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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Ooooh....Morty's!! Fancy!! Whatcha gonna wear? That cute dress you showed us before?

My head hurts from laughing.

Wahoo!! I get to go to the head shrinker in less than an hour!! I'm not coming back to work. I plan on watching Oprah, even if it does suck these days.

I'm back from the brain shrinker. He told me that I should wait until the spring to go start cutting down on my medication. I also told him that I'm not interested in seeing a therapist or counselor unless that person is the Dalai Lama or something. Overall, I'm satisfied with the visit.

Yay! I managed to escape my flourescent-lit prison and now I'm chillin' out at home with my furry cutie poopers!! The office meddler is crabby today and I don't feel like dealing with her whiney attitude. She's huffy because I chose to take a vacation day yesterday. I don't know why she even gives a shit. She can bite me. I have to learn not to give a crap about co-worker's comments--especially hers. Even my boss thinks she's a whiner.

ETA- Minx, I'd lend you some shoes, but I have huge feet!! I have some killer sleek black stiletto heels that are perfect for gouging men's eyes out (in that Jennifer Jason Leigh/Single White Female fashion).
Hi! thanks for the support, you guys! especially turbo, you rock!

It means a lot.

Divala -- when I said "fantastic!" I meant your gifities and general trip working out nicely. I guess I do just have to pay since "ignorance of the law is no excuse" so thanks for clarifying. When I got nabbed for not having registration stickers, I was driving. Oops! I had moved and they didn't forward that particular piece of mail (renewing registration. How many times does the average person read their back bumper?!)

Poo on people stealing from your grampa, and all these colds and heavingness going around!

Nice to "see" you FJ and PK!!

Hi to: Marileen, Karianne, turbo, PK, Aural!!, Doodle, Poodle, Mouse, FJ, Divala, Minx, minxlette and Ms GB!

I am trying to just get up and WORK and I am pretty much succeeding. What I hate is that I've packaged my old stuff, now I'm making a web site and they have even changed how PHOTOSHOP works! (Nerdy computer artist rant) I used to know how to do clipping paths and masks within my images and now I feel like an effin' moron. They made it "easier" I guess -- ha ha! I tried to work with the "smart objects" and then blew irritation out my nose and did it the old way.

Finally this old lady (me) discovered YouSendIt and SendSpace so at least people will get my PDFs. Frack. I know a lot, I've done a lot, but the minute I push myself I still feel incompetent.

Hey, poodle, maybe you should tell your psych doctor about the "blasting loud hair metal and making wacky collages in photoshop" treatment. You could market it through Pfizer!
Happy December 28th, everybody!

And happy anniversary to the FJs!
[dances around to Jungle Love with Pink Poodle]

Another great song: The Butt.
Doin' The Butt!
Yeah, prettay prettay!
When ya get that notion, put your backfield in motion, hey!
Doin' The Butt!
Yeah, sexay sexay!
Ain't nothin' wrong if ya wanna do The Butt all. night. looooong!

So wrong, yet so right. Not as great as The Humpty Dance, though. I have a special place in my heart for The humpty Dance.

So people think that Hall & Oats is painfully cheesy now? That's not right. Hall & Oats is the good kind of cheese! Everybody secretly likes Hall & Oats. Just like how everybody secretly likes Abba & Erasure. It's all universal happy music. I am a fan of TMBG, too (I just bought a new copy of Mink Car. Far from their most popular CD, but I like it).

Doodle, those gifts sound fantastic. It's amazing the way a BFF can know exactly what you need. smile.gif

Hope you have a fab night out, Minxy!

((((((((hugs & love for all the inhabitants of OkayLand))))))))
Minx, I'd honestly just look for something at Marshall's or TJ Maxx. What you're looking for is pretty basic and there should be a variation pretty much any place you look. Believe it or not, I've got one and only one pair of black closed-toe shoes in my collection, and they're my Pradas and they never go out of my sight. Probably the best dress-up footwear investment I've ever made.

FJ, haven't heard anything about my grandma yet. I guess my uncle and cousin from Dubai just flew in a couple days ago. Maybe I'll go up this weekend and visit, but I don't know yet. That pillow you got sounds really cool, and that's sweet that your MIL wants to be called "grammy." Sam calls my mom "grandma," and that's about it, unless he messes up and calls her "mom", which used to happen a LOT.

Speaking of which, I called my mom to see if anyone over there is sick. Sam is. I caught my damn cold from Sam. But still, even if I knew he was sick, I wouldn't have hugged or kissed him any less.

Who would ever listen to Creed for any reason? Yech! Perish the thought!

Poodle, I think Marileen sent the email to your Bust address. The party's still on for NYE/IGDD(InterGalactic Divalla Day). I think the giant and I will be heading over around 9:00 or 10:00.

I got myself a present today 'cause I'm sick and I wanted something cozy, so I bought a pajama set for half off at Macy's. Actually, my brother bought it for me because I put it on a gift card. Still, I'm very happy to have new pajama bottoms that aren't caked in paint, Mod Podge, grout, caulk, fabric glue, and glass paint. My other ones are beat to a pulp.
so, one of the things that i'm most looking forward to about turning 30...not caring about fashion trends in clothes or music. I get to find what I like and suits ME (with Stacey and clinton angels, of course!), and not give a flying fuck about what other people think. What a treat!!!

Ok, moxette is eating my bills/...i'd best go distract her. xoxo
Moxie!! I forgot Moxie!!

And Tes and roseviolet!!

Let me not forget ANY of y'all and tell you to have a rockin' 2007!!

Year of the cute piggie beastie!

I've got a party tonight and will wear my slinky black dress from Ann Taylor and I am debating about whether to wear my bright red patent leather platform maryjanes or my funky chunky HIGH well built Fluevogs that I didn't throw out from the early 90s or my lace-up, pointy-toed, neo-victorian boots (so elvin heavy metal. such a fashion crime. so well made. so wrong they're right) or my black highheels with a little strap and this kind of tapered toe (very traditional) or little ballet flats.

Because -- I challenged them to have a 'Peanuts Dance" contest and they have accepted the challenge rolleyes.gif

also, I need to see whether my garter belt and fishnets will work without being obscenely exposed or whether I need pantyhose -- if I need the dreaded ph better get em now!

Oh my god, rose!! I had successfully erased that song from my memory!! AHHH!!! Long live the Humpty Dance though. I know all of the words and I know how to get stupid!!

Yes, mox, keeping up on fashion trends is a pain in the ass. They did a story on GMA this morning about how skinny jeans are coming back. Now that's just plain evil. Next thing you know, they'll have little zippers up the side and then it's all downhill from there. If tapered pants come back in style, I'm going to start organizing violent protests. They'll have to pry my straight-legged jeans off of my cold dead ass.
Hi everybody!

Poodle, yep, the New Year’s Eve party is still on like Divala said. We’re telling everyone to come over anytime after 7 pm on Sunday and please bring exRB or any other friends you would like. We will have lots of booze and hors d’oeuvres for everyone!

Happy Anniversary FJs!

I like TMBG, Abba, Erasure, Hall and Oates, Steve Miller Band, the Humpty Dance because it’s funny and even “The Butt” (reminds me of dancing in my big ol’ dress at prom in high school and I’m nostalgic) but listening to Creed would be pure torture for me!

Minx, I second Divala on the shoes – I got some great designer heels for very cheap at TJ Maxx last year and they were great. I know you are going to have so much fun on your big night out downtown! And Minxlette is as cute as ever!

~*~*~Healthy Diva vibes~*~*~

I’m glad everyone here is generally having a pretty good week. I myself have been exceptionally crabby this week and it is wearing me out. Being angry and impatient all the time is exhausting, but my cycle just does that to me sometimes. I am actually looking forward to the mrg arriving soon so the evil feelings will all go away! I'm taking a vacation day from work tomorrow to go try on wedding dresses and run errands and I think having the day off will make me feel less evil so I can have a good weekend.
Poodle, I just have to think/pray that there will be enough straight, wide leg pants left out there for those of us with hips and mighty, beautiful thighs...I mean, we know what looks good, and that's what we'll buy. You won't catch my plump ass in any tapered leg pants, that's for sure! have such a kick-ass rocker wardrobe, I love it! Mostly, I get tired just thinking of your late nights out on the town! I'm such a homebody.

Happy Anniversary FJs!!!!

FJ!!! So glad to hear that you're doing well, enjoying your leisure and holiday time! I saw those belly pillows this afternoon in Bed, Bath and Beyond Hell, and I thought of you.

BUT, I had a gift card and 20% off coupon in hand, and I walked out with a NICE set of Cuisinart Non-Stick Kitchen Pro pans. And I love them! I really needed a new basic set of pans, the T-Fals I bought in college have teflon shred all over the bottom of every pan, and rust where the teflon scraped off...not pretty. So now, I am all decked out in new kitchen finery, and I have Cincinnatti Chili simmering on the stove for dinner in the 5qt dutch oven my FIL got me for xmas. I am one happy cook!

Awww....I wanna come to Marileen's NYE party, it sounds like SO much fun...and I'd totally hop a bus out there, but I've got 3 greyhounds in-house through Monday night, and turbomann would NOT forgive me if I abandoned him with the dogs, since I got us into this, once again!

Mmmmm... I loves me some Cincinnati chili. I like mine three way.
*hands AP a steaming dish of cincinnatti chili, three way dog and sketti* belly is happy now...maybe a little too full, but happy. And there are many leftovers to be had as well.
well, my dear minxy, you know if you need any suggestions, help, empathy on the detoxing, you just let me know. I'll be serving liver-cleanse cocktails all night. wink.gif

Seriously, once you do a good cleanse for a week, a coupla butt flushes, you won't really want to eat any crap or sully your clean liver in any way for awhile...its been 3 months for me since my last cleanse, and I've been pretty damned good, but I'll still do another cleanse in a couple weeks or so. Just to keep the momentum up.

WORD, minxy, I think everyone should have a week off at the end of the year!
Scrubs is so damn funny.

"see the Amish" What--are they performing a musical or something? tongue.gif *imagines the song possibilities*

YEAH! What is the name of that product that you have mentioned from time-to-time that you use when doing your de-tox, sweets?

*hands every OKAYer a certificate for one paid week off*
The best detoxifier is water, dude. A little dandelion tea is nice as a ritualistic treatment. I'm no doctor (unless there's such a think as a 'doctor of love'), but I think 99.9% of body "cleanliness" comes down to diet, exercise, rest, and outlook. The spring greens I ate last night have given me a whole new perspective on my health.
DUUUUUUUUDE! You can be the Love Doctor of my ASS!
Hi everyone!

poodle, I am totally with you on the overmedication of women. Back in the '60s and early '70s, when my mother was a wreck from being in an abusive marriage, the docs kept her on tranquilizers. They did that to a lot of women, not just abused women - hell, my grandma was kept on uppers and downers through the '50s and '60s. The problem is that society thinks it's somehow changed. Nowadays, we have more reasons than ever to be anxious and depressed, and psychiatric meds are still over-prescribed to women...most of the abused women I met thru the Centre were on some kind of anti-depressant, as were an astonishing number of poor women. Better to drug the so-called "misfits" than admit there are legitimate reasons the human mind resists "fitting in" to a fucked up world. Here is an article written by my former co-worker, you might find it a bit interesting...

Aw shit. Now that I've had my rant o' the day, I forgot everything else I was going to comment on.

Hi turbo, minx, moxie, wombat, FJ (((anti-wretchies)))), marileen, PK, AP, RV (we should all get initials for our names!), diva ((((feel better)))), mouse, and anyone lurking!

ETA: oh yeah...I READ Jungle Love in the posts, but it's been Bungle in the Jungle going through my head ever since. poodle...I think you should blast them out with Werewolves of London, actually.

I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's
And his hair was perfect
Werewolves of London!! Bwahaha!!

I'll be your ass doctor anytime, minx. Actually, it depends on what the position entails!! Ha!! Get it?!! *slaps knee*

That's a completely justified rant, doodle. I think overmedication of all people, especially kids, is a huge problem today. I don't know what I would be like if I hadn't been on anti-depressants since highschool. I'm sure that they helped me at some point, but now I think I've built up a tolerance to them. I just wish the head-shrinking community would admit that "mental health" has a lot to do with circumstantial shit (if not the majority). It seems like everybody and their brother is on some kind of anti-depressant/anxiety drug. I'm not convinced that everyone is walking around with diseased brains.
Heeeeeey...I thought *I* was the ass love doctor around here! Or is that different than butt flush queen?! I'm confused.

Poods is right on with the dandelion tea, that's good stuff. I use BioCleanse Medical Food Supplement when I do a cleanse, but you *cannot* cheat when you do biocleanse - just the cleanse + fruit smootie in the morning and at night, and raw veggies and fruit throughout the day...if you cheat, you end up with a hard, bloated belly full of gas, and I assure you, that you don't want that. cool.gif Oh, and one of my closest friends did successfully quit smoking after a week on the BioCleanse, plus a couple of colonics, and now she's been a non-smoker for 2 years!

Hi doodle!!!
poods, I agree that all people are over-medicated now, where once it was more exclusive to adult women. The drugging of kids really alarms me....I actually believe psychiatric meds has played some role in school shootings. Anyway. I do tend to see more women than men medicated, though...this may only be b/c women are more likely to seek help for their problems than men. (Just as an example, when I volunteered on the sexual assault crisis lines - even though boys and girls experience child sexual abuse at around the same rate - most adult men rarely sought treatment until they were about to become fathers themselves...and in most of those cases, I'd say they were doing it more for their kids' well-being than for themselves.)

Hah! Just to be weird, I learned a John Denver song (Country Boy - reinterpreted as Country Girl, of course) on the guitar, and it immediately made me think of Mr. FJ playing his John Denver songs to FJ!! HEE!

ETA: Hi turbo! I cannot vouch for your Ass Love Doctor skills, but you are definitely the Butt Flush Queen!
Yes, turbo, you are the official ass doctor around here. I'm just the doctor of love. Minx and her lascivious brain managed to connect the two.

ETA- Word, doodle. Women are probably put on prescription drugs more often than men. It probably has a lot to do with how the two deal with emotions in our society. Since women tend to express their emotions more (i.e. crying) than men--they're perceived as needing more aggressive treatment. I dunno.

Actually, can I be the Gangster of Love, instead? I prefer that title. Hee...doodle can be the "Midnight Toker!!" biggrin.gif
Whew! *adjusts butt flush crown on head*

Poodle, you can totally be the Gangsta of Love!

Poodle, have you checked out Being the musical moron that I am, I can use all the suggestions it throws at me, but its pretty fun to poke around.
It's final. I am the official Gangsta of Love in the lounge (and everywhere really). *tilts Gangsta of Love pimp hat and runs off to edit profile settings*

I haven't seen that Pandora site, turbo. I'll check it out.
Ass Bandits Unite!


poodle, you are totally the Gangster of Love. I'd LIKE to be the Midnight Toker but I have nothing with which to live up to that moniker right now. Left a message...hopefully all my connections are not out of town for the holidays! WAAH!

Yeah, I'm a hippie.

turbo, I might try I have this huge need for "new" (new to me) music these days. Except for my beloved Blue Rodeo of course, but I think we all know that goes without saying.

poods, you are right on women being thought "problematic" for being "emotional." The norms are set by the dominant members of society, so our standards for behaviour - including emotional responses - are wealthy, western, white, male, heterosexual, able-bodied, etc. Everyone else is expected to adapt. And if we can't or don't want to "adapt," it's somehow us, and not the "norms," that are the problem.

They should just be honest in the adverts: "Are you experiencing depression and anxiety from being abused and/or oppressed? Don't rebel! Take this pill today, and drug yourself into submission!"

ETA: not to be a paranoid freak or anything (hah!), but in The Handmaid's Tale, they kept the women compliant during the "re-education process" (brainwashing) by drugging them.
Ah that's okay, doodle. I'm a hippie too, but keep it on the downlow, yo. When I daydream, I see myself dancing around naked in a field of wildflowers with my hair down to my ass and my cats flying around like cherubs. Oh, and my soundtrack would be the Dead, of course. Afterwards, I would go home to my earthberm house and have some homemade organic vegetable-barley stew.
I don't think hippies are allowed to use the phrase, "on the downlow, yo" or the term "gansta". I think we can let you get away with the pimp hat, though if you rock it with a nice big feather.
I can totally see Oscar and Gus flitting around on wings, chasing all the birds and butterflies. You'd have to bell them, poods!

Your fantasy is close to mine, though, poodle. It's only come to me that I have to make decisions about what I want from life (without the Centre to keep me here), it's shocking to realize I AM a country girl! (Or rather, a country hippie - you can be that in BC.) Even though I do miss a lot of aspects of big city life...I'm not sure I miss it enough to want to go back permanently. I'd almost like to move somewhere more into the bush, except I really like living on the river, and also, I need to be able to work, of course. Maybe here I've found the happy medium...when people ask me what I'm going to do now, I'm always emphatic that I want to stay put, so it must be true. This is a good community, in spite of our politicians.


Now that my life is seemingly at a crossroads, so many people in my life have ideas about what they think I should do. I keep hearing "suggestions" about how I should move back to Vancouver or Calgary, or go to school next fall, or do this or that...things I don't want to do. I should be annoyed, but I'm not. Curiously, these "suggestions" seem to be making me more and more articulate and confirmed about what I DO want. And even though it probably sounds very vague and "unambitious" to everyone else, it sounds more and more like a concrete vision to me, of getting some quiet work that pays the bills so that I can do my own thing and create. I want this life, minus the women's centre, plus an easier job, and maybe even some time and energy to find some romance again.


ETA: Hi, AP!!!
Hey now, aural, don't be harshin' on my gig. tongue.gif

I have a very active imagination. I also fantasize about living in the Addams Family mansion, wearing Morticia gowns around the house, and snipping the blossoms off roses.

ETA- You seem pretty content where you are right now, doodle. Would you say that's true? I occasionally feel the pressure to move somewhere just for the heck of it, mostly because my friends have been here and there and I've always been, well, HERE. Truly though, I like it here and I don't feel the need to be anywhere else. I don't care if it's "uncultured" of me to want to stay in the same place. I like the stability.

Change is overrated, doodle. Yeah, we all need a little change sometimes, but there's something to be said for just paying the bills and kicking back in a nice, comfy place. So many people are on this constant path of change and achievement. Why is being content such a crime? People need to chill the fuck out and listen to more Steve Miller Band.
More warnings: totally me-centred post ahead!!!

Ok, at the risk of sounding like a real hippie freak....yeah, poodle, this is the first place in my life I ever found true "peace." And yeah, a huge part of that has been just about me working through my personal shit, and about finding some meaningful purpose in my life. But...oh I don't know. When I was younger and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say that I just wanted to be grown up. I truly wanted nothing more than to grow up and move out, have my own home, and live my own life, away from the chaos of my family dysfunction. When I was in my early 20s, and finally living on my own, having my own life, I was bursting with this restless, raging energy to see, touch, taste, smell, hear, do it all. But if you asked me what I wanted MOST in my life, I would have said "peace." (Actually, I did say it, in several journals from the era.) I wanted nothing so much as I wanted to find peace from the chaos of my past and from the chaos that was still inside me. I couldn't articulate all of that then, but "peace" was definitely something I could articulate. I know I don't need to stay here to keep that peace, but there so many other reasons I like being here, in this place.

I'm probably like you, pood, worrying sometimes about staying here in Isolated-by-Geography, British Columbia, population 89,000. I don't want to become narrow-minded or ignorant about the world. I used to fear becoming "unsophisticated" and "uncultured." I think I still do. At the same time, I have been to different places in Canada, and even lived in some of them...and as far as I can tell, most places are the same, in that what you get out of it depends entirely on you, and what you put into it. And I also think that, after the work I did for 11 years, there is no way I could become narrow-minded or ignorant. OTOH, there are many ways I kind of LIKE becoming unsophisticated and uncultured! Much less pressure when you no longer have to live up to the rules of the taste-makers and the snobs! I feel more "myself" now than I ever have - or at least, since I was about five or six years old. I've loved going to meetings in big cities and calling myself a "hick!" Because it exempts me from living up to those unrealistic expectations so many people seem to have for their fellow humans. If they look down on me for who I really am, then fuck 'em. Honestly. Who needs that pretentious bullshit? I'll play the fool. I'll ask the dumb questions and make the unpopular statements, and I'll even take my shoes and socks off while I'm doing it. And I'll be very entertained in the process!

The idea of achievement and change,'s not so much that I'm not interested in those things, as my definitions of them have been altered. When I think of achieving something or changing something about myself or my life, it's not a material or a physical goal. It's a spiritual goal, I guess. I'm not looking for a high-paying career, but the reason is because I DO want the time to achieve something as an artist (not necessarily material gain - though if I can ever reach a point of making art my way and getting paid for it, I won't sneeze at it!). And yeah, I want to change myself to become a better person...but for me, that has nothing to do with my physical appearance or my status in society or any of that shit. But that's all about internal work, all of it. And the truth is that you can do that anywhere. It's about being in the here and the now, living within myself, and not pining for something else, or to be someone else, or to find that one mysterious thing that's going to make all my dreams come true.
Poodle, I can totally see you living both lives - regularly alternating between your hippie house in the country for solitude and bonding with nature and your dramatic Addams-esque house in the city for more glamorous moments gangsta-style.

Doodle, I think it's really great that you are figuring out what you want - and it is so true that what you want isn't always what you "should" be doing - ie. being the big overachiever constantly running on the hamster wheel to live the life that the outside world makes you think you are supposed to be living. Living a life with breathing space and time to just be yourself creating what you want is probably much more important! Contentment and peace are good things.

I agree with everyone here about the antidepressants thing. Doctors tend to prescribe them forever for people instead of for short doses, and sometimes that's not good either - they really need to monitor patients on a regular basis. I was on one for anxiety and although it helped a little at first, after a couple of months it had made me so exhausted I slept 12 hours a day, was flattened in all of my emotions, and it messed up my metabolism so I gained tons of weight and I then went into a severe depression for a long time right after I went off of it. I tried Prozac for a very short time (about a month) about a year later and that really helped, but I think it was also because I was only on it for a little while instead of for a long period of time. I wish I would have quit the first med after only a month instead of continuing to take it for as long as I did. And my brother had horrible experiences when he was depressed in grad school and tried one for a little while - it made him lose all empathy for other and the motivation to do anything - it was really, really scary. We were so relieved when he went off of it and became his normal kind self again.

In the New Year I want to really be healthy, too. Mainly I am going to focus on exercise, eating my salad every day and drinking lots of water. I might try a cleanse, too. (Thanks for the link Turbo!)
See, this is why I love youu guys!! and not just because this is a "drunken post!"

I was jusst going to PM you, doodle! Do a search on google or whatever about "pain' and "imaging"!!

MY mom had this back pain and was depressed and had "anxiety mood disordrer" and they didn't know which casued the other! but for "mysterious" pains, oftten attributed to depression, they have just found a way to validate the over AND under firing of nerves! NOt just an Xpray or a barium enema for proof or else you are just a nut causing your own pain! For fibro myalgia and many other syndromes they can NOW SEE, See, prove, that it is a real neuromuscular malfumction! and as i say in the other thread there who the frack kknows wtf? It's not that your depression gives you pain, rahter it's the other way around! It sucks to live with pain and that makes you depressed! You are NOT imagining it! You are NOT creating it ! You are NOT a nut!


I always stuck up fo rmy dad and mom and I woud fight peiple twice my size who ridiculed them because they were NICE and cared about kids and animals and water ad woods and moutnatains and music and books and whatevaH. IT JUST sucked that I couldn't save them andd they ultimateldy went down and they resented me and I am trign to see my way clear to be okauy with having great equ8pment and SIX MONTHS WORTH OF UNEMPLOYEMENT $433 a weeek and I ain't worred since 10/10/2006!!

But tis new software and web is different from 90s software and web and it is really pissing me off1 ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! I am smart sand dhave integrity tho so I will figure it out!!

Every body can have sex with whoever!! OK! Ok!

Justs be *nice* anyhow!!

Bwahahaha!! No comment.

Mornin' peeps!! I can't come up with any insults today.

Hi marileen!!

That is very insightful, doodle. Peace is definitely a descriptor for my vision. The main word that pops into my mind is honesty. I want to lead a life that is truly my own and well thought out instead of going through the motions of some canned lifestyle. I guess that's the way I approach everything. From my music to my choice of desktop wallpaper, I rarely stick to templates.

Ah crap. I suppose I should get my ass ready for work. Poop.

Mornin' ladies!

Wombat, I think maybe you shouldn't post about your thoughts on other people when you're tread dangerous territory, and get a wee bit may not mean it that way, but that's how it seems to come out... And doodle's not depressed, BTW, and nowhere has she posted that.

Well, I think I have to move our bed from the bedroom into the pleasure palace for awhile, until we get someone in to fix the mold problem in there...I can't keep being this exhausted and waking up with allergy attacks everyday. Changing things up might be kind of fun anyway.

doodle, I think your posts about the vision of your life clarifying and wanting to stay put makes perfect sense. And I love that other people's suggestions about what you might do next are helping you be more specific about what you want to create in your life next.

Yeah, we're just enjoying this week off at home together - no job hunting, just spending time together and hanging out. I'm going to start applying for jobs too, I think...its time for me to move on too, and now seems like a good time. I think we may be settling on staying here too...I love my home, and there's a lot of things I'd like to do to fix it up, that when we get our new, better paying jobs cool.gif , we'll be able to get working on.
morning lovelies. I/'m a FREE WOMAN today! YIPPEE! Anyway, before we go running errands, i thought i'd post this article for the MN busties.

Hi, peeps. *sneeze*

I'm still sick, so I'm going to go home in a couple hours as soon as I get some stuff here at work cleared away. I've been here for over 2 days already sick, so I deserve a half day to try to sleep it off. The giant's got it, too, but I think worse than me. I hope we're over it by Sunday so my birfday doesn't suck.

Doodle, I think it's just as important to figure out what you don't want in life as much as what you do want, and I love that you don't feel pushed by anyone to do any certain thing. It's a fine point you've achieved with yourself.

Hi, to everyone else. I did read the archive, just don't really have the time or energy to post since I want to leave here in 2 hours. We have to go to the giant's mom's place tonight. I guess she has a birfday present for me. But we're not staying late like we usually do, I'm putting a 2-hour limit on our interaction.
(((diva))) Rest up for a little birfday/NYE's fun! Could this be allergies at all? It seems too chronic to be a cold.

Minnesota is the coolest state in the entire nation. Pawlenty's quote about the "market" for the Republican party is actually pretty intelligent. I don't completely despise the guy. I didn't really care about him winning, because there are bigger fish to fry right now. Plus, he's really vocal about homegrown energy and global warming (or at least moreso than your average republican). Still, he's a republican, which makes him inherently evil. His political ads freaked me out.

Yay for moxie's freedrom!!!

Today rocks because the meddler is gone this morning and I already finished reviewing a report that I thought would take most of the day. My co-worker is learning this stuff really fast, which is such a relief for me since I have to review her stuff.

Marileen, you and J have to put Da Butt and Humpty Dance on your NYE's party playlist!! Throw Young MC's Bust a Move on there for me, too.

ETA- Heheheh...I'm listening to Do I Look Like a Slut? by Avenue D right now. This song cracks my shit up so much. It's one of the few songs that the ex-RB and I can enjoy together. smile.gif

So what if I'm a little nudie?
It don't mean you're gonna get some booty,
Baby I just want to shake it,
it took mama nine months to make it!!
No, it's not allergies, since I don't think I have any. There's some kind of crazy virus going around up here, and I caught it. I think I caught mine from Sam, but 7 people where the giant works called in sick today, too. He just went home sick, but his symptoms are different than mine. We're going to rest up for the afternoon. I just hope I can get to sleep since this DayQuil I took isn't doing shit for me.

I wish we could get more Republicans to start caring about global warming. Most of us liberal types are aware of it and are trying to at least not make it worse, but the right wing is so far into Big Gasoline's pocket that they can't even acknowledge it without all their campaign funds drying up.

Happy Anniversary, FJs!

(((((diva & the giant)))) Rest up this afternoon - sucks to be sick so close to IGDD - you gotta cut that out before Sunday!

We just had some yummy chili leftovers for lunch....mmmm. Gotta go walk the doggies now, though. They're all getting along very well this time, and turbo's only a little snotty about their presence this time.

We've got no NYE plans thus far, and I'm not sure that I even want to have anything to do. We may just cook something special here, and drink bubbles, since the greyhounds' mommies gave us a really nice bottle of prosecco for watching them.
goooooood morning ladies (and gents, if we've got any lurking.....i think lorewolf is probably too busy drinking mai tais and surfing while wearing grass skirts and barbecuing whole pigs and playing the ukelele)

divaaaa, i hope you feel better in time for your birfday!

turbo, buttflush queen. minx, ass doctor of love. poodle, gangster of love. doodle, midnight toker. oh my god.


moxie is freeeee!

wombat is the queen of enthusiastically convincing people that they are emphatically NOT what they never said they were.

marileen, are you having a big nye party? cool!

i am going to tijuana tonight! my friends dj this danceparty whenever the one guy is in town (he is based in canada but he takes this party all over the world, which is really cool) and the other guy is from tj originally, so they are having it there tonight, then in LA tomorrow. i am going to both and pretty excited. road trip!

doodle, you are so wise. seriously, all of you are my virtual wise older sisters, and i am constantly in admiration of you all, for all different reasons. i love reading your life philosophies.

right now i am really crucially at the point of figuring my life out. on the one hand, i really want this job that i interviewed for--graphic designer at the natural history museum of LA. because i love natural history museums. but i was talking to the ex and he was like "yeah, but........i really want to see your portfolio blossom" which struck me, because nobody else is pushing me in that way. the natural history museum would be great because i love the subject matter, but it wouldn't be the most creative job ever. he wants me to be more adventurous in my aesthetic. and--it's funny, but i love that he does that because nobody else is pushing me at all. everyone else is just sort of like "you're doing fantastically! and you're only 23! amazing!" and he's like "well, you could do better.". and i NEED that from someone, and i'm glad he's doing it, because i feel like i'm on the verge of getting stagnant, and there's absolutely no need to be stagnant at 23.

on the other hand, i do love the idea of eventually ending up in a big old rambly farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, brewing my own biodiesel and sketching my chickens all day long. but i think that comes after i'm a design star for a few years, hahaha.
Hey mouse - I guess in the design world, its all about what you want....I chose the NPO design route, and while it definitely is not the hotbed of cutting edge design, and my portfolio isn't all that exciting, BUT, for me, its all about the lifestyle. I'm not interested in working long hours, and working in NPO has allowed me to grow in other non-design areas, so its worked out for me. You're pretty amibitious I'd say, with the freelance stuff you've taken on, so I'd say you could still get a kick ass portfolio together even if you work for the museum, its all in the just think about what YOU want....all things are possible.

Ok, really...I must walk the doggies now.
Hi funny bunnies, sex kittens and all my pretty ponies!

Happy New Year!

Love and Joy come to you!

Comfort and more Joy!


I think the repubs are starting to get a little nervous about global warming (if only for their own political motives). My brother sent me this story about how the president of Shell acknowledges that the global warming debate is over. He doesn't go into it very deeply (he's obviously being very careful about his wording), but it's certainly interesting to hear him acknowledge it.

"wombat is the queen of enthusiastically convincing people that they are emphatically NOT what they never said they were." Pffff...hahaha!!

I'm so jealous that you get to party in Tijuana, mouse!! Don't go flashing your boobies or doing body shots now!! I don't wanna see your face on the late-night GGW ads!! wink.gif

Natural history graphics...interesting. What does that involve, exactly?

I wish the office meddler would leave earlier so that I could get outta here.

LURV!! Are you gonna party with us on Sunday?

I've really been in a karaoke mood this week. I was singing the Carpenters in the shower this morning. I don't think I'd dare singing "Close to You" in public though. Heh...I sing Close to You to Oscar at least once a week. I cradle him like a baby, which he hates, and then sing "on the day when you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true, so they sprinkled moondust in your fur and golden starlight in your eyes so yellow!!" God help any children I might have someday. I'd be the most embarrassing mom ever.
hehehe...pood, it's not going to be like that at all. it's going to be a bunch of twee mexican kids dancing around to chinese indie-pop. and tacos.

the natural history museum job would be mostly brochures and signage. not terribly exciting, but i would love to be working alongside scientists and taxidermists and paleontologists and the old men who still know the precise art of diorama background painting.....i have an overly imaginative idea of it, though tongue.gif i'm sure it'll just be trying to convince the ancient waspy donors that marketing is necessary.

i love your song parodies. they are hilarious. your cats must love it.
Hey all...this is a seriously quick post....realized the credit union closes early today, and won't re-open til the 2nd, so I have to get a cheque in the bank or else my automated rent and car insurance payments will be rejected! *GULP*

Thanks everyone for your kind words - it feels weird to be thought wise, when sometimes I feel like the emptiest head on the planet! Heh. And thanks also for your defense of me.

wombat...*sigh*. Don't even know what to say. I agree with turbo, in that I think maybe you need to refrain from drunken posting, because your post seems all over the map and makes no sense. I read it last night, and was pretty angry and very offended, and could not post a response. But right now, I am trying to say this with open heart and without judgement.

I know you believe you are trying to be helpful, but what I see is a whole lot of transference going on, not only here, but in various places in the Lounge. Regardless of whether or not you have information or previous personal experience on any given subject matter, you do not have intimate knowledge of other people's experiences. And though no one can prevent you from making assumptions and judgements about other people's lives, neither does anyone owe you any kind of tolerance or acceptance of your commentary, nor is anyone responsible for making you feel safe enough to keep offending others. Everyone works constantly to develop their own internal filters or boundaries - both those that prevent external information from triggering us, and those that prevent us from inappropriately expressing our internal thoughts. And I really believe you need to step back, take some time, and address your boundary issues.

And although I am uncomfortable disclosing this kind of personal information right now, because it really isn't something that I want up for discussion, I feel the need to be clear: I am very well-educated about my own medical condition. I began having symptoms as a teenager, went through several misdiagnoses in my 20s, and got the official diagnosis of FMS and CMP seven years ago, at the age of 31. The concept of pain causing depression is nothing new; it's been known to the disability community for many, many years. However, I do not currently experience depression, nor have I expressed that I do. I have disclosed feelings of job-related anxiety, and have also disclosed that this is gone now that the job is done. I have never said that I thought I was nuts, that I believed I was causing my pain, or that I thought it wasn't real. Nor have I said that anyone involved my treatment feels that way, either.

Ok, everyone, now I'm off! Will be back in a bit!
Mouse, I'd say you have a good grasp of NPO design work there - "encouraging waspy donors to write checks." Haha...that's exactly it! It can involve lots of creative writing, and I imagine event invitations for natural history museum fundraisers could actually be pretty fun. In my org, I get to use a lot of smile/tear inducing photos of cute babies with floridly written letters that make people cry...and write checks. wink.gif

poodle, I'd love to have a "classic" karaoke night - lots of old stuff like you said - the Carpenters, Neil Diamond, Harry Chapin, Johnny Cash...making the mix CD of the turbofamily greatest hits last week just made me want to listen to all that old stuff this week, and so I have, and its kind of fun.

OH, and grenadine helped my solve my mold problem! WOOT!!! She gave me some good advice, which inspired me to tear apart my bedroom, and VOILA! I have been using 2 milk crates covered with a linen table cloth as my nightstand, and wouldn't you know, underneath where the cloth touched the floor and outer wall...tons of mold! I'm sure it was a perfect environment for the moldies as the carports are underneath our flooring, so there's lots of temperature and moisture fluctuations on the floor, and the cloth held onto moisture. So, I've scrubbed everything down with bleach water, and I'll run out tonight to get some spray that will prevent any more mold from growing. And, I'm going to use my spare folding chair as a night stand for now, to keep things dry.

Very well spoken post, doodle, as always.
I wanna manipulate people with my graphics. *pouts* I want people to write checks to me though. Maybe I should doctor up some smile/tear-inducing pictures of myself.

I need a karaoke system. Now THAT would be great for annoying my downstairs neighbors. The only problem is that I have neighbors above me and they've been pretty quite thus far. I would hate to subject them to my version of Close to You.

ETA- Ya know what I really wanna sing? Laid by James. Dye my eyes and call me pretteeeeEEEEEE-EEE-EEEEE-EEE-EEEE-EEEEEEE!!! That could get old very fast though. I'd probably get booed off the stage.
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