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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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It's all for the best, fj. Sooner or later I would have kicked him in the ding-ding. And he would not have wanted that.
hehe, thanks baby. your humor always brings levity to situations like this. ha, as though i've ever really been in a situation like this.


i think i need to meditate on this for a while before doing anything.
mr fj is the cutest! I love that he knows just when to pop in and write something delightful for his lady!

kitten - I pictured someone either a bit younger or a bit craggier for the role...maybe its my undying love for Indiana Jones, that makes me want Harrison, but I know he's not quite right. I always love Tom Hanks, so I'm sure he'll be great, and I'm glad to see that his last couple of film choices haven't been so depressing...
i love when mr fj pops in here, too. the fjs are cute in that totally-adorable-but-not-icky-gross-sweet kind of way.

i am drinking green tea with toasted rice. sadly, i only have a little sample tin and the tea website is out of stock for the moment, so i'm on ration and rebrewing. right now i'm seeing just how little tea i can use and still get a tasty cup. and how many times i can re-use the leaves and still get a tasty cup. damnable out of stockness
Poodle! I SALOOOOOT you!!

I always thought the appeal of guns and roses was the pairing of a robert plant like singer with an eric clapton like guitar player.

falljackets, if it were me, I would need to go do a long writing in longhand session in a cafe or burn a candle in the park or perhaps both. One time a guy I used to work with turned up dead on the railroad tracks and they didn't know whether it was murder, suicide, or an accident. It definitely shakes you up. but here is fine too.

msgoof!! We go camping in May and it is so fun!! the spring is absolutely beautiful this year! Unlike most other vacations, when you go camping you see the stars at night and look at all the buds on the trees and feel the weird heavy dew super coldness of 5 in the morning and then hear all kinds of birds singing.

OMG kittenb!! I went to the buffy sing along when it played in boston. that is Anya's bunny song!! OH it was SO FUN. I went with my cool friend who was a buffy fan before I was, it was at a leftover art deco theater. Now those songs go through my brain.
FJ, I am glad you are sharing your thoughts and feelings with us right now. It's important, this is a huge thing, and we are here for you. And I also love it when Mr. FJ pops in. Hey - when are we all going to melt into our cuddle puddle? I still want to cuddle with you two snuggly wugglies.

Today I went out on a patrol in the desert from 6:00 AM until 2:00 PM. I'm pooped. And a little sunburned. We hiked our asses off in the washes and on the trails. We found tons of evidence that migrants had been in the area, but we only encountered a group of five. They were tired, thirsty, and hungry, and their feet hurt. We gave them a bunch of water and healthy-ish snacks, fresh socks, and some antiseptic cleaner for their blisters on their feet. It felt good to help them out, even if it was only in a little way. They seemed to be in pretty good shape overall. Four of them were hiding and the fifth came to us when we announced our presence as friends with food and water. It was pretty cool. That was my first patrol.

I worked in the hotel bar again last night, and it was muy boring. Not much to clean up, I'm afraid. I was there for 7 hours and only made $15 at the end of the night. However, my supervisor said that when he gets off vacation next week, he's going to have me take some tables as a cocktail server. Yay! More moolah - but I'm kind of scared. I've never been a server before. The guests seem to like me, though, and my nametag says I'm from International Falls, MN - so that's usually a pretty good conversation starter. Everybody's heard of that little shit-ass town from the Weather Channel. Or if they like to fish, they've heard of it.

And people are like, "WTF are you doing coming from the coldest place in the country to the hottest? Are you nuts?" Yes, it seems to be so. I am nuts.

whammy - I appreciated your thoughts on mental illness and weight gain and all that. I have lost a pretty good chunk of weight since I got Hepatitis A last year and then switched meds. Everything seems to be working itself out - not on its own - I have to work at keeping myself mentally healthy and watch what I eat for fear that I'll gain the weight back. Anyway - I went through a period of time where I thought I would rather be delusional and paranoid than overweight and wanted to quit my meds. I'm glad I didn't because my new meds are working out just as well as the old without the skyrocketing-outta-control weight.

Unfortunately, I am afraid that I have passed my mental illness on to Heikki. He's just not as resilient as other kids, he's very pessimistic and irritable (I think from depression), and he has been through a lot of bullshit in his short life through no fault of his own.

He doesn't get to go to Finnish camp this year because he is having such a hard time right now. I feel horrible. I really wanted him to be able to make it a yearly thing either until he graduated high school or until he told me he refused to go any longer. I feel like he is missing out on a really special childhood experience. He has gone for four years in a row, and this year he has to miss it.

Tea sounds good right now, tyger. Are you a tea drinker? I like green tea, and I have been drinking yerba mate a lot lately. It's got a lot of caffeine in it. And it tastes good. You should try it. Che Bunny loves mate.

I am stinky all over and covered in red dirt. Shower time!


Hi whammy! I wish to go camping, dude! I think this summer I will work at the migrant camp in the desert for a few days at a time. The sun will be blazing during the day, but hopefully we can help some peeps and also have a fun camping experience. I love to camp out. Especially if there is a lake nearby.
Triple taco -

I should have just ETA'd, but I just met a young woman who is going to Macalester in the fall and she was asking me a bunch of questions about Mpls/St. Paul. The bus, where to hang out, etc. What to bring to be prepared for winter (she's from philly).

Anyway - I know I went to college there, but I didn't know WTF to tell her because I was a loser in college. Never took the bus, never went far off campus. Are the busses there reliable? Is it difficult to find your way around on the bus?

I told her Uptown was a cool place to go - to shop, eat ice cream, eat, and walk around the lake. Am I wrong? I barely remember. My sis lived in Uptown, that's the only reason I know anything at all.

Anyway - I will see her tonight, if any of you have any tips I can give her.
OOH!! Tyger, that is my all-time favorite tea--Genmaicha! My therapist got me all hooked on it and shit two years ago. Way yum! Tres yum!

Okay ladies, I have fantastic news.

*are you ready?*


Fer true. It is the second one I looked at and it is in Linden Hills. As much as I love being really close to the city, I am quite frankly sick of the gunshots in my alley and the rednecks across the street beating on their children, and the random crack duplex I didn't even bother looking at actually had a hooker waiting for solicitations. Needlesstosay, I didn't bother looking in the apartment...and not like I have anything against hookers, mind you, I just don't want to walk my daughter home from the park while said hooker is trying to get a John.

Ah well. And the damned thing is so tiny. That is really going to take getting used to. I mean, this house is fucking HUGE! It has three bedrooms, the biggest (my study) is about 20x17. The kitchen is sweet, however, and has brand new appliances (gas stove--YEE!!!), two smaller bedrooms with windows and wood floors, an okay-sized livingroom and plenty of closets. Plus an added bonus is that I can paint it however I like! :-) It was so cute, and I just really liked the rental manager--she was top notch and not that much older than myself and she said, "Well, I can tell that you and I are going to get along famously!" The price is a bit hefty, but what the fuck. It is a really safe neighborhood and the T***** Bread company is literally right across the damned street from me. Yep, it is.

Looks like I will be doing way more yoga than usual. He, he, he.

So, anyone that has some extra time on Saturday, July 1st would be welcomed with open arms to give me a hand moving. *insert big cheesy grin* I can have coffee and kolaches and perhaps even some mimosas for anyone willing to give a momma a helping hand. I will also be employing the help of several bigger (and not-so-big) men, so please don't worry too much about the massive work load. I wanna get as many people as possible so that it goes really fast.

Wow, FJ, that is some messed up shit. Glad that you have such a wonderful, supportive, and non-violent hubby nowadays to get the love and HBI's that we all so dearly deserve.

Whammy, we are apartment twins. Congratulations!
ooh boy, I definitely have to try the mate.

that's one of my goals, to switch over to tea for my caffeine, cause too much coffee is making me *pee girl*

Don't blame yourself for Heikki too much. I mean, that's one reason I don't speak up about the effects on the family, and why I feel I can't go to NAMI groups to kvetch because then I will make a recovering person feel worse than they already do.

But, I think he gets good things from all of your good points, and also learns compassion and toughness and open-mindedness. It sounds like you guys have people to lighten the load in various ways and to speak honestly and that is what is needed. he may struggle a bit for awhile, but a lot of kids struggle for a lot of reasons. As long as he feels he can talk with you and others and stuff.... maybe he doesn't feel that right now, but it can be worked on. Any way, he has a very very good chance of being okay.

My mom used to think I was just doomed to despair, and that made things worse. It is really only about 15% of kids that have a problem, and then, you know, sometimes it just occurs randomly in the family. It may have to do with the mom getting the flu late in pregnancy or with a period of starvation -- there was a statistical rise in Irish people being schizophrenic in the 18 and 19 hundreds and now it is showing up in people in Bosnia.

Of course, there are many kinds of illnesses, not just that one.

On the plus side too, it's nowhere near as bad as kids who go through war or extreme violence like that kid of FJs friend -- and even most of those kids are allright too. It's a lot to deal with, but kids and people are stronger than we give them credit for.

To care is good, to think the best but just be tuned into their feelings and aware is great.

He probably will straighten out, cause I've seen kids straighten out a million times. and I myself was sometimes very shy and in the background and other times not. And I'm pretty cool if I do say so myself. People are like trees, you see that some years there is a lot of growth and other years are pinched. don't be down on yourself. Care, but don't be blamed and shamed and convinced its a disaster. You're a neat person and that helps a lot. You do the pastry and all and you have the guts to be out there on the border helping people.

I used to watch my dad carve beatiful carvings with this look of total peace and concentration on his face. And he would help people in trouble, and be nice to animals, and had a great sense of humor, and always loved to stay working and everything just like you, It makes a difference. okay?
puppykitty - your work blows my mind. I can't imagine searching the desert looking for immigrants. You rock.

whammy_bar - I want to got to a BUFFY sing along!

yayy for minx too -- but you sure do live in the midwest. The best we can get in boston for $1,200 a month -- and no less -- is two or three rooms. Yes that's including the kitchen. Can't call myself poor since i'm doing gym, car, hairdresser and all but -- and shopping -- but... and good food -- OKAY!! but the salary to housing cost ratio here is one of the worst.

My place is pretty, at least,and close to a lot of cool stuff, but it sounds like your apt could eat mine for lunch
Hello everyone! It's, like, 2:30 in the morning, and I'm wide awake, having fallen asleep on my sofa at 9:00. Ah, the joys of a long weekend, followed by a vacation! Also, it's REALLY nice to have a sofa that can be slept on without putting one's back out. Anyone who wants to come visit me, you're gonna love my sofa bed! :-)

Anyway, I haven't 100% finished reading the day's posts, but wanted to say....

FJ, it is absolutely normal to feel "released" right now, given what you went through with this guy, and I hope you don't feel guilty about it. It's okay to have conflicting emotions about people and events. You don't owe anybody any explanations or justification for anything you are feeling or thinking. This guy put you through hell, he put other people through hell. The other people he put through hell have had two years to deal with what you are dealing with now. Give yourself some time to process it all without worrying about those people. Make this time about you, allow yourself to experience all your feelings without those voices in your head telling you they are "wrong" somehow. No matter what you went through with this guy, you are going to go through a process of grieving - not necessarily for him, but for the years he took away from you, and possibly for some distant future where you thought maybe the guy would grow up and own his shit. And don't forget to let Mr. FJ know what you need right now - I'm sure he is all to happy to be there for you in any way he can. (((((((FJ)))))))

Ok. Back to reading!
SO, how was meeting darling Clinton? Turbo, is it just me, or is he the happy version of a certain friend of our from college? Anyway, try watching WNTW for 8 weeks straight, every day just about, and trying to shop for non-fat clothes. Gah. Clinton and Stacey are permanently ensconsed in my brain. On the plus side, I FIT and look GOOD in a pair of pre-preg work pants! WHOO HOO!!

So, we've had hella drama in my family the last couple weeks. My BIL, who abuses (but doesn't recognize the abuse) "recreational" drugs has been diagnosed as manic depressive (which explains a lot of the drugs, imho), but instead of living at home, he's decided to move out, and just ask "for specific support that I'll tell you about later" from us. I don't think in 9 years I've known my 2nd family, that I've ever seen my MIL and FIL so angry. Gah. Well, if he needs to live life the hard way, that's his path. I just need to concentrate on keeping moxieman out of the pool...and giving my MIL hugs. SHe needs them.

Minx- YEAH! for apartments!

PK- You're visiting Heiki this summer, right? You should try to see his doctor while you're there. He really is lucky to have 2 parents who both love him and look out for his best intersts before your own.
Mornin' ya'll!!

WOOOT!!!! for minxy and her new fabulous pad, in a safe 'hood! And I'm sure your new place will feel smaller, sounds like you're coming down from a pretty swank pad, but your new place sounds quite spacious to me!!! I'm sure you'll put all your own personal touches on it and it will feel like home in no time!

SO....Clinton Kelly....he is the gay boyfriend we all deserve!! He talked for about 2 hours, took questions for about half, and was just sweet and charming and So very funny and witty. It was an NU alumni event, and my friends had an extra ticket so I got to go along. There was a fair amount of blathering about how great NU is and how it prepared him for his fabulous life....but he really did work his arse off in the magazine industry for 13 years before he went to TV. But as he was talking about his journey, he was just speaking in a way that was so like how my spiritual friends and I talk, and I whispered to my friend that I bet CK reads the kinds of things I do....and then the next question was about his place of inspiration in his life, and he said his philosophy grew out of reading Caroline Myss' work! And ta-da!! Yup, he speaks my language, and that was really cool...and I liked him even more.

So here's the part that was very cool, as he was sharing his ideas about fashion and feeling good about yourself..."Its about YOU and its NOT about you. Its important to feel good about yourself whatever shape or size you are - this is about YOU. And feeling good about yourself might be helped along by wearing clothes that really fit you well. And when you feel good about yourself you are more likely to bring more good things into your life.

And its NOT about you. That billboard with the woman with the long shimmering gold tresses, helium filled boobs, and legs six miles long that grow directly out of her helium-filled boobs....that's NOT about you. That's about selling soap, or whiskey, or whatever. Its has nothing to do with YOU. Its about marketing. That woman may not even exist, and if she does, she has been photoshopped, and airbrushed so that she is not a person. Advertising is not about YOU. Feeling good about yourself IS about YOU."
-Clinton Kelly

I wrote that down just for ya'll last night, because I just thought YES! He is so right.

It was like a crazy frenzied fangril group there last night - I laughed so much I lost my voice, and we were all just lapping Clinton up, begging for more. He also said that for every minute of the show, they have at least an hour of tape. They spend 6-7 hours in each store, and pretty much shut the place down, which is why you see them hitting the same stores over and over again, as not every store in manhattan wants to turn their music off, have 15 film crew there, and take up a whole bank of dressing rooms. He said they do the two days of shopping, but most of the time, they need a third day, where they shop totally off camera, and can go to other stores to get additional items, as they need 7 full outfits to show on camera. And he said most people end up with 7-8 outfits at the end....I didn't think that was alot, considering you were allowing them to throw out everything you previously owned. $5K doesn't go that far, especially in NYC. And they do donate all the clothes that people give up to charity.

So there's my epic saga of last was so much fun!

Moxie, I am so sorry to hear that BIL has decided to leave home, and take off on his own...but at the same time, he has to *want* to be clean more than he's wanted anything in his life. And your MIL and FIL are likely going to have to get tough, and they might need to change their locks if he keeps using, not to keep him out, but to keep him from pilfering their belongings. And do just keep hugging yout MIL and FIL, and keep telling them that its not their fault, and hope that they will get their son back before something worse happens. Hold on tight to moxieman too - that husband of yours has a heart of gold, and I know this has to be very hard for him. (((((moxie fam))))
Good morning babes!

I'm glad you had a good time, turbo! I like him better than Stacy and Wayne because he doesn't seem as shallow. Wayne was a turd with no fashion sense. I haven't watched that show for a long time. It's on TLC, right? I don't have TLC anymore. :-(

Congrats on your new place, minx!!! I can't wait to see it! That's such a cute neighborhood. There's a co-op over there, too!

Well, Poodlepod is feeling sick again. I had to restore her and now I'm loading all the songs, AGAIN. Just when I thought things were back to normal...

Crap. I better get going. Later!
Hi, peeps.

I'm grumpy today. Something I saw on gofugyourself yesterday gave me nightmares and I couldn't go back to sleep and I got an angry tummy at some point that manifested itself at 3:00 this morning. Feh.

((((((((Moxie fam))))))))) My family has been through it, too. At one point, my dad paid for my brother to live in a hotel room for several months because he didn't want him in the house because he stole everything from them for his habit. He's about 3 years clean now. But know that sometimes it has to get a lot worse before it gets better and there's a very fine line between supporting and enabling.

Clinton sounds so incredibly awesome. I want him to be my new best friend. I love that he said what you posted, Turbo. That is truly inspiring and has made my day a little better.

Congrats on finding a place, Minx!!!!!!! I was actually on a walk with the giant through our neighborhood and found 8 places, just on the small circuit we go around. But I'm glad you and your tot will be in a good neighborhood. Is it at all convenient of a commute for you to work and daycare? I can't quite place where Linden Hills is, but it's a suburb, right?

PK, that is so awesome of you to help out migrants in the desert. Just knowing that there were friendly faces out there who speak their language probably really lifts their spirits.


Hi, Whammy and Tyger!

I've decided I'm going to write out a To Do list today in minute detail. My house is getting too far out of order and my brain feels messy because of it. I also just got half the beads I ordered on Friday (go Fire Mountain and USPS! I got them in under 3 days, over a weekend, no less!) I have so much shit to work on, and I need clear physical space and headspace to do it. I'm just waiting on my order from the other place in the meantime and I can really start rocking on this. It sucks that I've only got a month to work until Pride, and I need to do so many other things, like fix my tent and get a decent sign made. Thank Maud for the long weekend coming up.

Last night was so relaxing. The giant and I went for a quick walk, had some HBI, and made dinner while we watched wrestling. That's pretty much the perfect Monday night. Too bad it had to get wrecked with nightmares and angry tummy.
its tuesday!!! eeek.....

((moxie and family))

turbojenn saw CK! woooo! and he's fun and cool to boot! yay!

Minx found an apt. sans crack whores...woooot!

PK is doing good deeds in the desert!

(((Diva))))upset tummys are not fun..


ok, i am a leetle bit hyper....cuz i am freaking out about this class project and this campy thingie...aaagh. plus, mr. gb is no help since he has allergies(but won't do his meds to take care of them cuz he's lazy)(thus i don't feel THAT bad). The choker i made for the project looks great, i found a book on hollywood history with great pictures(woot!), and i bought a hard case for my kit and some 'true colors' mineral makeup...oh and i had leftover mandarin orange chicken and my chicken rice for breakfast..mmmm now the whole office is like 'what's that delicious smell?' heheh.

ok i have a question for you chefs/mathmaticians out there....if i am making lunch for two days for 14 people, 5 of which are guys, how many pounds of meat/cheese will i need? i figure ham, turkey, what else is there...?
oh oh oh...good things tuesday...

-hot cocoa and homemade chinese food...yummm
-a self tanner that doesn't turn me orange...
-a recipe for passion fruit sorbet..mmm!
yay minxie!
turbo, i'm still uberly jealous!
puppy, all the stuff you do is soooooo cool. and yup, i am a tea drinker, except for i need coffee before work these days, because that caffeine sticks around in your system longer
hi everyone else!

my mrg is here and i don't wanna work. whine whine snivel snivel. last night i was like 'okay, i'm going to get my period in the morning', but then i got up and was ungassy and unbloaty, so i was like 'yay! another day'. no, of course not. it sneak attacked while i was making coffee. bastard.

so, funny story. the day before yesterday i was over at one of my girl friend's houses, and we were deciding which movie to watch. i suggested gilmore girls (she had the dvds next to her tv), but she didn't want to, because she is mad at gilmore girls right now because it is teh ass. forward to early this morning. me and four guys are in an apartment (inhabited be 3 boys, 2 of which are compsci majors), and i see gilmore girls. and i'm like 'hey, we should watch gilmore girls!' and three of four boys agreed with me, so we put them in. then the rest of the people that lived in the apartment came home, and made us turn off the gilmore girls because they had all been watching them together, and it was uncool that we watched it without them. those guys amuse me to no end. silly boys and their gilmore girls.

damn my uterus. damn you, i say! i think i'll take pre-emptive advil pre-work, otherwise i know i'll get killer evil cramps five minutes into shift, and it'll be busy so i'll have to work 2.5 hours, instead of getting sent home early. because that is how the world works.

good things tuesday:
pizza for breakfast
i saw the producers this morning
i got to ride home shotgun
i got to hang out with boy who named me snuffleupagus, who makes me smile. him and his girlfriend are going to the warped tour the same show and me and the boy, so we'll probably hang out there, too, which will be le cool.

but now it's time for sad news. the boy's car ran out of insurance yesterday. no more giant white rusty station wago held together with duct tape that wasn't entirely street legal (the engine and stuff was fine, but the front seat was missing a bolt, so it rocked while you drove. it was like driving a fricking boat).

oh, but a last good thing. since i have a second job now, i can afford to insure/put gas in my mom's car, which means that she's going to buy herself a newer, nicer car and i inheret our little red neon. yay! i dunno when we'll go car shopping, though, 'cause i'm going to be working so much. hmmmmmmm, this may take longer than i had hoped

ETA I take the pizza for breakfast off my list of good things. i feel soo icky now, i really don't wanna go to work, and i don't have time for mint tea before i leave.
so tyger, did you get that waitressing gig???

i forgot poodle!!! how silly of me....HI POODLE!!!!
msgoof - I've no clue on how to tell you to feed 12 people, having never had to plan like that.

I love that (((poodlepod)) is getting vibes! I know how sad Iwas when my 'pod went terminal!

And now for Good Things Tuesday (and its really good this week!)
1. I saw Clinton Kelly! *swoons for funny fashionista*
2. The 3 day weekend ahead - woot!
3. And cousin who lost her premie last pregnant again!!!

Seriously, I am so happy for her, she sounded better last night when I talked to her than she has since...oh, I don't know when! Here's ((((vibes))))) for a safe pregnancy for this little one.....
((((TJ COUSIN!!)))) Here's hoping the sprit of little toby will guide the new one.

That is the best news Tuesday!
Isn't that just the best?! ...I told you it was a good things Tuesday!
((((TJ's cousin))))))happy healthy baby vibes...

Hey laaaaaadies!!

I'm actually doing work today because I slacked off yesterday and then I had a doctor's appointment.

Good things:
1. I'm not feeling depressed or crappy like I did when I came to work.
2. Poodlepod seemed to be handling the update process this morning.
3. I can eat stuff with fat in it again. I plan on eating icecream tonight.
4. The office meddler left for the day and the boss is interviewing someone, so I don't have to deal with them.
5. I finally have the car title issue resolved for my barely-functioning grandma car.

Yay for turbo's cousin!

Linden Hills is in S. Minneapolis. It's not a suburb, but it's pretty scenic with lots of trees and nice houses. Yay! Minx will be on the right side of the freeway! (meaning whatever side I'm on) I'll probably be around to help you, minx. I'm pretty sure that week is open for me.

My mom and I came up with the idea to have a small gathering at my place to celebrate my apartment being ALL MINE again. I'm not sure when the boy is gonna leave, but I plan on doing some heavy cleaning and painting afterwards. I sorta feel the same excitement that I did when I first moved in. I better start planning for it now.

Poodlepod is hangin' in there for now. She's just not the young, speedy lady she used to be. She needs more rest and she gets a little confused. I've gotten some serious use out of that thing. I've listened to it multiple hours a day, almost everyday for over a year now. I'm surprised that I still have decent hearing. I don't want to give up my pink poodlepod for a monstrous white one with so many bells and whistles. Does the video ipod only play mp4's, or can it also do .mpg or .mov files?
Oh, and...HI MSGOOF!!!
poodle, i'm betting the video ipod will play any videos you can play in itunes. which means all i know is it plays quicktime, and not windows media player. but, you know, you could always just get a 4 gig nano and a pink skin for it. i think my end of summer frivolous purchase is gonna be a nano to put my workout music on. seriously, running with a black&white monster strapped to your arm doesn't work properly.

yup, msgoof, i think i got the second waitressing job. i say i think because the duder on the phone wasn't the best at english, but i do think he said he was going to 'draw up a schedule and get back to me'. he hired me without an interview or even being the one who took my resume, so i'm also kinda wary of it for that reason. but whatever, it'll be more money, and it's a cute little restaurant.

yay for office meddler being gone for the day! wheee!
and superyay for turbocousin! that makes this officially the best good things tuesday so far, i think.

okay, crazy thing. when i'm working and have my period, they're the nicest periods ever. i'm not crampy, bloaty, or bitchy. of course, now that i'm home my uterus is trying to tie itself into a knot or something, but that's the way life goes
((((((TJ cousin!))))))) oh, that's just fantastic news.
<3<3*~*~*happy, healthy pregnancy and baby vibes!*~*~*<3<3

good things tuesday, hm?

1. it's no longer monday. (i think i use that one every week)
2. work is going sort of smoothly and i'm busy so the day is going by faster.
3. according to my temp this morning, i ovulated last night, just on schedule, so maybe my body is working correctly, even if it is with the help of fertility drugs.
4. i have been setting up my yahoo music station and have had quite an ecclectic mix of bob dylan, portishead, radiohead, elliot smith, nick drake and snoop dogg (to name a few) playing all day.
5. stir-fried chicken tonight when i get home. i love the wok and don't use it nearly enough.
6. i'm getting used to the idea of ex-asshat's death and am liking my new true freedom.
7. my momma and daddy can finally travel far far away without worrying about a phone call coming in about me meeting my demise due to said ex-asshat.
8. another three day weekend coming up.
9. cinnamon toast crunch cereal bar mmmm

ok that's it for now. i'm thinking of all of you and have read all the archives, but don't have much time.

OH, but i do have time to say:

SWEET! good for you, minxipie and whammy on getting your apartments!! good show, cup o' tea!
10. mrfj is going to inseminate me later.
mrfj, you are retarded. seriously.

but i'll see your insemination offer and raise you a chicken dinner. hehe.

/fj family thread hostage crisis
(((((((Turbo's cousin's healthy bebe vibes)))))))

I'm officially screwing around at work today... finally. Actually working at work sucks, especially having to make umpteen million copies of stuff. I think I have become one with the copy machine.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) it's gorgeous outside
Sorry, that's all I've got.

I love the fjs, and I hope there is lots of imseminating going on tonight!

I'm grilling out tonight, and making lamburgers and marinated musrooms on a skewer! And fresh asparagus from the farmers market! Yay for spring!!
Howdy doo!!

I think I got minx's old place and new place mixed up! Her new one sounds about my size. Yep, apartment twins all right! I really want this to be nice but am trying not to just run around madly buying stuff. It's fun to be enthused though, isn't it?

Last night I bought a nice wooden x-shaped dish drainer. No more plastic with coffee stains. Now I'm yearning for little towel sets. Lord have mercy. We want to make a stained glass window for the bathroom's arched window. Right now they just have a window shade stuck in it. How taste-free!

I'm happy for y'all. You're making me hungry Turbojenn and falljackets!! Hi to divalla, how fun is it to have a jewelry booth? I can't wait to check out that bead place and Caroline Myss. Thanks to Turbojenn for Myss -- how cool to find out about cool stuff from you guys.

Sounds like good advice moxie!

~**~*~*~*~poodle pod vibes~*~*~*~

good stuff tuesdays:

-I'm getting killer fast at my job
-soon this move will be over with
-got my green and black glasses today! They also have other freaky blue and brown highlights in the plastic
-still remembering my awesome camping trip a couple weeks ago. I love those people. It's like, the people that just sat there and complained or had all these dramas don't come any more. They weeded themselves out. And it was so sweet, stone masons and musicians and people I only see once a year. The beautiful budding trees -- our pictures are great. And the KIDS were so cool!! How would YOU like to have camped out with your parents, played crazy glowstick throwing tag with other kids, then come over where the hippies were playing drums and started dancing!! And the next day, make pizza in an old fashioned oven outside and dance around a real Maypole and play parchute games?! Too freaking awesome.

--Our new apartment will be so great. A much better life for real. It's like the front of the Oasis "Definitely Maybe" tape.

Hi to doodle and tyger and anyone I missed!
Hey peeps!

I'm at home now.

You're such a dork, mrFJ. That's a compliment coming from me.

Your new glasses and new apartment sound muy fabuloso, whammy!

More good things:
-My icecream dinner was awesome. I can eat icecream again! Weeee!!!
-Poodlepod is functioning (for now)
-I got my surgery/anesthesia bill and it's only $400, which is a lot less than I thought it would be considering that my emergency care expenses ended up being $700 after insurance.
-Since I have more money than I thought, I bid on a slightly used iMac 17" (with Intel) on ebay. Oopsie! My mom won't be happy with that purchase. Oh well.
Screw that. Somebody outbid me and I'm done bidding. I don't need a new 'puter anyway. If Poodlepod dies, then I'll break down and buy a 4GB nano. I'm a downloading addict, and I still only have about 1,100 mp3's. It would be really hard to come up with 7,500 songs, as cool as it sounds. ARGH!!! I want the old iPods back!!! I want the 6GB mini, dammit!! Okay, I'll shut up now.
He said "inseminate".

poodle's a 'pod luddite, yo. ;)

whammy - my favorite Myss book is Anatomy of the Spirit....great stuff, and a nice basic text, and soooo easy to read. She weaves all these wonderful stories in with her philosophy of healing, you just breeze on through it, and it all sinks in pretty well because of the stories.

I think we've all had a pretty damned good tuesday here. Thus, May 23, 2006 will now serve as the benchmark by which all future good things tuesdays shall be judged.

And with that, I bid ya'll good night.

*blows keeces to minxy*
Wait! I didn't get to tell my good things about today....
ummmm....uhhhhh...well, I *know* there was something good about today.

I had an allright day at work. And I felt a lot better. And my rent id paid up. And I even got a new pair of trail runners for those desert hikes.

A lady who owns land out in the desert near the border is letting us set up a refuge on her land this summer. WOOT! So we will have two desert refuges out there. On Monday morning, she is taking us on a hike through the mountains near the border so we can see what it's like. I'm excited.

Last night I volunteered to be a camp coordinator for a week. I will be on the team that will be conducting search and rescue and recovery of remains.

We are trying to get some good equipment to use out there, like radios and GPS. I looked on REI and the GPS runs anywhere from $120 - $500. I hope we can get a couple of them, at least.

On the 10th, I am taking a class that teaches desert survival skills, GPS, topo map reading, and navigation as well as search and rescue skills. It's going to be so awesome. I can't wait.

Congrats to minx and whammy on their apartments!

And that is so great about TJ's cousin being pregnant! Yay!

I bet FJ is getting inseminated right this minute.

Did anyone watch the 24 season finale??? I didn't. But I heard all about it from Mr. PK. He kept me updated every week with a little "Story Time, with Jack Bauer".

RIP Tony Almeida. We hardly knew ye.

I can't wait to get my new trail runners and break them in. I want to get out there and hike and get into a little better shape by going on more patrols before I spend a week out in the desert refuge. Althought yesterday, I didn't do too bad. We were out for about 7 hours, I think. And I got a little tired at the end, but shit, dude. 7 hours.

I'm so hhyped up right now, and it's almost 11:00 at night. I need to get tired so I can go to bed.

Good morning babes!

That sounds cool, PK, but I'm not exactly sure what you mean about setting up a "refuge." Could you explain?

Nuthin' much to report this morning. The resident boy hath returned from his eastward journey, but I haven't talked to him yet. He's been MIA for the last couple days. I can't complain though. It was nice being able to watch Saved by the Bell before work.

Ugh. I better get read for work now. I don't wanna! You can't make me!!! *throws arms and stomps around*
hi poodle!!

PK - you are a rockstar - hiking for 7 hours??!! That's awesome, I think you must be in really good shape already! And the work you are doing is really amazing...I think that tops off our already spectacular list for good things tuesday!

And I'd just like to say....Top Chef finale tonight! Woot!

And our big accreditation site visit ends this morning, and I hope they give us a hint if we passed before they leave! Otherwise, we have to wait about a month for the council to review everything and give us our findings. If we pass with flying colors, we get 2 extra personal days. If we just get a regular pass, we get 1 extra personal day....either way, I'll take it - we deserve it!
Good Morning!

I worked from home yesterday, am back in the office today.

Congrats minx on getting the apartment! It sounds really nice.

Fj, I am glad you are feeling better about everything. I am sure the news of your ex was a real shock to the system.

Ummmmm, not much else going on here.

Can I do good things since I missed it yesterday?
1. only today & a 1/2 day of work left
2. I'm going to see my girls this weekend
3. Really good stuff for lunch
4. I have done well with budgeting this paycheck
Hey bitches! What's up in okay land?

FJ and MrFJ, you guys crack me up! Hope you had fun last night! ;-)

Turbo, that's great about your cousin. I'm sure that this is just what she needed to ease the pain of what happened last year. Hope things go well for her this time.

Minx- your apartment sounds great! I'm glad that you got into a better neighborhood. I'm constantly worried about what my kids memories of childhood will be. And my choice of housing has been solely dependent on that. Good luck packing and moving. It sucks. But here's a little tip from BFE. Use your sheets to pack your glasses, dishes, etc. Save on packing materials!

PK - I seriously cannot watch 24. I'm a basketcase anyway. But I watched one season and it made me so damn nervous that I had to quit! Oh the stress!!!

So not much new going on here in my world. I do have a question for you all about GUY FRIENDS and how to make sure they are on the same page as you, as far as the relationship being plutonic. I know it is. But how do I make sure that he thinks it is, without coming right out and saying it like... oh by the way, I would NEVER date you, ya know? That wouldn't sound too cool and would probably kill the friendship. And he is a good friend, so I dont want to do that!

Oh and we have a big birthday party planned for this weekend for my little clones. I invited a million kids. Yep, it kinda got outa hand. Not sure what to do with all the little boogers now.

Well, that's about it here! Can I just say... It's only 2 weeks until I go to VEGAS! Hey, isn't someone getting married out there about then? Who was it again??

Hi, kids!

I'm feeling much better today. No tummy pains and I didn't have nightmares about death metal bands dressed as gruesome monsters stalking me. I managed to get our living room cleaned, so now it no longer looks like a beading studio, and a few other things done. I just keep saying to myself "clear rooms, clear mind." The giant was such a huge help to me. Life is easier with him around. I even managed to make a necklace.

Yummy, that's a tough question. Maybe keep saying stuff like "you're like a brother to me" would work. I don't know, I'm really bad at that stuff.

Wow, PK, a whole week in the desert? You're a far better woman than I. Talk about devotion to a cause!

Hi, Poodle, Turbo, Whammy, Minx, and Karianne!

Does anyone know if places like REI are able to fix canopies? The one I bought last year has some snapped poles, but I don't want to just get rid of it. I should probably look at getting that done now so I don't have to worry about it closer to Pride. I know what it's like to have a booth with no canopy, and it sucks, especially if it rains and all the metal in my jewelry gets tarnished and the paper on my bags starts warping.
This is a total drive-by, sweeties! Sorry! I'm on vacation! :-)
~*~*~*~*~accreditation site thinger vibes for turbo~*~*~*~*~

Were you listening to Gwar recently, diva? The heavy metal monster thing sounds scary, but I gotta admit that it cracks me up a little.

Yummy, I would talk about stuff that indicates interest in other males. Ask him for inside advice on men or talk about some guy that you find interesting. Just be careful when you bring it up so that it doesn't sound forced.

Ya know, I would like to be the filling of a Robert Plant and Jimmy Page sandwich, circa Led Zeppelin IV. I want to tear off JP's wizard pants. Seriously, I don't know if it's the bulge in Robert's liquid denim or Jimmy's fingerwork, but the guys turn me on. I know they're old crusty geezers now, but I don't care. A girl can fantasize, right?

Okay, I better get back to work now.
Doodle's on vaca???? Lucky lady!

yummy! Good to see you here, doll! Sounds like you have a busy weekend lined up - sounds like you'll be needing that vegas trip after haivng a million kids at your house eating sugar!

Diva - can you call the place you got the canopy from? That'd probably be your best bet....

Poodle, your lust for the aged rockers cracks me up! The images you placed in my head made me shudder just a little....
I ordered the canopy online, so I'd really rather not have to send it in and pay shipping on it again - twice. Those stinkers are heavy. I've called around in my area a little and found nothing. I may just suck it up and get an EZ-Up, like I'd meant to in the first place. Between repair cost and shipping, I may as well get a new one.

Actually, my dream was of these people on Scroll down the page to the Eurovision awards. THAT was what I had nightmares about.

Poodle, this all just goes to show that you were born in the wrong decade. RP back in the day was something else, but Jimmp Page, while eternally immensely talented, looks a little skeezy. Dude lives in Aleister Crowley's old castle and does weird shit in there to frogs.

Yummy, how old will your kids be?
Hmmm, Yummy....about your guy friend....if you comment on how nice it is to be friends with a dude, he should be able to pick up the hint. You're going to Vegas? Sweet! And a birthday party this weekend? That will be fun.

Diva, glad you are feeling better today. I saw those monster metal guys on tv, that's nuts! When we were watching that VH1 special on metal bands a couple weeks ago, Gwar was on there. They interviewed them, but they didn't have their costumes on. They are all sort of dorky! Definitely not what I'd expect.

Doodle is on vaca? Woot! Whatcha doin' doodley?

Poodle, you are too funny with your lust for Plant and Page. I wish I had a time machine to loan you.

Jenn, I am stoked about Top Chef tonight! GO HAROLD!
happy wednesday...yay its finally here...wooot!!!

"cuz, diamonds are a girl's best friend!" stupid song stuck in my head....((passes out champagne and sparkling cider to all busties)) today is the day, ladies! the project is due! finally!!

hi doodle, minx, diva, turbo, poodle, pk, kari, the fj's, yummy, kari, tyger, and anyone else i missed.

we did a shoe-run-thru last nite and the girls were flopping all over each other...not good. hopefully they will have it together today. i am freaking out..ok..chill....i gotta go do makeup..later!
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