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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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hi hi everyone - its been busy in here again!!!

tes - I love that people are asking you shrib is gonna get kicked out! I love the optimistic vibe behind that !

Congrats for the tonail-les-ness ms gb! I was thrilled when mine dropped, 'cause it meant I could wear cute shoes, and work out, and not have an owie toe.

I don't think I could live in any of those 70s themed t'was bad enough the first time...and mostly what I remember is my constantly runny nose and congested lungs from all the dust shag locks in. When my 'rents finally put in normal carpeting, my health improved so much!

(((((FJ's back))))) Take care of yourself, darlin' - I'm all for going home after that stinky meeting!

Seriously, that is weird about the painters....I don't think I'd want to spend 3 hours in any small space. eeew.

I'm off half-a-day tomorrow - for my BUTT FLUSH!! Wheee!

And then we have to schlep out to the ass-end of the burbs for a friend's 30th b-day party tomorrow night. Should be fun, except the rush hour driving. He's one of our very oldest friends, has been my friend since 6th grade when I wholloped him in band class, and a friend of turbomann's since 9th grade.

~*~*~**~jobby job vibes for wombat~*~*~*~

Our hot water heater really isn't so bad...the top element works, so you at least get 10 gallons of luke warm water before it goes south, so I'm just taking a shower at night, and turbomann gets the water in the big deal, and hopefully we'll get the new part tomorrow, and then I'm pouring a bath just as soon as the water heats up!

maybe the painters were makin' out
Yeah, makin' out with Pastor Ted Haggard. smile.gif
Nice one, minxy! I just read that Dan Savage article, and I tend to agree with him that the sin in the greater public's eye isn't the sex, its the shame of the sex. Then i thought about Brokeback, and got all sad.

in a much more positive vein, George allen is conceeding. YIPPEE!

Ok, I REALLY have to get some work off my desk.
links to the dan savage article please?
Here it is.

The Senate is really really really ours! Squeeeee! Can't wait to get home to see the press coverge of that, I may even tape the concession speech to the DVR so I can watch it over and over and over again.
thanks! that's a great article.

thanks for all the backache vibes. i'm home now. meeting went well and my manager told me to take the rest of the day off. i told her already about the pregnancy (trying to help soften the blow for when i tell her i'm quitting at the first of the year) and said i should go rest. i'm going to have to make a point of not milking this... smile.gif

i am craving salt, so i'm laying here with a handful of pringles. i also had a chunk of cheddar cheese, so at least i'm getting some calcium in. i have a banana up here with me too. i'll need to eat extra veggies at dinner tonight to make up for it. i have to give myself credit, i've been eating really well this past week and a half. three squares and a couple snacks. i don't think i've eaten this much food and actually met my RDA of fruits and veggies ever before.

those guys were STILL painting in the bathroom when i left. seriously, they had to have been huffing. this is a very small room we're talking about.

so reason #483299484 that i'll be happy to leave my job: idiots were complaining about the changover in he government. and continuing to harp over the "botched joke" that kerry made the other day. come on people, i know it wasn't the best thing he could have said, but he wouldn't have just flat out called the military stupid. is this all you've got? argh. i was glad to leave before i got really mad. i am the solitary democrat in my building and most likely at the entire facility. and because they're so conservative, they WOULD discriminate against me for my political beliefs. assholes.

i liked some of those 70s rooms too. but some of those bedrooms with the mirrors! good lord! tackytastic! i love that site, poodle. i could see myself spending far too much time there, just following links around.

i don't hate the red room either. i wouldn't do it exactly that way, but i don't think it's horrid.

moxie, i dig your hair color too. i want to see more pics of the cut though!!
FJ, I hope you tell them what's what on your way outta there. I don't know how someone could possibly complain about the changeover, unless everyone who works there is in the top 1% income in the country. But I'm one of those who can't keep my trap shut when it comes to politics.

I wish this day would just end. I've got tomorrow off for the holiday, but the giant has to work, which means a whole entire day with the house to myself to work on stuff for the craft sales, sleep late and read in bed, and watch whatever TV *I* want to watch. I live for days like this. I may get one on Saturday, too, since the giant is going to his mom's to see his brother off back to Iraq. And on Sunday, we're most likely getting a buffet/hutch for the kitchen from my parents' basement. It's in really good shape, just doesn't go with the set they have (100-year-old hand carved dining set that used to belong to my great-grandfather, and possibly his father). And they're going to bring Sam with them, so I get to hug him and kiss him and play with him! He makes me so happy.
Have fun, divala!!

Much as I like my guy, it's fun to be in the house by myself.

Sometimes I miss "my room"

Hallucinates hearing Beach Boys' "In My Room"
Hi all....I hope everyone is well today! I've skimmed a little bit, and y'all still seem kind of euphoric. Heh.

I am sitting here doing a draft budget for the board tonight. Ugh, I hate this shit. But if they go for it, it looks like I'll have employment to the end of March, plus my severance. Ironically, this wouldn't have happened if I'd managed the project better and got our last grant payment here earlier! (Also if I hadn't gotten them free rent till the end of the fiscal year.)
Hi hi hi busties!! Damn, I am exhausted. I was such a hard-core code warrior today, totally focused on getting the website DONE, everything back into the database, and wrap all that PHP up in some warm, cozy html....and I think I'll make it! I've got 4 hours tomorrow morning to get it wrapped up, and then I am literally going to flush all this stress away - yipeeee!

...And I'm loving the vision of ms fj, lounging comfortably on her couch, lavish salty snacks and veggies surrounding her!

I'm sorry you're doing reports and budgets today doodle. boo. I missed doing mine this week, 'cause I've been so busy coding, I plum forgot about our staff meeting, and ooops! no reports, oh well, no one really cared, which makes me wonder why I do them in the first place.

Okay, time to take the pupper out, but I'll be back to catch up later!
AAAAAAAAAAACKKK!!!! The Ex-Asshat is asshatting again!!!


*but the Math Baron took me out for Chinese*
Minxy, don't let that shit stick. You *know* you got a lotta good goin' on right now...let the asshat just roll off!

And hooray for chinese with MB!!!
Hi all...I'm home, waiting for mexican food to be delivered. Headache.

It didn't go badly. I would feel better if it were settled, but of course, they want to go over the financials and stuff before they make a decision. I don't think they're hostile to it, anyway, and looks like my employment is def. extended to the end of March.

Holy crap, mex food is here already!

turbo, I get that "no one cares" feeling a lot! Non-profit work is brutal.

minx....I'll get my xena costume out of storage and come duct tape exasshat to a tree if you like.

Ok, gotta eat!

*jumps on doodle, who is trying to eat her mexican food*

*rolls around on floor with doodle, tortilla chips flying*

i just warmed up some of your samosas over in the newbie thread, querida!!!

oooooo!! it is so YUMMY to catch you in here!!! yayayayay!!!

minx, i'll help doodle with the duct tape, if you like!

non-profits are crazy places. no matter what they do. people who work there are generally motivated by something other than money and the status quo. there aren't every enough people to do all of the work, though, so we all run the risk of getting burnt out.

*kisses doodle*

are we alone in here, darling?????
Um...there is an empanada stuck in your hair, darling.

*blinks up at tesao, then looks around*

And there's hot sauce everywhere!

*rolls eyes as warm, sticky, apple empanada goo drips on the doodlebosom*

Non-profits are the ninth circle of should have seen my written list rationalizing the severance..."haven't had a raise since 1999..."

I hope I get my severance, I really need a new car.

How ARE you darling? How many days is it till you get to see Mr. Hotbuns!?

How long are you staying over there, anyway, out of curiosity? Do you have a time limit?

ETA: I should have said that we'll duct tape exasshat NEKKID to a tree. Or a telephone pole. Why risk hurting the tree?

yesh, why hurt the poor tree???

*mesmerized by hot sticky apple goo on the doodlebosom*

uh? what? huh? did someone say something????

hmmmmmm. let me see. 8 days!!! on the ninth day, i will see the hotbuns!!!! woooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

i'm not sure how long i'm here, doodle. (gaaaaaaaaaah. mimi the african attack cat just attacked my side! she wants me to go and play with her. i need to clip her claws! joy. she just loves that. not.) i'm not on a contract, which means that essentially as long as there is funding for this project, there is a job for me here. my unwritten "handshake agreement" with them is for two years.

you *deserve* a new car!!!!

*surreptitiously licks off some hot sticky apple goo*

ETA: hmmmm. now *why* does that haven't had that beverage here since.....WHOOPS! i meant raise since 1999 sound sooooo familiar?????

You are dripping apple empanada all over me!

*squirms in half-hearted attempt to get free, then gives up*

I think a shower will be in order after this.

So do you think you'd stay on longer? How often do you get to see Mr. HB? Will you get to bring the African Attack Cat home with you, if/when you leave the job? I guess you will be glad to see your American kitties, too! Is the work everything you thought it would be? Did it break your heart open yet? smile.gif

Georgie has been mooching treats ever since I got home! How does he always know when it's payday? I mean, aside from mama coming thru the door with lots of plastic shopping bags...

I DO deserve a new car! My heater doesn't work properly! My windshield ices up on the INSIDE!

My head hurts. I might actually see if I can book a massage tomorrow. I've never had a salon one, just massage therapy, but I really need something. I have to call the salon anyway, 'cause I MISSED my appointment to get my bangs trimmed. Can you believe it? ME missing a hair appointment?

*squirms some more for the sheer cheekiness of it*
heeeee, yesh, i quite concur! a shower will be most refreshing!

but i always say, why take a shower if you are just going to get hot and sweaty and messy again???

doodle, i REALLY like it here. yes, my heart has broken open several times. but sometimes i cry over the good things, too. we recently were approached by some seropositive patients who wanted to start their own support group, because the one we were sponsoring was only being held once a week, and they wanted to meet more often.

once THAT was approved, and they started meeting weekly, they then asked us if they could start being informal "buddies" for the new patients, both those on ART and those not, sticking with a specific new patient, going through all of the steps with new people, which was SO beautiful to see happening. and the new people were definitely feeling helped and supported. now, every time i go to the hospital, everyone knows me. these people come and hug me and give me cheek kissses.

the program became so popular that the peer buddies asked for -- and received !!!!! a request that we provide them with formal training and materials. so we trained 40 peer eductors, who also conduct home visits for improving home based care as well as looking for people who are lost to follow up.....with the idea of improving adherence to ART.

which means that we have 90 more peer educaors want training!! it is a great success story!! such incredible motivation! it does my heart good and makes all of it worthwhile for me...!

and yes, i can't wait to see meggie and alexei! it will be hard to leave them all behind again. but!!

*SHAKES HEAD* fiddle-dee-dee! I know what i'll do! i'll think about that tomorrow!!!

Oh girl, you are the kind of dirrrty a shower can't fix....and I love it! biggrin.gif

That's a great story, I love peers helping peers. We used to run a lot of peer-facilitated support groups at the Centre. I think it's so empowering for everyone involved, to not have the "helper" always be some outside "expert." It really makes a difference for everyone involved. One of the best ones...we used to run a peer-facilitated group for women on welfare, and it was soooo great to see women getting support from one another, to not be treated like...well, like women on welfare are often treated. It was so empowering for them, that the women came to totally depend on getting together...and not feeling like shit for 3 hours of the week. I think I miss that group most.

My heart has broken open a million times, in sad ways and happy ones, from all the women I've met thru the Centre. I know whatever else I take away from this job, I am grateful for what it's given not only helped me find my voice, it's totally humbled me a hundred thousand times over. I am not the same woman who walked through the doors of that place 11 years ago, that's for sure.

Me 'n' the kitties went and played in the playroom...what a load of FUN that is! I should have done this years ago! I don't think I've ever seen Carmella so frisky. They are both exhaustedly snoozing on chairs.

I should prolly get to sleep soon myself. Promised the board chair I'd go in for awhile tomorrow so she won't have to sort through stuff alone. And I want to get up early so I can apologize profusely to my stylist for missing my hair appointment, and also so I can try to get a massage in. It's expensive, but I think I've earned it!
obrigada, doodle. i treasure that remark. biggrin.gif

i've always known that you really understand the KIND of work i do. it may involve different topics, but when you get right down to it, we do it because we SEE the kind of difference it can make. at least, if we do this work, there is a chance. there isn't as much of one if we don't.

(((((doodle))))) you are very much loved. i think that you know that, but i'm saying it again anyhow. wub.gif

you need to give me more details about the kitty play room. wait -- i bet that there are already details, plus photos, in either the decorating thread or the kitty thread. i just haven't had the time to run around the lounge as much as i used to.....i tend to stick to okay, kvetch and the LTAS threads.

it is a GIFT to be here when you are. you DO deserve a massage!

you may need to get some sleep soon, though, eh?
Ha! Tessie, you're at post #666!!!!

I always knew you were evil incarnate.

And I totally want to see sticky empenada bitches tying him up to a pole.


Gotta run. Kisses!!
Good morning, you empanada eating butt flushers!!!!

*picks up a cold, leftover empanada for brekkie*

So, it is a momentous day for me here - *hopefully* I'm gonna relaunch the website this evening, AND I'm getting my butt flush this afternoon! And I am very glad of both things, as I am tired of teh website living in my waking and dreaming life, and I need to let go of all the stress of it. Overall, though, my body is feeling better than it has in weeks - I'm back to eating well, and on the vitamin regimen to support my bod, and next week I'm going to start going to the acupuncture free clinic for a little extra support for my weary adrenals. Good stuff.

In the meantime, I gotta buzz outta here and get to that website, but I'll be back mid afternoon to play!


You guys crack me up so much!! Oh my god, I would love to see doodle in her Xena costume!!

Ooooh...minx and the baron went out for chinese! Young looooove....sweet loooove...

I wanna see pictures of this kitty playroom, too, doodle.

Hi tes! How many days until hotbuns arrives?

Diva has the day off! I'm jealous! I need to go back to working in the public sector. I don't miss the red tape though. It seemed like we were spinning our wheels all of the time.

Good news: my building's management is finally doing something about the storage issue, so I may actually have a place to put my crap! Once I get all of the boxes out of my bedroom, I should be able to start painting.

So what's everyone up to this weekend?
poodle, i think you win all time best insult ever!

minxy- you get some bad left over chineese and give it to that one messes with our minxy and gets away with it!

Turbo- enjoy that butt flush!

We're just spending good family QT together. moxieman is off to another out-of-towner next week, and so, its QT this weekend. That will involve costco, probably some laundry and a good heaping of HBI for moxieman and me. Moxette has gotten to LOVE costco/target trips, and thinks she can "help" with laundry folding...
Poodle, that *is* the definitive best insult ever!!! bwahahahaha!

Speaking of evangelical bush supporters, we're going to be faced with a party full of 'em at our friend's b-day party tonight. Turbomann and I have worked out a secret signal, so that if someone starts jesusing or bushing us, we can swoop in and rescue the other. I still can't quite figure out how our super smarty-pants friend fell in with the evangelical wingers, but he seems happy enough. We talk about biking and avoid sore topics between us.

Painting...hmmmm, poodle, now you've got my brain running in that direction...maybe we'll get another purple wall in our house this weekend....we'll see. It would mean turboman cleaning up the giant pile that is his side of the room, so that's kind of appealing too. heh. If anyone can explain to me why men cannot throw away playboy magazines, I'd much appreciate it. cool.gif

And hooray for storage spaces!! I need to go through ours too, and make room for more stuff so I can give the closets a proper cleaning.
IPB Image
bwaaahhhaaaa! Minx, that's AWESOME.

As to the playboy front- moxieman says "its a collectable...30 years from now, some bookstore will want them." I think its just for remembering good spooge material, myself. whatever. They're getting boxed up and attick bound soon anyway. I don't have a problem with them in the house, but its still not something i think a toddler should be openly exposed to.
Bwahaha!! "Asshat" has become one of my favorite words because of the lounge.

Collectible? My ass is collectible fer chrissakes! Sometimes you just gotta get rid of stuff even if it may appreciate 1% in value over the next thirty years.
minxy - that ROCKS!!!

Yeah, I really wouldn't mind keeping them around if turbomann actually used them for spooge material, but he hardly reads them when they arrive, and then they just sit in stacks under the bed and on the floor. I'm just a big fan of de-cluttering and purging, and turbomann tends toward packrat, so its an interesting mix. Usually, when he goes away for a boys vacation things will mysteriously disappear in his absence, and he's none the wiser. heh. I'm more opposed to magazine collections than any of his other stuff, though, because magazines are really heavy, and accumulate fast.
turbo, we're the same way. I only let moxieman keep 2 magazines on back issues- the playboys and wired. Even then, every year i broach getting rid of them. every year- nope. eventually, they'll be gone. its a total clutter thing.

On another front...moxieman and i just had the following romantic interlude that I'd like to share with you all:

me: So, what about Pelosi in 2008? No endoresement here, just guessing at a run.
him: Nah, if I were here, I'd stay speaker as long as possible.
me: right-on.
him: Speaker: Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader: Clinton; President: GOre/Obama.
Me: ooooohhhhh....moan.


heh. thought i'd stay with the theme...

love that sign, minx. asshat is just about my favorite insult word too. well, that and dickface. heh. oh, and check this out. i put that countdown clock on my myspace page last night.

wow, doodle and tes were busy last night! i bet doodle is curled up happily snoozing with her kitties right now, empanada goo and all.

boy, i guess i really needed to go home yesterday. after posting in here, i thought i'd take a catnap and slept for two hours. when mrfj got home, he walked upstairs and i stirred, but then panicked because it was so dark outside. i just knew i'd slept into the evening. i hate it when that happens, but i got myself up and made a yummy comfort dinner that i'd been planning - chopped steak, green beans and mashed taters. YUM! i even made a small steak for my lunch today and i can't wait to eat it.

woke up with a wave of nausea today, so i guess that's a good sign. it's not too bad that i can't eat though. already had an english muffin with cheese and an oatmeal bar. and i have an apple sitting here beside me, calling my name.

turbo, i'm so happy that you've nearly finished the website! i bet it feels so good to have rid yourself of that task. and have fun ridding yourself of other evil later! biggrin.gif

mrfj keeps a couple months of playboys in the bathroom, but i think i read them more than he does. but he's not much of a packrat, so he tosses them away after a couple months, or when he gets a new issue. i'm the one with the catalogue problem... i'll even hold on to the lillian vernon ones for codsakes.
Morning, cum-gargling fundamentalist hypocrites!!


Ha! yes, that is EXACTLY my attitude towards magazines.

I no longer want to accumulate them. But, really hope to subscribe to Communication Arts and Bust soon, as the communities they host are valuable. And donate to indigent womenssss, some of whom may be hipsters, as doodle suggests!

For me and Batman, the best idea with porns is to cut out the good stuff and make a dirrrrty scrapbook! Because most of the stuff in these magazines is lame, why keep it around just because you remember there was a hot thing on page 88 of the August issue?! The great part of this is that you can collaborate to your own tastes! And if you have kids, well, why would they look at some boring old book wrapped up in grandma's quilt?

I have another great idea for y'all -- Let's get exercise and get rich by inventing CAT PLAY ROOMS FOR HUMANS!! Chase the ball! Catch the feather on the big bouncy thing and swing off the padded furniture! Leap! Leap! Now, run in circles and flop down with your feet in the air!

Back to writing difficult resume. And getting to higher level of web dom.

How do I gracefully explain a year of relevant experience, two years of MARGINALLY relevant experience b/c of 9/11 and recession, then SCHOOL, then many years of relevant experience? ugh, I say. It's like a big puzzle.

Bright part -- I'm part of a test group for accessing the web on mobile phones.
wombat - I *love* that idea of scrapbooking the best dirty bits out of the mags!! I'll raise the idea to turbomann, but I'm sure it would never happen unless I actually did it myself, and well...I'd just rather throw them out.

I, too, aspire to subscribe to comm arts mag...its just a bit of an investment for that one, so I peruse it in the bookstore, take my digicamera, and take my sketchbook for anything particularly interesting.

hi hi FJ!!! ((((((FJs tummy))))) I'm glad you got the rest you needed last night - sometimes, you just gotta listen to your body, and I'm sure yours is gonna tell you loud and clear what you need over the next many months!

I'm uploading the website right now - whoooo-hooo!
A while ago I came to the understanding that since I am not a frat boy who wishes he were more worldly than he is I am therefore outside of Playboy's target demographic. But Jose Canseco's ex-wife is too hot to just throw the magazine in the trash.

Cognitive dissonance is a bitch.
I feel like I'm going to throw up. I am buying my eyeglasses today AND getting the car looked at AGAIN...even though I will get reimbursed for at least half of the glasses, it is still the purchase of a lifetime and I am feeling really guilty about it. By the beginning of December, I will be completely caught up in bill-paying and whatnot, but I am still a behind in tuition for Minxlette's afterschool for right now. I just cannot put off getting glasses or finally figuring out what in the hell is wrong with this car (my guess is rotors if the brakes are as "okay" as those monkeys at the other auto place state--and they should have caught the problem the first time). I haven't gotten new specs in nearly six years.

I am really trying to justify myself, aren't I? It's just purchaser nerves, methinks. I'm just gonna sit at a cafe for a couple of hours with my fucking eyes dilated and wait for the depletion of my bank account.

*bites nails furiously*

Tes, I can't wait til you can see Mr. Hotbuns.

I once worked on this project for german class with this one kid. He had a crush on me and I was repulsed by him. I had to go over to his house, and he thought it would be an opportune time to try and romance me. Playboys everywhere. I told him if he was gonna try scammin on me, displaying his wank material was not the way to do it. He replies, "I thought you'd dig it." What a maroon.

Minx are you taking the car to a different place? Hope so.

So, when I moved to chicago I never renewed my license. I haven't driven in 5 years, and no longer have one. I decided that I am finally up to the task of driving since I got over the anxiety of being a passenger, and I am used to the way people drive here. (I was terrified to even be on the road when I got here, people drive like maniacs!) I got my permit yesterday, and I am going to get my DL next week. It is so weird to be driving again.

I also took out my nipple rings this morning. They have been bothering me for the past few months. I had them for 5 yrs, and now that they are out, my headlights are shining. Woah.

FJ, sorry you feel icky. There is nothing worse than having a vague feeling of naseau all day.

I keep all my cooking mags. I have them in pink and brown striped holders. I do find myself paging through them quite alot for inspiration an recipies. I let all my "beauty mag subscriptions run out though. It took me 5 minutes to look through on and then I would toss them.

Hi womat, poods, Mr fj, and moxie.
Good luck, taloo!!

I just kept renewing my license for ten years, and was too stingy to take driving lessons again when I got a car again, so I just started driving. After ten years. In Boston. With a stick. I can remember several times where I almost had a heart attack. Boston traffic made my World War I veteran grandfather scream in terror.

Chicago is a breeeeze compared to Boston. There are street signs! And people stop to let you in! You will ace it. Once you get used to it. Start going around the block, with someone as co-pilot. Cooking takes calm concentration on disparate, competing, potentially harmful tasks, does it not?

Ace talloo!!


*looks around, notices scattered empanada fillings and suspiciously doodle- and tes-shaped imprints in carpet*

whoa....what happened in here??


i, too, wish i could subscribe to comm arts....the ex bought me the most recent issue as a present back when we were actually in contact. it's been over two weeks since i've talked to him.....nearly three since we've seen each other. i kind of feel guilty, but i think i feel guilty because the only things i miss are the emotional intimacy, which is something that i think was born of the physical intimacy and therefore unattainable, and the sex itself.

and my mailbox has been empty all week. i'm pissed. i don't care if coffee dude doesn't wanna date me, but it's just common courtesy to answer.

go busties go! tie that naked asshat to a telephone pole!!!!!

"my ass is collectible"--god poodle, you're hilarious. i love your frankness.

**license vibes for talooo**

**no money worries for minxie**

**cleaning up the centre vibes for doodle**

**nausea-battling vibes for fj**


heheheh moxie, that interlude is HILARIOUS. "talk democrat to me, baby!"

and wombat, i bet people would sign up for those giant cat play rooms. i bet FURRIES would. *shudders*
empanada sauce licking gooiness....wooow.....hotness abounds...

i got nothing for insults....wait..wait....nope.

today i pick up molly....squeee!!! so excited. i can't contain it.

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


(((fj's tummy)))
((turbo's butt flush freshness))

((minx-tis ok to spend this one yourself))

Mouse, wombat, doodle, tes, poodle, moxie, diva....hello!
Mousie! turbo! I signed up for their portfolio and resume and pdf hosting and they sent me a subscription card for 40 dollars a year instead of 120!! That is awesome. Waiting for a second check to clear! Finally finished resume. Willl type cover letter, SEND, then I am outta here for shallow pursuits!

Ooooo ms. gb, a new kitty! a new kitty!

minxadoo -- I found some cute "Daniel Clowes dork cute" glasses for like, 250, and the insurance paid most of it -- is 500 -700 or whatever really necessary? Check out Jean LaFont!

But, if you've already ordered em and it's too late to back down, well, think of it as a professional investment. It's your face, your presentation to the world, and you have to look good.
Good morning everyone. Just finished reading.

SQUEEEE!!!! Mollycat arrives today!!!!!! Hurrah, I'm so excited for Jakester and the GBs!

Poo, stoopid mousecrushee. One can only hope that he's so thrilled he is taking the time to savour the questionnaire.

Hello, turbo, diva, poodle, taloo, minx, karianne, moxie, FJaysus, tes, wombat, and any lurkers!

Well, I wish I could stick around, but I - for some reason - promised the chair I'd go in this afternoon and keep her company while she sorts through historical files. Bleargh. Anyway, I need to run a billion errands first.

Plus I just signed up for caller ID and I need to go buy an actual caller ID phone!
YAYAYAY! mollie ringbald is arriving at the gb household!!! yay!!!! i can't wait to see how the kitties respond to each other!

*~*~*fingers crossed*~*~*

i'm also hopeful that mousecrushie is just taking the time to come up with something equally as creative for his response...

tes, check yer PMs!

yay for taloo getting her learner's permit! that's exciting! i don't know what i'd do if i couldn't drive, but then again in live in the largest city (square-mileage-wise) in the US and everything is so streeeeeetched out that it would be darn near impossible, particularly with our lack of public trans.

oh, lord! i'm GASSY! ph34r.gif
(((fj's gassy bowels))) hee hee

apparently mollycat does air biscuits...hahahahaahah

mouse, maybe he's hoping you'll come in...have you been to the coffeeplace since?

wooo (((wombat job vibes))))

congrats taloo for getting back into the saddle!!! i swear utah and SFV, CA are the scariest places to drive...unless we're talking that's scary.

speaking of phones...both of my parents called me separately to find out if everything was set up for mollywobbles.....(i pulled that from HP) 7:30 in the morning!!! was saying 'who's dead?'....i swear they know they can call me at work. but i think its sweet that they are concerned for their new 'grandkitty' as mom puts it. rolleyes.gif

Yay for new kitties!!

Oh, mouse, I think you win the award for the best insult today!

Hmmm...the coffee shop boy hasn't returned the questionnaire yet? He's messing with the wrong girl. He obviously doesn't know that you have connections to the Bust Mafia.

I love that countdown thing, FJ!!! I want one!! I'm reluctant to order anything online though because of the AB/CD t-shirt debacle. I still haven't resolved that. I gave these guys ample time to ship the thing, so I'm gonna have to start bugging them.

~*~*~*~car/money vibes for minx~*~*~*~ My friend and I always used to talk about how we wanted to open a bright pink auto shop and all of the mechanics would be women. For novelty purposes, it would also be a full service gas station and car wash. It would appeal to women because they often get screwed over by male mechanics (the majority). It would appeal to men because they'd have women pumping their gas and wiping their windshields. My friend is actually a mechanic, so she could run that part of the operation. Heh heh...I'd have to be one of the "full service" gals. biggrin.gif

I keep my ReadyMade magazines, mostly because I like to refer back to them for ideas.

Fuck McFuckity!!! I want to go home!!! I need a nap. Grrr... mad.gif
*runs into the thread panting*

hi hi hi everyone! Ahhhhhhhhh, my bowels are so fresh and clean! Seriously, I feel eons better than I have in weeks - hooray!

Mouse - coffeeboy's stock is dropping....boys can be so lame. I say you march down there are demand a date!

Oooh, the weather had turned foul here - super windy and rainy and cold. blerg!

And hooray for miss molly coming home! I keep reading her name as molly ringbLad, which makes me think she's a viking kitty, hee!

Poodle, I would definitely visit a women run mechanic's shop - especially if you were offering your services!
Oooof...those BUSTie vibes are good. I spent assloads of money on my glasses, but nearly $300 less than I had feared. Plus, I took my car to Autopia (I really like these guys...had never been there before) and they were THOROUGH. They took it out twice, looked at the brakes twice, rotated the tires, and came to the conclusion that the brake place I took it to put on these ultra-hard brakes that are normally put on commercial vehicles. When they get hot, they get even harder and merit this awfully loud noise. So, that was $55 well spent in diagnostics and peace of mind. WHOOPIE!!!

My glasses are beyond funkalicious and are all jeweled and shit. Very fancy. But boy howdy, do I have a tummyache from having my pupils dilated!

((Tessie and Hotbuns Reunion))
((FJ the Incubator and Gassy Lassie))
((Mousie the Fearless Relationship Instigator Even If Highly Underappreciated by Silly Baristas))
((General, All-Purpose Poodle Vibes))
Yay for turbo's clean bowels and minx's new glasses!!!

I've heard that Autopia is highly-rated among feminists. If I had an autoshop, it would be obnoxiously 3rd wave feminist. I'm talking pink leopard print, Rosie the Riveter uniforms, badass music, a sex-toy display alongside the candy and magazines (including BUST), and so on. There would also be a lot of nasty puns using words like "lube," "body work," "pump," "piston," and "headlights." laugh.gif

I almost wish I would have gone into something like auto service. My friend, Billie, taught herself all about cars, got a part-time job at an auto-body shop, moved up to Sears auto, bought a couple vintage cars and started working on them, met lots of car junkies online, and now works with her new husband and some pals doing autowork and custom paint jobs for vintage cars. I'm so jealous. When she develops interest in something, then she plugs away at it until she's an expert. When she was a bored housewife in the 90's, she spent her spare time learning about computers in her living room and she eventually worked her way up to the 56th floor of the US Bank building in Downtown MPLS. By that point, she was going through an awful divorce and her father died, so she became really reckless in her life and was fired within a year. Also, the computer science job market went to hell and she wasn't able to find another job. Even still, I'm so fucking proud of her.

My other business idea is for an old school "beauty shop" that specializes in retro hairstyles and serves girly cocktails. It would attract quirky girls like myself, rockabilly girls, drag queens, and people who just wanna drink while getting a pedicure. Like auto work, that's another area in which I have zero skill. I'm a thinker, not a doer. So if anyone with these skills wants to open a business, I can be a partner and take care of the books and taxes. I also do a mean discounted cash flow analysis! biggrin.gif

ETA- When I was a child--even a rebellious teenager--I never saw myself doing anything involving terms like "cash flow." Weird.
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