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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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i wanted to weigh in on that too, with the vibes for that family. it's fucking ridiculous how the government touts "family values" so hard and then doesn't give a shit when it actually ruins them in order to keep waging a war that's the fucking biggest elephant in the room ever (EVERYONE knows it's not going well now, but not everyone will say so). more americans have died now than on 9/11, and we haven't accomplished ANYTHING.

it is unbelievable. and i try not to think about it, which is bad form, but. i do.
(((minx))) The world is definitely a scarier place today. I guess it was always scary, but our daily lives weren't bombarded with scary imagery 15 or so years ago (except for Ric Ocasek's head on a fly's body). It seems like all innocence has been lost (esp. after 9/11). In some ways, I'm jealous of earlier generations in America because they didn't have to worry as much we do. Of course, that's part of the reason why we have so many problems to deal with today.

Mouse, mouse, mouse...OF COURSE I know that indie rock was around pre-Britney! I'm talking about "indie rock" in terms of pop culture. It's like how "alternative" became mainstream at some point, as ironic as it sounds.

ETA- As far as modern times go: When I had my gall bladder surgery, I was thankful that I wasn't born a day earlier. A century ago, they would've stuck leeches all over my body or done some blood-letting out behind the barn.

ETAA-Minx, what the hell are you doing watching freaky stuff on YouTube??? You should be watching fun stuff like Just What I Needed instead!!
Or, minxy, you should be watching this, so you can learn how to be the perfect girlfriend! But poodle's right, YouTube is for stuff that makes you smile!! So, minxy, on this your blessed birthday week, what good things in your life are you going to keep thinking of in your head to keep your thoughts and feelings moving in a positive direction?!

Oh, and I'm with treehugger in the new agey, reincarnation, universal law of attraction camp. As if ya'll didn't know. tongue.gif

Lore! What a thoughtful, verbose post from you this evening - I love it! And that's awesome that you make drums...I'd love to learn how to do that. My MIL made her own drums with her shaman....I'd love to give it a whirl. There's full moon drum circles on our beach here sometimes...pretty cool.

We just finished watching "Who Killed the Electric Car?"....if you're not angry enough about the environment, watch it. I remember all the controversy about the EV1s disappearance, being from Detroit, but the full story...disgusting.

And with that, I think I'm going to toddle off to bed, I'm sleepy, and I might get up early to go to a spin class tomorrow.
Hahahaha!! The sad thing is that....that video is sooo true!!! Heeeelarious!!!

I'm attempting the "booty call(s)" right now, but it's not so clear with certain "boys" in my life. It takes a lot more time and warming up with this one. Heh. I feel like a dude.

ETA- Okay, I'm 2/3 done with my booty call preparation. For a girl, 95% of the booty call comes down to feelin' good about yourself. All I need to do is brush my teeth and put a little powder and lipstick on, and then I'm all set. Still, the chances of me gettin' some 'nis are about 60% right now (from my perspective). There's still a lot of uncertainty in this situation. We'll see.

ETAA-Welcome to your life, minx!

ETAAA- Okay, my HBI prospects are about 75% right now. The odds are in my favor because, well, guys are eazy, but that boy has morals so...
Gaaaaah! I had a great (drunken) post typed up, but I completely lost it all trying to look up something (drunkenly). Waaah! Let's see if I can re-cap.

Turbo, that video was SPOT-ON!!! Absolute gold in its combination of comedy and truth~! The Goatie-Girl would benefit much from learning the beer distraction technique. Also, your mention of drum circles made me do a happy-squirm. I totally miss listening to drum circles, no matter how amature. As long as all parties are nicely baked, it's awesome. It's not about being studio-level good. It's about grooooving! I gotsta make me some hippie friends in this town.

I totally miss doing what we called Cheezy Improv with the OtterMan and his brother, especially while camping and getting epically droned. Cheez is a code-word for pot, and we would mix improv vocals with music we would amaturely make on drums (some of which I made) and other cheap, portable insturments. Good times, I'm tellin' ya!

Oh, and as for the great 80's music, Poodle, smile.gif Thankya plenty! I love how so much of that Cars video focused on the crowd dancing that confused, skill-less American dance. I remember highschool dances where everyong spent their whole dancefloor time acting like peaceful-yet-restless Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots with our arms bent around ninety degrees, and twirling was daringly flashy. Anyone dancing in a way that varied from that was either ultra-cool or a total spaz (like me).

The soundtrack of my life, though smile.gif
Hi everyone! Quick post! Haven't been around tonight, having a bit of a pain attack, after all that writing and editing and cutting and pasting...

aquagirl, I am SO with you! I think Lynn Johnston is smoking crack. Why is she imploding the Patterson's world? They are all regressing, like an elastic universe, whizzing back towards the beginning and nothingness. Now Liz, who wanted nothing more than to get out there and see the world, is back living at HOME. Michael and his brood are also living at HOME. It's going to end in true '50s womanhood fashion, with the wedding of Liz to her bland, dull, still-in-the-neighbourhood, childhood sweetheart (who is really creepy, IMHO - he was fantasizing about snogging Liz when they were in court to testify about the RAPE ATTEMPT committed against her!!!). Nobody is behaving true to character, and I want to smack them all.

I think we all know the answer to the problems in For Better or For Worse these days. It's the Misery Syndrome. Some crazy nurse, upon learning that Lynn Johnston was going to end the strip, broke the cartoonist's legs, is holding her captive in the mountains, and is forcing her to ink new panels "as it should be." Watch for the return of Farley the dog any day now.

Sorry, everyone. As a Canadian, I feel very strongly about the goings-on in the Pattersons' world. And aquagirl, you will also probably get some support in the Pardon Me, I'm Canadian thread, where we bash on FBoFW from time to time. (ETA: also try the Comics Curmudgeon.)

Well. Now I can't remember what else I was going to post.

Ok, well then! Good night!
very early good morning lassies! although she slept through the night for the 4th night in a row...miss moxette chose 5am to wake. And, since i chose to nap yesterday instead of work, i;m staying up instead of going back to bed.

Anyone have good saturday plans? We're having a very grown-up only dinner with the BFFs for international moxie day celebrations. The melting pot for dinner and desert...oh, the calories! One would think that cooking one's own food should not be a classy experience, however, this joint's atsmosphere makes it one. I am already salivating! And, moxieman has monday off (its Martin Luther King day here in the US, doodle), and so do I, so we're being inattentive paretns, sending moxette to school and spending the afternoon together! In the morning, I'm hanging with my mama. Birthdays are special for the mama's too...and celebrating her being a mama for 30 years is something awesome in my book!
MOrnin' moxie! Your birthday plans sound divine!! For me, just thinking of the Melting pot gives me a tummy ache. tongue.gif But it is quite the decadent and romantic dinner date!

Doodle, I love the Comic's Curmudgeon, though don't remember to read it nearly enough.

Okay, well I gotta get my fanny off to the gym for spin class...and then, a nice long sauna. ahhhhhhhh. Truly a perfect morning in my book!
I'm going to check out the "Comics Curmudgeon" right now! I read the comics almost every day and I feel like I am the only person I know who does.

She is definitely going to marry Anthony now, and he is boring and dorky. I thought Paul Wright was supposed to be "Mr. Right" and it seemed all passionate and stuff. She is not going to have hot sex with that mustache guy.

Do you read their monthly letters on the official website? I do. biggrin.gif
Hi everyone!

No HBI last night, just hanging out until the wee hours of the morning. I slept until 4:00 PM today, so I'm feeling a little messed up. I'm just gonna hang out with the fur babies tonight.

Lore, I don't know when that Cars video was shot, but I'm guessing it was pre-1980, pre-MTV. There wasn't much to do video-wise other than live/dubbed performances. Really, The Cars are a late 70's band other than Heartbeat City (84), which was their greatest commercial success. Their best stuff, like Just What I Needed and Let the Good Times Roll came out before I was born in '79. Okay, I'm done with my musical nerdiness for the day. tongue.gif

I watched a couple hours of Wildlife Chronicles this evening and I decided that, if I was an animal, I'd want to be a leopard. They're mostly solitary and they spend a lot of time snoozing in trees, except for when they need a bite to eat. They're ambush hunters, too, which is pretty badass. They have to be strategic and sneaky before they kick some ass. That's a quality I admire. They don't work as hard as cheetahs or lions, which is good for me considering that I'm lazy. Yeah, I'm a leopard.

Okay, I'm gonna soak in the bathtub now. Later!
Hi hi poodle! Wow - sleeping to 4pm - that's quite a marathon! Glad you had fun with XRB, even if no HBI. And I love that you've picked the leopard - they are such elegant, sophisticated creatures!

I got up at 6am today, so I could make it to spin class, which was kick-ass, but once I got home from there and grocery shopping, I was wiped out! I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon, and I just hope I'll be able to sleep tonight...I'll definitely be hitting the bathtub tonight too.

I've got the fridge all stocked to start this South Beach diet business this week...I'm actually looking forward to it - I always like researching and cooking new things. AND, I have the butt flush tomorrow morning - WOOT!

I think I'll do a clay mask tonight too...might as well do the whole pampering package!
Good afternoon everyone!


*starts to prepare birfday-spankies riding crop*

poodle, if it's any consolation, it's 4:15 here, and I've only been out of bed for an hour.

aquagirl, I've been read the comics everyday, too, since I was a kid...that's what got me into reading newspapers! I don't read all of them (I have no patience with bad comics) but I read quite a few - nowadays, I go right to the websites for the distribution syndicates. I read the FBoFW letters a few times - but only Liz's, I think! I pretty much grew up alongside FBoFW, so everything that Lynn Johnston does to Liz, I take personally.

A number of years ago I thought I might apply to Emily Carr (art school). They had this application project called "Map Your Week" - that's all they tell you (that and size parameters). So I was working on a pen and ink comic book of my week, in the style of Dykes to Watch Out For. (DTWOF is the highest and smartest form of comic art, IMHO.) I still have the first two, complete, inked pages. I really do see the comics as an art form.

turbo, the Comics Curmudgeon kinda rocks, doesn't it? I wish I had time to read all the blog comments - some of them are so funny they almost make you wet yourself!

Well, my pain attack has just about subsided. That's why I slept so long, I think. It's like a migraine somewhere in the body, in one location or several...this time, several, ugh. It builds up, peaks like a mushroom cloud, and then slowly starts to fade away. When the area feels bruised and tired, that's when you know the attack is on it's way out. (Hope this doesn't seem boring or depressing of me to report! I'm not posting out of a need for sympathy, so please don't take it as one. It's just a normal, daily living report. And...sorry for being so emphatic, but after some of the fights that have gone down in here, I feel the need to clarify.)

ETA: cross-posted with turbo! Hi turbo! Wow, now I wish I had some masque stuff, too! Hmm, what could I make from home? Maybe I could do an egg-white mom and I used to do those when I was a kid!
Hi doodle! really, I'm just in awe of people who can sleep in different sleeping patterns...I pretty much require a consistent bedtime and waking time...even if I stay up till 2am, I'll still be up at 7am, at the latest. Ah well, I like going to bed early...morning's my best time!

I'm glad your pain attack passed, doodle...I hope you'll be able to really take some good time for rest and creativity now that your report is done.

Oh, and for an at home mask, you can use any combination of honey, oats, yogurt, avocado, essential oils, ground almonds...or your egg white mask.

I think its time to steam my face, then apply mask, heat bathwater on the stove, and get on with relaxation!
Happy birfday minxie!!

I'm sorry to hear you're getting a bad rap at school. I got people casting stones in my direction as well. Fuck em indeed.

Good to hear thatchya got to spend some quality time with the XRB Poodles. Perhaps next time you outta put on some Marvin gaye, sing to him and give him "that look" wink.gif

Like Colt .45 It Does it Every time...well almost...

Ruphee comment deleted.

I'm truly Sorry is I offended anyone.

Don't mean to be a buzzkill here, shawn, but rape jokes - SO not cool. I know you were just joking, but its not something to be joked about 'round here. Many of us are abuse/rape survivors here in the lounge, and you just can't be casual with comments like that here.

And now...its bathtime!!
Everything turbo just said in her last post.

With the exception of the bathtime. 'Cause I'm really a shower kind of woman.

turbo, I have eggs, the honey, and the yogurt (all certified organic, which has got to be good for my skin right there) avocado, but maybe I could try cucumber?
Happy Birthday, Minx! smile.gif What kinda cake?

I'm pretty sure that Leopards read books. Perhaps nobody's caught it on film, or at least nobody's survived to bring the camera back, but I'm almost certain that Leopards read books up in the trees. Momma Leopards must teach their children that lightning-fast maneuver of tucking the book away in the beginning stage of the pounce for maximum surprise effect wink.gif

Hope the nuclear pain is all gone, Doodle!
Doodle, it has been SO LONG since I've discovered a new favorite website!!! I literally spent 4 hours on there today. THANK YOU THANK YOUTHANK YOU!
Isn't that site hilarious?! The comments are my favorite part!

Doodle...sorry I wasn't clearer - you could just pick a couple of those ingredients for a nice mask..or even just honey too...combine them all and you'd have a gloppy mess I'd expect. I like a simple honey and oats mask every now and again. I'm sure honey and yogurt would be nice too.

I think you're definitely right about the books and leopards, lore...but the *really* amazing thing is seeing how quickly they can whip the earbuds out of their ears and stash their ipods so they can chase gazelles! tongue.gif
*deep dracula voice*

Goooood EEEEEve-en-ingk.

aquagirl, so happy to have turned someone else onto the Comics Curmudgeon! biggrin.gif I've been reading for almost 2 years - it's fantastic, isn't it? I think I have a little crush on Josh, actually, but then, most of us Sagittarians fall for the ones who make us laugh.

Hi lorewolf! I'm going to adopt the phrase "nuclear pain," btw.

turbo, I gotcha. I haven't done anything towards a masque yet, and it's almost midnight here. I may yet, though, since I slept so late and will prolly be up all hours. Will probably try the yogurt with cucumber...I was reading a recipe for that online somewhere, after you put the idea in my head!

Well, tonight's guitar lesson plan has included attempting a Bonnie Raitt song. And I say "attempted" for a reason. The singing, I can get, but the guitar? The guitar and the singing, together? Really complicated, and I'm only playing chords! Anyway, I attempted it four times, and then all my fingers fell off, so I had to stop. Currently, I am typing this with a long stick clenched between my teeth.

*pauses to visualize leopards with books and ipods*

If I could be any animal for a few hours, I would like to be a penguin, so that I could actually witness the male members of my species doing their equal share of the child care.

ETA: *giggle* I said "male members!"
HAPPY BIRFDAY MOXIE!! Bob and Doug send their regards.

IPB Image
*trots into thread showing off sparkly clean new colon*

Hi hi minx!! I hope moxie had an uber-wonderful birfday dinner last night!

Yeesh...the day's half over already here, and I still have a ton of errands and cooking to do! Sunday public transit bites...took me 25 minutes to get to my appointment this morning, and an hour and a half to get home. gah. Ah well, I had my ipod, and it was still better than driving in the city on slushy, sleety streets.

And now, its time for erranding.

Coo roo coo coo coo coo coo coo......

Hi everyone!

Happy Birfday, moxie, time for your spankies!

Glad you had a good time at the butt flush specialist, turbo!

*in the absence of moxie, chases minx around the thread while swishing the riding crop through the air*

I think I'm gonna go take a nap....
I line up early...and streth the hammies for a good bending...

Thanks for the love ladies. We had a WONDEFUL night last night. We had forgotten what it was like to have nice dinner out with friends, our bffs, without all our kids. We're so family oriented, that we sometimes forget to be just friends, right? Anyway, dinner was spectacular, and this morning, the naughtiest HBI. Too bad i forgot about the riding crop...would have come in handy! smile.gif

Ok, off to get ready for b-day dinner with the in-laws. kisses, all!
Moxie - sounds like you had an AWESOME birfday celebration - and may the honors continue!!

I've been a busy bee this afternoon - more grocery shopping, and prepping a lot of stuff for the week so I don't have to do so much cooking for this whole diet business after working all day. I've got tons of veggies cut, snacks pre-portioned, a pot of black bean soup made, salad dressings whipped up, and a bit later I'll broil up some chipotle-garlic-basil marinated flank steak to be served over some crisp salad.

I'm such a food nerd...nutrition stuff is FUN for me! Wheeeee!
Hi, peeps.

Happy Birfday, Moxie! I've been wanting to go to The Melting Pot for awhile. Do you really get full off fondue?

It's snowing here. I guess we're under a storm advisory or something.

This has been a pretty low-key weekend. The giant and I didn't even leave the house until 6:30 last night to run some errands, but we stopped for some groceries, Target, wandered Barnes & Noble for a couple hours, and I got a stack of movies to watch tomorrow. I was supposed to go up to see my grandma yesterday, but Mom told me to wait until today...

So I did what Mom told me, and my grandma died this morning before I had a chance to visit, which is okay because I would have gone up there more for my grandpa since my grandma isn't responding to much and didn't even recognize people when she was. I guess she'd been in a bit of a coma for the last few days, eating through a tube in her nose and on a respirator. She died at about 8:00 this morning. She was 87. My dad sounded pretty broken up about it, but the woman was 87 years old and had been having some pretty awful problems for the last month. She gave birth to 7 children, and has masses of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. So now I have no grandmas left. So it goes.
((((diva, diva's family, grandma & grandpa))))) Diva, I'm sorry to hear that your grandma passed, but I hope that she made a peaceful sounds like she had a very full life - with so many children and grandchildren. And its amazing that you've had both grandparents for so long. I hope your grandpa will do okay without her, and that you'll be able to celebrate her life, as much as you'll mourn her passing.

I am tiiiiired, now that I finally sat down. But I gotta tell you, there's nothing like a butt flush to energize you for a productive day! I think I shall reward myself with the usuals - a clay mask and a hot bubbly bath! Oh, my butt flush therapist did ask why there were sparklies all over my bum when she was plugging me in...hee! Nothing like a LUSH bubble bath to give you a little extra sparkle!
((((((((Divala, Divala's grandpa, dad, & the rest of the family)))))))) Your post reminded me how it felt to lose my grandparents. Grateful that they weren't suffering anymore & that they'd lived so long, but sad to see their partners & children suffering. My thoughts are with you & your family.

Geez. Now I need a drink. Thank goodness I bought fresh cream at the dairy on Friday. It'll make a lovely addition to my Kahluah.

Turbo, this is probably going to sound bizarre, but do you find that you get drunk easier after you've had a butt flush? Just curious.

Glad you had a fabulous birthday dinner, Moxie!
[raises White Russian in salute to the Moxilicious one]

Doodle, which song did you attempt during your guitar lesson? The only song I ever learned was "Leavin' On A Jet Plane". My mother has tried repeatedly to get me to learn to play the guitar. She says I have a natural feel for the instrument, but wimpy little me hates the idea of getting calluses on my fingertips. They just look nasty and scabby and blech!!!

Male members. Tee hee. smile.gif
Happy Birfday, Moxie! smile.gif

((((((DivaClan)))))) Best of healing to you and yours.

*takes a swig to honour the sparkly TurboFanny* Mmmm! Earthy tones to this beer.

Heya Aqua, Doodle, & Minx, you hosers! Eh?
((((((((((diva and divafamily)))))))))) I'm so sorry about your gramma, hon. Hope you are able to take some time for yourself right now.

rose, it was "Love Letter." It's really cool to sing but it's got a rhythmic hook to it that I've never played before...I'm such an amateur! I never took the guitar seriously enough when I was younger - I got frustrated, because while singing came "naturally" to me, playing the guitar did NOT. So it was almost like being a complete beginner last February or March or whenever it was I bought the acoustic. It's taken a lot of practise, but now I have almost 40 songs that I can play/sing and think myself "good" at them.

The callouses - when I first started playing again, I practiced with Elastoplast over oozing blisters, but I was obsessed. And even if you're obsessed, the blistering goes away within the first couple of weeks. My callouses hardly show and don't feel any different to the touch, as long as I keep them filed smooth with an emery board.

turbo! Your sparkle bum story reminds me of this story I read somewhere....where a woman, quickly remembering her gyno appointment that day, gave herself a quick wash with the children's washcloth...which she didn't remember was covered in play glitter until the gyno commented on it! HEE! I never believed it was true till now!

ETA: crosspost! HI lorewolf! Take off, eh?
Doodle, Turbo's sparkly crotch made me think of the same story! But I can't remember where I heard it, either. How strange!

Hmmm. Hadn't thought about filing down the callouses. I don't recall ever seeing my mother do that. But Mom is always losing her callouses & then having to build them back up again. She has a thousand hobbies - stained glass, watercolor painting, sewing, knitting, song writing, guitar, etc - and she just switches from one to another all the time. Mom isn't the sort to sit still for long. I kinda wish I'd gotten that trait from her! Instead, I just sit here, scanning the internet for whatever looks interesting. Why must the internet be so slow on Sundays? Why?!?!?

Are any Okayers stuck in the path of the ice storms? My brother called & said that the third wave of ice is hitting them today. I can hardly imagine. My mother has decided to just sleep at the hospital inbetween shifts instead of trying to drive home.

I'm going to curl up in bed with my Nigella Lawson cookbook & dream of luscious baked goods. Night, all!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOXIE!!!! May it be filled with joy, and all things pleasurable! Have fun with your mom this morning, and playing with moxieman this afternoon!

I'm in denial that its actually monday morning...I had such a nice weekend, its a bummer to have to sit at my desk for the next five days. Oh well. I went to bed early last night after a lovely HBI, so at least I woke up feeling well-rested, and even took turbodoggie for an extra long walk this morning.

Thanks for the props for my sparkled bum! The worst problem with them is that they get all over the bed, and turbomann ends up all sparkly too...I think I had better change the sheets and put a moratorium on sparkles until he's through his interview with Kraft this week - we can't have him looking all dapper in his new suit, and then have a sparkle or two stuck to his face! tongue.gif

Doodle, I really find *anyone* that can sing and play guitar at the same time to be miraculous. I took guitar lessons ever so briefly, and know that my brain cannot think on two tracks like that.

Mornin' busties!!

Happy birfday mox!!

It's hard to type when there's a tail flapping your on hands. Gus doesn't quite fit on the desk, but he thinks he does. My wittle foofy bebe...

(((diva & divafam))) It's always hard to lose a family member, regardless of their age.

Ugh. I really don't want to go to work today. There's lots of pretty snow outside, my radiators are steaming, and I'm sittin' here sippin' coffee with my home-boy, Gus. It's so cozy. Plus, it's MLK day and it doesn't seem appropriate for people to be buzzing around doing work shit.

(((diva))) Were you and grandma close? Sometimes it doesn't even matter, right? I wish you and your family a closeness and closure through the grieving process. Spending time with my siblings and cousins helped tremendously at the passing of each grandparent we lost.

THanks for the birthday wishes, ladies! May my 30s be bright, introspective and prosperous. Those are my intentions. I started my day, as usual, feeding moxette. This morning, though, I made a point of whispering to her why she was special to me. It is the people in my life that make me glad to celebrate me.

So, thank all of you girrrrls too! I know we all know its only a little weird to have bustie friends, but I think its pretty awesome, too.

Turbo- what day is turbomann's interview? moxieman got all excited when he heard about it. smile.gif
Awww...moxie, your birthday is already off to a great start! I love that you were whispering sweet things to moxette this morning! And your intentions for your 30s are wonderful.

We don't know when turbomann's interviews will be yet - Tues/Wed is our best guess so far. I'm sure he'll get a call from the Kraft recruiter today to set it up, and he's picking up his new suit tonight -- that was quite an investment - eeep!

Hi poodle! Awww, your furbabies are so cute! I would love to be able to have a cat - they're such perfect companions. Turbo really isn't interactive in that way in my morning routine...we walk, and he goes back to bed. lazy pupper! Although, in the evenings, turbo will poke his head around the laptop screen to demand attention, and I get little gray muzzle hairs all over my keyboard.
Awwww...I can just see mox whispering to moxette...cuteness.

Turbo, every time you mention Kraft, I start craving Mac n' Cheese.

I'm super crabby today. I feel like I'm gonna explode if anyone tries to talk to me about anything work-related.

Cats aren't usually that interactive, either. Gus really likes to be petted though and he also tries to be cute and sweet so that I'll give him more soft food, which never happens, so I don't know why he keeps it up. He's my lap kitty. Oscar gives me lots of wet nose kisses and he likes to be kissed on the head. He also sleeps next to me at night. Both cats are really sweet in their own ways.

I'm really tempted to go home. I don't feel very well and I also forgot to take my pills, so I just might.
kraft! kraft! kraft!

I know, I want mac n' cheese too, and I haven't eaten any in at least 6 years...its quite possibly death on a plate for me. heh.

Poodle, I fully endorse the going home from work just let your boss and the meddler know that I'm backin' you on this one. cool.gif

It's snowing here - YAY! Finally, some winter weather! The month of 40+ degree weather here was really starting to creep me out.
(((diva & diva's family))) it's so good you were able to be there for your grandfather

IPB Image

fingers are crossed for turboman's interviews! when i was little my family called kraft "bad macaroni and cheese" and i was only allowed it as a treat. "mama can i have bad macaroni and cheese PLEASE?"

the mother is here and we've been having a nice time. my apartment is very small, but, oh well. we went to the getty yesterday and it blew her mind. smile.gif

ETA: ooh and i finally got my NES to work AND hooked up the dvd player i've had sitting around forever AND joined netflix, so gimme recommendations!
I made the one phone call that I needed to take care of today and then I left. Now I'm chillin' with my furry homeboys.

Cute pic, mouse!!

"Bad" mac n' mom never bought us stuff like that either. We didn't eat a whole lot of prepared "mix" type foods--mostly because of cost. My dad was a chef, too, so he would have freaked out if a box of Hamburger Helper came anywhere near his kitchen.
We went with the very Canadian term of "kraft dinner" in our house, but it always disgusted my mom that we wanted that, when she was more than happy to make creamy, delicious, baked homeade mac 'n cheese -which I would totally prefer now, but as a kid...we savored the one box of kraft dinner we were allowed each month, and we'd double our sodium by eating it with kielbasa. heh.

Mouse, I love that "moxie" ad!! And I'm glad you're surviving the maternal visit!

Poodle, I am jealous of your afternoon hangin' with the kitties...this is my spin class night, so I won't be home till 7pm. boo. Oh well, I'm always mad at myself if I don't go.
Aaah, Kraft Mac and cheese....without THAT and ramen noodles I'd have starved to death the entire first half of my twenties.

Did anybody add tuna to it?
totally added tuna to it.

actually, annie's organic box mac'n'cheese and tuna is still a cheap, somewhat healthy dinner i occasionally go for.
Tuna, frozen peas, & a can of cream of mushroom soup with crackers on top. Mom's tuna casserole.
mouse- thanks for the birthday ad!! Rock!

I had a lovely lunch with moxiemama, too. Now, resting on the couch for an hour before picking the wee one up. Good day, eh?
Hi everyone! Hi poodle, turbo, mouse, moxie, AP, treehugger, and rose! And any lurkers!

Actually, it's even called and labelled "Kraft Dinner" on the box up here in Canadaland. We know not why you insist on calling it "Kraft Macaroni and Cheese." It's much easier to say Kraft Dinner! Which we actually often call Krap Dinner. KD (as we also call it) was the very first thing my mom ever taught me how to cook. With boiled, sliced hot dogs in it, mmm. (It was the early '70s.)

I had that post-report-writing pain attack creep up into my neck and down into my ribcage's not really an attack itself, but post-attack muscle/myofascial tension. So I'm doing nothing today, trying to just get my body to relax. I think I've earned the right to say "fuck it" today! Actually, I'm being a badass, though. I am not out running the organization's errands like I should be doing. There will probably even be a small fine for being a day late with a payment. Fuck it.

Yay for poodle going home! I feel so much better not being alone!!!

poodle, your boykitties are so adorable. I wish George were a cuddler, but he's just not. Carmella will usually rub up and lean up against me when I'm playing the guitar, though. She is my number one fan!

turbo, hee! Wow, "miraculous!" Cool! Further evidence that my talents are divinely inspired! tongue.gif biggrin.gif

rose, I love Nigella Lawson! From her, I learned to freeze the wine out of people's glasses after a gathering, and save it for cooking with at a later date! Hee!

moxie, your thirties are going to be FAB. I just know it. I don't even think I really started to enjoy my life till I hit my thirties. You're going to have a GREAT time! Plus, don't forget that increased libido thing.

mouse - did your mama end up doing your laundry? smile.gif

I cannot think of many things I dislike more than I dislike tuna casserole. I just cannot bring myself to like most fish. I've tried and tried and tried. I think it was ruined for me when I was 12, and our class went to visit Vancouver's Cloverleaf canning factory, which was right off the docks. Ugh. Everytime I smell fish, I have flashbacks of slimy fish eyeballs and entrails, and slimy, bloody water everywhere, and oh, the stench...

But the mushroom of my poverty-days favourites (which I could only make when I was a little bit flush) was to fry up hamburger, simmer it with cream of mushroom soup, spices and other random flavouring, and veggies, and then serve it over rice. MMM. Filling, sticks to yer ribs. I wouldn't even mind some o' dat today....

Well! I feel sure I've shared WAY TMI already for the moment!!
It's okay, Doodle. Some people have fish-ues!

I thought you'd like that.

I saw the most fascinating thing today. A cow was born in Colombia with six legs, two vaginas, & six nipples. Interesting... the apocalypse is nigh.

I wonder how crazy old Steve is coping with this new development...
Is there a comic strip thread? There used to be a Comics thread, but I went in and started making enthusiastically impassioned comments about For Better or For Worse and got kicked out because it is a comic BOOK thread.

Anyway, Liz's "friend" was rather harsh to her today. If I were her I would have run off and cried in the woods and then ran home and never talked to anyone in Mitigiwawaki again.
bwahaha! AP...I haven't thought of batshit crazy steve in ages...I'm sure he's creaming his pants right now over this development!

Oh doodle, I don't think anyone can blame you for not liking fish - I would think that visiting a canning factory is not in the best interests of canned fish sales. It made my stomach lurch just reading it, but then again, my tummy is in knots this evening...happens sometimes after a hard spin class. Dinner is a definite no-go...I'm trying to get some nuts and raw veg down instead, but its not going so well. oof. I guess I'd better go get my tummy rice bag and heat it up.

And doodle, of COURSE you deserve a day to rest! And its not really a day of rest anyhow, its simply what your body demands! And now is your time to take it, and be good to yourself!
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