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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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catsoup!!!! *runs up to catsoup to give her a big booby squishing HUG*

How's it goin' catsoup?!

Mouse, I hope your visit with your mom goes smoothly! Are you taking the whole week off from work to spend with her, or will you be using worktime for some mousie alone time?

Yeah, I'm pretty excited about the year jobs for both of us, a potential move...its looking good. I'm definitely ready for a new adventure.

Thanks for all the vibes for turbomann...we're both feeling good about the opportunities out there for him, and its so great to see *him* excited about work...its something I've never seen before.

hi hi kari! Nice that you have a day without your officemate...whatcha listening to?

I've got Imogen Heap on here...its my new favorite album...can't stop listening to it.
hi peeps!

hi catsoup, turbo, mouse, kari, diva, minx, doodle, poodle, tes.......

i agree with turbo....yay for new jobs, homes and hairdo's in 2007!!! speaking of jobs...i have a phone interview today and i got an offer from an online newspaper to be one of their editors...interesting, no?

i need music....this place is dullsville today.

Oof! Wha...?

tesao, when did you arrive in my bed? Hmm. Hello.

*disappears temporarily under the green and purple bedcovers with tesao*

What? Erm, um. Hello everyone!

*dissolves into giggles*

Ok, I'm fine now. How are y'all today? For that matter, where is everyone? I hope all that silly fighting didn't scare folks away. Okayland is a happy, peaceful place once again, so come back, y'all!

'soup!!!!! WOW!! HIhiHIhiHI! We've missed you 'round these parts!

Hi karianne! What is your new dining set like? (You knew I was gonna be the one to ask!!!)

mouse, is your ma staying for a whole week? Maybe she'll try to do your laundry - mamas can be funny that way! (Even though my mom is totally anti-traditional, she usually gets several things cleaned when she visits me. That's pretty much the only time my oven gets done, actually!)

turbo, that's sweet and cool that turbomann is so excited. That sounds like a really great sign, and the opportunity sounds fantastic. I hope he gets it! It certainly sounds promising!

Maybe it IS Jupiter, but everything I read - astrology or tarot - tells me that change is all around me, that my year ahead is going to be one of "positive upheaval" and that whatever I want, I should go for it, because the energy is there. So, pretty much knowing what I want at this point, I actually drafted myself - NOBODY LAUGH - an official "mission statement" over Christmas: "I will set aside 2007 and 2008 to earn income without making a career commitment, and will use the rest of my time to create, to think and strategize about the future, and maybe, hopefully, find the right person to share it with."

I don't know what propelled me to write a personal mission statement (seems like such a yuppie thing to do), but I figured it was better to have something than to keep thinking I'm a wastrel with no goals!

Ok, I need to start getting ready to go out - o happiness, it's hair appointment day!

ETA: speaking of hair, I cross-posted with miz gb! HI! That sounds exciting, which online newspaper? Have you done lots of editing before?
Hey peeps!

Welcome back catsoup!!

Yay for kari's new table and chairs!! I need some furniture for my living room. I miss having a couch.

I'm an aries. I don't buy the whole astrology thing though. Is that an aries personality trait? laugh.gif The human brain has a tendency to search for patterns and consistencies and then discard all of the other information that doesn't apply. Anyone can read a horoscope and identify one tidbit that applies to their life. If you're a believer, then you'll ignore the inapplicable stuff. It's like the bible or religion. People will say, "It was god's plan for me to survive this car accident" Oh yeah, so was it god's plan that you got a parking ticket last week? Or that you had diarrhea yesterday? Basically, meaning doesn't exist outside of our own brains. We create meaning, and that's partly why so much shit doesn't make sense. You can assign meaning to anything you want. I don't know why I'm going on about this. I'm just really bored at work, I guess. No offense to the more spiritual busties in here.

I can just see it: "Well, poodle, your cards say that good and bad things will happen to you this year."


My hair color isn't really that exciting--just darker. It's almost even now. Next month, I'm going in for some very subtle foils. I'm trying to come up with a hairstyle, too.

Blah...I didn't have enough coffee this morning.
Hooray for mission statements! Doodle, that sounds like a wonderful theme for your year! I did mission statements a couple of times, when my MIL and I would spend hours dreaming up wonderful things late at night, and throwing tarot, and meditating, and everytime I wrote a mission statement, and put the energy behind it...I had everything I wanted for that year. I haven't done it since MIL passed...I think I needed a spiritual hiatus to heal from that, but I'm so glad you mentioned it, so that I can do some journaling this weekend and spend some time writing my own! I'll let you know what settles out.

woo-hoo ms gb for the job offer!! Does it sound like a stable position to hold you until you are the glamourous pro hairstylist?
poodle, i can totally see you as an aries hahaha

i'm mostly atheistic except for things i can't explain. i agree that meaning is within our own minds, but i think there's also energy in the universe that isn't necessarily human, and we're affected by it.

turbo--no, no time off. i don't think i'm allowed time off ever again, actually. but she's got a conference to go to in pasadena during the day so we wouldn't be with each other anyway. i really doubt that she'll clean ANYTHING for me---i get my messy genes from her. the only reason our house ever had any semblance of organization or tidiness was my dad's doing. honestly, i have about three loads of laundry waiting and i was thinking i could ask her to do them for me while i was at work (since tomorrow she doesnt have the conference yet) but i'm sure she would actually huff and puff and roll her eyes and be like "do your own laundry!" all indignant hahaha. i'm going to research bus tours for her to go on tomorrow smile.gif

the only bummer is that i'm missing my friend j's birthday dinner tomorrow night sad.gif

the ex wants to hang out with me and my mom. seriously how weird is our relationship. i can't even fathom.
poodle went deep 'deep thoughts' deep. but i fully agree.

doodle, hmmm editing experience....i don't know...really. i mean, i've always had a high vocabulary and excellent spelling...grammar is ok...i always corrected my friends papers and helped my dyslexic ex-boyfriend with all his stuff. and i'm a bit of a stickler for spelling. They 'found' me and told me to apply..i wouldn't be the only editor either which, imho, is a bit of a relief. i did apply for the job so we will see what happens. *crosses fingers*

this weekend i'll be in solvang with friends drinking wine in *gasp* the snow!!! yes Solvang is at about 496 feet in elevation and we are expecting snow at 500 feet. so 'snow' could happen. I'm so taking the camera!
HEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO everyBUSTie! i have been way out of the loop and have not yet read the archives. i haven't been in here in over a week, so i don't know how far back i'll actually read but i'm gonna try to get caught up.

the new job is going to be incredible. i'm so excited and even more optimistic than i was when i first took the job.

i just got back from houston late last night and have bags all over the floor here now. i am waiting for my director to call me and send me some software so i can get started tomorrow. i'm really excite, but still a little scared about calling people on the phone at home. but the best thing is - unlike i had originally thought - my sales leads are not lukewarm; they'll actually be people who have gone online, specifically searched for dating service information in their area and requested to be called. sure, some of them are going to deny it but most will at least be open to the idea of finding TRUE LOVE! hehehe

ok, i need to take the dog for a walk. i have a feeling she's been feeling a little neglected lately.

hope everyone is doing well!

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~((((vibes and hugs to all that need them))))~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

FJjjjjjjjjjjj! Good to see you doll! I'm so glad your trip went well, and its awesome to hear how pumped you are about the new gig! And I'd say that if there's anyone that can make someone believe in love - its you, babe! You have got quite a love story with mr fj, and I think that, and your sweet charm will serve you very well in your new role! And who doesn't love working in their pjs, and hanging out with the dog?! Sounds perfect!

Poodle! No worries on your aries-ness lack of interest in astrology...I just like using it as another source of information, just like my tarot. Honestly, the readings are what they are on paper, but the good stuff is from the exchange of energies between the shaman and myself...that's where it takes you deeper. But anyway, I'll stop being all nutters on ya'll for the moment. But just a moment. heh.

Actually, I have to trot off to the company holiday pot-luck party now...woo. I think I'd rather go home, honestly. A nap sounds very good right now....much better than silly games.
Hi FJ!! I'm glad the job thing is turning out to be good!!

"Deep Thoughts by Poodle" Ugh, that sounds scary. You don't wanna know my deep thoughts!

I don't think you're nutters, turbo!!

So I was just watching Heart's "Alone" music video and it sorta pisses me off because it barely shows Ann Wilson, even though it's her unbefuckinglievably awesome voice that makes the song. It only shows her face with shadows and/or a veil so you can't really see much of her. Heaven forbid show a fat girl on TV. So the girl likes to eat!! Is that such a crime? Meanwhile, they show craploads of Nancy Wilson full-body guitar scenes. I'm sure the video director/producer is guilty of minimizing Ann's presence in the video. I hate how the media tries to hide fat people. Ann Wilson is absolutely gorgeous, too. She's one of my heroes.

ETA- *grabs mic* This is for you, minx!



IPB Image
ugh, minx, that's effing awful!! i'm so sorry you gotta deal with shit like that. and what a vicious student to go and do something like that--if they're smart enough to write a letter, they should be smart enough to come to you if they have issues with you. gah. ((minxie))

hi fj!!!! so glad to hear everything is going well!!! good luck with the new job. you'll be fantastic--i second what turbo says, if anyone can make others believe in the possibility of a relationship being everything you want it to be, the fjs can smile.gif

ms gb, my fingers are crossed too for your new job! i hope you get it. that would be so cool. and i'm super jealous of you getting to hang out in SNOW!

i'm listening to an mp3 of a canadian band's live show, and i've decided that i really like canadian accents. they're so slight, but just different enough to be cool. i wanna hear doodle talk heheh
Hi everyone!

poodle, I can play that on the guitar! Let's form a band!

poodle, I always hate how they hide Ann Wilson, too! She is GORGEOUS! I've heard that she has(had?) special costumes for on stage, too, and she seems hidden in photos as well....maybe she's been the one hiding herself?

I hate that so many women feel they have to hide, or make excuses and apologies for their size, or talk about dieting as if to reassure everyone they're "still trying." You would think after 10, 20, 30, 40 years of being basically the same size, more women would just say, "Oh fuck it," and start being themselves.

MMMMMMMMMM....I am eating honey-roasted macadamia nuts!!!!!!

So, turbo, when you say you put the energy behind your mission statement, what did you do? I can't wait to read how your new mission statement progresses!!

mouse, relationships with exes don't have to be weird just because you get along! My ex-g/f is one of the closest friends I have on the entire planet. She is still the first person I call to calm myself down when I'm having a meltdown over something. (Though to be fair, I think women who love women are just more accustomed to building these post-love friendships, because our communities are so much smaller!!) If both of you are mature enough to handle it, it can be one of the best friendships of your lives!

FJ!!! HIhiHIhiHI!!

FJ's a love connection matchmaker!!!!!!! WOWZA!

So, I just got back from the hair stylist, and I look smokin' hot! That woman is a genius - I trust her completely with my hair, and I never said that about anyone in my life!

I am doing absolutely ZERO work of any kind today. I think I'm going to break out the herb, actually.

ETA: CROSS-POSTED with minx and mouse!

minx, that sucks, big time. WTF - anonymous complaint? Give me a break. It sounds like someone just trying to set you up, otherwise they'd back up their claims with their face, name, and character. ARGHH!!

mouse, we Canadians don't have accents. You Americans do, though!
Touches Doodle on her shoulder and jumps back fifteen paces*

Yep. It's official. You are WHITE HOT!!! wink.gif Perhaps Mousie and I should conference call her to hear the lulling siren sounds of her Canook accent?!
hi ya'll!!

*whistles at doodle* Mmmm....there is nothing so good as a masterful haircut!

Mine wasn't so good last week, but like your student minxy, the new manager of the salon *wrote* a nasty letter to my stylist and gave it to her before she cut my she was a little upset. So lemme say, that your student, and the salon manager both need to deal with their shit, 'cause it is NOT about you. Some other bug is up their asses, and unfortunately, they chose you as a target. You know it, and we know it- you are a
brilliant and dedicated teacher and those kids are LUCKY to have you!

The office holiday party was totally. lame. As expected....I dunno, it just felt like forced fun, and having it in the office, potluck...and it being long after the just felt like an obligation. But, I did win one of the "caught in the act of excellence" awards, so I got a $25 amex gift card. I'll take it. (And probably buy myself some LUSH on the way back from my colonic this weekend. cool.gif )

Doodle, when I work with my mission statements, I just keep doing meditations with it about once a week, keeping my goals in focus, and inviting the mission to unfold before me, smoothly and effortlessly...nothing fancy, just remembering my intentions.
If you call me, I will put the headset on the stereo speaker and make you listen to Blue Rodeo first.

Well I'd rather be
Walking through the tall pine trees
Up above Lake Louise
And I'd rather be
Chasing after shooting stars
Than waiting for this dumb 503 TTC
I'd like to see
The sun set behind Saddle Mountain
And listen to the wind whisper my name
Yea this world and me don't fit
One of us is going to have to quit
Oh how I miss those western skies

*slow motion hair toss, for that "sexy redhead" effect*

turbo, I am with you on office parties feeling like an obligation! Especially if they are at the office. Doesn't everyone at least want to get away from there for awhile? No? It's just us? UGH!

See now, turbo, I even trusted my stylist to cut my hair during that 6-month separation she endured while her boyfriend was off "finding himself." And she's a Pisces.
Yeah, fer real...I know *I* want to get out of the office!! Back in the day, we all would've headed to the pub after the party, but you know, we're all totally burnt out after the year of the failed merger, and staff are dropping like flies, too tired to socialize. I looked around the room, thinking this was my last holiday party, and it felt okay. hooray!

well, I'm gonna leave you to strum your guitar, 'cause its bathtime, and I have a date with a good audio book! G'night!
*drive by*


You can now gently persuade the carpet to match the drapes!!



[holds lighter high above head & sways to the melodious sounds of the Okay Choir]

Doodle, notice that the only "fun betty" is a fluorescent pink one. I like pink and all, but yowza!

Turbo, I love the fact that you have a mission statement for your life. That is a truly fabulous thing.

Minxy, hope you've recovered a bit. Just put on your glasses, look in the mirror, and focus on how fab you are.

Hooray for FJ & her love connections!

Well, this Okie is taking her low-brow American accent to bed. Sweet dreams to you all!

OMG. Is it totally wrong that I really, really want Fun Betty? Just to shock the boy......
Fun Betty just as I was thinking aobut how I can't justify the expense of coloring my hair this weekend, even though it SORELY needs it. Sigh...i may have to resort to the home-brew kind. Hmmm...haven't done that in ages. Will have to talk over with moxieman.

Anyway, just popping in to say, its FRIDAY YOU BIATCHES!

And, I'm offline all day at the ofc with no internet. So, I'll catch you all on the flip side, babies!

Oh my god. Pubic hair dying? When I go in for my foils next month, maybe I should tell the girl that I also want crotch highlights. laugh.gif

Ugh, sorry minx. That sucks. You're a good teacher, so fuck 'em.


IPB Image
Mornin' ya'll!! And thank the goddess that it is Friday!

Minxy, go in there today and kick some literary ass!! You know you are an awesome, spectacularly qualified show 'em whatchu got!

And, I have no plans for the weekend outside of my Sunday morning colonic -wheee! Oh, and we're going out to get turbomann a suit this afternoon for his big interview with Kraft next week!!

Doodle, you *know* that if that dye came in purple, that I'd be sorely tempted. tongue.gif

*waves to moxie*
unsure.gif *intimidated be Minx's gameface*

Did sooome catch-up reading, but I just gotta post small again before defrosting the car. Best of luck to all! I'll have to pop back in this afternoon. Goatie Girl is off to a Sonics game all night with her students, so I'll be alone with beer and mischief smile.gif *likes mischief*

if that dye came in purple, my snatch would ALREADY be purple!!!
I'm back home...YEAH!!! GOnna turn all the office lights on now, so the semi-darkness doesn't overwhelm me and make me nap. I got shit sleep last night, and it wasn't even cause of the bebe...just flippin'insomnia. I hate that. At least let me cuddle with my kid if I'm up at 3am.

Anyway, my 2X potato is beeping at me ...gonna go fill up on some calories.

MInxy, just curious, but do you know for sure that it was a student that sent that ltr? I wonder if MB is wonking out on you?
Damn, I'm horny. Maybe I can convince XRB to lend me his unit for the evening.
HI moxie! Glad you're home, and reconnected to the world! Not having email/internet would pretty much make me useless...I mean, it *is* my job, but more than that, a lifeline. heh.

Can you sneak in a little nap this is friday, afterall, and a perfectly dreary one at that.

Why is it that when MRG is visiting, and I wear my Diva cup, that I feel like I have to pee twice as much? I can't even feel the silly thing in there!

hey lorewolf - what kind of mischief are you making today?!
maybe it pushes on the bladder a wee bit?

anyway, i'm working. until at least 3pm, then i'm taking a hot shower and a short rest before picking the wee one up. I should be able to finish what I need to do by then.

Hi, peeps!

I've been lurking, but didn't have a chance to post yesterday because I had to leave early for the dentist. I hugely regret that I ever went, or at least got the chip on my front tooth fixed. Some of the stuff they used for the filling didn't get filed down enough in the back, so it's scraping one of my bottom teeth, and the other filling is too high and I can't rest my teeth against each other like normal. Grrr! I'd rather just have the damn cavity and chip in my tooth. And the stuff in my mouth that is actually bothering me? They have no clue what it is. And now my mouth still hurts and it's all askew.

I'm with Poodle on the spirituality thing. I don't even believe that people have souls, so I'm distinctly anti-spiritual. I used to do tarot cards quite a bit (mostly for other people), and it's funny to see how desparate they are to make some kind of connection to what the random throw of some cardstock with pretty pictures says, and they're usually so vague, it's pretty easy. I'm all for chaos theory, or at least we all single-handedly make our own destinies. I don't think there has to be meaning in everything, or much of anything at all.

((((((((((( Turbomann in-person interview vibes ))))))))))))

Catsoup was here! Yay! It's been freaking ages!

I like Canadian accents, too.

Turbo, that does indeed sound like a lame holiday party. Ours is in 2 weeks, and it's just a pizza lunch, preceeded by a team meeting. Woot! That'll put everyone in a partying mood!

Minx, don't worry about that letter. You've shredded it and nothing will come of it. If one person in all of the kids you teach has a problem, but nobody else does and they think you're fabulous, don't focus on the one kid that doesn't like you. Nobody can please everyone all the time.

Hi, FJ, Moxie, Tes, Mouse, GB, RV, Lore, and everyone I missed!

The giant got some pretty awful news yesterday. His brother is being extended in Iraq for another 4 months. He was supposed to come home next month, or maybe March. And as much as that sucks, it gets way worse. The giant's SIL is also enlisted and she has to go to Iraq before her husband gets home, so their kid is going to have to go without both parents for at least a month. She's going to try to fight it, though. She's telling the powers that be that it would end her marriage (there's no worse way to start a marriage than being apart for the better part of 4 years while one of them is across the world fighting a war) and screw up their kid. I feel so sorry for the giant's neices, especially the little one because she's just getting to the age where she understands these things a little. I don't know how the American military could do something so awful to these families. At least if the giant's bro got back before his SIL left, she could try to get pregnant so she wouldn't have to go.

Anyway, can I please get some vibes for them?

driveby--ton of work to do today--stop in later-----vibes for those who need them *~!~*
~*~*~*~vibes for the giant's fam~*~*~*~ Wow, that sucks for everyone involved. I hope everything works out okay.

I'm not entirely anti-spiritual, but I do think that we're not as complicated as we think we are. We're really no more significant than a pebble, except in our own minds. I hate the word "soul" (unless it applies to Marvin Gaye) and I prefer to think of our lives as energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, so life energy is everywhere and it's all the same energy. I don't believe in a god(s) and I think our brains are way to limited to ever comprehend the complexities of the universe. It's like a hamster trying to solve a calculus problem. In the grand scheme of things, the difference between a hamster and a human is indistinguishable. Basically, I think that there's something going on that we'll never be able to figure out, and I don't think it involves a god or an entity of any kind.

I think most of the world's problems occur because we humans take ourselves to seriously. Oftentimes, I'm ashamed to be human. I feel like I'm hanging out with the "wrong crowd." I wish I could live as a groundhog or a mouse. I think if I were an animal, I'd fall into the rodentia category.

I need more coffee or some HBI or something.
(((((giant's family)))) The military should be able to accomodate their taking turns to ensure that the kids are taken care of...I would almost venture to say that its in their soldier's rights, but I'd have to ask turbomann - it might just be an undocumented standard rule that 2 parents aren't deployed at the same time. I'm still grateful that turbomann and his sister's reserve enlistment contracts ended just months before the war began. Their unit has been rotating in and out of Iraq since the beginning.

I'd like to be an otter, if I had to choose an animal...and I've always felt that way, and felt an affinity for them. Otters spend a lot of time playing, which I love, and they have a real sense of taking care of family and their otter community. Can't argue with that.

And, I love that there's room on the okayland sofa for all of us with our wide ranging beliefs! Its always been fascinating to me to hear how other people make sense of the world - through science, logic, intuition or belief.

Cod, isn't this day over yet?!! Waaaaaa!
Hello everyone! Quick post - just finished reading!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~vibes for giant's family~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Hi turbo, diva, poodle, mouse, moxie, tesao, lorewolf, minx, roseviolet, and treehugger!

Damn, now *I* want a purple bush, too. We should all write a joint letter to the Betty company.

George is sitting on the round table, with his head peering over the top of the laptop as I write. He likes his head scritches.

moxie...I wondered the same thing about minxie's letter...whether MB might somehow be involved.

I go back and forth on spirituality. A year and a half ago, I was at my lowest phase of non-believing since I was a was part of my general miasma, post-funding cutbacks, post-BC election, post-loving my work anymore. It took me a long time to come back to believing in anything - higher power, higher energy, higher law, whatever. I take bits from things like astrology and tarot (and Aboriginal spirituality, and goddess spirituality, and Buddhist spirituality, and other areas) because I believe you can interpret wisdom in the context of your life experiences, and that there is a natural serendipity around getting the information you need at the time you need it. Yes, I guess I am agreeing that we are the ones who infuse things with meaning, but I think infusing things with personal meaning is what so often leads to spiritual growth. It becomes about letting go and trusting not only one's own instincts - the intuitive side of one's self - but trusting also in the universe beyond just one's self...and also trusting that there actually is a synchronicity between the internal universe and the external universe(s). I think it's human nature to search for meaning, and I believe everyone has to find meaning in their own way. I don't believe there is one universal truth, or one true path of spirituality, any more than I believe there is one true path for human existence.

Ok, I gotta run, peeples! Got to do some grocery shopping. Back later!
Hi doodle!! as an otter would be cool.

It's official. I'm a YouTube addict. I was just watching The Cars music videos on YouTube so that I could ogle Ben Orr. He's so effin' hot when he sings Just What I Needed and Bye Bye Love. Sigh. *fans self* They should have had him be the lead dude instead of Ric Ocasek. I remember being terrified of Ric Ocasek as a child because of the You Might Think video where his face is on a fly's body and so on. Plus, he's just plain creepy looking. He looks like Jack Skellington with a black mullet and sunglasses.

Heh...I was really scared of David Byrne as a kid, too. The video for Once in a Lifetime really freaked me out.

Why was I watching MTV at age 4? That's a good question. I think it's had a lasting effect on me.
Actually, and I don't know if this is a recent change or not, but if both spouses are enlisted, they have to have someone else signed on to take care of their kids while they're gone. She's probably going to file some sort of hardship statement, but I'm sure this isn't the first time they've seen this kind of situation.

If I had to choose an animal to be, it'd be an ocean creature, like one of those turtles that lives for 700 years. Underwater is just so damn cool.

Poodle, you should try to get a job at VH1 doing commentary about one hit wonder bands.

I wish this day would end, too, but I'm staying late, until 6:00. I was late this morning, late yesterday, and I took a lunch break yesterday even though I probably shouldn't have. That's okay, though, because I'm really determined to finish everything on my shelves before I leave, so I'm really focused. Just 5 left to go!

And on that note, I swill another cup of coffee...since I am an animal aware of my own impending death, I chose to ENJOY the Beans of Life. biggrin.gif
WHA?!! I hope you're not implying that The Cars were a one-hit wonder band!!! I have their self-titled album (78) and Candy-O (79) on vinyl. I can't wait to have my record player fine-tuned so that I can listen to The Cars in classic hi-fi. Candy-O is especially cool because it has a Vargas girl on the cover. The self-titled album is better songwise, though.

I also came in late, but I plan on leaving as soon as the office meddler takes off. I plan on playing on YouTube and drinking wine for the first part of the evening, and then hopefully hooking up with XRB later on.

ETA- (X-post) Hi minx!!!
So, we choose to refer to ourselves as secular humanists, and I'd say I'm one small step shy of the Unitarian method of thought...granted, that small step is a faith in a higher power, but still...the respect for knowing that one can learn from wisdom through religion isn't half bad. Anyway, moxieman sent this top ten myths about atheists link to me a couple weeks ago. I loved it. I was worried, in my early 20s that my abscence of belief in a higher, beyond power, was because I hadn;t really been tested by experience with death and that level of grief. When my grandmother (whom I was extreemly close to) passed away, I was 25. My faith in my own beliefs and peace knowing that her everlasting nature is alive in US, her family, and what I could strive for was to impact my own family and friends in the same manner, was cemeted. So, anyway, we were married by a humanist rabbi, even though neither of us are jewish. We just liked the secular humanist philosophy.

moxette got her first craft box together today. hehe...i suck ass at crafts, but i can't wait to fingerpaint!
Interesting list, mox. I like hearing everyone's perspectives on existence (or lack thereof!), too.

Diva, I think we should start our own religion/church, and we'll call it "The Church of Rock." \m/ \m/ \m/ Jimi Hendrix will be the messiah. Heh...if anyone in my extended family ever asks me about church, I'll just tell them that I kneel before the gods of rock everyday.


That one was for you, shawnboy. smile.gif
Oh Boy...who opened the religion door?? LOL



Thanks for the mention Poodles!!

I won't say anything abiout religion other than I'm on the fence...and mooning it all...LOL

I think you'd be a great radio show host Poodles with all that never ending musical knowledge....
juss let me be your producer!!!!!!!

Speaking of which I produced a new podcast and bashed my former boss and his not very nice girlfriend after finding out He called my boss cos my friends were prankin his show one day....I pulled out all the stops and grabbed Donald trump wavs and james brown drunk wavs...I need to find a producer gig again..I miss it to death.

Hmmm. loaded topic.

I'm semi convinced in reincarnation. I think there's "the other side" where we go to process the information we've learned here.

My family tells the story of me, when I was about four years old, walking up to a map of the world, pointing at the Pacific Ocean and launching into a lengthy explanation about prevailing winds and oceanic currents.

To this day I'm somewhat fascinated by weather and winds. What's up with that?

My ex-husband remembers his death in his most recent life before this one.

Okay, I'm a strange New Ager hippie! Heh...

I find solace in paganism, gnosticism, buddhism, hinduism, wicca, and if I had to go to a church I'd go to the local Unitarian Universalist church.

I'd like to learn more about the theosophists.

As for music, right now I'm listening to Tori Amos.

And I think my cat Mojo's lucky to live with me. I spoil the crap out of him. smile.gif

Awwww...shucks. My musical knowledge is very limited though. When it comes to modern stuff, I'm way out of the loop. I admit that a little of that has to do with smugness, but still, I just don't like what I'm hearing these days. I hope that crappy hip-hop will suffer the same fate as disco, where everyone got so unbelievably sick of it that they protested. I guess every genre/decade has a handful of true musical geniuses and a crapload of sucky posers that nobody cares about 5-10 years later. It seems like all musical movements occur as a backlash against the previous movement. New Wave and punk rock, for example, were backlashes against hard rock and disco. Grunge was a backlash against hair metal. Indie rock was a backlash against Britney Spears. It's funny how that stuff works.

Shawn, you should know by now not to get me started on music!!

For me, my interest in music goes hand in hand with pop culture. I love listening to music and thinking about the greater context (politics, technology, style, etc.).

Okay, I'll shut up now.
QUOTE(pinkpoodle @ Jan 12 2007, 04:29 PM) *

Indie rock was a backlash against Britney Spears.

oh, now, poodle! not to start a melee but "indie rock" was around YEARS AND YEARS before our brit brit came on the scene.

tongue.gif just sayin'

Which song, TH?

::waves hi to the Okayers::
Does anyone read For Better or For Worse? (comic strip.) I'm depressed that Elizabeth's boyfriend dumped her and I have no one to talk to about it.
Heeeeeey! smile.gif

First off, *extra loud vibes for the Giant Family* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Also Minx, I really feel for you. Whoever sent that letter is being a total jerk. He/She is like a forum troll who is in your work network. Just try to be yourself and be transparent about your time/energy investment toward your bosses, label this to all as someone just trying to flex their trouble-muscles to see what they can do, and maybe even forgive whoever it is for being a socially mal-adjusted fucktard with nothing better to do. What a sorry human being. This person must have a crappy self-esteem to lash out like that. You're waaaay better a teacher than he/she made you out to be, and your co-workers probably know that already.

As for religion and spirituality, I feel like our ability to understand it all is pretty minute as well. I just kinda believe in God because I talk to him all the time and because I'm really about the luckiest person I know of. I don't BELIEVE in any particular secular branch, but I'm super-duper thankful to any entity that could possibly be responsible for the world I live in and the wonderful fortune bestowed upon me in my life. I mean, just a couple days ago, I did a 180 degree pirouette in my car on the freeway because of the ice, and you'd really, really have to be looking close to see the damage to my car from it bouncing off the guard rail, even if I showed you where to look for it. You'd say, "...oh, wait! Now I see something. Is it this part of the bumper where the paint looks like it touched something?" Well, extreme good luck happens to me all the time, so I feel like I have to be thankful to Someone for it all. On the other hand, I have a very, very high uncertainty tolerance. The 'General Lorewolf Theory of the Universe' is basically, "It's all very complicated." I guess I'm just rather thankful that I'm here, that I'm so fortunate, and that I can tentatively put a name to the one I tell so very many horrible jokes to in my head.

Oh, and on the subject of critters I'd like to be, I'm truly a Wolf at heart. I just love those guys! I'm an 'omega wolf', which is the type-B polar opposite of the 'alpha wollf'. Omegas are the fun-instigators and the ones who are happy to let others lead.

*quoting TurboJenn* "I'd like to be an otter, if I had to choose an animal... and I've always felt that way, and felt an affinity for them. Otters spend a lot of time playing, which I love, and they have a real sense of taking care of family and their otter community. Can't argue with that." This TOTALLY describes my BMF, the OtterMan. He's a self-proclaimed Otter (married to a Guinea-pig). He's pretty dedicated to playing and creating fun, and like us Wolves, he's fiercely loyal to his loved-ones. One of the big reasons why we're such good buddies is because we both find a lot of satisfaction in creating fun for others.

As for mischief, I'm looking into stuff to make drums out of. I kinda find things just asking for me to stretch goat hide over them, and turn them into drums. It's been quite a while, but I just bought some supplies to get started. I'm not a skilled drummer in the slightest, but drumming with friends while baked = Groovy Heaven!

Ahhhh... and I'm 3 beers into a Friday afternoon, soon to geek out on a new computer game, "Prey", and connecting with the BUSTies! Yaaaaay!
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Jan 12 2007, 06:50 PM) *


Which song, TH?

::waves hi to the Okayers::

Well, as I type this reply I'm listening to the actual song "little earthquakes"...but I was listening to the whole album. Probably was listening to "winter" or "mother" at the time I made the post.
Oh, HELL YA!! Diva, I am sooooo fucking sorry about Giant's family. You know, I read your post, and other people's responses and I was too fucking incensed and sad to even write anything at the moment. Thank you, Lorewolf, for jogging my brain back into high function.

Oh yeah, and Lorewolf, if you feel compelled to thank someone for all of the good things that happen to you, please feel free to thank me. wink.gif

I've been kind of depressed about the state of the world lately...that combine with some lack of straight sunshine has been taking a toll on my brain. Can't say that I'm depressed, but I just feel kind of BLAH and OOGEY. Hearing about Giant's family solidified some thoughts rattling aroung in my brain. I hate that young families get torn apart because of Bush-related terrorism on the rest of the world. And I hate that teenagers get so angry and have so very few people listening to them that it leads to school shootings and my own beginner's bag of hate mail. And I hate that people abuse animals (can you tell that I have been watching YouTube??). Grrr...sometimes I wanna give the world a fucking valerian enema and make them hold it until their asses nearly explode from pressure.

I think this is why I really gave up watching television. It makes HULK ANGRY!!!
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