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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Wow, I am so far behind....I had a long response typed up yesterday morning and fell offline before I could post it! Couldn't get back online until now! mad.gif

Turbo, of course I'm biased...but I think you'd like Madison. How much does Turbo weigh? Cause there's condos for sale, still, in my building but I think it's a twenty pound weight limit for dogs.

cool.gif ~job vibes for Mr. Turbo~

Doodle, I think you're feeling liberated right now and enjoying life in general!

FJ, add me to the hair-adoring fan club! Very cute. And congrats on your job coming together.

PK, wow on Milhouse. Just, wow. It is interesting, that's for sure.

Marileen, I agree...your tasting sounds like it was fun! September, eh?

So the cold snap has made it tough to get back in the shop to look at that ultracold...but I had set an intention to solve the problem in my sleep. But I sort of think I solved it in my mind before I went to sleep and kinda confirmed it then. I also was able to figure out why my refrigerant pressures SEEMED correct. In my sleep. Amazing.

Anyway...I DID get in enough time to do a brief test on the ultracold. Seems that when I rebuilt it I reversed two piping lines...basically sending the hot where the cold should have gone. Heh. I'm an ultracold virgin but learning, right? Ya learn from mistakes?

Anyway, the guy who's sort of teaching me how to do this said HE learned from it too because he's never seen it done before....heh. Leave it to me.

So when I get some time, maybe Monday, I'm going to reverse those two lines, and then pull the system into a deep vacuum and hopefully that's all that's needed! Perhaps by Wednesday I'll be able to try starting it again.
But when it's cold, I branch out and do regular building kind of work...the other day I:

fixed a 100 year old radiator
replaced a hot water circulating pump
changed oil in a chiller the size of a schoolbus
responded to a low steam pressure alarm...

Vibes for today...working on a steam system that I want to get finished by early afternoon at the latest! I'm glad it's Friday!
MInxy, I'm with you on the bridesmaid dresses....after doing it once, I vowed to never do the b-maid thing again - too expensive, and just plain not fun for me. I will do anything else - design programs, usher, read...just don't make me wear an ugly dress. I actually lost a friend over it too, but I had agreed to be her maid of honor on the condition that I would not have to buy a dress, and then later she changed her mind and picked out this godawful ugly b-maid dress, and I declined. She never forgave me for it, didn't even talk to me at the wedding...whatever.

PK!!! I can't wait to hear how you like your new job! And of course you can have our condo...for a price! tongue.gif Honestly, the thought of moving just makes my stomach churn - both excitement and sadness...I love my house, my view of the lake and our would be hard to leave. But we'd make a nice pile of money selling our place, and that will give us a good footing on wherever we land next.

Tree! I'm glad you came up with the answer to your conundrum in your sleep! And I'm glad you think we'd like Madison...if it happens, we'll be sure to call you and have you give us the lowdown on the city.

Marileen - sounds like you guys are in fine shape for your wedding - all the major details are attended to, just try to enjoy this time too - soak up all the love and excitement from your family and friends that you can!
Good Morning!

Can I just say how happy I am that it is FRIDAY!??

And, nobody is here yet in my ofice. Sweet, sweet silence. Officemate is out all day, as is the loudmouth guy next door, as is the guy that comes in here all the time & openly stares at my computer screen while he talks to me. It's going to be a good day. rolleyes.gif

Marileen, that food sounds really good. Simple food is good food if it's well done. The fruit cocktail sounds fancy! Sept 29th then? I know what you mean about it seeming close & far at the same time. For my wedding, I found that once it got down to like 4 months, it zoomed by. Sounds like you guys are working on a good schedule, which will make for low stress. Nice!

Congrats on the sale FJ! You are rockin' right along! I meant to ask you yesterday, how are you feeling physically lately? Ok? You sound perky. That shirt Mr FJ bought you is great. I love it. Reminds me of one a friend got that said "Future MILF."

Jenn, is turbomann taking off today then for his weekend out of town?

Doodle, you are having a sexual revolution? How cool! And fun. You must keep us abreast of any developments in relation to it.

Pk, I feel for you. Having to listen to Ace of Base at work. Oh my. Your line of the "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" reminds me...did anyone watch the American Idol auditions on Wednesday night? They had a montage of people singing that song. It was hilarious.

I am pretty good today. I worked out last night, that made me feel good. But, at the gym I ran into a girl I used to be good friends with but hadn't talked to in the last 5 months. She said she didn't know how to get in touch with me. WTF?? Are you serious? I had to laugh about that one later. Whatev. I hope she doesn't try to call me. I'm done with that friendship. Other than that, Mr K & I just drank wine & got it on.
Kari - I'm glad you have a quiet office today....same here, and I love it! Noisy Nosy Neighbor doesn't work on Fridays (she hardly works the rest of the week anyway, just calls her friends to coo about her daughter)...and it makes me so much more productive, and its a nice way to end the week.

Minxy, no need to apologize about venting about b-maiding - you're in good company...and like you, its the money that makes me crazy. That dress isn't *horrible,* but, still, its not something you might pick out for yourself. I just hate it when the dress is something that looks good on a size 8, but when some of the b-maids are of more ample size, the dresses just aren't flattering. I looked like a purple sausage in mine. And we had to ride in a hummer limo...ugh.

yep, kari, turbomann is taking off early this afternoon, so I'll get home to blessed silence this weekend...I am so excited! There shall be many baths, face masks, foot masks, house cleaning/purging, going to see movies, and watching bad tv...its like a mini-vacation, all for me!
yeah, that dress isn't horrid minx, but not likely something you will wear frequently. is it in pink?

i didn't like any of the bridesmaids dresses out there, and they are so expensive! i told my b-maids to get a black dress and be done with it. i think it worked out well.

jenn, your weekend sounds delightful. mr k is out of town tomorrow night, i may copy some of your ideas.
This is the ANTI-Marileen:
IPB Image
Thanks Minxy, I really don't want to be Bridezilla. I have misbehaved at events surrounding me in the past (I was mean and hollered at my family right before my grad school graduation, for example) and really, really don't want to be that person with this one. I want my friends to still be my friends when it's over!

What color is the dress going to be Minx? That style, at least, will be very flattering on you even though it really isn't your thing. Also, if the dresses haven't been ordered yet, have them check to see if that style is available through (it is actually the same company as Rush's Bridal in Mpls) because they discount (sometimes by quite a bit) and can save you lots of dough.

Bridesmaid dresses are very difficult. I'm struggling because I have 6 chicas (I know, out of control) and I want them all to look good and feel okay in their dresses. They have all been very good about it and told me they'd happily wear anything (even lime green taffeta or fuschia with sparkles - that's love!) so I feel very lucky. My main thing is to keep the cost down as much as possible so they don't have to pay too much for it. They all agreed it will be easier for me to just pick a style of dress for them rather than having them have to go out and find something on their own. My friend K just told me she knows a dressmaker who does great work and is inexpensive (did the bridesmaid dresses for her wedding for $50 + cost of material), so we might be going in that direction if she's still available.

Turbojenn, Hummer limos are incredibly obnoxious! My mom and I looked inside one at the wedding fair and laughed at it!

No, the worst thing about the hummer limo was that it was rediculously difficult to get out of in a dress -and I tripped on the fabric of the dress, and thank cod the groom was standing outside to catch me! Such bad, redneck taste for that wedding...though not as bad as many weddings I saw when I worked banquets when I was 15...I'll never forget the one with flourescent pink poofy dresses, white cowboy hats and boots on all of the girls. *shudders*

My one word of advice on picking out dresses for so many girls...beware the chicken cutlet!!! You know what I mean...when you have a tightly fitted bodice, and it makes your sweet little chub by your armpits kind of ooze out of the dress making a little roll by the pit? I hate that...on me, or anyone else...just not so attractive.
ewww chicken cutlets bbwahahaha

morning ladies! it's FRIDAY! woo! thank god.

i've never had to be a bridesmaid, but it'll probably happen someday. on the other hand.....i'm not so sure, since most of my best girlfriends are either pretty anti-marriage or gay tongue.gif i'm going to the first wedding of any of my close peers this summer, but i'm not close enough with her to be a bridesmaid. even if i was, she's the kind of girl who would be silly and laid-back about it. but i secretly like that bridesmaid dress, minxy.....!

glad the stuff mostly tasted awesome. it sounds delicious. good luck on the cake--you'll have to let us know how it turns out! when i was working as a cake decorator i got to do a couple wedding cakes and they were so fun--so labor-intensive, but gorgeous results smile.gif i wish there was some way i could do cake decorating again and make more than $7 an hour *sigh*

tree, i'm totally fucking impressed with your line of work. super awesome. and way to solve the problem in your sleep!

pk, it's great your friend felt comfortable enough around you to tell you all that stuff. good luck on your new job!! hopefully you won't have to listen to bad pop music there wink.gif

dooooooooodle! how's the revolution, uh, coming?
Hi, peeps!

When I get married, I'm just going to choose a color and length and tell the bridesmaids to get whatever they want in those parameters. My BFF is 6' tall and model-thin, and I'm the exact opposite. You can't expect the same dress to look good on two drastically differently shaped people. I've never had to be a bridesmaid myself, so I don't even know what else is involved. My BFF didn't have bridesmaids, not that I even made it to the wedding, but I would've been one if she'd decided to have any.

Minx, that dress is actually kind of cute. I know you're not a ruffle kind of person, but it definitely looks like the least of all possible bridesmaid dress evils.

Congrats on the new job, PK! Sorry about the Ace of Base. My first roommate in college listened to them alot. Needless to say, we didn't get along for very long.

I'm glad the tasting was fun, Marileen. That cocktail sounds awesome! Can I have two?

Every time I see a Hummer limo, I just shake my head. I see them constantly at the gas station by my house, and they're such a horrible, blatant display of consumerism and they use so much gas. Not exactly classy, either.

Treehugger, color me impressed, too. I love hearing about your work.

Hi, Karianne, Turbo, Mouse, FJ, and everyone else!

Well, I learned once again that no good deed goes unpunished. I actually officially worked myself out of a job about an hour ago, so my boss has rewarded me for doing such a great job by making me help out on paternity cases. There's nothing in the world I'd like to do less than freaking "who my baby daddy?" cases. I have those up 5 years ago and never looked back. It all goes to show that I need to spend more time screwing around so things like this don't happen.
so they call that chicken cutlets?? i knew there had to be a name for that....amazing.

i got nothing in the bag o' tricks for dirrty word play...but for old times sake...'ho bags' works well. laugh.gif

good news on the 'editing' front, turbo.....they want me as a 'tutoring editor'....12 hours a week at 30 bucks an hour with a flexible schedule......not bad from where i'm sitting. laugh.gif i'm definitely looking into that! and i also have a phone interview today but its a weekend gig..which is usually my time with so now with this new 'potential anytime job' on the horizon..maybe i won't take the weekend gig.. smile.gif

treehugger, i'm amazed in your skill ability...if i only knew half of your mechanics.....

that dress isn't sooo bad minx....i wore the barney purple dress of doom...bleh.

today i'm going shopping with one of my gf's and then dinner at her house...chili!!! yum!

oh and this morning's cuteness....molly woke up, walked over to jake and licked his head....first time ever!!!! i think they're finally getting along. but then they had a small fight after....siblings.

hi diva, mouse, marileen, poodle, turbo, tree hugger, doodle, minx, fj,, kari and PK!!!

hey ms gb - that sounds like a mighty fine deal to me on being a "tutoring editor" whatever that means!! Is this a student publication or something?

I'm not really motivated to work this afternoon, either Diva. And I'm so sorry you're stuck doing baby daddy work...that's a least favorite activity around here too...but on our end, we're IDing them in the first place and serving them with papers, so they can be involved in the adoption process. They can be very slippery creatures.

Mmmm....chili. I think maybe I'll make some of that this weekend too - sounds awfully good in this fridgid weather.

I can't seem to stop looking at real estate in Madison at the moment...I love imagining myself in a new house in a new place....
Hello everyone! Quick post!

Ooh, strapless dress. Never, never, never going to wear one of those. Chicken cutlets? For me, turkey cutlets might more like it. Ugh. What kind of bridezilla forces women of varying shapes and sizes into strapless tea-length dresses? Did no one ever see that YouTube video of the woman jumping to catch the bouquet, and her entire bosom heaved up out of the bodice of her strapless bridesmaid dress????

I'm not convinced I'm having a sexual revolution so much as a reality check. This online personal ad's nice that so many guys find me attractive and interesting, and it's very good for my ego....but it's actually like 1/2 of them find me attractive but think whether I'm interesting or not is just....extraneous. The number of men looking for a rescue is OUTSTANDING. The number of men looking for a babystepmomma is also outstanding. Frequently, though not always, they are the same guys. And my profile says right there in black and white: "don't have/don't want kids." So seriously, WTF?

Oh shit, spoke too soon....just got a note from a 23-year old from Toronto! biggrin.gif Oh...and another one....another French guy. Maybe I need to do a tour of France.

Also have my eye on a lovely long-haired musician from Denver....

Also, I learned to play/sing this kinda funked-up version of Suzie Q last night. Yummy!

Sorry this is a total ME post....I am just popping in online while I wait for my board chair to pick me up. Will check in later this evening....wonder if I'll make it to the grocery store today?

Nope, it's snowing again.
Cutlets! That's's what my SIL calls the inserts she puts in her bras!

Yeah, that dress isn't bad...I just wish that I could get the piping in a different color. We actually got to choose the dress that we wanted in the color she specified, so the request wasn't that beastly. His ass just better be in love for sure this time (this is wedding number two). The dress is "vanilla" in color and the one-tone just looks silly, IMHO. A blue-ish piping would look really nice with it. I really hope that she isn't wanting us to get shoes in that same color. A pair of simple black heels would look pretty hott.

Must. Embrace. Girly. Side.
Oh ye goddesses of bridesmaids dresses- what do you think of this one? Flattering for all sizes? I've had my plus-size friends look at it and they approved.

(no, no ring on my finger yet- I'm just a planner.)
Hi everyone!!

Wedding craziness in here!! Like I said, you'll all be eatin' on paper plates at my wedding. I'd have one female attendant, and she could wear a t-shirt and cute skirt for all I care. I'm too cheap and lazy for wedding planning. I'd sent out super cool invitations though.

I'd flat out refuse to wear a bridesmaid's dress if it involved wearing a strapless bra. No way. If it's important to the person that I be involved in the event, then they could at least let me wear something that fits my own body shape and taste. I don't want to be someones's wedding accessory. Bridesmaids are so often treated like they have the same level of significance as the floral arrangements and music.

I also don't want to be expected to throw a bridal shower.

Ha! PK, that guy's taste in music is hilarious! Taylor Dayne? Yikes!

I think I might pick up a sixer of Summit for dinner.

ETA- Polly, the picture doesn't show up unless you have an account.
Damn! Thanks Poodle- it's fixed now!
i just got to go "shopping" in the samples room. yay.
Polly, I think that dress is lovely, and would work well on many sizes - its not cut too tightly, and the wide straps are good for everyone (and hid those unsavory cutlets). tongue.gif

Poodle, rock on with the paper plates...maybe get those kitchy and uber useful wicker plate baskets to go with - you don't want any plate sagging, now do you?!

Doodle, that's an interesting survey you're taking of the available men online...keep us posted! Sounds like an interesting anthropologic study to me!
That's a good bridesmaid dress, polly. It's not weird or poofy or strapless. Fucking strapless dresses (that includes off-the-shoulder styles!!)

Yeah, turbo, I'd have the paper plate baskets just to "class it up" a little. I'd fork out a little money for recycled paper plates and napkins if possible. I know that there's biodegradable "silverware" out there too. Okay, I'm half-done with my wedding planning. wink.gif

I'm jealous of your sample-room "shopping," mouse!!

I suppose I should attempt to do a little work this afternoon.
LOVE the dress, polly!!

*giggling hysterically over doodle's tour de, i mean FRANCE!*

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*jobby job vibes for all that needs em!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

PK!!! MOI!!! hyvaa paivaa!! (my laptop doth not haveth accent marks. dry.gif )

poodle, i have to go with jenn on this one -- those wicker basket thingees would be perfectamundo! will you be barefoot, too??? damn. i wanna GO to YOUR wedding!!!

(hee. that video of that bridesmaid jumping for the bouquet always reminded me of the blanc mange that ate england. except that you KNOW that she was mortified.)

mouse!!! what did you get?? huhuhuhuh???? sooooooooooooo makes me think of The Devil Wears Prada!!!

CUTLETS!!! bwaaaahahahahahahaah!! minxie, doll, that is too perfect. cutlets. gotta remember that one!

barney purple dress of doom. oh, my. i am SO sorry, ms gb! (is there anything out there worse than barney???? *shivers*)

divalla!!! who my baby dady cases.....aaaaakk! you DEFINITELY need to spend more time screwing around in here!!! (and your solution to bridesmaids dresses is a perfect one!, who is taylor dayne????
oooh, I'm jealous of mouse's shopping too! What did ya get, mouse? Let us live vicariously!

polly, I think that's a pretty dress. It doesn't have the strapless issue, I think the top of that dress will look good on small & large breasted ladies.

Diva, sorry to hear about the crappy work tasks. Sometimes working hard doesn't pay off, does it?

Doodles, you're getting all sorts of online interest! That's fun. You guys getting a lot of snow?


I just checked out a new cook book from the library. It is called "A man and his meatballs." It is a serious looking cook book though. Funny. The cover is just a white plate with 2 meatballs on it.

Polly, I'm really self-conscious about my upper arms, so I wouldn't do that dress for myself. It's a nice cut otherwise, though.

Yeah, what didja get, Mouse?

My wedding is going to be pretty fancy, so I'm actually trying to save for it now. I hope I'll have a nice little nest egg for it in 4 years. I know it definitely won't be any sooner than that (thank you, DivaGiant's ex! - NOT!).

Doodle, I found several guys who were looking for a future step-mom for their kid while I was on, too. They may as well have just created a profile for their kid that said "will you be my new mommy?" I feel kind of sad for them, but they really need to figure out if they want a wife or a babysitter.

Turbo, you should see some of the stuff we get back from the baby mama's when we send out paternity affidavits. They expect us to find a guy based on a first name and vague physical description. They never have actual addresses, either. It's kind of funny sometimes what a horrible situation it can be. They think we can just wave our little government wand and suddenly they'll be getting all kinds of child support and we'll know who the babydaddy is without even testing him. Yeah, because that's just how life works, doesn't it? : )

Hi, Tes, GB (congrats on the editing job, BTW), and Poodle!

I should be allowed to screw around for the rest of the day since I was a good little worker and got all my stuff done. But alas, I can't. Maybe once my boss goes away I will. I certainly freaking deserve it.

Oh yeah, I know exactly the kind of vague information you're getting to track down those baby daddies...same thing happens here. We have a scarily info-database where we can pretty much find anyone with a couple points of data, so long as we have a name and an idea of where the person lived for a period of time...but the best is when you get a list of like 10 potential baby daddies, and I'm just a little dumbfounded. We have to advertise to find them too, if our initial efforts don't if baby daddies are looking in the legal notices section of the newspaper. rolleyes.gif

Kari - I'll be with you on the cookbook reading this weekend - I just got Rick Bayless's new cookbook and a South Beach Cookbook this week with one of my christmas giftcards. I *love* curling up on the couch and reading cookbooks, and planning new meals. I'm such a nerd.
Hi tes!!

No, I wouldn't do the barefoot thing. Actually, I can't stand the whole barefoot wedding thing. Why no shoes? I don't see the point unless you're on a beach. Even still, why not wear nice sandals? If I had a wedding, I'd probably wear a nice vintage dress, but nothing frilly or long. I'd want a 50's-60's fitted boat-neck/sleeveless knee-length dress made of white silk. Either that, or I'd want a full chiffon skirt. I'd probably have my hair in a retro updo.

That meatballs book sounds funny, kari! Is it one of those "please your man" cookbooks?

I think I might check outta here an hour early. I just can't focus.
HI HI everyone! I'm back! Made it to the grocery store, too - got the chair to drop me off there and then took a cab home. YAY! I have food! biggrin.gif


*pounces on tesao and covers her with smooches*

Where have you been, girl? I meeced you!! wub.gif

polly, that dress is cute, but I second diva's feelings on the bare arms thing. Lots of women - especially older women (like me!) - are self-conscious about that area. But you could have matching bolero jackets made up to go with it, or have coordinating shawls or something.

diva, I'm glad it's not just me experiencing the "needy daddies" on the personal ads! God. One guy who's really interested in me - this guy is 50, and talk about riding the bitter bus - writes about how his wife left him for another woman, and now those two are married (you can do that here in Canada), he's got custody of their 14 year old, and he wants to settle down...and closes with "I WANT TO COME HOME NOW," in all caps, just like that. EW. Seriously, dude. Get your shit together. wacko.gif

Oh, and there are a couple of guys who want me to dominate them. I guess my profile must give off that vibe or something...or maybe they just write to everyone in hope. ph34r.gif

turbo, maybe I will morph it into a sociological study! Hee! Just think of the dissertations one could write on the subject of online dating alone....what would the thesis be? Hmm....

I still wish I knew where to find that fresh, glowing, young drummerboy, though. Seriously. *sigh*

kari...there is a TON of snow, everywhere. Even the river looks like a field right now, b/c the thin layer of ice is completely covered in a thick blanket of snow. My car looks like it's wearing three duvets!

Hi also to poodle, minx, marileen, mouse, miz gb, treehugger, and anyone I'm missing!

*tears into French baguette with gusto, practising for the Doodlebug Tour de France*
Heh, I don't think it is a please your man cookbook. It looks like any ol' regular Italian cookbook. Except for the name.

That must be so frustrating to try to locate those men. My hat is off to you two, turbo & diva. Do you really have to put a notice in the paper? Do people respond to them?

I have not been a good worker today. Well, I mean, I got my work done, but then I've been online the rest of the time. Ah well. What can you do.

I think I'm gonna take off a little early today too, like 15 mins early. I'm a rulebreaker!

Doodle, that sounds c-c-c-c-c-c-old! Stay warm this weekend. I am glad you were able to make it to the grocery. That will make your weekend much more enjoyable.

Some of the dudes on the personals sites sound seriously fucked. Sadly, I am sure there are women who respond to them. Ick.

Jenn, I love to menu plan & read cook books too. It is so much fun! Even if I never end up making 90% of the menus I make up.
QUOTE(Divala @ Jan 19 2007, 02:35 PM) *

Polly, I'm really self-conscious about my upper arms, so I wouldn't do that dress for myself. It's a nice cut otherwise, though.

So am I and I'd be cool with them doing a wrap or a little cardigan.
Yer thoughts, please:

23-year old Torontonian

long-haired Denver musician

ETA: oops, forgot this Seattle guy, very appealing smile

ETA again: OH, then there are the guys who post pics of their sports cars, trucks, speed boats, and other expensive penis extensions toys.
Doodle, I could totally see you as a dominatrix!!

I've been mourning the 20th century ever since the new year. "2007" makes every other decade sound so stone-age--even the 90's. Everything is so different here ever since 9/11. I hate to get all serious in here and maybe I'm just feeling a little nostalgia for my youth. Actually, I'm feeling a lot of nostalgia for my youth right now. I'm listening to Def Leppard "Hysteria" and it makes me think of how simple everything was back in 1987. Change has always occurred pretty quickly in America, but in recent years, it seems to be happening at a much faster pace in recent years. It's weird and scary. Okay, enough serious stuff.

Alright babes, I'm done with work. See ya in a bit!
QUOTE(pinkpoodle @ Jan 19 2007, 01:42 PM) *

I'd want a 50's-60's fitted boat-neck/sleeveless knee-length dress made of white silk. Either that, or I'd want a full chiffon skirt. I'd probably have my hair in a retro updo.

this sounds soooo pretty and classy, pood wub.gif

re: loot, i got a couple burnout shirts with wallpapery/floral patterns, a little smock-type grey one with white flowers, a cute red and white shirt that's gathered at the hem with a pattern of clouds and trees, a tank top i probably won't wear but i want it cos i designed it (stripes and lightning bolt), and i'm going to take a look again before i take off for the night. i have my heart set on this little cream-coloured cropped victorian-type jacket with a blue brocade pattern we did for urban; i can't find it on their website but it's so lovely. i hope it's still there smile.gif

ETA: doodle, are you sure that 23-year-old torontian isn't eminem??? biggrin.gif
Ha ha! Yes, mouse, that's what he keeps reminding me of! There are a couple of other pics with his profile...and he's definitely learned posing from eminem! biggrin.gif Which immediately leads me to believe we are completely incompatible, b/c I cannot stand eminem and his sexist drivel.

Really dig the musician, though. Want to run my hands through that long blond hair. Among other things I want to do with my hands.

God. What is wrong with me? Where is all of this coming from, anyway?

poodle, I could see me dominating a guy, too, but not on the first date! ohmy.gif

mouse, I want to see the loot! Especially that grey/white-flowered number...that sounds like my cup of tea!

poodle, I thought 1987 was kinda complicated, myself. But it was the year of The Joshua Tree for me, first year living on my own, and I found and lost god more times than I could count that year. tongue.gif

ETA: karianne, want some of this gruyere I picked up at the grocery? Hope you have a great weekend, too!

ETA: other French guy, plays guitar and drums
Must be a nostalgia kind of day...I listened to my turbofamily's greatest hits mix on my way home tonight...Harry Chapin, Abba, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Carly Simon, Simon and made me happy!

Yeah, kari, you *never* find baby daddies through newspaper advertising...but its required by some archaic law, passed in the day when everyone read the paper. You'd have better luck posting on MySpace these days. smile.gif

Doodle, I really like the Seattle guy - not only does he have a fabulous smile, but he has very warm eyes, and what can I say....I have a thing for bald black men. Mmmmmmm.

Oh, and I got "hey baby-ed" at on my way home tonight - always cracks me up when I'm hermetically sealed into my giant purple parka. You can tell everyone got their gov't checks this week, 'cause the streets are full of folks loitering around the various likker stores.

Wheeee! Its the weekend, and I've got the house to myself!
Now turbo, we all know how sexxxy that purple parka is! Undoubtedly you radiate The Peace of The Purpleness Within when you walk down the street, hermetically sealed inside....

I must have missed an earlier post - you have the whole place to yourself ALL weekend??? WOOT!!!

I like the Seattle guy too, and he is a lot closer than the south of France. Or Denver, for that matter. smile.gif

What is up with all these guys (trying not to judge, but IMHO, usually "loser-ish" guys) saying they "don't want any drama?" Life is one big fucking drama after another. And it's not like they are being particularly clever in using the word, even though they act like they's like the latest buzz-phrase to mean, "don't bring yer baggage." Like they don't have any baggage of their own!! "Be completely perfect and also radiate a rose-scented aura, but accept and enjoy the stink of my own pile of shit." That's what they're saying. Fuck off. Wankers.

Nostalgia Day! YAY!

*goes off to practice playing Suzie Q over and over again*
I'm imagining turbo dressed up like Prince in Purple Rain right now. tongue.gif

Doodle, I haven't looked at those guys. I'll check 'em out and get back to ya.

Of all of the 80's years, 1987 stands out the most in my mind. I was 8 yrs old. That was the year that my Grandma Jo died. She was my "first death" and she was also very close to us kids, so it was devastating for me. That was the same year that I switched from public elementary school to Catholic school and it was a hard transition. My new teacher was very strict. Also, in 1987, we got our golden retriever, Fergie (RIP). AND, 1987 was the year that Dirty Dancing came out.

I've had the time of my life
No, I've never felt this way before
I swear, it's the truth
and I owe it all to yooouuu...
*slaps self on forehead* How silly of me! Of *course* it was the Peace of Purpleness that got me all the hoots and hollers!

I think the night of beauty shall commence soon...starting with an herbal facial steam...then a clay mask, foot soak and foot mask and pedicure....its going to be a busy night!

I think those online guys probably just want you to ignore your baggage like they ignore theirs. That's why men have so many more heart attacks...baggage neglect. ...Or at least, that's my theory.
I never meant 2 cause u any sorrow
I never meant 2 cause u any pain
I only wanted 2 one time see u laughing
I only wanted 2 see u laughing in the purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain....

turbo's got the Purple REIGN Power! Everyone can see you're a Ruling Goddess when you walk down the street in your Purple Aura, turbo! Of course they're going to hoot and holler!

I'm not doing any more nights of beauty, if little pimples all over my face are going to be the result. All yogurt products from now on are going IN my body, not ON. Erm...except in cases of yeast infections.

Damn, I was craving yogurt, and suddenly now...I'm not.

Wow, poodle, all that, AND Dirty Dancing? That's heavy! tongue.gif Seriously, I totally get it. I think we all have "those years," and to have them when you're 8 and you don't know about "those years" yet...ugh. When I was 8, my parents split...but that was a GOOD thing, and I knew it then! Lots of upheaval, though. That would have Or '77 maybe; early spring. Years of...what music? Disco...and...?

poodle is the Ruling Goddess of Hot Music.

ETA: oh yeah. It's snowing again.
Heh...I used to get goosebumps during this scene.
Its so funny, I can sing along with all the lyrics in here, most of the time, but if you asked me to sing purple rain unaccompanied, I got nuthin'.

I've got the clay on my face, pulsating, and my feet are now soaking in the herbalicious water from my facial steam, and my feet will soon be ensconced in clay, with a little cinnamon and tea tree essential oils....tingle-tastic!

Dirty Dancing forever cemented my love of dance movies, I think. I wore out the VHS we had of it....and I remember my 10 year old self asking my mom why the lady needed that surgery, and she said "a man made her sick," and I remember saying "no man's going to make me sick." So far, so good.
Awww!!! I forgot Jerry Orbach was in that movie.

*pauses to wipe a tear*

RIP, Lennie Briscoe!

turbo....that "no man's gonna make me sick" is about the funniest thing I've ever heard!
Apparently, it was a prophecy, doodle! tongue.gif

Ahhhhh....poodle, that is *such* a great scene.....*swoons and excuses patrick for the hair*

Here's something amusing from one of my fave author's blog:

New words for 2007 (from a British friend):

TESTICULATING-Waving your arms around and talking bollocks.

BLAMESTORMING-Sitting round in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a
Project failed and who was responsible.

SEAGULL MANAGER-A manager who flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything and then leaves.

PERCUSSIVE MAINTENANCE- The fine art of whacking the crap out of an electronic device to get it
to work again.

GOING FOR A McSHIT- Entering a fast food restaurant with no intention of buying food, you're
just going to the toilet. If challenged by a pimply staff member, your declaration to them that you will buy their food afterwards is known as a McShit with Lies.

BEER COAT-The invisible but warm coat worn when walking home after a booze cruise at 3:00am.

Funny stuff
So is this where everybody hangs out on Friday night? smile.gif
[offers tin of homemade vanilla fudge to the Okay-ers]

Once when I was watching Better Off Dead, I asked my mom, "What are testicles?" I can't recall her response.

As for those anti-baggage guys, I wonder how successful they are on those sites. I mean, how many women are going to read their ad & think, "Hey! I don't have any baggage at all! I definitely gotta respond to this one!"
Yep, rosie, pull up a seat on our comfy okayland sofa! Intarwebz fudge doesn't have any sugar, right?!

*takes a piece of fudge*

The more I look at real estate listings in other places, the more I want to just stay put...I love my condo...this roller coaster of do we/don't we move is going to teach me some patience and letting go, I think.

*trots off to the bathroom to wash clay mask off feet*
Oh lordy, real estate! Our lease runs out on this house at the end of April. I'm hoping the owners will let us stay longer, though. Once upon a time they gave us the impression that they were hoping to move back into the house this year. If that's so, then we better start doing some serious house hunting soon. Ugh.

And holy crap, houses cost sooooooo much more here than where we were living a year ago. I've done a bit of research and it positively makes me want to weep.

[snatches piece of lovely magical fat- & sugar-free interweb fudge]

Jenn, do you make your own clay masks or buy them?
turbo, the prophesy aspect is what had me laughing so hard!! laugh.gif

I think I'm going to extend that seagull one to include board members. Yes, yes, yes, and YES. An entire non-profit board of similar folks would be a Flock of Seagulls.

rose, here we are! This thread is just about the only place I go online on a Friday night! Oh, also, those who have access to it usually watch What Not to Wear while we're hanging out, as well.

But I have no cable, so I am playing the guitar. Now that I've promised to "perform" for actual, live, breathing, paying-attention-type human beings in a few weeks, I need to practise as much as possible!!! (Suzie Q is coming along, slowly. I can sing it no problem; it's just a bit lot rough on the playing.)

You know what's surprising, there are a number of personal ad profiles where it's the women who are describing themselves as "drama free." Note: not asking MEN to be drama-free, but proclaiming themSELVES to be in such a condition. What is up with that? It's easy to say men are setting the terms and women are following them, but WHY are women following them? Do we have yet another situation of women engaged in the creation of power imbalance(s) in order to secure the "great prize" - which is, of course, A Man? A Man who is also A Big Lame Turkey? How is A Big Lame Turkey (Who Can't Own His Own Shit) any kind of goddamned "great prize?" (Fuck, I'd SOOOOOOO rather be alone. I have a deep suspicion this is one of those reasons dating lesbian feminists started to seem so much more appealling.)

This is a serious sociological study we have going on here, folks. And in the meantime, I am getting my need for fresh sexual fantasy material met. biggrin.gif
rosie, I mostly make my own masks, these days. I occasionally buy a fresh pot of LUSH mask, but mostly I just use bentonite, rhassoul or green clay to mix up my own...water plus a couple drops of essential oil, or clay + cider vinegar, for that hoovering effect on your pores.

doodle, I think the problem there on match is see some buzzwords in supposedly desireable potential mates, so you reflect them in your own, in hopes of being chosen...that doesn't mean the marketing is smart, but then maybe it is like attracting like there, eh?

Flock of Seagulls! bwahaha! That's a good one, doodle!
I read most of those definitions a while back & thought the seagull one was brilliant! The beer coat is pretty good, too.

That is so funny about the drama-free women on Match. Says a lot about the dating atmosphere nowadays, doesn't it? Granted, I think I would also describe myself as drama-free, but I'm certainly not baggage-free. wink.gif

I'm watching Law & Order now. I miss Jerry Orbach! Sniff!
It's not on match, it's another site. But yeah, same drift, I think.

I don't think I would describe myself as drama-free. I think that's the same as saying one doesn't have any baggage. (Another buzzword...we're always replacing buzzwords with more buzzwords that aren't understood by 3/4 of the people who use them. It's the same in government, you know, with the buzzwords.) Everyone has baggage of some kind; we pick up new baggage even as we shed the old stuff. The point is to keep working on shedding the baggage and acquiring less of the new stuff, I think, so that when one is older and wiser, there will be very little of it to haul around. (Here's to that hope! *raises glass*)

I really need to hire myself out to write people's bloody profiles. But then, why should I help the assholes and idiots?? They can keep being themselves, and there will be more smart, secure ones for me! tongue.gif Anyway, if like attracts like, turbo, then I'm going to be attracting some real mavericks, 'cause I'm pretty sure what I put out there was definitely more challenge than invitation! Not what very many others seem to be doing. *bites lip nervously*

My e-mail just told me there's new messages for me....don't think I will log in tonight! Tonight, tonight is for US in OKAYLAND!!! And now, I shall play....erm....what shall I play....

Oof! Of course!

Oh Suzie Q
Oh Suzie Q
Oh Suzie Q baby I love you
Suzie Q

I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
I like the way you walk I like the way you talk
Suzie Q

Oh say that youll be true
Oh say that youll be true
Oh say that youll be true and never leave me blue
Suzie Q

Oh say that youll be mine
Oh say that youll be mine
Oh say that youll be mine baby all the time
Suzie Q

(guitar solo that doodlebug can't play)

Oh, Suzie Q
Oh, Suzie Q
Oh, Suzie Q, Baby, I love you
Suzie Q

I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
I like the way you walk I like the way you talk
Suzie Q

Oh, Suzie Q
Oh, Suzie Q
Oh, Suzie Q, Baby, I love you
Suzie Q
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