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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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And the McDougal chain continues...their HQ is 5 blocks from my office! I've thought about applying there for a long time, but yeah, my friends that work VERY long hours, and their vacation package blows. I think I'm ready for something new, but not more workaholica.

I would really love to take 3 months off and go back to the commune I lived in for awhile...actually, if we ended up going to CO, that's exactly what I would do. But, I'm thinking the move is a long shot...not much packaging engineering goin' on out there for turbomann.

The pi-poodle mammories are so sweet! I'm lovin' it. I've tried finding my 9-11th grade BF, but can't find him anywhere...I know he has 3 kids, but he's got no internet presence that I can perceive. Probably because he has 3 kids.

I think I decided to make my parents a couple of mixed cds of stuff that they used to play when I was a kid, and that I know they don't have now that their vinyl years have passed....I predict there will be much Neil Diamond, Harry Chapin and show tunes...should be fun to put together. Maybe I'll get my brother in on it.
Weird! We didnt' do long hours here, and the benefits were great -- I mean, a week of vacation in the first 6 months, I passed January so I got another week, 401 k and really great insurance -- I only worked 35 hours a week. Maybe it's different at headquarters.
Now, poodle, I don't even know if this woman is queer yet. And ex-rb remembers me b/c I threatened to peg him in the ass with my purple strap-on. And he wanted it, too, even though he was afraid.


If you're gonna do him, you should totally peg him and make him a bottom.

ETA: refresher video, NSFW.

ETA: oh yeah, mouse, I so want to go light your boss's hair on fire on behalf of your drawing hand.
Damn Doodle...I didn't know you had it in ya. blink.gif laugh.gif

I have a feeling Poodle might too sensitive for that...Once while we were hangin' out with a few friends, the driver passed a little gas and Poodle got sick and had to get out. the driver decided to drive away and I actually jumped from a moving car cos I thought my friend was being a bastard. That's the first time I ever jumped out of a moving vehicle for a woman. unsure.gif I haven't done it since. tongue.gif I lost feeling in my pinky and ring finger for a week when I tried to break the fall with my such luck rolleyes.gif

I love those back handed comments myself. the best one I got was @ my last gig. The sales manager told me how good it was to have me around..followed by "you don't have much talent, but you do a good job" WTF?!?

He was even overheard lecturing the sales goobers over thanksgiving break and was complaining that if they didn't make their quota, he wouldn't be able to pay his mortgage.

He was fired a few weeks later. laugh.gif

bitches (and asses amonst us)...ITS FRIDAY!!!

The holiday season has officially begun in moxieworld. moxieman if off work until the end of tye year, i'm not, but i'm onsite today, not at my desk- so i'll take it. Its the big lay-0off day at his work, and although he assures me he's safe, i'm nervous. So, some vibes would be mui appreciated.

In other news, there is no other to research!

smells ya later!
Wow! What a treat for moxieman to get 2+ weeks off work!! I'm sure he'll love the extra time with moxette! I guess you have your own temporary cabana boy now too! Mine is going to go off and take care of the bulk of the christmas shopping for his family today - yay! And, I might take the train downtown after work to do a little shopping of my own, and see the christmas lights, and just wander dad wants a "chicago" sweatshirt for xmas, and honestly, I cannot think of where you might get one, but figure the tourist zone downtown probably has them somewhere.

Doodle, i am sorry the copier people continue to be an ass...but at least you worked out a solution. And that painting you gave your landlords sounds awesome, and perfectly appropriate for what they do!

I have 5 hours of meetings today...YUCK. 2.5 hours of all staff meeting, and 2.5 hours of my own department staff, in which we will go over the BS results of our "employee opinion survey." Can't wait to see how the HR director spins the negative results of this one...I'm sure they'll just blame it all on the merger that has now fallen apart - but that was just a symptom of the general dissatisfaction here.
*Keepin' your jobs vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!

Wow! The trip down Mammorie Lane ducked into a back-alley! wink.gif I love the part in the video where the guy was checking out the menu biggrin.gif

Heya MoxieGirl, Shawn, Poodle, Doodle, Wom, TurobJen, Mouse, Minx, Ms.GB, and TreeHugger! Good morning, Tesao! (6:30 AM here).

It's Aloha Friiiday! No work 'til Mooonday (except for all the work I have to do today, plus I might be needed tomorrow.) Yeesh! There's some serious wind out there. Gusts in the upper 60Mphs.

Yaaay for PoodleBoob! Sexxay dress, Minx. Way to live up to your nom! Mouse, I just did the same thing haircut-wise (except for the pixie-doo part). I get a business-ish cut thrice a year and let it all kinda grow out until I can't stand it.
Oh day just got boss just informed me that we'll be going straight from the all-staff meeting, into our department meeting and she's expecting it to go 3+ hours....oy. Guess I'm not getting anything done today. blerg. I think I'll just go home after the meetings, since she's stealing my lunch hour...I highly object to lunch meetings...I need my lunch break.
Turbo, I'm pretty sure there's a "Chicago Store" om Michigan Ave, somewhere in the Art Institute/Roosevelt University area. Oh, I wouldn't wish a trip down there today upon anyone. Good luck.

What am I saying? I'm the dumbass going to Ikea today. Eek. Might even brave some mall action. ((shudder))

And Minx, that is a stunning dress.

Hi, peeps.

So, today is the day to start the Xmas shopping. Le blerg. Lunch Break: make-your-own-brew shop, Amish shop, kitchy gift shop (and a couple other little places thown in for me so I don't go nutters). Tonight: Best Buy and Borders. Tomorrow: paint-your-own-china place, garden store, Mall of America, and IKEA. Sunday: grocery store. Tuesday: Target. I don't know if I have enough money to even do all this stuff. I figured it all out, and it's going to be pretty close, especially since I think I'm going to have to be the one to pay for groceries. This means I'll have to beg my brothers for what they'll owe me for my dad's present, beg the giant for what he owes me for his family's presents, just so I can survive for the next week, or cut way back on gifts, which I'd rather not do. A credit card would be really nice right now.

Poodle, nope, it was someone else who ditched me yesterday, not that I really minded that much. But we should get together soon, maybe during the week next week.

(((((((TurboJenn's icky meetings, on a Friday no less)))))))))

I sure hope ex-RB is a little scared of me...

((((((((Moxieman keep his job vibes)))))))) What an awful time to lay people off, huh? A bunch of people got laid off last night at the Ford plant in St. Paul. At least they're helping them to find new jobs.

Hi, Doodle, Polly, Lore, Shawny, Minx, Wombat, Mouse, and everyone I either forgot or cross-posted with!

I really hope they don't expect anyone at work to get anything done today. I'm just waiting out the minutes until I can go shopping and start marking some stuff off my list. Fortunately, my boss is working from home today, so nobody will notice my conspicuously long lunch break.
*fumes rising from head*

oooooooooo. nothing burns me as much as people stealing your lunch! how low is that? someone did that to me with some leftover chinese food that i had in the frigo at one of my previous jobs. it had my name on both the bag and the box, so there was no way that someone could have used the excuse that all chinese takeaway boxes look the same.

so the next time i had leftover chinese, i dumped hot sauce all over it, stirred it in. i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurv hot sauce. but most people don't. i just left it there. sure enough, some one took it. serves them right. i sent an email out on junk mail the next day informing that whoever it was who had stolen my chinese probably wouldn't do so again. didn't mention why, exactly. idiotas.

minx, the dress is fabulous. but only one third as fabulous as you will look in it. hummina hummina!

moxie, enjoy your cabana boy!

jenn, ooh and ahh at the lights for me, ta?

i will be wearing a bathing suit for christmas eve. mr hotbuns and i will be here

just us and the southern cross. i can.not.wait.

do you suppose that bob dylan ever actually visited this country, or was it just a convenient rhyme?

*sidles up to the footloose and fancy doodle*

baybeeee, i have a purple strap on......... rolleyes.gif ohmy.gif

mouse, your boss is a lunatic. you should draw a hand drawing the design to be sure that people notice that it is hand drawn. (a la escher)

mammorie lane. heeee!

"you don't have much talent, but you do a good job"???
loved the happy ending to that story, though!

lore, do you live in the islands? which one?

the sun is going down. the sky is pale pink and mauve and lavender and a dusky light blue.....guess i should quit goofing off, now. where is DIVALLA?????? i meeeeeeeeeece her!!!!
good morning friday bitches

today, my work closes at 3pm, which is great, except that we have the office party at 6pm. so i get to drive home, hang out at home for an hour and a half, and then drive back. eh! well, it's a free dinner and drinks, so i shan't complain.

i hung out with highschool dude last night. it was fun but not at all what i expected--though i didn't really know what to expect. he seems pretty down--his girlfriend of 6 years just broke up with him, and he's kind of living with his parents as a result, and hasn't done anything very proactive towards his career of choice (directing) since he left school. i kind of missed the way we would talk in highschool, with him always smirking and flirting and knowing that i thought he was so amazing and, we're peers, and he no longer thinks he's better than me, which, in a funny sort of way, is not as fun! but i hope he moves out here, i think it will be good for him, and it will also be good for me to have some straight boys to be friends with. *sigh*

i would like to note that pegging does not necessarily a bottom make.

****vibes for those that need them*****
hi you angry luscious twats! hehehe

(((mouse's hand)))

i'm so excited AND can that be? i pick up my sis today!!! I still don't know where but we'll figure that out. and momma gb and papa gb don't know!!! hehhe.

"mom! look what i found at the salvation army!" hahahahaahahaha

class went great last nite..lots of eating and we did a 'total look' contest...we had two entries and one got 3rd place out of 5 entries...not bad. I did makeup and A did turned out great.

hi poodle, tes, minx, diva, turbo, doodle, wombat, mouse, lore, shawnboy, and anyone else i may have missed! smile.gif
Hey ladies!!

Pooh on food thiefs!! That's so unbelievably rude, tes!! Chinese leftovers are sacred too. I'm always really excited about my leftovers. If someone touched my food I would hunt down the fucker and squirt hot sauce in their eyes. I've gotten in some near violent fights with old roomies because they ate my food or drank my likker. Nobody touches my food or interrupts my sleep. Nobody.

That's too bad that your outing with the boy sucked, mouse. Ah well, I'm sure it was interesting to look at him in a new context.

Ahhh...yes...I remember the purple dildo thing now!!

Rob Smith hair?! Heavens no!! I was headbanging during that picture. My gorgeous, shiny black locks were in motion. smile.gif

(X-post) Hi gb!!
"i would like to note that pegging does not necessarily a bottom make"

what?!!? mouse....i bet there's a story to back that comment up. laugh.gif

ok things are all set up to pick up my sis...thank goodness for friends in faraway places!!!

now i just be excited and not worry about it. yay! cool.gif

just sayin', roles ain't all that cut'n'dried.

Mouse, yer cute, but will you just GIVE US THE GOODS! C'mon!! tongue.gif

True that, though...people can certainly top from down under. The lawyer and I used to play games like that. Great fun back in my truly hinky kinky days. Not that it won't happen again...just not with the lawyer.
i don't peg'n' tell!
That's not what Doodle said. wink.gif
hehehe, you bunch a' nasty peggers!

what's up ladies? having a rough day again today, with the current complaint being a terrible headache. i feel like all the blood is in my head, like when you stand up to fast, except i'm sitting down.

ya know, poodle, if it weren't for the nausea, the fatigue, and now the headaches, i WOULD enjoy being pregnant! tongue.gif i am definitely in awe of my body and the changes that it's making. and i'm in awe of my new boobs. hehe. an a cup i am not anymore!

had a good lunch with the ILs. mrfj's grandmother is in her 90s and she fell and broke her wrist and hurt her ligaments in her shoulder, so she was there. she's a tough old broad though, wouldn't let anyone help her with anything.

wow, tes, that is a coool looking place! what an awesome time you guys will have! woooot! i love it! *jealous*

i hope turbo is making it through her meetings ok. that sucks!!

hi everyone else. i am pretty busy-ish today trying to prepare for next week. i'll likely not be online often in the daytime next week since i'll be training my replacement, but i'll be here in the evenings when i can. and i'll be here over the weekend fo sho!
What up my bitches!

(FJ) sorry about the headache! Ouch! *passes FJ a cold compress*

Mouse! Are you holding out on us???

Jenn-your day of meetings sounds like hell. How is it possible for a staff meeting to go on for 3+ hours? I mean, what do you guys cover? That would drive me bonkers!

Tes, I am sooooooo jealous of where you & Mr HB will be. That website made me positively droooool.

At my last job people would steal your lunch out of the fridge. So lame.

Ms gb, good job coming in 3rd place! That is impressive! I think your schooling sounds like so much fun. Though I know it is also a lot of work.

Poodles, that picture you posted cracks me up!

Minx, that dress is gorgeous! You are going to look so fucking hot! I think the wrap you are thinking about getting would go beautifully with the dress in the color you got it.

Not much doing here today. I need to be working, but I just do not want to. Completely unmotivated. Ready for the weekend. MR K are going to try to knock out our Christmas shopping tonight. I am really looking forward to first Saturday w/ no class in what feels like months and months.
*flops onto okayland sofa, exhausted*

Ladies, 5 hours of meetings is sheer *torture!* Add to that that my dept. is full of bubbly outgoing, hurt-your-eardrums sales-type folks...YUCK. I need a nap! Or a 'rita. Or both. Golly, we went over the employee opinion survey for the whole company in the first 2.5 hour meeting, and lookie - people are unhappy! *shock* And then we go over our department's results and *shock!* people are unhappy, though not as unhappy as the company as a whole. AND there was a homeade lemon pound cake and homeade chocolates in our dept staff meeting, and I had to drool over them all afternoon...perhaps that was the worst part. tongue.gif

Tes, I was more talking about my lunch *hour* being stolen because I had to sit in a meeting, rather than do my own thing....that's the major crime in my book. I've never had my lunch stolen here, people are very considerate, and in a company of 60 women and 3 men...that just would not fly...bitches would be screaming.

(((((FJ))))) Ugh, I'm so sorry that you're still feeling crappy...I do hope this passes soon and you can get on with just being excited!

I wish I was out shopping with Diva! I'm not sure I can face shopping tonight now...I'm pooped.

I'm *drooling* over tes' vacation spot!! See, that's why I would love to live not only get more vacation time, but you are much closer to cool locations so its a little easier to afford it and find the time to go!
I just finished the first leg of my shopping and now I'm enjoying probably the best cupcake I've ever had. It's dark (black) chocolate with chocolate mousse topping and Oreo crumbs coating the mousse with a gummy worm stuck in the top. It's called "Pile of Mud" and it's delicious. I also had the most amazing lemon truffle. Nice and dense in the middle and not too tart with plenty of lemony flavor, coated in dark chocolate. I need to learn how to make that since they're $3.75 a pop. Oh, and I did eat something nominally nutritious, a slice of quiche and a few pieces of pineapple. I had to spoil myself a little since I'm only shopping for other people right now. I get really pissy if I can't get something nice for myself.

We have staff meetings fairly regularly that go for 3 hours, usually once a month unless the head of the department gives us a reprieve, which is often enough. Since there are so many of us and we need a gigantic board room, I just bring crossword puzzles and try not to pay attention to the meeting. It's way more fun that way.

Hi, Tes! That resort is absolutely gorgeous!

FJ, your GIL sounds like quite something. I hope to be like that when I'm old.

I honestly think I'd kill someone if they stole my lunch, unless it was just Lean Cuisine or something. I take my lunch veeerrrrrrry seriously. Someone stole a bagel I had wrapped up in a bag and hidden in a corner on top of the fridge where I used to work, and man, was I pissed! If it were meant for everyone, I would've put it out for everyone, not hid it in a bag in a corner.

Karianne, welcome back to Saturday morning! I seriously don't know how you do it, going to class every weekend. I'm also shopping tonight, and will hopefully bang out at least half of my list. Mom and both my brothers are done, so now it's just Dad, the giant, and friends, some of which are already bought for.

Why am I even at work today? I haven't done shit all day and there are no bosses around to keep me honest.
FJ, your GIL sounds like quite something. I hope to be like that when I'm old.

Hope for something better, Diva. Trust me. That reminds me. I've been meaning to write a letter I'll never send...
But I like tough old ladies who still care enough to do stuff for themselves and be persnickety! I aspire to be one someday. The giant just laughs at me whenever I say that, and I think he's worried that that's exactly how I'm going to turn out and he's just going to have to deal with it.
Ah, turbomann is out doing his christmas shopping, and I have the house to myself for a bit...sooo nice. That's the only thing I'm not used to about his unemployment - he's always here! And mostly, its great, we're having a lot more fun together, laughing alot, but I do miss my alone time too.

I'm making my "turbofamily greatest hits" mix cd right now for my parents, its really fun listening to all these clips on iTunes, and downloading them. I've been giggling at listening to Harry Chapin's "30,000 Pounds of Bananas," and all I can think of is my dad singing it at maximum volume while dusting, and using the can of pledge as a microphone. funny.

OOh, Divalla, this video made me think of you!!

Christmas shopping. Haven't even BEGUN!! But our list is small. I've definitely been giving more to charity these days. Also, just bought the reuseable canvas shopping bags from the Food Co-op!

Batman and I are going to buy each other underwear.

Damn. I've got so many ideas of things to do, I feel like I'm trying to fill a teacup with a firehose.

~*~fj feel better vibes~*~
~*~moxie man keep his job vibes!~*~

the gay boyfriends have a great table for us -- we can put my scanner on it, but we can put up flaps and "DINE" when we have company! Woot!

Truly slammin' dress, minx!

I used to always run around shopping for my lunch hour, when I was skinny enough to fit into Urban Outfitters and there was one near me I could stick my head in and see what was up on the sales rack and I got a cute mini-dress with white squiggly things, which I wore with a long black wig tail that matched my hair so it looked like I had long, swingy hair. But otherwise == well , I think it's been awhile since I've urban outfitted! They have some cute SHOES though!! That don't cost 300 DOLLAR!! (Go to the link!)

Nowadays what I like to do for my lunch hour is relax and EAT MY DAMN LUNCH!

Fie on exercising for your lunch hour and sticking bites of food in your mouth as you hang over the computer. No, I say!

I love your 'rita love, turbo!! I bet you make great ones with all kind of fresh healthy fruit and stuff -- mmmm Mangorita! Pomegranarita!!

I just got two bottles of Castlerock Pinot Noir! It's this ten dollah wine I love, and then I couldn't find it, and now it's back, with a sign saying it was chosen as one of the best 50 wines by Wine Spectator magazine. No wonder I couldn't find it. And it must have been in their "cheap" category! But now it is fifteen dollars! Sgood though!

Have a good weekend youse guys!

Wombat - that was hilarious! Thanks for posting that!! I think I'm going to be having *shoes* *shoes* stuck in my head all evening. Ah, the youtube is such a wonderful way to waste time....

Ah, my love of 'ritas is vast, and indeed I do drink them only with hand squeezed juices, but lately, my love is mostly nostalgic, as I'm pretty much off the likker these days...which is fine by long as I can handle my ritas when it counts - in the summer!

And I'm with you, wombat...I just prefer to relax and enjoy my lunch hour to going out and running around.
Happy Friday, you Elf-Robed Mall Santa Helpers!

I just got online for the first time. Day is done, week is done, EVERYTHING is done! I have a quarter of bud, a cupboard full of food, and my hair looks gorgeous. What else is there? biggrin.gif

Hey, I have a question...I was going to go into the drugstore and ask the pharmacist, but I never got a chance. Does anyone know how long it takes Diflucan to work on yeasties? I don't remember...I took 1 pill on Monday when I notice the first symptoms, and I have 2 refills at the pharm, but I don't want to pick them up if I don't have to, since it's almost $30 per pill. I should go ask this in the general knowledge thread, too....

turbo, I love that visual of yer dad! My mom's a bit of a ham, too.

ETA: godDAMN it. I am heartbroken they won't ship these to Canada!
Yay for kari's school-free Saturday!! I don't know how you can do it, either.

That's a cute video, wombat. My favorite part is the dude in the purple spandex unitard! And the robot!

Yay! Doodle's done with everything!!

Ugh, I stayed at work until 7:30 tonight. Fortunately, my dumbass report is almost done, so I won't feel that Sunday evening dread.

My boss told me that she breastfed her kids until they were ready for kindergarten. That's effed up, yo.

(((FJ's head)))

Nothing much to report tonight. I feel crusty and I have no clean laundry, so I'm just gonna kick it at home.

Thank you for reporting on dumbasses, PinkPoodle!!

I myself am wearing one of my last outfits!! This working a job on weekdays! It's killing me!

I do adjust, but Jaysus.

I really have to trust I can do what I want!! This generation of software hardware is a kludge though! You used to be able to export layers from illustrator that would go into Flash easily and even animate themselves.

Can I get bustie vibes for Axl?? I don't know him personally, but I know he is going throught lawsuits. Sucks ass! He needs the rights to his stuff.

Oh, we are overdue for a trip. To Barcelona!!

Turbo. Denver. Well, could be fun if you want to do it, but it is like freaking all white republicans wearing Patagonia. Corny.

What about RENO?

Gad, Karianne! You tough lady! I had one semester I had to drive all the way to the effin' North Shore by 830 every Saturday morning! but it was worth it! It was fall semester so not too much snow! And the professor was a cool Irish guy that told us the radical take on ancient and medieval history! Did you know that on New Year's Day in the year 800 A.D., the pope was crowning Charlemagne and Charlemagne grabbed the crown and put it on his *own* head?! Like, you wouldn't BE pope if if wasn't for me, mutha fucka!!

and he built an Ostrogothic hexagonal cathedral in Aachen.

*drunken post!!*

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! said with red face and drunken hugs!

my dildo is orange and white streaked silicone! when I got it I was looking for one about seven inches with a well-defined head!! and coronal ridge!

and a "stop" at the other end!

and when I bought it the woman there said, "that is our most popular model!! Enjoy your dildo!!"

Mornin' ya'lls! Color me impressed....wombat has most excellent spelling and grammar in her drunken posts!!

I stayed up too late last night - a whopping 11:30pm, but when I still wake up at 7am to walk the dog...I'm gonna need a nap.

What I need more is to figure out what kind of soup to make...I'm having a hard time figuring it out this week. I guess I'll start with the chicken stock today, and figure the rest out tomorrow. Might have to make "real" jambalaya tomorrow, since the box just didn't do it for me this week.

Yeah, wombat, I'm doubting the denver thing is really gonna happen, unless my brother's company somehow decides they need a packaging engineer...and they make corporate jets, so it seems doubtful. I would *love* to move to Portland, OR, but there's really no industry out there. I'm still quite content to stay here too.
HEY NOW! I live in Denver, am not a Republican, own no polar fleece, & am a creamy beige! I live a delightfully debauched life here. It's not at all hard to avoid "those people" if you make it your business to know where all the cool stuff is. I could take you on a tour of the 5280 that'd make your hair curl!
alright AP!!! When I come to Denver, you'll have to show me the highlights! I'm not sure my big bro is really into exploring the urban areas - he's a suburban kind of guy, but I'd probably want to live in a more urban/diverse area! See, THIS is what I know a bustie or two there, that would really have the scoop!

Aural! You delightful beastie! I already have curly hair!

But it would be worth it to go to Colorado just to meet you.

Mmmm Jambalaya. Make it thick, dirty, and full of fish--y!!

"Jambalaya, Pork Fish Pie, Filé Gumbo! "Cause tonight I'm gonna meet my cher ami-o!"

Hank Williams.

Probably the words arw wrong.

I used to think Eric Clapton was singing about a character named "Captain Midnight" who was gonna let it all hang down. But, I was only like, 8, okay?

Yeah -- packaging design. I have no idea where the packaging design mecca is. Ever think of trying to get "outside-of-the-package" design? that's fairly cool....
I'm pretty curly headed myself, but sometimes I am even surprised at the hijinks I find myself involved in!

Turbo, I live in the heart of the city. Almost thirteen years in the same hood. Cap Hill, three blocks directly south of the Cap. Boy has it changed! It used to be a sleepy little neighborhood, now five or six of the hottest clubs in Denver thump the weekends away. Not my scene, but there are a lot of great coffee shops & dive bars around, too. Mucho history! Both my old apartment & my current apartment are on national register. My local is located in a building that Neal Cassaday's wife lived in in the fifties about a block away. It's now housing for crazy people. Speaking of which, I have to say I have a very diverse group of friends. 'round 24 on up, black, white, Latino, Asian, male, female. Lots of different political/social/ opinions, wide backgrounds.

I reside mere blocks from Broadway & the longest street in the US of A, Colfax. So. Broadway is full of great shops, bars, eateries, galleries, venues, antiques places. Colfax is... interesting. Lots of great *cheap* bars, pawn shops, cheque cashing joints, & places to dine/dives to grub. Home of the original Pete's, some of the best greasy Greek diner fare ever. Oh, & hookers & crackheads. I once took some suburban friends on a 'real' Colfax bar crawl & they were terrified until they had enough liquor in them to drop the elitist shit & have fun. Colfax also has some of the most fun places to catch a show. The Ogden, the Fillmore, the Lion's Lair, And the Bluebird. When I was a kid the Bluebird was a porno theatre, now it's where most up & coming bands play.

The worst places to go? Cherry Creek. Ritzy out the wazoo, but there are a couple of great sushi joints (Hapa is non-traditional sushi & one of the local breweries brews a rice beer to die for!) & the best burgers in Denver are at the Cherry Cricket. It's an institution. Lodo. If you've caught any of the Real World Denver you know what a plastic shit hole it is. Yuck. Only highlight would be the Wazee Supper Club, good pizza & another Beat Poet haunt. A few blocks away in most directions & you can find a cool little neighborhood. 15th St leads you up into the Highlands 'hood & it's about the most popular place right now.

I know where to shop for anything you might want & if I don't I know somebody that does. The best food, cool salons, little hole in the wall stores that specialize in things you don't need, bookstores, galleries. I also have excellent "Chad" raydar & know where not to go.

I can see moutains right now. It's cool, but sunny. Supposed to snow tomorrow.
Mornin' y'all!

Captain Midnight
He's gonna let it all hang out!!


Hmmm...let's see...I used to screw up words a lot as a kid, but I can't really think of any good ones. I used to think "Voices Carry" was "This is scary." laugh.gif I also used to sing "Comma Camelia" instead of "Karma Chameleon," but I was 4, so there's no way I woulda got that one right.

Shit, I suppose I should do something productive today. I still have little Christmas odds and ends to wrap up. I hate having to leave the house to buy gifts!! I'm a total internet shopper. It's always super easy for me to buy Christmas gifts because I work downtown, too, so I can take care of most of that stuff during lunch or after work.

ETA- Doood!! I just opened the Rosie the Riveter action figure and she's so badass!! It's really too bad that her riveter and lunch box are choking hazards, and that I have to keep it for myself instead of giving it to my niece. biggrin.gif
Ooooh. Aural, sounds fun! "Chad" raydar! *snort!*

Poodle. Post a link to your "dumbass report" so we can avoid them even more quickly!

Me and Batman are going to the North Shore Mall, home of the Apple Store, to buy minor Apple things. There is an Apple store closer to home, at the Cambridgeside Galleria, but that does not have the sexay underwear stores! We are going to buy each other sexy underwear for Christmas.
Well, good on ye, minx. I think the distinction between "working very actively on awareness" and "mess and he can't help it" is vital.

Long ago in a roommate ad I saw they were looking for "growing" people. Good way to describe it.

I need to put myself through some disciplined work and a wee of pain esp. the kind that is "I am too weak to do this" to put my graphic art and web skills on the next level.

Finish them over this winter. Do not piss time and money away. I'm doing pretty well. And will probably talk very carefully with my agent.

Everybody has a place where they need to push themselves.
Awwww, minxy, I'm sittin' here all weepy and smiling. I am SO happy for you, and mostly, PROUD. You are making the choices in the most intentional way, telling your partner and the universe what your expectations are, and I truly believe that you will get what you want...ALL of it. Whether its minxman as a partner, or someone that has yet to appear in your life, you shall have the love you want. I have no doubt of that fact, because you're ready, and you're asking for it. You know how to take care of yourself, and minxlette, and you have all the tools you need to move forward with joy. And you DO deserve it, we all do.

Enjoy your quiet weekend, and your new beginning!!

Wombat, I need somma your ambition and commitment to design...I like it, but I just don't get all that excited about it anymore, its just something to do, and I'm vaguely decent at it. Ultimately, I need a position that doesn't bore me so much, and as soon as turbomann is tucked into his new job, its my turn, dammit!!!

Oh, and we already live in the packaging mecca....there are more jobs here than anywhere else for, staying here is a likely choice.

AP, you give me much hope for Denver!! Your Denver sounds exactly like a city I could love...I will definitely let you know when we come visit. Because even if we don't move there right now, we'll definitely be visiting often to see my big bro.

well, I need to start knitting here, I've got a baby blanket that needs to be started and finished by next saturday...thank cod, its frigging huge yarn, shouldn't take me more that a couple hours.
*puts on his Captain Midnight goggles and lets it all dangle* Wooooo! Ready to save the worrrld!
Oh minx, I'm happy that you're feeling some serenity, BUT I'm beginning to think that some time alone would do you and minxlette some good. Every since I've known you, you've pretty much always had some kind of man in your life (whether serious or not). Have you ever spent long amount of time being totally manless? I've known many people who jump from partner to partner without any chunks of time in between. I never understand why. I'm beginning to wonder if you're a serial dater. I'm not prescribing here, but now that I know about these horrible incidents in your past, I'm concerned about these relationships. I could be totally off-base here, and you can give me a hard spanking if you strongly disagree. Again, I'm not trying to play psychiatrist, I just care about you. Here's a song for you:

I will be your poodle figure
put your naughty hand in mine
I will be your spanker, wanker
Anything you have in mind
I will be your poodle figure
I have had too much red wine
I am gonna love you
til the end up time!!

Lorewolf is Captain Midnight! Ha!

ETA- I will be your....pooooodle!! I'll be your abby!! Whoa!! I am gonna love you til the end of...time...*do do do do dooo do do do do do dooo*
Hey all, stopping in to say a quick hi!

Hope you are all having a great weekend, and are not too stressed out over the usual seasonal mall hell and family dysfunction!

I am enjoying a long-needed rest this weekend, and hopefully next week.

*passes out homemade chocolate chip cookies, the special kind*

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go do something right-brained. Cheers!
Hey ya'll....a special late night appearance by me, here...just got in from dinner and post-dinner tea with our friend from Dublin. Really wonderful to see her, and really makes me want to go live abroad...her photos from all of her weekend trips were just really amazing.

And we got home to find a drunk, smelly man sleeping in our outer lobby, who as obviously pissed himself. I'm not sure I'm going to get concerned about it though...there's plenty of other cranky people in this building to get upset about it. I don't think its my job tonight.

Well, I need to unwind a little here, and then get some Zzzzzs.

Doodle, I'm glad you're having a nice relaxing weekend - you deserve it after the week you've had!

And poodle, as always, I love your lyrics!!!
*shakes his tambourine to Poodle's singing and helps himself to one of Doodle's 'Special Kind' cookies thankyouverymuch!*

wow, so much going on in here! i feel really guilty about not posting and mentioning everyone. sad.gif

minx, good to chat with you yesterday. the connection broke, not sure why. try to catch up with me again today, ta bom? you sound good. i've got your back, querida. you should find out about skype and download it! i've been using it to talk to mr hotbuns, my sister, elle, BFF (if i call her platysma or plat, would you remember that?), quantum spice, etc etc etc. it's FREE. it ROCKS.

i've been LOVING the videos! wombat, yours have been especially good! the robot and the super grape! man were hysterical.....i got the distinct feeling that the robot was watching the grape!man do "the robot" and SO did not approve....heee! plus, SHOES! SHOES! is perfectly diva! i don't know, that entire thing was hysterical and had me falling off of my chair. the disapproving parents with the picture of shrub and those ridiculous party hats! i loved that the dinosaur came to life and helped kick butt, too. more, more!!!

jenn, so glad that you had such a lovely evening! at least the drunk (pissed??? hahahah!) guy in the lobby was passed out and you didn't have to deal with him maulng you or something....

poodle, you always have THE best lyrics!

and doooooooodle!!! enjoy your down time, take care of yourself. you have had the week -- and the year -- from hell. relax, cuddle with the kitties. wish that we were there so that we could all cuddle together!

my niece elle and i have already exchanged gifts. she got me a calphalon no-stick frying pan (which my maid laura LOVES). i bought her hubby a really nice shirt when i was there for t-day. BFF and i have also decided not to exchange, as have my middle sister, ddt and i. well, at least i told her (ddt) that i didn't want anything -- i wanted her to save her money and use it to come and visit me. and that is what i am giving elle for both her yule gift AND her bday (which is in january) -- a round trip ticket to visit me in June/July. i've ordered a year of orchids for my mother -- she will receive a gift card saying that she will get them, and then every month she will receive different sprays of orchids. i've done this for her before and she said she thought of me every month when a new package arrived. now that i have a good job i can do it again.

mr. hotbuns and i are giving each other each other. that just leaves my finnish family. (well, in addition to elle) i need to get something for oldest sister sailor, mr. finn, and their other two children, scout and noname. scout is my only nephew, he is in his early 30's, is a nurse in the ER, and likes camping and biking. noname is my youngest niece. she likes computer rpg games, anime, manga, raves, rave type music and thought that it was THE coolest thing that i knew what she meant when she made an obscure reference to badgers.

scout will be in the states visiting elle the week between christmas and new year's eve. so he can take gifts home to finland with him. anyone have any ideas? a-c lives in florida, i may just get her a gift card for target, or New York & Co, or something like that.

i am not decorating, putting up a tree, going to any malls (we only have ONE, and i live above it, it is quite small and has, hmmm *counting* maybe 20 shops total? that includes a deli, a small super market, my hairdresser, an internet cafe and a gelato store. i like it, it is sort of an anomaly. the big BIG potato in the states tells everyone that i live in the mall. she's got a quirky sense of humor. i like it!

and now that half of the office has gone on vacation for the next month, it is much quieter there. my stress level has dropped enormously after last week -- when we had one of the VPs here visiting, my director was preparing to leave on Friday, we had crazy deadlines, and every time i turned around someone else had gone back to brasil. and mr hb gets here on FRIDAY!!!

i spent yesterday sleeping and watching movies. if it doesn't rain today, i may go for a loooong walk around the city. if it does, well, i'm not sure what i will do.
hi hi hi tes!!! *run up and tackles tes on the okayland sofa*

So GOOD too see you in here, and I'm glad that work is quieting down for you here for awhile - you need it! AND Mr. hb will be there friday!!! As lore would say Eeeeeeeeeeee! What a wonderful holiday you're going to have together!

I've no idea what the frell I'm doing up at 6:30am wait, I do know. I took an exedrin migraine at about 6:30pm last night because I felt the aura of my MRG migraine coming on and I didn't want to be a poop when hanging out with my friend....its the damned caffeine in those things...does it every time, since I ingest no other caffeine in my life. Gonna need another nap today.

But getting up early is okay too, I can get my grocery list together, take turbs for a long walk, and then figure out the rest of the day...I think I'm going to make some puerto rican braised chicken for dinner...and then prep some stuff for other nights this week. Sunday is always about cooking for me. smile.gif

Seeing my friend last night made me realize how much I miss her, and having only one night to see her just isn't enough! Waaaaaa! I wanna veg on the couch with her, or go see some bad girly movie. Ah well, we'll just have to make sure we get over to Ireland this year to see her.
Mornin' hot babes!!

Normally I hate Sundays, but I went to bed early last night, so I don't feel as crabby. The cats are happy too. It's so cute how excited they are for the brand new day.

((((turbo's head))))

Hi tes!! Your X-mas arrangements sound so nice. I'm starting to wish that my family was like that. The best gifts are immaterial and creative. Yay for Mr. Hotbuns arriving soon!!

You have a maid?

Heh...I bought the ex-RB a pair of his favorite underwear and a package of moisturizing butt wipes (which he also loves). Ha! I need to get him one more really strange thing (I'm thinking a food item) to finish it off. He's not the type of guy who cares about spendy items. He's super cheap, so he appreciates the little stuff. I know he'll find this entertaining.

I watched Dr. Strangelove last night. What a strange movie (given the 1964 context). I love Peter Sellers.

So, I think I'm gonna start collecting strange action figures. I was playing on ebay last night, and I couldn't believe the stuff I found. Here's a sampling of the funniest/most disturbing action figures I came across:
Tommy Chong/Up in Smoke
Al Pacino/Scarface
Jenna Jameson (eeewwww)
Michael (David Hasselhoff) from Knight Rider
Notorious B.I.G.
A cat lady with 6 different cats
Edgar Allen Poe

I was playing with Rosie the Riveter last night and it was lots of fun, although I wish she had one of those buttons on her back that you push and she makes a punching motion.

Arrggh...I have to clean today.
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