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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I, the meek and sickly one, have killed da thread!

Ok, well, now I'm just stoned on painkillers. Holy mother.

I think I'll take advantage of this and go pet the kitties, who are sad 'n' lonely. And also, prolly wondering what I'll taste like, if should I die and the kibble run out.
typhoid mary gave me pink eye. and, i don't know if the urgent care is open on thanksgiving. crap. and, i have a gd pie to bake.

on the plus side, she didn't cough all night. I gotta get me some antibiotics (and, i suspect some for moxieman) right quick. i'm tempted to hit the ER...
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Okayers!

((Moxie)) I had to get an infected ingrown toenail taken care of on Thanksgiving once. Not fun. Good luck! If you can't get to Urgent Care or whatever, maybe you could just call your doctor? If they know Moxette had pink eye, maybe they could just prescribe the meds for you, without having to go in? They should just prescribe it for the whole family when a kid gets it. Not like an adult where they can quarantine themselves. What are you supposed to do, just not hold your kid?
(((((moxie & co))))) I would get yourself to urgent care right quick - the earlier the better! Is it safe to make a pie for other people when you're contagious? I'm so sorry you've got the pink eye on a holiday - I hope you can still enjoy your family!

(((((doodle))))) Ya know, I'd say to the chair to just go on ahead with the move without you....let you rest while they heft and move! I hope the meds are alleviating some of your pain by now!

We're having a good thanksgiving so far here, a nice sleepy early morning HBI, and then I took turbo for a loooong walk and play session on the beach. The sun is shining, and its a nice 50 degrees here, no wind, so we played on the beach for a long time! And I think I need to get a longer lead for the pupper, so he can do his speedy laps around me, and not have to make such tight turns. I think he'd like that. smile.gif

I've gotta roast up some sweet potatoes now, so I have something to eat this afternoon...
I would trust my instincts if I were you, minx, you've done the right things so far.

I think you mean you can't be totally sure about him yet. Nope. Sometimes people have surprises. But you were strong enough to extricate yourself and stay intact before.

Vibes for sick busties!

We want to see Batman dad and he was out of it. We'll go back on the weekend.

We stopped at Starbucks and had big caramel and whipped cream coffee and mint chocolate brownies to cheer up -- cause it is rainy here as well. But I bought some really nice Thanksgiving food, Batman likes to cook, and, well, we got out there and back in daylight and gave daddio a kiss and flowers that he will see tomorrow, and... now that I have the scanner I will make a nice collected book of the family history photos, print for Dad and set it up on the table next to his bed and send email copies to Batman's sisters.

His Dad was a Passamaquoddy and has some pictures of the farms in Maine, him and the guys at the CCC camp, the Tremont Temple Baptist church and the kids when they were little. So. You would not just want to be in a nursing home with nothing of your life.

The rest of the week is supposed to be sunny, and I have programming time.
Hello Everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving to the Yanks!

I am envious of people who can eat real food right now.

Anyway, I'm sorry I'm not caught up yet. I swear to god, I have done almost nothing this week, except sleep, watch videos, and go to the drugstore several times. I can't get enough energy up for more than that - having to concentrate on a magazine would be too hard.

I can't remember the last time I watched this many movies. Several of them have contained Joaquin Phoenix - who is serving as my current, fever-induced, cabana boy/nursemaid hallucination.
Hullo hullo!

I hope everyone had a fabuloso Thanksgiving, and that you're all resting comfortably. I just got off work. Sheesh. I woke up at 12:00 yesterday afternoon to go cook, cooked, ate, played a game, then passed out for two hours. Then I went to work.

Lemme tell you what I made, dudes. I made celery root mashed potatoes, gold and red beets in an orange-ginger sauce, apple salad, and sauteed mushrooms and spinach with lots and lots of garlic. Yum! One of my friends brought a free-range organic turkey, and our hostess made a Tofurkey. We had both meat and veg gravy, orange cranberry sauce, orangey-cinnamon sweet potato torte, veggie stuffing, fresh green beans with almonds, arugula salad, and of course, apple and pumpkin pie.

How's that for a menu? It was purdy sweet. I definitely had "food baby" afterward. It was impossible to keep it sucked in, so I just gave up.

And at work, the night cook had a feast for us, which I wasn't going to eat, but ended up eating. Turkey, mashed taters, gravy, stuffing, and buttery brussel sprouts. My co-worker had pork loin. And there was also prime rib.

I'll never eat again.

Last night, we made a bunch of extra sticky buns and chocolate croissants and plated them up with chocolate covered strawberries and passed them out to our fellow graveyard workers. The shuttle driver was so surprised that we thought of her and was so very grateful - I thought we were both going to cry.

So anyway - so much newsy-news!

Yayayayay for FJR! I see the initials of a future pesident! And yayayay for job-quitting! Fuck'em, duder. You're doing everything right, and it's their responsibility to take care of things once you're gone. Not your worry at all. (((((FallJackets)))) I just wanted to hug you and jump up and down. Wheeeeeee!

Doodle! How are you feeling, pumpkin? I noticed that weirdo sunshine got you pretty revved up. As I was reading the archives, I got pretty pissed myself. But anyway...we don't have to speak of this anymore.

I will add, however, that from what I know of minxy, she is an exemplary parent and minxlette is very lucky to have such a mom. If more parents were like Minx, our country wouldn't be seen as a nation of asshats by the rest of the world. I totally respect your decisions regarding the kiddio, minxy.

Let's see, what else. Ooh! My bike is finally fixed. I just need a helmet and lights, and I'm ready to roll. Maude knows I could use the exercise.

AND...I cannot WAIT to go to Chicago to see Heikki and everybody else I've been missing like crazy!

Weird note: Chango Maldito has been calling me a lot from Chicago. This is really throwing me off, because I do miss him. But...whatever. Maybe I'll see him, too. But no funny stuff.

OK - sorry to cut this short...just kidding. I'm the jester of long, boring posts. But I had a lot of catching up to do!

Wake up everybody!
Mornin' babes!!

((((doodle, mox, moxette)))) there's some serious fantasy material. Good pick, doodle! Those eyes...

Hi PK! Holy food baby!! It sounds like you had a great thanksgiving! Mmmm...I want some of those chocolate covered strawberries.

I'm glad you enjoyed your low-key Thanksgiving, turbo! It sounds like you needed it.

I had a good thanksgiving, too. I was immediately handed a pomegranite martini when I arrived. Ha! Yeah, that's my family. I had sooo much fun with my nephies and niecoid. We did lots of dancing/singing along with the CD's I made them and we also played tickle-monster and I had to chase them all over the house, which made me realize that I need to get in shape. My niece is sort of talking and knows how to identify her nose, ears, toes, etc. Cute. We played 80's Trivial Pursuit and my nephew was heeeelarious. He kept saying stuff like, "I know the answer, but I'm not gonna tell anyone" and then he would concur on people's answers like, "yeah, that's what I was thinking." Being an auntie is fun.

How's everyone doin' this morn?

ETA- Holy crap!! I forgot to cheer for moxette!! That's so awesome that she's walking!! That's huge!! My god, I can't get over how fast she's growing up.
despite the dren-nes of pink eye and coughing...we had a decent thanksgiving. the urgent care doc gave us eye drops, which I'm not sure are working, but whatever. moxieman is now coughing up green phlem, so we're back to the doc today. fun. at least my SIL is taking moxette (who is just dandy!) to the family gig today.

Mostly, I'm paranoid about getting her sick again. I can deal with us- like someone (polly?) said- what am I supposed to NOT cuddle my kid?

Anyway, i left the choc pie unmade, and took the ingredients i needed for the others to my mom's. My new SIL to be was my stand-in cook. She did awesome.

Anyway, i should go reast and/pr decontaminate my house some more.

Glad everyone had nice turkey days!
Mornin babes!!!

Sounds like there were some *excellent* bustie turkey days in here! Yipee! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - no gift-giving involved - just good food and family.

((((((health for all moxies)))) Thank cod for insurance, eh? ..take care of each other this weekend, and I'm so glad the whole family is chipping in to help out with moxette.

PK!!! *big squishy booby hug!* Holy wow! Your thanksgiving sounds *amazing* - from what you cooked all the way through what was cooked at work --- very nice!! And stay away from that dodgy chango - he is no good!!

Poodle, we had pomegranite margaritas and pom sauce with the turkey yesterday - we are all so trendy! But, it was absolutely delicious, so I'm not complaining! I *love* pomegranites...might be my favorite fruit, and they're in season now, so I can get 'em cheap at the hispanic fruit markets.

Our thanksgiving was the most relaxing ever! We had a great time with our relatives in the 'burbs - they're so much fun, and my cousins are so grown up now (ages 22, 20 and 17), they're pretty cool to hang with. We made the usual promises to see each other more often, but its always doubtful it'll happen - they're lives are all pretty busy at this point in the family's life, and my crazy aunt is working as a flight attendant these days, so she's out of town 3-4 days a week.
hi lades!!

((sick busties)) take it easy typhoid maries smile.gif **better vibes**

wombat! super 88! *dances, sing-songs* i know what you're talking about. i used to get these amazing candies there that were melon-flavored "chocolate" and they looked EXACTLY like tiny melon halves. they were so freaking cool and delicious and i think they got discontinued and i'm sad. sad.gif

re: target--yeah, the company i freelance for does a lot of licensing (i.e. work for big brands that then will sell under their name) and so the ones i'm working on now are ultimately for target's house brand i guess. as for the job in you can see, web is really not my strength (i can throw together a decent site, but i hand-code everything and as such it's all pretty minimal) and at 23, i'm hardly senior. and, well, i got a lease to keep. but man......i miss boston a hell of a lot, and here is proof--for some reason, i found myself watching "malcolm in the middle" yesterday (i didn't do SHIT yesterday, except worked on some designs) briefly and the story was that the dad was in some singing group and the song they were singing was that one about the man who gets trapped on the mta ("he'll ride forever 'neath the streets of boston/he's the man who never returned!") and i swear to god when they reached the word "boston" i teared up.

pk, your meal sounds effing fanTASTIC. and poodly, i saw a fantastic depp picture and thought of you. it was in the tomkat us magazine issue though so, tread carefully tongue.gif

minxy. ever since the hummingbird debacle i have had utmost respect and admiration for you. anybody who thinks like you is bound to raise the most honest, fair, understanding, strong and caring kid. i know you can quite well hold your own against anyone who might assume otherwise, but girl, i'm on your side. wub.gif
i killed it................
hi hi mousie!! I'm sorry you're at work today...that blows. You must tell us when your stuff hits target...I *need* some official mouse prints!

I can't seem to turn away from the Scrubs marathon on Comedy Central. Bastards. There are few shows that I can stand more than an epi or two of in a row, but Scrubs....just keeps me sitting on the couch. Ah well, that's what this weekend is for - resting.

I am trying to work up the motivation to go to the grocery and see about cookin' a turkey-lurkey this evening. I need to get me somma those turkey leftovers!
Hi all!!!

Argh, my portfolio pdfs keep looking all crappy when I print them out -- I found some high-res originals, so, i tried again, and -- BETTER but -- however, the cool InDesign book I won suggests Photoshop PDFs, which will keep the lines sharp somehow -- PDPs.

It's just frustrating that I feel I have to keep chewing yesterday's meal. I'll balance it with new stuff.

Yeah, mouse, sometimes I wonder if I would miss it here. I've got such a nice set-up now, and my father's people are farmers here way back a couple of generations since they first came over from Ireland. And I know the woods, mountains, lakes, small towns, crazy reservoir (they flooded four towns! and it's remote with all kinds of animals!) I knew the farmers and the orchard owners, old buildings and Revolutionary War graveyard where I grew up, Richardson buildings, the ocean and the cape, the Harbor Islands -- just saw The Secret of Roan Inish about being in your hand-made, home-made life, as Clarissa Pinkola Estes would say in "Sealskin, Soulskin" in Women Who Run with the Wolves.

I don't know. But I also feel I can't be sentimental and nostalgic and let it hold me back. Move to Los Angeles and it will be like my childhood in the sixties anyway, right? There are three times more jobs in graphics, housing is cheaper, weather is better, it is also a town with a rock and roll scene and an ocean.

It would be such a big deal. I would have to sell everything. But I'm not getting any younger.

I really wish I could get off my ass!!

Chew yesterdays food, make new stuff, and ... using templates and all and the programming tools I downloaded. Don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Life will move back in again with laundry and groceries and gym and budgeting and what all. Yesterday I sat with my boy and watched Roan Inish and set up the coffee maker for him and made his lunch to take.... cause he was sad about his dad (last parent) and he had to work today ...
aww thanks turbo-girl. and yah, scrubs is terribly addicting.....even though i find zach braff irritating, it's a great show.

wombat, i think it's so funny how i'm pining for boston and you're thinking of la--maybe we should just do a house swap. bustie swap! it's the new reality show! i definitely feel, at this point at least, that there is a good chance i'll end up in boston. plus, right now it has a higher concentration of my friends in one place than anywhere else, so i'm sure that has something to do with it--plus the fact that two of my best friends in the entire world moved there AFTER i left. and, i just love the city itself. so many parks, and such a small city with still a sort of big-city feel. great public transportation and the best walking/biking city ever, except for maybe philadelphia. i just wish it wasn't so pricey and that the art scene didn't suck so hard. those are definitely perks to LA--but i'm definitely a northern-weather girl, the sunshine is driving me crazy.
Ha ha! How Morticia Addams of you!
well the state-site infected familia moxie has returned from our doctor. Our family doc, not the dumb-ass urgent care asshat who didn't even listen to moxieman's lungs yesterday. Anyway, he has bronchitis ( phlem=bad), and my pinkeye is just as bad as i thought- so, i got better eyedrops. With a script for an oral antibiotic to be filled if needed. I love my family doc.

Ok, I'm off to get a nappy nap while moxette is at her 2nd turkey dinner this weekend. I love my family too. Lots. They're what I'm grateful for. Them, and busties! MWAH!
((moxfam quarantine site))
(((((healing and rest for the moxies))))) Oh, my dear, I hope you and your man get some good rest tonight....bronchitis is such a bitch....turbomann is still coughing violently 3 weeks later. ugh.

Well, I've got 11lb bird in the oven right now with and herby lemon garlic misxture stuffed under the skin, sauerkraut on the stove, as well as some kinda apple-cranberry compote that I'm improvising since I had some crans on hand. Turbomann is in charge of mashed taters, since I don't particularly care for them.

That would be too funny if wombat and mouse did a house swap - you could almost do job swapping too - how funny!
Hi all...this is quick....still sick, but made it to a board meeting today, and then had to sit in the coffee shop while they deliberated about what to do with me.

The final decision is, I'm laid off end of January, I'll have to do less work to complete the project, and I'm getting the severance - not what I asked for, but a few hundred above what I would have settled for, and since they didn't know my bottom dollar, I'm fine with it. I'm also fine with not going to the end of March, for many reasons.

So yay! Too bad I'm still sick, or I'd be celebrating. But I had to share the good news, which is a compromise, but still good news!

Ok, I need to rest now. Can't get any heat in my hands...
okay, i'm finally out of here! hoo ha!

doodle, i'm glad you seem pretty content with how things ultimately are going to turn out for you. i guess it must feel good to finally know for sure. i hope your cold gets better ***doodle****

turbo, your food sounds delish.

hope everyone else has a lovely weekend!

Helllloooooo out there? Anybody reading?

We're slowly recuperating. Ventured out of the house today to get our family pictures done- went very well. Was exhausted when w got home. All 3 of us got a good nap. I love saturday afternoon naps with my family.

But, i totally space cadeted out of plans with my inlaws tonight- whoops. Not a big deal, but they've done SO much to help us this weekend, that I feel like a shit-head. Then again, I've been struggling with keeping all my family's balls in the air- health, visiting, etc. wise, that I was bound to drop a ball somewhere.

What has everyone else done with their day?
heelllllooooooo! i'm here reading. was here lurking earlier in the day but couldn't quite get my constitution together to post. been feeling the "sickness" a lot today. and yeah, whoever named it "morning sickness" was an optimist. mine is stronger in the afternoons/evenings. no actual hurling as of yet, but gagging like a muthafucka. mmmm. fun. and to think that i wished for this part.

eh. at least it's a reminder that all is well.

i see i missed a minor ripple. feh. was it doodle that nailed it by reminding us all that there is a difference between offering opinions and being full-on judgemental? again. feh.

minx, i love that you guys did a lasagna fest and that he and BFF's man get along famously. it's kismet! smile.gif and yes, i'm beginning to think it would be nice to have a little fjette. i've always wanted a boy and would still LOVE it (there are nothing but girls in my family it seems) but i also love the idea of raising a little BUSTie.

speaking of little BUSTies, wow, moxie! that's awesome that your girl is climbing up and walking! it's so cool but i'm sure a little scary that she'll soon be so mobile. yikes. time to re-baby-proof the house i'm guessing. i hope you're all feeling more human right now.

doodle, that's for you too: hoping you are feeling more like yourself tonight. did the meds kick in?

turbo, how was your turkey? i can't wait to hear about the industrious ways you'll use the leftovers. i didn't bring much home from MILs. just enough to have a couple sandwiches and a couple midnight snacks. and i had to bring some of mrfj's yummy mac n cheese. best. ever. this year. mmmmmm.

puppykitty, i love it when you stop in. sounds like you guys had quite a spread... i bet you can't wait to see your boy! it's coming up pretty soon!

ok, pizza is here. yes. i'm eating pizza tonight because that is all that sounds good. must eat something, right?
Hey moxie - glad to hear that you're all recuperating there - and I can't wait to see those family piccies! I'm sure your in-laws will forgive you for flubbing on the visiting today,

Not much happening here, which is beyond fabulous! Made a great thanksgiving dinner of our own last night, and we've been munching on the leftovers ever since...I love thanksgiving more as leftovers than hot and fresh!

Today, haven't done a damned thing...just reading on the couch, catching up on Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty online....long walks with the dog...that's pretty much it. We were gonna have the neighbors over for some cocktails and game playing tonight, but they're getting colds too, so its just we're snuggled up with a movie, and that's a fine saturday night as far as I'm concerned.

I hope doodle is on the mend now! ((((((doodle))))))

ETA: Hi hi FJ!!!

No real creative uses of turkey just yet...I did make a wicked stock out of the carcass though, so I gotta figure out what kind of soup to make tomorrow. Thus far, I'm just happy nibbling on it cold, and turbomann's tucking into some good sammiches!

(((((feel better FJ!))))

Ah, I'm sorry you're getting the sickness now....blah...I hope that this phase passes quickly for you, and you can move on to being excited about little fjr!
Good evening all...

*waves at turbo, moxie, FJ/fjette, and mouse*

I think I am feeling a bit better, thank you for asking everyone! I have at least reached the point where I'm bored of being so sick. Which is why I am posting with hair dye on my head. smile.gif

I am rolling at my eyes at FJ, who is complaining about morning sickness even though we all know she is secretly loving every minute of it. wink.gif

I guess lots of you are away doing your Yankee Thanksgiving things! Hope you are enjoying yourselves!

I can't stay on hands are still kind of weak from being sick - weird but true symptom. Ciao, bellas! Back later!
Heeey all! *wags tail*

*Sends health and comfort vibes out to MoxieClan, DoodleBug, FallJackets, and whoever else needs 'em*

*sigh* So the inlaws left from their all-too-short visit. I really am the luckiest person I know. I have inlaws who are ALL excellent people to be around. Bummer for Goat-Girl who gained my neurotic family for inlaws. (She decided that she's a mountain goat. Over half my friends have some sort of animal to represent them.) Anyway, this was the best Thanksgiving I've ever had because my inlaws are just sooo cool to be with.

Oh, and it snowed for the first time this season last night! I totally dig the neighborhood all dusted with snow cool.gif Before driving my BIL to the airport, I gave my car a snowman hood ornament and a racing stripe.
((((((doodle and moxies)))))

Doodle, I'm glad you're doing a bit better now - keep resting, and playing with those kitties!

*waves to lorewolf* That's awesome that you have so much fun with your in-laws!! I similarly have pretty great in-laws, which is always a good thing....and turbomann is left to navigate the sometimes strange and most often bitterness that is my parents. Ah well, you can't really change who they are, eh?!

I sent turbomann off to play paintball today...its 60 degrees here, and even though we shouldn't be spending the $$, I need a day with the house to off he goes. cool.gif However, turbomann hasn't really left the house in two weeks, and now turbodoggie has been crying for the last hour, and now has his eyes trained on the door. Poor pupper. I'll make him forget about turbomann by giving him a bath this morning. heh. Mean mommy.
Hey babes!!

I'm back from Souix City, IA, where I visited my poor stranded friend. I left on friday and returned last night. Souix City is actually a cute little city. I had no idea how historic it is and the downtown scene is pretty lively. The other thing that surprised me is that the cost of living is pretty high considering the average income down there. Weird. Anyway, I had lots of fun and I got to party SC style and see my friend's TV studio where she broadcasts the weather. The drive was smooth, but boring as hell, and I was so worried that I was gonna hit a deer. There are deer carcasses and blood splatter along that whole strip.

Ahhhh...I never thought I'd say it, but it feels so nice to be back in the sprawling, dirty metropolis. I felt like I was stuck on an island down in Iowa.

Oscar is so affectionate today that it's almost annoying. I can't type because he keeps sitting on my hands, and he's following me everywhere (and tripping me). He won't stop meowing at me. He was even sitting on my back and shoulders while I was sitting on the toilet. I guess he missed me during that one night while I was away. Cute.


((((mox fam))))

Doodle, I'm glad that you're feeling better and that you got a good severance package.

Hi turbo, mouse, wombat, lorewolf, FJ, and anyone else I'm missing!!
Hi poodle!! Sounds like you had a fun weekend, and I'm glad you made it home safely!! it always is good to be home, no matter where it is you go away to. I love just being at home.

So how did you get your party on in IA, poodle?

Awwww, that's so sweet that the kitties are so happy you're home, even if it is a little annoying. Growing up, our cat would just sulk for days after we returned from vacations without her. They have such strong personalities!

Turbodoggie is busy sulking and staring daggers at me from his bed. Poor baby. I did get him in the bathtub, and gave him a good bath, and the hardest part was just getting him in the bathroom...boy, when he puts the breaks on, there's no moving him, except by carrying him. But I got him in there, shaking and all, and just calmed him down, gave him lots of skritches as we inched ever closer to the tub, finally lifting him in, and then I just sat on the edge of the tub petting him until he stopped shaking, and then washed him up with honey scented shower gel. He was a trooper, and it was the least traumatic bath so far. The best, is when he runs screaming out of the bathroom, and then loves the towel down, and subsequent rubbing his bod all over the furniture - its so cute! And now he smells beautiful, and his coat shines beautifully!

And now for his reward....time to go for a nice long walk!
Hi Pinkpoodle! my friend from Tennessee is amazed at famous people buying houses there, but, you know, lower taxes, lower prices, and they have their income from elsewhere. Same as Asheville, Nort Carolina, I guess -- or Lawrence, Kansas? Is there a college in Sioux City?

Health vibes to mox family. Would it help or hinder to ay "Some day you'll look back on all of this and laugh!"


Turbo. OH boy. We never gave our dogs a bath. You are a brave soul. Luuckily, Labs love to swim, so, it was a matter of walking with her -- NOT walking her, NO leash, unless I wanted to waterski on land -- near the cleaner of the nearby ponds.

Ach,, lorewolf, yoiu make winter sound like fun! A snowman hood ornament. Priceless. We haven't gottten snow in Boston yet. We are a little overdue!!

Well doooooooodle, when you're sick of being sick, that's the first step to being well. As I'm sure you know!

WiILL I get to the gym today? It's been almost a week -- Grar! But I didn't go too mental over Thanksgiving. No pie, etcetera, not too much potato -- and that sweet potato -- and that is sweet potato with no butter or syrup. I DID buy some organic blue corn chips and Paul Newman's Pineapple Salsa!! Yeah, I'm all up in that shit!
Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a groovalicious Sunday. It's been snowing here, and now it's incredibly windy and cold, blowing all the snow (dry and powdery) around. I threw George out on the balcony, but he managed to turn himself around and get himself back inside without making any extra footprints in the snow. Cats are amazing when they don't want to do something.

poodle, glad you had a good time - I wonder if it's b/c it's a tourist destination that the costs are so high? Hmm. Clingy Oscar is very adorable.

So is Shaky Turbodogg! That's very funny, him shaking in dread of the bath!!! Glad to hear you got the place to yourself today, turbo - some things are worth the price!

I also had to grin at lorewolf's snowman hood ornament. Since it's just snowed, you've inspired me to do something similar to the Escort. Every hatchback needs a snowman hood ornament! Hmm...though I wonder if I can actually build one, with the snow so powdery...

wombat - screw the gym! It's Sunday!

I am feeling...still crappy. Can't believe how long this is taking. I wish I could take the whole bottle of penicillin at once and make the infection go away for good.

Wow - do you know, I just realized last night, I just negotiated my first ever job leaving package! I mean, it's not a really rich package, by any stretch of the imagination, but considering it's an extremely poor non-profit, I'm kind of stunned! It's amazing to me that, even though financial crisis and closure, I still get to leave my job mainly on my terms.

I forgot to mention - the board asked what I wanted to do as a last celebration. We were thinking of dinner, but then I said, "I'd rather do a spa day, wouldn't you?" Which got them all excited - they do all deserve one, too, since they are volunteers through all this. So they are looking into us all having a spa day as my celebratory send off. Which is pretty cool - I've always wanted a spa day, and never had one.

Ok, I think I'm going to attempt eating something...
*hands doodle a steaming bowl of turkey vegetable soup*

and *big round of applause* for doodle, for standing your ground and leaving the centre with a severance package -- you definitely deserve every penny you get!

wombat - I'm with doodle - I think everyone gets a free pass on the gym on sundays!

Well, I've just used up the last of the turrkey, making an awesome pot of turkey-veg-wild rice soup. I think my favorite soups are always when I'm just improvising from the pantry. Good stuff.
Aw, thanks for the soup, turbo!

*slurps it all down*

turbo, I took a page from your lesson book, and just told doodlemama officially that I'm not going to the Coast for the holidays. (She said she already figured that - although I previously hinted heavily, so that probably helped!) I also invited her to come up for New Year's...and Carmella's first anniversary, of course! Which she is. Anyway, I'm relieved I don't have to think about travel and managing family and holidays right in the middle of everything else.

I wish my brother would pry himself out of that city and come see me for a change - which has only EVER happened once, when he came to help scatter dad's ashes - but c'est la vie, I guess. /*steps off the bitter bus*
Ok, apparently I am still too sick to make even basic, simple decisions. So I'm taking votes on which one of these three randomly googled images should be my new desktop wallpaper:

image 1

image 2

image 3

Thank you in advance for your vote!

Good monday, ladies. Here's hoping everyone stateside had a safe, wonderful holiday weekend!

Thanks all for the healing vibes. We needed everyone of them. We're all on the upswing now, thank the goddesses. Poor moxette has a little yeastie infection, but she doesn't know any better, or any different from any butt-rash, so its all good.

SO, yesterday, I wake up feeling all DRENny. I was pissing in my head about the ban on caffeene, per the Urgent Care doc, when I decided to fuck it and make coffee. Guess what? 1 cup later, i felt GREAT! Caffeene withdrawl on top of a cold. Stupid urgent care doc. Scary addiction time, though...but its my 1 "vice" and I'm gonna enjoy it.

Doodle, Its amazing to see someone actually get to negotiate out of a closing- usually, everyone gets left in the dust. Way to go, sista! BTW, I vote for image's neat, and leaves good room to organize icons.

Ok, off to do expense reports...not fun. But, its monday morning type work.
Mornin' ya'll! I really don't want it to be Monday, couldn't we just call it Wednesday, and have another 3 day work week? I really loved having 4 days to relax, though clearly the anxiety of coming back to work was fucking up my sleep all night, as I kept waking up. And knocked my alarm off the side table around 1am, which must've jostled the battery somehow, 'cause it never went off, and I lay there awake waiting for it to go off, and then finally looked at turbomann's clock, and it said 6:40 am - yipes! My clock said 5:09am. Nice. Ah well, I still made it in here in time, thanks to my excellent chauffer service.

Doodle, I also vote for #2, its the most soothing among the piccies...and I'm glad you're on the mend, and even more glad that you're making the plans for the holidays that make the most sense for you!

Okay, I guess I'd better take a look at where this day is going to take me here...into the databases I go! Wheee!
Good morning my lovelies!! I so missed you all this weekend. Had some massive BUSTie withdrawl symptoms. Much akin to Moxie's caffeine addiction in my thinking.

I am here to report the most bizarre weekend to date. I had the most strange and fun times with my best friends and the MB...and to make a longass story very sussinct, I knew that it was time I told the ex that it was time to move on. So I did.

Let's just say I didn't see what was coming. I will report back later after I get some sleep so it will probably end up being more like tomorrow.

Did I mention that Minxlette helped me pick out a new cell phone? It's Pepto-Bismal pink. I love it. It reminds me of allayous. Minus the leopard spots. smile.gif
hi hi minxy!! I love the thought of strange and fun times with MB and your friends! .....But, now I'm *so* curious about you giving the ex his walking papers for the umpteenth tell!!

And a pepto pink phone too! Woot!
Good Morning!

I thought I'd have pages and pages of archives to read through, but I see it's been relatively quiet in here.

((sick busties)) That's no good! I hope everyone is feeling better.

Ha ha, Jenn, we gave our dog a bath this weekend, it was the same story. She hates it.

PK! Hi! Your Thanksgiving meal sounds soooo freaking good! YUM. It is good to see you.

(FJ) sorry you've got afternoon-evening sickness. I hope it eases up soon. So you are quitting your job? Wow! That's cool, I know you've had some frustrating times there lately. Good for you.

Doodles, good for you on the package negotiating. That's serious stuff, man. I've never done it. I am glad you got a good package, I hope it affords you some time to look for your next undertaking. And a spa day is an awesome idea. Can I come?

I had a wonderful holiday break. The weather here was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny everyday, in the 60s. It felt like early fall or early spring. We did the 5K walk on Thanksgiving, that was a lot of fun. Mr K & I hung at my mom's that day. It was so nice b/c my soon to be ex-stepdad was not there. It made such a difference. My grandmother wasn't there either, and as much as I feel bad for saying it, it made the day a lot more relaxing. Other than that, this weekend I did lots of yardwork & saw lots of movies. Played some poker, went out to dinner, that sort of thing. I couldn't have asked for a better vacation!
Hey laaaaaadies!!!

I totally know what you mean about shitty work-anxiety nights, turbo. I was tossing and turning all night.

I would love a pink phone!! Pink rocks.

(((health vibes for mox fam)))

Doodle, a spa day sounds excellent, but isn't that pretty expensive?

Hi wombat and karianne!

Nothin' much goin' on today. It's just me, the boss, and the meddler. Fortunately, the boss is too busy to meet with me.

I'm on the verge of brokeness because of all the friggin' money I had to spend on gas for my trip. Dayum. I've got another trip this coming weekend. A couple college friends and I are renting a cabin in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Fortunately, the end of the month is near, so I'll actually have some dough. Everybody wants me to go everywhere, but I just can't afford it.

ETA- There's nothing like a clean doggie. Our old dog used to hate baths, but she loved all of the extra hugs she got as a nicer smelling doggie.
Spa days are stratospherically expensive but apparently worth it according to fj.
I would agree with FJ, on the worthiness of a spa day. I usually cobble something together about once a year between the different massage schools, acupuncture schools, and cosmetology schools here, so I can do it on the cheap...its not quite as relaxing, since you have to go from location to location, but you can't beat the price!

kari - your weekend sounds amazing!!

Poodle, I hear you on the financial front...we're hitting the same sorts of things, with invitations for holiday events, gift exchanges, etc, and we just have to say NO, and mostly, I'm glad to. Week 2 of unemployment time is already starting to grate on me - cooking for every meal, and not being able to go out to eat or see a movie...not too much fun. BUT, I really did need a weekend just to rest and not do much of anything, so it was probably a good thing.
Hello all.
I haven't had internet connection in several days, but I found out if I am in the bedroom, I can steal someone's wireless. We are getting our cable and wireless hooked up this afternoon.

The moving is almost done, two more trips today and that's it. Wooot. We have almost everything that we've brought over unpacked too.

Okay, I need to go read the archives.

See ya all later.

I missed you all very much.
Hi Taloo! Glad to hear your move is moving right along. I know that feels good. When do you expect to be all the way moved in?

Count me in on the brokeness, poodles & Jenn. Ouch, it's starting to hurt. My budget this month has been derailed by things like an unexpected $80 water bill and a haircut that I'd forgotten about and thus forgotten to budget for. Also, the Christmas gift stress is starting to loom and we got our first estimate for replacing our roof. It's about what we expected, but it's still going to hurt big time. Waaaaaaa! Money sucks.

Jenn, I bet it is hard switching from a two income hh to a one income hh. That would definitely take some lifestyle adjusting. Sounds like you guys have a good handle on it.
Happy Monday!

It is gloriously sunny here.

I am making a better presentation package -- ie, resume plus work on PDF.

We've budget-restricted a bit, but not tooooo much. Am I a dork to find it funner to eat at home? There are so many reasonable breakfast and lunch places with healthy food around here that we were getting a bit lazy. Not only does eating at home save money, it saves time.

Turbojenn and Turboman! Get the to the video and DVD section of the library!

Doodle. I'd also vote for #2. How do cats do that "fly up in the air, do a 180 with all four feet spread out, land" thing?!

yes, mox, coffee is essential. Never give it up!

Hi to poodle, taloo, minx, and karianne! Heyyyyyy --- I just saw TART's name!

TARRRRRTTTTTT.... Commmmmme sseeeeeee usssss

i've had such a busy freaking weekend. in addition to not having friday off i had eight freelance projects to do new and two to revise so i really haven't done anything except work save for a few hours saturday night when i went out with some friends to celebrate one friend's 30th. faaavorite mexican restaurant...*homer drool* but i couldn't even go out to the bar afterwards! however, i'm pretty happy with what i turned out and if the company is too then it was well worth it.

oh, also i did log a good amount of time at the gym saturday too. i can't believe i was so scared of the gym when i first signed up. hehe.

an old friend from college contacted me out of the blue on myspace and has invited me to drop everything and go on an art-making road trip with her and a few other people this summer. i'm sorely tempted.....especially since a hippie artsy cheap-o roadtrip is the complete opposite of my life right now. it's certainly something to think about.

i'm quivering with antici.....................................pation to hear minxie's stories! and i hope moxette gets better without knowing what hit her. and moxie, and doodle, and anyone else who's suffering the winter pluuuuurbies. oh and doodle, i actually like the first one best. colorful!

hi taloo, poodle, turbo, mrfj, wombat and anybody else out there!
Hi, Mouse!

Yeah, I appreciated the general laziness of the holiday - excused lazineess -- I DID blow off the gym!!
as a chance to work on my stuff like a big geek and not feel bad about it! Just -- sigh -- I think my resume would look so weird to the non-initiated, even though I was careful to always get the most relevant experience.

I like the colors in number one, but I'm imagining my headaches as I try to find my screen icons, so, as mox pointed out, number two is better.

I've got to go banking and printing my "improved image" presentation.


Oh, also we went out Saturday and got stinko at THE MODEL!! Saw old friends and one weird old bitch "clothing designer" who doesn't want to talk to me and makes a big deal out of it, even though I did and said nothing mean to her or about her. Friends of mine ordered her clothes and she totally fucked them over -- maybe she's so afraid I'll say something to the people she's trying to recruit now that she has to imply I'm just a bad person. Whatevs. Everybody else talks to me and thinks she is a washed-up old coke bitch. Which she is.
Hi, peeps!

I haven't read archives yet, but I did see that Poodle was in Iowa, too! We drove through it twice, stopped to see the giant's alma mater and to get gas a couple times.

Whew, what a weekend! Thanksgiving with my family was really fun, as usual, with just the small group. We had a wonderful dinner and played games afterward and I read Sam a couple stories. He likes the way I read to him. Then on Friday, we made the 6.5 hour trip down to the giant's aunt's place. Ugh. What a horrible trip. There's absolutely nothing to see driving through Iowa and little more to see in KC. The wedding was kind of a throw-together. It was a great example for the giant and me of what not to do. And we had to sleep in a bedroom that reeked of ferret (I think I saw dried ferret poop on the floor by my side of the bed), and the bed was so uncomfortable it may as well have been a wooden plank with another plank for a pillow. I'm so very glad it's over with. The highlight was 30 of us going out for dinner at a good steak place after the wedding where I drank copiously. Seriouly, I didn't know if I could get back to the house without puking. One drink was for the drive down, another was for the crappy room we had to sleep in, and another was for the lousy wedding.

Anywhoo, I took the day off to give myself a little break from people. I need a day to get things together for my sale on Saturday and do some last minute shopping for stuff like bags and jewelry boxes, but mostly this is for my mental health. I'll try to read archives at some point today, but it might be pretty late.
HI taloo!! I'm so glad to hear that you're nearly done with the move! And I bet you have some rockin muscles developing there from all the moving of boxes and furniture!

mouse - I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend!! Yikes- you did a ton of work! I should really be picking up more freelance work right now to cover our financial fannies, but its just not fun for me I'm gonna see how it goes.

Diva - I'm so glad you took a mental health day - you definitely deserve it! You had a long haul of a weekend there! I pretty much always build a mental health day into our trips to MI...the boring drive + family stress just take it out of me.

wombat...I wish our libraries had good video and DVD selections here, but the city libraries all have neighborhood branches, but the 'hood branches don't really have anything - books or media, so you have to order what you want from other branches, and then go back to pick it up. Its too much of a PITA for me, what can I say?!
gah...i'm so glad to be back....on bust. what a weekend. sheesh.

doodle, (((get well vibes)) and i'd pick number 3 but i like tea lights soo.....

that bustie sunshine makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. and that's my two cents. tongue.gif

get well vibes for the (((((moxie family))))

yay for food, fun, and feasting! it sounds like everyone had a good time. within reason.

our turkey day was quiet...but good. i helped my dad and we cranked that feast out...Friday i spent with friends hanging out.
***big rant warning***
but before i got home, the cats started a HUGE fight. momma gb had to go in and separate the two before they decided to kill each other. jake has gotten the worst of it since he has no front claws(he came that way), so molly has the upper hand since she's gotten them still. He looks like a boxer that was in a prize fight. cuts over the eyes, scratches on the belly, but the worst part...bites. numerous punctures are all over his neck. i cleaned him up as good as i could and waited to see if fever would set in. When the fever hit, i gave him some antibiotics i had on hand and just babied him for hours. molly has some superficial scratches but nothing bad. so Sat., i drove both of them to the vet. a round of antibiotics for both and *Bonus* jake has an ear infection!!! gah. so we've been keeping them separate, and me and have been throwing around(arguing) about the idea of sending molly back. yah...i don't want to but those two just are not getting along. And last nite i found a lump near one of the puncture wounds...which now i'm going to have to monitor closely to see if its abcessing. which means another potential vet visit to put in a shunt and a cone collar. bleh.

what a mess. and my stress levels are on full capacity now.

sorry about that....

i did manage to put up our little (3 foot) fake and i'm taking bets to see how long it stays up with the two cats around. wink.gif
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