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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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*runs into the thread panting*

Can someone tell me why there are 2.5 hour meetings in this world? I just don't get it. We had the practice run for all the BS presentations I've been working on all week...yep, they undid much of my beautiful work. fuckers. So now I get to spend another half a day working on them. boo.

BUT, we have unemployment benefits! WOOT! for being able to pay the bills! Seriously, that is a load off my mind. I was starting to panic looking at my bank account and trying to figure out how to handle the finances. Now, things will still be lean, but we can pay the billz without a problem. Makes my holiday season, for sure.

Mouse, said brother also used to tie me up in ropes and leave me in the dark basement lying next to the dead bearskin rug that I was afraid of, when he was supposed to be babysitting me. Nice, eh? He's grown up nicely, though now, and in his efforts to get us to move to CO, has said we can live with them for as long as we need. That's the kind of payback I'm talkin' about. Moving is still a crazy longshot, but its back there as an option.

Okay, time to get back to powerpoint. blerg.
wow, what a horrible child! heheheh. glad to hear he has mellowed out!

missss gee bee, taco nazo is a great taco place that markets themselves as "ensenada fish tacos without the drive" and they really do deliver. they're amazing. i don't know if there are any in LA proper, i think there may be one in highland park. but their fish and shrimp are perfectly friend** lightly, golden brown, with this delicious creamy sauce and the best fresh salsa.......okay i'm out. gonna go EAT SOME FOOD!

*tiptoes gently into thread*

i am supposed to be working. i am SWAMPED. i am supposed to have the first draft of a Grant Renewal Application completed by COB EST tomorrow. i am -- um -- maybe halfway through. le blerg.

(tyger!! YAYAYAYAY! how fabu to see you! can i just tell you how many NON busties that know me now use YOUR le blerg???? how cool is that????)


minx. listen to turbo. listen to mouse. they are giving you amazing advice. they are telling you what i would tell you, only in a much nicer way. your ex is an ASS HAT, baby. i wholeheartedly DISLIKE and DISAPPROVE of him. if i were there, i would SO spank you!!! AND kick his lousy ass out of your life. you know how much i love you, darling. you know. i wouldn't say things just to be contrary -- i honestly believe that he is no good for you. he has hurt you way too many times and you don't need any more of that. you MAY need more than MB can give you. but talk to him about it, first. promise me???

jenn, meetings are in our lives to remind us what hell is like. i had a day of NONSTOP meetings yesterday. about 10 hours of them. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! nasty, nasty things. you are cracking me up today. crazy bros! blergy meetings! jackhammer idiots!!

where is divalla??? she needs to come and tell us about lip-smacking man. or whatever horrid noisy thing he does.

pooooooodle!!!! your furbabies are in your icon!!! they are toooooooooooooo adorable.
lorewolf, nice to see you in here again. have we been formally introduced? do we need to be??? or can i just flirt shamelessly with you the way i do with everyone else even though we are strangers????? (be careful of doodle, though. she has a REALLY mean left hook! rolleyes.gif )

ms. gb!! how is your new baby??? does she have coats to help keep her warm??? she is soooooo sweet looking!

hmmm. i know i am leaving out a bazillion people. please accept my humble apologies and write it off (at least this time) to horrid jet lag.

good things tuesday:

yummy oriental pasta with beef, chicken and shrimp for din din

meems the african attack cat on my lap

my director was in a kick ass GOOD MOOD today! which was good, because i frelled up and forgot to go to a meeting because i read the date backwards. (why can't the world agree to do all of these things the same way???)

gates, the replacement for ass hat rumsfeld, says that the US is taking the wrong course in Iraq!!!!

i found green and blacks bars at the expensive "deli-cious" store under my apartment building! and i have one waiting for me!!!!!

mr hb will be here on the 22cd!!!! LESS THAN 3 WEEKS!!!! wooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo!!!

Mouse, I'm sure fish and shrimp can be the perfect friends for somebody out there. wink.gif

Meetings! Bleeeeeech!

I gotta tackle some of our clutter. Our office is messier than I'd like. And the guest room is becoming the Crap Catcher Room. I know I could fix it all in less than 2 hours, but I'm just too laaaaaaaazyyyyyyyy.

~~~~ productivity vibes for Tes ~~~~ Hooray for good chocolate! And Mr. HB (who is suuuuuuuch a cutie, I must say)!

Good Things Tuesday:
1. Roof over my head. Trying to keep perspective, you know?
2. We've managed to make some friends in this new town. And that is such a relief.
3. I'm making spaghetti carbonara for dinner. Numnumnum!

hi all! i've been here sort of lurking for most of the day. i came in to work a half-day late. just couldn't get my ass in gear today. i slept horribly last night, just feeling like something bad was going to happen. but as far as i know, nothing has.

i've just been in a lurky mood today. i have a lot of stuff to catch up on at work, but i've been here reading.

turbo, i'm so glad that you guys got your unemployment benefits!!!!!!! that's so great!!! i was sending you vibes, even though they weren't typed in!! smile.gif

minx, i'm sending you vibage too... girl, don't you go and punish yourself. you deserve to be happy. MB makes you happy. you don't know where this is gonig, but it is not your responsibility to decide what is best for him!! jenn, as usual, is right: communicate with him. tell him what's going on. and like wise wombat said, everyone has exes and he will most likely relate. we love you girl and this boy makes you happy. don't run away from it because you are afraid.

love to all of yas! i gotta finish payroll... smile.gif

Hey babes! I've been working hard all day until now. The day has gone by fast.

You're so cute tes!! You make me happy.

Yes, those are my furry snuggle-poopers in my avvie! I got rid of that chair though, so now Gus keeps stealing my chair whenever I get up. Oscar has claimed the red 70's chair.

Thank god for turboman's unemployment benefits!! No worries!! BTW, that is awful what your brother did to you!! And I thought my brother tormented me!

Yay!! I get to go grocery shopping tonight!! I must make a list and check it twice. I love grocery shopping when I have money.

Hi FJ, lore, wombat, gb, and mouse!
Hi, peeps!

Just finally got a chance to post. I had my craft sale at work today and it went okay, but not nearly as well as last year. Still, that's an extra $140 in my pocket, and since it only cost me $20 for the table and it only took 5 hours of my life, I think I came out okay. I traded for some really good stuff, bought more good stuff from other crafters there, and got rid of about half my truffles. Trading with the other crafters is probably my favorite part. It costs me very little to produce a dozen truffles, but they're like gold to everyone else and I can barter for whatever I want with them!

Hooray for Turbomann's unemployment benies!!!!

My brothers used to beat up on me a little, too. Fortunately, I'm older than they are, and was bigger at the time, so they couldn't do much damage. But when they got older... totally different story.

I tried Flylady for awhile, but it just didn't work out between us. I couldn't take all the emails and middle-aged housewifeness of it all, and the little prayers drove me batshit. I never did anything she told me to, anyway, so I had to break it off. I'm still a packrat, but not terrible. I just hate to clean up messes when I can close a door on them. I am, however, committing to cleaning up my mess in the spare bedroom - that whole room is filled with my mess. It's getting ridiculous and I've had enough. I just need to get through tomorrow and be at a point where I can put all my craft stuff away.

Hi, Tes! No stories about Throat-Clearing Guy lately. He's been telecommuting a lot and I've been in/out of the office a lot in the last couple weeks for craft fairs.

Minx, please take everyone else's advice. MB's a great guy, he'll stick around, and you were saying before about what a good thing this is and how you hope you don't sabotage it. The timing is never perfect for anyone for anything, but we take what we've got and work with it. If we always waited around for "perfect," we'd never get anything. Don't let this great thing go.

Poodle, I'm up for some mudslides and Tom Waits anytime you are. I've got my date with gay boyfriend tomorrow, but I'm pretty much free after that.

(((((((hugs and vibes to all))))))))

Okay, time to go home. I'm picking up yummy lasagna from Cossetta's for dinner, then digging in to a very long night of truffle-making, probably 10 dozen or so, most of them hand-dipped and rolled. Then my last craft fair of the year tomorrow, and I'm FREE of double boilers for 10 more months!
Hi everybody! Whew! I am finally home...what an exhausting day, and the worst is to come tomorrow with the Board of Directors Meeting of Doom! Blech. I probably won't get home from it all until 9pm at the earliest. But there will be wine, and dinner, so its not *so* bad, except for having to make nice with the people who pay my salary...they're all nice people, I just never know what to say to them.

Congrats on another sucessful show today, diva! ...And may you have a blockbuster tomorrow!

Yeah, I am very relieved about turbomann's benefits coming through....sounds like he had a pretty fun chat with the unemployment agent who thought it was total bullshit that turbomann got fired. Its always nice to hear that from someone else when you explain your situation.

My brother wasn't such a terrible tyrant, there was just a couple of years where we *really* didn't get along, and he'd lash out. Mostly, it was pretty normal sibling stuff.

((((finish that grant app vibes for tes))))) Gah, grant apps suck...I used to do those for our org, I hate them. Mostly, I hate that most of the funding foundations still require you to TYPE on their stupid application forms...apparently, they've never heard of Adobe Acrobat.

Okay, time to walk the pupper, and later, a major bubble bath is in store for me.
Hello Okayers! This is a quick post - just got home, and am about to catch up on the archives for today. Hope you are all doing well! For me, another day of getting a LOT done. I am so grateful my strength is the same time, I feel curiously re-centred after being sick. I don't know why that should make a difference, but my stress levels around the move and closure have been brought down to almost zero.

Anyway, mustn't ramble....must catch up!

Ok, WTF, minx. I'm all in favour of voluntary "finding yourself" celibacy programs, and if you really, really feel that's what you need, then more power to ya. But don't you think there is just a possibility that you are RUNNING AWAY from the first good thing you've known in a long, long time, because you are scared shitless, and because the ex's behaviour is triggering you all over the place, and therefore driving a wedge in between you and the object of this scary new goodness seems like the most reliable method of coping? Don't you just think there is a teeny-tiny little possibility that this is what you are doing? Don't you want to break out of fight or flight mode just once and see what new direction the universe wants to take you in?

I'm just sayin'.

Ok, back to reading.

But I may have more to say. I can't promise that I'm done yet.

Doodle is stress-free and comin' back sassy! I'm lovin' it!

Just had some tasty leftover green chile chile for dinner, so I'm feeling a bit less stressed now. I think I'll be in bed early tonight, though.

~*~*~*~*swiftly rolling truffles vibes for diva~*~*~*~*~
Congratulations, DIVALA!! Whoo!!

My first book cover collage is looking purty, and I can just change the colors for the other two, and then I'll put the little dingdings on top, and then type.

Doodlebug. Well, I have a theory that is vaguely Louise Hay - ian, that big stress and change made you go into hibernating animal mode, and, being a healthy animal, you followed the directive and are now refreshed and restored!

Poodle, minx --- oh, boy. Heart of a Saturday Night is one of my favorite albums EVAH.

Mouse --perfectly friend! laugh.gif laugh.gif

Turbs and the rest!! Yes!! Let's be thankful for home and WINE!!

I shopped and cooked a nice chicken, orange squash, brown rice and tomatos and pesto dinner tonight and Batman bought wine! and we shared a pomegranate -- I think they are like fruit from another planet! And we had -- thank you, POODLE!! for telling me this was at Trader Joe's -- Piel'd High Apple Pie for dessert.

mmmmmmmmmm PIIIEEEEEEEE.

Hey now...there's always self love! wink.gif

minx....nobody's buyin' it.


Ok, I am only JUST caught up now, sorry...too much going on. Even my dinner got cold in between the cooking and the eating. *le sigh, le whine*

rose, shut up. Carbonara is my FAVOURITE pasta, why didn't you invite me for dinner? *pouts*

turbo...those grant apps that don't come e-formatted? Yeah, I hear ya. I always do my own app in Word, and then print "see attached" in all the spaces. Fuck 'em if they can't join the 21st century.

By the way, the twinning factor again, but my brother was also a sadistic shithead. He used to put BOOKS in his pillowcase whenever we had a pillowfight. Also, whenever I'd play in the basement, he'd turn out the light at the top of the stairs and lock the door (I was terrified of the basement when it was dark)....I'd end up sitting on the top step waiting for someone else to come along and let me out (and turn the light on), and he'd poke me with sticks underneath the door! He also took the wheels off my doll buggy and used them to build a go-cart. Which was fine 'cause I didn't really dig dolls much, but then he wouldn't let me ride on the go-cart! Bastard. Although, he did invent this really cool rainy day game where we'd have to keep a balloon in the air using only egg flippers.

Fuck, it's snowing AGAIN! Will it ever STOP!?

wombat, you may be right about hibernating, but I'm not sure how the bacteria knew enough about my stress to pick the right time to invade! Especially the kind of bacteria that requires ciprofloxacin. Bastards.

Oh shit, I've lost track. I'm sorry. Anyway, hi also to diva, FJ, poodle, karianne, moxie, treehugger (thanks for the recipe!), lorewolf, tesao, mouse, miz gb, and yon lurkers.
hey, i thought there was an active late night bustie world? No? Not this late? Hmmm...

round one of the sleep wars was over in the hip mama thread. round two is here. sigh.

ok, i'll go check out the news of the day while I wait.
Mornin' foofy foofies!!

Yay!! Doodle's in the home stretch!! I'm glad that everything is wrapping up smoothly.

Wombat, I think you've confused me with someone else. I've never been to Trader Joe's. Everyone talks about how great it is, but I haven't ventured over there yet. What's so great about Trader Joe's? Is it cheaper or something?

Wow, I still can't get over your productivity, diva!! You definitely need a night of mudslide fun!!

~*~*~*~meeting survival vibes for turbo~*~*~*~ Thank god there's gonna be some likky there.

Hi moxie mama!!

Minx, I don't know what to tell ya other than my usual "advice" and you know what that is!

Today is gonna suck. We have several reports that have to be completed and processed for tomorrow. It wouldn't be such a big deal if these things weren't going to court.

Darn, I shouldn't have given away my expensive cigarettes. Grrr....
Mornin' ya'll!

I'm pretty exhausted here. I was an idiot last night, and although I went to bed at 8:45pm, I did not take an excedrin migraine for my headache, 'cause it was just an aura, and I figured it would go away with some extra rest. NOT. Really, saving myself the liver pain from taking pills is just not worth it, and I should know that by now. But here I am, the start of a 14 hour workday, and exhausted. Boo.

Doodle, really, we *are* twins! Yep, my brother locked me in the basement with the lights off on many an occasion, then would rattle the door, and make scary noises through the laundry shoot...bastard. I suppose that's probably a pretty common older sibling torture tactic, though.

Poodle, Trader Joes is indeed cheaper for a lot of normally "premium" items - organic stuffs, and odds and ends of gourmet stuff, and they have REALLY cheap wine and beer, and my favorite kind of hard cider - Wyders. But, I rarely get over there, 'cause the one in the city has 10 parking spots and its not convenient for us to get to at all...oh, and there's the other one, where the parking ramp is about a 50 degree angle, one lane, but two way traffic - that one scares my crabby pants off, and I get scared of hurting the clutch on turbomann's car. smile.gif

Okay, I gots to get to work on finishing up these damned presentations.
I LOVE TJ's. Its our local supermarket. I get almost everything we need there, short of poultry, which i get at the farmer's market. Lately, we've been on a bit of a kick for their regular apple cider. YUMMY. What I love about it is that the food is all three things I need right now: Cheap, Pre-packaged (to a large extent, their stuff is ready to cook- chopped, mixed, flash-frozen) and healthy. OUr favorite stir fry kit is from there.

Anyway, i'm all alone in the office today, which is a blessing and a curse. I have the quiet to accomplish some real thinking and planning, and the lack of others around to keep me from, well, busting. smile.gif
Hello to TurboJenn, Poodle, Doodle, Tyger, Moxie, Minx, Mouse, FallJackets, Wombat, Divala, Ms.GB, TreeHugger, Roseviolet, and anyone I might have tragically missed!

*wags tail and blushes* Awww! Thanks peeps!

I guess I'm new to the Okayers thread, but I've encountered just about all of you over the past... uhh... decade? in small amounts in other threads like Barefoot, Eat/Do Wierd Stuff, Bizarro, 80's, D.U.D.E., Newbies, and previously some of the sex threads. (I was getting some advice about the GoatGirl, but then she's a little squeamish about me sharing about our sex life.)

Anyway, yaaaaay for the power of BUSTie Vibes working for you guys! Health and UE benefits! Yaaay!

*vibes for more health, good relationships, sleep, worklives, and chocolate* EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Mmm! Chocolaty!

I love how TJ's gives you for $3 a bowl of fresh basil the size of your face biggrin.gif

Goodmorning all!

Doodle, migraines suck greazy dicks.

I love trader joes. I buy the big blocks of chocolate for baking there, and they are dirt cheap. The one thing that sucks is you cant just pick up one onion or orange, cause they are multi packed.

I posted some house pics over in the house of the gods thread if anyone wants to go see em.

My jaw hurts really bad. my tmj started acting up last night, I couldn't even eat dinner. phooo.

Morning, all! Raisin is offering screwdrivers over in Kvetch, so pardon me if I seem a lttle unstable. wink.gif

Our firs TJ's just opened in this area about a week & a half ago and from what I hear, the place has been a madhouse! The shelves are stripped bare & people commonly wait 40 minutes in line to check-out. So it's going to be a while before I give them a try. Gotta allow the fervor to die down a bit.

Doodle is doin' it & doin' it & doin' it well! I may have to look into the FlyLady (although I really hate getting tons of e-mail from one source. Hmm). And darling, tis a shame you do not live in this area - yay verily, a shame you do not live in this country! Because you surely would have been invited to enjoy the carbonara deliciousness.

All of these stories about brother-inflicted torture is making me appreciate my brothers all the more. I think the worst they ever did was drag me across the living room once when I has having a hissy fit.

~~~~~~ soothing for TurboJenn & Taloo & ever's body ~~~~~~

~!~!~!~ productivity vibes for Pink & Moxie ~!~!~!~

Yowza, Moxie. How old was he when he had the first heart attack?

Wombat, that meal sounds amaaaazing!

(((((((( a big pile of hugs for all the Okayers. Go ahead! Jump into the Hug Pile! It's fun!))))))))

My morning has been all about poking around on the internet while half-way watching a show about Celtic music. Veeeeery pretty stuff.
He was 30. *yikes*
Now, Minx, I was buying the self-love. Just remember to get to know yourself slowly, and communicate well. wink.gif

Could be the perfect relationship! wink.gif

Yeah, basically no-one is perfect, so, MB isn't going to be either. I guess it's more of a question of how well each person's "bad" parts accomodate the others! Okay, our good parts get along, our sex parts get along, but what about our bad parts? I think the daily life compatibility thing is major. Neither me nor Batman is trying to drag the other into bad food, or other bad health stuff, and we have approximately the same income and same sleeping schedule, and most of the same tastes, so we don't get on each others nerves.

Sorry Poodle -- the inimitable, the unmixupable Poodle -- but who *was* it? I was thinking it was you because you are usually a font of coolness.

Trader Joe's. Well, it has its strengths and its weaknesses. The strengths are the frozen seafood and prepared entrees, but we prefer fresh food and fresh entrees (we don't have a baby requiring our energy!) The package of ready-made guacamole is really good and really cheap. You can get "gourmet" coffee and pasta fairly inexpensively, and ya gotta love the cheap sweets and alcohol that are both fairly tasty.

But, the bad side: the bread is the overly hard and dry "hippie torture bread," the dairy is in small selection and inconvenient sizes, they don't have waters except for generic water, Gerolsteiner mineral water, or twenty dozen "vitamin" waters that all have high-fructose corn syrup in them. The produce selection is usally abysmal, and forget all about paper goods or cleaning supplies. The prepared lunch foods, like tacos and stuff, are not very nutritious and you get sick of their weird side-taste after awhile. I used to work near a Trader Joe's and ended up walking over to Whole Foods everyday for lunch.

I'm a little puzzled at someone doing all their shopping there, because I think it's more presenting an IMAGE of health and quality than actually BEING it.

But youse right about the alcohol, chocolate and frozen food! That, they got.

Food, exercise, sleep, money and music: the five relationship determinants!
I like their cleaning supplies and paper products, actually. We get TP from costco, but laundry soap, AP cleaner and shampoo/conditioner are all TJ's. As for produce, all winter long I tend to go towards the frozen, and in the summer/fall, farmer's market. I guess the marketplace isn't as saturated as I thought!

I liked wombat's theory that examining if the bad parts are comatible is a good relationship meter. When the lustre wears off and you start to really get to KNOW the other person, a whole lot of doubts arise.

Ok, back to work. work, work, work.
Good Morning, babes.

Minx, I think it is good to listen to your instincts. If it seems like MBs got too much going on, he just may well have. Ouch, a heartattack at 30? unsure.gif That is not good.

Jenn, I am happy to hear about Turbomann's unemployment $$. I know that has got to be a load off! Nice!

Hi Tes!!

We have no TJs here, how I wish we did. We are about to get a Whole Foods, I am excited about that.

Hi mouse, moxie, ms gb, doodle, poodle, rosev, and everyone else!

I don't really have a whole lot to say today, sort of short on energy. Went to bed too late. Got a new book & stayed up reading it.

I am trying to make NYE plans with my two girlfriends. Please tell me someone else is as feeling as un-excited about NYE as me. I just don't care this year. That would be fine, except my one friend seems bent on having a big night out.
hi peeps!!!

kari, i hear ya on the 'big plans' for NYE....a month ago, talks about vegas on NYE were in the so much. at this point, i'm too broke to care.

minx.******big hug******even when the minds and parts are compatible, sometimes the health factors are a buzz kill. I mean, if he was actively trying to take care of himself, fine ok by me. but if he's a slacker in that area...gee....lemme put it this way. i used to date guys defined by how many of their original teeth they had and their condition. my reasoning was: if they could take care of their teeth(which is a lifelong job) they could be decent. i never used that as an excuse for not dating them though..."i'm sorry, i can't see you have bridge work on your 8,9, and 10 incisors..." heheheheehhehe sorry dental speak.

congrats diva!!!
yay for turbo gettin the bills paid! i'm glad the benefits came thru.

mouse, those tacos sound divine!!!

hi wombat, lorewolf, tes, doodle, poodle, moxie and rose!

i'm ready to send molly back. its sad *wipes tears of happi..oh wait..sadness away* jake is just not adjusting...he wants to be Solo Kitty again. and molly, well, molly is a bit 'too wired' for my tastes. last nite was trying to get them to 'get along' at 1 am in the morning. gah. i was ready to kick them all out in the cold. jake's neck is healing great but those two are just not getting along. and i really don't want her around the nephews since her and jake aren't "ok" yet.

and yesterday's funk is still around but less so. my own insecurities and doubts on my own abilities to have a decent relationship(yes i have issues) had reared to an ugly head and are still lurking around. does this ever end? (stops whining)
hi okayeeeees

minxie, you're smart. we know that. we just wanna make sure you're taking everything into consideration before making any drastic decisions--which you are smile.gif

i think wombat's theory of compatibility is really good too.

trader joe's--i love them, but i can see why they might inspire hate. their stuff doesn't come from them, though--they just package it all under their brand. they act as the middleman, that's why everything is so cheap and yet still good quality. i think they're pretty good about being consciously fair trade and whatnot--actually they're better than any other major grocery store--but nothing beats a local co-op, fo sho. their strength is in prepared foods and delicacies, not basics.

aw, ms gb, i'm so sorry you gotta send molly back.....but if it'll make your baby happier, it's necessary. ((feel better gb!))

lorewolf, i hear ya on the preferring to keep sex lives private. i used to hang out in the sex threads all the time but i gradually realized i was less willing to let all that (pardon) hang out if someone IRL tracked me here. oh wait, i also used to be getting laid all the time......hmmmm......

i am COLD here. i have this theory that sometimes socal is actually colder than the northeast. if it were this cold in the northeast, the building would already be insulated plus we'd have central heating, and nobody would care. HERE......i'm in a cavernous, concrete building with no insulation and a tiny space heater for seven cubicles. BRR.

anyway, i need to get to work. hi allllll! huuuuuuugs!
(((((healthy physical and emotional vibes for all who need 'em))))

Ms. gb, I'm sorry to hear that jake and molly are still having a rough time...I have no experience with kitty things, so I'll leave the advice to the kitty mommas around here.

Kari, I pretty much never make any big plans for new years. I have no interest in hanging out with drunk people in public, and its frelling cold here anyway, so why, exactly would I want to traipse around in that and trying to look cute whilst ensconced in a giant down parka? My speed of celebration is a small dinner party at my house with a 2-4 people we love, and we make something really great for dinner that we wouldn't normally cook, and we all cook together, drink lots of wine, and lounge around in our comfies.

TJ's is really only worth the trip for me if I'm planning a big party or something and need some basics and likker...other than that, its too much work. When we go visit our family in MI, I always make TJ run, since there's one close by, and there's mucho parking.

Yeah, I don't tell EVERYTHING about our sex life, and it was only recently that I went there even a little to tell a little. Figured I could when not at an actual job. But, you know....

*Some* privacy, mystery etc, is nice!

Can I get "stop slacking" vibes? I've reached a boring/aggravating/got other things to do! patch with this.

I get the impression that TJ's uses a lot of packaging. Is this true? Also, in Minnesota, grocery stores aren't allowed to sell likker unless it's .32 stuff (not the "real" thing). I do most of my grocery shopping at the neighborhood Rainbow Foods, and I also go to the Downtown Target and the Wedge Co-op a lot. I buy coffee, cat food (including livers, etc.), and bread at the Co-op. These places are all really convenient for me and I rarely have to drive to them. Plus, City Pages "Best of the Twin Cities" issue listed the Wedge as the best place to meet single straight men. It never really occurred to me before, but there are quite a few cute, young guys in there.

Pooooo...the mean red grandma is here.

Gb, you didn't give the kitties a whole lot of time to adapt to each other. Molly is a kitten afterall and she needs to learn this stuff. Kittens and puppies are a lot of work. If you're not willing to take that on, then it's best to give her back. That's really too bad though. I just hope she'll be in a good living situation and not end up being passed around.

Ugh, I have cramps. Grrr...

I'm waiting for my dumb boss to go over my spreadsheets so that we can get these reports the hell outta here. She's driving our entire office crazy right now with her last minute crap. She's been putting important stuff off and it screws over the rest of us.

*kicks back, closes eyes, and relaxes to Dark Side of the Moon*

I need drugs. Wait! I have a vicodin in my purse! Yay!
bwahahahaahah!!!! molly's not a kitten...she's as big as one but this bite size girl has already had quite a few litters of babies....she's six years old, poodle!!! heheh good one! she's ok with living with jake, jake is not ok with sharing his humans or his space. plus i think he's still peeved at her for kicking his butt.

~*~**~~*~*anti crampy vibes for poodle and all that need'em~**~~*~*~*~*

~**~**~*~~*~*stop slacking and get going*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*(just for you wombat)

i just found out that in a week and a half, the water is gonna be turned off here at work for the day. which may present a 'using the facilities' problem. maybe that's a good day to call in sick. rolleyes.gif
happy hump day!!

this is the third time today that i've tried to sit here and post, but i keep getting interrupted. stupid work getting in the way of my BUSTing! ack!

minx, we hear ya. like a few others have said, do what you truly feel is the best thing, but please make sure that you're not just coming up with ways to exit this relationship with MB. you guys should definitely have a lengthy conversation about this stuff. tell him how you're feeling (about the ex, about his health/ocd issues, about your own relationship issues and fears, etc.) and let him tell you how he feels too. there really isn't a reason that you can't resolve some of the issues at least enough to keep things flirty and friendly for a while. and moxie was right, i can't see that abstinence is going to be a good choice for you, my dear. self-love is great, but you know you like the wiener.

speaking of wiener, i have a date for an hbi tonight. i mean, it IS hump day and all...

oh, msgb, i hate to hear about your kitties still not getting along, but i do understand where you're coming from. it's hard when you see your baby suffering. and let's face it. she's a red sphinx and still a kitten. sure, you could spend more time with her and see if they'll eventually get along, but she's not going to have any trouble finding a new home if you send her back. some animals are just difficult little beasts and don't like having to share. perhaps sphinx's are like that? at minimum you know that she was already having difficulty with the kitties at her former home. there's a trend here... don't feel bad about it.

i just went to feed my MILs cats over my lunch hour. i always think they'll come out and play with me, but they won't. these two cats are TOO dependent on each other. they're sisters from the same litter and have never spent a day apart. and they're used to her quiet house so when anyone else comes over, they hide in the lining underneath her mattress. they're the cutest little putties in the universe, but you'd never know it. i told her that she should bring them out into the main room and then close all other doors during our next family gathering so they'll be forced into socialization. it's not like we have a dozen kids running around or racous parties or anything. they need to see that we really don't CARE that much about them and that the newness would wear off if they'd just come out and let us give them scritches once in a while!

booo on red grandma for poodle. but yay for drugs! i wish i could take drugs. heh. i didn't tell you guys, but just as soon as i found out i was pg, our stupid greenery hookups started coming out of the woodwork. so now, mrfj has all of it to himself. it's not too bad, actually, to not be able to smoke it. i know i'm working on something much cooler and that i'll be able to smoke again one day in the future. until then, mrfj gets to enjoy his own sack without me bogarting it.

moxie, have the little toofies poked through yet? i'm sure they're coming!

hehe, rv made an ll cool j reference. i'd take me a piece of that man. he can do me and do me and do me well, anytime. (i just hope he likes pregnant chicks!)

we don't have a tj's so i'll stay out of that conversation.

oh, and karianne, i'm feeling the same about nye. we rarely actually do anything for the holiday. last year, we had my BFF and her boytoy over and we dressed in our pajamas and cooked together and played games and drank and got stoned. it was quite nice, like what turbojenn was referencing.

hey wombat!! get to work!!! smile.gif

ETA: molly's not a kitten? well poop! there went half my argument...
hey FJ! Nope, no toofies yet, but we can see the outline of them- so they aren't far away. She's well medicated between the orajel and motrin, so that's somethin...she's kinda a pissy-pants the last couple days, so I know they're bothering her. We may take her out to dinner tonight, just to get out of the house.

Anyway, poods- I LOVE the idea of vicoden for cramps! I'm stuck with Aleve. We';re MRG sisters! I miss the HBI...with the sickness of the last month, we've been rare in the weiner dept. So sad. Granted, this will make for some serious portions when the MRG departs. That ain't so bad...

We usually have a NYE thing at our house- our close friends, hanging out, good food, kiddies, etc. Don't know who'll actually be around this year, though...whomever is, we'll have fun.

Hey Mox, have you ever tried those Highland Teething tablets? I am a total firm believer in them. Homeopathic, but WOW! I mean, I remember the first time I gave them to Minxlette and she looked stoned out of her gourd, but OH SO content.
I don't wanna work anymore today...boooo! I should've just skated out early already to go help set-up for the big board meeting at the hotel downtown. No one is really doing much anymore, we're all just milling about...and its funny 'cause everyone is really dressed up today - business suits galore - its like we're all pretending to play "grown-up" for the day.

Fj, you're very nice to allow mr fj to still enjoy his greeny recreation while you're all knocked up. It kind of creeps me out when friends who are preggo make their husbands quit drinking and such during the pregnancy. Of course if the smell made you sick, that would be a whole 'nother thing...

((((poodle's & moxie's parts))))

ms gb - I think turning the water off is the perfect opportunity to be sick...when they turn the water off here (which seems to happen several times a year, 'cause the building is 100 years old), we have to walk 2 blockms to the civic center to use their bathrooms. It really pisses me off, they're too cheap to say we can have the day off or should work from home.

And more slackety-slacking!!
Yeah, they work, if we can shove them into her mouth. She hates the taste. She loves the taste of the, we go with the motrin. its stronger, i know, and i shouldn't drug my kid, i know, but it works and makes her not sad.
yeah, i can't make him stop juse because i can't partake. that wouldn't be right. i don't mind the smell even, although he's been doing it the office usually after i go upstairs to our bedroom. i can just smell in on him when he comes to bed and i tease that i'm mad over it and call him a stoner. it's funny because i'm the fiend in the house under most circumstances so as i said earlier, he's enjoying having it around while it's off limits for me.

and i certainly don't mind if he drinks. but i have to admit that i am having a hard time going out with friends lately because it always seems to center around going out for drinks, or meeting for dinner and drinks, or whatever. everyone wants to meet late and i'm tired well before 9pm. normally, i'd just drink a couple and i'd be ready to party, but that's obviously not happening. i don't want to be selfish and make mrfj stay home with me, but at the same time, he doesn't want to be selfish and leave his pregnant wife at home while he goes out and parties. maybe this is when we'll discover this "alone time" thing that everyone has been talking about. hehe. we just usually prefer to spend our time together and tend to share the same friends, hobbies, etc. we do occasional girl's nights or boy's nights out, but not often.

i'm hoping it'll get easier as time goes on: i'll be less tired next month hopefully and will be more willing to go out and have fun. i guess it's just that the "fun" has changed a bit. i'm not doing anything to alter my perceptions or my mood so i'm pretty much "inside myself" all the time, while the people around me are lost in their little buzzed worlds and on a completely different plane. it's a very strange place to be. or i guess it's not really strange as much as it's just different.

sorry for rambling.

mrfj just called. he is bored at work and so am i. so i told him to meet me at home early. in the showah. le roawr!
FJ- this is the beginning of a transition in your lives and social worlds. Maybe see if your friends could go out a little earlier in the evenings. Surely, once they know you're preggo, they'll be understanding. My tolerance for "what was not allowed" pretty much went along the lines of: go out. have fun. but, if it gets to be too much, i'll tell you and you need to respect it. Having our BFFs pregnant at the same time was a blessing, i tell you.

Enjoy this time with MrFJ before you are both wrapped up in the bambina. Try to squeeze a vacation in there, too!

OK, only 15 min and I'm outta here. Its dark, cold and I want to snuggle with my bebe and my man.
Ah fuggit, Mox...Minxlette lived on Motrin for nearly the second half of her first year. I'm no hippy momma; we all just do the best we can.
really minx? really really? (lets out sigh of relief...) our Ped suggested tylenol, but it just doesn't seem to work. I swear, those fuckers better come out soon. I know it sounds all "me, me, me" and "my kid, my kid, my kid"...but this is HARD ladies. I'm one step away from a breakdown just about every night. I just want her to be happy and not hurty, and i can't make it go faster. thank you all for letting me go on and on and on about her stupid teeth.

ok, i'm out early (well, really late, since I'm supposed to be OFF work on wednesdays...), and i'm heading home.
No worries, mox. Teething is sapping your energy as well as moxette's, feel free to vent away!

I should be headed home too, but its still an hour yet before I have to leave for the meeting. poo. BUT do you think I'm going to be working in the next hour...hell no!

FJ, I think your experience of not wanting to go out is totally normal when you can't partake of all the pleasures. Actually, when I changed my diet 6 years ago to no wheat/dairy/eggs/sugar/ I felt the exact same way. Going out wasn't fun, and if I ate any of those things at all, I got really sick. Now, I've totally adjusted, and found ways around it, and mostly we stick to ethnic restaurants, because there are more options there for me. Hang in there, and you DO have somethin' way cooler than drinkin' going on inside your bod!
Jenn- thanks. I got home, and moxette just fell apart. She can hold her shit together OK for her dad, but momma? nope. I guess there's something positive in that. She's got ANOTHER runny nose- those GD germ factories- I'm trying to remember the whole "boost immunity" arguement. Screw work- if she's not markedly better in the morning, I'm staying home with her. Its about time I got my priorities straight.

Ok, i'm a little resentful about work tonight. PMS attack. I'm getting greasy, yummy, pizza and breadsticks for dinner.
Hello all! Terribly quick post, am using my laptop here at the office, waiting for someone to pick up some more crap so I can leave. Today is the Montreal Massacre anniversary, so I am off to speak at the local vigil very soon. No idea what I'm going to say, but I'm sure it will come to me when I get there. Hope everyone is well!
QUOTE(moxiegirl @ Dec 6 2006, 03:41 PM) *

really minx? really really? (lets out sigh of relief...) our Ped suggested tylenol, but it just doesn't seem to work. I swear, those fuckers better come out soon. I know it sounds all "me, me, me" and "my kid, my kid, my kid"...but this is HARD ladies. I'm one step away from a breakdown just about every night. I just want her to be happy and not hurty, and i can't make it go faster. thank you all for letting me go on and on and on about her stupid teeth.

Mox, my most mammable momma in the midwest, you ARE the center of the universe. laugh.gif Holy Holly Hobby, have the toughest job in the world--raising the wee bairn. It's awful to hear them cry in pain. Subsequently, it makes you feel like a guilty shit anytime you want to do anything for yourself. Don't worry about it. We all get it here--parents and honorary aunties. Take a nice, hot bath tonight and drink something spiked. Make with the sweet, sweet lovin' with you Moxieman. Have him tell you that you are a red hot goddess. You ARE!!

(((From one red hot momma to another)))
Hello everyone!!

I stayed late today to wrap up these shitty ass reports and help the office meddler out with the processing. I suppose I could have left at the usual time, but I felt bad dumping my project on her at the last minute, especially when she had to cancel her plans for tonight. It's all my boss' fault though, for neglecting this project. If she hadn't gone on her 2-week trip to the Greek Isles, then we wouldn't be in this mess. Yeah, we're totally fucked. At least this crap is almost done though.

My job isn't very heartwarming, but I'm not as bitter about this project because it's for a bunch of old people who are having their houses taken by the airport commission, and they're getting paid shit in return.

Oooh, they're asking a feminist question on "Show Me the Money." The question is which "Susan" wrote the book "Backlash..." Oops! She got it wrong! It's Faludi, bitch!! Heh...the woman lost everything. That's something that every woman needs to know. I have to put that on my list of things to teach my niece.

That reminds me, I got my niece the Rosie the Riveter action figure. She's probably too young for it now. Maybe I should save it and give her clothes for X-mas instead. My AB/CD shirt never arrived and I sent multiple emails to the people, but no response. sad.gif I wish there was a way to rate them. I'm super hesitant to buy anything from small online stores now. It's a shame that they have to ruin it for everyone else selling stuff online. I wonder if lurv ever received her shirt. Ask her for me, minx.

I thought molly ringbald was a kitten. It's probably good for her to live somewhere else considering Jake's recent health concerns. Sometimes pets just have to be "only children." cats were grooming each other this morning and when I crawled up to give them kisses, they just looked at me like, "Can't you see that we're busy?" and resumed their licking. I wuvs my babes. I need to make them some more hippie cat food.

It must be hard having to be good while preggers. As long as mr. FJ is sensitive to this, then it won't be so bad. He's gotta get used to being home more, too!

I love the smell of weed when it's wafting through the summer breeze.

Awww...poor mama mox and moxette. Baby teef are so cute though. I'm sure Tylenol and Motrin are just fine. You could always do it the old fashioned way and rub whiskey on her gums! laugh.gif

spending alllll day working on just one print. "let's make it have a ground of tiny, tinier, in, let's space the big stars out, it shouldn't look too, it looks too empty, space them closer together.....use, the outlines don't look good......use, dots don't look good.......what's this one? i never saw this one, leave that out.....make it, that's too small, make it bigger....."

kill meeeeeeeeeeeh

i get to go home in a bit and if i'm lucky it's margarita night. sorely needed.

((all okayers)) (brain is not in space good for writing)
(((mouse))) That's exactly how it is with my boss, except with numbers. After all of her nitpicking, it almost always comes back to my original numbers.

Wow. I used to constantly complain about how I'd never use math, but now I tweek numbers everyday. The funny thing is that people always look at me when it comes to figuring out restaurant bills, etc., but my brain is so fried by that point that I can't make sense of anything quantitative. In fact, when our office goes out to lunch, it takes us just as long as anyone else to figure out the bill, even though we're appraisers and accountants.
Hang in there, moxie!! You are one of the hippest, funnest mommas I know! When Moxette gets thru this yucky teething phase she is going to really enjoy herself... yesiree!!

She is standing by herself -- walking with others -- how soon till she walks! Boy!

((Minx. That was beautiful.))

Mouse. Ow. This stuff is so hard sometimes. I'm making one of those trendy, texture-y collages, like, hipster trend stuff for kids, cause what the kids have now are these stupid overly simple "kidsy" stereotype drawings, and I remember how coooool kids stuff was in the fifties and sixties. I want to give them that kind of experience. But I'm cutting things out with the pen tool, and making them look consistent while not looking monochromatic, etc. Big pain in the butt.

I also need to have a LIFE. I went outdoors today. moved the car to the non-streetcleaning side of the street.

Called the gay boyfriends -- the new ICA is opening this weekend! It's free this Sunday -- we may have to go early to avoid killer lines. Great swooping industrial architecture on Fan Pier. I remember when Fan Pier was deserted and you could just walk around like it was your private beach on the harbor and they had some abandoned train cars there you could go in.

Tomorrow -- Kundalini. Friday -- weights consultation.

I've been job hunting and portfolio building and it is getting colder and I don't want to leave the house.

FJ -- there must be somethng fun you can do earlier in the evening that doesn't involve intoxicants. What would be just as wacky? Bowling? Shooting pool? They are always a blast for me and my boyfriend because we suck so bad.

Drunken Post!! Caridee won top model!!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!
Gaaaaah! I tooootally miss the green sad.gif I miss it I miss it I miss it! and it's been at least a year for me. I'm in the Carpenter's Union, so drug screening happens a bunch. That, and I'm new to this town (Bellingham), and I have no connections yet. I seriously miss grooving out to music, doing art, going on adventures, conversations with friends, and just being a freak on it. Hopefully, I will find a source for occasional tokeage sometime soon. Still, the break propbably did me some good.(ETA I just cross-gah'd with Mouse!)

Anyway, hope you all are having a good hump-day smile.gif
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