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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ --time to wake up! OH yeah.


I like it -- industrial area, hip and friendly people, CS2, Cinema screen for all the effin palettes -- kinda cool girl from a former job....

zzzzz...... adjusting to getting up at 6 am, dressing, driving, still need to do my own stuff at night.

back to gym tonight -- club opening with free music food and bar tomorrow, can't go too crazy.

Art openings Thursday, gym Friday zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mouse- nice for frames!
Doodle- JOB!!!
Turbo-gulp, don't move...? Or, YEAH, get your ass to the mountains?
FJ- tell mrfj to suck it up...we couldn't do the nasty for 16 weeks b/c of intermittant spotting...we um, enjoyed ourselves in many other ways...that may actually be nastier...hmmm...
poodle-don't ever think its a contridiction to be pro-choice and think pregnancy is awesome and amazing...the two thoughts SHOULD go hand-in-hand!
Um...i know i forgot

GOod things Tuesday:
1. Its not monday
2. My brother made us a lovely dinner last night
3. Chili for dinner tonight!
4. My cute new sweater makes my belly area look FLAT
Mouse, we're actually headed out to ikea-land tonight! We're meeting a friend for dinner out there, and I may just swing in to see if they have any cute kid stuff for the neice and nephie, and I need a few frames myself.

Yeah, I know, Moxie...moving to CO would mean many less trips to MI, but hey - you'd have a great vacation spot! Who knows what'll happen, but we're open to the possibilities before us. And I don't have to tell you that leaving my job here for a move and some good time off while we get settled, is appealing to me too.

c[_] *passes wombat a hot mug o' coffee*

Yeah, getting back into routines can be a real chore...but, I suppose it must be done, eh? I'm not letting turbomann sleep in on his respite from work - I still wake him up at 7am to drive me in to work, that way he's up and getting stuff done. That boy would sleep half the day away given the chance.

Good things tuesday:
1. dinner with turbomann's BFF tonight & good food at our favorite bbq joint.
2. New opportunities ahead, wherever they may be for us
3. Lost 10lb in the last month - WOOT! for eating like I'm supposed to!
4. Seeing friends from Ireland this weekend

FJ, I think what Moxie's trying to tell you is that you sort of owe me buttsex for the next several days. Isn't that pretty much it, Mox?
um...i plead the fifth. All I know is that my own OB said "intercourse should be avoided." We found ways around that. Then loved the regular old sex again when we could. Quality over quantity. That's my relations-as-a-parent motto. Don't forget, MrFJ, that YOU put HER in this condition in the first place, mister. (snide, "i hate men" bullshit comment with wry smile)
She fought me the entire way on it too. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to ejaculate into a woman while she is actively running away?

(Prediction: one or more of you who openly discuss butt flushing will confoundingly find what I just said gross)
BWAHHHAAAAHHHHAAAAA!!! The mental image that inspires is priceless. Thank you.
what, you talkin' to me mr fj?! We can always count on you to bring the perv in here. heh.
Hi, peeps!

PI, are you up north in Albany, MN, or another Albany somewhere? I've been up to the one in MN, and damn it was a boring trip.

I think I'm going to make a trip to Ikea this weekend, too. It's been awhile, and I'm sure I can justify it by getting some gifts for people there.

A giant *phew!* for FJ!

We're not doing holiday decorations this year. I never have on my own, I just don't see the point. It's something else to have to store all year and it doesn't put me any more in the spirit than not having stuff up. I think the giant's mom was kind of offended that we didn't plan to do any decorating. She's the kind of lady who decorates for EVERY holiday, even the really minor ones. Her: "but what are you going to put the presents under?" Me: "uh, the window." She kept trying to push trees and garlands and ornaments and singing/moving things from Hallmark on us. *shudder* Maybe she thinks all this crap makes you a better holiday participant or something, or that you don't love the baby Jesus. Nice lady, but a little pushy with the junk sometimes, er, always.

Good Things Tuesday
1) the giant looks to be in a better mood now
2) he's planning to come up to my parents' place for Christmas Eve. Yay!
3) lunch with Marileen today
4) I'm wearing new socks!

Hi, Moxie, Doodle, FJs, TJ, Mouse (I love that print TJ was talking about, too!), GB, Poodle, and everyone else!
Admit it diva!! You hate the baby Jesus!!!!

You get to see marileen?! No fair!

I just ate an entire chocolate/espresso bean bar in less than 3 minutes. I feel funny now.

Good things:
-yummy chocolate bar
-boss too busy to meet with me about the project that I've been neglecting
-I have no food here, so I have an excuse to eat Jimmy John's for lunch
Diva, you tell marileen that she needs to report in here, and tell us what she's been up to! We meece her! And if anyone sees Lurv - ditto!

Yeah, we get the same flak for not decorating for holidays. I have exactly two christmas decorations, and they were given to me, and rarely even make it out of the closet. I don't have space for that stuff, AND, my workplace looks like Christmas vomited all over every available surface, since we have a "ladies auxiliary" who come in and deck the halls every year...its kind of nauseating, especially given that over half of our staff is Jewish, and there's just one teensy little menorah stuck in a corner somewhere. Actually, I prefer outdoor decorations...twinkle lights on trees, some cedar roping...I love walking turbo at night this time of year, its so pretty. Our condo does a nice job of putting white twinkle lights up in our lobby, and I love that too - its great ot curl up on the couch down there, have a cup of tea, and watch the lake.I don't think the baby jesus would say that I needed to kill a tree for him. wink.gif
diva hates baby jesus! ahahah.....

man it is nice to wake up to a nicely decorated apartment, even though there's still ikea trash on the floor and i didn't wash the dishes. i bought most of the ingredients to make the peanut sauce, but didn't get around to it cos i was too busy ikea-ing.

can i get some bustie vibes that i get my paycheck from the freelance work this week? i have a list of presents i can afford right now for my folks, but it would be awesome to be able to totally splurge, since this year is the first year i no longer owe my parents money. my mom needs a new whisk--i think the one she's using has been in the kitchen my entire life--and i'd love to get her a really nice set from williams sonoma or something. i don't know what to get for my dad for a "big" thing, though. pretty much you can't go wrong with chocolate, macadamia nuts, the farmer's almanac and a book about frank lloyd wright, but that gets pretty repetitive after a while.

mrfj, i guarantee that busties are more pervy than the average girl.

re: urban shirts--i'm a petite 10-12 (ie, short and squishy), and i can usually fit the large but everything is too long for me. i never buy there anyway, though, since they're too expensive and the price isn't worth the quality...most of their stuff is not very well made (jeans, yes, but as i said they're all too long). that said, burnout fabric is really stretchy, so it may be larger than you think. but even though it's my print, i don't advocate buying it tongue.gif

ennaways........hope you're all having a good day....
hello peeepalaaas.....

my bosses just left so i am all alone......Alone!!!! (hears echo)...hehe...

i think i've sprained my ankle...not sure...its not swollen but its all

((((((fj grapenut vibeage)))))))

((((doodle jobbity vibes))))

me and are having issues...ala communication....again. but both of us are stubborn asses and won't talk about it. this should go in another thread....'xcuse me.....

good things:

-an "A" on my latest test
-money in the bank
-food in my belly
-people that love me.

simple is good.

hi kari, moxie, poodle, turbo, minx, diva, doodle, mouse, pi, fj, mr. fj, wombat and lurkers...!

eta: i put up our little 3 foot fake tree with mini its kitty size...oh and we have a wreath up...yeah..thats it.
good things tuesday:
only two exams to go
were my friends and i to end up in a horror movie situation, i would be the girl that survives (as determined by rules such as having sex gets you killed, looking out for yourself gets you killed, and being a geeky virgin boy gets you killed)

ummmm, yeah. i'm poor and have to write exams and study and i don't like it all that much. also, the boy is no longer the person i see the most, which is really odd (that title now goes to the boything's roommate, since we have classes together every day and i sleep chez them a few times a week)

we don't have christmas decorations this year. i get less big on christmas every year. it's just not exciting like when i was little is it, i guess.

okay, i have to go shower. my hair 'looks like it could eat people', as the boything's roommate would say, and then i need to head off to ze school and do that thing where i make sure i don't fail
i thought the boy virgin survives?
Well, I hate the baby jeebus.


Ok, seriously. Good morning, all.
I want donuts.
I could go for donuts...Hmmmm, just thinking about it, I now remember that the BBQ joint we're going to for dinner tonight has the *best* dessert - a bag of warm, homeade cinnamon sugar donuts with a strawberry jammy dipping sauce....sooo good. Won't be having that tonight wheat for me these days, 'cause I'm being a good kid, yes I am. tongue.gif

Morning, doodle!!

'sup yo! i've been workin' all morning and haven't had a chance to get in here. trying to get things ready for my departure.

i just had my client come in and tell me that he is leaving this afternoon and won't be back until after christmas, so it's the last i'll see him. he hugged me and told me that it's been a privledge to work with me and to know me ad that he wishes me the best of luck and all that. it was nice of him, i guess. certainly not necessary. so it'll be nice to have him gone for the next two weeks while i am transitioning my ass outta here. woot!

thanks for the vibes on the grapenut. i can't tell you all how relieved i was to see it moving around yesterday. and poodle, it's funny, i feel the same way. i'm totally pro-choice and sometimes feel silly being in awe of what's happening in such a short time. then i remind myself that the difference is that this is a wanted pregnancy. i'd be freaking out under other circumstances.

oh, and i am measuring 9 weeks 5 days, which is in line with the last sonogram that was exactly three weeks prior. midwife said everything is perfectly in line. smile.gif

we haven't decorated anything yet. i am planning to wait and get a tree right before my sister and my nieces get here so i can let them help me decorate and maybe make some ornaments for us. i sort of feel like diva usually that it's just a big ole hassle to put it up and then take it back down again. but with the kids there, it'll be more fun. my MIL is giving me a wreath for the door and some indoor decorations that her kitties are having too much fun with. we have a little box of stuff for decoration, but i haven't even opened it. i think the tree will be a small one this year.

oh, the grinch is on tonight. i have to confess that i've never actually seen that movie... i plan to watch tonight if i can remember!

hehe, tyger has people-eating hair!

mrfj thinks he's gonna get butt sex! actually, i reminded him last night that no intercourse does NOT mean no sex... just no pokin'!

((((msgb's ankle))))) hehe, i know it's not funny, but you basically said, " we're not talkin' about our communication problem". heh.

i am leaving early. slacker? me??? no way!
damn straight, fj....there's no point in talking to a brick wall.

although i totally get what you mean..and it is funny.

yay for slacking!!!!

(((slacker vibes for all busties))))
pinkpoodle boss is giving me a major headache.
"Donuts." Pfft. Lazy Yankee spelling of "doughnuts." 'Cause they're made of "dough," not "do." (Don't know where the "nuts" part comes in, though...oh lordessa, I shouldn't post this, with Mr FJ in the vicinity...)

Hello again, everyone, turbo, FJs, moxie, minx, poodle, mouse, karianne, wombat, miz gb, taloo, diva, tyger, lorewolf, and pi!

I am working on my web stats today. Ugh, ugh, ugh. But if I don't do it today, I won't get the honorarium till after the holidays, which is simply intolerable. Then I have to phone the photocopier corporation and yell at them for giving me the run around for a month when I'm trying to close the account and get someone to pick up their dogdamned copier from the now-empty Centre.

So on to my real it wrong to put qualifications like "strong leadership abilities" and "experienced in managing media and public relations" on your resume...when you're actually not looking for too much responsibility? Or do others think those are "good to know" things anyway?

ETA: maybe my real question is: should you ever dumb yourself down on your resume, so that employers don't think you're overqualified or out to take the boss's job?

should you ever dumb yourself down on your resume, so that employers don't think you're overqualified or out to take the boss's job?

If you had a choice would you want to work in a place that required you to do such a thing?

ETA: Crap! Mr FJ here.
i agree with fj, doodle. you want a job at a place where you're respected, but not overwhelmed--not a place that thinks you're an idiot. i think if you state your objective clearly enough you shouldn't have problems.

i have sent eleven prints out in the last two days. usually, i send maybe two prints a week. we are in market rush right now. we are having a work holiday party on friday (THAT is going to be interesting) for my company, our sister company, and the screenprinting company, and my coworker has recommended that i keep my distance from the main screenprinting guy because i'm sure he hates my guts right now. my boss has been on edge and thisclose to yelling at everyone all day, too, which is never fun. she's very high strung and gets in a lot of fights--like, yelling, banging phones against the desk, calling people immature fights. when she's calm, she's fine, but she can be really difficult.

in freaky news, today is 12/12, and one of the pantones i sent out the prints with was number 12-1212. no joke.

fuck the gym, even though i really should go......i'm going home to clean and make christmas presents and fall asleep under my new comforter (which is STILL not warm enough, HARRUMPH, damn LA houses and their lack of insulation and heat).
I agree with both, as well. If you';re overqualified at the exact job you want, you'll just end up bored and irritated after not too long. There are plenty of jobs where those skills are welcome as "good to knows" but aren't the captian of the ship.

ok, off to do my "day off" activities...clean the bathroom, dust the livingroom, continue babyproofing...the sad thing is, doing menial housework with my own music blaring and no one else home besides my kitties and me is good "let off steam" time.

Mornin' skanks!!

I went to bed early last night so I feel nice and well-rested. 9.5 hours. I could still use another hour or so.

Last night I fould a bump on my right boob (I refuse to say 'breast'). It's has a dark red almost purple head about the size of an eraser. It looks sorta scary. It's probably some kind of infected hair follicle or pore, but I'm gonna have it checked out if it doesn't change in the next couple days. Could I have some vibes please?

(((bumpy booby vibes))))

hm, ya, nothin trumps booby vibes.
((((poodle booby vibes))))) Try putting some warm compresses on it tonight when you get home...

Mornin' ya'll! I wish I was at home getting things done around the house. I had to gently lay down some law this morning on turbomann...he's a lovely cabana boy, but his focus has been somewhat month later he still has yet to send out a single resume (and he has a stellar resume), except to the recruiter. gah. I do not want to keep giving him lists of his job-finding "to-dos" every *not* my job. And then to come home, and find none of it done. SO, I asked him to try setting up "office hours" - from 8am-12pm, nothing but job hunting - no goof off internet, no tv...just working at the task at hand. After that, do what he likes. We'll see how that goes. And I'll do my part by only asking once about job stuff each day. But sitting at home and goofing around, has got to stop....even if he was, say, getting his christmas shopping done, I'd be more understanding, but he's not.

Sorry to start the day bitchy, but my cancer-gemini self is not meshing very well with his pisces-aquarius self...its the normal sort of conflict we have - active vs passive, but I need him to get on the active bandwagon this time.

In other news, we had a lovely dinner out with turbomann's BFF last night, which he really needed, and I always enjoy seeing J. too, I just wish we'd had more time to hang out. I think after the holidays turbomann will probably go spend a weekend with him in MI, as he's only 2 hours away from us.
Goooood morning!

((poodle)) ~~~~~~~~vibes~~~~~~~~~~~ I am sure it's nothing, but I know until you find out for sure it's super stressful. sad.gif

jenn, good for you on layin' down the law. I know what you mean, I hate to feel like I'm telling mr K what to do too, but I think sometimes that is what partners are for. I like to think he tells me things he thinks I should hear too. Sometimes we all need a kick in the ass.

Mouse, sounds like you had a good time at Ikea!

Diva, we are not doing a tree this year either. Time got away from us & now it's so close to Christmas. We won't be in our house for Christmas, if we were going to be, I'd put one up. As it is, it sorta feels like a waste. I am glad the giant is feeling better.

Doodle...hmmmm. Interesting question on the resume. I wouldn't dumb yourself down, so to speak, but maybe balance it out with other items that speak more to "team work" and the like. Does that make sense?

Hi FJs! So glad your grapenut is doing well!

Today feels like it should be Thursday.
Hi, peeps!

The giant's "check engine" light came on again, but we refuse to worry about it until something actually happens or after Christmas, whichever comes last. I don't care if I have to give him rides every day next week, I'm not letting him shell out anymore money on his car. I already did about half of his Xmas shopping for him. We had a lovely non-money-stressed night together. We had chicken salad sandwiches, HBI, and watched wrasslin'. Pretty much a perfect weekday evening. I did want to make toffee, but if I can get that done tonight, I'll be happy. I don't have a pint of heavy cream and a pound of unsalted butter in the fridge for nothing.

Jenn, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Nobody likes jobhunting, but it can't be avoided and it's better done sooner than later. He knows that, too. He doesn't seem like the kind of person that would want to slack off instead of work, though. I can't picture you being with someone like that.

Doodle, I'd put it on there, but if it comes up in an interview, say that you'd prefer not to do that if it all possible. You should get due credit for your skills.

(((((((((((Poodle's boobie))))))))))))) Warm compresses are a very good idea. I believe that also zit pads with the benzoil peroxide can help. That's what I was prescribed when I had a lump in college, though it was closer to my armpit. It turned out to be an ingrown hair that got irritated.

Mouse, everybody has those days, especially around this time of year. But wow, 11 prints in 2 days? Sheesh!

Moxie, your day sounds perfect. I'd take one of those, but after the weird-ass schedule I've had for the last few weeks, I think my boss would kill me, and rightly so.

Hi, Karianne!

I think I'm going to make a dentist apointment today. My teeth have been feeling a little odd and I'm far overdue for a checkup.

I'm really freaking hungry right now, but the cafeteria is all out of non-lunch food. sad.gif I guess I'll just have to wait.

Hi all. Brief check in.

Eek, stress! Very complicated InDesign with anchored inline graphics inside of tables.

Luckily club opening is early in evening 8 Pm -- as are openings. At these events I get a lot of connections and leads to jobs and what the latest technology is. Like, I'm considering getting an email and web enabled phone and ask around about it first to find the best deal. The hipsters in my area are the best resource, right?

One told me Mac is coming out with a phone that will also access the web and play music and movies! Can't wait, because that's the kind of content I want to make. Then too, I can be guaranteed it will work with OSX, bc the T-Mobiles favor Windows (worries me!).

I started out getting out just a few pages a day (same as the other folks who just started) and now I can do one in 40 minutes.

Bad news: "cool girl" from former job is as much of an ass-kisser/back-stabber as she ever has been. I don't want to go to "the boss" and say something on the order of "Look out for this girl..." because I don't want to look like I don't get along with people, but I don't want to just passively let her undermine me either. Arrgh! She's one of those "It's just a fact that everyone else is so lame and stupid and you really need me." types.

** I am not now nor have I ever been lame or stupid **

****Happy Poodle Healing Vibes****

Turbo needs a BahamaVention. LOL

I finally talked to my boss about my missing wages and finally might have enough money to save X-mas...

I can't believe what kind of stuff I'm involved with on our station...I spent part of my "working day" returning adult toys in exchange for adult dvd's for the SantaPi promotion we have running on our station right now. Yup SantaPi...I think It's all downhill from here...Waaay downhill...

ETA - We have a Thumbwrasslin event comin' up at hooters for wwe tix on saturday too...I better get free food and beer gosh darnit. I love the boneless wings with celery sticks and bleu cheese..and onion rings...And cheesecake...and the chocolate caramel cookie pie.... rolleyes.gif
~(*)~(*)~(*)~(*)~~poodle boobie vibes~~(*)~(*)~(*)~(*)~

i hope it's ok and just a stupid ingrown hair. that can be painful enough, but at least not too serious.

tj, i agree with karianne: sometimes that's what partners are for. like when mrfj reminds me to excercise. i don't WANT to hear him say it, but i know he's right. if i start gaining a lot of weight in this pregnancy (which i haven't but i know it's coming!), it's going to be even harder for me to lose it because of my lack of mobility. i am promising myself to walk every day midday when i stop working here and can have a little leisure time at home before working.
anyway, i hope he follows your advice and starts looking. i know it's hard to look for a job right before the holidays, but if he gets his resume out, he'll be in line for companies looking to grow in the new year!

diva, boo on check engine lights! mine came on in the volvo last week, but it's happened before. sometimes they're set on timers to light up after so many miles have passed in order to have you take your vehicle in for maintenance. there may be a way for the giant to reset it even.

i *think* i'm hungry for a salad. this could be a good sign that my nausea is going away. i still feel it, but i think i might be able to stomach some greenery! it's been severeal weeks since i have eaten a vegetable!! granola bars have been my friend!

re job hunting: I actually find my mind is better for creative tasks in the morning and only gets running for left-brain tasks like sending out resume's and crafting good, focused, logical cover letters in the afternoon/evening.

Maybe recognize that having to do house servant errands and chores blows the business day, and put those things back onto even distribution and after-work hours. Looking for a job IS a job, and discouragement is common. Organization is difficult because you need to organize each day differently, unlike when you're at a job.

~*~*~poodle boob vibes~*~*~ Call for an appointment now, because they can take longer to get than you might want.

~*~*doodle job vibes~*~*~ I know what you mean about the "overqualified" thing. The "teamwork" recommendation is good!

~*~*~FJ pregnancy and health vibes~*~*~ I'm trying to think of a way you can get the vegetables back into your diet. Canned soup, better kind, like Progresso? Still kinda kidsy and easy to go down, but a little more nutriious than constant carb-loading.

But, I've never been preg!
((((giant's car))))

Mmmmm toffee, that sounds dee-lish, diva...and the smell of the butter and sugar cooking...YUM!

Yeah, I really shoulda planned for a day off this week to get some holiday stuff done, but there's no time for it now. Oh well. 7 work days until vacation! Woo-Hoo! And you're not kidding that I need a BahamaVention!!...I dream of a vacation where I go somewhere other than to see family, weddings, or just staying year, we gotta make it happen!

Nice avvie, shawnboy...funny.

Must be the season where our cars demand extra attention! Our jetta is in a quirky mood today too - the turn signal noise thinger wouldn't turn off and it was going super-fast...very annoying. Our last jetta did this too, and of course, both right after the warranty expired. Oh well, this too shall have to wait, since its non-essential - the turn signal isn't flashing when it does this, its just making the clicky noise.

Thanks for the support on turbomann's job hunt...I just always feel bad when I have to give him a nudge, 'cause it makes him feel really bad, and he internalizes everything, and just gets more frustrated with himself. But kicks in the fanny are needed from time to time...and I have only his highest good in mind. He'll get himself a job, I have no doubt, he just needs to feel good about himself and his search, because he really is good at what he does.

Wombat - I'm pretty clear with him that household tasks come after job hunting tasks in priority, and I typically only ask him to do one thing a day - which might just be something like taking out the trash. I know I don't want to put too much on his plate because he needs his time for job hunting. We're both morning thinkers, so that tends to work best for work tasks for both of us in getting things done.

Hooray for FJ wanting some veggies! Such good news!
The giant's car is also clicking really fast on the turn signal. I call it "Turbo Turn." It just means that the bulb is out. And I told him that sometimes that light really does go on for no reason. His car is 6 years old and those kinds of things happen. My mom's old car always had that light blink on whenever she went through this specific drive-thru in our neighborhood. I just hate idiot lights in general, except for the stuff that is truly an emergency, like overheating or low oil (even though you should be checking it regularly anyway) or if your engine is about to blow up.

It looks like I just bought myself a half-day off next week! I made my dentist appointment and it's at noon, so that gives me half the day to work on holiday junk. I don't think my boss will be pissed - it is for a medical reason and not just because I feel like it.

Shawn, are you a wrasslin' fan?

Hooray for FJ wanting veggies! For as crappy as I usually eat, sometimes your body just craves them.

Making toffee is kind of fun. It's really easy to make, but hard to get just right. I threw out my first batch, but have learned from it. I love how you just dump everything in a pot, stir to dissolve the sugar, and just let it cook until it's done. I'm spreading dark chocolate and scattering sliced almonds over the top. Or I might do a really thick batch so I can break it in pieces, individually dip all the pieces in chocolate, and roll them in chopped nuts, like true English toffee.

I really should give opening a chocolate shop some serious thought. At it's core, I really enjoy doing it. I don't know what my life would be like without sugar and chocolate.
I found a wallet on my smokewalk a little while ago, and now I feel like a good Samaritan...although I don't know why in the hell I feel compelled to pat myself on the back. WTF? It's the right thing to do. Anyhoo, that was a little entertaining for a few minutes feeling like I may have made somebody's morning. WHOOT!

Dude, the first couple of months of pregnancy on the body is no effin' joke. I couldn't eat anything except poached eggs, dry whole wheat toast, saltines, and oranges. TWO MONTHS. That was pretty brutal. I mean, anything could geek out your body at any second. A burrito damned near killed me. Toothbrushing gave me hell and triggered my gag-reflex for the ENTIRE pregnancy (no sniggering, Mr. FJ). wink.gif

Anyhoo...still stressed out over here, but finding new ways to deal with it. I will figure it all out. I always do.
Hello all!

Thanks for the resume tips. I'm still not sure what to do, b/c the truth is, I'm not looking necessarily for meaningful work, so much as I'm looking for temporary work that is not too difficult and that pays the bills. I really, really need to rest my brain for awhile, catch my breath. So I still don't know what to do. But anyway, I have to finish the resume tonight, b/c I'm taking it in tomorrow, so I guess I'll figure something out! I guess there's not much fooling people about my skilz in a town this size anyway - everybody knows who I am. For better or for worse.

I hate the photocopier people. After an entire month, I STILL can't get a commitment to pick up the leased copier. No matter how firm I am with everyone I talk to, the "only" person who is allowed to talk with me about the account is this one particular person. And guess what? She is NEVER "at her desk" when I call. I've had the final cheque in my hand for a month, too, waiting for an amount to fill in. Hello? We are closed! By the end of today, there won't be anything left in the facility EXCEPT the photocopier! This is muito frustrating.

Sorry to rant. This must be All About Me Day.

I just want this to be ooooooooooover!
ok okayers!!!

((((poodles booby)))
(((turboman get-up-and-go-get-em vibes))))
(((((fj grapenut vibes)))
((((giant's car vibes)))
((((mouse good work vibes))))

(((((multi purpose vibes for all that need them)))))

yay for fj wanting to even look in the general direction of a veggie...wheeee!

diva, i'd so be there helping ya on the chocolate shop....i've got cake decor skills but i've got no time to play with them....and i used to make chocolate suckers for the holidays..*goes wistful*

the kittys are kinda getting along...i'm has been spending time in a small room with them for an hour at a time everyday. that's dedication. Except that now they only want to cuddle with me at night. gah. jakes on my left, molly's on my right.....and is way over on the right. gah. i'm losing sleep with this....i can't even roll over without having to wakeup to make sure i'm not squishing either of them.

minxy, you should feel like a good samaritan...what worse time of the year to loose your wallet? well, except when on vacation in another country....but you know what i mean. wink.gif

(((((doodle resume re-writing)))) don't dumb yourself down....its not worth it really. besides...its not fair to you if you end up getting the job because they think that this will be a 'learning experience' for you. you've got skills girl, list 'em!!!

wombat, we know you aren't lame or for 'fake cool girl'...dunno....there are always those at almost every job. I just try to protect my own ass..y'know.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*vibes for ya~*~*~**~*

turbo, yay for kicking turbomann in the fanny...i love saying that word....'fanny'...anyhoo...he needed it..and you need a vacay....really.

speaking of vacays, if you had 10 grand......where would you go? and who would you take?
as for me...i'd take a few friends and go to Italy, rent a villa, and stay for a month. or maybe a couple of months. yaeah......*starts dreaming of olives and fresh breezes....*

hi moxie and kari, and shawn and all the lurkers.....
For $10,000, I'd join you in Italy, GB. And I'd love to see Paris and some of Eastern Europe, where my people come from. Or I'd blow it on a massive shopping trip to NYC.

Okay, time for a gigantic steak fajita from Chipotle. My mouth has been watering for one for weeks now, so I'm glad my lunch plans ditched me so I can go get one.
hey, thanks for the veggie vibes!!
i'm happy to report that i went to a little cafe down the street and ordered a house salad and their chicken vegetable soup, which has a tomato-cabbage base to it and is soooo deelicious. i only ate the soup so far, but i have the salad here in the fridge for later. i do feel like i just got an infusion of vitamins! i think i'll make some vegetable broth at home and see if that helps (i still wasn't able to eat all the big chunks of veggies, nor much of the chicken in the soup).

and then, after sucking down the soup, i went for a little walk around the park for about twenty-five minutes. maybe that's actually why i'm feeling pretty good right now. i shouldn't wait to do that until i leave work. i should do it as often as i feel like i can, although i did have to pretty much talk myself into getting out of the car and doing it. smile.gif

minx, just remember that not everyone would have done the right thing! and i'm sure you DID make someone's day by returning their wallet to them! was it at school? sorry you're feeling some stress right now. share when you're ready. (cause i'm nosy!!) ph34r.gif

doodle, is your lease actually up with them or are they a month to month sort of thing? i would call and threaten to push the damn thing out the front door and leave it there for them. of course, that might not be the best course of action to actually follow through on, but it might get their attention! tongue.gif

oooh, diva, a chocolate shop sounds awesome. you should do it. it's a passion, it's something you're good at, and you could definitely make money doing it. those are the three basic principles for a successful company/personal business.

gar. i rehired a guy this morning at the request of one of the supervisors here, but then HIS supervisor just came in and said NO, we won't be hiring him again. so i've gotta call him and give him the word. i hate this part of my job. worst part is that when i was on my way to lunch, he was walking home. he doesn't even have a car, so he needs this job. but, i guess he should have thought about that before he screwed up the last time. eek!
good morning! this week is crazy. i keep forgetting what day it is.

**divatoffee*** (can i say, YUM!)

pi/shawn, i totally thought you were another troll with the name change! man, we are jumpy as hell about the troll issue here sad.gif

for vacation......i'm actually looking forward more than anything to going home for christmas. my parents and i have finally gotten to the point where we don't fight anymore, and their cozy house is so nostalgic and comforting for me, since i lived there all my life, and it will be COLD, and there will be a good fire in the woodstove and we will cook food together and bask in holiday tradition (in case you were wondering, that means going to the shepherd's play at my mom's work on christmas eve, coming home to cook fancy christmas eve meal of free range salmon (my mother's friend catches them in alaska; we get one every xmas as a treat) and hollondaise sauce, decorating the tree, stuffing the stockings, baking meringues to leave in the oven overnight, then xmas morning going at the stockings, then cooking eating and cleaning up a slap up breakfast of poached eggs, orange and grapefruit sections, coffee and sausage, then taking turns opening presents (which pretty much guarantees a lot of laughing until we cry), then lazing about, then driving out to jersey to my dad's brother's house for an extended family dinner, cookies and more presents. )
mmmm chipotle.....they actually have pretty good guac.....mmmm guac.....

good for you fj, the walk probably did wonders....

oh stop in spain...oh yeah. that would be fun.

the ladies on monday that did the skincare demo said that we should eat 80 % veggies and 20% of everything else. that's a lot of veggies. ohmy.gif
ms about 80% whole foods, and 20% other stuff....that sounds like more of a realistic balance when you throw in whole grains and such - I'd say a goal of 80% of your diet being as little processed as possible is a good goal, right?

Doodle, I'm with you on just needing a job that is a mental vacation. I was kind of excited to just collate press packets for 2 hours this morning...and I plugged into my ipod while I did it. I think so long as you're up-front about what you want from this job - low-stress - there's nothing wrong with putting all your experience out you say, everyone knows you anyway. But what *could* happen is that someone sees that resume, with all that valuable experience, and they know someone with the plum position for you, that is fulfilling, pays the bills and less stressful. I think you would be a fabulous foundation chair....where YOU write the checks to women's centres and the like.

Hmm....$10K...this isn't all that exciting, but I'd take the money, pay the mortgage for 8 months, and head back to the commune I lived in and just use the time to work outside in operations there and recenter myself spiritually. Actually, if we do end up moving somewhere and selling the condo, I would like to plan a few months sabbatical in there for myself. It would be the perfect respite.

(((minxy)))) I hope you're taking care of yourself as you go through this stressful time, and more importantly, I hope that your holiday breaqk from school will give you some good time off to rest and enjoy minxlette!

FJ - just think, in 7 work days, you will be DONE with having to work for that company! Giving bad news is not fun, but soon, you will be recruiting people for love - now that's a change!
Got yeast? I do.

Sorry, way TMI. Just had to share the joy. At least I predicted it. Diflucan rulz.

God, this week needs to end.

FJ, I negotiated an early release and a final payment for the lease on Nov. 16. We don't have a fax anymore, their e-mail doesn't work no matter how many times I try it, but they won't commit to picking up the copier until they've sent the invoice and we've made payment...but I can't *receive* the invoice w/o fax/e-mail, and they KNOW this, and I can't make the payment w/o the invoice - or at least the final total, which NO ONE will give me over the phone! I think I'm going to take your suggestion if I don't get an answer today - threaten to shove the copier out the front door.

turbo, it would be very nice to be able to write cheques to women's centres. *sighs*

Ok, I'm going to phone those copier people again. Where is my call back? Does this person take two hour lunches???
Fuck McFuckity. A nurse from my clinic called while I was sitting in my boss' office and the newer woman didn't check to see if I was here!! She just intercommed my office and then took a message!! GRRRRRRR.... Now I'm playing phone tag with the clinic.

I'm so sick of saying "breast." It's seriously one of my least favorite words out there. It sounds so cheesy and overly mature. They're boobs!!!!!!!! BOOBS!!!! I think it's the "sts" sound that irritates me. Breassstttsssssssss...gross.

~*~*~*~vibes for the giant's vehicular unit~*~*~*~

"Shawnboy" sounds much less trollish than "PIDUBBZ." Of course, we don't care what handle you pick as long as you're not an asshat. I love the avvie, too. I painted my face like Gene Simmons once back in highschool. I looked super badass. \m/ \m/ \m/

Gaaaaaaaaah!!! I'm so mad that I didn't get to talk to the nurse!!
Wow...I'm falling asleep typing.

So I come to find out that this woman had been maced, carjacked, and had most of her personal affects stolen last night in North Minneapolils. Bad night for her...she had nearly $500 stolen and was thoroughly shaken. She came over to the school right as a kid was getting arrested and was having his bookbag searched in public with his hands cuffed. Kid had kinda stolen a whole buncha crap.
(((N MPLS woman))) There was another guy up there who was held at gunpoint or something last night. The shit is seriously fucked up in this town lately. A guy was shot at 7th and Hennepin last week, right by my work. That same night, I stayed late and had to walk to the ghetto station right by there.

So I went over a bunch of stuff with a nurse, and she told me that it's probably just a localized infection and that I should put a warm compress on it. She said that I'll get a call back from my practicioner in the next day or so. I figured that it wasn't a cyst, but it still freaks me out a little considering that my aunt just had a mastectomy. I'm very close to my boobs and I would be devastated if I lost one or both of them. I love them so.
hullo, all. just wanted to admit that i am one of the lurkers. it is after 10 pm here, i have a 7 am meeting with the Ministry of Health tomorrow morning, i just got home a little less than an hour ago, and i am, " le tired" !

so, i'm reading and thinking of all of you, especially poodle's boobie, doodle's interaction with the ASSHAT photocopier people (i was thinking EXACTLY what FJ said: just let them know by as many means as possible that if you have NOT heard from them by x date and time, you will simply put the copier outside of the office and any consequences are on their heads. i also like to add a bit that says: non response to this email is in effect agreement to the terms contained within. "if i have not heard from you by X time on X day, I will assume that this solution meets with your approval" sort of thing.

ASSSSS HOLES DO VEX ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

divalla, that toffee sounds DIV(alla)ine!!!! i agree, you should open a chocolate bar. make all sorts of yummy things out of chocolate and butter and sugar and sell it to pre-menopausal women! that's the ticket!!! gah. i wish that i had some of your fabulous concoctions NOW!!!

jenn: i agree 100% with your take on job hunting. when you are unemployed, your JOB is job hunting. i know just how much that process SUCKS, but if you don't put it out there, you will never get hired.

welcome, PIDUBBZ/shawnboy! i don't think that we have been introduced properly, but i have to admit that i agree that the name " shawnboy" is much less trolllish! welcome!

if i had 10 k to spend on a trip, i would take my nieceoid elle to China. ive always wanted to go, and she promised me that when i was an old fart she would still take me to China. so if we could do it sooner, while i am actually still mobile, so much the better! i'm sure that i would get off immensely on the great wall. the history of china is fascinating.
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