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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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tes querida, maybe slurping some diet pepsi out of doodle's cleavage would make you feel better. I know just thinking about it makes me feel pretty good.

the turbos are too aXdXoXrXaXbXlXe. See that? I made adorable with seven Xs!

Interviewing drummers is exactly what I had in mind, doodle. And stalking was called romance in the late 18th century.

Neither Pandora nor Servant of the Bones are my faves, but still good.

Kudos for fridges.

I love the internet! My brother's 9500kms away, and I just listened to his radio show--live! Time for bed, though. G'night Busties!
OH. MY. GOD. Drunk turbos are SOOOOO CUTE!!!! Mr. turbo is sexxxxy! turbo, you go, girl!

Ah, tommy....

*shimmy-shakes bosom in the thread, unusually at a loss for words*


Good morning everyone. I don't know what I'm doing awake this early on a Sunday. That's not true, I do know: this report deadline has me wide-awake with the stomach-churning anxiety bullshit. Bah. I have NEVER looked forward to unemployment so much in my entire LIFE!

mouse, glad to hear it's not too big a deal for you over the fridge. YAY for having a working fridge! How long did you have to go without one?

treehugger, I would gladly send you this copy of Servant of the Bones. It's been sitting on my shelf unread for years now. It's a softcover - not a paperback, but regular book-sized. Just PM me; I'm happy to pass it on!

tesao, try the mashed potato trick again! Maybe mashed potatoes have some magic, but temporary, cure for sore throats.

~*~*~*~*~*~muito feel better vibes for tes~*~*~*~*~*~

tommy...interviewing drummers....I may have to resort to that. I was actually thinking yesterday of calling up my brother the drummer and asking him for some tips. tongue.gif

treehugger...oh god, if I try to give you a description of drummerboy, everyone's gonna point and laugh at me and tell me to shut up about the drummer dude already! rolleyes.gif

Right. Well, it wasn't so much the way he looked that you'd first notice (although I thought he was pretty adorable, in a far-too-young sort of way). But it was more that he seemed to radiate this really amazing warm glow, or vibe, or energy, or something. Whatever it was, it threw me off-balance, and into this heightened state of awareness of him, like everything else had sort of faded into the background. Ok? Are you laughing now? All of you? Good. But I'll tell you honestly, it was the strength and "goodness" of his energy that hooked me in, and that's keeping me so tweaked. It was so unexpected. I do NOT get into such a state over strangers. Ever. Actually - I can't believe I'm admitting this - the last time I felt anything remotely like it was the afternoon my previous long-term partner walked into my life for the first time. Except drummerboy's energy is lighter and more open than hers was. Maybe it's just sexual chemistry, or maybe I'm just feeling flattered by his attention. Maybe I'm just having a midlife crisis. I don't know...but I really want to find out!! Oh, and, other than having amazing, powerful energy, he was about 5'10"-11", lean, with gold-rimmed glasses, ruddy colouring, and short, curly, dark blond hair. He was wearing a worn in, caramel-coloured leather jacket and pants, and carrying a knapsack the colour of an orange safety flag. (Sooo maverick chic.) I'm telling you, this boy was sunshine on a stick. Sunshine bursting through my general atmospheric miasma.




Damn, I shouldn't post stuff during my insomniac periods. I sound whacked even to me.
Awwwww.....doodle, your drummer boy sounds lovely, and I love your description of "sunshine on a stick." I do hope you find him....and maybe use your uni contacts to help track this boy down!!

I'm with tommy, though I'd almost go farther to say that Pandora and Servant of the Bones were my least favorite in the whole series...they both just seemed like distractions. Interestingly enough, though her later books in the series continued to wander a bit, the last one, Blackwood Farm, ranks up there among my favorites - probably because it brought together her Witching Hour series (divine!) with my beloved Lestat.

I've got a pot of chicken stock simmering on the stove, as well as a pot of my green chile chicken chili....and my eyes have been slightly burning for the last hour after processing the pound of chiles. ooof.

(((((tes)))) *hands tes a steaming mug of broth with sliced mushrooms, scallions and ginger*

Doodle, I hope you can finish this report swiftly, and get on with that time off that you SO deserve!!
Ooooohhh,, doodle, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you to GO FOR IT!!! It's rare to find somebody who resonates with you like that.

I felt the same way when I first saw the boy. And I couldn't stand him at first, even. But that "something" just kept drawing me in.

And now it's been, um, twelve years. Yikes!

Turbo, I tried that chili! Yum! Thanks for posting that recipe a few weeks ago! It kicked a$$ over my recipe!

Doodle, I'd love a copy of that book! But I'd feel awful if I didn't trade you something. Ummm...I just upgraded to a larger djembe.... how about a small one in trade for that book? Drummer boy could show you how to use it, maybe?? wink.gif

I'm actually serious. I have no need for TWO djembes.

PM me if YOU'RE interested. Cause I am.

IPB Image

*note: the djembe is NOT that big. The top of it measures 6" across and it stands about 10 1/2 inches tall. And I can't claim to know enough about them to say whether it's "good quality" or not. I just think they're fun to play. I got it at Art Gecko.
Ooh, that seems like a very generous trade on your part, treehugger! YAY! And thank you! I will send you Pandora as well. Will PM you later!

turbo, I can't think of a time when you haven't had a weekend pot of stock brewing on the stove! biggrin.gif What are you going to create with it this time?

Yeah, treehugger, if I could go for it, I would, but I stupidly WALKED AWAY the first time and have no idea where to find drummerboy again. turbo's right - may have to utilize my uni friends....though when I mentioned the incident last weekend to a couple of them (ages 22, 23), they told me I SHOULDN'T go for it because "23-year old guys are all idiots." (To be fair, one of them just got dumped by her 23-year old boyfriend.)

Though it would be funny if I started hooking up with a young drummer, after chasing bongoboy out of my apartment complex. Especially if I had treehugger's djembe! (bongoboy had no rhythm. drummerboy showed more rhythmic capability just using his drumsticks on the handle of my shopping cart.)

I think maybe I need to visit the music stores this afternoon. My acoustic guitar needs a new bridge. Ok, well, it's needed a new bridge for 10 months, but there's no time like the present!
Glad you liked the soup, tree! Its one of my new favorites too! So healthy and fresh!

Yeah, doodle, I'm a stock fiend, what can I say?! I think I probably make a pot of it about every 2 weeks. I like to make a pot of stock to be used right away for soup, and then have a couple of tubs of it to stick in the freezer for quick use later. This time around, I'll use some to make brown rice with for the week, and probably make some Tom Kha sometime this week, and freeze some of it.

Doodle, I love that you're going after the challenge of finding the drummer boy with relish!
Can it be with mustard instead? I'm not really a fan of relish. tongue.gif

Right! I'm off!
I leave for ONE DAY and Doodle's shaking her tata's at Tommy who has blown in from the Orient, and the Turbos are on a sangria bender!!


That makes me happy. smile.gif
Good morning, BUSTies!

Before you go sending books, doodle, go to and tag 'em: you can see, even years later, where your books have travelled!

23 year old boys might be idiots, but sometmes even an idiot makes a good boyTOY.

I bought a beautiful Janggu drum two months before a ruptured disc prevented me from ever playing it again. Now I have to sell it *le sniff*

Shenomad and I are off for some snowboarding this week: cha-cha-ciao!
IPB Image
hi tommy!! Snowboarding sounds like fun - be careful of that back of yours!!

Its been in the 40s here for a month now, and I have to say, I wouldn't mind having a little winter here, a little snow.

And what have you been up to, my dear minxy?!
Hi all...quick check-in!

tommy, thanks for the tip on the books! I'll check it out. Great pic! *waves* As Eddie Izzard says, you cannot but look cool on a snowboard.

turbo, I'll be happy to ship some snow in one of those special containers, if you really need some. Some ice as well, maybe some icicles, some road salt that ruins your shoe leather, and some sand that has to be cleaned up in the spring. biggrin.gif

minx, is your birthday last Wednesday or this coming Wednesday? How did I miss that?

Today I discovered that in a big bustling metropolis like mine, all three of the musical instrument stores are closed on Sundays.

Now, I am just procrastinating. Ugh, I have to finish this report. I am totally faking it at this point. It's not going to work out the way I envisioned it, so I'm going to have to fake it and pull something together that's excludes my own local research, and have everyone deal with it. By Wednesday evening.

My mom and I just articulated a theory on the phone, that most people are faking it 75% of the time.
doodle, I'll take that shipment, thankyouverymuch. smile.gif I'd like some icicles for sure, some good cliffs of ice and snow washed up on our beach, and a little of the powder for turbo to play in.

Minxy, your weekend sounds *divine* and a fitting end to a vacation!! And the indoor park sounds rad...I would've loved something like that when I was a tot! 'Course back then we had heaps of snow, and we'd be outside building igloos and forts all afternoon in the snow, and then the dogs would race out and get all excited and mess it all up, all in good fun.

I think you're right on the faking it thing, doodle. I'm starting to realize that I'm faking and procrastinating alot at work these days, it is time for something new. I think I'll make an appt. with the shaman this week to have him do my chart for the year'll help give me a framework.

Okay, off to beddybye for me! See you chicas in the morning!

*~*~*~*~*~*~finish the report vibes for doodle~*~*~*~*~*~

Ok, here it comes!

*packs cooler in the teleporter*

Beam it, Scottie!

I am just about dead from work-related panic attacks this weekend, but I think I finally found the centre of my report. I think I will write for only an hour or so more, just to get my thoughts re-organized on paper, then hit the sack, and trust it will all pour out on the keyboard tomorrow and Tuesday. Does that sound like a plan? Good. I almost convinced myself, too. Please forgive me for this boring description of my life right now!

I think we all fake a lot of things, probably not just at work. We fake emotions, we pretend that everything is fine at home or at work or somewhere else. Lots of the time we're trying to please or protect other people (or protect ourselves!), or to keep the peace. Women are really notorious for this - many women will even fake orgasms. On the other hand, one of the sayings in 12-step groups is "fake it till you make it," which is an interesting concept! On the other hand (if I had three hands), I think many 12-step groups not infrequently descend into dysfunctional, cult-like behaviour. So. I had a point here. I need to stop and go back to work.

No. I need a 23-year old boytoy (tommy's word) to be here luring me away into the bedroom. DAMN.
doodle-thanks for reminding us of the pleasent side of global warming...we were seriously weirded out last night when moxieman took the trash out in a teeshirt. in January. In Michigan. On the eve of my 20th birthday, it was so cold, classes at our University were cancelled, we all walked outside, turned around and came back in. Today, I'll probably do exercise outside. Warped, weird, wrong.

Anyway, minxy- there comes a time when one can nap when the offspring are awake? really? really? when is that?

we had a pretty darned good weekend ourselves. we spent a lot of family time together doing totally mundane things- grocery store, grandparents house, etc. my SIL took moxette for a couple hours yesterday afternoon for a playdate with some long-forgotten toys at home, so moxieman and i got a LONG nap, and serious HBI. And, we had the yummiest enchilada's last night. I don't claim to make the sauce, though--its one of the things I actually rely on TJ's for. Delish!

Ok, I'm up, so I'd best get to work. If I can start work at 5:$5 AM, I can justify stopping at 2 for a nap.
Ahhhhhhh, I don't know about you moxie, but I woke up to a perfectly chill morning here - definitely feels better. 35 degrees here, and the ground is freezing - woo-hoo!

Doodle, your report shall be finished on time, with ease, and will unfold beautifully before you, without any further need for stress or anxiety! All you have to do is allow it to be so...right?!

I'm not sure I'm really ready to face a 5 day work week, here, but I'll do my best, I guess. And I'll be doing a cleanse this week...and you know it --- a colonic, so that'll be a good start to the year, and hopefully somewhere in there, I'll get my astrology chart done for the year, so I can have all things aligned and ready for my new job!!! (its out there, I know it, I just have to find it)

Hi, peeps!

I haven't read much of the Anne Rice, though I did make it through the Beauty trilogy and read Belinda. I've got others, but they've been sitting unread on my bookshelf for many years. I just can't muster up the committment to get through 500 pages or so of anything right now. It's a big deal for me to finish a magazine, much less a novel. And I used to be such a huge reader. I will admit, though, that I liked the Interview movie a lot more than Queen of the Damned, even though Tom Cruise was in it and I loathe all things scientologist. I just couldn't get into QOTD.

Wow, Treehugger, your old place sounds like a mess. But that's so cool that you figured out how to do things on your own. I sure wish I could.

Hi, Tommy! I hear Auckland is beautiful. A bunch of friends from the Pride board went there for Interpride a few years back and loved it.

Drunken Turbos are cuuuuuute!

I'd definitely say it's true that people fake it 75% of the time. I know I do, and it makes me feel better that I'm not alone, especially in the emotional faking, since I'm not that much of an outwardly emotional person, so it's an effort to not act flat like I normally would.

Drummers amaze me. Especially ones like Neil Purt (sp?) and Keith Moon and the guy from Avenged Sevenfold. I seriously can't believe they do all that stuff with just 2 arms. It sounds like they've got about 5.

I don't know if I'm ready for a 5-day workweek, either. I do have to get a cavity filled in a couple days, so I get to leave early, but not early enough to make it feel like I've got any time off. Oh, well.

Congrats on your new nephew, TurboJenn! I love the name Zachary. I kind of wish they'd named Sam that.

The giant and I had a pretty okay weekend. He's still sick, but doing much better. My dad told him to get some of the good Sudafed (the kind you need ID to buy) and take it with a Claritin. He's been coughing so much less and his body aches are gone. I love that my dad pretty much always knows the answer to stuff like this. Still, I got to make the trip to my parents' place alone on Saturday, which was fine by me. The giant said he's "not feeling social." My parents got a good laugh out of that one because the giant is notoriously quiet, so it's not like they would have noticed a difference. Sam was so sweet to hang around with. My parents got balloons and everything (it was a celebration for Sam's, my dad's, and my birfdays), and Sam got some really good toys. Mom and Dad even got me my own birfday cake. Sam's getting an attitude, though. My dad didn't want to let Sam play a game he's too young for, so Sam stamped his foot and said "you're ruining my whole birthday season!!!" And don't dare interrupt him or else you'll get a "be quiet! I am SPEAKING!" from him. Yesterday, we didn't do much of anything except watch TV and clean the house. I'm starting to purge some things, which feels good. Hopefully I'll have a whole large box of stuff for Goodwill by next weekend.

Oh, I was supposed to find some beach views, so here they are: the town where I grew up the top middle one
good morning!

happy birthday diva! i LOVE the teapot watertower!!

((doodle finish report vibes)) and your drummerboy sounds dreamy smile.gif

welcome turbonephew!

hi tommy, minxie, moxie, treehugger an everybody else.....glad all your weekends went well. mine was pretty low-key since i still am sick. the most exciting part was getting to meet gaybf's new bf, who is not how i had imagined he would be but is totally cute regardless and they seem to be completely smitten with each other. which is great. though i can't help feeling that pang you get when a good friend starts dating someone seriously and you know you won't get to see much of them anymore.

selfish mouse!

sunday i picked the ex up from the airport and as thanks he took me to jerry's deli and bought me matzo ball soup. yummmm.

my mom is coming into town on thursday. i love her, and i'm really excited about showing her around, but i'm already regretting agreeing to let her stay with me for a whole freaking week. you guys know how small my place is.....and it means i have to sleep on the couch for a week and don't get any privacy for a week and i don't get to go out with my friends for a week. ahhhhh--doodle how do you manage it???
oh god! embarassment!

so--okay, i told you about how i got a new fridge. the old fridge has yet to be disposed of; my landlord (i guess technically he's the building manager, really) was gonna do it but he needs someone to help him carry it and he couldn't get ahold of anyone saturday and sunday is his day off. so, today was the day.

the problem is, he was claiming that his key to my apartment didn't work. so i was supposed to get a copy of my key made yesterday, which i didn't manage to do. i called him this morning telling him that and we said we'd figure it out tomorrow.

i just got a call from him saying he'd tried his key again and it worked (of course it does), and he's going to get rid of my fridge today. this would be great except for the fact that my apartment is a pigsty right now and i know for a fact that there's a pair of underwear i washed in the sink and hung on the bathroom dorknob to dry. agh.
That teapot watertower is the bane of Lindstrom's existence. Some rich people (who used to own the 365 Xmas store that recently closed) bought that non-working water tower just so they could add a handle, a spout, and rosemall it. The damn thing serves no purpose whatsoever.

Good luck with your mom's visit. I don't understand how you and Doodle do it, but it makes me darn happy to have a guest room.

I'm going on a mission now to find a large toolchest, like the kind they have at hardware stores and workbenches with all the little cubbies to keep bolts, screws, nails, and such in. I need about 200 slots for all my different beads, so I'm going to hit up a couple hardware stores near work. I'm committing this week to organizing all my crafting stuff, so help me Maud.
hahah really? man. oh well.

reminds me of longport, nj's smiley faced water tower.

ETA: while looking for a pic, i found out that it's not the only one!
Mouse, did you create your new avvie yourself! Its veryvery nice!!

That teapot watertower is very nice...too bad it doesn't actually hold water I guess. In that way, its a little like our very own Leaning Tower which is pretty funny, because its surrounded by Target, a YMCA and a car dealership...very odd.

Sounds like Sam is getting the smarty pants mouth that all kids seem to get when they just start outgrowing the toddler years, and really have their own sense of self....and only self. tongue.gif Thank cod that phase passes too...and I'm sure your parents will keep their expectations up for Sam's behavior.

Mouse, I think undies on a doorknob are pretty innocuous...however, when we went home for the holidays, Mark's dad handed him one of my very sexy lacy black thongs, that I forgot - probably left it under the bed or something...pretty funny stuff. I'm just glad I got it back! tongue.gif

I've started reading the South Beach Diet book, 'cause turbomann's doc wants him to change his diet, lose weight, yada yada, and all that good stuff. And for the first time in the 5 years since I changed my diet, he's actually interested in making some changes, which makes me very excited, 'cause I don't want him to end up like his dad with a quad bypass at age 50. I am such a nutrition nerd, so its fun for me too! South beach isn't really any different than my normal, diet, when I'm on the wagon with my own program - just a couple weeks at the front end of really strict eating, which is fine. So, I'll start planning to implement that at home next week...and with my cleanse and colonic this week - we will be one healthy household!
turbo, i did! thank you smile.gif it's a self-portrait

i love that tiny leaning tower. i love weirdo roadside america type stuff. near where i grew up there is an actual attraction CALLED "roadside america" which is a gigantic model of a tiny american town--smaller than dollhouse size--with all sorts of awesome tiny trolleys and buses and lights that go on and off and swingsets swingning and whatnot, and every ten minutes or so the lights dim and it's "night" for a while. SO COOL.
Hello Okayers!

Seems like everyone is doing well today.

Love the drunk turbo posts!! A rare appearance from turbomann too! have a new love interest? Oh-la-la!

Nothing much to report here. The usual. I too am reluctantly entering a 5 day work week. bah. We are off next Monday though for MLK day, so that's something.

Hi Jenn, Diva, Mouse, Doodle, Moxie, Minx, treehugger, tommy, & anyone else I forgot!
hi kari!

where is everyone? what, are you all, like, WORKING or something?

Yeah, this crappy work thing is really cramping my style today! I'm outta here though, to get my lazy arse back to the gym for spin more holiday lazy time for me!
yeah, i said the same thing this morning...and when i had 40 minutes to myself, i took a nap. i could be on the treadmill right now, too...
Good afternoon everyone! Quick break, CANNOT stay long, MUST work. *pant, pant*

mouse and mom and I manage it because we have reached a place of loving detachment, where neither of us tries to interfere with how the other lives her life! It takes awhile to achieve the balance, but our relationship now is more complex than "just" mother and daughter...we are friends and equals, and in some ways, because of our shared struggles as women, we are even sisters. We also have a pretty high level of communication, and it helps a LOT that we are both people who need space and privacy, so we absolutely respect that in one another. So. That's the scoop. smile.gif

mouse, totally don't worry about your landlord seeing your place. If your landlord is disorganized enough not to know if he has a working key, then he's probably not going to worry too much about your place. Anyway, my landlords saw my place when it was at some of the worst stages of clutter and mess, but they currently think I'm the greatest tenant that ever lived. So! (ETA: your new avie is really, really cool! Is it watercolour, acrylic, or ink wash?)

diva, that giant teapot rocks. I didn't know the Mississippi river was that far north, though! Sorry...they made us learn about shit like the Athabasca river in school.

Love the Leaning Tower of Niles, also! turbo, have you ever read the Schwarzbein Principle? I got a lot out of it - her program really helped me take control of the FMS and a whole lot of other shit (like curing myself of a lifelong sugar addiction). Diana Schwarzbein is a physician and endocrinologist who specializes in real nutrition-based health (not "just" weight loss - instead, she actually promotes holistic health and natural body size...which is probably why she's not more famous), in kind of a South Beach-but-better way. Also, tell me again, for my curiosity...what astrology sign(s) are you?

moxie! I am envious of your warmth. Actually, it has been warmish here, too, but there's still snow on the ground, and ice on the river. Though it's a thin layer of ice. When I was a kid, you could skate on the edges of this river. Now, you'd just drown!

karianne - not sure I'd call him a love interest yet, so much as I would a lust interest. For now, anyway! biggrin.gif

Is making me late
Is keeping me way-ay-ay-ay-ay-ting
Heya ladies, turbo, minx, mouse, turbo, fj, mr turbo mr anyone else i's fiancee called in sick I got to sleep in all day after staying up all night trying to produce materials for my podcast

HAd a great weekend and just chilled out and took some meditation...orr umm err medication...something like that.

I'm kinda curious where my gal poodles is at?? Must be crunchin numbers and poppin advil...I hear they are selling cat-poop coffee in the twin cities area...Kopi Luwak coffee From Jim Cone's "Coffee and Tea Limited" using cat digested coffee beans to make a delicious steaming cup of Java!!!

I'll send the cash if ya can pick me up a big ol bag of that stuff for my neighbors....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Hi everybody!!

Cat digested coffee beans?! Fer real? Seriously, whoever made that discovery needs a hobby.

Thanks for the reco, doodle, I'll definitely check out that book - I looooove nutrition/healing books...turbomann is already a little scared of my enthusiasm to his openness to a new health regime. heh. I'll take this as seriously as he'll let me. tongue.gif I just so happen to have a little gift card from Borders, so I might have to wander over there and look for the book tomorrow.

*~*~*~*~sends doodle some magical report writing vibes~*~*~*~*~*

doodle, I'm a cancer, but also a gemini cusper. Turboman would be the aquarius/pisces cusp. We have got a lot of water goin' on, eh?

Okay, I've got to trot off and get my geek on with south beach...heh.
Stopping by to catch my breath again!

turbo, I think there are several Schwarzbein books now...I really recommend starting with the first one (The Schwarzbein Principle), because it's less confusing! But I think all of them give the overview....I like the "simple" version, because otherwise thinking/planning around food can get obsessive for me; I get triggered back to my eating disorder days.

My ma is a cancer! That explains your homebody nature...I wish someone would explain mine! Taurus moon, perhaps.

shawn, I've heard of that sounds disgusting! I wonder if it harms the cats in any way?

Hmm....I wonder how much income I could earn that way....

Cripes, I'm really letting it rip in this report. Not to bore anyone, but I actually wrote this paragraph just now:

"Over the past six years, whenever criticized for the harmful effects of cutbacks on women and their families, the BC Government has repeatedly countered, ad nauseum, with public statements congratulating itself for its continued support of some anti-violence services for women. Painting a picture of an already-equal society, where the only 'real' issues facing the female gender are spousal assault and rape, the government continues to deny that anything else need be done to meet the rights of women as tax-payers and citizens of the province."

Take THAT, ya bastards! They know it's all true anyway. Besides, what are they gonna do to us - or to me - now?

I'm trying to decide whether or not to work in phrases like "colonial, patriarchal legacy" and "capitalist imperialism." Probably not, but it's nice to dream!
*cheers doodle on* GO DooooooDLE!!!!

You go get 'em sister! Tell them *exactly* how it is! No more being polite! That paragraph is AWESOME! I hope the rest of the report packs in many more powerful statements like that one.

I'll definitely check out the Schwarzbein books, I think for me, any of the books I read are beneficial, and eventually, it all comes back to the same simple diet that works best for me...its the laziness that eventually gets me in the end, when I get complacent, and think - hey --- maybe I'm *not* allergic to DairyWheatEggsSugar anymore, and I can eat whatever I want! Nope, not gonna cut it. And while maybe I could fully heal through homeopathy, the sadist and food obsessive in me likes that the allergies keep me in line. Eventually, there is pain...and it makes you pay attention. wink.gif

Okay, off to bed to me, so I can read and unwind...because, of course, I just got out of the bathtub...
M'kay, I promised myself another break when the sections on legal aid and welfare cuts were done. So here I am!

turbo, I don't think anyone's ever accused me of being polite! Tee hee! Certainly not anyone in this administration, anyway.

Thanks for the kudos! Good night!!!

Damn, all this food talk. I think I need to eat something....
Hi again everyone! one. Since my last post anyway. Damn you all.

Where are poodle and the FJs?

Well, I am calling it quits for the night...2:30! Got a ton done, definitely anticipate finishing the report tomorrow. It'll be shorter than I hoped, but it will be succinct! (Nobody in government really reads those long reports anyway. I have that directly from the source.)

Right. So. Think I will play with the poor, neglected kitty-cats for a few minutes and then toddle off to bed, then start all over again tomorrow with a fresh brain. Happy Tuesday, y'all!

Oh! Tuesday! I can do my Good Things! I never get here in time to do this! I've got some stored up!

1) report almost complete!
2) will still accomplish #1 even after taking some holiday time off
3) #1 = panic attacks will soon subside
4) #1 = board chair will stop pestering me
5) #1 = one step closer to finishing this job
6) #5 = closure and peace
7) finally got my minilighted-macrame hung back up in the bedroom!
8) got to be by myself for most of the holidays
9) don't feel the slightest bit guilty or weird about being alone on the holidays
10) hair appointment coming up = happiness
11) get to tell my hair stylist that her "just been fucked"-look (her words) haircut may have contributed to the possible future wholesale corruption of an innocent 23-year old drummerboy
12) holy shit, that's definitely got to be reported as a Good Thing - a 23-year old drummerboy tried to chat me up!
13) (because I'm anti-superstition and have to have a #13) I have plasticine!

(ETA: this report paragraph is for you, jenn, 'cos it's "turbocharged!"......"Additionally, many women have returned to or remained in abusive relationships upon learning that they could not support their children on the rates that welfare provides. This in itself should serve as a dire warning to anyone who cares about ending poverty and violence against women: if welfare is truly the 'system of last resort,' as it would be in many cases of women fleeing spousal violence, then it's clear that a growing number of women view suffering abuse as a step up from their experiences with the system of support provided by the Government of BC.")
Doodle, reading that paragraph gave me GOOSEBUMPS. You go, girl!!! Whoo hoo!

Turbo, I'm an aquarius/pisces cusp too! biggrin.gif And South Beach Diet is one of those really sensible, healthy eating plans that worked well for me! I lost 30 pounds on it a couple years ago. The only problem I have is I like beer wayyyy too much. I gained it all back. Evil, seductive, beer.

Gotta make this really quick since I overslept this morning! I'm thinking about seeing if I can change my hours to start work later....theoretically I'd go downstairs to the weight room and workout. Realistically, I'd probably spend that hour BUSTING.

Have a great day everybody!
mornhing all! After a LONG ass day yesterday, I'm back at the grind. This morning's assignment? Budget projections. Big fun, eh?

Doodle, those paragraphs rock! You tell 'em! Everytime I think moving to Canada is a great idea (mostly cause you Cannucks are so darned NICE!), I remember your stories about the gov't, and realize that its not soooo different from the US. Except for the maternity leave...i'd have love another month or so at home with moxette...but would never have done the full 50 weeks.

OK, so good things tuesday, the early edition:

1. It finally snowed yesterday! It was beautiful!
2. The look of shock on moxette's face yesterday when I told her "NO" and she knew I meant it. Recognition, awesome!
3. Um...i go to the gym today? Is that good?

OK, after some java...hopefully not the kittypoop kind (can you tell us more about that, hmmmm?), i'll have more things.

pssst- I'm a capricorn with cancer acsending. I'm pretty sure its why Turbo and I click so well. We're natural compliments. That, and she has a great house. And a cool doggie. And a rockin hubby.
moxie, YAYAY for recognition!!! and for snow!!!

doooooooodle -- have i mentioned lately how much i love you and your silver tongue??? no? consider it done. i, too, am a bona fide member of the chicken flesh all over my body after reading those searing paragraphs. go get 'em, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!!! kick their butts! i mean? being beaten and abused is BETTER than going on welfare? ass hats DO VEX ME!!!!!

tree hugger, i keep meaning to tell you how much i LOVE that avatar of the tortie kittie and always forget!

jenn, i think you know that i am also an aquarius/pisces cusp child......maybe that explains you and me???

um. loads of other things to say, but need to get back to work.

hope to be able to pop in again later!
Mornin' ya'll!!

And a special BIG HUG for a morning visit from tes!!!!

And goodness, I'm surrounded by aquarius/pisces cusps in here - how cool is that?! Hopefully my piscerian will be headed to the gym to pick up his membership card that I've been paying for for 2 years...but that's how pisces are, I suppose...all in their own time. I'm just thrilled to see turbomann taking an interest in his health. And tree, he did weep just a little when I told him that beer was one of the few big no-nos on south beach...the man loves his beer. But, once he gets back to the gym, and melts a few pounds off, the beer shouldn't be a problem - he never drinks more than one a night anyway, its just that exercise hasn't been part of his life for awhile.

Doodle, you are a wonder....that report is going to burn in their hands!!

Good things tuesday:
1. a fresh re-focus on health for turbomann and I for the new year
2. getting my chart read tomorrow night
3. Cleanse starting tomorrow - and a colonic this weekend - WOOT!
4. My first netflix movies arrived!

[groggily stumbles in, rubs eyes, & waves at the room]
Good morning, you gorgeous Okay-ers. Just thought I'd stop by with a basket of apple cinnamon muffins & some OJ, but it looks like we're all watching our weight right now. Maybe we can split the muffins in half of something?

It's Good Things Tuesday! Wee!!!!
1) Doodle is almost done with that report. Preach it, baby!
2) Divala's beachy pics ... especially the teapot water tower. And Turbo's leaning tower. And all great road side attractions!
3) Good advice from my dear husband. That man is super smart.
4) Mint chocolate brownies. In my kitchen. Right now.
5) I have managed to control my chocoholic urges & have actually eaten more strawberries than brownies in the last 24 hours. This is big for me, people.
6) Snow is finally coming to our local mountains. 'Bout time!
7)I have already completed one load of laundry and it is only 9am.

I'm a Taurus and ... ummm ... Libra rising? Maybe? I honestly don't kow what the whole "rising" thing means. Sheff is an Aquarius. I hope this doesn't mean we're doomed or something.
*wishes he had rocked Guac-Fest '07*

Hello Everybootay!

Gaaah! Gotta run now, but Mahalo and good luck to everyone. I have to start writing posts earlier.
Don't make Sesame Street angry!! POST!!!
IPB Image
*backs slowly away from puppets with knives*

Happy pre-birthday, minxy!!! It seems you have much to celebrate this year! And a massage is a perfect way to celebrate! Woo-hoo! Are you gonna wear that hott dress somewhere special for your birfday? (and I'm still waiting for a piccie of you in your sexy sparkalicious specs!)

Turbomann should be having a phone interview for a very good job today...*crosses all fingers and toes*

hi hi rosie! That's a very nice list of good men in our lives are always a good thing!
yes sir, ernie, sir!

*typing quickly and nervously*

good things tuesday:
--finally getting over this cold
--got a new fridge and the old fridge is GONE and i celebrated by hanging a picture of a rabbit above my new, tiny, fridge. my kitchen looks ten times bigger, and i have more surface space! yay!
--going to go see living sisters tonight (three of my favorite female local musicians playing together!)
--got my oldschool NES in the mail! totally playing mario world tonight YES
--happy about mom coming to visit
--according to friend r, potential new job thinks i am "the best candidate so far"

minxie! happy birthday!

doodle, that report is going to be INTENSE. good job woman!

hi turbo, tessie, rosie, moxie, lorewolf, treehugger and anyone else lurking!

has anyone talked to poods? i imagine the fjs are caught up with their bean and its adventures; i think poodle mentioned going home for her mother's birthday (??)

i am a pisces. oh, am i a pisces. not even cusp anything, smack in the middle, and it shows. tongue.gif
Hi, peeps!

((((((((( interview vibes for TurboMann )))))))))

Hooray for the new fridge, Mouse!

Happy early birfday, Minx!

Good on you for telling it like it is, Doodle!

Hellos to Treehugger, RV, Lore, Tesao, Moxie, and TJ!

I sound like one of Marge Simpson's sisters right now, and have for the last 2 days. I'm afraid I'm getting whatever the giant is getting over, which would make this the third time I'm sick in under a month. This sucks. I'm going to pick up some Zicam at the drugstore in a few minutes and see if that helps anything. I just hope I don't have to cancel my dentist appointment on Thursday. I hate having to reschedule stuff.

I'm a Capricorn, and about as Capricorn as Capricorns get. Sam and my dad are Caps, too. The giant is on the cusp between Taurus and whatever the next one is. It's his Taurus qualities that make us such a good couple. They're my ideal match.

I haven't heard from Poods lately, but maybe she's just busy with work. Hmmm... will investigate.

Good Things Tuesday:
oy, it's hard to come up with anything. My voice squeaks when I try to talk, an idiot supervisor in my department decided it's too much for any of us to ask to get back anything we send out in the mail which is an especially huge pain in the ass for me, and this is just kind of a lousy day overall.
dude...muppets with guns??? are they going to be teaching a gun safety class i hope....?

*ducks for cover behind oscar's garbage can*

good things tuesday:
-Back to school!!!
-i won the door prize last nite and got free product!
-a good potential winery weekend coming up...if agrees on it.
-free clothes!
-a possible new job looming on the horizon!
-broccoli!!! ok thats never good. dry.gif

i've done the math and if i don't miss one day and i switch to morning at the new semester(feb) i will be done by june! wooo!

hi mouse, turbo, moxie, minx, lorewolf, treehugger, tes, doodle, diva, kari, poodle, roseviolet.....and lurkers lurking lurkily. is that a word?

i'm a gemini....which explains ALOT. cool.gif
Ms gb -- wouldn't it be nice if broccoli really did sound like a good idea?! That would make life a lot easier...broccoli is one of those veg that I really have to force myself to eat. I've got no issues with greens like kale, but just lurks in my fridge, glaring at me.

Hooray mouse!!! I hope the new job comes through! Don't you just feel all warm and fuzzy when you hear stuff like "you're the most qualified candidate?"

and WOOT! for ms gb just a short 6 months away from graduation!

(((get better vibes for diva))) Man, there is a nasty cold just going round and round out here too...its cutting our staff down one by one. *puts on super-ninja cold-evading gear*
*delurks delurkily*
Just dropping in on a recommendation for the sickies out there- it's going to sound weird, but try taking colostrum supplements. My sister turned me on to them, and HOLY CRAP- they kick the shit out of a cold. You can get them at health food store; they'll overcharge you, but you can get them there. There's also a good source on eBay that sells them for a third of the price. The first time I tried it, I was just in the first day of the "I think I'm getting a cold" take two pills twice a day (and I also did Airborne) and it just never got past that. After 3 days, it was gone. Completely.

ETA: the seller on eBay is called "Jamdrews". They sell a lot of supplements, and this one is specifically called "Nature's Rx Colostrum : Immune System & Muscle Booster"
hi miss gb!!

turbo, i know smile.gif i don't know how far i believe him, though, since he's been talking me up about this job forever (i think it's kind of vicarious, honestly) but it's still nice to hear!

i like cooked broccoli. i can't stand raw broccoli. it makes my mouth hurt. i may be slightly allergic?

when i was a small child growing up i found a worm in my broccoli because it had come from my dad's (organic, homegrown, fresh, overflowing in the summer and only later would i realize how goddamn lucky i was to have that) garden, and wouldn't eat broccoli for a long time after that.

*sigh* silly mouse-child, eating worms is a small price to pay for eating organic veggies from your own backyard.
I <3 broccoli, but I can't eat it raw either (not a mouth hurty thing, just don't like it)...I knew someone who had a sensitivity to raw vegetables- I don't know if it was all raw veggies, but she said there was some chemical in them that she was allergic to that gets cooked out.

I do get a mouth hurty thing with zucchini, though.
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