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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Cooked broccoli is my favorite. I can eat it raw, too, but I don't prefer it. The only vegetable that does something weird to me in raw form is carrots. Raw carrots never fail to give me the hiccups. My mom gets them from raw carrots, too. I think it's kind of funny. Oh, and fresh pineapple gives me sores in my mouth if I eat too much, but it's my favorite fruit, so I just grin and bear it. I don't know if it's from the acidity or what, but no other citrus fruit does that to me. Oh, well.

I still can't really do corn on the cob. After having to sell it out of a truck for several summers as a kid, and get up at the asscrack of dawn to pick it, I've never cared much for it.

I've now got Zicam spray, my favorite Luden's wild cherry throat drops, a caramel macchiato, and enough orange juice and vitamin C blend juice to amp me up for days. Now I just have to force it all down.
i get the mouth-hurty thing from raw broccoli, all forms of eggplant (which is too bad, cos it's such a great and versatile veggie), pineapples (but like diva i love em so i don't care), and unless white potato is very well cooked it makes my mouth kind of numb.

i love raw carrots; don't care for them cooked. the flavor does not appeal to me. raw onions are a no, but cooked are a yes. tomatoes only if they are perfectly ripe. mushrooms in small doses. funny how that works.

love corn on the cob! and pretty much everything else, esp. zukes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, artichokes, green beans, snap peas, cukes, beets, etc..........mmmmmm.

((diva no sick vibes))

ETA: and peppers!!!!
I love being a capricorn--it gives me a perfect excuse for when i just.want.alone-ness. Moxieman is a Leo, and very much the typical leo homebody-ness. And my kid- an aeries. Oh my. All the women in my side of the family are caps or aeries. Earth and Fire. At least I have oodles of experience dealing with the dynamic. smile.gif


We're having all sorts of cooked veggies tonight- stir fry for dinner.

Shoot! its time to pick the bebe up. I wish I had a bit more bust time. Oh well...there's always when I'm making up for the um, short nap, i took this afternoon when I should have been writing tonight. whoops.

It's totally stirfry night at my casa, too! FUN!

With LOTS of broccoli wink.gif
We had sitrfry last night...but tonight, the same veg mix will be whipped up into Tom Kha soup - my favorite!!

But before that...I must run off to run errands, and I don't much feel like it today. Oh well.
Hi everyone! I haven't read the archives yet, but I will tonight after I get my hair colored. Ciao!
poodle poodley poodly poodle poodley poodle

*does "poodle's here" dance*
Joins Mouse in a Poodle Dance!!!




Hi everyone!


This is a quick visit, am breaking for a bit. THANK YOU for all the compliments! WOW! I hope the board is as impressed with my work as you all. I wish I could figure out how to work "ass hats DO VEX ME!!!!!" into the report, though. biggrin.gif

So yeah! Hi poodle! And turbo, tesao, mouse, minx, moxie, diva, miz gb, polly, lorewolf, shawnboy, treehugger (love having you in the thread!), roseviolet (you too!), and any "lurkers lurking lurkily!"

This is total weirdness, but I am also doing stir fry tonight! Just took the meat out of the freezer an hour ago. And yes, it will have broccoli! And carrots, snow peas, steam-fried noodles, and sliced beef. Mmmm.

Around my part of the world, zucchini is that vegetable just about everybody grows, ending up with way more than they could ever stand eating, and then can't give away in the fall because there's so much of it everywhere. People are practically leaving zucchinis in your car when you're not looking!

I read something once about a farmer who accidentally grew a zucchini that looked like Elvis, and people were coming to see it like it was a stigmata viewing.
i'm sorry i've been gone. i've been not home much.

i boything took me home this sunday for dinner to meet his parents. according to his mom i look like my mom (they were on the nursery school board together back in the day). she was all cute and paranoid about me being allergic to everything (things not on the list i made. like apples. and cinnamon. apples and cinnamon weren't on the list! really, i can eat most things, i swear), and then we played with remote controlled cars with one of his little sisters. apparently i made a good impression. but they didn't tell me anything embarassing or pull out the baby photos or anything. phoo.

happy birfday, minxie!

good things tuesday:
gst refund cheque in the mail. hellooooo, sixty bucks!
my gas tank is more than half full
choir re-starts tonight!
Poooooooodle! Pooooodle! Come show us your lustrous locks!!

Hi doodle! I wish you swift typing and a glorious finish to your report!

Hi shawn - you do sing a lovely poodley tune!

And where are our beloved FJs????

Turbomann has his phone interview with Kraft at 9am CST tomorrow, so we'd appreciate any bustie vibes ya'll can spare.

We're watching the Narnia movie tonight...its pretty enjoyable.
Hellooooooooooooooo again!

Still working!

Trying to stuff down the temptation to chuck the rest of the report (basically stats and recommendations at this point), submit it to the board unfinished, and learn some Bonnie Raitt songs on the guitar.

*le sigh*

Cain't do that.

Hi tyger, good to see you around here!! OMFG, meeting the parents??

turbo, I doubt I'll be up that early, BUT I do have a lovely round, green candle lit on my altar for turbomann's interview, which I know is going to go brilliantly! This is the 2nd stage, right? Didn't he already have an interview?

Damn it to fucking hell. It's snowing again.
Thanks for lighting a candle for turbomann! Yep, this is kind of stage two of the interview process...he had a brief interview with the HR guy, and tomorrow's will be the technical interview with the head of the packaging group got it - the macaroni and cheese division!! hehehe! Okay, well, its the dairy and cheese foods division, but its still kind of funny. He's excited and nervous.

OR, we could go live in all sorts of places that we really aren't interested in, judging by some of the recruiters he's talked to, begging him to consider SoCal, Pennsylvania, NJ, and Iowa. Doesn't anyone in Denver need him?

Doodle, just think you good you'll feel when the report is done, and you can lay it, and the centre to rest, knowing that you fulfilled all of your duties. I know, its a pain in the arse now, but it'll be over soon.

I just got out of a spearmint bubble bath...nice and soothing for the roaring PMS migraine that's just hovering on the edge of my brain...I'm doing my best to make it go away.

And, my dad just emailed me piccies of my cousin's brand new baby! He's a cute little bean, and my cousin looks thrilled and happy, and all the things that a new mom should be. And its about time. smile.gif

Okay, its time to toddle off to bed for me! See ya'll in the morning.
Ohhhhhhhh how I hate stats. Why did I leave them for last? They are so depressing, and mind-crushingly dull on top of that. And how sickening is it anyway, that the welfare rates are exactly the same as they were 11 years ago when I started doing advocacy? No adjustments for inflation or anything. And I think the rates were actually a little higher before I got into the game.

The candle is still going, turbo....and at the rate I'm cranking out these stats, it may still be going at 7 AM PST!! That's very cute that turbomann is excited and nervous....I really hope it goes well!

Right. I can't stay here, or it will just take me longer to get back to the number crunching. Tomorrow is a busy day, and board meeting in the evening, so I don't know when I'll get to check in, but have a Happy Hump Day!

Heh. I said "hump."

Ciao, everyone!
*driving by in my (imaginary) '65 cherry red Mustang convertible*

Hi everyone! Still working! BLEARGH! But I anticipated this - I slept in very late today (probably exhaustion from all the freaking out I did). Oh, praise the goddess, this is all almost over.

So yeah, I never got around to making my stir fry. Don't want to cook this late! I just scrambled myself les oeufs avec le fromage, and now I'm just popping in to say "hi" while I'm taking a 15 minute break!


The snow has stopped - it's not bad. It's actually warm enough that I've got the balcony door open a crack. But there must be a slight breeze somewhere, b/c it looks like the river is flowing backwards right now.

Anyway, gotta run! Bye!!!
Good luck to Turboman and to Doodle! I'll be at WORK at 9:00 AM but I'll pause to send a vibe.

Doodle, I read your post last night but was too wiped to respond to any...but I dreamt that I was chopping up over-ripe zucchini! laugh.gif

Anti-migrane ~ vibes ~ to Turbojenn.

Hope you have a good birthday, Minx!

Tyger, it sounds like the visit went well, overall. smile.gif

So I think I'm coming down with this winter cold thing that's going around. I felt a little bit of a sore throat overnight in my tossing and turning and now I'm a little stuffed up this morning. Bleargh. Whenever I come down with something it seems like I have it for a month or better.

I wonder if there's something in the stars with Aquarius/Pisces people, because I've got a renewed focus on my health as well. I ordered the book "the mediterranian diet". And "the mediterreanian diet cookbook."

My aunt basically eats like that and she's almost 70 and I'd swear she doesn't look over fifty. I'll start with food, cut out the beer (whimper), stick with one glass of red wine per night and then maybe I'll develop the energy/motivation to get my butt into the exercise room downstairs.

Although I did get a lot of exercise yesterday. My service van is having transmission issues so I had to take it to the shop. Meaning I was walking all over campus yesterday to go from job to job. I bet I put on five miles or better. I need new shoes. Badly. And a new coat. I can't stand clothes shopping for work clothes. Can't ever find anything that fits.
Well, shit, I AM the first to say:

HAPPY FUCKIN BIRTHDAY, MINXY!! You are ONE RED HOTTTT MAMA, and I am proud to say I've learned a hella lot from you. Examples: don't sweat the small shit with the kidlet, interesting foods my man will actually eat and I can cook, and the extrodinary benefits of demanding what I want in the sack!

*MWAH* and have a lovely international minxy day!

eta: got the egg timer set for 10AM EST. (((turbomann))
I'M FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*pops champagne cork*

Ok, well, I still have to format it and do my footnotes, but the draft is complete and ready for the board's approval.

Four in the morning
I'm tapped out and yawning
Longing my life away.....

This one is for minxie's birfday, because it was inspired by conversations on bust: "In recent years, the phenomenon of working women coming home to perform the majority of unpaid childcare has been popularly called 'the second shift.' The Government of BC's insistence on relying upon the unwaged work of women to alleviate the cutbacks to health care and community services has amounted to another phenomenon for women: that of 'the third shift.' By expecting women to perform for free the work funded by taxpayer dollars, the provincial government has placed a huge burden on the backs of BC's women. And in an economy that is constantly said to be 'booming,' with budget surpluses in the billions, this exploitation of women by the BC Government is shameful and indefensible."
doodle- you simply rock. that's all.
*throws confetti all over thread*

Congratulations Doodle, on not only making your deadline, but writing a report that is honest and tough!!!

ANDDDDdddd.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINXY!!! May this year bless you in every way that counts, and bring you much happiness and posperity! And enjoy your luxurious day off!

2 hours until turbomann's interview - WOOT! We'll let you all know how it goes, and thanks so much for all the vibes - we know that BUSTie vibes are mighty!

*waves to moxie and dashes off to work*
[joins Turbo in the tossing of confetti]
Congrats, Doodle!!! So what do you plan on doing to celebrate? Because you deserve to celebrate this.

~*~*~*~*~ mac & cheese job vibes for TurboMan! ~*~*~*~*~ No harm in starting those vibes a little early, right? So, if this goes well, I guess the next step is an in-person interview, yes? How exciting! This is the exact sort of thing that Sheff was going through a year ago. He had companies from Chicago, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and North Carolina showing lots of interest in him. I felt like we were being yanked in all directions! I actually went with him to Salt Lake City because I was so unsure about moving there. In the end, the NC company just felt right to him. I hope TurboMan gets that just-right feeling about this job, too!

~$~$~$~ job vibes for Mouse, too ~$~$~$~ But of course you're the best candidate. How could anyone surpass you?

~~~~~~ soothing for Divala & Treehugger & everyone else with the croop ~~~~~~ Hope you're feeling oakalie doaklie today.

In Kvetch-Land, we have a tradition of performing conga lines on people's birthdays. So without further ado ...
Hap-py hap-py birth-DAY!
To the love-ly Minx-Y!
Cha-cha cha-cha cha CHA!
Happy Birfday, Minxor!! ohmy.gif <-- (what you might look like a second before blowing out candles)

Hello to Moxie, Mouse, Minx, Turbo, Tesao, Polly, Poodle, Doodle, Diva, Miz GB, Shawnboy, Treehugger, Tyger, and Roseviolet (And those missed).

D'oh! Still short on posting time :/ Here's my buddy Rogaine The Destroyer to say Hello from Hawaii (though I'm back now).

IPB Image

Minx, I hope 33 is your best year yet!! It is lookin good so far, no?

Hi tyger! Long time no see! Can I just say how much I love the name "boything?"

Lore, did you build that little sand dude? Nice work!

Doodle, as I've said are absolutely amazing. I am constantly in awe of all you do.

((sick okayers)) nasty winter colds, be gone!

I am good today. Not much happening, the usual. Work is nice & calm. I think I am going to my mom's house tonight, which will be fun.

I am a Leo. Mr K & I are going to make 2007 a year of financial health. We've decided to save a certain amount of moolah & then to start aggressively paying off CCs. No fun, but geez I will feel so much better if we can knock out some debt.
Lorewolf - I love your little sand dude!!!

Minxy, you are having a most rockin' b-day, and I have a feeling its just the start of a whole year of good things for you and minxlette!

I just talked to Turbomann, and he had a *stellar* interview with Kraft! He's way geeked about it, they seem like a really good employer, really interested in developing their employees and mentoring, and encourage creativity in their engineers....if there was a wishlist of things he wants in his new job, Kraft is the perfect fit! Now we gotta go get him a suit, and get him ready for an in-person interview hopefully next week! AND...they have 90 packaging engineers, so there's lots of learning opportunities, teamwork, and most importantly Growth! WOOT!!!! I'm so excited for him.

Okay back to stats and the lastest spambot to attack the site...ugh.
Yay Turboman! I assume this is the Chicago office of Kraft, turbo? From what I've heard, it's a great place to work (Le Boy's brother does business with them.)

Happy Birthday Minx!
Yep, its the chicago office of Kraft...I sure hope they hire him, it really sounds like an amazing place to be an engineer, and he'd get to do a lot more creative stuff than he could with pharma. Yay! I'll keep ya'll posted!
Thanks, guys! smile.gif

ohmy.gif <--- (how Minx might look at some porrrtion of Birfday HBI)

Yikes! It dropped snow a bunch this morning, and I just got back from putting on snow chains. Normally, I'd be at work now, but I'm kinda snowed out, temporarily.

Eh, still gotta cut the post short because I need to do more snow preps. Best of luck to our job-seekers, a health power-up for youse with the flu, and congrats to Doodle for getting it done and fighting the good fight, and some glow-potion for use when Doodle finally corners the Drummer Boy. I picked up some metal hoops from a craft store in Hawaii, and now I'm putting some of my Christmas Amazon certificate toward goat hide for making some drums. Yaaay! Anothre art project!

Yaaay for Turboman good interview and good job prospect cool.gif Package engineering, eh? Here's how I packaged myself for Halloween a while back (like about a decade) I hope the file isn't too big.

IPB Image

Good for Turbomann!! I will keep my fingers crossed, Jen! That's great!

Hi polly!

IPB Image

lorewolf, your pictures are amazing. first of all the little guy is hilarious, and secondly that's one of the most brilliant costumes i've ever seen. i may, in fact, have to steal that idea next year halloween. or costume party....actually, some of my friends are having a valentine's day costume about the armed winged robot of LOVE?

that is so FANTASTIC about turboman's interview!!! i hope the rest of it continues just as well **turboman job vibes**

DOODLE congrats on getting everything FINISHED! where is this report going--who is going to see it? it deserves to be read by a lot of people. good job! i bet you feel AWESOME right now smile.gif

hi treehugger, moxie, rosie, kari and anyone else lurking--we gotta find the fjs. and miss gb's been laying low too.

i got home last night all pumped up about setting up my new (old) NES only to find that my ancient, cheap television lacks video or audio input jacks. pff. so now i either have to get a new tv, or buy an rf modulator for $40. LAME AND A HALF. i'm going to check out goodwill and see what they've got in the way of old tvs. meh.
Hi, peeps!

Yay for Turbomann's great interview! I've got my fingers crossed for him to get the job.

Your sand dude's cute, Lore.

Yay for Doodle getting her report done!

Happy birfday, Minx!

I'm doing okay today. My voice is still all weird, but my throat doesn't hurt. I just wish I could be normal. I'm so sick of me and everyone I know being sick. Gay boyfriend had to cancel on me tonight because now he's sick, too.

I just called Sam to wish him happy birfday. He didn't want to talk much. Oh, well.

One good thing did happen today. You know how I was bitching about our new stupid mail policy in my office? Well, everyone at the meeting we had this morning agreed with me, so hopefully something will get done about it. We just have to deal with "Hitler" as some of us have come to call her. She's not a very nice lady who can't admit that she did anything less than stellar. I know it sounds stupid, but it's kind of a big deal to me. It comes down to a respect issue.

I think I'm also going to make this year one of financial health. I want to set an end goal of how much I want saved by the end of the year. I think $3,000 cash is reasonable. I want the giant and I to be able to take a really good trip somewhere, or at least start saving up for the future, in case there's a wedding or a house purchase coming up in the next 5 years.

Hi, Karianne, Poodle, RV, Polly, and everyone else!
hi folks....

i may not be graduating in june since the morning class that i wanted to switch to is i'm on the waiting list...and now i'm in limbo. the limbo of 'waiting for something to happen'. arrrrgh.

(((((turbomann jobby job vibes))))

(((get well vibes for diva)))


yay for doodle getting the report done!!! wooo!

Wow! A Seven-Buddha Birthday blessing!

Wheeeee! My car just did a 180 on the iced I-5, and it didn't receive as much as a scratch! smile.gif Did I ever tell you guys that I'm the luckiest person I've ever known? My car pirouetted and did a nearly perfect parallel parking job alongside the guard rail. Anyway, I'm giving myself the day off from work. I know when I'm being subtly hinted that I ought to turn back while I can.

Mouse, I'm flattered that you like my Cardboard Avenger outfit. The transforming aspect of it wasn't all that successful, though. Even with a letter paper-sized sheet of velcro holding it to my back, it kept falling off. It was only good for that one sequence-shot that my BMF took and I made an animated gif out of. Well, and I also made a single perfect entrance when I got off an elevator at work transforming from box mode, and the wings locked behind me perfectly without the whole thing crashing behind me. I don't recommend making the box/wing part of the costume, but I can probably dig up a pic of how I made the armor vest. Oh, and good luck with that NES, Mouse smile.gif

Divala, best of luck with finances and Hitler! :hitler smiley icon:

WOOOOOTTTTT! Turbomann!! Kraft does do the most interesting packaging, especially for the new easy mac. We love the new easy mac. Mostly, b/c the package has a line for where the water goes to.

So, I just took the lovliest little (ok, long) lunch break. Went to my co-workers house (just a mile from my house) and played with her kitties while we went over a project, then hit the local mall and returned the dress my mama got me for my birfday (which i got early b/c we try to celebrate our birthdays together in the middle of them...its a long mom is Jan 3, my late grandma was Jan 6 and I'm Jan we always try to celebrate now on grandma's we always did when she was alive and i was a grownup!). With the macy's store credit from the dress, I got: 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of NICE pants (1 dressy, 1 for work), 1 black swishy skirt and a teeshirt. And, I only spent $.63 of my own money! WOOT!

Anyway, now its back to work.
They do do interesting packaging- when Le Boy's brother was there for a meeting, they have a store where you can buy products they're test marketing- sometimes they're already selling them in one area of the country. He got a new style of Parmesan cheese where a chunk of fresh cheese is in the cylindrical container, and there's a grater disc on the bottom. You twist the cylinder part of it and voila! freshly shredded cheese. There's something on there that keeps the cheese chunk pushed against the bottom. We were trying to figure out if there was a way you could refill it. Probably not.

Hi Karianne! Hi Divala! Hi everyone else!
Hello all! Very quick post - am actually sitting here waiting for the moisturizer to soak in so I can put on my makeup and go do my errands! (That was way TMI, wasn't it?)

*chases after minx with the birfday-spankie riding crop*

Hi minx, moxie, turbo, lorewolf, miz gb, karianne, diva, mouse, polly, rose, and...where did that durn poodle go NOW???

Thank you everyone for the congrats! I do feel good about not having to sweat working on the report right up to the board meeting tonight. I didn't wake up till 12:30 today! And my arms ache like they haven't in a long, long, long time. I just took some major painkillers; hopefully I won't fall asleep at the steering wheel.

*gulps back coffee*

YAYYYYYYYYY for turbomann!!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!

*does cartwheels in the thread*

I'm so glad the interview went well...but wow...isn't that next one with the suit going to make it THREE interviews? That must be some place to work at! Good on him!

lorewolf, lovely have given me an idea for a really good practical joke on BFF, too. And then, knowing BFF, she'll want to do it to someone else.

mouse, the report is a lobbying document, so basically, four things will happen to it: it'll be submitted to a lot of politicians and other decision-makers, and the board will try to meet with them to discuss the issues; it'll be given to the Official Opposition for tabling in the Legislature and inclusion in the official record of government; it'll be released to the media in order to foster awareness and public dialogue; and it'll be distributed to other activists as a tool for lobbying. That work was also meant to be part of my project, but the stuff around closing the Centre ate into the project time and money, so the board is going to take on that leftover work after I'm done....and honestly, I'm super-thrilled not to have to meet with any more snake oil salesmen politicians or vultures reporters!!! Anyway, it's good for the board - it will give them something to do in the interim (while they do some strategic planning), and will provide them with an opportunity to raise the profile of the post-Centre organization.

Ok, I gotta run!! Will pop in later this evening, after the board meeting!

~*~*~*~*~*~extra vibes for anyone who needs 'em~*~*~*~*~*~
Yeah, it would truly be a dream if he got hired there...and the benefits are *divine.* Its funny though, that its the dairy division he'd be working in, and well...there's no dairy ever in our house! Oh well, we'll take any job they've got...its waaaaay better than working for pharma and wrangling with the FDA all day about the most meaningless details.

I really could use a nap this afternoon...I'm sweeeepy. I'm going straight from work to getting my astrology chart for the year read, and I'm not quite feeling up to it. I'll have to grab a snack before I go, I think.
Phew! I made it through the archives! I skimmed, but I think I caught everything. My eyes hurt from staring at plat maps and trying to figure shit out. I've been working a lot for the last coupla days and I spent the weekend running around.

I'm listening to Surrender right now.

Mother told me, yes she told me
I'd meet girls like minx!!!
She also told me
Stay away
You never know what you'll catch!!


Yay for Mr. Turbo's successful interview!! ~*~*~*~job vibes~*~*~*~

Congrats, doodle!!

~*~*~*~healing vibes for the sickies~*~*~*~

My hair turned out great! It's noticeably darker. Aveda dye jobs leave my hair looking so shiney. Now I've gotta come up with a new hairstyle so I can get it cut soon.

Ugh, the work day is almost done. I need a bottle of something.

When I woke up minx and mouse
were rolling on the couch!!
Rolling busties
Rockin' Rollin'
Got my Toto records out!!
Rrrroooowrrrr! Minxy, you are HOTT, and those glasses are awesome! I do love a good pair of specs, I wish I could have lots of different pairs, but they're soooo expensive! When I'm rich and famous, I'll be like Elton John and have lots of specs! (only sexxxy ones) tongue.gif

Poodle and mouse - your lyrics are genius!

Had a good astrology chart reading tonight...they year is looking to be as big a shake up as I was already feeling, only perhaps more chaotic than is comfortable...but still, I feel totally up for it. Its time for change, right doodle?! Oh, and the chart said that I have a new tribe....and I instantly thought of ya'll -- 'cause you truly are my tribe.

And hooooray for doodle! Finishing a spectacular report, and serving it up at the board meeting! And then....freedom!!

Turbomann and I just went out to dinner at our favorite thai place...probably shouldn't have, but I've been aching for it, and it was sort of like our splurge before we get serious about a healthy diet again.
Hellooooooooooooooo everyone! Is anyone out there? No? Well. Poop.

AWWW! We're the turbotribe! *wipes tear* biggrin.gif I think it's definitely true we are a tribe here. Let's hope we don't go all Lord of the Flies or anything, though.

minx. Spank me. Seriously. Them glasses is hot.

*hands over birfday-spankies riding crop*

It's really windy here, and icy, especially in the hills...which I didn't know, down here in the valley, until I actually drove up into them thar snowy, icy hills. I almost got stuck up there today, 'cos my car was all over the road! Twice I almost went in a snowbank. But I wanted to make sure I got the board set up with photocopier cards from Staples, so that the organization will never again have to bear the indignity of dealing directly with photocopier companies. Can you believe it? I feel so strongly about photocopier companies now, that I risked life and limb to help others avoid them! tongue.gif

Went to the meeting, everybody glanced at the report and promised to put in their feedback by next Wednesday. And drank tea. And talked about other business and non-business-y things. Then BFF came over...we ate sausage and cheese and crusty French bread, drank hot chocolate, and I did a tarot reading for her. Oh, and then I smoked a bowl. Still smoking it. I definitely feel I've earned it.

turbo, your chart sounds EXCITING! Embrace it! Actually, I can see that you already are. I think it is time for change for a lot of people! Maybe it's just that I feel the energy is flowing differently these days...but I feel it nonetheless! I'm almost convinced it's because my Sagittarian planet, Jupiter, is ruling everything this year. MWAHAHAHA!!

Change is always chaotic, I think. Well, life is chaotic. I think I'm just learning to "go with it" better as I get older.

Speaking of change, BFF and both her daughters may all be attending their first year of university together next year! (I've been really encouraging her to go for it - I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen.) Won't that thrill the daughters, who don't yet know that mom is thinking of joining them? Actually, they are the kind of family that can definitely pull it off, and the girls will probably just blame the menopause. They'll probably have a lot of fun, too. (This is the family that had condoms - male and female - in the 17th birthday party grab bags.) They are truly a close "tribe" - of warrior women!

Actually, hmm. Now that I think about it, I'm really interested in seeing what kind of shit a family of spirited feminists can stir up on campus. Damn, that would make a great sit-com, eh? Or a movie! No wait, a three-woman stage play! OMG. I need a book on scriptwriting, stat.

poodle! Do we get to see any piccies of yer new hair colour?

Hi mouse!

Ok, I don't think I should spend much longer at the computer, after the last few weeks, and especially the last week in particular!
*sneaking into thread...because she is at work*

*jumps on doodle, who has collapsed in a heap on her bed*
wheeeeee! doodle finished! and had holiday time! and attracted a hot drummer boy!!!
*jumps up and down, freaking out the cats*

yayayayayayayay!!!! for us, the turbotribe!

huzzah for change, jenn!

poodle and mouse's noodlings with lyrics are hysterical and pithy and really nicely done!!!

minx! i missed your bday!!! sad.gif but NOT those hawt photos and those cool glasses! i'm jealous of the sparklies! how FUN!!! wub.gif

am also jealous of time spent with your shaman, jenn. i obviously can't journey with mine to find out what the year will bring, because i am in africa and my shaman is in NC. poo.

astrological, now. THAT i could get someone to do for me!


have missed polly and raisin and kari and diva and rosev and has anyone else noticed that we are ALWAYS talking about food???

even turboman's job makes me want to go out in search of wild macaroni and cheese food stuffs!

PLUS: thai food; hunks of cheese that grate out of the can; sausage; more cheese; crusty french bread; hot chocolate.......

no wonder i always want to eat! ohmy.gif

Good morning, ya'll!!!

YAY for early morning visits from tes!!! I'm betting you could probably find some fascinating spiritual teacher out there in Africa to work with you, tes...if you want it, you'll find it - always works that way. I had no idea that a gifted shaman lived 2 blocks away from me, until I asked for it, and he showed up 3 days later. Its nice to leave his house totally spaced out, and just walk home. I never can drive after those things...I get lost in my own neighborhood! tongue.gif

You're so right doodle....Jupiter is ruling this year, and definitely my chart...a lot of the stuff I don't really understand - all the terms and lingo, I just take notes on the important passages and what themes might be showing up. I'm excited for the wild ride ahead, I just know that I want it NOW, and waiting for it is going to be the challenging part.

WOw - you risked life and limb to save your board from the copier that's dedication! And your BFF sounds like an amazing woman...I'm not sure I could've handled my mom going to college with me, but it sounds like they could really play with it and have some fun.

Okay, I've got to do some work here before mass distractions take over...we have our staff holiday party this the office. potluck. Lame. We usually get a pretty decent party at a restaurant, just with some appetizers and wine, to thank us for all of our hard work. This one feels like a slap in the face after the torturous year we've had with the merger that wasn't. Ah well...its 2 hours that I don't have to work this afternoon, and thank cod, I love my co-workers.

Minx, I love your glasses! Your eyes are beautiful, thanks for the picture. Lookin' good, doll.

~~~~job vibes for turboman!~~~~~~ that would be sorta funny if he ended up in the dairy division.

Hi doodle! Stay warm up there. Brrrr. That would be rad if your BFF & her daughters attended college together. They sound like really cool people. Sounds like your meeting went well.

Jenn, how did your reading go?

Hi TES! We are always talking about food, aren't we? I like it! Your mention of Thai food has made me verrry hungry though. Perhaps it is oatmeal time.

Things here today are pretty good so far. Officemate out today, so I can turn my tunes up. Went to my mom's last night. We ate tacos and played Uno with my niece, it was a lot of fun. Our new dining room chairs came in yesteray, I like 'em. Table being delivered today! WooT!
*peeks in*

Hello! I haven't Busted in ages and have no idea what's going on over here in Okayland (other than Minx's fantastic glasses - can I ask where you got them?) but I wanted to say Hi! and see what's been going on with everyone. I've missed Okayland!!

today my mother arrives. stupidly, today is of course the day i leave my phone at home. dur. oh well; should be fine. i'll be home before she reaches her connecting flight.

hi tes! good to see you!

hey kari, sounds like you had fun. how old is your neice?

jenn, good for you for getting guidance for the new year. friend r has a psychic he goes to regularly and i've been begging him to take me along. maybe next month? and YAY TURBOMANN KEEP GOIN'

minxie--your glasses are fantastic!! so shiny!

doodle is such a warrior--braving icy canadian streets so that her people don't have to fight the awful photocopier customer service! warrior of the turbotribe!!

this NES is turning out to be such a hassle! i went and got the thingy so that my ancient tv can hook up to it (can you believe it? my tv is too old/cheap to hook up to the original nintendo. that is one OLD tv), only to get home and realize that i had to buy an extra cable in addition. blaaaah. well at least it has kept me from wasting time these past few days. oh wait that's a lie.

i should've spent last night cleaning for my mom's arrival. instead i ate sandwiches and watched futurama with the ex. bad mouse. so i have to do laundry when i get home--hopefully i'll have time. maybe no one will notice if i slip out of work a little bit early.
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