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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Poodle, I think your spoof of Flashdance is awesome!! Its the only thing that's made me smile in here today, and I thank you for that! As long as I can be one of your back-up karaokayers, when you get the movie made!

Wombat, doodle said it all...I am TIRED of your out-of-left field pronouncements and judgments in here...this is Okayland, right?!

Ahhhh.....I just got in from a full afternoon/evening with the unfriends, so that I could see my friend John, who is in from Ireland, and the unfriends cannot seem to unglue themselves from his side long enough so that he could come have a beer with us by himself. We played board games for a few hours, and then went out to of those activities would have been fine by me, both was a little too much. Turbomann is going back over to their house guessed it! -- More board games! It was okay, but I really just wanted to hang out with John, and I'm not much for board games myself. Turbomann just dropped me at home, and now I have the perfect evening ahead - the house all to myself, and 3 puppers to share it with.

The guest doggies are so much more affectionate than turbo, and are a couple of clowns, I like having them around for awhile.

*wanders out of the thread to warm up karaokaying voice*
Holy shit, turbo's gonna karaoke! I think I need to go get some popcorn!

Or maybe a chocolate brown russian. Or maybe I should smoke a bowl. I think it's time for FJ to try getting telepathically high, so the rest of us can hear her croon to poodle all night long.
Phew! I'm glad one of you were joking. I suspected so, but I was getting worried. blink.gif

man, i am feeling REALLLY like shit still and will until ms poodle gets her booty in here to read that i was joking. i realllllly thought it was obvious, but obviously it wasn't! i really thought the whole "i know i have a link to an article around here" was the real tip off. i'm apparently not nearly as witty as i think i am...


LAAAAAAAAAAAAY-DY, when you're with me i'm smiliiiiing
give me, whoa-oh oh all of your love
your hands build me up when i'm sinking
touch me and my troubles all fade

come out poodle! you KNOW how much i hate styx, but i'll do it for you!

next up?


i'll do it if i must...
Ahem, doodle, I said I would be poodle's *backup* karaokayer! tongue.gif Ya'll know I cannot come up with a lyric to save my life unless poodle comes up with them first...and then, they rattle around my brain for awhile....but I need someone else's lyrics in front of me first....and then maybe a coupla drinks!

Do ya think its time for a 'rita or shall I join doodle with the kahlua themed drinks?!

Pooooodle, come back! FJ needs to kiss your lovely toes!
I'm fine. I ate my delicious stir-fry and watched an episode of Scooby Doo, so I'm calm now. I'm not feeling that great right now for some reason. I felt a little dizzy driving to the grocery store and my head has been killing me. Then I fly off the handle in here. I think it's cause I was messing around with my medication last week. I also having been doing my usual morning/after work smoking thing. Ugh. Sorry FJ. I think I'm gonna watch one more episode of Scooby Doo and then go to bed.

Beware on online sarcasm though. smile.gif


At the grocery store, I came up with a conclusion for my karaoke movie (SPOILER WARNING!!). So the main character participates in this huge karaoke contest for a 2-week trip to Cancun and she loses to the antagonist, a cheesy balding white middle-aged asshole who butchers Piano Man and American Pie on a weekly basis. At the end of the contest, the crowd begins chanting her name, so she sings an encore--What a Feeling!! She loses the contest, but she gains the respect of her audience, her parents, and above all, herself. It's very Rocky.

well, i'm glad we're cool, but i hate to think that i helped make you feel worse than you might have otherwise. i hope you feel better, poodle.

word on the online sarcasm. shite! i almost put a disclaimer at the bottom of that post but thought it wouldn't be necessary. i realllly wish i had...

oh, and i LOVE your movie ending (NO SARCASM THERE! rolleyes.gif ). i can totally visualize it in my mind: the last scene a freeze frame of the heroine's proud face smiling up at the lights after finishing her last high note, mic still in hand, while the crowd goes mad.

i gotta go find me something to eat. i made some really good fresh blackberry lemonade earlier and it ruined my dinner. i need to eat some veggies.

doodle, i've been telepathically smoking bowls for weeks now and it's just not workin! huh.gif
Way to go, fj, you r tard. Poodle, happy to take her out back and kick the shit out of her for you. Just say the word.
Oh fuck that shit, mr. FJ. We don't do corporal punishment here in Okayland. We do enforced karaoke penalties!

FJ! I believe you promised our dear poodle some JOURNEY??

ETA: So, I went with Option C - chocolate brown russian AND smoke a bowl.
She loves to laugh
She loves to sing
She does everything
doo doo doodoo doodoo doo doo

She loves to move
She loves to grove
She loves the lovin things

doo doo doodoo doodoo doo doo

Ooh, all night, allllllll night
Oh, every night
So hold tight, hoooold tight
Ooh, baby, hold tight

anyway you want it...that's the way you need it anyway you want it....doo doo doodoo doodoo doo doo

C'mon FJ...EVERYBODY!!!!!!


i'm back from tj! i had soooo much fun! i drove down with my two friends a1 and a2 who are totally bustie-type girls and their friend g, and we got a room at the puebla amiga, which is the most ridiculous hotel i've ever seen and has paintings of toddlers standing next to tigers and cheetahs and rottweilers in the lobby (wtf??) and kind of looks like an airplane hangar crossed with a country club inside, and then went to the danceparty which was in the same complex as the hotel, and danced our little hearts out and saw a bunch of other friends who'd driven down, and then i left with a bunch of girls who wanted to find a lesbian bar ("there are no girls here and we can't make out with our friends!") but ended up getting completely lost, but did eventually find a totally empty gay bar with a light-show disco dancefloor, and then got THE BEST TACOS EVAR and then they took me back to the hotel at like 5am, where i was expecting a1 a2 and g to be totally pissed off at me for abandoning them, but only a1 was there; g being hanging out with a bunch of other kids in someone's totally fancy parent's house (think y tu mama tambien fancy), and a2 had found herself a cute mexican surfer boy and ended up doin' it with him in his car on the beach as the sun rose. *JEALOUS*

we lounged around in the hotel this morning and after waiting in a line for like an hour to get across the border, drove back and stopped in san diego for a delicious meal. and now in a few hours we're going back out to the same danceparty except here in LA.......whew......

SO MUCH FUN THOUGH. i love these girls. i've only just started hanging out with them but they are totally fun and a little bit nerdier/sillier than the two girls i hang out with the most here, i like the change of pace a lot.


and fj, your wombat impression was hilarious. poodle! you are NOT out of touch with reality! you are a good person, most of the time! tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif
Awww...thanks mr.FJ, but you don't have to go beat up your pregnant wife on account of me.

Oh god, perfect timing shawnboy!! *opens iTunes and searches for Journey*

The video for Anyway You Want It is hilarious. Steve Perry looks like a total girl. He looks a lot like Stacy from What Not to Wear. Lemme see if I can find it...

Here ya go! The sound sucks, but it's still entertaining.

Hi mouse!!! Sounds like you had lots of fun last night!! Tacos....mmmmm...we they PINK tacos???? Sorry, couldn't help it.

I feel less dizzy and headachey now. I was a little worried when I was making my grocery store trip. I almost felt drunk, but not in the fun way. The headshrinker told me to get back to my normal pill intake ASAP or else I was gonna start to have unpleasant symptoms. I guess I'll listen to him for now.

Sorry again, FJ. Ironically, I reacted to the "reality" statement the way I did partly because I'm not completely on planet earth right now with my med thing and PMS.

ETA - This is pretty funny. It kinda fits in with our "over-medication" discussion. The side effects part is hilarious. "tendency to waste votes on Green Party" Bwahaha!!
*plugs in guitar*

The wheeee-eeeel in the skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Keeps turnin', turnin', turnin'

*cranks out hot Neil Schon-style guitar riff*

ETA: except in my head, it turned into Eric Clapton's opening riff for Layla, and now I've got that in my head.


I am definitely stoned.

ETA again: mouse, nothing to tell yet. I did post it, though, at the urging of FJ - the text is in the archives.

ETA one more time: poodle, that video rocked my universe.
Heheheh...doodle's on ecstasy...

These guys have to be related.
IPB Image
Oh. No. You. Didn't. Doodle, that's ALL we get about your missed connection? You tease, you! SPILL IT!
Oh...ha ha...I thought when I posted that I'd connected with my connection, I meant the boy! NO! I meant my *pot* connection, for whom left a message on Thursday evening! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!

*wipes tear, grabs aching sides*
Doodle's the Midnight Toker.

Crap, now I can't pull myself away from YouTube. This one is for you, FJ. Still, I recommend that everyone view it. You have to at least watch it up until Tommy Shaw joins in with his boyish (girlish?) good looks. biggrin.gif

ETA - Oh god, this one nearly made me piss my pants!! Okay, okay, I'm done linking YouTube....for now....
bahahahhahahhaa doodle's got two connections! AND the stoner giggles tongue.gif

i feel like posting a missed connection myself. warning--this is a drunk post! i went to the danceparty again tonight in LA and it was a lot lamer than in TJ BUT there was a totally cute boy there who i had my eye on all night, and then finaly i smiled at him and we started talking (which NEVER happens to me.....seriously it was a miracle) BUT he was SO FREAKING AWKWARd and i told him we were going to another bar but he didn't ge tthe hint and he didn't freaking close the deal. he was kind of nerdy but really cute, and i was totally flattered that he was talking to me, but he was so freaking nervous it killed the mood. seriously there is nothign hotter than a nerdy boy who's totally confident, but he was both nerdy and nervous. and honestly, the nervous earnest guys are terrible in bed. i wish he could've been different.


plus he lives in the OC. but hey! at least a cute boy talked to me, right? its been liek the first time that happened since i moved here pushing two years ago (holy crap)
Mornin' ya'll! Looks like I missed a late night okayer party in here! I got wrapped up in watching epis of "Friday Night Lights" online...Kyle Chandler --- soooo delcious! I dunno how I missed the show previously, but its pretty good for a high school drama....and there's Kyle Chandler. Mmmm.

Poodle, I love all your YouTube links!! Bwahahaha! The ecstasy one was hilarious, and those old music videos is enough to convince you of evolution...the seventies were such a cheesy time!

Mouse - sounds like you've had an awesome couple of nights! TJ sounds like it was a total blast! And boooo on the nerdy nervous boy!

I'm nearly prepared for a lovely NYE evening here - just went out to the groceries early this morning, and they were suprisingly empty. We're gonna have crablegs, roasted veggies, and salad for dinner. And I'm making a gluten free yellow-cake with chocolate frosting for dessert - my favorite! All we need to do is stop by the fish market to get the crab, and stop by the likker store.

With no anger or sadness on my part, I say -- "okayers" -- um, yeah, everything is SO okay -- is not the right place for me.

It hasn't been for a while. No sense trying to cling.

If you don't like and trust me after a year and a half, I'm wasting my time.

With no grudge on my part, I will see you elsewhere in the lounge.

Mornin' ladies!! (and bustie boys!!)

Wombat, it sucks that you can't acknowledge how your comments/suggestions often come across condescending and presumptuous. Think about this: if turbo, the peacemaker and voice of reason in the thread, speaks up about your posts, then you know that something's messed up. In the future, I hope that you thoroughly read the archives and people's posts before you give "advice," so that you don't hurt anyone's feelings.

Ahhhh yes....Dennis DeYoung and Styx. I'm surprised that someone hasn't grabbed his beloved keyboard and beat him into a bloody pulp with it. Hey, I love his keyboarding and I can't imagine a world without Styx, but I could see how someone would want to harm him. Oh god, how I love Styx. Come Sail Away has to be my favorite song to sing while driving. I always force my mom to listen to it in the car, too.

Okay, I've got some serious errand-running and shopping to do this afternoon, so I better get my ass in gear.
Sorry for not catching up on posts entirely, but Happy New Year!!! smile.gif

(yeah, it's the morning of the 31st here)

My knee is already doing a ton better thanks to my mutant healing power, and I'm having fun thanks to my family's mutant personality power. On the agenda? beach, maybe some kayaking, lotsa beer, maybe some yakking.

I was dreamin' when I wrote this
Forgive me if it goes astray
But when I woke up this mornin'
Could have sworn it was judgment day
The sky was all purple
There were people runnin' everywhere
Tryin' to run from the destruction
You know I didn't even care
They say two thousand zero, zero, party over,
Oops, out of time!

Mahalo to all the Okaylanders! (Even the Wombats)
*shakes wombat's hand* Fair enough, darling, we'll see you elsewhere around the board.

Poodle, you are too kind...mostly, I think I'm just perhaps a little on the optimistic side, that's all.

I, too, need to get my arse in gear, and go make the likker run here - I'm sure it will be a madhouse at my favorite shop, ah well...I'd rather give them my money than the likker mega-mart.

Lore, I'm so glad to hear that you're healing fast, and able to have some good fun while you're there!

Holy-o Farg!

I'm caught up on the archives. Thanks a lot, Shawnboy! If I even hear *mention* of that song, it's stuck in my head for days!

I'm already ready for NYE. I had to do my hair and makeup now, because I have to work at 5:00. I'm bringing my backpack with my dress and shoes in it to change after work.

I couldn't stop laughing at the Karaoke Movie plot - especially the ending!!!! OMG poodle - I wish I could hook my computer up to your mind and download your imagination.

I really want some ice cream right now. Strawberry. Nothin' fancy, just a little strawberry ice cream.

Lorewolf - I'm glad to hear that you're healing up fast. What time is midnight there? OK. That sounded dumb. You know what I mean.

Last night, I worked in the bar. Some guests asked me to get them some herb for tonight. Of course, I won't and I wouldn't know how to do it anyway. But they were really cool. They are Canadian, and they are going to the same club that I am going to tonight. So perhaps I will see them there.
Hello all! Happy New Year! Buon Capo d'Anno! Bonne Année! Feliz Año Nuevo! Gutes Neues Jahr! Gott Nytt År! Hauoli Makahiki Hou! (The last one's supposed to be Hawaiian.)

wombat, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I'm not going to argue with you or try to persuade you to stay, because your last post shows that you really, sadly, can't understand why anyone would have a legitimate problem with your behaviour. This thread is a unique community, where we call one another on our shit from time to time - for some reason, most of us manage to work it out. However, if after all this time, you still can't tolerate the condition of accountability, but prefer to portray yourself instead as a misunderstood victim, then maybe you're correct, and this isn't the right thread for you. I will see you elsewhere in the Lounge.

PK, it is in the Canadian traveler's nature to seek out really, really cool Americans to help us find herb when we visit your country, so consider yourself duly complimented! HEE!

poodle, I forgot to mention, 'coz I got caught up in that other crap, but I have mad love for your karaoke movie idea, and the ending is brilliant. BRILLIANT.

Mahalo, lorewolf!

mouse, I love your nervous-boy story. Sorry it didn't turn into something more interesting, though!

turbo, I'm hanging at home tonight, too! We can have our own little party!

Anyone else hanging around their own private castle tonight?

*shakes up champagne bottle and prepares to let the cork fly*
So....In honor of moxie, we're jammin with classic Bon Jovi right now!

We've just finished up the most wonderful dinner or snow crab legs and roasted potatoes and carrots, which is entertainment as much as it is food, and polished off a bottle of prosecco, which we poured over raspberry puree, and I'm feeling the bubbles already.

Turbomann has just cracked a bottle of cherry lambic for us now...prepare for my spelling to deteriorate!

OMG, the cherry lambic tastes like jolly ranchers!

I'll be around tonight, whatever state I may be in, nekkid or not. Maybe we'll play a little drunk scrabble...its the only way I have a chance against turbomann....
Mmm....jolly ranchers.

I wish I had some ice cream so I could pour my kahlua over it. I guess I'll just have to stick with finishing off the carton of chocolate milk.

Drunken Nekked Scrabble sounds hilarious! You know, I once allowed myself to be seduced over a drunken game of Strip Yahtzee...
the important thing to know about drunken scrabble is not to sit on the family heirloom camel hair rug with your nekkid heiney! An unfortunate rash was the result of that one! tongue.gif

*wobbles off in search of scrabble set, shedding clothes as I go*
ladies! happy old year----just a few more hours for you east coasties!

if anyone is around, i need help! which should i wear?

option 1: black blazer, red vintage sleeveless collared shirt with white polka-dots, skinny blue jeans and red heels


option 2: sleeveless a-line dress with red/purple/white/pink paisley pattern, lacy white cardigan, and knee-high brown fake-suede boots


and i am still kicking myself about nervous boy. oh well, maybe i'll run into him again someday. i've learned my lesson.
Tsk. *picks turbo's pants up off the floor*

They both sound cute, mouse....which outfit do you feel more secure, confident and comfortable in? That would be the one I'd pick!
i feel secure and confident in both! that's the problem. ah...maybe i'll just screw it and go nakey tongue.gif

i'm loving turbo's blow-by-blow updates smile.gif

Ok, then, go with the paisley and white lacey. Sounds purdy.

*tunes up guitar, plays a few bar chords, then launches into some Tom Petty tunes*

My sister got lucky
Married a yuppie
Took him for all he was worth
Now she's a swinger
Dating a singer
I can't decide which is worse
But not me, baby
I've got you to save me...
Oh yer so bad
Best thing I ever had
In a world gone mad
Yer so bad....

(I really did just learn to play this.)
I'm with doodle, on the paisley dress - sounds gorgeous - especially with your cute short hair!

Somehow, I have yet to get off my arse to locate the pants, but no scrabble either. Wikipedia is a dark and alluring force....

I agree with you, turbo, on the force that is Wikipedia.

I need to go strum a few tunes for my own mental health...will be back, though.

It's too bad BUST doesn't have a multimedia upload feature. Or maybe that's for the best!
dress and boots it is then ladies

i hope you have wonderful respective evenings

dress and boots it is then ladies

i hope you have wonderful respective evenings
Have fun, mousie!

Does anyone know whether the milk in a white russian counts towards your recommended daily intake? Or does the alcohol pretty much counteract any of the nutritional benefits?
On NYE, doodle, you can absolutely count that milk toward your daily nutrients. Tomorrow, it shall go back to a nil balance of the calcium against the alcohol which prohibits absorbtion.

Its drunk bathtime now, I think! Wheeeee!
Oh, actually, I was *hoping* you'd say no, turbo! 'Cause I bought some frozen berries, and I want to stick them in a blender with some yogurt. Yummy! But the white russians put me way over the milk product quota today...heh.

Happy New Year's, to the east-coasters!
Well, in that case, doodle, I think you'd better whiz up that smoothie!


The bath was nice, but the HBI was nicer....mmmmm.

Tis a rare thing for me to be awake past midnight, but I daresay, there's no sleeping here until the fireworks stop...I've got two crying greyhounds on my hands! Turbo is just quietly hanging in the bedroom, thank cod.

ETA: Okay, its almost 1am, I've done my best to drink some water...time to take my sodden arse to bed. g'night ladies and gents!

IPB Image

Ok, technically it's not the new year here on the left coast, yet. But it will be in an hour!
Doodle darling, the milk definitely still counts. A toast to healthy bones! And a fabulous new year!
[clanks glasses of White Russian-y goodness]
*pokes head in*

Happy New Year, Okayland.

(I decided to go to a coffee bar instead of an alcohol bar, so now I'm too wired to sleep.)

*shuffles off to make herself a White Russian to join in on the toast*

Happy New Year Okayers!

(still shuddering from the thought of camel hair rug on my naked butt. Yikes! laugh.gif)
Happy New Year from George and Carmella!

IPB Image

Apologies for x-posting, but I was on my way to get water when I stumbled across this scene...AND had enough awake brain cells to grab the camera. It's actually their 1st anniversary - we brought Carmella home last New Year's Eve. This is the first time they've ever let me get a pic like this, so I couldn't wait till morning to post it.

Ok, back to bed.
Happy New Year busties!!! Moxette chose today, of all days, to think that waking up early was a great idea...luckily I didn't drink enough to be hung over. We ad a good night last night- our BFF's were over, and their little one was just a riot. Moxette was a good sleeper...which I'll take.

What does everyone want for their new year? I'm hoping for debt reduction, walking bebe and good connections with moxieman. Anyone else?
Mornin' moxie! The dogs woke me up early here too. grrr. I'll be glad when they go home this evening, so I can get a good night's rest tonight. We had all kinds of freaking out here last night when the fireworks started going off.

Hmmm, I think 2007 is going to be about prosperity and new opportunities for both turbomann and I....I'm pretty sure of it. I think its going to be a good year, and a good one to turn 30 in, eh moxie?!

WHOOPS, posted under mrfj's name!


good evening everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

i too am hoping that 2007 will be one of prosperity and opportunity. i've already made the move toward a new career that i hope will bring me some success, both monetarily and in an emotionally fulfilling way. and of course, i'm hoping for the healthiest possible little fjette to come into the world halfway through 2007, bringing us even more happiness than we can stand!!! smile.gif

2006 was a very good year for us, and i'm thinking 2007 will go down as one of our best ever.

we had a nice quiet evening in with BFF, her boyfriend and her boy. it was really nice to hang with them. we did karaoke, although i must say that i wasn't hitting all the abba notes without some libational inspiration. hehe. but it was lots of fun. and today has been the lazy day that a new years day should be.

Hi moxie and turbo!!! Hope you are both having a good day! (ETA: and FJ, with whom I cross-posted!)

According to the astrologers, my planet (Jupiter) has apparently come into my sign (Sagittarius), which is supposed to make this a banner year for me. So I want it ALL. tongue.gif

Actually...heh...on Christmas eve, I wrote a bunch of words on post-its with coloured sharpies - one post-it per word - and stuck them to my wall, next to the big killer whale. I tell people they are my Christmas Wish List AND my New Year's Resolutions: life, love, wisdom, light, magik, art, plenty*, joy, beauty, sex, peace, spirit, music.

(*That one would have said "abundance," but it was too long to fit on the post-it.)
Hi doodle, and FJ!!!

Likewise, I am having the most deliciously lazy day here! We've not left the house except dog walking. I've been reading, surfing the web, and I did go through my closet and kitchen cabinets for the first purge of the year...we'll stop by our fave social service agency tomorrow to drop stuff off. Next stop - the bookshelves!

(Okay, admittedly, that doesn't sound too lazy, but its a doodle-jenn kind of lazy. tongue.gif)

Doodle, you just reminded me that I need to get my chart read for the upcoming year...last year I had it done for the first time, and it was scarily on the week that it said our household would experience financial troubles - turbomann lost his job. It was really helpful though in looking back and seeing the patterns.

I'm predicting 2007 to be a blockbuster year for all busties!!
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