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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Mouse!! You are so so so so talented! your buttons sound awesome, and the wallets sound *great!* And what marvelous timing for them to show up on doodle's door today!

Yep, turbo has a hard time kickin' it in reverse! Of the other two greyhounds we watch all the time, one of them backs up perfectly fine, and one has a bit of trouble, but not like turbs. Funny thing is, turbo comes up for skritchies several times a night and he basically has to back up to get out between the couch and coffee table, 'cause he won't step over turbomann's feet. funny critters.

I don't think I could give turbs up. If I had to, and I lost everything, I'd give him to our greyhound friends, but I know they'd let us come live with them before we got that far down on our luck. Its good to have neighbors like that.

I really need to get knitting. I have so many half finished projects, and I need to finish at least a scarf and baby blanket by christmas time. Guess I'll go grab my knitting tonight, and get a little bit in.
Hi everybody!

I'm glad you all had good Thanksgivings! I did also - we went to my parents and we had a free-range turkey for the first time and soaked it in brine and everything and it was fantastico. I just love Thanksgiving. But it has been very difficult to get back on the healthy eating train after the feasting. I need to, though. I'd really like to lose about fifteen pounds by the end of January so I'll be a size smaller than I am now when it comes time to order a wedding dress in early February.

Turbojenn, my dog Abe hates to back up, too! He avoids it whenever possible and is very awkward when he is forced to do it. It is very cute to watch him deciding what to do when backing up would make the most sense but he doesn't want to do it.

I don't think I could give up either of my fur babies ever. We've only had Sweetiecat for less than a year but she is now MY KITTY FOR LIFE. I'd lie, steal bribe and commit heinous crimes so I could keep them with me if I had to! It's bad enough that they don't live as long as people. Fortunately, my parents love them a lot too, so if anything ever happened to me and JT, I know they'd take good care of them. Pets are just so special. Doodle, I loved your story about Bunny packing her toys in your suitcase.

Yay for Poodle's storage space! Even if it is spooky! Apartment storage areas are always so creepy, aren't they? In my old apartment I'd have visions of horror movie scenes every time I went down to mine to get something.

Everybody's crafting right now! I wish I knew how to knit and crochet. I am crafting this week, too. I've been working on my magnets like crazy for the little craft show I'm selling them in on Saturday. It is taking a while because I am a slow worker. I'm also going to be setting up a display of Diva's stuff at the craft show so she'll actually have stuff for sale in two shows the same day! I have no idea how many people are going to show up or if they'll like my stuff. No one else has really seen them yet so I don't really have any perspective on what people will think. I hope it isn't a situation where there's a big crowd but no one buys any. Then I'd feel really lame.

Mouse, from what I've seen of your stuff here, I also think you are very talented! Hey, would you be willing to trade me buttons if I sent you some of my magnets?

Happy Hump Day, people!

Hi Marileen! Nice to see you! It's been hard for me to get back on the healthy eating boat too, the holiday threw me off. I am doing ok now though, I think.

((Jake)) Ms GB, I hope Jake is ok. That is very worrisome. Has he seen the vet yet? Poor guy.

Hi PK! That sounds like a great opportunity-the job at the 24 hour cafe. But, like you said, it sounds like it would make you very, very busy. Let us know what you find out from the manager there!

Hi doodle, diva, poodle, fj, Mr FJ, mouse, moxie, & Jenn!

Diva, you've been turning them out eh? Your craft projects, I mean. Awesome!

I have picked my knitting back up, since there is not much else to do in the evenings right now. I am getting cabin fever at night, due to the early darkness. I hate that about late fall/winter.

I worked at home yesterday. And I use the term worked very loosely. I did do a lot of house work, if that counts.

When I came in today, my officemate told me that she was sick. I asked her what was wrong...sore throat & low grade fever. I said "do you not have any sick days?" She said she did but she was going to try to tough it out. Hmpf. She'd just better not get me sick in the process.
when people have sick days, why don't they take them? sheesh.

ok, working from home is done for now, so i'm off to start some projects here around the house. #1...organizing my pantry.
I wish I had one day a week to work at home....I think I'd really like that. I asked for it last year, though, and didn't get it. I was told to ask for special allowance whenever I need it. Bah. Everyone else in this stupid place gets permission to do that, but me...nope. They like me sitting in this chair just waiting for their last minute BS projects. Oh well. I take my slacker time elsewhere, I suppose.

And I *hate* biohazard employees...and if I had to share a cube with a sick person, kari, I would ask for them to find somewhere else to sit that day....that is so uncool. We have oodles of sick time here, so most people are pretty good about taking sick time, so that's one nice thing.

I'm with you, Kari...the evenings just seem so bleak now that its dark at 4pm. And picking up the knitting last night was really nice for me, so I'll keep at it, and see if I can get a couple things done before xmas.

Hi hi marileen!! Good to see you here - we've meeeced you!!

I talked to my mom last night, and it sounds like they're going to have to put down my childhood cat. Poor Bitty Kitty (yes, that is her name, straight from my 11 year old self)...she hasn't been eating for many weeks, poor thing has dementia, is blind and deaf, and she's not doing well without her sight. Poor dear. She's had a good 18 years, though, and until the last two months, she still went out to hunt every night, and would leave pressies for my mom on the back door. She's been a good cat.
Hi, peeps!

Marileen, I want to see your magnets! I'll be they're really cute.

I've been lousy at eating healthy lately, too. All food is convenience food right now, and it's getting pretty bad, it's just that I'm too busy to prepare meals. I haven't eaten enough green things in a long time, and my body can definitely tell.

Poodle, I'm envious of your friend who's getting the Etch-A-Sketch frame. That sounds like the coolest idea ever. And hooray for your storage space!

((((((((( get better, Doodle )))))))))

Mouse, that colored duct tape sounds awesome! I'd love to try it out sometime, but fear it'd just sit around until I found the most perfect thing to do, which wouldn't happen.

((((((((((unemployment vibes for Turbomann)))))))))) That sucks how they set him up to fail, then punished him when he did. I hope they're very well aware of what they did and get theirs for it.

Karianne, I don't understand why people don't use their sick days, either. They're there to be used and they don't always last forever.

Hi, Wombat!

Well, it looks like the Bustie vibes worked once again. I got $183 knocked off what I would've owed for my tickets and only had to pay $41 to get everything all taken care of. Whew! Not the perfect situation, but I'll take it.

I didn't get as much done yesterday as I planned. I took time out to eat and watch some Simpsons, and the giant decided he wanted to play with me for an hour, so that wasted a couple hours last night. I did, however, make fudge, wash all the dishes and 3 loads of laundry and put all my clean clothes away, and finish putting the tiles on one flower pot. I'd wanted to get 2 pots completely finished and grouted and sealed, but I guess that'll have to wait for tonight. So today my goal is to get 3 more pots mosaiced and grouted, cover 2 more votive holders and bake them, and finish a set of martini glasses I'm decorating with glass stones, wire, and beads. I know, it's a lot, but I have to aim high. I think I'm going to have to cancel on my gay boyfriend tonight unless he really wants to watch me work.

aw, poor little ((((((bitty kitty))))). 18 is a pretty ripe old age for a kitty i guess, but it's still sad. poor baby! mister boots is going to be 15 in about march or april next year. he's still healthy as a horse and pretty active for a nearly twenty pound pile of cat.

if we were forced to get rid of one of our kitties, i think we'd give up missus abigail boots. she's smaller and sleeker and would likely be adopted faster. she's a little younger, too.

i'm having a much better day today than yesterday. probably because i slept from about 8:30 last night until 8am. man, i was really hoping for an HBI last night, but couldn't even stay awake past dinnertime. hopefully, tonight will be a different story.

i didn't make it to my blood test yesterday because all the labs were closed by the time i was able to get out of work. i was thinking i'd do it at lunch today, but maybe i'll just make sure i can take off early this afternoon. i was doing payroll yesterday so i just couldn't get away. so i still have needles to look forward to. YAY.

Diva - you are going to be one busy woman this evening!! Any chance you could get some free labor out of your gay boyfriend?

Fj, I'm so glad you got some rest yesterday, and are having a better day today! Good luck with those needles! I don't mind shots, but then I had allergy shots for 22 years, so that'll take care of any needle fear. My smart momma plied us with a lollipop every week post-shot, so we'd take it, and sit still.

I'm having a better day today too! My website is almost fully functional! I launched a couple more features this morning, without mishap, and now I just signed up to use the same forum software that bust uses as well as, so I can quit the stupid wrestling with the phpBB2 software that's been giving me headaches for weeks! Thank cod my boss took pity on me, and was willing to spend a little cash to get the project rolling!
hellooooooooooooooooo!!!! (hears an echo)

hi turbo, fj, diva and moxie!

HI marileen!!!! you should pop in more often. biggrin.gif

jake's being a butthead...he won't eat the wet food cuz he knows if he eats the wet food, i'll give him antibiotics. which he hates. but if i don't feed him the wet food, he pukes up the antibiotics...

i still haven't called the vet...i will do that today. came home around 2 yesterday sick. and he called in sick today.

yeah dogs don't back up well....not least in my experience.

i need a day sleep and catch up on stuff. gah. and its super windy out. mini wind/leaf tornados are all over the roads....

gah...i'm babbling.....*goes back to crocheting a scarf*
hullo all

i am tired and FREEZING and the one bathroom that all twenty something of the ladies who work here share is flooded. it is not promising to be a good day.

but, i am cheered by your appreciation of my craftiness! i'm trying to figure out how/where to sell the buttons that i make; i already sell some at (under "alicke") but that's reproduction and i'd like to sell one-of-a-kind. maybe i'll look into an etsy shop.....i need to get my stuff together first though.

((turbo)) poor bitty kitty. 18 is quite a good age for a cat, though. and i love your 11-year-old nomenclature--my childhood cat was named "she-she pussycakes", i know where you're coming from. i also cannot think of that name now without thinking of porn. thankfully our other cat was just named jack. but it sounds like bitty had a good life, and she'll be better off this way.

marileen, i would totally do a button/magnet swap! pm me your address. and if anyone else wants to swap, or just wants a button, hit me up! **looks meaningfully at diva's chocolates**

hi kari! hope you don't get sick **germy forcefield vibes**

moxie, you're lucky getting to work from home. how's typhoid mary feeling these days?

poodley, i can't wait to see your finished etchasketch frame. it's such a freaking cool idea.

hey. where's MINX??

ETA: hey miss gb! are you freezing too?

and fj, i totally wanna send you this card tongue.gif
totally freezing mouse....i'm on my second cup of hot apple cider...and they are cooling off fast!!!

((((bitty kitty peaceful vibes))))

i am looking at making some chocolate truffles....damn if i didn't have time....i would....

*sadly puts away holiday gift mag *

you should totally do that, mouse....i'm sure it would sell and then extra cash on the side...and who doesn't like extra cash on the side.....??
(((((jake & mr gb))))))

Can you force the antibiotics down jake's throat? I always have to reach all the way in and shove it down turbo's gullet...'course, cat's are not usually so tolerant of such rude behaviors by their parents. Good luck!

And, mouse, I love your kitty's name - I burst out laughing here! In other silly pet names, my first guinea pig that I got when I was 5, (who lived to be 10 years old - ancient for a lil pig!), her name was MissNettlesSpecialPenny...all run together like that, one word. I wrote a book about her in first grade. smile.gif

YEAH, where is our Minxy? I do believe she owes us a tale.....
ahaha! that is the greatest guinea pig name EVAR. and i would LOVE to read that book.

i didn't have any other pets with weird names, but my favorite dolls when i was very wee were named humphrey vavump, ondon and lollabomba (who i ended up throwing out the window of a moving car while playing "hide the dolly" with my mom, totally not realizing that lollabomba was then hidden forever). oh, and hegga the frog, which, now that i think about it, is pretty onomatopaeic.

ms gb, i wish i had hot cider!
Hi, all. 2 pm again. Well, I've been up and about for hours! I swear!

I had a long meeting with other graphic types last night and may have a lead for a job!!


Also, I absorbed enough technical information to make my head spin.

I send an attachment PDF in an email to a cafe about a block away, go there, and print it. They give ya a card with lots of time (5 hours for 20 bucks) and it's only ten cents a print. Cause I still think printers are too expensive to maintain. (Maybe when the snow flies I'll change my mind! dry.gif ) So, I'm checking a couple different versions of my resume, PDF of works done package. It's amazing what ya just don't see on the computer screen that you see instantly when printed out.

I do have the scanner, and still want to do the family history of my boy's family, and give it to his relatives for Christmas. I could print it all on some nice old parchment -- we have a Blick's art store here that has wonderful paper. *sigh* I too have projects backed up -- fix minor mishaps on antiques, re-mold and guild plaster frame on old painting from Switzerland, alphabetize the albums. Gah!! Like Poods, I do what I say I will do -- but it takes longer than I would like.

Hi to Marileen and Karianne! And I'm glad that people are slowly getting better, wow, for awhile, both Mox and Doodle were afflicted!

I'm glad you got your gumption and optimism back for the crafting, Divala! You sound like you have great taste, so I'm sure it will go well.

~*~*~turbojenn and turboman prosperity vibes~*~*~
You are both smart and kind, and Chicago is doing fairly well economically, so, it will most likely work out well. hah! We both wrote our first "book" at the same age. Mine was one about my favorite troll-doll going to a haunted house and seeing a ghost!

I used to like the troll dolls because they stand up on their own two feet and I could choose to either do action adventure with them OR make clothes for them and do their hair. They weren't all prissy like Barbies. When punk came along, I was like, oooh, troll hair! Cool!

Hi, all. 2 pm again. Well, I've been up and about for hours! I swear!

I had a long meeting with other graphic types last night and may have a lead for a job!!


Also, I absorbed enough technical information to make my head spin.

I send an attachment PDF in an email to a cafe about a block away, go there, and print it. They give ya a card with lots of time (5 hours for 20 bucks) and it's only ten cents a print. Cause I still think printers are too expensive to maintain. (Maybe when the snow flies I'll change my mind! dry.gif ) So, I'm checking a couple different versions of my resume, PDF of works done package. It's amazing what ya just don't see on the computer screen that you see instantly when printed out.

I do have the scanner, and still want to do the family history of my boy's family, and give it to his relatives for Christmas. I could print it all on some nice old parchment -- we have a Blick's art store here that has wonderful paper. *sigh* I too have projects backed up -- fix minor mishaps on antiques, re-mold and guild plaster frame on old painting from Switzerland, alphabetize the albums. Gah!! Like Poods, I do what I say I will do -- but it takes longer than I would like.

Hi to Marileen and Karianne! And I'm glad that people are slowly getting better, wow, for awhile, both Mox and Doodle were afflicted!

I'm glad you got your gumption and optimism back for the crafting, Divala! You sound like you have great taste, so I'm sure it will go well.

~*~*~turbojenn and turboman prosperity vibes~*~*~
You are both smart and kind, and Chicago is doing fairly well economically, so, it will most likely work out well. hah! We both wrote our first "book" at the same age. Mine was one about my favorite troll-doll going to a haunted house and seeing a ghost!

I used to like the troll dolls because they stand up on their own two feet and I could choose to either do action adventure with them OR make clothes for them and do their hair. They weren't all prissy like Barbies. When punk came along, I was like, oooh, troll hair! Cool!
hi have been busy!!!

that's what i do, turbo. i pry open the jaws and give jakey a brain freeze..(the stuff has to be refrigerated) but it upsets his stomach if there is nothing in it. thus the puking. and its liquid....but its the clavamox....if we had the other stuff, he wouldn't be puking. PITA.

hi mouse! what a cute name....i had normal names i guess.....Thumper, fudge, carmel, peter, and then i got sheep and it got weird.....although i had a great name for one of my market pigs....Piggy beast. From one of my favorite books...which is of course in storage right now.

its noon already!!!!
I've never really had a pet, so no weird names. When we had goldfish, we just named them after the kids next door. Bo-ring!

Mouse, I'd totally sell your buttons at my craft fairs, if you want to send them my way. And I'd love to trade you some truffles for some buttons. Just shoot me a PM or an email at divabitch (at) bust (dot) com.

Wombat, your resume sounds pretty cool, though all this techie-speak goes way over my head. But I never got my gumption back for making crafts since I never really lost it. Sure, I refuse to make anything for periods due to burnout, but it's not like I'm afraid to.

Turbo, no free labor from gay boyfriend. I'm pretty firm about being a one woman show and will do whatever I need to do to keep it that way. I won't even let the giant's mom help with truffles or make jewelry, even though she's offered (and I just don't think she'd do it right and I'm also a terrible perfectionist). I love your guinea pig's name!

I think the giant and I are going to name our little dog "Scooch" when we eventually get one. It's such a fun word to say.

Hi, FJ and GB!

I'm toying with the idea of taking Friday off to work on crafts. I'm already leaving early to set up for my show, so I'm thinking maybe the whole day off would be a good idea. But when I do the math in my head, I have some troubles justifying it because my formula is that the price of the inventory I create has to match my hourly wage at work. I don't know if that's going to happen since I've got pretty much all of my higher-price stuff already made. But then you also have to factor in how much my sanity is worth. Hmmm...
(decided this would be better housed in the "say what??" thread)
Woo-hoo wombat!! Go get yourself that sweet job!!

Diva, I think sanity is worth far more than my daily wage!! I'd go for taking the whole day, if you have the time to spare!

My day is still going well, I like it when tech things work in my life! AND, one of my print vendors took me out to lunch, and paid - so my tummy is happy and full of basil fried rice made with brown rice - my favorite!
Hello all....quick post! Sitting at my desk having lunch again, also freezing. I have THREE layers on - t-shirt, sweater, and hoodie - and I'm STILL cold.

turbo, I'm so sorry about your Bitty Kitty. It's always sad no matter how old they get.

Weird pet names....let's see....childhood pets were Kissy Cat, Charlie (frog) and Jasper (budgie - yes, he was a post-cat pet). Then when I left home, there was Muffin (cat - named by a roommate), (Black) Sabbath (cat - inherited from a friend), Bunny (cat), Georgie, and Carmella. George and Charlie are the only names I ever really got to pick myself....even Carmella's is an adaptation from her original name (Caramel).

I'd love to have a budgie (or budgies) again, but it wouldn't be fair to the bird(s), with the cats. Budgies need to fly around the house! So they can access all the different mirrors, of course.

I don't think I named my dolls. Well, I wasn't really interested in dolls overmuch. When I played with them, they kept the same names they came with, so there was Teddy (the teddy bear - WHICH I STILL HAVE, noseless to this day), Baby Tender Loving Care (that was the brand name of the baby doll), Donald (Duck...shut up, I love Donald Duck), Barbie I/ Barbie II, and Jamie Sommers. (ETA: oh, I forgot the Ernie brother had the Bert.)

SHIT. I am FREEZING!!! And it's SNOWING AGAIN. I am actually shaking and teeth-chattering, I guess I need to get up and do more packing.
Hi all!

Yay! A marileen siting! I'm glad things are going well marileen.

~*~*~*~job vibes for wombat~*~*~*~

(((bitty))) I can just imagine her up in cat heaven right now, looking her bestest and dining on fresh tuna.


Those are some great pet names! I can't think of any odd names really, except that my friend's cat is named "Mike," which I find hilarious. Mike the cat. Ha! It makes me wish I had given my cats names like Jim or Kevin or Steve. I don't even think my cats know their names because I'm always calling them "pooper" or "poopy pants" or "puddy tat" or "tinky winky." laugh.gif Oscar responds to anything that has an "eee" sound on the end of it.

I've always been an advocate of skipping work even if it means losing money. Stay home, diva!

I'm cold too. I wish the vents in my office would actually blow out warm air.

Damn. I'm busted. I thought I had calculated my bank account correctly, but I guess not. Hopefully my direct deposit paycheck will go through tonight. It's not that I need to pay for anything today, but I would really like to buy stupid, frivolous stuff at Target. No fair!! Plus, Gus is gonna be pissed tonight when he doesn't get his yummy stinky wet food. Oh well, mama works to put that food on the floor, so he's just gonna have to live without it for now.
Poodle, I think that's the way it always is...when you're flat broke, that's when you get the urge for useless stuff at target. Just seems to work that way, eh?

I'm still cracking up over she-she-pussycakes!!! Bwahahaha!

Yeah, I'm okay with Bitty Kitty passing on, poor thing was scrawny when I was in MI last month, and the poor thing yowls at odd times...she's better off passing on. And her leaving will be a blessed gift for my terrible cat allergies, as much as we'll miss her.

(((((warming vibes for doodle))))) doodle, if its too cold for comfort there, you should just go home!
hey, how'd you guys know about my target urge? flat broke...had to buy new shelving. somehow the universe just works out that way.
Ok, turbo, ya got me. I came home! Seems this week, I can put in about 3 hours a day sorting through files and crap, and then my hands stop working. Dayum, I hope it's warmer next week. Actually, I think I'm going to pick up a ceramic heater and bill it to the organization...

poodle, Oscar and Gus are adorable names, much better than Mike or Steve!!

Hi moxie!
YAY doodle!! Good for you for coming home! And get yourself a heater somehow!!

Gotta run and make some dinna back later!
Oh no....I just found out a friend, whom I haven't seen in a few years, got the shit beat out of him yesterday. They are not saying, but I think it was a gaybashing. BFF and I are still waiting to see if we can get in to see him; he's on a ventilator in worse shape than yesterday.

The local RCMP never, ever allow any beating or murder to be defined as a gaybashing in this backwards town. I wonder what will happen...

Please send your vibes for Henry to get better...
Heheh...yeah, Gus and Oscar are good cat names, but I love the way "Mike" sounds so human. I can just see the conversation, "So yeah, I hung out with Mike last night and we watched the Family Guy marathon." "Who is this Mike guy?" "Oh, he's my cat."

It's pretty damn cold outside right now. It finally feels like winter. It's only 18F right now though, so it doesn't really qualify for the "colder than a witch's tit in an iron bra" designation.
(((((healing for henry))))) Doodle, that totally sucks...I hope your friend is going to be okay. I'll never understand hate crimes...if you don't like someone, just leave 'em alone. Bastards.

I like the idea of Mike the cat too...good excuse when you don't want to do something with people you don't care for. "no, man, I can't go out for beers....I have plans with mike tonight." It just doesn't work the same somehow with turbo.

(((((minxy))))) Much love to you, darlin'....but I think you need to consider that your most honest feelings going into that conversation was to let him go, once and for all to proceed with Math Baron. Your ex is not in a place to be a good partner right now, and while its wonderful that he's looking into really healing is not for you to do, it is not for you to witness. He needs to be on his own journey and take responsibility for who he is and who he is destined to be.

Hang in there, minxy, be good to yourself, and make the choice that is in your *highest good.* That is all that this is about....making the best choice for YOU...not for anyone else. Which partner inspires you to be your most whole self?


that is so awful, doodle. i'm thinking of him, and you.

i don't know your whole situation with the ex, in fact i hardly know any of it, but it sounds like none of this really has to do with you. and i'm sure you have every right to ignore advice from someone younger and less experienced than thee who is not dating anyone at all and in fact was patently ignored by the last person she expressed interest in, but....everything sounds like what is happening with math baron is something you want to continue, and something that could be wonderful--on whatever level that is. and if the ex has problems.....they're his problems. even if you care about him, you can't let him dictate whether you are going to go ahead with this new situation.

i'm sure it's more complicated than that, but if you can sort of understand the jist of what i'm getting at.....? i know sometimes i just need to be told that it's not my responsibility to deal with. and if i'm being presumptuous, please forgive, i only mean to help.

in l.m. montgomery's "emily of new moon" her favorite cat is named mike. and she makes up a word for him, "smee", which means soft and fluffy and sleek all at the same time. wub.gif

minx, all I can say is that even if you WERE interested in giving the ex another chance, he is in a place of needing a lot of help before he can be ready to be a good partner. I'm thinking at least a year of serious commitment to therapy, maybe longer, and probably couples therapy after that. Are you going to risk everything you've got with a wonderful guy like MB for the vague chance that ex is really going to change? Is it worth throwing away something tangible, real, and good, to roll the dice over something vague, hazy, and historically bad?

Be really honest with yourself about this: how many times, how many situations have you known of where guys who have behaved like shitheads have promised to change? Why do you think it took the threat of you ending it to make him even voice a desire to change? What kind of person decides s/he needs to change for another person, instead of for him or herself? What is that all about?

Listen, minxie, I know I don't know your situation very well, not any more than anyone else here. But you know I've met hundreds of women going through the same kind of thing. And none of us can tell you what to do, but I can tell you that if you're feeling numb, distrustful, and perfectly flummoxed, then your gut is already telling you what to do. You have to trust that voice inside. I know dating the MB is scary, because he's a good man, and that's a totally new thing! And you probably have no idea what to expect, which is nerve-wracking as hell. It's risky, like any new relationship. It's really easy to slip back into familiarity, even when it's bad, because we're comfortable with it, because we already know what the outcome will be. But ask yourself: is that what you want for yourself? Is that what you want for your daughter?

Ok, that's all I'm gonna say, I guess.

Thanks for your vibes for Henry, everyone. I know Bustie Vibes are powerful. Maybe if I get to see him, I'll loan him mousie's pin...
Oh no, that's so horrible doodle! How can people be so awful? ((((henry)))


So, this is really random, but I'm going to a job fair tomorrow (my first ever, actually!). Of course, my room is now littered in possible outfits, and I've decided to keep it simple: black cami, either black skirt or pants, black heels, and my dark teal-ish velvet blazer. So my short it too short for the skirt? Because my black one fits me kind of mini. It's not vulgar (I actually wore it to my undergrad graduation last year), and I'd wear it with black tights, but my legs are kinda long so it looks shorter than it actually is. Plus, I have blue hair (not totally, just the front, and I'm going to dye it as dark blue as possible tonight so that it doesn't look all ghetto and faded and scream BLUE! like it does right now). I know that can work against me, so I don't want to kill all my chances by showing up with blue hair and an inappropriate skirt. (But like I said, it's totally not vulgar or club-y). Everything about me will actually look fairly conservative and professional. *sigh* The plan is to check out teaching positions at CUNY. What do you think on the skirt issue?
excellent post, doodle. We're all here for ya, minxy, whatever you need.

faerie....back away from the short skirt...slowly now...that's it. cool.gif I'd go with nothing shorter than a demure knee-length...shorter than that, and its just not friends Stacy and Clinton from WNTW taught me that. And there's nothing wrong with wearing some nice pants if you don't have another skirt that'll work.

Good luck with the job fair!! ((((((make the employers want you!)))))
Mmm....I'd tend to agree with turbo on this one, faerietails. I've been on the employer side of the interview table, and (unless you're trying out for a job where your sexuality/feminine appearance is part of the game, like a nightclub job) you should never show up in a skirt shorter than knee-length. You simply won't be taken seriously. Especially if your hair is blue! But you can often get away with colourful hair if everything else about you is conservative. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a good pair of black pants, especially if you're wearing a blazer, which dresses up everything. And when you get there, don't freak yourself out comparing your appearance to others - if other people show up dressed slovenly (which is surprisingly common at job fairs!), then being dressed up will make you look more like the intelligent, professional employee everyone will want! Good luck!

I just watered all the plants....poor things were screaming with thirst, after me being sick for so long!

ETA: I found this book in the Centre today, which mistakenly didn't get packed up with the rest of our library when it went to the university. I figured maybe it was a sign I should read it!
((((((((henry)))))))) oh, doodle that is just terrible. and your comment about giving him mouse's pin made me cry. i think it's so sweet of you to think of that and i bet he'd really appreciate it if you gave him a little background. it's almost as though you recieved it when you needed it and now he can receive it when he needs it. i really hope you're able to see him and that he'll be ok.

((((minxy))))) i'm just going to ask you to re-read what doodle wrote. it's pretty much exactly what i would have said. there's no reason you can't eventually have a friendship with ex. but he's not going to be ready for even that for a while. meanwhile, you can suss out this new relationship with mb and see where it takes you. i understand there was/is a lot of passion with the ex - but there's also been a metric shitload of negativity. good luck babe!

i love the crazy pet names. i don't think we had incredibly crazy names for our pets: there was sugarbear, the picka-pome-poodle; peaches maria, the golden retriever and frosty, the alaskan malamute. i did have a cat when i was in 6th grade that i thought was a boy at first and named romeo. then, my neighbor said he was a girl, so i named her prissy. but ultimately, i found that in fact, he was a HE and for a short while called him pansy, but then settled on kitty. i had another sweet boy named tigger. he used to wait for me at the bus stop and walk me home each day, until one of our neighbors shot him and he got an infected abcess that wasn't fixable. sad.gif

when i was really young, my friend named her cat mow-mow, after the chorus in the song "elvira".

faerietails, i think a longer skirt is a better idea. when in doubt, go longer or wear pants. turbo is right. demure is better in these instances. your blue hair will hopefully be seen as you being an individual and creative. a short skirt might give the wrong impression. and unfortunately, first impressions are everything at job fairs.

i wish i had blue hair... i'm sort of toying with the idea of dying it when i get home from my training for my new job in january... i would LOVE a dark blue streak in the back. but my current corporate job wouldn't allow it. take that, corporate america!!!!!!!!

well, minx, I've got nothing to add to these words of wisdom.

I eventually learned that if I was always turning over and over in my head things that someone said, when I got home: Did they mean THAT?! No, they probably meant this...

that it was a lousy relationship. That's whether lover, friend, or employer.

My 2 cents.

Anyway, thanks for the vibes, and love to HENRY.

Oh, geez -- we had a cat named Muffy! She was the coolest. Stripey on the back and spotty on the belly with green eyes and pink nose -- she would cuddle with me at night and she would FETCH!!

A girl brought her kiten into high school, couldn't keep it, had named it "Minou" (french for "kitty'). My sister brought home the kitten, and my mom eventually consented to keep her, but thought "Minou" sounded too much like "manure," so we named her Muffy after the girl who brought her.

Yes, there were people named Muffy in my sister's high school.
turbo, that totally cracked me up! biggrin.gif Guess I'll be wearing the black pants then!

Yeah, I just can't bring myself to dye my hair back to normal, especially since it's just my "bangs" that are blue (all my hair is pretty much one length, so I don't know if they still count as bangs). My mom wouldn't let me dye my hair as a teenager; she barely let me get a pixie cut my senior year. So now that I'm 25 and I finally found it in me to actually bleach my hair and dye it regardless of my age, I just can't let it go. It's like latent rebellion and it horrfied the crap out of my mom when I did it (it was pillarbox red at the time), and I quite like it. *pets hair*
I posted a reply last night, but the Internet God with Big Teeth ate it.

I've already made my decision...I'll get into details later, 'cause I gots to get my baby out of bed, but I am waaaaaaay too much liking this whole self-respect trip. MB is a good person who has never let me down, stays the course, follows through with his plans. Damnit ladies, STOVE TOP, I'm stayin'!

Quiches and hogs, my lovelies.
((((((Bravo Minxy!!!!)))))) *throws confetti all over thread* I'm so glad you came to a decision on this that feels good, and fuck yeah, self-respect is good, and MB is good for you! Woo-hoo!

We've got a winter storm watch going into effect this afternoon...guess I'm not riding my bike this morning. Road bike + sleet = no good.

See ya's all later at work...
minxy- he'll be upset, and pissed and probably a little deluded. In the end, it sounds very much like a solitary journey he needs. The thing about the right partner is that they will reinforce and help you build your own self respect, because you ultimately help them build theirs. Its that whole Indigo Girls (yes, I'm 18 suddenly and breaking out the Girls) line "The close I'm bound in love to you, the Closer I am to free". Huzzah! for thinking of yourself and your own needs! WOOT!

Okey dokey- internet back up at work, and i've a thousand things to do. Hmmm...which is the priority here? Maybe just 1 Washington POst article, then some real work.
Awww, thanks minxy. You've earned and asked for the good that is in your life now...just enjoy it!! And while you can be worried for how the ex will respond when you finally cut him off, it is HIS journey, and not yours, whether he understands that or not, getting all tangled up as part of his support network right now is not for you to do. Since you have a good relationship with his mom, maybe give her a call, just to let her know that you are concerned for his well-being and that she might check in on him frequently for awhile, but that he needs to do this work on his own, without you in his life. That way, you can feel free to move on with the new relationship in your life.

Yeah, work. phooey. Back to forum programming this morning, but hey - I finally have something that works - now I just gotta make it pretty, and decide what to put in it!
Good Morning! Lots to comment on in here today...

((Henry)) Doodle, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. That is just terrible. Poor guy. sad.gif

Minx! I am happy that you feel so good about your decision! I hope everything goes ok on Saturday. I agree with Doodle, sounds like he's got a lot going on. Even if you did want to make a go with him, sounds like it wouldn't be easy. I wish him the best. And you!

Everyone's pet names are cracking me up. We had Iggy (cat), Atlas (Dog), Squatty Body (Dog), Shadow (Dog), Wilma (Pig), too many cats to mention, but they include Max, Tar Baby, Betty Boop, Baby, Lacy, Zelda, Wayne, and Chip. And of course now I have Yuki.

Mouse, I LOVE your artwork! I checked out your site, I really like the one of the girl on the giraffe. So pretty.

Minx, I agree with you...Jenn is such a wonderful cheerleader. Jenn, you always look on the bright side of things and are a consistent positive voice. I really appreciate that.
Fj! What is your new job going to be?

I love the card you posted Mouse, with the pregnant lady. That is hilarious. That would about wrap up my sentiments if I got knocked up. *knock knock knock* on wood for that not to happen anytime soon.

Good luck at the job fair, FaerieTails! I agree with everyone else, skirt may be too short. Err on the side of conservative. I have an interview tomorrow at a potential practicum site actually. Trying to figure out what to wear. And how I'm going to work it. Tomorrow is jeans day at my work, but I'll need to be wearing something nice for the interview. I am thinking a quick change somewhere is in order.

Things here are pretty good. This week has really gone by quickly. Went to my friend's house last night for delicious hot chocolate. It made me want to buy some, but she got it at Williams-Sonoma for $20. Um, no. That does not fit in my budget right now. Count me in on the broke busties. I just got paid, but really have very little money until next paycheck. I've gotten several unexpected bills here lately. Boo.
yes, minx!! you've definitely chosen wisely! i've no doubt that this is the right decision for you.

ok, so i went against all your advice about giving notice and decided to go ahead and call my manager yesterday and drop the bomb on her. it's just been weighing on me too much, practicing the conversation over and over in my head. i had to get it all out on the table. only, true to form, she didn't answer her phone and still has not called me back. so i called process dude and told him. he is psyched for me. he knows it's going to push her over the edge because she's had some staffing issues with other accounts, but that there is no way she would let me go sooner because it would be bad for business. so i called her again this morning, leaving a more urgent message.

and i just got an email from her saying she'll call me as soon as she's off her 10 o'clock conference call. it'll be nice to get this all out in the open. i don't need to be stressing over this bullshit.
I will get in the long line to say congratulations and good luck minx.

I always think there is a conspiracy but has anyone else noticed that this douche shows up every time minx tells us that she is finally over the ex and starts to date someone new? Then he offers his brass ring only to disappear when the new guy is out of the picture? I hope he gets help and changes for his benefit but from everything that minx has said he sure seems like a controlling manipulative shit. Did I read at some point that this guy knows you post here and has been know to read the board? Maybe that was someone else.

I will also get in the long line to say that turbo is the most kick ass woman in the world. You have made me laugh, cry and say "You're Maude damn right!" more times than I can count.
*blushes* Awwww, you guys are too kind. I just try to bring a positive, pro-active perspective everywhere I can.

I think the ex shows up at key moments, just for the universe to give minxy a poke in the ribs, to make sure she's paying attention, and sticking with the new choices in her can be heart-wringing when it happens, but OH, does it feel good when you make such a freeing choice!

FJ - good for you for calling the boss and letting her know about your plans. Just hold firm, don't let her wheedle more time out of you!! You are already moving on to your new job and new family - nothin's gonna stop you now!

*cue poodle with some totally appropriate lyric*

Kari, I love that you had a pupper named Squatty Body...was the name an apt description?

We also had a cat named guessed it, he was a beige tabby, who thought he was a dog...probably because our golden retriever raised his litter of kittens, 'cause Bitty Kitty wanted no part of motherhood...the kittens would come at her for food, and she would run away as fast as she could. We kept Beige, 'cause he was so attached to our dog, and they went together everywhere, and cuddled together all the time.

Hi, peeps!

(((((((((Henry))))))))) It's really sad when a place won't call something what it is. That helps nobody. I hope he makes a full recovery, toot sweet.

Yay for Minx! Just remember that this other guy has promised to change and NEVER ONCE HAS and most likely never will. MB is kind, sweet, dependable, and very good looking from what you describe. And he's a Star Wars freak! Them are good people, one of the most adorable things about the giant is his love of SW. But why wait until Saturday to cut the cord? Why not just do it now and get it over with?

Congrats to FJ for putting in notice! I've dreamed of doing that for about 6 years now.

Karianne, there are so many things I want to try at Williams-Sonoma, too, but I can't justify $20 on something I still have to make myself. Their cake mixes are even more, so I just depend on them cooking up some good samples to try when I happen to be in the area.

Ah yes, TurboJenn of the sage advice. It works every time.

Hello to everyone and lurkers and sometimes-posters!

I've decided today is my Friday since I will be taking tomorrow off. I just have so much shit to do and another 8 hours would work wonders. I managed to get the tiles on another pot and grout one I already had dried, but damn, that's a long process. I'd wanted to only charge $10 or so, but they'll easily be $20, just for all the time I put into them. And I still have to seal the grout when I get done with them. I brought stuff to do on my lunch break - putting polymer clay designs (cut off a tube so they're all exactly the same) on a votive holder. I might be able to get half of it done, maybe more since my boss isn't here today. I also went and spent a mint on beads and sterling silver wire last night, but I did get 40% off of my order, which kind of justifies it, and I didn't buy anything I don't have plans to use. I wish I could go home and start working on stuff again, but that would be bad. I should just stick it out today.

Diva, color me impressed with all the work you've put in lately on your projects. Wow! I think you should definitely charge $20 for the pots.

Fj! yes! Good for you! You will feel so much better once the news is out in the open. Good luck!

Hi gloomysunday!

Jenn, yes, Squatty Body was an apt name. It was a mini weiner dog. My mom currently has two other mini weiners. Tater & Zippy. They are smaller than Squatty was though. Probably about 6LBs each.
hehe. tater and zippy. priceless.

ok, the deed is done. the bomb has been dropped, the eagle has landed.

and now i feel WONDERFULLY free. almost as if today were my last day. i still have to tell the client about it, but manager wants me to wait until we know if we've got the contract for next year. i guess she's afraid it would be hinged on my being here. and if that truly were the case, they could easily pull back the contract as soon as i tell them i'm out the door. but whatever, it's all her responsibility now.

she was sad about it, but happy for me. she thanked me for giving her as much notice as i did. she told me that she will miss me and that she's always been able to count on me out here. that if anything ever happened and i wanted to come back, i could just call her and she'd willingly let me.

i can imagine her head is spinning right now. but i'm feeling really good about it.

oh, williams sonoma, how i love thee. and hate thee at the same time...

i want to blow off the rest of the day and go shopping. and yet, i have no money. i'm in the same club as most of you guys, i guess.

diva, the votives sound really cool. as do the martini glasses.

oh, karianne, i'm going to be an appointment setter, working from home on a laptop and headset. i'll be selling people love. (no, not a phone sex operator/escort!!!) i'll be setting them up to meet with high-end dating services. it sounds like a fun thing to do. i just have to learn the ropes. and according to my friend (who will also be my boss) it's a very lucrative position. my main concern is that i make the same i am making now, but that i get to do it from home.
FJ, that means you can still work if you need to take it easy, physically, right? That's AWESOME.

ok, off from meeting to lunch. kisses to busties
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