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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Go Harold! I hope I get home in time to watch it from the beginning without having to tape it. I'm doing ceramics tonight. I hope Tiffani does something majorly embarassing. She's a snake - sssssss.

Hi, MsGoofball! Good luck with your show.

Karianne, were they even a decent band? I'm all for the death metal, especially Scandinavian, but I prefer it if they just wear their own faces. Masks freak me out. I've actually seen GWAR live once, and may again this summer. They're kind of fun if you don't take it too seriously or wear anything you'd be pissed about having ruined.

Good morning/afternoon everybody. I had to share this really funny dream that I had last night. I dreamed a conversation from this thread. In it, whammy_bar was talking about a jauguar or cougar that she had stuffed (taxidermied) in her living room. Someone here, might have been pinkpoodle, took her to task for stuffing an endagered species. So, whammy_bar responded with a "Well, it was my kill (like she had hunted it) so I can stuff it." The argument got so out of control and controversial that it actually ended up on Yahoo news. The news tag read: "Busties worldwide gather to support their friend "whammy."
It was a weird dream.
go harold!!! i really hope he wins. i saw part of the last epi last night on reruns. i was proud of harold for having already opened his restaurant.

hahahah! diva, you made me laugh. she's a snake -ssss. classic.

kitten, you know you've got a BUSTie habit when you start dreaming of OKAYville. hehe.

yummy, i agree with karianne: just say something in passing about how great it is that you guys can be friends... "you know, that's really what i love about our relationship. there's no romantic stuff in the way and we can just chill as friends" sort of thing. if he has romantic intentions, he'll get the idea and while he might get a little hurt by it, hopefully he'll understand and get those feelings out of his head.

msgoof, good luck!! what is taking place exactly? i know you're doing hair and makeup and stuff from old hollywood, but are you all getting dressed up or what? s'plain, girl! :-)

poodlepants, i feel the same way about RP. skinny as he was, i would have squeezed his lemon till the juice ran down his leg. fo sho.
bwahaha!!! fj - you always crack me up "squeezed his lemon"...too funny.

kitten - I love your dream!!

I'm prety excited about tonight's Top Chef...if they have a second season, though, I hope to cod they replace Katie Lee Joel - she is even more of a robot than Heidi Klum!
Thank you, Turbo! Katie Lee Joel is basically useless on the show. All she does is the canned hostess lines and never has anything of substance to say. I'd rather see the male judge as the host. He's got enough personality for it. At least Heidi Klum knows a tiny bit about fashion and has some voice in the decision making process, but she's a robot, too.
Oh oh oh... I looooove Harold. I'd love for him to be mine. But just for one night or two. Long enough for him to make me dinner, get drunk off of the wine he serves with dinner, and have hot monkey love. Something sexy about a guy who cooks. Him and Bobby Flay! Sigh

About the guy friend- Poodle, great advice that I've already followed. That seems to be my excuse. We're always talking about my dating options/scenarios, and his too. So that should mean that he isnt getting the wrong impression. But I will follow up with the reinforcement of "brotherly love" that the other suggested. Good call, my sistas!

Divalla- my monkeys will be the big 5 this weekend. I can't believe it. Damn, I'm getting old!

Poodle, you crack me up with your "the filling of a Robert Plant and Jimmy Page sandwich" fantasy! I'm out of the loop--oh I might remember what Robert Plant looks like. But the curiosity may make me google the other.

Hey I'm going to a concert on Thursday in b-town indiana- home of the hoosiers! It's the sexy country music boy type (no hat, thank you). Its not your rock and roll.... but his bod is to die for! I can't wait.

Alrighty then. Back to work!
Hot monkey love? Squeezing lemons 'til the juice runs down his leg? HBI's? Insemination??

This place has finally become the denizen of NAUGHTY WHORES!!! YES!!! I no longer feel lonely and weird!
This place is full of naughty whores!

*runs through thread wearing only a lacy, black g-string*

Diva-do you mean is the band that won that competition good? I saw a video of their performance in the contest. It was baaaaaad.

I ate something for lunch that is grossing me out. I mean, the food was fine, but I don't know, maybe I wasn't in the mood for it today. Ick. I hate that.

Kitten, your dream is hilarious! I have had a dream or 2 about busties before, it is funny.

Yummy-do you have twins?

I can't wait for the new Project Runway.

Will this day ever end? The days before vacation are always like molasses.

Hi msgoof! Hi minx!
Bwahahaha! You guys are crackin' my shit up today!

These dreams are hilarious! Stuffed cougars and metalhead monsters! Great. Now I have that "These Dreams" song in my head. You know... These dreams go on when I close my eyes!!
Every second of the night, I live another life!!!
(Sorry, couldn't help it)

It's all about RP and his "lemon." I'd throw in JP because of his long, dark hair and eyes. I like his mouth, too, for some reason. I don't care if he lives in a castle. Hee hee, check out my latest graphic art projects: This one is dedicated to you, FJ. I also made this "piece" because y'all know how much I love crotch art...Oops! I meant pop art!!! Maybe those pictures will refresh your memory, yummy. Personally, I could never forget RP and his bulge.
hi everybustie!

kittenb, that's a funny dream. it's like when i start having buffy dreams. though those usually end in making out with spike, not posting board conversations on yahoo news.

since poodle loves old men, i'll confess to my old man love, too (not the guys from led zeppelin, though) hugh laurie and anthony stuart head. sigh. they're so dreamy.

i slept in until noon, and i should have a shower, but i hate showering when i'm crampy and bloaty. i think maybe i'll just run my head under the tap.

yay! naughty whore party! woot!

i'm thinking of writing a letter to the paper about the shitty deal teachers in bc have been getting for years (possibly forever). i mean, they do sooooo much, and they totally get the shaft. half of my serious reconsideration of teaching comes from the asstastic deal they get. the other half, of course, comes from the ungrateful attitude of teenagers embodied in the kid i tutor. minxy gets ((((((())))))) 'cause she's a kickass teacher who i bet i would have loved had i had her.
Anthony Stewart Head, naughty whores, women in black g-strings, and making out w/Spike. Oh my, I think my dreams will be better tonight!
no doubt about it, kitten.

poodley, I love the lemon pic!

Now I am singing that damn Heart song. Thanks a lot.

Minx is a kickass teach.
hehe, the lemon pic is great, poodle! and i'm also singing the heart song. booo. hehe.

tyger, that's the exact reason that i switched my major at the last minute from elem ed to english. i talked to far too many retired teachers during my student practicum and i didn't want to turn out jaded and hard as they were. not to mention the short-change they get in the pocketbook.

if i would have been able to make some good money (or at least start higher than $23K, which was the starting salary at that time) i'd have gone through with it. i often think i might one day. especially when i think about the coolness that is minx.
My BFF and her husband are both teachers (though I considered them to be in the loosest sense since I don't think gym teachers count). They've been really happy for the most part, but they're usually working in private schools, which don't require as much of them degree-wise.

So, is RP's bulge supposed to be big? I don't know, I'm not into scrawny guys, guitar or no.

Karianne, was it the death metal band that won? For the love of Maud, I hope not.

My under-tits hurt. I hooked my bra kind of tight this morning and it's digging in in an un-friendly way. I wish I could whip it off, but I can't.

Turbo, it looks like on the Bravo boards that pretty much everyone there thinks she's useless/pointless, too. I feel vindicated!
"especially when i think about the coolness that is minx."

You guys should definitely have a glamourpuss dyke-out session. I'm just sayin'.
What made you think of the dyke thing, mrFJ? Guys are such pervos.

Yes, RP has a "distracting" bulge. It could be that his pants are way too tight. I think it might be a combination of package size and jean size. And let me make this clear--I don't like old guys!!! I like RP and JP when they were in their late 20's/early 30's.

I think I was born too late. Almost everything I like was around before I was born ('79), with the exception of Poodlepod. ;)

Ugh. I have to wait for the office meddler to leave before I do because she's been bugging me all week to update my timesheet. What am I supposed to put on there? "5/24/06, Cut a lemon graphic and pasted it on Robert Plant's crotch, .75 hours"
Ha! You guys are hilarious!

Well, I definitely feel I killed a sacred cow or somethng talking about my family and other forbidden things on confessions thread. I'm just calling it a "hairball I wanted to cough up" to downplay its importance in any way. I am picturing myself as Bill the Cat.

But -- ah, It's good though. I feel a lot better after talking in Okay, confessions, and letters.

Doesn't everyone?

Coincidentally I had a dream where I dragged a dead body out of my house. It was one of my parents. And yet, it wasn't gross or sad or horrifying it was kind of like a cartoon. I also dreamed I was hanging out with these cool english guys under the trees at some kind of school. and also -- that I visitied friends of mine who (in the dream) lived in a big room with the walls painted blue and I felt a soaring sense of freedom.


So next week I got to move and I'm feeling procrastinate-y.

I did find my black garter belt however!! Guess I can be a big whore this summer -- ha ha!! Seriously, If I wear knee lengthish skirts this summer I won't have to deal with pantyhose.

It's a thought. Ima save up and buy the new MacBook. It's cheap for a laptop mspoodle and powerful enough for what I want. I bag on laptops sometimes but it would be cheaper than a tower at this point. It's a good deal, the mac book

I'm hearing you on the rock and roll guys poodle -- I think I'm warped because of growing up in that era. whammyman is tall and thin and muscular and has long hair and it streaks beautifully in the summer all by itself. It's already starting, it has these lovely different tones of chesnut in it. When I met him he was in a band and he still plays guitar -- roowwr!!

Maybe when I finally get the laptop, now that we've got the apartment -- I can pay him back money I owe him and he can afford a practice space and I'll buy him a car too. It's something to think about. I mean a junker car and he can take drivng lessons from a school. He grew up in the city so no $$ for car and no mellow backwoods roads to learn on.

These are thoughts....

Happy humpday everybody
Hi whammy!

That's an odd dream. It almost sounds like the basis for some psychedelic song.

I'm at home now and it's warm and super humid in here. Blech! I hate having sweaty boobs! Damn southwestern exposure. My cats are already showing signs of discomfort.

Hmmm...for some reason, I remember liking Hefeweizen, but this stuff isn't that tasty. Oh well. Ice-cold beer is always nice on a warm day.

So, I've decided that my frivolous purchase for the next coupla months is a vintage Sony HP-161 stereo with a turntable, AM/FM radio, and speakers. I'm assuming it's something from the mid-70's because there's no cassette feature. It's a very simple design with fake wood veneer on the sides, woven fabric on the speakers, and brushed metal on the front of the stereo. It has those really smooth silver dials for the radio. Of all the vintage stereos I was searching for, this one is in the best condition and has all of it's original parts. It's also really beautiful because it's not completely plastic like they began doing in the 80's. You kinda have to be a 70's geek like me to appreciate it though.

D'oh! It's raining out!
Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been around recently, I've been having trouble getting access to the internet because they've been cracking down on it at work. Luckily, they've lightened up, so today I'm feeling saucy.

It looks like I'm staying put for at least the next six months. AZ Guy has decided to stay and at least try to work on our relationship, and I'm willing to give it another chance. He's all right, and as long as we don't get too serious, it should be okay because neither one of us needs that right now. Of course, it doesn't help that I caught the bouquet at the wedding we went to last week either... (Yes, this was after a few margaritas and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Besides, the bouquet was beautiful.)

Not much else to add, hope to catch up later, see y'all around.
Hi Lilac! Long time no chat!

I hope neither of you take the bouquet thing seriously. Guys freak out over the stupidest shit though, so who knows...

Well, now that my laundry is done, it's time for me to lay down on my hot bed where my sweaty, unshaven legs will rub together, keeping me up all night. I want fall or spring or even winter! Grrr...stupid earth and it's stupid tilted axis...

'Night ladies!

PS- I guess John Paul Jones can be a part of my RP/JP sandwich. He would be the condiment--not necessary, but still a nice addition. Just hold the Bonham, please! I don't want to make out with someone who chokes on their own vomit.
mornin' lovelies! Ack....I sweated all night too poodle, and my poor doggie was terrified in the storms, so I had his hot stinky breath breathing in my face all night. Supposed to be 90 degrees here this weekend. I think I better get on top of looking for a new AC unit so my dog doesn't melt. Sadly, I don't care if I melt, but Turbo - he needs to keep cool. ;)

No AC in the office either I'm already sweating. Why didn't I take tomorrow off again?

Oh, and it looks like we passed our accreditation - so 2 extra vacation days for me this year - WOOT!

Poodle, I think you should be a 60s-70s cultural anthropologist when you grow up! And you can run this quirky little musuem where your artwork hangs, and good music plays, and everyone can marvel at the shag carpeting and fancy cabinet style stereos and tvs!

wowzers - a lilac sighting! Hi doll! Come back soon!
Good Morning!

It is hot here too. And very humid. Summer has arrived, it seems.

Congrats on passing the accreditation, jenn! yay! more vacation days are always appreciated.

Welcome back lilac! Glad to hear things are good with the mister.

I am only working a half day today. HUZZAH! We are going to a wedding this afternoon. Then tomorrow I am leaving town. Can't wait!

Hey, where has catsoup been lately? I haven't seen her in quite a while. Hmmmm.
Good morning ladies!

I'm so jealous that you get to leave, karianne!!! I'm sure I'll have to meet with my boss today and that she'll end up sending me on a quest for the holy grail of real estate transactions.

Congrats on the extra vacation days, turbo!! Do you know how you're going to use them?

I've always wanted to be a professor for some cultural studies program since I'm a big pop culture whore. I don't know why I'm so drawn to the Me Decade. It was really an awful time in U.S. history considering the recession, energy crisis, disco overkill, and shag carpeting. On the other hand, the music was fucking awesome, environmentalism was on the rise, and the feminist movement made some huge achievements. I have to admit that I kinda like the brown, olive green, orange, and mustard colors that were popular in the 70's. Oh, and Robert Plant was hot back then, too.

There's a bidding war over the 70's stereo right now. I'm currently the high bidder, but the price is starting to creep. It's up to $53 right now. It just goes to show that everything that was desirable at one point becomes popular again. It's like that used Journey "Escape" t-shirt that I showed you guys a while back. That went for $50+ dollars.

Crap! I have to get to work now!
It's getting warmer here too. I actually turned the AC on this morning. And this weekend is supposed to be HOT! Upper eighties for the big race. I think I'll get naked and lay out in my back yard. I CAN do that now that I have privacy.

Yeah but poodle- just because the bulge is big doesn't mean it materializes the same. And personally, I would have to have those dudes do some serious conditioning and maybe pull their hair back in a ponytail before I would touch that with a ten foot pole. Sweaty bastards! ;-)
But... you go girl.

Kari- yes my eggs to tend to divide. Once when the clones were about 9 months old, I was making breakfast. I cracked 4 eggs, 3 of which contained double yolks. I took that as a sign from god not to go testing mother nature again. :-)

Anyone here in Saint Louis? I cant remember. I'm going to be there on mem. day. Hey Turbo--what about the busty bbq? Do you have a plan yet? I'm up for a drive to the big city soon, since the kids will be with the spawn of satan for a month or so.

morning lassies,

Its like FRIDAY for me today! WHOO HOO! Granted, I'm only taking tomorrow off for dr. appts, but still. I'm in the midst of the first real post-preggo MRG, and wow, i suddenly remember the best part of being knocked-up. Feh. I'm just hoping it lets up early enough for some long-weekend lovin'.

I love how in the midwest, we go from winter to summer in the blink of an eye...its 80 and humid here today...monday was frost. Ah well.

OK, trying to be productiv-o lady today. we'll see when i crash and am only good for internet reading. :-)
Ah, I'm jealous of everyone taking the day off tomorrow...I wanna too! Oh well, I'm sure it will be a ghost town in the office, and there won't be much work going on anyway.

Yeah, so its 80 degrees here too, humid, going to storm soon, and they're saying we're going to get hail this afternoon - so weird. COuld be a fun bike ride home.

So, how about that Top Chef, Diva? Correct outcome, for sure. I loved the drunk dave and stephen having fun in spite of Tiff, and that they were all brutally honest that they would not want to work for Tiff. ever. And her shock that all 4 picked Harold, not just for food, but because of her behavior. Uh, hello? In kitchens it *really* matters how you treat people...cooks can be very hot headed, and when push comes to shove, they will walk off the line, and that's bad news. I can't think that that would happen in any kitchen that Harold runs. He's the chef that cooly supervises and steps in to bail the line out when it gets hairy. So, I'm pleased, and wish for great things for Harold.
good morning ladies.

i'm also jealous of everyone getting to take time off tomorrow and have an even longer weekend! mrfj gets to take off at 2pm tomorrow, but i'll prolly be here until 5. boooooooo!

still, i feel bad for the guys that work for me. the manufacturing company is working all weekend, including sunday according to the current schedule, just so they can get monday off. what's the point? argh! and they wonder why i can't keep people here?

yay for more vacation time, turbo! that's awesome!

and i fully agree that harold's winning TC was the best choice! tiffany was such a bitch! and did you see during the commercials when they'd show how america would choose the TC? ha! she only had 7% of the votes! i hope by seeing herself on tv, she's able to realize that she should make some changes to her 'tude! i LOVED dave and stephen last night, although i've never been a big fan of stephen before. he seemed cooler, maybe since his future wasn't really on the line. hehe. no pun intended.

yummy, that made me laugh about your eggs dividing. i'm secretly hoping for twins when we get pregnant. with my taking clomid, my chances go from 1% (w/o the meds) to 8%!! doesn't really seem like too much, until you realize that it increases the chances by about 700%!! still, one bebe would be nice. i ovulated three days ago, so i should be in full obsession mode this time next week. hehe.

poodle, i've often felt that i was born in the wrong decade also. i should have been 18-21 around 1969. i totally would have been at woodstock getting my lsd-induced freak on with some long-haired hippie.

have fun at the wedding, karianne!!
Good morning all. I don't have tomorrow off, but I bet it will be slow where I work. Fridays are my massage therapist days and I work right next to the Board of Trade. You can't get thoes people to stay any later than noon before a holiday.

I am so antsy to run home and watch Lost. I taped it last night and watched the first hour this morning. Tell me nothing. I am trying so hard to not peak in the thread and learn how it ends....
Hi, peeps!

I finally got a good night's sleep, thanks to an open window and fan. Oh, did that feel good!

We're hearing 92 for Sunday up here, I'm sure with a lot of rain and mugginess throughout. Great. I wanted to spend at least one day outside mosaicing, but not if it's going to rain. But still, a long weekend is a long weekend, even if it is all spent indoors. I can't stand the heat or humidity.

Turbo, that was the best outcome possible last night. Yay! I really did also think it came down to who's easier to work with. I'd work for Harold any day, never for Tiffani. And how dare she take credit for Dave's dessert!? Drunk Dave and Stephen were great. Both of them would be so much fun to get drunk with, especially Stephen. I like him a lot more since the reunion show. But poor Tiffani won't be able to use that money to *sniff* travel and *sniff* pay off her bills. Oh, how hard it must be having the burdens of every-freaking-one else! I thought that money was supposed to be used to further your career, not as mad money. She'll land on her feet, though. The online polls they showed at commercials cracked my shit up! Only 7% wanted Tiffani! Hah!

And then, not that I care, the one I care for slightly more than the other one won American Idol, not that I care. :-)

((((((vibes for Poodle's new/old turntable)))))))

I also think I should teach a class in pop culture, specifically classic rock. And I could have all my friends come in and do units on different eras. I'd love to have a degree in music and pop culture. I guess that would only qualify me to write for Rolling Stone and analyze "reality" shows and sitcoms.

Hooray for extra vacation days! I could use some.

Hi, Karianne and Lilac and Whammy and Moxie and Yummy!

I'm so ready for it to be Friday, even though I don't have it off. I had the nicest night last night and it feels weird to be working today. I did ceramics after work, which was so relaxing. I used to have a project going 5 years ago where I did this pattern on small tiles and had them flow into each other, but the place I went to went out of business. I missed just sitting at a table listening to the radio and people's chatter, concentrating on my piece. I got some really good colors going: chartruese with sky blue, purple and blue marbled together with light yellow moons and stars, madras plaid, apple and grass green fireworks, raised polka dots... I'll probably end up doing this every week just because I love sitting around doing crafts like that without interruption. Then I got home and watched TV and ate leftovers then got an awesome sleep. It doesn't get much better on a weeknight.

Ahhhh yes, Ms. FJ. I have a good friend who had triplets after just one dose of clomid, or injection or whatever it is. And I know many others who got twins with it. Let's hope those ovaries are dropping double eggs this month! Fingers crossed for you and Mr. FJ aka "the inseminator"!

OOh, poods. "The Big Blue Room" is actually computer geek slang for "outdoors" I think I'll mosey about at my lunch hour -- I got a send a last minute express mail at the PO anyway. Not even moved yet and already my mail is effed up.

Yeah, we got a turntable, it's awesome. we have our old folks born in the late 50s high school in 70s record collection. Great shit. On vinyl we have Led Zep, Aerosmiths early stuff which is a far far cry from Janie got a Gun ville, and Glam Rock and Punk rock and early 80s hip hop and early rap -- Kinks, and nearly all Iggy Bowie Velvet Underground and Hendrix.

Don't be too jealous though cause I will tell you there were hardly ANY cool looking long-haired guys. It was ridiculous. Not even when I went to college. Short hair and dorky seventies clothes.

When I met my guy he looked like Sid Vicious but we reverted to our 60s wanna be shaggy selves after awhile.

We'll be the ones up front at the Buzzcocks reunion show, looking like old hippies in our black leather jackets, front and center cause we grew up slammin' to X and Black Flag in our twenties and these kids are amatuers. When the opening band stops playing they go get a drink or go pee!! Ha ha! LOL
morning busties....

i am soooooo relieved(insert poop joke here) to be done with this project....we didn't win but we had a good time and it turned out better than the fiasco i had running in my mind. i will post picts. soon.

yay for A/C!
yay for long weekends!!
now who's squeezing lemons and we are all whores?!~?!?!?! well, that would explain last nites whore-fest that we called 'class'...LOL almost all the groups were dressed in a whore-like fashion for their time period. ok back in a bit....
ok heres the link....please forgive the red
msgoof - that corset is HOTT - and so are you!! rwarrrrr!

I think I might have to go out to the "blue room" myself for lunch...before it starts raining....

wow, yummy's a twinmummy! I think there is a very special place in the world for parents of twins...two little babies demanind your attention...I'm not sure I could do it!

diva....thanks for the TC was such a great episode, even though katie lee joel was making me a little crazy there with her stupid comments. They should just boot the eye candy, and let Tom take the host position too.
oh, but i have to say that i LOVED katie's outfit last night, the blue dress with the red flowers? i thought it was great. but i agree that she needs the big boot!

msgoof, looks like you guys had fun! thanks for putting up the link. oh, and i checked your images of jake. what a cute cat!!
Turbo, you and msgoof should definitely have a glamourpu---- never mind.

fj, did you tell your friends that we're going to a nudie park this weekend? Was I not supposed to say anything? Uh oh. This is awkward.
That reminds me of a bad joke. How do you tell who is the blind guy at the nudist colony?

.... It ain't hard! Har har har....

Thank you Ms. Turbo. I have been to hell and back physically and emotionally raising those babies. Hopefully there is a special place for me somewhere! ;-)

mrfj, you're a dork.

no, i hadn't had time to talk about our fantastic nudie park weekend ahead.

we're going to a nudist resort in south florida, complete with nude boating in the lake, nude hiking, nude pool, etc. we've never been, but it seems like it should be fun.
Yummy, you definitely have my respect for raising twins. How cool! Girls did you say?

The fjs are going to a nudie park!

msgoof, I love the pictures. It looks like you guys had tons of fun. And I second Jenn, you are HOT!

I missed Top Chef last night, will have to catch the rerun. I am happy to hear that mean old Tiffani lost though. She is too bitchy to win.

(moxie) i hope your MRG goes away in time for the weekend.

Well, ladies, I am about outta here. Won't be back in the office til Wednesday. ! Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!
bring your sunscreen fjs!! Can I just say that the fjs are so very very brave? We expect a full report next week! *twacks the ruler against the desk*

mrfj, you just crack me up....
Yummy, there is a place for people like us.

And it has free childcare, copious amounts of weed and wine, daily massages, free therapy, ginormous rental rebates, and pleasurable company.

It's called: MY WET DELUSION. :-)

In lieu of this, I chose one of two of the things above per month, will gladly pay for them, and hope like hell that my minxlette is gonna be alright, exasshat, or no exasshat.

I think that MrFJ is really in the mood to see some glamourpusshotlesbo action in the Okay thread. Hey Pinkie--do you still have that picture from my porch with you humping me in the rocking chair?
Hahaha!!! Nude boating! Nude hiking sounds a little weird though. I'm imagining getting scraped in sensitive places by rocks and branches along the path.

I love your joke, yummy!

Believe me, whammy, I'm not jealous of the stock of young men in the 70's. All I care about are RP and JP in their younger days. Now this is sad. *sheds a tear* :-(

Your ceramic project sounds really pretty, diva. Are you doing a mosaic in the garden. That garden is gonna be so beautiful. I'm sure it already is!

I should eat something.
Poodle. That looks like Michael Caine in a mullet. I'm sorry for your loss.

Oh god, minx, I'm afraid of what mrFJ would do if he saw those pics!

Sunscreen! Ha! Good advice, though.

Msgoof, you guys look gorgeous in those pictures. I love those hairstyles!

I know. I shouldn't have even clicked on the thumbnail. I new it was one of his more "recent" pictures. :-( I guess I'll just have to wash the bad image out of my head by watching some of their live performances on my 'puter.
awww.....I remember those piccies so fondly, especially poodle in the lovely party hat pretending she's a sassy octogenarian!

Nude hiking, The girls, well, they just wouldn't be happy with that. They require support, and who likes that sweat that gathers under the girls when you're hanging about au natural...swimming nude, hell yes...but excercise, I'll be by the pool sipping a cool bevvie.

you are so right mr fj! That is totally Michael Caine in a mullet! I was just watching Batman Begins last night marveling at what a fine actor he is...and now he plays guitar - who knew?
well, to be honest, i don't know how much hiking i'll be doing. nakedness does not bother me in the least. but i have this strange "fear" of nekkidness with sneakers and socks. seriously, it gives me the eebie-jeebies.

i have a feeling we'll be hanging by the pool most of the time, sipping on tropical drinks.

oh, and the craziest part? they also have a NUDE nightclub there. i'm a little scared of that too. i think if we decide to stick around for it, i'll be wearing some sort of swim coverup or something. but i'm not sure we'll even go to that.

it's a purely naturist/nudist place, not a *swinger* type place, so that's good. i won't have to worry about skeevy naked guys macking on me.
"i won't have to worry about skeevy naked guys macking on me."

WTF?!? You're going without me?
Yeah, I don't think I could hike without a brar. The girls move around too much as it is. The naked w/ shoes and socks thing would feel really funny. We used to joke about having naked parties in my old vegan house. That actually woulda been kind of fun if you were really drunk and with people who were average looking. I definitely wouldn't go to a naked party with a bunch of cute, waifish girlies. At that house, all of our bodies were so different that it actually coulda been really amusing to hang out naked.
Yeah, naked with shoes is wrong, unless its like flip flops or something shoes - weird. And nekkid nightclub...eeeew...sweaty nekkid dancing bodies, that's just not for me. I'd be by the pool with the fjs...for sure.

Why isn't this day over yet? Can anyone tell me?
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