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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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msgb, i meant to tell you that i LOVE your new avatar. molly looks like such a BABY! she's soooo cute. she has a sort of pouty *i need you* look to her. i love it! and i'm sure she'll get used to her new surroundings in no time. what a CUTIE!
Ooh, mouse, we could be neighbors! Bring me veggies and eggs and I'll weld stuff for you and let you borrow my chainsaw.

I've decided to raise my standards for prospective male partners to an unrealistic level, just for fun. After watching Dancing with the Stars last night, I decided I wanted a bald black well-dressed, nice-smelling vegetarian and 70's hard rock enthusiast with juicy biceps, a bubble butt, chunky cheeks, twinkly eyes, and a gorgeous smile. Also, they must covet my ass, laugh at all of my jokes, and take care of all the car and home maintenance tasks. They must also have awesome cooking skills and feed me chocolate covered strawberries while I recline on the couch and watch Wife Swap. Heh...I sound like a guy!

I'd settle for Johnny Depp, too. Actually, I'm saving myself for Johnny in the event that he breaks up with that Paradis skank.

ETA- Oops! I X-posted!! An aromatherapy massage sounds sooo nice. You should bring mr FJ along.

GB, I train my cats like dogs, too. It only really works with Gus though because he lives to eat, whereas Oscar eats to live. I managed to get Gus to chill out while I clip his claws by putting a couple treats in front of him during the process. He used to throw himself all over the place until he broke free, but now he nicely waits til the clipping is over so he can have his treat.
fj, the facial will be sooo nice.....and certain aromatherapy stuff is not good for prego womyns....same goes for certain spots on the feet for massage. but they will know and you will*exhales*

yep, my new avatar is molly...looking quite demure for her spunky self. her new green sweater will look lovely against her strawberry blonde fluff..... funny....i've only seen Pho 99....that still cracks me up. my non gay gay boyfriend bill took me there once.....quite the experience.

i want a cottage with an outside shower, sheep in the pastures and an old horse with a scarf around his neck....heck, i'll be a modern pippi in my own version of Villavillakuela!!!

*goes off to braid her hair straight out from her head*
Oh my god, gb!!! I used to totally dream about living in the Villa Villekulla!!! I forgot about that!!

Yeah, I want an outdoor shower AND an outdoor kitchen.
Poodle, I don't think you've asked for anything unreasonable in your desired partner. And if you make that your true out - you might just get it!

I just got back from lunch with turbomann....he's doing okay. A little bit shaken, a little bit admitting that he might have sabotaged himself the last couple of months because he hated his job so much. And he's going home to give them better than they gave him, and send his ex-bitch-boss detailed instructions on all of his projects so that no one is waiting on him. That's just the kind of guy he is, which is pretty good, if you ask me. I'm a little peeved that they gave him no severance package after 6 years of non-stop shitty jobs, but oh well, we'll get by....and in all liklihood he'll be employed soon, maybe not before the new year, as everything slows down after thanksgiving in the hiring world, but we won't go broke...close, but we'll still be able to eat and pay the mortgage.

FJ - sounds like you're having a great birthday so far, in spite of being at work! And enjoy your awesome spa day tomorrow - what a gift!!!

Hopefully turbomann is going home to fix the water heater - hooray! I'm am *ready* to unwind in a hot hot bubble bath again!
Hi all...I haven't read much, I'm sorry. I woke up having that kind of panic attack, where you're sick to your stomach, and you're drenched in sweat, and the sweat feels like it must smell like fear? If that makes any sense. Eventually I made myself shower and then called BFF and poured everything out - basically that I'm so overwhelmed/over my head over this closure, and how behind I am on everything, and all these mistakes I've made, and how freaked I am, feeling like the Centre wouldn't be closing if I weren't the one in charge, all that shit. I just got off the phone and I'm forcing myself to eat. Anyway. Telling someone I trust everything, even my screw ups, feels better, but I can't seem to stop's just the way I'm built (plus PMS)., I didn't mean to vomit all that onto the thread. That's me - hold it all inside till it explodes! But anyway. Just wanted to check in and say hi....and that I'll be busy for the rest of the day catching up, trying to fix one of my screw ups.

And before I forget....

Happy Birthday FJ!!!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~belated best outcome vibes for turbomann~*~*~*~*~*~

ETA: turbo, I'm sorry turbomann got fired. That really sucks. I hope things work out for you two - I am sure turbomann will find something better suited, that pays the bills and makes him happy!
Hi, peeps.

Happy birfday, FJ!!!!! That spa afternoon sounds to-die-for! I'd go for one of those if I could afford it.

And hooray for Turbomann, gone from that yucky job and freed up for something really good!

I'm not sure about having kids. I love playing with Sam so much, but I don't know if I could be around a kid 24/7. I'd definitely consider adopting a slightly older child. I just don't want to have to go through the baby stage. Once they can at least hold their own head up and start communicating, it can be fun, but Sam was boring when he was a baby. If I could pop out a 2-year-old, that would be ideal. Maybe I'll have a kid, but I dunno. If it's going to happen, it'll have to be within the next 4 years because I refuse to give birth after 35.

Thanks for all the advice about me and the giant. I'm feeling a little better today, but the thoughts still creep up and I don't know how to stop them. The thing is, I've never felt infatuated with the giant and I could really care less whether we have sex or not. I only do it because I know he wants it, but I'd usually rather be doing other things. I think a lot of it has to do with how I feel about myself. I guess I don't really have a concept of how much he loves me, since I don't really feel like I'm worthy of all of it, so I say what I'm supposed to and just shove it to the back of my mind. I know I'd rather be with the giant than any other man I've met or likely ever will meet, but I feel like I'm not done exploring yet and I still want to do that on my own. There are so many things I'd like to do that have nothing to do with him, but being in the comfort of our house with our families and our lives feels really limiting. It feels like I'm being sucked into a life I don't necessarily want right now. I think I'm going to make a rule of spending one day a week, either after work or on the weekend, totally by myself, and see how that goes.

Wow, Taloo's got a house today!

I don't want a house in the middle of nowhere (I grew up there and hated it), but I do want my own apartment in another large city to go to alone whenever I feel like it.

Doodle, remember to include Down With Love in your decorating movies list. Some of those rooms are retro-repro-gorgeous!

Hi, Moxie (hope the kidlet gets better soon, and yes, you and I are very similar), Karianne (I'm all for calling today Friday and being done with the week), GB, Mouse, Poodle, Turbo, Wombat, Minx, newbies, and anyone I cross-posted with!
Ok, so I know I'm biased, but I LOVE moxette as an infant. Its true the newborn stage isn't particularly thrilling with conversation. And its draining, to say the least. However, one of my most very favorite things is seeing the slight, minute changes one only sees when development is on a day to day basis. The very first time she smiledand it wasn't gas. The firs time she looked at me and KNEWwho I was. When she saw the cat and knew "kitty." The newborn-ness of cuddles and raw cuteness is something somehow biologically wired into "hold me, cuddle me, all with me that I still don't quite understand. Yesterday, she gave me a HUG AND KISS. And meant it- didn't just fall into me. I mean, that's awesome. And all the future stuff- walking, clothes shopping with grandma (cause i hate shopping!), zoo, disnesy...gah, I'm just looking forward to all of it.

Plus, let me say that very few parents in this day and age are with their kids 24/7. That's why I work. I love my career, but I also NEED it to be a balanced adult role model for moxette. And diva, with your parents and Sam nearby, you've got good babysitting potential right there for those days when you need DIVA time alone. I know having moxette gave us the spicy-ness we needed for a much improved marriage- we were in a serious RUT before, and now, every minute we get alone is precious.

Diva- those concerns are SO normal- its refreshing to see someone wanting to explore them, rather than just push them aside and assume they'll go away. GOOD FOR YOU!
Awwww....moxie, that just melted my heart!!!

So, I just thought of the silver lining here in this whole mess -- I have a HOUSEBOY!!! And you betta believe, he's gonna do the laundry for a change, and walk the dog, and I will get him to the gym if it kills me! I can live with having a houseboy for awhile. I did a quick turn on the finances, and with unemployment, we'll stay afloat alright, no sweat. Maybe no dinners out, but that's cool...maybe turbomann will learn to cook a thing or two!

(((((doodle))))) Darling, you are burnt out, and in the middle of all of this whirlwind of closinig the centre, you need to find some time for self-preservation. The center would likely have closed long-ago with a lesser mortal in've poured every ounce of determination and energy you have into building the centre, and helping women, and keeping the services going in the face of opposition. Be proud, take some deep breaths, slow down, and know that everything that needs doing will get done. By you, or by someone else.

Ok, I suppose I need to do a *little* work here this afternoon before I
turbo! this is how I know we're BFF- I was just going to point out that turbomann will FINALLY have the um, opportunity, to do house stuff that previously he was, um, "too busy" to do. Just don't get pissed when his laundry folding is different than yours. smile.gif This whole thing is a blessed transition for both of you, IMHO.
Oh Turbomann is a *far* better laundry folder than I am! He's just never home to do it, and I don't want to start laundry at 8pm, so I generally just grumble and do it myself. So this will be nice for a bit. He's currently off buying dog food, and in search of a "heating element wrench" so he can fix the hot water heater. Who knew you needed a specific wrench for replacing one stupid part, but you do. And if anyone needs a sink basin wrench, I've got one of those too...gotta love one purpose tools.

And Diva, I'm mostly pretty indifferent to sex too, and you know what?! I'm done apologizing and feeling bad about having not much of a libido...its not impairing my life in anyway, I'm happy the way I am, and I really don't think everyone has to have a red-hot sex life and there's much wider range in sexual appetite that society gives acceptance to. I have a partner who has adjusted to my needs, and when we have sex, we make sure its good, and I feel up to it, and that's just how it is. Changing myself to match my partner's sexual needs just didn't work for me, so the adjustment had to come the other way around, and I think we're pretty happy for the most part.
Just don't get pissed when his laundry folding is different than yours.

Paging FJ!
Just wanted to pop in here and say Happy Birthday to Fall Jackets!
Sex is a lot of work.

I think I have a pretty average libido, maybe a wee bit more than average. I think about sex a lot, actually. If it was readily available and the dude was hot and nice, then I'd want to do it all the time.


Yay for houseboys!! You should make turboman wear a loin cloth "uniform."

That is so sweet about moxette. Like I said, I would totally be into that stuff if I had my own child.

Hmmm...maybe I should work on the cute security guard downstairs. I frellin' cream myself everytime he says 'hello' in his deep velvety voice. For some reason, I find handsome black men to be much sexier than handsome men of other races. Yeah, it's not politically correct for me to say that, but I don't really give a shit.
now mrfj, i only get mad when you wash/dry towels with my dark clothes and get all the fuzz all over them. i don't have a problem with your folding skilz!

thanks pixie! i really am having a wonderful birthday...

only trouble is that i've been following the tr*ll BUSTing thread and can't figure out what i want for dinner because of all the food items being tossed around in there!!!

eta: poodle! you just said the same thing that mrfj has been saying about black women for the entire time i've known him. in fact, he said it in the lounge about a year ago (in a rather inapproprate place, mind you) and nearly got crucified.

but i know what you mean.
Falljackets, doll, I guess I am a Bust-lebrity even though I eat hate like love. Maybe that helps? Mando backs that shit up. She's a right bird.

I miss Lorewolf.
Poor mr FJ!! laugh.gif White people are pretty boring looking even at their best. Even Johnny Depp, the most beautiful man on the planet, has quite a bit of Cherokee blood in him. I guess I see skin color as being the same as hair color or eye color--or at least that's how it should be. If I love someone's hair color, I won't hesitate to say it. Why would I treat skin color any differently? I think black is beautiful. Fair skin is beautiful, too. I have very fair skin and I love it.

ETA- Ha! I just realized that I have "Bust a Move" on my ipod!! My BFF and I got drunk and downloaded a bunch of stupid songs. I couldn't even stand up when we were singing along to "Motown Philly" by Boyz II Men. I was in pain from all of the laughter.

Break it down for me fellas! *gets funky*
AP - you crack me up. I love it!

I've yet to jump back into the pie-chatting contest over there in busting tr*lls, as I am currently off the sweets dairy and wheat I've not much to contribute lately....though it all still makes my tummy rumble!

Poodle, I definitely think you should explore the options of the security guard downstairs...I think its time for a little "fact finding mission."
Okay, DOODLE, I know you hate reading long posts, but please go back and pick "doodle" references out of today's long-post-o-mine cause I think you need it!

And you KNOW *I* have never been against thread-vomiting! (((holding Doodle's hair with great tenderness))

AP! woot! Pixie! woot!

I think really really dark skin that has iridescent BLUE highlights is lovely -- also, skin so light and moist you can kind of SEE-THROUGH it, and frankly, being paley-pale and loving make-up to play with, I envy olive skinned mediterranean women because they can wear all kinds of colors and not look overdone. Appreciating skin tone is different than being dismissive or fetishistic, methinks.

Must run to yoga class. Where did the time GO? this programming doo-doo just eats time the way Pac-Man eats flashy dots. The clothes I have in the dryer -- that I need to WEAR to yoga class lest I be STANK, are probably ON FIRE!

We have very hot dryers....

Ok, ok, I'm kind of caught up on the thread, while I'm sitting here waiting for people to phone me back.

Thanks to BFF's support and organizing advice (she's a Virgo), I caught up on all the financial paperwork, and also went ahead and dealt with the two outstanding debts for the Centre that were a huge cause of my stress. (I got all the financials effed up, b/c I delayed paying some bills over the summer, waiting for our grant payment...but by the time the grant payment came in September, we were making the decision to close, so I lost track of so many things.) It worked out better than I could possibly have hoped - one forgave the debt due to our closure (and prolly b/c I broke down crying on the phone, which I didn't mean to do - I apologized for being unprofessional), and the other is accepting 20% of what they want from the 20% is no more than we would have owed in the first place, had I been organized and paying everything on time.

MUCH thanks to taloo, turbo, karianne, wombat, poodle, and everyone else for your words of support. It really does mean a lot to me, and it makes a difference. I don't honestly know what I'd do without you lot in this thread!

Back in a bit....on phone...
I think it can be a fetish, but it can also be something that's just really attractive. Naturally red hair is gorgeous, but there are so many people who specifically seek out redheads. That's weird. There are also many white women seeking black men (and vice versa). Then there's the whole Asian girl obsession that is so common among men. I'll date men of any race, hair color, eye color, whatever, and yeah, I have my preferences, but I don't actively seek them out. I'm sure some of it is part of my biology, but it's really not that important. It weirds me out when I'm reading guys' profiles on Match and they get so specific about their hair and eye color preferences. Strangely, those same guys will leave race wide open, but I wonder if it's because they're afraid of sounding racist.

Speaking of red hair, I bought some more dye and I'm gonna give it another shot. This time I got a really bright red shade. I'm just really in the mood for "loud" hair right now.

ETA- ((((even more hugs for doodle))))
Thanks poods...

I make no secret of colouring my hair red....I do have a reddish cast to my hair, but I wanted more, more, MORE! (I think I'm a redorexic - when you can't get red enough.) I have to be careful though. I do have the kind of pale, freckled skin that redheads have (I inherited the skin, but not QUITE the hair, from my redheaded gramma), but if I get too flat a colour, I look too much like Danny Partridge for my own comfort level. So I usually spring for the 2-step kits, with the dye and the highlights.

I wonder if guys are naming their hair and eye colour preferences to make racial choices without having to name skin colour? You know "looking for a blue-eyed blonde...." That way they won't have to bring race into it, because it's already there.

ETA: Wow, I can't believe how emotionally exhausted dealing with finances makes me! I feel completely wiped. Thank you all again for the huggz and stuff. And I really hope the MRG arrives soon, so I can get off this rollercoaster and return to my "normal" levels of stress. (I always used to joke that I was a Type B trapped in a Type A job...)

ETA again: ok, I'm listening to a 30 minute mp3 of Tibetan monks doing a "sacred healing chant." O, modern age!
well, we all know my penchant for red hair. I think it comes from having flat dark brown (not even black!) as a natural shade, and seeing women with beautiful, henna'ed hair growing up. that, and moxieman thinks its hot. Who am I to argue with the provider of HBI?

Speaking of moxieman (how's that for segue?), can I please have some travel-safe vibes? He's stuck in SC, waiting to get on his first flight, and will prob. miss his connector home. Which means, no moxieman tonight. I'll take late, so long as its safe. So, vibes for sleeping baby and no particular order. Thanks.
If I had moxie's gorgeous skin, I'd be all over the deep red tones too! I can barely get away with barely auburn!

~*~*~*~*~safe travels and sleeping babes~*~*~*~*

Poor turbomann has been wrestling with changing the hot water heater element for the last 4 hours. He's got all the right tools, but it just doesn't want to come out. I don't think a bath is in my future this evening. Maybe tomorrow.

Doodle, I am totally with you on the emotional exhaustion today....I am beat down tonight. Ay.
Sorry I have been MIA lately. I lurk whenever I can, if I have access to a 'puter.

I have been trying to keep up with the archives, and now I realize that I need to send extra warm, squishy hugs to FJ! Congratulations and Happy Birthday! (((((((FallJackets))))))

I am working graveyards, and it sucks. I sleep way way way too much. Maybe 12 hours per day sometimes. I feel like such a lazy poophead. Not to mention that I have gained 15 pounds since July, and it seems to be getting out of my control again.

Not to harp on medical problems like an old gramma, but I went to the doctor for a physical, and found out that although my cholesterol and everything else are great, I am borderline diabetic. Shit. So I have been making a special effort this week (since I found out) to eat wholesome meals at home. I don't eat a lot of sweets (isn't that weird?), however, I didn't realize how much I *love* starch. I hardly ever eat vegetables, it seems.

I went to the co-op yesterday and bought some fruits and veggies and a little bit of starch. And I tried to make it good starch, like whole wheat pasta and celery root with potatoes (c'mon, I gotta have potatoes). I got some greens and garlic and some mushrooms, some plain goat yogurt (yummers!), and soy milk. I love soy milk, but I think it is loaded with sugar.

Anyway, I want to eat better so hopefully I won't get full-blown diabetes. The doc wasn't all that helpful. Well, maybe it was just that she said shit I didn't want to hear, like I need to lose weight and exercise. She gave me a 1600 calorie diet to follow, but I think she gave me the wrong diet plan because I took it home, read it, and it said "Hispanic Diet Plan". It went on to tell me how many tortillas I could have, and told me to have tostadas for lunch, posole for dinner, etc. I mean, I love Mexican food and all, but...shit.

So, yeah. I guess I'm scared straight. I'm going to eat better from now on, and as soon as I get the brakes on my bike fixed, I'll take it to work every night. Maybe. I'm kind of scared I will get attacked my a coyote. Am I crazy?

Banana is sick. He has a fever and a runny nose and a sore throat. Poor beebee.

Have you all been discussing Thanksgiving at all? Banana has to work in the morning and in the evening. I have a new friend I met in August who moved here from Cincinatti, and we are going to cook a meal that day. She is a vegetarian, and she really wants to try Tofurkey. I think it will be good. I might make my mushroom tarragon gravy to go with it. If I can find an freakin' tarragon. I swear, there are never any herbs at the store. I got some dill the other day, and it was the only bunch there, along with a boatload of cilantro and parsley.

OK - this is getting long. I just wanted to get you all up to speed. I miss you guys so much - I wish I could get to a computer more often.

OH! One more thing. Has anyone heard of the group Food Not Bombs? I am cooking for them this Saturday afternoon. I can't wait. I hope it's fun.
hi PK! girl you'd better be taking good care of yourself!! i'm glad you could check in today! thanks for the hugs! smile.gif

*~>->->->fly home safely vibes for moxieman<-<-<-<~*

#~*#~*#~*#~*hot water heater all fixed vibes for the turbofamily*~#*~#*~#*~#

~*~*~*~*~*~*~loving, calming, the-centre-couldn't-ask-for-a-better-woman-vibes for doodle~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

just got back from birthday dinner (hehe, we went for bbq because that is what sounded yummy, romantic, yes?), had a nice warm bath (sorry turbojenn!) and now i'm thinking to turn in early, like the over the hill lady that i am. tongue.gif

i have a birthday girls night out party saturday night. one of my gfs has her birthday on saturday, so we'd talked weeks ago about having a party together. so she took it upon herself to send out evites with both our names on them, and when i found out i am pregnant, i couldn't exactly back out of it! she's so sweet and so much fun to be around, and all the other girls in the group are cool too so i know it'll be a good time. but with me being the only one not drinking, i have a feeling i'm going to want to head home pretty early. we're starting at her place for appies and then going to a local bar/restaurant where she's gotten everyone's first drink free. i wonder how much they'll charge me for my second lemonade? hehe. anywho, it'll be fun to get out with the girls for a little while and they'll all understand that i have to take care of myself.

ok, i don't know if i've gone to bed this early on my birthday since i was eight. but, fj OUT!

(and thanks again for all the birthday love today. it really and truly is my best birthday ever. not even a single anxiety about being 30 today.)

(((((((((OKAYer BUSTies and other BUSTies that joined the convo in the past couple days - and should stick the heck around)))))))))))
HI PK!!!!!!! Nice to see you!!

That's great that you're taking measures to improve your diet. I'm really glad you got the physical. It's amazing what those little diagnoses will do to kick your ass in to gear healthwise. I wish I would have hung on to that mindset after the gall bladder surgery. I really fell off track foodwise, but lately I've been eating lots of yogurt and fibrous stuff and it definitely feels better. I loooove soy milk, too. Always buy the organic stuff, because soybeans are often franken-foods. I liked Eden Soy a lot because it wasn't too sweet. I think Silk tastes way too refined. Low-fat Eden Soy is the best. I didn't see it the last time I went to the grocery store though. I've been buying mostly low-fat West-Soy lately. I like to have a teeny glass at night. I also drink a lot of Naked Juice and R.W. Knudson Mega Green juice around breakfast time. The green juice looks scary, but it's actually quite tasty.

The main thing that I need to get over are the worst things for me: alcohol and cigarettes. I've been sneaking way too many cigarettes lately and alky has always been my friend. I could drink Mega Green all day, but it still won't cancel out the really bad stuff. Yeah, I have a lot of health stuff that I need to sort out. I really need to start exercising, too. I friggin' hate exercise. mad.gif

ETA- I forgot! ~*~*~*~*~*~safe travel vibes for moxieman and happy sleep vibes for moxette~*~*~*~*~*~

IPB Image
LOOK! Pugs 'n' decor!!! To die for.

~*~*~*~*~*~moxieman travel vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~sleepy moxette vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

Hi PK! Good to see you!

~*~*~*~*~*~health vibes for PK~*~*~*~*~*~

Yay! FJ's havin' a girls' night out b-day party!

poods....when do we get to see pics of the etch a sketch frame project???

turbo, I hear and turbomann have had a big shake-up today - it IS exhausting to have to think about big life changes! I hope you get your bath tonight...

Ok, I'm sitting here eating a VERY healthy (and yummy) dinner of roasted chicken, herbed wild rice, and a BIG salad. I can't believe I prepared all that after the day I've had!
Hee hee hee. Nice picture, minxy.

I just talked to Heikki about our trip to Chicago. He's excited to be going, and he is extra excited that I got us a hotel room with an indoor pool for a couple of nights.

Wanna know what he just asked me to get him for Christmas? Fucking Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for XBox. Yeah right. I can't believe he asked me for that. He knows how I feel about those kinds of games. He had lots of reasons why he should be able to play it, and I told him that I am opposed to the game (as well as other games he owns), so he should ask someone else to buy it for him.

I know he is old enough to know the difference between real life and a stupid game, but I just don't want to spend my money on something like that. I haven't bought his Christmas present yet. I bought him some stocking stuffers, like a Che Guevara stuffed doll (wouldn't el Che be proud that he is being sold as a stuffed doll), some pins and stickers for his bike, and some Christmas tree ornaments.

I am so excited to see Heikki again. And to be in Chicago again - I miss that place. I can't believe it is a month away. It seems sooooo....far....away.

Oooh! I cross-posted with doodley! Hi doodle!

Your dinner sounds great! I'm kind of hungry now....
Hi hi PK!!!! SOoooooooo good to see you here! You and Heikki are going to have the BEST time! And *I* don't like GTA for anyone, of any age...that game is pretty disgusting.

Nope, no hot water here....that heating element cannot be convinced to come out. turbomann needs to get something to use as leverage to help pry it free. In the meantime, its whore's baths for me! I've got a pot of water on the stove to wash my face tonight, and will have to do the same in the morning, I suppose.

Poodle, you *know* what you need, right??? Lets all say it together - a BUTT FLUSH!!! Truly, all conversation leads to butt flushes, don't you think? Actually, what would probably be really good would be to do a cleanse and then the colonic. If you combine them, you get rid of the cravings for bad foods and things.

Ok, off to whore-bathing now. Wheeee!
The more conversations that lead to butt flushing, the better, I feel.
Wow! I thought I killed the thread last night, and today I'm missed! *sheepish grin* Thanks for the warm welcome, BUSTies! I guess I've been craving quality socialization, and youse are rockstars!

*Job-guidance vibes for Turboman* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Hmmm, maybe that noise isn't necessary for sending vibes.) Yeah, job transitions are scairy! Especially the between-jobs time. I hated the feelings of guilt. Go for it, Turboman!

Happy Birthday, Falljackets! Be sure to get yourself a toy smile.gif *is a BIG advocate of toys*

As for skin colors, I had a friend who was half Dutch, half Japanese. She's a very exotic human, like some cats or dogs are exotic. She also had a skin condition that gave her light spots. She of course hated them, but I thought they were extra cool. I think people should come in even more color varieties! Freckles are pretty cool, too.

*Safe-transit vibes for Moxieman* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (O.K. I'll have to work that noise out of the transmission.)

Gaah! I'll never be able to respond to everything! I'll try again tomorrow.

...which of course brings us to the butt-flushing. COMMENCE BUTT-FLUSHING!
Good evening, lorewolf! No, you are not a thread killer. Lots of the thread action seems to happen during the N. American daytime here, though.

(And yet they always say you Yanks are workaholics.)

lorewolf, sometimes you just have to go with the thread as it rolls past you!

I have done very little this evening. Played in the kitty playroom, that was fun! And the cats were extra-playful, it's like they sensed a big tension released. Can I just say again how much I love having a kitty playroom? I feel like a kid, sitting on the floor, with the big plants around me, hangin' out with the furbabies. I should get a colouring book! Actually, I think I'll buy a new sketchbook next pay day and leave it in there...

Well, I've had an extra rough couple of days, and I think I need to pack it in. Board chair is going in tomorrow afternoon to do more packing; she'd like me to be there, but she hasn't said I must. I haven't decided. I have things I need to do, but I may be feeling too raw about the place to work with the board chair this week. Maybe I'll get up and go in early, and then I can have more of the weekend to myself. Anyway, if I'm going to get up early, I need to go to bed!
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Nov 16 2006, 09:29 PM) *

Hi hi PK!!!! SOoooooooo good to see you here! You and Heikki are going to have the BEST time! And *I* don't like GTA for anyone, of any age...that game is pretty disgusting.

Nope, no hot water here....that heating element cannot be convinced to come out. turbomann needs to get something to use as leverage to help pry it free. In the meantime, its whore's baths for me! I've got a pot of water on the stove to wash my face tonight, and will have to do the same in the morning, I suppose.

Poodle, you *know* what you need, right??? Lets all say it together - a BUTT FLUSH!!! Truly, all conversation leads to butt flushes, don't you think? Actually, what would probably be really good would be to do a cleanse and then the colonic. If you combine them, you get rid of the cravings for bad foods and things.

Ok, off to whore-bathing now. Wheeee!

Turbo, in my work a lot I have to remove really old stuck on pipes and flanges. I've learned a little trick if something won't budge...tell turbomann to try to TIGHTEN it. Sometimes it'll snap it loose..then you can loosen it. I have no explanation why this works...but the old timers swear by it and I've used that trick with success, too. Another thing to try is to warm up the parts with a torch. And if it's a flange, try spraying some liquid wrench on the nuts and bolts. smile.gif

Hey, a 5'4" tall woman's gotta learn SOME tricks for this stuff....
moi, PK!!! hyväa paivä!!!!

i love red heads. adore them. i don't know what it is. even my favorite car of all time is name red head. by the company that built/builds them!

happy bday a day late, fj!

i'm glad that your day was a good one, and that there were no worries at becoming 30! as it should be!!!

i've been swamped, but wanted to pop in to say hello, let everyone know that tomorrow, i am leavin on a jet plane...... (!) i may not check in for a while; but then again i have layovers and i will have my compu, so maybe i will on the way over. i don't get home until sunday.

also, my BFF is going under the knife for her spinal surgery today at 7:30 EST. she asked me to ask for bustie, here i am. she's decided that i'm right, bustie vibes WORK and busties ROCK.

diva, i don't think that the way you are feeling about your relationship is all that strange. in fact, it sounds pretty normal to me. i think that we all wonder about our relationships from time to time. if we have done the right thing, if the other person loves us, and if so, how much...if we love the other person, and if so, how much? does one of us love the other more? did i do the right thing when i got married? did i do the right thing when i moved in with them? what happens next? was i totally crazy to move to africa when i have such a wonderful supportive husband? will he fall in love with someone else while i am gone?

i'm glad that you are feeling better about it. it's good that you recognize that you need your alone time and that you seem to be getting enough of it. it's really important. you are strong and independent enough not to make that sort of mistake, or to give up all doing all of the things YOU like doing and start doing what HE likes. i'm not sure that the worries ever go away, but things do settle down.

okies, i have work to do. that HAS to be done today, because it's due before i get back, and i am NOT planning on working while i am at home!!!

ooooooo! i'll be able to give you all a redneck neighbor update!!! rolleyes.gif
Tesao--here's to your safe passage, red-heads, Hotbuns, and a really soul-satisfying holiday. I'm so happy for you!!! Have lots of intimate time with your friends and family, and even HOTTER times with your hubby.

Happy fucking friday everyone!!!!

I'm pretty exhausted this morning, as usual...and now the full-on dread of having to go to MI for thanksgiving has set in. I would love to send turbomann off alone, but I'm pretty sure my parents would not be understanding. But really, I need some fucking time off work to unwind, relax and heal!!! And truly, the thought of 4 days alone and to myself with turbomann really a decadent thought indeed.

~*~*~*~*~safe travels followed by hearty helpings of HBI for tes~*~*~*~*~*

Tree- thanks so much for the tips...turbomann said he tried the tightening trick, and its just not budging. its like a giant screw, but has a rubber washer sealing the closure, and its all smashed down and not inclined to move. So if you have any tips for bolts like that, let me know.

lorewolf - I love your vibe scream!!!
Happy Fucking Friday you turgidity-seeking snatch-blasters!!!


So, last year in class I spontaneously told this story about Persephone and Ceres because I was eating a pomagranite and they were curious as to what the hell it was...a bunch of them sampled it and really dug it. Well, a few of my students still talk about it and began to seek them out. One of them started working at a catering business and she brought me in a small TUB of pomagranite seeds for ME this morning!! I am simply filled with unadulterated glee!! I love this job!!!

(sung to the tune of "Black Magic Woman")

Got me a butt-flushin' woman...

Math Baron and I are going to the Horrorfest together this weekend. Of course, the ex calls me up late last night inviting me out for tomorrow. Holy hell...I need to cut this thing off at the root.

Yes, i intended to yell. Has it shaken you free of the evil-that-was-asshatex?

Thanks for the vibes, ladies. Moxieman got home safely, a LOT later than he was supposed to, but still. Moxette slept on-and-off...her cough was really wicked and she needed lots of mommy cuddles. Which, in the grand scheme of life, isn't the worst thing, either. We were worried for a little bit that she was having trouble breathing (wheezing), but once i picked her up, i realized it was just air whistling through the snot in her nose. Anyway, from 2-6am, she, our cat and I snuggled on the sofa, so moxieman could get some sleep. I'm a spectacular wife. I know it. He knows it. I expect full-on all-about-me portions in return. Poor guy, eh?

Anyway, Safe journes Tes!

Turbo- shall we try to see you at least? Playing with moxette makes life better, I swear. You wanna take her on the merry-go-round thingy at the mall? smile.gif Fairy godmother time, I say!

Minxy- you better leap onto that man this monogamous married farts live vicariously through you and the FJ's!
YEAH, minx! What moxie said!! Tell that asshat to shove off, once and for all. You do NOT need his baggage mucking around in your energy again! MB has the potential for a real, honest, and good relationship - nurture that one, and leave the past behind you!

I'm glad moxieman made it home safely. YAY!

Honestly, moxie, I'm thinking I have to sit this one out for the holiday. I may well send Turbomann home, but I just don't have the energy for that whole mess and the allergies that come with it...mostly the allergies. I've got another cold settling in here, and I'm just fucking burnt out, and I've got nothing left in reserves at the moment, so every little thing is taking me down. Four days to stay home, snuggle in and catch up on reading, and do whatever I want...sounds like just what I need. I've got plenty of invitations for turkey, so that won't be a problem either.

Let me add to the happy birthday wishes, FJ! This was one of my best birthdays too -- when I was about to blow out the candles on the chocolate cake as they were singing "Happy Birthday" to me, I looked around and savored the moment.

Redheads. CanNOT have my hair that color. I'll be the contrasty brunette, thanks. I've slept with two redheaded men. Only two! They were each the spawn of Satan! Could have had two more, but I turned em down. Was it three and you're out? Maybe!

~*~*~safe traveling vibes for moxieman~*~*~

I gave into temptation here and slept in, I'm just getting up! I'm pretty disciplined although *home* usually. The widgets on hold right now until I have a web site to bundle and deploy it from.

Thanksgiving. We've got a thanksgiving eve sushi invite -- big group in big tatami room. We've also got a Saturday after Thanksgiving party with Turkey and hooch and music jamming. Don't know what we're going to do on the exact day!

Batman's dad will be 90 in January, recently he had pneumonia and then a blood clot! But he is okay! So, Batman's been a bit bummed, but he and the fam are all set financially for whatever happens... also, we know he probably won't live to be 100...we had just gone out to sit with him on the screened porch at the nursing home, looking at all the big beautiful trees they have out there.

Batman's Virgo too! Very sensible and grounding! So, I took care of HIM for a change - made a nice chicken, broccoli and rice with tomato sauce dinner, bought some wine, rubbed his back.

Food: Starches are LIKE sugars, they wlll trigger your blood sugar the same way sugar does. And Soy milk is bogus, so is yogurt. They're full of surgar like items. Your best bet is meat, vegetables, not getting too much fruit at one sitting (sugar!) and not glugging down the fruit juice -- the fun part is that complex grains really are delicious -- get short grain brown rice, bulghur, buckwheat soba, Pepperidge Farm German Dark Wheat bread has no crap in it, and peanut butter stabilizes the blood sugar. Flavored seltzers and herb teas taste pretty sweet. There's things to do!

Must now eat -- Batman always leaves me breakfast and I set up the coffee-maker "alarm" to make nice gourmet coffee for when he wakes u -- and do the other software study I gotta do. One of the logos I was working on sprouted legs and wanted to walk, so, flash will make it happen!
Good morning, you eighth wives of mormon fundamentalists!

Bah. I can't insult good in the morning.

I am just about to head off to do some more packing and other fiddly bits at the Centre. Hopefully not much, though. I'll give it a couple of hours, no more.

Hope you all have a great Friday, and the next time I "see" you all, I'll officially be on "weekend time." Hurrah!
Doodle...I dunno, that was a pretty good insult!! May your packing be swift!

Well, I just made the difficult, self-preservationist phone call, and told my mom that I wasn't coming home for thanksgiving, and that turbomann was out of a job. The job loss softened the blow of the thanksgiving announcement, so I think she took it pretty well. I'm just t-i-r-e-d, and three days with cats and family stress were not going to do me any good. So YAY for me!!!

Word, on the complex grains, wombat. I love 'em. Quinoa, brown rice, wild rice....send 'em all my way. My favorite is to cook the wild rice in some good chicken stock with some sprigs of thyme and a sliced leek - YUM! Then, roast up some walnuts with a little olive oil, thyme and salt, and serve those on top...dee-licious!

Our FJ must be off enjoying her birfday spa day! ~*~*~*~*soothing spa for FJ~*~*~*~*~
morning jerkfaces

minx! banish the asshat! (and pass that TUB around!)

**get better vibes for snotty moxette** and fam

fj's THIRTY N' FLIRTY! i'm looking forward to my thirties. i'm actually a good bit younger than the majority of my friends (i'm approaching 24, most of my friends are 27+; a couple thirties coming up next year) and they all are doing such awesome things it only makes me excited to get older tongue.gif

**vibes for batmandad**

**vibes for tes' friend surgery**

tes, have a safe flight!

turbo, that's gotta be so annoying about the baths.....i hope that stupid heating element loosens up and you get a real bath. can't have the queen of buttflushes taking chilly spongebaths in november can we!

(((((doodle))))) you're being so amazing and strong about the whole ordeal you and the centre are dealing with. oh and i swear, i made you that pin, and i was going to throw it in the mailbox and then i realized something else i wanted to add so i didn't and now it's still waiting but TOMORROW. PROMISE. GOING IN THE MAIL! biggrin.gif

anybody else want a custom-made mouse pin!?

i'm going to a pre-thanksgiving feast tonight. my friends got the amy sedaris cookbook and got inspired. i have to bring something......but i have about half an hour between when i get home from work and when im supposed to be there. any suggestions? note: i don't have a working oven

i went to the gym last night and it turns out they cancelled my personal training session AGAIN. i didn't really care so much though. i'm actually really enjoying this gym and working out by myself.

there is some brand that does make a sweetener-free soymilk....i forget which, though. one of my regulars when i worked in the cafe used to bring it in on his own since he couldn't drink the stuff we carried (silk). i like soymilk in my coffee better than milk, but i like cow milk everywhere else.

i am of the opinion that if you eat stuff that's recognizable as what it was originally, you're doing pretty good. i waive this opinion for things like bread tongue.gif

oh and taloo, dunno if you're around yet but i saw your house pics and they look so freaking awesome. that is such a great house!
turbo! Yeah! I won't be seeing you! I meant the dinner invite only as a "i'm home, this sucks" blow softener. I'm surprised turbomama didn't pressure you. Sometimes, the 'rents surprise us.

OK, back to work for moi. tata
"Good morning, you eighth wives of mormon fundamentalists! " hehehe i liked that one..

as for me...

good morning you iridescent slimy eye boogers!!! i know i know...i'm old school

minx....the past is the past....focus on the future.....and MB. and tell ex to buzz off. there's a new man in town.... rolleyes.gif

Tes.....*******vibes for you, hubby, redheads, travel, lovin', your friend's surgery*******

so i've sent out photos of the mollywobbler to the family....only one response thus far. and the family is being 'difficult' with our 'supposed gift exchange'....half are gung ho and half are fighting for individuality over all....dolts. we are all adults here, right? and most of us are broke, right? grr.....i suppose this should go in the family thread...sorry.

PK!!!! you need to take care of yourself girl.....(((healing vibes for banana)))

it smells like pickles here at work.....gah.

ETA- (((((special get well vibes for moxette))))cuz snot boogers are no fun.

smile.gif I am so happy that I could crap myself.
damn...things are gonna get hot...sparkly date, sparkly glasses.....

hopefully it will go like this....

minx and mb finally kiss.....and her glasses fog up!!!

i know i that would really happen....

but it could!!!
Ha ha!! Good luck minxie! Tell ex-weasel to flake off and tell mr MB he'd better come across soon or you might have to resort to desperate measures.

or is this ex-asshat?

You're inspiring me to pull out my big, hardcover Tom of Finland collected book!

It's like -- men drawn as if they were Vargas girls.

To me.

Whiich reminds me -- I think I need lingerie for Christmas! For my birthday I asked for -- and received -- a scanner. dry.gif

Mousie! Thanks! and Hi Ms. GB! We all got a crush on your redheaded --- cat. oh. darn.

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