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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Yeah, it kinda seems like a "Thai Cooking for Dummies" kind of book, but at the time is was the only place I could find a recipe for Tom Kha. Since my last post, I compared the two recipes, and the CI one's more complex, but would probably deliver better results. I'll probably do a combination of the two recipes.
Wow, this place has been hopping for eveningtime!

Shopping is such a frustrating topic. I have eleventy bazillion things to say about the economic system, but it will just be depressing. I do think, though, that you have to pick your battles, and I admit to the free use of bleach, windex, and swiffers...and I don't recycle, mainly because you can't recycle in this community unless you use a vehicle to do so (ironic, n'est pa?). (Except I do leave my bottles and cans separate from the trash, for the bottle economy, that's my philosophy!) There is only so much any one person can do, and I think sometimes we do have to let go of our guilt and accept it. And yeah, I'm speaking as someone who's core paid work has been economy and human rights issues!


I really like the tongue-sticky-outie smiley.

My personal battle around Plan B (which you don't need a prescrip for here - though yeah, don't bother asking for it at Wal-Mart) has been with one member of the local anti-choice group, who keeps sending letters to the editor with HUGE amounts of misinformation about Plan B. And she never says the real reason she is opposed to it (that anti-choicers believe it's an "abortifacient"). She uses all these bullshit "medical" reasons that have nothing to do with real's like reading those hoax e-mails about how underarm deodorant causes breast cancer. I'm always have to write rebuttals from the Centre, usually with info referenced straight from Princeton U. or Health Canada, and then she refutes THAT - using one solitary local pharmacist as her reference source! (Probably the one from Wal-Mart.) ARGH!! I do always call her on the "abortifacient" thing, though...that probably makes her head blow off. Heh.

I still can't believe doodlemama got that big mirror wrapped safely for the Greyhound. Of course, it took me a half hour to break into the package.

I also sent doodlemama a "surprise" parcel while at the Greyound, with some candles and chocolate and cocoa butter lotion....heh.

poods, I agree mamas are funny that way. I have a suspicion, though, that my mama is "making up" for me not doing the whole Christmas gift exchange anymore. I mean, she spent $300 on her portion of my sofa set...there's no way she spends that on my brother's birthday, but it's possible she might come close between that and Christmas. I think she figures it all averages out...she likes to be fair! (She must have a Libra ascendent or something.) Last year, she paid for Carmella's adoption fee! I have no way of proving doodlemama's motives though...I just have to pretend I don't notice! But THEN she does these "extras"....

Hi, polly!

*rummages around in the freezer for some green herb to calm minxie down*

Y'all are makin' me hungry...I need to go cook something! I did finally make it to the grocery store...for more than just soup and ibuprofen this time!
Women should have EVERY option when it comes to issues of pregnancy, let alone everything else.
We've been blessed with a local PP office here in upstate and has saved our ass on two near miss occasions.
My g/f has a rare disease called White Wolf Parkinson's and can't use "the pill" or any thing else for that matter, so we rely on MAN-traception. LOL If it weren't for Plan B, We would prolly have a child we couldn't support, let alone have time for. I wasn't planned and my father was he ran, leaving my mom and I alone. I wouldn't want to put my child through welfare cheese, bricks of butter and canned pork. The canned peanut Butter was great tho...ate me a whole jar over x-mas break when I was 11. LOL I was deeply engrossed in Simon's Quest for NES.

So what DOES someone cook for a vegetarian anyways Poodle?? I suspect it would be quite a task. LOL
I got some homegown if ya save me a case of Old Style...They don't have it here...All they have here is swill from the hudson river.
Remember the Fried and Battered Cheese On a Stick at ValleyFair Poodle??
They don't have that here either. mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif
I keep asking for it at the local fairs here and they just look at me funny. Everything here is Pizza, and Italian Eateries. You can't swing a cat around here without hitting a guido with some pizza sauce on his chin. rolleyes.gif

Hi Peeps!!

"So what DOES someone cook for a vegetarian anyways Poodle?" Wha? There are tons of excellent vegetarian recipes out there. Really, all you gotta do is omit the meat. VEGAN is a different story. Now that's hard to do. It involves a lot of experimentation with substitutes, etc. I really like soy stuff though, so it wasn't hard for me. I pretty much forgot about dairy products at the time.

They don't do fried cheese there? That's horrible!'s chilly. Thank god it's supposed to get up to 34 today. The weather is just so weird here.
Oh, pi, you gave me my first chuckle of the day, thank you for that! *looks around for men with pizza saucy chins*

Yeah, doodle, my momma definitely favors me more in the gifting dept. as well, and when I visit them, she insists on taking me shopping for something I need. But like you said, it all evens out.

Yep, I'm with poodle, veggie cooking isn't hard at all, but then, I've already taken a lot of the fluff out of my cooking with no dairy/wheat/eggs/sugar, so taking the meat out is no biggie either. I just like to build in alot of flavor. We don't eat a lot of meat at our house, and when we do, its more in the asian tradition of using it more as a garnish, than the main attraction.

Turbomann is home waiting for the comcast repair guy this morning...the houseboy thing is working out well right now. wink.gif Of course, our problems with comcast are that after 5pm, when other people are home watching TV, our service goes to crap - tv, internet and phone, so I'm not sure what he's going to find early this morning, when the signal is fine. Ah, well, not my problem today.

PI, I actually used to loooove the government cheese. It made the best grilled cheese. But then again, thats me looking through rosecolored glasses. But my sister did manage to eat over half of one of the 2 lb block of butter. Gross.

Turbo, so you are dairy, sugar, wheat free? I think think that would be really hard. Do you do it for medical reasons or is it just a personal choice?

Diva, I am glad that you made some dough at your craft shows. Woot for spending money.

Doodle, we almost got the same mirror to put somewhere in our bedroom. There were only acouple left and some of the little square tiles fell out.

Hello, minx, polly, mouse, and everyone else.
Well, taloo, my best self is dairy/wheat/egg/sugar-free....Buuuuuuut, occasionally, I cheat, and then I pay for it down the line...I have a mild allergy/sensitivity to that stuff, and while immediately, it may only give me a tummy ache and runny nose, if I become a repeat offender, eventually, it saps my energy, gives me migraines, and slows my lymph system to a crawl, oh, and it makes my stomach distend - nice, eh?

Currently, I am my best self, and since I've recently done a cleanse, I'm not even very interested in cheating, because I have no cravings. We'll see how I do over the holidays, when sugar and pastry abound! Its a little easier with turbomann's family now, because my little nephie has the same wheat allergy, only far worse than mine, so we're food buddies....and his 4-year-old self thinks that's pretty cool that his aunt is like him. cool.gif
damn damn damn damn! i just lost a good post because i clicked on a stupid link from an in-company newsletter. fuckity fuck!!

i hate it when that happens!

i'll hit the high points:

~ it's cold here today - not minnesota/chicago cold, but cold nonetheless for FL! supposed to be down to 25 tonight. this is florida, yo! we're not prepared for chills like that!

~i love that so many have plum coats. i am wearing a plum sweater. plum is one of my top three faves from the crayola 64 box (the others are midnight blue and sepia).

~ my meatless menu doesn't have much variety, but i'm sure i could come up with more if i chose to take meat out of my diet. i don't see that happening though. i'm a carnivore.

~ i had been wanting a sausage bagel from mcfatty's since last night, so i caved and bought one this morning. i have no nausea now. coincidence? you decide.

~ i AM burping up dha pill fumes and that's not cool.

i hope you get your tv woes figured out, turbo. we had to call comcast out a few weeks ago because of intermittent internet service. after we made the appointment, the service was fine. no problems at all.
Interesting store iscussions indeed. I minimize my Target purchases, but I need to put more coolant in my car, so that's the number one place to get a cheap cold-drink pitcher, which I can then throw out.

But I'm not sure K-Mart -- the other cheapo choice -- is any better.

The thing about Walmart is that they target small towns -- out in farmer land it is family business, chain store, or nothing, you can be quite middle-class and still have not much choice unless you want to drive into the city, I suppose now people are working the internet and mail-order more.

In Boston, if you're poor you can still eat decently, when I've gotten stuck with no unemployment (or employment) in recessions or what have you, there is a year-round farmer's market called Haymarket that is like the rest of the world tradition -- there are throngs of people going up to tables and haggling. A ton of Carribbean and Asian people -- it's catch as catch can, but it's cheap, you can get a lot for a dollar. It's a lot of rough and tumble and tough guys, and people stick their nose up at it, trying to claim the produce isn't as good, but that's bull, take it from me. They're just intimidated or lazy. Hey, when I have more money it's easier to go to the store, but I try to have discipline about it. It's every Friday and Saturday from 5 am to 5 pm in the oldest section of Boston.

Also, we have a food co-op and you can get spices there just in small amounts that are fresh -- used to be a cheaper place to get grains -- but now, in Allston I live right next to the Super 88 asian supermarket.. so basically, if we get poor we can live off brown rice and vegetables and peanut butter... good to know.

I don't have cravings for chocolate or ice cream or sweets or stupid sugary "vitamin water" or fast food, but pizza -- oh my god.

Feh. Must go to bank. then Gym. I dunno Mouse, I love working on my ideas but it takes so long and I think the computer just kind of saps energy and makes me nervous and kind of throws me off it at a certain point. yaghhhh.... just found a yoga set to repair the creative energy and it's only 3 minutes long! I opened the book looking for it and I opened it in the exact spot!

That's what I like about Kundalini yoga peeps -- they admit they use stuff like computers and they have a sense of humor.

Have a good Friday, everybody!

Rush is my soundtrack today. I don't care what people say about Geddy Lee's voice. I think it rocks. Dude, I wish I could play the drums like Neil Peart. I can't believe how fast he is. I wish I could play the drums period. I'm pretty good at playing air drums, but that's not the same.

All the world's indeed a stage
And we are merely players!!!
Performers and portrayers
Each another's audience
Outside the gilded cage!!

Damn. I have many drummer boys in my past. I should have taken advantage of their skillz so that I could learn.

Mmmmm....government cheese....(I've never actually had it, but taloo's grilled cheese sandwich sounds really tasty)
aw, wombat, i was just thinking about haymarket the other day! it popped into my head for no reason! it was YOU, wasn't it! and i will vouch for teh awesomeness .....produce like ten for a dollar, the best cheese, pita bread...mmm. i gotta say, though, you may be able to eat cheaply but god forbid you be poor and still want to rent something. i wanna end up back in boston someday so i tend to idly look at apartment listings on craigslist there.....the only things i'm seeing for the price i'm paying for a one-bedroom by myself in la, are for like five-bedrooms with four other people. meh.

speaking of brown rice and peanut butter, a super-cheap, delicious and nutritious thing to eat when you are poor is this slapdash peanut sauce an old roommate's boyfriend invented: peanut butter, soy sauce, and dijon mustard, mixed to smooth consistency, portioned to taste. surprisingly delicious over rice--and so much better for you than ramen.

just curious......why do you throw away the cheap plastic pitcher? save it and re-use it--better for your wallet, better for the environment.

i still wanna see your design work. *poke poke*

fj, i splurged and guiltily got a sausage biscuit from fatty king's yesterday and FUCK it was delicious. why are things that are so bad, so gooooood?

oooooh tom kha! my favorite!!!!

speaking of deliciousness, i went to a party thrown by an old friend i had rather lost track with, and she had made EIGHT pies for the occasion. so. fucking. good. coffee cream, chocolate mousse, chocolate fluff, apple cranberry, pumpkin, cranberry, chocolate pie. the mousse had a crust of solid chocolate and the coffee cream had a crust made from gingersnaps. so unbelievably delicious. unfortunately everyone there goes to caltech so i felt hugely intellectually intimidated. conversation went like this:

so, what do you do?"
"i'm working on my phd in physics"
"cool, what's your area?"
"theoretical physics"
"string theory"


"so, what are you studying?"

oh, brains.
poodle, be proud of your RUsh I'm sure you really are! When you mentioned it, I suddenly had Roll the Bones stuck in my made me smile, and think of my brother, who listened to them non-stop for awhile in high school, and it was cool, because for once, it wasn't heavy metal, and I didn't mind listening to his music.

*drools over all the pies* YUM! Your friend is quite the pastry chef, mouse!

I'm actually slurping on the tom kha leftovers right perfect for a blisteringly cold day!
hello you stinky twats!!!


sleepy sleepy here....maybe i'll get in a nap today..probably not.

but i finished my 'animal' hat...i still need to finish with some pom poms but i'll get to that this weekend.

what are everyone's plans for the weekend?
family time. we actually have loads of chores/errands to accomplish, but i think we'll be able to get them done. Sunday, moxieman and i have a date. I can't wait! Tonight, I'm really looking forward to the BSG...its sad that I like TV this much.
Hi, peeps!

I got to work early today! The giant's car is broken, so I had to give him a ride to work, so I got here a half hour early. I was still half-asleep and kind of bleary, but I'm here and I'm awake. It'll be kinda cool to leave when everyone else does today. I just hope the traffic isn't too awful tonight since I have to drive all the way across the metro to pick him up.

Coconut milk soup? No, thanks. That's something I'd be able to take maybe 5 bites off of before I got sick of it.

I guess Target is okay with me because they at least give some money to the Dems, and because they aren't Wal-Mart. I do not, however, buy groceries there because they're not unionized. It pisses me off, though, about Plan B not being distributed from there. I never go to their pharmacy. I'll only go to ones that don't make a judgement of people's lifestyles from their prescriptions, so I just fill my prescription at the clinic. I guess Super Valu doesn't allow pharmacists to restrict, but since my dad is a pharmacist there, I don't want him to be able to look up that his daughter is on the pill, not that he would, but still.

No big plans for the weekend, just cleaning the house and relaxing after spending months worth of weekends making crafts. I'm trying to save my money for next weekend when we do our holiday shopping, and I know the giant doesn't have any. We'll probably go down to his mom's house, though, since it's been a couple weeks and he needs to help her out with stuff around the house. That's the thing about being with a really tall guy - people always ask him to do tall person things, me included, even my parents.

Okay, time to go back to being productive. My monthly stats are 3 days late because I didn't do shit over the last month, so I need to beef them up today.

tonight i'm baking cookies (still undecided on the recipe but i've narrowed it to two) for the neighborhood cookie swap that we've been invited to attend. after that, i think we'll watch a movie cuddled in front of the fireplace.

tomorrow, i'm sleeping in for sure. but then we have a wedding at 4:30 for a guy that mrfj' knew in scouts years ago. there will be people there that he has talked about since i've known him, so it'll be nice to put names to faces (even though most of them sound like people i'd prefer not to know really). we still have to go get a gift for them someplace and they didn't say that they were registered anywhere in the invitation. they might be getting a gift card to target or pottery barn or something (ooh, just checked target and they're on the registry there). maybe we'll do that tonight. it might be fun to brave the cold weather.

then, after the wedding we have the cookie swap thinger with our neighbors. we're both sort of "eh" about it, but feel like we have to go. we've met many of our neighbors but don't really know any of them well. they're all 10-30 years older than we are, their children are gone, we're pretty sure a lot of them are fundies. but we want to go for a bit and make nice with everyone. there's also supposed to be a "chinese gift exchange" and i guess we have to find something to bring for that too. i might just use a picture frame that we've never used that we got as a housewarming gift.

i'm sort of dreading the day tomorrow because it'll be filled with meeting new people and having to be charming and delightful. bah! but it'll be a good thing to get to know the neighbors better. maybe a couple of the teen girls will be there and i'll find a babysitter...
You just HAD to bring up "Roll the Bones" didn't you turbo...LOL
I love Rush as much as Poodle does, but that song was terrible.
"why are we here...because we're here, Roll The Bones"

My deadbeat dad introduced me to Rush and the double album "Chronicles" when I was 13...

I love that stuff...great driving music. Gets ya pumped while adding a calming effect at the same time.

Wasn't Neil Peart involved with some child porn or sexual assault case of an underage minor??

Behold The Geddy Lee "FLY BY NIGHT" Jet!! Notice the Owl on the nose of the plane. Photo taken somewhere in jersey...
IPB Image
Oh, now there's some cultural sensitivity, eh FJ...a "chinese" gift, uh horrifying. I'm imagining that would be what the rest of the world a "white elephant" exchange, right? That kind of stuff just rubs me the wrong way...

We've got a good balance of rest time, errands and gatherings this weekend. Tonight, purely relaxation. Tomorrow, errands, and then the Chicago bustie festivus party! WOOT! Sunday, probably some chicken stock making, soup making, and then another holiday gathering with the unfriends. Should be a nice weekend.

Pi....sorry about that, I can't hardly control the detritus that floats to the top of my brain from the past. heh. Truly, their most annoying song. Probably why its hanging around in the cobwebs of my brain.

Good cod, I've been WAY too productive for a friday! But, right now, I'm burning some cds of meditation music for one of the babies in the nursery who needs something to help soothe him, poor kiddo has too many problems to count. Turbomann's bringing our portable CD player in to put in his crib.
Can I suggest some good sleepytime music, turbo? This is a wonderful relaxation CD. I badly, badly sprained my ankle a few years ago and had trouble falling asleep through the pain (damn doctor wouldn't give me any *good* drugs). I was sleeping in the living room because I couldn't get upstairs and my mom would put the record on- I don't think I ever made it to the end of side one, that's how fast it worked. Not sure how well it would work on an infant, as it's a little minimalistic, but it might be worth a shot (and good for anyone who needs some relaxation music!!)
turbs, you are correct. i cringed when i read it on the printed invitation. blink.gif this is the kind of folk we'll be rubbing elbows with. we'll probably do our best to bring our OWN gift back because i can only imagine how hideous the rest will be.

i should find a better attitude about this party.

that is SO sweet of you to burn some soothy music for him. poor little one! and how sweet of turbomann to bring the cd player.
I have never even heard that phrase before for a white elephant. I thought you all were supposed to bring something from China, or if you have a Chinatown in your city. But wow, I wouldn't be psyched to gather with them, either. Sometimes I think that's a wee bit racist, but they probably don't know any better. You should teach them, or bring a Chinese person with you to teach them.
Hmmm....I'd looked at that one before, polly, looks like good stuff. A little too complex even for this wee bairn...I'm doing a lot of my new agey stuff - crystal bowl tones, harmonics, native american flute, healing harp....that kind of stuff. I hope it helps him...we'll see.

Oh, FJ... no wonder you're hesitant about the party!!! Yikes! Its probably like when my favorite (though culturally clueless) auntie asks me all sorts of inappropriate questions about adoption...I try to give her the right language to use, but it never sticks.
turbo- poor wee one is right. That's very sweet that you're helping the nurses out! Does he have a mom(s) and/or dad(s) waiting for him? I always get a little sad thinking about all your little ones waiting for moms and dads. I'm trying to mentally gear up into mommyworld. Can you tell?

I think I'm gonna ask my parents to take moxette one night next weekend. We were gonna just hold off on any more overnights until our vacation, but we need a break. There. I admited it. I admire and respect parents who don't have grandparents nearby, b/c i don't think i could do it. I want MY mommy.

OK, i should work. I don't want to work.
diva, that's a great idea. we should totally bring something that is actually from china and tell them that we were confused, then give them the proper name for it! i really do think that it's just an ignorance thing - that they truly don't realize that it's a pretty racist thing to say. the lady that's hosting it has aske me to her church several times and i always decline. finally, i told her that i really don't believein organized religion at all and don't think i would be a good fit. she said that was nonsense and that i should still come, but hasn't asked since. i really hope it doesn't turn into them trying to talk into it again.

i guess i just want to go to keep good blood in the neighborhood. i'd hate to make enemies of them and not be able to count on people that live around me, especially when mrfj goes out of town and stuff. i'm sure they're all nice enough people, just not the ones i'd necessarily choose as friends!

moxie, there is nothing wrong with a little downtime from your kiddo!! and i'm so thankful that we'll have grandparents around to help with fjette!
Fj, I'm sure that neighbor will be praying for your baby's soul. heh. And really, I'm all for wanna pray for me, go ahead...its positive energy into the universe right?

Mox, of *course* you need a break - you've had a sick kiddo on your hands for weeks, and you've all been sick too - you deserve a night off, and you know your families love it when they get moxette, so take them up on their love for your child!

Nope, no family for this wee one yet, and I think he'll be with us for a very long time...its the most complicated/sad case we've had since I've been here. But he's in excellent care, gets cuddles all day and night to help soothe him. And 99.9% of the babies in our nursery are only here for a few days while their birthparents figure things out...

And turbomann is now standing over my shoulder here, so I should skeeedaddle. See ya's later!
Because anti-freeze is *extremely toxic* and god help us if somebody flaked out and we drank from it sometimes between now and three effin' years from now when I need coolant again.

I think preserving human life is a bit more important than throwing away one plastic pitcher. phhhttt!
wombat...I think none of us connected the pitcher with your need of antifreeze! Its friday, I know my brain is a little mushy today! I used to just cut a plastic liter bottle in half with a serrated knife and use that as a funnel, and just keep it in my trunk. shabby chic!
Sorry to be cranky, but OW!

Around here, a guy poisoned his wife with anti-freeze.

Anyways, I'm envying your pie!! Even though we hardly bring sweets home we really enjoyed that pie. Cannot tell a lie.

Ooh, I always thought truly wonderful adult music that would work as Lullabyes or as non-sappy new age music is Eno's Before and After Science.
Fuck McFuckity!! I lost my post.

I made a CD of songs for my niece, but they were more "folksy" than "soothing." Lots of Cat Stevens type stuff. I also put James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James" on there. That's a good lullaby. The last song is "Meow Meow Lullaby" by NadaSurf. I love that song and I sing it to Oscar when we're spooning.

Hmmmm...I can't decide on my favorite Rush song. I really like Working Man (for the guitar) and The Spirit of the Radio (for the drums). Tom Sawyer is good (especially for the scary keyboards), but I don't understand why it's their most popular song. I guess it's just not my favorite. THE RIIIVER!!!

Yay!! I received the historical photos that I ordered for my parents and they're super cool! My only complaint is that I thought a couple of them were gonna be 8x10's. They're all 5x7's. I think I might scan them, enlarge them, and print them out on photo quality paper.

Ugh, I'm physically tired but mentally wired. I would like to take a nap and shower before I hang out with the ex-RB, but I'm too lazy. I'm too lazy to nap. Ha!!

Shawn, er, I mean PI, your dad was a turd, but at least he influenced you musically. I always wondered why you liked KISS so much, but then it all made sense to me when I read that interview on your blog. I'm so proud of you for not being a fuck up.

So I might as well spill it. Folks, PI is my first boyfriend from highschool. Yup, I vividly remember making out in my red bedroom while listening to Lick it Up. And then my mom would come up and ask us to leave the door open. laugh.gif

soooooo not "okay" of me, but i've been running around crazy busy all day and am super stressed out and yeah, i'm gonna take it!

wombat! number one: the way you wrote it made it sound like buying a pitcher and then throwing it away after one use was something you did regularly and often.

number two: why not keep the pitcher in the car? is someone going to mistakenly go searching for a pitcher and decide to look in the car next to the oil rags?

number three: bite my head off all you want, but disposability is a problem in this culture. and ultimately, recycling plastic pitchers preserves human life down the line.

Awww, poodle, that's awesome that Pi is your first beau! So we can ask him all sorts of vintage poodle questions, right?! wink.gif Okay, I'll resist.

Welcome, pi, to okayland. *passes pi a beer, and a spot on the okayland sofa*

I've got beans and rice on the stove for dinner...zataran's is the perfect solution to not wanting to cook on a friday night. And, I've got the season finally of the Everest:Beyond the Limit show on tonight...I can't explain it, but stories of risky mountain climbing is totally riveting to me...I pick up every book I can on death defying stories of mountain climbers...and all I can ever think is, "why would someone risk their life to get to the top of everest?"..but still, I can't look away. I love hiking and mountain climbing, but not mountaineering.
Yeah, PI, just don't say anything stupid, like about my boobs or whatever (even though they are friggin' luscious). wink.gif

FYI, ladies, PI is a radio DJ and has a voice like buttah.

Mouse, yesterday I felt AWWWFUL because our office building had a "tenant's lunch" and all of the plates and utensils were made of this super hard plastic material. I complained about that and the ham (which I didn't eat, of course) the whole time. Annoying? Yes, but I've decided that I don't give a crap about being annoying when it comes to my principles. Really, though, I do have control over this stuff and I can be sweet and agreeable if I need to. It all depends on who I'm around and if I have enough energy to get into it with someone.

Even still, mouse, I'm sure that you do stuff that would equate with the anti-freeze pitcher thing. Think about it. I'm sure that wombat is much better about waste, etc., than your average American. I don't usually get on people with that stuff unless they're completely wasteful, etc. I get on my mom though (like I said yesterday) because she claims to be an environmentally sensitive consumer. She is more aware of the issues than most people her age, but she still doesn't follow through completely. She was going on about global warming, and so I asked her why she still drives an SUV 35+ miles a day to/fro her job if she cares so much. I also challenged her to stop eating beef and she remained silent for a minute. She always reverts to how she buys phosphate free detergent (a standard now) and gives money to Clean Water Action. So then I asked her, "Well what's the point in giving $$ to Clean Water Action if you're dumping bleach down the drain?" Anyway, I'm constantly challenging my mom on this stuff because I know she cares. I just want to make sure that she practices what she preaches.

Yeah, I definitely give my parents more crap than my bro and sis combined. They rarely ever my parents crap. It's a sport for me!! And when my mom gets really annoyed with me, I just tell her that she shouldn't have had a third child if she didn't want to put up with more crap. Yeah, I'm the problem child. Funny, 'cause I'm definitely the most "spoiled" in my immediate family. I should probably just shut my hole.

Seriously though, if there is a magical reason behind my existence, then it would be to tell it like it is and to give people crap, while simultaneously making them laugh. Yeah, that's why I'm here. That, and I was meant to rock out. \m/ \m/ \m/
we missed out on the beginning of that everst soon do y'a think it'll be on netflix? i was bummed that we missed it.

the cat is now chasing 1 piece of paper around the living room. we love christmastime around the moxie house!

So, as usual, the Thai place gave us WAY too much rice. I need to use the left over rice,....but can't think of anything good. Brain fried. Any ideas?
i'm sure i do, too, though i try like hell not to. like i pointed out, it sounded like something she was doing regularly as, say, an oil change. there's no need for the reaction. one who dishes out gentle opinionated criticism should be willing to take it when their turn comes around.
leftover rice, mox...well, veg fried rice, or puddin, or serve it with your next stir fry...or stick it in the freezer.

The boys on Everest are stressing me out...some idiot novice climbers sans sherpas are blocking their path to the summit. Eeep! I wanna watch a show on the sherpas...they are amazing people, and unbelievably skilled.

*winks at poodle and her luscious ladies*
Thank you ladies!

Don't worry poodle, this is my chance to get down with my feminine self. LOL
I work on a radio station targeted at males 18-24 so I have to be "that guy" worries...I even updated my avater as an homage to everyone here!!!

Poodle was my first love...She taught me what a "real" woman was supposed to be...Strong, Sexy and independant. Poodle is the measuring stick of which all other girls had to live up to...and they never EVAh came close wink.gif

I'll take that beer party was tonight and I had to miss it cos I was waiting on an interview with someone...they stood me up gosh darnit!!! They even had open bar for the 1st hour...oh well, I'd prolly get a little too loose and tell the sales manager off...I am a "real" media whore...I whore myself out for 7.00 an hour and even get a rate of 150$$ per live appearance...not that I ever see that money...LOL

You may wanna look online for the everest show Mox...most network and cable channels are featuring free streaming access to their shows now. You may get lucky...look on Youtube as well...

Like Buttah huh?? thank you. You know how to make a poor shlub feel like a million bucks!
Hearing your voice is weird, because I know it's you, but it sounds like that movie preview guy. Damn. I wish I could make money just talking. That has to be the most enviable job ever.

I was definitely not strong at the time though, PI. It didn't occur to me until much, much later on that I was beautiful at the time, and that I actually had sexuality (raised catholic!!). I've always been independent though. I still had more going on upstairs than your usual 15/16-yr-old girl. I knew that at the time. It wasn't until later on in college that I realized I could be sexy. It's funny, because my BFF and I were looking at our highschool yearbook and she said to me, "God, I can't believe that I thought I was ugly back then!" I concurred for both of us. I guess I never thought I was "ugly," but I just never realized that I had a unique beauty going on. Nobody ever told me, 'cept you. My mom told me that I was pretty, but it was more of a "wear this/wear that" thing, which just didn't jive with my mentality at the time.

My BFF felt much worse about her appearance than I did. She was anorexic for a while, and now she represents the Amazonian woman on TV as a meteorologist. She's on TV!!! That's my girl. She had a stoner dad and was the first person in her family to go to college, ever. She's underpaid, but I'm certain that she's the most successful out of her entire class. That's my girl, dammit!!

ETA- Speaking of attractiveness, I think Rush would have been a lot more popular if Geddy Lee had the whole Roger Daltrey/Robert Plant thing going on. He looks like a troll. Except for the case of the solo artist, EVERY band needs a sex object to make it BIG. Sad, but true. Still, I would sell everything I own to have been a lemon-squeezing roadie for Zeppelin back in the day. I think Page is way sexier than Plant, but I would squeeze the lemons of anyone in that band if I had a chance. In fact, I'm really intrigued by John Paul Jones' lemons.

ETA: Part Deux - What's up with the "dubbz" part in your handle, Shawn, er, I mean PI. All that comes to mind is "Dubya." I hope that's not the case.
Oh, hello all...I apologize for not having read yet...first chance at the computer all day! BUT I worked up till 6 at the Centre, making sure every last thing is packed and/or ready to go Monday morning. I can't believe I finally met a deadline....without having to give up a weekend! Heh. Also had a friend over for wine n weed, after work.

Got my "official" letter of termination today too - a formality which basically describes the layoff date, the leaving package, and the reason, i.e.: loss of core funding. I'm not bothered or surprised, but it's just part of the surreal magic...I find it a lot like a very amicable divorce.

Hey, guess what! Just before I sat down, I discovered that the light khaki curtain panels doodlemama sent...have enough fabric in them to re-cover the pink-flowered sofa properly, with nothing more complicated than a staplegun!

Go ahead and laugh at me. Decorating one's nest is a very healthy coping mechanism. tongue.gif

Ok, I need to go find a way to relax. Listen...I think hear the strains of Blue Rodeo in my near future.
GAh....saturday morning, and I woke up at 5:30am, like clockwork..I hate it when that happens. I laid in bed for an hour, and finally gave up. boo.

The lake is thinly frozen out there - a very rare occurrence - and its really pretty with the sunrise reflecting on it...and its soooo quiet. weird.

Congrats, Doodle....for finishing the packing in perfect time, and for accepting your parting gifts! Good things are ahead for you, my dear, I'm sure of it!

I'm lovin' poodle and pi sharing their memories with us -- too sweet!

Though, contrary to poodle and pi, talking for a living sounds like a horror to me!....just stick me behind a computer, please. wink.gif

Okay, well, I guess I'll get out and properly enjoy this sunrise with the dog now, before I hit the grocery.
GAh....saturday morning, and I'm headed back to work on the bridge... That meant getting up at 5 again. At least I have BUST smile.gif

Well, I started catching up, but then skipped a bunch of posts in order to have time to post, myself. (There should be a short-hand for explaining that. I'm sure there is one.)

"Chinese Gift Exchange"! Bwah Hah! I'm half-Chinese (from Hawaii), so it didn't take me too long to get the reference. In Hawaii, the term 'Chinese' is synonymous with cheap-o. But then again, the local Hawaiian humor is to poke fun at the different racial backgrounds. We all just take it as humor. We also tend to make the most fun of the races that we are or are married to. It doesn't have the same stigma as the racial humor in the rest of the U.S. because so many of us are a mix of 3+ races and have friends of at least part of just about any of the usual suspects. We know that it's not MEANT with hatred any more than other ways of poking fun of friends and family. Very different from, perhaps, the Deep South. Still, I also see the side of how it's messed-up at the very core no matter how it's taken.

Oh, and music for babies! Probably not good for sleeping, but the Goatie-Girl said that she learned that babies tend to love Bob Marley. Somehow, Marley seems to be good at calming down crying babies. I can kinda see why.

Have a good Saturday, BUSTies, all!

Oh, and ROCK ON, POODLE! \m/ \m/
Afternoon all!

Oh god, I'm so exhausted. The ex-RB just left a little bit

Lorewolf, that's some seriously interesting stuff about the Hawaiian racial relations thing. It seems like Hawaii would be more of a melting pot and that there would be a lot of interracial people there.

I need to come up with something healthy and productive to do this afternoon. I feel like I've already ruined the day.
Poodle, did you *do it* with the ex-RB?! cool.gif If so, I hope you enjoyed the hell outta that weiner!

Lore, I'm sorry you had to get up early and go to work...bummer.

I've had a semi-productive day...up early to grocery shop, put a pot of chicken stock fixins on the stove, made hummus for the bustie gathering tonight, did a little knitting, and we just got back from a few errands, and I strained out the chicken stock and stuck it in the fridge. I've no idea what I'm going to do with it yet, but that's tomorrow's challenge.

Well, I've got a little online gift shopping to do here, so I'll be around for a bit.
Hello all! Another quick post...sorry! Will be back in later today, though. This afternoon is Henry's memorial, and I'm just popping into the Lounge before I get dressed.

I've never heard the term "Chinese gift exchange" before! But sometimes when I hear racist expressions that I'm unfamiliar with, the racist meaning doesn't occur to when I first read "Chinese gift exchange," I thought it meant you were supposed to exchange something from China, or Chinese in style! I'm so totally dense. Once at a gathering, an older friend of the family was explaining to everyone that a "coon" tried to steal her purse when she was in Las Vegas....for five minutes, I genuinely thought she meant a small furry racoon somehow got into the casino! I had to ask for clarification, and then shamed all the older adults for defending her use of the word as "generational." (What can I say, I'm never very popular at gatherings of old white people.)

Ok, I need to go iron my black pants. Love y'all! Back later!
I must admit I'm a little behind on my letter codes, I think I finally got ETA...LOL
Anyways, dubzz was something I put on the end..there is a local commerical for party favor store and they have a caracter called P-Dubs "P" standing for party, and we in radio do work called "dubbing", something I'm sure you've heard of...we would dub national spots into our computer system for airplay. I don't do that anymore tho...that's for interns..HA!

I even have a tacky catchphrase I use at the end of my show...LOL

get yer trash receptacles handy...."There IS no I in Team.....But there is an "I" In PI, and we all know there's no cake as good as PI....(the first part was stolen from Shaun Of The Dead)

Radio is fun, it's like being a celebrity without anyone knowing what you look like. I only talk 5 times an hour @ a minute a piece. so 5 or 6 minutes overall each hour...LOL.

BTW - Even tho Poodle and I have a small history I promise not to bore you all with the cutesy stuff. I'm really here for the different points of view I don't get anywhere else, plus It's going on 11 years since poodle and I have seen each other so It's great to read all about how she's doing,. I only wish I could be there....I am her BIGGEST fan...I even considered naming my first girl Abby. Such a great name...
Yeah, turbo, it was supposed to be a one-time thing, but I guess it turned out to be a two-time thing! laugh.gif

The name Abigail/Abby is now one of the most popular baby names, which pisses me off, because my name was always different and special when I was younger. People used to make fun of "Abigail" actually.
Oh, poodle, I meant to tell you that the other day when I was preparing the list of all the babies that were adopted this year through our agency to put in the annual report, there were 5 Abbys this year! You are totally right about it being the hip new name!

PI, I don't think I could be genuinely interesting on air, even for just 6 minutes an hour...I couldn't be an extrovert even if I tried! Now email, that's my thing...anyway, we're glad you're here PI! Its always good to get a little male perspective in here....and we're getting quite a good quorum now too - with you and lorewolf, and mr fj!

I just got back from the chicago busties festivus celebration at stargazer's house - SO much fun! Great bunch of ladies, good food, and stargazer's house is SO cozy and christmasy.

I cannot wait to hear how the "chinese gift exchange" went! I really do hope the fjs brought something chinese and played it straight. hee.
chop stix...that would have been perfect!

Sounds like everyone is having a spectacular weekend. We are too. Aside from having to drive moxette around all afternoon yesterday so she'd sleep (which actually was kinda nice...good NPR radio time and pretty houses to look at), we've had a spectacular weekend ourselves. Today, we are getting a movie-dinner date! Whoo Hoo!!! Looking very much forward to a little Bond action. And, we're going to the restuarant my brother works at for dinner...hopefully he's working and will comp us some food! smile.gif

Poodle- we had Abigail on our list of bebe names, until we realized how popular it was. We had the same problem with the 1 boys name we agreed on- Jakob...even with the unusual spelling (to honor my ancestors from Kiev, via Wales, Via canada...), it was the #1 boys name the last 5 years running. We're screwed if we ever have a son. We've decided to stick with old-fashioned Indian names for girls, b/c they're generally very pretty and unusual...if we have another girl, I'm leaning towards Asha. In 2-3 years!

Ok, off to do some good housecleaning and kitty cuddling while the bebe is napping. Hope everyone is having a spectacular sunday morning!
'Morning BUST-ios! *stretches toes*

Welcome in PIDUBBZ! Man, I've kinda wanted to be a radio D.J. for a while, but my voice really sucks. It unintentionally bounces all over the note range. When I'm excited, it gets embarrasingly high. When I hear recordings of my voice, I really cringe. I've been told that it's not really that bad, but... Well, I can HEAR! I think I could use voice lessons.

Oh, and a good Chinese "Chinese gift exchange" gift? A bottle of Chinese mustard ph34r.gif MUHUHAHAHAAAA! Burn, nose hairs, burrrrn!

The Goatie-Girl and I have baby names picked out already.
Girls: Kitrin & Reina
Boys: Clay & Myah
Mornin' ya'll!

As usual for a sunday morning, I've been up early cooking...we have a potluck holiday party again tonight, sooo, I tried to make this chorizo braised in wine recipe I found, and well, it instructed using fresh chorizo, not the dried, and well...I don't think they were accounting for the "so fresh they were making it when I got to the market" variety, 'cause as I was sauteeing turned to ground meat. So it turned into a beans/rice/chorizo casserole, that we're gonna have for lunch instead. I was planning on making my most excellent chicken satay anyway, so I'll just bring that.

Have an excellent dinner date tonight, moxie!! Sounds like a much needed respite!
I've never heard of dried chorizo. Is it like dried salami? My first image was like a chunky seasoning packet that you add water to. I should find new stuff to do with chorizo.

Yeah, and have fun getting all shaken and stirred, Moxie! I still have to watch that one.
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