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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I love that fjraisenette already has an abbreviation - fjr! Wheeee!

I've had intermittent problems getting to the lounge all afternoon - anyone else?!

Congrats diva on the awesome show!!!! I think you'll be on a roll for the season now!

Yeah, fj, this day went fast, then reeeeeally slow. Hopefully tomorrow will blast by. That, or maybe my boss will leave early. So far the short week has amounted to twice the normal amount of "oh shit, I need this tomorrow" projects. yuck. Hopefully tomorrow will be much quieter.

I dunno what I'm gonna bring to thanksgiving yet. I always need to bring my own food anyway...maybe just some roasted sweet potatoes, and maybe I'll make an apple cranberry crumble so there's a dessert I can eat. I'm lookin forward to turkey and drinkin' with my silly cousins.
*crawls into the thread*

I'm dyin'....

*crawls over to the fridge for apple juice*
I had trouble getting into the lounge, too, turbo.

Congrats on your sales, diva!!

Well, I just got back from the salon and my hair looks a zillion times better. It's super dark chocolately brown with a little extra red. Very cool. I'm so relieved.
*hands doodle a cup of hot brewed ginger and honey*

(((((((healing vibes for doodle)))))

Poodle, I am SO glad you love your new hair!! Thank cod the professionals are there to fix our failed experiments!

I just got out of a lovely blackberry bubble bath....I can even breathe out of one nostril! Woo-hoo!

I'm off to bed soon, no late nights for me these days, I'm grabbing all the rest I can.
I had trouble too.

((((Doodle))) Get well, sista! At the very least, cuddle the smackers out of Georgie adn Carmella.

I'm responsible for all things baked for Thanksgiving. 3 pies (2 pumpkin, 1 chocholate silk), 1 casserole, 1 baked stuffing. The casserole and stuffing are vegetarian based, as 1/2 my family is vegetarian. People get so grumpy about vegetarian at holidays...dude, just use vegetable broth in lieu of chicken broth, and Voila! vegetarian stuffing. Dumb-asses. And by that, I mean my brother.

Oh! Gah, I have NEWS about my brother...its been a huge TELL NO ONE secret until today. He's proposing to his girlfriend! WHOOO HOOO! I helped him pick out her GORGEOUS ring 2 weeks ago. We're all very lucky to have her as part of our family- smart, caring, medical student. And, my baby brother loves her and is SO happy with her. They're "young" (ok, no SO young...24...Turbo, we're we 24 when you married?), but have been together 4 years, so not new to each other at all. I can't wait!

fjr...i think that's a perfect bustiename for the wee one in FL. I was gonna start with "the raisin," but then reaslied I can't spell worth shit, and probably misspelled it. YEAH! for blipping little blips!

FJ- did the ultrasound tell you your dates? Were you "on?" I loved that I was only off by 1 day, per the US dating.
Mornin' babes!!

The sky is this gorgeous blend of pink and lavender right now. Neato.

Yeah, I'm likin' the hair. I feel like I'm in a shampoo commercial!

I'm living vicariously through minx right now. Phew! *wipes sweat from brow*

A blackberry bath sounds fantabulous. Is that a LUSH product??

Yayayay!! It's effectively friday!!

So how's everyone doin' this morn?

ETA- Ack!! X-post!!

Hi mox!! Send some of that vegetarian food my way!! That reminds me, I gotta come up with some vegetarian gravy for tomorrow.

Yay for moxie-bro!!!
Good morning ya'll!

You are so right, poodle, the sky is gorgeous this morning....and its supposed to be warm today, so that's nice too!

WOOOOT for moxie's bro - what a lovely thing to celebrate this weekend! ...And I was a ripe old 25 when we got married. cool.gif

Yep, poodle, it was a LUSH bath - thank cod I stocked up right before turbomann lost his job...unemployment and no LUSH would make me a very sad girl. I used their Comforter bubble bar with half a blackberry bomb, and then slathered in black currant body was decadent!

Well, I must go fill out stupid insurance applications now. There are oh, 2 doctors in all of chicago taking the HMO insurance plan for the org I work for. grrrr. And we'll have to go to a shitty hospital too. But, I'm not sure its worth it for us to pay double the monthly rate to get the PPO so I can keep my doctor, who I've only seen twice in 5 years. I just try to avoid docs if at all possible anyway. I'm an insurance company's dream!
Good Morning! I am so happy the lounge is back!

Congrats FJs! I am happy to hear your dr appt went well & that the bean is kicking. Excellent!!

And Minx got it on with MB! Woot Woot! Sounds like it was tres hottttt!

And Diva sold lots of stuff!

The lounge is full of good news lately. Love it.

Poodley, did you get your hair fixed? Got any pics?

I am wishing I was off work today. The last day before days off is always a long one.

Things here are pretty good. Feeling a bit tired today. Played in a poker tournament last night, a benefit for the local Rollerderby. I did decent, made it to the final table, but then promptly went out. It was super smokey in there too, so my throat is not happy today.

Everyone's holiday menus sound sooooo good. I am not in charge of cooking this year, younger sister managing it all. I am sure I will assist, but not sure what we are eating. Mr K is off tomorrow too, which is nice. For the last 4 years he's either worked at the hotel on Thanksgiving or been out of town. We are starting off the day with a 5K walk with the fam. In preparation for overeating.
Kari, I think starting the holiday with a 5k walk is brilliant!! Maybe I'll get turbomann up early and we'll take turbo for a long walk tomorrow - sounds like a good plan to me!

I am SO excited about not going to MI this weekend, its just silly! 4 whole days to myself with turbomann...I am a happy girl! AND, we'll get to hang with the cool relatives tomorrow, which is even better. Turbomama is none too happy about it, she's having a jealous snit about it, but hopefully she'll get over it.

Wow kari - you sound like you've got mad poker skilz! I am impressed!

I have to do a good things wednesday here today:
1. Our org is closing early at 3:30 - woot!
2. I am officially insured, AND I found a doc close to work, which is a miracle in our crappy HMO!
3. No driving to MI tomorrow!
4. 4 days of vacation....and maybe we'll cook our own turkey on Friday!

Its a pretty good day, I'd say.
karianne, that's a great idea to do a walk before the celebratory eating. it's supposed to be pretty cold here tomorrow. i don't know if i'll be able to handle a walk. i'm such a chicken in cold weather. i think part of the problem is that it never stays too cold for long, so i don't really have a heavy coat. i have several, hehe, fall jackets tongue.gif but no winter coats. but maybe i'll bring some gloves and a scarf and get the family to walk down to the river tomorrow. or at least mrfj.

the day is actually flying by for me, but only because i have been busy so far. i had a presentation with my client and my process manager. and, as i knew would be the case at some point, my pregnancy was brought up. basically, the client was singing my praises about how i've worked hard over the last three years and that in his mind, "StaffingCompanyX equals fj". he said that he understands that with my health issues that i'll need to take time away and he is happy for me but hopes that we will plan ahead for that inevitable situation and train my assistant to help with the transition. of course, he has no idea that i plan for my last day to be the 22 of december - i've not told anyone about that decision.

after the meeting, i mentioned it all to my process manager and he basically said, look, don't worry about it. if he isn't happy after you're gone and wants to take business elsewhere, YOU won't be here anymore, so who cares!? and he's right. i can do my best to help with the transition, but i am not and will not be responsible for any business decisions made after i depart.

but it does make me wonder when i should give notice. i don't know for sure that my assistant is going to want to take the job. i do feel like i should train someone for a while to really give them a good shot here, although it really ISN'T my responsibility... after all, i had NO ONE training me for this position. anyway, i was thinking to go ahead and resign on monday, effective dec 22. that would give them nearly a month to make the decision on what they want to do with my position. but, that could also open me up for trouble. i don't want anyone getting persnickety about my work ethic as the end draws near. i wouldn't let things fall through the cracks, but i'm sure i'll be a little more slack.

garrr, any advice? i guess i want to be able to just be open about it and let them all know my plans now, so they'll see that i'm not just hauling ass and leaving them in the dust. i guess part of the issue is that the client's corporate office is examining other companies right now and i'd hate for my leaving to be a reason they choose another service. but again: not my problem.
FJ- I'd say 2 weeks is a good balance. so, that would be somewhere around Dec 8...
Nice to see you, karianne!

FJ, I say "fuck em." All you have to do is give them enough notice to adjust before you leave. All of the other junk is theirs to deal with.

I hope you enjoy you're relaxing Thanksgiving, turbo! Our Thanksgivings are always pretty low-key. No long distance traveling. I just drive o'er to St. Paul and leech off of my parents for a few hours.

So, what do you mean by cold, FJ? Heh...when I used to dress up and go to rockabilly shows every week, 30F was my cut-off for wearing skirts. Minnesotans like to brag about how much cold and snow they can handle , if you can't tell. If you complain about the cold, then you're less of a Minnesotan. The only acceptable way to say that you're freezing your ass off is to say something like, "It's a little chilly out there, eh? laugh.gif
I'm with moxie on that one...give them no more notice than is professionally expected. Sure, they may not be happy about it, but it won't be your problem, as wincing as those last two weeks might be...just do what you can while you're there, and then just take care of FJ! I'm SO excited that you're getting the heck out of there, and really making a decision that will be best for you and the raisin!!

Yeah, I'm pretty excited that its supposed to be 55 degrees and sunny here tomorrow - pretty good for the midwest in Nov! Unlike poodle, though, I cut off skirt wearing at 70 degrees, and I rarely wear them even then...BUT, I cut off the biking to work when the ice hits the road, or morning temps drop below 25 degrees, whichever occurs first.

Long time no see, karianne!

Hooray for poodle hair! Hooray for Diva sales in present and future! Hooray for FJ having baby and leaving despised job, good luck with both! More ginger ale and chicken soup and good herbal tea for Doodle!

FJ--I would say that if they seem like they are a bit crass and cruel -- which they do seem like they are! That your best bet would be two weeks notice instead of a month. And when ya give the two weeks, come on very strong with the "this is how I will make sure I pass my work seamlessly to someone else" component. Because some places will just say, to hell with you, get out right now! And that would mean a financial hit.

Minx. I would only judge gleeful cruelty to non-consenting strangers, and/or in public. Nothing else is judge worthy, not to me anyway. Just be discreet because disputed custody and teaching careers don't jibe with a public incident -- including possible 911 call. I hope I can assume Tes, is wise, and that's it -- that's all. There is a wide range of sexuality that is cool -- heck, if Tes hasn't handed you a copy of it by now, check out Heresies magazine's Sex Issue. That was a watershed issue in the 80s -- in more ways than one!! Haha!! I still have it. It's got what may be Pat Califia's first published article and a cool thing by Sandra DeSando, who, unfortunately, has disappeared into the mists of time --* waves hand as if to demonstrate density of mist *

Ha ha, Pink Poodle! What do you call cold, eh?

That makes me think of the Lumberjack song -- not Monty Python, the other one.

what was it: at a hundred degress below zero, he buttoned up his vest!

ha! it's pretty clear that i wouldn't make it far in minnesota!! i stop wearing skirts if it gets below 65, except with boots and then it's maybe 55. today, our high is 56 and it is cold to me. it's going to get down in the lower thirties tonight. we haven't gone under freezing yet this year. so yeah, i'm a chicken. what can i say?

thanks for the advice. i am thinking i might mention it to my assistant a little sooner, just so i can really get her thinking about the job and if she wants it. she's already qualified as she's held my position just at a different client. but she switched to part time and i'm not sure if she wants to go full time. but you guys are right. it's not my problem. and i don't think anyone will be mad at me, but those last couple weeks will be a little wincing, as tj said.

oh, moxie, i was off by about 3 days from when i thought it happened to the date the ultrasound showed. and she said it could be off by 2-3 days anyway. but it still fell well within the "safe range" if you know what i mean. mrfj and i were definitely doing some calculating in our heads when she said the numbers. unsure.gif cod, that's embarassing to admit.
Hi, peeps!

Congrats on your winning streak, Karianne! I wish I could play poker that well.

FJ, I think 2-3 weeks would be plenty of time. And if that isn't enough for them, that's not your problem. I'm sure this isn't the first time someone's left their company. And I hope you give the right-wing jerks at your site a great big middle finger on your way out!

It's gotta be pretty damn cold here before I'll admit it. I refuse to wear a winter coat until there's actual snow accumulation on the ground, no matter how cold it is otherwise. I guess I'd call anything under 0 degrees cold, anything above that is bearable. The only thing I really hate about winter is having to scrape my windows on my car and driving on ice. I'm pretty happy to take pretty much anything else it hands me. I hear it's supposed to be another mild winter up here, which I guess is nice, but it really scares me because I know it's only because of global warming. This isn't a gift, it's a symptom.

A long walk tomorrow sounds like a really great idea. Maybe I'll make the giant go walk around the neighborhood with me before we drive up to my parents' place. I don't typically gorge myself on Thanksgiving, though. Yeah, I eat a big meal and everything, but not a ridiculous amount.

Hi, Moxie, Turbo, Wombat, and Poodle!

I wish this day would hurry up and be over with. I've been super productive, hoping it'd make the time go faster. Tomorrow should be really nice and chill, but I'm not looking forward to getting up at the asscrack of dawn on Friday to have time to get to KC, get ready for the rehearsal dinner, and possibly hit a store or two to see the freaks out at the early morning sales. I hate nothing more than getting up early on my day off. Grr! I'm taking a sick day or two next week to make up for it.
we did the mental calculations, too. The embarrassing thing? We got knocked up on the wedding night of our last friends to wed that summer. We knew it was either that night, or the night before...but I can always and forever say what the date of moxette conception was, b/c i have paperwork to show it. Funny, eh?

wombat? did I miss something? i don't think minxy said anything about publicness?
yeah, i'm way confused over your post also, wombat. but no worries. i often feel like i've missed something in this thread and lately have been chalking it up to pregnancy brain.

i love having an excuse... laugh.gif

and i'm terribly sorry for jinxing the day. i feel horrible now because after i went and said it was flying by, time has stood still.

mox, it looks like i got knocked up on my parent's anniversary actually, which otherwise would have been just a random wednesday. i'm not sure if i want to tell them that or not... heh wink.gif
happy fri-wednesday all y'all half-insulted psuedo-bitches biggrin.gif

*dances and sings* fjs have a raisin, fjs have a raisin!! maybe you could follow in gwyneth paltrow's famous steps and just go ahead and name the kid after a fruit right away. oh and **vibes** for quitting your job gracefully. 2 weeks is professional and expected.

yay for moxiebro! best wishes to them. is the little one feeling better? how are you doing? your gawjuss new haircut keeping up with you?

speaking of haircuts, i wanna see pics of poodle's locks!

diva! so awesome about the craft fair! congrats!! what is molten chocolate? it sounds amaaaazing....

hey kari! a 5k walk before the feast is a brilliant idea. i love people's funny thanksgiving traditions. for a while my parents and i had access to a beach house in margate, nj (owned by one of my mom's student's parents.....and of course they weren't using it in november) and used to go "down the shore" as they say for thanksgiving. we'd have a big slap-up meal at this little italian place and walk along the ocean and go visit lucy the elephant ("eighth wonder of the world"!) and wander around atlantic city on the deserted boardwalk. i have a great photo of my dad writing "happy thanksgiving" in the sand with some corn kernels he found on the beach. and one year, my mom and i ended up staging a mini-re-enactment of the first thanksgiving with chee-tos because she thought one of them kind of looked like an indian.

aw, i love my parents. i don't get to see them again until x-mas.

wombat, that sounds like a great magazine issue. but i'm afraid i'm totally clueless as to what you're "not judging" minxie about? 911 call? what?? did i miss something or is this something that's been going on in pm?

and dammit, now you've got the monty python lumberjack song in my head. *goes off whistling* i put on women's clothing, and hang around in bars!

ETA: whoops, looks like i wasn't the only one.....
well, they'll figure out the "approximate" timing anyway. smile.gif

I think I've opened my big mouth a bit too much in another thread. remind me not to do that, ok? Everyone hear that? OKAY?

k, now that i've said that...back to the grind. argh. 4 hours and counting.
Um, mox, playground, poolroom, Vincent's bar, possible 911 unless good advice from Tes.... But, no worries.

~*~*~Minx is strong and cool and a great mama and a great teacher and deserves good love with good man in her life and will handle everything with great beauty and move into more and more health, wealth, "safe" ish rauncy pervness and happiness with every day that goes by~*~*~


eta: Since I am a Scorpio and was premature -- she THINKS -- my mom estimated I was conceived at one of the wild Valentine's Day cocktail parties my parents used to have!!
To the Tibetans, that's bad news, means I came into the world through the "red light," but, my folks, whatever else their problems, did stay together and let us know they cared about us. Which makes up for a great deal.

I know it's not easy to be a parent, lots of work and vulnerability, so, kudos to all of you.
ah the pregnancy brain excuse....i believe it actually exists.

hi peeples...!!! i feel bad for all you busties that have 'really cold' weather. our weather finally changed a was really foggy this morning. yup. that's it. woooo. yeah ok... next subject.

minxy's got a boyfriend! minxy's got a boyfriend! hehhe

hmm..letsee....i've got a whole lotta nothing to share..really. but i've finally figured out my next tattoo--its a heart with my dearly departed dog's name hidden in it. couldn't even see it until i showed him. so far, i like it alot...but i'm gonna stew on it for a bit. i want it perfect.

poodle, please post picts, k? i wanna see!!!!

congrats diva on the big sales!!! that was nice of giant's mom to help out.

I sent's momma a turkey day card from ",, jake and molly" so she sent me an email saying " thanks for the card, who's molly?" so last nite me and were making up answers...for fun.

-she's our imaginary child...
-she's a whale we adopted..
-she's's long lost twin sister

hehe....i just had some borba drink...anyone had some of those before? this one is Vano starch blue in color...natural ingredients my far, Lake Blue 40 is not a 'natural ingredient'. LOL tastes like watered down candy. meh. dry.gif
Wow, everybody is in today! I love it!

Only 2 more hours of work here - WOO! And I'm catching up on some programming stuff, so that swallows time like nothing else, so the day is zipping by here! That, and there's only 3 people in on my floor, and no bosses, so there's alot of general silliness going on, which is also nice.

mouse - I love your insult!! And your parents sound awesome...I already know they have a fab kitchen!

I'm not about the winter warrior stuff here - I'll put on a winter coat as soon as I feel like I need it! The wind coming right off the lake has an extra chilling effect on our 'hood, and when you are public transit/bike bound...there's no need to be macho about the weather there! Hell, I put on mittens at 60 degrees, because my hands are *always* cold! And, I kind of like being all bundled up too!
Awww...a doggie love tattoo...that's so sweet, gb!

Wah? Did you just say that you feel bad for us cold weather bustiers?!! We love it up here!! Like diva said, it takes single digits to be "colder than a well digger's ass" outside. Still, I'd much rather live somewhere cold than somewhere warm. The car-scraping thing really sucks though. And snow emergencies. I frellin' hate snow emergencies.

Heh, my personal favorite: "colder than a witch's tits in an iron bra"

Sure, I'll post pikkies of my hair. It's really nothing special though.

I don't even want to think about my conception. Icky.

Ooh! What thread are you talking about mox? I wanna read!
wub.gif poodle, my dad says "colder than a witch's tits in a brass brassiere."


ok chicadoos, i'm outta here. i hope you all have a glorious turkey day. don't forget to remember who/what you're thankful for, even if it's jsut the pumpkin pie!!!

i'll be around and about through the weekend. hope to see some of yas!

I'm thankful for beer, and that's why I wish the damn office meddler would leave already so that I can get outta here and go to the likky store.

Bye FJ!! Happy Thanksgiving!!
i'm thankful for friends, bust, family, but especially.....turkey leftovers!!! speaking of likker, i think i'm getting my dosage this weekend...i hope.

have a great weekend everyone...i gotta get to class....stupid traffic.
Poodle, your avatar signature is cracking my ass up. I think that you need a spanking. C'mere. *smooch*

Utters a small-ish "huh?" to the 911 thing.

Turbo, dude, I'm so happy for you being able to stay home for Thanksgiving. I am as well, and am extremely happy for it because a bunch of retarded drama has errupted at the Casa del Minxy Forefathers. Enjoy your time together. BTW, I am totally jealous and hatin' on your blackberry bath bomb. How fucking cool is that?

I don't know about you all, but I am kinda routing for a Falljackette. smile.gif
It's colder than a whore's heart!
Colder than a pocket full of penguin shit!
Cold enough to freeze the balls off of a brass monkey!
Colder than a Sunday in Hell!
Colder than a mother-in-law's kiss!
Colder than a tickettaker's smile!
It's so cold I could cut diamonds with my nipples!

Here's a good/weird one I found:
Colder than a gut-shot bitch wolfdog with nine sucklin' pups and a mouthful of porcupine quills, pullin' a no. 4 trap up a hill the middle of a snowstorm in the dead of winter!! Wow. laugh.gif

ETA- It's true, minx!! God needed a day of rest before he undertook his most magnificant creation of all time--Mr. Johnny Depp.

Bye gb!!
really, poodle, your avvie just makes me *drool*...makes me grin every time I see it!

And I'm with minxy, totally rooting for an fjette! I would say the statistics are in our favor, there's not a lot of boy bustie-tots 'round here.

And, I've got nuffin on poodle's wide knowledge of "colder thans"...clearly, the expression is more creative up there in minnesota!

Minxy, I think this evening my bath will be a combo of chunks of clove bubble bar mixed with orange creamsicle d'ya like that?! I'm such a bath product whore.

And I'm also at home now - YAY!

I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, and am desperately hoping that my cold will finally go away, so I can feel free to enjoy the vino tomorrow!
Finally! The office meddler is gone! Now all I have to do is format this word document and then I'm off like a prom dress!! laugh.gif

ETA- Turbo, you'd be covered in drool if you saw my Johnny wallpaper collection on my home computer. I have desktop size version of that avvie picture!! Sometimes I just sit there staring at my computer, watching the Johnny pictures change every 5 seconds. Seriously. The ex-RB doesn't like my Johnny Collection. He's just jealous or maybe he's ashamed of the homosexual urges he feels while checking his email.

Okay, I gotta get outta here while it's still safe.
Poodle, that sounds like mystical shit...just waiting for Johnny's form to morph into the next delicious shape. I bet he's the second coming.

Or at least yours. wink.gif

MB came over to my BFF's house with me and the Minxlette last night for a lasagna festival. He and BFF's husbands are like long-lost brothers. It's pretty damned cool. Then we sat and talked for about four hours and necked on the couch intermittently. He is curious about my vibrator.

He likes toys of all sorts. WHOOT!!!

Orange creamcicle patchouli? Holy hell...that sounds marvelous. I wanna live with Turbo just so I can raid her closets and smell her good-smelling stuff.

ETA: I heard from another ex of mine this last week. He's in the military and being deployed to Afghanistan. He wanted to let me know that he still loves me, and I thought that was really sweet. I am worried about him, always have been. When I met him, he was in the service...I tried talking him out of applying for the Rangers program because it gave me a heart attack. Ergh. I hate the fucking military...necessary evil, but I still hate it with my whole being.
Hello all...sorry I have not been able to read and catch up yet...just got home from clinic and pharmacy....penicillin, tylenol 3, AND diflucan (for yeasties, which I always ask for when the 'cillin comes into play).

I feel like shit, and this is just the worst, worst, worst timing ever to be sick.

Anyway, had to let you all know that I'm not dead or anything!

Hope everyone is well...
((((((may the drugs come swiftly to doodle's aid))))

Awww, sweetie, I'm sorry you're still feeling awful...I hope you wake up feeling much better tomorrow and
~*~*~*~*yeasties be gone!~*~*~*~*~

Minx...I'm lovin' MB more all the time...a lasagna fest AND he totally clicks with BFF's man?! Too cool for school, yo. And you can come live in my house anytime....there's always a good stock of bath goodies...its the 30gal water tank that is limiting. smile.gif

Yep, minx, I share your uncomfortable feelings about the military...turbomann was in the reserves, and thank cod, he was officially done with his contract 2 months before his unit got sent to Iraq for the start of the Iraq mess. ((((((safety for minxy's ex)))))

I'm plugged into the vapidness that is Top Model at the moment, but to the bath!

holy crap! its wednesday! I forgot. Ok, real quickie- my baby is walking with help from us! HOLY JESUS.
I've prepped everything I'm making for t-giving tomorrow...yummy.

To be Thankful for: family, new additions to family (vibes for moxiebro!!), and choc.pie.

Ok, off to watch AMTM. smells ya later!
hi lady busties

it's been a long day. i am ready to go home and go get me some $2 margaritas and taquitos. so much for going to the gym today--bah! tomorrow i'll go. they better not be closed.

i only have one day off (tomorrow) and in addition to pantone-tabbing and preparing about 20 "we'll talk about these later" prints at my fulltime job (apparently we have reached "later" and it is now), i also have eight freelance screens for target due monday. it's going to be a busy "holiday", but it'll mean that my plane ticket home for x-mas won't break the bank, and i can still buy nice presents for my fam. who the hell knew it would be almost december already??? yeesh.

i was going to have some friends over tomorrow for thanksgiving, but now i'm thinking i really just want to chill out by myself and watch the 2 hour grey's anatomy special. and then go out and get drunks later on. and then go to work on friday. bleah.

((((doodlebug))) get better darlin' will understand. listen to your body and take a break <3

minxie, sounds like things are going so well. awesome. **good thoughts for military-ex (hopefully soon to be ex-military...?)**

turbo, hope you have another lovely bath, and i hope everyone has a good holiday!

ETA: holy moly that's crazy moxie! yay!!!!

i hope poodly got her likker!
Happy Thanksgiving, all! I hope that everyone has tasty eats no matter where you may be eating manana; alone or with others.

Sounds like Minx is once again arbitrarily introducing her daughter to men that she decides to bed. Maybe sending her to her father instead of a group date night might be a good idea? Huh? Sounds like he has limited time and for no reason other than you want his ca$h; or maybe the fact that he married after you; and the spite that lies there lurking on your part? I continue to hold out hope that the little one will still understand that relationships with men are not as Minx is introducing; the flavor of the week with a side topping.

Anyhow, Life. Yes, as of late, it has been grand and full of fun and fruitful.
holy crap, sunshine. do you lurk around enough here to get the real picture, or no? minx and her beau have known each other for a long time before dating, and he had met (i believe this is right) minxlette before any serious dating took place. And, any man who minx introduces her little one to is special to her...the random men (and let me say I absolutly applaud random men) are always not around minxlette, from everything I've ever, ever, ever seen her write here.

This group date was their, oh,m 4th or 5th "official" date, and after many, many, many LONG-ass conversations to boot. In fact, if minxlette gets that men need to treat her mother nicely and with respect, thereby respecting themselves in the process, then minxy will have taught her daugher VERY well by example.
Dude, sunshine, you just totally killed my buzz. Get a friggin' hobby! WTF is up with all of this ripping on minx all because of a lasagna dinner? Fuckin' A. How dare you come in here out of nowhere and barf on the thread!! We were just talking about turbo's luscious scents and the masterpiece that is Johnny Depp fer chrissakes! Dammit.
Poods, I'm sorry if I killed it for you. Go grab a Summit that always makes it better. I am simply concerned about a 6 year old who is being exposed to much more than she needs to be. If her parents aren't a thing; cool. But she doesn't need to see her mom with all of Minneapolis in replacement of her father and vice-versa. Chill. Let the kid grow up knowing her parents and not a handful of randoms.

ps: My favorite is still Gilbert Grape.
Ignore, my darlings, is a beautiful thing. Okayland is not a place for ugliness...period.

Just hopped out of the bath...twas lovely. I love the wooshy, relaxed feeling after a bath, then tucking into bed...makes for goooood sleeping. And I'm listening to a light and romantic audio book right now, and the narrator has the most beautiful Irish accent....its a perfect bathtime listen. seriously, did you make this screensaver yourself, or is this something to be downloaded somewhere. Oh, to be able to gaze into JD's eyes all day!! *salivates*

Mox - wowzers - walking with hand holds already - your child is gonna be self mobilizing before you know it!!

In other news, the 4 year old nephew managed to break his arm on Friday, and get a knee sprain on Sunday...poor little guy - he was all screamy and whiny when we were talking to his mom on the phone tonight, and then all of a sudden....silence. He wore himself out and fell fast asleep, mid tantrum. I do miss seeing the kiddos this weekend, but we'll see them in another month.
Keep rolling, you too, Turbo. While you are at it; be sure to have some BedTime Tea (organic and excellent; Yogi Brand) this evening so that you can even it out. 'Cause you all need it; recognized or not.

I am sorry that you think that anyone with an opinion should be ignored, I could do the same to you but you are too dull for me to pass by without mention. Here it is. Happy Thanksgiving. Hookers.
I don't have much to say to self-hating misogynists in feminist's clothing.

I will put this in for the record: I sincerely hope that you re-examine your anger issues toward women with sexualities that you find unsavory and trigger such sad and unwarranted responses. I find it amusing that you would waste this much time on a weird witch-hunt of your own design. Conjecture such as yours takes serious projection.

But it's easy to hide behind an internet profile and wax psycho. I'd buy you a round to just to watch you run your fucking mouth. I'd be bored, but it would be more amusing than this pathetic egotrip you've long since worn out in cyberlandia.

Why don't you go play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself. I wouldn't deign to justify myself to bored human shitbags like yourself. You are an attention-seeking parasite.

Watch how hard you swing that axe. The momentum's a real bitch.
Sunshiney sunny poo-poo, what makes you think that you're so interesting that people in here would give 2 shits about your opinions on child-rearing? Dayum.

ETA- It was lasagna!! Lasagna fer chrissakes!!!
Poodle, you still *must* tell me about this screensaver...did you create it yourself? All I've got to work with here are pooch pics...I could use me some JD!
Moxie!! Moxette is WALKING!! That is awesome! She seems like such a happy beastie.

Doodle! You're not DEAD? Well! That's good to know! I can picture you: "Enough of this herbal tea shit!" grumble * grumble "Give me DRUGS!!"

Turbo -- yeah, I look up at the clock all of a sudden and I'm like, OMG!!! And I really hate other encroachments on my time! Now, I got enough food, laundry's all done, saw people I know, and lots of time today and tomorrow to "program" -- well, it is programming, but light stuff compared to C or the old COBOL or something.

Mouse! I like the site! Fairly simple but has all the things people need (the yesplease vintage). That's the kind of stuff I'm working on. Not exactly the same visually, but just putting a fairly simple thing together, CSS not tables, and I like the Flash vectors. Are you making screens for Target, the store? I just saw they are looking for a permanent senior web person -- they're based in Minneapolis and you already know people.... nudge! nudge!

I like the competition too! I stuck my ass out and said I was going to do something and now I better DO IT or my ass is grass. This is SO FUN, you guys. I have all this great stuff and I'm playing with it -- when it gets frustrating, I have a Sudoku widget and the addictive Stac game widget!! I think I'll call it "crack!"

And Bust, of course. And... walking around my cute neighborhood. Just found out the Vietnamese restaurant in the bright colored, modernistic food court at the big pan-asian grocery store has FANTASTIC sandwiches for just $2.75!!

I bought all the Thanksgiving food and wine too -- and flowers for Batman dad.

Must go catch up on ANTM thread!

Not dead -- not dead -- I wonder how many Busties DO check in from the beyond!
Yes...back to the important stuff...Johnny Depp. Turbo, I'm an image whore (or hooker, as sunshine who say), so I've managed to come across some good Johnny Depp stuff that is large enough for my 'puter screen. I didn't download pre-made JD wallpapers because they usually have dumb text on them. I just want pure Depp. Here, I've uploaded a few pics from my personal collection:
Avatar pic
White sheets
Piano man
Piano man 2
My personal fave
He's ready for me

There are more where that came from!

Ah.....poodle, you are a goddess! Thank YOU!! The "he's ready for me" image is the one I was looking for....that is one beautiful image....I cut that one out of my Time mag and pasted it on the back spread of my calendar at work, so when I'm having a rough day, I have a little JD to cheer me up! He's the only man pin-up worthy in my book. Damn, I feel another Chocolat craving coming on!!

Yeah wombat, programming sucks time like nothing else...didn't get half of what I needed done today, I'm gonna see about working from home one day next week, so I can get the stupid forum re-built for the org's site. But enough of that - its holiday time, eh?!

Mmmm Vietnamese sandwiches - YUM!!

Well, off to bed for me here soon...
Whoa, sunshine...from everything you've expressed here, I believe you have confused "having an opinion" with "passing judgements." You seem to view yourself as some kind of "crusader" for a child's - this particular child's - right to live in the kind of world you think all children should have. But the truth is, you don't know anything about this particular child's real life. You don't know this child, you don't know anything about this child, and you don't know anything about her life with her mother and other family. You don't know how that child is being impacted by ANYTHING that goes on in her world at all. You are making a LOT of assumptions. Worse, you are using your crusade for a child YOU DO NOT KNOW as vindication for passing judgement on the (real or perceived) lifestyle of someone else YOU DO NOT KNOW, and which has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. I don't even understand what you think gives you the right.

Ok, back to the regular stuff...hi everyone. I am dying in pain. Ok, not dying, but definitely not doing well. Amazingly, though, after a day thinking about my being sick, the board chair e-mailed and asked if we should postpone the move for 2 weeks. Which would be a blessing, frankly.


*holds face in hands, winces at pain*

I'm sorry I'm not caught up on the thread. I just feel soooo....awful.
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