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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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poodley, i LOVE the idea of a 3rd wave feminist auto shop. i can see it right now! gawd that would be fun!
as for the cocktails & pedicures, somebody else already beat you to it there's a beauty bar in almost every major city in the u.s. unfortunately, they tend to attract more the desperate hipster crowd. shame.

minxie--photos of these bejeweled glasses??
Truly, I can not imagine bejeweled glasses. We must see!

They had one of those cocktails/manicures nights in Boston and it was muito poplare. and then the nail salons or someone got pissed and the health department cracked down and said it was unsanitary because bars were dirtier places than salons. I mean, I suppose that's true -- they werent' serving drinks in a salon, they were doing manicures in a bar. What say, Ms. goof? Are there any salons/spas that serve alcohol? I suppose it could be dangerous!

"But you must have known I was drunk when I agreed to the green streaks!"

How's Molly Ringbald? I love that name! esp since me and Batman have been on an 80s John Hughes teen movie kick. Does anyone know what happened to Molly Ringwald? Is she still wearing pink-n-tapestry outfits and looking pissed?

Is little molly kittle hiding under something as we speak? Ye olde traditional catte hide under furniture for first three days traditione?

Oh, boy. They had a great old twenties gas station -- looked like the old aluminum gas station toys -- with the slanted florescent llights and the tower and the neon signs. One said "Stanley's" in red neon, vertical on the central white tile tower. Two others on the side, horizontal, blue, said "Inspection Bay" and "Lubritorium"

Is that priceless? They tore it down and put up an ordinary cinderblock gas station monstrosity. Are they crazy?! But not before I took my car to get a lube at the Lubritorium. I would not take it for a lube anywhere else!
Hello all! This is quick, I'm going out to dinner shortly.

I would TOTALLY use that feminist auto shop! I fucking LOVE it! Imagine how wonderful it would be for women to not have mechanics either talking down to them, or deliberately talking over their heads. I totally want to see women mechanics in Rosie outfits!! It is a BRILLIANT idea with huge franchise, I'm almost tempted to go study auto mechanics just so we can do it!

And we need some cheesecake male receptionist, serving coffee to customers while they wait....mebbe shirtless!

Has Molly Ringbalde arrived yet???

Has mousie's questionnaire returned yet???

Inquiring minds want to know!

Ok! I really need to go! Big squishie hugs!!!!
Yeah, I know that beauty bars are popular, but they're mostly just bars where you can get manicures. We have Mel's Beauty Bar here in Minneapolis. I wasn't really that impressed. My idea involves the beauty shop as the main focus, not the bar. I guess I'm more interested in vintage hairstyles. The problem is that the market for that type of hair is very limited. When "beauty shops" were the standard for women, shampooing was not a daily event. You had your hair done on the weekend (to look good at church), and then you wore a showercap to maintain that look for several days and maybe used some curlers until the next weekend rolled around. I think the retro hairstyle business idea would only be feasible if you made business cards and worked out of your home. Even still, your target audience would be very limited.

I think the auto-shop concept is much more feasible. The only place that a 3rd wave feminist auto body shop/gas station would work is in the trendiest of trendy urban areas. In Minneapolis, that would be along the West Lake Street strip, close to Uptown. There are craploads of old stations along Lake Street, because that used to be one of the main pre-highway thoroughfares in the metro area. If you were an average auto body business now, you would struggle on Lake Street and you'd be better off just selling the property for it's land value, because chains have taken over that market. In recent years, the condo market has been hot, so developers would buy these old school auto body shops and tear 'em down. The condo market is now saturated to hell, and gas station/auto body sites are especially difficult to redevelop because of demolition and environmental remediation costs. My point is that an old school auto body site near Uptown is cheap as hell right now. The only way you could make it "work," was if you made it a unique, novelty destination. It would have to appeal to a special audience (women), AND have a novelty appeal to scenesters/visitors who have money and will pay for the rare (these days) "full service" experience. It would have to be more than just an average auto body shop. It would need bright, flashing neon signage, perverted lingo, obnoxious colors, costuming, gifts, and so on. It would also need complimentary adjacent land uses. There must be food and rollerskates involved. It would have to be one of the "what should we do tonight?" type places. I'd have to buy at least a half a block for this project to make it.

ETA- Wine tastes extra good out of my special brown 70's mug. Everything tastes better outta that mug.

I'm hanging out with my "friends" Ross Geller and Rachel Green tonight. *hangs head in shame*
Hi guys!

How is everyone tonight?

Guess what, Chi-town Okayers...Heikki and I are going to be in Chicago from December 16 - 22. Hopefully we can find time to hang out while I'm there??? Does that sound fun?

I got a sweet deal on a hotel room, so Heikki and I are going to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights and have a pool party.

OK - archive time. Gotta see what you duders have been up to lately.
Hey, I'd volunteer to be the auto A/C repair tech... smile.gif
Mornin' ya'll! Ooof, I had a rough night last night. By the time we got to our friend's birfday party, my post-colonic high had crashed, and I was just tired, and getting a detox headache...which is still infecting my brain...I know its a good sign that my body is healing itself, its just no fun.

But, the birthday party which I was expecting to be infected with evangelical talk was instead...a gathering of 20 or so geeky engineers! It was hilarious....I almost had no idea what anyone was talking about! I felt like I was in a foreign land and everyone was speaking in tongues! And then talk turned to cycling, as our friend is a crazy avvid cyclist and racer and bike whore, and I didn't understand that conversation either! They were trying to convince me to train all winter to try the race circuit next year with them, but, uh...I don't think so. They scare me.

Poodle, I think you should totally be a community planner! Your visions of niche businesses to re-lauch neighborhoods are genius! I LOVE your vision for the auto shop! I don't have my own car, but I'd just wanna hang out there!

And WOOT for minxy's rad new specs! I totally wanna see piccies too!

PK! So good to see you in here!! We would LOVE to see you next month!!! And your pool party with Heikki sounds divine! I remember my parents would always take us to a hotel for a weekend in the winter so we could have fun swimming - very fun! And that was where I first began to love saunas!

To combat my oogieness this morning, I've got chicken stock on the stove, and I'm gonna make some carribbean beans and rice for lunch. yum!
Hi guys!! Nice to see you 'round these parts, PK!

I'm on my way out the door in a bit, but I wanted to stop by to say that I found 2 dead mice this morning. I'm guessing that they died at the paws of my kitties. Thank god I have the cats to take care of this. The only problem is that they tend to get their "toys" stuck under the things, so now I'm paranoid that I'll find more surprises. I'm gonna do some major cleaning tonight. I've never had a mouse problem before. I thought Gus was acting weird this week. He spent a lot of time looking underneath the fridge.
*passes steaming bowls of carribbean coconut red beans and rice around the thread*

Awww....poodle, your kitties are hunters! Stalking the varmints trying to move into your space! And, the kitties are earning their keep! Sure, finding the prizes isn't fun, but at least the mice have been taken care of!

Uh, I make about 6 quarts of red beans and rice...I failed to read the recipe correctly, and then when I had to add the rice after the beans were cooked I blink.gif then saw it called for 2.5 cups of dry rice....its a lot of rice and beans. I think I'll be taking a bunch of it to friends at work - we can't possibly eat it all.

I guess I had better go walk the doggie now....but I really don't want to go out in the cold. boo.
Good afternoon, Okayers!

Aw, Gus 'n' Oscar are doing their jobs! YAY! Be proud of them, poods, that's what our species domesticated them to do. biggrin.gif

I always praise the kitties when they catch a bug - but they have to eat it before they earn my praise. I would probably be freaked if I found a mouse, tho', b/c I've been here ten years and never seen one. blink.gif

Speaking of kitties....I'm dying to hear about the first meeting of Jake/GBs with Molly Ringbalde! You out there, miz gb?

turbo, I'm sorry you have a headache, I hope you feel better soon.

*gently massages turbo's neck, scalp and temples*

I agree, it would be wonderful to have more community planners just like poodle. Gosh, it would be nice to have someone in there who is so able to "think outside the box" that they don't have to use lame buzz phrases like "thinking outside the box"!

treehugger, if you were here, I'd have you install A/C in my bedroom!! (You should hang out in the thread more, girl!)

Hi PK! So nice to hear you and Heikki are going to get a nice vaycay together! What have you got planned so far?

Well, I've done nothing today but laze and nap. Which I feel I've totally earned! Yay long weekends! I do have to go thru some financial paper work for the Centre this weekend, but other than that, I think I'm going to take it pretty easy. BFF's younger daughter is having a b-day on Wednesday, so I'm going to paint her a box like I did for the older daughter. Except since this one's a I'm going to try to find one with a lock on it, to match her "mysterious" personality!

Oh speaking of BFF's daughter's b-day, the teens' party is this weekend....guess what BFF is putting in the party grab bags? (I should clarify that the daughter is turning 17, and most of her friends are in the 16-18 area.) CONDOMS! And accompanying pamphlets on STDs. HEE! She went to the local AIDS society yesterday to pick up free condoms and pamphlets...the staff were thrilled with the idea of putting them in the grab bags! Although frankly, some of the kids (boys and girls) go to the local Catholic school, so I don't know how it will go down with some of the parents, heh. (OTOH, I think their Catholic education is exactly why she's doing this.) I convinced her to also put a banana in each bag so they could practise putting the condoms on at the party. (But the condoms were her idea - just one of the many reasons she is my BFF. tongue.gif)
Hi doodle!

Thanks for the shoulder rub, I'm feeling much better now. I've also spent the day lazing around, which as you know, for us means its a combo of lazing and puttering. tongue.gif So I made chicken stock, and then the rice and beans, and then I just made some very excellent tortilla soup, with homeade tortilla strips on top....its one of my very favorites...actually its Wolfgang Puck's recipe, but he does soups so well, I don't hardly need to mess with the recipes at all....which is rare for me!

But mostly, I've been hanging out on the sofa, curled up on the couch snoozing, catching up on magazines, and chillin' with turbomann. The very best kind of day.

Doodle your BFF is awesome - and brave!! I can imagine that there might be some parental reaction, but kids deserve good information, and I'm glad she's willing to advocate for them! Sounds like its going to be a cool party!
it has been rainy and drizzly all day. i dragged myself out of bed this morning and went and got my hair highlighted, shampooed, treated for dry hot maputo sun damage and cut. it looks GREAT. he did a really awesome job!!

so then i came home, ate some chocolate, and curled up with mimi to watch mindless television. wound up taking a nice leisurely nap. yay!

i just wanted to pop in briefly to let diva know that she is quoted in the latest issue of the BUST line -- her comment after the elections last week saying how proud she is of minnesota!!! yayayyay!!! divala!!!!

now i am going to go wash some dishes, tidy up a bit, think about making dinner (well, i guess by that i mean doing the prep -- i'm going to make a spaghetti pie with fresh mozarella, basil, tomotoes, pine nuts, parmesan and eggs -- so i can peel and slice tomatoes, slice mozarella, grate parmesan, toast pine nuts....) i don't want to actually MAKE dinner yet, because you put all the stuff in frying pan, layering it; cooked spaghetti, then basil, then slices of moz, then slices of tomato, then you add the rest of the spaghetti on to, mix the eggs with the
grated parmesan and whatever other spices you want, then pour the egg mixture over it all and let it cook over low head for ten minutes, slip it out of the pan, flip it over BACK into the pan, and cook it for another 10 min. that way there is a slightly crispy spaghetti crust all over, with the gooey cheese and tomatoes inside. its somthing that you want to eat right away...

and i think i may need to take another nap to work up enough of an appetite to eat. heeee.

i'll be back later.
Hi hi tes!!! Your spaghetti pie sounds awesome! *drools*

Hooray for diva!! I say the email this morning, and when I saw they were highlighting our thread, I was just hoping it wouldn't be some of our general silliness, or us being rude or lewd....but they chose wisely in Diva's quote!

I'm kinda tired today, not feeling much like going to the early thanksgiving with our friends this afternoon....I think I'd rather just stay curled up on the couch. I also need to bring my own food too, which kind of defeats the purpose of going to someone else's house for turkey dinner, but its just what I need to do right now, and everyone understands my issues by now.
Indulgent weekend report!!

(pood and dood: my friends used to have two cats, and one of them would eat all of the mouse except for the head and the other would eat all of the mouse except for the hindquarters and tail! I guess it was their "signature" for their mouse-killing duties, but, eyewww!)

Scorpio bean birthday weekend! I was so happy: Thursday night I did both weightlifting and yoga. Friday I mailed off the cover letter, resume and website link to a personal contact at my dream job. Then ran off to get my eyebrows waxed at a nice spa, then went for a big Italian dinner with my boyfriend and my cool artist friend. We got comatose of Swordfish steak with hollandaise and black peppercorns, and had tiramisu, cannoli and cappuccino for dessert! We were supposed to go see a band with a friend of hers in it playing, but we got so comatose from the food and pinot noir, we crawled off to bed!

Saturday was a bright, sunny, warm day, and I went to my little punk boy hairdresser, who had been to the Guns and Roses show and said it was excellent! And Axl was all happy and joking around and slid accross the piano lid, etc. Then I went downtown and bought myself some new make-up! Face cack! haven't done that forever! I got Laura Mercier Ebony black cake eyeliner/mascara and a Lorac lipstick (rosy brown) and eyeshadow (red brown).

Then it was party time, my friend's housewarming which she combined into a birthday party, she made a homemade chocolate cake! And gave me a beautiful scarf with green background teal spirals/ reverse to teal background green spirals! It is gigantic and a real weave, a pashmina. Anyold pashminas are kiind of "out" but not one with a gorgeous woven design like that. tre. awesome. Her house was beautiful too. She's also of the renter/white walls/have cool lighting and art school. Man. It was incredible. She has a dove in a cage that likes to talk back and forth with people and two friendly little kitties! I think this is the first time I got kitty fur on my lap for a long time. Cute llittle cuddlemopp!!

Today -- rainy, dark, me and the boy are comatose -- he still got up early and went and bought me a cool scanner! We'll do a history project with his Dad's CCC camp photos! May blow off going out for Mexican and margaritas tonight... or maybe not.

Oooo rest, chocolate and spaghetti omelet sounds vernderful, tes. This is a calories be damned weekend for us all, it seems. Birthdays, mexican food, sweets, kitties, laying around, what could be finer?
Damn, I was going to stay and post something longer, but you wimmin have made my HONGRAY!

I'll be back when I figure out what to eat....
Wombat - your weekend sounds positively decadent and wonderful!!!! And full of good friends and good food!!

Ooooh, and a new scanner - you are totally hooked up now!! And that shawl sounds absolutely *gorgeous*! A nice shawl is always handy to have about - gives warmth and a flair to any outfit!

Turbomann and I have spent a lovely afternoon in bed. Mmmmmm. And now I've got some sweet potatoes with garlic, rosemary and olive oil roasting in the oven right now, making the whole house smell YUMMY! I'm going to take them over to our friends' house for the early thanksgiving feast this evening, since I need to bring my own food anyway, and everyone loves some nice caramelized sweet potatoes.

Hi doodle!!!
mmmm sweet poatoes and garlic?!

turbo, me and doodle are headed to your house!
I dunno about you, wombat, but garlic goes with everything at my house! tongue.gif
Mmm....sounds yummy.

But I just ate a plate of fried eggs (basted) on lovely whole grain toast.

With a Nanaimo bar for dessert!


So how do your November holidays work in the U.S.? We have Remembrance Day (aka Poppy Day) on November 11, which we'll get as a Monday holiday. But you it Veteran's Day? And Thanksgiving, right? When are those days?

Ever since I was a kid, I can't help myself from disassembling the poppy pins and turning the red part into fake lips. Every kid does it; I just never grew out of it! (And my dad was a WWII vet!)
I like the Alice Brock quote in the Alice's Restaurant Cookbook:

"I always add four times as much butter and garlic as any recipe calls for."
Mmm, butter.

I only buy the real stuff!

I do feel a bit sick from the Nanaimo bar, though. Or the combination.


I seriously need to go do some busy work.

turbo, I was just thinking, when I read your earlier post, how right you are about the twin pasttimes of puttering and lazing! biggrin.gif I need that private time to myself, in my home, to regenerate. For me, working on my apartment and futzing with my plants is my way of maintaining a healing space, so that when I laze, I can heal! tongue.gif

Right, and I am off to vacuum now.
[follows scent of butter and garlic]

Mmmmmmmm .... yummy. Don't mind me. I'm just soaking up the delicious smells. smile.gif

Does anyone in the US wear poppies on Veteran's Day? I've worn them in England, but I've never seen it done state-side.
"Good evening, darling. Would you like to come up and see my etchings?"

IPB Image

There are more pics of George and his new play room in the Decor thread.

I don't know either, roseviolet, about the poppies. It would seem odd to think of not doing poppies, having had the Importance of Flanders Fields drilled into my head in school. But not many Canadians even do the poppy anymore.
Aren't poppies the "rememberance flower" from Hamlet, too? Anyone a crazy Ophelia lover, might know that offhand?

Anyway, Vetran's day (nov 11) is a federal holiday here- so, gov't offices, banks, some big corporations, get it off. In michigan, Nov 13 (today) is the start of Deer Hunting most big corporations "observe" vet's day on the monday following (i.e. today).

Thanksgiving this year is the 23 of november. most of us get thurs-fri off work. I seem to remember the story having something to do with setting the day to be roughly 1 month before christmas- for "seasonal" reasons...hmmm...i'll have to look that one up.

EDIT: from some thanksgiving tradition website: "The date was changed a couple of times, most recently by Franklin Roosevelt, who set it up one week to the next-to-last Thursday in order to create a longer Christmas shopping season. Public uproar against this decision caused the president to move Thanksgiving back to its original date two years later. And in 1941, Thanksgiving was finally sanctioned by Congress as a legal holiday, as the fourth Thursday in November." So there's that.

Anyway, its monday, i'm in early, and already swampped. Moxieman is off to tire school this week, and i miss him already. Its another week of hanging with my folks, who would probably have taken moxette alone...i'm really kind of auxilary there...

Long post short...not! (anyone see Borat?!?)...we had a lovely weekend. Friday, had a real date night with my hubby. We went to the megamall, ate at our favorite stir fry place (thinking about the Turbos, cause its where we usually meet for dinner when they're in town!), walked around a while picking out a christmas outfit for moxette (moxieman's idea!), and then saw BORAT! (holy god...a whole post unto itself). Saturday, loads of family time and dinner with the BFFs...the babies played and played and barely even needed us! Sunday, lots of loafing around the house, made yummie apple spice cake, and delish dinner. PLUS, i'm reading Obama's enw book...another post unto itself.

Gah...sorry for being a thread hog...i guess between holidays, worries and wonderful weekends, i get gabby. How's everyone else?
Doodle, I remember wearing poppies on veteran's day when I was a kid - seems like there was a vet at every intersection in town handing them out for donations for VFW, but now, I can't remember the last time I saw a poppy around here.

Moxie - we *meant* to go see Borat, but decided that we just wanted to spend the weekend at home instead. Maybe next weekend we'll get to it.

Doodle - your kitty playground and coffee bar is *gorgeous!* I can imagine wanting to spend lots of time in that room with a cup of tea, reading and puttering around! Beautiful work, as usual! And of course the kitties are adorable as well! is monday indeed....and too much work to be done, as usual. BUT, I launched the website over the weekend, and it all went very smoothly! I have a lot of little nitty things to fix up, but mostly, it looks great!

Oh, and can I get some vibes for turbomann? We're afraid that he's either going to get fired of laid off on Thursday. And we're not sure that would be such a bad thing, since he hates his job so much, but it would be a huge financial problem, since I can't pay the bills on my salary alone. So here's hoping for the perfect outcome for his work situation, whatever that may be.
((((turbos)))- check your email, too...

And, here's to getting back to the parts of our jobs we enjoy!
Good Morning! Happy Monday.

~~~~~vibes for the turbos~~~~~~~~ Jenn, I think you put it perfectly...may whatever is meant to happen, happen. I want to hang out at your house Jenn, you are always making some yummy food.

Hi wombat, poodle, doodle, PK!!!!, tes, minx, moxie & everyone else!

Moxie, we saw Borat last night, as a matter of fact. Funny stuff.

I am feeling a bit grumpy today. Woke up feeling really tired. Bah. Officemate is back from vacation. Bah. It's Monday. Baaaah! I will try to cheer up.

Jenn, you got your buttflush then? Are you feeling all squeaky clean?

I was wondering what poppies you mean the flower?

Doodle, that pic of George is too funny. He looks quite sophisticated.

I had a pretty good weekend. We were off work on Friday, which was awesome. I went to some estate sales with my friend, which I never get to do. Bought my sister a Christmas gift at one of them. Friday night BFF & her husband were in town. They came over, it was lots of fun to hang with them. Saturday...class, then went to friend's daughter's 1st birthday party, then went to dinner & out for drinks with another friend & husband who were in town. Yestrerday....did nothing.

How's everyone this AM?
hi hi kari!

It is totally a monday here - dreary, I'm tired, and unexpected things are going one site up, and the other one goes down. dammit. And the other one is actually a revenue stream, so there goes my day. Gah.

I am all butt flushed and squeaky clean - now I just gotta stay that way, which is tougher! But, at our friends' thanksgiving feast last night, I resisted all temptation - no stuffing, and no dessert. *sniff*

Thanks for the turbomann vibes. Its kind of an odd situation, realizing that if he does get fired/laid off, really, its just a door opening. So, I just hope whatever unfolds is for his highest good. And if he gets a reprieve, he's pretty much decided to leave anyway, so this might just be the kick in the behind that my very pisces husband needs. It'll all work out. cool.gif
good morning and hello everyone,

**turbomann work vibes** i hope everything works out for the best.

sounds like everybody had good weekends! doodle, that's a lovely picture of georgie--and good for your bff! i gotta say, though, if when i was 16 i had gone to a party and been given condoms by my friends' parents i would've been thoroughly uncomfortable about it, but it's better than a catholic school sex-ed. though--i dunno. i'd still feel creeped out if i was given condoms by a friends' parent. it's such a weird line. i feel like stuff like that should be strictly clinical until it's between you and whoever you're doin' it with, or unless it's between peers. it is such a fine line. i feel like because we assume they're uneducated, we can treat sex like it's not a private thing with teens. i don't know. i totally support the sentiment, but the actuality makes me feel a little weird.

everybody ate delicious food, too! i cooked up some trader joe's chicken sausage along with some garlic, onions, tomatoes and green peppers and ate it with some rice cooked with bouillon. leftovers for lunch are awaiting me. mm. simple but yummy.

i went bowling on saturday with a bunch of friends, which ended up being hilariously fun. we had two teams, team names "hot lips" and "vagina", and played two games and each team won once. i had the highest score--but that score was 91, which gives you a good idea of how well we all play tongue.gif
and i got to hang out with my friends' awesome three cats (one sleek black with a little tux front and toes, one black with just the tux front, and one big fluffy drooly orange cat) beforehand.

my mailbox is still empty. i am PISSED. whatevs.

i went to the gym yesterday. i am really, really sore and i still don't know how to use half those machines. but i did run into this guy who used to be a regular at my old coffeeshop and he said the yoga classes they have are really good so i might check that out. ow sore arms! yay muscles!
Monday...Monday....La la la laaallaa laaa....

morning okayers!!!

Molly is home...took a bit actually. i went to pick her up at 2ish...but L called me and said to meet at a place near my house 'later' we met up, picked up mollykins and went home. omfricking goddess...she's adorable!! She's half the size of jake..and she's a speed demon and climber to boot. We showed her to her little room and she's still quite taken to it--she hangs out in there for peaceful moment...but loves company. silly girl. the two of them did the 'hiss' - 'sniff' hiss- sniff dance on friday..avoided each other on sat. and by yesterday were sharing the same bed but different corners on sunday. Last nite jake tried to do a grooming lick on molly and molly thought it was a bit ood and hissed at him softly. She's definitely one to demand attention. we spent some quality cuddling time last nite on the couch, me, molly and jake. just sent me this link...hehehe funny stuff...

as for the weekend....busy busy..but lots of fun to see people i haven't seen in a while.

((((turbomann job vibes)))))
((((fj fetal vibeage)))
(((health and prosperity vibes))))

my throat hurts...please no....i just got over that cold...bah...

ETA- cross post with mouse!! bowling? how fun! and forget about el dorko from the coffee shop...obviously he's not worth the effort...."hmm it has a stamp on it...should i mail it?" opinion.
Hi, peeps!

I didn't log on at all on Friday because I was too busy making truffles. Oy vey. I've made so damn many truffles, and I still have most of them left to do, except I ran myself out of milk chocolate for coating, so my chocolate-making options are limited until I have money to buy more chocolate on Friday. I did make some really good carmel filling from scratch the other day. It's a little salty, but that's what I like about carmel. And it's way softer than the melted Kraft cubes mixed with cream and chocolate I used last year. I also got my pecan pralines done, but half of them got burnt. Oh, well. They're the easiest thing ever to make, so I don't mind doing more.

Hi, PK! That's so great that you're going back to Chicago for a little bit with Heikki.

Poodle, I'm so totally in with you for that business. Seriously. I never wanted to be stuck behind this desk for the rest of my life and can't imagine any kind of future long-term that doesn't involve me running a business, by myself or with someone else.

I've never been to Autopia. I was such a cheapskate with my old car because it wasn't worth crap that I never wanted to spend a penny more than was absolutely necessary. But with my new car, I'm going to be nice to it. It's still a baby.

Turbo got her butt flushed!

Magazines accumulate really fast around my house. I just can't bring myself to throw one out that I haven't pored through. I also go through all of them and clip out anything I can use to decoupage on my bags.

Mouse, screw that coffee-slinging boy!

Doodle, I like the idea of the grab bags, I just hope you don't get in trouble with their parents.

Hi, Karianne, Moxie, FJ, GB, and anyone I cross-posted with!

We had a pretty mellow weekend. I stayed home all day Friday. The giant went to his mom's on Saturday because it was his last chance to see his brother before he left for Iraq yesterday. I stayed home and worked on chocolates. Yesterday, my parents came over with Sam. They brought a huge buffet/hutch over that the giant and I have pondered taking off their hands. Sam was so fun to visit with. He kept saying "excuse me, Angie" whenever he needed me to get him something. He's adorable. Then I worked more on chocolates. Making jewelry tonight will feel like a gift after being on my feet for the last 3 days cooking. Oh, and the giant got some bad news: his aunt died unexpectedly on Friday. She had a bad reaction to some medication she was prescribed, had a heart attack, and died. That boy has had half his family die over his lifetime. All his grandparents, an aunt, an uncle, and his dad. Poor guy.

I got quoted in the Bust line? What's the Bust line?

Okay, off to Chipotle for some grub. Me's starving.
turbojenn gb, molly sounds like she's fitting right in at your house! I wanna see more piccies of the two of your furless babies together!

mouse, I think we could totally bowl together! I'm *terrible*, and have never cracked 100, but I only play about once a year at a benefit for a charity I support, and I'm really not competitive at all - just there to have fun. I love your team personas too!!

Wow diva - sounds like you had a super-jam-packed weekend! I bet your house smelled divine with all those chocolate and caramel smells wafting around!

(((((giant's family)))))) That's so sad about his aunt, and boy do we know how the funerals and sick family members take their toll...but I also hope he gets the opportunity to attend the wake or funeral...those have become pretty important to us in moving through the grieving process, and sharing memories with family and friends.

Yup, diva, you were quoted in the Bust Line enewsletter. I can probably forward it to you when I get home, I'm sure I deleted it from my webmail.

I should be going to spin class tonight, but I think I'm taking another pass on it. I'm still feeling generally exhausted, and my left eye is half swollen shut - looks like I have an irritated tear duct, as its leaking all over me all day and angry looking. Oh well.

Tomorrow I'm gonna take a shot at going to the acupuncture free clinic and see what they can do for me.
hi diva! your chocolates sound divine..mmmmmm

(((((giant's family)))))

as for the feminist auto shop...I'm game! I actually took an auto repair and maintenance class in college and got a cert to boot! Although i still don't want to actually change my oil, i know what the process is and how to do it. We should offer manicures while you wait for your lube that's multi tasking with a purpose!!!
hi everyBUSTie!

before i forget:
(((((~$*~$*~$*better-opportunity-knockin vibes for the turbos*$~*$~*$~)))))

(((giant's family)))

((((((random huggies and love for every-otherBUSTie)))))

i'm soooo tired right now. been like this all day. i need to just go home and sleeeeeeeeeep. i have read all the archives but i'm having trouble stringing my thoughts together right now.

weekend was nice. didn't do too much. went to dinner with some friends on saturday. had a birthday thing for me yesterday with the ILs. that was fun. we had yummy cack, which would come in handy right about now!! i have half the cack at home waiting for me. i'm sure i could come up with something better to eat, but that sounds good right now. smile.gif

thanks for the fetus vibes, msgb. so far so good. my appointment is next monday. i guess we'll find out if it's viable at that point. **hoping for a heartbeat!**

glad the kitties are getting along ok so far. they'll be grooming each other before you know it! it's funny that jake is the one that approached her first. i think that is a sign that she will be the dominant one in the family. smile.gif

doodle, i love the coffee/playroom! it looks great! very inviting.
Hi, y'all! It's a rainy Monday here after a fun birthday weekend! Last night we went out for some Mexican food (at the Border, Mousie mouse!) and margaritas of course. I still got up early, (batman wakes me at 6 pm) and went to the morning water aerobics class at the Y and then did some elliptical.

Ooog. Then got a roll of quarters for the laundry in the basement, and some nice groceries.

Mang! I am making a widget today. I got a recruiting for web email from my agent. It takes along time to do this stuff, eh, Turbo? and if people treat me like I'm "the housewife" just because I'm HOME --- and keep interRUPTING me, I am going to ERUPT like Vesuvius! Frack! I have to get a job, dammit, learn new things!

Turbo -- vibes for your guy getting a better job tout de suite!! and vibes to get through the changes without financial hardship!

Mouse -- Love your new drawing (avatar) and , cross thread, hope things are going okay with your uncle and with the job folks. I don't mean to be overly defensive, i'm just trying to take the next step without blowing my money and other good stuff. Soooo difficile, ├ža!

Hi Karianne! Glad Molls is adjusting so quickly, ms. gb!! I get too lazy to shift sometimes... lower case all over the place!

OOOOH, Doodle, a cute funny black kitty boy! I hate to be "prejudiced" but, my two favorite cats ever have been black. Now, that doesn't mean I don't like the other colors cats! I'm just saying.

Poor giant! But yayy to Divala for getting the candy done!
Crap, I forgot

((((((((Turbomann))))))))) Whatever the case, I hope it works out for the best.

Hi, FJ! I could go for some cack right about now... but I shall resist the temptation. I just ate a steak fajita that's sitting in my tummy like a brick. A yummy steaky sour creamy cheesey brick.

I want to take an auto maintenence class. I know how to do some little stuff for myself, or at least did on my old car. I haven't looked under the hood of my new car yet. It feels good to know you can do some things for yourself. I'd love to learn to do brakes, though. They'll inevitably need to be replaced on any car, so it'd be a good thing to know how to do.
yay for molly! i love that she's half the size of jake yet is already the hissy boss!

thanks for the avatar love, wombat. i never went to the border when i lived in boston, don't they occasionally have shows there? or am i thinking of something else? i've been having lots of fond thoughts of boston lately. i'm definitely again visiting whenever i can get the time next--probably in the spring. i used to hang out at the harvard natural history museum all the time and just spend hours drawing the giant sloth and gazing at all the falling-apart taxidermied animals...i even volunteered there; i got all nostalgic for that this weekend and tried to go to the la natural history museum, but its right next to usc and their voicemail was like "there is a usc football game today, though we ARE open, we highly recommend choosing a different day to visit". blah. i want some taxidermied animals and bones dammit!

diva, your candies sound delicious. salty caramel mmmmm........and CACK!

hi fj!!! ***fetal vibes***
DANG! i posted earlier asking wombat when her actual birthday is/was and now it's not here. i've been having crappy issues with my internet timing out, so i guess it did and i just didn't realize it. anyway, wombat, i'm sorry if i missed it. i hope you had a lovely scorpio birthday!

scorpios in da house! smile.gif

mine is thursday. yikes! 30!! i know it's not that big of a deal, but in many ways it is. i keep thinking now that i'll be 60 when my child is 30. that makes me feel old, even though it's 30 years from now. ohmy.gif
November 12th!!
Scorpios in da house indeed!

You know what that means -- conceived on Valentines Day!!

I think my parents were having cocktails with the neighbors....

Dot, dot, DOT!!
I'll be turning 30 next summer too, FJ, and ya know, I feel damn proud of it! Somehow 30 feels like I'm really a "grown-up" now, however un-grownup I might feel...and I don't have to sit at the kids table at Thanksgivine any more! ...but you might just find me there anyway, 'cause its more fun!

And FJ, my parents will be 66 when I turn'll be a young'un!

Awww....wombat that's so sweet that you were so romantically conceived!! And a happy birthday to you!!!
Thirty ruled. Thirty-one was a little iffy. Thirty-two has been bitchin'. Thirty-three (in January) is looking to hail the end of the salad days of Minxy. I was never so glad to kiss a decade good-bye as I was to leave my twenties. It's all good. Call it Saturn Return, call it gettin' your shit's all good. My folks are just in their mid-fifties, so they are way young.

I have been manically cleaning my apartment since I got home. It gets so filthy with just the two of us. And I cook a lot, so the kitchen is always in need of TLC. I need the fly lady, although I am much more on top of shit since I left the Big House in Powderhorn Park. I may even decorate the walls in this place this winter over break or something.

I am so excited to hear about the FJ's doctor appointment next week. WHOOT!

Boy howdy, has this been a busy year already. We are starting Huckleberry Finn tomorrow. I LOVE Twains sarcasm (go figure), and the kids are really psyched to see the racial stuff from a radical point of view back then. Love it!

Where's Poodle?

Math Baron and I took Minxlette to see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D yesterday. He cut his beautiful black, curly locks. He's still cute, but I was infatuated with his hair. tongue.gif We were the only three people in the whole theater, which was really cool. We have scads of plans for this coming weekend, including Horrorfest 2006 and perhaps a wine and cheese tasting on Wednesday. Still no kissing...gads. Weirdest. Start. To. A. Relationship. Ever.

And the ex is calling me all the time. huh.gif
30 was a very interesting year for me, too, and 31, 32...I definitely felt like I was "coming to power" in my early 30s. And also, your 30s are your sexual peak years as a woman! Gurls, you think you're horny now...

Okey-dokey! I've read, like 3 times trying to formulate some responses and questions to other people's posts, but BFF has had me on the phone AND chat while we're trying to figure out this new point izzzzzzzzzz.....

Thanks for the compliments on George! The playroom is not totally finished, but it's cat-finished. Oddly, since I re-arranged the room and have started playing with the kitties in there, Georgie has taken to waking me up in the morning! By standing on me. Or poking me with a paw. He tries a few times throughout the early morning. And after I get up, he will NOT leave me alone until we've spent some quality time together in the playroom! It's all very cute, but I may have created a monster.

The condoms went over well with the teens, actually, and she told them that they didn't have to take them home if their parents would be some of the teens did leave them behind. But they did enjoy themselves, and BFF says after the first giggle fest, they all sat around reading the STD booklets! YAY! Mission accomplished. Quite a few of them were thrilled to have the female condom (and instructions), too, b/c they never get to see them, just hear/read about them. (I think maybe a party favour like this works better in Canadian society than in U.S. society....we don't have the same kind of hysteria over sex ed here.)

Anyway, I'll try to be back in a bit! In the meantime, hello to turbo, minx, poodle, FJs, karianne, diva, mouse, wombat, miz gb (and molly!!!), and moxie!
doodle, good for your friend. that's great that they at least read the STD books. very good. i will do the same sort of thing when we have a young'un that age.

and thanks girlZ for all the encouragement. i've actually looked forward to turning thirty. like i said, it's only been in the past couple of days tht i've said, "30?? holy shit!". but it's almost in more of a WOW sort of way. i can't believe that i'm 30. but then again, niether could the waiter at dinner the other night, so... (of course, he was prolly just workin' the tip!). hehe

your date with MB and the minxlette sounds nice. i think it's sweet that you guys haven't kissed yet. has there been any hand-holding? any more sneaky ways to touch you? how are you liking your glasses? i would also like pics!!!

hey, where's the poodster been today???
FJ--yeah, scads of hand-holding...and now he runs up behind me and taps my shoulder and goes running to the other side of the staff workroom in plain view. It's way cute...and it's giving my vibrator a good workout. smile.gif

He'd better kiss me before I wear the batteries out.
Hey ladies!!

I was uber busy yesterday. I guess that's what I get for slacking off last week.

~*~*~*~financial/employment vibes for turbofam~*~*~*~

Kudos on your kitty playroom, doodle!! I love the pic of carmella in the little house.

I'm loving how minx's relationship with the baron is slowly and gracefully unfolding. Sooo sweet...

Yay for molly adapting to the gb household!

Happy belated birfday, wombat!!

Hi mouse, divalla, kari, and anyone else I forgetting!

Nothing much to report today. I still have a bunch of crap to get done. Poo on work.

ETA- Ooh, I almost forgot--Good things:
-no more mouse sitings since Saturday's massacre
-stupid report is almost done
-I get to leave early to take pictures
mornin' ya'll!!

hi poodle!

I'm dragging in this morning...I went to bed at 8:30pm last night...I'm just exhausted these days, and my stupid eye is still all swollen this morning, so that's no good. Its just a stupid blocked tear duct, but its annoying anyhow. I am going to leave work a bit early this afternoon so I can go down to the acupuncture free clinic and see if they can help me out a bit.

I'm gonna havta think on my good things tuesday....
Good Morning!

Jenn, what's wrong with your eye? There is a free acupuncture clinic around there? Wowzers, that is rad.

Minx, sounds like the sexual tension with MB is getting HOTT!

I turned 31 this summer. So far so good. The 30s are great, in my opinion.

FJ, things like that make me feel old too. Just contemplating that one day I will be 60. I can't imagine it. I try to tell myself that is double the amount of time I have lived so far, which seems like a long time. Time just flies though, doesn't it? I don't want the next 30 years to go by quickly.

Hi doodle, poodle, diva, mouse, ms gb, & wombat!

I only have a moment to pop in today. I actually am supposed to be working from home today, but I have too much shiat to get done. So I am here. Hopefully only til about lunch time though. Will check back in later, if I have time.
Good morning.

Turbo, where is this free acupuncture clinic? Do tell.

I am very tired this morning.

hello, poods, doodle, karianne, minxy.

So, we close on our house tommorow, and i am so excited. Yesterday we went and got paint and some lighting fixtures.
WOOT!!! for taloo and her new home!!! That's so exciting that you close tomorrow! Start stretching your signing hand for all those signatures you'll be laying down!

The acupuncture free clinic is through the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, I'll PM you the specifics...its the students who work on you, but they're really well supervised. I like the Pacific College Clinic a bit more, but its $30 a treatment (still a bargain), and right now, I'm going for free.

I dunno, I don't mind the thought of aging...I'm looking forward to my 30s for sure, but 60 doesn't freak me out either. I take good care of myself, I think I can expect a good healthy life, right?!

Oh, I just have a clogged tear duct, kari. No big whup, just kind of annoying.
I can't wait to turn 30! TUrbo's right-on, somehow THAT makes me grown up. Not owning a house, being married or having a kidlet. I have seen my tastes and perspectives shift toward a more personal internal (as opposed to the external me!me!me! of my 20s) dialouge, which is nice. I also think all the groundwork we laid in our 20s is finally paying off- my family is totally my reward.

So, when I complain in January that I'm turning 30- you all remind me of this!
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