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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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ok back again....

beach day? hmmm sounds good....not my beach though unless you want to become a human meat-sicle.....its freezing out with 25 mph winds all last night.....i know i heard roof tiles taking off at 3 am...jake woke me up to listen to them. he was a little freaked out..whereas molly was relaxing sleepily on her huge dog bed.

((((PK)))) you take the days you need...we all need a bit of 'mental time off' every once in a while.

lots of crap has happened in the household goes..

-i'm putting in my notice for this job so in Feb i can start school with the morning class(5 days a week) so i can be done sooner.
-we have to re-fi's car due to some loan issues(primary yada yada)
-i may have found a part time gig to help supplement my income while doing day school already and i only updated my resume yesterday.
-i've decided where i want to assist in a salon--we went there yesterday-its my friend susan and she cut my mom's hair and let me blowdry it and liked the results. the salon is way laid back-no drama- so i know that will help. plus, its in a great location.

yesterday was funny. momma gb bought me lunch at whole foods after i did her hair, and as i sat down, a little girl(about 6-7) sat nearby waiting for her mom who was maybe 8 feet away...the girl is looking at me and smiling so i smile back...before i know it, she's talking and asking questions 'whats your name, you have pretty earrings' mom is laughing and the other mom is amused. my mom explains that i'm a kid/animal magnet and the other mom agrees...'its true. its in your smile.' she says. the mom and girl wave good-bye and we have lunch. stuff like this happens all the time but hasn't for awhile and it makes me wonder if i am pursuing the right occupation.


have a great friday you crusty cunts!

ETA: what a lovely pict of minx and minxman!!!
oh wow, i cross posted with everyone!

i confess to looking at the other pix too......that one of you and minxlette is freaking adorable, as is her "christmas dance"--what a funny kid!

hi gb! hi diva!

my beach isn't really a's a small, man-made lake. no sand. but! many charlie chaplin movies were filmed there! (as well as parts of "chinatown", and a ton of other stuff) see?

i feel queasy this morning. this is not good. bleh.
((((anti queasy vibes for mouse)))

((jobbity job vibes for all who need them))))

((((warm sunny happy fuzzy vibes cuz its too damn cold out)))
Hi everyone!!

I'm feeling crusty today. My brain hurts from screwing around with numbers. I wish I could blow this off, but it was actually due on Weds. so I have to get it outta here.


I'm loving all these pictures! Looking good, minx!

Hidden Beach (on Cedar Lake) is pot-smoking, bongo-playing central now. On many occasions, I've been tempted to steal people's bongos and throw them in the lake. I like going there in the middle of the night when all of the annoying crusty scenesters are gone. I took XRB there a while back because he had never seen any of the Minneapolis lakes. It's so peaceful at night partly because the water is perfectly still. It looks like glass. There are many lakes to choose from in Minneapolis, but Cedar Lake is my personal favorite because there are no boats and it's surrounded by heavy woods rather than parkways. My only complaint is the bongo-playing.
Minxy, you and minxman are HOTT!! I only wish we could've gotten a better look there at your sparkalicious new spectacles! smile.gif

((((mousie feel better))))

(((re-fi and job vibes for ms gb)))

How can XRB live in Mpls and not have seen any of the lakes?! I'm glad you're there to educate that boy - he needs to get out a little more!

I am so crabby today...I'm still catching up and doing annoying bullshit work that should be someone else's job. I need to get my ass in gear and get a new job STAT! I don't think I can wait for turbomann to safely be ensconced at a new desk...I'm gonna work on my resume and cover letters this weekend, I think.

We've got a bit of social activity this weekend - big happy hour tonight with *everyone* from turbomann's old work - 2 others from his dept are leaving, so it'll be a good networking opportunity for him. I'm going along as the dutiful wife. rolleyes.gif Tomorrow, resume-ing, and then dinner with our pug-owning neighbors. I'm sure there will be some libations involved there. heh.

Okay, back to the pile here...
Sounds like you have an eventful weekend ahead of you. I'm not really sure what's going on yet.

I'm gonna fer sure watch Marathon Man at some point--probably tonight. I watched Midnight Cowboy last night as part of my Dustin Hoffman movie marathon. Geez...that movie is depressing as hell and weird in some scenes. There were clearly drugs involved in the making of the movie. Still, it's pretty good.
oooh, oooh! Poodle, my first Netflix movies should be arriving tonight - "who killed the electric car?" and "Narnia"...I'm so excited to have movies to watch! Turbomann hated my queue, so hopefully he added his own choices on list was pretty much all romantic comedies and documentaries. I really need to broaden my horizons.
What does turboman like? I have a ton of documentaries in my queue.

I can't wait to go home and open a bottle of wine. Ooh! I have beer too!! Tough decision. I guess I'll have to drink a little (or a lot) of each!
Turbomann likes straight up comedy, goofy stuff, 'splosions, action, adventure, suspense, thrillers, scary...he'll watch most anything, but gets a little tired of the fluff I'm prone to. I can't handle suspense/thrillers - too stressful! Hell, I was yelling at the tv watching a show about people climbing everest!! blink.gif

No netflix in the box today, me something to look forward to tomorrow, since we'll be out tonight anyhow.

ETA: *runs into thread ringing the okayland cowbell* CLANG! CLANG! clang!

My cousin (who lost her premie last year) just had a beautiful baby boy! Zachary Nathan, and he's 6lb, 8oz, and has a full head of *bright* red hair, just like his momma. YAY! Everyone's doing great, she had a planned c-section, and he came out starving and ready to eat!

Yeah little one too!!!
*butting in regards to movie marathons.....

You haven't lived till you have a John Waters movie marathon. Preferably all movies with Divine. OMG. I thought I was insane by the end of the weekend.... ohmy.gif

Congrats to turbocousin!!! smile.gif

ETA: I don't live by this anymore but this USED to be the scene out of my dining room window....

IPB Image

That was taken in March of, I think 2003 or so. Too bad the house was such a shack.
YAAAAAAAYYYYY The Weekend is finally here, although I still have one more night of work.
I'm going to the local video store and grabbin Superman 3 and 4.....I've been doing alot of movies lately..I finally saw Pirates 2 last night...Did anyone see the pic of Keith Richards and Depp for the new movie?? Priceless. laugh.gif

RANT: We have a stooopid neighbor who has decided to spit on our car in the parking lot and last night was another goober suprise on the passenger window.....I'm at my wits end and plan on getting terribly even...I can'ty even finish a complete sentence I'm so pissed....LOL

I told the wifey that I wanna leave a special gift from cleaveland on the persons hood. LOL

Perhaps it's time to get my bongos out and get wiiiiiiide.

Where's my cowbell??
Hmmmm... still needs more cowbell.
Greetings, ladies and jellyspoons! And transgendered persons, of course.

Just home from errand running. Nothing interesting turned up at the grocery store. *le sigh* (Oh, except a sale on hyacinths.) I look hot today, too, dammit. what?

(((((PK))))) Don't know what to say, except I feel for you, and hope it all works itself out. Don't feel guilty about taking time off if you need it, either. We were always allowed to take our sick time as "mental health days" at the women's centre, if we needed them. Your emotional and psychological well-being has a huge bearing on your overall health, so I hope you can embrace the time you have off and use it to find your centre again.

Oof. George is on the table, practically sitting on my hands.

turbo...good luck with your resume building! It's such a great exercise in reminding yourself that you are worthy of a better job and a good paycheque! I just finished mine before the holidays - it's kind of an unusual format, but I think it's attention-catching, and it says everything it needs to on one page - so if you want a peek at it, to see if it might work for you, just PM me!

Yay for karianne getting a whole weekend to herself!

Welcome, lovemypugs! Do you indeed have pugs?

*whiffles riding crop in the air, preparing to give diva her 31 spankies, albeit belatedly*

minx, hot pic! LOVE the dress!

miz gb, that salon sounds like a great place to get started! How does the "assistant" process work - is that part of your training, or is it a full-fledged salon position? I don't know much about this stuff...which is surprising, considering I'm seeing the hair stylist every 3 weeks!!!

mouse, your beach is cute, man-made or not! I love the Chaplin history, too. No movies have ever been made on MY beach!

I totally laughed out loud at the mental image of poodle stealing people's bongos and throwing them into the lake. DAMN, girl, wish you'd been here when bongoboy was up in my face!!

treehugger, that pic and view is GORGEOUS. Did you have a hard time leaving, even with the shack?

Hi also, shawnboy and AP!

Well, it's crunch time here at Casa de Doodlebug...I have to really focus on finishing a lobbying document, draft due to the board on Wednesday, so I think my weekend will be tied up with that. I am writing about the impact of welfare cuts on women, and making recommendations for policy changes. It's my last big "fuck you" to the BC gov't before I leave the job. Still, I'll be around - I'm sure I'll need lots of breaks!!
By the way stuff from Tom waits on NPR website..not sure if ya saw or heard this yet..enjoy and happy weekend to EVERYONE!!!!!
Hi ever'body!

Just got back from the pub for dutiful wife duty to say farewell to two of turbomann's former co-workers who are moving to was amusing in the fact that all the abbotteers hate their jobs so much, you just kind of felt like they were jealous of turbomann's was kind of a good feeling. That place is soul-crushing, and no more for us!!!

Thanks for the resume offer doodle...I think I'd be intimidated by yoour skillz! I've got my resume in pretty tight shape, I just need to write a couple cover letters - there's some interesting jobs out there right now, and I've gotta get my hat in the ring. smile.gif

Thanks for all the congrats for my cousin...we're all SO excited to meet this little person...there's been way too much heartache in that side of the family in the last two years. Its time for some joy, and it just makes me smile to think that the new little 'un has his momma's flaming red hair!

Shawn, I know neighborly revenge is soooo tempting, and believe me, we've been there, but all I can tell you is that in our experience, retaliation just makes it worse. Of course, we're in a condo, so we're stuck with these people, but it can get ugly. fast. And property can get really damaged in the process. Just my .02, not to be debbie downer...
Um turbo, does that mean auntie turbo gets to come home soon? hmmmm??? a little newphie needs some snorgeling! smile.gif I've only met your cousin once, but gads, she does deserve some happiness. Was Zachary a family name?

ok, rice bag is done. moxette and i had the greatest snorgle nap this afternoon, but momma is ready for the big-girl bed.
We maaaaay be home for the christening....we'll see what's shaking when the time comes, but I would like to be there, and I think I should be. I'm likely to be fairy godmother for this little one. smile.gif Nope, not a family name...they avoided family names on this one because the paternal grandparents were being complete jackasses and demanding a family name. They are stooopid.

I've got a clay mask on my face, and I'm headed for the bath very soon, and then off to the big girl bed for me too!

Ooooh, and I have a haircut tomorrow too - wheee! I am sorely overdue - been riding this cut out since mid october - not good. But its time to spend the money, ya know?!
Hi peeps!! I just got home. Fuckin-A. My boss had a crappy cross-examination today, and she came back to the office around 4:30. I knew this wasn't good news for me. I'm sure she appreciated me being around so that she could talk about her shitty day, but she also kept working on stuff and got me involved. I stayed there until 8:00 and then I went to Target. Of course I had to wait for the bus for a friggin' half hour. Grrrr...ah well, it makes me look good to hang out with her late on a Friday night. What pisses me off is that this project belongs to the hippie woman, but I end up getting dragged into it even though I don't know anything about the properties. I can't stand the hippie lady. When things get tough, she backs out and dumps the problems on someone else. I've had to all of the after-hours stuff in her place. She rarely does her fair share of staying late. Anyway...

Yay for brand new healthy babies!! I'm sure Zachary's arrival is especially exciting given their prior loss. "Zachary" is a good name considering that it's old and not quite trendy right now. It's not weird, either. I can't stand it when people give their kids weird names or spellings. All of the good paternal/maternal names in my family are taken. If I had kids (girls), I'd stick to Edgar Allen Poe names like Annabelle and Lenore. I also like the names Hilda and Mathilda, because "hilda" means "war." Hilda is also the name of a goofy, full-figured pin-up character by Duane Bryers. I'm slowly developing a Hilda collection.

Wow, it sounds like turboman's job loss is actually a good thing. I hope this gives him the chance to find something that doesn't suck so bad. Does he have any prospects yet?

Why are people spitting on your car, shawn? Do they know you from the radio or something?

Hi doodle and mox!!

Gawd, I hate John Stossel.

I love Tom Waits though, and I'm gonna read that article right now. Thanks shawn!!
Ooh, turbo, I didn't mean to suggest my resume was better than yours! Hope it didn't come across that way. I didn't know yours was that up to date....I last did mine in 1998, LOL!

We are twinning again...weird! My hair gets cut on Monday. Will you put your orange and purple streaks back in?

moxie...what on earth is a snorgle???

I am getting restless. It's like my body is going into "early spring" or something. I usually enjoy my solitude and being at home, but I think working from home all the time is starting to wear a little thin.

ETA: cross-posted with poodle! That's crappy your boss kept you so late on a Friday night, poodle. I hope your boss does recognize your dedication, like maybe with a rich promotion! What did you buy at Target?
Any room left on that OKAYer sofa for an old friend? I only need a few square cms. happy.gif

Thanks TurboJenn for the gentle prod to get my heinie in here to say Hi. (hee, hee: I got a prod from TurboJenn!)

Sey hey boke mani paduhseyo! (That's Happy New Year in Korean) I hope all you wonderful BUSTicas have a year of laughter, health, and good, dirty, fun (condom purchasing suggests as much--WOOOOT!) My 2007 promises to be a very busy one. You all know I got married in '06:
IPB Image

and now in '07 a new adventure: I'm going back to school: in New Zealand! (any Auckland BUSTies out there?)

Shawn, I soooo want to put bananas in my neighbour's tailpipe, but it turns out he's an actual psychopath, so I won't escalate.

Treehugger, I love backyard ponds. Here's ours (of course, it's frozen over and grey now):
IPB Image

I know I promise this every time I do one of my OKAY fly-bys, but I'll try to be better at posting.

poodle!! hilda is fantastic! i think i have a new artist to be obsessed with smile.gif
Welcome back tommy! We've *meeced* you!!! I've often thought about you since your wedding, and wondering when you might pop up in here again!! Lovely wedding pic! Thanks for sharing it with us!

So what will you be studying in NZ? Truly, I think the world of my acquaintances are headed that way, its so weird, but NZ seems to come up at least once a day in conversation. I guess its the new hip thing, maybe like Costa Rica in the 90s, when americans acted like they discovered it. silly peoples.

Mmmmm...I had a lovely bath. I was all outta audiobooks, so I took my laptop in, and watched the first hour of Queen of the Damned...its one of my very favoritest movies...but then, I'm a big Anne Rice dork.

No worries doodle, I didn't mean that you were better than me at all, I just meant that you've got mad skillz. cool.gif

Turbomann is definitely getting a lot of action on his resume - recruiters are calling several times a day, and are interested in him, and he's had a preliminary interview with Kraft - hopefully he'll get a formal phone interview with them next week. I'm definitely thinking that good things are ahead for both of us.

Oh, and no more purple in the hair for now, though I dearly miss it and was just looking at the photos this evening...for one, I can't afford it, and more importantly, I gots to get me a fancy new job, and so I should pretend to be grown up for awhile, gray hairs and all.
Effing hell! I had a whole post written and my PC just CRASHED right in the middle of me keying in text! Hands poised in mid-key strike! It's been doing that lately - time for the biannual Windows re-install, I guess. mad.gif So I finally sucked it up and installed the DSL on the laptop. I really need to go wireless.

(I don't like the new angry emoticon. It's not as angry as the one in the old Lounge.)

Anyway, the CRUX of the post was:

poodle, I LOVE Hilda, and you introduced her to me in the old Lounge! And Les Toil too, I think.

tommy, when are you going to NZ and where? I have a very cool bustie-type friend leaving for there Jan. 24, and she is going to stay least half a year!

turbo, I don't see what is so un-grown up about purple hair streaks! I always said that when I'm old, I'll dye every strand of hair on my head a super-charged purple. Hee!

Ok, citizens of Okayland, how am I going to track down this drummerboy whose name I don't even know? Obviously he doesn't read the Vancouver craigslist. (I probably wouldn't either, except to sulk over cool, cheap furniture I can't buy because it's 350 kms away.) And there isn't any closer craigslist. Do I have to go all Amélie and put cryptic flyers up in the grocery store or something?
Um, I dunno, but I'll share my cold Thai food with you.
turbojenn, I wrote my MA thesis on Anne's Beauty trilogy!

We'll be going to Auckland (we hope) where I'll do a PhD in Education. I also plan on playing lots of master's ulti, as there are several good teams down there. doodle, we think we'll arrive sometime on July. Would love to meet up with your cool friend, though!

(and I think you should put up an ad seeking private drum lessons, doodle)
okay, now i have


stuck in my head. i know that is a combination of anne rice talk in here, and dita/MM divorce in celebrity gossip, and Queen of the Damned the film from SOMEWHERE in bustilandia, but STILL.

vampires are bloodless, but they certainly get my blood rushing to certain parts of my body!

tommy, i love your smiley avatar.

doodle, i think tommy has hit on something there. private drum lessons. yes!
I had a mad crush on vampires the whole time I was reading Anne Rice. I got all my friends obsessed too!!! Anybody know if she's still got a house in New Orleans?

Hmmm...private drum lessons are mixing themselves in my head with sawdusty Amazons chopping wood. For some reason. Methinks I'm needing of my friends presented me with a chocolate flavored condom on New Years day. His contribution to my annual NYD bloody mary party. Heh.

Doodlebug, I always said when I got old I'd get dreads! And, NO. I wasn't sad to leave the shack, other than the view. My BASEMENT caved in, I was even catching mice in the middle of June (the water on one side, a field on the back, open grass on the other side, and a feed mill across the street)

Not to mention the ever pervasive scent of mouse urine. Eeesh. It got me started, though. And I have enough tools to open a carpentry shop. Even a 12" table saw that runs on 220, it's so powerful. I got mighty tired of renovating. Seemed like a losing battle, after a while.

I'm glad I moved though. Warmth in the winter is nice.
Mmmmm, I love it when there's a thematic swirl flowing through the lounge.

tommy, I've read pretty much everything Anne Rice wrote up until these Jesus books, which I just can't get myself to read, they kind of creep me out. I loved the first two Beauty books....that's some hot stuff, but my the third book, it seemed like so much re-hash, and I think I never even finished that one. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on the series after spending some serious time with them.

tree, I share your Rice-reading vampire obsession while reading those books, which made the Inverview movies such an anemic disappointment....but Stuart Townsend in Queen of the Damned....SO delicious, and all that I'd hoped for in a narcissistic Lestat.

Doodle, I think tree and tommy are right - go trolling for drumming lessons!!! Could be VERY hot!!
doodle- snorgle, from cute overload:

"Snorgle (Snorg, Snarfle, Sqush, etc., etc., etc.)

Snort + Snuggle. Summarizes the situation when you moosh your face into a fuzzy wuzzy smoochie wiggle and make googoo noises. First appearance on Teh Qte™ was here."

Extreem cuddles. Everyone should get to snorgle cute, cuddly objects. smile.gif
mmmmmmm. stuart townsend as lestat. sooooooooooooooo much better than tom crui$e, the $cientologi$t. mmmmmmmmmmm. remember the gypsy violin scene???? rrrrrrrrrrowr.

i agree about the thematic swirl in the lounge, jenn.

apropos of NOTHING, i am feeling a bit on the lonely side, so i made mashed potatoes, which are also good on my sore throat. for some reason, when i burp, they taste like egg salad. which makes me think of POODLEY NOODLEY. which i just HAD to pop in and share.

i know nothing about the anne rice jesus books. sounds totally anti-climatic after lestat, however. whoa.

moxie, i am SO GLAD that there is a name for that!!! i do that to every cat i can, even though i am dreadfully allergic. (i am a closet masochist) it is what i want to do to mimi the african attack cat right now, but she would not be amenable at all, and that sort of defeats the purpose.

I read the Beauty series. I loved them. First time I tried to read them I moved and only got through book one and half of book two. When I finally got into my house and got them unpacked the first thing I did was reread one and finish two and three. They are really hot. I feel really sorry for Beauty’s posterior. She should have listened to her master better. I used to read passages out loud to my friends when we were together. The guys wanted me to read more and the girls wanted to borrow the books when I was done with them.


I wouldn’t say vampires get my blood rushing to certain parts of my body but the beauty books certainly do. By the way, thanks for bumping that BDSM thread and your reassuring words. Sometimes I need a little confidence boast from a friend. I appreciate it. *big hug and little beauty/booty smack* wink.gif
love my pugs: say thank you mistress, or you and your bottom will regret it! tongue.gif

(glad to help a sister out! it was a pleasure, querida!)
turbojenn, I wish I had more to say on them, but I really don't. Writing a thesis about anything I think, kind of exhausts one's interest. It's soooooo sad: I have a huge notebook (in storage) filled with ideas, opinions, theories that became the thesis, and I remember how enthusiastic I was then about B3. Now they are purely titillation fodder. Which I guess is ok, I just miss the mental excitment.

One thing the books did teach me is that the erotica/pornography distinction is a crock of subjective horsehockey. They also reinforced for me the idea that women make GREAT porn (I was already into Lisa Palac, Susie Bright, Anias Nin).

Thematic swirls rock. You're all so damn neuromancy!
WA HA HOY!!!!!

I couldn't resist....Thanks for the ugly reminders of payback with neigborly idiots Turbo. Chance is I prolly WON'T ever find the disgusting culprit who's doing this..I still love to fantasize about what I would do tho...I even had an old retired cop who gave me instructions on how to peel all of the paint off of a car with CoKa Cola and a newspaper...LOL
I still like the idea of emptying our bunny and cat litter into the guy's air vents...maybe a coupla fish in the trunk for good measure...
I try not to let others get to me and take me down with them, although it's getting harder and harder to deal with. My former boss and talk show host has since moved his show online and has begun to belittle me and attack me because I tried to call the show and say congrats on the new gig, instead I was singled out and attacked by his new live in fiancee who's taken my old job, and now the host himself who has always had my back, called my boss to complain last nite. I'm gettin Yoko'd over here...this all after 3 days of being pulled into the bottomless pit of PMS hell and tortured for my insolence in my lack of assistance in the housework.....LOL

I'm starting to really see how you women tick too..LOL
Rule # don't have an opinion, (women just let us think we do....)
For example....My girl will ask me for an opinion and it can be on anything and yet she'll go with her opinion.
She asked me if we could take our cuddly cutie kitty cat to delaware in a car...for 6 hours...LOL
I said no....We brought the cat...CUDDLY OVERLOAD WARNING: He sat on daddy's lap the whole way home in the passenger seat....He loves the jersey turnpike this time of year. HAHAHAHAHA
I feel bad tho cos the house in delaware is huge and our place is kinda tiny with 2 bunnies and a hamster.
Good afternoon, sisters and brothers of Okayland! Am taking a break from work to eat meatloaf sammiches and catch up on the Lounge.

Drumming lessons seems like a good idea....except I don't have any drums! Unless you mean I should just interview potential drumming instructors until I find the "right" one, and then spill the truth....gosh, I wonder if that would be kind of stalkerish?? *bites lip nervously* Of course, the whole thing could teeter on the edge of stalkerishness at any moment. rolleyes.gif

Gosh, this meatloaf sux. *tosses sandwiches in the bin, grabs handful of cashews instead*

moxie, thanks for the definition! I totally love that word now.

treehugger, that's right...I remember you hinting at some of the shack-related horrors over in the Decorating thread! Did the next people tear it down?

tommy, my friend is going to be in Auckland when she arrives...don't know when she'll get back there, but so far, she is planning to alternate between camping and working on organic co-op farms - wherever the spirit takes her. She is thinking of taking a class or two at Massey U. in that the same, or is it a different uni?

tesao, mashed potatoes sound like a PERFECT treat. And...hey, is that a blob of mashed potato in your cleavage? Hmm...*leans over to inspect the tesaobosom more closely*

Hi also, turbo and lovemypugs!

I have never read any Anne Rice or seen any movies....oh wait, I did once listen to a book tape of the one about the castrati...? I picked it up from the library b/c Tim Curry was the reader. It was pretty good, though parts of it made me a little squirmy, listening to it through my headphones on a Greyhound bus! tongue.gif I do have a couple of books I picked up somewhere and haven't read yet....*goes to look at bookshelves*....Pandora and Servant of the Bones. Are they any good?

ETA: crossposted with shawnboy! Sorry your old boss is such a putz. Tell exactly does this Coca-Cola and newspaper thing work? know, just out Yeah, that's it. biggrin.gif

ETA again: ugh, I just spilled Diet Pepsi down my own cleavage. Ugh.
IPB Image

Happy saturday.
laaaaadies and gentlemen and everyone in between,

i have a fridge! i got it from my gay bf (who is IN LOVE and soooooo happy it makes me simultaneously want to do a dance of joy for him and also puke. i'm not bitter, shhhh......) and i am waiting for my landlord to round up some friend of his so they can remove my old, broken, fridge.

doodle! what are you talking about? there's totally a kamloops craigslist! but as far as this crush goes, i'd play it totally cool. just frequent the grocery store and spend a lot of time out and about where you might run into him, but also might just have reason to go to anyway, thank you very much tongue.gif

shawnboy, 6 hours with a kitty on the jersey turnpike? argh! i've done three hours with a very old dog on the jersey pike, but he pretty much stayed put.


this morning i tried to go buy a pair of sneakers because i really need em, but i couldn't make up my mind. i still can't. it's january and still the only close-top flat shoes i have are a falling apart pair of adidas i bought at goodwill 5 or 6 years!

ohh........but i did make a terrible impulse buy. i started thinking about how much i loved playing old school nintendo when i was in boston; i got the system from my first roommate and then ended up giving it to my second roommate when i moved out.....and how much i missed it......and just out of curiousity, i looked it up on ebay...........i totally bought the old school nes. and all the mario world games. i am so freaking excited about this but i know i will never get anything else done, ever.

la la la.........this weekend has been kind of low key and nice; last night friend c and gaybf and i went to a little bar in chinatown for a little bit and then hung out at my house, which was cool since for some reason the entire eight months i've been living here they haven't seen the inside of my apt! and then this morning a bunch of us went out for lunch so we could meet gaybf's new bf. who seems great. yay.

i'm still coughing and sniffling but all in all i feel a ton better.

how's everyone's weekends going?
Hi mouse!

Ok, I am so stupid I didn't even KNOW there was a local craigslist. It must be really new. But yeah, playing it "cool" is my way....too cool, you might say! I am the Queen of Evasiveness when it comes to this shit. Hmm. Should I go back and re-post my missed connection, this time on the local craigslist?

It's more fun to think about this than the report I'm agonizing over.

mouse, congrats on the fridge - but why didn't your landlord replace yours? Didn't a working fridge come with your rental agreement?
aw, yay, somebody else is around! hi doodle!

totally repost in kamloops. what's to lose?

re: fridge--it's not uncommon in LA (and i think other places too) to have to supply your own appliances. my place came with a fridge and stove, but my landlord doesn't have responsibility for either, and, like i've wept about a million times, neither work that well (oven dead, but rangetop works--fridge too warm). the last place i lived we had to get our own fridge, too. so--no, a working fridge is not part of my rental agreement. luckily the one i got is small and fits in my car, so if i have to move i can take it with me easily.
mouse! That's an incredibly regressive renter's policy! Yikes. Well, good for you and your friend for drumming one up. If it fits in your car, does that mean it's an under-counter one?

Ok, I'm going to go do it.

ETA: ok, fuck! I did it. Again. Oops.


Damn, I am SO procrastinating.
Don't listen to turbojenn! She's drunk! Drunker that me! She's CRAAAAAZY!
hey all....I am SO DRUNK. really. bad. But fun at the same time. Went out to dinner with pug friends, 4 pitchers of sangria for 4 of us....the room is spinning a little. oof.

turbomann's racing me I see. I'll just let him win now. zzzzzzzzz.....
Ok, you can listen to her a bit. She is really drunk. Ad we did have 4 pitchers. Damn, these keys got al ot smaller since this afternoon.


I;d totallty go do turbojenn right now if I didn't think she'd trow up on me.
Dudes, don't let him fool you, I already did him earlier, and that's all he's gettin' today!!!

Seriously, at least I retain my spelling. fo' real.

But I am really drunk, scrolling hurts.

Mouse, I'm sorry your landlord sucks and you have to get your own appliances. We even got appliances with our condo...maybe not what I would pick but whatever.

hi doodle!!! drunk. I am so drunk.
Turbodog just burped on me. Bad form, dog!

Oh, TJ would do me. I/'m jus tthat sexxxxy. Se that? Four XXX's. That's right, I'm THAT sexxxy.

w00t appliances!


(I just had to go add and x to sexxxxy, cause I typed thee but said four. I'm 4X sexxxxy.)
bahahhaa you guys are adorable

and either doin' it or passed OUT right now biggrin.gif

my landlord's being pretty decent right now actually; he finally gave back the previous tenant her security deposit, and he carried my new fridge up the stairs, and is going to cart out the old one as soon as he finds someone to help him. and like i said, it's not such an unusual policy in LA. no worries smile.gif

drunk! i'm not. for once. ha.
*tiptoes in quietly so as not to wake TJ and TM

Mouse, I got a pair of these shoes and I love them!
Congrats on the new fridge. May it serve you well for many years to come!

I should get off my butt and take my antique circa 1920s refrigerator to the shop and put it on the hoist. I have a vintage compressor to install in it and then I think the thing will actually work!! I'm going to make it into a beer cooler. But I'm feeling laaazzzy.

Doodle, I'd love a physical description of the drummer boy, so I can vicariously fantasize! wink.gif

I loved "servant of the bones." Damn. When I moved into the shack I donated a bunch of my books (like 80% of em) to the local library. That was one of them. I WANT IT BACK!!! sad.gif I should get myself a library card.

Hope everybody has a GREAT day and that TJ and TM aren't too hungover today!
Mornin' treehugger! This is the bummer about being a morning matter how drunk, still can't sleep in. Oh well....I have things to do this morning anyhow. No hangover here...the sangria at our pub has magical properties, and I never seem to get any sort of hangover from it, but if I consume 2+ drinks of anything else, I'm normally hungover.

Tree - that vintage fridge sounds awesome - and sounds like you have a very worthy use waiting for it!

And mouse, I'm glad your landlord brought in your new fridge for you - that's awesome!

Okay, I've got a dog to walk, weekly menu to plan, and grocery shopping to do....
yay!!!! for cute drunken turbo-ness!

yayayayayay!!! for new appliances!!! that you don't have to carry in yourself!!!

yayayayayayayayayay!!!!!! for vintage appliances used as beer coolers!!!! how cool is that???

my sore throat had gotten better, but it appears to be getting worse again today. man, does that frelling suck.
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