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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey ya'll!! Echoing doodle's well wishes here! I hope everyone got to take a nice day off work, and spend the time off in the most enjoyable way!

We had a nice day here, but sheesh, am I tired! Toddlers will do that to you, I think. We did the morning shift at turbomann's family with the wee tots, and oh goodness were they friggin' cute, and very well behaved...their first "santa gifts" were just too fun, as this is the first year both of them kind of "get" santa and the whole presents thing. Second shift, at my family - equally nice, a lot quieter tongue.gif and nice to spend some time with grandma.

Now, I've sent turbomann home, and I'm unwinding with my 'rents and gramma, and maybe I'll even get to take a bath, though I may wait till morning, since the downstairs bathroom is the only one gramma can use, and she does frequently.

Doodle, have you spent your day doing something creative and relaxing?

Moxie - we're totally on for dinner tomorrow, we'll give you a call in the morning.
Good evening, turbo! Glad to hear you are having a nice time! How is turbodogg taking it all? More to the point, how is deaf and blind kitty taking turbodogg?

I have spent the day happily at home, talking with family and friends on the phone, bashing around on the guitar, building forts for the cats, and feasting on various fave foods! Also, I'm starting to get the apartment back into shape and a bit re-streamlined. doodlemama is coming for 12 days, and I have to work from home now (no office to flee to!)'s a bit tricky for me. I'm trying to plan my space needs out now, so that the 12 days will go with minimal stress for both of us!

*fiddles with tuning on guitar*

Anyway, Happy Holidays once again, everyone!

*serenades the thread with Neil Young songs*

Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon
I think this says it all:

IPB Image

Merry Christmas Busties!!!
Cherry Mistmas, you festive jizztroughs!

My christmas was cool and low-key. presents, then good eats with my friend j (he has a bunch on his computer, so we snuggles and drooled over alton. mmmm), then star trek movies and turkey dinner.

soooooo...boything may or may not have told me he loved me last night. we were doing gift exchangeyness on my front stoop and i *think* he said it. or it might have been something else. i'm completely unsure because i didn't want him to say it, and therefore didn't want to hear it and selective muffling most definetely kicked in. and i don't know what to say to him if he did, in fact, say that, and he says it again next time i see him, because if i don't have something more tactful planned out i'm going to come out with 'i don't want you to mean that', because it's half true, and i know it will hurt him, and maybe we would break up, and i think i would be okay with that. otherwise it's a long drawn-out explanation of my commitment issues and trust issues and general crazy issues, and i'm much happier being single than going through that, in all honesty. and really i just need to go for a walk with the boy and end up crying on a streetcorner and everything will make sense, but he's either with his mom, his dad, or his sort of long distance girlfriend type thinger, and completely unreachable.

stupid fucker told me boything was strong enough to deal with me, but now that it's at this point i'm not so sure. i'm sick and tired of being able to make people who trust me look like puppydogs who just got kicked at the drop of a dime.

AAAAAND, now to stop being a downer.

my friend Noisemaker (we make odd purry/animal call noises to each other) bought the boy the best chanukka present ever: bacon. it was just funny, since neither of them are jewish, and it was a pound of bacon. i mean, really, my friends are just so crazy
morning lassies!

We had a great christmas! Moxette was WORN OUT by the end of the 2 day celebrations, but she basically rocked everything. I adore my wee one! And, i got the present i asked for-2 new pans, a chef's pan and a saucepot. WHOOT! Were all your stashes as desired?

Minxy, how was minxlette? She is SO prime santa age! HOW FUN!

I'm glad everyone had a good day!!
Mornin' mox!

Alls good on the christmas front here too....I woke up early with the mucus storm, and am currently just waiting for the allergy meds to take effect. At this point, I am ready to go home...but this is the last day, so I'll make it through....AND, I get to see the moxies tonight - YAY!

I did get everything I needed for usual a plethora of kitchen toys - a new mini cuisinart, since mine busted, a knife sharpener, a beautiful 5.5qt enameled cast iron pot that I needed, and a couple of nice gift certificates from aunts and uncles. Oh, and a cookbook - because its never christmas without a new cookbook! I just want to get home and start cooking now!

Oh, and doodle, turbodoggie is still WAY too interested in that cat. Mostly, he seems to sense something not quite right with her and just stalks her coming no closer than a couple of feet, but he did bite her tail on xmas eve, so we can't really trust him either. And poor kitty is just traumatized and bumping into everything since there's extra dog beds and presents and such on the floor.

Well, time to get moving here to get some brekkie, and start cleaning up gramma's christmas stuff, so we can get her moving this morning.
hellooooooo!!!!!....*waits for echo.....*

yesterday was crazy......we did the normal opening of gifts, which i followed with a 2 hour nap. so nice! and then the relative decended upon us....absolute chaos for 4 hours. tons of food, laughing, stories, kids...tons of kids.....the relatives had to see molly and jake....they were a hit but they decided to hide out in our rooms(way safer). it was good to see my cousins and talk about future and my cousin liz are going to compile family recipes and the stories behind them for a recipe book....we had about 45 people there yesterday......and we were missing quite a few's parents get in tonite...we're supposed to do dinner with them but who knows...and tomorrow i have a client and am supposed to see the in laws too....

we have 3 offers for new years plans and we still don't know which one to pick. we don't want to dissappoint anyone by ditching them...its a hard decision.

(((turbojenn's allergies)))))

Merry post-Christmas, BUSTies!!!
Just a quick post of fondness before heading out to Hawaii's North Shore to check out the big waves and eat some shave ice.
*makes some big waves* tongue.gif
*stares stupidly after lorewolf's disappearing backside, jealous of the day's plans*

Hmm. Well, I have water, but even if you could surf on it, the river is half-way frozen right now!

Hello everyone! Hello turbo, minx, moxie, tyger, miz gb, lorewolf, marileen, and any lurkers!

marileen, put that thing away! *shudders*

turbo, I'm glad you're almost done with the away-from-home adventure! Also, YAY for seeing moxie tonight! Poor bitty kitty, though. I hope she recovers swiftly from the holiday stress!

Does anyone else think minxette looks like a gal with devilish tendancies?
I'm sorry Doodle - I know that was mean to show the Hoff but I couldn't resist!

I'm glad everyone here had nice Christmases - I did too. My parents came over on Christmas Eve and JT cooked a big feast for it and we had lots of fun and ate too much. I got way more gifts than I deserved but I'm not giving them back, no way!

Yesterday we went to my aunt's house and saw tons of relatives. It was nice to see everyone and how much their kids have grown although that made me feel a little old. I have today off and have just been doing some work around the house. Why does time go by so slowly at work and so fast at home? Tonight I'm going to see Marie Antoinette with my friend D. And since it is now playing at the cheap theater not too far from where she lives, it will only cost a dollar since it is Tuesday!
Hi, all, I'm glad you had good Christmasses except ((turbo)) -- allergies -- waah!

Also -- ((blind, deaf kitty))

We went to the nursing home and sat with Batman's dad looking at a big picture book we got him. He was lucid and quite happy! It's still a little sad. When Canon sends me the power cord to the scanner (!!) I will make the picture book of his Passamaquoddy and German family up in Maine, and the CCC camp he was in. Better pictures.

We went out with friends later, and I'm still a bit hungover, but got to sleep in today. Found great new ways to send stuff over the internet, but no interesting job listings. Boo.

Hoff. Ick! Good for a chuckle though, Marileen, thanks!

Minxlette is CUTE!!
*crawls into thread searching for a cat free corner*

Hey ya'll....ooof, my body has OD'ed on cats this go around...gramma's house pretty much did me in this afternoon, BUT, we got her thinking more concretely about what will fit in her new apartment, and I picked out a couple of nice pieces I'd like to have, so that's good. I wish I had more space in our condo, because I'd like to take a lot of her pieces, but we just don't have the space, and I don't really want to rent a storage space against a time when I *might* have space.

lore - your holiday sounds *amazing!*

((((batman's dad)))) its so hard to see your parents/family members decline...your photo project sounds really wonderful.

Marileen - that hoff picture was too funny!!

Doodle, poor bitty kitty is totally wigged out this week, I'm sure she'll be much happier when turbodoggie goes home with us tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to getting home tomorrow evening, that's for sure. My body needs some rest!
Hey y'all!

wombat, what happened to your avie? You look squarshed! (ETA: nevermind, it fixed itself!)

*sprays anti-allergen around the thread for turbo*

marileen, I think it was the combination of hairy chest and body oil that did me in. Ick! *shivers*

Ok, so doodlemama isn't coming up till February. When we made plans for her to come up for New Year's, I didn't have a January 10 deadline to get a humungous report finished (working from home). We are BOTH "space" people. So we both realized that neither of us would enjoy the next two weeks if we are we postponed it. In a very positive, communicative way! biggrin.gif

I'm glad, actually, and definitely relieved. I was starting to plan on putting a desk in my bedroom just so I could work....
okayers, i meeced you! this is a drive-by as i'm just back from the wilds of pennsylvania and have a JOB INTERVIEW tomorrow morning (vibes would be AWESOME) and must rest up for it, but i hope everyone who respectively celebrates had a lovely christmas, solstice, hannukah, or day-off-because-our-nation-still-doesn't-really-separate-church-and-state. hopefully i will get a chance to catch up tomorrow!

~*~*~*~*~*~get that jobby job vibes for mouse~*~*~*~*~*~

Mornin' ya'll!! My head is throbbing this morning from 4 days of anti-histamines and decongestants...BUT, I'm packing up the car to head home! Yeeeeee-haw!!!

I am so ready to be home right now.

Doodle, I'm glad you came to an amicable solution for doodlemama's visit! You'll be ready for some good unwinding time come february, and it sounds like a perfect time for a doodlemama visit!

Visiting with the moxies last night was so wonderful...that little moxette is such a charmer! And silly too!

Okay, I gotta sign off and get the vehicle packed - see you all tonight!!

Oh, and can I get some vibes for turbomama - she's in for a PET scan this morning (another cancer screening thing), and she has to spend 4 hours holding perfectly still inside a giant machine, and she's very claustrophobic. ((((((turbomama)))))
~*~turbomamma painless and effective medical interventions~*~

~*~mouse good interview, job, or, if it turns out not to be what you want, better job!~*~

I felt like I had a pretty good interview and liked the place, but I have to wait till after the holidays to hear back.

Also, I'm wondering if the woman I talked with actually wants someone else, because I did not talk to the creative officer the way I was originally slated to.

I like her, she is very hip and practical and smart and nice. It would be cool to be in a small department with such a person.

But, worrying ain't gonna make it so.

If I don't get that one, there will be something better. I got there on time, early in fact, and both my suit and my portfolio were slammin'
Hi, peeps!

((((((((vibes for Turbomama))))))))

((((((((interview vibes for Mouse))))))))

Yay for your bonus, Poodle! We're going to need to get together soon to exchange gifts.

No Christmas is complete without an oiled-up Hoff!

Congrats on your DL, Taloo!

Doodle, how long is your mom staying for?

It sounds like everyone had pretty nice holidays. I did, too. But I've got some stories:

Grandpa's house got broken into last Friday while he was at church (he goes every day). It's creepy to know that someone was watching him and his schedule so they could do it while he wasn't home. At least he wasn't hurt. The guy took my grandpa's 25-year diamond pin from Northwest Airlines, his and my grandma's wedding rings, even went through the box that the flag is in that was draped over her coffin at her funeral. Is nothing sacred? He also took a bag of change that was in one of the upstairs bedrooms. It doesn't sound like he got a whole lot, but the stuff he did take can never be replaced. And the jackass, being a big jackass, didn't even take the 10 envelopes with $50 each in them hanging off the tree. Duh! Grandpa was pretty rattled by it, but he's okay now. It's just sick that someone would do that to a vulnerable old man 2 days before Christmas.

On the other side, my grandma had a heart attack and is in the hospital. Chances are really slim that she'll ever be able to live at home again. She and my grandpa were supposed to go to Dubai, but that got cancelled when grandma got a leak in a valve in her esophagus and couldn't swallow for 4 days without everything ending up in her lungs. Several days later in the hospital, she had her heart attack. Poor lady.

Christmas Eve was pretty fun. My parents put the giant and I TO WORK setting up tables, making trays, helping cook a little. I don't think the giant had any idea how much work would be in store. There were about 35 people in the house, the food was great ('cause Dad made it and he's the only one on his side that can cook), and it's amazing how many people remembered the giant. My grandparents even have him $50. We got Sam pretty much the whole time, and he was loads of fun, as usual. After everyone left, we went to the vigil mass at church. Adventures in Catholocism for the giant! Then we opened gifts on Christmas Day before my grandpa and uncle came over. My mean grandpa was really pleasant to be around, actually. It's amazing how sharp he still is. He speaks slowly, but he doesn't lose his words and knows exactly what he's trying to say. I wish he'd tell stories more, especially about his service in WWII, but I don't think we'll ever hear those stories. After that, I went to meet up with the giant at his aunt's house for drinks and games, and we didn't get home to open our gifts for each other until the wee hours of yesterday. He gave me the best picture of us that I really wanted. We both look really cute sitting in a giant plastic clam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

And after all that, I'm sick again. Not the flu this time, just a really sore throat. I made myself come to work today anyway, because I've taken a ridiculous amount of time off this month. But let me tell ya, I'm very sick of the taste of Hall's cherry lozenges.

Remember that R2 D2 I was so excited to give the giant? He already has it. : ( I'm just darn happy I never returned that other thing I got that I never meant to order, so I gave him that instead and he loved it (and doesn't already have it). Funny how things work out that way.
Divala. Fantastic!!

I want to ask you, what did you say when you went and disputed the parking ticket?

When I went to make sure the car related state and city agencies had my new address, they gave me a ticket for $125 dollars that is just for parking on a street corner in my neighborhood -- I don't even remember doing it, and there was nothing on my windshield. Also, most tickets that are disputed get dismissed.

but -- I don't want to stand there and go, uh, duh, because .....

What's fantastic?

It wasn't a parking ticket, it was for expired tabs/registration. But I told them the car was there because it was legally inoperable and because if I parked it in the back, it would be at a very high risk for being stolen, since the reason it was on the street was because someone tried to steal it when it was behind the house in the alley. Also, I no longer owned the car by the time I went before the hearing officer, and had donated it to charity, so that may have worked in my favor. She barely mentioned the city ordinance that cars can only be parked on the street, unmoved, for 3 days, since that wasn't what the tickets were for (expired tabs). It's a pretty unique situation and I know I got lucky since this particular hearing officer (I've met her before) always seems to forgive tickets like this - that's why I always go to the same place to dispute. I wouldn't try to fight a standard issue parking ticket, though, unless you've got good reason.

My BFF just called and talked to me for awhile. There was a reason I hadn't called her back: BECAUSE I CAN'T TALK WITHOUT PAIN and I haven't gone to pick up the presents she sent yet because I'm sick and I didn't want the guilt of saying "thanks for the present I haven't bothered to pick up yet". But I talked anyway because she's my BFF and she took the time to call.

hey! I got a nice invite from a Busty today. I'm sorry to say I cannot make the party but her note did inspire me to walk across the burning bridge into this space.

I hope you all are doing well. It sounds like happy holidays were had by most everyone.

hola peepola.....

so here i am at work again. woooooo.

(((((diva's grandma and grandpa))))) that sucks....i hope she feels better and i hope the guy who broke in trips and falls and breaks his leg....i swear its all karma.

((((jobbity job vibes for mouse)))))

(((clean air and nose and throat vibes for turbo))))

so we saw the inlaws last nite at dinner and we did the present thing-they are going to australia for a month!!!! i swear i wish i could travel as much as they do. so tonite they are coming over to see my 'rents while i have a client coming over at the same time....and then we are supposed to do dinner after that.

so we ruled out vegas as an option for new years...while we did have a 'free' place to stay, it was with 20 people in a puppy pile on the floor. nah i think we'll stay a little more local. so what to do is still undecided. bah. i'm going to leave it up to since he's worried about it. i'm just glad to have my half days back...yay!!! but boo that i have to go do car registration and clean house before client gets there. oh and bath time for of joys... laugh.gif

minxlette just looks adorable. mischievous but adorable.
hi! i had my interview. i won't know for like a month. ah!!

i have to read the archives.

*pounces on her with glorious force and showers her with kisses*

Say...wanna get together for a margarita, Grilla?
Margarita?!? mmmmm at Pepitos on Chicago? Then I would need a blackbean burrito (fplufpttttttttffff!)

Sure! unless you want to drink my beer instead. I do have to work tomorrow....

Diva's Grandfolks had a break-in? It wasn't me! I'm sorry Diva that is so scary.

Fingers crossed for Miss Mouse! A month is a terrible long time to wait. Do you have other interviews lined up? Am I an idiot for asking questions when I have no idea what is going on with anyone in here? I know the answer to that question! so, at least I know one thing. that is a start.

Lurvy lurv, you sassy wench!!! Why, I am SO glad to see you here! Are things with you good?! Didja have a nice holiday?

Mouse, that bites that you won't know about the job for a month. pfffft to that!

SO, I'm home, thank cod. Post-allergy daze and all. And I am most looking forward to relaxing tonight, getting some take-out, and hitting the bathtub. We had an uneventful drive back - first time in years that I can recall where there was NO road construction. WOOT!

Turbodoggie is so happy to be home, all snuggled up in his bed, and hopefully he'll even eat some food now. He got a little skinny while at my 'rent's haus.

((((diva's grandpa and gramma)))) Yikes....what a week. I wish for the best outcome possible for your gran, and hope that your grandpa recovers from the shitty break in.

((((jobby job vibes for wombat and mouse))))


(((diva's grandpa))) that's so awful. is he trying to get them back? he should look at pawn shops in the neighbor got a lot of his musical equipment stolen but it was all recovered from a local pawnshop a few days later. and diva, i hope your sore throat clears up.

((turbo's allergies)) at least your parents are being understanding! my mother went to midnight mass.....she got very tipsy at dinner and was worried she wasn't going to be able to go, but she made it after all. my mother tipsy is a hilarious thing, because she drinks about twice a year, and is the cheapest date i've ever witnessed. two glasses of prosecco and she's under the table.

minxlette is so freaking cayoot!!!!!!!!!!!! holy moly!

ms. gb, there's a great pre-new-years' party downtown on the 30th that my friends dj..."par avion" is international indiepop danceparty music and really fun if that's the sort of thing you're into at all.

good luck on your report, doodle! and "harvest moon" is my favorite neil young song..... *swoon*

love the hoff card! ahaha!

lore, how's xmas in hawaii?????? *jealous*

please tell me there are pictures of the moxie/turbo christmas spectacular????

AP! i totally forgot you are in denver! how was it? are you OK? is everyone OK? is it getting back to normal?

yay for taloo's lisence! license! liscence! the only word i never know how to spell!!!!! gah.

where's poodly? how was your xmas poodley?

everyone else.......hope it was wonderful, hope you are all lovely, the weather is here, wish you were beautiful!

GAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Is there some fucking rule that every twenty-something out there has to listen to electronic ass music so loud that it makes my brain vibrate??!! FUCK!! Why is it always that shit? Why can't they blast The Stones or something?!! Fuck. These people need to stop worrying about their hipster reputations and expand their musical horizons to include half-way decent shit. I'm tempted to start a music war, but I'd rather just avoid the whole thing. would be so fun to drop my speaker out the window down to their level and blast Journey ballads all night. tongue.gif

Okay, I promise I'll be back to chat at some point tonight.
Go for it, Poodle!

My dad did that once when I was a kid. Our downstairs neighbors had just bought Frampton Comes Alive & played it for a solid week. He put the speakers faced down on the floor, turned up the bass & played Funkadelic records for two days. They moved out shortly thereafter.
Hah. Y'all got nuthin' on this past fall, when I ran the vacuum cleaner in the empty bathtub to wake up my (now former) neighbour, bongoboy. tongue.gif Also, once I got some asshole neighbours back for their 3 am crap music by blasting opera under their bedroom while I was getting ready for work. Then *I* moved. To a place on the uppermost floor. Where I am now, actually. biggrin.gif

poodle, you should totally blast some good music back at 'em. Fuckin' crap music pisses me off when I have to hear it, too.

*hands poodle the guitar and cranks the amp so she can let 'er rip*

(I should really talk. I used to live with a partner who thought Air Supply was good music to have sex to. *throws up a little*)

AP, it is so nice to see you in this thread, girl! You need to come 'round more often!

miz gb, Australia for a month sounds awesome! I'd love to be able to do that, too...maybe you and the mr. will get more chances when you're older, too. Got a friend (1 of my 2 weed connections, uhoh!) who is going to NZ for 3 or 4 months in Feb...when are your in-laws going to Oz?

(((((diva's grandpa))))) That truly sucks. I don't know what it is to have your home broken into, but the Centre was broken into twice during my time there, and it really does make you feel sick, and violated. I hope your grandpa is doing okay. I'm so glad the gift thing worked out with the giant! I know you were stressing a bit about it!

Welcome home, turbo and mousie!! YAY! I meeced you both!

turbo, glad to hear turbodoggie is doing well and happy! I wonder how bitty kitty is doing...recovering, I hope!!

mouse, how do you think the interview went?

Hi also, lurv and minx and wombat!!!!!
BITCHES!! I had a GREAT night tonight. Well, so far at least. Our college roomie (turbo's and mine) was home for the week, and we hung with her and the hubby. Moxieman uis p[ikcing the wee one up, but SHIT was it good to hang in a pub, have adult conversatipon and get toasty. How's my typin? I'm toasty. he. he.

And, I got to see turbos last night! Not quit as much rlickling fun, but turbo and i sometimes have the old-married complex...we talk so often that when se see each other, we kinda dun out of things to talk about! Its cool. Been a great coupla days!

OK, so here;'s hopin moxette does good tinight, and we get some sleep.

Turbo, how did turbomama do? I was thinkin about her thign AM...

'night loves.
AIR SUPPLY? AIR SUPPLY? That's just... I mean... wow. And I thought the guy that liked making out to KISS was odd. Just imagine some greasy stoner kid squeezing your boobies while hooting "rock n roll ammonia"! Air Supply. Wow.

I have returned from my visit with everyone in Chicago. It was so great to see everyone. I missed Heikki so much, and I miss him now.

I had a really hard transition back into real life. I wanted to be back in Chicago so badly. My sister keeps calling me with pastry jobs she has found in the classifieds. She said, "You could be back here in a month!", and as tempting as it is, I can't afford to pack up and leave here. After the emotional shock of the vacation subsides, I don't know if I would want to leave here just yet.

Diva - I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather's break-in and about your grandma.

Sounds like everyone had an OK holiday. What are you all planning for New Year's Eve? I have to work, but I hope to finish by 10 or 10:30 and meet some friends.

On Saturday night, my friend wants to take me to a Violent Femmes concert. I'm ashamed to say that I am 32 years old, and I am not familiar with their music. It's a little embarrassing. I told her that I would go, though. She said it would be fun, regardless.

I slept all day long today, so I am absolutely not tired now. I don't know what I am going to do all night to keep myself occupied. Maybe someBustie will be awake.

AP, I know, I know. It was pretty awful. I cut my partner some slack, b/c she was from wild north (Yukon), and I assumed she just didn't know any better...different cultural references and all that. In retrospect, however, I can see the Air Supply as a significant portent of a doomed relationship.

Hee! Drunkmoxie is wayyy cute!

Hi PK! I am awake!

BFF came over tonight and belatedly brought my birthday present! I got plasticine!!! She remembered me going into this big rant when I was on T3s, about how I missed plasticine, and how Playdough is a crappy modern substitute, so she went to every store in town to find real plasticine. I got the big 24 colour pack, too, which is the plasticine equivalent of the 64 colour Crayola box! Oh, and also, a set of Kawasaki drill bits. And a funky calendar with twisted b/w surrealist art. AND (me so lucky!) 2 of the one-piece (handle and blade) stainless steel kitchen knives I'm collecting.

Why are BFF's the only ones who ever really understand you?

I ordered Mexican food again, because I really wanted a burger but I didn't want to drive anywhere on the icy roads. That doesn't make sense, does it? Burger = Burrito?? Hmm.

How is it that the roads are icy but the river has melted??

*leans over and croons Harvest Moon in mousie's ear*
Ohhhh! Doodle - you were awake, and I missed you! I think your birthday presents sound really *C*O*O*L*. I want some plasticine. I have never heard of it before, but it sounds super fun.

I got bored and went to my favorite 24-hour diner for a couple of beers and a sloppy sammich. Then I went to my friends' place (they're out of town) to feed their cats and clean up all the cat shit they left *next* to the litter boxes. There is one litter box in the bathroom, and the cat shat on top of the toilet seat. OK. Goooood girl...ya got the right idea, but...

Then I went to my filthy apartment to check on things there. I haven't been there since before I went to Chicago. (I have been staying at Banana's). I found a 48-hour notice for entry from my landlord for some kind of mandatory inspection that took place on the 19th. How embarrassing. I left the place in a shambles. Dirty dishes in the sink, mail on the floor, and clothes strewn everywhere. I wonder what they were looking for.

I found a job online for a pastry cook at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago. Oh geez. I really want to apply for it and go back to Chicago. I miss everyone and everything so much. But I know it is too soon to do anything like that. My lease isn't up until July, and what would I do with my piece of shit car that I'm still paying for?

I'm so stressed out about this, and about money, and stuff that I had an anxiety attack at work Tuesday night. It was mild, and I didn't really realize what was going on. I knew I couldn't breathe - or felt like I couldn't breathe - my chest was tight - I was really hot. My co-worker said we should go outside for a few minutes, then she told me she thought I was having an anxiety attack. It was weird.

OK - up 'n' at'em, Busties! Good morning!
Hi everyone!!! I finally caught up!!

((((diva grandparents)))) That is so awful. I hope that person cooks in the lake of fire.

Yes, we need to get together soon. I need a couple days to finish up your birfday gift though, so maybe we could do it on the weekend. We're long overdue for a night of good food, drink, and entertainment!!

Wow!! PK and lurv sitings!!! *hugs*

~*~*~*~prosperity vibes for PK~*~*~*~

Oh my god, marileen, that card is so disturbingly hilarious!!! It's like a looking at a freakin' car accident. I sent it to all sorts of people.

I have an appointment with the psychiatrist today. I usually love going to doctor's appointments and having organs removed so that I have an excuse to leave work, but I fucking hate going to the head shrinker. I'd rather be at work. I guess I'm really egotistical about this depression crap and I don't believe that any of those mental health fuckwads know what they're talking about. I want them out of my life. I'm on a pretty agressive dose of Paxil and I have been taking smaller and smaller doses over the last week (against doctor's orders). I don't feel a damn difference except for mild-medium headaches. If anything, I feel better, because I realize that I'm in control of this. I wish head shrinkers would just admit that life fucking sucks dick sometimes and it's hard and that pills don't do shit. I hate to become all Tom Cruise about this, but I'm extremely cynical and skeptical about all of this now. The whole prescription drug industry is out of control. I'm reminded of the Victorian days when women were diagnosed with Hysteria. In reality, all they needed was to get laid and have their sexuaity acknowledged. Everything is a freakin' "syndrome" these days. It's not that freakin' complicated. Maybe I have "shut-the-fuck-up syndrome"--the uncontrollable urge to yell at stupid people. /rant

ETA- If I wanted to drive my neighbors crazy with music, I would have to pick something that is totally recognizable and that I am able to tolerate and even enjoy despite it's cheese factor. It would have to be the music that burns the ears of hipsters. Here are some examples:
Hall & Oates
Earth, Wind & Fire

Or maybe I could just play Steve Milller Band's "Jungle Love" over and over again. Ha!! That's a great idea!! The key is to wait about 3 minutes before playing it again so that they think it's overwith and then it's extra painful when the music starts again!! Can you imagine how disappointing it would be to hear the crazy video-game synthesizer intro again?? I love that song. I would seriously dance around my apartment the whole time.

ETA2- Bwahahaha!! Now I have Steve Miller Band in my head!! I love this shit. cool.gif
Big ol' jet airliner
Dont carry me too far away!!
Oh-oh-oh, big ol' jet airliner
Cause its here that Ive got to stay!!

Hi, peeps.

I'm still sick. It doesn't hurt as much to talk, but now I'm stuffed up and my eyes are all squinty from the congestion. But other than that, I don't actually feel that bad. I wish my sinuses and throat would get with the program and quit trying to bring me down. And on top of all that, I've got my period, so I can expect some pretty bad cramps later this afternoon or tomorrow. I just hope it all ends before my birfday on Sunday. And I really don't want to take yet another sick day tomorrow. Staying at home all day is getting mighty boring.

((((((((PK))))))))) Sorry about your anxiety attack, grrl. You've been through a lot of changes in the last year and have had to make a lot of hard decisions. You'll get through it.

I'm in complete agreement about hipster music and having to uphold their stupid image by listening to complete crap. I've given up on "alternative" music because it's all a bunch of whiny white boys crying about their emotions. Blah, blah, blah. I seriously can't listen to the hipster stations anymore because I'm so annoyed and underwhelmed by 90% of what they play. Give me some guitar rock with leather pants and teased-up hair any day (or real actual metal where the guys/girls don't give a shit what they look like) and I'm a happy girl. I think the one band that annoys me most out of the hipster scene is Death Cab For Cutie. How dare they take such an awesome band name and then suck so bad that they embarass their very name! And electronica/house/crap-music-made-on-a-fucking-computer can bite my left one. I want real actual instruments and verses and real choruses, not just a few phrases repeated over and over until they lose all coolness they may have once had.

If my neighbors were really bad about blasting awful music, I'd probably blast They Might Be Giants or Sepultura at them. Journey or Boston would be good ideas, too, since I can tolerate them for long periods of time. Not so much with Hall & Oates.

Poodle, do you want to come out for dinner with the giant and me on Sunday? We're thinking of doing something fairly small and not god-awful expensive like last year ('cause my parents won't be there to pay and I don't have that kind of money at the moment). I'm going to ask gay boyfriend, too. It'd be fun for the 4 of us to get together.

Hi, Doodle, Moxie, Turbo, AP, Lurv, and Mouse!

(((diva))) Damn! Have you gone to the doctor?

Sepultura would be great!!! I am also mad at Death Cab for Cutie for misleading the public with their name. It's like a scam or something. I don't understand why hipsters either have to listen to the whiney stuff or loud electronic stuff. Oh, and it's okay for them to listen to Johnny Cash for some reason. Waylon Jennings? No, but Johnny Cash is permissible. Sooooo predictable. The ex-RB is like this, and maybe that's why the phenomenon bothers me so much. It's not that I don't like a little whiney and/or electronic stuff every so often, but geesh...

Whoo Whoo!!
This heres a story about Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue
Two young lovers with nothin better to do
Than sit around the house, get high, and watch the tube
And here is what happened when they decided to cut loose

They headed down to, ooooh, old El Paso!!
That's where they ran into a great big hassle
Billy joe shot a man while robbing his castle
Bobbie Sue took the money and run!!

Bwahaha!! *rolls around on floor* Ha! I hope I've infected you all with the ingenious musical stylings of Steve Miller!! laugh.gif
good morning!

((diva)) feel better!!

kinda empty in here this morning eh?

i always wanted the onion to write an article with the headline "breaking news: hipsters not actually hipsters" because nobody will cop to being one, even people who anyone else would clearly label "hipster". anyway, it's all well and good to make fun of other peoples' interests and tastes, but i like humanity best when it's not perceived as so cut and dried.

i love they might be giants.
I actually don't mind Steve Miller so much, but they're in the giant's 7th Layer of Hell. Them, and the Eagles and all members therein. I don't understand what about them is so disagreeable to him. I taunt him with "Hotel California" and "Fly Like and Eagle" all the time. Sometimes I throw in a little "Boys of Summer" for good measure.

Poodle, Mouse reminded me of something...
Wanna be part of the scene???

I've always had a soft spot for They Might Be Giants. My first boyfriend's taste in music mostly really sucked (except he's who I picked up my love of Pink Floyd from), but he got me into TMBG. It's such happy, silly music. You can't be in a bad mood while you're listening to it.

Particle Man, Particle Man
Doing the things that a particle can
What's he like? It's not important
Particle Man

I still think "Birdhouse in Your Soul" is my favorite of theirs.
Good morning, my lovelies!

((((diva feel better))))

(((PK)))) Hang in there, my dear...coming home to AZ is tough after such a fun week with family, but just give yourself the time and space you need to settle back in at home and work, and then, maybe a couple months from now, see what your spirit is telling you about where you want to live. You made an important step in moving to AZ, and your time there will serve you really well for your resume, wherever you decide to go next.

Poodle, good luck with the shrink. Seems like you're really at a point where you're ready to take charge of your health, and I'd agree with you that sometimes doctors are not the best resource for that, since you see them so infrequently, and its hard for them to really get to the depth of who you are and what your health goals are. Is it possible that you might be able to find a holistic practitioner to really support you on your health journey - help you make some good nutrition choices that will support a happier, healthier poodle, and support that with some good supplements to help your body heal?

Doodle, your BFF ROCKS!!! What amazing gifts!! I LOVE plasticine...its so much cooler than play-doh.

I'm feeling much better today...last night was no fun - got the migraine from coming off the heavy allergy meds, which led to a fever, crazy dreams, and sore innards. This morning I was finally able to take an excedrin migraine to deal with the left over ache in my brain, and I'm doing a quickie fix-up liver cleanse day today to get back to level here.

ETA: Poodle, next t ime your neighbors act up, you should *totally* pull the Jungle Love at intervals on them!!! Bwahahaha....I like Steve Miller, but that song ranks among the most annoying songs ever...especially on repeat! I love it!

Turbomann is also a TMBG fan, as well as hardcore Weird Al fan...its all good, silly music.
Bwahahaha!! Yeah I wanna be part of the scene!! That skank. I've never seen her ass at any rockabilly shows.

I don't understand what's so bad about Steve Miller Band or The Eagles either!! It totally cracks my shit up that people don't think they're good bands. The Eagles are definitely not "cool." Steve Miller's lyrics are funny as hell. Everybody likes Steve Miller Band. There's no way that someone couldn't like The Joker. That's like saying that you don't like kittens or flowers. laugh.gif

I love Birdhouse in your Soul. I put that on one of my niece's CD's.

ETA--(X-post) Hi turbo!! I'm glad you're feeling a little better today. Still, that blows. sad.gif

Heh...I'm listening to Jungle Love right now. You know what would be great? To play Jungle Love about 5 times and then throw them off with Jet Airliner, stop the song about halfway through and then go back to Jungle Love!! Bwahahaha!!

Hahaha!! I just did that on my ipod and I had to try so hard not to burst out in laughter! It just occurred to me--maybe my neighbors are getting me back for the time that my BFF and I were singing along to Motown Philly and rolling around on the floor in drunken laughter.
the awesome thing about tmbg is that they are actually a fucking fantastic band. it bugs me that they get lumped in with weird al or whatever, because tmbg, while funny, are really great MUSICIANS, not comedians. i got into them 'cos of an ex, too--i hadn't really heard anything and assumed that they were a joke band, and then he put "she's an angel" on a tape for me and blew my mind.

when you're following an angel does it mean you have to throw your body off a building?
somewhere they're meeting on a pin head calling you an angel calling you the nicest thing
i heard they have a space program, when they sing you can't hear, there's no air
sometimes i think i kinda like it and other times i think i am already there

Motownphilly back again!!
Doin' a little eastcoast swang
Boyz II Men, on the way now
Not too hard, not too soft!!

Bwahahahahaha!! *wipes away tears*

ETA- Oh gawd, I had to close my office door because it hurts to restrain my laughter! i've got jungle love in my head....but i have jay and silent bob singing it....gah.

hi poodle, AP, lurv, mouse, PK, doodle, diva, turbo......!

((((get well vibes for diva)))))
((((healing vibes for turbo)))))
((((anti anxiety vibes for PK))))

and general *~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* for all busties.

i've got chocolate pretzels for brekkie...mmmmm

i need to cook....its my only release since exercising isn't appealing....

and mouse, its license....think incense but no first 'n' and add an 'L'. smile.gif

*passes out chocolate covered pretzels*
wow! hi everybody! tons of reading up on archives, although not as many pages as i thought there might be.

i'm still getting used to this whole "don't have to go to work" thing, but really enjoying my leisure time. of course, there's just one more week of this and then i start the new jobby job. i am looking forward to it and reallllllly hoping that i made the right decision. worst case, i will have to find another job, and potentially go back to my old company (just not that site). buti really think i'm going to be able to pull this thing off. *fingers crossed*

the holiday was good here. my sister was in town with her hubby and two daughters (11 & 8). they're great girls, although i have some major issues with my sister's parenting style. but i managed to keep my comments to a minimum and the visit was nice. the girls were very happy with their gifts, as was my sister. we exchanged gifts at mrfj's rents' house and i really felt like i made out like a bandit! i got my juicer and my combo blender/processer that i'd asked for and also a really cool pillow called a "snoogle" that's made for pregnant women, but i swear i wish i knew about them right after my back surgeries. they're like a body pillow, but are shaped sort of like a C so they curve over your shoulder on one side and through your legs on the other, cradling your belly and back at the same time. i told mrfj that i'd like to buy a dozen of so and donate them to the neurosurgical wing of the local hospital. that'll be my first altruistic goal with the new job (after i make surei can cover my share of the bills!). anyway, mrfj was also happy with the gift he got from my sis: a bob dylan cd/dvd. she's usually not the best at picking out gifts, so i told her exactly what to get for him. we didn't get anything for each other, as is our tradition. last year, we'd just gotten the house. this year, i think we'll order our new front door.

today is actually our fourth year anniversary!! we'd hoped to go to savannah for the weekend, but our inn is just too far out of budget right now at 200 a night. we'll definitely do it next year though, leaving the babe at grammy's house. oh, that was another thing that we did over the holiday: i asked his mom what she wants to be called by the baby. she put a lot of thought into it and i thought she was going to cry when she told me how she'd arrived at the name "grammy" (was what an aunt of hers was called and she thought she was the greatest grandmother ever and hopes she will be remembered by her grandchild in the same way). it was just a nice moment that we shared while making christmas dinner. awwwww! she also gave me a maternity shirt that says "babies rule" on it. rolleyes.gif and she gave mrfj a book called "my daddy and me". heh, it has a couple of pages toward the middle that say something like, "my daddy and me go to church on sundays and pray and sing hymns" or something like that. so his mom said she was sorry, the rest of the book was cute and suggested that we just glue those two pages together. biggrin.gif

hehe, i have the back door open to let in some air and missus abigail boots just ran in with a big bushy tail. i think she was "attacked" by a falling leaf!!!

wow, minxlette is such a cutie. not what i had imagined though. i mean, i KNEW she'd be a button, but i just had a different vision in my head. hope you both had a great day!

diva, how is your grandma? and your grandpa? man, that really does suck that someone would do that to a vulnerable old man like that. what an ass. i agree, karma will hopefully do its duty!

poodle, you would definitely make your point with me by playing journey or styx over and over! hehe, but i love the idea of just playing jungle love over and over and over again, then making them think it's over and then playing it again. perfect!

mouse and wombat - ~$~$~$~$~$~$~get the job!$~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~

msgb, lucky you for having all those offers for NYE. we haven't gotten a single invite. sad.gif i think our friends sort of feel goofy inviting us to a historically heavy partying night when i'm knocked up and on the wagon! i wouldn't mind a good dinner out with friends, but don't know what mrfj is thinking to do. we need to figure that out. or maybe we can invite his sis and wifey over since the 1st is her birthday.

i'm thinking about getting my hair cut. like drastic cut. and now that i'm officially at the end of my first trimester today(!), i think i'm going to color it. i'm thinking a bright red with lighter highlights. i'm gonna go search for some ideas.

i'll be back!!!!

Minxlette does have a little evil in those eyes. She looks, well, a lot like.....YOU!!!! Heh, she's a cutie pie. I love that smile.

Ugh, Creed? Why would anyone be compelled to play Creed whilst drunk? When I've been drinking, I like to listen to the goofiest stuff I can come up with.

ETA- Hi FJ!!! Hold on, I need to read.


Happy Anniversary, FJ's!!!!! *tosses confetti, turns up the volume on Jungle Love, and dances around like an idiot*

I'm glad you got stuff you wanted for X-mas. That snoogle think sounds nice!

~*~*~*~future career/work satisfaction vibes for FJ~*~*~*~
minx, hehe, oh yes, the dry heaves. i've got those. mrfj laughs at me because they seem to come in the middle of a sentence, like: so i was watching the news earlier and *wretch* they were talking about this *wretch* guy and *wretch*... sucks i say...
Marileen's David Hasselhoff picture kinda gave me the dry heaves.

Speaking of marileen, what's up with the NY's eve plans???? Where are you, marileen???
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