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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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moxie, that's exactly right. and that's part of what i told my manager. i'm not sure how long i'll be able to physically work at this desk over the course of the next 7 months due to my back. with this new position, i can basically work from my bed!!!!!

oh, still didn't make it to the blood test lab last night. i left at 10 of 4p and thought i'd be able to make it to the lab that is about ten minutes from my house. but the lab wasn't where i thought it was, so i was still about 15 minutes late getting there and they'd already closed. so, i'm going to a different one at lunchtime today.

why is it necessary for all the labs in town to close between 3:30 and 4:30, except one that's all the way across town? AND! they're closed between 12 and 1 for lunch every day. it's a good thing i have a flexible schedule here at work!

i had cocoa puffs for breakfast. yummmm. i'm trying to figure out what i can stomach for lunch. i think i want a spicy chicken sandwich from wendy's. gah!
heheh cocoa puffs.....

*skips into thread* Good morning!!!!

(i have no reason to be chipper, i just am, and its probably cuz i am sleep deprived!)

or maybe cuz i am warmer today.....mmmmm heaters are good. when they work!

(((((minx)))) i missed everything but agree with everything...

Hi moxie, fj, gloomysunday, turbo, kari, and diva!

diva, i'm so jealous of all your crafting! i wish i had more time to do stuff...

good for you fj! the new job sounds so much more and time to relax for the fjette growth time!!!

I finally cracked 800 hours....WEEEEEEEEE!!!!

jake and molly are tolerating each other better....jake's lump is still there...just hanging out. very odd.
i don't know if it will just drain on its own or what. is doing much better...i'm sure the vibes are working cuz he's up and moving now.... rolleyes.gif

hey! everybody's doing awesome stuff!!

fj, that's fantastic about being able to work from home. its gonna make things so great for you. congrats!!

and minxie, you know what you're doing, miss smarty-smart-smart. hell yes for rocking the self-respect. it's a good look for you tongue.gif and just remember, any time you're tempted to do the opposite: if your life were a tv show, people would groan and yell at the screen and the internet message boards dedicated to it would be hopping with people FURIOUS at your decision before you even closed your mouth.

kari, you internet sleuth! tongue.gif i'm so flattered you like my work. i need to update that site like crazy though. it's been forever. thank you though! smile.gif and i love the names squatty body and tar baby for pets!

and yes, turbo is our wise woman. though frankly, i think we've got a bit more than our share of wise women around these here parts.

gb, so good to hear that jake and molly are mellowing out a little. maybe in a few more weeks they'll even cuddle!

faerie, good luck on your job interview! i agree, err on the side of caution with job interviews, especially when you have blue hair tongue.gif i would much rather be in a suit for an interview with someone in sweats than the other way around.

diva, do you have any of your stuff anywhere online? i'm curious to what all these pots and candles look like!

hi moxie, gloomysunday, anybody else i'm crossposting with or is lurking out there!

((vibes for doodle's friend, cos he still needs them))

Seconding (or thirding!) the Turbo love.

Someone once said a very good thing "Tell the universe what you want, but don't tell it HOW"

In other words, you can't control if "Mike" calls back, but, what you want is a good relationship and you will find it if you have your eyes open enough to look and optimism to try. Something will come your way.

I'm happy for falljackets and minx, and divala for taking the day off!!

Beige. ha ha!

Hi to Ms. GB, I'm glad Mollie has settled down. and Mr. GB. *snort!*

Hi to Karianne and Gloomysunday!

Xpost with mouse! Hi, mouse!

It is sunny around here, so Ima printing PDFs. It's funny, my money is fine as long as I watch the little accounting details, and don't just go spend somewhere. I can still go out sometimes and get what I need, but I can't fritter.

Fritter me not!
Hey ladies!!'s cold out there! Or as Jay Leno joked, "It's so cold that Britney Spears was seen wearing panties!"

Good for you for not screwing anything up, minx. Now go get me a Hamm's, dammit. wink.gif

Hamm's the beer refreshing! Hamm's the beer refreshing!

(((((henry))))) That's awful, doodle. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

I'm glad you don't have the stress of keeping your plans hidden, FJ. It'll make your last coupla weeks much smoother and not quite as tense.

Poooooop.... my back really hurts right now. sad.gif It's a sharp, continuous pain that isn't responding to a couple ibuprofen. I'm almost tempted to go home and take a vicodin.

Diva, I think you could sell your pots for $20. That sounds justifiable considering the labor.

Okay turbo. You asked for it and here you go (this is the first song that came to mind):
And we can build this dream together,
Standing strong forever,
Nothing's gonna stop us now!
And if this world runs out of lovers
We'll still have each other
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us noooowwww!!

Guess what!! I'm rich!! My paycheck finally went through. I just spent $80 at Aveda on X-mas gifts and self-gifts. Of course, all of my money will be gone in a couple days when I sit down to pay the bills.

The power went out on my entire block last night and it didn't come back on until the early morning. I sat there for a while trying to decide what to do, and then I thought it would be fun to bring my candles into the bathroom and take a hot bath. 'Twas quite relaxing! Of course both cats hung out in the bathroom with me.

Mmmmm....cocoa puffs...

ETA- I'm such a glutton for punishment. Now I have Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now stuck in my head!! Ack!!
Poodle, how did you know, that was the exact lyric I was looking for...but couldn't put my finger on! You are truly a font of musical knowledge!

I feel like I'm living in an excedrin commercial here today...some jackasses are jackhammering the street right below my office window, and its been non-stop since 8am. I keep feeling like saying "When you have a headache *this.....BIG*...its an excedrin headache." Yeesh, it really is bothersome. And the guy's not even cute. boo.

I think there are a lot of wise women in here....I certainly am not *the* wise woman...though I appreciate all the love, more than you know!

And WOOT! to FJ, for becoming free of the burden of leaving your job!!

Mouse, I wanna see your work too!! I'm not as good at sleuthing as our kari me a linkie if you don't want to post it public!

I want somma wombat's sunshine! Its been dreary here all week. And now, it is indeed cold out.

Well, lassies, I have to take my broke ass to target tonight...we're out of TP, and you *know* that is not a good thing. Wish me well in trying valiantly to not spend any money on silly things! Its TP and cleaning supplies for me tonight!
What a coincidence! I was just going to run over to Targhetto for TP! I have to resist the urge to by more crap.
Hi gang....I hate to bring bad news to Okayland, but wanted to tell you that Henry died last night, just after 11 PM. I just found out, still processing. Apparently he was beaten very badly around the head and neck, so the head injuries were too severe. It's just sooo sad. He was such a sweet guy who wouldn't have hurt a fly or said a nasty word, and who was totally involved in the community - we actually met b/c we were once on a non-profit board together. I can't believe such hate and fear exists....

I'm going to catch up on the thread. Just wanted to let you know, and to thank you for your vibes for Henry....hopefully they helped him slip out of this world without pain, at least...

((((henry...may he rest in peace)))))

(((((((wishes for a world without hate)))))))))
((((((peaceful transition for henry))))) Doodle, I am so sad to hear that henry passed last night...what terrible news. I can only hope that his transition is peaceful, and that his death will bring the truth of the crime before the public, and bring some awareness and healing to the darkness and hate that is the cause of his death.

((((henry, his family, and the doodle community))))
oh gosh, doodle i'm so sorry. (((((((((doodle, henry and all that love him)))))))))). it is maddening that so much hate exists and that no one seems to want to do anything about it or call it what it is.

is there any way that you can somehow contact any of your media contacts and tell his story? it would seem that would be something they'd be interested in, esp if he was active in the community. there was a guy in our town that was the owner of a major club that was beaten to death because of his orientation. his community had a memorial outside the club that got a lot of local coverage and helped bring the issue to light.

i'm sure this is all too much to thank about right now, i'm sorry.
oh, my god ((((doodle and friends and family of henry)))))

i am so, so so sorry. i hope this gets brought to attention of the community and that it is dealt with well.

a family friend and member of the quaker meeting i grew up in was beaten very badly (because he was gay) right around the time when i was starting to be old enough to know what it meant. he survived, but it was a really scary time. im so sorry that things like this happen and i'm so sorry that you're having to deal with this on top of everything else. you're having a hell of a year, doodle, and you have so much strength to keep going and keep being as optimistic and funny and wonderful as you are. as the quakers say, i'm holding you and henry and everyone involved in the light.

and now i'm crying at work. great.

((((((((((Henry and Doodle and all who love them))))))))))) That's so very, very sad. I only hope that now that there's been a murder committed, someone will take notice and do something about it. I can't believe that in this day and age that there are still people out there who believe they have the right to treat people so badly just because they don't agree with their lifestyle.

Mouse, sorry, nothing online for me yet. I do have some pictures I could email, though. I think the giant still has the picture of the most impressive thing I've ever made (those planters for my parents with the tiles I painted) somewhere on his computer, but the file is so huge, I can't keep it on my computer at work. I should really look into getting an etsy store, but I have no idea how to manage something like that. I can barely figure out how to do email attachments, much less run an internet store. Since when did it become a requirement for a person who just wants to make stuff to be a computer expert? Anyway, the short answer is "no" because I've only ever done person-to-person direct sales.

Poodle, what a horrible song to have stuck in your bean! Now it's living inside mind! AAAAARRRUUUGGGHHHHH!

Jenn, I have an Excederin headache right now, too, but I take Aleve for mine, usually a double dose.

I made an entire votive holder on my lunch break. Woot! And now I'm done with that particular design scheme, so I'm going to create a new one. I'm thinking of a rainbowy pinwheel with a very light blue border. I'd like to get 3 more of these done by tomorrow night, although I'm totally aware that this is wishful thinking, but maybe by Tuesday for my next big sale.

and ((doodle)) of course.

Sad. I wonder how many people think everything is okay for gay guys as long as they move to the city.

In New England, we're not the most "brokeback" kind of people -- we had gay and lesbian couples buy houses in my small town all the way back in the 70s.

But still -- I think the guys that gaybash feel sexually abused and neglected by their families, can't get good jobs, and resent someone bragging about being gay and having love and a job and being happy. They can't separate the positive gay aspect from the abusive gay aspect, ie, molesters, hitchhiking or jail.


Again it comes down to intervention in the lives of children you see around you. Not getting between them and their caretakers but just giving them positive attention. Thus spake Alice Miller.
Hey all...I didn't mean to bring down the tone of the thread! Henry was a happy, vivacious spirit who worked for the local theatre company - we met through our involvement in the local Arts Council. Even though we live in a smaller community, which is at the crossroads between rural redneck and urban modernity, he came back here when his mother was sick, and found many reasons to stay even after she died. He was loved by many, many friends. I don't like to see anyone's misfortune used as a political football, but if this does turn out to have been a gaybashing, I am like the rest of you, hoping it brings dialogue and positive change to our community. Anyway, I am angry at the person(s) who did this to him, but Henry is someone I cannot think of without smiling. Was. Is. Will always be. Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words.

minx, I am happy to hear you're using the good sense the goddess gave you. *wink*

diva, I can never get over your industry. You do inspire me!

FJ, yay for giving notice! I hope making tons of money working from home happens for you. If you need a Canadian home-based business partner, let me know!

~*~*~*~*~*~anti-headache vibes for turbo~*~*~*~*~*~

Hello also wombat, poodle, moxie, karianne, marileen, mouse, miz gb, gloomysunday, and anyone else I've missed....
doodle, i'm so glad that you are ok. i hate that this has happened, but you are right to remember henry and love him as you do.

i finally got my bloodwork done at lunch today. TEN vials of my juice they wanted!! holy crap! i thought i was going to pass out. i did ask for all the STD tests while i was at the OB last time, so that's probably why they needed ten vials. i don't *think* i have anything, but would rather find out now as some things, like herpes, can cause issues during childbirth and i'd rather know now.

but still. WOW. that was a lot of blood.

and yes, i went to wendy's after and got my chicken sammich with lots of mustard and pickles. mmmmm. rolleyes.gif

now my arm is all hurty.
Oh no. Doodle, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. sad.gif sad.gif
It is enraging and very very sad. Ugh.

Fj, I am happy your talk went well! Your new gig sounds sweet. 10 vials is a lot of blood! Ouch!

Almost time to leave work. yes! What is everyone doing tonight? I am spinning right after work, then have to run some errands. Was planning on cooking dinner, but there may not be time tonight. Or energy. Perhaps I can talk Mr K into picking up sushi to go.
well, thr SIL has the bebe until, we're um, cleaning the house. yeah, that's it. smile.gif

Doodle, that just makes me sick about Henry. Physically mauling somebody until they die is about the worst kind of murder I can think of. It implies some sort of joy in the killing. wretch. does BC/Canada have extra laws against hate crimes in particular?

I'm attending a x-mas party tomorrow where there's a white elephant. seeing as we're broke and i just cleaned out my pantry, here's what I'm taking: box full o christmas-type foodies: gourmet box mises for apple cake and beer bread, a bottle of good beer (for the bread), grilled veggie tapanade and fancy-dancy crakers, and hot cocoa and microwave popcorn. total cost to moxie: zero. Total enjoyment factor: priceless. I hope.
Hope you're enjoying that house cleaning, mox! cool.gif

Well, I've been to targhetto and back, and my frivolous expenditures amounted to two pairs of socks...which I really need for work anyway. Did pretty good, and now I can have clean asses, and toilets, and showers, and laundry. Good stuff. Not my favorite way to spend money, but necessary.

And I had to pull out the stay-puffed marshmallow coat to walk turbo tonight - first time. Its bitter ass cold out there with the wind off the lake, and I was all snug and warm....and then I got home and called LL Bean to utilize my lifetime warranty and order a replacement coat, 'cause mine's been ripped for a year now. Yay for new coats for free! I love LL Bean...good solid products (except when your dog, in his vast excitement jumps on you and tears your front pocket all the way down.)

Kari, I hope you're spinning for me tonight too...I haven't been in a month, since I've had the string of illnesses and adrenal fatigue...monday, I am definitely going! I might go to yoga tomorrow at lunch, though.

Tonight, is TV night...Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. Woot! I might even air pop some popcorn.
I'm sorry doodle. I just can't believe that someone would do that. I hope justice is served. (((henry and co.)))

I guess I survived Targhetto, too. I did cave and buy a shirt, but it's cheap and I wear those Mossimo big girl shirts like they're part of a uniform.

Mmmmm...I'm burning my Aveda "Inspiritu" candle and now my apartment smells awesome. It smells so natural and potent compared to your average scented candle. Great, now I'm gonna develop an Aveda candle addiction.

Well, I paid my bills and now I'm back to being poor. I'm not busted, but I can't go on Aveda shopping sprees for a while.
ahhhh finally time to go home.

my one coworker left as soon as my boss left (which was around 3) and she was also an hour late to show up. she does stuff like this all the time. i suppose i should get mad, since i'm pretty sure we're getting paid about the same and i'm doing a hell of a lot more work, but somehow i just don't care. i guess as long as i feel like i'm getting compensated fairly i don't care.

my other coworker, on the other hand, who's a body designer (as opposed to us graphics designers) does wayyyy more work than she should, and i get mad for her sake!

i'm supposed to have a crafty-night with some friends and my buttonmaker tonight but i'm so tired.....i want to go, but i also just want to sleep. and then i also need to go to the gym.....augh. i should go hang out with friends, cos i havent seen this one girl for months and i miss her tons.
hola everyone.

doodle, i am so very sorry about henry. i really find it hard to comprehend that kind of hatered and random violence. How can people be so filled with evil?

FJ, glad the doc appointment went okay.

It is so farkin' cold here. it's supposed to snow really heavily tonight.

Diva, I would like to see pics of your craftiness, please.

So, we are all moved in. Now comes the fun part of putting up pics and artwork, and window coverings. Yeah we have no curtains. I can't wait to have em so I can walk around naked again. I'll post pics when everything is where it should be.

I am waiting for j to get home so we can order pizza. He is helping our friends (old down stairs neighbors) remove some stuff from the apt storage. We let them keep their stuff their after they moved. Now we are just going to let them put it in our basement, cause they don't have a storeage space.

ETA. I just dyed my hair aburn, it looks nice. I think the darker color will be nice for winter.

Yay, it's snowing!!! Hard.
funny thing, taloo...I got no snow here at all! But I do have a roaring lake!! And I'm glad that you're done moving, officially! ....Just so you know, 4 years later, all my art is still sitting on the floor, my advice is to strike while the iron's hot! Once you decide you're just tired of it all...well, it all comes to a screeching halt.

Poodle, if you want a candle addiction, you just let me know, 'cause I've got your numba on that one. I like the avedas, but I've got somethin' just as good, and less expensive. wink.gif

Well, its bathtime now for me!!

Hey, I took a nap after the 5 PM news, and wound up crashing for 3 hours!

Hi again, turbo, mouse, poodle, moxie, FJ, karianne, and also taloo, who is moved, yay!!

moxie...well, the Supreme Court includes gays as a "protected group" under anti-discrimination laws. And now our anti-hate propaganda legislation, which prohibits "advocating or promoting" the killing of members of "identifiable groups," is inclusive of gays (since 2004). But I'm not really sure if or how any of that would translate, if hate is found to be the motive in this case. I think hate as a motive would be very hard to prove...

I am totally addicted to candles, but I tend to burn mainly tealights, b/c they are cheap and the cleanup is easy.

So I've got a new neighbour, another young man. He moved in as part of a couple on Nov. 1, but I saw the girlfriend and some other young women move all the furniture out this past weekend. (Wonder what he did?) Now his apartment (different apartment from bongoboy's) is becoming the new noise machine. This is exactly when bongoboy became a noisy dickhead, when his g/f moved out. What is it about young guys that they think being dumped gives them license to be dickheads??
Good morning you frozen slush whores!!

Gah, the weather out there is as bad as I can remember...probably have 35mph winds coming in off the lake, and 3 inches of slurry on the ground...the wind nearly knocked turbo and I over this morning, and we had to help my favorite little old man across the street and back into his nursing home, 'cause the winds were too strong tunneling down the street. Days like this, living right on the water is not an advantage!

I'm guessing attendance at the all-staff meeting this morning is going to be rather sparse...fine by me, maybe it'll be shorter.

Doodle, I'm guessing the gfs move out *because* the guy is a jackass, and once they're gone, they feel free to revel in their assyness.

Well, I'd best get my fanny moving toward work this morning...

Turbo, it is windy where I am, far from the lake, so I can only imagine how bad you are getting it. J already shoveld this morning, but I will have to go out later this afternoon and redo it. I will get hurty shovelback and that makes me sad. How strange, even though it is snowing, there is also some lightening too.

I really wish I could go shopping and get some new clothes. Fortunately my friend L has 2 big bags of clothes to donate to me. She has really great taste too. Fine by me, I will take her handme downs cause they are new to me!

Everyone who is dealing with crappy weather, get to where you are going safely, okay?
(((Doodle, friends and family of Henry)))

That is horrific. Before I got pregnant with Minxlette, I was volunteering for the Minneapolis AIDS Project in their Buddy program. I'd had two clients that kicked much ass, both men living with AIDS. The first died of oppotunistic infection. The second was found murdered in his home shortly after Minxlette was born. I felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach when I found out. So when you mention Henry, I think of my own dear friend and feel so much for you, Doodle. I still miss him terribly.

I, too, have an Aveda candle fetish. The Math Baron says that one of the things he finds irresistable is smelling my hair, which is Shampure and I LOVE that stuff. I got a candle of that scent for my apartment, but now it is completely used up and I need another. That one you mentioned, Poodle, sounds REALLY nice. May have to pick one of those up this weekend if the funds look good.

Thank you for all of the well-wishing and continuous support, harpies of love. I'd be lying if I said this was an easy decision; there is this part of me that says "What if this is it? What if he is really changing this time?" It gives me pause, and not because I believe that he is my last chance for indelible passion, but because when the BPD wasn't taking over the landscape I saw that other side of him trying to get a foothold in reality and that's the person I loved. What I had to come to accept was that the BPD IS part of him, the whole person and I will be also forever wondering when the other shoe will drop again. That's a crappy existence. I want to feel whole, and in my deepest knowning I acknowledge that I need to feel that without him.


FJ, that's a lot of bloodwork. How're you feeling today? I want to give your midsection a squeeze. Honestly, I am so happy for you that I could cry. That's good stuff, yo. smile.gif
Minxy, letting go is part of your transition, too. And let me tell you, stable relationships can breed indelible passion. There's something so safe in the stability, that anything goes in terms of passion- no real risk of pushing the other too far. Ask the FJs if you don't believe me!

You know what would be poetic justice? If the asshat who beat minxy's dear friend had a cut on himself, adn contracted AIDS. I'm not a death penalty person myself, but sometimes I wish I were.

Doodle- your SC and laws sound very similar to what we call "hate crimes" here. Basically, any crime becomes Umteenth worse (varies from state to state) if the motivation is based on "hate"- homophobia, racisim, sexism (although, strangely, domestic violence doesn't usually fall ehre...), etc.

Moxette had a sweet-ass night last night. A bit hard to put down at first, as she was way overtired, but once she was out, she was OUT. And, all awake and smiley and talking to herself this morning. God, mornings like this one make the shite parts of motherhood worthwhile. smile.gif

Weather here sucks ass and is getting worse by the minute...detroit is always the same as chicago, just 5-8 hours later. Bleh. I'm sensing some time at the big mall this weekend to distract moxette.
((((minxy)))) Just be good to yourself as you move forward, and open to the new possibilities that a new relationship is bringing to you. As hard as it is to leave someone behind that you care about, you made the decision that was in your highest good, and minxlette's, too, I think. Sometimes the hardest decisions bring the most relief and new energy into your life, and that's a good thing. And be sure to get lots of cuddles from MB this weekend - this kind of weather is perfect for snuggling on the couch under blankets!

The weather here has much improved since I was out at 5:30 this morning - at least now its snow, not stinging sleet, and the winds have dropped a teensy bit - but still probably 25-30mph..just not quite enough to knock you over now. I had turbomann drive me in this morning - there's no biking today, and I did not want to walk to the train if I didn't have to...and I sure didn't want to drive in this!

Awww...I'm glad moxette had a good night last night...and to wake up to cuteness - that is the best!
Hey buttfaces! It's Friday!

The weather here today is rough too. I thought about you Chicagoans (?) (what is the proper term?) this morning b/c it is windy as hell out there. I almost got blown away walking in to work. Sheesh. It got a lot colder too.

Hold the phone! They make Shampure candles??? Uh oh. I loooove that smell. I got a lotion once with that scent mixed in but it made me itch so bad I had to return it. A candle would work though. How much are they, dare I ask?

Jenn, what are these candles of which you speak? My faves are the "votivo" brand. They are not too expensive, $22 I think. Well, I mean, that is sort of expensive, but they smell really good. A friend actually recently gave me one of those "high fragrance" candles from Target, it actually emits more scent than I thought it would.

Doodle, you now have another loud neighbor? Oye.

I am sort of grumpy today. I think part of it is the weather. Another part of is my sinuses are hurting. And another part of it is I have an interview today at a potential practicum site. I am not really concerned about the interview, but I have to go home & change before it. So, I have to leave work, go change, do the interview, change again, go back to work. Blah.

Anyhoo, I'll stop whining. How's everyone else today?
~*~*~*~*~interview vibes for Kari~*~*~*~*~

Too bad you're not in Chicago, Kari, 'cause you could do your practicum at the org I work for - they train MSW candidates really well here, and you get to do real clinical work.

Yeah, I think they call us Chicagoans...doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, though....What do they call all ya'll in Mpls? Are you Minneapolitans? I kind of like that....sounds like really good ice cream.

I think the Aveda candles are about $20, if I remember right...they are delicious, no question. I have a bunch of "aveda points" I need to use, and I think I might do it to get a couple candles.

I only burn soy candles in the house now...I always have at least one candle burning, and after a couple years, we had definite soot buildup on our walls, so I went soy, and haven't had a problem since. My favorite candles are from Enkindle Candles...the site is kind of gothy, but their candles are wonderful, burn really evenly, and long, and not too expensive. I buy alot of her 4oz jar candles, and they are quite fragrant. I'll never be without her "Fervor: Passion" candle which is the most yummy vanilla ever, as well as the Autumnal Equinox candle, which somehow smells like spice, and dried leaves, and ozone....I love it.
oh, i'm too happy that it's friday to come up with a decent insult.

although i'd be much happier if i could have stayed in bed. i've had a rough morning and nearly took it out on an inconsiderate bitch that blocked the ONE deisel pump at the gas station while filling up her huge ass truck with *sportsmen for bush* bumper sticker, while going in the station to do some shopping. UGH! if the guy on the other side of the pump hadn't finished, i'd have waited a full ten minutes for her. i did call her an asshole, but i don't think she knew i was directing it at her. fucking elitist.

of course, it wouldn't have been so bad if i wouldn't have been running late already. unsure.gif still, after i was done there, i decided to go to mcfatty's for a sausage mcmuffin to calm my nerves (heh), only when i got to work and unwrapped it, they'd given me canadian bacon instead. grrrr. i hate it when that happens.

oh well, things can only get better, right?? dry.gif

*~*~*~*~*~interview vibes for karianne~*~*~*~*~*~*~ so does your current job not know that you're in shcool and will eventually be changing careers? that sucks that you have to go home to change. of course, if i were you, i'd feign sick and just take the whole afternoon off. but that's because i don't care about my job right now.

moxie, that's great about moxette. i hope her toofies come through soon so you can have many more of these good nights!

((((minx))))) you're so sweet! thanks for being so happy for us. i had a pregnant-lady-meltdown last night: i've not been feeling my sexiest lately. i've been wearing my glasses lately (which are sweet little frames, but sometimes makes me feel mousy), my hair is dry, my skin is all red and splotchy, i'm bloated, i feel like puking when i don't eat or when i eat too much, i don't feel like helping out around the house so it's going downhill, blah blah blah. so i got all teary on mrfj last night and of course, he held me and reassured me that everything was ok and that i was probably just feeling normal for a pregnant girl. i figure he's right.

gah, i'm all self-absorbed today. booooo.

what's everyone doing this weekend?
FJ- you're feeling totally normal for a pregnant girl. It will pass. And come back. And pass again. I promise. I never felt the "glow" per se, but once week 12 hit, I felt human. And horny. All is not lost, love.

There's that "you know you're a bustie when..." new/ressurected poll, and I want to add an OKAYland version: You know you're an OKAYER when you think about the FJs when you see a pregnant lady and smile to yourself. smile.gif
Happy Friday, everybody!

Thanks for the candle link, turbo! Gothy? I think you mean pagan "y". I see some tarot cards and sage. Great.

Hi FJ, Karianne, Moxie, taloo, mouse, poodle, doodle! (I always want to add "noodle"! Should I have renamed myself "Noodle" after the dingo? *she wonders feverishly*)

Yeah, Minx, think about all of the good passion with the new guy -- which I'm sure you can induce wink.gif

And, maybe you don't have to be there in person Saturday -- if you think there will be even the slightest chance of violence or destructiveness to you or to himself -- forget it, call on the phone or at least be in a public place with someone he knows (his mom?) there.

Take it from me, you would not want to deal with that for a lifetime. WORSE if you really love him and the passion is great. My mom had to go though my dad having a major episode every couple of years. And get this: she did not know about it when she met him. His family didn't tell her, either. She had already married him and had a daughter who was two years old, and she and my older sister were just abandoned somewhere when he started to act really weird, and they had to fly back by themselves, and deal with bureaucracy and a total nightmare. His family first blamed her (charming) and then eventually it came out that he had had trouble before.

They did end up helping out, but, the amount of tension she constantly lived under -- you don't want that for yourself or your child. Just an endless, endless, upset, constant threat, could always go bad at any moment, a person larger than herself who was hard to control. And the financial hit got larger and larger, and his problem got worse and worse. Just living with that, and knowing "everything will be okay" is NOT true.

Hold on, keep going, without him, because you are strong enough, smart enough, cute enough and sexay enough -- and SANE enough, hello! Despite .. whatever... -- to deserve and attract a good, smart, cute, sane man -- you have! MB sounds great.

No insulties. It is gorgeous here -- Sorry! We're setting record highs. It's 70 degrees.

I'm happy because I have decided to just do art and writing for the first hour or so I wake up each morning!Otherwise, it takes me forever to eat and wash and dress and go do some errands and then I should really go to the gym, --- then I get dull and a little panicky by the end of the day.

Now that I have the opportunity, use the morning mind.

I willed it last night before i went to sleep and I had two images and some words flash into my mind, AFTER my dreams, right before I woke up, so I would remember them! Thank you, creator!

So, I got up and made them -- you know, reasonable Photoshop "sketches"

Makes me very happy. I'd been beating myself down into a trench of -- dealing with the past, dealing with mundane things, dealing with them perfectly. Oh, and -- I am finally done with my resume and portfolio. Ech . Effin around with the past instead of the future... having to pick over the pixels so it would present properly on screen and page ...not fun.

Soooo I am happy. and hungry! Haven't eaten breakfast yet! Toodles.
Hmm, $20 for an Aveda candle ain't bad. I might check it out.

Fj, that sucks that you are feeling icky lately. I am glad your mister could help you out. Plus, the wise women on here (like moxie) can reassure you. I have been feeling not my sexiest lately, but I have no excuse.

Some people at my work know I am in school, but I am not sure if my bosses do or not. The thing is, on any other day I wouldn't have to go home to change but Friday at my work is jeans day. I could have just worn slacks, taken a couple of annual hours, and if anyone asked, just told the truth. However, I said I had a dr. appt b/c I'd rather use up my sick time. So, I wore jeans & have to change. Isn't that stupid? Officemate isn't even here today & she is probably the only person that would notice my attire anyhow.

Hi Wombat! I think that is cool to do art & write in the AM. I did that for a short time after reading the Artists Way. I should really get back to it.

I am really hungry too. When I got to work I discovered I had no oatmeal or cereal here. I had some saltines w/ peanut butter. They did not really fill me up.

Well, I'll be back later after the interview. Chow.
Hey ladies!

I'm totally drowsy right now. I went home early yesterday because my back was killing me so much that I needed to take vicodin and lay down with the heating pad. I took another vicodin later in the night and then a half-pill in the middle of the night. I was a total zombie when I woke up. At least my back doesn't hurt so bad today.

Fuck McFuckity. This day is never-ending.

Turbo, those candles are so bpal!! The aveda candles are $15 right now. They're normally $18. I'm thinking about buying the "madagascar" candle. My mom has a madagascar votive and it smells great.
OMG karianne, The Artist's Way! I used to write the morning pages, but it took me forever, then I'd be running to get out of the house. I figure I can type words, too, as well as make art, and that will be cool, because it will not only be faster to do, but easier to read later.

Julia Cameron has written a lot of good books, many of which I have, and also, I read that lately she has written her autobiography. So, I'm hunting that down.

~*~*~*~poodle's back~*~*~
(((((((poodle's back))))) Is your back feeling better today poodle? If its still bothering you, get thee to a chiropractor! Back pain is the worst, 'cause it hurts every single time you move. ugh.

Poodle, you are exactly right on the candles...the gal who makes them was inspired by bpal, and is really active on the forums there! heh.

Okay, gotta run to lunch!

I'm an Artist's Way fan too...haven't done anything with that in ages, though....
hi lades--god i'm so effing tired. i keep staying up way too late, and not meaning too. and just doing stupid stuff, too, like reading. i'm so paying for it now. but i'm gonna sleep all weekend.....i don't have any freelance projects this week (cross fingers she doesn't drop one on me for monday today!) and i'm just going to chill OUT.

and i need a haircut really badly. STILL.

tonight is going to be fun. a friend of mine who is a photographer and her girlfriend who's a graphic designer are putting out a 2007 calendar as a response to american apparel's ads....they took photos of all of their friends in the vein of american apparel's ads and they are hilarious and awkward and perfect. they are having their launch party tonight.


*falls asleep on giant okayer's couch, cuddling wacom tablet like blankie*
hello, my fanny licking friends.....dirty sanchez's on all of ya....

woooo tis friday....yay.....

today jake and I have an appt at the vet to have his 'lump' looked at. I am really hoping it will be a quick simple procedure and relatively inexpensive. If i could get some vibes for him....thanks. is back at work today(bustie vibes totally work!)...and last nite he was 'making' the kitties behave and tolerate each other.....gah...i swear my crazy has rubbed off on him.

((((fj ))))))your bod is changing and your hormones are in full gear...hang in there.
((((good job interview vibes for Kari))))))

turbo, thats the best thing about LLBean...and Lands End....i still have a jacket from them that i ordered ages ago...still looks new.

(((minx)))MB is a good base to build all sorts of 'good memories' with. and its high time for some 'good memories'.

its super quiet here at work.....
fj, I think I speak for all of us here when I say that your husband sounds like he's the best guy ever. I'm pretty sure everyone would agree with that. I'm going to run away now and not read any of the responses that follow...
aw, fj. you totally lucked out to get such a modest guy.
Great, I have the Goatherd song from The Sound of Music in my head. le-di-o-de-le-di-o-de-le-hee-hoooo!!

"he was 'making' the kitties behave and tolerate each other" That's what you gotta do with multiple pets. That's what I decided to do with mine and it worked. Like I said, just show dominance over the bully cat (put hand on head and gently push down and say no) and they'll back off. Show 'em who's boss.

Oh god, I wish my boss would get the hell outta here so I don't have to listen to her during her conference call. Her office is right next to mine and it gets really irritating sometimes.

Well, I suppose the day would go faster if I did some more work. Booooo...not fair....I've done this whole "work" thing for a while now and I don't think it's really my thing. I need to figure out an alternative to work so that I can spend more time watching TV and sleeping. I mean, how am I supposed to add all of the release dates to my iTunes collection, take a 3-hour nap, and watch my That 70's Show DVD's if I'm stuck here for 8+ hours? This job thing just doesn't fit into my schedule.
Poodle, I totally know what you mean about work not fitting into your schedule! Though, I think I'd really like the 4 day work week...I think that would help me stay more balanced, as well as make me more productive at work. Its definitely something I'm investigating for my next job.

Mr are a funny, funny man...but we all know, *I* have the best husband ever...I mean, right now, he's my houseboy and chauffer...its a pretty nice service, I must say.


And WOot for mouse! ...For a weekend with no freelance work!

Speaking of which, I need to contact my next potential client about a meeting time....I'm dreading the job, but I need the money, so there it is.
honestly, i'm a bad mama b/c i still take moxette to school on my "day off". I have found that I absolutly, compeltely need a day for ME. Its makes me a better worker, wife and mother in the long run. I'm all for a 4-day week. Even 4-10 hour days is better than 5-8 hour days.
You are NOT a bad momma - you are a GOOD momma, because you know what you need. And all the moms here do the very same thing...I think its very smart. I seem to work 5, 10-hour days when you add the time in I end up working on the weekends. I just need a new gig, as soon as turbomann is employed.
agreed! moxie is a fantastic momma BECAUSE she takes that me time!!!
truth be told, my bean isn't even fully formed yet and i'm already considering a waiting list for the local montessorie for a couple hours a week and i'm going to be working from home!!!

oh, mrfj, you know you're the best husband i could ever wish for.

oh, and NOW I have the lonely goatherd in my brain!! smile.gif

i hope everyone's friday flies for the rest of the afternoon. i have a report to finish and then i'm hauling ass. we have the art walk tonight. but more importantly, we're going to the mexican joint for some yummy. i really hope my tummy doesn't do a number on me. i've been craving the tacos all day (and guac!) but it's happened recently that i've craved things and once i get them in front of me, i can't even consider eating it! booooo!

Oh I forgot... ~*~*~*~health vibes for jake~*~*~*~

Don't feel bad, mox! Mama's need breaks too!

I don't want a 4-day work week. I want a ZERO-day work week. Work sucks, so why do we keep doing it? I think we should all stop doing things that we don't want to do. biggrin.gif

ETA- Heeheeeee! I knew my yodeling would infect someone!
Hey all...quick post, haven't caught up yet, just got home, will read the thread shortly. Had to go renew my driver's license expires tomorrow! OOPS! Almost missed that deadline, thanks to being sick. Also went back to the doctor to get stronger anti-biotics, which I hated having to do...but the infection has been at a standstill since Tuesday, and the penicillin runs out tomorrow, so I figured I had no choice. Bleargh.

After all this talk about candles, I picked myself up a scented candle from the grocery store...but now that I've got it going, I'm thinking it smells too much like bathroom freshener or Febreeze or something...

Ok, I need to finish unpacking groceries and settle back in....I don't think I'm going to budge again for the entire weekend. Will post again when I'm caught up!

Hi doodle!

Mmmm...I'm eating yellow squash/asparagus pizza. The only problem is that the asparagus is a little chewy. Still really good though.

I can't think of a gift for the ex-RB. What do you get a cheap guy with bad taste? Guys like him are only enthusiastic about expensive electronics.

ETA - Oh yeah, I was gonna say that when I got home just a little bit ago, it was like a friggin' sauna in here (and it's pronounced "sowna" not "sahna"). It turns out I had left the oven on overnight! At 400 degrees!! I'm so glad nothing happened. Freaky.
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