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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey all! Just running through at the moment!

*slides across gym floor in socks, loses control, crashes into poodle and winds up wrapped in the karaoke mic*

Um. Sorry poods.

The kitties and I stood on the balcony and watched the sun go behind the hills. It's not dark yet, but all the candles are lit - 38 in total...I remembered at the last minute, last year I started doing as many candles as my age! I'll keep them going till dawn. Yup.

Anyway, I'll come back in a bit.

BTW, the Solstice this year is "officially" marked at 0:22 (12:22 AM) Dec 22, universal time, which makes it 4:22 PM Dec 21, Pacific time, or less than 1 hour. I think that means it's when the earth stops and starts to tilts back the other way on its axis, bringing the northern hemisphere back towards the sun. Useless factoids everyone needs to know!! biggrin.gif

ETA: Happy Solstice, everyone, from my home to yours!

IPB Image

(P.S. - you can't see him, but Georgie is hidden behind that tree.)
Doodle! Your solstice display is gorgeous!!! You are such a decorating superstar, I need you to come down to chicago and get our house in shape! The beige walls *need* you! Really, it looks so peaceful, and I can imagine with the candles, its just lovely.

We've got a bunch of candles going here too, but that's about all the solstice-making I have energy for today...I'm too pooped to go to the meditation circle tonight. Oh well. We'll have leftover chicken stew for dinner, and just have a quiet night in.

AND..I'm on vacation!!! WOOT! I am done working in 2006! And may 2006 bring new opportunities for casa de turbo!

Wombat...thank for sparing me the November Rain. wink.gif Although there is some pretty righteous violining in there....and okay, the video was pretty awesome...

minxy - I'm so glad you got to take the afternoon to bake with minxlette!

I need to start wrapping some stuff tonight....I'm hoping for a surge of energy after my tummy is full. Generally, I do like wrapping, and putting some good christmas music to sing along to.
Happy Solstice Everyone!!!

I sure am glad I've been exposed to the whole solstice thing...I'm actually talking about it on my show tonight. Also the 7th night of Channukha...chanukka..whateva...juss light the damned candle already.

I finally got my cash I was owed and did my x-mas shoppin' done in an hour!!!!
The Mrs and I are takin a trip to Delaware for X-mas as well....Bad news....She wants to bring the cat....Even worse's a 7 hour drive....The Upside.....We're gunna be stoppin in to Red Bank, NJ to do a little shopping @ Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash and to loitter in front of the quick stop.

IPB Image

Do I smell batter???

I smell Batter!!!

IPB Image
Happy solstice people!!

Oh man, I just consumed about a year's worth of saturated fat and carbohydrates in one sitting (okay, two). MMMMmmmmm...whoever invented pancakes deserves an honorary doctorate. Now I feel like I need to take a shower to get all of the greasiness and stickiness off of me. Or maybe I should just linger in it. You sex sheets. wink.gif

Yes, diva, we need to hang out this weekend.

Minx got a snowday?!! No fair!!

Hah! I love that Quick Groceries picture, shawn!
Good evening, ladies, jellyspoons, and transgender persons!

Hope everyone has been having a great evening, and not stuck wandering through an endlessly crowded mall, trying to stop the veins in your forehead from bulging when you hear "Holly Jolly Christmas" for the eleventy-bazillionth time.

I think we should all go ICE SKATING tomorrow! What say ye, Citizens of Okayland?? The river is frozen and the weather is perfect! (The weather is always perfect in Okayland.) It's been years for me, though, and I'm probably a bit wobbly. I think I'll need one of those push rail thingies.

turbo, thanks! I'd love to travel to Chicago! But we'll have to make an agreement about that orange paint first. Heh. biggrin.gif YAY for vacation time!!! WOOT!

poods...have you ever had Dutch pancakes? I could get stuck in those things for hours. Yummy!

Shawn, yay for cash!! What did you say about Solstice on yer show?

Ok, time to go on candle patrol! Ciao everyone, "see" you tomorrow!
WHOOT! Did somebody say ICESKATING?!

It's the Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society on Ice!!!

IPB Image

Happy Friday, you Daisy Chain for Satanettes! It's my last day of work, and then I am off for TWO WEEKS!

*does a triple axel to Welcome to the Jungle and giggles at the irony*

You're friggin' hilarious, minx!

I had a dream last night that I was eating pancakes, so I figured it was a sign that I should have pancakes for breakfast. My tummy is happy now. smile.gif

I've never had Dutch pancakes. I've always been a fan of the good ol' boxed up stuff with gobs of butter and fakey corn-syrup goo.

Yay!! After today, my boss will be gone for over a week!!

The back-up dancer metal boys in GNRs "Garden of Eden" video still make me laff.

Solstice: Noon yesterday did a tarot reading for general aspects -- with my scented flame thing of choice, Nag Champa incense, burning. Fantastic. Greaaaat reading.

Then I went to the gym, hopped on elliptical, went to 6:30 PM yoga class, the teacher was hip to the solstice and said it was like the energy of four full moons, and we did some kind of crazy set that made me high -- the class ended right when the solstice "officially" happened.

Moxie: Jamammia is actually a lot cooler a name! smile.gif

Whee! I'm ice-skating like Snoopy!!

Happy whateveryacallit to all.

I'm setting up the scanner and making a family photo album from old pictures from the 30s and 40s, we'll print it on paper and bring it to the nursing home -- bob's dad is turning 90 in January. And I can PDF and email it to his sisters. I am posessed right now with making smaller PDFs of my past work, that still have a good enough print resolution at full-color at under 1 MB, because the gmail and craigslist doesn't like my 4.8 MB portfolio. Jerks. 10 MB was fine for commarts.

What's that you say, minxy?! Ice skating?

IPB Image


So, my first day of vacation, and I woke up *earlier* than normal. feh. Oh well, I've got the dog walked, laundry already in the dryer, so hopefully we'll be able to finish up the last bit of shopping today, sadly the part of shopping that requires the most courage...we have to venture into a toy store. *shudders*

And then, its on to grocery shopping and menu planning for myself for the days we'll be in MI. We've got an appetizer buffet night with all my cousins and aunt on xmas eve, and I must do my best to bring some strange, dairy-wheat free foods to scare our truly bland relatives...probably hummus and veg, maybe some of my chicken satay. And then there's xmas day...maybe balsamic-herb roasted sweet potatoes and wile rice with toasted pecans. My SIL is so sweet, and is making some gluten free bread for me and her son who also has a wheat allergy.
I wanna go ice skating! Wee!

Wombat, I used to read tarot cards and then one time it was WAY TOO EERIE and I was like "I'm a scientist, I'm not supposed to do this stuff!" and gave the cards to a friend. Very lame of me but seriously..!!!

I still haven't bought any christmas presents. I took yesterday off to do that, but I ended up not leaving the house, just smoking bowls and watching the L Word. All. Day. I really needed that though.
Just dropping by to say happy solstice, gang!

[prances over to Lounge juke box, selects "The Christians & the Pagans" by Dar Williams, & happily sings along]

I got my Harlick's! Let's skate!

IPB Image
See, even Mr. Man is ecstatic to see us take to the ice!!

IPB Image

Yes, that's right boys and girls, or bois and grrrrls, OKAYERS are taking over the world, one fucking rink at a TIME!!!

*skates back into the thread*

Ecstatic man is hilarious!

Wheeeeee! We are DONE xmas shopping. Seriously, I should put some shopping aside every year for the last minute. We got over to the dinky little mall near us at 10am, and there was no one there, and there were tons of great sales, so we were in and out in an hour and got everything left on our list! Hooray!

Now, its back to wrapping, which I really actually enjoy, and then to food shopping and organizing what I need to cook. We may actually roll on out to MI tomorrow, so we can spend some extra time with the niece and nephie tomorrow evening....I just hope my allergies don't make me miserable the whole time like last time.

Oh, but we got my nephie the cutest stuffed noise making thing ever....The Annoying Thing...its so funny - it makes the same noise as the animation. Not sure if the 4 year old will think its as funny as I do, but we couldn't resist. We got him lots of puzzles too, so that's always a safe bet.

Okay, time to put the christmas music on, and get my wrap on!!
**skates in, trips, falls on her ass and laughs**

40 mins and i'm blowing this joint....and then I'm going shopping cuz i need to do it and i won't have time tomorrow since i'll be baking rolls...yum. oh and my crockpot chicken turned out even better last nite...the sauce was nice. and the chicken was like a tender. way better than the hotdog/hamburger fare my SIL was turning out for her brood.

and one of my mom's friends called and wants me to cut her hair next she'll have to come to the house..which means i have to make sure the place is 'client clean'--no nasty litter box smells.

my bro is stuck in colo....really. the flights out are exorbitant in price if you can find 800-1000 bucks for one way..uh him and the missus will be staying there...she found a client for tonite so its not all lost. laugh.gif

i've got my laptop set up at home so i'll be checking in -hopefully-

*skates off rubbing her bruised ass and ego*

Where in the hell IS everybody?!!!!!

IPB Image
not the bunny!!! noooooooooooooooooooooo!
Oh, POOR bunny!! So sad lil' bunner....don't do that to us minxy!!

I'm nearly done wrapping - WOOT!

But now, I must dash off to the market to get supplies for the weekend. We'll definitely be taking off for MI tomorrow - hear that, moxie?!

(((ms gb's bro))) That sucks that he can't get out. My brother (who lives in CO) isn't sure he's going to make it out to CT tomorrow either - his company is located at the denver airport, so he hasn't even been able to go in to work the last 2 days. I think I'd like to have work snow days again. Doesn't ever seem to happen in Chicago.

*skates out of the thread, to return stocked with groceries*

No crying bunnies, I'm here I'm here!

~*~*~post-Solstice vibes for everyBustie~*~*~

I'm just busting here at work until I can go home for the long Christmas weekend and then no more work until Wednesday! I had an appointment scheduled over my lunch yesterday and the weather was rotten so I didn't come back in so now I am stuck here for the whole day and no sneaking out for me.

We have mucho cleaning to do this weekend as my parents are coming over for Christmas Eve dinner and the house is still a semi-disaster area, but at least I don't have to shop for anything except food unless I want to before then. We still need to figure out what to eat.

And for the TC Busties (and anyone wanting to make the trip) JT and I decided after much dithering that we ARE going to have a New Year's Eve party at our house this year. So you all are invited! I'll PM the usual suspects whose emails I have tonight with the info and anyone else can PM me if you are interested. We didn't want to go out but do have some friends and family in town so we figured it would be fun to have a party. Divala, if you want to come we will call it your birthday party, too!

Turbojenn I couldn't open that link to the annoying thing but your description made it sound good. JT would always get the loudest most annoying toys he could find for his brother's kids on purpose when they were little. I loved looking at kid's toys in ads and at Target this year - they make me laugh with their insanity. My favorite was a Superman costume that you could pump up with air to make yourself look like you have huge muscles. I'm sure it is more fun for me because I don't actually have to *buy* any toys for kids this year!

Hi, peeps!

My boss is gone now, so I can post. I won't have to see him until next year! Wahoo!

Turbo, I had a similar experience when I finished up my shopping on Wednesday, and I had to go to Toys R Us and Target. Even Dayton's wasn't terrible. Maybe it's because most people got their shopping done already, or they did it all online, or they're waiting until tomorrow since today could be a payday for lots of people, or they finally got their bonuses. Either way, a relatively painless trip is always okay by me!

(((((((((GB's bro)))))))))) That so totally sucks ass. Would there be any way he could drive to another airport somewhere? It's a large pain in the ass, but if that's what you gotta do, that's what you gotta do. That's what the giant and I did in California, and it worked out great. And Sun Country's fares are always lower, if he hasn't checked those out yet. The giant and I got tickets for $200 apiece when the major airlines were charging upwards of $700.

So that thing from Sharper Image that I thought might have been free? It's not. And they shipped the other thing, the only thing I actually meant to buy, yesterday. It wasn't even supposed to be available until January 7, but they got it out to me today. So now I have to find some way to hide a great big box from the giant until May. If I give him both for Christmas, I'll be WAY overbudget. Or maybe I'll give this to him and the box I got yesterday will mysteriously disappear until May. Yeah, that's it.

I can't wait to start wrapping presents. I have all my family's stuff to wrap and the giant's, which is a bunch of stuff, but I love doing it. I'll just have to find a way to wrap the giant's without him seeing.

Really, you're going to have an Intergalactic Divala Day party, Marileen? That's so awesome! I'll totally be there. We don't have any other plans for that evening, except dinner out somewhere (the giant was sweet enough to sock a little money away for it), so that'd be so much fun. I'd much rather be among friends than at some bar somewhere.

Hi, Minx! I can just picture the Minxlette carefully decorating her cookies very slowly, and it's very sweet. My parents just did cookies with Sam for the first time the other day. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for it. He's so sweet around my parents.

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WORKER-BEES!!! i just completed my VERY LAST DAY of getting up and going in to work for what i hope to be FOREVER and EVER! i've been lurking here all week and just having had the energy to write. training the new guy has been a bitch, but it's done and i can go without worry, although i have a feeling he's going to call me next week for a little help on some things. eh, i can do that. as long as i don't have to GO IN!



i'll be back. i haven't read all the archives from yesterday and today and have eleventy-billion things to do to get ready for my sister's family's arrival tomorrow.

kisses and smooches to all.

hehe, minx licks brains.
Good afternoon, you skanky descendents of Margaret Thatcher!

*skates into the thread*


IPB Image

Just got partway caught up on the reading, now going to finish...back in a few minutes!

In the meantime, I give you: Famous Canadian Figure Skater Paper Dolls! To print, colour, cut out, and dress!
Have a happy whatever-it-is, you guys!
Hi again all! I am read and caught up! But...erm...well, then I got kinda lost in a gardener's supply website for the last hour or so. Erm. Heh. Sowwy.

(But how could I not? Look! at all the Cool! Stuff!)
Hi everyone!!

Yay for FJ!!! *tosses confetti* Does this mean you're gonna be hanging out with us more often??? I hope so!!

Hi marileen!! NY's Eve at your house sounds excellent!! Your house is great for that sort of thing. Can I bring the ex-RB?

Dudes, I completely forget that I get an X-mas bonus each year. Holy. Shit. Lets just say that mama's not gonna have to fret over coming up with the money for medical B.S. for a while. I also have enough to make a huge credit card payment and give a bunch to my parents. Dayum. It's direct deposit though, so I don't think I'll see it for another week. Still, not bad.

Our office went out to Murray's for lunch today. Murray's is the Home of the Butterknife Steak. They're bread comes pre-soaked with butter. Eeeewwww... My co-workers love it, but I tend to prefer places that serve vegetables of some sort. Thank god I didn't have to pay. Yes, my boss drives me crazy a lot of the time, but she's very generous. She gave me some chocolates, too.

I was crabby about going into work next week, but I'm not feeling so bad about it now.

*yanks doodle back from the depths of gardening land*

Yeah, wombat - happy whatever you're celebrating to one and all!!

And Hooray for FJ for being free of her fundie workplace forever!!! Have a wonderful holiday with all your family!

I think....I'm actually looking forward to going to MI tomorrow -- weird. Alls that's left is to pack, and do some pre-cooking.

Diva...bummer about sharper image, but hey - at least you have a jump on the Giant's birfday!

Turbodoggie helped himself to an extra special birfday-solstice present to himself last night...I went to bed, and turbomann was staying up, and when he did the dishes and washed up after our chicken stew dinner, he left the lid off the garbage can with 5 chicken bones in it...and promptly fell asleep on the couch. Well, turbo feasted on ALL of the bones, not leaving a single crumb! After a night of listening for the vomiting or sickness....he seems to be doing just fine, thank cod. The last thing I need is an e-vet bill right now. And turbo has NEVER counter-surfed or gone after the garbage, but I cannot blame him one was a tasty find.
But...but...turbo...look at the pretty pruning tools and cutting starter systems! NOOOO!!!!!!

*cries like a child being dragged away from the toy section*

Hi poodle! YAY on the bonus! Timing couldn't be better, huh? I dunno about you, but I always find I need the extra cash AFTER the holidays, rather than before.

Congrats, FJ! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! I will smoke a bowl on your behalf this weekend, in hopes you will get telepathically high with no impact on the li'l bean.

turbo, I am sorry to admit that I laughed out loud, picturing turbo's innocent feasting on the garbage! Too bad dogs don't make the connection between eating foolishly and the hurling later on.

diva darling, how are you feeling?

Hi also marileen, minx, miz gb, karianne, wombat, moxie, rose, kayte, and anyone lurking!

*skates furiously across the ice, unable to stop, except by accidentally slamming into Dany Sabourin*

IPB Image
Well, doodle, who could argue with a face that rough and beautiful?!

And tonight, I am protecting my used up chicken stock bones from the dog!!! smile.gif

Hooray for your bonus poodle!!! Those bustie vibes really are a powerful tool!! And I'm glad it relieves your money issues for awhile!

I'm all sleepy now that I've finally sat down...its been a good, busy day. Time to heat some water on the stove for my bath!
turbo, I KNOW, right? I don't usually go for hockey player types, but there's always something about those Québécois men. Too bad he's a Virgo. Oh, and twelve years younger than me.

(Actually, the age is not so much an issue as the fact that Sagittarius + Virgo = Nuclear Winter. Been there, done the therapy, moved on.)

How is turbodogg feeling now? That dog really DOES sound like a cat! Sleeping, eating, puking...

Ok, how sad am I that I'm doing laundry on a Friday night in the middle of the holiday season? Mind you, it's been about a month since I've done laundry. So fuck socializing, I need clean sheets and underwear. (There's a joke on me somewhere in this paragraph, I'm sure of it.)

*meaners off to tune up guitar*
doodle, I don't think doing laundry on a friday night is any sadder than me waking up at 5:30 a.m. and doing laundry on my first day of vacation....sometimes, these things just need to be done. tongue.gif

I think turbodogg is just fine, thank cod. He seems to have suffered no ill effects from his snackipoo last night, though he has been unusually affectionate tonight, coming up for many many rounds of skritchies...normally, he wanders over to the couch for love about twice a day. He'll be ecstatic tomorrow when I start packing my bag for the trip -- he loooooooves long car rides, and going to MI. I just hope he's going to behave and not chase the newly resurrected 19 year old blind and deaf Bitty Kitty. We shall see.

So how many candles are burning this evening? I've got 5, but one of them is the Shampure Aveda candle that my BFF gave me for xmas yesterday. house smells like an aveda salon. love it.
It's only 9 candles tonight...not enough willpower to light all the tealights, which are farty b/c half the time they go out when you drop them in the votive. I have the 2 going on the coffee table, and some on the bookshelves. No scented ones, but I am burning violet incense....never bought violet before, but the sticks are purple (like your wall!), and my incense holder is a big green majolica leaf, so my right brain just went, "Buy them. Now."

Speaking of green and purple, did I mention that doodlemama is going to help me paint the bathroom while she's here? Yup! It's complicated because of the taping, so I need the help. (Years ago, I painted a huge green and purple zig-zag thingie in there, and I want to keep it, but paint everything else.)

turbo, see, that's not very cat-like. When I bring out the suitcase, the cats won't come near me. When I bring down their carriers, they disappear under beds and sofas.

I'm glad to hear turbodogg is feeling better though. How long will you be gone for?

*passes peace pipe around the thread*
*straps on the guitar and drunkenly serenades the thread with Blue Rodeo and Mary Chapin Carpenter songs*
G'mornin' everyone!! Up early again....*sigh* Something is definitely wrong in our bedroom...I've woken up every morning for the last 2 months with an allergy attack. We've cleaned everything, but still, every morning - YUCK. And its exhausting. We'll do another deep clean when we get home and see where we get.

We'll be in MI Sat-Wednesday morning, though if I'm sick there too, we're coming home Tuesday. I imagine I'll still be popping in from time to folks have a laptop at home, though it is a PC *shudders.*

That's awesome that doodlemama is gonna help you paint! Bathrooms are a terrible PITA when it comes to taping. Our bathroom desperately needs paint too, I just haven't gotten around to it.

Well, I had better get turbodoggie out for his walk...he woke up this morning, and I swear he knows we're going somewhere today because he's dancing around here like crazy. Your cats probably hide because they know they're not coming with you, right, doodle?! It doesn't even occur to turbo that we might go somewhere without him, and when we do, we drop him at the neighbor's house before we do any packing, because he will wail if we leave him home alone when bags are packed.
Mornin' all!!

Happy birfday to turbodog!! The chicken bone thing sorta reminds me of this time when I bought a tuna sub and placed it on the coffee table. I ran upstairs to get the phone and when I returned, our golden retriever, Fergie, had wolfed down the entire thing. She was trained never to eat human food or beg. I guess she decided it was worth breaking the rules for that tuna sandwich!! A day or so later, she pooped out a Subway wrapper. Ha! Anyway, I'm glad turbodog is doing okay.

(((non-allergy vibes for turbo)))

My plan for today is to go into the office and take advantage of the color printer. I also need to get ahold of people so I can give them their gifts. Otherwise, it's a very low key day. I'm gonna watch that Rock School documentary at some point.

How's everyone?

ETA- I have Alanis Morrisette "You Outta Know" stuck in my head and it's driving me crazy!! I've never liked her. I still can't believe that that song is about Dave Coulier.
I think my favorite dog eating people food stories are from our golden, Daisy Mae, who when left alone in the house with 3lbs of lamb chops thawing on the stove when we went to christmas services...ate every single one! Oooh, was my dad mad! Another year, same thing, but she ate 3 sheet trays full of butter criossants that were supposed to be rising overnight for christmas breakfast! And, she never got sick...but then she would also eat our neighbor's chickens too, and come home looking extra plump and satisfied, and come spring when all the snow would melt, there would be halos of feathers in the front yard! ....My neighbors thought it would be fun to have free range chickens, with no fence, just a coop, so the dogs really couldn't be blamed.

Well, its time to power down my computer and hit the road. Though I have decided to bring my laptop - 5 days with my dad's virus laden PC is just too much for me to bear....that man can screw up a computer like no one I've seen.

See ya'll when I hit MI!

You Outta Know is about dave did I miss that?! Kinda weird...I guess she likes funny guys. I was sad to hear that she and Ryan Reynolds broke up.
Dave Coulier is funny? smile.gif Yes, when Alanis sings "Are you thinking of me when you fuck her" she's talking about Uncle Joey from Full House. That's just plain disturbing.

Those are some funny-ass dog stories, turbo. Once, my aunt cooked a pot roast for a group of foreign exchange students who were staying at her house. She left the pot roast on the counter and everyone left for some reason. When we got back, Fergie and Kirby (their golden) were chowing away at the pot roast. My aunt cut of the parts that the dogs chewed on and served the rest of the pot roast to the foreign exchange students. Ha!

I'm at work right now, which is actually kinda nice, because I can be a slob and print stuff without having to be sneaky. In fact, I'm almost tempted to just print a bunch of crap and then dance around the office tossing paper everywhere.

Here's a little something to get you guys in the holiday mood. Hehehehehee...
Yeah, PC stands for Pretty Crappy! *starts smiling sheepishly when Doodle glares*

I mean -- they have their virtues.

Dogs. You can't get mad at them. I would really hate to torment a dog and myself by trying to make one live with us in THIS naynay.

Our black lab was sweet-natured but bizarre. My dad was building a deck outside and laid down in the back yard for a nap, and the dog ate the entire block of gourmet cheese out of his hunting vest. My moms didn't appreciate any cheese besides American, and he was physical enought to work it off -- oh who am I kiddng. My dad had a bit of a weight problem, no, why was that a problem? He was muscular -- well, he was well-weight-endowed! He couldn't get mad at her but he got a little concerned over how much plastic wrap she might have consumed. The backyard noticed some ... unfortunate results.

Which would have been okay if it was way back in the woods or near the creek, but no, they want to leave their mark.

Well, what a cute story!!

Yes indeed. I am hungover and my goal is to get out of the house and go lift weights before darkness falls.

I think I will succeed.

Poodle. You know what was gross about Alanis Morissette? Every syllable was this goat bleat flat A sound. Did she do that in conversation too?

Doodle. It is the look of devilish flirtaciousness in his eye, methinks! Sweeedack!!

Turbo. Now don't forget ~*~*~turbo's turn to bunker in for a better job vibes ~*~*~
You are super strong and talented.

And with that, mes amis, I bid you adieu.
What was your dad doing with a block of cheese in his hunting vest?! I could see some beef jerky or a candy bar, but cheese? Ha!

I love how Alanis defended her "Isn't It Ironic" lyrics by saying the irony was that she was singing about stuff that was not ironic. Wow. That's genius, Alanis.

*grabs guitar from doodle and starts playing Iron Man riff*

I suppose I should wrap some gifts. Grrr...I hate that part.
Tha man loved his food and wanted a constant supply. Since my mom didn't dig the fancy cheese, when he was out in the woods or hunting or building stuff he'd carry cheese.

I guess SlimJims were not his thing.

I'm so awesome, i went to the gym, lifted weights, did elliptical, and got in the hot tub.

then went and had coffee and a doughnut.
Wombat - you ARE awesome!! Anyone who can manage getting to the gym during a holiday week....that's pretty amazing to me!

Well, we made it to Michigan. The drive was easy, and even better we had an absolutely hilarious book -- "The Areas of my Expertise," by John Hodgman of Mac vs PC commercial fame. I've liked his writing for awhile, but now he's actually popular. But I mention it because the book is currently a free download from iTunes, and I highly recommend giving it a listen. Very funny, random stuff.

Turbo's been stalking the blind/deaf kitty all night...I think he's disappointed that she's snoozing on the steps, but is completely clueless of his presence...but he's got his eye on her just in case.

Poodle, I also love being at work when no one else is there - that's why I go in at 7:30am everyday - I can either get an assload of work done OR goof choice.

Anyway, I'm sleepy, so I'm gonna turn in here pretty quick!
Glad you made it Turbo!

Things here are finally *sort of* getting back to normal. They had to move something like 4.4 million cubic yards of snow from DIA. That's a lot of snow! Somebody advised somebody in here about trying to find another airport to fly out of, but that wasn't happening at *all*. Pretty much every airport was screwed & the highways were worse. Most major roads have been cleared, but most 'hoods are still snowpacked & slicker than snot. Being injured/homebound, I managed to get holiday liquor delivered tonight, but it took them nearly an hour to drive eight blocks & they were only delivering in a mile radius. White Christmas indeed!

Dogs are weird. I once had a completely mental dog that ate (At different times) an entire loaf of wheat bread, a plethora of maxipads, & a one pound bag of chocolate covered caramels. He crapped whole wrappers for days. Another dog ate dough Christmas ornaments & a rack of ribs. She wound up with a rib bone stuck in her throat & the vet had to pull it out. We never would have known had she not been tossing her head like a freak.
nights everyone. Twas the night before the night before christmas...

So, we saw Spamalot! last night. Holy all things beautiful and funny! And, got a spectacular HBI after, and slept in...yep, the wee one spent the night at her grandparents house. Tonight, karma. Eh, so goes life. "WAIL...I've been FED, CHANGED, and MOTRIN-ed...WHY don't YOUPEOPLE get that I want to PLAY?!?" Yeah, cry away kiddo. Mama has busting to do. A 2:55AM, i become very unsympathetic.

TURBO- in an effort to gotta call me! I donb't have turbomann's cell! Day after x-mas, girlie!

OK, off to catch upon other threads for a bit.

If I don't catch y'all...MERRY CHRISTMAS! From your friendly, OKAYLAND secularist!
Goodmorning all.

Merry christmas, happy festivus!

Turbo I am glad you got to MI okay. Have fun.

The block of cheese reminds me of this guy I knew while I was going to school in london.
He would eat chees by the block. I witnessed him chowing down a 3 pound block of gouda. That guy's plumbing must have been all kinds of fucked up.

So, I am going to the store to help out, then we are going to a friends this evening. Tomorrow we are just having a few friends over. A very quiet and stress free holiday.

Oh, I forgot to say. I got my drivers lisence. The test was easy, all I had to do was drive around the block a few times, back up between some cones, and pull into a parking space. No parallel parking. I got a perfect score. The guy that adminstered it was really cool. We chatted through the entire thing. My DL pic makes me look like a naughty librarian.

Okay, I will check in later today. bye.
It's snowing AGAIN! Cos, you know, we need more!
Quick hi everyone! (Almost wrote "quack hi"!)

*passes around Baci chocolates in the thread*

YAY for the turbos making it safely to their destination!

YAY for turbodogg having bitty kitty to keep his brain occupied!

And...the cats don't hide b/c they know they're being left behind...they hide b/c they know they're coming with me! (But they're totally fine after they arrive at the destination.)

YAY for taloo's driver's license! WOOT! I didn't do mine till 32, so you are in good company. biggrin.gif (I took Young Driver's of Canada - I was twice the age of everyone in my class.)

YAY for spamalot!

YAY for likker delivery in a snowstorm!

wombat, yesterday, I was skimming, and read your post first...thought you meant PC as "political correctness!" Which nobody wants to talk about at this time of year, LOL! biggrin.gif

PCs are better than Macs TO ME. I have yet to meet a Mac I like working on. But I don't think PCs are the real problem - Microsoft is. I've been playing around with Linux (Red Hat), which I put on a partition on one of my hard drives just to see what it's like. I am a big fan of open source software, and the ideology behind open source...and I do think Linux has great potential to make the PC as "user-friendly" as the Mac. I ALSO think Linux can ultimately give lower income people around the world greater access to technology, without those folks having to pay Microsoft's incredibly high licensing fees (which are completely unjustifiable, considering the lack of service, the unreliability of the software, and the gaping security flaws). They just need to work on Linux a bit more. But PC technology is cheaper than Mac technology (it doesn't have to be "branded" so anyone can manufacture and sell it), and Linux can revolutionize it. IMHO. Plus Linux is also just about virus-free.


SOMETHING about reading this thread this morning made me buy THREE kinds of cheese at the grocery store today!! Got some aged Armstrong (regional) cheddar, some havarti with dill, and some gruyere. Yum! I lurves me some cheese.

The cats got an early prezzie today. Not long ago, I bought this laundry hamper for me - one of those kids' pop up ones, you know? They're ripstop fabric and have a giant spring sewn in to hold them up? And then an attached lid on top. Well, they like it so much as a kitty play tent that I went back and got them one of their own.

*grabs guitar back from poodle and bangs out the opening chords to Refugee*
Aural: Whatever happened to those "one horse open sleighs" and mule teams? is that the wild old west or not?!

Imagine having door to door delivery of hooch (and milk for babies) by horse and wagon. or sleigh.


Hi taloo and moxie!
Merry Christmas ya'll!!

Gah, I am exhausted already, and sooooooo ready to go home. Coming here and being sick from allergies non-stop is no fun. But I got a reprieve this evening to go to my auntie's house with all my cousins, and we snarf good food and do a gag gift exchange, and it was totally a blast - and no allergies there to contend with. Sent my 'rents off to church, so I could come back here for a few minutes of peace and quiet, and get some extra rest, since I didn't sleep much last night.

Congrats on the license taloo!!

And AP, could you send some of that snow out here, please?! I mean, it was 50 degrees and sunny here today....which is great in October, but not so much for Christmas.

I can't believe I got out of late night church tonight with nary a bit of guilt!! WOOT! Maybe my parents *do* get me, just a little, or perhaps just sympathetic to my not feeling so well.

Turbodoggie bit the cat's tail tonight...ooops. Poor critter doesn't know what's going on, and can't defend herself...its total supervision for turbodoggie this weekend....but he is ever so alert and occupied with kitty watching 24/7!

Moxie, I'll give you a ring on the 26th, we're open so far, but if I'm growing more miserable, we're heading back to chicago we'll give you a call in the morning. I'm pretty sure turbomann has your numbers in his phone, if not, I'll email ya.

G'night my lovely ladies, and seasonal blessings to you all!

PS...and doodle, I do totally agree that the problem with PCs is Microsuck, and that LINUX could be a major solution. smile.gif
Wombat, I grew up in one of the US's most historical wild west towns ever. Where I come from, Hgwy 50 becomes Wyatt Earp Blvd, I shit you not. Do you know how hard it was working for my mom & convincing people that Wyatt Earp Blvd was an actual street address? This time of year they do up the local tourist trap & have a social with mulled cider, cocoa, & stage coach rides. The stage actually runs year round & used to leave a massive trail of horseshit in it's wake.

Denver? Not so much. I'm more than happy to get my booze by stoner in a '92 Toyota Camry.

Turbo, take my snow, please! It sucked crutching around in the cool weather, on snow? Fuck it.
MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! In the spirit of all things lovely, I hope everyone has a great day with family, friends and LOTS of good FOOD!

We had my dad's side gig last night- SO much fun! Lots of baby wrangling (3 under age 1!), but with all the cousins and aunties and uncles around, it was just "hmmm, who has my kid now?" all night. My little nephew (2 mos younger than moxette) is so god-damed cute, he has a little bald head and a worried brow. Poor thing was a bit overwhelmed by moxieworld...turbo can attest to the verbose-nature of my family! But, he seemd to dig me and moxieman, i think it was the "you are like my momma too" vibe.

Anyway, off to wake the bebe for her first christmas morning and the santa stuff and all that jazzy jazz.

Have a great day!

Sorry all...sorta PM...Turbo!- there's a gig in plymouth on the 27th evening- our college roomie's hubby playing. If you're still around, we're going out for dinner before and maybe drinks after to celebrate roomie's 30th...otherwise, let's shoot for dinner on 26th.
Quick drive-by post to say Merry Christmas and Happy Everything Else That Can Be Celebrated in December to everyone!
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