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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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aww...molly's got cute!

i need to finish her she can be cute and cozy!

turbo i think its good that you are staying home...its good to recoup and relax on those days....

as for me and and the 'kids', i'll be doing a turkey breast in the oven, a turkey breast in the crock pot and lots of sides. i cannot wait....what is everyone else doing?
sung to the tune of 'heartbreaker'

"She's a thread killa......, thread killa, don't you mess around with me...."

and i'm outtie for the weekend....kisses to all!!
Hi honey, I'm home!

*pecks Okayers on the cheek*

Happy days, I found my missing copy of BUST with the Eddie Izzard interview, whilst packing up stuff at the Centre!

I also decided to rescue an old door mirror from the give away pile. When I first started at the Centre, we named it the "Feel Good Mirror" 'cause its warp makes everyone look like they're 10 - 15 pounds thinner.
Now *I'm* da thread killah!

turbo, congrats on making the difficult call to turbomama. I'm totally sure she understands, and you need the rest, and also some time to regroup with turbomann. I can only imagine how hard it would have been to face all the family "what now" discussions so soon after the news! (((turbo)))

mouse, thanks for letting me know! I've been checking the femail box and thinking maybe Canada Customs didn't like the pin! YAY I'm so excited!

miz gb, what does "supposed gift exchange" mean? I think I missed a post...

(wombat, I laughed aloud at your vargas girls comment!)

I think I need a nap...
Hi, peeps!

I've been busy busy avoiding doing work today, or typing at all. I need to find a secretary for myself to take dictation.

Poodle, although I love the giant and all and think he looks great, there really is something about a black man in a suit that can't be denied. There are some lawyers in my building who use the same elevator as me, and I don't mind at all. You should totally hit on your security guard.

(((((((((( flying vibes for Tes))))))))))
(((((((anti-sick vibes for Moxette)))))))
((((((( anyone who needs them for whatever reason )))))))

I'd love to have red hair, but I'm pretty pale and usually can't be bothered to put on makeup to make myself not look washed out. Same for black hair. My hair currently (for several years) is my natural color, nothing added or taken away. Makes for darn easy maintenence that way.

So except for a trip to Home Despot for some caulk and grout, I think I have all my supplies for crafting for the next 3 weeks. I bought 10 pounds of chocolate, candy cups in bulk, more chocolate molds, votive holders, beads (I swore I wouldn't but they were on sale), frames, and a couple other things on my lunch break. I was muito productive! Now I just have to get working. (blech)

Well, it's about that time. The giant and I are going on a dinner/movie date (Borat), then I'm crafting all day tomorrow and having a Divala Day Out on Sunday now that I have a little cash to throw around. I need to find a shirt to wear to this wedding we have to go to next weekend, so I'm now forced to shop. Hehe.
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Nov 17 2006, 07:45 AM) *

Happy fucking friday everyone!!!!

I'm pretty exhausted this morning, as usual...and now the full-on dread of having to go to MI for thanksgiving has set in. I would love to send turbomann off alone, but I'm pretty sure my parents would not be understanding. But really, I need some fucking time off work to unwind, relax and heal!!! And truly, the thought of 4 days alone and to myself with turbomann really a decadent thought indeed.

~*~*~*~*~safe travels followed by hearty helpings of HBI for tes~*~*~*~*~*

Tree- thanks so much for the tips...turbomann said he tried the tightening trick, and its just not budging. its like a giant screw, but has a rubber washer sealing the closure, and its all smashed down and not inclined to move. So if you have any tips for bolts like that, let me know.

lorewolf - I love your vibe scream!!!

mAN, it sucks not being able to BUST during the day. In those situations I'd have to get a length of pipe large enough to slip over the wrench...maybe three or four feet long and use that for leverage. I can't believe the tightening trick didn't work!!! Wow!
*feebly crawls into thread*

Awwww, crud. I totally have a terrible cold now. damn. I finished the day at work in a sweaty fever, and had to have turbomann come pick me up - there was no way I could have ridden my bike home. Thank cod I have my houseboy to come get me and take me to get cold medicine, eh?

AND....drumroll please....we have hot water!!!! As soon as dinner is in my tummy - I am hopping in that bathtub! Wooohoo!

Tree - you suggested the exact thing that worked! He went and got a 4" long steel dowel, and he sasid it turned right off like butta....he just needed a lot more leverage! Thanks for all the advice - you shall be our first resource for our next mechanical snafu!

Yeah, doodle, you are absolutely right - I really didn't want to face those "what now" conversations with my family either....turbomann isn't all that comfortable with my lot, and they've no issue with asking inappropriate questions and wringing hands.

Okay, off to dinner for me...
Auugh! TurboJenn! Sorry to hear about the cold!

*Sends health, comfort, and sanity vibes* Eee-----e--e---... Hmmm... I'm not even sure if it's possible to send sanity vibes (at least, not while screaming).

*Sends health and comfort vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Awesome that the BUSTies had the answer for the hot water smile.gif

Go get 'em, Minx!

Gaaah! Gotta go already. I need waaay more chillin' time than I get these days.
OMG, treehugger! THat is SO COOL! I used to be a Blue collar trades woman! I did plumbing, electrical work, carpenty, and, I spent a summer painting the old Governor's mansion in Massachusetts, climbing ladder and moving furniture and usiing techniques taught to me by a lesbian house-painter, and then I went to Outward Bound up in Muscungus Bay, Maine, where I did sailing in a thirty-foot wooden KETCH on the ocean and did not go indoors for six weeks straight, and lived in a tent or on the boat and climbed sheer rock faces and shit, and cooked all our food over fire on the rocks, and changed my SPONGE when I had a period and washed it out in the TIDE under the full moon! And was on WATCh seeing the stars and the center of the Milky Way galaxy in the sky and phospherecent plankton light up like fireflies in each and every WAVE, and then I worked in a machine shop in Waltham and did custom 00 guage work on Nitrogen valves -- turned liquid nitrogen into nitrogen GAS, also, banjo tuning knobs that had 20 custom brass pieces inside -- Hee ya!!

Here's for machining women! I had to switch from machine shop to computer graphics cause of CNC. yeah!

Also, I gotta say, a man who will rub up againsst me and kiss tightly and tease expertly playfully and not kiss sloppy and wll play with me has got it made... yea!!

Drunken posst!!
woah. diva, i didn't even know that you could BUY half of that stuff at home despot!

and i think i gained about 5 kilos reading your post!

((((jenn)))) i'm really sorry that you are feeling so sucky. i see a hot bubbly bath in your future!!! (yay, no more prostitute baths!!!) i do think that you made the right call by staying home, though.

hi, lorewolf! have we met? i like your john weismuller icon! swimmers. yum.

(there are LOTS of things that you can do while screaming!!! laugh.gif

thanks for all of the health vibes for BFF. her bro sent me a text message saying that she had come out of surgery, that she was in recovery, and that doc seemed happy. i'll see her tomorrow and decide for myself!

oh, and tree? that was SOOOOO cleverly smaht of you to figure out the extra leverage thing!! i know who i'm coming to the next time i need fix it advice!!!

(and thanks for the good flight and loads of HBI portions!!)

i'm in the airport in johannesberg waiting for my next flight - here to dakar, then dakar to dc, then dc to north kackalacky!

*stops in her tracks*

who IS that girl?
the one with the shiny sparklies?

*wolf whistle*

Mornin' tes!!!

~*~*~*~*~safe and swift travel vibes for tes~*~*~*~*~

Thanks for all the vibes....I'm feeling a little better this morning - slept 12 hours last night, gotta love a good hot bubble bath with a Nyquil chaser. Everything's congealing in my head now, so I think that's nose isn't a faucet anymore, so that's good. I'm sure it was Lore's screams that did the trick there. wink.gif I don't imagine I'll be doing much today, but that's okay.
Hi Tes!!!!!
((((Turbo))))) i am sending you de-sickifying tyger hugs

Hi everyone else, and hugs and vibes to all who need them.

My hair is coppery-red at the moment (i don't like it as much as redder reds, but it's what i had kicking around)

the boy, my faux-lesbian lover's bff and i are starting a comic for the school paper (and hopefully on to teh internets). let's just say it's the most blasphemous thing we managed to think of turning into a comic strip. if it gets internet-bound you ladies will be the first to get linkage.

since tomorrow is Wii day i'm most likely calling in family emergency for work tomorrow. i know i should feel bad about calling in sick, but i haven't since the boy's birthday (and i was actually sick then-ish. plus, in three weeks they can have me all they want, so i figure it's fair). i made some comment about how the people playing games in the commercials look like total tools, and then boything said i wasn't allowed to watch him play video games. see, this is why i am stauchly anti-dating; if boything wasn't my boyfriend it wouldn't bother him if i informed him he looked like a tool. bah. i can deal with normal boystupid. the type of stupid that is inspired by girls is the stuff that drives me bonkers.

my friend J is back from vancouver and most likely at the boy's apartment, so i think i shall mosey over there. toodleynoodleypoodles!
Hi tyger!!!

(((turbo get well vibes)))) i'm glad you are feeling better..and have hot water now..

Molly is sitting on my lap licking my hands--she says hello!

(((safe travel vibes for tes)))

doodle, the gift exchange is just that...i have 4 siblings plus their spouses and their kids. so we usually do a gift exchange..until last year when 'certain people' decided they wanted to give to all but ran out of time and then gave to none...dolts. but their family so what can i say?

I am having a great day....i went to class...the teacher didn't we all signed a form and are going to get hours and credits for being there regardless...wooo! then i came home, went supply shopping, did some cleaning, watched the USC game (we won!) and now my dad has gotten a new laptop so i get his old one...thus my typing now! we still have to transfer files and whatnot but i have access...woooo!!!

tomorrow is going shooting in the desert....him and one of our friends are going out to the desert to shoot guns. so we've packed him a lunch and stuff and he gets to go shoot stuff....and i get a semi quiet house....yay! maybe i'll get some baking done tomorrow....hmmm. biggrin.gif
We're all BACK!! HI! HI! HI!

What did everyone do with their bustie-free time?

Moxette is really sick- ear infection and pink eye- YUCK. She got the serious meds yesterday, and i think they're helping already. Putting eye drops in an infant blows. But, she also got her ears pierced! The doctor said her ear lobes weren't affected by either infection, so he decided to do it! Pretty little gold balls. Now, just the cleaning, turning, yada, yada....

Moxieman has the flu (my house is a friggin germ factory). But, i think its a low-grade flu, b/c he got his flu shot on Saturday...combined with the travel...lack of sleep...sick baby...his body just couldn't fight it all. Me? So far, just a little sore throat...let's hope.

So, that's what I did with my 2 bustie free days...and more of the same today.

Anyone else?

Hmmm...good things tuesday:

1. Antibiotics- no more goupy eye
2. Home from work to tend to my family today- not a shitbag mother
3. I'm making pie.

Girls, we have gone from rated G to R.

I swear it was the glasses. smile.gif

ETA: Moxie, I am so sorry that Moxette has been illin'. I remember Minxlette getting her first double-whammy, and it was just so sad and kinda scary. I thought that her head would explode. Here's to hoping that she and the rest of your family have a pain-free, restful sleep tonight.

Yeah for Tessie's galpal!!! So good...lady, you MUST call me sometime this break, m'kay?
Morning! Glad this is back! Two whole days! Yowch! I'm just glad it wasn't a dingo!!

Hooray for Turbo feeling better! How's your dad?

Batman's dad is doing well -- so we had weekend with lots of rest and some nice sex. The couch is indeed conducive -- and congrats, minxie!! wink.gif

Healing vibes to moxette and wonderful, nurturing rest vibes to whole mox family!!

OW_ ____ I am so hung over. Went to see New York Dolls last night. With Chesterfield Kings, Charms and Supasucker. I was front and center, literally hanging on the stage, right underneath David Johansen.

Good news -- finally got a job call-back yesterday! computer's acting fidgy but I'm still getting work done!

Whew!!! Am I ever glad we're all back together here!!! A monday without BUST was dreary indeed. But, hey, today is like Thursday already - I am SO glad its only a 3 day week, my body needs some serious rest!

We're staying home for the first thanksgiving ever, and I am very excited about that...more excited that I won't be spending 6 hours in the car on thursday driving, is more like it. We're going to my fun aunt and uncle's house in the burbs for turkey - they're skipping the MI trip too, heh. We took a pool amongst us and decided that our two households were the only folks we really wanted to see anyway, so we'll just hunker down in chicago, and have a grand time of it. I'd love to stay overnight at their place, but they don't want the dog in their house, so we'll just have to keep the drinking under control. wink.gif

And, I might make a turkey on Saturday for ourselves anyhow...I've never made one, and I loooove turkey leftovers. tell about the new R rating in your life!!! *waits impatiently for the scoop* dad's fine, wombat...I can't think of anything that's even been wrong with him lately...

Turbomann is shaping up to be a fine houseboy. Walking the dog, driving me to work, running errands, taking friends' dogs to the vet...I can live with this for awhile, I think. If he would try cooking, it'd be even better!

(((((moxette get better))))) Poor bebe...and moxieman too. I hope everyone recovers by the weekend, so YOU can get some time to relax!

~*~*~*~get that jobby job vibes for wombat~*~*~*~
*GASP!* What was THAT?!?

*Health vibes for MoxieClan* EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Tyger, good luck with the comic strip! Get a bunch of episodes ahead as a buffer if you can.[\end unsolicited advice] I was trying to get a web comic going with my best friend, but we kept moving across oceans from each other. We only got like 3 strips made and a bunch of odd funny pictures sad.gif If only we had all this great technology when we lived in the same town. Anyway, long-live the creativity vibes!

Way to live up to your name, Minx, and good luck with job search, Wom & Turboman!

Oh, and I don't always look like Tarzan. That's mostly favorable lighting and water distortion.
Yay! That sucked.

Wombat, did you go to the Little Steven's Garage Show (or something like that?) It passed through here, but it took place in the suburbs, and I didn't hear about it til the day after.

*****be well vibe for the moxes*******

Hello turbo, minx, lore,.

I am so freaking sore from moving. Bleah.
oH! YAY! we're back!!!!

sooo many days without BUST and OKAY make FJ a very bitter girl!!!

but i'm feeling MUUUUUCH better now!

spa was awesometastic! the massage was divine, as was the facial. although, she did this squeezy thing of my pores and actually caused two massive zits to appear on my face a day or so later. boooo. i think it's so i'll think i need to go back and get ANOTHER facial... she even tried to upsell me an acne facial when i um, DON'T HAVE ACNE! i have v. dry skin... but all in all, the experience was GREAT.

and And AND... drumroll...

we have a heartbeat!! a strong, fast little heartbeat. we saw and heard it yesterday at the first doc appointment. we have a little picture now of our little raisin. awwwwwwwww! i'm so in love! rolleyes.gif

minx, spill it! i want to hear ALLLLLL the gory details...

turbo, i hope you're feeling better. i am also glad you decided to stay home for the thanksgiving break. you don't need to bring yourself down with all the travel and hubbub.

hi to everyone else! i've got some work to do, but needed to pop in and feel the rush of OKAYland again. i felt so cut off from you guys. i started panicking this morning, wondering what would happen if the lounge was never back online. that would suck monkey balls!
Hi everyone!!!

RAAAAWWWRRR MINX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you guys do the horizontal mambo?

(((hugs for all the sick Busties and bustie fams)))

Awww...molly ringbald is so cute. I love her color.

Not much has happened with me o'er the last couple days. I went to see Borat on Saturday and spent Sunday shopping for jewelry on ebay.

Gah. I dyed my hair auburn last night to compensate for the lack of color that I ended up with a couple weeks ago. This time, it turned super bright red, but only on the roots. The rest of my hair is dark red. It looks so stupid. I'm gonna have to do dark-ass brown, which is probably my best color anyway. I hope my hair doesn't fall out. Surprisingly, my hair stays really shiney and smooth even after lots of dying.

Good things:
-The lounge is back!!!
-It's a short week!!
-My legs are thoroughly moisturized!!

So how's everyone doin' this morn?

ETA- YAYAYAY for heartbeats!!! Congrats FJ's!!
Thanks for the good vibes, lorewolf and turbo!!

Hi taloo! Yes it was the Little Steven's Garage Tour! The Chesterfield Kings singer looked like my hairdresser! But they are from Rochester, New York so he couldn't have been! They were great.

OOOOffff -- took a nap on the couch in my nice, bright, living room, keeping the juiced up cell phone near.

Must go to bank and car place and target. And, tonight -- retraining on the newest generation Nautilus weight machines! I will look weaker than I am, I expect, due to the hangover, but it was worth it -- we got together with four other friends and went to dinner at Audobon Circle bar first and I saw a lot of guys from the old scene who were gratifyingly glad to see me!

Ooh, little efjayette! coolness!

warm bath or something wishes for taloo!

poodle! Too bad about the hair color, but hooray for moist legs!
Hi, peeps!

Yay, we're back up! Yesterday was pretty darn boring without Bust to play on.

Congrats on the heartbeat, FJs!

Congrats on the job call-back, Wombat!

Congrats on getting moved, Taloo!

Congrats on the Rated R, Minx! (and might I say, it's about damn time?)

Turbo, your Thanksgiving sounds like it's going to be really nice. Low-key and non-drama, just like it should be. We're going up to my parents' house, but fortunately there isn't a big extended family to-do, so it'll be just the 7 of us, including Sam.

But the day after Thanksgiving is going to suck ass. We have to drive 7 hours down to Kansas City for a wedding. I spent 3.5 hours at the MOA trying to find a shirt to match this skirt I want to wear, and I found exactly 2 things that would work, both of which were about 3x as much as I wanted to spend because they were cashmere. Nothing normal in the color I wanted, just freaking cashmere. Feh. But you know what goes with everything? Black. So that's what I'm going to wear - one of my many black shirts.

Hi, Lore! I like your screams. They put a sound to what we type constantly.

(((((((((health vibes for the Moxies)))))))) My youngest brother used to get pinkeye all the time when he was little. It sucked for us because we couldn't play with him or else we'd get it, too.

Hi, GB and Tyger!

Poodle, I want to see your red roots. That sounds kinda cool to me. What is your natural color, anyway?

So, we had a pretty nice weekend. We ate steaks and saw Borat on Friday night, spent most of Saturday in bed and ran a few errands, then I worked some more on my crafts. I went shopping for about 5 hours on Sunday and didn't find what I actually went out to get (except I exchanged the bra I got for one of the same model I've been wearing for the last couple years, which is what I wanted in the first place), so I bought shoes and shirts and beading supplies (I know, I know, I banned myself from the bead stores, but nobody was there to stop me).

I've got my first craft fair today, and I have to leave in about 20 minutes to get there. The giant's mom got me into it, but she has to sit with me for the whole thing since technically I shouldn't be there since I'm not a student or faculty member, so it's under her name. Ah, well. At least it'll be quick (basically an extended lunch break) and didn't cost me anything, so I can only make money.

I'll do Good Things Tuesday when I come back, if everything went well.
Wow! Vibes for Diva sales!
~*~*~*~profit vibes for diva~*~*~*~

Okay, I'm going into an Aveda salon at 5:00 to get my hair fixed. I should have gone there to begin with. I was under the impression that Natural Instincts/Herbal Essences dye wasn't tested on animals, but I did more research and it turns out P&G still tests their dyes on animals (draize and lethal dose), which is totally sick. This means no more box dye for me. I might as well have dyed my hair in blood. Aveda doesn't test their dye on animals, so it's all good. Their dye is fucking awesome. It smells good and it makes hair super shiney and soft. Diva, my hair is naturally a blah dark brown hue with a little gray here and there.

Enough about my stupid hair...I want to know what's up with minx and the baron!!

Hello all...OMG, how I missed the Lounge, and especially Okayland!

I got very sick over the weekend, am still sick, with an infection. If not a little improved tomorrow, I will go to the walk-in clinic for an antibiotic scrip. Actually, I would have gone sooner, but have to wait till payday (Thursday) to pay for the scrip anyway.

Do you know how awful it was to be sick in bed and have a laptop and NO Lounge access? Terrible!
~*~*~*~*swift and steady sales for diva~*~*~*~

WOOT!!! for the FJs!! I'm so excited for you guys! Seriously, when the lounge was down, this morning I just kept thinking - I *must* get in touch with the FJs and find out how the appt went! Really, we need a bunker plan for okayland...

Poodle, I'm glad you'll be getting your hair fixed up at aveda, and their haircolor is most excellent. Have you thought of trying hennas? You can definitely get those cruelty free, and if you like to stay in the auburn range anyhow, its good, cheap, and it makes your hair softer than anything...but you have to wait awhile post chemical dye before using it, and then there's unpredictable results if you try and re-chem dye it soon after henna. It definitely isn't for changing your hair on a whim, but it really helped re-build my hair after all the bleaching I did last year for my purple and orange stripes.

Ugh, diva, an out of town wedding on a holiday weekend? I have to say, people who plan holiday weekend weddings are especially cruel. I have attended exactly one holiday weekend wedding, and that was my cousin's...we've gotten a couple of invites since, and I'm just not willing to give up holiday time for a wedding if its not family. Its just plain rude.

((((((healing vibes for doodle)))))
...and I know exactly how awful it is to be in bed with a laptop, and no bust - I was in the same situation! booooo!
Good things:

I am listening to the new tom waits "orphans" box set.
We own said box set.
Tomorrow we are going to buy new bedding for our new bed.
I have my kitchen almost all the way set up.
We just have the really big heavy stuff left to move, no more boxes.

FJ, when I got a facial my face exploded a couple of days after. I was already going through a particularly rough patch with my skin. I wanted to cry.
And woot for little heart beats.

Diva, good luck at your craft sale.

*runs into thread, gasping, crushes board to her bosom and covers it in overprotective kisses*
where WERE YOU???? oh my god, NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!

(now to read the archives--hi all!)
Yeah, if someone's gonna throw a wedding on a holiday weekend or friday afternoon, then they better have an open bar to make up for the inconvenience. I was so pissed that my friend had to throw a wedding on a friday afternoon and make me use a personal day, but I wasn't as pissed after I had a few free drinks. smile.gif

Yeah, I should try the henna thing one of these days, when my hair isn't so angry at me. I'm also interested in this Daniel Field stuff.

Ah, yes, Tom Waits. Is it a compilation, taloo? Anything super special on there?

Here's what I have in my head right now:
You've got style, that's what all the girls say
Satin sheets and luxuries so fine
All your suits are custom made in London
But I've got something that you'll really like!!

Gonna dress you up in my love!
All over, all over
Gonna dress you up in my love!
All over your body

ETA- Hi mouse!!!
*jumps up and down around lounge squealing* It's back! IT'S BACK!

Congrats, FJ! biggrin.gif
((((turbo)))) Yeah, I understand.

The post-facial zits...I've read this is quite a normal consequence of getting a facial, which brings "impurities" to the surface of your skin more quickly than would have happened without the facial. I'm assuming it's a combo of stimulating the skin and using different products than usual.

Well, I think I might go back to bed for awhile.

This is so stupid to be sick on the LAST WEEK I have to organize everything...the movers are coming on the 29th....!!!

Please send me get better vibes, I beg of you!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ get better vibes for turbo, too ~*~*~*~*~*~*~
okay! hi everyone! okay! yay for okay. where the hell is our bunker? what happens when the terrorists shut down the internet WHERE WILL WE GO?

i've heard that about facials too. though i've never had one. it kind of makes sense; i bet your skin will clear up ten times better after it gets the zits outta the way.

**healing vibies for tiny moxling** and she got her ears pierced??

poodley, i agree with turbo on the henna. i've only ever had lovely results with it and it's totally natural. and totally gross in a fun way to make--you mix up this green powder with water and feel like you're making mudpies on your head.

or at least i did.

doodle, keep an eye on your mailbox for real this time! and i threw in something else too since i had a temporary job making them and then somehow the people i was working for fell off the edge of the earth so i still have a ton of em lying around. smile.gif

**vibes for diva's craft fair**

hi faerie, tyger, lorewolf, taloo-who-has-a-house, wombat, tes, and anyone else i may have missed or crossposted with!

i had a pretty good weekend--a lovely potluck pre-thanksgiving feast on friday night, everybody's food was so great and it was so fun. plus it was a group of kids that i like a lot but don't know very well or hang out with much, so that was cool. saturday was a bar-hopping girls' night out which was pretty uneventful except that i ended up getting really drunk. hah.

sunday i did laundry and got together with my friend to work on some design stuff for her business ( and knocked out a pretty awesome business card if i do say so myself--it's got the same pinstripe background as the site (which i also did), with just the curlicue part of the title coming over the top, yes please vintage all lowercase futura with wide kerning on the front and on the back her first name and the website and email and phone. the best part? it's square. then we went out to dinner at this funny little italian restaurant that looked like it should be in suburban new jersey but instead was in a strip mall in silverlake. weird. but pretty tasty.
Poods, it's a 3 cd box set, really limited release. Just came out today.
Mostly unreleased stuff. The three cd's are broken into catagories: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards. Sooo good.

Hi mouse, Fairie, and doodle.
Doodle, the way I'm figuring it is that this is our bodies waging a full-scale assault to let us know that the work we're doing is not good for us! ...I'm just not sure how to listen at the moment. blink.gif

(((((doodle get better))))))

I would like my raging earache to go away right now, thankyouvery much. The OTC drops I got are helping, just not fast enough, and I'm currently uninsured because those fuckers at abbott labs cut off our insurance already, but won't give up the piece of paper I need to get insurance through my employer!
*futilely shakes fist at faceless megacorp*

mouse, your weekend sounds absolutely lovely! And I will definitely go check out the website you designed!

Poodle, that haircare site looks fab! Doesn't look like its available in the US, though. boo.

Hi mousie and faerie!

Doodle and turbo get better vibes!

Poodle -- I know a guy named Daniel Field!!! Not the same one.

I don't think henna will make the BRIGHT red desired by poodle! You used to have to bleach first to get bright red and maybe you still do.

Sounds like great weekend and great work, mouse!
((**turbo's ear**))

there're some technicalities with the website i need to fix, still, so don't be alarmed if there's a giant blue line around the imagemap menu. it just means i'm an idiot biggrin.gif

oh, and if any of y'all like vintage, check out their ebay shop. i promise they have awesome stuff and every package comes with a pins and a mixtape!

ETA: HOW COULD I FORGET MINXIE!??? and really? just r? not xxx? not even nc-17????? DETAILS WOMAN

*runs into thread flinging confetti...throws self onto bustie couch, grabs a pillow and breathes in deeply...*

"how i've missed thee!"


still waiting for the much awaited R-rated story of minx and MB....*taps foot* well?

hi taloo, wombat, turbo, moxie, mouse, doodle, poodle, lore, diva, and anyone else popping in to say hello!

(((get well vibes for doodle, moxieman and moxette))))) p.s. doodle, its probably from stress.....

the fj's raisin has a heartbeat!! woot!!!

(((jobby job vibes for turbomann and wombat)))))

why do i feel like i'm missing something....oh yeah...

good things tuesday:

-boss left me high and dry (j/k) which is fine by me...just pay me, K?
-upcoming 4 day weekend....
-i could be doing my hair today..dunno yet.
-i didnt' have to re-take my electricity test!!! yay!!!

poodle, let the people at aveda help....even i used to use box dyes..but with the knowledge i have now....get thee to a salon STAT!!!! i have a faint idea of what it looks like. ((gives hugs))

as for henna usage...i'm biased. i like it in that its been used for centuries yada yada...but the hair industry says its a that you get inconsistancies and you cannot dye over it with permanent hair color...i'm just repeating whats in the book. i did it once to myself....i didn't notice a damn difference. but that was ages ago...and i probably rinsed off too soon. meh. dry.gif

the kitties are still having territorial issues...."she's my she's my mom..." so says. laugh.gif
Unreleased Tom Waits?!! Oh more thing to add to my ongoing wishlist.


(((turbo))) They cut you off from insurance already? Bastards!

I wasn't shooting for uber bright red hair, just a bold auburn shade. I don't know why I wanted to do it anyway, because I look much better with a very dark chocolately brown. It comes close to matching my eyebrows and lashes, which are black. I should really take advantage of the natural black. Most people have to draw/paint that on.

Yeah, I guess you can order that Daniel Field stuff, but it would have to be shipped overseas and I'm not even sure they sell to regular ol' consumers. I'd rather just go to Aveda.

I'd love to see your friend's store, mouse!

ETA-Hi gb!!!
YEAH!!! I am so farkin' HAPPY for the Falljackets!!! Your alien raisin is alive and pulsating like a bicycle light. Best. News. Evah.

(((Doodle))) Get well, chica. I was reading your thingie and I thought that you said that you were going to get an antibiotic STRIP, which I thought was weird, but really stinkin' cool. Transdermal antibiotics. Neat-o.

Diva's craftfair!! WHOOT!! I really want a Diva-purse. May I come over sometime next month and take a look at 'em?

I wanna see Poodle's hair. She has awesome hair and nay-nays. BOOM! POW!

Well, ya went down like this:

Math Baron and I hooked up on Friday late afternoon post-school to attend Horrorfest. We ate a burrito, had a beer, caught all three films and had a perfectly splenderific time. After the movie, he invited me over to his place (that was an amusing about skirting around issues), and so I pretty much knew that we had reached the point where talking about the "relationship" was imminent.

So, of course, I asked for likker. I thought I was going to pass out. You know, like, what if my radar has been so fucking far off that all he was interested in was friendship...which would be fine, except that I would feel a little foolish. We bullshitted a bit, looked at quizzes on OKCupid, and I consumed most of my drink. He must have been checking my drink to see "where I was at" because at the moment a cool buzz kicked in, he looks at me and says, "Okay, I need to ask you something, and it might sound kind of geeky, but I need to know..."

Thus commenced the relationship conversation. He wanted to know what it was that we were doing, and if it was just being good friends, that it was fine, but he wanted to know what I was thinking was going on. Of course I said that I thought we were in the preliminaries, but that we needed to have this conversation, because I was starting to feel a lot more strongly about the possibilities of this being a cool thing between the two of us, romantically speaking. I needed another drink at that point because my hands were just shaking. I kept waiting to be told I needed to lay off, or that I had it all wrong...something. Anything.

I was so damned wrong. Logically, I knew this...but after the last great relationship, I just began questioning so much about myself. There isn't any real ambiguity with MB. He just keeps asking questions, and being respectful of my boundaries, and asks for clarification, and never EVER judges me.

We mutually decided that this needed further exploration and perhaps we should really just call it what it is. However, before I would let him say it, I told him "not until you finally kiss me."

So he did. smile.gif Squee. It was really nice. It was nice to feel like it was a choice, rather than just a "let's have wild monkey sex" vibe...even though that's really fucking hot...just not every time. It was sweet...less hott. It Yeah, it felt open. I don't know how to explain it more without sounding really odd. I don't know if I believe in a soul, but if there is one, that was a fucking soulkiss.

And then kissin' let to second base (he is really skilled at brar-removal, I must say), second base led to changing rooms, third base found me without any clothes on...and fourth base didn't even occur until I had my cookies about...oh, six or seven times. WHOOOOOOOT!!! Yeah, it got hott. There are some, uhhh, technical difficulties of which I may need to ask some of you all for some creative advice, but it was all good.

I didn't get a lot of sleep this weekend. It was all horror movies, hot sex, giggling, talking, helping my BFF move into her house in my neighborhood, and just thinking about stuff. So much to consider and then reconsider. I am fairly scared, ladies. My immediate reaction is to run like hell, do something incredibly self-destructive, and give him no other option than to walk. My secondary reaction leaves me excited and smiling. I am trying to run with that one, instead of running from him. It isn't easy.

Hell, I still have to tell him about my kinky life. ohmy.gif
holy cow...!!! and heavy!!! *wipes brow and looks for a cold drink of water*.....

hi poodle!

still in awe. blink.gif
*fans self after reading the BEST post from minxy about a boy, evah!*

Wowzers, minxy....that is some HOTT weekend, and I am so happy for you guys, just makes me smile to hear you so open and really proceeding with gleeful caution. I'm lovin' it! And I've no doubt that the new specs just added to the heat! MB seems like such a good egg, I'm glad you're exploring your options together, and that he is so good with the cookies! heh. I can't wait to hear more about the unfolding of this relationship! And definitely go with the smiles, and option number 2.
oh, minxy! that sounds so wonderful. open is really good. i like that description and i can fully appreciate what you mean. i do want to know about these "technical difficulties". i'm all becurioused now.

but still. that sounds so yummy. i'm happy for you. and yes, option two is definitely the winning option. no running away allowed.
holy moly minxie!!!!!!!!! YAY! stick this one out. he sounds like such a damn good egg.

AND HOW COULD I NEGLECT to MENTION MINI-FJ-RAISIN-TO-BE and a freaking HEARTBEAT, oh my god, i'm so thrilled for all three of you biggrin.gif
thanks for the fjraisinette love.


actually, "it"'s not even yet the size of a raisin, but it's close. and over the next couple weeks, it'll be growing a bunch. i'm so excited!!

I'm back from my show! It went really, really well. I made $160 over 90 minutes and a lot of interest in large orders for the show in a couple weeks. It makes me really glad I slaved over molten chocolate like I did, because a really good chunk of what I brought got sold. I even sold a bag and 2 bracelets! I'm really surprised about the bag, but really happy, too. Now I have some money to spend after Thanksgiving instead of being broke again.

Woot! Minxy has a boyfriend! And it's about darn time that boy kissed you. And definitely go with Option #2. The other way will only drive you crazy, and for no good reason at all.

Aw, FJraisin isn't even as big as one yet!

Sorry your skin broke out from the facial. I think that's why I've never had a professional one. I normally have really clear skin and I don't want anyone doing anything that'll mess it up.

((((((health vibes for all who need 'em)))))))))

So it was like dying your hair in baby rabbit blood, huh, Poodle? Bunny killer! Just kidding. At least you care enough to learn about what company does what.

Good Things Tuesday
1) I made lots of money, way more than I was expecting!
2) the weather is gorgeous
3) tomorrow's like Friday
diva, that is so awesome!!! good for you! how do you get along with giant's mom? was sitting with her for the 90 minutes like torture or was it nice?

i can't believe it's already 5pm. i mean, i'm tired as shit, but i've been that way since i got up. part of the day went fast, the rest seemed to go slow. weird.

winter has finally arrived here in FL. it's super ugly outside, cold and misty like it's going to rain. i want to get home soon but i'm waiting for my process dude to send me a presentation that we're supposed to present TOMORROW. i sent him the powerpoint slides weeks ago. he was supposed to add some crap to it and that was it. WTF?? he's usually the one all up my ass to get this stuff done and now he's dragging his feet. he was supposed to call me two hours ago.
FJ, we get along pretty well, as well as you can expect a mom and her son's girlfriend who he moved in with barely 6 months after he got divorced can. I like her just fine, and she's never been anything but nice to me. I get along really well with the giant's family, at least those of them who live up here. We were really busy pretty much the whole time at the table, though, so there wasn't a whole lot of sitting around chatting except for before and after. Thank goodness. I'm not very good at making conversation for that long with just her and me.

Is your winter in Florida just kind of rainy/snotty/grey, like in northern California?
that's pretty much the case, yeah. it's usually overcast and cold, and then we'll have a few days of bright sunshine and cold, and even a few other days of bright sunshine and warm. i've spent several christmases in shorts here.

that's cool that you get along well with giant's mom. i got together with mrfj uinder very similar circumstances, so it was wierd for her to get used to having me around instead of the ex. she was always very nice to me, but totally warmed to me after the first year or so. i'm just now feeling comfortable calling her out of the blue.

i called her this afternoon to find out if i needed to do anything for thanksgiving dinner. it's at her place this year. she went through her entire menu plan, down to the kinds of drinks she bought. she's a "planner", heh. i'm going to have mrfj make his mac n cheese and i'm hoping SIL will make green bean casserole. i'm just going to help with whatever needs to be done; peeling carrots and potatoes. i am also going to make some spinach "brownies" to take for the grazing table. i thought about making a pie, but she's making pumpkin, apple and coconut creme (holy shit that sounds awesome!). i might bring some home made yeast rolls if i feel like making them. i think i'll also bring some champagne for everyone else and some sparkling cider for myself and have a toast to fjjr. tongue.gif
I get to make something for Thanksgiving, too. My dad just asked me today to make my butter/lemon/garlic asparagus. He had it at our housewarming party last February after it'd sat out for an hour and got cold, and he loved it. I've never been asked to make anything before.

Minx, I'm going to be batshit crazy busy for the next couple weekends getting ready for craft shows, but why don't you and Minxlette stop by the No Coast craft fair on December 2? It's at Lake/Chicago and goes all day. I'll have my entire display out, so you can browse it to your heart's content. I'm really excited that I get to use the sign Turbo designed for me again.

Coconut creme pie sounds SO good right now. Or banana creme. Mmmm... they're the giant's favorite, so it'd be easy to convince him to pick up a slice for us.
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