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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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hello ladies...

alas, its not friday....(Sigh)(grumble grumble)

my sister called me this morning wondering why i didn't get her text messages last night...considering she went out and partied and got pulled over to boot...i'd say it was better i talked to her live than read her random texts. lol

class was fun...i did a perm and 4 acrylics--i have these colored tips i was playing classmate A had me put a tip on her pinkie...hehehe bright blue. today should be more of that...and i got my hair trimmed a bit more...turns out the back of my head was attacked by some chunky monkey hair eating beast...ok maybe not...but that was the the line is much cleaner. which is good...for the moment.

i have to run errands on my mini break between events. blah.

(((PK))))don't get depressed now...
doodle, you crack me up...i think that guy got what he deserved. hehehe..and as for the buddy, he should have gotten the bucket on accident. oops. hehe

Hi Diva, turbo, fj, gloomy, poodle and kari!

ah to be gardening on a morning like this...i wish.
I was really sad to see Dave go last night, too, but I know how Bravo reality shows work and knew Tiffani was going to stay to stir up controversy. It just sucks that Dave basically won 2 of the 3 challenges and still had to go home, though he really should have put out a 3rd dish for that last challenge. But at least he got to go to Cannes... So, since Dave is no longer around, I've got my money on Harold. He's been strong throughout, drama-free, and seems very deserving.

Hi, MsGoofball!

I have to wade through papers now. Our printer connection has been weird for the last few days and now everything I needed has printed out at random intervals that I have to sort through. I should just be grateful I got them at all. Then I think it'll be Jimmy John's for lunch. Poodle made me think of it, and gosh if I don't love their subs.
hi diva!!!

*~*~passes out otter pops to all the okayers~**~*

i set the a/c to 78 so it regulates while i am gone so the fish don't boil themselves to death. plus, jake loves the warm weather. so when i get home after 10, i open all the windows and turn on the fans, and it cools nicely. i am slowly adjusting to the expected heat wave that we will be calling 'summer'.
Ooooh, I hope Harold wins! I cannot stand Tiffani. What a biatch.

Msgoof, your school sounds like so much fun!

I try to keep the AC off, but sometimes I just am too hot. We've been fortunate to have some real spring time weather here, not just straight from winter to summer. We haven't had to use the air much at all yet.

GloomySunday, thanks for the lounge compliments!

FJ, I too am intimidated by BPal. I've looked at it, but it is too much. Plus, I am wary of ordering before sniffing. I think there are samples, but I believe you have to pay for those. Is that right BPal gals?

cross post with msgoof!

what are otter pops?

was it in here one day we were talking about cooter pops?
Roflmao....cooter pops????

otter pops are frozen sugar water flavored icees in plastic tubes...i guess its a west coast thing. i love them cuz they are dairy free. mmmmmm 'poncho punch'....and they have funny names.
HA! karianne! i was thinking of cooter pops the other day and how i had misread it as cooter-poops and got all confussed!
msgoof - we were big otter pop fans as kids, so at least they had them in michigan. the blue ones were always my favorite - they were way ahead of the blue raspberry trend. heh.
ah the blue raspberry trend....i remember when sour gumballs were big...and then everything went sour flavored. like sour skittles...even tangy taffy has sugar crystals on it...dude...i like my taffy plain....
ah, yes, ms goof I have had those. I believe here they are FlavorPops.

Cooter pops! I don't even remember what the conversation was, but it is funny. Cooter Poops is even better, FJ.
i had forgotten all about poncho punch. i remember eating those when CHiPs was popular, and i had a crush on erik estrada's ponch. i always wanted the poncho punch because of it.

Hi everyone!!! I'm super busy today, but I feel totally stuck. I can't find shit for data. ARGH!

Poodlepod is still not updating in iTunes. The process freezes, so I can't put any new songs on there. I wanna hear Whipping Post, dammit!!! But nooooo...I'm stuck here listening to Bad Company.

The good thing is that I found people in the support forums who are experiencing my same problem. It's not very common, but it might have something to do with the software updates not being nice to the minis. Most of us have the models that existed before the nano. Wanna know the weirdest thing? I've had my ipod for exactly one year as of yesterday. Could it be planned obsolescence?

I would come over to the dark side with you, diva, but my computer doesn't have enough juice to hold that much data. I need a super computer. If it weren't for my stupid-ass gallbadder, I'd use my tax refund to upgrade my computer.

(((Heiki and PK)))
aw ((((pk and heikki)))) i don't know what attachment disorder is, but i do know until this year every time i came home from visiting my dad i would be depressed/messed up for a week, but it would just go away on its own so long as i got back into my routine.

poodle, if your ipod really and truly is dead and you just can't stand getting an ipod video, you could always buy my 20 gig one from me and then i'd have an excuse to bet myself a video. right now i'm just hoping for the battery to die so i can mail it in to apple.

i made cookie dough so i could eat it for breakfast. now my tummy feels kinda ick, but mmmmmmmm, cookie dough.

poodle, i have taken your sage advice and decided not to worry about what's happening with the boy. i just curl up and enjoy the snugglies. we were watching a movie this morning and i fell asleep, so then i staggered in the door this morning with t-shirt creases on my face.

i need to find someone to go see closer with me tonight or tomorrow, but the boy works today and tomorrow, and i work saturday, which is the last day of its run here. i told him to call in mysterious illness, but apparently he did that last week and doesn't want to push his luck.

okay, the cookie dough was officially a bad idea. i think i'll go make myself some minty tea and have a cool bath
Well, that didn't go very well.

Looks like I am stuck renting an apartment or something for another year or two.

awww, ((((((((minxie)))))))). if i had the money i'd give you a loan. it's not fair you don't get to stay in your house. not fair in the least
mmmm "cool pops" is what we call em on the east coast.
Blue raspberry was my favorite.

ixnay on the oogershay.

bummer, minxalicious.

supposedly my situation will resolve tomorrow -- I have two weeks to the DAY to run around trying to reserve movers and change utilities and mail and the like. My credit card bill is going to go to the address I'm NOT moving to and I don't want to corrrect them until I find out where I AM moving to me. A fine mess!

They assure me it will be okay. I've been tense so long I can't be tense any more. I mean, if this one effs me over TOO, then I have like, a week to do this and will get the worst of everything, and for someone who has worked so hard and so long and been so virtuous, I shouldn't have to get stuck with bottom barrel suckage of where to live.

will probably be okay --- ugh.

I love your stories about sam miss divalla! He sounds like a special kid.

HI to poodle and thanks for the vibes!! I hear a lot about people Ipods going awol -- there were guys on the news who would send them back before the year was up, apple would send a replacement and they are now on their sixth exchange or something... that's messed up yo!!

Doodle! You have art and kitties! The best life ever!!

Hi to every body else too!
If we start calling it Underwhore Thursday, will you all remember to report on your underwear?

I am wearing a purple thong and a black push-up bra - oh yes I am! I am also wearing an extremely low cut top to work, with a metallic-embroidered turquoise shawl. I figured I would dress like today was a party! :-) I should really go report myself in the fashion crimes thread, though, for breaching the officewear/eveningwear divide.

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't had much chance to read...catching up on as much as possible today, so I can vaycay with a clear conscience!

I did get to read all the comments about my place and Carmella, though...scanned the thread this morning whilst on a teleconference. Bad doodlebug. No wait! Multitasking doodlebug!!! Anyway, thanks everyone - I'm so cheerful you like my place, and my girlkitty! :-) And yeah, those guys...grrr! Saw the arrestee walking by while I was waiting for my coffee in the bistro. He sort of glanced at me without any expression, but looked away quickly. Yes dear, DO think of me as a bitch, and remember to think it often.

I've got a fresh supply of green herb arriving, AND I am having dinner tonight with my favourite older feminist AND my favourite younger feminist. YAY!! Maybe I'll pop in later tonight and post whilst in an altered state of mind....heh. :-)
bright blue microfibre bikinis and bejewelled pink brar with eyelet trim.
(i think underwhore thursday will be the only way i remember it on a regular basis, oh brilliant doodle)
P.S. "cooter pops" was totally mine!! The convo started around V-Day, when I bought chocolate lollipops from another Centre, and the chocolate was molded in the shape of a vulva.

Mmm. Lick it.
Underwhore thursday, I like the sound of that! Can I report fantasy underwhore thursdays, 'cause really, I've got nothing exciting to report ever. If turboman's not going to buy me pretty things, I'd rather spend my precious moolah on other stuff, you LUSH. heh.

(((((prosperity vibes for minxy)))))
I'm sorry you aren't going to get a house just yet. I'm going to a personal financing "lunch 'n learn' tomorrow at work - do you think they're going to teach me how to save money I don't have?

Had a brilliant day at work...not only did I solve the puzzle of a particularly naasty piece of javascript that was ruining my life, BUT we placed a baby with that has a lot of medical needs who has been in our nursery for 6 months, and she's going home to an awesome family! We were all crying, and laughing - we'd all fallen in love with this little girl, and it was wonderful to meet her new family and a little sad too, as we're all going to miss her just a little bit. ;)

Ok, time to walk turbodog...he's been pacing for minutes.
Hallelujah!!!! Poodlepod and iTunes are finally getting along! I didn't do anything special. I tried to do the manual update thingie, but that was unsuccessful. I restarted my computer, plugged her in, set the automatic update, and crossed my fingers. It worked! From now on, I'm only gonna copy a few songs at a time so that it doesn't become bogged down during the updating process. Thanks for the vibes!

That's so sweet about the baby, turbo! That kinda stuff always brings a tear to my eye.

(((minx))) That fucking sucks. I'm so sorry that you have to leave that beautiful place. We're gonna have to have one last hurrah before you move out. If you need any help finding a new place or moving, give me a call. If I could buy the house and lease it out to you, I totally would. :-(

I wanted to add to the AC conversation that y'all had earlier. I don't wait 'til I'm absolutely miserable to turn on the AC. I turn it on when my cats appear miserable. I felt the need to say this, because I think people often forget that their pets are covered in fur and they don't have sweatglands like we do. I always want to yell at people who leave their pets in hot places or walk them in 80+ degree weather. So keep that in mind when you're deciding whether or not to turn on the air.

I can't add to the underwear thing either, because I always wear boring cotton briefs and a plain' ol cotton/lycra bras. I'm almost always wearing the same couple pairs of shoes and they're pretty boring, too.

I'm glad you're feeling better about the boy situation, tyg. I hope my advice didn't come across as condescending. It's just that I had those thoughts about a week ago. I've wasted so many brain cells thinking about the resident boy and date boy. Part of that was that I need to get laid, but still....

Oh, I also wanted to share the dream I had this morning. I went to some orthodox catholic(?) church to see a Cheap Trick concert. On the way there, I was in an SUV with Robin Zander and he felt sick, to I reached around and gave him a hug. His blonde hair was really soft. At some point, I was genuflecting in the church next to Rick Nielsen, and then we went to the community room for the concert. As I was waiting for the concert to start, my dream was interrupted by the freakin' telephone. Damn, I coulda seen a free Cheap Trick concert, but somebody had to ruin the whole thing. :-)
go poodlepod! whooooo! yesterday my itunes stopped producing noise (wouldn't play songs, would only play video portions of videos, no sound) and i was distraught. but a swift rebooting later and all is well. and your advice didn't come across as condescending at all. in fact, it was something good to hear. i mean, if i'm the one that gets the snugglies then i should enjoy it and now worry about what will be.

my stupid brother is being a whiny bitch. aww, poor baby had to stand up at his job and was in the store room all day. if i hear him whine about his feet hurting one more time, he won't have feet left to hurt
I think everyone should be forced to have at least one job that leaves parts of their body hurting afterwards. Every person should have at least one thankless job in their lifetime. I dunno, it seems to me that most people who have worked in food service, retail, cleaning, etc., are more respectful of people in general.

I've been listening to Big Star a lot lately, and they're really, really good. I can't understand why they never made it beyond cult status. It doesn't even sound like early 70's music. It sounds like something from the last 10 or so years. I guess they were ahead of their time, but now I can understand why The Replacements wrote that "Alex Chilton" song, which is my favorite 'Mats song. Seriously, this is some beautiful stuff. "September Gurls" is my favorite so far.
Hello,'s late and I'm sort of a little bit, well, you know.

I'm really sorry I haven't read any posts yet. I'm totally not 100% present, and I'm sitting in bed in the dark, and I need to say some shit, so please bear with me.

Issues with dumbass mini-motorbike driver today. Me and friend sitting on my balcony, 11 PM or so. He tells me (as he's skulking past under my balcony) that I'm gonna enjoy the bike tomorrow, because he has permission. (Ok, sure.) Tells me (from the safety of being very near his doorway) he hopes I'm happy I cost him $1,000 in fines. I said, "You got arrested because you ran from a cop, dumbass." He says, "Yeah, 'cause you called them!" I mean...come on! Give me a break! Grow the eff up and take responsibility for yourself! The landlords are back today, supposedly - I'm calling them tomorrow.

I had a good evening over supper, but some awkward moments for me this evening, after left alone with one of my friends. This is the one who I mentioned before is planning to leave her male partner...anyway, tonight she kept doing all that drunken touchy/huggy stuff that straight women do when they're trying to get you to make a pass at them, and much stronger after she decided to sleep over (I had offered the sofabed) instead of cabbing home. And I was really uncomfortable! Maybe I'm just overexaggerating it in my mind, because last time we got together is when I started wondering if "something" was there...I dunno. I don't think it IS there for me - my discomfort was too strong. Oh, I hope I didn't handle it badly...I can be so graceless when caught off guard.

I should so NOT post when I'm high.

I'm going to go to sleep soon. Will check in more tomorrow, swear.

It is a long weekend coming up for us in Canada. Do you get a long weekend? It is Victoria Day for us on Monday. I wonder if we will get Elizabeth Day someday...
Hey Assholes! Guess what day it is?

Doodle, wowzers, sounds like that was uncomfortable. I'm sorry. Sorry also about the dumbass bike rider. Um, yeah, it's all your fault doodle. What an idiot!

((Minx)) sorry to hear things did not go well with the loan. :-( That is disappointing. Money sucks the big one doesn't it. It is the most stressful thing.

tyger, is your bro younger or older?

It is a beautiful day here. It is going to get up to 80 and the sun is out. I did hear it might rain later though. I had a nice evening last night. Mr K got off work early, so he got to come home for a few hours in btw work & having to go out with a business associate. I got to bed fairly early, which was nice.
our long weekend is next weekend- Memorial Day. When we remember all the fallen soldiers, etc. and bbq, and pretend its warm outside when it clearly will not be (not that I'm a pessimist in this 55 degree midwest!). And drink too much beer.

So, I go back to work on Monday. I'm both looking forward to it tremendously, as I love my job, and dreading not being with my little one. Its not fear of someone else watching her (her aunt and my mom are altenating that for at least 1 month), its just the not being with her. Kind of like ending a whirlwind romance. Such is life, though.

2 very good things about going back, though:
1. Access to my gym regularly
2. more BUST time!

PK- you are doing what a good mother should- altering your plans to match what your boy needs. listening to his counselor, trusting that the professional knows what's up. So, good for you for making the summer about Heikki!

OK, off to go work on laundry. I need clothes for, um, work!
Wow! I am most impressed with turbojenn for figuring out a programming snafu. That's the ultimate "This problem, when solved, will seem simple"

And kudos to moxiegirl too for staying in touch while having a baby!! Boy. That's got to be the hardest thing.

mucho support for doodle's integrity.

And how cool is it that poodle can technology wangle?

We are the best...

Happy Friday.

I'm diggin my job and all the nice people around me... I ve just busted through bureaucracy to get an eye infection treated. Gak. The real estate agent called me back last night after I spoke to his manager - we were supposed to have the definitive written-in-stone answer TUESDAY -- he'd been out with -- guess what -- an eye infection -- and me, handling his card, got it, and that's just..
whammy_man is going to sit in their office today until he gets a landlord signed lease in his hand. I will go there after the doctor to sign it too.

Hail stone-cold whammy_man. His work owes him paid days off, as does mine.

It is raining yet again, worst rain in 70 years in New England. I just have to have faith that things will be cool.
Wow! I am most impressed with turbojenn for figuring out a programming snafu. That's the ultimate "This problem, when solved, will seem simple"

And kudos to moxiegirl too for staying in touch while having a baby!! Boy. That's got to be the hardest thing.

mucho support for doodle's integrity.

And how cool is it that poodle can technology wangle?

We are the best...

Happy Friday.

I'm diggin my job and all the nice people around me... I ve just busted through bureaucracy to get an eye infection treated. Gak. The real estate agent called me back last night after I spoke to his manager - we were supposed to have the definitive written-in-stone answer TUESDAY -- he'd been out with -- guess what -- an eye infection -- and me, handling his card, got it, and that's just..
whammy_man is going to sit in their office today until he gets a landlord signed lease in his hand. I will go there after the doctor to sign it too.

Hail stone-cold whammy_man. His work owes him paid days off, as does mine.

It is raining yet again, worst rain in 70 years in New England. I just have to have faith that things will be cool.
moxie - I can't believe your maternity leave will be over on Monday! Time flies by too too fast sometimes! But not today, because its Friday, and 5pm can't come soon enough!

hi whammy! Glad you're putting the pressure on to get that lease signed today, and eye infections cleared, and that you like your job still!

I'm *really* looking forward to the long weekend next week...I think my last day off work was um....New Years? But I'm saving up all of my vacation time for a good vacation this year, so I'm stockpiling as many vacation days as I can.

Ok, well back to the grind here for me...I'll catch ya'll later!
Happy Fucking Friday, you bleached assholes!!!! (I've used that one before, but it's such a great insult that I couldn't resist)

Damn. Work sucks balls. I've been doing the job thing for quite a while now, and I've decided that it's not my thing. That's so stupid that your pregnancy leave is over, moxie. Oh well, at least most of us get pregnancy leave instead of being fired. Damn that feminist movement! Those women are eroding the moral fiber of this country by having babies!!

I spent some quality time with Poodlepod and iTunes last night. I'm so glad that we're all back together again. :-)

I miss my surgery recovery period. Isn't it sad that I'm glad I had surgery so I could have an excuse to stay home from work for a week? Maybe I should have something else removed. Anybody want a kidney?
Hi, kids!

Sorry the house fell through, Minx. Have you thought about maybe having a roommate to split the mortgage with? It wouldn't be quite the same, but it'd be something. That place is huge.

Wow, Moxie, it seems like you just had your little Moxette only a few weeks ago. And back to work already? I don't know if I'd have the strength.

Yay for PoodlePod! And I totally completely full-heartedly agree that everyone should have to work one unfulfilling back-breaking job in their lives. It's only fair. I consider it to be your employment dues. It makes me really resentful of people who've never had a job when they graduate college. Those people can bite me. I think it should be a requirement of US citizenship, quite seriously, and it should apply to every able-bodied person across the board, no matter if you were born here or not.

Tyger, hang in there. And kick your brother's ass if he whines anymore.

Yay on Whammy and Mr. Whammy for getting that lease done TODAY!

And double hooray for that little baby getting placed with a family who will love her.

Hi, Karianne! Are things looking up for Mr. K at all lately?

6:00 can't roll around fast enough (doing more overtime). At least it's a little gloomy out, so I don't feel *so* bad about being here. I'm so pissed at this company, though. I ordered a sample of hoodia to try for a couple weeks. I don't even like the stuff and don't see how it's supposed to be effective. So they automatically put me down for a whole month's supply of it, and I hadn't even known. I should get a full refund when I send it back, though. Grrr. That's $50 I could have used, but it will be refunded. Last night was one of those cozy home nights. We watched the Will & Grace finale (vastly underwhelming, totally lost any edge it had had years ago, not to mention totally cheesy/cliche/trite). Then I did the mountain of dishes while the giant watched Lost, then we had some HBI action. Nice.

I'm so looking forward to the long weekend next week. I'm coming in to work tomorrow for a little bit for more overtime since I have to go out shopping alone for the giant's birfday present. We're going to try to see The DaVinci Code tomorrow, hoping that maybe the theaters will be a tad less busy. And I'm making either a coconut/pineapple layer cake or an ambrosia layer cake. I want to do ambrosia, but I think the giant wants the pineapple. I'm going to have an extra layer of cake, so I'll probably do both.

All right, back to pretending to work but really shopping online. Have a nice day!

heh, poodle, surgery would totally be the best excuse to stay home from work. it's not like anyone could say you were faking it. your offering up of a kidney reminds me of my plans to fund school. you know how you can donate, like, a chunk of liver to someone, and once in their body it'll grow into a full liver, and your liver re-grows the part that got taken out? i'm thinking, hey, i can sell chunks of liver! you know, do one, heal, do another's like a bottomless pit of livers to sell.

closer last night was amazing. except for all the damn old people. or maybe it was just that all the jackass old people had to show up last night. they continued talking after house lights were off, and even when the scenes were starting. i guess their conversations were more important than the play we all paid to see. and they'd start talking as soon as the lights went down for set change between scenes, and again continue talking into the next scene. i mean, really. just because it was an amateur production in a room at the college does not mean that the audience has the right to act like a bunch of disrespectful ten year olds.

and now, i must be off, because i'm grabbing coffee with a friend in a few minutes.

and SHOE REPORT TIME!!! i will be wearing pink leather slides with a low, dainty wooden heel
Hey, I agree on the job thing. I would have graduated from LAW SCHOOL without ever having had a job if my parents had their way. I'm glad I quit after sophomore year, and worked many jobs and struggled a lot.

It's good not to be EL DORKO
morning fiendishly femme fatales...that fight, are fickle, and can knock idiots that drive mini mini motorbikes in the tuckus....(i have no idea where that came from).

((minx))apartment life isn't so bad....provided you find one with a bit of balcony.

yay for the baby that found a family to lurve her.....

my voice is weak from all of our practicing for our event next week...i really should brush up on my french and study that movie 'moulin rouge'.

i was thinking of you Diva....cuz i brought all my bead into work with me hoping to find items to make either earrings or bracelets with...we will i will be hitting the craft store in hopes of finding something garishly glam. heheh.

Underhore thursday..i can deal with that...

as for fab shoes friday...i have a lot of walking to do today so i am wearing those slip on beaded houseslippers that are soo popular in chinatown. in my mind, they are nice version of flip flops, which are required here on the west coast after april. lol

hi tyger, whammy, doodle, poodle, turbo, moxie, minx, divalla and karianne!!!
Yeah, I'm over working too. Boycott! I don't have a lot to do, so I asked my boss for some work. He said he doesn't have a lot going on either. At least if they can't give me some work, I don't feel as bad for slacking.

I too cannot believe maternity leave is already over for moxie! Time really flies, doesn't it?

Whammy, I am so glad you are liking your job. That's really super. I cannot believe you got an eye infection from that guy! Geez. I hope it gets better soon.

Tyger, I really can't believe people sometimes. It is bad enough to be rude at a movie, but during a live performance? Unforgivable!

Sounds like you had a good night, diva. I know, I lost interest in Will & Grace years ago. I hate when comedy shows try to become comedy/drama shows. Just be funny, dammit!

Who on here watches Top Chef? Jenn? I think it was you. I got sucked into that show.

Mr K is doing better, thanks. Things have worked out as best they could at this point. They are recording some demos with a good producer & will then shop 'em for a new record deal.
My thankless jobs included cleaning a college dormitory, cleaning hotel rooms, clerk/store manager at a drug store, and more retail. I worked at a local import store, but that wasn't so bad. It didn't pay very well, but I didn't mind going to work. I pretty much just sat there, listened to music, and talked to interesting people. The worst job was the dormitory cleaning for obvious reasons. Plus, the boss had all these motivational posters in his office including the one with the kitten hanging from a ledge and the phrase "Hang In There." Those posters should be banned for all eternity.

Tyg, you should say something to people who won't shut up. The people around you probably agree. It's quite thrilling to confront an annoying stranger. I confronted a lady talking loudly on her cell phone during a bus ride and everyone around me was smiling afterwards. It took me a while to get the nerve to do it though. Sigh....why are there so many rude and annoying people out there?

Hmmm...people don't usually need gall bladders, so I couldn't sell it to someone in need. I could have probably sold it to some weirdo on ebay. I'd be worried about the liver thing. I need all the liver I can get so I can drink yummy alcoholic beverages.

Hi kari and msgoof!!!

I'm ready to be done with work too. I need a good long vacation.

I watch Top Chef! And I'm sad Dave got kicked out. I really want Harold to win. I have such a crush on him.

And I watched the last ep of Will & Grace. I haven't really watched the show much lately but I wanted to see the last ep. The Retrospective thing beforehand was better than the episode.

We need something good to talk about today... Any ideas?
I broke the thread.
I'm sucked into Top Chef, too. It's because of that damn Heidi Klum and Project Runway. :-) I'll be pleased as punch if Tiffani goes home with big fat nada. Harold's cool, but I have a feeling he wouldn't be much fun to hang out with. I can see him being really whiny. But he's awesome on the show.

Catsoup, you are so right about the retrospective being better than the actual episode! Maybe if they'd done the time travel thing over the last month, it'd be different, but I hate when they throw it all at you at the same time like they did with that Helen Hunt/Paul Reiser show, though that show did it a lot better. But at least the last episode made me a little less sad the show was ending. It wasn't supposed to have that effect, was it?

Anyone going to see The DaVinci Code this weekend?

My thankless jobs included: fast food for 2+ years, gas station, retail, grocery store, bartender (though I'd do it again at the right place in a heartbeat), telemarketer (that was probably 4 years), night security in the dorms, and innumerable temp jobs in factories. I'm da queen of shitty jobs!

Minx, there are several duplexes in my neighborhood for rent. Most of them are pretty large (though I personally think I live in the largest one in at least a 2-mile radius) and pretty much all of them have some kind of parking arrangement and yard. It's not the same as your own whole house, but it's a start. It's a lot more of a neighborhoody feel than an apartment, and your tot would have room to play.

Whammy, that guy owes you the apartment after he gave you an eye infection! I'd stage a sit-in if he dared to disagree.

MsGoof, what kind of beading stuff do you have? I'm currently placing a gigantor order with Fire Mountain and Shipwreck Beads, mostly cloisonne and fiberoptic beads. For some good inspiration, check out's website. Their really cool jewelry is under the sale section.

People who talk in movie theaters should expect to, at the very least, get a firm kick in the back of their chair, or if they're stilll really bad, a soda dumped on their lap. Or they should have to pay for your tickets.

Tyger, was Closer any better on stage than it was on screen? Poodle and I watched the movie and we weren't all too impressed.

No good shoes today, just my black leather slides with the "X" straps and some grommets. But earlier this week I wore lavendar sandals with a toe loop and cool silver hardware, a 3.5" high cork wedge with mint green leather upper,and wooden heels with rainbow colors in the grain and hot pink bandeau upper. I had to kind of lay off putting pressure on my heels since I cut one of them open removing a callous.

Yeah, work sucks today. Just 4 hours left. :-(
shoes: spd bike shoes - yeah! I love when I can just wear my bike shoes all day - so comfy. And if anyone pisses me off - I can kick them with the cleats. ;)

I dunno, I'd hang with Harold...chefs are generally pretty fun to hang out with...they're a pretty pickled alcoholic group, but fun. I didn't really have any jobs that were too shitty, I guess. I worked in kitchens, waited and bartended from 15-22, and would go back in a heartbeat. But it is pretty tough on the body, so my bod probably would enjoy the work as much as I used to. That, and I would most certainly be tilting toward alocholism if I was still working in kitchens...I'm still apologizing to my liver for those years. ;)

I'm definitely going to see DaVinci, but probably not opening weekend. I hate crowded theaters, so I'll wait a bit.

Can i go home now? I'm stuck filing everything that I've created in the past 3 years, and I have to get it done before our council on accreditation team comes to visit next week. Who ever heard of designers filing their work? It just sits in boxes on my floor...isn't that how its supposed to be?

At least they didn't make me write a tecnical manual this time...that took me 3 months to do 3 years ago, and its not like the accreditation team understands this stuff..they're here to review our social services practices. blerg.
hi peeps! i would boycott work, but i don't today, so it seems like a silly thing to do.

diva, i never actually saw the movie, but i honestly loved the play. it was a little clunky dialogue-wise, because all the british slang was left alone, but none of the actors spoke with accents. i mean, if you can't do a proper accent don't do it, but if you're not using the accent at least change the words so you don't sound clunky.

my thankless job was telephone surveys. nothing tops the 'shopping habits' survey wherein i asked people if they thought the woman's place was in the home, and if they enjoyed things such as massages, bubble baths, and walks on the beach.

i think i'm going to use and abuse my brother's employee family discount and buy myself some new sandals, as the cork is separating from the sole. i'll take them in to get fixed anyway, but i can't pass up an excuse to get new shoes
Hi catsoup--you didn't break anything...yet. i am big on karma....and how it bites me in the arse.

hi poodle!

Divalla, i just have odds and ends from what a neighbor gave me...2 huge boxes of odds and ends and then whatever my grandmother had...lots of odd findings and such...anthropologie has such cool stuff..hopefully i can get some inspiration for what i am trying to do..besides making myself some dandy earrings...i want to make bracelets and possible a dangly choker for our project. think "sparkling diamond" kidding. i have some fake stuff on standby but i wanted to get creative and see what i come up with, y'know? if it turns out well, i'll post picts.. I'd love to see some of your work Diva.
the funny part, diva, about the boxes of beads and such, is that some of the beads are contained in what appears to be test tubes with corks as stoppers...very fun and easy to see how much of what and such. lol now that my geekyness has come out full force....(relurks)
*runs through the thread spraying everyone with a super-soaker*

Hi everybody!!!

I've been awol from the thread all week so this is just a drive-by for now while I go catch up on archives and see what everyone here has been up to...

Hi marileen! What's new with the house?

Ah geez, I totally forgot about supersoakers! In my old neighborhood, we use to have garden hose fights. I always won 'cause my hose was longer. :-)

After I finish this decoupage purse, I'm gonna silkscreen the "Heart" logo on a t-shirt. I just have to find a decent crew-neck shirt beforehand. I kinda want it to be red. After I do a little more research, I'm gonna try to figure out how to do a white print on a black t-shirt.
I'm da thread killa. :-(

I yelled at some teenage G-dog on the bus because he kept beeping his cell phone really load every 20 seconds for about 5 minutes. I couldn't take it anymore, so I leaned over behind him and told him that he was being really annoying and that half the people are coming home from work and the last thing they want to hear is that beeping shit. That definitely shut him up and the rest of the ride home was peaceful.
Dude, was it the fucking Nextel chirp?

That makes me wanna go postal. :-)
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