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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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YAYAYAYYY! for bittykitty! that's great to hear. sounds like my friends' cat skippy: he was going to be put down because of old age (18) and had stopped eating and was wasting away but on the day they were going to take him in, they awoke to find him playing at the foot of the bed. he ate an entire can of tuna. so our friends weren't able to put him down after all because he suddenly seemed "ok". they took him on a x-country car-ride the next day (from fl to cali) and he lived happily for another 6 months, dying peacefully in his sleep.

mouse, sounds like you had an excellent weekend. good for you! i didn't mention it, but i got a kick out of your funny drunken posts. a period party sounds awesome! i will do something like that if we have a daughter to celebrate her menses onset.

karianne wants to see the rocky movie, hehehee! i really dn't have any interest in that at all for some reason.

but i do have some interest in m&ms. yes. off to the vending machine i go. i have the sugar munchies.
It sounds like you need to take a walk on the wildside Poodle.
Your company health policy is bullshit, something we can ALL understand in this country.

I think it's time you dust off the Mission Impossible theme song and take that HEART stencil and scan it.

Take a stand and put the stencil underneath a photo or whatever it is you scan. Act like you belong there...

And if the office meddler is there, distract them with an issue elsewhere and SCAN LIKE HELL!!!

Then smile and walk away.

Life is too short.

Ask Yourself.....Is it really deriliction of duty??
You obviously will be working on this at home and do what you need to do while you're at work.
Do It.
Johnny Depp would want you to.
Nuff Said.
Hi princess!

Yay for healthy kitties!!!!!! Awwwww...that's so sweet about Bitty.

Damn you all to hell!! Now I have Piano Man stuck in my head!!

Now minx at the bar is a friend of mine
who gives me my spankings for free!
And she's talking to doodle,
who wishes she was poodle
and that she lived some place other than BC!!!

Hahaha!! laugh.gif *rolls around on floor*

Another reason for me to be crabby: My blueberry bagel with wildberry cream cheese was tainted with a few remnants of olive/pimento cream cheese! RAWWWR!!

Kari- I didn't smoke for a long time, but then I bought some whilst drinking (not good) and it was all over. The good thing is that I only smoke about 2 cigarettes a day, so it won't be too awful to go back to non-smokerland. My hugest problem is that I loooove smoking when I'm drinking.

ETA - Pi, that's great, but it ain't gonna happen. I gotta feed the cats and be able to afford my anti-convulsant pills that cost me $70 WITH insurance. Maybe I need to move to BC.
Question: What is a cocoa-stirring race? How would one judge the winner of such a race? Inquiring minds want to know ... those minds being mine and Sheff's.

Minxy, I have no bourbon for you, I'm afraid. Perhaps some amaretto instead?

Hooray for the return of Bitty Kitty!

Wombat is rockin' my world. As is PinkPoodle. I never knew that someone could rock my world by singing Billy Joel. And yet, they have managed to accomplish this stunning feat. My hat is off to both of you.

Ms GB, congrats on selling the mattress for so much! Wowza! Must be a pretty kickass set! And many smooches & tender loving for poor Jakey Kitty.

[glares at Jenn's boss] Back off, buddy. Didn't somebody tell you that it's Crabby Pants Monday? Did you not get that memo? Leave the Jennster alone!

Which Rocky movie was it when he fought the Russian guy? I used to have that movie memorized, but now I don't even know if it was III or IV. The new Rocky movie makes me sad. Poor Rocky & his mushy pummled brains, trying to recapture the glory of his youth. Sigh.

Mouse, that party sounds fan-damn-tastic.
~~~~~ enjoyable but not too enoyable vibes for Mouse & the exboyfriend ~~~~~

The shepherd's pie was great, of course. 'Cause it's shepherd's pie! I chose to just have a green salad instead of fixing any side dishes (and the dressing was a BIG hit, so that's good). For dessert I made an apple streudel. I think I should've added more sugar & spices, but Sheff looooooved it. So that's good. I meant to serve cinnamon ice cream with the streudel, but we were so busy playing tennis on the Wii that it completely slipped my mind. So now I have oodles of cinnamon ice cream. So that's good, too!

Which reminds me that I need to go to the dairy. We need milk. And cream. And maybe some cheese.

[sprinkles honey-flavored Love Dust over Okay-ers & staunters away]
*still rolling on floor laughing at own joke* Bwahahaha!!

Huh? Cocoa Stirring? *scratches head*

What's in shepherds pie again?
Hello everyone....quick post, more packing and sorting today, UGH. Cannot wait till this is over. The food bank is coming tomorrow to take most of our furniture (they will be able to use it, and I'm glad it's them, if it can't be a women's group), so that will make it easier to sort through everything else.

poodle, thanks for including me in your lyrics, but the truth is that every time I have to go out of province, I wish for nothing else but to be back here in B.C.! You wish you were here, too, admit it! We can even get legally married now, to get you Canadian citizenship faster....although prescriptions are not covered under our universal health care, so I wouldn't hold out for that hope, even if you do get universal health care in the U.S. My apologies for being the bearer of bad news. sad.gif

Yay for Bitty Kitty! Animals are like people...just when you think it's over, they often rally and come around for awhile longer!

Yay for Jake getting good health care, and for miz gb getting the money from mattress-selling to cover it!

Thanks all for the b-day wishes!

Ok, gotta run! Back later!
Bwaha!! I love ya doodle! tongue.gif
awww the lounge is full of love today....*smiles with glee*

thanks for the vibes for jake...he loves them.... laugh.gif

yay for bitty kitty!!! just when you think they are down for the count....nope..up again...!

as for Rocky(whatever number), i think its old. really. i can understand numbers 1-3 but after that...nyah. maybe i just don't understand.

shepherds pie...peas, carrots, some meat of sorts(usually beef or chicken) in a gravy like soup with onions, covered with mashed potatoes and baked till golden. quite yummy on a cold day. and with a beer. smile.gif

speaking of booze...i'll take a hot chocolate with banana vodka, heavy on the whip...yum.

Speaking of vibes, my aunt is having a mastectomy today. She needs your vibes!!

Ooooh, mmmm....I want coffee with Bailey's. Oh god yes...

(((((poodle's aunt)))) I hope your aunt will recover as fast as mine did when she had her double mast about 15 years came home the next day, and forced me into service helping her hang wallpaper border in the bathroom! (pssst....doodle, that was before we knew wallpaper borders were bad - I promise!)

busy busy at work today...its making the day zoom by, but so much more to do!

Mmmmm....shepherd's yummy. I prefer lamb stew, myself, if I'm going for meaty delights!

Oh, and to answer someone's question from earlier...can't remember who...we're playing around with the thought of moving out to CO, to be near my brother...I think I'd like the lifestyle, but who the hell knows, since I haven't been there! Turbomann is going to send some resumes that way, and we'll just see what comes of it.
poodles aunt*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*HEALTH AND SAFE SURGERY VIBES*~~*~**~*~*~*~~*

~*~*~*~*~*~wellness vibes to poodleaunt~*~*~*~*~*~

i'm sleepy. i want to go home. know what? i'm gonna. so there.

this is gonna be a looooooong 18 days until i get to not come back here anymore...
You go on home, and take that nap, FJ!! I'm so envious of your short-timers syndrome there! I think I'm excited about a potential move also 'cause I'd be leaving this job...'course I could leave this job anyway - why does moving make it sound so much more possible?

I made hot cocoa with baileys yesterday....yummmm. I'm sure that's why I have a stuffy nose today, though. I've waaaay too sensitive to sugar these days. My bod is beat down. But the web debacle is nearly over, and then I'll be free to get a little rest. thank cod.

Doodle, I hope you get the move done even before your deadline next week - what an exhausting chore!

Okay, a little more work, and then, I'm going home too! Feh on staying late - I'm too tired, dammit!
Noooo!!! Don't leave me!! sad.gif

Thanks for the auntie vibes. She's feeling very optimistic about the procedure and recovery. I really hope this is the end of it. I'm tempted to buy a bottle of Bailey's. No. NO! That will only make me want a cigarette. Grrr...maybe later this week.

Not to worry poodle, you know me...takes me half an hour to get home, and then I'm usually back online...just on the sofa, and cup of mint tea in hand!

See ya in a bit!
SO, to celebrate crabby pants day, I booked our winter vacation. Thank you Spirit Airlines for having $8 tickets RT from DTW to Ft. Lauderdale! WHOOT. 6 night cruise to jamacia and grand cayman, here I come!

AND, my kid stood by herself. What better end of the workday could I ask for?
Hi, peeps!

I haven't read much of the archives, but I did read up on today.

Happy belated birfday, Doodle!

Yay for Bitty Kitty pulling through!

And for matresses selling for a buttload of cash!

Boo on yucky beer and not enough of it and having to eat at places with names that sound like gas stations serving food that's not much better!

Mouse, I love your weekend stories. You seem to have a really cool group to hang out with.

((((((((( vibes for Poodle's aunt )))))))))

Turbo, your boss is MEAN! You've been working on that website for months now, and she says it "sucks"? Gah! (((((((( new job vibes )))))))

Hi, Wombat, Karianne, RV, FJ (that was a very weird exchange at your job site), and the new peeps and the lurking peeps!

I had one hell of a weekend. I had to do the pre-show for the craft fair on Friday night, and I'm still trying to figure out what the point of it was. I made a crapload of stuff on Friday: 7 dozen truffles for Marileen to sell at her show, 2 frames, 2 mirrors, 2 votive holders, and created the pattern to make the votive holders with (pastel pinwheel with 10 different colors - I now have 5 feet of it to use up, but some of it will make for really cute beads I could bake tonight and make into jewelry tomorrow). The sale on Saturday went REALLY well. I made over $400, which was far more than I was expecting, and that was without chocolates! I unloaded 7 bags (a new record for single-day sales), both my frames and mirrors, and lots of jewelry. It's such an ego stroke to sell stuff I've made with my own hands, having people say what great stuff it is and mean it and give me money for it. Marileen sold a bunch of truffles for me, so that's a little extra income. The magnets that she's been busy making? CUTE! She's such a great artist. The giant and I took my earning after the show and had a really great dinner at Cheesecake Factory, and then we came home and fell into bed. We didn't get out of bed until maybe 4:00 yesterday afternoon, maybe a little later (he was watching football, I was reading) and just hung out at home. I managed to get all my hazelnut truffles rolled, so all I have to do is dip them in chocolate and cover them in crushed hazelnuts, which is really easy. I've got about 100 of them to do tonight.

I'm going to be hard at work again making crafts tonight for the sale I have tomorrow and another on Wednesday. I'll need to make several dozen truffles, peppermint bark, English toffee with almonds, dip graham crackers and pretzels, and make more frames and mirrors (they only take about 20 minutes to do when you've got a good assortment of pictures to work with, which is incredible), and maybe some jewelry. And on Wednesday night? The sweet bliss of not having another damn thing to make until June.
Yayayayay diva!! That's awesome!! You're rich!!

Mox, I'm soooooo jealous of your vacation.
Ooooooh, moxie, that sounds like a FABULOUS vacation! Are you taking moxette with, or leaving her to the grandparents and aunties and uncles?

Really, mox, I cannot believe moxette is up and walking already...I mean, she was just born, like last week. wink.gif

I hope that 2007 brings us a real vacation, away from home! 2006 has left me totally burnt out, and not in the best health. boo.

Diva - holy moly, have you ever been busy!! And prosperous!! Congrats on the great show this weekend, and may you have 2 more shows just as successful! And all your truffles sound sooooo yummy! Selling stuff you make is indeed quite the high - I felt the same way when I used to sell my artwork when gramma and I would share a booth at art fairs. And now, I feel the same about my freelance work. I'm always thrilled when someone likes my designs. Of course, I curse through round after round of revisions....but that's how it goes.

Yep, my boss was wearing her crabby pants today too. I didn't really take it personally, I was more in shock that she said it at all. I know all of the management are crabby this week in advance of the big board meeting shindig on wednesday - its like this every year. BUT, I went into my boss' office at 3pm today to announce that the forum is ready for re-launch, the online giving will be back online tomorrow, and the IM/chat is alive and she had to eat crow on that one, and tell me how good a job I was doing. So there.
*smacks forehead* I'm such an idiot. YAYAYAYAY FOR MOXETTE'S SOLO-STAND!!! That's awesome!!
Poodle, I have some Bailey's at home, and I also have a Tom Waits interview waiting for you. You should come over later on this week.

Moxie, you seriously found tickets for 8 bucks? Or is that a typo?

I have a kink in my hair from my ponytail elastic. sad.gif

Turbo, I just can't fathom creating art from nothing and having it be good. Anyone who can do that is a far greater person than I. I just take stuff other people have made, thow it all together, and call it my own. Even my polymer clay designs are pretty damn boring. Cute, but boring.

I'm glad your boss finally acknowledged that you are doing a good job. I still can't believe that they all let you be the dumping ground for emergency techie projects, though.

I got to talk to Sam a little earlier today and we had a really nice little conversation. He told me about the "mysterious movers" in the house that he "hasn't investigated yet." And we talked about my landlord's girlfriend's dog that visits our house sometimes, and playing in the snow and the light-up deer in my parents' front yard and his other grandparents' front yard. And I guess my parents put up some of their decorations. Sam was in such a happy mood, he was fun to talk to. We have the best conversations. I'm about due for another visit to see him, but maybe not this upcoming weekend since I want to do absolutely nothing. After the craft show last weekend and the awful trip to KC the weekend before, I want 2 full days to chill out, although one of them will probably be spent shopping. I know what I'm getting everyone except my parents, but they'll tell me later what they want. Dad's pretty good about not leaving us hanging for ideas. I've decided I'm getting my brother (the one I used to live with) a starter kit for brewing his own beer. That boy loves his beer somethin' fierce.
i would just like to pop in and mention that my coworker's radio is faintly playing "piano man".

ah, i love the universe.

p.s congrats on your sales diva!
Diva, the beer starter kit is a great idea! My brother (the pro home brewer) loves the Northern Brewer website...I've ordered many many gifts from them.

Oh, and from the streets of Mpls, I give you The Snowflake maker...its good silly fun. Looks like a snappy PR firm too. Oh, and on the main snow screen, when you roll over the falling snow, it'll show you other people's flakes. Ah, fun with Databases!

Yeah, sucks but its the life of non profits to be dumped upon. Oh well.

Okay, time to bundle up and go waddle on the ice with the pupper!
NOT a typo...1 day sale. yep.

and...moxette is crabby pants. she musta got the memo
Wow, mox, that is super freakin' cheap!! Holy geez!!

Awwww...sam is "investigating." Ha! Cute.

OOooh! That snowflake thing is fun, turbo!

Mmmmm....Bailey's...I just might take you up on that, diva. I've got plans with the ex-RB on friday, but I'm free otherwise. Mmmmmm....we should make mudslides too.

I suppose I should do my damn dishes. I don't know why I can't do them as I use them. I just can't. I let them pile up every time.
Hello again, you crabby pants beyotches!

Oh wait, it's not Insult Friday yet. Sowwy.

moxie, that ticket price is super-impressive....we don't have anything resembling cheap airfare in Canada, and eight bucks would be a pipe dream. Hey, am I mistaken, or did I just read that moxette is WALKING?

diva, I love reading about your industriousness! You remind me so much of my next door neighbour, who is always making yummy things and taking them places to sell. The constant smell of yumminess drives me wild! Probably part of the reason I stay here...does yer dessert-making drive the giant equally wild?

turbo, yer boss sucks. Bad day or not, what a crappy thing to say to you. I do hear you on non-profit workers getting dumped on,'s the price we pay for being do-gooders, I guess! You do great work, and I'm glad you were able to throw it down on her desk (metaphorically) at the end of the day! HOORAH!

poodle, I want you to know I had Piano Man in my head ALL afternoon.

Hopefully I'm not too late, but I don't think bustie vibes can ever hurt...

~*~*~*~*~*~safety and good recovery vibes for auntie's surgery~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~and also recovery vibes for poor Jake!~*~*~*~*~*~

Hello also to mouse, miz gb, FJ, karianne, wombat, minx, rose, and any lurkers and anyone I've missed! And holy crap, was that a princess danderemorra sighting!??? WOW!!! HI!!!

I am home from work now. I got a surprising amount done today...I guess the meds are finally kicking in. And also, thank goddess for the skilz I learned from the FlyLady, or I'd be a wreck trying to sift through 27 years of paper and objects. Now I'm just bloody ruthless! Sadly though, I forced myself to dismantle my office computer, to stop from being tempted to BUST during this final week of packing.

Anyway, I'm celebrating my whirlwind day right now with a piece of pecan crostata (basically pecans/pecan pie filling on a shortbread crust), which is what BFF got me instead of birfday cake...a much better choice, I feel!
That is *amazing,* Moxie!! Boo...they don't fly out of chicago.

doodle, congrats on your super productive day!! Who is this FlyLady? I've heard her name bandied about, but I think I'm kind of afraid to find out more...and that pecan crostata sounds dee-licious!

We just had some tasty chicken quesadillas and beans. Its about as much work as I'm up for on a Monday night. Dinner in 10 minutes...yesiree.

And I've got the best birth control ever on TV tonight - the return of Supernanny! Should be good for knitting time.

Durn you turbo, I'd forgotten about the I've already made THREE! I'll be obsessed with it for the rest of the night!


FlyLady is like AA for packrats and clutterbugs. I know you won't believe it from the pics of my place, but my apartment used to be swallowed in clutter and messiness, and I mean in a seriously big way. FlyLady is a free program - she sends out dozens of e-mails a day - basically to help people like me learn new habits. It's kind of cultish like AA, too, but I have to say that the FlyLady saved my ass. BUT I left the program last year, after she started focusing on food and body weight issues, b/c I don't think that's what the program should be about, any more than I think AA should focus on those things. (For the record, as a feminist and a service provider, I also have a lot of issues with the way AA and other 12 step groups operate as well.)

I made spicy cajun chicken last night, and tonight I'm having leftovers of that! YUM!

I need to learn how to make blackened cajun chicken, which is one of my favourite things on the planet....
Doodle, I've no idea how to make blackened chicken, though I remember my mom making it - it involved a grill and some dry rub, I think...much more than that, I cannot tell you.

Hmm...flylady looks interesting, I think my friend Jim could use it...he's gone deep into packrat mode since he lost his mom last year, and everytime we visit my parents, I go next door to his house and coach him in taking one or two stacks of newspapers out. My mom was a purging wizard and brought me up well with her skills....there is always a donation bag at the bottom of my closet, and I add stuff until its full, then donate. I've got two bags going out this week. Cleaning things out like that is just as good as the retail high for me. And, I love a well organized closet. Turbomann's the piler in our house...but it doesn't too bad, 'cause I'll pitch stuff myself, if he doesn't.
I don't think I ever really learned to de-clutter or stay organized when I was a kid. I made messes, and then I'd go on visitations with my father....when I'd come home, my room would be cleaned out!

My mom is okay at purging, but she's the one who describes my decluttering as "ruthless" shocks her, what I'm willing to throw out. But since I've been "FLYing," I get frustrated with some of the useless things people will hang onto....well, I get more frustrated with the fact that they hang onto useless stuff and then complain about lack of space....and buy MORE stuff, and then move so they can have more space to house their stuff! How much stuff do people need? That's what I don't get.

I am waiting for potatoes and baby carrots to roast, so I can have 'em with my cajun chicken...
I think that's sometimes what I really love about living in a small space - you really can't let the clutter take hold too much, 'cause there'd be nowhere to go! I like going to visit our families, and staying in "real" homes, but it does feel like more than I need. I like my small, tidy space. It is important to me to have a second bedroom, that we both can use to get away, and do stuff on my own - me for meditation, turbomann for video gaming...and that's about all we need.
Yay! for moxette standing and for cheap airline tickets and for making money!

I was soooooooooooooooooooo sick Friday. I got happy in the afternoon when I was only throwing up every hour or two as opposed to every half an hour. It was much suckery. But saturday i sang with my choir at the christmas tree auction in town and we rocked the house. the boy, boything, boything's roomate and our other friend came to listen to me. i had the biggest cheering section of everyone biggrin.gif

so, exams start thursday and it sucks. i think when i'm done the one i'm pretty sure i'm going to fail (i had a useless dickwad of a stats teacher) i'll go over to the boything's place and watch movies and maybe have a round or two of hands in fun places.

take care everyone! floves!
Hiya tyger, nice to see you around these parts!

Flunking stats is not your fault. Stats sucks for pretty much everyone.

Ok, I was checking out a few snowflakes on that site turbo posted, and somebody from Boston posted one that said "BPAL!"

Which one of you bitches did that? I KNOW it was one of you!!

turbo, I'm pretty enamoured of the small space, too, but I don't think it quite coalesced for me until I moved here, in this natural setting...maybe it's the combination that made me finally figure out how to make it work!

I think I'll go have a quick shower and head off to beddy-bye...

Blackening information:

Dry rub recipe:

3 parts paprika

1 part each:
Black pepper
White pepper
Red pepper
Garlic Salt
Onion Powder

Heat a cast iron skillet till it's VERY hot. Dredge whatever you're blackening in melted butter and then the dry rub. Throw it on the skillet. Heat till it's cooked through, flipping it over halfway through. I like doing catfish in this manner. It takes about four minutes per side, with fish. I've never done chicken but I'd imagine you'd want it to be pretty thin to make sure it's cooked through before the outside burns.

*I'd do this OUTSIDE. The smoke is amazing.
Hey ladies!!

Hi tyg!! Nice to see you! Sorry you're sick. ~*~*~*~anti-sick and anti-flunk vibes for tyg~*~*~*~

Hi treehugger!

The cat alarm went off early this morning. It was actually really sweet because Oscar and I spooned and he was rubbing his face all over mine and giving kisses and purring like crazy. He lets me give him little love bites. It cracks me up how enthusiastic my cats are for each new day, especially since they spend most of their time snoozing.

Good things:
-Halfway done with X-mas shopping
-Dish crisis almost resolved
-Cute cats
-Extra time for Saved by the Bell this morning
-Stupid shitty report almost done

ETA- (X-post) Whoa, minx! That's some serious stuff! Are you really sure that you want to let go of the Math Baron thing?
Where is everyone?!! WAKE UP SLEEPYHEADS!!! *bangs cowbell*
+++wipes visions of christopher walken outta my head+++ Morning. Very sleepy. Moxette crappy pants all night. Coffee my friend.

Minxy- does self healing necessairly need solitude? Its nice that you're still trying to be supportive of the ex.

**stumbles off to find more coffee**
*holds hands over ears* You rang, poodle?!

How nice of the kitties to wake you up early for snuggles!

Thanks for the blackening recipe, tree! I think I will indeed try it with some catfish - sounds yummy!

Minxy, darling, now hold on just one minute. The universe will not give you more than you can hold, and don't just cast MB away....I think there's a middle road here that can satisfy all of your needs and potentially accelerate your healing process. You are ready for an emotionally mature relationship. You know this, you feel it, and MB is a good, solid man. And if things at school are tough for him right now, he might need some time to deal with that too, that will give you the time you need with minxlette. Life is not an "either/OR" proposition, right? So here's what I'm proposing...MB is dating the minxy you are today, there's much love and much light, and maybe he hasn't seen the parts of you needing healing yet, but I'm betting he wouldn't run away. What if you set out upon a whole new relationship strategy of open, honest communication - and that goes both ways - you talk about feelings, what you need, what you have to give, and take it slow. You do your best to balance the give and take of both of your needs, and so long as you really can express what you need, I think you'll do fine. And I don't think celibacy is the are a sexual being, as we all are, and there is nothing wrong with that when you own it, and share your gifts with a caring partner. That's my thoughts for the morning, and I wish you a good things tuesday!

Can I get some ~$~$~$~$~prosperity vibes~$~$~$~$~ for turbomann this morning? He has his phone interview with the unemployment benefits people today, where they will finally determine whether or not he'll get unemployment benefits. I'm affirming that the payments are in the mail to us right now!
~~~unemployment insurance vibes~~~ Those fuckers better send good shit the way of my BFF, for god's sake.

So, yes, minxy, what turbo said. As always, she's more eloquent than we all are put together, but you do deserve a stable, caring partner in your own healing. Celibacy is fine for some, but not for you. That is akin to a foodie (and a relativly healthy foodie) swearing off all things with butter...just to one day break and go at things Paula Deen style. Butter is what makes the sauce swirl. Got it?

Ok, off to make sense of the incomprehensible...puzzling work is not what i wanted this morning. sigh...

*Physical, emotional, and financial healing vibes for those in need*

Yaay for self-standing babies, getting appreciated for your crafts, and BUSTies supporting each other!

and kitty snuggles smile.gif

Hello all again!

I never really developed de-cluttering skills, either. I'm the stereotypical absent-minded professor type. I might blame my growing up with LEGO. In fact, also thanks to LEGO, I can kneel almost indefinitely, and am pretty good at scanning cluttered/crowded places visually to find what I'm looking for. Still, tidyness would certainly help me.

*sigh* Well, my snowed-out days are over, and it's back to work. Enjoy yourselves, Okayers! smile.gif

Awwww....lorewolf, you're eeeeees make me smile - its always nice to have you hanging out.

Now the question is, can you endure the lego torture test that my brother always put to me, and kneel on legos for an hour?! Nasty, nasty big brother. wink.gif

The fucking jack-hammering jackasses are back outside my window. damn. Its waaaay too cold out there for jackhammering....I guess their bosses didn't get the memo.
and you want to move CLOSER to him??
Well, he doesn't do it anymore! Besides, I could likely kick his ass these days, I've got a good 40lb on him...'course he can run faster than me, but whatever. wink.gif

I respect your healing/disengagement process, Minxy. Maybe snuggle into the home and kidling your first winter in the new place and school system. But bravos to turbos description as well. I'm betting that MB also has some somehwat painful exes in his past -- hard to avoid the older one gets, right? so, you are intuiting a slowly developing mutual communication process -- very sensible.

Next year at this time, minxlette will be in first grade! WOOT! Gives you a bit more time to yourself. I think you might in fact need SOME solitude per day and week, which you have a hard time getting right now. It's as if you are being pulled in all directions! Soon summer will ease your burden and after that, in less than a year, minxlette at all-day school. Twill be nice.

Congrats to moxie for the cool vacation and moxette walking!

Bravo to doodle for buckling down to break up the centerr! I know, the siren call of Bust has kept me from doing as much work as I should sometimes! We are just so darn irresistible!

~*~*~unemployment assistance and other dinero for turbomann and household!~*~

~*~*~make web doohickeys perform on cue for turbojenn! ~*~

Poodle -- funny and loveable as always. Hipsta!!!

I'm not adding too much clutter here -- such a beautiful clean apartment! Sometmes it stacks up a bit. I GOT TO do these book covers this week. But, good news, in my gym parking lot there is a big paper recycling dumpster! So, now I put the newspapers in a paper bag from the grocery, next to the garbage, and I can just grab it when it's full and I'm on my way to the gym! And when I do succumb to buying magazines (rare) I can put them in the gym for the exercisers and the moms watching their kids -- sometimes there is just boring, raggy stuff there. Also, I pack up WASHED OUT beer bottles, and the cans for our flavored seltzer, and neatly packege and place them right on top of the trash in the back, so that the families (sadly) that go around collecting them can get a buck or two really easily.

hallo all, happy tuesday

i am cold and tired over here. *goes to sit with moxie and drink coffee together*

minxie. love. you are so wise and strong and awesome, and it is good you are being so fiercely dedicated to yourself right now. but be careful that you are not setting limits on yourself for the wrong reasons. really think good and hard (and i'm sure you already have, but maybe think again with this in mind) about whether what you're planning to do is really the thing that will bring you the best life. it can feel awfully noble and pure to be celibate and cut oneself off from things, but make absolutely sure you're doing it for the right reasons. i'm sure there's a part of you that wants to just forge ahead with the mb thing and say fuck it, this looks like a good thing and i'm going to take my chances, in fact i KNOW this is a good thing because it already has been being a good thing, and i'm going to heal along the way.......just make sure she gets heard out good and well before you make your final decision, and that you don't do what you do for any ridiculous reasons like not letting yourself be happy, or not feeling like you deserve what you could have with mb. i know you're smarter than that, but just make sure you examine all you're feeling really completely before you make up your mind.

kitty alarm clock! poodle, your cats sound so freaking adorable.

tyger, i nearly flunked statistics too--honestly i only think i passed because the teacher felt bad for me and knew if i failed i wouldn't graduate. i passed with the lowest possible grade. i think i failed because of schroedinger's cat--i have so much trouble wrapping my mind around things like that, setting a percentage of chance to STUFF THAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. that and i really hated the computer program we had to use. but! worry not, tyger, for i have yet to run into a situation in real life where i have had to employ my knowledge of statistics. in fact, i think the only people who have to do that are those who go on to INTENTIONALLY work with statistics, and they are never the people who nearly fail statistics, so you have nothing to fret about.

turbo, that's AWFUL that your brother used to make you kneel on legos! my knees hurt just thinking about it. gah! oh and ~*~*~prosper, turboman, prosper!!!*~*~*~

hi wombat, treehugger, lorewolf and everybody!
hello all!

as a prenote, i'm in a odd mood due to hormones and dredged up memories.

minx....i'm not going to beat a dead horse at this point. But either way you decide, I got your back. *hug*

~*~*~*~*~*turbomann prosperity vibes*~*~~*~*~*

yay for moxette standing on her own two feet!

good things tuesday:
-no speeding tickets(thats a story and a half)
-yummy green beans
-my coworker just came in with a cart load of wine and wants me to ditch class just to drink at the next faculty function next week. cool.gif

hi moxie, turbo, doodle, poodle, tyger, minx, lorewolf, mouse, fj, wombat and diva!
i'm a thread killah!!!!
it's totally dead around here today. what gives, ladies? come on, procrastinate more, i know you want to!

i am hungry. but i don't know what i want to eat. my options are not that great either--burger king, subway, in-n-out, cheap chinese, generic sub shop, carl's jr. all fast food junk. i could go to taco nazo but i go there all the time (doesn't stop 'em from being the most perfect dream of a taco ever......mmm.....maybe i'll go to taco nazo...)
huh? taco nazo? whats that?
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