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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Oh, poodle, I *know* how to saw sowna...bein' all from good lutheran stock 'an all, and having lived in a lutheran commune! I miss the good wood fired sauna we had in the *that* made for a good night's sleep!

Poodle, I think you should get the ex-RB a nice sixer of beer....then take 4 of them back!! bwahaha!

(((((doodle))))) I hope you continue to mend this weekend, and just take it easy. Your bod is clearly ready to be done with the centre!

Your pizza sounds better than the gluten-free sketti we had for dinner...oh well, the cupboards are bare, so I'm lucky we had that on hand.
Bwahaha!! That would be funny. I'll just give him 2 cans of Hamm's (the beer refreshing!) with the plastic thinger still attached. He'd probably get pissy. I want to get him a nice gift though. Shit! His birthday is coming up soon, too! I could also buy him some Aveda shampoo since he liked mine so much. dry.gif

The people who say "sowna" are the people who actually take saunas outside of the health club. In northern MN, where there are a lot of people with Finnish backgrounds, the overwhelming majority of people say "sowna." Pronouncing it "sahna" is like pronouncing the "t" in merlot. *steps down from soap box*

I miss da sowna. I almost want to go up to da cabin just to take a sowna and den jump in da snow afterwards. Turbo and taloo have all of our snow right now though.

ETA- Speaking of beer, I'm going to tour the Lienie's brewery this weekend!!!! They give you free beer!! It's FREE!!
*lobs a slushy snowball in poodle's direction*

A nice HOT sauna sounds really great, poodle! I miss 'em. The one at the gym is pretty good, but you don't get that nice sear on your lungs. cool.gif

Well, we'll raise a glass to you at Lienie's tomorrow....we're going to Goose Island - their Burbon County Stout is out, and my big bro wants some for xmas.

I think aveda shampoo would be a nice gift - boys do like that stuff, but they'll never buy it for themselves.
Burbon County Stout? That sounds soooo good. I'll be thinkin' of ya when I'm drinking my free crappy beer.

I seriously thought about buying the boy some Aveda stuff because he's somewhat vein, yet he doesn't know which products to buy. He's the target market for face washes and shampoos that say "for men" on them, even if it's the same crap that's been on the shelves forever. He has this Axe body spray that I absolutely despise. I told him that girls don't like that smell and that they prefer Aveda-like scents on men, but he won't listen. His argument is that he works around men all day and that they'll make fun of him if he smells too metrosexual. He was fond of my shampoo though, so maybe I'll pick some up.

One of my ex-boyfriends used to wear Aveda Brilliant Pomade in his hair and it was soooo sexy. I bought the same stuff for my hair, but it wasn't the same. There was some chemistry that he had going on with that product that drove me crazy in the good way.

So, I'm trying to come up with a playlist for my cabin adventure this weekend, and I've been mainly focusing on music that my friends would like. It's very frustrating though, because I'm passing up all of this bitchin' stuff that I love. Sigh...when I was with my BFF last weekend, we drove around screaming Welcome to the Jungle at the top of our lungs. We also listened to a lot of The Who and Led Zeppelin and she knew every scream and guitar solo. She played air guitar and I played air drums. It was great. My college friends that I'm hanging out with this weekend have nice taste in music, but it's so boring to me and I feel like I can't throw them a loop. It all has to be mild, folksy, indie stuff, which I can only handle so much of. All I know is that someone's gonna have to listen to the Immigrant Song this weekend and they're gonna like it, dammit!
Poodle, I dunno if I can respect someone who doesn't appreciate "welcome to the jungle," I mean, its not just fun arena-rock, but it demands to be sung! I say mix it up for all tastes, including your own....its only fair!

If ex-RB is at all interested in women, then he needs to be concerned with how he smells. There is nothing more erotic to me, than a good lookin man, breezing past me on the street, and I get that whiff of cologne or hair product. YUM. I pretty much have to apply product to turbomann if I want him smellin' good. I think you should go with the aveda - make him a convert!

And there's nothin' wrong with free beer - I've heard the Lienie tour is pretty fun. Have fun with your friends - we'll meece you here!

Well, its bathtime, once again....I sleep soooo much better after a nice hot bubble bath.
Yeah, I know. Here's the deal with these girls though: one of them is a year younger than me (26?) and has two younger siblings (she took the raver path and is my connection to ex-RB), and the other (my age--27) is the middle of five kids from a conservative catholic family (stuck in the 70's). I had two significantly older siblings, so when I was five ('84), I was watching Van Halen on MTV while my friends were busy listening to Sesame Street stuff. My parents have always been pretty liberal and the effects of my MTV exposure were never really apparent to my mom until we played 80's Trivial Pursuit on Thanksgiving and I answered all of the music questions correctly. Anyway, my point is that musical preferences depend a lot on family background. My BFF is a year younger than me, but she knows every 70's hard rock song because her parents were stoners.

I think I developed an interest in all music at a young age. My parents had Simon and Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, and Roberta Flack records, but at some point, my mom subscribed to this Time-Life oldies collection and that's when I became addicted to rock roots music. Most of the records were mixes by year, but I remember when The Beach Boys series came, and I was sold! I loved The Beach Boys and then I dropped it for a long time until recent years when I realized that I was right all along and that Brian Wilson is a production genius. My brother and sister filled in the harder stuff from the 70's for me. When I discovered The Beatles, it was all over. I filled in the rest of the blanks on my own. My family is very musical, and that gene was passed on to me. One of my goals right now is to pass musical exposure onto my nephies and niecoid.

*raises bottle o' beer*
Awwww, poodle, that's a really sweet tribute that your whole family contributed to your love of all music. And you know more about music than just about anyone I know! I was raised amongst the show tunes, folks music, and more than anything else....Neil Diamond! I hated NEil as a kid -- the Hot August Night album would elicit groans from my brother and I on car trips....but now, anytime I hear Neil, I sing along and think of my momma, and its kind of sweet.

Mornin' loves! Ahhhh, I love Saturday mornings...turbo and I took a brisk walk in the cold, and found it difficult to navigate all the ice, but now I've got my cup of tea, and Morning Edition on NPR, and I'm all set. I need to grocery shop soon, though. My fridge has no vegetable matter in it except potatoes, and that's no good!
Mornin' ye comely wenches!!

Heh...the Neil Diamond thing is cute, turbo. I can just see you groaning when Cracklin' Rosie came on the radio. That's my fave Neil Diamond song. Sweet Caroline drives me bonkers.

Well, I'm off to Chippewa Falls now, so I'll talk to y'all tomorrow!!
Good morning y'all...yeah, it's still morning here.

I am 38 today! Two more years till the big four-oh.

Neil Diamond...I got free tickets to see him in concert when I was in my early was ok at first, but he had a christmas album coming out at the time, and even though it was September, he started doing all these christmas songs, so my friend and I left early... friend who insisted the lyrics were "reverend blue jeans."

I keep going over the product info for these new antibiotics (cipro), and reading that achilles heel tendon rupture can be a side now I'm all paranoid about my ankles! Which is a very odd thing to be paranoid about.

I think I might celebrate today by crawling back into bed for an hour or two....
Morning! Very sunny Saturday here, and me and Batman went out DRRANKING last night.

Happy Birthday, Doodle!!

And -- yes you need some time to yourself, moxie! My mom wasn't working and she still sent me off to Kindergarten.

Oooh, Poodle!!

May I suggest "The Battle of Evermore"!!

If I ever meet Axl in person, Ima try to get him to sing "The Battle of Evermore" with me!

I'll be Sandy Denny. Total hotness.

I was singing her parts just last night. That and Stiff Little Fingers "Silver Lining."

I've got a similar background to you, poodle, in that I grew up with a lot of older people, so, from my parents I got Johnny Cash and Hank Williams and Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass -- for real! From my Swiss Grandpa, real german polkas sung in german, with real yodeling. Apparently the Germans are the "fun people" in Switzerland. God, it must be grim..

*snaps out of it* OH! and I got the first Beatles records when they first came out, in Kindergarten, and Jimi Hendrix when that first came out when I was in third grade, and, uh, in first grade or so I learned to do all the crazy dances you see in "Hairspray" when they were happening! Except now I forget them. And in fourth and fifth grade us bad-ass girls were passing around Steppenwolf and Badfinger and the Troggs and Cream, and then, uh, In 8th and 9th grade we were all over Robert Plant.

Then -- we had to be "weird" to be into Alice Cooper and the New York Dolls and the Sweet and Bowie in high school because everybody else was into Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Doobies and Starship and -- Grand Funk Railroad. Oh! So bad!

Funny, we had a bunch of Norwegians near us in Fitchburg, Massachusetts -- I was living in a smaller town near there, near Mount Wachusett, which is a magic and benevolent and SWEET geographic mutant. The only time I went in a real stone sauna with a real stove and snow/pond outside though was when I was in my 20s. There is one called "Dillon's" here, "russian baths" that sounds like the same thing - it's been in Charlestown since the 20s and Monday night is Women's night. Heh!!
*passes around glasses of champagne* Happy Birthday Doodle!!!!! I hope you have a relaxing day for your birthday, and also that you celebrate it when you feel up to it! You've accomplished alot in your 38 years, and you should celebrate the new opportunities coming your way in the new year!

Holy is December! Not only is there beautiful snow, there's holiday shopping madness everywhere! Jeebus! I've been kind of in denial about the whole holidays thing coming up, because, well...there's not much money for gifts in the budget right now. But we went downtown to pick up a 4-pack of some microbrew beer for my brother for xmas, and could not find parking anywhere at the mega-wine store with a HUGE parking lot. Ah, city life.

Wombat, the thought of "ladies night" at the russian baths is squicking me out! I just have this vision of sitting on a bench wrapped in a towel sweating, and some tubby old man coming up to offer me a backrub or something. Eeeew!!

Well, I need to clean the house a bit - we're having our neighbors over for dinner and much vino tonight! I'm making chicken piccata and herb roasted root veg, and for dessert -- homeade tangerine-mango sorbet.

(sheesh, that took me a lot longer than it should have! hehe! but worth every second!)

i hope you are spoiling youself a little bit on this lovely day!

not a whole lot going on here today. it's been a rainy mess all day, but we took grover to get a good professional bath and nail trim and then bought ourselves new cell phones since we're going to cancel our home phone for lack of use.

OH! and poodle, i'm right there with you on the musical love (we make mixes specific to our road trips, family visits, etc). we're both huge beatles fans. admittedly, mrfj has been a bigger fan than me since he was about 14 or so but his influence has given me the skills to tell you not only who wrote it, but who is playing lead in most of their songs. anyway, the point of this is: we went to borders today and saw that they've released a new cd called love with remixed versions of a lot of their love songs (remixed/produced by george martin and his son giles). of course we bought it and it's awesome. the version of because is just awesome. we've decided we might use this cd in the delivery room. i can't think of another band that i want my child to come into the world listening to. /beatles geek-out
happy birthday doodole! think of my pins as birthday presnnts. ALSO IM DRUNK and celbrating for you. MORE or similar sentiments in the inebriation thread.

we played "pin the tampon on the vagina"

i lost



*takes off top, girlls gone wild style*

* realizes girls gone wild is heinous, puts top back on*

if i knew you guys in person, i'd be embarassing myself rigth now

FJ- our BFFs had the beatles in the delivery room, and we used them as our wedding (processional/recessional) music. Esepcially instrumentally, there are very few "rock" bands that transcendant. On NPR a while back, someone compared Lennon/McCartney to Bach and Mozart. I couldn't agree more.

Anyway, the BFFs were over for dinner last night. Babies were HIlarious...moxette can almost keep up with their little one now (2 mos age difference), and we had classic rock (read: 80s hair metal) jammin all night. Imagine 4 30-year olds seranading 2 infants to "Runaway," "Patience," and the kicker... "Hole Hearted." yes, ther ewas booze involved. My girlfried BFF has just weaned completely, and she drank her wine in abundance. smile.gif Their 10 year old just kept rolling his eyes at us. And making the babies belly laugh. I LOVE that.

Ok, off to read the newspaper. Kisses all.
is there ANYTHING better than a bebe's belly laugh????

NO. it is THE best!!!! biggrin.gif yay for moxie and moxette and everyone else involved!!!!

i'm back in Mozambique, got in late thursday. went to work friday. spent saturday sleeping.

am sort of in limbo. not feeling too good about myself. didn't get everything i wanted to done, everyone i wanted to spend time with didn't get it, and even those that did didn't get what they deserved. i'm in a hate myself because i suck mood. so i'll try not to talk tooooo much about myself, because it is a downer.

MUITO glad that mr. hb will be here in 20 days. can NOT wait!
tes- STOP NOW. You do the best you can. You were only home for 2 weeks. How can all the people who love TES because you're beautiful, wise, witty and sexy as hell get to you? You spent good QT with mrhotbuns and the kitties- and that's about the best thing ever. You are doing extrodinary, valuable work, and its something you love. That's to be celebrated. Period.

Mornin' loves!

Its a COLD morning here - 19 degrees, but beautiful and sunny, and I was so happy to get up early and bundle up in my down parka and flannel lined jeans, and get turbo all dressed up in his cold weather gear, and take a nice long walk. Good stuff. Made me realize I need new mittens - good thing xmas is coming up!

Aww....moxette is the cutest - can't wait to see her in couple weeks!

Tes, mox is do the best you can, and spend the time you have with those you love, and that's all you can do. We battle the same things everytime we go home, and you know what, you just can't do it all - otherwise you go crazy, and come home from your visit utterly wasted and in need of more time off, and we just can't do that all the time. Your friends and family may grumble, but deep down, I'm sure they understand you position, and you know what?! ...You're not going to be in Africa forever! Whenever you move back stateside, you can take some time off and catch up with all the people you love and have missed.

In other news, we're kind of seriously playing with the idea of a move, and its kind of hard - tugs at my heart to think of leaving the people and city I love, but new opportunities are exciting too.

And, as usual, I've spent my quiet sunday morning crafting a tasty pot of soup...this morning's creation is a spicy green chile and white bean chicken is Sooooo good - can't wait to dig into it tonight! The recipe was in my new issue of Cook's Illustrated (best cooking mag ever!), and it just called to me. I had my own white chili recipe, but this one definitely tops it.

Okay, time for a sunday morning bath, and HBI - wheeee!
oh, moxie and jenn, i KNOW you are both right, of course, but my lizard brain is really being stubborn and refusing to let this one go easily. i suspect that jetlag and the letdown of not waking up and being able to cuddle with mr. hb is hitting me all at once.

i'll be better once i get back to work. the gods know HOW MUCH i have to do! eeeps.

and mr. hotbuns will be HERE in 19-20 days!!! how much does THAT rock????

jenn, where are you thinking of moving??? what is the rationale? moving can be REALLY scary, but it can also open up such amazing opportunities! i've got your back, grrrrl friend!!!

oh, btw, can you post that recipe for the green chile chicken chili? it sounds yumdivine. i, of course, have a sub to it, but it goes to mr. hb, not to me.

i myself am making whole wheat fusilli pasta with pignoli and sultanas and fresh buffalo mozzarella. with garlic bread. this will make me and my tastebuds muito happy.

memoushka baboushka has gained even MORE weight! i came back with an ENTIRE SUITCASE of things for HER ONLY. this suitcase included a 10 kilo bag of diet crunchies. she is allowed to eat a cup full per DAY. that is IT. it will take some doing to convince my maid laura to agree to this, but seriously, i think that mimmos weighs as much as the bag of diet food! (okay, maybe a little less).

i have to call my sister in about 15 minutes to talk about whether or not mamae should come home from the assisted living facility. she is upset and hurt that i didn't call her when i was in the states (although i am not at all sure what the difference between a call from NC and a calll from Moz is in terms of overall merit, other than to be WAY more expensive.....) so, she will doubtless want to go over THAT in excruciating detail and i will just have to be strong and firm and say okay, i did that. now, i've acknowledged it, and owned it, and i am truly sorry. lets talk about mamae now, okay??? this is, of course, easier said than done.

can anyone give me a brief update as to what is going on in here or has gone on in here over the past 2 weeks???? muito thank you!!!
Hello, Okay Gang! Thought I'd de-lurk again for a wee bit. You don't mind, do you?

Doodle, I'm sooooooo sorry this is late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope your day was beautiful and blissful.

Tes, does your sister even live anywhere near NC? Because I got the impression that she lives too far away to have visited you, right? So if she was too far away for her to even see you, then why on earth does it matter where you are when you call her?!?
[feels dizzy with confusion, & leans against wall for support]
I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so down. I'm sure the jetlag & loneliness are making things much worse (I've had a tiny bit of experience with that myself, so my heart goes out to you, darling). Just get some sleep & eat good food & take care of yourself & mark on your calendar the day that you'll see Mr. HB again. And take comfort in the fact that the many people out here who love you will continue loving you, no matter where you are.

FJ, how are you feeling lately? I love that you & MrFJ make those music mixes together when you go on trips. Frickin adorable, that is! I am a Beatles fan, but Sheff is sick of listening to them. I guess that's what you get when you grow up in England. tongue.gif

I've had Scissor Sisters songs playing in my head all week. Gotta loooove the SS! And Regina Spektor, too - especially Ghost of Corporate Future and Bobbing For Apples("Someone next door's fucking to one of my songs!").

Jenn, that chili sounds so delicious. I bet your house smells fantastic right now! I, too, am curious about the move. Care to elaborate on the exciting opportunities that may be coming your way?

Hooray for drunken postings & drunken singing with friends and various other fun drunken behaviors! I drank a surprising amount of alcohol last night and didn't even feel the tiniest bit tipsy. Riesling usually turns me giggly, but nothing! Bit of a let-down.

I think today is going to be a laaaaaaazy one 'round these parts. We had friends over for dinner last night, so today will be all about polishing off the apple streudel & taking naps. And maybe washing some dishes if I feel industrious.
Rosie - of COURSE you're welcome to join our merry band here in okayland - stop on by more often!!

Hmmm, tes....okay, the last 2 weeks....taloo is all moved into her new home and has sore muscles, moxette is starting to walk a bit with some hand holding, poodle is up in the north country this weekend, fj is all knocked up and feelin' queasy, diva is a crafting/chocolating whiz, spinning together gorgeous and tasty items for her holiday sales, mouse is working on LOTs of freelance work and in need of a new oven, wombat continues kicking ass on her job search, whilst turbomann is suddenly taken up the position of sexy cabana boy after losing his job, ms gb has a new kitty in her home, who is proving to be a bit of a bully - her name is molly ringbald (she's pinkie sphinx)...and hmmm, I can't remember anything else at the moment, so I'm sorry if I forgot any of the action 'round here.

WooOOOT for a visit from mr hb soon!! The holidays are rockin' for you guys! And call mamae, and just put on your golden safety bubble and let her guilt wash right over you, none of it sticking...

The move is just something we're mulling over, I'm not totally sold on the idea, but my big brother is trying to lure us out to Colorado...he lives just outside Denver. The lifestyle sounds good, its just hard thinking about leaving chicago. But there's a good job market out there for turbomann, and I would love to live near my brother, so we'll just see what the future brings.

I'll post the recipe here in a bit...and yep, my house smells wonderfully, of chile and chicken stock!
Hello everyone, happy Sunday! Thank you all for the b-day wishes! I'm still feeling a bit under the weather, so didn't do anything exciting...actually, I turned down the opportunity to get stoned out of my brains with some friends! But anyway, BFF came over last night with cheesecake AND a pecan torte! And we felt quite sick afterwards. She also had to babysit 2 kids, 5 and 2, and they came with her...and glommed onto me like Hobbits onto Gandalf, for some reason! (It's like how cats will try to crawl all over people who don't like cats.) Anyway, we flipped down the sofa and watched Annie in a dogpile. But kids don't have big attention spans anymore, so there was a lot of intermittent playing and stalking of kitties. For some reason, Carmella really took to the kids, especially the little girl (the 5 year old)!

I left the sofa flipped's like having a divan in the middle of the living room, and it's tempting me right now into having a late morning nap....
doodling, DAHHHHHHHHHHHHLING!! go for it!!!!

nap! NAP! NAP!!!!!!!
Hi tes!!!!

I think I'm in need of my 38 birthday spankies now...heh.

I haven't napped yet. The Liberal Party of Canada had their leadership race this weekend, and it was a surprise win (if I'd bet on it, I would have lost my money!), so I had to post about it in the Canadians' thread.

Now I think I have to go post about my experience with the kiddies in the Childfree thread.

THEN I will plug in a movie and fall asleep in the middle of it!
Hi everyone! I'm back! I missed the lounge and my kitties even though it was only a one-night deal! Heh.

Happy birfday doodle!!

Hi tes!! Yay for the upcoming hotbuns visit!

So, yesterday, after settling down in our cabin (super cute, BTW), we drove around searching for a nice little cafe to eat lunch at. Every little town has a restaurant that serves nice sandwiches and soup, right? Well, not Chippewa Falls. This one woman from the brewery tour told us to go to the "Fillin' Station" because it was really good. This place was hilarious! Wood paneling, metal/vinyl church basement chairs, smoking waitresses with maroon aprons, neon beer signs--the whole works. It would have been fun if the food wasn't so horrible. Everything involved questionable meat, of course. I asked what kind of fish was in the fish sandwich and the girl didn't know. She just said, "well, it's, you know, fish fish." Needless to say, I didn't order the fish sandwich.

I didn't realize how hard it is for me to go 24 hours without listening to loud rock music. We turned on the radio to find music, but there wasn't anything they liked. I flipped past "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" and I really wanted to sing along with it, but they don't share the same enthusiasm for cheesy 80's hair metal like I do. They just don't get the humor behind it. Anyway, not being able to express my love of Zeppelin was like the equivalent of suppressing one's sexual orientation. It felt horrible. Ha! I'm such a dork. When I dropped off my friend less than an hour ago, I immediately blasted 5:15 by The Who and resumed my usual air drum accompaniment.

Wombat, OF COURSE I know The Battle of Evermore!!!!!!!

Ugh, sorry for talking so much about myself. How was everyone's weekend?
hi hi poodle and doodle!

I'm glad you had a good trip up to north, and that you've returned to your rock haven!

I was indoctrinating turbomann with a listen of Fiddler on the Roof this morning, since he said he'd never heard it...I worked backstage on a run of it, so I know every word, song and choreography to the show...he was laughing at my dancing and singing along. I think I make a veryfine Tevye, thank you very much. heh.

Tes....I posted the soup recipe over in Barefoot for you!

Doodle....go for the nap!! I think I'm going to plug into a movie and do some knitting, I've got to get some traction here on my xmas gifties!
Why, Mouse, that is extraodinarily bustie of you to have CHANNELED THE AWE-INSPIRING POWER OF BOOBIES.

Girls gone wild tv show is just a wretched disrespect of same.

Why not whip off your top, when, even though thousands of people have them, and they have been around since the dawn of time, the sight of boobies still makes men go insane?

Doodle-- on this momentous occasion, I temporarily rename you "doobie" smile.gif

I hope Doobie had plenty of PowerOfBoobie on your birthday!!

Poodle! I know you know the song -- I'm suggesting you can sneak it onto the folk music roster! Too late now, I guess. Best song evah.

I think I would have put up with bad food to eat at the Fillin' Station! Ha!

Out where I come from there are beautiful hills, trees, rivers, old industry -- and downright wretched cornpone restaurants.

Welcome, roseviolet!!

We just have to sign up someone who's name is "noodle" dry.gif
Heee...well, I supppose a lot of people are into Fillin' Station type fare. There's a tavern like that up near my cabin, but the ingredients are much better quality, and the fish comes in fillet form with a name instead of a congealed mish-mash of "fish fish." Still, their idea of a salad is iceburg lettuce with a couple tomato wedges and ranch dressing. That's the vegetarian option. Funny. I think the Fillin' Station would be pretty fun if you went there to drink and eat cheese curds at the bar.

"pin the tampon on the vagina" Bwahahaha!!
Hmmm....interesting day! Fish fish and boobies!


Hope you are all well; I am just checking in before checking out for the day....have not done a durn thing all day, except cook dinner and wash out some undies. It's been me and back-to-back current season CSI. I haven't even put the sofa back in order yet. YAY!

G'nite all!

Girls gone wild not just about boobies wombat. LOL I think it's a damn waste of money if one were to purchase these titles.

Speaking of super hot drunk chicks in action. How much free beer didjya score Poodle??

Didjya notice how many people wearing the orange hunting gear?? I used to spend my preteens hanging out in front of the corner store watching the men come into town with a deer on the roof, a deer in the back, and one on the front fender. Strangly enuff you will starve on venison alone...Go Figure.

Farking monday morning. i hate mondays. i hate mondays where i have to do invoices BY HAND b/c our stupid accounting computer is on the fritz. kill me now.
Mornin' ladies!

It finally snowed here!!

Hi pi! Actually, I didn't see blaze orange during my trip. The entire deer population is scattered along the highways. Nasty. It was worse than my Iowa trip.

The free beer was a major let down. We each got two 7 oz. glasses and the beer didn't even taste that great. Honestly, I've never been a huge Lienie's fan. I almost always stick to Minnesota beer, unless I want something extra special like Blue Moon or whatever.

Oh mox, I'm totally feeling the same way. I was tossing and turning last night because I was thinking about work. I haaaaaate that.

I stayed up too late watching School of Rock. I friggin' love that movie. I love when he's singing the Immigrant Song in the van and he makes this super freaky serious face during the "hammer of the gods" line.

Haaammer of the gggggaaaaawwwwddds
Mornin' and happy monday.

I woke up to my period. I knew I was going to get (full moon) so I put a towel down so as not to ruin our new sheets. I also got some last minute, pre-period HBI.

J got up really early, cause he couldn't sleep. I came downstairs this morning and he was watching The Wild One. Holy Christ, Brando was so hot, and the wardrobe for the movie is beautiful.

How was everyones weekend? We went shopping for house stuff. That was an experience... I really hate people.
We also hung our artwork, got some curtains up, etc.
Today we are going to ikea for curtain rods and throw pillows.

Poods, sorry the brewery was such a bust.
Did you ever go to the Summit brewery when it was still open? We used to go during art-a-whirl. Now that was fun.

okay, i need a shower.
*grumble, grumble* Good morning, or whatever. Farking monday, is right. Blech.

I'm all sinusly congested again this morning...gah. I want my health back dammit!! ...And I'm blaming work for its absence, since the nightmare here just seems to go on and on, with the IT asshole fucking everything up that I put together. And I have piles of extra work this week because of our annual board meeting on Wednesday, and I'm stuck doing all the fucking powerpoint for it, because "I make everything look so beautiful." Bastards....if they wanted me to do this shit for them, they could have given it to me more than 4 days in advance. Okay, I'm done complaining, now, really.

I still haven't seen School of Rock...I have to admit that I kind of have no tolerance for Jack Black...though I heard that movie was good from several trusted sources, and now poodle, so maybe I'll watch it if I can catch it on TV sometime.

Ok, work must be done...

I don't like jack black either. his whole schtick is sooo annoying.
I liked him in high fidelty, and yes, I do like school of rock but he is a one trick pony.

Speaking of school of rock. J and I were at a record show once and this young kid comes up and buys an Aladdin Sane picture lp, and stones record. I told him it was nice to see some one so young with great music taste. It was the guitar playing kid from school of rock. He was a cutie.

J is cooking me breakky. I love him so.
~*~*~California sun and fun vibrations to turbo and moxie and doodle and poodle and taloo. and, what the hell, to me, too~*~*~

We had a very partying weekend. Good, but I'm tired! Saw old friends Saturday and jammed until four in the morning Sunday. But I'm up and at it now, cause I will get too anxious if I slack off!

I am designing some book covers for this prospecive client. If they don't want what I got, it goes in my portfolio. And I can post a little smidge. Tempus fugit!!

i don't like mo-ondays.
<tell me why?>
i don't like monda-ays.
<tell me why?>
i don't like mondays.
i want to shoot
the whole day down.

that pretty much sums it up for me too this morning. mondays SUCK!

(((turbo))) sorry you're having to do extra work. i think it is such a copout for people to assign you something by saying, "oh, turbo it's because you do such a great job!" when they really mean, "i'm completely unaware of how to use simple presentation programs and i'm too lazy to learn and it's just easier to hand it off to you, thanks!". grrr, people suck.

honestly, i'm not in a terrible mood today, regardless of how this must sound! hehe

ok, so i am not a big jack black fan either. actually, i don't mind him so much, but he gets on my nerves after a bit. i've not seen all of school of rock, nor have i seen nacho libre (which i really do want to watch). but i cannot STAND tenacious d for some reason. they were on snl this weekend and i just sat there staring at them while they were on, waiting for the punchline. it never came.

so, my company already got an acceptance from my replacement, so i guess it's a done deal. i will have one week to train him, beginning on the 18th. i can't wait!!

poodle, that sounds horrible about all the deer on the roads. how sad.
Good Morning. That is about as much enthusiasm as I can muster. Mondays, boooooooo!

Happy Late Birthday DOODLES! Sorry you are still feeling bad.

Jenn, are you contemplating a move for work then? Where to? I know what you mean. Sometimes I would like to move, but then I think about leaving everyone & it makes me change my mind.

((tes)) Don't be too hard on yourself. I agree with what others have said, you only had a short period of time. Will it be Mr HB's first time there? That is so rad that he's coming to see you! Nice!

No real news to report here, just saying hi.

Welcome Rose Violet!
I'm in a crabby mood too. I'm having one of those days where I just want to tell everyone that I could give 2 shits about this place and the only reason I'm here is because I need fucking health insurance because of my fucking epilepsy shit. Damn seizures. When a universal health care bill is passed, then I'm outta here.

Jack Black gets on my nerves sometimes, too, but School of Rock is funny as hell and I really liked Nacho Libre.

I'm really excited to see the new Charlotte's Web movie. I looove Babe and I've seen it so many times. What really annoys the shit outta me is when people go to the movie and laugh, but then go home and eat the protagonist. Hypocrites. If my brother takes my nephews to see that movie, he's gonna get an earfull from me. Heh...I watched the Charlotte's Web cartoon version movie with my nephew when he was about three and I explained to him that when he's eating bacon, he's actually eating Wilbur. He didn't really understand what I was talking about. My mom got mad at me. My opinion? If you can't tell your kids what they're eating, then you shouldn't be serving it to them. *gets off soapbox*

Sorry for the rant, I gave away my cigarettes yesterday because I've become addicted to having one before and after work. Now I'm crabby. I also have a little case of PMS and I'm still recovering from hard rock deprivation.

I need to get the Led out. \m/
Hey everyone!

Sorry you are in a crabby mood PP. I am too. Can we be crabby together?

It was Doodles Bday? I suck at not keeping up with stuff.

I'm at school and everyone is getting final papers together and I keep getting glares like what is up with the girl on the pink screen? Why so pink and no pretentious paper? Why? How can this be? I guess this is what I get for being part of the community college elite. My gosh, I am crabby!

Oh how has everyone been? I've missed it here.
welcome back Princess Dander!

Let's just declare today Official Crabby Pants Day. That way, we can all feel crabby and have no guilt about it! Who's with me? tongue.gif

At least the day is going by quickly so far. It is already 11.

poodle so did you quit smoking?
i second the motion: official crabby pants day it is! dry.gif

hi princess dander! welcome back! i love it when you join in with us!

i'm eating golden grahams right now. man, eating a variety pack of individual cereals is like walking down memory lane. i have a memory of eating golden grahams while watching the getalong gang. hee.

i just told my client that i gave my resignation. he wasn't suprised, and seemed genuinely happy for me. but of course, he used it as a way to tell me that i need to come to terms with the lord and that he's really trying to help me by giving me all these blessings - that i need to find it within myself to pay him back and show my thanks. i told him that i appreciate what he was saying, but that i have my own ways of giving back to the universe for it's blessings: i pay it forward and try to do the best i can for everyone around me. he actually said that he was glad to hear that and that he knows that i'm a "righteous" person because of the way i conduct myself. it was definitely a strange conversation. but now my leaving is all out in the open with him, so i can start telling some of the other folks around here about it, which will make me feel lots better.

karianne, the day is going pretty quickly, you're right. until now that we said that, of course... smile.gif
Well fuck then! Happy Crabby Pants day to all!

That sounds as fucked up as when I got packets of condoms from the Howard Brown Youth Outreach preogram on the street one year the the guy giving them to me said "Happy World AIDS Day!"

It's nice to be loved. I'll be back later.
[pulls on personal pair of crabby pants]
Glad I'm not the only one. I feel as though the hangover I should have had yesterday decided to show up today. Grumpgrumpgrump.

I just had some leftover shepherd's pie, though. That helps.

I haven't seen School of Rock. I think it's one of those movies that came out while I was living in England. I'm wondering if it might be too much of Mr. Black, though. I liked him in High Fidelity, but ... well, you know what I'm sayin'. He can be so hyper & energetic that it physically exhausts me just to watch him. Just thinking about it makes me want a nap.

Mmmm ... naaaaaaap ...
hi okayers!!!!

crabby pants day, eh? hmm....i'm sleepy and food deprived...i can do cranky...hehe

where to start? oh yes....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOODLE!!!!!!! i know its a bit belated but better late than never... tongue.gif

baby belly laughs, bubble baths, cabins, beer, led zep, fish fish??? and whatnot...busy busy.

speaking of california weather....the winds have been atrocious....really i love big words. seems a bit more settled..."seems" being used loosely. and we've got 2 fires raging in ventura and san bernandino countys...not good.

jake update: friday i took him in to the vet, and it turns out it was an they put him under, took care of it, and got me some meds...$218 bucks later...and we were on the road. gah. but i got a phone call during sat. class that my neighbors wanted to buy my mattress for 800 bucks...yay!!!! so i've been able to pay off a bunch of bills..less of that pressure on my shoulders.(lets out a sigh of relief).....
and yesterday i went to Magic Mountain and saw my friend E, went on some rides and had dinner with her. very nice. Almost no lines at the park...which made it even better. cool.gif

and last nite i cooked up a bunch of food so i have healthy food for the two of us for the next day or two...veggie stirfry, chicken rice, broccolini, and green beans, style. mmmmmm!

hi taloo, fj, turbo, kari, rose, diva, doodle, poodle, mouse, princess dander and anyone i've missed!
I'm fuckin' irritated as well...these students bitching is absolutely sickening.


Will somebody get me a bourbon?

*collapses on the OKAYland piano keyboard*

Oh yeah *grabs handfuls of confetti and joints and tosses them up in the air*

oh, lawd. *blushes*

well, i think we can all tell that *I* had a good weekend. and am suddenly a VERY cheap date. i think i had about two and a half drinks each night......must be the sleep deprivation. anyway, friday i went to the calendar launch for my friend who made an american apparel parody calendar "american appalling". it is hi-larious and quite apt. got to hang out with dear friend L who i haven't seen in forever, and ran into some girls i had gone camping with several months ago and hadn't seen since. after that went to favorite bar with lady friend C to meet up with gay boyfriend R, half of the new perfect couple i talked about a few weeks back.....who have now broken up, and the other dude (who i love, i love both of them) is being all martyr-y about it, like "oh, you're the kind of person i can see marrying, but i don't want to get married right now, so we have to break up". LAME and a half. anyway, on the way to bar we run into friend L on her way home on her bike, she joins us, we drink, then after the bar closes C takes a cab home and R and L (who hadn't met before but hit it off marvelously) and i went to little tokyo to get wee hours of the morning ramen. it was hell of fun.....and then the next night i hung out with the camping girls, went to the worldchanging book launch in venice, then ended up at this "period party" (they needed a party theme and one of the girls was due that day) where we ate deviled eggs and red velvet cupcakes and had an egg toss and, yes, played pin the tampon on the vagina with a giant hilariously porny image one of the roommates drew up...i pinned it on the elbow. meh.

and ended up hanging out with exboyfriend both days, which was suprisingly chill and enjoyable. we are now back in touch. i could use some vibes for it staying chill and enjoyable, if y'all wanna send some my way. i'm also helping him with some boards for a new project, which will beef up my portfolio with some video work. nice.

speaking of, wombat! i'm so jealous! i totally want to do book covers. seriously, that would be a dream job. some of them out there right now knock my socks right off.

***bourbon for crossposted minxie*** *rubs shoulders* christmas vacation is sooon, just hang in there!

and yah, cali weather is nothing to channel right now. frizzing and dry--my skin is miserable. glad to hear jake is doing okay, miss gb!

fj, it's so fantastic everyone is taking your resignation in stride.

ooh, rv, how WAS that pie? what did you end up serving it with?

(((all crabby busties))) just let it all out!

and for all y'all who like school of rock, i'm gonna recommend again rock school, the documentary version of the real thing (and not just because my quaker buddies in it and rocks really hard tongue.gif)

okay, long post over! sorry i'm so chipper! i can be crabby too!
OOH! Minx. I bet you could deliver a withering-sarcastic-teacherism on the order of:

"Well, I *guess* if you want to understand it you have to READ IT FIRST!!"

Ha! Bourbon and Piano? Are you Billy Joel?

Mouse! Yeah, I gotta get my BUTT in gear. I'm starting to meet some cool kids from Mass Art and they are having SHOWS and all. But that kind of community is just what I need.

Oh, the dry air thing in Cali. I forgot about that.

Hi FJ!

"You may be RIIIGGGGHTTT!!
I may be crazy!
But it just might be a LOOOONatic you're lookin' for!
Don't try to save me!"

Oh, sorry.

Hi, ms gb!! moxie-- roseviolet -- princess dander --
*hikes up crabby pants even more*

I'm glad I'm not alone in my crabbiness today. My boss is being a bitch today, so I'm now not going to be able to go to my spin class tonight, so I can catch up, because "the website sucks." Uh, excuse me, NO, it does not suck, it is 95% back online, as it was, and the last 5% is killing me. And I have all this horseshit to do for the board meeting, which wouldn't be my job, except they laid 2 people off last month, and suddenly, it is my job. fuckers. *crabby, crabby crabby*

Mouse, I'm glad you had such a fabulous weekend! The period party sounds beyond fabulous, and I think pin the tampon is such a wonderful game!

Hooray for Jake feeling better, thanks for the update ms gb!

And Dander's back! Hooray! We've meeeeced you!

Oh, and on the kitty front....what's that they say about 9 lives, and all that? Bitty Kitty is alive and kickin! She left the house Wednesday morning, didn't come back, so my mom figured she was gone after looking in all her favorite hidey holes around the house, plus the snow storm, cold, and an elderly blind.deaf kitty didn't seem like a good combo. But FRIDAY, my mom heard her yowling outside in the morning before she went to work, looked everywhere, but because kitty is deaf, couldn't hear my mom, so she left my dad to find her. Finally, at 5pm, she found her way back to the door, and has been snoozing on one of the heat vents ever since! She's eating well again, and after a few rounds of bumping into the furniture, and figuring out that the xmas tree is where her couch was, she is doing fine. We think she's yowling so loudly because she's deaf and can't hear herself, not dementia, as we thought before. Hooray for Bitty Kitty!

Okay, back to the slave pits for me...
QUOTE(wombat @ Dec 4 2006, 10:47 AM) *

Bourbon and Piano? Are you Billy Joel?

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Jenn, please tell me your boss didn't actually say the website sucked! What a bitch!

Ms GB, glad Jake is ok! sad.gif about the vet bill. I know that sucks. But yay about selling your mattress! Woot Woot!

Minx! Slap those students into shape. That has got to be so frustrating to hear them bitch about not getting it when they are so far behind. Ugh.

Mouse, sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend. ~~~~~chill vibes~~~~~~for hanging with your ex! I have Rock School on my Netflix list.

Guess what we watched last night? Rocky II! We borrowed the box set from a friend in preparation for the latest Rocky installment that comes out at Christmas. Mr K thinks I am a big dork b/c I am excited to see it.
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