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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hello all....I've decided to take one more sick day (since I have hardly used any of my paid sick days this year anyway). I can't believe how long this is hanging on...not just lingering, but smothering me! Gah.

Are spa days really super expensive? I've no idea. Mind you, we don't live in a big city, so it might be a bit cheaper here. Anyway, there's a board member looking into it...we'll see what she comes up with.

karianne, of course you can come with!

miz gb, I'm so sorry Molly is abusing poor Jake! Maybe it was a one time thing? I know when Carmella arrived, she put quite a bit of violence into establishing herself as the boss kitty...although she never quite injured George like that (though I have found the occasional mysterious skin injury on him). The experts always say to let cats "work it out," but I suppose the claws/no claws thing will continue to be a huge problem, since Jake is without his natural defenses, poor guy. I'm sorry you have to even think about making a decision like this.

turbo, I wish I could take you out for a nice, scrumptious dinner, with loads of good red wine.

Hello also, poodle, diva, wombat, mouse, taloo, minx, FJs, and everyone lurking!

Ok, I think I need to go lie down for a bit.

Oh, thanks for participating in my poll....btw, I don't have any visible icons on my desktop. I find them an asthetic blight...I prefer using the start menu! What can I say....
doodle, you need to rest...and get fully recuperated!

as for molly, jake is holding a bit of a grudge...wouldn't you if you got your ass handed to you by a cat who's half the size of you? so he's been a bit defensive, understandably. but they are still fighting....nothing crazy as before simply cuz we won't allow it. jake has several cuts on his face and i don't want an eye taken out in this mess. Plus, all this med care isn't cheap. jake has to eat Prior to taking his meds....or he'll puke it he reminded me he's enjoying the wet food portion of this....

hi kari, taloo, PK, poodle, diva, turbo, fj, minx, moxie, wombat and mouse! where's lurv and tart??
oh, poor kitties. Any idea what started the fight? We had a 4 week tolerance rule when we got the 2nd cat. If, after 4 weeks, the older cat didn't warm up to the new one, the new one went back. We ran very close to that timeframe, too. Some cats are meant to be solitary pets. Sad, though.
I'm here! Just more active in the mamas' threads, as that's where my head is at these days & I don't want to be That Mom Who Won't Shut Up About It... and in the Sniff, Sniff thread, because I have not one iota of self-control these days, it seems. Love to ma laydeez (& men), though - just 'cause I don't call doesn't mean I don't care...
Oh no, Ms GB! Sounds like a bad fight. I hope the two start getting along really soon. You've had Molly for about a week now? 2 weeks? I can't remember. Do you think that maybe this was their one big blow out and now that that's over, things can start to improve? (Trying to be optimistic!)

Doodle, I am glad you took another day off. You deserve it & it will help you get better. Good call.

Mouse! You have been busy, girl! Eight freelance projects? That is a lot! At least you are making some cash. I agree with whoever said tell us when your stuff hits the stores.

Diva, OMG, it sounds like you had an experience like I did not too long ago. We stayed at this gross house after attending a wedding. *shudder* It grosses me out just thinking about it. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving before embarking on the terrible trip. I don't blame you for taking the day off!

Wombat, I'm with you. I rarely go to the gym when I am on "vacation." I just can't make myself.
hi tart! smile.gif

good idea, moxie! originally, my time frame was january. but the thing is...if we are going to send her back, we have to do it soon...before it gets REALLY cold back east. like this week! somehow i have the feeling like I am going to be pinned as the 'bad guy' if we send her back. cuz i'm the only one saying we should. and my parents are like "well, we'll see..." we won't. she's the new kid; she gets the boot! grrr....i just don't like my furbabies getting hurt. or the impending doom. just makes me feel helpless. huh.gif ok ok...enough.

next topic: family white elephant gift exchanges....has to be something you already have or homemade. What would you give? mellow.gif

ETA: cross post with kari: we've had her two weeks and i want to be optimistic--really i do--but i am having a hard time with this.
(((gb household))) My cats went through a fighting phase for about 5 weeks and eventually got over it. I kept them separated for a while, but then I decided that they're just gonna have to deal with it on their own. Both of my cats have claws though. Oscar, who does most of the bullying, knows the word "NO" and he usually stops, especially if I press down on his head or stand over him to show him who's boss. Try a little tough love. Also, Gus had a little "safe spot" where he could avoid Oscar but still be in the room with everyone. He used to lay on top of the hutch and Oscar wouldn't touch him up there. It's all a territorial thing with cats, whereas dogs are more concerned with social rank. The only difference in our house now, is that Oscar allows Gus to hang out in the rest of the apartment. The territorial boundaries are still there though.

A day at the spa usually costs over $200 here (per person).

An artsy road-trip sounds awesome mouse!! Do it!

Guess what I found! A Jimmy Page action figure!! If only I could find the rest of the band. I would really like Who action figures, too. I can just imagine a Pete Townshend action figure with reverse windmill strumming action.

I also found this bitchin' Rosie the Riveter action figure!! I want to buy one for my niece. I'm nervous about buying stuff from small online businesses after my AB/CD incident. They still haven't replied to my email. Cocksuckers.

Where did you go in Iowa, diva? Souix City is only 4.5 hours from here, so it wasn't totally awful. I noticed that Iowans stick to the speed limit. There aren't even any cops along that route. I was going about 80, while everyone else was going 65. In Minnesota, 65 means 75-80.
hi hi

oh wow. today has been ROUGH so far! i didn't want to get up this morning. wound up 20 minutes late for work. i hate the week after a holiday weekend! oh, but the weekend was great so i'll try to focus on that for the rest of the day.

i just got back from the grocery store. i have been feeling SO sick all day; gagging and such. finally at around 1:30, i got hungry. for lucky charms. so i went to buy some and saw apple jacks and decided to get a variety pack of cereals. after a box each of apple jacks and fruit loops, a sprite and some saltine crackers and my tummy is happy.

i'm sorry that the kitties aren't getting along. that's way more than a hissy-fit. poor little jake! i wonder why molly went off on him last night. usually it's the other way around, where the already established kitty goes off on the newly transplanted one. i hope they can come to grips soon. i know you'd hate to have to give her back, but if that's what is healthiest for all parties involved, that's what you'd have to do.

everyone sounds like they had great turkey days. ours was great too. pretty uneventful, which is always a good thing. we went walking in a state park on friday, and then on the riverwalk on sunday. we took grover both days, so she felt very happy and hopefully "thankful". smile.gif

doodle, i can't believe you are still sick! i'm glad you took some time off! you deserve it!

oh, so i told one of my colleagues about my decision to leave the company last night. and she proceeded to TRUMP my secret and tell me that she's FUCKING our processer dude!!! YIKES! i mean, it's not that big of a thing because he's not at all our manager, just helps with out individual account processes. the biggest deal is that he's totally NOT what i would have thought her type. she's the one i told yu guys about before that is very BUSTie material and he's a former marine conservativo by-the-books kind of guy. he's cool enough, but very square... but she tells me he's the best lay of her life! holy crap! i am still squirmy and squicked out over it, but at least i know she's not going to spill my secret!!

haha, i guess i was dying to tell someone. i'm so glad you guys are always here, even if only for that reason at times. hehe.
Poor kitty kitty.

It seems they hinted about Molly in the ad. That she has personality problems with other cats. So, they had better do right by you. Maybe take some pictures of Jake as he is now. Dayum.

Turbojenn -- I must confess going back and forth to our library is kind of a pain, too! This stuff is overdue at this point. It was a lot easier when I was going downtown for some reason.

Yep, I'll second you all on being very impressed with mouse!! Maybe I'm wearing one of your t-shirt designs alreeady!

FJ --- hm, the strong man type. I've been tempted. Like, "Aragorn" in LOTR or ... Liam Neeson-- in his fake Chinese master guise who's name I can't remember -- in Star Wars. Heh! I don't know if a PITA personality would be worth it, though.
thanks for the vibes....

wombat, molly does have an alpha personality...even mom just called, and molly is apparently pawing at the door wanting to be in the same room as jake. sheesh. not in the agressive the 'i miss you' way. odd.

fj, i love those little cereal mix boxes package....its just good for the heart. and the kid inside. wowsers on the coworkers secret relationship info.....but now you can do 'knowingly winks'....hehehehe

mouse, roadtrip? did i miss something?

golly....37 minutes to go ......can i make it? blink.gif

As for photos of jake's wounds...i tried the other day with the camera phone but it wasn't working all that well....i'll have to try with the regular camera.
awww, msgb! maybe molly wants to apologize! hehe! have they snuggled at all? i sure hope she can make herself a welcome part of the family. i know it took mister and missus boots a very long time to finally love each other. but he would mostly hiss at her (she was the "new kid" in the family) and she would lower her head and walk toward him. he only pawed at her once or twice )he's got the claws and she came to us without hers) though. i never really seriously considered giving her back to our friends because i knew they'd eventually get along (and that's even after she left a steaming loaf on my PILLOW!!). i think it took about six weeks before they were loving each other. but this is definitely a different situation since molly is already drawing blood!
***hoping for all the best for everykitty involved***

and yes, glory to the variety pack cereals.

mouse, i agree! the roadtrip sounds awfully tempting. did you say that would be next summer (or did i dream it?)? would you be able to take a leave of absence? or maybe you could line up a whole bunch of freelance stuff for when you get back from the trip. that sounds neat-o. i think i would do it if i were in your position.
miss gb, that's such a bummer about the kittehs not getting along sad.gif if jake had claws i'd say let em get it out of their systems, but it's so not fair to him....i agree, you gotta do what you gotta do for all involved. it sucks though!

re: roadtrip--an old college friend who i haven't spoken to in about three years found me on myspace and has invited me along on this road trip she and a few other artsy people are going to go on this summer, leaving time capsules and making art along the way and living in a biodiesel powered van....i'm so tempted since it's the complete opposite of my 9-5 corporate life right now but i don't know the details...i have a lease, blah blah blah.....

i'm all *aw shucks* in regards to the work compliments. i honestly don't know about the freelance stuff, since i'm so far removed from it i don't know if them buying it from me means that for sure it's going into production, and production anyway takes around 3 months, but i think a lot of their stuff ends up in target and department stores. but i could use some bustie vibes that they buy all of the ones i slaved over this weekend!

i just tried to go get chinese food--i've been craving spicy fish for some reason--and the place i like to go to is completely closed, under construction. boo. i have a salad from vons instead. boo.

fj, i think pregnancy is catching--a friend of mine just got pregnant, and i found out that my best friend's sister is having a baby too!
FJ - you are totally preggo - craving apple jacks and lucky charms!! I love it! Apple Jacks were always my sugared cereal of choice as a kid - we each got to pick out one box per month, and woe to the person who snuck any of our cereal! tongue.gif

mousie - I'd say start planning for the road trip now - save up that extra cash you're making so that you can cover your rent for awhile, and still make the trip...sounds like a super fun idea to me! And I'm sure you will have years of good stories and laughs between friends post-trip!

Mmmm....mouse, spicy grilled fish sounds fab! I kinda blew the weekly food budget on thanksgivin' though, so I'll have to add that to my list for next week.

ms gb - I'm with moxie on giving molly more time to acclimate. Do your best to establish some rank in the household - two footers are in charge, yo! And then give the two kitties some supervised time together each day. But, what do I know...I'm a dog person, and mostly I know how to deal with the alpha issue in canines.
Hey again all...

My sliding balcony door is frozen shut!!!


I feel all bad for Jake, poor little guy. I think the one factor that makes the situation different from other multi-cat households is the de-clawed versus fully-clawed kitty thing. It's unfortunate. Cats usually can work it out, but neutered males really are the bottom of the kitty totem pole, and being de-clawed no doubt makes Jake extra-low in social status, in Molly's view. If Jake is the victim of similar attacks in the near future, the only choices might really be to either even the playing field by de-clawing Molly (ugh!), or to send Molly back. *sob*
Mmmm....I just had an avocado sandwich with provolone and loads of veggies.

Heh...Gus was attacking Oscar earlier and the two ended up in this funny 69 position on the floor where they kick each others heads. At some point they realized that nobody was winning, so they went back to their usual routines. Weirdos.

An inter-office mixed-politics affair?! How scandalous! I could see how getting it on with a conservative would be sorta hot, as long as they had a sense of humor and things weren't too serious. So how did she react to your plans to leave?

(((mama FJ)))
I don't know if getting it on with a conservative is a hot idea to me, but I've always had this fantasy about seducing a priest...




That little fantasy came wriggling back to the surface after I saw Quills for the first time this weekend...
Mmm....poodle, that sammich sounds gooooooo.

We just had black beans and rice for dinner. I love me some Zatarans.

Kitties are so weird....I'm not sure I really get them, though I love the thought of friendly kitty wrestling, and then all of a sudden they pretend like it never happened. cuteness.

turbo ran into the fence tonight at the dog great was his passion for yelling at Romeo the Great Dane, who taunts him from the was really just funny, more than anything. Not so good with the depth perception in the dark.
A priest, eh? Hmmm...I come from a very Catholic family and have an uncle who is a priest, so that fantasy doesn't quite work for me. tongue.gif

I'm watching The Bachelor finale. I developed an addiction to the show because it's on after Wife Swap, which I'm totally addicted to. *hangs head in shame*

Yeah, my cats are brothers and they do the stuff that brothers do--push each other around a little, then break bread with each other. Occasionally, they give each other loving "licks." They used to curl up with each other, but they're both too big to fit on the chair these days.

Ha! Turbodog sounds so funny!
Yeah I think Quills had that effect on me too, doodle! Damn, that movie was hot! *starts fantasizing about Joaquin*

My (very liberal) friend once dated a really conservative guy. A group of us ended up going into a sex store, and the salesguy kept recommending all these couples things like vibrating cockrings. My friend just kept going, "I think he'd die if I suggested that" with everything the salesguy brought up. No fun!
faerietails, I KNOW! Something about Joaquin in that black cassock...looking all tortured 'n' stuff. *rowr*

Hey poods, are Oscar and Gus real brothers? Like same litter brothers?

I'm envious of people who's cats cuddle....I never get cuddling cats. Sometimes - once in awhile - Carmella and George might lie on opposite ends of the couch or the bed or something. I know they are good play buddies and all that, and Carmella will usually let George lick her head a few times. But I want to see cuddling, dammit! I don't think George is a cuddler, though. I guess I have to blame his kittenhood balcony prison for that.

turbo....turbodogg ran INTO the fence? Like: smoosh!? Poor critter! (But what, exactly, does turbodogg think he's going to do to a Great Dane? Heh.)

I didn't sleep well last night. I've got the latest eppie of CSI, I think I'm going to watch that and then hit the hay...
Nah, Oscar and Gus aren't from the same litter. They probably had different parents, but you never know. They're both from Nordeast Minneapolis, so there could very well be some kind of relationship. It was super cute when they used to cuddle. It looked like a huge black furry blob with a couple random splotches of white. I guess they're too cool to cuddle now that they're "men." Fortunately they still cuddle with me.

Okay, I suppose I should go to bed now.

Hi hi.

Wow. Poor Jakey. Ya know what, my friends have three cats. Two of them they have had for years, and one of them is declawed and they found her out in the desert close to their job. They took her home and got attached really fast. Her name is Jinxy. The other two cats harrass Jinxy all the time, attacking her, chasing her. It's so sad. Jinxy started peeing on the floor, we think from stress.

After a few months, they asked me if I might take her, but I said I couldn't afford a pet deposit and I am not home enough to give a pet the proper attention. Now, Jinxy has stopped peeing on the floor, but the other two cats still torment her. Poor poor Jinxy. I have been thinking more and more about taking her. But I'm pretty busy all the time and the poor thing would be alone a lot.

Doodle - sorry you're still sick. Have you lost your appetite as well? Maybe eating will help. Have you been getting enough fluids? I know I sound like a gramma. Sometimes I wish I was a doctor.

Guys, Turbo - A couple weeks ago I read a disturbing article in the Tucson Weekly about a guy from Colorado who picked up a whole bunch of greyhounds (over 100) from the Tucson Greyhound Park to take back to Colorado to put up for adoption. An activist smelled a rat, and started an investigation, and it turns out that all the dogs have disappeared and he can't account for any of them. None of them were adopted. I think they suspect the guy of selling the dogs to research. Isn't that awful? I mean, horribly awful? It made me really really wish I could adopt a greyhound.

I finally went for a bike ride on Saturday. Since I am waaay out of shape, I only rode for about a mile, down a dirt road. My thighs hurt a little, but it was really really fun. I got front and back lights today, and tomorrow I'm getting a helmet, then I can finally ride to work. Yay!

Saturday night I was asked to take a part-time position as the pastry cook at my favorite 24-hour diner. I don't know if I can swing it because it would be 4 days a week, and I am already working full-time, but I really want to do it. Then I could stop serving at the hotel lounge. I'm just nervous to say yes because I don't know if I can handle it. I *want* to be able to handle it, but what if I can't?????? I need to sit down with the kitchen manager and figure out what they need as far as volume of output, etc. Maybe. I hope. I need money and experience.

If I take this job, I will definitely not have time for a pet. I dream of having a pet. Maybe I should get a chinchilla. They're cute, huh?
I don't get it on with conservative girls very well. Or maybe they don't get it on with me. Either way, it's usually doomed before it begins. Actually, if I think about it, I probably don't get along famously with anyone whose outlook is rigid - conservative or liberal. Not much is absolute and everything is relative. Something is attributed to Bertrand Russell along the lines of: "the problem with the world is that that fools and fanatics are always so certain and the wiser so full of doubt" and I think that applies to people no matter if it's politics, fashion, sex or whatever. If some girl with a sweater wrapped around her neck tells me sanctimoniously that the country is safer under a Republican administration we probably aren't going to get horizontal. Damn my meddling value set.
mr fj, I think your meddling value set is serving you well...hard to disagree with that!

My big bro is trying to get us to move to CO, now that turbomann is available for employment (anyone need a packaging engineer?), and while it would be awesome to live near them...I'm not sure about living in a red-leaning kind of scares me.

PK! Nice to see you! I'd be careful on taking that extra pastry job...make sure they are clear on expectations, and see if you can cut the shifts down as much as possible. The extra money isn't worth it if you burn out or sacrifice your health.

Yep, doodle, turbo ran right into the fence, needlenose first! And then he wobbled for a minute. In our neighborhood, danes and greys are like sharks and jets...there's class rivalry there...they'll get riled up at each other at 50 paces. All because there used to be a dane in the 'hood that became ferociously protective of his owner when she was pregnant, and seemed to go after the greys as often as possible for some reason. Now, its ON between all danes and greys in our neighborhood. Silly puppers.

Mmmm....Quills....quite the decadent movie, there.
I think its friggin adorable that there's a pupper rivalry in ROgers Park. HiLarious!

I've heard from 2 different people that CO ain't all its cracked up to be for a place to live. Place to visit=awesome; place to live=strange and unusual.

I'm at home (yeah!) having lunch b/c i had a job site nearby. I love little respites like this. Especially since the ass-hat contractors who are re-tarring the roof of my work-building knocked the GD satelliete out, which means no internet at work. Sigh...

MrFJ- we had bertrand russle read at our wedding. Part of the minister's service was about how marriage is a choice we make every day, and she used a russle quote regarding that.

K, since I won't see you all till tonight at least (gulp...), here's goof things tuesday:

1. No fever so far for moxette today (teething is a bitch!)
2. Its sunny and pretty outside. Its creepy, but I'm gonna choose to enjoy it today.
3. A potentially VERY lucrative job site that i just looked at.
4. Visiting moxette at school! off to do that now, on my way back to office.


greys vs danes....sharks vs jets.....hahah.....oscar and gus not cuddling cos they're too cool for it.....i love how anthropomorphic all the okayers animals are smile.gif

moxie, i read "we had bertrand russell read at our wedding" (reading "read" as the present tense and not the many more times can i use the word read in this sentence!) and immediately thought you meant that HE read at your wedding, and then my brain started to hurt.

hi pk! i feel the same way about pets....i'd love to have one, but my space, time and money are so limited right now and i don't feel i would be able to give it the life it deserved. plus, i feel like i'm still going to move around a lot before i settle down and that's so difficult for animals. as much as i'd love a cat or a smallish dog, i love more knowing that i can up and leave and not be responsible for another living creature. i mean, i treat my houseplants badly enough.

speaking of up and leaving, this roadtrip thing is really occupying my brain right now. it's going to be a LONG trip--like the entire summer--but they're making the whole thing into a sort of archiving art project, leaving time capsules with the intent to stay in touch for the rest of their lives until they have kids and the kids are old enough to go find the time's a pretty awesome idea, but it's getting so elaborate. and three months is a long time to not live in my apartment, and i'm not really allowed to sublet, and i worry that if i take that much time off from working i'm not going to be able to come back into it at the level that i was when i left, and i don't even know if i'm ever gonna HAVE kids, and as much as i like roadtrips i'm also a big fan of having a home base and being able to shower regularly and i just don't know about this.
Aren't there parts of CO that are really liberal? I was under the impression that Boulder had a liberal feel to it.

Awww...poor jinxy...I just let Gus and Oscar deal with their pecking order, because it's their weird cat business. Somehow they feel the need to operate that way. I guess humans are pretty much the same.

Good Things Tuesday:
1. My boss is uber busy
2. I get my expense check

Where is everyone?

ETA- Hi mouse!
turbo, my bff lives in colo....her and her engineer hubby love it. my bro and his wife live there too and the weather's been real nice up to late. 70's even.

HI everybody!!!! laugh.gif

sigh...the kittys still argue...nothing crazy like before...and is really holding on tothe idea of keeping molly. which is odd for him. since he's the one who complains all the time that the 'kitties hate him'. lol. so we have them separated to their own rooms....jakes in the bedroom/bath and molly's got the kit/liv. area. and in all this, is getting sick(sore throat and sneezy cough) and i even took his temp. this morning(no fever). So can i please get some healthy vibes for him? and jake's suspicious lump. i gotta call the vet and see what he wants to do about that....the lump seems to be staying the same size but its 'surfacing' if that means anything. gah...what a mess. and he threw up the meds again yesterday. momma gb has offered to drop off jake at the vet tomorrow if necessary. i am hoping it can wait until friday when i can take him in myself.

(((Moxette teething vibes)))))that's no fun.
(((momma fj vibes))))
((((turbomann jobby job vibes))))
(((PK job vibes)))

good things tuesday...

-good veggie lentil soup along with baby zucchini and salad
-a cupcake reserved by my coworkers for me. biggrin.gif
-its no longer monday! yay!
-lots of kitty cuddles this morning.
Mouse - what about just going on, say, 3 weeks of the trip? If they're friends, then they'll understand that you have financial commitments and can't take the whole summer off because you've got rent to pay. I'd say there's still plenty of fun to be had in a more limited amount of time, and then you just hop a plane home!

Yeah, I'm just totally on the fence about CO - there's so much that would be great about it, lifestyle wise - the Denver area is supposed to be very bike friendly, good hiking and skiing close by...I would love that. I would just have to make sure I still get my urban fix, close to transit and all that. I dunno, I love my home on the lake and in the city so much, its hard to think about giving that up, and renting our place isn't an option with our stupid condo board. I dunno - I suppose we'll toss turbomann's resume out to my bro's company, and see what happens.

ms gb - I sure hope molly can call a truce with jake - I just feel bad for him 'cause he can't fight back really...and I know how it is with those un-furred animals - their skin is thinner than most, so it can get bad fast. Turbo's got a 5" cut on one of his legs this week, just from running, and his dew claws scrape his leg when he whizzes around the park.

(((((mr gb health vibes)))))

Good things Tuesday:
1. acupuncture treatment this afternoon
2. turbomann doing laundry and resume writing
3. thinking of good opportunities ahead for all busties!!
Went to lunch with a co-worker today. On the way back to the office we passed a pond in front of a shopping center. I pointed out to her a group of turtles sunning themselves on the grass.

"Those things sticking up the air," she said. "Are those their feet?"

"No, those are the their heads. It's funny that the first thing you'd think is that they would stick their feet in the air."

Well, I thought they were laying on their backs."

"Have you ever seen a turtle laying on its back?"

"Well, how else is a turtle going to sun itself?"

"Please be quiet."

hello and happpppy tuesday!

i'm feeling a little BLAH today. super tired. my hair looks like poop 'cause i went to bed with it sort of wet last night and didn't wake up in time to do anything to it. i'm just so tired all the time.

have to go get some bloodwork done this afternoon, so that oughtta *drain* me even more. but i'm going straight home afterward to cook up some chicken. today, i crave protien! i think i need to eat some green veggies tonight too, even though that just doesn't sound that great to me right now. so far today, i've stomached a bowl of lucky charms and a cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing. i can use the the cream cheese as calcium, right? please!?

turbo, my SIL and her wifey lived in CO for a while. denver. they loved it. i agree: just toss turbomann's resume out there and see where it sticks! sometimes i think i would like to just pick up and move someplace different. but with everything going the way it is now, we have enough CHANGES in our lives already! smile.gif

mouse, i was gonna ask the same thing as tj: how about half the trip, or just a leg of it?

ok, gotta run. i have a termination meeting to sit in. oh, my favorite.

Hi, peeps!

I've just gotten done reading 5 pages of archives, so here goes:

(((((((health vibes for all Busties and their families and pets))))))))

That Sunshine sure is a freak.

Poodle, we drove 35 straight through Iowa with a brief stop in Ames to see where the giant went to college. Your Thanksgiving sounds like it was a lot of fun. BTW, Tom Waits is on The Daily Show tonight. I'm going to tape it and keep it on the DVR for you next time you come over.

Moxette's walking!!!!! Eeeeeeeee!!!

Turbo, my BFF's sisters live in CO, I believe Denver, and I don't hear a whole lot of good about it. It seems a lot like a gossipy small town, from what I've heard. Sounds lovely to visit, though.

Wow, Mouse, you got a crapload of work done!

That sucks about the cats, GB. I hope that big fight was the end of it. If I believed that getting rid of claws wasn't slightly cruel, I'd totally say to even up the playing field.

FJ's got the morning sickness! At least you know things are moving right along like they should.

Hi, Wombat, PK, Doodle (good on you for the package you negotiated), Lore, MrFJ, and everyone else around!

Can I get some good luck vibes, please? I'm going to go fight my tickets at 2:00 CST. I'm hoping my receipt from donating my car to a very worthy charity will sit well enough with the hearing officer to let the tickets go. And it's not like I can buy tabs for a car I don't own anymore anyway.

I was very productive yesterday. I fixed/finished 4 bags, so now they're ready for sale, bought all the sales bags I'll need, made a bracelet, and fixed my key lime ganache so now it has more lime flavor. It was kind of fun to dump everything, including a couple dozen finished truffles, into a double boiler to melt back down. There's a little extra chocolate in the mix, but that won't hurt anything. Maybe the insides won't be as soft as they were, and they were really freaking soft. Tonight I'm going to make 4 mosaic flower pots, do 2 loads of laundry, make fudge, produce all the truffles I'll need to give Marileen for her sale on Saturday, and generally get as much shit done before 11:00 as possible. I figure I'll have a solid 8 hours to work, so I should be able to be uber-productive.

I'll be so glad on December 6th when all my sales will be done and I won't have to spend every waking hour in the kitchen or at a crafting table.
Hey! How did it get to be 2 o'clock in the afternoon?!?!?!
Did a bunch of bizwax with morning.

~*~*~selling vibes for Diva and Mouse!~*~*~

~*~*~doodle transition, great new job vibes~*~*~

AND ~*~*~Molly chillout vibes!~*~*~

I'm not suggesting getting rid of her instantly, just, just in case, keep a record.

Hi Moxie and Turbo and Falljacketsssesss.

Good things Tuesday:
I have a get-together with friends tonight.
I am finally getting my promo package so it is good looking
My nice apartment
My nice boyfriend
My nice new computer.

Enjoy these things! I am fussing about getting stuff done. *sigh* Did major workout last night.

Everything is swell...

How could I forget POODLE!! Hi, Poodle!

Our cats used to chase each other, but not hurt each other too much. Funny little things. You'd think, two hands, two cats, but NO! They each wanted undivided adoration at different times.
Gah!!! I just spent about an hour on the phone with the student loan people. Soooo confusing. Fortunately I'm getting a month long forebearance so that I'll be able to catch up on the payments.

~*~*~*~ticket fighting vibes for diva~*~*~*~

Thanks for recording The Daily Show for me diva! How sweet of you! BTW, I'm envious of your productivity. I was gonna clean last night, but I ended up playing around on ebay for hours and hours.

God, I remember being so heartbroken when my cats had to be separated. I would switch them around so that they each had equal time with me. I thought for sure that they'd never get over it, but it's all good now. Hang in there for a while, gb. ~*~*~*~health vibes for jake~*~*~*~

Hi FJ's and wombat!

More good things:
-I get to leave early so that I can have the building manager lady open a storage space for me.
-I finally get a storage space!
-I figured out my dumb student loan thing
You're not kidding, wombat - how the frell is it 2pm already? I'm kinda happy about it though.

Just got back from taking a brand new co-worker out to lunch...I always get tapped for that sort of thing, and I'm not sure why, 'cause basically, I get the newbs on my side, and then dish about how our org *really* works...not the sunshine blowing you hear from HR. But, I do sort of like doing the under-the-table orientation. heh.

Hi hi FJs! I'm sorry you're feeling tired today, and I absolutely think you can count the cream cheese icing as dairy. cool.gif

Diva - holy moly! You have been one busy woman! I hope you reap much profit from all your chocolates and sundries!

I think I need to get back to making some bath products so I can give them as gifts for xmas, since I have a bunch of stuff already in stock, and won't need to buy much.

The unemployment office is hassling turbomann, so we may or may not get unemployment benefits. He has an interview with them on Dec 5, to determine his eligibility. bastards. If we don't get benefits, its gonna be trouble in casa turbo very quickly. Ah well, we'll figure it out either way.
~*~*~*~unemployment benefits vibes for turbofam~*~*~*~ Does it have to do with being fired vs. laid off?

I feel like the day isn't going fast enough! I'm anxious to get my expense check and storage space.

Mmmmm....cream cheese icing is soooooo good.
Yeah, it has to do with the being fired part. But he should be eligible, they just have to determine that there was no malfeasance - he didn't rob the company, and they *can* determine you're ineligible if fired for performance, which he was - sort of - so, we'll see. I'm not sure they have allowances for your boss throwing you under the bus and forcing your failure....ah well, we'll figure it out, it'll just make things a little more interesting if we don't have that for a little financial security.
((((unemployment vibes)))) that blows. frigging dumb-ass megolithic corporations. grrr.

ok, off to pick up the kidlet.

cream cheese icing on a cinnamon role, eh? i think that sounds like a great breakfast for my day off beanery here i come!
In Minnesota, you have to be laid off to get benefits, or at least that's how I read it. There's probably some kind of exception for people who were fired for reasons other than inadequate performance. I can't remember exactly.

The boss and the meddler are having a private conversation right now. The meddler feels like our boss treats her like crap and blames her for everything, which is true. The meddler and I discussed it, and we think it has to do with our boss being an elitist and not respecting those in admin positions. Because the meddler is the admin person rather than an associate, she's a convenient target for all of the B.S. that happens around here. I think it also might have something to do with competition between 2 women of the same age, who have very different lives. Women can be so mean to each other sometimes. Anyway, this closed door meeting gives me a chance to sneak out of here even earlier!! Yayayay!! I get my storage space today!!
Hello everyone. I am taking a break from packing and organizing to have lunch at my desk, which is surrounded by chaos. Our new moving date is Dec. 11, so there's some breathing room, anyway.

After being home sick for an entire week, the cats do not like it at all when I leave the house. I don't know if it's that they're used to me being there, or if they're terrified I'm going out somewhere to die, like cats do. (Yes, I've been that sick that they might think it.)

Aw, turbo, that's crappy you and turbomann are having to deal with this. The thing about being fired for performance, though...don't they have to use a system of progressive discipline before resorting to termination? If they went straight to termination, turbomann may have a wrongful dismissal suit on his hands - actually, he may have one anyway, if he feels his boss sabotaged his ability to perform. The regulations vary from country to country, of course, but in many cases, gov'ts will instate benefits while the case is going through the legal system. Maybe you and turbomann want to meet with a lawyer? Many will give you a free first time consultation...

Sharks 'n' Jets. *gigglesnort* Which is turbodogg?

When you're a Dane
You're a Dane all the way
From your first chewy toy
To your last dyin' day...

PK, don't worry, I've had lots of "grammas" and "mamas" trying to caretake me since I got sick! Heh. Yes, I have been drinking a TON of water. No, I've not had much appetite, partly b/c it hurts to eat, and partly b/c I am on T3s for pain, and codeine definitely supresses appetite.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~hopefully not too late luck vibes for diva~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~*~happy family/best outcome vibes for GB family, including kitties~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Hello also to poodle, mouse, moxie/moxette, wombat, FJs, and any lurkers!

I just wanna say for the record, my priest seduction fantasy has nothing to do with being attracted to a conservative, and everything to do with wanting to "corrupt" someone who is piously in denial of his own god-given sexual nature.

Ok, I need to go back to making phone calls...still have to cancel the utilities.
hi doodle! Oh, abbott did all the proper termination stuff, so no case there, really...and honestly, I'm still glad that he's not working there anymore. The financials...they'll work themselves out one way or another, and if my "go to ireland fund" needs to be tapped to keep us in house and home, then so be it. Ireland will always be there, ya know. I'm not that worried, merely a little pissy, 'tis all.

Hmm...I can't remember who were the sharks and who were the long as turbodoggie doesn't have to dance in reverse step - that's what he is. I swear, seeing him try to back up is hilarious...he has a very hard time with it. hee.

And I'm glad you have some extra time for the move, doodle...just keep takin' care of yourself, and taking all the help you can get!

Well, I'm outta here...the turbomann limo service has arrived! (there are some very good things about having a houseboy)
Hi doodle! That's good that you have a little more time to clean things out. So are you coming across anything interesting as you pack?

Do greyhounds have trouble backing up? Ya know, I don't think I've ever encountered a greyhound in real life! I can't remember. They're so graceful looking. I love all dogs though. I got my dog fix last weekend, because the woman who lives above my friend has a westie terrier, a chinese something/poodle mix, and a shetland sheepdog. All three were so unbelievably sweet and well-behaved. The little weird chinese/poodle girl was my favorite because she was so squishy and wiggly. I'm not usually a small dog person, but after meeting her, I could totally see having a little pup someday.

Doodle, your cat story reminds me of how my childhood dog, Fergie, would lay down in front of the truck when we were packing it up to go to the cabin. She knew we were going up to her favorite place and she was worried we'd forget about her. Awwww...I miss Ferg.

Mmmm...I'm drinking Summit Winter Ale. It's one of my favorites, but it's seasonal. That reminds me, my friends and I are going to visit the Leinenkugel brewery this weekend while we're in Chippewa Falls. I always love passing through Chippewa Falls, but I've never spent time there. This weekend is gonna rock. Hopefully I won't have to spend $40+ dollars in gas like I did last weekend. Ouch!

I almost forgot! I have storage space now!!! That means that my air conditioner will no longer be a piece of furniture!! The storage space is scary though. It looks like a dungeon.
hehehe. my family has an old green cooler that we always bring on roadtrips, and if my dog sees that cooler brought out, even if it's for something else and we're planning on sticking around, she will go into the back room to her bed and stay there, moping.
mouse, mouse, mouse!!! I just came home and found your package in the mail!

Oh mouse, THANK YOU so MUCH!!! This is WONDERFUL!

I love the buttons! AND a Wonder Woman pin, too!!!! YAY!!!! And the wallet is uber-cool...did you make that, too? How did you do the lettering? Oh mousie, I wish you were queer, I'd hafta marry you! biggrin.gif

Everyone else, mousie sent me 4 pins - WW, one that says "Bustie Vibes," one with my "catchphrase" ("I'll be post-feminist in the post-patriarchy"), AND one with a little anteater on it...PLUS a cool mod orange, yellow, and brown duct tape wallet, PLUS mousie painted trees and drew a mouse and a doodlebug and a "bust" on the envelope!

Thank you so very much, mouse! I love it! It's perfect, and perfect timing too!

*throws arms around mouse*
Awwww...that's so sweet mouse. I need to move out of here and buy a house so I can have more pets. I would love to take in 2 or 3 dogs someday, and another kitty. I'm a sucker for the "underdogs," so I'd probably adopt some older mixed-breed dogs. I just couldn't live with myself if I bought or adopted a pure-bred. No offense to any bustie dog mamas. ALL dogs need someone to love them. Anyone who adopts a pet of any kind is cool by me.

I've thought about which cat I would put in a no-kill shelter if I absolutely had to. It's very unlikely that something would be so serious that I had to give a kitty up, but I thought about it anyway. I decided that I'd give up Oscar, even though I love him just as much as Gus. I figured that Oscar is more likely to be adopted than Gus because he's more conventionally attractive, more social, and younger. Gus is an older black stray with an inconsistent, dandruffy coat. He looks and acts more like a stray. There are so many black cats in shelters and I'm not sure, but I would guess that they're less likely to be adopted than, say, a tuxedo cat. Like I said though, it's extremely unlikely that I would give up one or both of my fur-babies, because I factor them into all of my living decisions. If I died, I want my family and friends to consider my logic when deciding what to do with my cats. I told my mom that I would haunt them if they didn't find a proper home for my cats! laugh.gif It sounds lame, but I wuv my babies more than anything else in this world.

ETA- Ooooh! Bustie pins!! You should sell them through BUST!! If they copy any of those button ideas, then they will suffer the wrath of the Okay thread!
poodle...the coolest thing I've found is this 10 page booklet, totally handmade (hand drawn, hand-lettered) and copied on a mimeograph, obviously from the ''s a kind of picture colouring book with a poem called "There was a young woman who swallowed a lie." (The "lie" in this case being woman's "destiny" of servitude, basically.) It's set to the rhythm of the old nursery rhyme about the old woman who swallowed a fly. I don't know who designed it - I'm pretty sure it's local. I'd like to get it scanned and put it up on the 'net!

I don't know if I could make a choice about's like "Sophie's Choice!" I guess I'd have to pick George, b/c of everything I went through to rescue him! Plus he's very extra special, as we all know. I can't see being in a situation of having to choose, though....maybe if it hadn't worked out when Carmella was a new adoptee....but "not working out" for me would have meant serious discord, like heavy duty behavioural issues or disease or something.

I already have my mom's assurances that if anything happens to me, she will take in the kitties. She already considers them "hers" when they visit her house, actually!

When Bunny was around, she used to try to pack herself in my suitcase when I brought it out. Once I got all the way to Ottawa and discovered my suitcase to be full of cat toys! Even after I started travelling WITH her, if she didn't see her carrier come out at the same time as my suitcase, she would crawl inside my luggage and stay there.

I love that turbo has a cabana boy.

I am wearing my Bustie Vibes pin right now, b/c I know it will make me better!!

ETA: forgot to mention that I got suckered into buying TWO boxes of Girl Guide cookies today! It's the chocolate mint ones. Yummm.

so glad you like em, doodle! the wallet i did make in the space between when the coffeeshop i was working at burned down and when i got the job i'm at currently, when i desperately needed income. it is a husband/wife team and they get sheets of duct tape from korea and have this nifty printer that instead of ink can cut a perforation to any shape. so, that's how they make them so elaborate and get the lettering perfect. it's a shame though, because i took some home to work on, and then never was able to get in touch with them again. i called, emailed, no dice. so now i have all these wallets hanging around, plus a hell of a lot of couloured duct tape!

anyway, who says i'm not queer!? tongue.gif

so, i get to take off early and go do "market research", i.e. go shopping. woot!
You gotta sell this stuff through BUST, mouse!! I want buttons! I'd pay if I knew they were your idea!

Man, I've got too many crafty projects on my table. Hopefully my new storage space will make things easier. The main thing I have to finish soon is my etch-a-sketch frame. I need to cut a back panel for it. I'm thinking that I'll give it to my friend for her birthday in January. I eventually finish my projects, but it takes me a long time. Painting my bedroom is next on the list after the etch-a-sketch. After that, I'm gonna start thinking about my coffee table options. I can't decide what to do with all of my collage material (which one of the cats decided to knock off the table and paw through).

If the office meddler would leave for 2 seconds, then I could scan my Heart logo and work on the digital image. I should probably just do it at the ex-RB's residence. I miss having his scanner/printer here.

That reminds me, I need to think of an X-mas gift for the ex-RB. Grrr...I hate buying gifts for males. They're no fun.

I'm watching Charlie Brown Christmas right now. Talk about Minnesotan!

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