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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Morning! GOD am I havng a great weekend! It is really sunny here. Friday I was a little peevy. It was rainy and I had to go to the gym and then to the bank. Dark with cold wind blowing. Didn't mean to snap at you Mouse, it's just, people bugging me about environmenatl stuff is a peeve of mine. When I lived in two fairly small rooms a woman was trying to insist I keep every piece of summer crap instead of throwing it out, not realizing that I had no storage space -- I was living in a storage space, practically. And my trunk is full of camping stuff. Also, I had no room whatsoever for four piles of trash, neatly sorted. It was like I would have to say, sorry I'm too poor and pathetic and a big jerky loser to do that.

Anyway, the problem solved itself. It turns out that they had my required brand of antifreeze premixed with distilled water (I would have needed the pitcher or some photoequip equivalent to see measurements) So, all i had to do was open it up and pour it in. Coolness. But, now I have the remainder to discard -- in its plastic bottle -- as well as the distilled water I already bought -- in ITS plastic bottle.

Basically, if you have a car, the toxic stuff doesn't end. But, on the bright side, the existence of cars is what allowed people to move out of the crowded and polluting inner cities.

Anyway -- I'm happy I can "recycle" the bottles and cans by keeping them separate, for the bums to pick up, and I'm happy I found a place to recycle paper. I suppose the next step is to stop the grocery bag train by buying a canvas tote from the co-op. They got all hipster and made them black and gold.

But what I really did wrong was *talk about a boring chore* in the first place! Gads.

Anyway, I got a job! My agent called me up and I am going to be driving to the suburbs to work for Argosy publishing. What's really funny is that they used to publish a magazine in the 50s that was men with dramatically ripped shirts fighting tigers in the jungle and stuff... it wan't gay, may as well have been!!

So, -- I was making some prospective covers, got bustie vibes and bam!!

Mousie, love you, what's frustrating me about this is that I am taking longer than I expected to make the covers and also, I still have yet to make a nouveau xhtml1.0 roundtrip with css website, even though I've heard about it for years! This darn job is just going to get in my way! But I can't and shouldn't turn it down. More $$$ and portfolio, right? But I had just bought a cool geeky book because me other info was a wee outdated, 2006 makes a difference.

Oh wait, I'm getting boring again. SNORE!!!

Poodle. I loves ya. In High School, me and some "party girls' used to take the needle and specifically go to the "lemon squeeze" part. I was trying to say in the "sex is hard work" thread that male rock stars are the equivalent of strippers for women, and got *shut down* by people who were trying to make the point that only women had sexy moves on stage that people would pay to see. I think not! Link between male rock stars = male strippers for women is well documeted! It's just a rather "forbidden to speak of" thing.

PIDUBBZ!! I hate to say that when I first saw your name I thought you were a troll! I'm glad you're not. why do trolls so often have a lot of capital letters in their names? anyway, that's cool you're on the radio and getting paid. I know a lot of djs in Boston, but they are on college radio, which is truly independent (bustie spelling: independant) and weird here, but they never never get paid and they have to pay "dues" to this snobby clique of people who have been doing it for twenty years, even though they were the punk rockers making fun of the hippies holding onto it as they aged rolleyes.gif

Oh, my guy is trying to scare me away from the computer by playing depressing Charles Ives crap!!

We're off to the new ICA! Must motor. The gay boyfriends are going to bicycle.

And -- Doodle!! ~*~*~great new job so you don't have to worry vibes ~*~*~
You are intelligent and you have a great track record, having taken so much responsibility!

Abigail. Heh! Who is it who has a cat named "Miss Abigail Boots"
Hi everyone!!

Congrats on the new job, wombat!!!

The ex-RB's car got towed overnight from a lot that clearly posts that parking on the weekend is allowed. It's gonna cost him $310. Poor guy. He barely has any money. I just got back from taking him to work.

I decided to swing by Trader Joe's since I was already driving around. I'd never been there before, but people always talk about how great it is. I walked out feeling kinda "meh" about the place. It seemed so chaotic to me and there's just too much damn packaging (you can't recycle plastic tubs or foam here, so I try to avoid buying that stuff). Still, I brought home a couple super cheap things and I could see how people who like to cook would find it interesting. I dunno, I'm very strategic when it comes to shopping. I like to find my shit easily and get the hell outta there. I'd rather just get my special items at the Wedge Co-op and get my conventional stuff at Rainbow. I don't know why TJ's insists that I buy 2 cucumbers when I only want one!! I want one cucumber!! With no styrofoam!! Meh.

Pooh. I'm crabby today.

*passes champagne around the thread* Congrats on the new job wombat!!! Great news!

Aww, bummer about ex-rb's car...I hope he can fight that fee.

Yeah, poodle, I'm with ya on the TJ's produce packaging - I don't like it. I do like some of the other staples that are cheaper there, but overall, its not worth the effort and time to go out there, I prefer the produce market in my neighborhood....and a lot of stuff is cheaper there anyway.

My chicken satay "lollipops" turned out great, and I finally found a peanut sauce recipe that not only works, but tastes as good as the peanut sauce at my favorite thai place. YAY! We're off here in a minute to the next holiday party with our friends, should be fun, and I haven't seen their new condo yet.
hi everyone!

go doodle! not having to give up your weekend.
hugs and stuff to everyone else! i glanced through the last page of posts, i swear!

so, studying sucks. i'm just not any good at it, really. and my religions exam is tuesday night. feh. the boy said i could study by teaching him about religions, so i'm going to do that in an hour or so. until then, i'm 'studying calculus'. and by that i mean being here and reading webcomics while drinking cream soda.

i was up until far far far too early this morning (like, 6am). somehow snuggling and going to sleep magically turned into a mostly nekkid game of hands in fun places. whoops *looks around innocently*. to start with i couldn't stop giggling because his bed is so creaky. it honestly sounds like a rickety old boat whenever you shift your weight on it, which is, you know, very subtle and discrete in an apartment in the middle bedroom tongue.gif.

oh, and everyone should read today. and combined they are basically channelling my and my friends' sense of humour
Oooh!! Turbo, you must share your peanut sauce recipe with me!! I looked for peanut sauce at Trader Joe's, but they didn't have it, so I bought a jar of peanut butter and figured I'd make it on my own with the ingredients I have here. I was just gonna wing it, but I'm curious about your recipe.
Good afternoon everyone!

I just took the very LAST antibiotic! HURRAH!

wombat, congrats on the new job!

poodle, I'm sorry you'se cranky. Want me to tickle it outa ya?

*prepares tickling fingers*

I invited my boss and her daughter over for lunch over the holidays again this year...daughter is a vegetarian, so I need some ideas, please! Last year I did a stir fry with tofu, but I'd like to do something that I don't have to be cooking when they arrive. Thoughts?

turbo, I LOVE peanut satay! There is a perfect bottled peanut sauce I found once in Vancouver, that I've never found in my town. Will you post your recipe so I can try it?

lorewolf, I used to feel that way about hearing my voice...but you know what's worse? Having to see yourself on TV! Seriously, though, I think we always sound weird and nasal to ourselves. I've been doing radio interviews for the last 11 years on my job, and it probably took more than half that time before I stopped hearing my voice as "weird." Never got over the TV thing, though!

Hi tyger! Good to see you! Is that your last exam for the semester?

Hi also Pi and moxie! And any Sunday lurkers!

I've done nothing this weekend except go to the memorial yesterday. My house is messy, my laundry is undone, and I just....don' Well, I do, but not enough to do anything about it! The Centre shutdown/move/pack/clean has sapped me of the will to do physical labour on the weekends! I'll catch up over the holidays, which will start for me after one more week of work.

Oh, I did do a tiny bit of shopping yesterday, too! BFF and I went to find her a pair of shoes, along with BFFdottirs, but instead, I wound up getting a new tote bag! It's a professional-looking classic rectangle shape...not "real" leather (I don't think I could afford the same bag in real leather), but it's well-made, black, lined, zips shut, and with silvertone hardware. The main thing is, it's the perfect size for toting around files and my I'm considering it a non-frivolous, job-hunting/future private consulting purchase! (Plus my step-gramma sent me a bit of money for my b-day, so that paid for half of the bag.)
TJ's Peanut Sauce is one of the few products they have that I don't like. It's not floral enough for me- it's just not very flavorful at all.

I don't really buy produce at TJ's so I never noticed their cucumber packaging...who the hell needs their cucumbers packaged? Like Turbo, I get most of my produce from the local veggie market. It's about half produce and half regular groceries, so other than the few Costco items I get, it's where I do most of my shopping. There's only about a half-dozen things I regularly get from TJ's, like their turkey meatballs and chicken enchiladas.
Whew! I thought I killed the thread. When I get anxious, I booble on about boring details.

But -- anyway -- "Whole Paycheck" is too expensive for most things, but they have some good deals. Batman found they have organic peanut butter for less than two dollars a jar! Awesome.

I used to eat lunch there, but the thing was, I had an hour for lunch and I'd hike over through some nice trees and houses at top speed for 15 minutes, go to their food court (they had one in that particular one) and mostly just buy coffee and eat what I brought. If I didn't bring a lunch it woulda cost 10 dollars a day or something equally ridiculous.

Me and Batman have a saying: That's so ridiculous it's riDONKyoulous!

Hi tyger, lorewolf, poodle, doodle, turbo, pollystyrene! And PIDUBBZ, not a troll --!

Doodle. Rest! Trust that you don't have to work your butt off every minute to move onto the new situation. I am giving myself crap that I didn't do MORE on my "time off"..

but, really, it takes awhile to transition. Sleep, play with kitties, eat some nice delicious foodie stuff and stare into the candles or out into the river, journal, draw, or whatever. It's not just changing a job, it's changing who you are, a bit. Not an easy task. Give yourself credit, maybe even write a list of what you have accomplished. ((it's a lot))
hiiiii ladies

wombat, no worries. ya know.

i too want to see this magik peanut sauce recipe. i have my own slapdash one, which i posted here this week i think (i actually made it last night and threw in some curry powder too which was delish), but i want a nice one that has coconut milk in it. there is this redonk thai restaurant here called toi (gb, have you been?) that is "rock'n'roll thai food"--basically kind of like a thai hard rock cafe, but weirder--giant papier mache dragon and vintage rolling stones posters on the walls and whatnot) and their food as a rule is not the best thai food ever, but their peanut sauce is. in fact......i should go there.

i am so burnt out from working. last night i took some time off to go to a party with these girls i've just started hanging out with a lot who are awesome, and it devolved into a giantic danceparty and was great. and there were two alices, two alexises, an anne, an anna, and an alex, which got very confusing once everyone was drunk. BUT i have been doing nothing else but working--another freelance weekend--and it's very confusing because what they want me to do is absolutely not the type of thing i would expect the store that it's for to carry. so i have to basically invent a fashion paradox. no pressure.

i am probably going to hang out with this dude this week who is in town and it is going to be weird. i don't know if i've mentioned this before here. i know him from highschool but haven't seen him in probably 7+ years, and i had a huge crush on him in 9th grade when he was a senior (and he knew it, too, and strung me along like crazy). and my memory of him is just this infinitely mature, confident, cocky guy who nobody could ever be older than, he was just the pinnacle of everything a 14 year old girl (me) was in awe of....and now, talking to him on the phone, he sounds so nervous and young, and i realized that he is younger than my exboyfriend, not to mention most of my friends. so, seeing him is going to be bizarre.

anyway, i gotta get back to work. and i want to go to the gym today too, and clean......lawd. i need more time!
Ah fuck, I forgot coconut milk again. Grrr...
HI ya'll!! I'm back from the party, and the satay went over very well...actually, aside from cookies, mine was the only homeade food there, what a buncha culinary slackers I hang out with!

Tyg!!! So good to see you here. And, yes, studying does indeed suck. I hope you can teach the boy about religions and get yourself all studied up!

Okay, Here's the peanut sauce, but 'tis no slapdashery...but also the best recipe I've made yet.

2 cloves garlic
3 shallots
1 tsp tumeric
2 tsp ground coriander
dash or two of cayenne
1 lemongrass stalk, outer leaves removed, use only the bottom 5", white part only, slice thinly
1 Tb water
*whizz above ingredients in food processor or blender until fairly smooth*

Heat a small saucepan, add 1 T veg oil, add the ingredients above, cook over medium heat for 1min, until fragrant. Then add, and whisk until smooth:

1/2 c smooth peanut butter
1 cup coconut milk
1 T brown sugar
salt to taste
2 T fish sauce
2 T lime juice
*note: add lime juice and fish sauce gradually, tasting as you go, to get balance of flavors correct - you can always add more coconut milk or PB to even the balance out*

Stir the sauce on med-low heat for 10-15 min, then serve, or chill. You can reheat the sauce later, just do it on the stove, it can separate more easily in the micro.

So there's that...If ya'll want the marinade for the chicken too, just let me know.

Mouse, I hope your freelance stuff is paying you well, or that you're at least enjoying it - you are putting in some awfully long hours! I should have a big job coming up soon, an event ad book, but they usually call me by now, so who knows, maybe I'll get my holidays free from work for a change...the money would be nice, but I think I need the time off more!

Okay, laydeez, I gots to go to bed...see you in the morning!
Morning all! I ainta goina bust in this job -- unless i'm there a long time and there are slack periods.

I'm psyched.

Opening day of museum=big zoo. had a nice time with batman and gay boyfriends walking around North End.


have fun mouse, thanks for the recipe turbo.

Thanks for the toast, too!

thanks for the well wishes poodle! I hope you are not crabby today! Enjoy
doodle- here's my absolute favorite vegetarian recepies- 2 of them- can be dressed UP or DOWN as the case may be- and both easy to make in advance and warm up at lunchtime. I pre-apologize for my spelling.

1. Vegetable Lasagne-makes 1 "average" size baking pan (9X11?)

Ing: 1 box lasagne noodles- i prefer no-boil...; 1 to 1.5 jars favorite marinara sauce; 1 each: zuchinni, onion, bell pepper; loads of fresh garlic, chopped (to taste); 1 bag shredded mozerella cheese; 1 egg; 1 tub (regular size-8-12 oz) ricotta cheese; 1 C. parmesan (shredded or grated); 1 box frozen spinach, thawed. Spices: pepper (red and black), nutmeg-to taste.

1. pre-heat oven to 400 deg F (204 Cel)
2. Chop to bite size and sautee the zuchninni, bell pepper, onion and garlic until soft.
3. Meanwhile, drain the spinach VERY well. Mix spinach, cheeses (reserve some mozerella and parm for top sprinkling), egg, spices in a bowl until well combined.
4. Once sautee is done, layer in this fashion: Sauce, Noodles, Cheese mixture, veggies, repeat. Finish top of dish with some sauce and sprinkled cheeses.
5. Cover tightly with tinfoil. Bake for about 30 minutes. Remove Foil. Bake another 20-25 minutes, or until cheese is browned to your taste.
Makes 9-12 good size servings.

Mac and Cheese- the easy way- no baking involved.

Ingredients: 1 box elbow mac; 2 TBS flour; 2 TBS butter; 2-3 C. WHOLE milk (2% is acceptable, but not as yummy); 3-4 C shredded cheeses of choice- I prefer sharp cheddar; pepper, garlic powder, dry mustard, nutmeg (all to taste- no more than 1 tsp each).

1. Make pasta according to box directions
1. Melt butter over medium-low heat.
2. Whisk in the flour- cook about 2-3 minutes or until "nutty" smelling and browned.
3. Whisk in 2 C. milk. Whisk continually until throughly combined and heated to steaming. Milk will thicken as it heats.
4. Add spices
5. Add cheese and stir or whisk (i find stirring easier at this point), until all melted. If sauce looks thick, add more milk.
6. Once pasta is drained, combine with sauce and serve.
Serves 6-8

OK, sorry for the double post. Jenn- anything substituteable for the fish sauce? It makes me nervous with the seafood-algee alergy...
Good morning babes!!

Mmmmmm....turbo, that sauce sounds fabulous!! I don't have most those ingedients right now, but I would still like to try it. I think I'm gonna make some sauce tonight that involves sesame oil. I looooove sesame oil.

I woke up last night and I couldn't remember where I was. That was super weird.

That should be really interesting and weird to hang out with that guy, mouse! How did you guys end up connecting?

ETA - (X-post) Hi mox!! How's moxette doin?
we're all doing great! thanks for askin. Her teeth are still bugging the bejebus out of her, but we've submitted to medical science and are just giving her motrin on a regular basis, and her mood has improved dramatically. After talking to 2 moms in daycare of older babies (like, toddlers with 2nd or 3rd kid in moxette's infant class) and hearing minxy and my pediatrician say "tylenol and all the other things are a joke for bad teething", we've succumb. And her cold seems to be disapating, thank the goddesses. A couple of super nasty boogies yesterday, tho...the kind that were so gross, we actually laughed about them. smile.gif

So, we saw the Bond flick yesterday. I loved it! I'm a huge 007 fan, was brought up on them with my dad, and I have to say Daniel Craig did a wonderful job. As did the director, writer, etc. Really captured what I consider to be the "essence" of Bond.

Ok, off to get some work done.
Mornin' ya'll!

I'm glad things in the moxie household are looking up, and that moxette is doing a little better with some motrin! Hooray for better living through chemicals!

Poodle, I'm sure you could still make a mighty tasty peanut sauce without all the bells and whistles...just start with maybe sauteeing a little garlic with your sesame oil, then add the coconut milk, pb, heat and go from previous versions of the sauce I think went wrong because I'd just combine everything cold, and then when you try to heat the sauce later, it seizes...but when I made it this way, it re-heated beautifully.

MOnday morning...sigh. After a great weekend, it just makes me sad to have to sit at my desk for a full week.
Good Morning Okayers!!!

Sorry for the chronic lurking...I've been busier than hell, and kinda dealing with some weirdness of my own creation, so I'm laying low until the dust settles, but I wanted to check in and say "HI" to all my best girls.

Happy Frickin' Monday, yo.
Good morning peeps.

I hope everyones weekend was fabu.

Mox, your icon is so freakin' adorable.
I feel bad for you cause moxette is teething. Doesn't that cause fevers and stuff.

Poods, you did it with ex rb again. Woooo.

Thai food sounds fantastic. J is over the moon about peanut sauce.

My weekend was pretty good. Friday was shit though.
I was going to go get a pack of smokes and maybe a donut. I grabbed the wrong keys (I hadnt put my house keys on my normal keychain) and locked my self out.
I took a bus and 2 trains to go up to the store in evanston to get j's keys. when i got there, there was 200 internet orders to pull and pack, and it was busy. So i just decided to stay and help out. My original plan was to do the month end paperwork and scan ebay stuff.

To top it off, I got a cinnamon rasin bagel that tasted like garlic (threw it away) and a hot chocolate that tasted like dirt.)

Yesterday, I hung out and cleaned and did laundry. Made chicken and dumplings which were so yummy. I didn't even use a recipe either. Oh, and I made a chocolet souffle. divine.

hi minx, womat, turbo, everyone else.
Good Morning!

Welcome Pi! I admit, I thought you were a troll at first too, only b/c of your name, not your posts. Once I read a single post, I realized you were no troll. And you were the poodles bf in high school? That's so cool.

I like that we have some fellas that hang out in here now.

Jenn, that peanut sauce recipe looks divine! Peanut sauce is one of my favorite things to make, I make it different every time though. I will try your recipe.

Congrats on the job, wombat!

mouse-yes, that will be interesting to hang out with that dude! You must report back & let us know how it goes.

Nothing much doin' here today. Regular ol' Monday I suppose. And that is ok with me. I wrapped up my class Saturday, thank goodness. Spent the rest of the weekend pretty much lazing around. Nice!
Hi, peeps.

I'm kind of glad today is Monday. Our weekend kinda sucked because the giant's car needed to go in for about $500 in repairs. Blech. Actually, our weekend didn't suck until about 4:00 on Saturday, when the peeps at the repair place called with the estimate. After we dropped his car off, we went out for lovely brunch at Hell's Kitchen, through Crate & Barrel for a couple minutes, then hung out at home. The giant gets really depressed about money and gets really quiet, so much so that I get really worried that he's going to do something bad to himself. I don't know why I think that, I just do. I just hate it when he stresses over these things, especially when they're all taken care of. I even offered, begged, to help him with it, but he wouldn't let me. I just can't wait until May of 2009 when he doesn't have to pay his ex anymore. It's such a huge drag on him. So anyway, the weekend was full of a whole lot of silence and sulking.

That's so cute, Poodle's first boyfriend hanging around. My first boyfriend was a loser and I hope to never see him again. I would've thought troll, too, by the name, but that theory gets busted when the person actually has intelligent conversation that doesn't involve Jesus, anti-feminism, and pictures of aborted fetuses.

Pi, what radio station do you work for?

I'd love to try to make peanut sauce, but I'd be the only one to eat it. The giant is scared of stuff like that, and even my gay boyfriend shys away. When we went out for Thai on Wednesday, he took one little lick of the peanut sauce, made a face, and stayed far, far away. I don't understand him sometimes.

Congrats on the job, Wombat!

Hi, Taloo! That sucks about your keys, but good that you were able to help J. I'll bet the stores get really busy right around the holidays.

Doodle, so you're all completely done with packing and being obligated to the centre? Wow.

Hi, Karianne, Moxie, Minx, TJ, Lore, and all the lurkers!

Okay, time to settle in for some big time productivity. I already marked down that I did a bunch of crap, so I need to get it done today so I don't look like a liar.
hi good morning


that's all i got to say.

hope y'all are doing well--welcome, poodley's highschool boyfriend! i have strong suspicions that my highschool boyfriend is a sociopath, so kudos to you for turning out alright! and kudos to poodle.

wombat, i wanna hear more about the new ica!

peanut sauce sounds so yummy, so does the mac'n'cheese recipe!

hope y'all are having a good monday. sorry i'm too busy/tired to write more...

OH! one more thing: an old friend called me out of the blue yesterday and guess where he is living now? MINNEAPOLIS UH HUH
(cross post)
PLEASE please please please head over to the Perilous Position of Choice thread to sign a few major petitions against that anti-choice/anti-birth control fucker that Bush appointed as the head of Health and Human Services and Family Planning!

(sorry for the interruption!) Thank you!
Screw Kevin Bacon--It all comes back to MPLS!!

How could one not loooove peanut sauce?!! I could eat stir-fry, noodles, and peanut sauce for every meal.

"a pack of smokes and maybe a donut" Taloo!! We're twins!! I was just craving the same thing this morning! Fortunately, I talked myself out of it.

Yes, taloo, I'm a repeat offender with the ex-RB. He probably needs a little poodle-ass right now. This time was excellent.

Funny thing: my mom always tells me that the main place I need to lose weight is in my butt, but what she doesn't realize is that my butt is my hugest asset!! (pun intended) I get so many compliments from guys on my huge, naked, baby-soft ass. It turns out that the ex-RB is a fan of it, too. I guess it's true what they say--"The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'!!" My mom is such a moron sometimes. If she ever criticizes my ass again, I'm gonna teach her a lesson and tell her that men usually say the opposite when I'm bent over in front of them!!

Yes, all capital letters does seem kinda trollish.

$500 in car repairs around the holidays? Ouch!!
Diva, why is may the specific date he has to stop paying?
Oh, and I loved the bison bread at Hells Kitchen. So yummy.

J and I went to marshall's and he got me a couple sweaters, which I need cause all of mine are at least 4 years old, and mangy.
Tonight we are going to our ex nieghbor friend's place for dinner. We got a couple really nice ornaments for their tree. I am so excited to hang out with their doggies. I love those bastards.

ETA hi kar, mouse and poodle.
Here's the thing about Geddy Lee: I don't think he's a bad looking guy. I think he pretty much fits in with the rest of the rock stars of his age and probably looks better now because I'm pretty sure he wasn't a drug addict like much of the rest of them. I don't even mind his glasses, and he's a helluva bass player. It's just that. voice. is. so. screechy. But I will have to say that Rush is awesome in concert. My brother has a DVD of their Rock In Rio performance, and it kicks ass. I really liked how they had laundry washing onstage and they switched it from the washer to the dryer - I love mundane shit like that. But who'd have thunk that 3 guys could make such an incredible amount of sound? As a band, I have the utmost respect for them, though they are an acquired taste.

Jimmy Page is indeed way hotter than Robert Plant, though he's a bit of a strange one. He lives in Aleister Crowley's old castle and I heard he does mean things to frogs. Still, that man is about 10 times sexier because he has a guitar in his hands. Not to excuse the frog thing or anything.

So, a double offense with ex-RB, huh? Any plans for a third offense?

Taloo, that's the date that his court order for spousal maintence expires. Or maybe it's June of that year, I dunno. Either way, I can't freaking wait. I just wish things weren't so hard for the giant right now, or that he'd let me help.

I bought a jar of Hell's Kitchen's homemade peanut butter. Stuff of the gods, I tell ya.

Are you going to come up here anytime around the holidays, Taloo?

I'm not in the mood to work after lunch. I want to get out and start my Xmas shopping, at least the online stuff. I'm thinking maybe it would be a better idea to do all my shopping alone this year. I hate dragging the giant around, like I'm teasing him by going on a massive shopping spree while he has nothing.

QUOTE(pinkpoodle @ Dec 11 2006, 11:31 AM) *

If she ever criticizes my ass again, I'm gonna teach her a lesson and tell her that men usually say the opposite when I'm bent over in front of them!!

bahahaha! that's great. dude, mothers should know not to ever mention their daughter's weight. jeeze.

taloo, did you get some good sweaters? i am actually planning to go sweater shopping at lunch. i don't have any cool weather clothes.

yeah, minneapolis has some sort of weird i've-never-been-there-but-i-still-have-mpls-karma thing with me right now, along with the band "that dog".....they have a song called "minneapolis", with the line "randy told me where he lives, in minneapolis" which is funny because the highschool guy i'm gonna see this week is named randy, and they also have a song called "long island" which is all "you're pretty dreamy for a boy from long island" and totally describes my college relationship with a boy from long island (who i yelled about in the "say WHAT?" thread) who after i broke up with him started dating this other girl and ended up living with her for a summer in, guess where, MINNEAPOLIS. and of course y'all, and i had a dream about hearing your guys' voices last night and i remember mox sounded more grown up than i thought she would. she had a grown up voice, in my dream.

i'm completely incoherent right now aren't i.
hi everyone!!!

is poodle knocking boots with ex-rb???

i'm creating centerpieces for graduation on wed. Wheeeee!
(not mine, but where i work)

yay for motrin, food, friends...

boo on bills, towing, car problems, and general mucky-muck.

my ankle is acting up...i must have tweaked it somehow. or maybe its my biggest nemesis....STRESS!
must...resist...pain meds....

back soon...
Poodle, next time your momma talks about your ass, I think you should definitely inform her of the benefits of a nice ample bottom!

Mouse, I hope you have the night off from freelance work - you need some rest! How funny that you dreamt of bustie voices!

I'm with you, Diva, I've got no motivation to work this I've been catching up on mindless admin work, which is a fine use of a monday afternoon, if you ask me. I've got all my online holiday shopping done, and I'm pretty much done with shopping for my family...turbomann has yet to start in on his family, but I'm leaving that up to him, since his days are open right now.

Okay, back to busy work here, I'll pop in later!
Hey all! Just home for lunch, then have a board meeting in 40 minutes back at the empty Centre.

The move is done, now there's just fiddly little bits, like getting the junk hauled away, finalizing everything else, which I expect to be done by Wednesday or maybe Thursday. I am still employed till the end of January, but I'll be working from home...I've basically got two reports to finish, one of which is a big one, to government, on the impact of welfare cuts, and the other is just the final report to the funder.

I got offered a job today! I was over at the union office where our stuff will be stored, "minding" the movers...the woman who runs the local asked me if I was interested in temping (she was the one who approached me), and said their temp list is very short right now, they need experienced workers (like me, apparently), and there are a lot of slots to fill. So I said I'd bring my resume in this week. WOOT! This is the provincial government employees union - I'd be working for the union, not the's basically the job I didn't apply for this time last year b/c I wasn't ready.

Weirdest thing: I haven't been able to stop singing since Friday.

Ok, I need to do a few things before I head out to my meeting! Will check in later!
Diva, that blows about the giant's car repairs. If I had to pay $500 for car work right now I would freak. I am stressed about moolah lately. The main problem being we don't have any. Mr K's not been making much lately b/c the hotel hasn't been busy. That leaves more bills for me to pay alone, which is stressful. When I get paid Friday it will all be good, but until then, it sucks. I understand what you mean about not wanting to take the giant shopping. I sometimes don't want to buy anything for myself even when I'm shopping alone b/c Mr K rarely is in the position to buy himself stuff. Ah, money.

Poodle, you had another encounter with ex RB? whoa! And poo on your mom for talking about your ass. That is not very nice of her. I am glad you are able to ignore her comments & love your bootie.

The new report about the healthiest & unhealthiest states ranked MN as healthiest. #1 in the nation! My state, on the other hand, is ranked 47th. Followed only by LA, MS, and SC. Southerners are generally not healthy. They eat poorly and smoke. They finally just outlawed smoking in legislative plaza this year! Geez.

Who is Geddy Lee?

Hi mouse, ms gb, and taloo!

I am taking off tomorrow AM to go with my mom to meet with her lawyer. She got back soon to be ex step-dad's answer to her filing for divorce & he is being a major jackass. I am reeealllly interested to hear what her lawyer says. I hope it is good news.

ETA: Hi doodle! Congratulations on the job offer! That's great! And, I can't say I am surprised to hear about your elevated mood. I think this is something you needed!
Yay doodle!! That sounds like it's a good position for you right now.

That's super weird about MN being the healthiest state. People eat crap here, too, and don't get enough exercise. Maybe it has something to do with the cold weather. I think it keeps the blood flowin.'

I don't know if there will be another offense with the ex-RB. Probably. It's amazing how "not weird" things are between us after the deed. In fact, it's almost less weird because that awkward tension/curiousity thing is gone.

Kari, Geddy Lee is the lead singer and bassist for Rush. He has a high-pitched voice that is somewhat of an acquired taste. I don't really see how it's that different from Bon Scott or Brian Johnson from AC/DC. I suppose their voices are an acquired taste, too.

(((karianne's mom)))

Taloo, we're twins again. I had a salt bagel and it had a little cinnamon taste to it. ARRGGGH!!! I hate that!!!
I'm wondering if there's any kind of sneaky way I could help the giant out. What I really want to do is do his shopping online under the guise of needing to do some myself. I guess he'd know about it, but it would be a load off him for a little while since I wouldn't let him pay me right away. And then it'd be done with before we go out shopping this weekend, so he wouldn't have the stress of having to buy stuff while we're out. But still, it feels like every time we go shopping, it's just a big show of Watch Me Shop and I feel like I'm rubbing his nose in it when I'm really not. At least I don't make him buy me things like his ex did.

Congrats on the job, Doodle!

I don't know why we're ranked healthiest up here. We're the land of deep fat fried cheese curds and all things dairy, and we eat ice cream year 'round. Maybe it's because of the smoking bans in much of the metro. I don't understand why hot places get ranked lower since it's easier to be active outside. But then, the socioeconomic side of it would factor in since there's a link between obesity and poverty.

Hey Mouse, are there any designs you did for places like Urban Outfitters out there for purchase? My BFF wants a cool printed t-shirt for Xmas, and with her taste, I immediately thought of you and how I'd like to get something you had a hand in making.

Hi, GB!

Poodle, your mom knows the rule about commenting on your body. I have noticed that moms tend to lay off a bit when you mention you have a man in your life. Funny. Mom doesn't bug me nearly as much as she used to since the giant and I got together and he loves me just the way I am - she even didn't want me to introduce him to you because she thought you'd steal him away from me!

Okay, I think it's time to spend some quality time with the copy machine. Le sigh.

Wha?? Hahaha!! That's so funny about your ma, diva!!

My theory about health and geography: voting republican causes cancer. Plain and Simple.
ladies! i just bought two big boxes of see's lollipops. they are the best stocking stuffers/impromptu small gifts, plus my mom needs an entire box for herself tongue.gif

poodle and xrb, sittin' in a tree.......poodle! boyfriends, exboyfriends, exroommates, hot asses...woo! i can't believe diva's mom thought you'd steal the giant from diva! ahaha!

turbo, i sort of get the night off but there are a few things i need to revise, i need to upload something to their server and i need to invoice 'em. but i'm happy to have the work, and it's going to mean luxuries and savings when i finally get paid (grrrr....but that's a rant for another thread....oh turnaround times, how i loathe thee...).

diva, i designed all of these except for the "wave" one. the rest of the stuff that i have in stores right now are all bulky sweatshirts/hoodies and not as pretty. urban's ridiculously overpriced, though.....i wish i could say i'll send you one, but we don't really have access to that stuff. if we really want it sometimes it can be arranged, but mostly we're limited to the damaged stuff or outdated samples.

you're being so sweet about wanting to help the giant. maybe tell him it's HIS christmas present?

kari, i hope your mom's lawyer has good news!

honestly, i think all of this talk about minnesota folks being healthy basically boils down to the fact that fried cheese curds are really good for you.

mouse - I LOVE the print with the cheerry blossom branches, and the color is lovely - I WANT!! I'm not sure the cut is going to be great for me, but I might just walk over there after work and stop by and look at all your lovely work, since it is on my way to the gym! tongue.gif

Doodle - congrats on the job offer!! See, good things are headed your way, and you didn't even know it! Busties are getting jobs all over here! Turbomann's next, right?! Of Course Right! *sings fiddler on the roof in head*

Diva, I think mouse has hit it - help the giant out with xmas gifting as HIS present, if he'll let you. Turbomann and I haven't even bothered with gifts for each other for years...maybe its unromantic, but I'd just rather buy what I want for myself, after christmas. That's why I have a paycheck. I'm much more excited when he does things like laundry...which he should be doing right now *swoon*

Turbomann and I keep joking about moving to CO, because they're the "skinniest" state, and we wanna go bring down the average!

Cute designs, mouse!!!

I think health has a lot to do with happiness, and cheese curds=happy feelings. Plus, our healthcare is better up here, so it's very easy to get any cheese curd-related cholesterol sucked out of your arteries if necessary.

ETA - Yeah, my mom can be so annoying at times. She hasn't commented on my body for a while now though. She used to argue that there is an inverse correlation in my weight gain and love life. First off, the guys I dated when I weighed less were stupid idiots that I probably wouldn't date today (and no, PI, I'm not referring to you). Second, she assumes that my lack of boyfriends means that no men have expressed interest in me. She thinks she knows everything that's going on in everyone's lives.
Hello everyone!

I hope fried cheese curds are the cause of good health. Hmm. Now I've got a craving for poutine.

I don't understand why so many mothers STILL think "catching a man" is so all-fired important, and I don't understand why they think you need to be skinny to attract someone! Jeebus, how effing annoying!

turbo, I know there's going to be a fabu opportunity for turbomann, too! BTW, now I've got If I Were a Rich Man in my head.

Hello also karianne, diva, poods, minx, wombat, moxie, FJ, mouse, miz gb, taloo, humanist (drive-by!), and everyone else who is lurking!

I am DONE. Almost. Done for today, anyway. Tomorrow all the heat, lights, phone, etc., will be disconnected, then later this week there is the junk to be picked up and moved out, and the photocopier, too (which is leased), and then I will be OFFICIALLY free of the facility forever. Then seven more weeks of work, and I'm free of the job, too.

I just bought myself the tiniest tree! It's a living, potted conifer, maybe 8 inches tall (plus the height of the pot). I think I'll do a centrepiece with candles on the coffee table....
doodle! job offer! WOOOOOO!
Poodle, you whore. I love you. smile.gif Good on you for backing that ass up and revelling in it. You know you deserve some carnals pleasures. Am I the only who didn't get that PI was yer ex? Feh...I am so out of the loop sometimes.

Doodle--JOBBY OFFER!!! Yeah!

Diva--good luck on your covert Giant operation.

(((EveryBUSTie else)))

Aw, it was so cute, PIDUBBZ!!! said that Poodle taught him all about what a cool woman should be like! I told ya Poodle was a font of coolness! But we know that already!

~*~doodle get beloved job and good money~*~*
~*~*~turbomann get great job in Chicago!~*~*~
~*~moxette teeth and sinusy things cooperate and be painless and lovely!~*~
~*~Giant get more money and peaceful security~*~*~
~*~Mouse get beatiful work and quick money!~*~*~
~*~Poodle mama shut-up vibes~*~

Hi Karianne, divala, Minx and taloo!!

Where is falljackets?

~*~*Karianne's man making $$$*~*~!!

Also, K's Mom's judge looking out and saying "Why, you are nothing but an ASSHOLE, sir!"
jeebus! it just took me an hour and a half to read all the archives since friday! mrfj left the laptop cord at work all weekend so we didn't have internet all weekend (ok, so that's not true, we had it in the office but i'm spoiled by the laptop so i might as well have been in the woods). sooo much to catch up on!

poodle got some booty (and she's got a lotta BOOTY!), mouse made some awesome designs for the uo shirts (which i'm realllly tempted to buy for myself), diva is doing good deeds for the giant, doodle and wombat got jobby job offers!, mox makes a mean mac n cheese, turbo makes a mean peanut sauce (and i'm really jealous of your get-together!) and and and... shoot! i'm sure there was something else!

karianne, i hope your mom got good news!

welcome pi! hi lorewolf!

i didn't go to work today. i had a little bit of spotting over the weekend and was more than a little concerned. so i decided to take the day off today. i called my midwife and she had a cancellation today and told me to come in if it would make me feel better. of course, i took her up on it and mrfj met me there. everything is fine. we did another scan and saw the grapenut again. it was cute, flailing it's leeetle arms and legs at us showing that it's ok (we half joked that he/she was probably trying to tell us to turn off the damn ultrasound machine). heartbeat still over 150, so good and strong and it measured exactly where it should in relation to the last time i was in. i am feeling a LOT better today and no bleeding. she said it was probably caused by S-E-X and that we should abstain for 5 days. mrfj coughed when she said that, but i think we can manage five freaking days. sheesh.

oh, the cookie swap thingy was better than we thought it would be. not fun, per se, but better. we boycotted the whole gift exchange. half the people that came didn't bring anything either, so when they started the exchange, we all huddled in one room while they did their thing. we were about an hour and a half late to the deal since we had the wedding earlier that afternoon. most of them were half drunk when we got there, so we were able to sneak out after only about an hour. it was enough to get everyone's names down (mostly) and for me to make friends with the thirteen year old girl across the street, who is getting in to babysitting and can't wait to be my sitter next year. she'll be 14 by then. she seems competent and was really sweet. i thought i might take her to lunch or something one day when we're ready for a sitter and really see where her head is when her mom isn't standing there. but, her mom also offered, as did her live in grandmother, so i think i've struck gold.

ok, i gotta go find something to eat. be back tomorrow!

hiya minxie-pie~!

ETA: hehe, well hello, wombat... you rang???
Yayayay!!! The FJ grapenut is okay!! It has little arms already? Awwww...that's so sweet. I'm pro-choice, but damn, I can't get over that stuff. So how far along are you, FJ? It has to be over a month now, right?

I'm glad your Chinese gift exchange didn't end up being too lame!

"Now I've got a craving for poutine." Bwahahahahaha!!! I don't know what "poutine" is, so that sounded really funny to me!!!!!! *rolls on floor and runs away from doodle and her tickle-finger*

Yayayay!!! The ex-RB got his $310 tow bill down to $100!! Thank cod, cause there's no way he could afford to come up with $310 in cash. I couldn't even come up with that money without feelin' the pain. This is a good thing for me, too, because I was gonna get him a $50 gift certificate to Target to help him out (which is what I spend on my sibling/in-law exchange). Now I can back down to what I normally spend on friends. I'll still give him a little more though, because I love the fuckwad. I can't help it. Yeah, I admit it, dammit. Fuck McFuckity. I hate that bastard and his luscious weiner. Fuck!!!

ETA- Goddamn sunna bitch!!

ETAA- I'm such a big friggin' idiot.
wow, its busy in here tonight!! Well, I finally made it back to spin class tonight, and it was *awesome* -- exactly what I needed. It was a "choose your own adventure, and call your own shots" class, with everyone in the class chiming in with the cadence and tension wheel turns...we're a helluva lot harder on ourselves than any teacher! ...And it was a good time.

I DID go to urban outfitters and saw mousie's prints in person - they're really nice, easily the nicest prints I saw in the whole store. Unfortunately, the shirts are but like everything else in uo, so the XL looked waaaay too teensy for my size 12 body. fuckers. Totally cute shirts too.

Turbomann's been put on hold with the gov't checks...again. fuckers.

BUT, I think we're getting a little more serious about the Denver that's kind of exciting, and stomach churning, at the same time. Talked to some other friends tonight who are also gettin' outta turbomann's old company and moving to Oregan, so it was fun talking to them tonight.

FJ - I'm so glad your lil' belly floatie is doing well - good news! I'm with mox on that one...any sign of worry, head on in to the midwife!

Hi doodle! I'm so glad you're wrapping things up at the centre, and will be able to have the able assistance of one georgie and ms. carmella on a daily basis as you work!

Wombat...was today your first day on the job? How did it go???
Yes! What's the deal with the job situation, wombat?!

I could barely fit into Urban Outfitters stuff even when I was at the lowest weight that I could possibly be without looking sickly. Even when I was 160 at 5'8," that still wasn't small enough (the lame-ass medical charts tell me that I should weigh 158 MAX for a woman of my height and build!!). When I was 160, even my MOM started to complain that my arms looked a little too thin. MY MOM. The same person who thinks my butt is currently too big to find everlasting love thought that my arms were too skinny a few years ago. There must be some kind of old school thing that insists that a woman's body is never good enough. I love my mom, and she is a very liberal person, but she has this old-fashioned "catch a man" thing stuck in her head.

ETA- Geez...I feel so bad about bitching about my mom lately. Really, she is much cooler than your average mom for her age. She's extremely open-minded. I ended up being an opinionated woman for a reason--my mom. She definitely leans toward the feminist side. She has been the primary wage earner for most of my life. Whenever I say, "I don't need a new coat" she says "Don't worry about it, it's all my money anyway!!" (which she would NEVER say around my dad). I learned how to stick up for myself as an equally-qualified human being because of her (and my dad! He's worked just as hard!). She just happened to fall into this unfortunate 60's twig generation. She even remembers being taught how to be sexy while smoking a cigarette. Both my sister and I have looked at her younger pictures and commented on how we could crush her with our thighs. My sister is bigger than I am at 5'11" (with a larger frame-she wouldn't have been able to fit into the UO stuff no matter how much she tried). I wouldn't be surprised if my mom gave her just as much crap. The thing is that my sister ended up with the female body from the other side of the family. I inhereted my mom's body, so I think it's easier for her to pick on me.
*strolls back into the thread, relaxed, after a hot cinnamon and clove bubble bath*

yeah, poodle, but once you catch the man, then its all "when are you gonna have babies," and after that, then, I dunno what, but there'll always be something...
No shit, turbo. See, my mom already has her grand-babies, so I don't feel that pressure. Thank cod. Still, I sorta feel like she looks down on me when I say that I'm not that into taking care of children. I'm not really sure how she feels. I don't think she cares all that much, because she knows sooo many people who haven't done the whole marriage/children thing. Actually, one her best friends is a lesbian in a very committed relationship. My mom goes to catholic church, but she's pro gay marriage. Like I said, she's a very open-minded person. I really shouldn't complain about her that much. In fact, we were talking about me having children (as an epileptic, I have a 5% greater chance of having a child with spina bifida) and she was very surprised that I would keep a child with a disability considering my own condition. Interesting. My mom is extremely pro-choice, which is refreshing. It's awesome to know that the person who knows me more than anyone else in this world is willing to listen if I choose to have an abortion. Not bad at all. Y'all know me and my love for the "underdog" though, and I would love anything to death if it were in my hands.
I'm so glad my mom and I both got therapy.

I set up my coffee table centrepiece! I took everything off the bamboo tray, added the li'l tree and two honkin' big, white pillar candles, at different heights on black iron stands, and then spread a big bunch of polished stones around the base of the tray.

It's like zen holiday decor!

(That last sentence seems like an oxymoron.)

I also have a stuffed Grinch hanging on the outside of my apartment door.

What has everyone else done to their places for the holiday season?
I bought a princess pine last year, but my cats attacked it and ate it. Needless to say, I haven't done any holiday decorating this year.
First off thank you ALL for the Non-Troll remarks. So many to thank!!! Doodle, Minx, Kari, Divala, turbo, fall, wombat!!! Next time I play "Back for More" I'll dedicate it to you!!
I also realized that I have a tendancy to be overzealous when it comes to screen names and I don't blame ya for the troll away vibes...LOL...It's a personality trait since I'm a D.J. at an active rock station. I think it's much like how I sign my name. Big Letters. LOL I was told that I was related to John Hancock who had the largest signature on the Declaration of Independance.

I also created a second name that would better suit this message board, but having errors with replying to threads. I also didn't wanna go through the hassle of replying elsewhere and be taken as a troll...LOL Coincidentally, I have been told that even thogh I have a voice like buttah, I look like a life size version of a troll who's "only missing his gem" due to my bleached out funky troll lookin' mohawk in radio school, which I maintain til this day. rolleyes.gif

Congrats Poodle!! Funny story about the Tow Job...LOL While I was first dating my fiancee, I got a parking ticket, while I was un-officially using the station truck over night. They had ONE sign at the town limits which stated any vehicles on the street after 3AM would be ticketed.....and at 40 mph you can't possibly read the whole sign. Whoopsy...

I think you are perfectly perfect in every way poodle. If a man can't accept who YOU are and what YOU'RE about then he isn't worthy. Seriously. You Rock. If you really wanna "catch" a man, you gotta get a tivo, and an Xbox. LOL The Tivo for you so you can stop locking yourself in the apt during dancing with celebrities...we have the technology..and it's cheap...LOL

I'm sure glad to hear I'm not the only one feeling the X-mas money pinch. We had a $350 Computer Problem, and a $250 car problem in the last few weeks, plus I have monies owed to me, which are being held up due to issues of plugola/payola with the beer companies. We usually pick up "Talent" fees during a gig at a bar or wherever since we're M.C.-ing, but due to the shoddy radio biz we're lucky to get our hourly rate. Mine is goin' up to 7.15 an hour next year!!! Woo Hoo!!

By the way Lorewolf I'm a huge introvert, I'm a very shy person by nature. i was taught to speak when spoken to and could never shake that. I've also never felt like I could just be myself without anyone judging me and picking apart my flaws.

BTW- I work on The Edge in Albany doing's Almost a living. it's true about the voice. You know the deep voice that talks before Law and Order?? I can totally pull that off, and have. The Mrs. laughs at me whenever it's on cos I have to mock the voice and add some sick or twisted words to it. She still laughs...LOL
okay, okayers.....its past midnight on the west coast, i'm sure all you easterners and midwesterners are sleeping hard. but i'm all jacked up cos i went on an ikea run on a total whim about an hour before they closed, and my apartment is in that hilarious state where parts are immaculate and parts are a total disaster. i have to say, it's amazing what a difference framing one's posters makes....i framed the posters i had taped up on the wall and framed a bunch of my own small drawings and put them up, plus i got a bright pink frame to match this awesome scarf/cloth print of a very sixties kids' book tiger that is done in orange and brown and pink, and it looks so great. i'm really excited. i also finally got myself a full size down comforter--they're remarkably cheap at ikea! my only complaint is it's a little crackly, but i imagine that fades as it gets older. it's about time, too--i've been sleeping (on a fullsize mattress, no less) under the same twin comforter i've had for the past 13 years. which means i freeze, and wake up with feathers in my hair!

i'm so excited though, my place is finally starting to really feel lived-in and MINE. if i get around to cleaning up all the plastic wrappers (ugh, ikea) on the floor and take pictures i'll post 'em in the decor thread.

doodle, your tree sounds so pretty. i'm not doing anything in my apartment, but i know when i go home my parents and i will go out and "steal" a tree from our neighbor's forest (which is a failed xmas tree farm gone to seed) and decorate it. we stopped putting up christmas lights outside for energy conservation, but my mom always makes a beautiful advent garden and we put folded paper stars in the windows.

i might have a crush on this guy who was at the party i went to on saturday. i'm not sure yet. i also might still have a crush on highschool guy, but i have to see him first. oh lawd, mouse could for real use some god. i really hope i haven't already embarked on a new three years of's been--christ--four months already. *whine*

wombat, i wanna hear more about this new job!

oh, and speaking of jobs and weirdness.....the woman i did the last set of freelance illustrations for (not the t-shirt stuff, illustrations for a website) passed away. i didn't know her personally, so i don't know how to's very strange.

anyway, i should get back to either cleaning or going to bed. see you lovelies tomorrow.
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