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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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ohmygod poodle!!!

ban comic sans


and i just saw it on a goddamn bigelow tea bag. FREALS. this world is going to hell.

ETA: what were they THINKING?
Math Baron is the sweetest thing. He deserved a pressie as cool as he is (confession: sometimes I really miss talking to him; plus he's was awesome just standing next to him).

I, TOO, HATE COMIC SANS!!!!!!!! Seriously. Big peeve.
OMG, mouse - that site is hilarious! I totally want the green t-shirt! I saw that font on last week, poodle, and I laughed and laughed! Truly, I see way too much of comic sans around here...just 'cause the org is about kids, doesn't mean you can use stupid fonts. When I get really annoyed, I send memos out about our style guide. heh.

Minxy, relationships are so much about growth, and you've done a lot of that in the last year, and ending things honorably with Math Baron is another good thing in your relationship tool had a fun time, and you let yourself out when you needed to, with dignity. No shame in that, sister! And what a perfect gift for the Baron!

Will this day never end???!!!!
Bwahaha!! I want a shirt, too!!

What, mouse? You mean that Comic Sans doesn't make you want to drink tea? Seriously, how did that make it through the graphics department?

ETA- I'd also like to see Papyrus and Curlz disappear for a while. I used to really like Curlz when it first showed up, but now it's all over the place. Again, I get crabby when I see these fonts. Spas and shit always use Papyrus and it drives me bonkers.
There is some serious rage in here about comic sans!

FJ! It is good to see you! I think that hair cut is really nice, from your pics I think it would be perfect on you. I bet working at home is hard. I am with poodles, I would not be able to be productive. I am too much of a slacker.

Well, I survived my presentation. They threw some difficult questions at me, but I think I handled them fairly gracefully. Fairly. Anyhoo. I am glad it's over!!

Minx, I am happy to hear about things with minxman! Woot Woot! So thing with you & the baron were ok when you saw each other?

I will try to get someone to take a picture of me & my new hair. I didn't have bangs before. I mean, I've had them before, but not recently.
this day is draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggging along.....

*passes out yummy ginger thins*

we've got thunder and dark clouds looming overhead....time to pull out the rain boots.

well, on the job front.....i'm here until they say so but they will be giving me a 2 weeks notice WHEN the time comes...which isn't for a month..YAY!!!!

((((turbomann job vibes))))

((banana get well vibes)))

((((anti cabin fever vibes))))

and today i'm taking a mental health i'm off to run errands, get my nails done and make dinner..which i think might be chinese food.....i'll pop in later tonite...

hi doodle, minx, lore, tommy, diva, mouse, turbo, poodle, kari, rv, pk, treehugger, and anyone else i may have missed.....oh and fj!!!
Yeah, I think Papyrus is almost worse for me than comic sans....I was over papryus in the mid 90s. I'm all for a nice clean sans serif font like GeoSans or Avenir.

Faaaaahhhk. I just got run of brochures back from press and the color is totally wrong. What should have been a burnt orange, looks PINK on the lighter screens. This, dear poodle, is the downside of prints look good, the proof looks good, and the final product - baby puke pink. I'm gonna have to be mean and make them re-print it at no extra cost...and its my favorite vendor too. booo.
*pokes head in* I've seen this thread a zillion times, but never checked it out. Neat-o.
word. and copperplate needs to go too, especially copperplate gothic bold, and banana split is on the verge of becoming too ubiquitous. i LOVE market deco and mouse deco (hehe, of course i do) on otherwise i like to stick to good old sensible times or helvetica. *nods head*

turbo, i've been having the same problem with our screenprinting company. i yelled about it in the "work sucks" thread--EVERYTHING we've been getting back is really grossly the wrong shade or hue. it's really frustrating, because it wastes our time and resources AND theirs. you'd think that people in the business of MAKING COLOR would bother to get it right.
Wait! Wait, culture *warms up a spot on the okayland sofa for culturehandy* Come on in and stay awhile!

Yeah mouse, it really pisses me off when stuff comes back "off." Doesn't happen to me much, print is a little more predictable that fabric, I think, but sucks. And I hate asking my vendors to take a loss on the project, but that's what's going to happen. At least it wasn't a really expensive job, just a weensy little brochure. But pink, where it should be orange, I cannot have.

/end design nerdiness

Half-hour and I'm outta here, and going to have dinner with turbomann's friends!
ok! i'm back! and i'm armed with a pic... granted it's a pretty crappy pic that i took with my cam phone in the bathroom, but it will work for now. the highlights don't show up well though: they're more of a coppery color than the pic shows.

i guess i'm having the same issues as turbo's brochure, except on a MUCH lesser scale. turbo, sometimes you just have to demand that they give you what you ask for. mrfj's magazine had an unfortunate printing error last month but it was not the printer's fault. it's pretty glaring: on the COVER, the graphics guy somehow mispelled "alphabetical". did i mention it's on the COVER? usually mrfj and his sales colleagues get a copy of the cover, but it was a last minute design and he didn't see it until it had gone to print. but the bad thing? the EDITOR saw it and missed it. i don't know how it happened, she's usually on her game. i guess mistakes happen, but they had to eat this one. no free reprints since it was their fault.

ugh. i just had a very short IM chat with the call center director. she asked how it was going today and i told her that i felt like i was getting better and that i think i'll be setting appointments soon. then i asked her when i should be worried that i haven't set one yet... should i be kicking myself yet? and she simply sent back a smiley face. at the same time, i got another group IM from her assistant announcing a huge sale that the director had just made. so she never came back and said anything else, then signed off within seconds. so now i'm not sure what it meant: was she smiling because i was concerned after only three days or was she sending the smiley because she thinks i should already be worried? ARGH. now i'm feeling really pressured and icky, which isn't very good for my nervousness on the phone.


*this is better than my last job*
*this is better than my last job*
*this is better than my last job*

i just have to keep remembering that this is going to be very good once i get in my groove.
Hi culturehandy!! Come on in and hang out!!


Sigh...I love Banana Split, but yeah, it's starting to show up all over the place. I suppose most people don't notice it, but I do because I'm neurotic about that stuff. Helvetica is an excellent font and will always be one of my faves.

I just found a font very similar to the one used for The Partridge Family. I'm making return address labels for myself, so I think I'm gonna use that font with a little partridge cartoon image (like in the opening to the show). I also found a really good Cheap Trick font called Adler(?). Before, I was screwing around with Trixie Plain, but that was just too tall, narrow, and not distorted enough. I could never get it quite right.

ETA- Hi FJ! I loooooove the cut!!
bwahahaha!! Poodle, thanks for torturing us with the font - cracked me up!

FJ!!! I LOVE the hair!! It is so sultry and fj's gonna be pawing all over you tonight!

And FJ, don't sweat the small stuff on this job, and stop worrying - there's a steep learning curve to making a sale, and you just have to find your groove, and I know you will. You're the lovemaka!

Okay, gotta run, off to the far reaches of the northern burbs. Wheeee!
A new Okayer! Welcome CultureHandy! Yes, yes, stay & hang with us.

FJ *rrrwooorrrrr!* Girl you look HOT! I love the hair. Very very nice.

Jenn, sorry to hear about the brochure color. No good. I hope you can get it fixed without a lot of hassle.

Well babes, I'm about outta here for the day. Check ya tomorrow.

[stares in adoration at FJ]
Oh ... pardon me. I just drooled all over myself! But that's to be expected when one is facing such an enormous amount of hottttness. wink.gif As for the job, just breathe! This is only your 3rd day! I'm sure the director doesn't expect to have made sales already.

I truly loathe comic sans. It comforts me to know that so many of you hate it, too. I think I need to get one of those shirts for my BestGalPal.

Sorry to hear about all of these printing errors though. Makes you wonder what's going on in the land of printing ...

Holy mother of god, FJ is HOT! WOW!!!!! That haircut is SEXXXY! And FJ herself is Beautimus Maximus!

I never thought that heavily about Comic Sans, but I haven't used it for a long time (except in comic bubbles), and it's not very appealling to read. I like Century Gothic the best, actually. Simple, clean, and slightly different in a way most people can't figure out. I've used it all over the Coalition website. I used to like Papyrus too, but it's wayyyyy overused and...yeah, '90s is a good way to describe it! It reminds me of a greatroom in one of those McMansions, that someone's attempted to make look elegant and dramatic with neutralized beige-on-beige colourlessness, floor-standing gold vases full of pampus grass, and lots of black marble and smoked glass everywhere. Bleck. I'm also a bit of a fan of unexpected fonts - for headlines and graphics, not text - like Sketchy and Sybil Green. Actually, I did the Centre's logo in the last one!

Ok, that was an unexpected topic, and once again, I've forgotten what I was going to write. Hmm.

Well, anyway, hi everyone!

---------on the phone---------

Just got off the phone with a friend (formerly my "partner in crime" in the Coalition) who now works for that union I applied to.

Apparently the "big boss" phoned her to suss me out, so she called to give me the heads up. My friend says they want me to temp as service staff instead of support staff, which is a lot more responsibility! It's basically advocating for union members with their employers. But there is much more temp work available in that position, and lots of support and good money (and union benefits), so if they think I can do it, I think I might try it out anyway, as long as I can stay local. And I could possibly even end up temping full-time, or near it.

What I am most interested in is supporting myself, after all, and if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. Besides, maybe all I need is a change of workplace landscape.

WOW. I have barely given much thought to my future worklife, and it's already starting to click into place!

Also, I am going to go visit my friend in February, after I'm finished this job. I promised to bring my guitar - it will be the first time I've sung in front of other people in years!
Hi doodle! Congrats on the job prospects! Those fancy fonts are cute, by the way.
yay doodle!

man i need to leave work NOW. ughhhhh. too bad i've got an hour to an hour and a half left.

Hi poodle and mouse!

YAY me indeed!! Though I should probably wait till they actually offer me work before I get too excited, I suppose.

Oh, whatever. Fuck it. YAY!!! HOPEFUL NEW JOBBY-JOB! Hard to believe this time two years ago I thought I'd have NO prospects if I left the Centre.

mouse, go home!!

poodle, out of curiosity, I went to sign up for match, but there were too many questions and I got bored! So I'm not finished yet. tongue.gif
So, did y'all make New Year's Resolutions to stay offline more, or what?
Hi hi! I'm here, ever so briefly, a night-cap post, if you will.

We drove all the way up north to BFE pharma land tonight for dinner with turbomann's friends from work. *yawn* It was nice, mostly because I liked their dog, but all the pharma chatter was booooring. Oh well...but I think turbomann got some networking ideas, so that's good. And his friend L. reminded me so much of my MIL, it was kind of bittersweet.

But now, I'm pooped, and with no time for a bath or to unwind. But that's okay, I'm going to have a whole nice quiet weekend to myself, so that will be very nice indeed.

Doodle, congrats on the job prospects!!! Sounds very promising indeed, and something that would fulfill your financial needs, and use your skillz....keep us posted!

I love fonts. I collect them like Diva collects shoes. cool.gif

G'night everyone!!
just running in super quick to BLUSH! rolleyes.gif wub.gif

wow, you guys! thanks for the props on the hair. i'm getting used to it. i wonder what it'll look like in the morning. i have a tendency to get mushroom head when it's on the short side, and this is shorter than it has been in fifteen years! yipes! but i really dig it.

AND~ i got my first "sale" today. last phone call of the day, or so it worked out that way. it was a really cool lady in her 40s, has been with a guy for nearly several years. he broke up with her some months ago because she adopted her granddaughter and he didn't want to deal with it. they're back together but no longer living with each other and she doens't think it'll ever be the same for them. i asked her if she would be happy continuing in that situation for the rest of her life, will she be fulfilled? and she said no, that she really wouldn't. i was saying so many cool, non-salesy things to this lady and couldn't believe i was coming up with them. i was just rappin' with her. so i finally set an appt for her to visit our office on monday after work. i was SO psyched.

then, i found out that the offices are closed on mondays, only no one told me... HA! it's ok though. my director is going to call her to change the appointment time and i'll still get the credit. i am just happy that i got the sale in the first place. the more i'm on the phone, the easier it is getting.

anyway, sorry to be all ME ME ME, but i couldn't help it!

off to bed now... and can i just say that i love that we talk about fonts and freezers and print jobs in here. non sequitur, indeed!

Yay for FJ's first sale!!

*throws confetti in the thread*

That is totally worth celebrating! I wonder....was it the new hairdo that gave FJ that little extra she needed to make the sale??

I think so!

But I'm all about the hair.

Aw, turbo, that's sweet that turbomann's friend is like his ma.

"I love fonts. I collect them like Diva collects shoes." Totally made me laugh out loud.

I am starting to think I'm going through some weird second puberty. First I am lusting after a 23-year old drummerboy, and having seriously perverted fantasies about a sexy French stranger I will never meet. Now I have a half dozen baby pimples on my face. I think my hormones are whacked!

What the fuck is going on? I am 38 years old, do you hear me? I AM TOO OLD FOR PIMPLES!!

ETA: ha ha! The sofa is flipped into bed mode, and Carmella (tabby) and George (black) are both sleeping on it, two feet apart, facing each other, but flipped so each cat's head faces the other's tail. They are totally shaped like a yin and yang symbol!

ETA again: fucking snow. Again.
Hi hi everyone!

I haven't been able to bust lately so I haven't read more than this page and am still behind but I've meeced you all and wanted to post so I could say hello. FJ, you are so cute and I love your hair! I'm glad you're getting success with your new job, too.

~*~*~big job vibes for Doodlebug~*~*~

Welcome Culturehandy!

Hi Poodle and Mouse!

Work has been kind of busy lately and the rest of my time feels like it has been totally taken up with the wedding industrial complex or trying to exercise so I can be healthier and less stressed. I sort of put the wedding planning on hold for the most part during the holidays, so now I have a lot to do again. We found our florist who I think will be awesome (she is the cousin of a coworker and basically freelances out of her house so her prices are really reasonable and she does beautiful work), I went to wedding fairs two weekends back to back (which is enough for anyone for a lifetime, but I did win a gift certificate that I used to buy a gorgeous necklace at a bridal shop) and we have our tasting tomorrow at the reception site. I am looking forward to the next breather on this stuff again after this next round of stuff is done.

I'll try to catch up on archives and will post again when I can. smile.gif


I worked 11 1/2 hours last night, and I'm kind of pooped. Stupid danishes. We had to remake some corn muffins that caved in, too. Stupid corn muffins.

I *L*O*V*E* that we are discussing fonts. I never fiddle with fonts. I didn't know what Comic Sans was, but I admit that it looks, well, cheap to me. Like the shit Heikki would bring home from elementary school about the Parent Teacher Committee or something. I am astounded about your familiarity with different fonts! Is it because you guys work in offices and have to type stuff??? I don't use fonts at my job, but I make jokes about fonts all the time because it seems to be the height of geekiness.

I want to hear more about the freezer situation, treehugger! What happened?

And I want CultureHandy to hang out with us some more!

FJ - your hair is megaliciously cute. I really love it. You're so so so hot. So when are we going to get together for that cuddle puddle?

Doodle - I have thought about posting myself on match in the past, but like you, I got bored answering all the questions. Sheesh. But that's cool that you're putting yourself out there. It's fun! And you deserve a rip-roarin' good time! Even if you don't want to date some of the people, it still feels great to get some attention. And that jobby-job prospect sounds very exciting! Yayayayay for Doodle!

karianne - I want to see your hair. It sounds cute. My hair sucks. I just wear it in pigtails or braids all the time. I never get my hair cut (maybe annually), and it looks like shit. I have to wear it up because it's just...unruly. Poker straight. Thin. Old layers from last year's haircut. Yuck.

Ugh. I feel ugly now. Maybe I should get a haircut. It's time.

SO - yeah - the chef called me today. Hooray! He wants me to work for him, so this morning I am going to call him and get everything confirmed, then I'm giving my two weeks at my current job. It's hard, because I am actually happy at my current job. It's just that I feel like this new job will be such a kick-ass learning experience. I'll be working on the line - it will be faster and more intense, and I will be working with some really supportive and knowledgeable cooks and chefs. I'm actually terrified and intimidated. What if I'm just not fast enough? What if I suck? Aaahhhh!!!!! But I think it would be foolish to turn this opportunity down. If I make it at that job, I can get a job anywhere - even Chicago!

Oh! I forgot to tell FJ CONGRATULATIONS on the sale! Woot! See? You're getting the hang of it. You're a love machine.

Marileen - You have to tell us about your tasting. And what kind of flowers are you getting? I do love wedding plans.
PK!!!! Congrats on the new job!!! I'm sure you will do really well there - it'll be a learning curve, but you're so smart, and you're no newbie at this, just be confident, do your best, and use those supportive chefs to suck them dry of their wisdom and chefly knowledge!

AND, congrats to FJ on your first sale!!! WOOT! See, we knew you were going to be great! Just keep the feeling of that first sale in your thoughts to boost you on to greater success!

Speaking of which, Turbomann has a phone interview with a company in Madison this morning at 9am CST...vibes, please? ~*~*~*~*~jobby job vibes~*~*~*~

We're on such an employment roll in here, it only falls to reason that turbomann is next, right?! We're also opening our relocation possibilities to more places now too, so that's kind of exciting....and YES, poodle, Mpls is high on the list. Turbomann should be submitting an app out there today.

Doodle, do you think you might be having a sexual revolution right now, just because you finally have time and space in your life for it? ....Just a thought.

Okay, work calls.
~*~*~*~*~*~$$$$$$~~jobby vibes for turbomann~~$$$$$$~*~*~*~*~*~

YES! it is totally his time and now that he's opened himself up to new possibilities and locations, the playing field is bigger. *finger crossed for good measure*

thanks for the pat on the back for the sale. it really was what i needed. i'm not as afraid to get on the phone. but, i woke up this morning feeling a little like i'm getting a cold. i have a cough and my throat is crackly. it's not really sore, just sort of pluuuuuuurby. i think i stayed up too late last night. i was too excited to sleep. but i'll get the hang of this schedule soon.

oh, PK! that's sooo great about the chef calling you back! it's good to see you thinking positive about it. it sounds like a great opportunity. and OF COURSE you will be good at it! smile.gif

marileen, i keep forgetting that you're planning a wedding. when is the big day set for again? weddings can be so fun to plan and then SO fun to have over with! hehe! i'm sure yours will be lovely!

ok. i need to get on the phone. see you guys later. my motivation today is to get through the next few hours so i can take a NAP! wink.gif
Good morning, sluts!

That's my attempt at willing it to be Friday. Feels like it should be.

Wow! So much good job news in here! I like it. CONGRATS FJ on the sale! CONGRATS doodle on the potential job offer! CONGRATS PK on the new job! And GOOD LUCK Turbomann on the phone interview!
Woo woo!

Hi Marileen! Sounds like the wedding planning is truckin' along. What is your wedding date? Good for you on winning a gift certificate at the wedding show. Those shows are crazy, aren't they? I went to one, mainly for ideas, I knew all the vendors there would be outta my price range. And not really my style either.

I am doing pretty well today. Went to my mom's last night, it was a lot of fun. Now that my stepdad is gone, we ladies can hang out in peace. Both my sisters were there, as was my neice. And I brought my doggie. It was ladies night! Today I have work & then meeting my friend for spin, and then she's coming to my house to watch Grey's Anatomy. All in all a good day ahead.
morning ladies

seriously, fj=hottest. AND the brains to make a sale--what a package! tongue.gif

good things are happening to okayers and that is AWESOME.

doodle did i hear you say you're going to be playing your guitar for people? that's fantastic!

i finally got to leave work yesterday and went to margarita night with two different factions of friends so i ended up bouncing back and forth between two tables hehe. AND i got the ex to come hang out and he bonded with my friends which was pretty great. and then we went back to my place and played nintendo and got a little cuddly but I DIDN'T MAKE OUT WITH HIM! can i get some applause, please.

right now we are doing our daily ritual of free-association/puns/wordplay emails back and forth. i want to turn some of these into comic books or something, they're so weird and great.
Hi everyone!!

Wow, it's already 1:00!! My mama's picking me up around 5:00 and we're gonna go to the French Meadow bakery/cafe for some soup. I love their creamy tomato-basil soup. Mmmmmm....

Ooooh...ex-cuddling!! Dangerous, mouse!!

~*~*~*~interview vibes for turboman~*~*~*~ I could totally see you living in Madison, turbo.

Awwww...yin-yang kitties. Cuteness.

Doodle, you're never too old for pimples. tongue.gif

Wow, marileen!! I forget how crazy wedding planning can be. If I get married, it's gonna be a BBQ in someone's backyard with paper plates and plastic cups. There will also be karaoke involved, of course.

ETA - And beer kegs. There will be several kegs of Summit and Grain Belt at my wedding.
hello peepsicles....

wow..alot going on....

congrats mouse on not macking on the ex....and a margarita nite to boot? nice.

$$$$$$$%%%%^^^^^turbomann job vibes&&&%%%$$$$$$$$

fj...what hotness......i am at a loss of words....brains, beauty, and thats a lady!(((anti sick vibes for your throat)))

doodle, go for the better job! you know you can do it....bah on the pimples....

PK Congrats on the job!!! you'll do fantastic i know....the experience is gonna be great!

when is the date set for marileen?

hi kari and RoseViolet!!!! where did culture handy run off to?

yesterdays day off was so nice...too bad i can't do that again for a while. sad.gif
hi ya'll!!

Ooof, marileen, I do not envy you the wedding planning. Not least not for me. I'm pretty non-traditional, so we had the backyard open house (with good beer), like poodle suggested.

Rock on FJ!! (((((throat healing vibes)))) And that's so awesome that you get a few hours of rest in the middle of the day! You've got to take care of you and the wee one!

Poodle, that soup sounds awesome...and the cold weather just makes soup taste even better, I swear! I need to figure out what kind of soup I'm going to make this weekend...need to shop tonight, before turbomann takes off with the car tomorrow.

ms gb - any word on the editing front for you, yet?

I'm starting to see myself in Madison more and more...and I went looking for real estate online fun!
Hi, peeps!

I'm back at work today. I suppose I could have gotten away with another day of bereavement leave, but I'm really not that affected, and I'm so sick of taking all kinds of time off. A day here and there and a half-day once in awhile really adds up. I'm just happy to be getting to the back to normal.

I like your hair, FJ. That's a really cute shape on your head. And congrats on your first sale!

So Obama finally kind of announced, sort of, eh? Well, good. I'm not totally sold on him, just because for the past couple years it seems like it's been the post-election high riding out. I want to see what kind of opinion people have of him after he's been around for awhile. He's a little too new for me, I guess. I'm rooting for Hillary, if she tosses her hat in. So far, my favorite is John Edwards. He left such a great impression on the country after his last run, and even though he didn't win, people really warmed to him and his name never got tarnished. And he never, ever went negative. He ran an exemplary campaign, and I'd like to see that happen again. I also adore all the work he's doing for poverty issues. I'm so sick of poor people being forgotten in our nation's consciousness, and especially in the political consciousness. Edwards seems like the most generous, gracious person.

I'm glad your visit with your mom went well, Mouse. The Getty is really cool, huh? I was supposed to visit a few years ago, but we never quite made it there. I've only ever driven past it. And good on you for not making out with the ex.

((((((((( Turbomann job vibes )))))))))) Something bigger and better is totally on it's way, maybe even in Minneapolis.

Karianne, I hope you're feeling better.

Poodle, you're so funny about your fonts. I guess I don't really notice much, except for that kids font. Why? A font doesn't make anything taste any better or more fun to play with.

Minx, that was nice of you to send a little present to MB. I hope all is kosher between you two.

Congrats on the gift cert, Marileen! I honestly can't wait to start planning my wedding, even though it's probably going to be 4 years off. I look at bridal magazines at the bookstore when the giant isn't around.

Congrats on all the responses to your profile, Doodle! I didn't have that many when I first signed on. You should go to Paris to have an affair with the Sexy Frenchman.

Hello to everyone else. I really did read what everyone wrote for the past 5 days, really.

The funeral yesterday was okay, I guess. I didn't care much for the priest, who is still pretty green. The best way I can put it is that he made his remarks like someone who'd just finished a public speaking class and got a B in it. Contrived gestures, pointedly tried to make every word heavy with meaning, inserting my family's names and remarks in like in Mad Libs. Could've been worse, though. When my other grandma died, the priest didn't even pronounce her last name correctly. Granted, it's a very Polish name, but still. My grandparents went to that church probably since it was founded. Anywhoo, it was good to see all the family and lots of people I didn't expect to, like my uncle's first wife (which was a treat) and a family I used to babysit for. And the church was packed. That's what happens when you live in the same house for over 60 years and get established. It was fun to see Sam, too. He looked so cute in his little suit and was pretty well behaved during the service. He now expects me to give him a little gift every time I see him. That boy is getting S-P-O-I-L-E-D. And to top it all off, my Bush-supporter cousin had to drive behind me in my "Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican" bumper-stickered car for 30 miles from the church to the cemetery. Hah! Afterwards, I wandered around Target by myself for almost 2 hours, just being alone and getting a little retail therapy. Then the giant and I cuddled for a good long time last night and went out for dinner.

Whew! I'm so glad things are back to normal now.

Good morning everyone! Hi miz gb, karianne, poodle, turbo, marileen, mouse, FJ, and PK! And any lurkers!!


Thanks for all the jobby vibes everyone! And I know I'm a bit late, but:

~*~*~*~*~*~jobby-job vibes for turbomann~*~*~*~*~*~

And PK! CONGRATS on the jobby-job offer! That sounds really exciting! I hope you won't be afraid to take on the new challenge - the chef wouldn't have asked you if he didn't think you could do it! I know you will be fantastic at it!


~*~*~*~*~*~anti-pluuuuurby throat vibes for FJ, she needs that voice to work!~*~*~*~*~*~

It is STILL snowing here. It's really sticking, the roads are yucky. Board chair and I were supposed to do some stuff today, but we're going to try again tomorrow. I can't even get to the grocery store! Just got back from paying 7-Eleven prices for milk and bread so that I can eat today. Bah. Snow. Y'all can have it.

karianne, I agree, it should be Friday. When do we get the hair pics, btw?? pimples accompany sexual revolutions? biggrin.gif

Maybe I am having a sexual revolution. Hmm. I think there is something else, too....which is either only just starting to occur to me, or I'm only just starting to admit it. But after 11 years working almost exclusively with women, and dating women almost exclusively as well, I think a big part of me wants to reconnect with some male energy again, bring that back into my life. Seeing the male brutality some women experience, it's been hard to trust men, but I think maybe I'm ready to try again. I dunno if that makes sense; it seems like it might, but it's hard to tell. unsure.gif But if it is true, maybe I'm just putting that vibe out there, and some men are already reflecting it back to me.

mouse, yes, I am going to play guitar for people! It's scary! But I feel pretty confident about my singing voice right now. And it will be for nice, safe feminist friends, and there will be plenty of weed and wine involved. tongue.gif

Ex-cuddling....hmmm....I've often wondered if I could go there with the ex-g/f, w/o getting to the sex. Mind you, we're probably at the stage of "lesbian friendship" where we could do ex-sex without it becoming a complicated emotional thing. Hmm. *contemplates this seriously*

marileen, I think "wedding industrial complex" is my new favourite phrase.

poodle, yay for dinner out with poodlemama! That soup sounds to die for!

The cats are chasing each other all over the living room....god, they are such a cute pair! Carmella's got George wrapped around her little Anyway, well played, Carmella Fitzgerald, well played. (ETA: ok, now they are yin and yang on the sofa again.)

ETA: crossposted with diva!! HIhiHIhiHI! I missed you! (((((diva))))) I would love to go have an affair with the sexy Frenchman. Except he lives in the south of France, not Paris, though I'd definitely want to spend time there!!! (With a sexy French tourguide? Who wouldn't?)

Yes, that's what I should do with my severance instead of buying a car.

Hee, just kidding! (Maybe. Sort of. You know, when I was in my early 20s, I was warned by an older woman friend about the "funny forties." She said she hit 39 and she put two trips to Mexico on her Visa card, and had this huge fling with a hot young boat captain named Ricardo. After that, she started living with this beautiful 26-year old man from Poland...and he was HOT, and he ADORED her. And that was way before the older woman/younger man thing was even remotely acceptable.)
doodle, you know its not MEN, but THOSE men who are the bad apples. Many bustie men are gems. Turbomann, mrfj, moxieman...dynamic partners. I hope you find the energy you seek, missy!

I don't feel much like i've got loads to say right now. but, i'm reading every few minutes. i'm here! I swear!
moxie, I know you are right. I think the work has just fried my radar a little bit to much. Before I started doing anti-violence work, I was so convinced I could spot an abuser. Now I realize you really never know who it's going to be: it truly can be any man, even those we think are wonderful. (Mind you, it could easily be any woman, too - although it's not even one-tenth as common, it does happen.) I think when I do finally decide to actually connect with a guy, I'm going to have to be really upfront about where I've been at, so that it doesn't get in the way....or so that there's at least an awareness of it. On the other hand, I don't want to have all my reactions dismissed as me projecting. *sigh* I don't know.

Come on, y'all would do this Frenchman too. Or maybe it's just me, but I find him incredibly sexy. Plus this one's only seven years younger than me. And HE was the one who responded to MY profile. Hmm.
Turbomann, mrfj, moxieman...dynamic partners.

Moxie = wise
mrfj = high

wooo! doodle's frenchman IS hot!
Ok, not that I'm actually cruising dating sites while I'm supposed to be working or anything....


....but what is up with all these men looking to "settle down?" I've had to write back to a few now and explain that settling down is the last thing on my mind. JEEBUS!

Also, there are far too many christians in the world.

ETA: cross-post with mouse!

Told ya! tongue.gif
Word, doodle. That frenchman is hot. Are you sure you really need a car? tongue.gif

Should I be suprised that mr fj pops in for the first time in weeks at the mere mention of his prowess as a partner?! rolleyes.gif You're funny, mr fj.

Also, I think a fling with a hot mexican boat captain named Ricardo sounds divine...sounds like a perfect vacation to me.

I'm so done with this day....good thing turboman should be here shortly to chauffer me home.
What if I got a car with a really big backseat, and the Frenchman came to Canada?
Only if I get to ride shotgun. tongue.gif
Nobody rides the Frenchman but me.

Hi all,

Popping in to say:

Hey Doodle, my friend did an expose or something on the online scamming things and I hink I saw that picture of your frenchman before...I tried to get in touch with him to try to confirm the pic, but haven't been able to yet. Just want to say be careful of some of the dating sites, esp. match as most of them are now piled with predatory foreign scammers preying on unsuspecting Americans.

Even if I am mistaken, its still a good idea to be cautious of those dating sites. grammar and spelling is one of the biggest errors they make, because they don't speak good English.


Take guy all!
Thanks for the heads up, free_spirit. (It's not Don't worry, I am just having fun and engaging in fantasizing at this point! And I'm very, very (most would say OVERLY) cautious and in control when it comes to sex, love, and everything in between. biggrin.gif

OTOH, if English is not someone's mother tongue (as is true for the majority of people who speak English), I'm not going to penalize them for grammar and spelling. French is one of the topmost widely-spoken languages around the world - I think even moreso than English. And (bad Canadian that I am, for giving it up after the tenth grade), my French is undoubtedly much worse than many people's English. (Not to worry, Ghost of Mr. Trudeau, I still have hopes of being bilingual someday!)

ETA: it is STILL fucking snowing. Hasn't stopped all day.

ETA: I can't believe the number of responses I'm getting. FJ, can you hook me up with a job helping people write their dating website profiles? I think I might have a knack! tongue.gif
hehe, doodle i'm so happy you're enjoyng this resurgence of sexuality! and yes, i HAVE heard of people going through a secondary puberty, pimples and all! just be careful if your voice starts to change! hehehee!

and sorry, but i can't help ya on the profile writing front. funny, part of my job is actually to talk people OUT of doing online stuff (for the reason free_spirit mentioned and others) and get them into our offices. but truth be told, i know that it can work sometimes. especially if you know how to express yourself through words like ms. doodle obviously does. and i like that you're keeping your options open on the boy front too!! smile.gif there are some really uber-cool guys out there.

but, i guess i'm doing something right because i got another sale tonight!!!!! woooot! i'm getting my average # of calls/sale down, so i am feeling pretty good right now. and honestly, most of my calls today were voicemails anyway so i actually have about a one in ten success rate right now. i'm gonna gloat about it too because the lady i set today was one that completely blew off the director and one other rep 6 months ago! the director is kickass, so it makes me feel good to know that i somehow connected with her where others couldn't.

oh, and mrfj probably is high right now, doodle. hehe. he went shopping earlier while i was on the phone and he bought himself a really cool blazer. he also went to a store called hot mama's and bought me a cute long-sleeve tee that says "knocked up". CUZ I AM! heh!

oh, and i really hope the turbos are out celebrating some good news right now, or at least some good prospects!!! $~$~$~$~$~$~~<3~turbos~<3~~$~$~$~$~$~$

hi hi FJ and doodle!

Congrats on your second sale fj - you are ROCKING this new job!! Make way for the master matchmaker!

I've just been vegging out tonight....frantic day in the office, and good tv to watch, know, a busy night. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend while turbomann goes off to play with his BFF.

Oh, did I mention turbomann had a good phone interview today with the company in Madison? I can't remember, and I'm too lazy to look. tongue.gif But, I'm feeling both at peace and utterly confused about what's to come next in our life together...its a roller coaster ride, that's for sure.

And now, I've dawdled over this message for too long, and its bedtime. But at least tomorrow is friday!
Hi Busties!

Lots of good job stuff for everyone lately around here! I even had a pretty good day at work today - got in on time for once and finished editing a superlong project before the day was over so my boss will be happy about that tomorrow.

Turbo, that is great that Turbomann had a good interview! ~*~*lucky job vibes~*~*~

Congratulations on the job offer PK!

And FJ, you're doing awesome at your job already! The "knocked up" shirt sounds cute. Reading about your pregnancy so far and other Okayer's mommy experiences here on Bust makes me really look forward to when it will be my turn in a couple years to do that myself.

Hi Mouse! You should totally create a comic book. With your art abilities and good stories to tell it would be awesome.

Doodle, good luck with that Frenchman! Maybe he'll turn out to be legit and end up visiting you to provide lots of frenchy kisses in the future... I love the idea of the "funny forties" and people doing crazy things that are totally out of character but are fun and make great stories.

And oh, I think pimples are the ultimate evil - just when you think you are getting free of them and they are gone they come back with a vengeance. (At least they do for me.) I hate them.

Diva, I'm glad the funeral went okay. And I will have a big stack of wedding magazines with your name on them if you want them after I'm done with all of the planning and stuff.

For those who asked, the wedding is September 29th. It feels both far away and way too close at the same time. I think I'm handling it okay but every so often I'll get a little freaked out but I think that is normal.

So we went to the tasting at the hotel today. It was very much fun. We tried several different things and it was all pretty good except for the garlic mashed potatoes which were surprisingly just bleah, so we didn't pick them. For our meal we ended up choosing: a fruit cocktail of strawberries, pineapple and kiwi in champagne for a starter (we are substituting those fruits instead of melon balls because we like them better), a really yummy salad of dark greens with mushrooms and a strawberry vinaigrette (out of the 3 choices we liked that one best), french bread throughout the meal, chicken supreme (that means mushroom sauce!) green beans with almonds and rosemary potato wedgies, or fettucine alfredo with lots of veggies for the vegetarians. It's all pretty basic, but everything tasted good to us and will work okay for our guests in general, I think. We will be scheduling a tasting to decide on flavors for the cake at Buttercream Bakery soon. I'm really looking forward to that one! And Poodle, we also specifically requested Summit Pale Ale for one of the beers served at the reception as it is pretty much our favorite!

Mmmm I could actually go for a Summit and some pizza right now but I really should go to bed and sleep instead...

I'm just-a bakin' danish right now. I'm excited about the new jobbity job. Giving my two weeks tomorrow. Boss man wasn't here today.

So - first off - $*~$*~$*~turboman~$*~$*~$*~$*

I know he is going to get a super duper kick-assity-ass job! Beast of luck on the Madison job prospect - Madison is a pretty cool town. Hey - can I have your condo when you leave? I like your beach.

My co-worker is listening to Ace of Base right now, for chrissakes. His music is so....shitty. He probably makes little birthday cards for his friends on his computer using Comic Sans. OK - sometimes I can take his music. Last night we listened to Kylie Minogue, and that was doable. But I don't want to listen to effing-A Ciara or some crappy-ass Janet Jackson CD anymore! Oh great - this is a mix CD and now it's Taylor Dayne. Tell it to my heart, baby!

Marileen - your tasting sounds fun and yummy. I can't believe they messed up the mashed potatoes. WTF??? At our tasting, I just complained and asked the wedding planner to get the chef out there so I could talk to him and tell him my thoughts. I wasn't mean or anything, I just told him what I had in mind and to change the dish so that it would be GOOD.

This guy, I'll call him Milhouse (because he has an equally dorky name, but isn't a dorky guy), is a friend of mine from the graveyard shift here at the resort. We talk a lot, and have hung out outside of work a couple times. Anyway, last night he told me that when he was growing up in LA, he was in a gang and that he robbed, burlarized, mugged people, beat people up, sold and used drugs, was shot at, stabbed, and in jail several times. HOLY SHEEEIT!! I never would have expected that. Anyway, he texted me afterward that he was so glad he got to finally tell me that and that he feels really comfortable around me. Yiy.

I think he likes me likes me. Well, I kind of know it. Milhouse is really nice, but I just don't go for him like that. And I don't hold his past against him because he has changed for the better. I mean - if all that stuff is true, he has changed a whole hell of a lot. Anyway, thought I would share. It's interesting.

"Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" AAaaagghhh!!! I'm gonna die of pop poisoning! Why can't we listen to some music with the F-word in it? Anything with some guitars and some f-word.

I admit, though, that I listen to cheesy pop music, too, but it's in Spanish so it's foreign and more exotic, therefore better.

OK - I hope you are all sleeping soundly, and you will wake up to my morning greeting of:

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