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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I totally missed out on Thursday. I went to bed at about 6 am on Thursday, woke up at around noon today. I effing hate it when I do that. This graveyard bullshit has got to end. My new shift starts on Sunday. I'm working from 5:00 PM until 1:30 AM. Still sucks, but not so bad, I guess. There isn't a lot to do on NYE, so I might end up getting out of work before midnight. WooHoo!

Have you guys heard the new Weird Al? Heikki got it for Christmas. Although I don't know most of the songs he is making fun of, I think it is pretty funny. Especially his parody of R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet". Weird Al's is called "Trapped in the Drive-Thru", and like the original song, is chock full of pointless details and just meanders around - it's funny.

Heikki also got the NON-EXPLICIT version of the Chamillionaire CD. We had to listen to "Ridin' Dirty" over and over and over again in the car. I thought it was hilarious that Mr. PK was being so patient with the incessant rap music. He's a big fan of Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls, Dar Williams, Tori Amos, etc.

poodle - I have to tell you that a few weeks ago, I sang karaoke at a bar. I sang "Peace Sells" by Megadeth, and I got lots of high-fives afterwards from a bunch of dudes. It was pretty funny because of what I look like (put it this way - my nicknames at work are "Swiss Miss" and "Pippi Longstocking"). I rocked it out, man! I should fucking *join* Megadeth.

I'm still feeling heavy and crushing stress about wanting to move back to Chicago. I wish I could just up and leave, but I know I have a life here, friends, responsibilities. I miss the big city, as well and my family and friends. I haven't seen my Minnesota family in three years! If I was in Chicago, I would be closer.

My grandpa died earlier this month, and I couldn't even go home for the funeral because I was so broke and had already planned the trip to Chicago. I didn't pay my own way to Chicago (Christmas gift from Mr. PK), and I was (still am) in a financial jam.

Anyway - I feel really heavy right now.

I'm going to look for jobs online and torture myself.

Sorry to be such a downer.

Let's cheer up tp some TMBG. Try to guess what this TMBG song is about:

Glass of milk
Standing in between extinction in the cold
And explosive radiating growth

And the warm blood flows through the large four-chambered heart
Maintaining the very high
Metabolism rate they have

THEY RAISE A PAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They always forget the humble Wolf...

Hey BUSTies and BUSTers, all! Waaah sad.gif I actually got injured and laid up for a few days this vacation. A wave pushed me into some rocks, and I banged my knee. It's still swollen, and I'm hobbling around. Actually, today is my day of trying not to even hobble for a while and let that swelling go down. Anyway, just about all the fun we've been looking forward to involves a ton of athleticism. The place I got hurt was actually along the way to where I got my avatar photo taken, a bedroom-sized tidepool we named Deep Emerald's.

Oh, and somebody mentioned a Peanuts dance competition? *warning that link isn't work-safe and may offend those that are offended by the words ass, bitch, ho, or pussy, or The Splack Pack's insistance thay they be shown the above-mentioned*
(doubleposted, i got so excited!)
Good god, y'all. A 23-year old guy just tried to chat me up in the grocery store!

Damn, I should've given him my number. I think I'm ripe for a Mrs. Robinson-type arrangement, don't you?
oh no, lorewolf, that's awful! though, there are worse places to recuperate from an injury than hawaii tongue.gif


ETA: here's to you, mrs. doodlebug! he-ey!
Oh, yes, and ROCK ON, DOODLE! smile.gif

Your aspirations are similar to mine in that I just want to be comfortably able to work on projects and then put them out to whoever would best appreciate them. The Goatie Girl is soooo wonderfully supportive of that. She actually looked at me happily and encouragingly when I was spending hours and even days creating a Halloween costume, botching early attempts and cluttering our place with materials. I'm a super duper lucky 'Wolf, yesIam!

*raises a toast to mammals* *spills some for the allotheria homies*

I did not know 'til now that baby monotremes are 'puggles' smile.gif
I could totally see that, doodlebug!!

~*~*~*~anti-stress vibes for PK~*~*~*~

(((Lorewolf's knee)))

Gah, I have a headache. Hopefully some beer will help.
Shit. Maybe I should post a missed connection on craig's list! HA HA HA!!!!

(Actually, mebbe I should. It's not every day a 23-year old drummer tries to chat me up. I need to stop being so evasive.)
Oooh...a drummer? I have a history of drummers. I don't seek them out though. They're just there for some reason. It's one of those coincidental things, I guess. I wish I would have asked them to teach me some stuff.

I ordered some deep-dish goat cheese/basil pizza from Green Mill. I love their deep dish pizza. It's so....deep.

Grrr...I feel like smoking. Must. Not. Buy. Cigarettes.

ETA- Darn. I was really hoping that I'd get my Netflix orders today. I was really looking forward to watching some Scooby Doo. I ordered a DVD with five original episodes (1970-71) and I'm not talking about that Scrappy Doo junk that they came up with later on. I miss old cartoons. sad.gif Everything is so digital-looking today. I HATE that computer-generated look (Shreck, Nemo, etc.). I don't care if they digitally "spruce up" the hand-drawn stuff though. I was watching the sad remains of Saturday morning cartoons last week and there are one or two very creative cartoons. There are only a handful of shows though and they're either too P.C./educational or too digitally refined. Why does children's television have to be so goddamn wholesome these days? I miss the old junk.
Yeah....get this....he was showing off by rapping his drumsticks on the handle of my shopping cart while I was unloading it. Heh. Then I told him my brother is a drummer and he got all thrown off balance. Poor kid.

poodle, I had ciggie craving today, too. Somebody lit one up as I was walking to the gubermint likker store, and I smelled it, and it was like instant WHOA. I so wanted one. So I bought Kahlua instead. Which I am currently drinking mixed with chocolate milk in a beer mug.
Hell, I though I read "Deep Fish Pizza"...I really thought the feline crazies had got to ya, Poods. I really did. Then I realized that the Christmas Crazies had gotten to me.

Yoiks...a few peaceful moments to myself. I was cleaning out my car in Cashton, WI and found a couple of bumper stickers that the Mick had gotten me late this fall from reads "I'm sorry I wasn't listening" and the other "It don't matter to Jesus". I love The Big Lebowski. We never made it out to the Amishes' place. Bummer on that. Some of them make the most excellent cheese. Mmmm...CHEESE.


Drummers, eh? I had a thing for bass players for the longest time. Nice, strong forearms on those ones. Mmm...FOREARMS!!

Mousiepoo, you got my shit CRACKIN' UP. You need to be my subtle neighbor who leaves me interesting post-it notes on my door.
Doodle! You should post a missed connection! I think those things are so funny and interesting. What are the chances that a missed connection will connect? I wonder how often those work? My sister used to read the missed connections in the Chicago Reader all the time, looking for herself. Highly unlikely for most people, but knowing her, she would be in there. I don't think she ever found herself, though.

A couple of times, my sister had notes left on her car by men who saw her park and get out of the car and walk down the street. I saw one of the notes, and it said something like, "You have the greatest smile, and a great figure, too." The note included the guy's e-mail address. She was thinking about e-mailing him out of curiosity, but thought better of it.

Nothing like that has ever happened to me. Maybe my face says, "Leave me the eff alone". I have never been very approachable by guys. I must send the "Fuck off" vibe. I don't know. I have always dated people in my circle of friends, or else made the first move myself. Except with Banana.

Banana was playing guitar at my resort while I was working in the lounge. I offered to get him a drink or something, as it was hot and he had been sitting there for a long time with just a cup of coffee. We struck up a conversation, and I found out he was from Colombia. We talked about Colombia a little bit, then he had to go back to playing. He asked for my phone number because he said he wanted to talk to me some more. I usually don't just give my number out to guys, but something about him made me feel comfy. I didn't even get nervous - I kinda thought he was gay and wanted to just hang out.

Anyway, he called me a few days later, and we went out for dinner and drinks. He was super cool, and although he looks and talks like a gay man, he isn't gay. So that was that.

I just got off the phone with Heikki. It's snowing hard in Colorado, and he's bored. His dad won't let him play the XBox today because he talked back to him earlier in the day. Good. I know he's 12 and all, but he really needs to keep the snide comments in check. I never dreamed of talking to my parents the way Heikki talks to me. But my parents scared the shit out of me. I wish I could have somehow put that fear/respect into Heikki at a young age, but now it's too late and he has no respect for me as a parent. He sees me as a peer, and I have no idea how to handle that. I talk to him on the phone often, and he is very sweet and cute and conducts himself as a perfect gentleman. But everytime I see him in person, he is very disrespectful to me.

In Chicago, he called me an idiot, said it woud be nice if I had a brain, kept hugging me in a very violent way, and didn't really seem to want to hang out with me. The hugs were weird. He would stretch out his arms, bow down, and run at me, tackling me around my waist. He would also ram into me then squeeze me. It was like, "I love you, but I want to hurt you." After all the shit I put the poor kid through, I can't blame him. He is probably confused and angry with me. The more I beat myself up over how I made his life a shambles, the more I take crap from him.

OK - I'll stop now. I'm just trying to sort this out by beating you all over the head with my parenting problems.

I have a picture of Heikki and me on my cell phone. I wish I knew how to get it on the computer so I could show you. It's cute.

Lorewolf - I'm so sorry about your injury. That stinks. How long will you be in Hawaii? Where were you before? Korea? Japan? Am I close? Are you on vacation now, or did you move? Sorry for all the questions. I have missed a lot in the Lounge in the past few months.

Doodle - Was the 23-year-old drummer hot? You should have given him your number. And, BTW, you're not old enough to be Mrs. Robinson to a 23-year-old. I say that because I'M RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!

Poodle - Beer helps. It really does. For your type of ailment, I will prescribe a nice, cold pilsner. In fact, take three of them. At least.
Yeah, I bought me some likky, too. Cigarettes give me headaches in general. If I don't smoke when I want to, then I get a headache. If I smoke, then I get a headache. I wish I had never touched a cigarette to begin with.

ETA- Hi minx! No amish cheese? I'm sorry.
I have some likky here. Absolut Raspberri and 7UP.

I sometimes order Stoli Raspberry and 7 at bars and it tastes good. So I thought I could make it at home, but everytime I try to make myself a drink, it tastes like shit. Too much vodka? Maybe the bar doesn't use real 7UP? I don't know. But I can't drink the shit.
That sounds like a tasty drink, puppy. Maybe they put a little grenadine in it at the bar. Or maybe they're using Sprite or a similar soda (I still prefer 7-Up).
Ok, I will post a missed connection if y'all help me write it!

Though in a town of 89,000, it is entirely possible we will see each other again. I can probably describe him to my university-student friends and have them track him down!

minx, I used to have a thing for bass players, too! I think the bass sounds so sexy. But drummers have very strong arms, too. And really good rhythm. And coordination. And discipline. The discipline comment came from the 23-year old, btw. biggrin.gif

PK, I keep thinking you are's a 15 year age difference, and my last g/f was 15 years older than me. However, there's a big difference between 33/48 and 23/38! I dunno. Was he hot? In kind of an awkward, earnest way, I guess! But that could be my age talking. He was a deep thinker type, yanno? The motorcycle leathers were a plus too, of course. I think he will be quite hot-looking when he's a bit older.

((((((big hugs on the Heikki stuff))))))) I guess it's never easy, but you can't always fix everything for your kids, either. I'm not helping, am I?

An older guy who looked very much like Sting also gave me a very sexy smile today. I wish HE'D tried to chat me up!
When I hear about 7-Up, I always think about that scene in Repo Man where Estevez is stacking cans in the grocery store labelled "food" singing the "Feelin' 7-Up, I'm feelin' 7-Up!"

IPB Image
Holy Shit! I leave ya'll for a couple hours, and I come back, and zooooom! I'm a page behind! Ya'll have been busy!

And just for the record, I am fully in support of drummers, their sexy, veiny arms, and kahlua and chocolate milk. Actually, maybe I'll go mix myself a kahlua, baileys, vodka and almond milk cocktail...really, it is delicious.

((((PK))) Take it easy on yourself - you are doing the very best for you and for Heikki, and that's all anyone can ask...I've no advice on the parenting tweens front, though. The awesome busties over in the "moms of not so wee ones" might have a trick or two up their sleeves.

Poodle, that pizza sounds awesome! And when you open up your karaoke and graphic design shop, I am totally there!

Turbomann and I just used a visa gift card we got from my uncle to go to our favorite brewpub, Hopleaf, for dinner. Good beer, good food....great night! I'm looking forward to a good HBI later. Mmmmm....

Oh, and I am SO looking forward to sleeping in my newly mold-free bedroom tonight, complete with clean sheets, and newly improvised nightstand.

And of these damned greyhounds has a bad case of swamp gas....its suffocating us!! Gah!
I dated a guy 20 years older than me when I was about 22. It sounds weird, but it really wasn't. Of course, my mom just about had a heart attack when she heard about this, but now she asks me what he's doing and suggests that I should give him a call. Worse yet, he and my parents have corresponded many times without my involvement. My dad would say, "Oh, we saw T*m's studio the other day..." and I had to ask him if we were talking about the same T*m.

I've never seen Repo Man. I think I have it on my Netflix queue though. and pizza...I swear, the two were meant to be.

ETA- Hi turbo!!!!!
Hey Turbo! I met one of Banana's good friends from Colombia in Chicago last Saturday, and we went to Simon's and then to the Hopleaf!

It was pretty cool. I don't know that I have ever been there before. At Simon's, we met an Ojibwe flute player. His Ojibwe name was Conquering Bear. I thought he was pretty cool.

Thanks for the hugs and vibes, guys. I think I will pop into the Busty Moms of Not-So-Wee ones and strike up a convo.
Ok, so....missed connection ad....

"Met you at the North Shore played the drums on my shopping cart..."
doodle, you TOTALLY should post a missed connection. "Met you at the North Shore played the drums on my shopping cart...i'll be your Mrs. Robinson as long as you like cats, plants, midnight toking, and the colors purple and green." bahhahaha

hi pk!! yah, that is a smart mama thread. and don't be too hard on yourself.

minxie, i'll be your girl next door anytime wink.gif

okay. i gotta run, jump in the shower, and then head off to TJ. HAPPY NEW YEARS!
Mouse - I love that missed connection - and how perfect for our doodle!

PK...that's so cool that you met and Ojibwe flute player in Andersonville! Hopleaf is a favorite splurge of ours...I had the most delicious raspberry framboise for dessert...gonna have to get a bottle of that for NYE...I think our plan is to just drink bubbly things and eat random snacky stuff.

Poodle, sometimes I wonder if our parents are ever happy with us...yeesh!

Oh, turbomama just called to say that I'm set to acquire gramma's guest bedroom set that I adore because that was the room I stayed in when I was a kid, one of her nice clothes dressers from her bedroom, one of her quilt racks, and her *brand new* full size couch, that is really very nice, and pretty much my style. Don't ask me where we'll put it all, but I'd hate to see it donated, and we could use some upgrades. And even better, grandma is very glad that I want her things that she can't take with her to her new apartment. Total score!
goddammit! now I want beer and pizza. booooo! oh, and that baileys with almond milk? YUM!

i just had two tuna sandwiches and i'm still hungry. i think i'll make some juice with my new jack lalanne power juicer. yes, a wild friday night is upon us. sort of like last night's anniversary celebration. we went to dinner at our favorite place and then came home to do a puzzle. heh.

poodle, i waited to get my karaoke machine for the same reasons. i LOVE singing at the top of my voice in the mic and i knew the neighbors would HATE ME if i got it while still in the apartment. your parents live nearby though, right? could you get it for their house and use it when you visit? i know it's not the same, but still... you talk about your relatives like they'd appreciate it too! smile.gif oh, and for the record, i sang close to you at our favorite mexican joint (the one with the older mexican guy that would sing 70s and 80s music with a keyboard) several times. it got to a point where he would watch me to see when i was finished with my tacos and then start playing the lead in until i walked up to the stage. hehehehe. of course, there were never more than 10 people in there at a time. hehe

doodle, you should totally do a missed connection! i don't think age differences are that big of a deal after 21 or so. 23 is still a little young, but he's probably made it over the maturity hump by now. hehe, i said maturity hump. maybe a hot tryst with a younger lover is just what the doctor ordered, eh?

mouse, i didn't realize you are 23. you just proved my point. you are wise. and incredibly funny. i know others might disagree, but i'm sort of glad to hear that you're in contact again with the ex. it's good to have someone that pushes you and doesn't just pat you on the head and tell you how great you are all the time. have fun in tijuana.

pk, i'm sorry you're feeling down. just try to focus on the good things that you're doing, not the things that you've already done and cannot change. you made this move for your own personal growth. like turbo said, if you give it a few more months, through july so you don't have to break your lease, and feel like you're ready to go back home then go! and i second the rec to visit the bustie moms of not so wee ones. they're a smart group in there and will no doubt have some suggestions or at the very least commiseration and an "it'll get better". i think 12 is a pretty fucked up age regardless of how "settled" a kid is anyway.

ewwwww, turbo's dogsitting a swamp monster!!! my little groverpupper is curled up on her bed, out like a light. we took her to a state park on the marsh today and walked her a good 3 and a half miles. she was so glad to get home (as was i, honestly). it's nice to get out in the fresh air and take a walk. we took some good pics of each other and of grover. it was a lovely afternoon.

we're going to do an easy night in for NYE. i think we'll go to dinner at BFF's house and hang out there for a while. or maybe i'll try to get her to come here actually. we have a guest bed and her little boy can sleep on our couch. she only has a blow up mattress and i'm not thinking that would be too cool right now.

ugh, i'm all stuffy! i had a little emotional breakdown last night. i guess i've officially entered the emotional/vulnerable stage of pregnancy. i was feeling lame about not being able to do much for our anniversary and then started crying, and continued crying BECAUSE i was crying. it was a vicious cycle. but i'm feeling MUCH better today, except for the stuffy head, which always happens the day following a good cry.

ok, off to make some juice and to tackle this treeline on the puzzle.

Ohp! I'm having pizza! Banana and his buddies are having beer and pizza, but I have to go to work shortly, so I am drinking water.

I wish I could find a place that does Latin karaoke. I have memorized many pop songs in espanol. Memorized the sounds, that is. I don't know the actual words.

Several months ago, I discovered a Colombian "alternative" band called Aterciopelados. They are super cool. Banana knows the drummer, and I got to talk to him on the phone.

The lead singer is a woman named Andrea Echeverri, and I got her solo CD last month. It's really good. If you can stand listening to music in another language (for some reason, some people just hate it, no matter what the music is like), you should look up Andrea Echeverri and/or Aterciopelados on MySpace or iTunes. I love 'em.
Hi FJ! Hi turbo!

I just finished my 2nd beer mug of kalhua and chocolate milk, and I'm not feeling it. At. All. I wish my pot connection would phone me back. There was a little airline bottle of vodka attached to the kahlua...maybe I'll switch to white russians...wait, is it still a white russian if the milk is chocolate?

turbo, that DOES sound like a total score! I can't wait to see piccies of your new furniture! I love new furniture! Especially when it's old new! Hee!

FJ, I get that post-crying stuffy head thing too. UGH! Really hard when you are a cryer (crier?) by nature....movies, music, sometimes even books make me cry! But hey, at least you know it's just one more sign of a healthy pregnancy, right? Anyway, you want crying now...wait till the little sucker is born! THEN there'll be some crying! Both you and the mr.!

mousie, you are gone now...but the weirdest thing is, he ASKED about cats! He was trying to find out if I lived alone....I never answered the question! (My job has made me really paranoid about stalkers.) I never answered a few of his questions, actually...

*slinks off to the kitchen to build a russian*

ETA: x-posted with PK!!
Well, white russian or not, chocolate milk makes it a tasty russian!

Poopoh. I have to go to work now. Everyone have a great night! I'll be back tomorrow.

Enjoy having (or coveting) pizza and beer!
Ok, ok. How about this?

"North Shore Safeway, December 29, Friday afternoon. You played drums on my shopping cart. I didn't know who Dave Grohl was. We peppered one another with questions, and I evaded several of yours. But I'd still be interested in answering them, maybe someplace that's not a checkstand. Here's the first answer: yes, I do live alone."

The chocolate brown russian is indeed rather tasty.

That sounds dirty. And vaguely racist.
doodle! totally post that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW!

ETA: oh fuck, I posted it.
pinkpoodle kitties are cleaning each other then fighting and then cleaning each other again. Okay, now they're just fighting.

Awwww....FJ has a little bun in the oven.... Look, she's glowing!!

Doodle, maybe the drummer boy could be your part-time lover. Heehee... *busts out synthesizer and starts playing Stevie Wonder* My ex-boyfriend (a drummer!) and I would drive around singing Part-Time Lover at the top of our lungs. We are undercover passion on the run!!!!! Chasing love up against the suh-uhhhnnn!!!!!
doodle - that is an AWESOME missed connection! I love it! I actually love reading those on craigslist...its fun to imagine who might be writing them...its kind of like reading the comics...relaxing and occasionally mildly amusing.

Mmmmm....I just had the most lovely bath - fairy jasmine, ylang ylang and rose bubbles tonight...sexiest damn bath....not to mention the HBI to follow. yum.

I think I'm saving my drinking for later in the weekend though...I ate too much tonight to properly enjoy some yummy russian-like drinkipoos.

Awww, I wanna see poodle's kitties cleaning and playing with each other! The greyhounds pretty much just ignore each other, unless their competing for who can get their collar on first before we go out.

Yeah, doodle, I'm pretty excited about getting gramma's furniture...I won't get it until after they sell her house, but that's totally cool, and I'm glad to have some of her things to remember her by after she's gone. She's not even offering her stuff to any of the other grandkids until after I decide what I want. Being the favorite grandchild has its perks. cool.gif

ETA: dammit! Now I have "part-time lover" stuck in my head! eeek! Ah, there is nothing quite like the synth-filled 80s music!
My cats usually ignore each other, too. The give each other kisses here and there though, and when I see it I get all gooey and try to join in, but they look at me like I'm a freak and then walk away.

The ex-RB just called. He's a nice boy. I wish I saw him more often. He wants to attend marileen's party on Sunday after he's done with work.

Ugh, I have a food baby now. A pizza and beer food baby. I'm gonna be tossing and turning all night.

*grabs mic* Knowing it's so wrong feelin' so right!!!

Heheheh...I find some kind of sick pleasure in getting cheeseball songs stuck in people's heads. If I didn't do it, my own brain would explode because of all of the songs stuck up there.
Sorry, I have Big Yellow Taxi in my head. Only 'coz I just played it on the guit-box.

I can't believe I posted that on craigslist. You wimmen are such a bad influence! Oh well. What's the likelihood of him reading it? I'd have more luck posting it on a bulletin board up at the university. It's all very silly. I should have just stopped being so evasive and asked him for coffee.

And I'm extra jealous of turbo's HBI tonight.

Carmella and George have reached the place of mutual grooming, too, which is cute. But Carmella is so mean that you can see Georgie's on edge even when he's cleaning her. Heh. They sleep on opposite ends of the couch, like an estranged couple. They do like to play together, though...they chase each other all over the house, and Carmella always bullies her way in when George and I are playing.
Yeah, ordinarily I'd be interested in some HBI action on a night like tonight, but pizza/beer overkill makes the act seem really unappealing to me right now. Of course, pizza and beer aren't the only reasons why I'm not getting laid tonight. I talk about it as though the option was readily available. tongue.gif
*ahem* Okay, not to say that I would have immediately brought home and screwed the brains out of a 23-year old I just met in the grocery store.
Tirbo-SCORE! We were lucky enough to get my favorite dresser, qilt stand and candleholders from Grandma before she passed. She was very big into give-aways in the last year or so...i think she knew the end was coming. The dresser was the one I remember from growing, up, too...and it matches our other bedtoom furniture!

Moxieman and I had a day alone, thanks to grandparents having a holiday from work today and rather demanding the bebe. Fine by me. LIttle one has devleoped a bit of a demanding shrill lately, which is 100% normal at her age, but after 5 straight days of full time mommy--ville...anyway, at TOO MUCH at dinner, and as luck would have it, her new "normak: 3am waking co-incided with my belly going "Oh, No you DIDN"T..." anyway, she's back out for now, so off to beddybye.

Doodle- i hope he finds you. Never dated a drummer...always the keyboard girl myself. Nimble fingertips.
Here's the link. I was afraid it couldn't be accessed by internet afterwards, that it might have been proprietary.

Not to be nervy. My assumptions are: Women are often dismissed and stigmatized when they report chronic pain. Here's a way out.

Also, doodle has complained of depression several times here, and poodle complains of feeling like the docs put her in a box. When I saw this article, I couldn't wait to post it. I thought of you and wanted to help. Problems are one small aspect of yourself that you HAVE, not what you ARE. No arrogant stigma ignorance is coming from me. It comes from society.

My mom lived with both physical and emotinal pain for much of her life, furious that people thought she was "just imagining things." I stuck up for her for a long time, until I finally started having some of my own doubts. It's like ulcers. They used to tell people they were just too nervous, until they found the H. Pylori bacteria. Duh.

So many of us in the okayers thread (and elsewhere) are building good lives, as good as possible. The point is not to avoid necessary suffering, but to avoid unnecessary suffering.

In other news, first snowfall in Boston!!

I dressed up Thursday and danced like a fool.

eta: who DOESN'T want beer and pizza?!
Oh my fucking god, wombat, give it a rest. YES, I have complained about my emotional state in relation to the women's centre, a number of times - four entire complaints of being depressed about it over two years...which is a pretty damned small number of complaints, considering the depths of the situation. Every women's centre coordinator in British Columbia is depressed and anxious about the cuts in funding, the changes in government policy, and the state of women's rights in Canada. (Oh, and one more time, I whined about having PMS depression. Oh, and there was the time I touted Eddie Izzard as the cure for depression. Do the search yourself if you are so interested in my general health.) And I have been VERY clear about where it's coming from - being depressed about the depressing state of an external situation is a whole fuck of a lot different than having the condition of depression. YOU are the one who made these WILD leaps of assumptions that I had fibromyalgia-related depression, when in fact, the only fibro symptoms I've EVER complained about are pain attacks. NOWHERE did I ever say I thought I was nuts, that I caused my own pain, or that I believed my pain wasn't real, and neither have I said anyone else thought so. Again, YOU made these wild and offensive leaps of assumption about my own personal medical condition, thought processes, and state of mind, and if you can't see how that's a problem, then I can't do this with you anymore. Just back the fuck off.
I was not saying that you were nuts or saying that you were saying you were nuts.

As it says in the article, and as I have noticed in real life, women are often told they are nuts when they talk about many conditions.

I am not judging you for being bummed about the women's center but I did think you had mentioned depression episodes on occasion "the wings of depression are beating over my head" etc.

I posted that as a continuum of the discussion many people have here -- how to get over problems and deal with doctors and employers and NOT be in any way disrespected. I wish you would just read the thing.

I logged on here all happy and delighted thinking I was telling you about something reallly cool and interesting.

And I got a boot in the face.

I was just befuddled before, when I saw turbo's post, now I am just like, wtf.

If you really think I am an asshat for trying to help, I am weary too, believe me.

Read it, then see if you can figure what my motivation is.
Hey skanks!!

Those sound like some nice items, mox!!

I'm watching Flashdance right now. Gloria!! Gloria!! Ah yes...the days of hi-cut leotards, slouchy cropped shirts, and legwarmers...seems like only yesterday...

Heh...I was just imagining a spoof of that movie based on my own life. Instead of a welder, the main character is an appraiser, and her true passion is karaoke, not dancing. I can just see the main character slaving over a keyboard all day and then going into the seedy part of the city at night to perform Turn Back Time in front of ungrateful strangers. I think it would be a very inspiring movie. Actually, come to think of it, this is actually a pretty funny movie idea!! Instead of an appraiser by day though, it would probably be better to have the character working for a "business solutions" company or a place like "Initech" in Office Space. I claim all creative rights!!

Doodle, I netflixed The Graduate earlier in the week, so it should be sitting downstairs in my mailbox right now. I'll be thinking of you the whole time!!

I'm craving pad thai or some kind of asian dish involving fried bean curd and peanuts or cashews.

I'm trying to decide what to do this afternoon. I woke up super late for some reason (pizza/beer coma?). I need to get out of the house. I suppose I could make a trip to *gulp* SUPER TARGET. That could be dangerous though.

ETA- Wombat, the reason why it was an inappropriate post is 'cause doodle wasn't even talking about being depressed, etc. She made a couple comments on the over-medication of women, and that was it. She was talking about how she wants to live a peaceful life in B.C. with a little younger-man action on the side. The thread was in no way going in the direction of talking about doodle's pain. It just didn't make any sense wombat. When you do that sorta thing, I'm always like, "What the hell is this girl talking about?" It would be like if everyone was having a conversation about how they love chocolate and I came in telling everyone about how they need to rethink their choice of savory seasonings. I wouldn't make any sense!
poodle, i'm really starting to get worried about you and your over-active imagination. if i were you, which i'm not, and i'm not saying that would be a BAD thing necessarily, but if i were i would do my best to check in with reality once in a while. your life is not a movie or a song. and shit, i know i have a link to an article to back me up around here someplace...


aw, hell. i can't go on... wombat, i don't like jumping in and sullying up this thread but PLEASE! give it a fucking rest! jeebus! every other post from you comes from some left planet from a far off universe. i find myself reading through it, brow furrowed, wondering where in the hell the tangent came from. and doodle's right. it's not just in this thread, it's all over the freaking lounge. you are a welcome voice here much of the time, but damn - i never know what's going to come out of your type and honestly, i wind up skipping a good portion of every third or fourth post. sorry you feel like you got the silver boot up your butt in here today when you thought you were simply sharing some knowledge, but i can point to SEVERAL occasions in which your posts have completely turned me off from posting in here in the first place.

i'm not saying you should leave or even suggesting it. but i am suggesting that you stop jumping to conclusions about people, places and things that you have zero or very little direct knowledge of.

Wha? Um...I hope you're being sarcastic, falljackets. That sorta (really) hurt my feelings. I've never thought of my life as a song or a movie. I'm one of the most down-to-earth people I know, actually, when it comes down to fundamentals of life. That's mean, FJ. My feelings are hurt. I was just feeling really happy about the stir-fry I'm preparing, and now I feel like shit. Coming up with jokes and stupid movie ideas and goofy songs is how I cope with the difficulties of life. I try hard everyday to keep my brain occupied so that I don't sink into deep depression. I'm just trying to be happy. Is that such a crime? I gonna make my fucking stir-fry now. Dammit. Fuck you. Now I'm pissed. That's how I roll, and if you think is fucked up, well then fuck you.

ETA- Fucking A. I refuse to let this ruin my night. I refuse to let this ruin my stir-fry and I refuse to let this ruin my Scooby Doo viewing experience. I was happy.
Hey you know what, wombat? I frequently come in here all cheerful, too. But I've seen you put a dozen or two boots in the faces of me and other Okayers, and of folks in other threads, often under the guise of "trying to help." You almost never own your shit. And it makes me pissy. So now I'm expressing that I'm sick of it. From a personal perspective, you can read the whole fucking archives of this thread, if you like, to see exactly where I mentioned a personal experience of depression. I did a search, so I DO know: six times. Four times related to the Centre, one time related to PMS (and likely all four of the others were PMS-related as well...I can check my calendar, if it matters that much to you), and one time to recommend Eddie Izzard as depression's cure. I am tired, tired, tired of you reading shit into my words, reading shit into everyone else's words, and imposing your own personal template over everyone else's lives. And I'm just tired. I'm done. I'm moving the fuck on. I wish you would.


Right, okay everyone else! Let us restore order to Okayland!

*bangs gavel*

I just got back from a friend's house. She is 23 and about to go to New Zealand for six months. Her parents are coming tomorrow to take her stuff to their home and store it, so I offered to go help her pack. We got a lot done! I am so excited that she's going to NZ, she's got it all planned out, where she's going camp out, and then go working on these organic farms (that's her thing) where you get room and board in exchange for a half day's work. She's got a work visa that can be extended, and an open-ended ticket home. It sounds really exciting and fun!

She's also taking one of my Marilyn Waring books to hopefully get it signed! Marilyn Waring is a NZ-based feminist economist, who teaches public policy at Massey University now. She's quite famous in Canada - her work, her writing, changed my life utterly, in terms of being an activist...and really, my whole way of thinking about the world. (At one point in my life, I was going to run away to NZ and ask Marilyn Waring to marry me.) My friend wasn't going to tell me - I thought the book was lost, or loaned to (and forgotten by) god knows who - but she had to give up the dirt when she realized I'd see it while packing. tongue.gif

OH! And I connected up with! YAY!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

ETA: I want to apologize if my ranting has triggered the rest of you into unpleasant moods. I should not have brought it in here; I realize it was pointless to respond, and I will not do it again, I promise. Please don't fight or be grumpy.
No, doodle, you did not trigger unpleasant moods in here. I was in a very pleasant mood until FJ told me that I need a reality check. I need a reality check because I thought it would be funny to do a spoof of Flashdance.
poodle, you're always a woman to me.

She can kill with a smile
She can wound with her eyes
She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
And she only reveals what she wants you to see
She hides like a child
But shes always a woman to meeeeeeeeee....

*cue piano*
oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!! poodle, i'm sooo sorry! of course i wasn't serious!

i thought my sarcasm would be MORE than apparent... i was pulling a wombat... you gave me the idea in your last post, poodle, when you said "It would be like if everyone was having a conversation about how they love chocolate and I came in telling everyone about how they need to rethink their choice of savory seasonings. I wouldn't make any sense!".

oh my gosh! poodle, i am soooo sorry that you took me seriously! i LOVE your imaginative stories and fantasties and your songs and your movies! POODS! i'm sorry! i really hope you come back in here and read this really quick. i would never want you to change!

crapola! this is why i don't get involved in rifts.

POOODLE, come back and tell me you're not mad anymore! i LOVE you!

if you don't come back, i'm going to prove my love to you by getting down on one knee, mic in hand:

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