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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Funny, Pinkpoodle!!

We are a bunch of fun people around Bustland.

Yeserday we went shopping at the mall and it was actually painless! The traffic and parking weren't too bad, the people in the stores were nice, we found some fun stuff at reasonable prices -- good all around! Maybe it's just that the kids had probably gone off to supper -- we didn't go until four o'clock -- or that we knew exactly what we wanted, or we could make our usual jokes about stupid, bland malls sapping our will to live!

We ate at Panera - have any of you tried it? -- It's one of those "kinda more good for you than usual but still filled with a bunch of bogus extras" food places. Like, they can't make a chicken 'n' stuff sandwhich on fresh bread without it having 1000 calories. We also got big foamy cappuccinos -- maybe that's the reason for cheer----mmmmm coffeee

Also, our Christmas ritual of driving through neighborhoods with lots of crazy Christmas lights.

then I did ALLLLLL my laundry (being an "ambitious" computer geek -- no, it's more like, keep up or die or get relegated to lowlier crap) has found me not doing stuff such as laundry as often. sheesh! It took me till midnight! Captain Midnight indeed!

Today maybe see gay boyfriends, meet their guest from Chicago and pick up flappy dining table! I have the day to myserlf! Yeeha!

I bought Batman some great snug briefs in soft fabric and dark blue and green and red small patterns underwear, a cuddly black gray and red stripe terry robe, and , oh yeah, socks and a crazy version of Mac Tetris! We geeked out and played it last night! He bought me a black garter belt with lace-up slilk ribons, two pairs of fishnet black stockings with seams up the back and lace along the top to go wth, a black merry-widow-ish ting with red details -- uh oh - maybe it's a black widow spider outfit! I might have to ensnare him in webs!! wink.gif and a black negligee with foofy feathers on the top and botom like they had in Austin Powers.

Well, Poods, Minx has considered wise advice from turbo, me, ans you, but ha also consulted with HERSELF and the actual people involved -- and tes??? I believe -- so you know, it's go along as it goes along. Poodle wisdom is nothing to sneeze at. Didn't you know? Tes is a neo-colonialist enjoying the deference -- they are intimidated and call her "doctora," she has posted-- There is a large American government anti-AIDS installation with three major organizations in Mozambique, one being MSF in conjunction with South America, called Medecins Sans Frontiers. It is arguable that it was an American medical person from Atlanta that caused the disease to cross species anyway, so now we are generously and charitably cleaning up our mess. Certain compensations to us will of course be necessary.

'Scuse me? Neo-colonialist?

That comment needs some explaining and justification, as well as the rest of the paragraph.
wombat, i'm a little confused, too.

webster's definition:

One entry found for neocolonialism.
Main Entry: neo·co·lo·nial·ism
Pronunciation: "nE-O-k&-'lOn-y&-"li-z&m, -'lO-nE-&-"li-
Function: noun
: the economic and political policies by which a great power indirectly maintains or extends its influence over other areas or people
- neo·co·lo·nial /-'lOn-y&l, -'lO-nE-&l/ adjective
- neo·co·lo·nial·ist /-y&-list, -&-list/ noun or adjective

none of the MSF groups that i know are from the USA. They are from Francophone nations - Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg. They are great. Three of the staff that i work with (that i know about, there could well be others) used to work for MSF.

i work for an NGO - non-governmental organization. we are private and non-profit.

anyone in mozambique with a university degree is called "doctor" or "doctora". this includes, of course, mozambicans.

at this time, there are many many theories as to the origin of the HIV virus. some people believe that it is a plague sent to wipe out "bad elements of society" like gay men and sex workers. we can, and will, believe what we like. we may never know where it actually began.

if anyone is in doubt as to what i do or who i work with, i'd be more than happy to answer questions....

muito thank you for giving you the opportunity to learn more about plagues.
So if going in to provide urgent care during a health crisis is "neo-colonialist," wtf would it be to pull out and abandon the crisis? It IS. It exists. It's done, and now some compassionate people like tesao are trying to do something about it.

Come on, seriously. Not okay, wombat. Pretty much everyone in this thread is a colonizer, most of us living on stolen Aboriginal land right now. My home is on stolen Secwepemc Nation territory, while 65 - 75% of the homeless in my community are Aboriginal. And yeah, for the official record, I used to have a part-time housekeeper, and I'd hire one again if I could afford it.

Anyway. Fuck. I was really cheerful when I came in here. I'm going to go do something else for awhile.
Wow womat. You really have a case of verbal diarreah. You need to check yourself. Your little jabs at tes are really sickening and make you seem very ugly.

Anyhow, Hello y'all.

Poodle, you and I are two peas in a pod. Your songwriting abilities are fantastic. I haven't really shared with the ladies in in the lounge but I too am a song writer. You should ask Johnny about my awesome lyrics. I sing alot about martinis (martoonies.) and I dance while I am singing.

Turbo, I can't take the exedrine migrane because they keep me up.

Tes,it is so nice to see you sweetie.

I am just hanging out at home right now. Johnny is out with some clients showing them houses (he does real estate too.) It's just me and the goofball brothers. That's what I call the dogs we are watching for the weekend. I love those bastards.

When j gets home we are going to the grocery store cause we have no food left. I think I want to make chicken pot pies tonight.
Oooh, taloo, I forgot to tell you, that in my excedrin fueled madness last night, I had this dream that I was on Top Chef, and I won a challenge, and Mario Batali was there to give me my prize for winning, and it was that I was going to the South Beach Food and Wine festival to help Mario, and I could choose two chefs to come with me...Mario pulled me aside, and said that he really needed experienced people, with a wink, so I chose you and tart to come with me....oh, those other top chef assholes were mad!! But I know, a buncha busties and Mario could kick some serious ass!

....AH, the funny things that caffeine does to my head. At least it takes the edge off the migraine.

I wanna see poodle and taloo write a ballad together!! do amazing work, and you do it well, and work tirelessly to help the folks in your care...I don't even know how to respond to what's below, it certainly bears explanation.

I've been knitting furiously all day today, trying to get the baby blanket knitted up for my cousin next weekend...I'm just about half way now...and we've plugged in the Lord of the Rings Movies, its a good background for a lazy afternoon on the couch.
turbo, your dream sounds freakin awesome. Thanks for choosing me!!! teee. heee.

Speaking of batali, did you know that he and courtney love have hooked up (allegedly.)

You knit? I really want to learn how, but am so intimidated by it. I want to knit a sweater that is really thin, has the perfect torso length, an assymetrical neckline, and sleeves that are a foot or so too long. Really.\

Tes, I second what turbo said. I admire what you do. Not only that but you are making huge sacrifices to do it too. Your heart is 3 sizes too big.
Mario and Courtney.....eeeew. I hope its not true!

Taloo, I'd be happy to teach you to knit, but I'd be no help in the sweater department....Me, I specialize in flat rectangles of all varieties - scarves, baby blankets, shawls....oh, and I can do hats too....that's as adventurous as I've gotten thus far.

Well, my puerto rican chicken stew is about done here, so it's dinner time!
It wasn't meant as a jab at Tes, just a description of a difficult situation. I'm proud of her that she is helping people. We each need to choose what role we play. Do many companies invest in overseas labor? Yes. Would I knowingly buy goods from the particular Chinese factories that use slave prison labor? No.

Tes has posted often about the plusses and minuses of her role there. My disgust, such as it is, lies with the history of the American approach, not with Tes.
Yup, "neo - colonialist" seems a pretty accurate word of description of the Americas role in Africa and much of the world.

But, I'm sure you're a good person, Tesao. Much of what you say indicates that.

Doodle: that is a specious argument. We are not colonizers, We are generations, if not centuries, away from the original colonizers. We were born here. We could not control what our ancestors did, we *can* control what *we* do.

The fact of the matter is that Orginal -- not "aboriginal" -- people fought and killed and stole from one another, Europeans and those around the Mediterranean sea and the tribes in Africa did this too. The Chinese built a big wall to keep out the Mongols, etc. We can choose to oppress "the others" as little as possible, in our lives as they are NOW, including those next to us.

If I get my money and accomplishment from my family, husband, or serving others, then I can brag about being "the boss?" But, to overcome the submissiveness projected upon me by my family of origin and the culture at large is NOT worth bragging about? Not feminist?

Do I have to suffer from depression to be a good person?

I really hope not.

I do think a single man or woman should be able to do their own housework and not gloat about hiring a lower-class person to do it. That part *did* peeve me, Tes and Doodle. But I do respect you both. You both have intelligence and kindness that is worthy of respect.

give it a rest for once, wombat. seriously. do you do these things to intentionally start fights with people? if you don't have anything nice to say--well, you know the rest, and it's not "come and sit by me". you do this all the time, and we let you, we ignore it, try and be "okay", and then you do it again and everybody's trying so hard to be "okay" that it doesn't get pointed out. well, i'm pointing it out. please try to realize how defensive and accusatory you get. you can be cool, but it would be great if you could be a little more aware of yourself.

minx--good luck.

i spent all day driving around and dealing with holiday shopping crowds and i'm tired and still have a ton of work to do and am in no mood to mince words. and i hooked up with my ex. again. ugh.
wombat, we are hardly "generations, if not centuries" distanced from the responsibility. The inherent problems faced by North American Aboriginal people are a direct and modern outcome of colonization and colonialism. Colonialist attitudes towards Aboriginal people were alive and very strong through the 'sixties and 'seventies, and are still strong in many pockets of society. Aboriginal people are still dramatically impacted by our legacy as Euro-descendents - we uphold the philosophies, laws, economics, and politics of the colonizers. Yeah, it makes us as Euro-descendents complicit in current-day genocide, by way of our privileged ignorance and/or silence.

And go ahead and be peeved about my attitude towards hiring a cleaning person, but it's a pretty knee-jerk response. You are somehow interpreting "cleaning person" as "disempowered," as if, what, women shouldn't be paid for this work? Why do you paint my cleaning person as some put-upon "lower-class" person, and not as an independent woman determined to earn her own income? Why do you assume that someone like me, a single adult, would have no need for help with certain tasks, especially when I am happy to pay for help, out of wages I worked very hard to earn, to someone who is happy to take my money in exchange for helping me? Or are you content to see the world from only one point of view?

You don't know the whole story of anyone here. You can't possibly. But today, and other days, you've gone ahead and made assumptions and judgements about other people's lives, backgrounds, and circumstances - while continuing to plead for acceptance of your own. That is pretty damned offensive, I have to say.

Fuck. You know, I can't do this anymore. I am tired of coming into the Lounge and witnessing, or getting drawn into, pointless fights, which always seem to be started by the same few people. I'm pissed - hell yes, I'm pissed, and it shows in this post. I'm really fed up. Like almost everyone else, I come into this thread for pleasure, to socialize, to get and give support, to BE IN OKAYLAND. It's a social network, not a bloody N.O.W. meeting. And I'm saying that as a feminist.

Right. So that means I'm done. Over and out.


Hi everyone else. Hope you are all having a good weekend. I am, have been relaxing...and took a trip back to my youth and watched my old Rattle and Hum video. Also, just singing and playing guitar, playing with the cats, etc. Got a lot of candles going, too. It's been really nice.
Hello everyone!

I finally got the strength to actually get up and do something and it's 2 am...oh well..
I had my first promotion with a prominent food establishment last night and all went well. We had a thumb wrestling challenge for WWE tickets. Not 1 fight broke out and we had $100 tab to wine and dine on. I took full advantage since radio pays next to nothing.
I spent all day on the couch with kleenex's up my nose due to my allergies kicking in BIG TIME. I went through a whole box of tissues and a roll of toilet paper since I woke up this morning. I would take something, but they all make me drowsy and don't do much. I think I may hafta run to the corner store for some sleep aid.
Speaking of rockin' out, I too am a songwriter...kind of....I'm pretty good on Ukelele too, just ask Poodle!!

Oh, had my first special "brownie" the other night and dreamt that I died. Not freaky or anything, but really beautiful. It reminded me of my first "trip"...everything was soo beautiful and glowy and just amazing.

By the way Poodle, thanks for clarifying about how different my voice was. I kept hoping you'd still recognize it after all these years and worried that you hadn't. I was gunna leave a message on your answering machine last week, but wasn't sure if I would go straight through. I'm a sucker for answering machines, especially people I know. LOL
wombat/whammy bar: I think that perhaps the most interesting things about your posts that take exception to others and attempt to denigrate them for things that you perceive are heinous are that:

you know virtually nothing about any of the people or situations in question, yet presume to present yourself as an authority on both;

when you are called on whatever issue it is that you are waxing eloquent on (in the process of disparaging whomever you have chosen to pour your scorn upon, you immediately turn around and say, oh, no, you are mistaken, I wasn’t criticizing the person, just the activity;

you expect the rest of us to believe this behavior and this caveat are genuine (do you honestly believe that we are that gullible?);

after your “apology”, you turn around once more and continue to lob insults; AND

you mistakenly believe that any of the people that you are belittling actually care about your opinion of them.

i invite you to do something about colonialism. i invite you to give up everything you know and everyone that you love, and move to another country tens of thousands of miles from your most beloved and try to make a difference, to try to make amends for something that one country/countries did to destroy another’s right to exist.

it is painfully obvious that you have never travelled to africa, or to any other developing, poverty-stricken region, and that your grasp of man’s inhumanity to man is seriously lacking. you have not seen death by starvation. you have not held a dying child in your arms while her mother’s sobs break the stench and the eerie silence of death. you have not cried over an orphaned HIV+ boy who has nothing and no one in the world to look after him. you have not lived in an economy where almost 90% of the population is out of work, and 80% of the country’s annual budget (to spend on basic things like food and health care and clean water) is given to them by outside donors. when you have done these things, feel free to come back and judge me. until then, i will continue to exercise my right to tell you that you are ignorant about these issues, and have no firm foundation with which to point your finger and make up spurious charges.

i am speaking here for myself, but would like to add that most (if not all) of the above applies to how minx parents her child or how doodle chooses to spend the money that she has earned. do you feel that the work that women have done for centuries is not honest work, that can have a monetary value placed upon it? that is a very unpopular attitude, among feminists and non-feminists alike.

one more observation: it is passing strange to me that although others spoke out saying how much they would enjoy having paid domestic help, you saw fit to single out only a few. i am reminded of a young child who is not getting the attention he desires and proceeds to act out in negative, destructive ways, because negative attention is better than no attention at all.

right. i have now had my say, and responded to these allegations that you like to throw around. i have responded to your posts to let you know that i do in fact understand what you may think that none of us do, and to call you on it. quite frankly, my dear, i don’t give a damn what you think of me. you are not important to me, and your opinion does not matter. and that is all that I have to say about that.

my sincere apologies to the rest of you here, who really didn't want to see this sort of thing here in okayland. it won't happen again. from now on, i will hold my peace.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled Okay.....well what about THIS? thread!

well, i take a weekend break, and its like the old "F-word" days in here! Phew, glad I came back on a grey monday. An oddly, strangely, global-warming proving, grey monday. Seriously, i'm totally freaked out about the 50 deg++ tempretures of the weekend. Its CHRISTMAS, that means WINTER in MICHIGAN...i should be under a foot of snow!

Anyway, it sounds like everyone has had a remarkable weekend of growth, fun, shopping and personal solitude. That is awesome. Just what is needed before the hoopla of the holidays!

minxy- not that it needs to be repeated, but I swear, you are one of the most introspective, hard-ass working women I'm proud to "know"...even if its via a social networking website. Your little one is damed lucky to have a mama who gets that life is WORK, and the journey is the fun part. Good luck and love with the minxman...i hope truly that both of you find peace together.

So, my weekend was AWESOME. the baby was a true gem- after the last few weeks, i had almost forgotten what a lovely little person she is. I'm a bit nervous about all our days off together- our little family isn't used to 10 straight days of togetherness...moxieman and i have promised to give each other "alone" time whenever we need it...hopefully we don't get too housebound.

OK, i need to get some paying work done here this morning. ta, ladies.
*rubs eyes, grumble grumble, monday morning*

WORD, doodle and tes...thank you, as always, for sharing your thoughts in such an eloquent, and well-thought way. I've really had it with the offensive attacking statements in here, and I do not buy the bullshit of "I'm tellin' it like it is, truthiness," because frankly, its just insensitive comments dropped continually on a few of our members. This is OKAYland...its not the war zone that the rest of the lounge occasionally turns into, and like mouse said...if you can't play nice - don't play. And that doesn't mean that we can't have honest conversation in here, it just means that judgment and disrespect is not accepted. period.

And, yes, if I could afford it, I would hire someone to clean my house. I have cleaned houses for money when I was a teenager and in college, and there is no shame in honest work, and getting paid for it. period. And given the last three weeks of constant allergy attacks, I really would like to be able to pay someone to come in and really do a deep clean on my house.

And good morning, to everyone else here!! Shawn, I'm glad you had a good, rousing round of competitive thumb wrassling last night!!

((((mouse))), I hope you can make peace with the hook-up...sometimes, you just need the physicality. And I'm sorry that you had to wrangle shopping crowds...I avoided it all weekend, 'cause I was down with allergies and migraine, but its gonna come back and haunt me, because now I'll have to finish up the shopping this week. But at least that doesn't involve parking and driving here, just hopping a train and wading through crowds.
oh, yes, i agree wholeheartedly with doodle and turbo and tes on the housecleaning front. A person who cleanes for a living is making an honest living. This is something we should celebrate. And, boy-o, what i wouldn't give for Molly Maid Service right about now. I spent moxette's nap on saturday scrubbing baseboards b/c she's creepy-crawling, and i know there was more ignored dust bunnies than humanly possible. So, I am, GASP, a MOTHER who hates housework.

ok, i said something about billable work, right? Right.
Doodle, don't you leave the okay thread.

If you do I will hunt you down and force feed you chocolate souffle until you get sick and promise to come back.

It's true, one rotten berry makes the bushel go bad.

ETA: Good and lovely morning everyone!
'Morning all! *stretch*

I hope you all have a good last work week beore Christmas fun. *sigh* I need me some Christmas fun! We're going back to Hawaii to visit my relatives and my hometown (Honolulu), and to get some decent weather. We'll be having Christmas at my favorite Aunt & Uncle's house, and will be joined by other Aunts, Uncles, Cousin, and 95yo Grandma. It'll be like the Christmases I remembered (and liked). There should be lots of great hiking, bodysurfing, surfing, snorkeling, a whale watch cruise, and outdoor drinking. That, and I'll be cooking with some seriously talented cooks that I can learn from, and I can show them what I've learned on my own. Yaaay!

I hope the Goatie Girl will enjoy being surrounded by my family. She was a but stressed out by my parents and brother the last stay we had, but they won't be there this time. My parents and brother really are stressful to be around, but my other relatives aren't so much, and the Aunt & Uncle we're staying with are super sweet and fun. That, and Goatie got along really well with my Cousin and his wife. Even if it does get tense, we can always take off on our own for a while. It's all good smile.gif
*lines up for taloo's chocolate souffle*

Mmmmm....chocolate. Okay, so chocolate souffle is among the worse things I could eat in terms of my food allergies, but it still sounds good. Especially for breakfast. tongue.gif

And can we hear a big WOOT! for FJ's last week of work!!
Good Morning!

I see there's been some conflict in Okayland. I'm with the rest of you...I am over it. There are plenty of other threads on the board in which to argue. Let's not ruin Okayland! I understand where Doodle's coming from....I almost left the lounge w/o posting b/c the whole discussion has almost ruined my mood. But, I realize that won't help anything, so I'll just post & not mention the conflict any further.

Minx! I am glad you came to a decision that you feel good about. Good for you! I wish you the best. You sound happy and content. biggrin.gif

I had a wonderful weekend. The weather here is whack also. 70s. Too hot for December, but I suppose if that is what it is going to do, we might as well enjoy it. We opened our windows, let the breeze in, very nice. We got some of our Christmas shopping done. We still have some left, but at least we are getting there.

Does anyone else have a short week this week? We're off Friday.
hey everyone! am i still welcome in okayland even though i have largely dropped out of it? so i'm in california now, out of work, and basically being a housewife for now until i find something to do. it's nice but boring. i don't know anyone yet and i basically clean, cook, and watch tv all day. now that i've got the internet i'm happier! i want to do some physical work like serving tables, babysitting, or cleaning house *not trying to pick at anything here. i am in agreement with tes and doodle but y'know i'm not going to barge into this "discussion"*. i'm sick of office jobs for now and i won't be attending school for a while. i'm super happy to be back with mr.shugga. ecstatic!

i have a lot of catching up to do. i hope all is well with everyone but i'll soon find out when i read the archives.
Shugga!!!! Of course you are welcome here! There has never been the idea that you have to keep up with the conversation in here - just drop on in anytime! Sometimes I can't keep up either!! That's awesome that you're moved in, and settling in, and thinking about what you might want to do next. There's some other CA busties in here these days - ms gb and mouse are both out there!

Kari - our org is open on Friday, but I just decided to take the day off anyway. I'm tired, and I could use some extra rest before going to visit family Sun-Wed.

But really, I wanna join Lore in Hawaii...a tropical christmas sounds very fine to me!!
Just dropping by to say that Christmas in Hawai'i sounds like a dream! The drinking and the whale-watching and the fun with family ... sounds so wonderful! I think I might still prefer the more traditional American Christmas with the cold weather and everything, but seeing as it's 70F here, I figure why not embrace the tropical feeling? Hope you have a wonderful time, LoreWolf!

And I have left-over waffle batter. Might go nicely with that chocolate souffle. smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

Oy, what a morning! I am sick. Blech. It's been happening a lot in the mornings, especially when I haven't eaten yet, but it isn't really going away today. I'm constantly feeling like I'm on the verge of puking and my stomach is all a mess. I'm hoping it's just dehydration, so I'm filling up on water and not eating anything too complicated. I've had a banana and an Ak Mak cracker so far. I'd like to eat a real meal, but I'm afraid it would set me off. Everything smells sickly sweet right now, too. I may cancel my dentist's appointment tomorrow if I don't feel any better. I've got a damn strong gag reflex, so right now may not be a pretty time for people to be playing in my mouth, although my lower front teeth are tingling and killing me. Feh.

I've got nothing to say about the little blow-up here other than that I agree wholeheartedly with Tes and Doodle. And I believe that we do have a responsibility to other nations that we've colonized. We may not have directly done it, but as long as those people are still feeling the effects, we should still keep working to make things right.

"Voices Carry" was "This is scary." -Poodle
Dude, I thought that that's what the lyric was - "This is scary" - and I've been singing it like that for probably 15 years! This new lyric is news to me! My other favorite messed-up lyric is, and I always sing it this way: "Nobody got-o Mr. Roboto." It's funnier that way.

Ew, Mario Batali and Courtney Love? Really? It can't be!

Hi, Shuggah! Can you PM me your new email? It's been ages since we've talked. How long have you been in CA?

I never did get to see that video. Our computers at work don't have that kind of capability.

Hi, Karianne, Lore (I thought you lived in Hawaii already?), Turbo, AP, Moxie, RV, Taloo, Tes, and everyone I cross-posted with!

No short holiday week for me. I guess if I keep my dentist's appointment, that'd give me a half-day off, but no real days off. I do have next Mondayand Tuesday off, though. Working the day after Xmas always feels so weird.

So, I've been having the most difficult time shopping for my dad. I know exactly what I want, but nobody has it. I want a mosaiced bird bath. There's a gorgeous one online in my price range, but there's no way in hell I could get it by Xmas, and I don't want to just give my dad a picture of it and say "oops, we didn't plan far enough ahead to give you an actual gift today, so you'll get this later when we get around to it" because it's from my brothers and me, and I know they wouldn't like that. I'd make something, but then it'd be from me, not them. Gift buying is so difficult. And now I need to find a couple somewhat obscure Star Wars LEGO sets for the giant. I hope that works out for him, because the thing I really wanted to get him won't be delivered until next month (I ordered it anyway - it's an animated R2D2 that talks and responds to commands, coolest thing ever). Grr. I should have just done like every other sane person with computer access and ordered everything a month ago.

ha, i know i don't have to keep up with everything but now that i have more time i'd like to try. don't hold me to it though. heh

diva! i'll pm you my new e-mail addy. i've only been here 2 weeks. i know it has been such a long time!@

i constantly sing lyrics wrong. it's not even on purpose. mr.shuggah thinks it's HILARIOUS and i'm constantly getting made fun of. jerk.

what? leftover waffle batter? souffle? i'm so hungry!

i'm still far from L.A. three hours! meh. oh well. it's a shitty town but i like new adventures.
hear hear! to doodle and tes. and also to everyone who said they wand okayland to be OKAY, because I could really use that today.

Last night i found out that my friends' dad died saturday. He had cancer, but in July they said he had five years, but he just started getting worse and worse. so, he and his wife went to mexico for christmas like they always do, and he died there. i feel so useless. and mortal. and fucking tired of pulling out my funeral clothes for my friend's parents. fuck. fuckity fuck fuck. it's not fair and there's nothing i can say and nothing i can do and they really are the sweetest people and deserve anything but this. so last night when i found out i went over to the boy's house and we watched movies and played tetris and drank tea. and i guess today i'll make my friends cookies and bring them by later.

sorry for the downerness. i just am not a very happy hippo at the moment
ah, tyg. i'm sorry. that's so tough ((tyger))

not to dismiss that sentiment by following with something ultimately lighthearted, but i originally came in to say POODLE! i found an online etch-a-sketch!!
Afternoon peeps!!

Welcome tyg and shug!!

(((tyg and friend))) So sorry 'bout that. Cancer sucks.

A Hawaiian Christmas sounds fun! I'm still hoping for a white Christmas though. I'm really starting to yearn for the snow and cold. It's December 18, and there's barely any frost out there!! This is Minne-freakin-sota, dammit!!

"Nobody got-o Mr. Roboto" Ha! That makes a lot more sense than the actual lyrics.

Dad's are hard to buy for. The only stuff that my dad really cares about is big-ass gadgetry and outdoor stuff that I can't afford. Hmmm...get your dad some cheese, diva! Everyone likes cheese! biggrin.gif

I'm gettin' down to the very bottom of my piggy bank. That urgent care visit and the antibiotics ended up costing me $50. Ouch!! I am so unbelievably sick of all this medical crap. It's like I'm cursed.

Taloo, I loooove making up songs. I've been doing it forever. My highschool friend and I used to change the words to songs a lot when we were bombed. We actually wrote them down (or at least attempted to). Most of them were about our highschool's transsexual chemical dependency counselor (Mag). Ha!! I just remembered that we changed a bunch of the songs on Abbey Road so they were about our CD counselor. We also used stupid Garth Brooks songs (for some reason). I think they were easy to adapt and we both knew all the words. For example, we adapted 'The Rodeo' so that it would be a song about tranny counselor Mag:
Her legs are long and boney
and her stitches are almost healed
and she'd give half her annual wage
just to make her boobs look real
We know she's not a woman
'cause her hormone pills we saw
It ain't no woman, flesh and blood,
It's that damn old Cavanaugh!!!!

It's pink moo-moos
It's high-heeled shoes
It's the red lipstick galore
It's the hair on the knuckles
The razor burn and stubble
She looks like a Lake Street whore!
It's something something something something
(can't remember)...
It's a black leather studded bra
It's the lace and the straps and the hair on her back
and they call the thing Cavanaugh

Bwahahaha!!! Sorry Mag.

She tries to be a woman
The very best she can
But everyone in our school
knows that she's a man!!

Okay, okay, I'll shut up now.

Well, I better finish off this last bit o' work crap so that I can get outta here on time.

ETA - Oooh!! Cool mouse!! I can't play with it right now, but I certainly will later!
Poodle, I love you.

More than that, I LOVE YOUR AVATAR!!!!!!!!!!

POODLE LOVE MINX!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! *gives minx slobbery kisses*

-Fuck McFuckity. I don't think I'm gonna get out of here on time. I promised the meddler that I'd stick around on shitty nights like this, too, so I can't do the usual asshat thing and walk outta here after my part is done. sad.gif Maybe I should go downstairs for a drink. Yeah, that's a good idea.
Hi, all.

Sorry I was an ass.

Just so ya know, I did cleaning for a brief period myself, and sure didn't hate the people or the job.

Also, I could see if you were physically disabled or had very long hours, the way Tes has had on occasion.

Tes, I often enjoy your posts, but some really bug me and I usually don't say anything about it, or only skim so I won't be reactive. The reason for that is something from my own life that I, for the most part, talk about in other threads, but, I come from a family that has three generations, count 'em, of women who have put their looks and sexuality and social life first and foremost. That is, my grandmother, mother and sister all on my mother's side. They all married wealthy men and all came to grief in some way and ended up being narcisisstic in sometimes harsh ways. They would have their blowups and illnesses and substance abuse and control issues.

Now, you are generally a pleasant person, but I've seen lives like yours go bad. And I am generally a pleasant person and apologize for dipping into the verbal harshness that was so present in female members of my family.

I'm not trying to judge or condemn either, I just wish you would realize I have had experience with these things and it's not all roses.

I have had to work very hard not to just be a housewife or sex worker or lowest possible worker. That doesn't excuse any bad attitude on my part, and I hope to god to avoid outbursts in the future, but that's what it is about.

And I am certainly not the only one to be aggressive or depressing in this thread.

I respect all of your choices and have high esteem for you.

Hey all!

I buzzed by this morning and read, but didn't have time to post. But LOREWOLF! I must tell you that your mention of a Hawaiian Christmas took me back to my school concert at Tecumseh Elementary, in which my entire fourth grade class donned grass skirts and leis, performed a hula-danced on stage, and attempted to sing Mele Kalikimaka! (sp?) Subsequently, the song has been going through my head all day....

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say
On a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day
That's the island greeting that we send to you
From the land where palm trees sway
Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright
The sun to shine by day and all the stars at night
Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way
To say Merry Christmas to you!


Is it wrong that I am eating a late lunch made up of half a big fresh baguette, dipped in a saucer of olive oil and balsamic vinegar? Well, if it's wrong, then I don't want to be right.
I bet you miss that grass skirt now!
Mmmm....bread w/ olive oil and balsamic vinegar is one of my favorite appetizers.

I'm hungry. I can't go home yet though. sad.gif

I've done shitloads of cleaning during my lifetime. I've literally cleaned up shit--adult shit that some drunk ass left in the sink. I've also cleaned vomit, piss, beer, pubes, whipped cream, mud, and dozens of unknown substances! I'm extremely conscientious when it comes to cleaning up after myself outside of my apartment. I also make sure to put store items back in their proper place if I decided I don't want them. I think I'm way more considerate than your average person when it comes to the treatment of servers/cleaners/clerks.

Yay! I think I can go home now!

ETA- I only got paid $7/hour during my vomit cleaning days. I was making $6/hour during the whipped cream days.
I'm always a little stunned when i go to the coffee shop and see Big Important Yuppies leave a table full o crap. Because, it's just common courtesy to throw stuff away. I know very important MEN (for real) that just wouldn't think of leaving stuff.
Doodlebug, that song plays in a loop in my head all through the holidays. My mom had an old Perry Como album we listened to relentlessly around Christmas. That and "Christmas in Kilarney" echo in my head all season long. How far is Kilarney from Hawaii, anyway?
Aw fuck, it's still totally in my head. Must be 'coz I'm giddy with relief. Or release? Hummnnnn.

Ok, let's get the party started, kiddies! Solstice is on its way, and that's what I celebrate. What about the rest of ya?

I bought four small pointsettias today....I'm going to plant them around the base of the spikey ponytail palm in the big urn. So that's my holiday decor: big stuffed Grinch on the door, Tom Thumb the live conifer on the coffee table, mass planting of live pointsettias in the atrium slash coffee bar slash kitty playground. And tons of candles! Oh, and, you know, the usual crazy and/or colourful light fixtures, but those are always here. Sounds just perfect for solstice. Though I might string some white minilights in one or two of the bigger plants....

Now, jeebus cripes, Ye Quivering Wenches of Okayland! Get yer asses in here, 'cause we need to party! I'm bringing the "special" cookies. Who is bringing the wine? What about food? poods, are you going to cook a tofurkey for our feast?

ETA: kelkello, the answer is "very." It's "very" far. tongue.gif
I brought a big vat of mulled wine & will play DJ until somebody else feels like taking over so that I may shake my groove thang vigorously!
I don't think you guys would like me to play DJ. I'd be making you listen to Blue Rodeo or P!nk or weird jazz all night long. Someone else, please offer your services to AP so our sister can get her boogie on!
Doodle, I'd shake my groove thang to Blue Rodeo and Pink, anyday!

I've got some chorizo and bean tostadas here, and some tangerine sorbet....maybe not the best combo, but oh so tasty!

Sorry, I'm late to the par-tay....I'm knitting up a storm here, trying to get a baby blanket done for my cousin by Saturday....I'll make it, no problem, only I think about 50 more rows to go, and its really pretty, and verrry soft.

*shakes booty, and knitting needles, just a little bit*
Oofda! I just got home. The office meddler is still there. Hopefully I shaved off a couple hours for her.

Ummm...can I bring burritos to the festivity instead? *runs off to heat up refried beans*
poodle! poodle should be AP's co-DJ!

Otherwise, I'm gonna hafta...

*throws this little Canadian classic on the stereo*
Good evening Everyone!!

I'm glad to see everyone has calmed a bit after that rousing debate. I'm certainly not gunna touch anything that slightly resembles politics or lady part problems. LOL
I have openly discussed that if it were possible I would be a woman for a month, just to know how a woman ticks.

Nice avvie'd you find that picture of me tho?? HAHAHAHAHA
I, the Provisional Mayor of Okayland and Queen of Everything, do hereby declare this week to be:


Belly up to the bar, ladies, gentlemen, and transgender persons!

Don't forget to bring something for potluck!

turbo, while you've got those knitting sticks going, George could really, really use a little ivory bow tie for the holiday season.
You're so funny, doodle!! So what exactly do we do during party week?

Shawnboy, you should be Sloth next Halloween! It wouldn't be too difficult for you! laugh.gif (kidding, of course)

Hey, I like Canadian music. The Rush boys are a bunch of Canucks!

Okay, it's my bedtime. I'm trying to go to bed earlier lately so that I can actually be productive at work. 'Night all!
Well, how can we turn down such a grand offer of okayland funtime?!

Shawn...good to know the other gender wonders about the lady bits, 'cause I would really like to try out a weiner for awhile, I mean...what's cooler than being able to pee standing up?!

Doodle, I think a bowtie falls outside of my flat-rectangular knitting genre, but maybe I'll see what I can do...I mean, this is Georgie we're talkin' bout!

Okay, bedtime for me too, see ya'll in the morning. 3 days until my vacation!!!
[Roseviolet wrote:}

"And I have left-over waffle batter. Might go nicely with that chocolate souffle. "

Hey busties- this is Plat, Tes' BFF. I am just doing a fly-by to tell you that you that I had the pleasure of not only meeting Roseviolet, but tasting her yummy waffle batter. When it was cooked, mind you. I recommend it highly!! And Roseviolet as well. :-)

I promised Tes that I would post occasionally, and will when I am healed up enough from surgery to actually sit for longer periods at the computer.

So to all busties who sent vibes, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
poodle. I'm glad you asked. I think we should start tomorrow with a snowball attack on Kvetch. We can send in a Saint Bernard with a keg of brandy for the survivors. And another for the victors!

*bangs gavel of the Okayland Village Council Meeting*

Okay, Okayers, settle down with the raucous cheering. Heh. Now, does anyone have any other suggestions?

turbo, I think the "easy" version of the bowtie is to make a larger rectangle and a smaller one, then use the smaller one to bind the larger one in the middle. Then attach it to an elastic or a string or another piece of knitting! That was my plan for when I eventually made the satin one, of course. Heh.

You don't really have to make one of course. But if ever you DO feel like going for it, I would be glad to post a photo of George wearing it! biggrin.gif

*plugs in the electric guitar, starts strumming a few chords along with the Blue Rodeo song that's playing in the thread*

Oh, and in addition to poinsettia-acquiring, I also grabbed some earrings today. $1 a pair at the dollar store! Hee! They actually had funky ones - I would SO have bought fifteen or twenty pairs when I was 22. And they will probably kill me with keloids and other allergy-related problems. I chose really big, chunky, silver (*cough*nickel*cough*) hoops, two pair to see which style/size I prefer. I've been thinking of investing in a really good, sterling silver pair. (Maybe I can get them when I celebrate getting a new job! There, just one more incentive.) I really like them! I'm wearing them now, to test how long I can go before the itch starts...hydrogen peroxide at the READY, AYE READY!

*drunkenly salutes the thread*
*storms into the thread wearing a black eyepatch, brandishing a cutlass in one hand and a foil in the other*

ARRRR! Where are y'all, ya lily-livered early-risers????

*attempts to look menacing yet sexy in silver hoop earrings and other pirate gear*

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