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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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pinkpoodle is officially my hero.

I rename the iPod "iPood" in honor of pinkpoodle!!

turbojenn's cinnamon massage is still on my mind -- yummers.

okay -- bursting with glee!!
****throwing glitter confetti into thread!!***

I got the apartment! I got the apartment!!

We signed everything TODAY!!

Called the realty guy, took half a day off -- I can be PAID!! went to Doctor, got some eyedrops -- it's just garden variety conjunctivitis and not the DREADED EYE-EATING FUNGUS!! and ordered some campy fashion-dork new *glasses!* cause I can't wear my contax for a week

They're two-tone black and olive green except a little brighter than olive -- a green that exactly matches my eyes and black that exactly matches my hair. They're sweet. They remind me of my cool 60s aunties Dodge Dart!!

Bought hundred dollar eye drops -- ow!!

Then called the real estate guy, and I went to car, picked up boyfriend, drove boyfriend to bank for first and last month rent bank checks (he got some money for being his father's guardian) and to the real estate office.

We shook hands with eye-infection guy -- he's cool though -- and as we were walking down the street past our beeyootiful little apartment the sun came out!! Oh, it's awesome.

I've got some great dark cherry wood or rose wood furniture with original brasses and wood carvng and fancy feet and big scrolly thick mirrors that are totally clear and bright from 1940s Italy and some paintings and then some modern techy stuff -- like guitars, a metal enamel fifties table with mod black vinyl chairs and a whompin' cambridge soundworks stereo with turntable and big box with hole in it on the floor subwoofer bass, and clean new black and white milk crates full of cool art books. Oh, and a big desk from my grandpa that opens up with a flap and has that crazy chippendale stuff on top. And my favorite books behind glass doors with decorations. And an Art Nouvea brass pen and ink desk set with all these little pieces. And a computer and computer table ...

man .. next step after apartment is settled is to go back to gym for stretch strengthen and yoga kundalini madness -- and then get physical therapy cool body work thru insurance..

and then to get cool MacBook macintosh laptop for just 1,400 to 2000 or so that is super fast with the new intel software and the whole CS2 Premium suite... YES

And before that we have fourth of July weekend in Provincetown, we have four days to get up every day to a breakfast FEAST, jump in the pool, walk through the dune trails on the very end of cape cod thru the salt and sand to the very end where the NUDE BEACH is, hang out till four, march back and liquor up next to the pool with sugary superfine expensive cocktails, then shower and rinse suits and disco nap, then dress up to hell and walk into town and go to a great dinner, and then go out to some bar or club or other and walk back -- it is awesome cause we know several people there now. And we're not mooches, we get our own place, so we just meet them for dinner and they get into clubs free with us cause their townies. ptown townies rule.

So -- I'm a happy beastie

I bought an umbrella and will rest up and dose my thoroughly gross disgusting red pus-ooozing eyeball.

Ha. That belongs in the grody gross out thread.

It's just cool to think I can have this weird wonderful mod/medieval apartment cause I staggered around town being a total dorkorama today. I was wearing my old wire glasses which are askew -- they hook with round the ear hooks which i got because I spent time in mosh pits and I was squinting because it's still the eighties prescription. Then I have my big flaming grossly infected eye, no make-up, and my hair all frizzy because of the rain.

It is **I**, El Dorko!


I was so happy that "Everybody's working for the weekend" was going through my mind in dreamy slow motion, as if Sheryl Crow was covering it.

And, naturally, I thought of poodle.
I'm not sure. I took my headphones off when I first heard it because it sounded like there was something wrong with the bus. It sounded like the beep you hear when an elevator has too many people in it. Dude, I've had it with people talking about stupid stuff on their cell phones in inappropriate places. I don't mind if people talk on their phones on the bus as long as they use a quiet voice and keep the conversation short. One time, my mom and I went to see a presentation on women and seizures and some lady's cell phone rang twice and she answered it and talked to the person. TWICE!!! I wish I would have had the balls to let her have it. I'm so sick of annoying people and I'm not gonna take it anymore!! Somebody has to take a stand! I suppose your students have cell phones too. Does your school have some policy about cell phones, ipods, etc.?

Hi whammy! Congrats on the new place!
whammy your ebullience is just overflowing all over the place -- I love it!!! Congrats on your new apartment and all of the goodness yet to come!

Poodle rocks!! I think I too am going to take up the banner in the cause against rudeness in public places! The Nextel chirp is indeed the worst....last week I was out having thai food with a friend in this snuggly little romantic cafe, and the guy at the next table, with his wife, is doing the annoying walkie talkie thing. I just don't get it. I gave him dirty looks, and his wife....she was smoldering....and she won that one, for sure.

Oh, and whammy, I just got out of the bath, and tonight, I'm slathered in honey and chocolate massage bar. YUM. I'm like a dessert. Who wants a piece??
Gimme a piece a dat!!!

Today is Heikki's birfday. Yay for being 12!

I just got off the phone with him and it was so weird. He didn't have anything to say. I kept asking him questions and all I got were short answers. I'm worried about him. He should have been having a great day. He said he was having a great day, but it sure didn't sound like it.

Tomorrow I start my new job as a busser in the bar at the hotel after my shift in the pastry shop. I'm kinda nervous. Sheesh. It's just emptying ashtrays and clearing tables, right?

I had a poorest day at work. I cried a couple of times. I don't know why. I am just feeling really down on myself lately.

I want to smell like a yummy dessert. Maybe I will take a bath then drown myself in some BPAL. Maybe Gluttony. It smells like brownies.
Yes, we must take it upon ourselves to confront annoying people! I think this is my new mission in life.

Damn. Today, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my piddly bottle of 30 seizure pills and it cost $30. This is only part of my daily seizure medication, so end up paying over $5 a day because I have seizures. That, and I have to pay for all the freakin' doctor's appointments. I can't wait to get my surgery bill. Christ. It's no wonder why I'm poor. I blame it all on Dubya. Does anyone know if I can't write off all my medical expenses for 2006 taxes?

Hi PK! I'm so glad you're hangin' around these days! Happy birfday to Heikki!!! I can't believe the kid is 12 already!

(((PK))) I'm sorry you're feeling shitty. I totally know how it goes. I hope your new job goes okay.
Hey Diva, I would love to inspect your 'hood for apartments...wanna hook up sometime here?

Pinkie--do you like your building? I have called about 20-30 places this morning already and scheduled some appointments, but it is just GROSS thinking about packing yet again. This makes...hmmm...lemme think here a moment:

nearly 16 moves in the 13 years since I left my hometown. I am so sick of this shit.
happy weekend!

last night i hung out with cougarlion, the senor, and their friends. we watched HORRIBLE porn. it was 'big natural titties 12'. no bad porno music, no ridiculous plots. so we put the bloodhound gang on the stereo and watched it on double-speed. we also yelled at the 'actors'. like, no, don't do that! do this! so it was kinda like a sporting event. then everyone except me and the senor got high, and we went on an adventure to a burger joint, and then we decided to draw lucy in the sky with diamonds, which is rather fun even if you're not stoned. sometimes i wish i was a year younger, just because cougarlion's friends are all so cool.

i work today. i'm not sure where my shoes are, or scissors to cut my new insoles. pout pout whine whine. my mom and brother are out doing stuff for a retriever trial (shooting blanks and throwing dead ducks into the water. shockingly enough, i decided to pass on it), so i get to drive to work for once. which means i can sit around nekkid for longer than usual, and i have more time to find my shit

yay for being 12, heikki! i'm sorry your boy doesn't sound too happy, pk. it's rough when your life gets all changey at that age, and maybe he's upset because he doesn't get to come visit you this summer? maybe you should talk to his dad and find out how he's really doing, because i know there are only, like, three people who i tell if i'm not having a good day, and my parents aren't usually on that list.

hi turbo and poodle and diva and minx and anyone else i missed!
double-post for i now have a conundrum. i can either accept a second waitressing job today, or i could wait for a week for z's girlfriend to get back in town and talk to her boss about hiring me in the photo department at a big grocery store in town. i mean, i guess i could take the job, and then quit one of them if the photo department job comes through, but then i'd feel bad about quittting so soon after starting. but if i don't take the waitressing job and i don't get the job with z's girlfriend, then i'm back to working part-time for crappy wage when i need to save for school next year and my trips this summer. blerghideblerghblergh
Hi, everyone!

I'm at work doing overtime, but I'm leaving in about 20 minutes. I'm running out of steam.

Minx, sure we could hook up sometime and check out my 'hood. I believe the house directly across the street from me has duplex space for rent, and I noticed no less than 5 others on my walk on Tuesday. I found our current place through craigslist, which seemed to have a lot more listings for house spaces than the regular newspaper pages. Maybe give it a try if you haven't yet.

Tyger, I'd take the waitressing job. It's a sure thing, and I always find that if you wait on "maybes" and "possibly," you end up getting screwed in the end. If the other job comes through, great, but you don't want to be SOL if it doesn't.

(((((((PK)))))) Don't feel down on yourself, you did what you needed to do with your life. I also think that days like Heikki's are just part of being that age. Life can't be terribly easy for him, but kids are resilient. As long as he's with people who love him, he'll be fine.

Congrats on the apartment and cool-ass glasses, Whammy!

Hi, Turbo! How's your doggie doing?

Hi, Marileen!

I'm still trying to figure out what I can get the giant for his birfday that will truly surprise him. I won't let his birfday be all about Star Wars, dammit! I'm going to wander around for a couple hours and just see where the wind moves me and hope I find something good.

I can't wait to get home and take a shower. I reek, and I'll probably offend everyone I meet with my stench. It isn't worth showering for work on a Saturday.
tyg - I say its time to commit to something now...take the second job, and if its a decent gig - stick with it...the friend connection is tenous, so if you've got something available, go for it. But then, I loved waiting tables, so that would be my preference anyway....working in a photo department sounds like something that could get boring after a couple weeks. And remember that waiting tables is about working the plum shifts at most places - Wed-Saturday evenings.....lunch shifts...not usually so profitable. People tip less, are in more of a rush, and not as open to your offerings of appetizers and desserts.

PK - I second the idea that 12 and the tweenage years are tough can be up and sailing along one moment, and then down and blue the next moment....Heikki will bounce back. He knows you love him and you're all doing the best you can for him.

I'm sorry you have to move again, minxy....that is so not cool.
(x post with diva!)

Thanks for asking about Turbo...he's doing good, we had a looooong walk on the beach this morning, and now he's all pooped out. Wouldn't walk for anything an hour ago. So, I shall go sit on the beach without him.

Oh, and I just went and tried the new vegan cafe on the corner, and it was SO good! I had a vegan polish with 'kraut, mustard and pickles and a salad, and it was so amazing....and I got to sit outside! Boo-yah! I'm gonna have to force turboman to give it a try. He's always skeptical of the veg places, meateater that he is.

And tonight, I'm off to my Full Moon Shamanic Meditation group - yay! And I talked a friend into going with me - yay!
Effing durn it to heck! I had an entire post written and I accidentally closed the stupid tab before I posted it!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Happy Belated B-day to Heikki, and Happy "I Survived Birthing" Anniversary to PK! :-)

tyger, I would think if you take the job and you decide you need to quit early on, you could always use the excuse that you discovered it's too hard on your feet/legs/back....which may be true by that point, if you are already buying insoles. When I was your age and waitressing full time, my feet hurt all the way up to my knees every night. (I have flat feet.)

minxie...I think I missed something...I thought you were going to try to get the place you are in? Or did it not work out? I'd be devastated if I had to leave the place I'm in...I'm so sorry if you have to move.

turbo, I hope you have fun at your meditation group...that sounds really cool!!

I want an iPod so I can rename it iPood!!!!!!

Congrats on the apartment, whammy....WOOOOT!

Hi also to diva, karianne, the FJs, moxie, lurv, 'soup, marileen, miz goof, gloomy, and anyone I've missed!!
Too lazy to edit...

Just talked to the landlady...she says dickhead will be evicted if he rides that mini-motorbike around here again. She doesn't know who he thinks gave him permission, but he's not allowed. She's also calling the fire department because apparently, if he's storing the bike in his apartment, it's against the fire code. Hee!

You know, the effed up thing is, I've lived in apartments since I was 8, and I knew better building-sharing behaviour at 10 than this dude knows (or cares about) at 20!
that's what i was thinking about the job. thing is a know it'll be fewer hours/ lower wage than the photo job thinger, and if it's not a hopping place (i've never seen it really busy) the tips will be of the sucky. and i'll feel bad if i quit really soon after starting. oh well, at least now i have some of them massaging gel insoles. mmmmmmm. since my shoes are just a pair of sketchers with no support my feet were not happy with me, but now it doesn't even feel like i've been on my feet for two hours.

doodle, is it wrong that if i were in your position i would hope and pray asshat boy rode his mini-motorbike again? 'cause that's what i'd do. like how i want my friend's upstairs neighbor to get evicted, because he rocks his rocking chair into the wall for HOURS on end if he hears us so much as talking later than ten pm. we're really not loud, we watch the tv quiet with captions on, but if he hears us being at all, he just goes and goes. and he makes shit up about us having a 'noise war' with him, turning the tv up when he knocks on the floor. is it really that hard to live in an apartment and understand that you can't be noisy and expect everyone else to be completely silent?

wow, today is the first day i've worked that i don't want to nap right now. i guess this means i'm adjusting
Mornin' ya'll!

I screwed up my lazy sunday morning bigtime today...I set my alarm last night because I was tired and running on autopilot. So it went off at 5:40am, and that woke turbo up, and he proceeded to lick his balls for the next hour and a half until I gave up and got up. Silly puppers.

And the worst thing, when I woke up, I was dreaming that I was in the final 4 on Top Chef, and I went to the pantry to get my ingredients for the challenge, and while I was gone Tiffani went and hid all my knives!! That bitch! And only Dave took the time to help me find my knives.....he's a sweetie even in my dreams. ;)

Today, we've got no plans...we're gonna grill out for dinner, maybe have a few beers, just kick back.....
Hey babes!

Hee..that's a funny ass dream, turbo! Dreams are so weird (yeah, stating the obvious, I know). So much of dreaming seems to involve stressful situations. I have a lot of dreams about having to take care of tons of cats that won't stop multiplying. I've tried thinking a lot about cool things during the day so I would dream about it at night, and it sorta works. Maybe I'll think a lot about Roger Daltrey for the rest of the day.

A couple days ago, the resident boy and I had some stupid conversation about "hot chicks" and he said that he was certain that he could get a hot chick. That made me pissed off at him, men in general, and then pissed at myself for getting pissed off. I was feeling kinda bad this morning because I was thinking about guys and my body and so on. I decided to turn the TV off in order to ground myself in reality. I've been working on my discography project and watching clips from Woodstock (the real one) and now I feel a lot better about myself. It's amazing what turning off the tube can do to the mind. As I look around, I see myself in everything and it makes me proud.

That's so funny that you were watching porn with your friends, tyg! Porn is so lame. What worries me about porn is that it leaves men thinking that all they have to do is stick their dick in a woman's vagina and she'll have an instant orgasm that lasts for 30 minutes. When the time comes for them to have real-life sex, they wonder if there's something wrong with the them or the girl because she's not screaming in pleasure. They probably think that all women like a load of gizz squirted in their eye, too.

Alright, I'm gonna watch some more Woodstock performances. Ciao!
hey guys! we're taking a break with our housework for a while so i'm here catching up. you guys were busy on friday! i had the best day off and i'm so glad i took it. i went to the nuerologist and we looked at my xrays and there were no recognizable changes from the ones taken two years ago. so that's good. he prescribed some physical therapy at my request and i'm going to set up an appointment next week. i hope it will help with my pain.

so when i was done with that, i went to the nursery and bought 2 large resin containers, a good sized rosemary plant (for one container) and several other smaller pots of herbs. i got sage, basil, thyme, oregano, chives and some sort of celery parsley that is just like celery but much smaller. i got those all potted up and it looks so nice on the deck out the back door. today i planted a small majesty palm in a large clay pot outside our front door, and i planted a few seeds.

i planted two kinds of tomato seeds (cherry and roma) in one large pot and some peppers, one of the hot variety and one of the sweet. i don't know though. it might be too late in the year to plant them that way since most of the stores around here have sold out of their tomato plants already.

anyway, back to the archives:

poodle, i know exactly what you mean about feeling like you need a really good excuse to be away from work for more than a day or so. i had to talk myself into taking the day off, but it was so nice last night to know that i had ANOTHER WEEKEND-DAY!!!

and even better, next weekend is another three-day weekend! YAY!

minx, i'm sorry that you didn't get your place. have you decided to rent for a while longer or maybe try for another home?

it's like a bottomless pit of livers to sell. nice one tyg! i think you should go with the waitressing job, even if you have to quit. everyone has to quit a job sometime and if you wind up not liking it, then you're doing them a favor to quit. /positive spin.

whammy, i would totally get an eye infection that way. i get the dreaded eye gunk nearly every time i'm around children. nasty boogers.

so last night, i was a party and i was told that my ex-husband may have shot himself in the head about a year ago. i have to admit that my first and only real response to this possibility is incredible relief. and i'm not sure how to respond to that either.
Hihi. Happy Sunday, chicas!

I worked my very first shift in the hotel bar last night as a busser. It was all right. I worked a full day in the pastry shop before I started in the bar, so I was pretty tired at the end of the night.

I made a whopping $14 in tips. I don't know ow that is. OK, or crappy. If I do a good job, the server tips me out according to what he/she thinks I deserve. My server told me he thought I was doing a great job. The supervisor said I wouldn't be bussing for long. As soon as I get the hang of it, I will be a server.

So, that should be fun. Last night a group of middle aged guys were hitting on me and telling me stories about fishing. My nametag says I am from Minnesota, so obviously it turns me on to hear big fish stories. It's like dirty talk to us Minnesota girls, right?

Porn is hilarious. The plots are what I laugh at. Why even bother? So let's see - let's have a sexy woman in a wood shop building a birdhouse. She is having a little trouble operating the table saw, so she askes for help from a man in a wife beater and little cut-off shorts. He is nice enough to guide her hands from behind over the table saw, then suddenly they're doin' it. On the table saw. Shit dude. That's hot. What am I doing working as a pastry cook when I could be writing porn.

When I was in the Air Force, I was the only female in my computer programming course in Mississippi. I had to hang out with my perv classmates, who loved to watch Asian porn. It really broadened my horizons, culturally. I love foreign films.

One funny thing I used to do for them is story time in the dorms. I would read aloud the Penthouse Forums stories. They fucking loved that shit, but I got bored really fast and started reading it with different accents and character voices until they made me stop. They were not turned on by my sexy sharecropper voice.

Poodle, I haven't watched TV in over seven months, and it seems natural to me now. I don't even know what I would watch if I had cable. Maybe cable news or something. Anyway - I haven't been reading many magazines either, and I feel like I don't give a rat's ass about how I am supposed to look anymore. I have a few things I would like to improve on my body, but I don't let it bug the shit out of me the way I used to. I don't think it's *all* media with me (the way I think about myself), but it definitely is a bit of a detriment to my self-image. Does that make any sense?

I used to weigh about 95 pounds, and I couldn't gain weight no matter what. After I started my meds, I shot up to 175 pounds, and I felt like I wanted to kill myself. Like, WTF? I was still the same person, but I felt like a worthless piece of shit. My husband loved me, my kid loved me, my friends loved me, but I felt like I was a frelling loser. It took me a long time to get used to it and say WTF - I'm hot! And I stopped being so dumpy and depressed and just surrounded myself with people who cared about me. Anyway - I don't really know my point.

You, poodle, are so effing smart and funny and cute. I have never met you in person, but I talk to you here, we've talked on the phone once and I saw your hot Andy Warhol-ish picture, and you are a hottie. ALl those things make you a hottie. I know you don't need me to give you a pep talk - it seems like you've got it under control yourself, but I just wanted to say that because I like you.

So, on that note.

I haven't been remembering my dreams very much. Last night I know I dreamt that I got up and took a bath and got ready to go, only to hear my alarm go off (again) and realize that I hadn't done shit.

So I finally got up and got ready, then went to my fave little Mexican hole in the wall and got a caramelo plate. Then I went to 7-11 and got cigs and an energy drink. All with my tip money from last night. Hopefully I can put some gas in my car with tonight's tips.

OK - Holy smokes - I have posted a long one, haven't I. Congratulations if you have made it through. See you guys later. Have a great weekend.

Hi FJ! That's weird about your ex-husband. I'm really sorry to hear that, and I hope you're OK even though he was an asshat and you feel relief about it. It's still weird and sad. Sometimes after hearing things like this, you go through lot of weird emotions. I don't know anything, really, about that guy, however when you heard it, it must have made you think about him more and that might conjure up some strange feelings. I know you said it was a relief, but please let us know if you need to talk about it further if it starts to bother you. We're here for you, lady!
note: this post seems to have become very very long for no good reason. i apologize for the epicness, because it does not actually contain epic news of any kind whatsoever

hi pk! i don't know if 14 is good or bad for tips. i guess it's going to depend on how well your server is doing, eh? i'm getting to the point where i can do the 'friendly banter' thing with some customers. unfortunately, they love being chatty on saturday night when i am literally running as soon as i'm off the floor and into the prep area.

last night the AC wasn't working in the restaurant. and when i'm not on the floor (which gets warm on its own, with the buffet and all the people) i'm in the beverage thinger. which gets heated by the ice machine, pop machine, and coffee machine. luckily i found an amazing shirt that doesn't get droopy when it gets soggy. plus, so far yellow curry sauce, sweet and sour pork sauce, and gravy stuff has all washed out without a trace. it's an organic cotton shirt (i think i got it at cotton ginny). so, anyone looking for a cute, not too warm button-up shirt that will actually accomodate bosomosity should check it out.

i just discovered i'm making two bucks more an hour than i thought i was. i was assuming i was making the 6.25 starting wage favoured by mcdonals and such ilk, but alas, it is in face 8. wheeee! also, i made more in tips this week than my paycheque was for (though it was only for four hours of work). my plan is to work up to a restaurant that will let me put holes in my face and have oddly coloured hair. right now i'm lusting after a cotton-candy pink shade, but i'll have to hold off until after this summer.

oooh, i bought a playstation last night! an original, so now i can go haunt pawn shops and look for crash bandicoot and spyro the dragon. i'll have to haul my old-ass tv up from the basement and figure out a way to hook it up, since it's one of those dinosaurs that are wood-paneled, with a dial that only goes up to channel 13 so you need a special box just to watch cable on it. i wonder if they made dance dance revolution for original playstation. hmmmm, i shall have to investigate.

((((hugs for fj)))) because that must be odd news to hear.

poodle, porn is best enjoyed in the company of friends. seriously, it's like rocky horror picture show, you have to yell at the people and really get into it :P. that said, nobody ever ever watch the 'big natural titties' series. it is horrible and unsanitary (like, dangerous for those involved kind of unsanitary). and they totally lie. sure, the girls have big boobs that look pretty natural, but they weren't the focus. we were fooled into thinking it was boob-centric, but really it seemed like a whole bunch of salad tossing. though one girl got a face full of ass (like, the ass ran into her), which was funny. i mean, if there is thrusting, you don't want your face two inches from the thruster's ass. that's just looking for trouble.

i played killer bunnies last night and won. it's sooooo odd, but awesome. and impossible to explain. basically, it's a card game where you have bunnies, you can make your bunny shoot other bunnies with lasers and stuff, but really the goal is to have the winning carrot. and you don't know which of the ten carrots is the winning carrot until the end. then we watched 'the omen'. good old horror movies are the best. i mean, they're a completely different beast than the stupid 'let's see how much blood we can have in each scene' movies they make now. and old special effect and heeeelarious.

go gardening fj! i suck at gardening, but i always buy my mom herbs from the farmer's market for mother's day. she's much better at not killing things than i am.

i'm trying to convince my mom to take me to an old historic town tomorrow (it's a long weekend in canada. or is it just bc? i don't know). we were supposed to go two years ago with my exchange student, and then nasty teenage girl stuff ensued which ended with me and cougarlion dumping our exchange students with some snobby bitches and watching troy. and then last year i got a free pass with my report card, but it expired before i got to use it. i'm trying to sway my mom by reminding her about the tasty sourdough bread you can buy there. i think it might be working. now i just have to finish buttering her up. i think i'll go load the dishwasher.

doodle, you are having a relaxing long weekend and taking care of yourself, right? or do i have to take a road trip so i can give you a spanking?

Okay, now it is off to shower, shit, and shave.

And not necessarily in that order. :-)
Mornin ya'll!

hi minxy!!

*throws confetti around thread to welcome moxie back to work*

Its a lovely morning here - chilly, but the sun is shining, and I can appreciate that. We're in for a craaaazy week here at work, as we have our site visit for our child welfare accreditation....months of work all rest on the peer reviewers visiting us this week, and all of the staff interviews that they will do. I have no doubt that we'll pass with flying colors, its just an anxious week.
Hello ladies!

Wow, FJ. That is really weird about your ex-husband. I don't know how I would react to that. It's strange that you didn't hear about it earlier.

It sounds like your restaurant jobs are going well, tyg and PK. I certainly couldn't deal with service type jobs at this point. I can't even ride the bus without yelling at someone. If someone left a really messy table or a shitty tip, I'd hunt them down and slash their tires. (kidding...kind of)

I think you would be a great porn writer, PK! That table saw storyline really turns me on!

Well, I better get ready for work now. Grrr....

Hey beeyatches!!! I love your insult minx!
Good morning luvery ladies...

FJ - that is weird. However, although I don't know the back story, your reaction sounds totally understandable to me.
can I join in on the Nextel hatred from Friday? I get the need for walkie-talkies when you are in a war zone or something, but in Chicago, just use it like a damn cell phone!

My weekend totally fell apart thanks to the nasty chest cold I developed on Thursday evening. No date. No dancing. Nothing but tv and the cats. God I was tired.

Has anyone else living in Chicago noticed how all morning news is really just an advertisent for the local papers. I always have to laugh when one of the WGN anchors reads out the Sun-Times on-air. That's quality reporting.
Hello! I'm at work now.

Hi kitten! Sorry about your less than exciting weekend. I also stayed at home with the cats and watched TV (until I got mad yesterday and decided to watch decent music on my 'puter).

Speaking of music, I would like to know what the hell happened to decent lead guitar playing?! I listened to a lot of Cream, Led Zeppelin, and The Who this weekend, and I was reminded that, at one point, the people who played guitar actually knew what they were doing. I mean, with the exception of Metallica and Guns 'N' Roses, the lead guitar element has taken a nose dive over the last twenty years. These days, all you have to do is get a shaggy haircut, wear some courdoroy pants and a vintage snap-button shirt, and you're instantly a cool guitarist. And whatever happened to the high-pitched screaming thing? Where are all the YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHH's and aaaahhhhhAAAAH-aaaahhhhhAAAAH's? Nowadays, rock music vocals sound wimpy and pathetic. Those bands need someone like me to take over lead vocals. I can do the highpitched screeching thing really well.

Okay, I better get some work done. I get to leave early today for a post-op doctor's appointment!!! Yeah!!! I love medical excuses!

Happy Monday, all.

Yes turbojenn, you sound good enough to eat!!

tyger -- you are cracking my shit up. Killer Bunnies. I think Anya on Buffy was right about the scariness of Bunnies. Not to mention, Monty Python. They're evil,they are, those cute little bunnies.

This weekend I spent 710 dollars on a new mattress, box spring and bed frame, then went to target and managed to restrain myself enough to buy only new bedding -- hot red jersey sheets. As tempting as it was to spend 80 bucks buying fancy red and curry colored scrolly fieldcrests to match the pillow cases, I just got the bright red jersey for 20.

There are a million fun things I want to buy, and I know there willl also be *unforseen expenses*, like, I probably have to get a new drivers license with the new address on it.

Poodle, I'm feeling ya on the prescriptions. I just paid 100 dollars for a tiny bottle of eyedrops. I don't generally need prescriptions, so I didn't choose that option on my health insurance. Gak. You can't exactly DO WITHOUT this stuff. It's not a diamond TI AH RA. sheesh.

I'm going to buy an air conditioner my co-worker is selling too. and maybe a second one off Craigs list. I never thought I needed one, but when I was going to move to the top floor of an industrial building I realized I would have a bunch of west-facing windows and a roof that was a CONCRETE SLAB over my head...
so now i'm used to the idea of buying an ac, and with the ac, cool sheets and new mattress and all I'm expecting GREAT SUMMER HBI ACTION.

Geez falljackets, that is weird. A friend of me and my guy committed suicide recently. He wasn't our best friend and was kind of a sleaze so we're not -- mourning exactly, but he was a good person in some ways so sometimes I pause a bit and think about him. He was going to go to prison and couldn't handle it. that makes the second person we know --- but luckily, many years apart and no family members.

PK -- boy. Definitely be cool about the weight thing. I, while not "as big as a house" am as big as a cool old carriage house behind the house. And they're good-looking and well-built, right? why yes indeedy. my dad had mental illness and I usually hide that because people can be jerks about it. But only 15 percent of the offspring get it, and I did not.

I did gain weight when I passed 30 and also had a good job and could afford to buy a car and eat in restaurants and I wasn't on my feet all day. 'before that I was really skinny because my mother was a weight fanatic and also not a very good cook. I could "eat whatever I wanted" like pizza and sugar stuff, without gaining weight, but that was because I was basically malnourished and puny and kind of dragging myself around.

I felt a lot better when I made my own food, went to the gym etc in college.

Unfortunately weight gain can be a side effect of those medications,but you seem very worthy of respect because you deal with working, skills, caring and respecting the people in your life, being real and honest about your problem and the solution, etc. And I'm sure you are a very worthwhile family member and friend. I am kind of mad at my family and somewhat at society in general around that issue, because, while my dad's problem *couldn't possibly be ignored or denied* !! heh. and he was also a very nice and capable person, they didn't take care of the side effects and consequences of his illness and the stigma and the financial burden. My mom shoulld have gottenn a job, they should have hooked me up with a job in high school instead of not wanting to drive me to one, they should not have been hiding and denying and pretentious about something and forcing me to be the same.

Nothing against people here and IRL with illnesses that they manage more sensibly. And, to be fair, things are easier now than they were several decades ago.

I coughed up a big hairball about that in the confessions thread which I will have to clean up -- later, when I'm not at work etc, at the cafe where I originally coughed it.--- but that hairball needed to be coughed, dammit.

I truly am leaving all that behind and moving on to a new life. I am so much happier and calmer and fresher -- with every month that goes by and in the last weekend in particular. I got a new apartment. A new bed. I am literally moving out, moving on and moving up. I think I felt guilt. I think I will throw that out along with the futon and the old papers and the clothes that don't fit.

The only thing I can think to compensate for my survivor's guilt and some abandonment, is that I am helping some people who are struggling with those issues right now. A woman here in Boston who just came out of homeless ness with her child, now has a section 8 apartment and I'm giving her bookshelves, a great whirlpool microwave that I never used, and some cool books like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, also some great clothes.

And that's about it.

I am so much more cheerful and calm. There I was walking around looking like a weirdo gross wreck and instead of getting defensive and being nasty about others looks or whatever, I was just more friendly and jokey and got into conversations with guys at the lobster tank at the supermarket and whatever!! this is what I was trying to tell people to do on the confessions thread in my big old hairball, but I don't know if I communicated that well.

But let me tell ya, being nice works. I guess I look good most of the time because I sure got a lot more snippy snide "oh my GAWD" nudge nudge nasty giggle from shiny college girls than usual this past weekend, but you know what? I was as happy as a mofo.

My ass is long and so is my post....

weight -- I've lost some, I'll lose some more, just to keep myself fit and from pain in my feet or back and from possible illness complications, but I'm not going to be frantic about it. Right now I am genuinely too busy to go to the gym and that is fine...
Gooooood Morning babies!

((kittenb)) boo for your chest cold. I hope you get to feeling better, sorry you missed your date. *Passes kitten a steaming hot cup of jasmine tea with honey*

FJ, wowzers, what shocking news about your ex. I once heard that an ex bf of mine attempted suicide, it was strange to hear something like that. I am glad your X-rays looked good!

((PK)) Sorry you were feeling down this weekend. Your last post sounds like you are feeling a bit better. :-)

Jenn, you crack me up with your comments about Turbo's ball licking. I have SPD spin shoes too, I love 'em!

Diva, Hmmm, I can't think of anything for the giant for his birthday. Of course, I don't know the giant, so that may explain it. I find Mr K always likes techy stuff. Ipod, Ipod accessories, some other sort of toy. Or, DVD or CD box sets are always nice.

Poodle, that sucks donkey balls about your meds being so expensive! Gah! Oh, resident boy sure thinks highly of himself, huh. First he's got a big schlong & now he can get a hot chick. Okkkaaaay.

My weekend was pretty good. I stayed in Friday night. Watched tv & transferred a bunch of recipes from paper to recipe cards so I could put them in my recipe box. I had class Saturday, Mr K & I went out for yummy Indian that night. Yesterday I met a friend at the gym, then we shopped & ate lunch. A good day. I have a short week this week. Working M-W, 1/2 of Thursday, and no work Friday. I took off bc/ I am going out of town. My college galpals & I are having our annual get together. Can't wait!

Hi doodle, tyger & whammy!
poodle - I am not a big music person, but your last post made me laugh. It made me remember the great hair metal of the 80's for some reason where the lead guitarist was second only to God. My older sister was really into heavy metal and I use to read all her magazines and pretend I knew what I was talking about.

What is this Killer Bunnies game? Is it a video game or a board games. (Bunnies aren't cute oike everybody supposes/they got them hpooing legs and twitching little noses/and what's with all the carrots?/What do they need such good eyesite for anyway?/Bunnies/Bunnies/it must be bunnies!)
Sorry, wrong thread.
Hi, peeps!

Ah, yes, the days of old when lead guitarists were actually talented, before Jack White got named #17 on the Rolling Stone list... I miss those days.

Except for a couple times with the giant, I've only ever watched gay porn with drunk gay-boy friends. Muy entertaining, I have to admit, especially that Jeff Stryker doing himself. Hot, hot, hot (not, not, not). It's just not my thing. And what's really not my thing is the suicide-girls-I'm-so-alternative-check-out-my-pink/black-hair-with-Betty-bangs-a nd-tattoo-and-eyebrow-piercing-taking-it-back-from-the-man breed of porn. Bo-ring!

FJ, that is so weird about your ex. Have you looked for any confirmation of it, or is it so far gone now that it doesn't matter? A friend of mine in college shot herself in the head. She was really fucked up in the head, but an exemplary human. There will never be another one like her.

Karianne, I envy that you have a girls' out weekend every year and have a circle of friends to do it with that make good on keeping the date.

I can't believe the weekend is over already. I had just about no time to sit around and chill out, I was so busy. I worked on Saturday, then spent the next 3 hours shopping for the giant before we went to see The DaVinci Code, then crashed when we got home. Yesterday should have been easy, but the giant's mom threw an impromptu birfday party for him about 3 hours earlier than we were planning to go down. Somehow I managed to make an entire layer cake from start to finish in under 2 hours. The giant really cleaned up for his birfday, he got cash, tons of Star Wars stuff, everything else I got him, and my dad even got him a grill. Now I know he's part of the family if my dad is remembering to buy presents for him. By the time we got home, I was about ready to pass out, so I did.

One of the presents I got for the giant got screwed up. I had meant to get him a set of books, but I ordered each one from a different site to save some cash ( had free shipping, and this book is heavy, plus the price of the book was cheaper, but they didn't have both). So lo and behold, when I opened up one of the boxes, I found I had 2 of the same book. Fortunately, it was the one of the set that the giant really really wanted, so that was okay, but now I have to exchange one of them if time hasn't run out. I should check into that toot sweet so I don't have to waste about $100 of gift. But at least the giant got the one he really wanted, so if this had to happen, this is the best way.

(((((((Kitten's chest cold))))))))

((((((PK's and Tyger's tired bodies))))))

Turbo, that dream rules!

Poodle, rest assured that resident boy could not, in fact, get a hot chic. Well, maybe he could, but he'd have to make an effort. I think that, as a rule, anyone who declares they can get a hot chic (or guy) actually has less of a chance in getting one. Sure, he's fine and dandy, but I don't think he's anything that special and I surely wouldn't go out with him. He's just a guy.

Take it easy on Jack White--after going to his concert last fall, I concluded that he actually is one talented little rock 'n roller. But he's also very fucking lucky to have Meg with him, she really pulls everything together...and isn't that what women end up doing anyway? Glad that she is at least getting well-compensated for it. :-)

Okay, I created a new vegan dish this morning in a rush to get out of the house. Please don't vote me off the island for this, okay? It is chopped up broccoli and red potatoes, a splash of olive oil, a handful of slivered almonds, and a healthy spray of Emeril Lagasse's seasoning. HOLY MOTHER OF CHOCOLATE!! This is really effing good. Seriously.

Has anyone in here ever read the children's book "I Like You"? I got it for a friend and think that it is the most wonderful tome in the world. I scribbled and doodled and wrote all over the inside of it to personalize it--tres funny. But if you have a good friend (like tyger's man-buddy, or whatever...), this is a great thing and is quite inexpensive. I should know. I am queen thrifty.

Well, except for the jeans I bought this weekend at the Gap. I only have one pair of bluejeans, so I think that I can splurge a little.
Hey, I was vegan for a year. There's some vegan stuff out there that I really like. Your dish sounds really yummy and nutritious, minx.
good morning ladies.

wow. it's been an incredible morning. i had called my mother first thing yesterday to tell her about what i'd heard. i knew that she had been incredibly worried about me (just hadn't actually SAID so) for the years since i've divorced R. i was very worried that he'd live up to his word and stalk me down and kill me, my parents, mrfj and even my children. he'd told me over and over that i'd never really get away from him no matter how long he went without contacting me; that one day, out of the blue, he'd be there and i'd pay.

so anyway, i told my mom what i'd heard and she felt the same relief that i had felt but wanted confirmation. so she spent hours on the internet last night and then got up this morning and found proof.

we found his brother's obit first, which said he was preceded in death by brother, R. so even then, i wanted MORE confirmation that this was true - it wouldn't be the first time a newspaper got something wrong. finally, she and mrfj (must have been at the same time this morning) found R's obit. AND GET THIS! he's survived by a daughter. which makes me wonder if he'd had a daughter before he got with me. i wouldn't be surprised from the web of lies and deceit that this guy was capable of. it didn't say how he died. but it does say that it happened nearly two years ago. TWO YEARS! i can't believe that i've been looking over my shoulder for so long, having no idea that he was gone. every time i saw a car like his, i'd want to look and see if it was him, but was afraid that he would see me and then it would be over.

so now, i know that his mother lost THREE children. all of her kids are gone, and there is a good likliehood that they all died at their own hands. R's oldest bro died about ten years ago after surgery in a hospital of a morphine overdose. there was talk at the time that he'd taken morphine pills in conjunction with the pump that he was on post surgery. and the story i have was that apparently, R shot himself in the head. and if i know R's middle brother, he was so distraught after the deaths of his siblings that he decided to end it too, whether actively or passively with pills.

but it's true. and i can't get it out of my mind. i never have to worry about him again. i can't tell you guys the flurry of emotions that i'm feeling. rejoice is the first word that came to mind. i don't even use that word. and then i start feeling guilty for being happy. and i feel sorrow for his parents and the daughter that i didn't know he had. i can only imagine the pain he felt toward the end for that to be his choice. it's suprising to me at first that he would do such a thing - to hurt others, yes, but to hurt HIMself? that's not like him. but then again, they say suicide is the ultimate act of selfishness and he was certainly one of the most selfish and arrogant people i have ever known.

this is realy consuming me today, but i guess there's no escaping that. and i've been typing on this for an hour now and haven't re-read it. i hope it isn't too disjointed.

Holy shit! I just looked at that Rolling Stones list and Jack White is supposedly better than Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, and Brian May. I think they did that because they wanted to throw in someone new. It proves my point that guitarists suck these days. And Kurt Cobain? The dude is talented, but his guitar-playing is not all that complicated--just really loud. They have him listed before Carlos Santana and Jerry Garcia. That's just wrong. Okay, I admit to being a little biased to pre-1980 music, but only because it's better (for the most part). *stomps off to listen to the Allman Brothers*

Hi FJ. That's so effed up. I think it's okay to feel relieved though.
Mmmmm....that does sound good minxy! I made afab dish last week with leftover roasted chicken...I made some wild rice with chicken stock as the liquid and threw some thyme in there, steamed some broccoli, and when the rice was done, chucked the broccoli and chicken in, and YUM!

I think I'm back on a wild rice kick...I love it so. I made up a batch of steamed kale last night to bring in my lunches all week - I add a squeeze of lemon juice, lemon zest, some sauteed garlic, and a dash of olive oil, and its pretty darned good.

SOunds like the giant's birthday was a success!! I hope you can return that book ok!

So how was DaVinci Code? I think I'll see it this weekend...even if its bad, I don't care...its nice to have an adult oriented movie out that I'm interested in seeing.

Kari - count me in as being jealous of your girls weekend!! And a long one at that! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Ok, back to work...hi to the mix-master poodle, movin' on up whammy, the *swiflty* recovering kitten, and anybody else i missed!
(x post with everybody)

FJ - I am sad, and relieved, and can't even imagine the whirlwind of feelings you must be having. Relief for you, certainly, but sadness for his family left have 3 children all take their own lives...I can't imagine the pain in that situation. Take care of yourself, breathe deep, and feel the freedom of creating your own family free from fear! ((((fj))))
Davinci code was actually a pretty good flick. We enjoyed the murder-mystery aspect- and the supporting cast was just awesome. Ron Howard made some very good choices about how to present the religious part of the book- he presented it as plot device, not a direct criticism of the church, which is exactly how i read it in the book.

So, I'm barely surviving the first day back. I was ok until about lunchtime, when the crazy MISSING my baby feeling kicked in. I can't wait until its 4:00 and I can hi-tail it home. Working 7-4 will be wonderful. I just hope she gets good naps today, so she's not a flipping crabby pants.

Ok, all the food talk is making me hungry again. I'm gonna break down and go get a snickers.
hello ladies!!!

i made awesome grub yesterday--mandarin orange chicken with chicken rice...mmmmm

the weekend was crazy busy...the rain has stopped for a bit...and my feet are swollen. wtf?!

(((((minx apt finding vibes)))
tyger-take the waitressing job..its there and available...the other job may not even come thru at all.

HI turbo, moxie, fj, catsoup, poodle, doodle, minx, kitten, diva, karianne, and whammy!!! and all lurkers...!

i am going camping this excited but am i going to pack, clean and get ready for this trip when i have my big huge humongous project due this wednesday?!?!!?!? i'm crazy i tell you....craaaaaa-zeeeey. oh well.
Awww...moxie - of course you're missing the bebe! Only 1.5 hours to go! I'm sure it will become much easier to leave her even by the end of this week...if the mommies I work with are any guide to the "coming back to work blues."

And yes, the 7-4 schedule is the best. I love it....being at work by myself in the morning is a wonderful thing. And having time in the evening to work out, walk the dog *and* cook dinner all without feeling rushed is even better.

I want somma msgoof's mandarin chicken - that sounds uber yummy!
oh i gb went paintballing again yesterday, and came home with tons of welts on him....they got their asses handed to them. lol. he's on arnica gel and neosporin. i took photos and plan to as the bruises develop..these ones are pretty gnarly.
Turboman played paintball this weekend too, but I think he escaped without much damage this week.

Ok, I just got a last minute invitation to see....Clinton Kelly (of What not to Wear fame) tonight! I'm stupidly excited! I'm going with a couple friends from work, and the talk is being held by the LBGT Org at the university nearby. I guess Clinton is an alum. WOOT!!!
sweeet, tj! that's awesome!!! tell him how much we love him here in okayland, ok?

thanks for all the hugs. i'm still a little freaked and consumed by this whole thing. i've been googling and researching all day. i found out that he actually did it in front of his then girlfriend AND his 18month old daughter. i guess that means that he didn't have the child while he was with me.

i feel really horrible for her (the gf). i don't even have to imagine the agony she went through with him on a daily basis, but can't even begin to know what it must have been like for her to see him live out the threat he'd made so many times. i can only think the he was either threatening to do it if she left him, or that they were arguing and he did it to spite her. i really had hoped that my leaving him had made some impact on him and that he'd changed. i knew it wasn't likely, but i really wanted it to happen that way.

i almost want to get in touch with her. i don't know how she might respond to me. i can hear him saying awful things about me, just as he always had terrible things to say about his ex gfs when we were together. it was only after i divorced him that i learned he'd been arrested for domestic violence twice before.

i have to sort
through this.

half of me wants to jump for joy and release this anger and fear and sadness that has built up in me for the past 15 years. 15 years of my life, i've known him or known of him. that's half my life. no wonder his image in still so richly in my mind, a permanent scowl of anger, threat and disgust across his face. but then part of me wants to reach out to his family. i don't think i should, but i also want that girl to know that she is not to blame for what happened. but then again, it was nearly two years ago and she's probably struggled to get past it. i would hate to stir up old wounds. and for what, really? nothing can be changed.

this is just incredible to me.

i'm sorry i'm debbie downer today. i just don't know where else i can go to spew this.

i feel a "letter" coming on.
I would love to meet Clinton Kelly. I swear, everytime I shop now, it's like I have Clinton and Stacy talking into my ears.
turbo, you get to see clinton kelly speak!? colour me jealous.

fj, don't worry about being a downer. this is a big thing, and we're here for you to think out loud at if you have to. we are here for you to spew at.

i think i'm going to go play pool later. my mom slept in, so we're going to the historic town thinger next weekend. i'm really bad at pool, though. i only ever play it at my stepmother's mom's house, and somehow i always win, but i can't really account for that, since i am very, very bad at pool. now i just have to wait for someone to call me or send me a message. i should go hop in the shower. that's what makes people call me, being in the shower
What's Clinton going to talk about? I love him. He has the coolest shirt collection ever.

Wow, FJ, that's some really heavy stuff. I feel so sad for his mom, losing all 3 of her kids like that, no matter what kind of people they were. But that's great that you don't have to look over your shoulder anymore. It must be a huge weight off your shoulders.

Somebody's dropping a huge sack o' change on their desk and it's driving me absolutely batshit.

Turbo, The DaVinci Code is definitely worth seeing, no matter what the critics say. It's a little slow, but the history parts of it are really enthralling. But know that it goes exactly along as the book, so if you've read it, you won't be surprised at anything.

OK, Jack White is a fine guitarist. I respect that he does what he does in a 2-person band, and he does it well. But he's no Dave Gilmour. Or Angus. Or Bonnie Raitt. Or Zack Wylde (even though he's an asshole). But in the grand scheme of music history, he's going to be a blip to someone like Jimmy Hendrix's or Jimmy Page's explosion.

It looks like I might be able to exchange the book on amazon, which is fine. I suppose I should get on that right now, huh?
I've no idea what my boyfriend Clinton is going to talk about - its Pride week on campus, and he's speaking to the GLBT Rainbow Alliance, so my guess is he'll be speaking about GLBT issues, and I'm sure there will be lots of WNTW questions to be answered. Thank maude I'm wearing one of my cute cute NY&Co outfits today....although, the thought of wearing my horrifying bike clothes that I rode in to work on is sort of appealing, in that "clinton give me money" sort of way, but I'm guessing this isn't a cattle call for the show. ;) I'll be sure to post a full report later tonight.

I'm excited to see DaVinci...I loved the book, and I *love* Jean Reno, Audrey Tautou and especially Ian McKellen...I'm not crazy about Tom Hanks as the pick for Langdon, but I'm sure he's very fine.

fj, I'm glad you're posting your thoughts here - no matter whether you decide to reach out or not, posting your thoughts of sorrow, kindness and relief here are good things for the universe. Just putting your intentions of healing for the family out there, might just be enough. And doing something special just for yourself, to kind of say goodbye and wish him well on his journey might be a good idea too.
fj - I don't think you are being a downer. You are dealing with a lot. Relief, saddness, weirdness, freedom. It's a big weight. You need to share it. Go right ahead.

turbo - when I read the book I remember thinking that Tom Hanks would be perfect in the role. It just seems like his "sturdy man" type character. The other day I was debating this with a friend and I said the only other person (looks-wise, he's not an actor) for that character would be Tom Brokaw.
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