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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Aqua, isn't that "friend" trying to get into Liz's pants? Sounds to me like he's got his own agenda. Liz is probably better off with Anthony, anyway. Maybe she can persuade him to get rid of that damn mustache! What is up with that thing?! In my opinion, only my dad and Wilferd Brimley can get away with wearing a mustache. On anybody else it's just smarmy.

And speaking of FBofW, have you heard about the changes the strip will be taking on this year? Here's an article about it. My position on this is decidedly sniffy. But hey ... the lady has a right to retire, yes?

~$~$~$~ turbo charged jobbie job vibes for TurboMan ~$~$~$~

Doodle's love of Kraft Dinner has put Barenaked Ladies songs in my head.
"If I had a million dollars we wouldn't have to eat Kraft Dinner."
"But we would eat Kraft Dinner."
"Of course we would! We'd just eat more!"

I am a member of the Canned Tuna Haters Club. I have been known to tolerate tuna casserole a few times in life, though, when I was in dire need of sustenance. But I am stridently opposed to tuna salad. That shit isn't allowed in this house. Just the smell makes me feel violently ill.

Luckily, I don't think Nigella Lawson cooks with canned tuna - a trait that Doodle and I most certainly admire. Right, Doods? wink.gif Oooooooh how I love Nigella! I only recently discovered her. I actually avoided her for years strictly for political reasons (Not her - her father. He worked for Margaret Thatcher & Sheff HATES Maggie and anything connected to her). Anywho, I finally caught Nigella's new show on FoodTV and liked it. Then I picked up one of her books and positively fell in love. I was still concerned about upsetting the husband, though, so I kinda had to announce to him that I like Nigella and that's just the way it is. I get the feeling she isn't as conservative as her dad anyway. Fingers crossed!

What was I saying? Oh yeah ... Doodle, take care of yourself! Spoil yourself even! Throw yourself a very merry un-birthday party!

And speaking of birthdays ... Moxie, I may only be 31, but I already totally agree with those who say that the 30s are better than the 20s.
Rosie, I love Nigella too...her food is simple and luscious, but more than that, you can see how much she enjoys it, I mean actually *eating* it...her show is a delight to watch. I doubt I'll ever cook much of hers, since she uses so much dairy/wheat, but I still love to watch.

Michael Chiarello is my boyfriend. There, I said it. One day, when I grow up, I'm going to run away and live in his fabulous house in wine country to learn how he cooks, and if I have to earn my keep by tending garden and picking be it. I cook a lot of his stuff, because its fresh and simple, and more in line with the flavors I like. And, I love his house. And as much as I think Bobby Flay is an ass, I cook a lot of his stuff too.

/end chef fangirl blubbering.

Thanks for all the love for turbomann - he's still waiting to hear when the interview will be, but he picked up his sexy suit this evening, so he's all ready!
Which was all fun and games for the Barenaked Ladies, until fans started pelting the band in concert with boxes of Kraft Dinner.

I DO NOT LIKE ANTHONY! He is creepy, with or without the big creepy moustache, which is supposed to make him look "mature" but just makes him look like a pedo. Honestly, if that's the direction Lynn Johnston is going, I'm going to start selling "Run, Lizardbreath, Run" t-shirts through Cafe Press. But what bothers me about today's strip is that Liz is....looking for someone to guide her life??? Hello, is this the ultimate theme of Liz's life? That's what the girl who desperately wanted to see the world and make a difference now aspires to? She can really only find happiness in the same place she grew up, in a ready-made family, and with a strongly-moustachioed white man to guide her destiny????????

Once again, my apologies to the rest of the thread. I'm just starting to take Lynn Johnston's depiction of Canadian womanhood a bit too personally.

turbo, sorry for making you so woozy with my description of the Cloverleaf factory. I should have posted with a warning! Hee! What is the matter with your tummy, are you getting sick, or is it a post-butt flush thing?

rose, I feel Sheffield on the Nigella thing, honestly! One of the lead guys from Blue Rodeo (Blue Rodeo = the love of doodlebug's life) - his brother ran as a Conservative in 2004. I NEARLY DIED! But the guy from Blue Rodeo wouldn't support his brother as a candidate - he refused to endorse the Conservatives, because they were/are "too right-wing." So it's alright now. tongue.gif

AP, I don't believe you. Where is the news story link?

ETA: just read the article rose posted...see, the thing is, Johnston said a year ago she was going to end the strip. Know why Calvin and Hobbes is still considered so great? 'Cause Bill Waterson retired the strip after 10 years. Lynn Johnston? Not so strategic. Lady, you wanna retire? RETIRE! End the strip! How is it "retirement" to keep the strip going, anyway? Step aside and give some new artists a chance for a spot on the comics page, or don't you have enough money yet? GRRR. /rant
My tummy's better now, thanks doodle. A couple hours with heat on it, and a couple of beano are doin' me alright. I just seemed to have some uncomfortable gas trapped in my large intestine, I dunno if it was drinking large amounts of water during spin class, or the first day of this diet and eating different stuff at different times. I'll see how it goes. I suspect this diet is a little too protein heavy for me, so if its not working, I'll do my own thing during the day, and cook for turbomann at night.

And now, its just about bedtime, and I'm glad my tummy settled down.
I guess I'm not sure what you guys are talking about exactly.

When I read doodle's post about the fish entrails and poverty day slop, I immediately thought of the Mental Floss article that I read this afternoon on organ-based foods. Next time you're at the grocery store near the canned meats section, look for Armour's Pork Brains and Milk Gravy. Eeeewwwww....and then there's sweetbreads....I'll pass on the pancreas, thank you.

The same mag had blip on Calvin & Hobbes in its "Where Are They Now?" piece. Weird.

Oscar's giving me those sleepy "come to bed with me" eyes. smile.gif I can tell that he wants to lay in bed, but he won't go there until I do.

G'night all!
Glad to hear the tummy is better, Turbo. And I hope you're improving too, Doodle.

Is anyone in here still dealing with that nasty cold that was going around a couple of weeks ago? I certainly hope not. ~~~~~~ healing vibes for any sickies out there ~~~~~~

Poods, we're talking about the comic strip "For Better or for Worse". It's one of those few comics that happens in real time; the characters actually age and change! Just like real people! Amazing! But I guess soon their ages will be frozen in time or something.

And I'm still confused about that. Is that article saying that the comic will somehow continue? Will someone else be writing it? Or will they just run old strips or what?

I love the "Run, Lizardbreath, Run!" idea! Oh, it would be sooooo lovely if Lynn would just let her stay single & independent, wouldn't it? But I suspect that the series will end with a big wedding for Elizabeth. So I'm trying to figure out who the lucky fella will be & I suspect it will be good ol' Wimpy McMustache. But who knows ... maybe Liz will say, "Fuck this crazy relationship shit!" and will take a teaching job overseas or something. That would be great! But if she has to get married [cue massive eye rolling here] I'd rather she end up with Anthony. That helicopter guy kinda gives me the creeps.

As for Lord Nigel Lawson & his daughter ... Sheff gave Nigella an approving nod when he saw that she has a lot of traditional English recipes in her books (Plus, I hear she's bi-curious, which certainly feeds my fantasies even more! Hubbahubba!). Of course, the hatred of Margaret Thatcher & the conservatives shall remain. On the day Maggie dies, Sheff plans on popping a bottle of bubbly in celebration. No, I am not kidding. The northerners still feel a lot of bitterness towards that woman.

It's midnight. Guess I should toddle off to bed now. Sweet dreams, y'all!
Rah! I just got 40 software and file storage CDs into albums, and threw away the hard plastic cases. They've gone from taking up an entire storage box, to taking up two little zip-up wallets!! YAY!

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be relaxing. But I'm telling you, the more I get my home de-cluttered, the more relaxed I feel!! biggrin.gif

Glad you are feeling better, turbo!

Hee! Oscar gots bedroom eyes!

rose, I want to see Liz hook up with Dawn Enjo, myself.


Right. Now I'm going to lie on the heating pad and finally crack open the January BUST, which I bought almost TWO WEEKS AGO.
Hi hi guys!

Srry I've been MIA lately. Haven't been feeling great. I was in the hospital over the weekend with a nasty stomach bug that kicked my ass. I got out of the hospital at 5:30 and was at work by 6:45. Ugh.

In other news, I wasn't looking for a new job, but was offered one at a fancy schmancy resort here, in Tucson. They have a fine dining restaurant that is very very busy. I was offered a job as the line pastry cook, so I would prety much be plating desserts and making them a little bit, too. It sounds appealing. I have a few more questions for the chef, but I think I might do it.

I'm at work right now, and I am about to bake the danishes. So I will catch up with you all later.

For Doodle, the many vagina'd cow of Colombia. With picture!;in_page_id=2

I love Nigella, too. I do have to make some adjustments to her recipes, but largely find them tasty. I also like that she likes to eat. I watched some Food Network the other day & there was one show with a Barbie lady that took a bite after each recipe was done, but she imeediately wandered out of camera range. I just knew she was spitting it out.
Have any of you Designing Bitches ever used Adobe InDesign CS2? What can you tell me about it? Are there any good open source alternatives to it?
Hey minxy - I'm on Indesign CS1....I droooool over CS2, but haven't gotten the budget approval. I don't know of any open source alternatives -- its pretty much industry standard for designers. I don't think its too difficult to use, but then, I've been using design software too long to really be an objective eye.

AP....that very strange indeed. eeeew. Poor cow.

Doodle, I totally understand that organizing is relaxing!

((PK)) Girl, I am so sorry to hear you were in the hospital! ugh, stomach bug..that sounds horrible! I wish we lived in the same city so we could have visited you. Hope you get back to 100% soon.

((diva fam)) Diva, I am sorry for your family's loss. Take care.

Happy late birthday moxie! yes! Join us in the 30's! They are pretty cool, I must admit.

Hi doodle, poodle, minx, mouse, lorewolf, jenn, & everyone else.

I had yesterday off, am back in the office today.

Can I get some health vibes? I am going to the dr this AM. I've had sore lymph nodes for like 2 weeks now & am super paranoid. Have convinced myself I have a terminal illness. But, also, my ear is sort of hurting, so am wondering if it is some sort of ear infection that has been festering. In any case, please send me vibes.
(((((kari))))) I get swollen lymph nodes all the time too, and the occasional sore throat. I'm anti-doctor-going, though, so I'll do everything in my power to avoid it. Usually I drink a lot of brewed ginger with honey, and take oil of oregano capsules every morning for awhile, and that tunes me back up...the oregano burps are a little gross, but the capsules work! Swollen lymph nodes aren't necessarily the sign of any impending doom - just your body busy at work to keep illness away. I hope everything's okay with you!!

PK - darling, I am glad you are feeling better...stomach bugs are the *worst* I am convinced. I hope you can rest up - and let us know what happens with the new job opportunity!!
goodmorning ladies and gentlement and whatnot

(((health vibes for kari)))

pk and turbo, glad to hear you no longer need health vibes tongue.gif

that cow is crazy. there was a two-faced calf born recently, too.

minx--i don't really know indesign very well; i like quark better. but neither are open source; i can't think of any. sorry! sad.gif

it's so cold in my office my fingers are having trouble typing BRRRRR

i'm really really pumped because next month my friend's band from brooklyn is playing at a venue around the corner from my house, and i've just found out that one of my best friends (and ex, but it was a very brief relationship and we're much better ridiculous sexual tension like there is with The Ex) who is not in the band actually is going to tour with them just for the hell of it. i haven't seen him in a year and he's one of the most ridiculously bizarre and fun to hang out with people i've ever met. i can't wait.

roseviolet, the british band hefner (hefner : mouse = blue rodeo : doodle, fyi) has a fantastic song called "the day that thatcher dies". if sheff doesn't already know it, i highly recommend he acquaint himself.

We will laugh the day that Thatcher dies,
Even though we know it's not right,
We will dance and sing all night.

I was blind in 1979, by '82 I had clues,
By 1986 I was mad as hell.

The teachers at school, they took us for fools,
They never taught us what to do,
But Christ we were strong, we knew all along,
We taught ourselves the right from wrong.

And the punk rock kids, and the techno kids,
No, it's not their fault.
And the hip hop boys and heavy metal girls,
No, it's not their fault.

It was love, but Tories don't know what that means,
She was Michelle Cox from the lower stream,
She wore high-heeled shoes while the rest wore flat soles.

And the playground taught her how to be cruel,
I talked politics and she called me a fool,
She wrapped her ankle chain round my left wing heart.

Ding dong, the witch is dead, which old witch?
The wicked witch.
Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead

hi everyone else!!!
Thanks, Jenn. Dr. said she thinks there might me a slight ear infection in my left ear. She gave me an antibiotic & ear drops. We shall see. Thanks for the vibes. I get paranoid about health issues.
Glad you're doing okay, kari!!

Turbomann didn't get the job at Kraft, and they're not bringing him in for an interview now. Total bummer. So, back to the drawing boards on the job hunt for us. I know there's something good out there for him, he just has to find it. smile.gif (((((job vibes for turbomann)))))

Mouse - it sounds like you're going to have a great time with your friend when he's in town! Woot!
Sorry to hear about that, Turbo. Onwards and upwards, right?
~$~$~$~$~ continued job vibes for TurboMan ~$~$~$~$~

Mouse, I gotta check out that song!

I love that the title of that article mentions the apocalypse. That's friggin' hilarious.

~~~~ healthy healing for Karianne ~~~~

Hey, isn't this Good Things Tuesday? Or does that happen on Wednesday? Oh, I'm so confused.

Good things:
1. Roof over head, food to eat, clean clothes to wear. The basics are definitely covered.
2. I'm going to Seattle next week! Wee!
3. This poster. Yum.

I reeeeeeeally really need to run some errands, so this is me kicking myself off of the internet for a spell.
hi peeps....

aquagirl and doodle, the strip has just been going on and on and on...heck, i remember when farley died saving april in the river. when does it end?

i miss calvin and hobbes by the way......loved it.

(((((giants family)))))
(((((diva's grandpa))))
((((PK get well)))
((((kari get well))))

this weekend was much fun!!! we drove up to solvang, and got to one tasting, checked in at the hotel, went back into town for another tasting...ran into some really cool people who recommended a place to we went there...ran into that couple again(thanks bryan and lisa) who ended up sitting at our table and laughing with us for a good couple of hours....its so fun when you meet people that are cool and mellow. we went back to the motel, and unsuccessfully tried to sleep...stupid heater was whacked. we started out at another winery(melville) and proceeded to go to several more. we met some boston terrier owners who had an adorable dog with said that we should get one of those once we have a place of our own....(Squeeee!!!!)...and stopped for lunch, stopped at the local market....which was awesome!!! we then stopped at Artiste winery, then Firestone and Curtis...and decided to head home.

and yesterday we slept in with the kittys, gave them baths and i went shopping and stocked up on supplies. and then we just lounged around the house. so nice!

good things tuesday:

-a short work week!!!
-food supplies!
-good weekend memories
-that poster of ewan macgregor....yum!!!!! if i read more, will he come and sit next to me while i'm reading???
Hello peeps!!

I called work and slept in this morning. I'm feeling better now. My head doesn't feel like it's gonna explode (as much).

(((Turboman))) Too bad. Is he looking out of state? Minnesota, perhaps?

(((Kari))) Dude, that sucks. I'm glad you went to the doc about this. I let my swimmer's ear go for so long that it became unbelievably painful and my ears swelled shut. Later on, I felt another ear ache developing, so I started using the leftover prescription drops I had and it disappeared right away. I've definitely learned my lesson this year about getting into the doctor before things get crazy. Sorry, turbo, but after this year, I'm very PRO-doctor. When it comes to gallstones, modern medicine kicks ass.

I was thinking about the best/worst parts of last year and I decided that the best part was getting almost 2 weeks off work for my gall bladder surgery. Pathetic, eh? The worst part was having a seizure and then ending up with a $700 emergency bill and suspended license. That sucked.

I'm jealous of your awesome weekend, gb!!

Good things Tuesday:
1. I slept in
2. I don't feel as crappy today
3. My ebay earrings arrived in the mail
4. I'm drinking a tasty Naked "Red Machine" smoothie
5. I made an appointment for Gus at a highly-reviewed cat-specialty clinic. I called my old shitty vet and told them to mail me both cats' records. No more shitty vet!!
Hey poodle and Ms. Gb!

You are so right poodle, we need to consider Mpls. I will get him right on it. It would definitely fit in with our urban aesthetic, friends in locale, plus lower cost of living...I'll let you know if we find anything. Can't be any colder there, than it is in Chicago. wink.gif

Yeah, I hear you, poodle on docs...They've just screwed up my body too much by missing some pretty elemental stuff, so I try to avoid it when possible...but when body parts are screaming at you for help, you gotta go - and I'm no different. I've just been lucky to handle everything with my holistic folks in the last many years.

Ms gb - your weekend sounds like SOOO much fun! I love me some wineries....

And hooray for a new vet for poodle's furbabies! It is very important to have a doc you like. Is it weird that I care way more about turbodoggie's doc, than my own? Turbo can't speak up for himself, where I can tell a doc that no, I *don't* need a pregnancy test, that I just have food poisoning...heh.

Good things tuesday:
1. turbomann's going to spend the weekend with his BFF
2. Which means, I get the house to myself!
3. New opportunities coming our way for home and career
4. Good friends to support us through this transitional period
HI all! I've been sequestered in the office with no internet all day...phoey! Turbo, I am SO sorry to hear kraft screweed turbomann...his sense of humor would have been perfect for the processed cheese food product world. Feh...back to buying auntie annie's products!

An,d in my total dorkyness, Obama "announces!" I wish he'd "filed his papers" yesterday, b/c it was international moxie, i mean MLK day, but still. I know, busties are feminists, we should like Hillary more, but I just don't. After reading Obama's book, i'm hooked. He's my candidate for now. After the primaries, whoever wins is my candidate!

ok, back to reading about politics.
oh my god!! obama!!!!

wow. i don't like hilary you think obama CAN win? i effing hope so. he's amazing.
I can already imagine the rednecks confusing Obama with Osama. "Uh, that guy hates Amurricka and wants everyone to die!! Kill him!!" Then he'll end up being executed by some toothless ass with confederate flag decals on his pick-up truck. "Kill the colored Amurrika-hater!!"

I'm not a big Hilary fan. I don't think she could beat, say, John McCain. I actually like John McCain more than Hilary Clinton. He just seems more down to earth, even if he is a republican. He's always funny and cool on The Daily Show anyway. Plus, a lot of republicans don't like him because of he's a moderate, which is a good thing. Hilary seems too wound up and almost elitist. She reminds me of my boss.
Well, I like Hilary, I think she's brilliant and smart, and a canny politician, and she doesn't get the credit she deserves because of Bill, and let's face it, she's not as charismatic. I think she'd be an amazing president, really governing from the middle, and I think we really need that. But is she electable? I'm not sure...I think there are too many people who *really* dislike her for something as inconsequential as standing by her husband.

I liked John McCain alot, until he started being the president's lapdog, rolling over for torture of all godawful things he should have stood up for, and now pandering to the christian right. I'm over John McCain, he's a shadow of his former self in his desire for power. Maybe he'd be a good president, but I don't respect his actions in the last couple of years.

And of course, I am as in love with Obama as everyone else. When he was running for senate, he made speeches in every ward of the city, and I saw him speak at my favorite neighborhood cafe, and at many Planned Parenthood events....he's even more powerful in person, and he's got a good grip on the center of the country.

/end political thoughts since moxie and I could take this to the extreme in here. cool.gif

I just roasted up a turkey breast for dinner with lemon, garlic and rosemary, and served it up with a big salad....sooo good. And we have leftovers for tomorrow too - WOOT! One good thing about turbomann being home is that we can eat early, like I prefer to do.
So, moxieman and i have vivid discussions about our political fantasy administration...the dork's version of fantasy football. So, here's our current 2008 team (fill in blanks as desired):

PResident/VP: Gore/Obama (shortly followed by Obama/strong foreign policy person...)
Sentate Majority Leader: Clinton (she really does govern spectacularly well...and that position would be great for her)
Sec General UN: Clinton (or supreme court justice...)
Sec State:
Sec Housing Urban Development: Edwards

etc...anyone else want to chime in?
Moxie, I have to apologize. Happy belated birthday.

I wish Obama the best of luck.

I'm feeling pretty defeated and frustrated today. I had a special completely rebuild an ultracold freezer.

It. Doesn't. Work. Waaaah! Two brand new compressors later and it just doesn't frigging work! I don't get it!!! All the refrigerant pressures seem to be in line and everything but the cabinet (which should go to minus 80 C,) won't get below plus 9 C.

I feel so frustrated and stoopid! Aaaarghhh!!!

Anyway, I apologize for being self-absorbed.

Good things least the compressors, themselves, still WORK. It's not unfixable yet.
My period is over for the month. Pretty much.
I found some really tasty red wine to substitute for the beer I've forbidden myself.
I've lost four pounds since giving up said beer.

I'd like to nominate Russ Feingold for a spot on the dream team 2008 ticket! Not sure which one...but he is one of the few true liberals out there who isn't afraid of the term.

Boooo,hiss on Kraft. No more mac'n cheese for me! Good enough reason, that's for sure!

I don't know who would be the most electable democrat under the radar right now. I really don't feel excited about any particular candidates. More than anything, I'm just excited to have a different president. ANYONE would be an improvement over our current asshat in chief.

Oh god, I'm watching American Idol right now and it's sooo painful to hear this stuff. You'd think that people would have some kind of idea of their talent limitations, even if they can carry a tune. I need to find something else to watch!!
Yeah. sad.gif * job-vibes for Turboman* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
*health-vibes for Kari & PuppyKitty* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sorry to hear about the frustration, TreeHugger. -80 C! Yikes! That's one hot-rod of a freezer! Good luck.

Good Things Tuesday:
- My boss gave me anotehr ride to work, so I didn't have to crash my car while it was snowing so much
- I've got some time off from work for the rest of the week. Wish it were paid, but I'll enjoy it inexpensively and work on the home and Thank You letters, plus hang out with OtterMan online.
- Saw a great bumper sticker today, "IF YOU'RE NOT OUTRAGED, YOU'RE MISINFORMED"
- Bought a nice pair of pottery wine goblets to surprise GoatieGirl with on Valentine's Day.

Oh, BTW, what does BFF stand for? Best Female Freind?
lore - BFF = best friend forever. And in turbomann's case, it is literal...he met his BFF when they were 7 and lived across the street from each other. They're so fun to watch when they're together, their long history and conversational short-hand.

tree - May you go to sleep tonight and the answer to the freezer mystery float into your consciousness! Whenever I have a big technical problem at work, I always set my intention to solve the problem by morning, and usually, it does resolve itself. And no worries on talking about work...I find it fascinating!

I'd second the motion for Feingold on the dream team - he really is a good liberal serving the *people.*

Yeah, poodle, I think I've decided to exclude myself from this season of American Idol...its cringing most of the time, and really, once I got hooked on So You Think You Can Dance last year, there's no turning back...its like all the best parts of idol - nice little biography stories, wacky judges, but solid talent, and none of those sucky ballads the poor idol kids have to sing. Then again, I am a reality tv whore, so I may fall in yet.
Good afternoon, BUSTies!

The asshats at CNN already did the whole Osama/Obama thing, thinking it was funny. Idiots.

I love the idea of a Gore/Obama ticket, but I also want Bill Clinton back, and if it means as first gentleman, then so be it. I LURVE the idea of making him a SC justice, though!

McCain is no longer on my happy list. He's leading the cave-in to cable companies that will ELIMINATE PBS and local access TV. WTF? Can't anyone get to a position of leadership in the US anymore without selling their soul?

I'm actually glad for Turbomann: he can do so much better than work for big tobacco.

Vibes to Turboman, PK, Kari, and all of you in need (or want).

What's Wednesday (it's wednesday here)? Shenomad wants me to go see a dragon movie. I'd rather stay home and watch Park Chan-wook. But I get to play with shenomad in a movie theatre, so it's cool.
Tommy!!! Good to see you here!

Yeah, and Obama/Gore ticket would be SO dreamy...that would be a talented package. And okay, I have a little crush on Gore and his total geekiness. unsure.gif

Thanks for the props on turbomann too...yeah, working for Kraft does have its downside in soul-selling. I know the right thing is out there for both of us, we just have to find it. Whether its chicago or elsewhere, we're open. maybe we should look in NZ - seems like the hip new place to be, right tommy?!

Okay, its bedtime for me, see ya'll tomorrow!
Hello everyone! Just got online! Haven't caught up on the day's posts yet except for a quick skim.


Sorry about the Kraft job falling through, turbo. I guess it wasn't meant to be....and I'm sure it means that something even better IS meant to be!

*wanders off to search cupboards for macaroni and peanut butter products that will need now a brand replacement*

Ok, I have a secret to reveal. I posted an online personal ad! Hee! It was a very impulsive decision. I have 15 responses already, within half a day! Too bad that really hot guy lives in France. Mind you, I am totally NOT taking this seriously. I guess I figured I should start practicing again, since I haven't taken an interest this kind of stuff for quite awhile now. And it turns out to be a really great ego boost, too! biggrin.gif

Ok, I'm gonna read and hopefully be back soon.
Hi lore, tommy, and doodle!!

Funny, doodle. I think it's good entertainment to do that every so often, just to see who's out there. I don't have any dating profiles out there right now, but it's still fun to browse match. I'm dating myself right now, so those match boys will just have to wait! smile.gif

Have you located your young lover yet?
Alas, no, poodle, I haven't been out and about in the right places to hook up with a 23-year old drummerboy. (Whatever those places may be.) I haven't been in any "socializing"-type places at all, really, while I'm trying to finish up my work projects. I do need to head back to Safeway, though, and up to the university as well. biggrin.gif

Damn, Mr. Frenchman is really sexy. I'll bet he'd be on a flight in ten minutes, if he only knew the dirty thoughts I am having about him!

I think I need to go have a shower now.

mouse, your broccoli story was quoted in the bustline!

I'd like to see Obama elected.

Dang, turbo, I forgot all about setting an intention! I usually try my best to not think about those kinds of things as I'm going to sleep because I sleep fitfully at best.

I'm just learning this type of refrigeration so I suspect I piped something backwards...uggghhh..

I know the compressors are working because they are making the hot. I have to find where they are depositing the cold.

Doodle....check out gathering places near the university...any student unions?

I didn't know that about McCain!!! WTF?? They better not get rid of public access television! I refuse to buy cable.

Ooops, gotta fly! Have a great day, everybody! smile.gif

(((karianne))) - sorry you're not feeling good. I hate ear infections. I hope you feel better today.

*~*~*~*kick-ass job vibes for Turboman*~*~*~*~*


I feel a bit better today. I had to work alone all night, and that sucked because there was a lot to do. I was there from 5:00 PM until 3:30 AM. I hated having to work my ass off when I was feeling so poopy and tired. But now I'm home from work, and wide awake and feeling fine.

Banana is very sick, though. Poor guy. He is fighting the urge to vomit. Fighting. So. Hard. I picked him up some Gatorade on my way home from work, and he had a couple sips, whimpered, and fell asleep. I feel bad for giving him the bug.

I still haven't heard from the chef at the other resort. But I heard that he has had the past three days off, so maybe he will call today.

I like Obama, too. Me, too! Me, too! I am going to throw this one out there:

Obama/Doodlebug '08!!!

Mouse, you worm-infested cruciferous veggie-eating tart!! You're famous! What a stud-ette. I honestly think that we are one of the most quotable joints on these pages, but I am biased because of the warm glowing-glow of the Okayers thread campfire.

Mornin' ya'll! Happy Hump Day!

Mousie's getting a taste of the acclaim she deserves - hooray!!

Awww, thanks minxy. I wasn't feeling so cheerleadery yesterday when turbomann got the bad news, so I had to call in the reserves, and have my friend S, a very gifted therapist, call turbomann to give him a bump, and some good BS words on how to answer the "How did you come to leave your last employer" question. And I think S did a very fine job with some quickie counseling for us both...thank cod for our friends.

Hi PK! (((((banana healing vibes)))) And ~$~$~$~$~jobbity job vibes for PK~$~$~$~$~$
That chef is *totally* going to call you today, I can feel it!

We're going up to have dinner with a few of turbomann's friends from his ex-work this evening, I think it'll be good for him, to help him feel a bit better. Something better is definitely out there, and with a company not owned by big tobacco!

Okay, gotta buzz off to work. I'll be back!
Mornin' bustiers!!

Awww...shucks, minx. I'd be a good girlfriend for someone and I'm prepared to wait a while for that someone. Right now, a relationship would get in the way of all my other stuff. So, unless the guy is stellar, it ain't gonna happen anytime soon. I declare 2007 as "The Year of the Poodle." biggrin.gif

I love the cheerleading pic!!


Jenn, sorry to hear about Kraft. Poo on them. I am sure turbomann will find just the right position for him soon.

Minx, that cheerleader ninja poster is hilarious! Sounds like you do have a busy week. What sort of terms/semesters does your school run on?

Poodle, I got sucked into the American Idol tryouts last night too! It is painful. Oye. Some of those people. I am sure their little hearts get broken. Did you see the dude dressed like Apollo Creed? Good for you on switching vets! I know you love your furbabys.

I like Obama, of course. H.Clinton...not sure yet. I want to hear her platform.

(PK) sorry you had to work alone & feeling cruddy. How are you today? Don't be too hard on yourself, you need to recover. Sorry that banana is sick. sad.gif

Hi moxie, treehuger, lore, mouse, doodles, & bunny!

I have a presenation today in front of our commission. Bah. I want them to sign off on this report already! I have been doing the same topic for like 6 months now, I want something new.

I got my hair cut last night. Cut the bangs. Straight across. They are fairly long though, almost to the eyebrows. I like 'em so far.
hey girls and boys!

*pounces on okay sofa - not the leopard print one, but the big comfy one with all the pillows*

man oh man! working from home is hard. but i've finally got a good schedule down after talking to some of the girls at the call center. so from now on, i'll be on the phone from 9a-11am and then from 6p-9p. i'm talking to a lot of people so far, but i'm still too much of a pushover. i haven't found my assertive-but-not-too-pushy-voice yet. but i'm getting better. i should have a few appointments set by the end of the week. that is my goal, and seems pretty realistic when talking to the rest of the crew. so far, it's fun though. smile.gif

so now, i have the rest of the day off until 6pm! i'm going to go today and get a haircut. what do you guys think of this style? the one of sandra bullock (who isn't exactly my favorite, but i dig her hair) on the glamour cover. it's a major change for me but i'm ready. i've had this same hairstyle for fifteen years, so it's time for something drastic. i chopped off a few inches of my hair a couple weeks ago but was afraid to do too much to it on my own. my hair is sort of cherry cola-ish right now, so i want them to add some good highlights to it as well to make the color very similar. anyway, i have an appt at 1pm, so it's now or never!!!! smile.gif

tj, sorry to hear that turbomann didn't get the kraft gig, but like you said, something else BETTER is out there for him. i just KNOW it! smile.gif

((((pk and karianne))) hope you start feeling better soon! and banana too!!

doodle, good for you for placing the online ads! i think it's a great way to get back into the game and talk to people. just don't tell my boss i said that!! hehe!

hi everyone else. i've been here a little bit here and there, but have been trying to stay off the computer when i'm not actually working. but now that i have a better schedule down, i can give myself some free-fun-internet time during my off hours without feeling like i should be working!

i'll be back later after my hair appointment. hope you're having a happy hump day!!!!

trust me to get quoted about eating worms. laugh.gif

tree, did you ever find out where the cold was going??? i should've had you come to my house and fix my damn freezer tongue.gif

doodle, good for you for being all proactive about finding somebody. go get what you want!

((better, non-big-tobacco job for turboman))

((banana)) ((pk job vibes))

kari--long, blunt bangs are one of my fave looks! awesome! and fj, that's a totally hot hairstyle. and of course we need PICTURES!

i want to grow my hair out. it's been short FOREVER and i keep having fantasies about a cute shoulder-length cut with bangs. it's just the in-between stage is soooooooo hard. meh!

YEAR OF THE POODLE! what a great resolution.

i think gore has gotten a lot stronger since he lost the 2000 election. he doesn't have plans to run again but i wish he would.....i think he'd make it. obama, as great as he is, doesn't yet have the clout he should and i'm nervous for him. hilary i just plain don't like, she's too moderate and trying to please everyone without really having a solid platform of her own. and mccain is bad news. someone--i forget where i read this--said that liberals are charmed by him cos he can go on the daily show and joke with jon stewart, but to not be fooled, he is just as shitty a republican as the rest of them. he's got a little more integrity and life experience (pow), but he's not applying them to the right things.

the mother left. it was nice to have her here. but it's going to be nice to sleep in my own bed, too, and be able to go out with my friends. we went to see "dreamgirls" last night which was really fun. jennifer hudson can SING, holy moly.

HI EVERYONE ELSE! i gotta go do work

Hi FJ and kari!

I like that style, FJ. It's cute and it looks easy. I could see that with your face.

Did you have bangs before kari? I can't remember.

I would never be able to do my job at home. I have a hard enough time motivating myself to do it here in the office!! I think if I worked in some kind of design field, I would be able to work at home. I suppose that's somewhat of an indication that I should be working in design instead of appraisal.

ETA- (X-post) Hi mouse!!!
hi poodly!

QUOTE(pinkpoodle @ Jan 17 2007, 10:09 AM) *

I suppose that's somewhat of an indication that I should be working in design instead of appraisal.

what's stopping you? tongue.gif
The Almighty Dollar!! I'd have to go back to school.
you know, the programs are pretty easy to teach yourself, and as long as you've got a good eye and a strong portfolio, nobody cares all that much about degrees. you'd be suprised smile.gif

you could check out craigslist and do a few of the "student" freelance jobs to build up a portfolio on the side.

i'm totally not meaning to be pushy or anything (and forgive me, it's totally not my place to do this), but you mention it often, and if you really want it, i don't think it's really that inaccessible, yknow?


*gentle nudge*
Yeah, poodle, it would take some schooling, and then some freelancing and creativity to get your foot in the door...its hard to change track sometimes, once you've got a bunch of experience in one area that you're successful in. But if its something you really love...maybe think about some community college classes at some point.

FJ!!!! So good to see you here - you must stop by more often and keep us up to date! I think that hair piccie would be most excellent on you! (Of course, you're probably in the stylist's chair right now) And then - we need a piccie of your final cut...and tummy piccies, pretty please?! smile.gif

Mouse, I battle the desire for long hair at least twice a year too...I wish you luck on growing yours out! I always get fed up, and get it chopped, just when its ponytailable...I just can't stand the sweaty neck in the summer thing, and I figure if I'm wearing it in a ponytail all the time, what's the point?!
Ahhh Poodle, the Mothership has spoken!! The tribal chicas are weighing in on your greatness and it has been decided: do what you love. wub.gif Nicely spoken, Jenn and Mousie, the Worm-Queen.

I talked to Math Baron today for the first time since I broke up with him. Actually, it is the first time that I have seen him in school face-to-face. I asked him if he got my Christmas pressie, and he did. I found this beautiful pewter light switchplate with dragons on it from this pewtersmithing company out in California. He's heavy into dragons and has them displayed in one room of his condo, so I thought that it would look kinda classy. He did like it, and couldn't figure out for the life of him who had sent it because there was no name or card attached. It was good to talk to him again...I've missed him.

I still have my regrets about how everything went down, but I'm sure that I made the right decision for the time for me, and I tried to be respectful. I fell on my face a wee bit, but I tried...and I learned a great deal about some holes in the dike that I have been plugging up for a mighty long time.
That was sweet of you to get the baron a gift. It sounds like things between you guys are okay considering the circumstances. I'm glad that you're happy with minxman.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I just need to play around more and build up a portfolio. I'm slow about this stuff though because I like to dwell on ideas and projects for a while. Right now it's not one of my priorities, but I do intend on switching to another field at some point so it doesn't hurt to think about it now.

Heh...I found a font called "I Hate Comic Sans." Cute. I hate Comic Sans with a passion. Everytime I see it used, I want to hunt down the perpetrator and strangle them. They're almost always gradeschool teachers or soccer moms.

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