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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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oh, man, that snowball fight was fun! i think i'm getting a cold now. probably from frolicking around in all that snow.

i'm flying back to PA for xmas this evening. it's gonna be a loooooooong journey...leave at 7pm, la to phoenix, three hour layover, phoenix to philly, get there at 7am EST. AWESOME. i'm so tired and beat though that i bet i won't have any trouble sleeping the whole way.

i'm really excited about the christmas presents i got my parents. i think they'll really like them.

pood, that sucks so much about your meds. i don't understand the healthcare system in this country AT ALL. did you know that medicare only gives you 60 mental health hospitalization days FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE?

shugg, i'd look up what maid services in your area charge and go by that--maybe up it a little since you're not with an agency. but yeah, don't sell yourself short.

i totally wanna hear more about this party, gb! hilarious!

i have to go talk to my boss about stuff now. she hates me for taking days off. but! *shhhh* i applied to another which is very close to a DREAM JOB for me.......can i get some awesome magik bustie vibes? cos you know they work.

p.s. welcome kayte!
Shugga bugga! I'm with minx and poodle. Even if they are friends, if their place is grody, that should cost them some dough. You don't want to do all that gross stuff for cheap! Charge charge charge!

Poodle, I am sorry about your med costs. I know that has got to be a BIG bummer. sad.gif I had a short conversation with one of my classmates about drug companies. It was short b/c he was defending them & it was really pissing me off. "they are companies. the goal of companies is to turn a profit." yeah. I can't talk to people who believe that sort of bullshit.

Hi Katye! Your job sounds interesting!

People keep giving me baked goods. Aaaaahhhh! Most recent: pretzels covered with a melted Hershey kiss and an M&M.
shuggah- call a local merry maid service and get a quote for similar work for your own home. Then bump up or down from there...?

we've spent more money on dr. co-pays in the last 2 months than in the last 2 years. Well, maybe not, b/c i was knocked up last year, but sheesh. I'm getting really sad and feeling a bit like I'm the paranoid mom type b/c i take moxette to the dr. so much and she just gets nasty headcolds. But, last night, she spiked a weird fever and her hands turned a purple tint. I was scared for pneuomia.
((((poodle money vibes))))

((((Get well diva vibes))))

dude...its freeeeeeezing out.....30 degrees yo....not cool..and i'm in cali...gah.

yesterday i've been catching up on crap that i've wanted to get done in clean my porch, cook and goof nice. today will be more cooking..i'm thinking mushroom risotto and maybe some crock pot chicken...mmmmmm. and definitely more cleaning and purging...yeah...gotta clean out all the crap.

maybe a big fat donation of clothes to salvation army...dunno.

works dull right now...back in a bit....

ETA: (((((moxette vibes)))) and ((((mouse secret jobbity job vibes))))
thanks, guys! i think i'll go ahead and call an agency up so that i get a figure. my mom has several friends that do that work and she said they charge anywhere from $50 to $150 a day. she also said that the first time should be higher because it's going to be the most work.

mouse- damn, if i was still in phoenix i would meet you at the airport for some drinks! meh. have a safe trip and i'm sending you lots of job-getting vibes. i hate that your boss is such a bitch about giving you time off. ~*~*~*~job vibes~*~*~*~*~

poodle! i stomp and shake my fist at those companies. it's fucking ridiculous.

kari berry, how is everything going? are you still going to school? how is mr.karianne?

minx- shit, i think $50 is low for your time. i'd pay more! more! more!

ETA: gb- it is a nice day in cali! i'm actually near palm springs so i'm not to near y'all.

moxie- poor baby! how is she doing today? *get better vibes for moxette*

shuggah buggah!!!! and your booooooobs!!! wooo hoooo!!! wub.gif

a lot of the services charge a large one time only fee to get the house "clean" so that all they are doing from there on out is maintaining. then they will base their fees on how frequently they clean the house; say, once a week, although it is more expensive for the homeowner in the long run, because they would be paying for 4 cleanings a month, each visit costs less, because the house has less time to get dirty. if that makes any sense. laundry is always extra.

hi, kayte! good to have you here! i live in a country just above south africa. south african aparteid ripped this country apart, and it is still recovering. worse, aparteid is still alive and (sadly) well in south africa.

(((((pooods))))) that SUCKS about your meds. assholes doooooo VEX me!!! you go right ahead and talk about your med stuff or whatever else you want to. i especially like it when you talk about your tooooof. hee. but everyone is right; health care in the USA is a total disgrace.

(and i have to say that i lurv lurv lurv it when minx pops in and licks your brain!!!)

hey, ms gb!!! no fair!!!! dropping us a tease like that and then not giving a SINGLE detail!!! more, more!! tell us MORE!!

((((moxie and moxette)))) woah. purple hands is scary. could indicate a lack of she okay? please come back and tell us how she is doing really, really soon, esta bom???

~*~*~*~*~*~*~* awesome magik bustie vibes for mouse to GET THAT JOB!!!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

tyger, i'm so sorry for your friend, your friend's family, and for you. that is so sad. sad.gif le blerg. (did i ever tell you that i now have NON BUSTIE friends saying/using/writing that??? busties RULE.

kari: mr. hb gets here on friday night, we leave the next day for that lovely little island. we will be there until the 27th. so we will spend christmas there, and new year's eve here in the city. i'm not sure what we will be doing yet. i want to have a little party for the staff that will still be here in town so that they can meet him. and one of my mozambican staff has suggested that we go out dancing with him and his wife that evening. sounds like a blast to me!

minxie, dahling, we must chat SOON. you SO need to get skype!!! i've talked to mr hb, my bff plat, my sister, my brother in law, my nieceoid elle, and to quantum spice! oh! also to a former bustie, tiedye princess. it totally rocks. and it is free. anyway. IM me, at least. soooooooooooooooooooooon.

aural poison, i would love to help out with the karaoke set up today! should we start yet, or wait until doods has shown back up? she should be up and moving.......
tes, there's not much to tell about the party, really. we had a gift exchange, ate, played drunken cranium, and then things got weird. 4 people got naked in the hot tub and started as put it "dry humping each other"...LOL...lots of drinking, no drugs...the drunken cranium game got a bit out of player was super competitive. and then that same player, miss competitive, got in the hot tub and got blasted out of her mind...started puking on the grass and later occupied a couple of hours in the bathroom. and we had 'just met her'....sheeesh. we thought about leaving then, since we were both sober(by the events) but we decided to stay and use the 'brand new' air mattress i had just purchased...which went flat after 3 hours...i'm so returning it. we did breakfast with our friends the next morning and went home.

we are seriously considering doing new years without them. smile.gif

well, we took her to the dr. this AM. its another bad cold. aparently, the tint to her hands and light shakes she had last night were her vascular system coping with the buggybug. This morning, only a low fever and runny nose. Nothing in her chest, except normal cold-drainage. This is why I feel silly- she has a bad cold, i shouldn't worry. but she had a fever and purple hands, and another kid in her class had the virus that causes pnemonia. SO, this all combined freaked me out. Its so hard, seriously, wondering if my working and having any life outside of being MOMMY is really OK for her. People keep telling me it gets better, the kids-colds-daycare scene. She's just had more than her share. Hm, maybe this is something to go see her dr. about in a meeting, not in a clinical setting. Her well-baby visit is next week- perhaps then. sigh. are a great momma....don't doubt yourself on that for one minute.

((((vibes for moxie and moxette))))
Shugga, what a coincidence! I just tucked a bottle of champers in the window to chill with the snow. It's in the twenties here today.

Good Afternoon, fellow (sororal?) citizens of Okayland!

It's a PARADE!!!!!

*throws confetti*

Here's one of the parade floats I organized:

IPB Image

Please post a pic of your float!

After the parade, there will be a Sock Hop in the Okayland Village Hall!! It will include Drunken Karaoke.

Please don't forget, this is another potluck event! But there will be a free bar!!!

Costumes optional.

IPB Image
Boy, I sure hope everyone's silence is due to the awesomeness of the parade.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
Hi ever'body!!!

Moxie, you DO deserve a life outside of mommyland, and you know it!!! And you are doing your bestest to take care of moxette, and no one could do better! Sure, its expensive right now, and you've had a lot of doctors appts, but its temporary...when she's bigger and stronger, you won't need to go to the doc as often, and you'll just be able to use over the counter stuff to take care of her.

~$~$~$~$~$~$~moolah vibes for poodle~$~$~$~$~$~$

Our health care system does indeed question about it. My little food poisoning trip to the ER a few weeks back, where they just pushed some saline through me, cost $2K. WTF?! I mean, we were there for less than 2 hours! I only have to pay $150 of that, but was just saline, people!

And here's my float contribution:
IPB Image

*That's me flying through the air, with the cape, in case you didn't catch it!

~*~*~*~*~*get that dream jobby vibes for mouse~*~*~*~*~*~
That job is YOURS, mousie - you just have to let them know that! must return to us post vacay, and give us the full rundown on that luscious island - looks amazing!!
Hello turbo!!

*presses cup of kalhua-laced hot chocolate into turbo's hands*

I love your float! It's fabulous!! And perfect!

Most health care systems suck, even in frustrating. In Canada, our health system is in such a crisis, many people are unable to get treatments and surgeries they need due to huge waiting times (months, years)...they're being separated from their families when they can get care (LOTS of elderly couples are separated for this reason), and lately, people are evacced to very distant hospitals for emergency treatement and then ABANDONED there, discharged into the parking lot in a strange city, with no supportive people, no money, no wallet, even. I think the real problem comes down to the economic system, as always. Of course everyone should have the right to make a living, pay the bills, have some pleasures in life, and all that normal stuff...but the astronomical profits some people (moneylenders, investors, corporate heads) make on the illnesses, accidents, and even deaths of other human beings is just bizarre and abhorrent to me. There is something fundamentally wrong with a world that allows people to engage in hedging and investing in the misfortunes of others...the economic system is what drives our health care systems to be what they are.

I often think Star Trek was/is so popular because the "ideal world" of the future has no economic system!

/daily rant

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~happiness, health, family, and jobbie vibes for everyone who needs 'em!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
*runs through carrying a stack of boxes full of crepe paper streamers*

Don't anyone forget about the Sock Hop, starting shortly!!!

IPB Image
(((moxette))) She's such a trooper!

Even Captain Kirk had somebody somewhere make that snazzy Trek uniform of his. It was probably one of the women on board.

I just got back from work. For some reason, I got stuck helping the meddler process a report that wasn't even my baby. The quiet granola lady who worked on it got to leave at 5:00. WTF? She should been there punching and binding all that shit. Oh well, I came into work late anyway, so it's no big deal.

The Holidazzle parade is the bane of my winter existence (that, and snow emergencies). Every night for the last two weeks, the buses are detoured at 5:30 and if I don't catch them beforehand, I have to walk to the ghetto station a couple blocks away. For some reason, the buses on that strip are much smellier. Just so you get an idea of how crappy it is--Tom Waits wrote a song/poem about it--"9th & Hennepin." If Tom Waits is singing about your busstop, then you know it's a shithole. Of course, he was writing about it when it was much crappier.
Did I hear Sock Hop?!

Check this shit out, yo.

Voltron Gets Served
Damn. I know costumes are allowed at the Okayland Sock Hop, but I never expected the turbos to have an entire routine to go with theirs!!! Wowza!

*hands the turbos the first spot prize of the evening, a lovely bottle of Yellowtail shiraz*

Hi poods! Sorry (again!) that the office meddler is such a pain (again!). Maybe you should get her drunk and see if she ever loosens up!! biggrin.gif

Whar the eff is everybody???? It's time to PAR-TAY!!!!


Sings loudly and drunkenly into the karaoke mic:

If God is a DJ
And life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
And you are the music....
Well, doodle, you know us, we're here to please! tongue.gif *grabs a glass of shiraz*

Sorry, I've been frantically knitting again tonight...and I'm almost done here, all that's left is to cast off, and I gotta remember how to do that...its been awhile since I've finished a project.

And then....bathtime so my poor wrists can rest!

Doodle, I do love that Pink song - that's one that I totally rock out to when tidying up the house!
"Frantically" and "knitting" seem like they should be an odd combination of words! HEE!

*slides across the gym floor in be-socked feet*

WOOT! Dunno where everyone else is at, but I feel like running around!!!

*slides some more*


turbo, that is the first P!nk song I ever heard* and I've loved her ever since! (*Before that I was a CBC Radio One junkie, trying to stay on top of the political world 24-7...I'm over that now! Heh.)

I'm just a-hangin' out with the kitties and the candles, watching videos and practising guitar. It is SO nice to relax and do nothing. I'm going to pot up those pointsettias before the night is out, too. (ETA: oh by the way, I boxed up the unopened packs of tealights for storage...they just about fill one of those big file boxes! You know, the ones the same size as photocopy paper boxes?)

I'd have a bath, too, but I'd have to scrub the tub first. Ick.
*hands out small bowls of organic blueberry yogurt, topped with fresh raspberries, to everyone who is already sick of richer seasonal indulgences*
oh man, how did i miss a parade??????

i am in the phoenix airport! they have wi-fi!

i am in the middle of a three hour layover and so bored, maude bless the internets and availabilty thereof.

i'm TIRED.

but! my friend who i have the contact for the new job through called me and they think i am a "great candidate" and will probably be calling me after the holidays! it's seriously the dreamiest dream job ever......

BUT! even if i don't get it, it's okay, because my boss sprang my year-end review on me right before i left today (i didn't even know i was having one!) and not only do i get a christmas bonus, i got a freaking raise! what do you guys put IN those bustie vibes????

so, i am on my way home for the parents are basically luddites and dont' have a computer let alone internet access so i doubt i'll be seeing you ladies and gentlemen until after i get back, but have a lovely hannukah/christmas/solstice/whatnot and a happy new year!

i helped the ex light his menorah (shush, i'm not making a dirty metaphor!). is it wrong to find a man speaking hebrew incredibly sexy? i think it's all those "ch"'s.
MOUSE! Dance with me before you disappear into the techless hinterlands!

*twirls mouse around the crepe-paper-festooned gymnasium floor*

CONGRATS on the bonus and raise! You work hard, and you are obviously a genuine creative - you deserve it!

Now come into the kitchen and help me finish planting pointsettias around the ponytail palm.

*leads mouse away from the airport crowd*
Well, I guess this Sock Hop will go on throughout the day tomorrow, 'cause no one has suggested other new events yet!

The Provisional Mayor of Okayland has spoken!

Anyway, those of you who are stuck at work tomorrow will probably want to Sock Hop in the thread, so you can careen around drunkenly without the bosses noticing. Please go ahead and party without me - I will probably sleep in till noon again. BWAHAHAHA!!!

The pointsettias (gorgeous deep red) are potted with the ponytail palm in the dining room, and the cyclamens (2 purple, 1 white with a hint of purple streaks) are potted in with a dieffenbachia on top of the TV console. It's festive, but subtle. I've decided to let go of my original plan to have the apartment scrubbed and shining in time for the event...there's just been too much other stuff going on! So that means I'm officially ready for Solstice.

The cats are chasing each other around the apartment - a new nightly routine since I got sick: through the "play room," over (or under) the sofa, down the hall, and back again. I guess they got bored enough to REALLY bond!

Ooh! Pink's Stupid Girls is playing! YAY!
*cha-cha's up to the coffee bar*

Good morning my wayward hotties! I am, well-deservedly, ON VACATION! YIPPEE!!

My cutie-patootie kiddo is awakening, so this is a short post, but *MWAH!* to you all!
G'Mornin' Moxie!!! And HOOORAY for vacation time! I still have today to finish out, but this is my last day of work this year - yipeeee!!!

Today, I imagine that I will just be tidying up this 'n that in the office, but really not doing much of anything substantial...and post-work, we have to get our asses cracking on finishing up the christmas poor christmas elf, turbomann, has been striking out on our objeectives this week, so we may have to stray farther into the 'burbs tonight. eeew.

*follows moxie to the coffee bar, in search of some peppermint tea*
*giggle* thanks, Turboman!

healthy bebe vibes for moxie and moxette. Ya know, they say that kids who grow up in daycare end up being healthier than kids who grow up at home cause they get that germy stuff out of the way and have stronger immune systems.

Ack. Medical expenses. You have my sympathy, turbo and poodle. I got a ridiculous bill from my physical - the one tht was so unpleasant anyway -- the hospital had the nerve to say that since they are no an amalgamated crap heap of differnt orgs, that my *taking* the test was covered by my workplace insurance, but my *reading * the test was not! I called up the health care peeps and they are going to take care of it. Crikey!

Congrats, mouse! That is good news!

I had an interview for a permanent job Wednesday! I had snagged long term contract positions with health care, vacay and 40 k and all, and done a short freelance one with a nightmare chick from Christmas past -- hah! I am getting sick of the vagabond life, though. It's good to get current, and then get a great job!

This one provides all the marketing collateral for non-profit orgs! So, we'd be helping small orgs but still making good pay --hallelujah!

Pass some magic bustie vibeage my way? Pretty please?
O00f! *delayed snowball reaction* Thanks, Aural! Apparently, love stings a little, and it's cold, yet exhillerating when people throw it at you... or bullies shove your face in it and leave you upside down in a lovebank... Well, I'll have to work on my analogies, I suppose.

Turbo, yeah, Dagoba rocks! I know my Goatie's favoites, but for Christmas, I'm giving her a couple she hasn't tried yet instead smile.gif

*puts Shugga on the 'nice' list*

Welcome in Go Kayte! smile.gif

Hyello eberybody! *didn't have time to finish post sad.gif*
Hi lore...I will say that I have forsaken my Dagoba love for a much more pricey cocoa mistress...check out Vosges Haut Chocolate...its $7 a bar at Whole foods, but DAMN, is it good stuff. My favorites are the naga curry-coconut bar and the one that's a darker milk chocolate with goji berries and grey sea salt...amazing stuff. There's a shop here too, and I do stop by every chance I get.

~$~$~$~$~jobby job vibes for wombat and mousie - may all your dreams come true~$~$~$~$~$

With all the jobby goodness going on in here lately, our bustie vibes are doing a helluva job! And may turbomann be next, in the new year!

Wombat that job doing collateral for NPOs sounds divine - a perfect match for your skills, and doing some good for orgs that need it too - WOOT!
Mornin' peeps!!

Blaaaaahhhhh...I haven't had enough coffee yet.

Sorry, you have to venture out into the 'burbs, turbo. How many people are you shopping for anyway? It sounds like a lot. For the last couple years, I've started thinking about Christmas in October and then easing into action during November. It's much more enjoyable that way. I also do about half of my gift shopping online. I'm pretty much done now. I have a few technical things to take care of, but that's about it. I wanted to buy a couple more items, but I just can't right now. It's all my boob's fault.

~*~*~*~career vibes for wombat~*~*~*~

Right now, I'm imagining mouse saying "Talk Hebrew to me, baby." Ha!!

You are craaaazy, doodle!! You better hide that karaoke mic from me!!

Yay for mox's vacation!! I'm so jealous. One more day until the long weekend!!

Hi lorewolf!

Poop. My boss is coming in today. It's been so nice and quiet around here for the last couple days.
Thanks you guys!

Did I mention our christmas shopping trip to the burbs was PAINLESS? We even went just LAST *saturday*! but, I think going at "suppertime" cut down on the families.

It seems like it's easier to get cool stuff in the burbs because it is less picked over by people who don't have cars, and by hipsters.

So, burb away, turbo!!
YEah poodle, I find our christmas shopping to be a little rediculous, but both of our families are far more generous at Christmas than I really feel comfortable with, but what can I do that won't offend them? I'd prefer to cut down the gift giving ALOT, because I really don't *need* anything, and would rather sponsor a family that does need help over the holidays, but that answer went over like a lead brick a couple of years ago, and mom treated me a like a pariah, so we're stuck. We've got 12 people to buy for between our two families, plus a few small gifts for friends here. We budget it out all year, but it still seems like overkill to me, especially when our finances are especially tight this year. I normally do pretty much all my shopping online, I dunno what happened this year, but I only got about half done online.

I don't want to work anymore today...gah!!

We haven't seen the Fjs 'round here much this week, but tomorrow is FJ's last day at her job! WOOT!

Those damn hipsters. They have to ruin it for everyone. I dunno, the suburban shopping here is madness. The Twin Cities is mall central. Seriously. It's insane. Did you know that we had the first enclosed, climate-controlled mall (Southdale) in the U.S.? And, of course, we have the Mall of Hell. I don't know why anyone touches that place around the holidays.

So, I was planning on making a CD for my sister and I thought it would be fun to pick a year. She was 16 in 1990, so I thought that would be fun. It turns out that 1990 was an awful year for music. Awful. Here are some of the hits:
U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
Cherry Pie - Warrant
Do Me - Bel Biv Devoe
Opposites Attract - Paula Abdul
I mean, every year has its share of awful, awful songs and great songs, but geesh....this is just insane. A couple consolations from 1990 are Pictures of You by The Cure and Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode.

Shit. The rain is coming down. It's gonna turn into freezing rain. Fortunately, I don't have to do any driving.
Hi, peeps!

I'm back at work from the flu hell. I actually wasn't feeling too shabby yesterday, so I finished up my shopping, so now I'm done, done, DONE! And now I'm broke, broke, BROKE! My tummy is still a little touch-and-go, so I'm not trying to do anything to upset it. I did a good portion of my shopping online (birdbath for Dad, stuff for the giant's family, something for Sam), though most of it is from the malls. You know you live in mall central when most of the malls have the same suffix: -dale. Rosedale, Southdale, Ridgedale, Brookdale. Is that all of them? Now I just have to make a mix CD for BFF's husband (he liked the surf punk one I made him a few years back), something for BFF (though it'll probably be recycled from one of my shows since I just don't have the energy), finish up the giant's mom's gift, and make up a few truffle gift bags for work peeps. Not too bad, I guess.

That was an awesome parade youse guys had yesterday. Gay pride should totally be twice a year! It was an idea we batted around briefly up here, but it never took because it is SO much work just to put on the summer one.

((((((((( job vibes for Mouse and Wombat's permanent position )))))))))

I do have to admit that the suburbs and fast shipping totally saved my ass this year. I managed to find a Star Wars LEGO set the giant has been wanting which I never would have found in the city. Pretty much everything I got him was mall stuff, but that's the kind of guy he is. And Dayton's saved me again, as usual. Not always the most creative stuff there, but reliable.

Jenn, I think I'm going to bring up the idea of adopting families next year for Christmas instead of spending money on each other. My parents would be up for it, since they always do something like that anyway, but I don't know about my brothers. They aren't quite as charity-minded as the rest of us. Have fun being off for the rest of the year!

Moxie, I'm glad it was nothing serious with Moxette. Of course you're going to worry about her, and that's what makes you a great mom. Don't think for a second that you aren't doing things just right.

Doodle, that sock hop idea sounds really cute! Totally not my thing normally, but I'll make an exception for you guys. It reminds me of one of my first dance recitals. We had to wear poodle skirts and dance to a song called "At The Hop." I must've been around 6 or so.

Oof. That was a long one. I'm ready to go back to bed.


Hey! Drive by! All as graphic artsy ritas!!

There's a font called "Doodlebug" !
hi peeps...this is a bit of a drive by since my brain is fried by cats that won't sleep!!!! i am, at work, again. except today i work a whole day and get a lunch hour...woo. tongue.gif

hi wombat, diva, mouse, turbo, doodle, poodle, moxie, kari, wheres fj, hi turbomann as well....

i need a nap.
Hi gb and diva!!

Wombat, are those fonts free for personal use??? I'm a total font whore. I spent about 2 hours on dafont yesterday.
doesn't look like they're free to me, poodle. I use dafont all the time too! I've had issues going to press with some fonts, though, so I have to be careful. We don't exactly have "font budgets" here in NPOland, so dafont works okay alot of the time. ....And I, too, am a font whore...I think I have about 2,500 on my G5 at work. heh.

I'm playing christmas music softly in my office, to help me get through the day. I'll never get tired of Kenny & Dolly's Christmas album. tongue.gif

Hi diva - glad you're feeling a bit better!

ms gb - you tell those kitties to settle it down when you're trying to sleep - sheesh! Are they getting along better these days?
Wow turbo!! That's some serious fontage!! I was looking for stuff yesterday so that I could make nice covers for the mix CD's I made (for gifts).

There's some seriously crazy snow coming down right now. Finally, this time of year just doesn't feel right without snow. The lack of snow was making me sad.

The office meddler is leaving early today, so I might check out a little early today too. I think I've earned it. I might stay a little later so that I can do some scanning and print out my CD covers.
I have to make a mix CD for a gift, too, but I think the cover is going to just be in pen. The last one I gave this person featured a picture of himself with ransom-style lettering on the cover. It was pretty damn cool.

Really? There's snow? I sit about a million miles away from the window, so I can't see. But there's an advisory out there until 6:00, so I guess that must mean we're supposed to get some. And I only wore my sweatshirt hoodie to work today instead of my big wool coat. Oh, well, 5 minutes in the cold won't kill me.

I don't know if I should dare say it and jinx it, but I might have just got a rather expensive item from Sharper Image for free for the giant. It's a framed series of mini-posters from the 6 SW movies with an actual film cell from each movie. I emailed them to remove it from my order, but I guess it shipped out anyway. There was a charge on my account yesterday, but it disappeared by the time I checked this morning. I'm still kind of embarassed that I shopped at Sharper Image and doubly so that it was for Star Wars stuff for a grown man.
That's awesome, diva! Once, I managed to walk out of Target without paying for That 70's Show Season 4 ($39.99). I totally forgot because I was talking with my mom. I was totally like "score dude!!" but then my do-gooder mom decided to go back and pay for the thing. I don't know why. It's not like Target gives a shit a about her or a $40 item that someone forget to pay for. Target is the man. Down with the man!! If they don't want people to steal from their store, then they shouldn't steal from the working man!! As far as I'm concerned, they owe me that set of DVD's for all of the inflated prices I've paid for their items during my lifetime. Hell, those fuckers should be paying off my student loans. /rant


*grabs karaoke mic*

WhhoooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! CHA!!
Welcome to the jungle!!!
We've got fun and games
We've got everything you want
Honey we know the names
We are the people that can find
Whatever you may need
If you got the money honey
We got your disease!!

In the jungle!!
Welcome to the jungle!!!
Watch it bring you to your shuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh knees!! knees!!!!!
Oooaaah!! I, I wanna watch you bleed!!!

I want some snow too!! Poodle, when you're done with it, can you sweep those snow clouds on out here?! We've had rain pretty much non-stop for the last 2 days. Nothing is more dreary than winter rain.

Ooooh, I forgot - today's the solstice - every day after today shall be lighter! Wheeee! AND, its turbodoggie's birfday today. He's 7 years old. No wonder he's such a special dog, being a solstice pupper and all. wink.gif

Yeah, I love me some fonts, and its like shoes, you can always use more. But fonts are typically cheaper than shoes. heh.

I've been working on a mix cd for my mom here this afternoon...always tough to find enough "soft" stuff in my library for her.
Fonts are definitely like shoes. They're fun to look at, but they'll probably never end up being used. For some reason, everytime I download a font, I think, "Ooh, this is it!! I'm gonna use this font all the time!!"
hey everyone!

how cool to find that i get put in the nice list by aural poison?

Tesssss!!!! elysistrata was telling me about skype. it's sounds awesome and i should probably jump on the bandwagon. you and mr.hb will have a great time getting some sun on navidad

god, i can't stand weird al yankovic. he's on vh1. yes, i watch to much t.v.

doodle and turbo! those are the coolest and most elaborate floats. love them.

moxie- i'm so glad to hear that it wasn't more serious.

pink- are you doing the cool axle rose sway/dance thing while you sing?

diva- yay for feeling better and getting all your shopping done!!! whoot!

Yeah, I don't think the Veer fonts are free.

Dafont is amazing! Thanks! I can't believe I didn't know about that..... except there are issues, legally and technically.

RRRRRR technical font issues -- They do have some otf there though!


Rats, it's too late in the year for me to karaoke turbo with "November Rain!"

which is actually a more interesting song in its later portions.


eta: tes, have a good time on da island!

girls like axl....

hi shugg, diva, turbo, poodle...

love those lyrics poodle...xcept now it stuck in my head with a visual of monkeys singing it....heh.

happy birthday turbopup!!! lucky dog!

i just found out that tomorrow i have a half day!!! woot! and the paychecks were dropped off this a.m. so maybe i'll get all my shopping done tomorrow! i've got 3 stops to make and i'm done!

my bro is stuck in colorado in that blizzard..his flight is on friday...i wonder if they will actually make it down here in time.((((vibes for the people stuck in the blizzard)))))
Are they swaying monkeys? tongue.gif

Hi shug!!

I have a major hankerin' for pancakes. I think I may have to spend a little bit of my dwindling funds on batter ingredients.

I'm gonna leave here in less than 15 minutes. Yay!!

Dafont provides hours of entertainment. You probably just want to stick to using the fonts for personal use though. Soooo, what's your favorite font of all of the basic fonts? What's your favorite serif? sans serif? Howabout your favorite fancy font?

Hey Babes!

Sorry I haven't been in today. I have just been fucking around at work, mostly. I really should have been trying to get work done so I wouldn't have to think about it all on my days off, but did I do that? Nooooo. Oh well. When I get back after the holidays, I will have 2 weeks til the meeting to compile info. Hopefully that will work out ok.

I have yet to finish Christmas shopping. I pretty much know what I need to get, so it's not too bad. Unfortnately, it is going to hurt my checkbook. Ouch.

Diva, I am glad you're feeling better! I am jealous of all of your completed shopping.

Ms GB, I hope your bro makes it in ok. That blizzard messed up a lot of people's travel plans it seems. That is rad that you only have to work half the day tomorrow. When you find out at the last minute like that it always seems like an extra treat, doesn't it?

Heh, poodles I like your attitude on Target. In that case, they owe me tons of funds too! I just went last night and spent $85.

I got some of that Listerine whitening mouthwash. Have any of you tried it? I can't speak to its effectiveness, since I just got it, but what I can tell you is that it tastes like BUTT. I think it's the hydrogen peroxide that makes it taste so bad.

Where are the FJs lately?
Poods- staple pantry pancake batter

Yields: 4 "average" size pancakes

1 C flour (i prefer whole wheat, but whatever u use is cool)
1/2 TBS baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
nutmeg to taste
cinnamon to taste
1C milk (just under 1 C for thicker batter)
1 egg
Additives of your choice- blueberries, walnuts, etc.

The flour/salt/bpowder ratios give the same thickness as the aunt jamammia ( i know, spelling BAD) or bisquick pancake batter.

We went downtown today to visit my office and moxette's papa. She was a total doll. Then SLEPT all the way home, and moxieman drove her about for an hour after. I got a nap. Rock.

When she wakes up from the evening nap, we're headed to the in-laws, who have very kindly invited us for dinner in moxieman's abscence (he has a work thing tonight). Free, yummy food. Rock.

We did alot of gift certs to restaurants and spa stuff this year for folks, although living smack dab in the most inner-ring of burbs, and having a wee bebe, i did alot of mall shopping too. Got the most gorgeous, comfy lands-end robe for moxiemama. I'm gift-envious!
(((((((vibes for all the airline workers and people trapped in airports or in cities they don't belong in))))))))) Gay boyfriend is feeling it on his end, and it ain't pretty. When one airport closes down, they all suffer.

((((((GB's bro))))))) But woot! for your half-day!

It looks like all my Xmas gifts have been delivered, too. I was shocked as hell to find out that the thing that shipped out on Tuesday actually got to me when it was supposed to - today. I still have to get a stand for the birdbath I got my dad, but that'll have to be his birfday present in a couple weeks. No big whoop.

Karianne, thanks for the heads up on the mouthwash. The giant always buys it, so I'll tell him not to get that kind. I avoid anything with baking soda or peroxide like the plague.

Hi, Shug! Have you decided on what you're going to charge to clean house for those guys?

Yep, tonight's the solstice and my friends didn't invite me to their party this year. sad.gif They didn't do one last year, so there's a chance they didn't this year, either. But it was one of the highlights of my holiday season anyway.

Happy birfday to Turbodogg!

Hi, Wombat.

Poodle, I want pancakes, too. Unfortunately, the giant wouldn't go for them last night. I could sure use a nice big plate of 'em from Key's or Mickey's. We should do that. I still need to give you your Xmas gift.

I know I have a big-ass cavity in one of my front lower teeth and it's bugging the crap outta me. Too bad I had to get the freaking flu and had to cancel my appointment to get it taken care of. I can't quit poking my tongue at it!

So, I have a birfday in a week and a half, and it's my golden one. What should I do for it? Anyone wanna throw me a party?

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