again? I watched American Idol last night and I'm actually glad that the grey-haired dude won because he's different. The girl was great, but she was just another boring pop star type.

Mmmm...I'm eating a Whole Fruit lemon popsicle right now. So refreshing...
Hey guys! Who needs Robert Plant when we have mrFJ!! I wouldn't mind going on a nude nature hike with him!!

(Heh...I get so much use out of the FJ family photo album!)
Poodle, you so totally rock! I love that pic! Nice work!!

Gah, I can't believe I have to go to work...again. Its going to be totally pointless today...
OH MY COD!!!!!!!!! that is the funniest thing i have ever seen! that's awesome! poods, you rock!!

hey baby, you gonna grow your hair out long for me now. nice bulge!!! heeheheee
LOL That's pretty funny, poodle-woman! Oh and that bulge is just not natural. I mean, no man that skinny should have a bulge that big. Seriously, do you think that they fluff before a photo shoot like that? They have to! Either that or use a pair of socks. heheheee

So speaking of tight pants on rocker guys... I went to my concert last night. And while this guy is classified as a country music artist, I was suprised to see that he really can rock too. He ended up doing some AC/DC and other stuff like that was definitely not country. And there was plenty of tight-panted bulge grinding going on on stage. Oy! I stood right next to the speakers and still cannot get the ringing out of my ears. But it was fun. I'm semi-hungover and ready to do it again soon.

The pisser- when I got there, I read their concert schedule. Apparently, I had just missed John Corbett who was there a couple of weeks ago. I think thats my hunky sex in the city guy who has abandoned acting to play music, right? Damn, he looks like hell these days. But I remember how hot he is normally. And well, I was just pissed that I missed him!

That's all for me right now. Happy FRIDAY you WHORES!!!!! :-)

*trots off to visit minxy's special place*

If your bulge really was that big, wouldn't the tight jeans kind of pinch it?

Yummy, have you seen any of the John Corbett pictures on gofugyourself? That dude really has gone downhill. The mutton chops, the Spanish bullfighter shirts and jackets, his scraggly long hair. And the dude used to be a sex symbol of sorts (though I hated him on SATC but loved him in My Big Fat Greek Wedding).

Poodle, remind me never to give you a picture of myself. That's some funny work, though! It almost looks natural.

Dudes, why are we even at work today? I say we stage a Bustie walk-out.

(((((((health vibes for Catsoup)))))))

I had my first grilled steak of the season last night. :-) The giant needs to learn not to micromanage the grill, though. Stuff is better when you aren't opening the cover every 2 minutes. I'm going to see if we can do hot dogs tonight. They're probably my very most favorite thing about spring.

Anyone have any big plans for the long weekend? We're going to just hang out around the house, maybe go to the IKEA summer sale, and I'm going to work on crafty stuff. I'm most looking forward to Sunday, when I have the whole house to myself all day because the giant is going golfing and then has to mow his mom's lawn. I can't wait to have all that quiet time to myself. It'll help that there's nothing on TV during the day on Sundays so I won't be distracted from working on jewelry.
Oh oh I forgot to tell you what happened last night while I was getting ready for the concert. My kids were still at home waiting for the spawn of satan to pick them up. I had bought a couple of new tops and was trying to decide which one to wear. I wanted the black. But my oldest daughter liked the blue. She said, "But mom! He won't be able to see you as well if you wear the black!"

Ummmm... no sweetie, I'm going to see HIM! LMAO!!! Wow, the mind of a 10 yr old girl is far more advanced than I realized. HEHE

ETA: Yes, Diva... I saw the pics. Sniff sniff. What a shame. But I would still go and see him! Wonder what his music is like?
JOhn Corbett is a musician now, eh??? He is a hot hunka mannnn....mmmm, I just fell in love with him in Northern Exposure...sad that he's not looking so good now.

Sounds like the concert was fun fun fun!! Next time, take earplugs - that's what I always do, and the sound still feels unbearable....yeesh, I'm getting old!

Ha! Nothing makes me feel sexier than realizing my face on Robert Plant's pic makes him look like he has Down Syndrome.
Bwahahaha!!! I think your face fits really well on Plant's body, mrFJ! I tried to put FJ's face on Jimmy Page, but most of the pics I found show him looking in every direction but forward. Oh, and diva, I have PLENTY of pictures of you, downloaded and ready for photoshop. Don't you remember your Journey days?

"do you think that they fluff before a photo shoot like that?" Hahaha! Fluff! Yeah, it seems like that would be extremely uncomfortable. His shirt appears to be tucked in. Maybe that bulge is all the fabric from his shirt. Seriously, I don't know how anyone could concentrate on his face when he has that stuff goin' on in his pants--whatever it is.

I'm gonna have to check out some recent pics of John Corbett. The only time that I ever liked him was when he was the DJ on Northern Exposure. That was such a great show.
i loved me some northern exposure. anyone know if they have the dvds out yet?
i loved northern exposure too...hmm....

poodle, your images are amazing....

i am so out of it...a few hours sleep..ok...2 hours...just does not cut it. LOL i was out late with the girls after class...drinking, laughing...i refused to be the first to pass out since the first one almost always has tricks played on them...but with all the morning 3 day weekend traffic...i was late to work...but i think its ok...since i am never late and i was about 15 min. later than my not horrible. alas, i am rambling...can anyone sleep like fish with their eyes open???

traffic will be hell--a parking lot as we would say...but i am leaving straight from here and hope i make it otherwise...i am going home and sleeping all weekend...we are supposed to be camping in big bear...hopefully i will make it....

hi the fj's, turbo, poodle, yummy, catsoup, tyger, doodle, diva and anyone else i missed!!!
msgoof - are you propping your eyes open with toothpicks yet? I know I would be long ready for a nap now after a late night out!

I just took a long walk in the sunshine, got a half sandwich at a wonderful deli and a yummmmy oatmeal cookie...its my wheat treat meal of the week. AND, the boss just left the office. I may not be far behind....
I found them on VHS somewhere online. I don't think it was ebay. I'm not sure.

It sounds like your classmates are great friends, msgoof!

Um...mrFJ, your face on anyone's body makes them look like they have Down Syndrome. ;)

Okay, I finally found a picture that works. This one's for you, FJ. Gawd, I can't get enough of this shit! :-)
poodle, you are a true artist! I love your photoshop creations!! I'm a little disturbed by the crazily high waisted pants on FJ, though. :-)
What do you guys think about this? This is the most retarded thing I've ever seen. For a minute there, I thought I was reading The Onion!

Who are these people who make such stupid decisions? WTF?
you have got to be kidding me!! WTF?? i can't believe this is really real! you know what? who flippin' CARES if he's unsafe. what about the 12 year old girl he assaulted. did anyone give a thought to that? i'm sure even with his short stature, he was able to overpower her.

this is incredibly maddening.
Oh yeah, I saw that....ridiculous....grrrrr. I'm betting that judge isn't re-elected - this story is getting press *everywhere*.
Frankly, I'm offended! I am only 5' and I have never even thought of getting special treatment because my heigth or lack thereof. I mean, I am by no means a midget and I think in a way it trivializes the struggles little people have.
Frankly, if being short means he is more likely to become sombody's bitch...maybe that is what he needs to see what it feels like!
That is totally ridiculous. If he gets his ass kicked in a state prison, then too fucking bad. He should've thought about that before he violated a child who is probably scarred for life. That's not justice at all. If understatured adults want to be treated fairly, then they can go to a prison like everyone else. Fuckin' A. I'm so sick of stupid people.
Wow, I'm floored. I want to know if a judge just decided this on a whim, or if it was first brought up by his attorney. Still, I'm just a little over 5' tall, and I expect nothing from anyone in the way of special consideration (except sometimes asking someone to reach something really high up I can't do myself). Actually, I don't feel as short as I am, so I think it has a lot more to do with how you feel about yourself before you consider how you look. Or maybe it's just because I'm female and it's okay for us to be short. I really hope the prosecution wins it's appeal. And if I were that little guy, being short is the last thing I'd worry about. They hate child molesters in prison.

But it brings a couple other things to mind:
1) does this man's shortness have anything to do with how he deals with women in general, confidence-wise? You don't hear of a lot of very short men being successful with women, but then there are those like Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig, both within just a few inches of this guy, who have all the confidence in the world.
2) hasn't a midget ever been convicted of a crime they went to prison for?

Still, how can that guy from the Short Statured group even make that comment? It's not like he wasn't able to reach something at Wal-Mart and sued, the man molested a little girl, fer chrissakes. Doesn't the crime matter at all here?
my wheat treat meal of the week
my wheat treat meal of the week
my wheat treat meal of the week

Bet you can't say THAT three times. Ha ha, turbo, you crack me up as always.

I plan to spend the three day weekend finishing my moving stuff. It must be done.

I'm so silly happy now.
Last night ruled. I ran into a guy from college, he's a sweetie who has wife and kids now. But we were always into the same things in school. We can go out for lunch sometime!! Too cool.

Also, I saw KITTENS!!! First when I was bringing some boxes to my car -- empty ones from work, in case I need them -- there was a whole litter in the backyard of a house and they were wrasslin'

Then I saw another little furry bunch of wrasslers in the pet store window!! And, ya know what? I gave the last of my cats kittens to the pet store guy cause he's really nice and said he wouldn't put her to sleep if no-one took her. And she used to sit around being very glum, as if she knew she was the last one and no-one took her from the house :-(

But he was as good as his word because I used to see her in there (I don't go in a lot because it's sad and smelly) and this means that these little black and gray kittens are probably the grandkittens of our little black and gray kittens!!

Awwwww... grandkittens!!
Henry Rollins is not short. I think you have him mixed up with Iggy.
I am going to see the Violent Femmes tonight! Free tickets from a colleague...I am a lucky girl. Last concert I saw was Carmina Burana--I think that the tickets were something around $80 a pop!

It really is awesome when you're poor and the universe throws you the occassional bone!

I took my seniors (the ones who did not participate in senior skip day) out to a coffee shop, bought them all sodas, smoothies, and rice krispie bars and we chatted about universal themes in Brave New World. That was so much fun! I love supporting the local businesses around here, and the kids really appreciate new experiences like that. These kids come from families where MOST of them will not be taken out for a coffee to talk about heady academic shit. I consider it a fucking honor, and I really love these kids. So smart, so loving.

*gets misty 'cause they graduate in a week*

I DIDN'T BOUNCE MY CHECKBOOK THIS WEEK!!!!! That is so damned exciting! And the apartment is truely, officially mine! I am going to go out looking for paint colors this weekend. I asked them to just prime the walls and leave up the tape so I can attack it.

Man, I have some serious ass-gas.

The minxlette is gone to Gramma and Grampa's for the weekend. I am thinking debauching of the most extreme kind for the Senior Minxy :-)

Hey, that asshole that laid his evil fucking mits on those girls needs to have his short ass nailed to a wall and made someone's bitch. I give two squirts of piss if he feels SAFE. He didn't pay one fucking bit of regard to those children's safety. Anyway, his size has nothing to do with it; most assholes who are child sex-offenders get fucking REAMED in the can. Even cold-blooded killers don't like pedophiles. Fuck him.

Poodle, I love you. I have always had a thing for Robert Plant in the early 70's...I love the roll of quarters shoved in his pants. Some of the strippers at the 90's do the same thing :-)
Nope, Henry Rollins is pretty fucking short, Whammy. I have seem him a few times, and every time I am amazed at how much man is packed into so little space.

*gets misty thinking of Hard Hank's pipes*
Not only did I SEE him play, I went back to the dressing room with him -- (brag) ha ha -- ain't short
The man's something like 5'2". I don't know about you, but I'm that height and I'm considered to be short. Dude is the same height as me - how is that not short? He just emits such a huge persona you'd never know how short he is. Love him!

But Glenn Danzig can suck my ass. He wasted 2.5 hours of my life. There were only 4 of us girls wanting autographs - that's 8 tits he could have seen if he'd wanted to! Fuck him.

Minx, that is so cool you took your kids out. I wish I would have had a teacher who did stuff like that. The best we came up with was Perkins after a speech meet. What colors are you thinking of doing your new place in? It's such a job to paint, especially if your ceilings are 12' high like mine are.

You know, we should plan a Bustie excursion to the 90's one of these days. I haven't been there for years and I'm really jonesing.

weird! He definitely didn't seem *shorter than me*
I was wondering if you meant, shorter than 6' or 6'2" or something. Are you sure?

-- wanders off to try searching on internet --
Okay -- imdb says he's 5'10'

Not that it really MATTERS anyway. I'm just wondering how hard I was trippin' :-)
Hi Busties! ((hugs to all the busties))

It's been too long since I've been able to post but my boss is gone today so I don't care and I'm busting!

A much-belated thank you to diva and poodle for coming to my party a couple of weeks ago! I had so much fun (although no one had as much fun as JT, who was hung over for 2 days afterwards) that I want to have another party sometime before the end of 2006. No real news on the house - we have a showing tomorrow morning though.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Bodyworlds at the Science Museum with my friend Junie - I hope it isn't too gross.

Poodle, your photoshop skills are so awesome! You should make new pictures to post everyday.

Yay for new apartments for minx and whammy!

So tell us all about the Henry Rollins story, Whammy. Just what were you doing back there in that dressing room anyway?

Bodyworlds is so cool marileen - I saw it in chicago last summer. Parts of it were harder than I expected, but it really makes you realize how well designed we are!

whammy and rollins were doing what? the dressing room?!!
I found 5'9" from him. Damn, and he was one of my short people heros. :-(

I want to see Body Words sometime. I park in the ramp of the damn place every day, but do you think I've set foot in the Science Museum? No. But I should.

Thanks for inviting us, Marileen. Your house is gorgeous and we had so much fun. Yeah, JT did have his share of fun, too. He's funny when he's drunk.

I should really think about doing some work today...
The point is that Henry Rollins is shorter than most men, and shorter than Iggy Pop. Not only did I SEE Iggy Pop play, I also got to stick my thumb up his ass (brag).

Ha! Diva, that reminds me of "two tits a piece" from a while back. Who said that anyway? Were we with taloo?

You sound like you're doing well, minxoid! Conrats on not bouncing any checks! I love your school stories, too. They remind me of those "teacher inspires unmotivated students" movies like Dangerous Minds.

Are you hanging out with Minxman again?? *puts hands on hips*

The new lady burped tuna/onion smell in my face as I was helping her with her computer. Ugh.

Alright. It's 5:08, so I think it's about time for me to leave this armpit of an office. Later babes!

Hi marileen!

Thanks for having us! JT and his friend were hilarious! I had fun talking about music with them.

"You should make new pictures to post everyday." Heh, I already do! I just can't resist showing my "art." I really need to cut down on my photoshop/graphic converter time. :-)
Actually, I originated the "2 tits apiece!" line. I haven't said it for awhile, and Glenn Danzig always reminds me. Damn, that man pisses me off.

Tuna and onion burps? She should really be paying you a cash penalty for that one.

Just 25 minutes left...
Holy shit! It's hotter and sweatier than Robert Plant's ballsack in here!

Ah yes, "2 tits a piece" was your line. I wonder how many tits there were in the thread today. *scrolls down* Holy crap! If my calculations are correct, there were 20 different tits in the thread today! 22 if you count mrFJ's man-boobs!

I confronted another stranger today because he was walking his 130-lb., black newfoundland in 82-degree weather. I said, "Excuse me, isn't it a little hot out today for your dog to be wearing a furcoat?" The man got defensive and said that they were on their way home where there's air conditioning. Confrontation of idiots is becoming my new thing. (that, and digitally pasting people's faces on rockstar bodies)

Yay! The maintenance person unclogged my shower drain so I can take real showers now! I've been taking whore's baths for the last two days.
I bought whore shoes and two pairs of sandals at Heavenly Soles.

Fuck, do I feel good. :-)
"Whore good" or just "good?"

Heheheheh...I was bored, so I walked to the video store and rented the Led Zeppelin DVD with the desert sand crap on the cover. Dude, I'm like, sooo horny now. To see RP's package in action...sigh.....I'm not convinced that it's a roll of quarters, minx.
Mmmmm....whore shoes....nothin' makes you feel good like some sassy new shoes!

Mornin' lassies!

Its just gorgeous here this morning. I've walked the dog, and been to the bank and farmer's market, and got some great vegggies, and lots of herbs to plant. Now I gotta go get some dirt so I can do the planting.

Oh, and my music recommendation of the week is Pink's new album - "I'm Not Dead" - she's returned to the glory of her first album, but its mature, and there's some rock tunes, and some lovely ballads...her song "Dear Mr. President" with the Indigo Girls - just gives me tingles. I highly recommend going to and watch her MTV Live performance of the song.

Well, I gotta get movin here, so I can go have the eye doc check my trial contacts out....
Hi all! Total drive-by...I am back to work next week, so I'm trying to cram as much relaxation in this weekend as humanly possible! Which means staying away from the computer - my biggest temptation towards "just a little" catching up. NOT going to happen. Unfortunately, it's been raining on and off. Bleargh. It will probably be sunny and bright all next week...when I'm stuck in the office.

Anyway, love y'all bigtime! I'll be back to my regularly scheduled whining next week! *mwah*
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