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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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*shakes fist*

we don't know who won top model yet, it's only 6:30.

Poodle. That was so cool of you to help the office meddler. Do I sense you guys are getting along better? heh? heh? And helping the old people? That is so awesome.

Our neighborhood -- well, the part I used to live in --is being taken over by Harvard. The gay boy friends are a bit concerned.
Marijuana laws are so fucking stupid. If there weren't more important stupid shit to deal with in this country, then maybe we could get around to the good stuff like legalization. I'm not a huge fan of weed, but it is sorta fun and it's no worse than alcohol.

Wombat, what kind of graphics are you talking about exactly? As a graphics nerd, I'm really interested in that stuff. I really miss the days of hand-drawn illustration and animation. Cartoons suck today (with the exception of the lowbrow stuff). Seriously, I'd like to see what you're talking about.

ETA- For the most part, I get along with the meddler. Her only fault is that she's somewhat meddlesome. I understand that it's part of her job to be the gatekeeper, but she has gone overboard in the past. Lately, though, she's been really stressed out and we've all been really irritated with our boss. The meddler is also having serious health problems. Last week, she was totally losing it, and I told her to take a mental health day. That's the first time I've mentioned "mental health day" around her, and she admitted to me that she's taken many mental health days (which I KNOW and I completely understand). The day after I told her to take a day to herself, she called in and said she had a bad crab sandwich and felt sick! Ha! Anyway, we've been especially close lately.
Kundalini sounds sooooo diryt!!!!
Hey all! I'm going to catch up on the thread momentarily, but am posting to say HI! And that I'm ba-ack. And also I just posted the coalition's press release for today (with bitchy quote by yours truly) in the Canadian thread, if anyone is interested. (I can say anything now that I'm leaving the job, heh....though technically, someone else wrote my quote and I just went, "Yes! That's exactly what I'd say, put my name on it!")

I'm going to order in some food, I think (Mexican?), and catch up...
Yay!! Doodle's back!!

Yay!! My kitchen is immaculate (well, at least "immaculate" for a 1920's kitchen with 100 layers of paint)!!! I think I'm gonna make some dinner on friday to celebrate the ex-RB's birfday. It's either gonna be stir-fry w/ noodles and peanut sauce or homemade pizza involving zucchini. I'm thinkin' the stir-fry would be fun.

Ah...That 70's Show is on right now. I love That 70's Show. I love it so much that I could marry it.
What? I'm the first one in here? Wake up sleepyheads!!

It's 0 degrees outside right now. Yes, it's officially colder than a witch's tits in an iron bra.

Mornin babes!! BRRRRRrrrrr, is it ever cold here this morning!

I posted a big, long drunky post last night after I got home, but stupid farking comcast was running too slow to post. dry.gif Thank cod I have a houseboy to call comcast for me, and handle the appointment. heh.

Yesterday was a loooong day, but the board meeting was good, the client case vignettes that all of our staff presented were real weepers, and hopefully made those board members want to open their wallets even wider. Sitting through the business part of the evening was really cringing though, as one crotchety board member was grilling our brilliant accountant on our investments and budget, and stating that it simply wasn't acceptable to run a deficit budget year after year, and that they should cut staff if they need to, in order to balance things out. UH, the STAFF were in the room...and none of us make a mint, ya know?! But other than that, it was really nice, dinner was good, the wine was flowing, and I got to chat with a few of the board members who I adore, and don't get to see very often.

And now that my website is all rebuilt, I think I'd just like to take the rest of the month off, thankyouverymuch.

Poodle, I think its damned cool that you and the meddler are putting your skillz together to make up for your dumb ass boss, and takin' care of business.
Mornin' turbo! Other than the staff cuts discussion, it sounds like the meeting went well. I'm also glad to hear that turboman is taking his new houseboy role seriously!

Heh...apparently Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter and her partner are pregnant. Ha! That's awesome. I can't wait to pick on the republican today.
Yeah, I saw that about Cheney's daughter - that rocks!!

Really, I'm finding the houseboy thing very handy right now...I'll probably send him out to do all the holiday shopping next week. Its a good season to have a houseboy. heh.

And I'm requesting my holiday time off today...that feels good - 10 days with no work...that's gonna be good.

Jenn, is it possible to get your houseboy on loan? I could use one! tongue.gif

FJ, I wish I had your sex drive, girl. I think Mr K wanted to get randy last night, but at midnight when I've been up working on a school paper all night, it ain't gonna happen.

Doodle, how was the vigil?

Poodles, I used to work with a meddler. I really liked her, but she was so nosy! When she just stayed out of things that weren't her business, we got along great.

It's 0 degrees there? Ay yi yi! It is supposed to drop here tonight, I think to about 10. Not looking forward to it one bit.

Jenn & FJ, your typical NYE plans sound like ones I'd like to have! I'm totally down with staying in, I have no desire to be out in a crowd. Sadly, my friend is not feeling the same. We will have to work out a compromise of some sort.

Hi minx, moxie, mouse, and wombat.

I am feeling tired today. Wishing it was Friday......
Mornin' Critter-People! (and you KNOW I mean that in a good way) smile.gif

It's cold where you guys are? It finally thawed out over here.

Great to hear about BUSTies' worklives going a little happier, at least in small ways. Kinda me, too. I spent a bunch of yesterday jambed under a bridge, laying in a puddle, and huffing glue fumes. I guess part of my job is somewhat 'ghetto'. We were having fun at that task, though, making jokes the whole time. I guess when everybody's collaborating on a task that sucks, it brings them together more, and that made it well worth it. (Well, plus, hey! FREE FUMES!)

I'm totally with Wom on wishing the "children-themed art" didn't all have to dumb down so much. I remember what it was like to be a kid, and I recall being REALLY mentally stimulated by complex art or hand-crafted art. The child-targeted art is so often un-stimulating these days. Children, and people in general, want art that gets the brain working a little, either by being complex, like the Dr. Seuss illustrations, or being constructed in a way that makes kids think, "I know how this was done! I could do something like that!" like collages or sock monkeys or other crafts. That's way better than being surrounded by art that's just advertising for T.V. shows.

D'oh! Off to work again! Have a good day, all!
morning ladies. home with the wee one today. her dr. appt is in an hour, and she's napping right now. Sigh- eye goop this morning...could be any number of things, but prob, the pink eye again. I will remember minxy's words that it will get better, I am red hott (but bleeding, damn! I could use a serious HBI), and that i am not poisioning my kid by giving her infant motrin.

Turbo- I wish I had a houseboy. I was seriously contemplating quitting my job last night (oh, the guilt!), when moxieman reminded me how miserable I'd be as a SAHM. He's right. Boy, is he right. BUt, it'd be nice for a week or two. Christmas break is around the corner, though.

Moxette loves abstract art. her favorite right now is a storybook about colors...the artwork is gorgeous, and she really reacts to it. Its pretty awesome.

Ok, off to check work email...see if i've got anything i can do productive while she sleeps. If not- washing kitchen floor.
i think we're all in need of a good break right about now. maybe it's just human nature to want a good week with no work and no hassles! i'm really looking forward to my time off for sure!

moxie, i'm sorry you woke up with the goop again (you did mean YOU and not moxette, right?). i used to get that all the time and figure i have a future of it coming up when the fjette gets here, especially if we use daycare. it's just the way it works. i hope you both have a good day though.

i am feeling ICK this morning. i guess this is the week that all my hormones are supposed to peak, so maybe that means it'll get better from here on out. this morning, i'm subsisting on lemon tea with sugar. i have grapes, a banana, juice, an orange and an apple aside form the little boxes of cereal left. but i can't even stomach the thought of solid food right now. not even my vitamin is going down this morning.

mrfj got up at 5 this morning to fly to NYC. he'll be back tonight though, around midnight. i didn't sleep much after he left this morning.

wombat, mrfj and i like going bowling and mini-golfing and stuff like that. it's our friends that seem to have a hard time getting out earlier in the evening and they're the ones that generally like to go bar-hopping and such. i'm sure it's just something that i'll adjust to. i'm not the first preggo woman that had to deal with it. smile.gif

i like lorewolf being around too. sorry you can't toke. i'm sure if you were nearby, mrfj would share. it does suck to move to a new place and have no hookups, especially when you KNOW half the people around you are smoking too... that's a hard conversation to broach.

poodle! 0 degrees? that's just crazy!! that same front is supposed to be coming our way and we're supposed to get down to 28 tomorrow night. i have to go research my plants and see how well they're going to fare. i hope i have enough sheets/blankets to cover my plants! and i guess i'll be bringing my palm indoors! yikes!

booo on crotchedy old board members! but good that the meeting wasn't too terrible, turbo. i wish we could see your drunken post! those are always fun!

hiya mouse!!! smile.gif

hiya karianne! (oh, and i'll insert brag here and say that we did it TWICE last night!)
FJ, the wind chill here this morning was -5....and felt every bit of it when turbo demanded to walk on the beach this morning. Silly pupper!

BUT....I got my new/free replacement down parka last night, and it is SO good! I loved my first one, but the big 'ol hood always flew off my head, and wouldn't stay velcroed, and the new one - the hood is perfect...and of course, its purple! This time its a deep plummy purple...the last one was lavendar, and just showed puppy paw prints too much. Here's a piccie.

((((FJ's tummy)))) I sure hope this phase passes soon, and you can get on with enjoying your pregnancy a bit more!

Kari, I hope you got your paper done, and will get a break from school soon!

Yeah moxie, being home for a few weeks sure would be nice. It really is perfect timing to have turbomann at home to help me get things done, and a nice month to just snuggle in and rest.
Hi lorewolf! Your life sounds interesting. My dad ended up doing HVAC and my boyfriend is an intelligent hipster with a physical job. It's cool. You make fairly good money and don't have to go to the gym! Heh!

~*~*~turbo and moxie and moxette and fj healing vibes~*~*~

Hi, all, thanks for the many words of support and appreciation. (FJ called me wise wombat! Woot!)

I'm not doing animation, per se-- well, my animations would be separate, brief, commerical things like you see on the top strip of this site, or perhaps as NON annoying, NON taking over pages of entire sites.

But, I do want to make better looking children's art. It is now either commercial crap or dumbed down. Though I haven't gotten the job yet, in competing for it I am taking the opportunity to make children's textbook covers, and I am now busting ass to make really cool ones, like the front of the original Golden Book Children's Encyclopedia. My grandad had bought me the whole set of the ones published 1947--1962, and they are now kept in the reference section of libraries, they are so great they kept being stolen. The covers have these great, studied, almost surrealist collages. I don't know who did them. The ones published later in the 1980s are crappy.

In the earlier ones, the commentary was written by a woman named Bertha Morris Parker, in conjunction with sources at University of Chicago and the Field Museum - it had a great, comprehensive, well-presented in literary engaging style introduction to sciences, including serious biology and botany, also had -- well, imagine science, mathematics and classic history presented with a warm art and literary style.

In the mid 1900s, we were all about having kids grow up to be thinkers and do-ers, the quiet concetration and magical thinking and expolaration of 6 -12 year old kids was worshipped, in a way. Now, it's like HEYYY KIDDSSSSS!!!! BE OBNOXIOUS!! Eat crap! Buy crap! Be mean to the other kids! YUCKITY YUK YUK!!

So, if I take the stupid fake kid's watercolor off the front of the book and replace it with a cool collage, it will give the kids and the parents something worthy to talk about, and I would really love doing it.

***Yup, minx! Kundalini is diryt! Not as much as Tantra, I suppose, but it's way up there. Instead of testing your physical balance and discipline and submission it's about waking the energy and music in you. Weird, but nice. ****

Hi, peeps!

((((((Moxette)))))) Cutting teeth is a hard thing to do, but it'll eventually pass.

I'm glad the meeting didn't suck too hard, Turbo. Aside from that one guy, it sounds almost pleasant. At least you got a meal out of it.

Wombat, I meant to say this yesterday, but I loved your advice about people's bad parts getting along.

Mouse, I hope today is a better one for you. It's gotta be tough doing a job like yours.

GB, Molly not getting along with Jake and vice/versa isn't your fault. If it were me, I'd have shipped her off a couple weeks ago, but then again, I don't have any pets and never have, so I really don't understand the closeness that humans develop to them.

Minx, could you encourage MB to start seeing a doctor regularly? A heart attack at 30 is not normal. He sounds a lot like my dad, only about 20 years younger, and that's not a good thing to be. Dad's had at least a couple heart attacks and has to have a tube that constantly feeds insulin to his body, not to mention the gigantor gamut of drugs he's had to take to normalize his heart and cholesterol. Life is only going to get more difficult for MB if he doesn't take care of himself, and that's not really fair to whoever he's with.

FJ, you're far more generous than I. If I were pregnant, the giant would not be allowed to smoke or drink or smoke pot at all. Fortunately, he doesn't do any of these things anyway, but I figure that since he'd be the one who made me pregnant, he has to suffer just the same as I do. I'm vindictive that way. I personally think that he should pay for my pill and serve it to me every day.

Poodle seriously has a laminated tip card she pulls out whenever we go out to eat and split the bill. smile.gif That's good that you and the meddler are getting along better. And that stir-fry tomorrow night sounds really yummy. But seriously, the AB/CD people never sent that package to you after you paid for it? What a shitty business.

Hi, Taloo, Lorewolf, and everyone I missed and/or who's lurking!

I'm finally done with craft fairs for the year! I made as much yesterday at my small show as I did at the other one they had a couple weeks ago. Everyone was expecting that there'd be a lot more people because it's closer to the holidays, but no. Either way, for a free show to participate in, everything is a profit and I can't sneeze at it. Once I do a couple custom orders, I'll have made slightly over a grand for my crafts, which is pretty close to what I did last year with only 2 shows. You should see the wad of cash in my wallet - I seriously can't zip it closed. Yeah, there are about 30 singles, but still. I can pay for most of my holiday gifts with this and still pay off my Dayton's card and a good part of the gas bill, plus there are 3 paychecks this month.

So, in celebration of being done, the gay boyfriend and I went for Thai food last night. Mmmm... then I bought cute socks since I'm wearing my new clogs pretty often. One pair has an argile snake on them. Then the giant and I enjoyed an nice evening at home sans crafting. I can't wait to get everything cleaned up and have a nice house again. We're going to work on that this weekend.

I personally really like Trader Joe's. Poodle, I don't think they use an abnormal amount of packaging. The people are friendly, I really like their bakery stuff, and some other things that would be really expensive elsewhere, like large bags of nuts and fancy cheeses, are very reasonably priced. They've turned me onto a lot of new things. I've never even had a problem finding parking. I can't make myself go to Whole Paycheck. The prices there are absolutely ridiculous and I read in Newsweek a few years ago that their president is a contributor to the Republican party. I try to boycott them whenever possible. For that kind of stuff, I'd really just rather go to a co-op. I'd love to go to a farmer's market sometime, but I'm not capable of waking up before noon on the weekends, so sometimes I catch the end of the small one near work a couple times during the fall. When I was little, I used to go to them with my grandparents sometimes and help out. They made much of their post-retirement livlihood selling at the farmer's market.

You know, mostly I don't care which political parties companies contribute to - they are only making contributions based on their best interests and who holds the power...I bet a lot more will be contributing to the Dems right quick. And I do like Whole Foods as a company - as far as how they treat their employees, they are head and shoulders above any other grocery retailer. As in EVERYONE gets profit sharing and stocks, cashiers, baggers, stockers...everyone. They have good health care benefits and vacation packages. To get hired there, you're hired on a trial basis, and then after 45 days, your entire department team votes on whether to hire you as a permanent employee, and it has to be unanimous. And that's important because each department is eligible for quarterly bonuses based on performance, so you don't want to hire any slackers onto your team. Whole foods is pushing for more organic producers and the maintaining of strict organic much as I love my co-op, they don't have the collective buying power to get that done. Whole Foods does. *steps off the soap box*

I split up my grocery buying between whole foods for dry goods and gluten free stuff, the co-op for my weekly produce subscription box, and the hispanic produce market for any other produce I need...that way, I'm putting the majority of my food dollars back into my immediate neighborhood. And of course in the summer, its farmer's marketing pretty exclusively.

Wombat...I'm glad you're crusading for good/diverse artwork for the kiddos...a very worthy goal, and probably way more fun that yuckity yuck corporate collateral.
boooooooooooooooooooooooooa noite!!!

although i know that it is still BOA TARDE for most (if not all of you).

i just read that minnesotans are the healthiest people in the states. that made me think of the okayers. i can't imagine why. rolleyes.gif

i am struck by an overwhelming desire to eat fried cheese curds. i don't know how this is possible, since i have never eaten them. but that is what i want in my mouth. NOW.

i'm in a sort of crappy i've been past my eyes with work, i worked tues night until 2 am wed, wed night until 2am thurs, then got up at 4:30 am to get something finished. i called work and said that i would be in around noon o'clock, and promptly went back to bed. i love sleeping.

so i'm lurking. and silently vibing. divalla, your snake socks sound really wonderful. i want some! i have marijuana leaf socks. and toucan socks. and monkey socks. but no snakes. i love snakes.

i wonder how jane is. i miss her. weird how some of us have been here for years (and many others for years and years and years) and how some people show up, post aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time, and then disappear.

no news here. meems the african attack cat is on a diet. she is not pleased. mr. hot buns will be here on dec 22.

i'm so tired and out of it i don't even want to drink any wine.

i had peri peri cashews for dinner. (peri peri is swahili for hot peppers -- ANY kind of hot peppers) i love cashews. they are soooooooooo high in calories and fat....i guess that is why they are so good.
((((((tes))))) Tes, my darling, I wish for you much rest, and mental peace, and I hope to cod, you get the weekend off!! You gotta let your bod rest and readjust to life again! But SOON mr hb will be there to soothe all your anguish - how amazing is that!!

Jane still pops in, mostly in the Midwestern Mamas thread, and actually, I'll be seeing her on Saturday for the Chicago busties Festivus celebration! YAY!!! I want cashews!! I would probably gain a lot of weight living in a place where cashews weren't $13/lb!

tes, i thought of you while in the grocer the other day: they had BOM DIA cafe coffee. smile.gif

mmmm, cheese curds would be awesome. fried ones, i'm not sure about. i bought a bunch of white cheddar at the store and will probably have a grilled cheese tonight for dinner. yes, that sounds yum. last night was apple jacks cause i felt so pukey. somehow the apple jacks made it all better. smile.gif

diva, that is so great that all your craft fairs were so lucrative. you really didn't have one that was just a bust, did you? that's awesome. do you have any leftover chocolates? i don't think i could have that much chocolate in my house at one time without eating it. either that or i'd hate the sight of it...

i am going through old emails and deleting stuff from my computer. i can't believe i've saved all this stuff on here "just in case". i'm not too bad about keeping crap IRL, but my computer is a big ole mess.

i'm debating erasing all the songs i have stored on this hard drive. but maybe i'll leave them for my replacement. i wonder if he likes radiohead and bob dylan? definitely have to remember to clear the cache and all that though!
but tes, its GOOD fat...cashews are spectacular for you! Eat up, sista.

Well, the verdict on moxette isn't pink eye, thank maud. She has a wacky cold and blocked tear ducts. We thought that problem had cleared up from when she was a newborn, but it seems not. We;ll have to keep an eye (no pun intended) on the situation. If the duct doesn't resolve itself by about 15-18 mos, she might need surgury to correct it (gulp!). Anyway, I took her to daycare, and she giggled when we walked in the door. That made me feel better.

OK, gotta get some productive work done.

FJ- have you considered that it might be the vitamins that are causing the nausea? That's what happened with me and my BFF. You might want to give the OB a call and ask about a switch.

Turbo- that coat is gorgeous! I thought of you when I bundled moxette up this morning. my little nanook!
For all of you guys and your wonderful support, I present you with New Moxette Pics

hi, good morning all!

ooh, i'm crossposting with tessie---ha! i love how you follow "minnesotans are the healthiest people in the states" with an automatic free-association to "fried cheese curds" biggrin.gif ((chin up tes!))

turbie turb, i WOULD care about which parties companies contribute to, but at this point in my life i feel like i'm too poor to have morals about that sort of thing. and the depressing thing is, i make more money that a large percentage of the population. politics is connected to money--and simply quality of life--in more ways than anyone could ever imagine. the most unhealthy things are always the cheapest. it's upsetting.

wombat, i'd love to see some of your work. i'm obsessed with midcentury illustration--in fact, i know those golden book encyclopedias well, and love them...i have an unhealthily large collection of vintage children's books and science textbooks. the retro kid is a fantastic flickr pool for midcentury children's illustration. i love that kind of stuff, i'm so inspired by it. i agree with you that a huge amount of what's out there sucks, but a lot of stuff is actually really reminiscent of 60's and 70's illustration. have you seen foster's home for imaginary friends? it blows me away. i think one of the reasons that style is coming back is because of vector programs--so much of 60's illustration looks like it could have been made in vector, it's so graphic and flat--not in a bad way, less painterly than other eras.

okay, design nerdout officially over tongue.gif or moved to the art busties thread if you want, cos i got more! anyway, d'you have a site? wanna pm me? i'm really curious.

poodly, you should come hang out in the art busties thread too, you little graphics nerd! and so should doodle and turbo......and anyone else with the inclination....

the moxie family is having a hell of a season......i hope it clears up for you guys soon!

hi fj, kari, lorewolf, anybody else i missed!
Well, mouse, as tried and true Blue I am, I still think there are good and bad people in both parties, so if a company is contributing to the political parties, I don't really care. Its when I see corporations that contribute to, say, anti-choice orgs, or just generally treat their employees like worthless commodities (ahem, walmart), that I stop patronizing.

YAY for moxette not having pink eye, and booooo for blocked tear ducts! I still get those from time to time, idea how it happens, but its mighty uncomfortable. And what CUTIE!!! I love the pics! More! Give us More!! We can always have more cuteness in here.

Yeah, mox, I love my new coat...the color and fit, and absolutely perfect, and who can argue with looking like a fluffy grape?!

yay! we're somewhat busy in here today! we must all be bored at work! smile.gif

mox, i've thought about that. i'm actually still taking a variety of different pills. when i went in for my first appointment, my doc gave me a ton of samples of a lot of different pills. the one i'm taking now is called duet and has a dha supplement as well as the regular prenatal. i like it because it's got the extra supplement and was planning to let the doc give me a full prescription for it, but now i'm wondering if i should go with another one. i've only been taking this one for a couple of days though, and the nausea has been pretty bad for a few weeks now. yesterday, i took it later in the day, but today i took it at about noon with a banana. and i walked past my co-workers office and she was munching on doritos and i immediately had to go to the vending machine and get myself some. i know it's not the BEST thing for me, but it's food in the tummy.

those pics of moxette are just precious! i love the drunk or sleepy one. priceless! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
thank goddess its thursday.....

hi tess, mousie, turbo, moxie, doodle, diva, lore, poodle, wombat, minx, fj......

diva, if i had control over the situation i would have sent her back already. before the incident happened!!! but alas its not just up to me. is weighing his opinion heavily on this. i gave him a deadline to have them tolerating each other by....January. that should be enough time. but by then, we won't be able to send her back cuz it will be way too cold. blink.gif

moxie and minx rock as mommas....i'm just speaking the truth!!

mouse, i love that show! fosters' home for imaginary friends....i love the illustration...

i might finish my hat today...yesterday in class, i cut my thumb pretty bad on the acrylic nails...odd i know. and after i had got home, something(probably some eyelashes) got in one of my eyes and started driving me nuts....several eye washes and lots of hurt later, i went to bed. gah...its still tender.

and today is's birthday....i think him and two of his buddies are going to the gun range later today after work.

i need more sleep..i actually fell asleep in class yesterday....first time ever!!!!! mellow.gif
jenn, HOW COOL is it that you will see jane???? please hug her (or tell i send a hug) for me! and find out how ms mimsey puddles (is that right?) is doing.

i would genuinely like to let my bod rest. work hit me with a vengeance when i got back from the states. i've got some down time for a day or so until the BIG POTATO sends back comments. then it will be nutso again. but you are quite right! mr. hb will be here on 22 dec and that is a Great Thing.

i eat a LOT of cashews here. i can buy a kilo for about 4 dollars. they are so expensive because you only get one nut per fruit. but you knew that, didn't you??

and amazingly enough, although i eat them almost weekly, i have LOST weight since i have been here.

divalla, that is awesome that you made so much money at a small show! you go, grrrl. mmmm. thai food. maybe i should have thai food this weekend. hmmmm.

fj, so cute. and how could anyone NOT like radiohead and bob dylan???? but yes, clear the cache. and what are apple jacks? they sound alcoholic, but they can't be?

giggling moxette nanook! i love the ongoing hat saga. she just keeps getting cuter.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ go away blocked tear duct and wacky cold~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

*sprays thread with can of surgery be gone*

mouse, i hadn't even NOTICED the hilarity of that free association. and it totally was one. i heard about fried cheese curds for the first time ever here in the okay thread. they are forever mingled in my mind with minnesotan busties (where is that place that people seem to always go for breakfast there????)

i've never seen foster's home for imaginary friends before. i lurv them!! especially all the weirdy ones with lots of hair and googly eyes that are running around in the background. so, they are/were a cartoon tv show??? can you get them on dvd?

fooooooodage. diva's chocolate trufffffffffffffffffffles. grilled cheese sammiches. thai food. trader joes. cashews. BOM DIA coffee!!! i seem to be thinking a LOT about food!

good fat, huh? does that mean i can have another half a cup full? (they ARE really filling! i am NOT hungry at all. just sleepy. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.
tes, of course you're losing weight there - you're surrounded by fresh tropical produce, but you're also working like crazy! I hope you get some lull in your schedule here soon!

I will pass along your love to ms. jane, but I might just page her in here too...heh. I do have her work email. wink.gif

I defintiely want thai food now!! And preferably with cashews. wink.gif I think I may make Tom Kha soup tonight, even if it doesn't have cashews...its warming on such a cold day, and quick quick quick to make, which is even better.

There's no bosses here today whatsoever...they're all offsite at the director's house for an all day "strategic planning session." Riiiiiighhht....

I think I may have to have my chauffer pick me up a bit early this afternoon.
tessie, apple jacks are yummy kids cereal, sort of in the same family as froot loops, but they're apple flavored. i have been on a kid's cereal kick here lately. but hey, at least they're fortified, right?

i will have to check out the foster's home for imaginary friends cartoon, mouse. i guess i'll need to start checking out cool cartoons for kiddos at some point in my near future.

msgb, sorry you're feeling tired and sort of not yourself lately. i hope you and mrgb are doing ok. good luck on finishing the hat! but do get some rest!!!

i plan to go home a teensy bit early and take advantage of the empty house by SLEEEPING! mrfj gets back from nyc after midnight tonight. he's gonna be tuckered out for sure. i'm just doing my wifely duty of keeping the bed nice and warm!

speaking of, i think i might go buy an electric blanket actually, since it's going to get below freezing this weekend.

i see jane on myspace every once in a blue moon. turbo, tell her to get her cute booty in here!
holy cross post, batman!

it IS busy in here today! i just cross posted with jenn twice, ms. gb and falljackets!

count me along with those that thought that molly ringbald was a kitten! ms gb, isn't there some way that you can keep her? in a separate room, maybe? it does take cats a long time to get used to sharing space. i had two russians (who were actually mother and son) who loathed each other, but eventually got so that they could co-exist, if not actually ever be what i would call loving to each other.

*kisses ms. gb's thumb, blows a kiss at her hurty eye, and pulls out a brush from behind her back*

hair brushing, anyone????

fj, doritos are a lot better than many other things available in vending machines......and as you said, it's food. just focus on that right now.

jenn, i just played with the picture of your fluffy new parka. did you happen to notice how much better it looked in plum???? it was just washed out and yucky in that pale blue. i bet you look great in it! and you don't have to be worried about getting lost in the snow, either!

i personally believe that cashews would be wonderful in thai food. and if not in the tom kha, then just on the side. protein!!! good fat! moxie says so!
*pops on the okayers couch and gives tess a big ol' hug...*

currently they are in separate rooms...which is difficult...but workable. we just need more space....


*snuggles on the couch with tes and falls promptly to sleep*
Yep, tes, the coat is definitely best in plum. What can I say, I have good taste? And I think it looks kind of dusty plum online, but its very vibrant IRL. And SO warm....rated to -55F, which you almost need here in the windy city!

FJ, I ditched the electric blankets awhile back in favor of jersey sheets topped with a nice blanket and comforter...I swear nothing is a cuddly as jersey sheets!

I'm definitely leaving early today...I'm not really serving any purpose here today, just taking up space.
and for extra warmth, just micro a rice bag and snuggle up!

Hi, Tes! The cash I made was actually over 5 shows, but half of it came last Saturday. The other ones were pretty small, but they added up. It's funny how much repeat business I got, whereas I don't think anyone else did. Then again, a $1.50 chocolate is easier to buy multiples of than an ugly $20 strap of black elastic with buttons on it (and yet I bought one anyway, just to be nice).

But Mr. HB is going to be there in 2 weeks! Yay! Are you going to have any time off to spend with him while he's there?

You must come up here just once for our State Fair. It's the only place to get the really good fried cheese curds.

Moxie, I'm glad it's not pinkeye again, but it'll still be nice when Moxette is healthy. Those pictures of her are adorable! She's growing up so fast!

I love the color plum. My winter coat is actually plum. It's such a nice alternative to black/brown/grey, so rich and vibrant. But with leather, I'll only go with black or brown. I like it to look somewhat natural.

Turbo, you're going to see JaneJACKSON? I didn't mark her for the socializing with other Busties IRL type. It's been ages since she's been around, and she's the one who started the thread waaaaaay back in the day.

I guess I look at shopping as a way of voting. I don't want to endorse someone or some company who's worldview is at odds with mine. Yes, sometimes getting the necessities trumps personal politics and you have to go with the lesser of two evils (why I'll never set foot in a Wal-Mart and go to Target instead, even though I know they aren't perfect, either - I really need to get a Costco membership because they're a really good company; the progessive equivalent of Sam's Club), but when I have the luxury of being able to choose, I consider politics first. That's why I'll never, ever eat at a Cracker Barrel or Outback or shop at a Wal-Mart or Michael's.

I'm itching to start my holiday shopping. I am going to get a brewing starter kit for my brother, since they're fairly reasonably priced and I know for fact he'd love it (he called me up yesterday and mentioned how he wants one - after I'd been planning for the last week to get him one), we're going halfzies on a PS2 for our younger brother, and neither of us has a clue for our parents - big surprise. I think I have a list in my head for everything I want to get the giant and most of my friends, so now it's just a matter of going out and doing it. I think next payday weekend will be the day the giant and I go on our massive shopping excursion and divide the MOA in half. It worked out really well last year.

Hi, Mouse and Karianne!

Hello again all! I am not caught up, but I AM done work for the day! I got up really early and went in to do more packing and organizing. It's just fiddly bits now. Also, the local Aboriginal centre is going to take the bulk of the furniture the food bank couldn't take, which I'm very happy about. Anyway, I'm home now, and was back in my jammies at 12:45! Heh.

I finally got to the Greyhound to pick up doodlemama's b-day parcel...she sent me this mirror from Ikea (the all-mirror glass one), and also some Ecuadorian chocolate and some CD holders. (She already paid for half my sofa set for my b-day, so she wasn't supposed to get me anything - but you can't stop mamas, I guess!) She knows I've really wanted that round mirror for awhile...but now, I have NO idea where I'm going to put it! Maybe the bathroom. She also sent a set of light khaki curtain panels, which she says she bought before and never idea what I'll do with those, either, but I'm sure I'll think of something!

I'm going to eat chocolate and catch up now...
Oh, gosh, I'm mixing up our Janes here...I'm seeing Janeinane on Saturday - whoops!

Doodle, I wish I had the decorating drive that you do...your home is gorgeous, and you always find new ways to make it even better! And that mirror is really great! I think if turbomann and I end up staying here in chicago, we're gonna have to commit some decorating love to our place, and finally make some upgrades.

Diva, I'm with you, I loooove christmas shopping, I've got a tiny start on my family, but nothing for turbomann's...I think its going to be his problem to figure them out this year.

Okay, I'm outta here...hopefully, I'll be in later, if comcast is cooperative.
he's a houseboy...shouldn't he figure everyone out? You could give him a list and budget...

why isn't it 5pm? that's all.

off to read snotty celebrity gossip.
Doodle, I have that mirror, the blue/green one that's pictured! I've gotten so many compliments on it, especially since there wasn't an Ikea yet in Minnesota, so it was that much cooler. I'm not really into the hanging aparatus they include, though.

I just talked to my mom and, as expected, she "doesn't need anything for Christmas." Feh. She's getting something rosemalled or something Russian or Amish and that'll be the end of it. Feh. There's an Amish place not too far from work, so I should stop in.

I think I'm going to look through Oprah's favorite things and start putting stuff on my list. The giant's family is all about lists, and if I don't at least give my brothers a nudge in the right direction, I'm going to get crap again. I'll probably mostly ask for iPod accessories since neither one of them minds going into a Radio Shack or Best Buy because they're "guy stores."
Ok! I think I'm caught up!

Mmmm....cashews....there is one store that sells them unsalted in bulk, but I don't get there very often. I do stock up on them when I travel, b/c most airports and convenience stores sell more carb-y shit than protein, which pisses me off to no end. (Low carb actually does decrease my fibro symptoms.) I don't care how many million calories they have, nuts are good for you, and anyway, nothing counts when you're travelling.

Grocery shopping...I wish we had half the choices in my town y'all have in bigger cities. But I pretty much stick with Safeway, b/c it's unionized, and it's nice and clean, and it has an on-site butcher and bakery. Plus the other nearby store (the one that sells bulk cashews) has yucky-looking meat and poultry...I thought it was just the store lighting making it look grey, but it really does have a grey-ish hue. Somebody told me they went to deliver something there twice in one day, and the meat delivery was sitting unrefrigerated on pallettes the whole time...over the course of nine hours! Ew. But if you're going to scrimp on workers and wages, that's what you get, right?

The politics of food is always such an interesting discussion. It's bitterly ironic that poor people have no capacity to "choose" where their money goes...they will buy their food from the cheapest place no matter what the company is or does. Wal-mart's business plan is built on destroying communities and impoverishing women specifically, but people still shop there b/c it's the cheapest place to buy a lot of necessities. I get to "choose" shopping at a unionized store, but if I were poorer, it would be too expensive for me.

Anyway, hello poodle, FJ (think of the nausea as a positive sign for a normal pregnancy!), FJette, moxie, moxette, turbo (we are soooo twins....I have a purple outdoor jacket!), tesao (Carmella is on a diet too!), karianne (it was my 11th vigil, and cold as usual!), diva (yeah, that hanging apparatus on the mirror looks kind of iffy...there's no Ikea in my town, either, so hopefully I'll get the same reaction you did!), miz gb (~*~*~*~get along vibes for jake/molly~*~*~*~), mouse, wombat, and minx!

OMG, I forgot to mention this....last night, across the river, I saw some IDIOT drive his pickup truck down the embankment and onto the train tracks! I heard a man's voice yell, "Do it, DO IT!" Then the truck drove a few metres along the tracks, and stopped...waiting for the train before he moved again! I think he/they were playing chicken! I was going to call the police, but I was stunned and couldn't move. Then I saw him pull back up onto the road...he waited till the train passed before he drove away...but what if he couldn't get off the tracks in time? It's bloody winter - snow and ice everywhere. I saw the cops and the rail people out there after he'd gone, so I guess the engineer reported it. I mean, I know this is a small community and there's not much to do on a Wednesday night, but how stupid/drunk/high do you have to be to get your entertainment that way?
mmm so tie-tie.....and i've had more caffeine today than i regularly do! man, staring at a screen all days is boring. i am so bored of my job. i wish they gave me more responsibility.

i had a brainstorm in the shower this morning for a great new website design/drawing. i have to stop by a friend's x-mas party briefly but then i wanna go home and work on it.

unfortunately i still got at least two more hours here.
FUCK it's cold out der!! For some reason it seems worse right now than it did this morning, but it's only 12 degrees. Maybe the windchill is still really low. Our windchill was about -15 this morning. Dayum!!

Guess fucking what!! I got my AB/CD shirt!! Amazing. Now I can give it to my niecoid as part of her X-mas gift.

Mmmmm...I had beer-battered cheese curds last weekend at the Fillin' Station and they were soooo freakin' good. Everything else sucked though.

Awwww...moxette is such a ham!! I love that head of hair.~*~*~*~healing vibes for moxette's eyes~*~*~*~

Yay! I'm so glad that you had good sales, diva! I'm sure it's nice to kick back now. It's amazing how productive you are. My projects take for freakin' ever. I spend so much time dwelling on the design and I'm a perfectionist about that stuff, so my projects tend to drag out. That reminds me. I have to take advantage of the ex-RB's printer/scanner tomorrow night so that I can scan my Heart logo.

Yeah, mouse, I'm a total graphics whore. I really should have gone into the industry. I LOVED that link you posted. I looked at all of the pictures and played with a few of them on Photoshop.

Plum is an excellent color. I love your plum coat, diva.

That's so sweet of your ma, doodle. I can't stop my mom from giving me stuff either. I'm not gonna complain though. I've been trying to talk her out of spending a lot of money on me for X-mas. I feel guilty. I have a really hard time coming up with stuff that I want for X-mas anyway. I'm really excited now because my mom said my X-mas gift would be to get my Marantz turntable and receiver professionally serviced. Yayayayay!! I need to buy more records now. I'm gonna have to buy a new Back in Black record because mine was too close to the radiator and it warped. sad.gif

The ethics of consumption: Diva, Wal-Mart is evil, but Target gives the most dollars to the republicans out of any corporation. I don't know what percentage of their profits that they give though, and I think that they also give money to the Dems. When it comes to buying shit, I tend to focus on the product rather than the vendor, but that's just me. As you know, a lot of my decisions have to do with the treatment of animals. I also buy stuff based on environmental concerns, and I like to buy fair trade stuff. I buy organic stuff based on the location of the product. I think it's worse for the environment to buy an organic tomato from California that has to be shipped here than it is to buy a conventional hydroponic tomato produced in the midwest. Since most coffee is produced overseas in ecologically sensitive areas, I think it's more important to go with the organic option.

Darn. I ran out of beer. When it comes to beer, I try to stick with the brands that are based and operated as close to home as possible: Summit and Schell (which now owns the Grain Belt Premium label). Yummmmmmm...
Hi hi everyone! I love reading everyone's thoughts on where they choose to buy products....fascinating stuff. And yep, the poor definitely get screwed on buying power and doubt about that. We've really cut down on our Targhetto consumption lately....they really pissed me off when they refused carrying Plan B earlier this year...thank cod our gov. took care of that, but it still irritates me. If you don't want to dispense certain drugs, don't run a pharmacy, and don't work in one.

Doodle, that guy driving on the tracks is an asshole. Bad enough to put yourself in danger - but to endanger others carelessly...those folks need to do some serious work on themselves.

I'd love to see all the okayers in their rainbow colored winter gear walking down the street together!

I just made an *awesome* pot of Tom Kha delicious, and I have leftovers tomorrow for lunch - YAY!

Hi turbo!

What is Tom Kha soup?

Well, I braved the cold and went to the grocery store. I figured it was probably a good idea to run my engine so it stays happy during the cold weather.

Target (when it was owned by Dayton/Hudson) used to support Planned Parenthood. I don't know what they're up to now though. Not too long ago, there were a shitload of women protesting the Plan B thing outside of the Target headquarters. It was awesome. I've been avoiding Target a lot, too. I just don't like their beauty products and I don't trust the companies that make them. I also hate buying conventional cleaning products. Once I use up the cleaning products that I currently have, I'm gonna start making some homemade stuff with vinegar, borax, etc. It's cheap and easy. Our Target doesn't sell Bon Ami either, which I prefer to Ajax or Comet, because it doesn't put as much shit in the water. I also plan on switching kitty litters and dry cat food. If I made less than I do (which still isn't a whole lot), then I wouldn't have many choices. About a week ago, I thought about writing a letter to Target asking them to sell more "ethical" products in addition to their normal stuff. They've thrown in a few items depending on the store location, but it's still not enough. I believe that people want to buy ethical products. In our society, though, it's very hard to learn about the politics, etc., behind a product unless you go out of your way to do the research. It's easier now with the internet, but businesses have also become more saavy about dealing with PR and stuff. I went back and forth with Proctor & Gamble for a while, but they still never gave me a straight answer, and since they own half of the product lines out there, it's extremely difficult to get the whole story.

I'm not only a music and graphics nerd--I'm also a product nerd. I am constantly telling my mom that she should by this or that. I think I may have moved her to start buying organic, fair trade coffee, but we'll see. I plan on giving my parents a batch of it for X-mas. I don't know what would stop them from buying it other than convenience and access. It tastes better, costs the same as your usual "gourmet" stuff, and it's sociopoliticoeconomicalenvironmentally responsible. AND, the stuff I buy is sold/distributed by a locally based company (Peace Coffee). You can't lose! I refuse the let my parents off the hook, because I know that they have enough extra dough to buy the good stuff. One of my mom's main concerns is the environment, so constantly challenge her when it comes to her decisions. Annoying? Yes, but she's my mom and she has to listen to me. laugh.gif
*delurks to drool over the tom kha soup*

Tom kha is basically Thai Chicken Soup, with a coconut milk based broth. It's my favorite. I keep meaning to make it- I went out and bought all the packaged ingredients. One of these days I'll get the fresh stuff and get around to making it....maybe next week.

See you Saturday, turbo! Lookin' forward to the hummus!
Mmmm....I love stuff involving coconut milk. I was tempted to buy it tonight so that I could work it into my stir-fry, but I became distracted by other stuff and forgot about it. Damn! I should have bought coconut milk!!

Okay, I did a little research and I found out that Dayton/Hudson (who started/owned Target) used to give money to Planned Parenthood, but the pro-lifers raised serious hell and the corporation stopped supporting PP. That damn Christian right always gets their paws into everything! Motherfuckers. Anyway, Dayton/Hudson dissolved and now Target is it's own machine, so the PP support is gone. Now PP is protesting Target mostly because of the Plan B issue. Interesting stuff. Still, Target is a step above Wal-Mart in its politics and inventory. Interesting fact: Wal-Mart is the hugest seller of music in the world. Yup. That's sad considering how limited their music selection is.

Another interesting fact: when I was a kiddo, our longtime next-door neighbor was the leader of the Minnesota division of Pro-Life America. I remember him being on the news here and there, but I never really understood or cared about the issue. I was a young Catholic schoolgirl more concerned with memorizing the words to "Whoomp! There it is!" than my rights as a woman. The funny thing is that both of my parents are very pro-choice. I remember my mom talking about their pro-life LIFE, but I never sensed tension with the neighbors until highschool when I was driving around in the skull-mobile. Still, they were very nice people and they practiced what they preached by adopting 2 unwanted children. At the same time, I resent them for building their house on our baseball field. *scratches head* Ah in suburbia...
Awwww shit, Poodle...I KNEW that there was another reason why I was in love with you. I LOVE Bon Ami! I really try to go with the least harmful of products, but when my house goes to hell in a handbasket, sometimes I need a stronger element. It's hard enough to keep up with Minxlette, let alone the chores and grading. I love you, Poods, you ex-hippie vegan bosom-packin' wonderwoman.

I am so anxiety-ridden currently. My goodness. This midquarter shit is finally over. I just got home about a half-hour ago...trying to rehydrate after the gallon of coffee I consumed today. I always imagine my cells being truly pissed off at me and peeing on my spleen or something.

Er something. smile.gif

(((EveryBUSTie and their progeny of every walk)))
Polly, the recipe I used tonight was from this month's Cook's Illustrated, and it was *perfect* and easy....if you want me to make a copy for you, lemme know, and I'll bring it Saturday...but then, you probably already get CI...heh.

Minx, I can't keep my house clean....I dunno how working parents can get it done. Much love to all ya'll.

Poodle, if only there were jobs out there for musical ambassador and consumption could do great things to help educate people about stuff you love.

Okay, its bathtime for wrists are all fucked up from excessive mouse time this week, I need a good hot soak. See you all in the morning!
Actually, Turbo, technically, I don't; they send me sample issues all the time, but I got my parents subscriptions to CI & Cook's Country for their anniversary/Mom's B-day (3 days apart), so I feel justified in perusing their issues. So, yes, I did see that recipe. Prior to that, I was going with the recipe in this cookbook. For some reason, I couldn't find a recipe for it anywhere until I finally found that book. Then CI publishes one, too. I haven't compared the recipes yet. The CI article had so much detail, though, so even if I use the cookbook version, there's some great advice in magazine.

Thanks for the offer, though!!
I have that cookbook, too, polly! I have to admit, though, I've not used it much. I've tried a couple of recipes, but they didn't quite turn out right. I'm a cookbook whore, but mostly I read them, then improvise when I see something "sort of" like what I want. CI is the only place where I actually follow recipes, 'cause they're generally quite excellent.

((((soothing vibes and sweet dreams for minx)))))

Okay, ya'll...I'm off to bed...
*hands a glass of Crown on the rocks to minx*

"ex-hippie vegan bosom-packin' wonderwoman" Bwahahaha!! I'm still a hippie, 'cept I'm in the closet. wink.gif Shhhh...don't tell anyone...
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