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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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QUOTE(turbojenn @ Dec 18 2006, 10:59 PM) *

Shawn...good to know the other gender wonders about the lady bits, 'cause I would really like to try out a weiner for awhile, I mean...what's cooler than being able to pee standing up?!

Being able to write your own name. LOL
Me and a friend used to have contests on who could stand as far back from the bowl as possible and still make it in.
Now I'm hungry for batter. rolleyes.gif

i love the idea of a snowball ambush on kvetch! let's hope none of them are lurking so they are taken by surprise! can we wait until east coast lunchtime so i can help?
Speaking of girlie bits...

What do y'all think was going through the mind of the first yeast-afflicted woman who ever tried putting yogurt in her vagina? Or do you think it was accidental discovery? Like, she was so itchy, she was squirming, and so she fell ass-first into a big vat of yogurt and was miraculously cured. Or maybe it was some kind of kinky sexual experimentation, though I can't quite imagine that, myself. Well okay, I could imagine it, but not concurrent with a yeast infection.

mouse, I agree. NOON EST. I will even set my alarm, even though I don't have to! So that means you all BETTER BE READY TO FIGHT! Because I am WAYYYY bitchy if I have to get up early for no good reason.

Ladies, gentlemen, and transgender people, start stockpiling yer snowballs! GO!!!


ETA: snowball maker

ETA: snowball

IPB Image

ETA: saint bernard

IPB Image
moxiegirl desk at obscenely early hour....shyly scampers away to feed the St.Bernard...

Good Tuesday everyone. I had a bit of a rough spell monday evening, but after a good night's sleep, am rebounding nicely. I'm really looking forward to just being MOM for a while. I'd be miserable being MOM all the time, for ever, but it sounds like a lovely thing right now.

Doodle- SO glad you're here! Yeah, where did the yougurt thing come from? I put that right up there with engineering aquaducts and arches and cool-ass shit like that.

Hmmm...good things tuesday, the early edition:
1. Sleeping through the night! 7PM-5AM!
2. Only 2 days of work left!
3. Wearing cute sweatervest.

More will flow lata.

throws the first HUGE s*n*o*w*b*a*l*l

pre-emptive strike okayers! you forget that some of the kvetchies are awake way before EST.


Hits smack into KVETCH!

Off to get my puppy and the brandy...
Doodle -- I'm betting because there was yeast in yogurt? But still... very weird...

You've got the poinsettias out of kitty reach, right? cause their poison to cats. *cues the Debbie Downer music* Wah! Wah!*

bunny_b -- have some brandy for your tea!

--it is gorgeous here
--got good nibble for better job
--my favorite wine is at TJ's --- trrrryyyy thr castlerock pinot noir
--i am liking this generation of 20 something hipsters. they are intelligent and into art and all the music and don't care that I'm oollllllldd. ha ha.

Mornin' sluts!!

*makes snowball out of yellow snow and chucks it at Kvetch thread*

*steals guitar from doodle and starts playing Highway to Hell*

I had an awful dream last night that I had finals today and I didn't know any of the material, and my boss wanted me to type out the entire JCPenney catalog and write a cover letter for it. I fucking hate dreams like that.

Shawn, I love how you went from peeing to batter without a transition! Funny!

Turbo has penis envy! Turbo has penis envy! I don't know how guys can stand having junk in their pants. I suppose guys feel the same way about boobs.

Speaking of boobs, my boob thinger is going away! Yay!

Good things Tuesday:
1. Don't have to type out JCPenney catalog
2. Cyst is going away
3. Pretty new earrings to wear
4. I got a check from my brother so I won't be totally broke
5. My apartment is clean and cozy
6. My fridge is full of good stuff
7. Pain in the ass project is officially done
8. My cats are really friggin' cute

Hi plat!!

Mornin' ya'll! I'm feeling a bit better than I have recently in the mornings...turbomann washed every last inch of dog bedding in the bedroom yesterday (which is alot - turbo's bed is nearly as big as ours, piles and piles of comforters), so I slept a bit better last night. Winter's hard on my allergies, since I can't open windows. So that's good.

And....3 more days of work, thank cod...and tomorrow I'll be out of the office most of the day, tagging along with one of our community outreach workers doing cold calls and inservices at a hospital, so I can brainstorm for new materials for them...should be fun.

Oh, and extra special good news for our family - my dad finally talked grandma into moving into an assisted living community, and we're all so by herself was getting dangerous, and she's put off this decision for 4 years. She's not happy about it, but I think she'll be really happy once she gets there - she'll have her own apartment, but have the opportunity for so much social interaction, I think it'll be good for her. My great aunt lives there too, so she'll already have a conneection. ANd truly, the place is so nice, I've joked with my aunt, that I'd like to move in! I expect that her health will probably improve a bit once she settles in and gets more stimulation from other residents. So, we'll be working on that while we're in MI...and grandma's trying to unload her whole house on me...gah.
C'mon! A Country House near the 'rents? What could possibly be better than that?? smile.gif
Actually, its in downtown it'd be my swanky metro-detroit pad. tongue.gif Seriously, though, if I had hard times and had to move in with a relative, my great aunt would be my top pick..she is such a cool lady - 92 years old, fit, sharp, and still teaches piano lessons to residents, as well as a current events and news discussion group.
Yaaaay! Par-taaay!

*spikes the eggnog and takes a slurp* P'ah! What IS this?!? This isn't eggnog! It's 3-day-old waffle batter!

Yaaay for TurboJen feeling better and safer, happier grandma!

Yaaay for PoodleBoob!

Good things:
I looked under the tree this morning and say a 6-pack of Drop Top Amber Ale smile.gif Goatie's sooo good to me!
I have a Goatie-Girl
Christmas plans going smoothly
BUSTies Par-Tay!
My well-nigh premenant waffle batter mustache is spiked

Oh, and Divala, I grew up in Hawaii, went to Japan for 3.5 years to teach, then moved to Bellingham, WA a year ago.
Hi.. Ok I've never posted in this thread before so don't throw stuff at me please. Unless it's waffle batter. smile.gif

Turbo, I'm in Lansing. Yay michigan! I'm just so happy it's warm right now.
go_kayte...moxie and I went to school at MSU, so you're in good company here! We travel back to MI alot (we're in chicago now) to see family and the moxies! I wouldn't say I'd move back to MI, but its a fine place to be from.

New addition to the potential move list...Madison, WI. I think I could live there. Maybe. Makes the drive to MI suck more, so I'm a wee bit hesitant, but could be fun.
quickie-fuck me, shit happening at work. do not need extra stress. that si all.

turbo- i adore you. my bff...need an email moment.
Turbo, I go to MSU now, I'm in my last year. Yeah I'm definitely leaving MI for some big cultural city... it depends on where I can get a job, but I'm considering Miami, NYC, Chicago, Portland, and Seattle. Sooo many Lansing-ans move to Chicago. I think half my friends are living there now.
Jenn, you could always move to North Kakalacky & enjoy the good life in Rose-Sheff-Tes-Plat-land!
[snuggles up to Jenn & wraps an arm around her shoulder]
It's certainly warmer here. But based on the locations you've listed so far, it looks like you prefer things a little colder!
[sneakily slips handful of snow down the back of Jenn's shirt & scampers away, cackling madly & blowing kisses!]

Mwahahahahaaaaaa!!!!! wink.gif
Rosie, I would move to North Kackalacky in one half a heartbeat! Asheville is one of my very favorite places, and its so beautiful down there...alas, there is not much packaging engineering going on there for turbomann, which makes things more difficult. I'm not sure we're looking for colder, particularly, just a place with some different lifestyle options. Madison just marginally makes the list because I like the downtown, and we have friends and family there, as well as friends who are moving up there shortly. would be amazed at how many michiganders there are out here in chicago! I figure its just the easiest place to move among the larger cities....that's certainly what got us here.
I love Madison, although I loved it more 14 years ago when it was still really cool and progressive and not laden with yucky chain stores on State. But my fondest memories of high school are centered there.

And let's face it, Harvest Fest in Madison is nothing to sniff about even though I'm really not a smoker anymore. smile.gif
Thanks for the Madison props, minxy! Yeah, I don't know where the hell we're going to end up at this point, but HR folk and recruiters are starting to see turbomann's resume floating about, so he's getting emails from all over...which is pretty cool, and intimidating at the same time. I'm kind of feeling like unless its a good lifestyle move, I don't necessarily want to pick up and move. Madison would be oaky, but its not getting me any more outdoor/porting activity time than I currently have in chicago. We'll see what happens...all options are open right now, I guess is the important thing.
Ok, I am here. Where the EFF is my snowball team???

mouse, you better be here, I got up early for this!!!!!!!!!!
Right. Well. Screw y'all. tongue.gif

I'm going back to bed for an hour or so. We will reconvene at 11:30 AM Pacific Time to re-group and re-strategize around Project Snowball Fight Day 2006.


ETA: PS - since bunny already struck here this morning, I just struck back with the Giant Snowball Rolling Down the Hill trick. So you can wait for me, or you can just go ahead and do the thing. You probably should just go for it, since you're gonna be lobbed with snowballs very shortly, I'll bet.
Pacific time schmacific time. You guys are soooo immatuuure. I'm so sure.

*pelts Okay-ers with tiny, icy snowballs before sprinting away, laughing fiendishly*

i'm here!!! *runs over to kvetchies to back up doodle*

"Straps on Titanium plated jock protector and brings in a fresh supply of Yogurt Snowballs for Everyone!!!"
"Offers Poodle the biggest one in the sleigh and throws tofusnowball down the back of Poodles shirt and runs off laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif "

Good Things Tuesday...

1. I'm still alive.
2. Got Medication for allergies.


I'm still here...can't sleep.

The War is ON!!!

IPB Image

Love the Kvetchie mascot.

*kiss my baboon ass, okayers*
OH NO!! I'm HIT! I'm DOWN!! Somebody send me the Saint Bernard!!!

*sends over the St. Bernard, brandy, and special brownies*

*Runs off in search of kvetchies with chery flavored sno-cone snowballs*
IPB Image

"now we were snow-blind travelers lost on the north hills, and vast dewlapped dogs, with flasks round their necks, ambled and shambled up to us, baying "EXCELSIOR!"

hold fast, doodle! in the meantime, have some brandy and read my all-time favorite christmas story, dylan thomas's a child's christmas in wales
breakin' my okay cherry here.
hope this works.
IPB Image
*glug, glug, glug*

Mmm, brandy. Thanks, mouse!

Good doggie. Hey, does our St. Bernard have a name?

*cackles drunkenly at the snow penis*
*tries to come up with a snarky comment about how cold it is in response to bunnyb, while building MAGIK DRAGON OKAYERS BUNKER*

IPB Image

open bar in the basement, y'all! and snowball catapaults in back!
Bwahaha!! You guys are heeelarious!!

Shawn!! I can't believe you pulled the ol' snowball-down-the-shirt prank!! I always hated when the mean asshats in my neighborhood would do that. sad.gif

*packs snow around rock and chucks it at Kvetch window*

I wish we had snow right now. Hopefully we'll have some decent stuff by the weekend.

Last year, my neighbors built a sphynx out of snow and then later changed it into a gorilla. It was super awesome.

Turbo and kayte--you should move to Minneapolis. I can't believe you would consider any other place. Clearly, this is the place to be. Shhhh...don't tell anyone else. tongue.gif

The boss is gone all day and probably tomorrow, so I get to work in peace. I only have one thing on my plate right now, which is sooo nice. Plus, it's an easy project.
*astounds okayers with the craftiness of talented kvetchies* mouse, is it getting frosty in here?

IPB Image
*waves white flag*

Ok, let's have a ground rule that if we discover our image stretches a thread, we'll change it or shrink it or something.

Ok? biggrin.gif

*drops flag and runs off*
*wondering what bunny googled to get the sordid one?*

and now, for your reading pleasure ... biggrin.gif
bunny prolly googled "snow penis," 'cause she's diryt like that!

Starts preparing hot chocolate and brandy for the survivors.
*comes in under white flag to change size of pic*

hehe, actually I searched under "snow phallus" (as if that makes me any less diryt, although I'm not the one posting pics of our baboon shagging your st. bernard - you peeping mouse!)

cross-bows some snowballs at rapid rate before skating out*
Of course, we all know that this snowball fight is just an expression of how much the Okayers & Kvetchies violently love one another. wub.gif
IPB Image

hey, not that there's anything wrong with that......i just don't want it in MY snow fort!

you and me, on the other hand, bunny......*sidles up to bunnyb, slips an arm around her waist and at the last minute SHOVES A BUNCH OF SNOW DOWN HER NECK AND RUNS OFF!!!!!!!!!1!111*

*dangles mistletoe for kiss with mouse*

lucky it was one of jenn's cherry snowcone snowballs! yum.
Ah rose. Love, shmuv. You need to reach down really deep and discover your warrior spirit.

*picks up a big handful of snow and gives RV a face wash*
Hey look, turbodogg's getting in on the fun!!!

IPB Image
Hooligans, the lot of you! Snowballs sailing all around me! I nevah!

Here I am looking stylish in my faux black Persian coat with the elbow length gloves prepping to serve when the clock ticks happy hour. Lookin' sophistcated, yeah? I'm minding my own business making snow bricks for my fancy space-aged bachelorette bar with inset lights & mood music... freezing some ice shot glasses for chilled vodka shooters & ice martini glasses for my vodka/fresh lime/fresh pom/splash of champagne 'tinis garnished with a mini snowball on an ice toothpick. Some ultra fancy sushi & sashimi to gnosh. Please do stop by.
damn, ap.

*takes a break to hang in ap's ice-chalet*


*on guard*
Don't forget the brandy.

IPB Image
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