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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I wanna see Born into Brothels. That rock documentary is called Rock School. I didn't like it because the guy seemed like an egotistical ass.
hi hi hi!!!

i'm glad you're feeling better, mouse.

minx, what a lovely NYE you had...nice.......

i believe we all need to see some 'fj belly'

this is a drive by since i don't know how much longer the internet will be up--its been up and down and its up right now....the phones were wonky too.

*starts dreaming and drooling about a massage*

i'll try to stop by later!
wow, minx, what a nye you had! fanceee.
and--i'm sorry, i'm really not familiar with any history but am i right in assuming that minxman is NOT the father of minxlette? i think you may need to draw me a diagram tongue.gif

rock school! i know i've said it a million times, i just get excited, but the older girl they focus on (madi) is a highschool friend of mine (quaker--he-ey!) and is (still, and before the documentary) a fantastic musician. paul green is a bit of an asshat, for sure, but he does turn out skilled musicians. anyway, it's an interesting movie regardless--their final performance at the frank zappa-fest is amazing.

i'm feeling a little better. still coughing painfully. the shit i coughed up this morning was really gross. i might go detail it in the grossies thread biggrin.gif

i totally want fj-belly pics. and minx-in-fancy-dress pics. and moxie-turbo-xmas-special pics.....and so on smile.gif
Did you ever go back to the coffee shop where you left the cashier the little note in the tip jar?

(Just wondering)

If so, what did he say when he saw you (if he did)
yeah, i've been back, but not ever while he's been working (not because i plotted it that way, just he was never there). i haven't seen him or heard from him since. i was pissed off, but quickly realized that if that's how he responds, he's not worth my time. i ended up at a party on new years on his street and wondered if he'd be there, but he wasn't. i think if i ever see him i'm going to yell "you're a disgrace to the u.s. postal service!" and then flounce away biggrin.gif
mouse- any antibiotics? A Z-pack will clear up green lung crud in no time. I hate antibiotics, but green lung crud ain't no joke.

Minx! What a lovely, romantic NYE! And a wustof knife? And a stocking for minxlette? Hmmm...he certainly does sound like a newer man. OK, this is a naieve-ass quesiton, but Commando with Garter Belt just a generic term or a literal product? I have the hardest time finding garters that hold stockings up w/o being attached to anything else.

OK, i should be cooking dinner while moxette naps...but, I'm snacking and busting instead...what's a girl to do? Dinner tonight- herb roasted potatoes, green beans with almonds and rotisserie chicken.

eta...x-post with mouse and turbo (HI!)
turbo- its natural! I spend HOURS fiddling with it when I let myself. And you wanna know what's worse than you not taking pics? Me not taking pics. I ahd the camera in the damed bag. And thanks for thinking I looked fine...little compliments leading up to international moxie day, version 30 are starting to be needed.
oh mouse, I'm sorry, but I am the lamest friend ever, photo-wise, and I didn't take any pics when I saw moxie, but I should've 'casue we both looked pretty damned fine, if I do say so myself. tongue.gif Seriously, I am so lame, that we only took about 7 pics on our honeymoon. Lame, I'm tellin' ya.

*stomps on the floor chanting*..... fj belly pics! FJ BELLY PICS!

How come I can't stop fiddling with my netflix queue?! Is this natural? Its funny....I just want them all...NOW!

free spirit - good to see you here! *pulls up a square of the okayland sofa for free spirit*
Hi All! I'm back! Wow, lots going on here. (Damn, I got water in my keyboard last night and now it's fucked. My pricey cordless keyboard. Grr.)

Hi minx, turbo, free_spirit, poodle, karianne, moxie, mouse, miz gb, and any lurkers!

The working from home + shower thing....yeah, totally. I'm managing it every other day now....sometimes every third day. Mainly I succumb when My hair starts to drive me crazy! Can't have the greasies with my hair issues...that would just kill me.

mouse, you should totally go back to that coffee shop when the guy is there and KICK HIM IN THE PANTS! What a jerk. How much effort does it take to at least respond and say, "Hey, thank you for being interested, but..."??

On that note, I am reporting that I stopped into the drugstore on the way home, to stock up on perfume and *cough*condoms*cough*.
Hey Turbo, Doodle, and everyone else.
(Does Doodle forsee some action in her new year???)

Yeah, Mouse, you should go back to the cafe when he is there (looking extra spiffy) and tell him that that was uncalled for! (for him not responding back)... and tell him he ain't that damn hot (to be acting like that)...even if he is!

FJ, I would like to see your belly pics as well. Is that you on your messenger pic? It looks different from other pics I have saw of you...

I have a pic of my 119 (normally/ usually) pound frame carrying twins at 7 months, I think I will try to post it in the Say Cheese thread. My tummy was so enormous that I could sit a full size dinner plate on there and eat off of it, as if it was a table!
doodle...any new, young, drummerboy plans? Oh Drummer Boy!
Hee! moxie and FS, I just have to find the bloody boy again, first. Still not sure how to go about that, but luckily this town isn't so big that it's impossible. Or maybe I'm just a 38-year old fool. Anyway, best to be prepared. The real fool lets opportunity go by TWICE! tongue.gif
mouse's not worth it. if i see him, i see him, and i'll probably give him a raised eyebrow "wtf" look or something, but otherwise, i'm not gonna go out of my way to bother yelling at him. not worth it.

and mox, i try and stay far away from antibiotics if at all possible. if this thing doesnt go away in a couple more days, i'll see a doc, but already i feel better than i did this morning, and far better than yesterday. and the lung crud is less interesting now. plus, i looked it up online and someone said antibiotics only if it's DARK green, while mine was a pleasant yellow-green. TOTES the wrong thread for this, sorry guys biggrin.gif

GO DOODLE--i'm rooting for you. seriously, if he shops at your grocery store, you'll see him again smile.gif and if he's smart, he'll check craigslist. wooooo! go go go mrs. robinsoodle!
Hmmm...where'd everybody go tonight? Are you all out getting HBI? Damn it.

Thank you for the encouragement, mouse. tongue.gif

I still opt for kicking yer baristaboy in the pants. I'd be happy to assist. We can get minx's Amazon warrior vigilante tribe going again. We'll be the Feminist Team....the F-TEAM!

So doodlemama couldn't wait till February...she sent the stocking stuffers up on the Greyhound. (We don't do "proper" gifts anymore, but we set a limit of $25 and continue to do stockings for each other.) Picked it up today, and the cats got PAID, baby! In treats and toys and catnip. I also got candles, silicone cooking utensils, a metric buttload of chocolate, and a big fridge magnet that says: "Start Each Day With a SMILE...and Get it Over With." We should make that the Okayland official slogan, put it on the letterhead.

Know what my town's official slogan is? "The Tournament Capitol of Canada." Oh yes. It's true. Very sad. (ETA: hey, that's a pic of my beach at the bottom! *peeks through the trees and waves at the camera for Okayers*)
Trying to lure us all into visiting you, eh doodle?! Well...its working! Your town looks gorgeous - no wonder you want to stay there! It reminds me a little bit of Portland, what with the gorgeous river, and lots of bridges.

Gah, this waking up at 5:30am thing is going to take some getting used to again. But, at least my boss is out of the office today, so I should have a nice, quiet day here.

And hooray for doodlemama's stocking and gifties - sounds like a nice score!!
ha ha, doodle, that sounds like a good Okay motto to me!

Good Morning!

Jenn, I'm with ya. Yesterday getting up wasn't so hard, today was harder. 5:45 comes too early. Bah.

Doodle, your stocking sounds like it was stuffed with good stuff. Esp the chocolate! tongue.gif

Minx, wow, your NYE sounds so amazing! I am glad you & minxman had such a good time. Your food descriptions have me absolutely droooooling. Also drooling over your new knife. Wowzers. Have you used it yet? Did you happen to take any NYE pics? I want to see you in that beautiful dress.

Count me in on the Netflix fiddling. I do it too.

Mouse, are you feeling any better today?

Nothing much doin' here today. Got some work to get done. Officemate out, nice!
Mornin' peeps!!

I was listening to John Denver this morning, so now I'm feeling depressed that I'm stuck in an office rather than chopping wood up at my cabin. Someday I'm gonna figure out how to leave this polluted, overpopulated hole in the earth and settle in the middle of nowhere with my pimped out trailer.

*takes deep breathes and tries to focus on something else*

Welcome spirit! Whoa, 119 pounds? I weighed that back when I was in fifth grade. I remember thinking I was fat, but I was just bigger than most (all) girls in my grade. I wish my parents and teachers would have done something more to counteract the negative messages I received about my larger-frame body. I told my sister that she better do her best to make sure that my niece doesn't ever feel bad about her body.

Oh my god, you guys must see this music video that the republican forwarded to me. The best dancing is in the middle, and be sure not to miss the end. I

Okay, I should probably do some work now.
Dang, where is everyone today??

Hi Poodle! The weather here today is beautiful, I'd rather be out chopping wood too. Last week while I was off work I spent two days raking & bagging leaves in our yard. Usually I hate that job, but the weather was so great I didn't really mind.

My work is being very annoying today.
*raises hand to vote for work being annoying todday*

Chopping wood sounds good today, indeed. Good weather for it. I chopped many many cords of wood when I was living in the commune...I had damned good upper body strength too...probably the best I'll ever have. Ah well, life's not so bad out here, either...even if I do dream of selling the condo and heading back there. tongue.gif

hehe...turbomann just got a call from a recruiter who thought he was the *perfect* fit for this job at abbott labs...uh, Yeah, it was his old job. Read resumes, much?! Seriously, though, the phone does not stop ringing with recruiters calling him - so with any luck, he'll be employed soon. Its a nice feeling that he has skillz that are in demand. I should sign up with some recruiters, give my ego a little boost.
hi, kari! i'm here, but i confess that i've been lurking.

i've been gone so much, i couldn't work myself up to read the archives and then to post about everything, because i am just so positive that i would miss a bazillion things!

i'm just going to say that i hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.....yay for doodle mom stockings and food porn and minxlette's decorated rocking chair and fj's belly!!!!

what i've read sounds GREAT. yay, every bustie!!

i'll jump on the lung crud comparison band wagon. i have darkish yellow-green crud and the doc i saw yesterday (who saw it coughed up AND weeping out of my eyes) prescribed antibiotics.

can i say how much i love all of you for being able to talk about our nasty mucous color???? you ROCK.

so, kari, how is your work being annoying today??

ETA: whoops!

cross post with jenn!!

*waves frantically across thread* hihihihihihihi!!!!!

i would give anything to have pix of turbojenn and poodlemama chopping wood.

*faints at the thought of the hotness*
HI hi tes *runs up to give tes a big booby squishing HUG* tell - how was the romantic vacation with mr. hb?!

I'll have you know that we used a log splitter and stihl chainsaws to chop wood up there in the that hotter?! The boys would go topless, I liked that. smile.gif *swoons at thought of sweaty boys, with sawdust clinging to biceps* mmmm.....
*returns boobie squishing hug right back*

jenn, it was the single most beautiful place i have ever been on vacation. hands down. the natural wood and palm-thatched villas were luxiourious and stunning. never missed the a-c once. we went shoeless the entire time. time stood still. i got around 15 new birds on my life list without ever once having to LOOK for them. they just came up around the trees around the villa. there were monkeys in the trees, and the water was that amazing turquoise. the sand was white white white, all from the thousands of kilometers of coral reef. untouched coral reef. i have GOT to learn to scuba dive.

we went fishing. i had never done that before. it was incredibly exciting, and oh so cool to eat what we caught that night. fab. best tuna sashimi EVER. great food period.

we got to see two sea turtle babies crawl through the sand and make it to the ocean. so tiny! against that vast blue mass of water. i cried.

there is nothing that is not done ecologically there. there is only one vehicle. the power comes from electricity generated by solar panels. the water is desalinified and reused. there are scientists working on the beaches with the whale, dolphin, turtle and bird populations, hoping to renew them.

making love on that sand at night, with the beach lit up by a half moon, waves lapping at the shore..... i'm literally speechless. nothing could have been better.

okay. it could have lasted longer and cost less. but it was worth every single penny, dime, dollar.

sorry for such a self-centered post.

i'm pretty darn sure that sweaty grrls like you and poods, with sawdust clinging to triceps and quadriceps would be pretty mmmmm swoon-making, too!!!!
Happy New Year Busties!

No wood chopping for me – I did enough of that blechy work growing up and have no romantic notions about it. A nice walk through the woods sounds good though!

Tesao, your vacation sounds absolutely amazing!

I don’t want to be at work today but I’m going walking with my coworker at lunch so that will get me outside at least. And I just had a good progress meeting with my boss and he is very happy with my progress so I am taking a little time to bust.

Thank you for the link to that video Poodle – that made me smile! I love stuff like that. The world needs more cheesy choreography, don’t you think? My favorite part was when they all stood in a line and waved their arms and looked kind of like a giant octopus.

We took some pictures on NYE and I need to figure out how to post them. I got a couple of really good ones of Diva and Poodle. Our party was small but fun – lots of people didn’t come because of the weather but it was great anyway and I was happy. JT and I were so exhausted after cleaning and stuff all day we didn’t know how we’d get through it but once people showed up we perked up and had a good time. And I’m so glad that Poodle and XRB and Diva and the Giant were able to come. Oh, and Diva, I’m so sorry you got cornered by the talky Trout – he really is a nice person but often just doesn’t know when to stop, especially after he’s had a few beers.

I need help coming up with a new name for JT – my friend K. is dating a guy who goes by JT in real life and it is just too confusing to keep referring to my boy as JT here. I’d like to change my profile name a little too because it is so boring so maybe we will both get new bustie aliases for 2007 once I think new ones up.

I feel like I’m on the verge of getting sick today. I have that ick feeling in my throat. I have an Emergen-C packet in my desk here at work and maybe I should mix that up this afternoon and the vitamins will help keep it from getting worse. I’ve never tried that stuff before but I’ve heard good things.

hi good morning!

i feel a lot better today. still coughing and sniffling but i FEEL better. still making disgusting noises my poor coworkers have to put up with.

i'm pissed off because my hair was really dry (since i haven't been doing anything active but have still been showering every day) so i rubbed a little baby oil on my hands and then brushed it over my hair--just the teeeeeensiest bit--and now my hair is too oily. blah.

TES tell us about your adventures!

"metric buttload" bahahahhahahahaha! and your magnet reminds me of a keychain my best friend had in ninth said "if you eat a live frog in the morning, nothing worse will happen to either of you for the rest of the day".

i think i weighed 119 lbs in like, 7th grade. and was just about normal. and then puberty hit.

poods, you'll find your rock'n'roll walden someday smile.gif

doodle, your beach is soooooo pretty! i wanna visit! and compete in a tournament. and i want to go visit the kamloops museum and see "Canadian artist Bill Burns has created model safety and rescue gear for animals." biggrin.gif also, your first female mayor was queer? go canada!

this is my beach!
Tes!!!! That vacation sounds absolutely divine - I wanna go!! That is truly my dream vacation...someday we shall go somewhere like that and just relax for awhile!

Marileen - I'm glad your party turned out well, and you'll have to post some linkies to the pics of the gang!

Clearly, I need to post some piccies of my beach, so I can keep up in here... smile.gif

Mouse - that photo is awesome - looks like a little oasis in the city! And I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, and can torture your officemates just a little. heh.

One of my co-workers (who I just enabled into the LUSH habit) came in and gave me a couple of LUSH bubble bars and some soap for a holiday giftie! YAY!

Okay, I gots to get back to all this annoying work business. booo.
Tes, that sounds amazing! Could you provide us a link to the place? I think you posted one before, but I missed it. Sorry to hear about the stuff oozing out of your upper orifices!

No muscus to report here, although I am coughing. But the blame is all mine. Last night I had to run in the cold to catch a plane (yes, along the actual tarmack), requiring me to take in huge lung-fulls of spikey cold air. My lungs still haven't recovered.

I bet chopping wood would relieve a lot of work-related frustrations. Especially if you imagine the head of a much-hated co-worker in the place of the logs you're chopping.

Bring on the NYE photos! I long to see all the glorious, drunken debauchery!

Loving the piccies from Doodle & Mouse, too. Doodle, I am now seriously tempted to visit. Looks so gorgeous!

Here's an old engraving featuring the exact patch of beach where Sheff and I used to while away the hours and here is a modern pic taken a couple blocks west of our place. I assure you it's, uh, more appealing during the summer months. wink.gif Adelaide Crescent is one of the few places in Brighton&Hove where you can find trees right along the seafront, so I really appreciated living there.
TES! HI! Your trip with mr HB sounds so delicious and beautiful. It felt like a little vacation just reading about it. I am so happy to hear you two had such a good time. I am dyyying for a tropical vacation.

Jenn, I can't believe that recruiter called with turbomann's old job. How funny. I mean, I am sure it's sort of irritating, but it is humorous. I bet he/she felt kinda dumb.

Tes, my work is annoying today b/c I am having to follow up on questions our commissioners asked in our last meeting. I presented this big report I'd been working on for months, with the hope that I'd then be done with it, but now I have to go hunt down all the additional info they want. dry.gif

Hi Marileen! I know what you mean, it is so exhausting getting ready for a party. It's always worth it once people start coming, but I am always secretly hoping it doesn't run too late. Do you ever have a party that's a good party, then people start to leave & you are relieved, only to have a second wave of peeps show up late? I don't mean to sound like I don't like having parties, I do, but I like them to end at a reasonable hour. Yeah, I'm getting old. I'd love to see pics from your party! I love the name Marileen, btw.

"making love on that sand at night, with the beach lit up by a half moon, waves lapping at the shore" Hahaha!! Sorry tes, but I would be laughing the entire time!! Did he wear a Fabio wig? Was his puffy white shirt torn to reveal his tanned, hairless chest? Again, sorry. tongue.gif

I'm going over to my 'rents tonight to give my mom her b-day present (organic, fair-trade coffee) and wash towels. They always have good food and drink, so it should be a pleasant visit.

~*~*~*~immunity vibes for marileen~*~*~*~

Yay! I can't wait to see those pictures! Trout was annoying, but in a lovable way. XRB and I figured he was pretty bombed. There were a couple times that I had to hide from him though. It was fun talking about music with him, but not the political stuff. It's not fun to talk about politics while one or both of the parties are drunk.

Hi Karianne!

I'm glad you like my username - I never feel like I am creative when I am thinking of things for myself, like I should have something really good and funny and my mind goes blank and any ideas I have are dumb. I'll probably keep mine the same because it is too much trouble to change but I still need to come up with a good name for JT. Referencing the different hair/beard color conversation , he does have a reddish goatee but brown hair and when he used to deliver pizzas a couple of the cooks who worked with him and who were Mexican started calling him "Barbaroja" so I could maybe call him that! I'll brainstorm a little and see what I can come up with. I don't have a lot of party pictures because for some reason I just hate taking them during social events (I love having them afterwards though) but I'll figure out how to post what I have here when I can.

My coworker walks every day and showed me a new route to walk around today - there is construction going on in the area I have walked before and she showed me a good way to get around it. I feel like we walked all of downtown St. Paul! And it was neat because we were still gone for less than an hour and I am now all relaxed and exercised for the day. I really need to do that more often.

Turbojenn, I hope that recruiter felt embarrassed when Turbomann pointed out that that job opening was for his old one! I'm glad lots of jobs are popping up for him - I'm sure he'll get a great one soon.

Hi Poodle! You looked very cute in the pictures - you're so photogenic. Yes, Trout is very mouthy when drinking and politics is his absolute favorite-est thing in the world to talk about. We just tell him to shut up as soon as he starts talking about the war in Iraq, Cleveland, the war on drugs or student loan debt because those are conversational black holes that you just ain't getting out of with the Trout! XRB was fun to talk to - I'm glad he had fun.
*bangs fork and knife rudely on table*

pictures! pictures! pictures!
I like Barbaroja, but it's a little long. He was talking about Papa Chubby that night, but I'm pretty sure that the nickname only applies naughty parts. We could call him "chub" for short. smile.gif

I'm a total camera whore.

Alright, I'm off to the 'rents house now. Ciao!
*skydives into the thread, lands in the middle of the Okayland Village Square, and tries to untangle self from parachute*

Hellooooo, everyone! Just finished reading! RV and mouse, love the piccies of your beaches! I think tes posted a link to her resort, and it should be in the archives, but I'm not sure where. She posted the link just before solstice, I think.

tes, I'm glad you had such an amazing time! I suspected you would when I saw the pics and the description. But I think there's one question left, that we really all want to know the answer to: when you were making love on the beach, didja get sand in yer cooch? tongue.gif Welcome back, sweetie!

Thanks for the beach/town are all welcome to visit me and my beach, and my town of course, anytime! Of course, it's a shared beach, and I don't recommend making love on it...especially right now, when it's covered in snow!

mouse, I didn't even know Canada's first woman mayor was queer! Who's a bad Canuck? *hangs head with shame*

turbo, that's unbelievable about turbomann being mistakenly recruited for his old job!! Great news about all the calls from other recruiters, though...I know something fantastic and perfect will manifest itself very soon!

marileen, what does "Barbaroja" mean?

karianne, that sucks about not being able to be done with your report! I'm dreading that possibility myself. How long do you think the revisions will take?

poodle, when you get your hillbilly trailer, I'll bring my guitar and play you John Denver songs all day long while you chop the wood.

My ex-girlfriend lives in a wood-heated cabin...she always chops the wood shirtless (and braless, but aren't we all when we're at home) when it's not too cold; I don't see why it has to be a guy-only thing! Of course, sometimes she goes pantless, too....

Let our boobies roam free!!
from what i've heard, tes' cooze is magik. i doubt she got sandy at all tongue.gif

doodle, "barbaroja" means "red beard"

the only known woodchopper in my life is my dad (he likes to quote thoreau and say "it warms you twice")* so i'm afraid i can't attest to the aesthetic beauty of it.

the ex is in florida (speaking of, i think i need a better name for him, too) and we are exchanging ocean-themed puns in text message. the majority of our text-based communication is bad puns, i'm afraid.
that's so funny, mouse, that your ex communicates in bad puns!

tes' cooze....bwahaha! Love it! I'm gonna use that now - maybe my cooze is magic too!

Hi hi doodle!

Oh, and here's my beach...the piccies are from last winter though - I wish it was cold and sparkly here right now! Turbo's beach ..I might've even snuck a few pupper pics in there too, you never know. wink.gif

Oh, and turbomann had a quick phone interview with Kraft today....and it actually *is* the kraft macaroni division...he should have a formal phone interview in the next week...pretty exciting - there would be a lot of opportunities for him there.
Hey turbo and mouse!

mouse, I can certainly empathise with your inability to find asthetic beauty in woodchopping.

Personally, I couldn't imagine going through life now without being able to cherish the vision of a well-muscled, sun-browned, half-naked hillbilly woman bringing an axe down on a big chunk of timber. biggrin.gif

turbo, those beach pics are GORGEOUS!!!! WOW! You are very lucky - that view is AMAZING! And I really love the ones of the ice on the fence...that's really cool! And turbodoggie, as always, is gorgeous, and looking adorable in his smart coat.

Great news about turbomann's interview! Don't forget to remind us again so we can give vibes!

I am doing laundry tonight...trying to kick it in the pants before it becomes a problem again! Speaking of which, better run to the laundry room...BRB!
This is MY beach!!!
Minxy - your beach looks like a fine place to spend a summer afternoon - and leave it to minxy to find the beach with the nudey past! tongue.gif

Yep, I am very lucky to live where I do...and ya'll are welcome to visit anytime! Chez turbo offers fine bed and breakfast accomodations, including city tours and massage services! hee. Truly, I'm not sure if I'd love chicago as much as I do if I didn't get to walk by the lake has such a humanizing effect on the city, and I swear, people are friendlier by the lake.

Oh, and I forgot to tell ya'll earlier, but the Busty Awards reminded me (as mousie re-crowned me with my title)...I just scheduled my first Butt Flush of the year! Next Sunday it is, which means doing a cleanse next week. Who's with me?!

*gets a notepad to write down all the busties who are lining up for the fresh new year butt flush*
Ah turbo, I'd lurve to visit Chicago! I've heard first hand absolutely amazing things about the music scene out your way, and especially the blues scene. I love the blues! 'Specially old school blues like Howlin' Wolf and John Lee Hooker. Mmmm.

Woke up dis mornin'
Cain't do number two
I'm tellin' you baby
I got dem butt flush blues...

ETA: chorus
Oh yeah, I got 'em bad baby
I got dem butt flush blues
When I wake up tomorrow morning
I better be able to take a poo

(With all attendant apologies. ETA: if it's any consolation, I actually just sang it out with the guitar, and it does work.)

minx, your beach rocks. When you come to BC, I'll help you find all the nudie beaches here. Wreck Beach in Vancouver is your first stop!

So...erm...I am actually sitting here thinking about what I should wear to do the grocery shopping tomorrow.

There's no fool like an old fool!

(ETA: oh my god, I just wrote my first song and it was about POO. I should TOTALLY be screwing around with a 23-year old boy.)
bwahahahahahahahah! tongue.gif

doodle, it is SO true!!! i admit, i sang it out loud as i read it and it totally works!!!

got dem cool.gif butt flush blues..... cool.gif

dern. wish i was a 23 year old boy!!! ohmy.gif

i wish that there was some place around here that did butt flushes! guess that isn't the first service that a fancy spa thinks of adding, huh?

loving all of the beaches!!!

and the photos of turbo et al are just tooooooo precious! greyhounds always look so guilty. what is it with that??? little cuties.

you know, i have no recollection whatsoever of sand in my cooze. none. maybe something else took up all of the space??? rolleyes.gif

ETA: sorry about all of those smiley face icons. i think that the drugs are getting to me. i am SMASHED.

edited AGAIN to add: if barbaroja is too long, you could always just call him B J!!!!
Hi tes!!!

*pounces on tes*

I MEECED you!!!!

*serious boobie squishing*

I actually had a particular 23-year old boy in mind, and there is no way he could replace you in my eyes, my dear.

*kisses tesao's hand*
Oh Tes Oh Tes Oh Tes! You came back!

And your NYE sounds so awesome and lurvley and diryt. Did I spell that right?

I went out with Banana and some of his friends to a pool hall. Oh my, I am so bad at pool. Banana and I kept winning, in spite of me knocking the opponents' balls in several times. He's pretty good at pool.

I have to tell you guys something. I am taking the next few days off work. I got sent to a "house" for the mentally ill. But at the last minute, I chickened out and told my nurse that I was too scared to go. I wondered how I would ever sleep with all the mental patients around. Never mind that fact that *I* am a mental patient.

Anyway, I am still taking the time off work, but not going to the facility. I feel guilty not being at work, but I am so very stressed that I would have probably crumbled tonight. I should not have gone to the pool hall, but I thought it would be better to go than to stay behind, alone.

All this job stuff and thinking about moving to Chicago stuff and general mental illness stuff is taking its toll on me. I know that I was perfectly happy with Tucson before going to Chicago on vacation, so why can't I get back into "real life"?

Maybe I should take several weeks off and just hop around, visiting all of your respective beaches.

The pictures of Turbodog make me long for a doggie of my own. Actually, Banana has a pitbull that he adopted a few years ago. Her name is Luna, and she is the snuggliest, sweetest nittle nanimal ever. She loves to cuddle. I never thought I would have so much affection for a pitbull. But she is very obedient and loving and non-threatening. I guess she looks really tough, and people freak out when they see her out in public, but she doesn't run up to people, or jump up, or do any other threatening behavior. She just minds her own business until you come to her domain. Then she'll give you some licks on your feet and the expectation of some pets. Oh. I loves Luna.

I think I will go cuddle with her right now and try to fall asleep. Good night, Okayers!
*YAWNs and stretches*

*mumbles* Good morning you sloppy slatterns...its friday. *mumblemumble*

Gads, I'm tired this morning - and I even went to bed early last night! I'm fearing the battle of the bedroom mold is not over yet, as I'm still waking up all allergied...not as bad as before, but its still there. I'm gonna clean the bedroom again tonight, and I've ordered some tea tree oil to mix up with water and spray on the affected area to kill the moldies...but if the floors need to be re-done, than that's what we may have to do...

((((PK)))) I'm sorry you're still having a rough time out there...taking a few days off sounds like a good idea. You work so much there, PK, I worry about you - maybe your body needs to cut it down to one job, so that you have time off to rest. Is there a possibility that you might move in with Banana so that you could save some money on rent? Take care of yourself, my dear....

Doodle, you are most welcome to visit us anytime!! One of our oldest Blues clubs is closing this weekend...they're tearing down the building to put up condos, of course. boooo! They're planning to re-open in the next year, but its sad.
Hey ass munchers, it's Friday!

Good Morning! I am happy it's Friday. Though I only worked Wednesday til today this week. I don't have school tomorrow! I am so stoked, I can have a real 2 day weekend! My new class is on Monday & Thursday nights.

Hey PK! ((PK)) I am so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling good. I think it is good you are taking a few days off of work, even if you don't go to the place. Do not feel guilty! You deserve time off & you need time off. I hope things get better. Anything we can do for you?

I love all these beach pics too. I like lakes a lot.

Well, I really have nothing exciting to report. The usual. Which is A-OK. Sometimes the usual ain't too bad. smile.gif
I have to say that of all the smilies this one is my favorite. Everytime I see it I laugh and I want to put it at the end of every sentence.

blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif

Sorry, I probaby broke some kinda bust rule by doing this but I'm a rebel and I want others to smile too! laugh.gif

Happy Friday Everyone!!
Hi, lovemypugs! That is a funny smiley face.

Where is everyone today??

*gets out bullhorn* Will all okayers please report immediately to Okayland.......
*puts her fingers in her ears to dull the noise of the bullhorn*

ok ok..i'm here...but i need to catch up on the archives...

back in a min.
*rushes into thread, panting*

Sorry, everyone, I've been distracted by other threads this morning...oh, and that annoying work stuff that people seem to expect me to do...hmph

I like that smilie too...but my favorite, is this one: ph34r.gif

good morning

is everyone still asleep? so empty......and quiet......*echo*

hey pk, you're NOT ALLOWED to feel guilty for taking time off. your first loyalty should always be to your own physical and mental wellbeing. if you're not well, how can you do your job well? and your bosses should understand that. so, STOP feeling guilty, and take a breather, and if you need to talk to any of us about anything, we're here. ((((puppykitty))))

hi jen, kari, lovemypugs.......seriously, where is everyone? need a hand with that bullhorn? *grabs tambourine*

it's the okayer-roundup-parade!

oh man. i wish. irl i still feel gross. ugh. i wish this would END.
Hi, peeps!

((((((PK))))))) Take good care of you.

I don't have any beaches really close by, although I do have the Mississippi River, but I don't feel like looking for pictures of it. But still, that's a couple miles away. But where my parents live, there's lakeview pretty much everywhere, even if you don't live right on one. That's the one cool thing about their city. Oh, but my work building overlooks the Mississippi at a really pretty part. I'll find a picture of it later.

Turbo, that's so funny about Turbomann's recruiter calling about his old job! I'm glad he's getting lots of feedback from his resume, so a great new job is right around the corner!

Hi, Marileen! I seriously think Trout just loves the sound of his own voice. He's a lawyer, right? Sorry we had to leave so rudely, but the giant doesn't know how to defend himself against getting cornered by talkers, so I basically had to shut the door on Trout's face.

Hi, Tes! I'm glad you had a lovely vacation. Makes me almost want to spend one at a beach, though that's totally not my style.

I'm glad everyone's NYEs were good. I turned 31. Yay. Now I'm actually in my 30s, not just on the edge.

Hi, Poodle, Karianne, GB, Mouse, LMP, Minx, and Doodle!

Any big plans for the weekend? The giant and I are going to the MOA tonight so I can return some stuff so my rent check doesn't bounce, then out for dinner somewhere. Tomorrow we're doing Sam's and my dad's birthday thing at my parents' house, so we're going up there. I get to see Sam tomorrow! Yay! And we're going to attempt to do a deep clean and purge of the house. I know I've got entirely too much stuff and want to pare it down.
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