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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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oh, happy new years ladies! i had a good one--got very drunk--ended up cuddling all night with one of my best friends--not sure if that was weird or not but i think it wasn't. no making out though. lots of good-quality vodka and champagne...ooer. and a lovely late brunch this morning with a bunch of friends. somehow i have gotten a cold and can't stop sneezing, and my kitchen faucet won't stop leaking--it's less of a leak, more simply just running. and of course my landlord isn't answering his phone.

driving to brunch a car drove up next to me with this middle aged black guy all by himself, belting out along with the radio at the top of his lungs. he gave me a huge smile and wished me happy new year and it was kind of the greatest thing ever.

i'm feeling really great about things, mostly.
First off...HAPPY DIVA DAY! Today, right? 2 more weeks for moi, thank you very much!

Second, we saw "Rocky Balboa" today...OMG, what an absolute joy of a film. Not all chessey like Rocky 4. Very much in the spirit of the original "Rocky." I'd forgotten how good a filmmaker Stallone is.

Ok, time for bedtime for the wee one.

Well, I am even more "lazy" than turbo today! biggrin.gif

My day thus far has consisted of discombobulating some old songs on the guitar, applying metallic turquoise paint to a killer whale figurine, building a temporary cat fort from a large chair and two big shawls, and consuming a rather generous plate of dill havarti with those sour cream & chives crackers. Oh, and napping, plenty of napping. (ETA: okay, okay, and having very dirty daydreams involving me and a 23-year old drummerboy. DAMN.)

mouse, I love your singing car driver story! It made me break into a huge grin.

Maybe I will purge something from the apartment. Hmm. *starts to look around, critical eyebrow quirked*
Hi doodle and moxie! The new Rocky was good, eh?! Maybe we'll rent it when it comes out. We still haven't made it out to see a movie this whole vacation...we've been cheap, and just hanging at home, having a lot of sex. tongue.gif

Doodle, you're gonna have to track down that 23 yr old, I think. heh.

Ah, the guest doggies just went home, and turbo is SO happy! He went on a toy gathering mission just as soon as they left, and gave each them a few squeaks before settling down into his bed, where he is back to grooming his feet.
That's very amusing, turbo, how you slipped your HBI report in there so offhandedly. biggrin.gif

I think you are right about the 23-year old. I don't know where to start, but I guess there's always "same time next week" and seeing if anything (anyone) transpires!

Where is our beloved poodley-kins today? Or last night for that matter? POODS! What you up to, girl?
All our mpls laydeez are still probably partying at marileen's house, if I had to guess! Maybe a poodle-incited karaokaing war has broken out, and they're now down to poodle vs. marileen?! ....Just a theory.

I thought you'd enjoy that HBI, report, doodle. tongue.gif
Ooh, I'll bet they're acting out the last scene in poodle's script!

I'm gonna sign off for the night. Once again, Happy New Year, fair Okayers!

The Provisional Mayor of Okayland will now sing you a lullaby. I hope y'all like Loretta Lynn.

*straps on guitar one last time*

You wined me and dined me
When I was your girl
Promised if I'd be your wife
You'd show me the world
But all I've seen of this old world
Is a bed and a doctor bill
I'm tearin' down your brooder house
'Cause now I've got the pill

All these years I've stayed at home
While you had all your fun
And every year thats gone by
Another baby's come
There's a gonna be some changes made
Right here on nursery hill
You've set this chicken your last time
'Cause now I've got the pill

This old maternity dress I've got
Is goin' in the garbage
The clothes I'm wearin' from now on
Won't take up so much yardage

Miniskirts, hot pants and a few little fancy frills
Yeah I'm makin' up for all those years
Since I've got the pill

I'm tired of all your crowin'
How you and your hens play
While holdin' a couple in my arms
Another's on the way
This chicken's done tore up her nest
And I'm ready to make a deal
And ya can't afford to turn it down
'Cause you know I've got the pill

This incubator is overused
Because you've kept it filled
The feelin' good comes easy now
Since I've got the pill

It's gettin' dark it's roostin' time
Tonight's too good to be real
Oh but daddy don't you worry none
'Cause mama's got the pill
Oh daddy don't you worry none
'Cause mama's got the pill
Hihi Okayers!

I just got off work and I am beat, yet wired. Weird.

Last night (NYE), I punched outof work at 11:59. Shucks. Made it to the bar to meet my amigas at about 12:30, had a couple of drinks, then went to my friend's house, where her husband prepared us a spectacular Asian meal. It was so great - and beautiful looking, as well. He is so talented, and he is also extremely happy to do it, which it great. He loves to cook for people.

After eating, we had champagne, then drank a few beers outside by the chiminea. It was so lovely. At about 4:00 AM, we went inside and watched Silence of the Lambs. Why that movie? I dunno. I chose it, and I just had a hankerin' for something I had seen a billion times, but hadn't seen for a long time. It was comforting. "Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me." Oh, Buffalo Bill. After the movie, we just fell asleep on the couch.

This afternoon, I got a ride back to my car at the bar and went to Banana's place. He slept all day long. Lucky SOB. I had to work at 5:00. And it sucked. I was in a great mood - so good, in fact, that I felt *high*. It was weird. I was talking a mile a minute, telling everyone how great they were, and just being generally obnoxious.

After I ate dinner, I crashed. I was so crabby and unmotivated all night. After work, I didn't feel like going home, didn't feel like going to Banana's house, didn't want to hang out anywhere. I cried in the car, and wanted to just drive off the edge of the world. But I didn't. I came to Banana's house and called a friend. I'm feeling OK now. Maybe I'm just tired and hungover and stressed out.

Banana and I didn't ever connect on NYE. He got off work at 10:00 and went to a party where he had a few beers and was not able to drive anywhere. I, fortunately, had a DD in my group.

Anyway - LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY TurboJenn with her HBIs!! HBIs at home are a great way to spend NYE, I think. But even without hot beef action, I had a wonderful night.

Mr. PK didn't feel like doing anything, so he just spent the evening watching TV with his buddy. He said he watched a little bit of Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve, and it was depressing.

Heikki stayed up all night playing video games with a friend. He was pretty tired today.

So - I never did connect with those Canadian tourists who wanted some weed. Oh well. I didn't know where to get any anyway. But they were super cool. It would have been fun to see them.

OK - I wonder how our TC Busties are doing? I want to hear about marileen's party!
Good morning and happy new year!!

"It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again." Heh

Doodle, I watched The Graduate last night and thought about you. smile.gif You're trying to seduce me, Mrs. Doodle.

IPB Image

NYE was lots of fun. Diva, the giant, and I went out to eat before marileen's party and we had an inept waitress, which kinda sucked. She looked very confused when I asked her for salad dressing (my salad had NO dressing). After dinner we headed over to marileen's and had lots of fun conversing and drinking. The resident boy had a really good time, too. He said he wishes he could hang out with people like that more often. His social interaction is pretty much limited to hanging out with the guys from work.

Two words for 2007: mental health.

My brain was wired last night and I even woke up before my cats. I don't wanna work. You can't make me!!! *throws arms in air and stomps in a fit*
Hi PK and poodle!!!

Ah, I still have the day off today! Wheee! I am prolonging this lovely vacation as long as possible. smile.gif

Sounds like there were good NYE's all the way around here! PK, I hope you get some rest, sweetie - you've hada busy and stressful couple of weeks! Your NYE sounds good though too - a fabulous midnight meal - yum!

Turbo just woke me up - he is SO happy to have the house to himself again, he's so cute, playing with every single toy this morning.

Okay, time for our walk...I'm sure I'll be popping in later!
So, today I begin working from home. Its a LONG story, the short version: moving ofc, new suite not ready before lease, working from home until new suite ready. then, still hoping for 1-2 days/week not "off" but from home. Will let me get OUT and ABOUTmore, i think. Anyone have experience with this? I'm thinking of really having to block my time out in advance.

Anyway, HI ALL! turbo- ENJOY YOUR DAY!
That should be interesting working from home, mox. I don't think I'd have the discipline for that (if it involved my current work).

I'm jealous of your day off, turbo. I should've taken more days off this holiday season.

Gah...I didn't get enought sleep or drink enough coffee to deal with anyone this morning, especially the meddler and my boss.
*passes a plate of cinammon gluten-free pancakes around the thread*

Mmmm....I love breakfast. And I love that I finally found some decent GF pancake mix. I don't have the storage space for keeping 8 different kinds of alt flours around for that sort of thing, so the mix is a nice alternative. And I splurged and made some eggs and sausage is the last day of vacation, after all!

Like poodle, mox, I could not work from home for any length of time. A day here and there when I need to do a lot of writing or coding is good...but left to my own devices, I'd likely goof off way too much at home. Too many distractions. Good luck! Is your new office closer to home, or in the same area?
The new ofc is a block away from old ofc. I love the neighboorhood we work in, so I don;t mind one bit. It will be a far today, I've been very productive. I'm hampered a bit now, b/c my next task involves calling a client, and its lunchtime. Hmmm...maybe i'd better eat, eh?

Hi, peeps!

Thanks for the birfday wish, Moxie. It was actually on NYE, but a lot of people make that mistake. Working from home for awhile sounds like it'll be fun, if that's what you're into. But I'm like Poodle, I'd have no discipline whatsoever if left to my own devices at home.

My birfday was pretty good. Gay boyfriend took me out for brunch then a walk around a gay bookstore. Then I came home for a few hours before we went out with Poodle. The giant is s-i-c-k. I'm really surprised he made it out for my birfday. He gave me the sweetest thing - a collage frame with a bunch of pictures of us. It's not big and expensive, but it took thought and planning and work to put it together, so I love it. That waitress at the restaurant we went to was completely inept, and we think she may have been partially deaf - I think she'd never set foot in the place before and just had no clue. The last time the giant and I went there, the service was really good. Honestly, I was just happy to find a restaurant that wasn't $75/person or totally booked up. Marileen's party was nice and laid-back. We did have to abruptly stop someone from talking *at* us when we left, otherwise he would have gone on and on for another half hour. I was supposed to meet my dad where he works at some point, but it was snowing pretty hard and I forgot. Oh, well. Sam wished me a happy birfday and even apologized for giving me his cold.

Turbo, I wish my lazy days were as productive as yours. I need to start a purge, too. There are so many clothes in my closet I haven't worn for years, and all kinds of random crap around the house that we just don't need. I think I'm going to start my purge with knick-knacks and Xmas presents from relatives I really don't want (candleholders and ornaments). Maybe they can make someone else happy.

Doodle, a white russian actually has cream in it, or half-and-half. I'm picky about that stuff since I used to bartend. I hope you find your little drummer boy again.

I used to be into drummers. Tico Torres of Bon Jovi is still the gold standard for me - that man actually looks better now than he did 20 years ago, so manly and mature, like old mahogany. I'm always into guitarists of all sorts, but don't often go for singers, unless they also play guitar. The instrument is absolutely imperative if they're going to be crush-worthy.

Hi, FJs, Poodle, Mouse, PK, and everyone else!

A friend at work is going to buy me birfday lunch in a little bit, then I get to leave early for a dentist appointment. It'll be good to figure out what this tickle is between my bottom front teeth. I used to have a retainer there, but ripped it out a few years back, so I worry that those teeth are moving into each other. I hope I'm just crazy and imagining things. Still, it's high time for a check-up.
*delurks, sans snowballs*

Moxiegirl, I worked from home (mostly academic stuff and website content editing)on and off for years. Fwiw... yes, blocking out time is useful, arguably essential. You need to put a structure on each day and also on the week's overall goals/deadlines. I found the timetables I set up tended to move around a little but not too much, otherwise I would have been screwed.

What I found interesting is how breaks were dispersed; without colleagues all going for coffee/lunch at designated times each day, I got a lot more done, even if I worked from, say, 10am until 2pm and ate before and after, caught up with email in the morning etc. Working from home is also really useful when scheduling errands: you can avoid the stores/bank/traffic when they're busiest by going mid-morning or afternoon.

I also liked to factor in a walk if I could, just to keep the blood flowing and provide a mental break.

I'm sure your experience will be different depending on the whims of the moxette and the type of work you're doing, but hopefully the above is of some help. Just try to avoid visiting recreational websites too often tongue.gif and you'll be fine.

Happy New year to the rest of youse Okayers! All the best for 2007.

ohhhh...we're sending moxette to daycare. Its not working-at-home b/c she needs me. Its only b/c our office isn't ready for occupancy yet. I'd get NOTHING done if she were here. I find I'm abot 100% more effective in the morning, which was true today as well. I'm actually through my entire "to do" list until my boss gets here to review some scheduling stuff. io'm gonna take a break (Ha! working since 6am...i think i get one, right?) and a short snooze. Then, this PM, a big proposal needs to get out. can't do it now, b.c the boss has it! Some things, even in a virtual world, never change.

Diva, I'm wearing my brand-new BON JOVI, "New Jersey" tee-shirt! hehe. I agree about tico...he has an appeal that's hard to characterize. he also paints, which is right up your alley. smile.gif
hi peeps...jeez its been busy in here....i am finally caught up with the archives.

((((get well vibes for diva)))

(((lorewolfs knee)))

hear hear for all of us mrs. robinson's and hot young drummer boys!

i swear this new year is just a start to new trouble dry.gif

well, hopefully less. trouble tends to follow me wherever i go. i currently have time sheet here at work until the end of the month. I need to find out if they are going to keep me thru march as previously mentioned in order to register for classes. so now i wait. blink.gif

hugs to all my bustie friends to the start of a new year!!!!!
*drags self into thread*

fuck, busties, i'm sick. i don't know how this happened (other than maybe three nights in a row of partying and staying out late caught up to me? hmm... tongue.gif ) but i am effing DONE FOR. i'm not at work. i woke up this morning and could barely move or speak. i'm pretty sure i have a fever but i don't know because i don't have a thermometer and am in no shape to go get a thermometer. i slept a lot and i just took a long bath with some nice "spruce bath" aromatherapy stuff i got for xmas which cleared things up a little. i'm hoping to feel better later in the day so i can go get some pho and ginger tea (a surefire cure, i've found).

mox. that's cool that you're workking from home! i hope it all works well. i don't know if i'd be able to do an entire day's work at home--i dunno if i could trust myself. i do okay with small freelance things though.

sounds like everybody had good new years smile.gif i'm glad


okay, i'm crawling back to bed. meh.
(((mouse)))) that sucks that you're sick....i kinda wish i knew where you lived so i could drop off some pho for ya.

now i'm wanting pho.....gah.
aw, gb, you freaking sweetheart smile.gif

i think i'm gonna go get myself some in a minute, and maybe stop by the drugstore for some drugs....and a thermometer. i feel tentatively better than i did this morning which is a good sign, this is moving fast. i slept all day and whatever it is seems to be progressing down--coughing now instead of blowing my nose--god i know you guys love all this information.

but where is everyone today anyway?

Hi everyone!

Awww...poor mousie!! (((((mouse)))))

*starts making up the Okayland sofa with fresh linens and thick, fluffy duvets, and a hot water bottle to keep it all warm till mouse returns*

diva...I didn't realize white russians were made with cream! But I used chocolate milk, so I guess technically they weren't white russians anyway! Anyway, Happy Belated Birfday, sweetie! How many spankies is it?

poodle....verrrry funny. tongue.gif

Hi also turbo, moxie, miz gb, sybarite, and PK!
((((mouse)))) Makes cup of brewed ginger with honey and hands it to mouse. But hey, mouse, at least you got your fun in before you got sick!!

Hi doodle!

Is it weird that I think I'm actually prepared to go back to work tomorrow?! I feel rested, healthy, happy, and well...I think I can swing a 3 day work week. Shouldn't get too serious in 3 days.

Our friends in Ireland have asked us to come visit next month for our friend John's 30th birthday...and offered to help us with airfare...its a very tempting offer, and flights are really cheap right now. Its just hard to plan ahead with turbomann unemployed, and its still a big expense for our limited budget....we'll see how the rest of the month goes, I guess.
Happy New Years Doodle, Poodle, Mouse, Gb, FJ, taloo, diva and anyone I forgot.
HAd a week off and got back in town friday night to only get sick by sunday night after standing outside for 3 hours greeting people for the local winter festivals in Albany. Those nyQuil gel tabs are niiiiiice.
Geeked out on superman 1 and 2 over the weekend as well. Kind of rediscovering my childhood at the same time getting caught up so I can see the new one. I was suprised to see so much adult themed humor in the 1st one....I especially like the fight scene in 2 with what seems to be a caravan of Marlboro red trucks...LOL

By the way.....How is Netflix?? I'm considering joining up, but not sure the cash is worth the investment, plus I don't mind the walk to the video store. Poodle??

Are we takin Karaoke requests??
Ah turbo, I took today off, too! I shouldn't have, I realized it eventually - I was kind of itching to get things done. But at least I do know that I'm ready to tackle those last pieces of work, starting tomorrow!

turbo, I hope there's a way for you to go to your friend's birthday! I know how much you want to go to Ireland. Still, it doesn't have to be your last chance if you can't swing it this time around.

~*~*~*~*~*~miraculous trip money windfall vibes for the turbos!~*~*~*~*~*~

ETA: x-posted with ShawnBoy! Hi!
You know what,'s the thing about Ireland...yeah, I want to go, but honestly, there's a lot of places I'd rather go, and I kind of feel cornered into this one because our friends are there. When I travel, I generally want two things - relaxation and good food. Ireland has shitty food, particularly shitty given my food allergies. Honestly, I'd be happier going to some touristy mexican resort, sitting by the pool, and eating cheap, authentic mexican food for a few days...or going to spain, or greece, or italy, where the food is as good as the sights. Turbomann *really* wants to go to Ireland and the UK in general, so that's tipping the scales for our first vacation abroad. But after that...I'm gonna go sit on a beach somewhere that there are handsome cabana boys to bring me cocktails!

And then part of me just wants to take that vacation money and put it into the house for some real upgrades. This is why 2007 is going to be one of prosperity and new opportunities for us - I gots things to do!!

Hey shawn! Welcome back! *passes shawn a hot mug of brewed ginger and honey*

((((speedy healing vibes for all who need 'em)))

Yeah, its weird feeling prepared to go to work, eh doodle? But at the same time, I'm SO sure that my time at our org is limited now, its a freeing feeling. A little time away really helps me realize that its time to move on, once and for all, and to leave the safe cocoon.
in your honor, doodle, I just mixed up a russian-esque cocktail! Vodka, kahlua, baileys and almond milk. YUM! I do need to get some chocolate syrup to complete the deliciousness...however un-russian it may be. tongue.gif
Shawn, I love Netflix because I like to watch classics and cult stuff more than current mainstream stuff. I pay $15/month for 2 DVD's at a time, without a monthly limit. I don't have to get in my car or pay late fees, and I get to read about movies in the comfort of my own home. Plus, they give you recommendations based on your picks and ratings. Pretty nifty. I prolly end up watching 5-6 movies/month, so it's worth it for me. I'm watching more movies now with Netflix because it's so convenient. The only drawback is that you have to wait for the movies to arrive.

I decided that Dustin Hoffman is really hot, so I ordered Midnight Cowboy and Marathon Man for this week.


I would love to visit Ireland. That's definitely one of my overseas travel priorities. That, and Norway.
alright poodle, you've totally sold me on netflix...moxie's been trying to get me on it for awhile, and I don't know why I've hesitated...probably because I have so many other monthly fees...but this one makes sense. If there's any referral bonus for you - PM me, and I'll sign up as a referral from you. smile.gif
Ah, I see your issues with the trip, turbo. Hmm. Well, it sounds like it might be better to wait and plan farther in advance, if turbomann really wants to go there. Then you can plan some time to see stuff in the UK and Ireland, and then take some time to lie on a beach in Portugal or Greece or some other place! I don't know, but kind of guessing that might work better, make both of you happy, and give you some time to save up for it.

HEE! poods got the hots for Dustin Hoffman! biggrin.gif

He'll always be Tootsie to me.
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Jan 2 2007, 08:22 PM) *

Ireland has shitty food, particularly shitty given my food allergies.

Obviously, you didn't watch the season premier of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations last night. To steal his phrase, Ireland is on its way to becoming a "culinary superpower". There's a food revolution going on over there, thanks to chefs who are finding new ways to do traditional Irish fare (a lot of "fusion"), artisan foodmakers reviving cheeses, meats and breads, and huge influx of immigrants (mainly Asians and eastern Europeans, but also Africans) due to the booming economy and they're bringing their food with them. It may not be as easy as Chicago, but I hope you wouldn't let the food issue scare you off. (ETA: But your other points are valid, too. Ireland doesn't have to be an expensive place to visit, but you shouldn't do it until you're financially able to.)

Oh, and I second/third/whatever the Netflix recommendation- I love it!
Word. The food *used* to be shitty in Ireland. I lost like twenty pounds when I lived there cos the food was so bad. Thankfully things have changed.
Ok, I know this is late to the conversation, but we LOVE netflix. We use it mostly for obscure or long-past TV shows that we want to see again. Its how we got caught up on Battlestar our favorite show. Moxieman is using it now mostly for movies he wanted to see but I didn't. I'm into reading just now, so it works perfectly!

Today, first new day in temp office. I wonder how that will go. Hmmm...I've got to get on the new ISP to call me back with a GD appt for the hook-up. Feh.

What's everyone else up to today?;s the new gig? Doodle...any word on that Union job?

*wipes layer of dust off desk*

Hmmm....lets see how this "work" thing very curious, but Ican't remember for the life of me how this goes. I guess I should start by checking most dreaded task.

polly - I don't have the travel channel on comcast, for some puzzling reason, so I have to wait a month or so before the new Bourdain shows pop up on the OnDemand. Grrr. I know the food in Ireland isn't as bad as it used to be, but frankly, its still not as exciting as other countries, and much of the traveling we hope to do is in the countryside, where my choices will be more limited. Ah well...we'll make it over there sometime this year.

And I think I shall sign up for netflix this week...we need to catch up on alot of movies, since we rarely go to a movie, and nearly as rarely go to the video store to rent one.
Good Morning, Okayers! I have meeeeeced you all! I was off work from the 22nd-today. It was wonderful.

Everyone is sick! ((sick okayers)) I hope you recover soon. I think the holidays are exhausting, I am sure that contributed to your illnesses. Ick.

Sounds like everyone had a good New Years. I did as well. We went to a friend's house for wine & apps, then we went out for a while. I would have been A-OK staying home, but my friend really wanted to go out, so I obliged. Didn't drink too much & got home around 2AM, not too bad.

Jenn, I am trying to get the hang of work too. I feel like I've been gone for ages. Which is an awesome feeling.

Good morning peeps!!

Turbo, it takes about 2 minutes to sign up for Netflix. I would pick one of the "no monthly limit" packages. You can get one DVD at a time, but I prefer two because then I can watch which ever one I'm in the mood for at the time. It's probably better for couples, too, so that both people can get something they're interested in.'d think that I work for them or something! smile.gif

I'm tired this morning. I had a restless sleep again last night most likely due to my sudden increase in meds. Oscar also stole my side of the bed and pillow, so that didn't help. I was in too much of a daze to move him.

The resident boy called last night. He's such a nice boy. I wish he would get a haircut.

ETA- Hi kari!!! Welcome back!!!
He's such a nice boy. I wish he would get a haircut.

Bwahaha! Poodle, you crack me up...I read that, and it totally sounds like something my mom would have said. tongue.gif

Okay, I'll sign up for Netflix at Lunch here today, and start queueing the movies up...2 at a time is definitely the way to go, I think. Turbomann and I do not share movie interests. at all. I think I'll enjoy watching a slew of chic flicks while I'm in the bath, from my if I even needed more reason to take baths!

I had a restless night of sleep too poodle, but I think it was because I knew I had to get up at 5:30am for work. boo. And turbo was restless too, getting up many many times to dig at his bed to make the perfect nest...its suprisingly loud!

ETA: hi hi kari!! And welcome back...its a bummer to be at work today, but so far, so good. Today's a menial catch up day, and I can deal with that.
Hi, peeps!

I think we're healthy again in the Divalla house. The giant went back to work today, and I'm not coughing anymore. This has been 3 weeks of one or the other of us being sick. I don't mind it because I live for sick days, but the giant really does.

We spent the nicest night at home watcing a marathon of Metalocalypse. Anyone heard of it? It's a 10-15 minute cartoon on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, and it RULES. Sometimes a couple guys from Metallica do voices for it. It's the funniest death metal you'll ever hear.

I think I'm going to sign up for Netflix, too, it's just a matter of when. The giant never, ever wants to rent movies, but I do. And now that football season is coming to an end, I can get some weekend TV time in.

Jenn, Doodle had a really good suggestion. Would it be too much to make it over to France for a weekend as long as you're going to be in that area of the world anyway? I always thought it was pretty cheap from England.

Hi, Poodle, Karianne, Moxie, Doodle, Polly, Shawnboy, and everyone else!

Poodle, why are RB's sideburns a different color than the rest of his hair?
Bwahahaha...diva...."Poodle, why are RB's sideburns a different color than the rest of his hair?" I'm sorry, that cracks me up.

Diva! I forgot to wish you a belated Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Dare I ask how old you turned?
Glad to hear you & the giant are well again. ~~~~~~~~~stay healthy vibes~~~~~~~~~

We do the Netflix. We considered stopping b/c we weren't watching our videos, but then we started watching them. I downgraded our membership though, now we get one at a time, unlimited per month. I think it works for us as a couple b/c Mr K works at night and he doesn't mind if I get movies he doesn't care about b/c I will watch them while he's at work. He only gets crabby when I get movies he doesn't like & don't watch them for several weeks. Right now we are on disc 1 of season 2 of Arrested Development. Love it.

Poodle, sounds like you & RB have been seeing each other more frequently. What's going on with you two? Catch me up! Did I miss something while I was away?

Jenn! I forgot to tell were in my dream last night! I can't remember what you were doing there, but I know you were in it.
Ha! That is a very mom-like thing to say, isn't it?

I dunno, diva. It's just natural. My eyebrows and...ahem...other areas are much darker than the hair on my head. I really want to attack his head with some clippers, especially those chops on his face. Fortunately, he's planning on getting a nice haircut soon from someplace other than Great Clips.

I watch a lot more movies now that I have Netflix because it's so convenient and it's a fun way to waste time at work. biggrin.gif Plus, I can find stuff like Blacula without having to look all over the place for it.

ETA- (X-post w/ kari) The ex-RB and I are very close "friends" right now. I wouldn't call him my best friend, but he's a very intimate friend. We almost have a spousal relationship. Actually, I don't see him all that much because he works nights and doesn't usually have weekends off. I try to stay up so that we can hang out, but I can't most of the time. I'm cool with the way things are right now. It would be too difficult to date.

I gotta come up with a better name for him than "ex-RB."
No wonder I'm tired this morning - I travelled all the way to kari's house last night to be in her dream! That's so funny kari!

Turbomann's beard is a bit different color than his head too - its got a little red in it, where his head is pretty much salt and pepper these days.

Diva, I'm glad you and the giant are all healthy again! Bummer to get sick over the holidays!

(((((health vibes for all who need 'em))))

Thanks for the update on x-RB, poodle, I'd been wondering about that too, and I'm glad you're content with the relationship you have right now.

I plan to enjoy wasting time on netflix at work too. tongue.gif
i think ex-rb is a fine name, especially because you can break it down into initals and he can just be XRB, and then it sounds like you're talking about a robot biggrin.gif oh and my ex has that same thing with the sideburns/'s even funnier since he just has sort of a little patch of dark reddish hair right at his ear-level, but his head hair and facial hair is dark brown. i had a teacher growing up who had grey hair and a bright red beard.

i'm still sick, you guys, but i'm at work. i can't afford not to be. i feel miserable, though.

welcome back kari! happy new year!

i'd get netflix if i had a dvd player. actually, let's rephrase that. i'd get netflix if i had the cable to hook up my ancient dvd player to my ancient television. i guess i could watch 'em on my laptop, but i think it may also be a protective thing--like, i might not do anything else ever if i DID have netflix tongue.gif
I do notice that lots of men's facial hair is a slightly different color than their head hair...but the way diva said it, just randomly like that was funny.

((mouse)) it sucks when you have to come to work sick. I hope your day goes by quickly.
Hi everybody!

Hah! Now I want to call turbomann "redbeard."

I just assumed guys with different coloured hair and beards were dying their hair. Shows what I know!

Ok, I gotta go shower so I can run some errands without frightening people.
....Or you could call him "salty hair!" smile.gif

(((((mouse)))) *hands mouse a hot cup of ginger tea* c[_]

I think XRB sounds like a radio station!!

Poodle, I want you to know that I just signed up for netflix, and already spent my whole lunch hour tooling around there - I think its gonna be fun!
oh...shower. i forgot about a shower. a drawback to working from home: a shower.

moxie, that is a BONUS of working at home for shower! Maybe not a bonus for Mr K. Heh.

I paid off all of my library fines at lunch. I feel good. Starting the new year off right.

Hi doodle!

Poodle, sounds like you & XRB have a good thing goin' lately. I am glad.

Did anyone see the Justin Timberlake SNL skit Dick in a Box? I can't get the song out of my head.
Hi minx!! Your NYE sounds like it was fantastic. How luxurious!

This food talk is driving me bonkers!! I haven't had lunch. I need something now.

XRB is a good, robotic-sounding name. I like it. Yeah, things with the boy are nice and comfortable, but I miss him a lot. It would be perfect if I could see him once a week.

So what movies do you have on your queue, turbo?
Minx, your NYE sounds absolutely *amazing*....I'm all for grand romantic gestures and fancy food!

*drools over morton's description*
When turbomann is re-employed we are SO going somewhere fancy to celebrate! And minxman is winning me over with that Wustof knife. wink.gif

Oh, I fully endorse the massage table purchase - go to Costco, they have nice tables for under $200, then go to for cheap jersey or flannel sheets that are oh so cozy. Then, come to chicago to visit me, and take my friend's couples massage class which will turn you into a drooly puddle in 2 hours' time. Seriously, the massage table is perhaps my favorite furniture purchase yet, and its good for playtime too, of course. heh.

Poodle, I am a romantic comedy whore, so I've got a lot of happy-tripey things on there like Last Holiday, Shall We Dance, Failure to Launch, School of Rock (what was the original documentary again poodle?)...but then, I also adore documentaries, so Born into Brothels, Who Killed the Electric Guitar, Mad Hot Ballroom...and then some Bollywood stuff, 'cause I love those is gonna be good, I just know it. Thanks for talking me into it!

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