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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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minx, i'm glad of the hand-holding. and the cute little sneaky shoulder game. that's sweet. i really like him.

hi karianne! sorry you couldn't work form home today! check in when you can!

glad to see you back, poodle! that's cool that you get to leave early to take pictures today. what of this time?

turbo, i'm sorry your eye is all gooked up! i dont know that i've ever had a swollen tear duct, but i've had pink eye a gazillion times and if it's similar, i feel for you! and yeah, that is totally cool that you have a free acupuncture clinic! wow! i've been thinking about accupuncture a lot lately for my back, since i'm unable to take any meds. i don't know if it's covered in my insurance plan though.

i am eating a lemon-berry cream slush from sonic. yes, it's too cold to eat, but it was the only thing that looked edible this morning. i actually bought it sunday and didn't eat it so i put it in the freezer. i was feeling puny this morning and it said, "YES! EAT ME!". so i am. it's tasty and helping to soothe my tummy. i thought for sure i was going to barf up my vitamins this morning.

so my client just came in and closed my office door. he unfolded a piece of paper that had a drawing of one of the buildings here on the company campus on it. and it said "FUCK COMPANY X" "HOW TO BLOW UP COMPANY X", with a legend that showed pipe bombs placed at several locations throughout the building!! we know who did it because he left it at his work station. he's one of my employees, although i only put him to work because the plant manager (my main client) knew him from church(!) and had given him an opportunity. anyway, we compared his handwriting and it was pretty obviously his. so we're going to have the sherriff's office here this afternoon when he gets in for his shift. we don't know if it was a serious threat. i'd like to think that he was just being a typical 19 year old asshole and thought he was being cute to threaten like that. but he still needs his ass in a sling. and if he was in fact serious about it, we need to put him in check, and have it reported. the building is on the other side of the street from mine, a good three hundred yards away, but i would imagine there would be serious damage. what a freaking nightmare that would be!!

FJ- how scary! That kid (and by kid i mean man-child) needs to be checked, fired and replaced with someone sane.

And, on the puny-puky front- are you taking prescription pre-nates? those are absoultly what did me in. If so, try a regular woman's 1/day and a folic supplement.

ok, back to budgets. fun.
hey mox, i know! it is scary! i'm actually working on his replacement right now!!!

i'm still just taking over-the-counter prenatals. i'll get a script for other ones when i go in on monday. actually, i finished the prenatals yesterday and this morning switched to a high-potency one a day that i had bought a couple months ago. i think that's what did it this morning. i always take them with water on an empty stomach, then eat when i get to work. that oatmeal bar was JUST IN TIME this morning. i had to force it down, knowing it would help. i'm definitely not as hungry as i was last week.

oh! and i forgot to send taloo ~*~*~*~*~*~major happy closing vibes!~*~*~*~*~*~ wooooot!
*comes bursting in with teary eyes and a big smile*

Today is one of those days when I am so proud to be an educator. Like I had mentioned, we are starting Huck to start thinking about racial relations and whatnot I presented them with a bunch of questions about identity. The one for today was this:

When did you first recognize your own racial, ethnic, religious, or other identity? What does it mean to you to identify yourself in this way? What do you like most and least about being a member of your group?

It was CRAAAAZY!! I mean, it was geared toward racial identity, but kids started bringing up stuff about being transgendered, being a woman, and most interestingly, being a HMONG woman. One of my students is a 16-year-old who is married and has two children. When she spoke up about the cultural expectations of Hmong women it just changed the direction of the conversation soooo much. You could just see the kids moving outside of themselves and out of their skin (I have mainly black students, and a few white, with Hmong being the second-most represented racial group in my school). They rarely speak out. I was so teared up and moved by how they really, truly changed other students' perspectives. It was amazing. I ran out during my prep period and got them both gift certificates for the coffee shop up the street and gave it to them a few minutes ago, and told them that when we have the courage to speak our truths, we honestly have the power to change the world. Such strong girls!! WHOOO-HOOOO!!! Let's hear it for the girls!!

FJ--what a lame asshat psycho. I'm sorry that you had to deal with that. Pre-natal vitamins fucked with my system, as well. Not to mention that they turned my pee bright, flourescent yellow and green. Scary!

Taloo--good luck with the house closing. So many of my friends are doing that now...buying lighting fixtures should be great fun.

Karianne--glad to see you around these parts again. We miss your sweet, Kentucky (or is it Tennessee) ass when you're not around.

Moxie--could you or your kid get ANY cuter? Holy Holly Hobby in a harness!!

(((Turbo Family Cash Vibes)))

I want to summon the spirit of Doodle to come and decorate my apartment. No, really I do!
killed the thwea-ead
killed the thwea-ead

killed the thwea-ead

killed the thwead?

with my spear and magic helmet....

ETA: oh yeah! minx revived the thread AND is the best teacher/educator in the land! that is so wonderful that you get your students to talk about things like that. you really are inpirational!

minx, that's fucking fantastic!!!! you have awesome students.

hi everyone! free acupuncture, house closing (squee!), flirtation, demanding kitties, busy busy busy you all have been!

i am freaking out here. i am a mess and a half. first of all, i'm in a crapload of pain because i went to the gym on sunday and i don't know what i'm doing and probably did more than i should and now my arms feel like charley horses every time i try to raise my elbows higher than my boobehs AND it's raining and my windsheild wipers could be better and in a few hours i have to drive the forty miles from here to the getty museum to meet my uncle to spend the next probably around ten hours with him and it's not that i don't love him and am totally grateful to him but HE IS THE MOST DIFFICULT PERSON IN THE WORLD and i am terrified and i'm wearing the wrong thing and my boss is pissed at me for taking the half-day (even though i'm her goddamn best designer and i don't spend the last hour of work curling my goddamn eyelashes in the mirror like some designers i could name and she knows it) and i just want to go somewhere and curl up in a ball and not think.

deep breaths, babe! sorry your arms are hurting. definitely get someone to show you how to use the machines, or start out slow on the weights! i guess that's too little too late, though, eh?

try to have fun with your uncle and put out the bad boss thoughts. she gave you the day off, even begrudgingly, so try to enjoy yourself. even if he's difficult. maybe it won't be so bad?

ok, so i know i'm supposed to eat nutritiously, but the only thing that really sounds good to me right now is a cheeseburger with pickles and lots of mustard, from wendy's no less... i just ate a leftover salad from yesterday and it was a little wilty, but still ok. but i want grease, dammit!!

((Mouse)) Wow, girl, you got a lot going on. Sounds like you're having one of them days. I hope it gets better. Have you taken any Advil or anything for your arm pain? Advil works quite well for muscle aches. For me anyhow. Fuck your boss too!

Minx....your experience in class today sounds absolutely amazing. Wow. Your description made ME teary. Can I ask what race Hmong is? I am not familiar.

FJ, I love Sonic smoothies and shakes! Their ice cream is the numero uno reason I go there. Sorry about your stomach probs. I know it is exciting too though to have symptoms. yay!! As for the cheeseburger....I say eat it. I think when your stomach is not feeling well, you just gotta eat what you crave.

*hands taloo an espresso* that was me yesterday. So. Tired. No fun. But! CONGRATS on your upcoming closing! YAY!

Moxie, you makin' it with Moxie man gone this week?
Hi moxie, falljackets, turbo (thanks, turbo!), pinkpoodle (thanks poodle! Missed you!) Doodlebug, Karianne, Minx, Taloo!

Fingers crossed for your "fjette" mees FJ!

Taloo -- well, you're taking on a big project moving into your own house, so it makes sense to be tired and maybe a bit freaked/worried, but it will turn out great.

Minx -- what a funny, funny little guy! I like long hair too, but I can deal if Batman cuts it. He's always going opposite the trend! Ha! Great discussions! I was lucky to have really smart, liberal teachers who would do such discussions in my little public school -- it was small, in a beautiful little country town, there weren't too many jobs out there, so teachers and doctors had the best bet -- we got the really good ones because they could have a bigger house and a lot of land, beautiful scenery and old buildings and town meetings and all. And still have -- you know, a job.

FJ, I was going to ask if you were taking them on an empty stomach! B vitamins are known to cause nausea on an empty stomach. If they try to say some part won't work, they are full of b.s. Eat a little something first, at least a little something, before you have the vitamins. Crackers, with peanut butter or without. Applesauce. Toast. Anything like that. I used to work in a healthfood store so I know more about that stuff than I want to.

Mouse - when you exercise, your muscles excrete lactic acid, and it's the built-up lactic acid that causes pain, so go in the sauna or steamroom, and count to 300 (approx. five minutes) It really works! If the place you go doesn't have those, take a hot shower, running it on the part you were using (usually arms or legs are favored) and run it some on your back. It works, really works, esp. if I haven't been going for awhile and I go back I notice it. Heat gets rid of the lactice acid.
Hi, peeps!

Half my day got eaten up by our monthly all-staff meeting. The damn thing went for over 2 hours... again. I swear, the director must think we really like listening to him go "um, ah" and tell all kinds of little stories we don't care about and repeat the same inane stuff over and over again. I brought a book of crossword puzzles, some juice, and a granola bar and tried to pay as little attention as possible. The less attention I pay, the more sane I come out.

((((((((Mouse)))))))) Just take it one thing at a time. Enjoy your afternoon and don't worry about your boss.

I think 29 was probably my best year. I got together with the giant, we moved in, I saved up some money, lots of good stuff. 30's been pretty good to me, too. I definitely feel a little more like I've come into my own.

Sonic pisses me off. I got to go there a couple times when I visited Oklahoma several years back. The commercials are all over the TV and they don't even have them in Minnesota! I hate being cockteased like that.

Congrats on the closing today, Taloo!

Minx, I said it once and I'll say it again, I wish I had you for a teacher in high school.

((((((FJ's tummy)))))))
((((((Turbo's tear duct))))))

Hi, Poodle! I wanna go with you to take pictures. Being at my desk for the last few weeks has made me really stir crazy.

Hi, Moxie and Karianne! BTW, Hmong is Southeast Asian, usually from the area of Laos/Vietnam. We've got a whole colony in St. Paul called Frogtown (seriously, that's what so many of the buildings say on them) that's mainly Hmong. I think we have the biggest population of Hmongs in the country.

Hi, Doodle, if you're lurking!

Hey, where's Catsoup been lately? I kinda miss her.

Last night was pretty productive for me. I only made a couple dozen truffles (orange, raspberry, and peppermint), then made a bracelet to sell. It's made out of bumpy beads and seed beads. It's really colorful and pretty cute, and cheap to make so I don't have to charge an arm and a leg for it. I'm going to make a bunch more of those tonight.
HI gals- so far, yeah, we're makin it. My parents are tickled that we're there again, which is nice. Moxette loves her grandma and papa, too...and lights up whenever she sees them. I miss my man, though. He's only been gone 1 night, and I am itchy to hold him.

FJ- eat the greasy burger! your body is telling you what it wants- listen! Over the course of 9 months, you will balance out. I swear it.

Mouse- breath, sista, breath. Your boss is an asshat, and you deserve a day off. Your uncle does not get to be condescending and assy just b/c he's wealthy and generous- those are not mutually exclusive things.

turbo- how's turbomann faring? will we see you guys next weekend?!?

minx- TEACHER OF THE YEAR! I don't know anything about the Hmong...what are some of their cultural identidy issues in America?

eta- hi diva and wombat!
Wow, that stuff soonds nice divala!!

We seriously have the most diverse community here in Allston. It's like I get to be all cosmopolitan without spending a lot of money. We have great old 1800s buildings, and lots of Hmong, Vietnamese, Chinese from Cambodia that had to flee the Khmer Rouge, Chinese that couldn't deal with living in Chinatown anymore, Koreans, including the second generation which is getting all "hipster" , Japanese, Brazilian, and white folks that are Armenians that fled the genocide, Turks and Russians that fled their regime, and 1st-4th generation Irish and Italians.

We have great restaurants, stores and hair styling places that serve all these demographics.

Some people get all snobby and go, oh, isn't Allston just a scuzzy place full of STUDENTS.

No. Eff you already!!
Hmong (pronounced "mung") "refers to an Asian ethnic group whose homeland is in the mountainous regions of southern China. There, they remain one of the largest sub-groups in the Miao minzu (nationality) along with other related ethnic minorities. Beginning in the 18th-century, Hmong/Mong people migrated to Southeast Asia and today live in northern Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar (Burma). Following the Communist takeover of Laos in 1975, a large number of Hmong/Mong people sought refuge in several Western countries, including the United States, Australia, France, French Guiana, and Canada."


A lot of Hmong peoples were contracted to fight for the U.S.A. during the Vietnam War.
<3 allston smile.gif

i actually did an internship in college in boston with a group of cambodian american teenagers. they had written this amazing story themselves, a sort of fictionalized account of the racial tensions in revere when their families first came there fleeing the khmer rouge--all about how one cambodian family got their house burnt down, but then the community rallied together, and they had all drawn pictures illustrating it. my internship was to design the layout of the final book, but it was to be bilingual, and that was the toughest thing i've ever done. the khmer alphabet, the way khmer is written, there are spaces in it that aren't necessarily spaces between words, and spacing is very important, and of course i can't read khmer so the text placement was a bitch! it was a really cool project though and they were awesome kids.
Exactly wombat....diversity brings a richness of cultural offerings! I think I'm convinced now that I can't live anywhere without asian, hispanic and afro-carribbean groceries...I find so many interesting things in them, and I love asking the staff questions about what I'm wanting to cook.

Mouse - Your boss needs to get a get paid time off for a reason! I remember being really anxious about it too when I first started working, and people at my org generally seem to think things could fall apart if I'm not sitting here to make the magic happen, but it all works out. Sometimes shit does hit the fan when you're out of the office, but then when you return and handle it all with grace, you just demonstrate what a valuable employee you are.

Moxie - I'm glad you're doing well while moxieman is away...I know its hard to be without your partner - but time with the 'rents at least helps balance the load - and meena loves it too, sounds like!

Turbomann's fine...we've no idea what's up...his boss was talking to him about long-range projects yesterday, so who knows. Maybe black thursday will pass us by this year. We shall see. Not sure what to hope for, ya know.

FJ - soooo scary about that asshat at your work. I hope the sheriff puts the scare in him!

We just had an all staff meeting here too, diva....yuck. But ours was a dream come true, and here's my good things Tuesday:
- We are officially un-merging with the other (unprofessional, backwards, unethical) agency!! WOOOT!

Sure, we've spent a painful year trying to diplomatically bring the other agency up to our service standards and practices, but it just didn't work. So now we're freeeeeee! Seriously, this is the best news we've had since the merger was announced a year ago.
We have some afro-carribean folks too -- and a hair salon catering to African hair -- but not an afro-carribean grocery. What's great is that, the stereotype of the old Italian and Irish workingclass families is that they hate people of other races and are really narrow-minded, but, in Allston and Brighton, it has never been that way. I felt perfectly accepted in all the diners and schools and political organizations, and on the street, when I was a punk rocker dressed head-to-toe in black leather, and there are still punk rockers and hippies, and my gay friends bought a house here and are involved in neighborhood groups.

I think people share a common memory of having to flee wherever they were from!

thanks for the pep talks y'all

turbo, i actually don't get pto until i've been here a year (and i totally don't intend to stay here a year), but i'm not asking to get paid for it and i'm willing to work extra. whatever.

my uncle is just.....difficult. my mother thinks he's about a step away from aspergers' so i guess the social difficulties are a little understandable---but they're hard to deal with. he just simply doesn't accept anyone else's experience--not that he's closeminded, he really wants everyone to do what they want to do with their life and often gives them the means to do so--but he just is always RIGHT. something went wrong with my phone when i was calling him the other day, and i ended up getting a weird message in french and english asking me to press buttons, but when i was telling him about it his attitude was just like "well, you must be mistaken. that didnt' actually happen".

gah. but. anyway.

eeek! i've been gone and decided to pop in today. haven't read everything but FJ IS PREGGERS!!!!! i'm so happy for you!

minx- i love the story about your students. so heart-warming.

is taloo the same as tallulah? the one who works at a record store her husband owns???
if so, hello!!! congrats on the house!

aye...i'm so behind.
where is doodle? i need some punishment.

it sucks how bosses seem to be harder on their best workers. i hope things get better and that your uncle isn't so difficult.

"Everyone else is so much weaker and stupider than I am"

And they get away with it, because they have money, or because they have a brain problem.

To me, neither of those things excuse that attitude. It's very pernicious, degrading to be around. If you feel you have to let it pass, you start feeling bad about yourself. It wears you down.

I'm really, really, really happy to be away from my folks even though I had to suffer in other ways to do for myself. Kudos for your strength, and at least it's only the occaional visit, right?

Hi, Shugga! I like the pun! Miss Shugga -- meshuggah! Too funny.
I have had the prissiest day today.

All day long, pay bills, dispute and work out bills -- that stupid nightmare hospital where I got my checkups/tests has a stupid, nightmare billing department too!

Also, send Thank You notes for my birthday goodies.

One benefit of haviing a fussy mama, I suppose. Oh, and I'm filing stuff. Joy.

Now, I'm off to the mailbox and the supermarket. Could life get any more boring?

I'm making a "widget" ! That is a fun, fussy task.
Hey all, this one's quick...I am caught up on the posts, though!

*starts polishing spankie paddle for shug*

Anyway, I needed a break from looking through financial paperwork, which I think I'll still be doing this evening, 'cos I have to meet with the bookkeeper tomorrow.

I'm feeling wayyyy in over my head now, with how much needs to get done before I can leave this job. But it's so good to see the light at the end of the tunnel (pardon the cliche). Four months, two weeks, and three days. Then I can move on with my life.

Oh yeah, I'm gonna be 40 in two years, so quit yer whining about being 30! biggrin.gif
So true, doodle.

For some reason, turning 29 reeaaaallly bummed me out.

30 and 35 and 40 were nuthin' after that.

*drops bags, briefcase, keys, coat, shoes*

Hi honey! I'm HOME!

I didn't even notice my 35th b-day. I actually haven't really noticed any after 30, which was a "notable" birthday for me b/c I was in the middle of ending a really bad relationship. And then four months later I took over as women's centre coordinator! EEK! Ok, so my 30th year was kind of a big, scary one which left me wondering if being a grown up was such a good idea after all.

I still gots paperwork tonight.

Ok, here's a pic of Carmella...don't you think she looks like Nia Vardalos? I think that all the time! (It's in the eyes.) My Big Fat Greek Kitty:

IPB Image

Also, that is one of the "new" chairs I brought home from the Centre.
Hi ladies!!!

Miss carmella is quite a fetching lass! Whatta look that is!

I just got back from the acupuncture free clinic. They do a pretty darned good job there too. Not warm and fuzzy at all, but they're very busy, as you might imagine, but they're technical and thorough in taking case history. Not the best needle giving I've ever had, but not the worst either. And I definitely feel a little better after treatment, so I think I'll go back. Just as I'd guessed, I've got adrenal fatigue and too much stress. So, I've got to slow down for awhile....just not sure how that's going to happen, but it will.

Looks like turbomann is definitely going somewhere on Thursday...whether its a layoff or another position....his boss very deftly gave the bossy boss a very diplomatic non-answer, kind of giving away part of her hand. So, it shall be exciting to see what happens. We're ready for a change, whatever it is.

shugga!!!! Welcome back - we meeeeced you!!!

wombat - sounds like you've accomplished great things today, even if mundane...there's great good in managing the household...or so I tell myself, maybe. And widget building, eh?! I've no idea how to do that, but sounds cool!
Hi turbo! I'll tell Carmella you think she looks fetching! I am curious as hell about acupuncture, but a little scared, too. Does it ever hurt? I guess it would feel weird, no matter what....

I think adrenal burnout is part and parcel of non-profit work! I am glad to hear you are separating off from the "bad" agency - when will that happen? Will it be a lot of work to re-organize, or is it just more of a "buh bye"? tongue.gif

I hope things work out well for turbomann. I hate that more than anything, when they want to "talk" but they deliberately keep you in suspense, like the wait isn't a gut-churning experience for you. GRRR. It's like knowing your parents are coming to meet with the principal, but you don't know exactly why! ARGH! Please give him lots of hugs from us!

~*~*~*~*~*~ fantastic job outcome vibes for turbomann ~*~*~*~*~*~

I am going to take a break from agonizing over finances so I can work on the box for BFFdottir. The teen party was on the weekend, but her real b-day is tomorrow. BFF was hiding her present here...I played with it a few times! It's this pewter-coloured wizard statue with a crystal plugs in, and the crystal ball is one of those electrostatic light things, where if you touch it, all the light goes in a line to where your fingers are....I'm sure there's a name for it, but I've no idea what. I've seen the light balls in science centres and in a few novelty stores, but never one with a wizard, which is right up BFFdottir's alley!
doodle, I would think that acupuncture would be really good for you when you feel a fibro attack coming on. Its really amazing stuff. A good acupuncturist doesn't hurt at all, they use uber tiny needles and you just feel the energy zinging around your body. The students use thicker needles, so you feel 'em more, and their technique isn't all there yet, so there's a little pinch. But once its in, you don't feel the needle, just the energy. It definitely took a little bit of the rough edges off how I've been feeling, so that's a good thing. We'll see how I sleep tonight.

turbomann's doing good. We're both just kind of laughing about it, and excited about new opportunities, whatever they may be. Honestly, the thought of not doing the same icky job very soon is pretty appealing to him. We've been through the layoff cycle a couple times before, and we're in the best mental space possible this time 'round.

have fun painting BFFdottir's gifty!!!

Off to bed for me! This is the latest I've stayed up in many nights, so that's a good sign, right?
whoa! i miss a day and suggah's being paddled, moxieman is "gone", minx has won teacher of the year award, nia valardos has been turned into a lovely grey tabby, divala is making those fab truffles of hers again, and fj is getting bomb threats. yowzah!!

things at work are as crazy as usual -- we are working on a project renewal, with budgets, written justifications, bla bla bla, that all is due tomorrow but THEN I GET TO SEE MR HOTBUNS!!!!

yesh. i leave on saturday! get there on sunday, mon, tues, and wed have doctor's appts with lots of cooking in between, my BFF is having surgery this friday, they are fusing C4/5 aND c5/6 --fortunately there is no lumbar involvement, the leg pain was secondary to the cervical disk problem. i'm going to try to have alone time with HER, with my nieceoid, and with mr. hotbuns, as well as shop for girlie necessities whilst hosting 7-9 people in my house. it is going to be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

i'll try to pop back in at lunchtime. which should be about the time some of you are getting out of bed......

Hi tesao and turbo!

FJ, I meant to say something earlier, but tes reminded me....holy bomb threat, batman? Wowza! I hope the guy's just an asshat and not for real, that's scary. And if he is just an asshat...I can't believe there ARE asshats who could entertain themselves with that kind of shit, and then be stupid enough to leave it on their desks for someone to see! Would he be fired right away - I'm assuming it's now way too risky to keep him on during the investigation process...? We had a religious whacko making veiled violence threats at one time, so I know it's very serious and scary....

Um. Now I need a lighter note. On a lighter note, I have a confession to make. I watched the movie Green Card tonight, while working on the box. And I watched it so I could look at the greenhouse garden and the apartment decor. HA HA HA! I'm sick. I know. It's a disease. Decoraholism. Look it up. (Ok, well it SHOULD be one.)

Hurray for tesao and mr hotbuns! What a whirlwind schedule she's got going there! I doubt we'll hear back from tesao while she's with mr hb, b/c they'll be doing wild, dirty things when they're not running around doing stuff! (Actually, knowing tes, they will be doing wild, dirty things, WHILE they're running around doing stuff. Hee! wink.gif)

turbo...recently a friend who had acupuncture said the practitioner got the needle "right" about half the time, meaning, half the time it slid into place the way it was supposed to, and the other half, it was definite pain and NOT "right" at all. This practitioner is supposed to be very well-reputed, although we do live in a smaller community, so we have a higher tolerance for mediocrity! Have you ever found that to be true? (About the needles, I mean, though you might see fit to agree that smaller communities have a higher tolerance for mediocrity.)

I am glad to hear you're okay with the prospects for turbomann. It is good to think of it in terms of opportunities...I need to do that more! What time is the meeting on Thursday? We'll need to know so we can send Okaybustie vibes!

Ok, I really need to get off this bloody machine! Infernal Lounge (which my life would be much worse without).
Mornin' ya'll!!

I'm feeling much better today, didn't wake up with the soul crushing exhaustion I've had in the last many weeks, so that's good. Just woke up normal tired, which is a step in the right direction. However, I didn't fall asleep until 1am last night...which is not unusual for me after acupuncture - all that newfound energy pinging around my body with nowhere to go. I'm hoping turbomann will be able to fix the water heater tonight, so at least I'll be able to have a bath to wind down at the end of the day. I miss my baths!

Yeah, the student definitely had a couple of "off" needles, but I've had enough acupuncture to be able to tell him when it wasn't right, so he could redo them, and he was thankful for the feedback, so it all worked out. I may try the other clinic, and see what that one's like. It may be worth the $30 - especially since you set an appointment, rather than walk-in where you may have to wait a couple of hours.

I'll ask turbomann tonight what time his meeting is tomorrow, so we can all send him vibes. We're feeling pretty good about it, I think. And if he's free from big pharma this weekend, there's definitely going to be a celebration!

Tessss!! Wow - time IS flying - you get to see mr hb this weekend!! Sounds like you've got quite a line-up for yourself already, but it all sounds wonderful...especially the wild, dirty parts!

I do hope Fj comes in and gives us the report on her meeting with the sheriff yesterday - that is so scary!!! Thank cod FJ will be moving on from that job soon!
Shugga, yes, I used to be talullah. How are you? You should hang out in here more.

I too, am very curious to hear what happened with the sherrif. It's scary how there are people that are just so completely nusto, and sometimes you have no clue until they hurt others.

Yay for tess seeing hotbuns.

Our closing is at 9;30. So. Excited. Then we are gonna head over and move the cabinets and paint.

Okay, I need to get going. See you ladies tonight!
Happy Hump Day ladies!!

HI SHUG!!! Where have you been? How's married life?

Yay for taloo's house!! We must see pictures!!

~*~*~*~more vibes for turboman~*~*~*~

Minx, you are the bitchin-est teacher ever.

"Big Fat Greek Kitty" Hahahaha!! I can totally see that!

I'm 27 and the main thing that worries me about getting older is doing the same shit forever and then running out of time. I also have that classic fear of being alone and I worry about what people will think if I'm in my mid-30's and still single (totally stupid, I know). There's just so much pressure. It seems like marriage and homeownership is a competition. Society views those who are single, childless, and/or non-homeowners as "lacking" something. There's a shame attached to it, especially if you're a woman. If you're not a parent and homeowner, then your living arrangement is interim and you're not a "real" adult. Sometimes I wonder if people get married and have kids just to feel grown up.

A lot of my fears in this area have to do with other people's judgment--especially my mom's. I'm sick of feeling that way though. The funny thing is that I have a very hard time imagining myself with a partner or children. When I daydream, it's all about me living in an earth-bermed passive solar home in the woods with a pet pig and lots of dogs and cats. There's rarely another person involved in my daydreams.

Crap!! I need to get ready for work!! I'll get back to y'all later...
Yeah, Happy Humpday Bitches!

Hi Shug! It's good to see you, girl. How's Mr Shug?

Congrats Taloo! ~~~~~~~smooth closing vibes~~~~~~~

Tes! You get to see Mr Hotbuns soooo soon!! I bet you are super excited. I hope you two have a wonderful visit.

Doodle, I love that chair. I like leather & wood combinations. Your cat ain't too shabby either!

It is a rainy day here. I contemplated parking in the garage (which is a lot closer to my building), but it had stopped raining. So I drove down to the parking lot (which is about a 10 min jaunt from the building), just in time for it to start pouring again. My pants are still wet. I had a nice evening last night. I had a chiropractic appt., then I went to the gym. Then, I went to the mall. Then I went to the wine shop. I did not buy anything at the mall. They have a lot of stuff in due to Christmas, I just find it overwhelming. And everything is so expensive. I saw a couple of shirts I like at Banana R., but they are like $60-$70 each. Uh, no. I may go to the outlet mall tonight. I really need some new work clothes.

How is everyone on this Wet Wednesday?
Happy Humpday!

Doodle, I must concur with Karianne -- you have decorated your cat beautifully. wink.gif

Turbo -- thanks. I have to trust my handling of mundanities --- to keep safe so nothing comes and bites me on the ass (ie, effects of neglect), job search, and the minor levels of programming that web "stuff" requires.

I've got a tutorial for the Mac Os X onscreen widgets, which I think would be a fun thing to send to employers, but, it's from 2005 and, as always, tutorials are missing a few steps -- that, and I have an Intel DuoCore chipset that just came out THIS year, so I bet some things are different. Arrrrgghhh. Such mundanities take time -- my computer/software engineer friends are all big fat guys, and I can see why. Tearing myself away to cook and eat healthy food, and go to the gym, seems like an incredible handicap. They went to MIT, their parents paid for the dorms, they threw their laundry down the chute, paid all their bills online, ate nothing but Chinese Food and Pizza that they got delivered, and went to the gym ...ah, they didn'' GO to the gym.

Poodle ((Poodle)) I think the choice to not have hubby/house/kids is legitimate. If you want love, you'll find it -- it doesn't have to be wrapped up in that package. Fie on your mom! I saw enough people around me growing up who had their hubby and kids and sat around in their little houses in the woods being unhappy. Not so appealing! Your classic middlewestern earth berm sounds quite delightful.

morning ladies!

carmella looks so sultry! and those chairs look cool, doodle.

wombat, are you programming the widget too? that's crazy! good for you!

poodle, i worry about the doing the same thing and running out of time thing, but i don't think you should worry about the marriage/2.5 kids/white picket fence....actually just getting to know you on this board i've really admired you since you seem so independent and happy on your own. you don't follow all society's stupid rules--why should you follow this one? i mean, if you want love, like wombat said, it will come. but i don't think you should worry about what other people think about it.

yay, tess and mr hb reunite soon!

turbo, acupuncture sounds really cool. i've never had it done but one of my best friends' mom is an acupuncturist. now i'm interested.

hi shugg, taloo, kari, and everybody else!

**fj scary work vibes** let's hope it was just a stupid joke fears about yesterday ended up being unfounded. i actually think i worked myself up so much about it that it was a good thing--it couldn't possibly have been as bad as expected so i was pleasantly suprised. i was able to turn the conversation quite well, and every time he disagreed with something i had said i just let him and shut up, so everything went marvelously. we had lunch at the getty and then saw the mount sinai icons from the st catherine monastery--the show opened that day, and coincidentally my uncle had seen then some thirty years ago when he had actually traveled to mt sinai and the monastery. they also had (rather out of place but i think more to show the grecian/byzantine influence even centuries later) an el greco triptych, and my uncle took one look at it and went "oh! i saw that when i was in modena in italy!" he may be whatever he may be, but he's an extensively well-traveled man.

the icons themselves are incredible--stunning, detailed, the facial expressions, and the exquisite parchment of some of the books--miss gb, if you have any interest in that sort of thing, i HIGHLY recommend this show.

and the food, oh god, the food.....i'll detail it more in the "what i ate" thread, but we had lunch with a half bottle of champagne at the getty's fancy schmancy restaurant, and then that night went to dinner with his very italian, very smart (oh, hello, distinguished world-famous semiotician, how are you? too bad you spoke in ITALIAN all night), friends at la terza, which is supposedly one of the best italian restaurants in the country (his friend asked me if i'd heard of it and seemed suprised and sort of disdainful when i said no.....come on, i'm 23, don't speak a lick of italian except "dove il bagno?", and could easily pay my rent with what our entire meal cost), where his friends were dear friends with the owner, and everyone else, so extra appetizers and desserts and everything kept coming around, and the chef came out to talk to us (in italian of course) and he knew everyone, and oh hey look, there's a private party of studio execs and kate winslet upstairs.

GAH. rich people. incredible. WHOAH LONG POST SORRIE
morning busties!!!!

((((fj safety and health vibes)))
(((turboman job vibes)))
((turbojenn's eye)))

this past weekend wore me out. dunno why. so yesterday, after i got to work, i decided to go home and sleep. for the next 5 hours. jeebus....i was out for the count...and the kittys loved it...jake got snuggles and molly slept next to my hip....and this morning jake finally relaxed and realized i wasn't replacing him and purred. finally. but the two of them have been playing tag at nite. crazy.

belated good things:

-i feel better but still fuzzy in the head
-tasty and healthy snacks...
-the kitty's are getting along

hi minx, wombat, shuggah, tes, turbo, poodle, moxie, fj, doodle, diva, mouse and anyone i may have forgotten or is lurking....(lurv)
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, I think you're great just the way you are. Sometimes I still think about growing up solo. Maybe that's what'll happen after all, who knows? And truth be told, I was really wondering last night if the giant is really the one I'm supposed to be with, if I want him to stick around, and how much of this relationship is just going through the motions on my part, but how would I really know since I've never been in a LTR before, anyway. Being single is so much better in that way. I know I miss it. As far as judgement from other people goes, it's their problem, not yours. Our parents came from an age where women went to college for their Mrs. degrees, and studied as a side project, until they decided later on in life that they did want to have the independence and career. The game is completely different for us, and if they have a problem with that, it's on them, not you. You go out and do whatever you want since in the end, you're the only one who matters in this equation anyway.

I could never do accupuncture. I'm afraid of needles. (says the girl with a full back tattoo)

Karianne, I'm the same way about malls this time of year, and I usually shop at the biggest one in the country. That's why specific lists are the greatest things ever. I only like to go in to look at whatever decorations they have up (though it's no fun until it's snowed and accumulated - NO X-MAS WHILE IT'S STILL 70 DEGREES OUT IN AUGUST!!!). Did you get anything at the outlet mall?

Mouse, your trip to the Getty sounds like it was fun! I almost went there a few years back, but we only drove past it. But yeah, I hate when people speak in a different language when not everyone understands it. That's just rude and pretentious.

Wow, Tes, that's an ambitious trip you've got planned! I hope you find a minute to relax somewhere in there.

Hi, Turbo, Wombat, Taloo, GB, and Doodle! (BTW, your cat really does look like Nia Vardalos)

We didn't do much last night. It took me a whole hour to get home (usually a 20-minute drive). There was an accident on the freeway, so I took a city street, then went to deposit a check and saw that Lund's (upscale grocery chain in MN) has finally opened by me! Yay! Then we settled in for a long night of TV and some HBI. I didn't make a damn thing. No chocolates, no jewelry, nuthin'. Ahhhh...
Hey, mouse, sounds like fun.

Yup, building my own widgies! I am going to send resumes to some print-based jobs today, mail some more mail, do some more business calls, go to the gym, and maybe even work on my car.

Looking forward to America's Next Top Model.

In a way, I regret not going for the fame/media/cute little girl shaggin' rich guys life, but I know it would more likely end up badly. I like to honor the deep and strong and true heart and mind.

Turbo, I think of you when I say that I am trying now to see life without the old structure set over it -- the yoga and other things I read about souce and intent (intentions) give me the idea that I can see this as a strange and beautiful world of phenomena, and could redefine/reshape my life easily if I'm not stuck in the past.
booooooooooooooooooooooom diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia!!!

tudo bem? tudo joia???

it is about a bit after 8 pm here, which means.....*puts on numerical whiz cap*

that it is 1:13 on the right Coast, 12:30 in MinnnnnEH soooooooooooooootah...... and 10:30 ish on the left coast. i am currently engaged in eating din din. i suspect the lot of you are out eating luncheon, and doodle is still asleep, surrounded by furry bodies.

doodle, i think that you should make a movie list for "decoraholics"! i am soooooooooooooo sure that there are other people who do exactly the same thing: watch movies to get ideas for their own abodes!! hey, who cares WHY you watch a movie, as long as it entertains you???

YAY!!! jenn, how wonderful NOT to wake up with the soul crushing exhaustion!! that sounds like a reason to celebrate to me!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~jobby job vibes for whatever it is turbomann wants to do in the working world ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

wooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooo for house closings and cabinet movings and painting of new houses!!! taloo, you MUST post pix! now, even! then we can have before and afters!!

poodley noodley!! you are SO together!! you ARE a real adult! and MUCH more adult than MANY of the people that i know who are married and/or own houses! to hell with other people's expectations! you should be and do exactly who you want to be and do exactly what you want to do! what's the use in appeasing some faux norm of society if you aren't happy??

oi, karianne!!! muito sorry that you got so wet! that sounds SO uncomfortable!

a shirt that costs $70???? um. no thank you! what is it MADE out of??? the discarded hair from the monkeys who are taught to pick ONLY specific tea leaves that have their monkey droppings on them??? that's just CRAZY.

mouse, those icons sound riveting! i wish that i could see the exhibit! no apologies necessary for the long post. what i don't understand is why you can't be well traveled and worldly and still be a real person, and recognize that it is simply RUDE to speak in a language that your guest cannot understand all night. i understand perfectly how easy it is to slip into a language that you are more comfortable with, but that does not excuse poor manners. and worldly people are supposed to be above that sort of showing off. i'm glad that things went smoothly for you, though, and hope that you enjoyed some of it!

ms gb has a molly ringbald!! ms gb has a new baybee!!! ms gb went home and slept and cuddled with molly and jaaaaaake!!! yayayayay! soooooooooooo happy to hear all of your good times!

divala, that beaded bracelet you describes sounds really kick ass! make more! make them and they will come (and buy them)!

hugs to everyone that i am missing, i know that there are loads of you that i have not mentioned. so, generic bustie vibes for whatever you want and may you get it SOOOOOOON!!! MWAH!
i want to clarify that i wasn't at all complaining about the italian. i actually had a wonderful time, and it was fun trying to understand and being able to pick up this and that from my miniscule knowledge of italian, or from other romance languages. and they were wonderful people and they did speak english some of the time or when they were speaking to me. but i was not really the "guest", it was a gathering of eleven dear friends and one of the friends' 23-year old tag-a-long niece (lacking not only italian but also a generous salary and a phd). i was obviously the odd one out and i had no problem with that. i was happy just to sit and eat the amazing food and ogle kate winslet and listen to what i could; i just wished that the semiotician had spoken english because i have a passing interest in semiotics and would've loved to have overheard his conversation.
mouse, your day sounds truly decadent!!! And how lovely to get taken out to a fancy pants dinner, and see celebs to boot!!! And the getty exhibit sounds amazing too! What a day!

tesssss!! I can't wait to hear all about your trip home - not long now at all!

I also wish I was home in bed. My body seems to be crashing hard now. The eye infection is done, but I've got a wicked sore throat all of a sudden, and MRG just stopped by for a visit. I need a REST. I'm gonna have a serious talk with turbomann tonight to see if we can stay home for thanksgiving for once. I really don't think my body is up to the allergy/stress onslaught of visiting our families next week....that proposal is not going to be popular with turbomann or our families. But I am done. Stick a fork in me, and send me off to bed. blerg.

Poodle, just to echo the consensus around here, but you are absolutely a grown-up, fully formed individual, living out your life in the way that pleases you most, and what could possibly be better than that? Social norms are a bitch to buck, but the more people that really live the lives they want - the easier it will become to accept as we move forward!

Diva, I'm betting as time goes on with the giant, you'll start to even out a bit more on your "alone times." I have a high need for time to myself, sans turbomann, and now, its fine for me to ask for it. I generally need one day a week , completely to myself so that I can be a good partner the rest of the week, and generally, turbomann is cool with that. His paintball hobby also makes that easy to accomplish 8 months out of the year.
hey hey!

soooo, bomb-boy update: remember i said yesterday that he'd been hired by the plant manager (meaning i didn't recruit or even interview the guy, but was told by the the pm to hire him for a particular dept)? well, the manager knows his family through the church (mormon). or, more to the point, through "spiritual ministering" to the family. the manager has been visiting the guy's family and trying to recruit or whatever and offered the guy a job to help the family out of a rough spot.

so yesterday, after "praying on it", the plant manager decided that he wasn't going to actually call the police, but make the kid believe that he had. he told me that he was afraid of "losing the family completely" and he was afriad it would "jeopardize their spirituality". i couldn't believe what i was hearing! this guy was potentially putting lives in danger (mine included) and he's worried about losing potential church-members? ARGH!

he called the guy into his office (along with myself and a couple of other supervisors), showed him a copy of the bomb schematic that he found and asked him to explain it. the kid started shaking immediately and his voice faltered when he tried to say that it wasn't serious: that he had been mad because he hadn't been paid when he thought he was supposed to be paid. he then claimed that i had told him he would be paid on monday for the work he completed last week (which was completely untrue, as everyone gets paid for the prior week's work on the following friday -- and i would never mess with anyone's pay!). of course, the plant manager knew that i wouldn't tell the guy that, and redirected the conversation back to the threat.

to the plant manager's credit, he was pretty convincing that he'd talked to an officer about the paper (and had in fact given him the original copy) and that the officer had taken it VERY seriously and the only reason he wasn't being arrested is because plant manager had asked them not to. he was very stern with him and told him that he was terminated from employment with the company and that he should get his things and leave immediately - if he ever comes on the premises again, charges will be filed, etc. he reminded himt hat this threat was felonious and that he could get a lot of time in jail if anything came of it: that the police had his description, name, address and phone number.

and then he tells the guy that when he leaves the property, he'd better go home and tell his mother about what has happened because the plant manager is going to call her and make her aware of it! the kid nearly started crying at that and just kept saying he was sorry, he didn't want to go to jail, it wasn't true, he was just bored and mad and didn't think it was a big deal. and then he was dismissed.

so, part of me is glad that he wasn't taken to jail over it because he obviously wasn't serious about it. but the other part of me wants to see that kid sit in a cell for a few days and realize that he can't go making threats -idle or no- to people when he doesn't get his way. what still burns me is THE REASONING that the plant manager used for not turning him in. ARGH!

but, no bombs. so that's somethin'. smile.gif


now i need a lighter note! (hehe, doodle!)

oh! MIL just called and said she has a 50% off coupon for any item in the store at kohl's for today only. we were all supposed to exchange christmas lists on thanksgiving, but she asked for mine early so she could see if kohl's had what i wanted. so, after a quick check online, i asked for a cuisinart food processer/blender combo and a jack lalane power juicer. i told her to get either one. i have a feeling she'll get both. YAY! but i can't get it until christmas. BOO!

i've read everything, but after the bomb story, i'm outta time. i'll catch up again soon. smile.gif
Ouch! Bomb Boy. Glad you're okay, falljackets. It's amazing that anyone still thinks they can joke about that. Some jerk around here wrote graffiti in the girls bathroom in a high school and it cost them ten thousand dollars to screen everybody walking into the high school. And they can ill afford to pay it.

The photo is me, the closest I will come to looking like Diana Rigg. The camera is above my head, so, couldn't really do the same hunkered down pose.
call me crazy, but i think the way it was handled was pretty smart. obviously the kid and his family are having trouble; thowing him in jail isn't going to help that, but giving him a scare, a chance to think about it, and then a second chance might.

then again, i take that "love your enemy" crap pretty seriously, and don't believe in incarceration as our society uses it. imho.

ETA: william s. burroughs <3 kitties?? haha. actually that reminds me of my favorite hesse quote. excuse me. *goes to change sig*
*crashes irresponsibly into thread once again*

Poodle, I wanted to come in and say that marriage n' kids n' a house do not necessarily maturity make, but I see everyone's beaten me to it. So: what they said. I don't have any of the above and I'm in my 30s and pretty damn happy with my life, so there you go. I might be happier if you quoted some toto songs though...

Then I wanted to ask mouse if she was out with Umberto Eco last night, and is Kate Winslet pretty IRL?

Finally I wanted to agree with you turbojenn on the alone time thing. I get really ratty if I haven't gotten an evening to myself for a week or two. Exactly as you say, it makes me a better and more responsive partner (and friend) the rest of the time.

Finally finally, belated congrats to the FJs!!

*leaving now. Honest.*
oh, mouse, i don't think you're crazy at all. i mean, it DID turn out for the best, so i'm glad that the kid didn't have to get in trouble and suffer the rest of his life for it (either in jail or with a perm record). but what bothers me is, what if it WAS serious? what if something had happened last night after we left and a hundred people on the second shift were injured. no one would have known anything about it. (i should also add that no one in the HR department was even made aware of it, as they most definitely would have called the police. so now, i'm even having to protect the story...)

still, you're right. it wasn't a serious threat. his family doesn't have to suffer and all is well, just without a job.

sybarite! thanks for the congrats! and you can crash here anytime! smile.gif
*chases after syb* No, wait syb, come back and plaaaaaay!!!

Wow, FJ, I'm glad that sitch is resolved! I don't approve the god fearing undertone, but I think the rest of it was handled nimbly, and I'm sure that kid learned a BIG lesson there.
ok....i guess i thought it had sort of happened right away. i'm glad you're safe though.
i'm glad that bomb boy's plans were smacked down. honestly, what a lazy dumbass...really... someone trys to do him a favor (i.e. get him a job) and he is a dolt about it. really. i was kinda hoping he'd go to the slammer for a couple of days to jolt him back to reality....sounds like he prefers to live off him parents.

I've posted photos of molly on myspace...i still dont' know how to post them on here.

the new john legend cd is calling my name.....gah....
How about some Boston lyrics?!

Now if you're feelin' kinda low about the dues you've been paying
Future's coming much too slow
And you wanna run but somehow you just keep on stayin'
Cant decide on which way to go!!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

I understand about indecision
But I don't care if I get behind
People livin' in competition
All I want is to have my peace of mind!!! true Boston, so true.

I'm glad you're evening with the uncle didn't suck too bad, mouse. The exhibit sounds like it was fascinating!

I like seeing tes' purple font around here more often.

Dude, what kind of fuckwad draws pictures of pipe bombs in this day and age?! Geesh! Anyway, I'm glad everything is cool now.

(((turbo))) You're body's prolly stressed out in general from all of this work BS. Take a day off from all of your running around. Drink a bottle of cheap red wine, eat chocolate, and watch Dancing with the Stars (finale!!!).

That reminds me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dancing with the Stars is down to the last two tonight!!! It's either Mario Lopez or Emmitt Smith. I really wanted to vote for Emmitt Smith, because he's so lovable, but he's just not as hot and talented as Mario Lopez. I voted for Mario 5 times (you get 5 votes per household)! laugh.gif

So here's my dilemma. My friend and I were gonna go out for dinner last night, but she said she wanted to reschedule because of transportation issues. So we agreed on hanging out tonight instead. When I agreed on tonight, I completely forgot about the Dancing with the Stars finale!!! D'oh!! I can't exactly call her and tell her that we need to reschedule because I don't want to miss a reality show. Grrr...I wonder if I can make it back to my apartment in time for the last half. Yeah, maybe that's what I'll do.

Diva, you should have a talk with the giant about how you need to spend some time doing your own thing on the weeknights and have "diva days" on occasion. I don't think I could handle having to interact with the same person the entire night, every night.

I feel like I'm forgetting stuff.

ETA- I bought this book "Are Men Necessary? When Sexes Collide" by Maureen Dowd. Actually, I already know the answer to that question, but I'm excited to read the book anyway to reaffirm my belief that 99% of men are idiots. As far as I'm concerned, the only man who should be allowed to hang around is Johnny Depp. Otherwise they can all go to hell. Oh, and we'll throw in Eddie Izzard for doodle. biggrin.gif

I'm listening to the Pointer Sisters right now! Hee!
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