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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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desculpa todo mundo tao violenta!

minx: i see that you are doing what i've been doing, which is falling asleep as i type this....sorry for any unplanned incoherence!
oooh, for the vacay, i'd grab mrfj and do this cruise or one very similar. i love cruises and really want to do a european tour. of course this is all pretend, so i don't have to worry about finding a sitter. i don't think i'd want to go on something like this while still pregnant. i would want to sample everything that the other countries would have to offer, including forbidden soft cheeses, likkers, odd delicacies and such!

mmmm, cheese!

msgb, good on the kitters for finally getting along, sort of. maybe they jsut needed more time. or maybe theyr'e humoring mrgb because they see how important it must be to him. hehehe.

poodle, i don't like the word breast either. i even use the term "boob" when talking to my doctor. they know what you're talking about! hehe. hope you can reach them.

wow, minx! you mean the lady that lost her wallet?? i bet you really DID make her day. poor lady! i hope she has a much better day! *~*~*~*~((((down-on-her-luck-lady))))~*~*~*~*

doodle, i'm afraid i'm going to get a yeastie. the midwife gave me an antibiotic cream to help take care of the spotting issue. grrr. i hope yours goes away soon!

diva, how was the steak fajita? man, that sounds effin' good right now! oooh! maybe, just maybe, i'm getting my old tasters back!!!!

fj, why are soft cheeses forbidden?
Good question...vacation...I think I'd definitely go to Europe, spending lots of time in France. I dream of going there. Sigh....One of these days!

HI TES! I lurk sometimes too. The thread moves so fast & some days I just don't have the energy to jump on in.

Yeah, that is what I am wondering too...was it the same lady that lost her wallet? Holy Shit! Sounds like she really got put through the ringer. damn.

doodles, sorry to hear about the yeast. That is never any fun. sad.gif Glad you already got the meds though, you will be all good in no time.

Poodle, so you haven't been able to get hold of the Dr yet?

Welcome shawnboy! Your new name is easier than your old one.

Have any of you ever had sore lymph nodes? The ones in your neck? Mine are kinda sore, but no other problems. Course, I've probably made them more sore b/c I keep feeling them to see if they are swollen. (they're not). I am a hypochondriac & this is really freaking me out. unsure.gif
kari = I get sore lymph nodes all the time, in fact yesterday and today they've been swollen and owie....sometimes its the precursor to a cold, but more often its just your body trying to handle something going on in your body so that you don't get sick ((((no sickness for kari))) I'm sure mine are unhappy because I did spin on monday, and my body may not have been ready for that kind of exertion since I'm still recovering from adrenal fatigue.

I'm all for boobies too...when I think "breast" - I think chicken, and my boobahs are not for eating! (okay, nibbling, but its not the same thing. heh).

((((yeastie ban for all busties)))) And doodle and fj - get thee some acidophilus bifudus!

Resisting the holiday sweets here is getting to be quite a far today I've been offered: mint chocolate brownies, russian chocolates, belgian truffles, AND...our media planner sent a case of pints of ben & jerry's. GAH. But so far, so sugar for me. I'm focusing on making jambalaya for dinner, its gonna be YUM.
mouse, it's actually soft cheese made from unpastuerized milk that is the biggest no-no. they carry a risk for listeria, which can be pretty serious and even fatal for pregnant women/fetuses. they say if you're going to eat soft cheeses while pregnant, just to make sure they're made from pastuerized milk and i imagine that might be a difficult thing to be sure of if in a foriegn country or even at restaurants here in the states. they also say it is ok to eat it if it's been heated to steaming. deli meat and hot dogs are the same consideration.

so far, i've avoided it altogether except a little bit of queso cheese at the mexican place, but it was super hot in a chili relleno. but now that my tasties are starting to come back, i am wanting some good cheeeeeeeeese!
jenn, I would not be able to resist all of those treats. Good work. I meant to say good job on your weight loss too. That is wonderful.

Thanks for your input on the lymph nodes. That makes me feel better.

awww, fj, you're making me want mexican food now for dinner....mmmmm...enchiladas.

Thanks, kari! Yeah, I seem to waffle around with the same 10-15lb all the time...pretty normal for most women, I'm guessing, but for me, its just all about keeping my intestines happy...and staying away from the crap.
Hi everybody!

I am usually a lurker here because I’m always behind in reading, and usually by the time I catch up I don’t really feel like writing anything myself. Lazy me.

I had a really nice lunch with Diva yesterday. Divala, you definitely should open a chocolate shop! Your truffles are SO GOOD and they look very professional and pretty, too. I can totally see you becoming a chocolate mogul someday.

~*~*~healthyPoodlevibes~*~*~ I hope your cyst (or whatever it may be) disappears quick.

~*~*~job vibes for Doodle and Turbomann~*~*~*~

FJ, I’m glad your tummy is better!

Aw, Minx is is a good Samaritan! I’m glad you were able to help that lady.

Tesao, I’d love to visit the Great Wall of China someday, too. If I had unlimited vacation funds I’d do a big old tour of the major cities Europe followed by a month in Mexico with visits to ancient ruins and little villages interspersed with lots of time on the beach by the ocean in the sun.

Mouse, I sent you a PM – let me know if it doesn’t arrive and I’ll resend it.

Hi Karianne and MsGB and Tyger and Moxie and Shawnboy and Wombat and Lorewolf and anyone I’ve missed!

Wow, I am so hungry right now. I’ve been trying to be a good eater this month (just like turbojenn) and it is so hard. All I’ve wanted to eat today is junk – Jimmy John’s, Taco Bell, cheesecake, Chipotle, donuts…. they all sound so good to me right now. I don’t want to eat my healthy stuff. At least I went the whole day without eating any of the multitudinous work treats here today. I’ve lost twelve pounds since I started really working on it at the beginning of October and I would really like to make that total be fifteen by Christmas.
ARGHHHH!!! Doodlebug ANGRY. Doodlebug SMASH!!!

Warning: Photocopier Rant Ahead!

So I finally talked to this guy in Toronto about the copier. Twice. (This is after the calls I made this morning.) Mr. Toronto finally gave me the amount of payment, and I finally finished writing the cheque. He also promised to contact the local peeps to authorize the copier pickup. But then Mr. Toronto phoned back (this was the 2nd call) b/c he didn't KNOW who the local peeps were. I gave him the info, and he promised to authorize it, and get back to me with a pick-up time.

I had to run some more move-associated errands (including mailing the copier payment), and when I came back, there was no message, so *I* phoned the local peeps (who were most helpful). They had heard NOTHING from Mr. Toronto, and thus were quite mystified. PLUS, it turns out, they need a WEEK'S notice to get a truck, b/c that comes from Vancouver!

I requested this pick up back on Nov. 16, remember?

So I phoned back to Toronto, and learned that everyone except the receptionist (also helpful, but powerless) had gone home for the day. I left a voicemail for Mr. Toronto, then left a message with the receptionist (who promised to e-mail him tonight), and then left one more voicemail for good measure. Basically telling Mr. Toronto in no uncertain terms that he needs to find a way to get that photocopier picked up tomorrow, since I've already given them a month's notice that we are closed, gone, our tenancy is ended, my job is winding up, we are done like dinner, and therefore nobody will be responsible for the effing thing after tomorrow.


/end Photocopier Rant

I so totally need to go smoke a bowl. And catch up on the thread. (I am a bit of a lurker too...I usually always read, but then sometimes I just don't have the time to post meaningful, converstional posts.)
*gets out the brush to comb doodle's hair and give a shoulder massage* ((((doodle & orphaned copier))))

Gah, what an afternoon. If it makes you feel any better, I spent 2 hours on the phone with tech support for our website today, for the second day in a row. Those fuckers never pick up the phone.

Hi marileen! Keep the faith on healthy eating - as hard as it is this year, I figure it'll be worth it when I still fit in my clothes after the holidays. We've meeced you around here!

I LOVE the idea of Diva, the chocolate mogul!

I'm wiped out, but I've got a good pot of jambalaya on the stove, so that'll be comforting this evening...and maybe I'll even do a little knitting.
So, my day of cleaning and relaxing? Nt so much. We noticed one of our cats had been vomitting last night and this morning. Then, runny poop. SO, off to the vet's. But first, had to go get a new carrier for him. Leaving the house for said errand, I locked myself out. And, of course, my cell phone was inside the house. Gracefully, one of my neightbors works from home, adn let me use her phone (and gave me coffee!) to call moxieman. After finally getting the carrier home, I had to corner, struggle with and cajole a 21 lbs, very scared kitty into the carrier, and to the vets for pokes, prods, bloodwork and shots. We still don't know what's wrong with him...i'm trying very hard not to think of the worst case scenarios. Gulp..i adore my kitty...he's MY favorite cuddle buddy. sad.gif

Anyway, now, back home from networking, and gonna get some laundry folded. At least moxette was a good bebe this evening. A funny one, really.
Phew! I just got home. My boss tinkers so much with numbers and it drives me bonkers. I'm used to it now, so it doesn't bother me as much, but still. Everytime, she says "well, nobody ever really looks at this stuff anyway" and "it's 6 of one, half a dozen of the other" and I tell her everytime that she says that EVERYTIME!! She keeps on tinkering though.

What is it with copiers anyway?? I think the photocopy industry purposely sets up this stuff so that they remain a relevant industry.

(((((moxie-cat)))))) Poor baby.

((((kari's lymph nodes)))) I hate that feeling.

TES!! I could never see you being an "old fart!"

Vacays? I'd like to visit Norway or Ireland first. I'm also interested in Istanbul (which was once Constantinople!), Australia, Italy, Greece, Amsterdam, Germany, Madagascar, Nepal, Peru, and Ecuador (for the rainforests). There's some flying fox refuge in Indonesia(?) that I would looooove to see someday. I'm a little afraid of the non-European places, but I think I could handle them with a little more overseas traveling experience (of which I have none).

ETA- ARRRR!!! Okay, so my phone number is one digit away from a large clinic number, so I get these calls in the morning and afternoon with people trying to make appts., etc. I even know the correct number, so I tell them. I rarely answer the phone before mid-afternoon because of this. What really irritates me is that people fill up my mailbox with clinic related messages. I don't know why, because my phone greeting does not sound like a clinic at all. /rant
Where the frell is everyone?!!
hi, poodley noodley!!!

i'm lurking.

i have a meeting at the ministry of health at 7:00 am. which sucks. so i am up EARLY so that i can be showered and clothed and at least half awake (with assistance from coffee!) by the time i have to be coherent. le blerg
I'm here, but barely :/

I just worked all day, mostly in the rain, and then had to run errands for the Goatie Girl, then edit a poetry collection for my brother (which didn't get into formatting, since there's some chunk of MS Word missing from my computer somehow). I've basically got no time for myself today sad.gif

Time to pick up my Goatie Girl, but I'm too exhausted for much cuddling. Straight to bed for me.
hi, lore! how strange is it that you are just going to bed while i have just gotten up?

~*~*~*~*~*~sweet dreams for lore and goatie girl ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Good Evenin Gals!

I hope everyone is well...I was inspired by Doodle's story earlier and I hope you enjoy!!

IPB Image

Divala, I've been a wrasslin' fan since I was 4...Every woman I've ever dated has hated wrestling til they see the real thing..It's not much different than the ballet or a broadway play. I even grew out a Hogan stache for halloween this year...unfortunatly it takes me a week to grow a 5:00 shadow.. rolleyes.gif the stache was weak. laugh.gif

BTW: There won't be any AssHattery from me, Poodle. I promise to be a respectful gentleman besides, I could learn a thing or two here. I used to want to travel, especially to egypt. Pyramids, the sphynx, the culture. Too bad I'm american. I'd get beheaded in a second.

You must get some great messages when you get home from work tho Poodle. that kind of stuff is just begging for more. Then again, if it was me I'd prolly give out an 800 number for cheap medications or a website for cheap drugs...or else set it up as a mortuary message. That outta freak em out a little. What was it you use to say to little kids @ spookyworld with your vampire fangs in?? Something about "Muerte...that means death for you my friend"???? So funny. laugh.gif
Good evening all.

I am lurking, but mainly just finishing off my resume. Going to take it into the union office tomorrow.

I am surprised to find myself impressive on paper! biggrin.gif

ETA: Pi/shawn...YES! And that looks a bit like our copier, too!! Tempting....
Hi...normally I lurk here but I had to weigh in on the phone number thing AND the vaycay thing.

I just find it sooo difficult to jump into a conversation once it's rolling! I should just stay in instead of retreating.

I used to have a pager, one of those satellite ones that'd ring worldwide? It had an 800 number. And that number was one digit away from a welfare office in North Carolina, I think! You wouldn't believe how many times they'd actually leave a callback number on it...and my message didn't sound official at ALL.

I also used to work at an office (blegh) and the phone was one digit off of both a big HMO, and also a discount (used) record store....just different digits.

If I had ten grand I'd totally take four months off work, pay up my mortgage, and go hike the Appalacian trail.

Doodlebug, how frustrating about the copier!
Veet, veet, must get to work!!

--not criticizing Turbo, it sounds like good plan, and congrats on the weight loss (I hadn't known it was loss)

moxie. Is the cat doing the runny poop because she wants to be more like the bebe? wink.gif
~*~*~vibes for healthy moxkittie~*~*~

Oh, come on y'all. I would go just about anywhere. But paying bills to hold this place open as i lived in Berlin or Barcelona, did my stuff and took trains around occasionally would be great

Ditto on Egypt.
Mornin' wayward hotties!!

"My name is Muerte. It means death....for you, my friend." Bwahahahaha!!! Where did I get that from anyway? Did I just make that up? I forked out about 25% of my Snyder's paycheck on those cool ass fangs. I spent all of my money on stupid shit, gas, and the Lion's Tap. I wish I had an excuse to look and act like I did back then.

Oh god, shawn, I could totally see you doing Hulk Hogan. Did you rub dark makeup or bronze all over your skin to replicate his frightening tan?

I forgot!! Hi marileen!! Congrats on your weight loss success.

Hi treehugger!!

Well, I better get my ass dressed. I have another day of number-tinkering ahead of me.
Pi, that copier pic is awesome!!! I printed it out, and I'm gonna laminate it to put on the copier everytime its broken!

Mornin' ya'll...I'm much less cranky this morning, thank cod...and our "come to jesus" talk yesterday about job hunting seems to be working so far...turbomann got a ton done yesterday, AND he's officially approved to receive unemployment benefits - Hooray!!!

Ahc, all your stories about phone number similarities are horrible - I would hate that! I hate when my phone rings as it is! Our only mis-number issue is that the Chicago Public Schools have called our number for 7 years - looking for a parent of a truant we get those messages about once a month.

I'm supposed to meet with a new freelance client tomorrow, but she's not returning my emails, and I don't have a phone number for her...guess I'm free tomorrow night! ...I could use the money, for sure, but I'd rather not have a freelance gig over the holidays this year, for once. Last two years poor turbomann didn't see much of me between xmas and new years 'cause of freelance stuff.

treehugger - don't worry about keeping up in here - just jump on in whenever the mood strikes you - there's always a spot for you on the okayland sofa!

Nice Photoshopping smile.gif

Woo! Congrats on weight loss, unemployment checks, impressive resumes, holiday breaks, and runny poop! (well, maybe not congrats on the last one wink.gif)
So here's a questions for you bodacious, erudite broads:

This year my family isn't doing a gift-exhange, but rather are asking that we donate to the charity of our choice. I have an inkling to either donate to a local Planned Parenthood, or a rape crisis center. My dilemma is whether a local shelter could use those dollars more than a local Planned Parenthood.

The question: should I donate to Planned Parenthood, or to a local rape/crisis center? CAST YOUR VOTES NOW!!! Oh yeah, and anybody that would like to donate along with me is more than welcome. smile.gif It could be a large donation under the umbrella of the BUSTie OKAYERS SISTERHOOD.
Minxy, I say split the difference and donate to a local women's shelter! This time of year, that's where my donations go, and there's a women's shelter right in our 'hood, so I like to support them any way I can. I send planned parenthood a nice check every year when I get my tax return back.

hi lorewolf!
minx- i agree with turbo. something that will help famlies with kiddos this time of year- a good shelter would be my choice.

We have some relief on the kitty front- all his labs came back normal! YEAH! So, for now, its basically treat him for the kitty version of stomach flu- lots of fluids, small meals, very close observation. What a relief.

OK, gotta check in with the BFF to see if we're still babysitting tonight or not. I'm so tired, i hope not, but I adore the boys, so I hope so. smile.gif
I think you should go with the shelter.

Yay for kitty health!!

Boo for my boobah! I have to go to urgent care at some point today. They can't get me in at my clinic.'s one thing after another...
Minx- What a great idea! I'm not doing much for gifts this year myself. Just making some soap. I think that if more people stopped gifting with things that we don't want or need and gave that $ to shelters/PP/crisis centers that it might make the whole idea of Xmas much less depressing for most. I get so sad around this time of year and not because I'm jewish. Part of it is the darkness, but most of it is the materialism that surronds everything. It makes me not want to leave the house!

Double yay for kitty health!

Loved, loved LOVED the copier pic!

Yay for the semester being fucking over! Spring is kinda sorta thinking about almost coming around in the distant, but not too far future!

i sometimes just lurk in here too. sometimes i'm just sooo bored at work that i'm even too bored to type anything. so i just read and refresh, hoping someone else will post so i can read that too. i'm having one of those kinds of mornings.

and even though i had two big bowls of banana nut crunch cereal this morning, i am still nauseated and want to puke. or take a nap. either one...

moxie, i'm so glad your kitty has nothing serious!

poodle, i hope your boob is ok.
Good Morning, peeps!

I just got back from doing my presentation to the commission. I believe it went well, at least if the people who came up to me afterwards were telling the truth. I won't be able to form my opinion until I hear it on tape.

We are having our Christmas lunch at work today. Not sure what time, but I hope soon. I am hungry!

Minx, that is so rad about not doing gifts but giving money to charity. I really like that idea. What did you decide to do? I like the suggestion of splitting it.

Hi marileen! Good to see you, gal!

That picture from Office Space cracks me up, I love that scene!

Poodle, I really hope you can get your boob looked at today. Does it seem better than yesterday? worse? same?

Jenn, glad to hear turbomann took your suggestions about the job hunting. I know what must make you feel less frustrated. How was your jambalaya? I attempted to make homemade refried beans last night, but the beans would not.get.soft. I cooked 'em for almost 3 hours! I finally was able to mash them, but they are not nearly as creamy as they should be.

Hiya treehuger! Come on in, take your shoes off, stay a while!

So I saw that the Golden Globe noms were announced today. I am underwhelmed.
Yay for Kari finishing her presentation!! lunch sounds goood.

The jambalaya was okay - I was making it from the Zataran's box this time, nothing too fancy, but adding lots of veggies, homeade chicken/seafood stock, saffron, sausage and shrimp...okay for a weeknight, but makes me want to cook the real thing again soon.

Kari, my very favoritest refried beans are the Amy's Organic with green chiles...cannot be beat! But I do like to make more soupy charro beans at home, and those are delicious too, but take a few hours of simmering.

Yeah, I'm underwhelmed by the golden globes too, but maybe just because I really haven't seen much of anything this year...

I wish I could get my family on board for the charitable gits too...actually, the org I work for does a big gift drive for the DCFS kids we place, and I'd much rather take more of those kids than buy more stuff that none of us need. But my parents LOVE gift giving in a way that is kind of sick, and I never really need anything, so a lot of the stuff they give us just ends up being donated as soon as we get home. And there's no use trying to change their minds...we've tried, and failed, and it just upsets them.

i got a haircut! it's much much shorter. it's kind of my usual cut, though, i just had gone so long without a haircut that my hair had gotten longer and now it feels super short. it's kind of a longish shaggy pixie cut.

fj, i do that same bored/lurk/too bored to post thing. sometimes i just never have anything to say.

minxie, it seems to me probably that local independent shelters as a rule get less than pp.....but splitting it sounds good too. when i was little, we used to do those pick a child gift things---you would get a list of things they need/want for christmas, and then give it anonymously....i used to love picking out stuff. i'm not sure what we're doing this year in that theme, but the quaker meeting i grew up in always has canned food/toy drives. my fake-grandmother always asks that we donate to her church, which partly makes me want to vomit cos i'm not a huge fan of churches, but hers does have a female minister (priest? pastor? i have no clue which one it is). i haven't done anything this year. i wonder if there's still time?

love the copier pic! hahahahahha


hooray, moxiekitty is okay! and turbomann's on the ball!!

hi lore, hi tes, hi everyone!!!

i am hanging out with highschool dude tonight. should be interesting. he's staying about two blocks away from where my ex lives. oh, lawd.
minx, you keep your peeps in suspense! the dress, btw, is gorgeous! I need to find something nice for x-mas eve. all the non-casual clothes i've bought since moxette was born are work-clothes. hmmm...i have a coupon for anntaylor loft...maybe i'll go explore a little for my self this weekend...then make moxieman wrap it for me as a present. we do better when we're directed on gifts.
Minxy, that dress is HOTT! Honestly, I think any woman is brave to wear a dress in our northern winters! My legs don't see the light unless its above 70!

And, I am most glad to hear that you are working things through, and feeling better...and of course, share whenever you feel ready. We'll be here, snuggled up on the okayland sofa.

Mmmm....Ann Taylor Loft...I do so love their clothes. I've totally forsaken my old love, NY&Co for them.

Mouse, I am jealous of your haircut - mine is in desperate need, but I'm trying to wait until January...its taking me *minutes* now to dry my hair in the mornings now, though...muy annoying! wink.gif
Poodle that quote was from "interview w/ a vampire". Remember trying to scare little kids in line for the haunted hayride and haunted house @ spookyworld?? laugh.gif

I was actually gunna go cook myself at the local tannery...I was too lazy...I got a red and yellow boa too...LOL Complete with Hogan Shirt and bandana...came with the Hogan DvD for only 25 Bucks!!

Ugh....Sorry to hear about your bump....sounds like a boil...those suck...I have sensitive skin so I get those occasionally...they drive me batty. mad.gif
hello peeps!!!!

*flops on the okayers couch*

today is the last day of school...well almost....i've got saturday too. but then thats it!!!! for 3 weeks!!! woooo!


mouse got a haircut, turbo's got yummylicious jambalaya, doodle told the copier people what-for, minx has a hot dress, kari did her presentation..and and....i can't remember anything else. gah.

maybe its cuz the circulation in my head has been decreased by my new long locks!!!! my classmate J helped me put in extentions (braided this time)(so much easier) and they are long and nice!!!! rolleyes.gif
this is just so i get over the idea of chopping my hair again. i need it to grow....grow hair, grow!

back in a jiffy!
Hi everyone!

I just got back from urgent care and I'm at home now. Turns out that poodleboob willl be okay. It's exactly what you were sayin' minx--mastitis--an inflamed, non-infected cyst that should go away with antibiotics and warm press treatment. Phew! I figured it would be okay, but it's still a little frightening. It looked like a third nipple yesterday. I wonder if the ex-RB noticed it.

(((FJ))) My aunt and my bro's in-law once told me that they loved being pregnant. WTF? I told them they were insane. These two women were also talking about having more children (they have 3 each), and I told them that there were already too many people on this earth. Ha! I'm so rude. I can't stand those women though. My aunt (non-blood!) is a home-schooling bible-banger. I would hate to see another child have to endure that B.S.

Minx!! That dress is gorgeous!!

Mouse, your hairstyle sounds so cute!!

Yay for gb's last couple days of school!!

Shawn, I don't think the "muerte" thing is from Interview w/ a Vampire, but I could be wrong. *googles* It turns out that it's from Undercover Blues, which I don't think I've ever seen. Maybe I heard it from someone and then adapted it to my own liking. God, I was such a dork. Yeah, I remember trying to scare the little kids in line at Spookyworld. I think I actually scared them. I've tried to scare a lot of kids in the past. I used to torment the kids in my neighborhood a lot (they never took me seriously though). I would creep around the corner with my beast car and then haul ass while they were playing near/in the street (my car was REALLY loud--not the same car you remember, shawn). They would run away screaming. I also used to splash them with my car when it was raining out. I feel pretty bad about that one.

ETA - Remember those red walls, shawn? That headboard is where I used to keep my switchblades and cigarettes. biggrin.gif

IPB Image
Hi, all.

Glad to hear the poodleboob is okay (what a badass pic!!), turboman is happily job hunting, ms. gb is finishing school and molly seems to be behaving! Maybe girlie wasn't secure in her new home for awhile -- now she's happy, ay?

Arrgh! I'm feeling you on the copier, doodle. In this latest place i been working the printer stops constantly. There are people churning out huge amounts of CMYK stuff. First the magenta toner went and then the cyan.

Congrats on the haircut mouse! and the cute dress, minx!

Arrgh! I was sending out PDFs and even though the upper limit is described as 10 MB, I've got something that is 5 MB and the freaking error message says it's too big. I have to break them up into separate files, I guess. This stuff just makes me feel stupid. I mean, more frustrated becasue everyone goes as slow as I do -- I actually got down to doing a page in TEN minutes ... but there is always something else to learn and it seems a lot more arbritrary and picky than I would like. It's like I've moved backwards.

sorry /end rant!

Off to art openings with gay boys .. and my boyfriend.
God I hate PDF's. The make my work more difficult. That and TIFF's. Why the fuck is the plat map guy using TIFF's? He's an idiot. One of my favorite toys at work is Graphic Converter. I wish I had it at home because it's sort of an amateur's version of Photoshop. One thing that bugs the shit outta me about GC is that it doesn't have a healing brush. Photoshop is too complicated for my needs. I took a class on it, but I still can't figure out how it works. I like to switch my graphics between Graphic Converter and Photoshop.

Damn, I don't know why I decided against the graphic arts. Oh yeah, that's right, my teacher was an ass. FUCK! I could be working for McDougal Littell right now! I have a hook-up!! My parents' close friend is the vice president of sales or some shit like that. He even flew me down there first-class and I got a tour of the graphics department. D'oh!! *smacks head* I'm such a moron!!

ETA- Dooooood!!! I got my Rosie the Riveter action figure and she's sooo cool!! I didn't even realize that she came with "riveting action!" I was gonna give this to my niece, but my mom and I talked about it and decided that it would be a good idea to save it until she develops an interest in action figures/dolls. Plus, my sister would have to put away the riveter and lunchbox because they're choking hazards. I think I might order one of these for myself.
Hi, peeps.

Today has been one of those lurky days for me, too. I've been trying to figure out what I want for Xmas and get a list to the giant since I now finally have one for him. He has to be really specific about stuff because he's so into Star Wars and he only needs certain things for his collection. Normally, I hate lists, but I see why they're necessary in this case. It was a chore to come up with stuff I want, and half of it is somewhere in the UK right now (signed Pink Floyd albums/posters), so that'll end up being a b-day present since it's 6 days after Xmas.

Yay for Poodle's boob getting figured out!

Minx, that is such a cute dress! I'd go for the women's shelter, too, and then Planned Parenthood. Shelters are pretty popular to donate to for the holidays, whereas places like PP aren't so much since most people think of them as more political. I'm donating to the one we do for work every year, then a bunch to the food shelf and maybe some to Habitat for Humanity, if I've got any left over.

I just found out from my brother that I'm responsible for getting Dad the big present from us kids. I suppose that's fair since he found and bought something for Mom, who is so much more difficult to buy for. I'm getting the easy end of it. At least Dad likes some things.

Doodle, I'd probably just push the damn copier out on the sidewalk and leave it for dead. The copier lease people know all about it, and have known for a month, so it's on them to get their shit together and pick it up, not your problem anymore. You did everything on your end of the deal, so just wash your hands of it.

Well, I think it's safe to say that my friend ditched me for the night. I was supposed to have plans, but she never called, so I'm just gonna leave. I even made up a box of truffles, toffee, fudge, chocolate dipped graham crackers, and pecan pralines for her. Oh, well. I can give them to someone else. So there.

Wait...who were you gonna hang out with, diva? I musta missed that. I hope it's not me!!

I always end up buying the big gift for my parents. I actually enjoy it though, because I know I can come up with stuff that they'll appreciate at this point in their lives. I'm just more creative and knowledgeable about the wonders of the Internet than my bro and sis. Plus, I think they appreciate it, because they have kiddos and in-laws that they have to buy stuff for. I'm really excited for my ma and pa to see these historic photos. Both of them are very close to their Iron Range roots, so I know that they'll love it. Would your parents be interested in something like that, diva? If you do buy from the MN Historical Society, you have to do it now. They're great about mailing this stuff out really fast, but I'm sure that there will be more demand in the next week.

Our family draws names for X-mas. I have my bro this year, which is super easy, because all I have to do is ask my dad or bro-in-law about which gadget I should buy from the outdoor and/or home improvement store. Our family is all about directly telling each other what we want. It's nice to get stuff that I know I'll like, but it's also really boring. I usually give a list of vague stuff and leave it up to them to make the choices. My brother enjoyed it a lot actually. My bro-in-law hates it though and my sister usually ends up buying my gift(s). I should have just asked for them to donate $50 to the Underdog no-kill animal shelter. I usually give money to the Humane Society (kinda the equivalent of PP) on my own, but I'm starting to lean toward the little guys--the no-kill places. I was gonna give money to Underdog for X-mas, but I shoulda had that be my gift. I really don't need (or even want) more materialistic shit, unless it's unique or handmade.

I have sooo much more fun buying/making gifts for my friends. I also have a lot of friends that have December/January birfdays (diva!), so I have to think about it a little more. I always try to put thought into friends' gifts. With my bro, sis, and in-laws, I have to get more specific and buy boring stuff. They don't appreciate the same colorful, creative stuff that my friends do.

I did the same thing, diva. I asked for obscure vinyl that could only be found on ebay. My sister was really irritated about this and wanted me to pick out stuff from Target's website. If that's the way it's gonna be, then I might as well ask for toilet paper and laundry detergent.
to be filed under "back-asswards compliments":

i spent the previous four hours or so hand-tracing (via wacom tablet) an old wallpaper print because my boss wanted it to look "hand-drawn". i show her, she takes one look at it, and goes "this is too perfect, it doesn't look hand-drawn. do it over"
One of our good friends actually asks for a case of wine from the winery close to her parents' house in upstate NY....I think that is a fantastic gift, that keeps on giving! We have benefitted from her xmas gifts many a time. smile.gif

Thank cod tomorrow is Friday!! I am ready for the weekend!

Those historical photos are a great idea, poodle!! I should do something like that for my dad, he'd love it...probably too late now, but I'll think about that for next year. My dad is the tough one to shop for...the man has no interests. Usually, I buy him a sweatshirt, because he *always* needs new sweatshirts because he stains everything he puts on, pretty much everyday. He doesn't seem to get "chew with your mouth closed." But, on the other hand, he always appreciates a good sweatshirt, and that's pretty easy to find.

I think I might head downtown tomorrow after work to finish my shopping, and see the holiday lights on Michigan Avenue.
OMG Poodle...It's all coming back to me...the black fuzzy headboard...OMG...You won't believe how much I still remember...thanks for the trip down mammory lane..LOL Speaking of which Hooray for PoodleBoobs!!!
You didn't scare many kids...they juss laughed at you. I remember how you clutched the back of my jacket while we went thru the haunted house. LOL
I remember the quote coming from "interview" I believe it was Lestat saying that to one of the brothel whores in the movie.
X-mas is easy in my household...I only buy for my fiancee and my new siblings..and my mom. My dad and I have been saying we'll be sending out each others gifts in the mail for the last 3 years...LOL
Weekend is almost here...that means a fresh new baggie of goods from Santa Cannabis. I still work during the weekend, so It really doesn't matter what part of the week it is. Juss got a note from the boss about how we are gunna be doing live commercials once an hour to reach local clients and push them to advertise with us. Why couldn't they have me sell something I know food. LOL
All i want for X-mas is a working laptop...LOL, I have 2 Gateways and the older one needs a new motherboard and the newer 17 inch widescreen laptop melted. It got too hot and the bottom started to melt away...I even called the damned company and they said since the warranty expired it was no longer their problem. I even told them it was their shoddy workmanship that led to the demise of the product, they told me I could talk to tech support...60 bucks for a half an hour...120 for an hour. I was so shellshocked...60 bucks for a half an hour?? I even asked if the guy if it included a happy ending with such luck...I even threatened to go on the air and destroy my laptop "live" and tell people to stay away from Gateway...I plan on doing that next week. I'm getting a bunch of weapons and am gunna go out in the parking lot and smash the damned thing...I'm soo getting a dell....bastards - Rant over. LOL

BTW - I was still right about the fuzziness tho....Methinks I'm not the only one who hasn't been able to get over what we had....Remember the lecture you gave me about spending my cash on dumb things like Nike were right all along. Everytime I hear "more Human than human" I still think of you singing along...I am the astrocreep, demolition style hell american freak yeah!!!
I saw Rob zombie here about a year ago...killer stuff!!! Can't wait for the new movies to pop up..should be killer as well!
Hi everyone!

*drops dead on the table*

Ok, seriously.

No, the copier is not picked up. No, they will not pick it up till next week. No matter who I yell at, there is nothing that can be done. So the landlords have graciously agreed to store it for one week while we all wait for the truck from Vancouver. Bah!

Also, the guy I was talking to yesterday, the one I wound up leaving three messages for? This morning, when I phoned the toll free number and dialed his extension (which I could see plain as day on the call display), he pretended he wasn't himself! He softened his francophone accent and said I had the wrong number! I'm like, "Dude, I know it's you." "I don't know what you mean, ma'am."

Anyway. I have turned in my keys. I am free. Done like dinner.

I took my resume over to the union office today.

Now is the part where I tell you there's a really cool woman temping there whom I think I might be attracted to. And I have a suspicion the feeling might be mutual. So.

Unless I accidentally take her temp opportunities away, and then she won't like me at all!!

I also framed up a drawing I'd done a few years ago, and gave it to the landlords - they run the winemaking place and own the building that we shared. Anyway, it's an ink and coloured pencil drawing of two different shaped wine glasses (red and white!), overflowing with colourful pencils. It was a bit complex to do b/c of the glass, but it looks cool and they really loved it.

Also, I gave a complete stranger at the copy shop (another customer) my phone number, and told her I do desktop publishing.

Anyway, this concludes another true but dull Me Report for today. I'm going to go get changed and catch up on the archives!
D'oh mouse!! Maybe I don't want to go into the graphic arts!! Of course, my boss does the same thing with my numbers. "No, I think that's too low." After a couple hours of tinkering, she almost always ends up back at my numbers! That's when she says, "well, it's six of one, half a dozen of the other." Yeah, that's what I thought, beeyatch!!

Yes, turbo, the historic pictures are a great gift for parents. They don't know how to do that stuff. MN has a great digital photograph database now (which I wish they would have had back when I was in architectural history and Twin Cities geography!!). It's soooo easy to order that stuff--not exactly cheap though. It's also pretty fun to look through all of the old photographs--especially when you recognize certain buildings, etc. Looking at pictures of Minneapolis before the urban renewal years is fascinating. Minneapolis did a great job of tearing down almost everything that had historical value. sad.gif


"mammory lane" Bwahahaha!! My headboard was pale indigo crushed velvet by the way (I got it from somebody's dead grandma or something). Maybe you weren't paying attention. When I was with you, my bed was on the opposite side of the room, right next to my gigantic Trent Reznor poster!! laugh.gif Do you remember the velvet Jesus tapestry above my bed? Oh yeah, that's right, those kids were laughing at me. In fact, they were provoking me. I've scared many other children though. Sorry folks, but I'll never get over these shawnboy mammories, and you're just gonna have to deal with it!

Doodle has a girlfriend!! Doodle has a girlfriend!! Funny thing: I think doodle is the ex-RB's favorite bustie. Other than diva, who he's met IRL, he remembers doodle because she made fun of him so much. I suspect that he might fear diva somewhat, ever since we went to that queens on Queen party!!

ETA- Shawn, that same year that you and I were together (10th grade?) my mom complained that I listened to The Beatles way too much and that it was driving her crazy. I showed her the next year by listening to a lot more White Zombie. Awwww...the 90's. Just so you know, diva, I wouldn't have known shit about Pink Floyd if it wasn't for shawnboy. smile.gif
Wow, poodle, I'm glad that you're keeping the Rosie the Riveter action figure until your niece is old enough because you want to play with her! Hah! wink.gif

That's so funny! I worked for McDougall! It was great.
Wow, wombat! I heard the work long-ass hours though! I'm lazy. Although, I'll stay up 'til the wee hours of the morning just playing around with imagery. I retire at 5:30 with numbers though. 8+ hours of dollar bills will fry your brain.

Yes, I can't wait to experience the riveting action firsthand!!
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