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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey Okayers.
*Sneaks a piece of fudge from the tin*

I'm just bored on a friday night. There was nothing that exciting going on and I've had a stressful week and a headache so I took a nap earlier and now just don't feel like going out in the cold again.

I've got to admit (shhh! I feel weird about it!) I have a couple profiles on the free-ish dating sites (the bust one, and a couple others, where it's free to have a profile but you have to pay to email someone). No luck so far. I'm looking (kinda) for a nice young woman to spoil silly. The bf encouraged me to do it. But no one has emailed, and I don't wanna pay the money to email someone so it's kinda useless. I'm not even sure that's what I want, the last (and only) les relationship I was in was pretty fucked up, emotionally abusive, kinda pushed me back into the arms of Mr.Kayte which ended up being a good thing. But that's more than you wanted to know about "Kayte's Confusing and Confused Sexual Orientation History".

Oops, I got fudge crumbs on this couch.
hi kayte! Glad you could join us here in okayland tonight - we always love it when new folks stop by and snuggle in on the okayland sofa.

And I think that so long as what you're pursuing what fulfills you emotionally and sexually, you're doing alright, kayte. No harm in exploration, either. smile.gif

I've just returned from the evening's dog walking followed by a yummy bath. AND, I dug into the back of my closet to drag out the flannel lined jeans that haven't fit me for at least a year, and they're now a perfect fit! Hooray! Now my legs can be hermetically sealed against the cold too. The only problem with them is their peculiar granny cut, with the waist coming up nearly to my unattractive, but more than that, a little uncomfortable. Its just not right. People should not be allowed to make pants that way. Ah well, they do keep me fabulously warm.

Turboman called me from bff's haus...sounds like they're having a good time - they were making jello shots when I was talking to them. funny.

Doodle, you can write romantic personals, and I'll write the ones for families hoping to should see the formulaic crap that comes across my desk.

Okay, I think I had better toddle off to bed...its past my bedtime already! g'night ladies!
*breaks out the dustbuster, cleans up crumbs*

kayte! I am the Provisional Mayor here, and want to welcome you on behalf of the Okayland Village Council!

*showers kayte with glittery confetti and purple streamers*

Okay, that's all I got. That's the whole ceremony.

*scarfs TWO pieces of fudge, passes around huge bowl of M&Ms*

turbo, I see an enterprise in our future. "Can't find a mate who's got his shit together? Need a baby by June? Call Turbojenn and Doodlebug Incorporated, and we'll set your bad writing RIGHT!"

Shit, yep. It's Friday.

*eats fudge, dustbusters laptop*
morning lassies!

Oh, did I miss conversations last night?!? Dirty Dancing and Princess two absolute, all time favorite movies. 1987, age 10. GOod year. 2007. Age 30. Even better. (see, I keep telling myself these things, even though I always have the harbinger of doom in my mind...)

Turbo- the jeans are functional, not flirty. Its like lumberjacking in a flannel shirt and overalls.

Doodle- I may have missed something in my long (pouts) abscences sans internet access, but what happened to looking for the drummer boy?

OK, its very early saturday morning, but since i went to sleep at 8:30 last night (damn near passed out when putting moxette to sleep!), I've got a ton of energy. What quiet activity shall I do...bills? Floor washing? Laundry? I know...loads of fun.
bom dia, moxie!!!

ah, dirty dancing. i was SO in love with patrick swayze. was he originally a dancer? yum. MUITO thank you for that video,poodley noodley!!

i, too, forgot that jerry orbach was in that movie. in fact, the only person i actually remembered WAS patrick swayze. what ever happened to the actress who played the girl?

if i were you, moxie, i would go back to bed and entertain myself in erm, ways other than sleeping. ohmy.gif
well, except moxieman is sleeping, and, he was up late with the wee one...i've got to give him a bit more time. energy, you see!
never met a man yet who turned down an early morning bj......i'm just sayin...... rolleyes.gif


you could take a nice warm relaxing bath. and do things by erm, yourself.

i'm being a slug. it is 14:15 here and i woke up early (*curses the sun that comes up at 5 am*) and took a bath and went back to bed to jill and just woke up about noon o' clock. no desire whatsoever to do ANYTHING productive.

have been trying to get sick again, had another crazy deadline this week. so i'm taking the stance that sleep is a restorative, and MUCH better than vitamin C for staving off the upper respiratory infection/tonsillitis.
Good morning moxie and tesao!

I worked until almost 3:00, then went to my favorite 24-hour diner for a sammich and read the paper. I still can't sleep. I'm so excited and anxious about the new job. I went in to work this afternoon all ready to talk to my boss and give him my two-weeks notice, but it turns out he left early. Poop. So I typed him a written notice, telling him that I was taking this new job, and thanking him for the opportunity to work and learn in such a great kitchen. Then I left him another note telling him that I had come in to talk to him in person, but he was already gone. Do you think this is OK? I feel like a jerk. I mean, I gave him the heads up when I got the interview, and then I told him I needed a few days to think it over. During that time, he decided I was staying, I think.

I feel bad because they really need me right now, but I just couldn't say no to this opportunity. Since October, two people on the graveyard shift (a 3-person shift) have quit. There is one guy left, a new-ish guy who is competent but isn't really enthusiastic about the job. I was put on the shift to hold things together, but this new job just kind of fell into my lap and I feel like it would be a good move for me to take it.

Anyway, I start my new gig on February 5. SCARY!!!!!! It's going to be on the line, which means that I will have to be plating desserts to order in a very high volume fine dining restaurant. So things have to be fast and perfect. I'm scared shitless. But also excited. I have to remind myself that I have worked a lot of jobs and have been terrified every time, but it has always worked out.

So anyway, 1987. 7th grade. I had Debbie Gibson hair. I got my period for the first time. The Twins won the World Series. Or was that 1988? I don't remember much about '87. I do remember watching Dirty Dancing at my cousins' house, and after that we all wore those long cut-off denim shorts that were cuffed, just like Baby. And the soundtrack was all we listened to for months.

Oh Sylvia...
Yes, Mickey?
How do you call your Loverboy?
C'Mere Loverboy!

Banana is all better now. He is sleeping. He told me that he is setting his alarm for 5:30 - which is in less than one minute! Waaaait for it......waaaaaaaaaait for it....hmmm. Not yet.

Oh yeah! There itgoes!

x-post with tesao!!!!! HIhihihihihi!!!!!
*stumbles into thread whimpering about not being able to keep up*

I guess it's okay, huh?

PK, good luck on the job! Don't let guilt hold you back. How exciting....are you going to be in a restaurant fancy enough that you do squiggles on the desserts? Love that.

Turbo, I want some flannel-lined jeans! Sounds sooo warm. But I don't think I could cope with anything cut that high-waisted. It's hard enough to get into some of the places I have to!

Wedding loveliness. I've never been a bridesmaid. And back when I got married I was clueless. Mom did everything and I just signed the checks. I'd do it soooo different now. Like, just sort of a hippie-dippie thing on a beach with NOBODY. A nude wedding? Prolly not, I guess. It'd cut down on clothing expenses, though!

In 1987 I was engaged (to a man) but having self-doubts about my sexuality. Loved Dirty Dancing though. And Children of a Lesser God (course I'm biased, being severely hearing impaired).

I guess I would have been eight in 1976. I can't remember much about being eight except that for Fourth of July (omg who could forget all the bicentennial crap) I got leeches stuck to me.

And....yesterday yours truly got to repair, get this:

Wait a minute, compose yourself....

A fly food cooker.

It went well, though. Pretty easy...heh. The biotech industry is a strange one, indeed.
a fly food cooker???

is that a cooker that cooks flies or a cooker that is fly or a cooker that cooks for flies?

woah. that really sounded like either i am totally on some psychedelic drug or i am getting paid to write nonsensical phrases like those things that you can't repeat easily without messing them up. i can't think of what they are called right now....senior moment, anyone???

you know, like

baby buggy bumpers.

pk!!!! how COOL is that??!!! you will do GREAT at the new job! i am sure of it!!! it's ALL hyvaa!!!

(i love your icon! chinchillas are SO CUTE!!!)

i wonder what happened to moxie????

Sorry. I can totally see how that could be interpreted in many ways.

It's a cooker that cooks food for flies. It looks like a giant human sized Kitchen Aid mixer, but with steam heating the bowl.

And I think the phrase you're looking for is "tongue twister". smile.gif
heee! that is funny and truly BIZARRE!

any idea what flies eat??? the truth really is stranger than fiction sometimes, isn't it???

tongue twister! yes! thanks! huh.gif

what is your adorable kitty looking at us over? or is she popping out of a box? i can't quite figure it out, but it is such a wonderful photo! is she a tortie??
Don't flies eat shit? Why do they need their food cooked?

Hi everyone...I am awake too early. Don't know why, just couldn't sleep anymore. Will prolly crash again soon, though...I feel it.

moxie, YES I am still looking for drummerboy! Very frustrating, not being able to go out due to heavy snow, I must tell you. I do keep thinking about him.

But I signed up for a personals site (freebie membership, not paid) on Monday on a lark, and have been enjoying the hell out of the sociological entertainment it provides! And there are some hot guys out there who want my luscious ass, too, which does some pleasant things to the pre-menopausal ego. biggrin.gif

I dunno, maybe drummerboy just triggered something. Certainly he was the beginning of a whole raft of guys in their 20s taking an interest....I've got yet another 23-year old messaging me this morning! Most of them are Canadian, too, yay!

Ok, so I moved on from Suzie Q last night and also learned to play Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, which is amazingly easy. I need to get a Tom Petty songbook if they're all gonna be like this.

That concludes the Doodlebug Report for Saturday Morning, 6:55 AM Pacific Time.
Actually, that picture was taken in my stairway. He's sitting in a window looking DOWN at me...I had the camera against the wall pointing straight up. You're seeing the wall and the ceiling. He's a really, really dark sable color. Most people think he's black until he's in bright sunlight.

Um, I know that one of the ingredients is molasses, in the fly food. I think it's also kind of fermented because it STANKS. It's for fruit flies.

It sort of has a really sharp chemical-ish odor.

Apparently, the flies in terms of their reproduction...the embryos develop in the same way as human embryos so they are used in studies to determine environmental factors and their various effects on fetal development.

Hi treehugger!

Ok, I'm gonna try going back to bed. Wish me luck.
mornin' tes and tree and moxie!!!

Ahhhhh....I slept in this morning til 7:30 (yep, that's sleeping in for me), laid in bed for a few, and then donned my outdoor gear and took turbo for a long walk. Its gorgeous out there this morning, all bright, shining winter morning, with crashing waves, and icy sculptures growing on the beach as the cold water washes over...sooo nice.

A fly cooker....erm, that's a unique one! Someone must have a lot of flies to feed.

I got my jeans from LL Bean, and next time I order, I am definitely going for the mens jeans, and just getting them hemmed. But they are indeed, very cozy.

Tes, sounds like you're off to a very relaxing day...and much deserved!

I don't think I'm going much of anywhere today, except to walk the dog...too cold. No gym for me. Instead, I've got a pot of stock on the stove, and I've got two movies to watch...sounds like a fine saturday to me!

Thanks for the welcome doodle. I didn't expect streamers. Good luck going back to bed!

I had a dream last night that I had TWO Mr. Kayte's. It was heaven. I asked him what it would be like to have two Kayte's and he said we'd be whining in harmony. Heehee.

Since he got laid off this week I'm going into work today to get some extra moolah. I figured out if I work saturday's we might not have to cancel the cable smile.gif
I'm thinking it'll be fun to work today though cause everyone will be gone. It'll be spooky!
*throws sparkly glitter into thread*


yayayayay!!!! go kayte is back!!!!

kayte, NO ONE EXPECTS.......


okay, somebody cut me off of the nutella. now.

i am soooooooooooooooooooo missing mr. hotbuns that when i read about the TWO mr. kayte dream, i kept right on with the theme and proceeded to read:

Since he got laid this week I'm going into work today to get some extra moolah

i am a sick girl. or at least one with a one track mind.

i'm sorry that mr. kayte got laid off, though. that really sucks. i've heard that song, read that book, myself. it wreaks havoc on your psyche. i hope that he is taking it all right.

*throws self at turbojenn*

mmmmmmmmmmm. stock. sounds homey and yummmmmmy, especially when contrasted to what is outside your window. i wish we were spending the day together, though! what movies do you have to watch??

Kayte, maybe we should start the "unemployed SOs club?" I hope you're going to put him on a strict regimen of Houseboy Services...I can give you some pointers, if you like. Turbomann's been out of work for 2 months now, and the houseboy services are keeping me very happy indeed. There's chauffering, laundry, grocery shopping, erranding, dog walking, and not to forget extra sexual favors. cool.gif Still sucks financially, but we've been happier than ever in our relationship - its amazing how much space a bad job takes up in a relationship.

Tes, I'd love for you to swing by and hang out for soup, tea and movies! I've got Scanner Darkly and Friends with Money to watch this weekend, plus I've got to catch up on Rome, on HBO....its a perfect weekend to stay in. Sunny and chill outside, and warm and cozy inside....and very chickeny smelling at the moment. hee. Turbodoggie keeps walking up to the stove to sniff it.
Gimme some of that nutella!!!

He's actually excited about it because he can finally start his "money band": he's a musician, but his regular band is creative and good and thus gets booked only a few times a month. He wants to start a cheesy bar cover band to get booked several times a week and make some cash. He's starting one with other guys who got laid off with him (they worked at a huge mailorder guitar/instrument place). I totally support that, even if it means there might not be as much money and he doesn't get bennies.

I don't know if I can get him to do houseboy services. He doesn't have a driver's license so it'll be limited. He has been doing dishes and laundry though. I graduate in May and we'll be moving somewhere exciting (and hopefully less cold).

He's about to drag me back into bed. Eek!!!
[wanders back in] Morning, all. Sorry I didn't stick around later last night. The Husb finally came home from work around midnight & I, uh, got distracted. wink.gif

But to make it up to you, I offer you all some tasty lemony cookies. They're buttery & shortbread-y with a dollop of lemon curd on top. They kinda look like little fried eggs, so they're perfectly appropriate for breakfast!

Doodle, I bet you really could make some money on the side by writing profiles for people! It would be just like those people who edit & polish resumes. And it would help people so much! I think if I were doing the internet dating thing, I would immediately skip over any guy who doesn't use capital letters or punctuation or who doesn't know the difference between "its" and "it's".

Granted, I know my posts on Bust are full of mistakes, but if I were to advertise myself, you better believe I'd be extra careful. Time to put your best foot forward!

Many congrats on the job, PuppyKitty! And I think you did all that you could do for your current employer. He knew there was a good chance you were leaving, afterall. And most places require you to write a resignation letter even after you've told them of your intention to leave. Your bases are covered.

Moxie, I think we need to make a bumper sticker that says "The Harbinger of Doom is my Co-Pilot".

So, since when do flies require their food to be cooked? Sounds like they've got some damned spoiled flies in that research department. Next thing you know, those flies will rturn up their little noses at anything but aged kobe beef!

Tes, in acting classes, one is taught many tongue twisters. This one is my favorite:
I slit six sheets
Six sheets I slit
Upon six slitted sheets I sit

Sorry to hear about Mr. Kayte. My Sheffles got laid off (or "made redundant", as he would say) a few years back & it was such a blow. It's good to hear that he's seen the silver lining on this cloud! Many vibes & best wishes to the 2 of you!

Hooray for reclaiming your jeans, Jenn! As for the waistband, just wear a sweater over it. No one will ever know & you'll be toasty warm. I wish I could see the cool natural ice sculptures on your beach! Sounds so cool!

So tonight we're hosting another little dinner party and almost all of my recipes are from Nigella. Love her! Those lemony cookies I mentioned above? Nigella. And they really do melt in your mouth. Sooooooooo amazingly goooooooood! I'm also making this chicken-sausage-sage-onion baked main dish. And lovely baked potato wedges. And glazed carrots. And it's going to be delicious!
pssssssssssssssssssssssst!!! rose!!! recipes, please????? lemon cookies that look like eggs and melt in your mouth and chicken/sausage/sage thing????? can we spell Y U M????

ps. i never ever use majuscule letters. does that mean that you wouldn't date me???

*sobs rack body*
psssssssssssssst! 2nds request for recipe!

Mmmmmmmmmm.... Lemony shortbread cookies!

Hey all! smile.gif Welcome in, Kayte! Just a short hello before getting the breakfast started around here.
Well, Tes, when it comes to dating you I might need a leeetle .... persuading. [wink wink nudge nudge]
Which reminds me! I have something I need to e-mail to you, Tes. A PM won't do for this! So drop me a line & let me know which e-mail address you prefer.

As for the recipes, I'd be happy to share! I can vouch for the cookies. They are marvelous .. especially when still warm! I think I'll post them in the Barefoot thread.

I'm listening to NPR & they're talking about all the ice that has hit my family's area. Ice storms are so interesting because they can be terribly destructive, but also so beautiful. It's kinda eerie to watch the new footage.

So did y'all hear about Hillary? We're talking about it over in Kvetch. smile.gif
Rosie, I've never noticed any errors in your posts! I think one of the very best things about this board is that there is an appreciation for using real words and a conversational way of chatting....non of that roxxorz, ur kat is n mi vagyna nonsense that you see elsewhere on chat boards!

*take a delicious lemon cookie*

Your dinner sounds amazing, Rosie! I wish I could join you!

I think I'm going to broil up some lemon dill salmon for myself tonight, with a little caesar salad. Maybe some miso soup. I've totally ruined turbomann for salmon, and he won't touch it now. When I was really sick many years ago and first changed my diet, salmon was one of the only meats that really agreed with me, so we ate it alot...I guess too much, because I still like it, but I can't cook it when turbomann's around....he doesn't even like the smell! tongue.gif

'Mornin' lorewolf!! A man who makes breakfast....gotta love that. There's no meal that I would rather have made for me, than breakfast -- such a pampering, comforting meal.

Well, I must donn the be-flanneled jeans again and take the pupper out, so I can be back in time for watching my boyfriend Michael Chiarello on foodtv.
Jenn, I've never seen Michael's show, so I'm going to watch it with you. smile.gif

Lorewolf, what did you make for breakfast?

Ooooh, thanks for the heads up, rosie! I just went and checked out her statement....kind of strange to announce on a Saturday though, when you're not going to get much media coverage immediately. We are going to have a bounty of excellent candidates to choose from, and I'm torn at every angle...Hillary, John Edwards, is a girl supposed to choose?! Really, though it feels like a blessing to have such a talented field, as I would be happy to vote for any of those three.

Michael can be a little smug, rosie, but I've made more of his recipes than any other tv chef, and they're always really simple recipes. Oh, and when I grow up, he's going to hire me to be his assistant and live in his gorgeous wine country estate. smile.gif
[checks in during commercial break]
That simple apple, pear & balsamic vinegar thing he just made looks soooooo good. And easy! Don't you love those simple things that you can throw together in 5 minutes & still look like a genius?

Mmmmm ....pork tenderloin!

And I just wanted to agree that I also love that the Busties don't use a lot of teen-agery L33T speak. I can certainly handle OMG & LOL, but some of the other stuff out there goes right over my head!
Mmm...I agree rosie - I love those easy things that look amazing. I learned to make thin slices of good parmesan, and top it with a dollop of honey on his show...its a favorite treat here! But the tenderloin with apples, and the dessert....looks amazing.
G'mornin' Turbo, Roseviolet, & Tesao!

I just made my own version of the Hawaiian breakfast. I threw leftover rice onto the frying pan with sesame oil, soy sauce, Chinese 5-spice marinade, and fresh green onions, cut up some Portugese Sausage (Linguica), and fried some eggs. Some pineapple on the side would have rocked, but I had none. It was a meat & starch kind of breakfast, but that's what Hawaiian food is like most of the time. Green Mountain's Peruvian Select was quite tasty this morning as well smile.gif

Ooooh! I just HAVE to try a thin slice of parmesean with honey! That sounds yummers! I'll have to check Barefoot for that recipe, Roseviolet. Thanks smile.gif
lorewolf, that sounds great! (and yes, very very hawai'ian!!) too bad i couldn't have given you some of the fresh mango and pineapple that i have here! it would have gone perfectly.

ooof. i am stressed right now. i wish that there was something truly trashy like Pin Tuck on television for me to watch. i'm too old for my life. blink.gif

okay, i just have to ask: what is L33T and what is roxxorz???
Yum Yum! My friend is making us dinner tonight. She won't tell us what it is but it's probably gonna be awesome.

I'm really annoyed right now cause of some stupid Myspace bullshit... A "friend" just sent me a message saying I'm annoying and therefore he's not my friend anymore. Um, ok, great. I don't like those kind of games.

Tes- L33T is elite, roxxorz is rocks.
L33T = "elite" and roxxorz = "rocks!" for short answers.

The internet geeks of yore (and nowadays) were/are, as you know, primarily pubescent guys (of any numeric age) who met in IRC and other forms of forums or chatrooms to discuss pron [Pr0n], the body parts of famous girls, and videogames. This is pretty similar to our lovely Lounge, yet the culture tended to spawn a lingo of its own based on misspellings and ways of getting around naughty language filters. For example, "L33t" = "elite" to some degree phoenetically if you enterpret the 3s as Es. "Haxor" = "hacker" or "Fuxxor" = "fuck" or "fucker" depending on context. Some rowdy personalities, notably JeffK, mocked this trend, further developing it, of course.

Oh, and I'd loooove some fresh mangoes and pineapples! Mmmmmm!

ETA Ooo! Cross-post! smile.gif
*gives tes and kayte shoulder rubs*

(((((soothing vibes for all busties))))

Thanks for unveiling L33T, kayte, I didn't know that one. Turbomann's on some paintball boards that are rife with pmply pubescent males and their own intarwebz language, so he'll tell me about the amusing ones he comes across like roxxorz. hee.

Lore, your brekkie sounds scrumptious. I wish someone was here to make me dinner - have fun with your friends, kayte! ...And forget that myspace nonsense, its just rubbish!

x-post with lore! heeee!
HIhiHIhiHI!!! Just got online a little while ago, am about to catch up on the thread!

Built a snowwoman in the backyard today!

Back when I've finished reading!
Hey there, Doodle! Is it just you and me in here tonight? Hooray for snowpeople!

RE internet gaming geeks: my darling husband works in the computer gaming industry & one of his co-workers has a personalized license tag that reads "L33T HAX0R". rolleyes.gif

The dinner party was great. The guests ate almost EVERYthing. All I have left is a chicken leg & 2 cookies. Guess we won't be eating leftovers tomorrow, but that's fine by me. And lordy, did we ever drink! We have a couple of empty bottles of wine laying around & we broke into the liquor collection, too; one of our guests brought this raspberry liquor that packed quite a punch! We were both giggling by the time we finished our glasses. smile.gif

Anyway, they're gone now & I'm still strangely awake. Thinking about putting in a movie or something. Hmm.
hey doodle! you still around? you built a should give him a snowcat.

hi everyone! talking about delicious food in i LOOOVE lemon cookies. i don't have much of a sweet tooth but lemon flavored baked goods are a weakness. can't stand lemon candy, though. meh.

hope everyone's haivng a good weekend--i'm getting ready to go out which basically means i'm dancing around my apartment in my underwear to the small faces.

ap, you around? i'm going to the smogcutter....any requests? tongue.gif
Hi mouse and roseviolet! Still trying to catch up, doing lots of multi-tasking while on the laptop, so I'm not quite there yet!

(turbo's prolly in a dead sleep already.)

It's a snowWOMAN of course. With breasts. Or...wait...maybe it's just Eddie Izzard.

Anyone want to smoke a bowl?

*grabs the guitar and begins to serenade the thread*
doodle's back! crossposting with rosie! hiiiiiiiiii!
Hi mouse!

This is of interest to no one, I'm sure, but since I have run out of clean underwear, I am currently commando 'neath my sarong.

ETA: okay, I'm gonna go with saying it's a "snowtranny."
Oh yeah...was it tesao who had her nutella cherry cracked this weekend?

tes, here is a lovely idea for nutella...had this in a restaurant in Victoria, BC. Basically, it is a warm crepe with a dollop or two of warm nutella inside, sliced bananas, whipped cream (or ice cream), and caramel or chocolate sauce (can't remember which - but that just makes the case for trying both!) lightly drizzled on top.


Strawberries would kind of rock with that, too.
Oh Doodlebug, that sounds sooooo tasty! And I heart the snowtranny. Did you ever locate an object that would make a suitable nose?

I couldn't find any good movies on cable, dammit. So I'm watching Food Network.
Hi rose! No, the snowtranny still has no nose, unless the little one who lives downstairs decides to give hir one before I figure something out.

How pathetic is it that there are NO carrots in my fridge!?

And why is there never anything decent on TV on Saturday nights? How many times can one be subjected to nauseatingly heartwarming reruns of Touched by an Angel and Zoey Busik (sp?), Wild Card?
Doods, you don't have to use a carrot. A banana would be good. Or something else that you have lying around the house.
[imagines how a snowtranny would look with a butt plug for a nose & giggles like a 12-year-old boy]

I hear you on the crap TV. All I could find is re-runs of Wife Swap and America's Funniest Home Videos and Walker, Texas Ranger. Or strange sports like bull riding and poker. When did poker become a sport, anyway? All I know is they're playing it on ESPN.

Luckily, there's an Alton Brown marathon on FoodTV.
Dangit, I paid top dollar for those bananas. Though maybe I could use the slightly over-ripe long English cucumber in the crisper. Or how about that bottle of peanut sauce that's starting to rot?

I don't think the mama of the little one downstairs would be very amused by a snowtranny with a buttplug nose, though!

Oh who am I kidding? She'd probably laugh her head off.

rose, if you were here, we could at least sit down with nutella/banana crepes and watch my Sherlock Holmes (starring Jeremy Brett) collection, or something!

I'm gonna go shower...back shortly!
Apologies for cross-posting, but in my favourite online guitar instructor's blog, there is this video where....well, you simply must see it, that is all.

Wild Thing Video

I think we have met the future mr. moxette here, ladies and jellyspoons. (Perhaps they'll meet when she auditions to play drums in the band.)
Mornin' ya'll!

I got up early this morning, and took a long walk by the lake - its snowing here this morning, and the lake is full of chunks of ice rolling on the waves - very pretty.

And, I've got a pot of veggie bean soup simmering on the stove for lunch. Mmmmm.

Doodle, I think you've struck on something with that video - he may be just the boy for our little moxette...but of course she is also pledged to tartlet! tongue.gif
Is it EVER snowing!

So, peaceful sunday for me. I'm trying my hand at using my starter to make a loaf of sourdough bread. smile.gif Printed out some instructions and right now apparently I'm "proofing the sponge". Seems like the thing to do on a snowy day!

I really should make some soup. Sounds tasty! I seriously should have gone grocery shopping yesterday.

That kid is really good! Seven years old? Geesh.

So...erm, doodle, did you find a nose? I do think the butt plug nose would be way funny!!! (snork)

The boy got me a gift certificate to a sex toy place. For fifty bucks. Haven't gone there yet. I should go soon. (okay, the butt plug nose reminded me....heh)

Doods, did you end up having a bowl? I was already WELL on my way when you posted the offer. That stuff makes me sooo horny for some reason.

I'm sorta digging the snow. I like just sorta sitting inside where it's warm and just watching it come down. We haven't had our share of snow yet for the winter, here.
*sigh* I'd loove a bowl!

My favorite cousin came up with an idea he called the Wake & Bake 2000. It would basically consist of a robotic water bong hooked up to one of those breathing assist masks and your alarm clock... Start the day with a smile with your very own Wake & Bake 2000!

Last night, I made gyoza for dinner. The filling was nearly equal bulk pork sausage and Napa cabbage with fresh cilantro, green onions, garlic, and ginger. I also added a pinch of white pepper and some 5-spice. (Now that I think about it, white pepper is probably one of said 5 spices. Not sure.) I folded it all while listening to the LoveLine archive and GoatieGirl was picking up videos, Ice Age 2 and Kinky Boots. We watched Ice Age while sipping peppermint cocoa topped with whipped cream smile.gif We both really needed a night like that.

He he! I was just picturing the snow tranny wearing one of those pairs of novelty glasses that that guy wore while singing The Humpty Hump.
IPB Image

And best of luck with sponge, TreeHugger! Mmmm! Fresh sourdough smile.gif

That kid's version of Wild Thing is PURE ENTERTAINMENT! If we ever have a boy, I'm going to make sure he can play that, and any girls should know their Joan Jett.
Mornin' everyone!!

Snowtranny! Ha!! You gotta take a picture, doodle!!

That video is precious. That's gonna be my kid someday.

I actually had a pretty eventful weekend considering that I normally just sit around the house. On friday, I went out to Jitters' Erin Schwab carbaret night with diva and the giant. Diva introduded me to the Metalocolypse cartoon and it is heeeelarious!! Yesterday, I went thriftstore shopping and hung out with XRB. I scored some awesome stuff at the thrift store: 70's ceramic mushroom-themed kitchen canisters, mushroom salt & pepper shakers, a set of "Autumn Harvest" pyrex mixing bowls, a huge brown/yellow/orange leaf-shaped dish, and a set of hideous avocado green canisters with obnoxious flowers on them. Good times.

How's everyone doin' today?
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