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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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[squeezes eyes tightly shut & tries to harness inner Snow Warrior]

IPB Image

Hmmmm ...... not quite warrior-y enough ...
That does look like turbodog!!

Mmmm...I would looooove some Bailey's and coffee right now...

ARGH!! I'm so mad about that urgent care bill!! Otherwise I could meander down the street and gets me some coffee/irish cream/whiskey concoction!! sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif No fair. I called my sister last night and told her to get my damn check in the mail ASAP (she owes me for the 'rents X-mas gift). Poop.

Note to self: Don't listen to Joni Mitchell while thinking about the ex-RB.

ETA- Oooh! I wanna hang out with auralpoison! *digs in closet for vintage stole and stiletto heels*
Hey pinkpoodle, since you mentioned bailey's and coffee, my boss just gave me this recipe for "Black Coffee" which he invented:
2 shots jim beam black, 1 shot bailey's, 1 shot tia maria, shake over ice & strain, garnish with cinnamon.
*stolls on over to the AP pavilion o' fun for a 'tini...*

You put up some nice digs here AP...swankeeeee!

*lays down in the snow to make snow okayers* wanna join me, rosie?!

Turbodog does love the snow!! You should see his enthusiastic jumps and spins! I hope we get snow when we're in MI, as my parents have a nice fenced yard for him to play in!
busts in with a snowball trebucher, as well as a tray of hot chocolate

i lost my cellphone last night. can i have some okayer get my phone back vibes?
Hmmm .... do I stay out here where the snowballs are flying? Or do I go inside and risk it with TurboJenn? Afterall, she may want to get back at me for putting snow down her shirt earlier ...

Feel ... so ... torn ...!!!!
Hey all, quick post, have to run out and run what I HOPE is the last work-related errand this week...if it didn't involved getting my paycheque signed, I might not bother!!

Back in a bit...

*tests self on brandy-sensitive breathalyzer before driving away*
8 pages later......

finally i'm caught up..i think...

(((tyger vibes to find cell phone))))

miss shugga, where in cali are you? pm me if you want.
mouse, don't be so hard on yourself about the hook up. really. ((((big hug)))

and i believe i've landed in the middle of a snowball fight....(dodges one)....hmmm

i would've popped in yesterday but the water got turned off at work and we got sent home...i ended up having lunch with one of my favorite friends and running errands. so nice!

sat we went to a holiday party that turned twisted on us...we weren't expecting a swinger party...but thats what we got. i was semi ok with it...while is taking it personally as offensive to his person. gah. i swear he's gotten more uptight the older he gets.

today grandma arrives...and she wants to see jake and molly right away! hahaha silly old lady...she still won't admit she's a cat person.

(((((vibes for health, wealth and general good feelings)))))))

psssst, rose, don't trust them. come back to kvetch and I'll make snow angels with you.

throws snowball over shoulder on way out then pops head back in to make sure it hit mouse.
Just to get one in before joining AP in her chalet......

IPB Image
Bwahaha!! Gb unknowingly ended up at a swingers party!! That's classic sitcom material.

Mmmmmmmmmm....kayte, your boss' Black Coffee drink sounds excellent!! D'oh! I wish I had money to buy the ingredients. I'll just have to take advantage of my parents over the weekend. The likky flows like an Irish spring over there.

I might get myself a cheapo bottle of wine or some beer tonight. I can pull that off. I'm in the mood for a couple drinky-poos.

*pulls out catapult and launches gigantic whiskey-soaked snowball over to the kvetch thread*
IPB Image
Mouse, I'm Switzerland, baby. Neutral. It's part of my whole beige thing. Playin' both sides against the middle, but not stealing anything precious from the persecuted. Plus, we've got damn fine chocolate!
Love it, AP! Switzerland....that's great!

*throws a glob of cherry garcia ice cream in bunny's direction*
(psssst...look out for Bob!)

IPB Image

Honest to Bob, I am a peace-lovin minx.
I am the

IPB Image

*has another snowtini*
Hi, peeps.

I officially have the flu. I had to leave work way early and just barely made it to a safe place to throw up my lunch. Sorry, I know that's gross. Then I spent every waking minute since then laying down and not eating and having chills and hot flashes and general misery. I'm marginally better today and hope I'm better enough tomorrow to finish up my shopping. The giant's been taking care of me, though, so that's nice. I haven't had to lift a finger, except while he's at work, and I'm too weak to do anything anyway. I've only been able to eat Jell-o because I'm afraid nothing will stay down, and haven't even walked anywhere because I'm afraid it would make stuff in my innards move again, and I know I'd regret that. But damn, does my back hurt from all that laying down.

***lobs giant snowball at Poodle***

Hah! That's funny about the swinger party.

Turbo, you should SO move to Minneapolis. You're already an honorary Minneapolitan as far as we're concerned.
((((diva)))) Ugh. The flu is the worst. Thank cod you have someone to take care of you. One time when I had the flu, my dad was cooking chicken & dumplings stew. I kept yelling down the stairs for him to stop cooking because the smell made me feel worse (he didn't, of course). Usually that's a good smell, but it was so nauseating at the time that I couldn't stand that smell for a long time after I recovered.

Yay! It's almost time to go home! I think I might hang around a little so that I can use the scanner when the meddler takes off.

turbojenn plays nasty - ben & jerry's? oh jeebus. *melts*

AP, have a toblerone for me.
Woohoo! Walking around with a pitcher of fresh bevvies, chatting with those present. Brokering alcoholic liquid peace between the Kvetchies & the Okayers. You all look so fabulous, dah-lings! Gorgeous! Handsome fellas & pretty ladies passing through with chocolate & nibbles....
Why thankee, aural! And I want to make up some of that drink with the fresh pommy!

Kayte : Black Coffee sounds cool, except I am now a lightweight, so I would not be able to have *one* without Black Vomit

Sorry, divala.

~*~*~healing vibes peaceful tummy, back-rubbin's for acheys, and wonderful weird drifty when you're over being sick dreams for divala~*~*~
Awwww...thanks aural!! You're right. *puts down snowball and grabs glass*

*holds glass high* I propose a toast to the Lounge!!!
Hey all! I'm ba-ack!!!


*lobs snowballs to keep Kvetchers away from the free likker bar*


Hey, my hair stylist gave me a bottle of red wine to take home for Christmas! I think I'll drink it tonight!

Got to go unload some more crap from my car...back in a bit!

Wait, wait, I have to get get the wine from my car before I can toast....
Ok! I brought red wine! And plates of gruyere and jarlsburg! And stacks of sliced crusty French bread with saucers of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip it in!

Eat! Drink! But most importantly....drink!

*passes out "special" cookies*

AND I bought ONE THOUSAND tea light candles today! So we are SET!

IPB Image
You ARE Queen!!

I christen doodlebug "Queen Canuck"

* touching each shoulder with a baguette *
Hi everyone!! Fun, fun day in here....I only wish I could have been around was stupidly full of silly people panicked that I'm *actually* going to take a vacation...I, mean, really, *nothing* is going to happen Christmas week anyway...ah well.

Well, turbomann and I went downtown this afternoon, and we have SEEN the throngs of christmas shoppers strolling State St, waded through them....and accomplished one third of our objectives for the evening. Oh well. It was fun to go down there anyway, and while the streets were crazy packed, the stores were pretty empty. AND, we got yummy food for dinner at the Rick Bayless fast food place at Macys...pretty damned good.

Holy moly, doodle - 1,000 tea lights!! Goodness, your home will be ambiently lit for quite some time! How big a box is that?!

Aww, thanks for thinking I'm an honorary Minneapolitan, diva and poodle. I could live in Minneapolis, very definitely...we'll add it to the research list. And besides, its like the homeland for good lutherans. smile.gif
It sounds like you had a fun day despite the crowds, turbo. Definitely keep MPLS on your list. The weather has been mild here lately (probably warmer than Chicago), but like I said, don't tell anyone. We don't want any riff-raff moving into town.

ETA- Oh, and we're waaaay more liberal than Colorado!! Plus, turbodog would love all of the lakes! Madison can suck it. wink.gif
I AM the Queen! The Queen of Everything! MWAHAHAHA! (And Provisional Mayor of Okayland, since no one has seen fit to usurp me yet.)

turbo, it's 10 bags of 100...they were on's a lot! Heavy, heavy, heavy to carry. But at winter solstice, I blow through a lot of them. I burn three tealights constantly, every night throughout the year. I have been burning 15 tealights quite regularly this month, since my birthday, and by solstice eve, I may have 25 - 50 going at a time. (Plus other candles!) When the days are short, I can go through 2 per holder (or more!) in an evening. I don't seriously believe I'll blow through 1000 of them, though!! I just decided to stock up, since I rarely get to the one place in town that sells decent ones cheaply.

What can I say? I am a Sagittarius. I'm all about the fire.

More seriously, it's about the spiritual solstice. I think candles are my own private spiritual ritual now. To me, solstice is about the death and rebirth of light, and I take that in the spiritual and emotional context. We all know the pagans held winter solstice to celebrate hope that the sun would's not only about astronomy to me, but about choosing hope, light, and the future, over despair, darkness, and the past...and marking or honouring that choice with meaningful ritual. Light itself is symbolic of so many things. I used to hate the holiday season, but now that I've made it my own, solstice is like a spiritual rebirth.

And also, the bringing in of the green is a pagan solstice tradition...the trees, the evergreen boughs, etc. I think I was driven this year to make sure the green I brought in is of the living variety! First a tiny potted conifer, then the pointsettias, and...oh yeah, I picked up three small cyclamens today. I decided to get the cyclamens instead of the extra minilights I'd planned on. I guess the living green (instead of dead green!) is symbolic too...of...what ?? *smacks head* Of course. Life! And growing! Duh. And also I'm the kind of person who'd rather have a healthy little green plant than a gigantic vase full of beautiful, dying flowers.

I guess I am building my own traditions now.

Sorry, this is a wayyyyy long post that's all about me!

*shakes Baby Duck bottle and sprays everyone in the thread*
*joins AP in Switzerland, doling out air kisses as she totes in a bottle of home-infused blackberry vodka and a box full of warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookies*

LOVE what you've done with the place!
Doodle, your solstice traditions are wonderful, and so fitting, for yourself as well as the season! Winter solstice is always my favorite of you've said its the hope of light returning, but also the beginning of the year, and the thought that spring is right around the corner.

tx!! Do stop on by more often! *grabs another 'tini from AP and some chocolates*

I'm loving all the visitors we've had in okayland today - such a feeling of celebration in here!

Yep, poodle, we'll keep Mpls in mind, for sure...its a good town, and utterly sensible in that lovely midwestern way.

Well, I've got more knitting to do tonight, just stepped out of the bath, and the stressful Everest show that I'm hooked on is about to start!
That's beautiful, doodle. If the solstice means anything for me, it's that I wish the winter would come. I need the seasons, and things just don't make sense to me unless there's cold and snow around at this time of year.

Crap, I'm missing the ex-RB. I wish he didn't work every night.
It's amazing who drops in when you're having a party!

Especially when it's held by the Okayland Village Council!

Hi txplumsarah! (ETA: are you named after that Japanese plum wine, btw? 'Cause I LOVE that stuff.)

Speaking of the Okayland Village Council, we have to decide what antics to get up to on the 'morrow. Any suggestions? Sock hop, perhaps? Karaoke? Treasure Hunt? We've only got three days left of "Party Week in Okayland," ladies, gentlemen, and transgender persons!! Let's make 'em fun!

turbo, yay, for finding the thread celebratory! And I'm glad you and poodle like my traditions. Are you going to do anything special for solstice? With a group of women, or with turbomann, or by yourself? poodle, what about you? Have you ever done anything solstice-y? Since you look forward to the season changing so much!!!

I forgot to add, I wrap and hang chocolates on the doorknobs of all my apartment neighbours on winter solstice! So I'm trying to get on top of that tonight. I forgot to buy for one, though, so I either have to brave the stores again tomorrow (ugh), or figure out something creative and different for one of them....which one????



*flips on Paul Simon's "Late in the Evening"*

IPB Image

Just one more snowball. tongue.gif
Well, that's just very nice. Who parked their damned snowball in my spot? I HATE it when that happens! You know, I WILL call the tow guy.
Hiya Doodle! And yes, you are correct, ma'am: as it says on my LJ, I like to think of myself as being like plum wine: sweet, exotic, and intoxicating. smile.gif I also dig on your solstice traditions.

Hi to T-Jenn too...and to the rest of yaz! I barely know from snow, but I *do* know from a good party when I see one. (By the way, while I can't send them over the lines, the vodkas and cookies are 100% genuine - gifts for my co-workers, but I'd love to share!)

Happy everything, y'all!
If you would like to trade places for a week, txplumsarah, you can frollick in my snow, of which there has been plenty! biggrin.gif Just remember to bring really good snow tires...those mountain passes are killers.

I'll bet you are like your namesake. wink.gif

By the way, since our DJs seem to be gone for the night, I took the liberty of putting on a Billie Holiday CD. Hope you are all enjoying it! I am.

ETA: Oh, I almost forgot......

*steals electric guitar BACK from poodle, and hands it to the ghost of Stevie Ray Vaughan (who didn't get the word about the snowball fight till an hour ago, otherwise he would have been here sooner)*
Mornin' babes!!

I'm having a coffee crisis. I don't have any!! Shit. I guess I'll make a little rebrew. sad.gif

Yayayay!! My boss is gonna be gone today too!!

Hi plum!!
YOW-ZAH!!!! did i ever miss a FUN time in here yesterday!!

i was in a meeting from 8 until 13:30. off-site. the director of health of the city asked for all of the NGOs working here to come and make a presentation of the work that we had done last year and what we intended to accomplish next year.

they didn't bother to tell me about this lovely little detail until 13:00 on monday afternoon. sad.gif

you were all really rockin!!!

i suppose that it is just as well, since i post in both kvetch and okayland!

divalla: i hope that you are feeling better, querida!

doodlekins, did you make the chocolates? or did you do something else for the neighbors????

TOday, I propose drunken karoke fest, to begin at 12 PM, EST.

HI! TXPLUMMIE! I MEECED you from my kvetch days! Wanna share a bottle of good shiraz? hmmm?
mornin' tes!!! I'm sure you gave an excellent presentation yesterday, in spite of the late notice!!!

...And stick around, because I'm betting Doodle's got more hijinks up her sleeve for the rest of the week! ...Maybe you can join AP as resident bartender and chocolate dealer in her Swiss Alliance with okayers and kvetchies!!

2 more days of work this year...I think I can make it. And thank cod today I'm out of the office most of the day, riding along with one of our community outreach folks. I'll be glad to get out of the office. Hopefully my co-worker can help me brainstorm ideas for xmas gifts for my dad....the man has no interests or hobbies, and is so hard to buy for.

Okay, time to get a little work done here before I scoot out of the office. tongue.gif
D'oh! I missed the snowball fight sad.gif

Goatie and I are going to give away loads of Dagoba chocolate to those that we ought to give to, yet we're not sure what to get.

You guys are great! I wish I had more time to hang out. I kinda randomly get stretches of free time, but I'm glad to be busy now, since I only get paid if I have work.

*Anti-Flu vibes for Divala* Meeeep! (mentally blasting viri)
Good Morning!

Man, I too missed a fun day in here yesterday! I love all the pictures! I was working at home yesterday, so I wasn't able to participate in the fight.

((Diva)) girl, I am sorry to hear about the flu. Ick. ~~~~~~~speedy recovery vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
How are you feeling today?

Tes, when do you leave for your Christmas vaca with Mr HB? I am sooo jealous of your trip! I hope you two have a blast!

Ms GB, you & the mister happened into a swingers party? How funny. Did you stay long after discovering this fact? tongue.gif

Shugga was here??? Hi shug! I miss you! Sounds like life is treating you well, I hope you'll be able to hang out with us some more!

Hi minx, jenn, doodle, lorewolf, rose v, tyger, mouse, and everyone else, including all the special guests from Kvetch!

Jenn, I got two more days of work this year also. Can I make it?? That is yet to be seen.
Hey Lorewolf! Think fast! *snowball zings through the air & catches Lorewolf on the shoulder* AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

So what's on today's agenda? I was fancy pants yesterday. Today I want slow food, soft wool sweaters, & rich hot chocolate with whipped cream & a shot of peppermint schnapps. I'm lookin' down the barrel of 5-10 inches of snow. White Christmas indeed!
*grabs a shovel and starts stealing AP's beautiful snow*

Awww, AP, I want some snow too!! 45 degrees and Christmas season are just really not meshing for me right now...I wanna snuggle up on the couch with hot cocoa too, and a blanket, but the weather is just not making me feel the season as much! Boooooo-hissss for global warming!

(((((Diva)))))) Feel better, my dear. At least the flu didn't strike you in prime chocolating mode...still sucks, though.

I have zero motivation today, Kari....good thing I won't be here for most of the day. whew. That'll leave tomorrow for some basic tidying up, and then, I'm outta here for the year! EEeeeeeeeee!

Hi lore!! I love the Dagoba chocolates as delicious.

Hi hi hi. New girl post again.

I just started this really interesting project today. I work for a part of the university that makes big online audio and video collections of historical or social value. We've been working on Apartheid history all year. I'm the audio engineer here, and someone just brought us tapes of speeches by this guy Alan Paton who formed the South African Liberal Party (which fought apartheid). The tapes are 30 years old and sound great and I'm excited to be doing this work. Some days my job is really satisfying.
kayte - are you in comm arts there? I've got a lot of fond memories of that school...*sigh*...those were the days. I was in the first html class ever offered at MSU, and I was the only girl in the class. heh.
Turbo, no not comm arts, electrical engineering. But the department I work in is called "MATRIX" for some reason nobody really knows. It's capitalized like it's an acronym but even the department head doesn't know what it stands for. Whatevs!
I *hate* being the only girl in a class. I used to love it though. Maybe it's a symptom of me getting queerer over the years.
*grumble grumble* i miss all the fun here! no fair!

hey everyone!

tyg- i'm so sorry about your friend and family. (((tyg)))

christmas in hawaii sounds ideal.

diva! i hope you're feeling better hun

poodle, you ho bag! keeces

turbo! i loved the little cartoon of turbo dog. heehee

i'm missing stuff and people... how bout i flash you all some boob and we call it okay? wink.gif there are so many new (to me) faces in here. yay!

i've never celebrated winter solstice. i should look it up. i know practically nothing about pagan rituals and the like. sounds like a good time to learn!

i need to keep some champagne in the house for when i feel like drinking early by myself. whoot!

i got a job! i'm going to clean the house of some coworkers of mr.shuggah's. they are three young bachelors and they are total pigs. i went to their house the other day to drop something off for mr.shuggah and i was horrified. they are all really funny and sweet and mr.shuggah told them i wouldn't mind cleaning for them once or twice a week if they paid me. yay! i just don't know what to charge! they told me to let them know. i would be doing their laundry, kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. i don't think i'm going to do their bedrooms...i'm not sure. i'll be doing the tidying, sweeping, mopping, dishes, etc. it's giong to be a lot of work but i like to clean, it's 1 or 2 days out of the week, and it's decent money. i wanted something physical and part-time so i'm pretty excited. what do you all think is fair to charge? i don't want to be expensive but i don't want to sell my work short either.

Phew!! I have coffee now.

Hi shug!! I say charge the fuck outta them, but that's just me. I'm bitter about my past cleaning work. At least ask for $10/hour--cash only.

I'm really in a slacker mode today. I'm worried that I'm gonna end up staying late again though. I'm waiting for some people to finish their part so I can get started on mine. *crosses fingers*

Grrrr...I still can't get over my urgent care/antibiotics bill and how I would be able to buy a Jimmy John's sandwich if not for my boob thing. I have stupid Weight Watchers meals in the freezer here, but I reeeeeally don't want to eat them. I want provolone with avocado spread!!!!!!! Not fair. Fuck, I just realized that I need refills on all my drugs and I have another doctor's visit next week. That's another $105. I have no choice but to ask my mom for help. It's so cruel that the drug companies take advantage of my brain condition and charge ridiculously inflated prices for life-saving anti-convulsants. Seriously, I don't know how these people sleep at night. Asshats.

Sorry for talking about this med stuff so much. I just can't stop thinking about it and worrying about what's gonna happen next.
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